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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 11, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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today's september 11, 2015 and we do remember. first i will take you to the news polls. cnn shows hillary clinton's lead shrinking. this is a national poll that also shows joe biden gaining ground with 20% support in apple. next, the quinnipiac poll shows trump not way out in front, but out front in iowa. six points ahead of dr. ben carson. scott walker nowhere in sight. vice president joe biden appeared with stephen colbert last night. will he run? listen to this. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president how much they know why they would want to be president and can can look at folks and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. i would be lying if i said i knew i was there.
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stuart: it would be fair to say the likelihood of a vibrant dress up as hillary clinton's numbers go down. of course donald trump is not backing down from personal marks about carly fiorina. he told fox news he was referring to her persona, not her appearance. that follows a sharp edge attack on candidate bobby jindal. trump is a narcissist only out for himself. here is what else he had to say. >> i find donald trump's act very amusing. he's going after the d.c. insiders but the reality is worse than the act. there is no substance there. stuart: more an interview with bobby jindal later on this friday. let's get to the markets. dare we utter the word stability. the federal reserve meets next week in thursday afternoon issued their statement.
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perhaps a little calm before the storm. right now the dow futures point to a lower opening. this is the oil market right now and it is a big draw. down $1.35. mike murphy is it me. ashley webster is with me. i want to know if oil is the leader of the market putting stocks down. >> to an extent the energy space, et act is down 50% year-to-date. oil has found the bottom and a lot of energy with big dividends are there. stuart: very interesting. ashlee. >> a bit weak in a data coming out and we will wait and see what the fed does next week. stuart: pointing down for stocks. oil may be leading the way down $1.30 at 4459.
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we were bringing out a moment of silence at the moment of silence observed by us at ground zero that marks the time it struct struck the tower. >> nicholas thomas e. [moment of silence] [moment of silence]
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[moment of silence] [moment of silence] >> david reid gamboa grantors. stuart: they will continue reading the names of those who died 14 years ago and 20 minutes from now the new york stock exchange will also have a minute of silence and will take you there, too. back to the markets to open in 25 minutes. still looking at a 50, 60-point job. the aforementioned mike murphy is still with us. dare i say stability, dare i say
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16,000 holes at the bottom of the dow. >> i think you can. although it had volatility, it's a pretty tight range. we have seen big swings up and down but the market holding key support levels and it is being stopped a key resistance level. that tells you big money is taking out of the market, waiting for more clearance. stuart: a lot of people woke up to say every going to crash, what should i do? your answer would be now, we are not going to crash. is that accurate? >> is accurate. anyone who asks to that question, we will crash when nobody is talking about it. when people say i bought this stock in this one up in my 401(k) is up so much. that time you should be nervous. and everybody talks about the impending crash, you can take it to the bank will not see it. stuart: ashley webster is it me.
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if someone walks up you in the street, recognize who you are and says are we going to crash? >> there's no question it's an easy start. however, u.s. growth is underneath it. granted it is 2% growth, but it is there. it's not the first interest rate hike think tanks the market. it's usually the second or the third. ashley: no, i don't think so. stuart: do have a list of big-name stocks selling at a discount. that implies no crashing or get the list at 9:30. stay right where you are. back to trump. and you're laughing. we are in a period of attack that politics is donald trump in the way. i'm used to this from the left but i've not seen it from the right. >> it's a mistake for their public and party to create a circular firing squad around donald trump.
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donald trump is an anti-trade candidate with class warfare and has policies that ultimately impoverish america and on the other side plenty of other candidates, for example, ben carson with policies that the decline in growth we need to get out of this era of stagnant wage. stuart: everything you said is made a difference. >> it is the rise of ben carson that is the story. look at the quinnipiac poll. quinnipiac today in iowa, gop voters, trump 27, carson 21%. what does ben carson stand for? a thoughtful, principled candidate. he is strong defense. he's not an experienced candidate, but what is rice tells me is voters are looking -- ashley: trompe despite
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everything said is still at 27%. >> there'll be a ceiling on donald trump as we learn more about his policies. you have to keep your eye on ben carson and this other candidates. ashley: you can't keep -- you know, it's a good amazing. >> has policies that impoverish america. they are bad for the gop and the poor and middle class. >> of the five people up there ,-com,-com ma through the nonpoliticians, that is the overall theme. stuart: we will have more on donald trump at the top of the hour. congressman mia love will join us. what does she think about donald trump's comments about women and their appearance. we will ask directly. new york state becoming the first to approve a $15 minimum wage but only certain people will benefit. laura simonetti, in case you
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missed it earlier. >> hundreds of thousands of fast food workers get a big pay raise. the stable hike minimum wage to $15 an hour up 72% from the current 875. new york will be the first state to set the minimum wage that high. three years in new york city, over six years in new york city. check out this picture over here. it is uncanny how much robert deniro looks like bernie sanders. -- madoff. the actor playing end of the madoff movie the wizard of lies coming right here in new york. soup for your cure it. the maker of the cake up teaming up with campbell's soup. you pour the noodle mac synagogue and put the broth pod in the coffee pot and you have your soup. about two minutes later.
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stuart: camera go back to that side-by-side picture of robert deniro and bernie madoff. that is uncanny. i don't know how much of this is makeup, but that is extraordinary. the madoff obviously on the left and the other guy on the rate, robert deniro. the likeness is uncanny. he was arrested december 12, 2008. i remember distinctly bringing "the wall street journal," $50 billion loss in the middle of a financial crisis. i will watch the movie. thank you indeed. today is a somber day in new york and all across our great country. we remember the events of 9/11 and the days after with rudy giuliani next. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. [cheers and applause] and the people who knocked these
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holdings down will hear all of us. [cheers and applause]
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stuart: look closely at this. our rambo iv world trade center in new york came after a downpour taken yesterday afternoon, the eve of 9/11. seen by people all over the city, many of them sharing pictures on twitter and facebook. it is a poignant and symbolic image. we are joined by rudy giuliani, mayor of new york city on that fateful day comes september 11, 2001. welcome to the program. when did you first get the call something was going on? >> it was probably within two or three minutes of the plane hitting right before 9:00. i was having breakfast at the hotel in manhattan with two friends. bill simon and dennis young. please officers came in and said
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a twin-engine plane hit the north tower and there is a terrible fire at the world trade center. i walked out, say beautiful blue sky and ruled out an accident and there were two thoughts in mind. one was a terrorist attack and the other was a possible insane person who might've attacked one of the buildings, one of the businesses there. we occasionally have that happen. as i rushed down, i could see the fire was terrible. i realized it was much more than a twin-engine plane. when i was a mile away got a call from the police commissioner saying a second plane hit and was trying to reach the white house to make sure we had air cover. when i got there, i went to the fire department command post and saw a man thrown himself in the 101st, 102nd floor, which is an image that remains to me every single day.
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then we went to the police department command post to make contact with the white house, which i did. we were born to further attacks. seven planes at that point and we warned of serious possible suicide attacks. fbi and police were concerned it might be a signal to the islamic terrorist who bombed us in 93, organized in a mosque in union city, new jersey that they might unleash numerous attacks. and then the building fell down and we were trapped, myself and the police commissioner trapped for 20, 30 minutes. governor pataki thought we were lost because they saw us go in the building and never saw us come out. stuart: excuse me for asking, did she run for your life? >> i would say rush.
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one of my commanders was on crutches that day. he was able to keep up with us and he had gotten on his crutches. those went so fast you can't believe. stuart: i am sure the horror of it lives to do to this day. stuart: is the worst day in my life in the best in my life meaning the great acts of heroism i am so proud of our firefighters and police there's who stood their ground. i go of the world people tom that would be here if it wasn't her your firefighters and police officers who stood their ground. they stood there. this is why we lost so many. when they were told to evacuate they didn't evacuate. they waited for the last civilian to leave the floor. that kept us from having a terribly chaotic exit in which people were killed in the
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exiting of the building. stuart: i remember the horror of the day, but the unity in the day after. >> president bush, governor pataki and commissioners and the west side of manhattan was cheering and yelling out we love you, george. i leaned over to the president has said mr. president, but none of these people voted for you. stuart: is a pleasure having you on the program the special day. >> remember them all. they are heroes. >> we shall. the new york stock exchange remembers 9/11 and then the opening of the market. "varney & company" remembers the attacks of september 11th, 14 years ago. ♪
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going to open the market today? i will tell you. down 60, 70 points for the dow jones industrial average. and then there is this. tech companies, their share of ipos has fallen to a seven-year low. in other words, these tech companies are not going public. i don't like this because i'm a long-term investor and i want to invest in uber and air beauty of this world. mike murphy is here. he's about to tell us that yes you can get in before they go public via tell me how to do that. >> a huge growth area in pre-ipo investment. investment firms are packaging products like uber. they did it with facebook and twitter and bring it to the general public. >> i get a little piece of them. >> now, you can buy the shares right now before they go public.
9:24 am
when the company goes public after a six-month lockup or shooters are restricted, you on the shares and you can sell them in the open market as if you bought them in the open market. >> you want to get in on the hope -- >> it's more than expected venture capital world in the company with a lot of growth because we all hear about unicorns, multibillion dollar's private companies. if an individual investor like stuart wants to invest, there's a market for that. stuart: a lot of companies don't want to go public. they are going to have a regulatory environment, lawyers all over them. earnings reports every quarter. >> it used to be they needed the money to fuel growth, but not there so many capitalist firms was so much money they don't need the money from the public markets. stuart: you happen to know what one share of uber would cost me?
9:25 am
>> it is more the valuation. $51 billion valuation right now. stuart: thank you everyone. a moment of silence will begin at the new york stock exchange very shortly. we'll take you there for one night of silent that we will observe it. [moment of silence] [moment of silence] [moment of silence]
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[moment of silence] [moment of silence] stuart: 14 years ago, that exchange was shut down for the better part of the week. the building is very, very close to the twin towers. it was shut down. it has reopened and it will reopen in three minutes. that is when the market opens this friday morning. we will be there and we will take you there next. ♪
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>> we're off. we're running, it's friday morning just after 9:30 and the
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dow has opened, as we expected, 50, maybe 60 points lower. joining us, ashley webster, sandra smith, scott shellady and mike murphy, a nice grand gesture there. and we're down to 53 points. when you get less movement, i feel better. should i. >> absolutely. the biggest punch that the markets have given us and eyes are on the fed next week. stuart: a little anxious. sandra: you didn't do the horse race. a minute and 15 into the opening bell, stuart, i'm not ruling out a triple-digit move. stuart: we're down 53 points. does that make you feel better. ashley: we're in the waiting game. there's chinese data is coming 0 out.
9:32 am
>> chinese data, no buzzer? you're nicer to him. stuart: well, he's all right. ashley: thank you, stuart. stuart: i keep using this word, stability. is that legit this friday morning where the dow is opening up a mere 50 points lower? i think i could use the word stability, but you know, a sense of i'm right. look at some of the big name tech stocks, let's see if we've got stability in the big names, apple, 111, dead stable, down 60 cents stability. netflix, 98 a share, 58 cents, stability. facebook 90, 91, i call at that stable. how about amazon up $2, .3%. stability. and now, microsoft, everybody knows i own it, thankfully, only down 17 cents. and you love my-- >> what's not to love. [laughter] >> do you like the rest?
9:33 am
>> you look at apple and netflix, you talk about them being stable, they're stable after big pullbacks, 134 to 111 and netflix from the high 120's to just under 100. apple has a new way to generate revenue from the consumer and we've heard from netflix they're expanding globally. these are two stocks you can buy at a discount after hearing positive news. stuart: how about this? goldman sachs says the risks of going to $20 per barrel for oil are increasing. now, there's a forecast for you. basically they're saying the bottom has not yet been reached for the price of oil. scott shellady, come on in, goldman sachs is saying what you've been saying for a long, long time. do you feel vindicated, scott? >> i don't know if i feel vindicated. maybe they're short and need to cover it, but i'm a little skeptical of those calls, but, yes, i believe it's a supply issue, number one, number two,
9:34 am
an economic slowdown issue as well. i think that supplies plus slowdowns mean we'll slowly grind lower. stuart: scott, do you think that the price of oil leads stocks? it's a correlation, oil goes down, stocks go down, is it a reliable pointer? >> it has been as of late and i actually had a conference call with our customers, i feel as though oil has been leading this market rather than equities and that's funnier, because i'd like to say that i think that equities have been leading the fed. they've started to ignore economic conditions and more worried what is happening with the fed. that's the way the train has been going. ashley: goldman sachs says that their analysis that gold-- oil rather, will bottom at the same time the equities markets will do. stuart: last one. sandra: a lot of the markets are telling us something and there's a huge sign that we should all be reading from the commodities markets regardless
9:35 am
what goldman sachs says, oil prices are down, down significantly, but commodities in general are weak across the board and that should be a huge sign about our global economy and scott shellady is standing there in the green pits, in the meat pits there, food prices have come way down, commodity prices weak across the board. what's the take away? >> we've got the chinese data coming out over the weekend, an interesting point, i'm not joking, i think it's very important stuff. by the way i've got three energy companies, chevron, conoco, halliburton. mike, you like them. you like them all? >> i like them all. >> going to $20 a barrel? >> well, one year from now, goldman sachs says oil will be at $47 a barrel, higher than where it is today. so i think to sandra's point, commodities have been just crushed, cut-- the price of oil has gone from $100 to where we are today in the mid 40's. i can't act on that going forward.
9:36 am
i want to act where i am right now. so if goldman is right and going to be here or higher a year from now, chevron has already adapted, and conoco has adopted and-- >> quickly i go to the new york stock exchange, tell me restoration hardware, what's going on and secondly, writing it down. nicole: restoration hardware is winner, luxury home goods and the like. they raise their annual home goods for the latest quarter. on the down side zumiez, and i will note it's a tough day for wall street, many loved ones lost remembering 9/11. stuart: indeed, nicole, very much indeed. yes, we have stability for the big board, we are down 48 points, and i can't see over
9:37 am
the camera, down 48 points. we're observing a moment of silence at the world trade center. observing the time that flight 77 struck the pentagon. we'll join it. [moment of silence] [moment of silence]
9:38 am
>> mark joseph elliss. >> valerie silver-- >> come in, cheryl casone, she's at cantor fitzgerald, sent acting as stockbrokers for charity. take it, please, you have a special guest? >> we do, stuart, and many celebrities from around the world and many sports celebrities here. the star of the new york rangers we should say. you're raising money for your own foundation, but you remember vividly where you were on september 11th 14 years ago. >> i do, i was still playing back in sweden at the time and we were on the about us and
9:39 am
someone screamed on the bus that new york was on fire. that was kind of the first news we got and then we arrived to the ice rink we were supposed to play and both teams were sitting down together watching the news from new york and it was kind of hard to understand what was going on. it was a little kind of hard to go out there and play a hockey game after it happened because it was just crazy to watch. >> you've made your first trade here today. we've had two moments of silence here on the floor here at bgc. what was that like? do you see a future in finance for you? >> i don't know, i kept telling the guys here i've done a bunch of trades and doing it for many years, but still trying to learn all the numbers and the details about the trades, and it's a little complicated, i feel like, i think i just need a good rundown of the details and i might be home with it. >> so a million dollars raised today of course for charity. i would be remiss if i didn't
9:40 am
ask for the viewers is this going to be the rangers year? so excited in the city, this would be a great year for you. >> i hope so, i'm excited where we are as a group, as an organization, we have a lot of key guys for a number of years now and we've been close for the last few years and we need to take the final step and i hope we do it this year. >> i'm going to let you continue to make some money here today for charity of course for your foundation, and thank you very much for your time. and the guys on the floor so excited for this guy, definitely. but many more celebrities are going to be coming through from sports, a lot of people coming through throughout the day, stuart, it's become an inspiring day here for the charity. >> it is and that gentleman, by the way, the derek jeter of hockey although he's won no trophies, but that's aside. cheryl, peel be back to you shortly. check the big board, i was right, yes, i can say
9:41 am
stability, we're down a mere 41 points. not like the last few years going up and down 100 points, no, 41 points in the session, stability. nfl kicked off with yet another controversy. they're calling it, can you believe it, headset-gate? jared will explain it. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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>> how is this for friday morning? all quiet on the new york stock exchange, thank you, ashley, you're right, of course. 45 points lower. i'll take it. in case you missed it, last night, tom brady and the defending champs, the patriots, began the new season in style. tom brady threw four touchdown passes, 28-21 was the victory over the steelers. when it comes to patriots they just can't avoid controversy, can they? listen to an unhappy steelers coach mike tomlin talking with malfunctioning head sets.
9:45 am
>> espn reports that the radio went out and-- >> that's always the case. >> every time you come here and-- >> i said what i said. we were listening to the patriots broadcast-- >> coach to coach or-- >> coach to coach. stuart: i'm laughing, i don't know why. i'm laughing. jared max, welcome to the program. >> welcome. stuart: what is the nonsense? >> brady, just threw a touchdown pass. stuart: that guy just said basically the patriots are cheaters, that's what he's saying. >> he did stop short of that and said it seems to happen all the time and patriots coach bill belichick said that we had communication problems as well and their systems were shut off. and even belichick at the
9:46 am
patriots said it seems to be a weekly matter there. this is the nfl, billions of dollars. stuart: are you tired of this, the nit-picking surrounding the patriots? >> and this is coming from the green room. [laughter] >> hold on, i love this song. yeah, it gets old and as a football fan, i knew it would happen, it was about football and a very good game and i think that everybody got to see and why why do the patriots need any need to want to get an unfair advantage. tom brady is in mid season form. stuart: that's why they hate them because they're good. >> tom brady was found essentially freed from the judge. in his legacy he was not a convicted cheater, but last night in the home field, this
9:47 am
gives them noreen not to like him. might be the most polarizing figure. stuart: and whether it's violence, concussion, off the field behavior, it's good for eyeballs watching footballs. >> i agree, bad press is good press. when say say that any press is good press. in this case, people are curious to see and even people who don't care about football were probably tuning in, are the footballs going to be deflated? >> i deliberately stayed up last night just to watch the starts of the game and the fanfare and i did that-- >> i talked to a former miami dolphins receiver and he said the advantage of playing with a softer football actually benefits receivers more than a quarterback and it's interesting, all the talk has been about tom brady and quarterbacks deflating the ball, but the catching it probably benefits more. stuart: nothing is going to come close to football as a
9:48 am
moneymaker. soccer is coming up, but nobody is close to the nfl. >> the nfl is tops and then you start looking at college football and college basketball, the nba, nascar and eventually work down to baseball, baseball's dropped considerably in many years, but you'll see the excitement of major league baseball is heating up and great pennant races. stuart: but the nfl is an absolute king. >> this is who we are. stuart: 16 home games-- what do you mean by that? >> we want to see the glad-- gladiator's go out and knock the snot out of each other, and then oh, he got a concussion. stuart: jared, thanks, appreciate it. you hear about nfl players going broke, you do, because sometimes because of the spendthrift ways.
9:49 am
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>> well, the dow jones industrial average is down 50 points, there are some winners. look at them. mcdonald's all day breakfast is a success. i didn't think would be. disney, ge, caterpillar, wal-mart, all of them except caterpillar is up. alzheimer's can be passed from person to person. it's not infectious, but particles can be transferred during surgery. stuart: hold on, i thought that alzheimer's was genetics and inherited, in your blood-- i didn't know about the particles. >> it happens in your family, but abnormal proteins gum up your brain and you get demented. no one thought you could pass this around from about earn
9:54 am
person to person. you can't get it from your grandmother or your neighbor, but in your country of brilliant, a scientists looked at people who got something called cjd, mad cow disease, variant disease and they had gotten alzheimer's proteins by the same growth hormone. when they looked at the eight people they didn't know what they were doing with the alzheimer's pro feeteins at a yg age and they stick to metal. when they were giving the growth hormone, they may have inadvertentry ly given them the alzheimer's particles. stuart: they can stick on to metal and you get it in you as a possibility? >> that's what we're looking at nowment routinely we don't
9:55 am
disinfect surgical instruments to the point where we would kill off this. stuart: we don't? >> no, no, we do sterilize surgical instruments where we would kill off mad cow or now the alzheimer's proteins would not be killed off. it's not going have an epic, where everybody is go to be infected. maybe we should sterilize the instruments more, more extensive and can damage the instruments. stuart: this is a breakthrough. >> this shows that alzheimer's might be communicable by surgery. doctor, we appreciate that. three republican candidates really getting into it, attacking each other verbally. we're going to talk to one of them, bobby jindal at 10:45 this morning.
9:56 am
one of our stock pickers say get out and buy facebook, it's available at a discount. second hour of "varney & company" coming up next.
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> it's 9-11-2015, this is relatively stable compared to what we've seen recently. the market is moving, we're off a buck 25, 2 1/2%, 44 bucks per barrel. for regular gas, down another penny overnight. i'm not going to call this a plunge, but it's a sharp down side move in gas prices, we love it. we're at 2.33? 2.30, show me again. >> higher than that, 2.36. >> yeah. >> okay. now, it's 9/11, it is 14 years on and now we're going to pause for a moment of silence at ground zero, remembering the moment when the south tower
9:59 am
fell, 9:59. >> barbara guzardo. [moment of silence] [bell ringing] [moment of silence]
10:00 am
>> you may have seen people very closely connected to new york city and to 9/11 in the crowd there watching the proceedings. ashley webster and liz macdonald is here with you. elizabeth, first to you, if i may. this is person, you come from a family of firefighters liz: yeah, we don't usually talk about it, uncomfortable talking about it, but my sister married a fireman on september 9th two days before 9/11 so i danced with their brother-in-law, who passed away on 9/11, gratefully by brother-in-law worked in the recovery efforts to get chuck
10:01 am
out and in talking to the firemen, again, we're not a sentimental crowd, this is a fireman's duty, that's how the families feel like soldiers, teachers and policemen and all who helped that day, but one thing struck me what they said was the kindness and compassion that the acts that were exhibited that day. in other words, it's not-- it's by the catching force and sympathetic influence that we do, that's a prayer that mother teresa said. that what we saw that day. the terrorists tore down the buildings, but can never tear down the spirit that makes this country great. that's what the cops and firemen and that's what i got when i talked to them. stuart: rudy guiliani was on the program and addressed precisely that, the firefighters standing firm. let's roll that tape, please, because that's important. >> the worst day in my life and the best day in my life, meaning that the great acts of heroism, i'm so proud of my firefighters and police
10:02 am
officers who stood their ground. i go all over the world and people come up to me and tell me, i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for-- and i like it when they say your firefighters and your police officers. stuart: yes, and liz, that's a fine tribute liz: that was a fine liberty. terrorists chose petty evil, but the human beings here in this country choose happiness, joy, and that should have been with us now. and the terrorists need to give it up. it's never going to happen, they will never tear down the humidity spirit that makes this country great. stuart: you know what i remember most and one remembers the horror of that day right there. what i remember more than anything else was the days immediately after where there was real solidarity, extraordinary unity in america. ashley: never seen anything like it. stuart: we flew the flag. haven't seen it since. ashley: which rudy guiliani alluded to not only in new york, but across the country. stuart: rudy guiliani described when he was president bush going down the west side
10:03 am
highway and everybody was cheering george bush because he was the president of the united states of america. they didn't vote for them liz: they cheered him and definitely cheered him. and your viewers have gone through a lot of pain in the world, right? and there's solidarity around the country for that. stuart: another moment of silence now remembering those fallen in the crash of united 93 in pennsylvania. we'll join it now. >> during the recent 150th commemoration of the civil war we used our parks and interpretive power to shift the story from states rights to slavery as a cost of the civil war. [bell ringing] [moment of silence]
10:04 am
[moment of silence] >> there you have it. 9/11, 14 years on. downtown at the bc charity. and cantor fitzgerald what it's like now? >> it was several moments of silence as you've just shown to your viewers coming out of pennsylvania now and really for the traders here, particularly today, high powered and amazing celebrities and sports stars that come to support the firm and honor those that the company lost on september 11th and one of those, she's a new
10:05 am
yorker and we're all big fans of her, bridgette moynihan, blue bloods, coming up soon. and you're here for hall in the wall gang that's a charity by paul newman. >> he started it and it's up in connecticut we serve children with serious illnesses and it's a beautiful organization, i've been working with them for a number of years and provide a week of experience for the kids full of-- for free and they have an infirmary up there and we're able to take care of their medical needs up there and just being kids. >> you know, bridgette, you've been here year after year, one of the true supporters of bgc. what motivates you and inspires you to come back here each day as a new yorker, but as a human being? >> well, it's always special to come here and honor the people that we lost 14 years ago now. and then for them to turn this
10:06 am
terrible day into something positive and to be able to give back to so many different charities and honor the people we lost in that way, so, it's just a spanish day. i'm always so excited to be here and happy to do it. >> i have to say it's great to have you here. and we have to say you have to go because you have to start filming your show in new york. >> we're filming the sixth season and go straight there and jump into a different character. >> great to have you, thank you for your support for the firm today. that's the thing, stuart, the people are high powered, they're all famous and come here all day to support howard lutnik and-- >> cheryl, i want to be sure about something. cantor fitzgerald is the company that lost, i believe, more people than any other company on 9/ 9/11, 14 years ag, and they hold this with
10:07 am
celebrities. >> 658 souls were lost. howard lutnik lost his brother. most of the firm perrished that day, but they've turned it into something positive. they don't want to forget, but they also want to move forward and remember that we have lots of folks like the celebrities supporting other charities here today and raising money for those charities as well. stuart: thank you very much. we'll be back to you later. thank you, cheryl. check the big boards. we're looking-- well, i'm looking for some stability. i think that everybody is. is that stability? 80 points lower at 16,-- 80 points lower, 16,250. i say yes. ashley: in this current environment, yes. stuart: so far, shall we say that? check out the price of oil, please. we were down a lot before and still down to 44 a barrel. the price of gasoline keeps coming down, now a penny a day. and now we're at 2.36 even.
10:08 am
donald trump under fire for his comments about carly fiorina's. >> i was talking about persona, she mentioned something about me, she knocks me and when somebody knocks me like jeb bush or anybody else, i at least decide that i think it's appropriate to fight back, but we're talking only about her persona. stuart: he says he counter punches, it's only her persona not her appearance. i spoke would louisiana governor bobby jindal this morning and here is what he said about donald trump. >> and i find his act amusing, he's politically incorrect, but the reality of donald trump is worse than the act. there's no substance there. stuart: he's said a lot of things and attacked from all sides. a new quinnipiac poll, donald
10:09 am
trump is up on top. ben carson, jeb bush, 6%, and congressman mia love joins me from utah. welcome to the program. it's great to see you today. >> good to see you, too. >> now, donald trump launched an attack on carly fiorina's appearance. as a woman, how do you feel about that? >> well, i think that carly fiorina is an intelligent, capable woman and she frankly deserves to be in this race. the american people deserve to have her as an option. and i think that we, as republicans, or as americans altogether, need to look for someone who is going to have a positive agenda moving forward. someone who is going to unite americans. i am so tired of the disrespect and the, you know, just not talking about what's wrong with the other person. we need someone who is going to
10:10 am
be a leader, who is going to have a positive agenda moving forward, fight not just for those who are going to vote for them, but those who actually need them. so that's what i'm looking for. stuart: donald trump attacked carly fiorina, that face is what he said that appearance. >> it's ridiculous. stuart: it is, but that's my opinion. but let's suppose that donald trump is the nominee? he is the republican candidate to the presidency. can you support him? >> i, you know, like i said, i'm going to support a president that's going to unite americans, no one wants a leader that's going to-- think about this, anyone who runs against this is subject to this. if he would say it to her, he would say it to me, he would say it to any other american out there. that's not what we want a president and i'm hoping he tones down the rhetoric and starts telling us what his positive agenda is moving forward. because that's what we need in a leader. stuart: mia love, we thank you very much indeed for joining us. i'm sorry we're cutting it short, it's a special day and
10:11 am
we appreciate you being with us, ma'am. >> thank you. stuart: check the share price of facebook. 91.32 to be precise, our next guest says it's a by. bring in money map press, it's a buy at 91. make your case. >> well, stuart, this has been a stock you and i have talked about many times as one of the big four or five that you cover regularly that has the most upside potential, i think, left in it and we have to give mark zuckerburg some props here because back when they launched the ipo, the whole story was, can they monetize mobile? and they have done that in spades. the big numbers that came out when they announced earnings here, just about five or six weeks ago, were that the mobile numbers now account for 72% of the-- 76%, excuse me, 76% of their
10:12 am
total revenues up from 62% just a year ago. so, they're not only winning the game for eyeballs, 1.48 billion monthly users, but they're also winning the mobile game and that makes this stock something that's going to have a long up trend. stuart: i'm laughing because i can tell you're a fan. i can tell that facebook is a stock that you like at this take moment $91 a share you will buy it. quick question, do you own it already? >> i do not currently own it. i have owned it, but i'm not currently owning it. i'm loving this pullback and i think it's going to be a real barn here. stuart: dr barton, again, i'm sorry to cut it short, it's a special day for us here. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. stuart: one of our favorite millennials, charlie kirk says if you're a fan of uber, you are a fan of capitalism. heads up millennials, charlie is next.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
>> 45 minutes into the trading session this friday morning, and we are down 71 points. now, it's been some time since we opened up trading and found a gain or a loss of less or more-- of 100 points. ashley: yes. stuart: we're not used to this. 70 points after 45 minutes. ashley: eerie calm. stuart: you're doing it best to avoid the word stability. ashley: i try. stuart: we have no clue how things close out in the afternoon. i want to get to europe's migrant crisis, and that's a valid word. it's coming to america. president obama says he'll take 10,000 syrian refugees over the next year. ashley. ashley: these are refugees, not the ones witnessing pouring out of africa or middle east, these are already in the pipeline, so they're just going to speed up the process. the white house has been under a lot of pressure to do something other than send money to help the humanitarian crisis that we're witnessing in
10:17 am
europe. 10,000 people fast-tracked from the syrian refugee group that applied will get to the united states in the next year. stuart: i'm reading between the line, a pressure to take more people arriving to bring them to america. i think there will be enormous pressure, whether we think it's a good thing or a bad thing. there's going to be pressure. >> ashley was saying, there's a concern that isis agents are found right now in hungary. why isn't saudi arabia and the other gulf states taking more refugees in. they have a political stake in what's happening. and syria funding and weaponry there. and the resettlements of syria. they argue they're giving money to the u.n. stuart: you've got to shake your head at that one. charlie kirk is with us, a memorial and a frequent guest, very popular. he says if you love uber then you should be a capitalist. listen to this. >> for many, many, many years, taxis had no competition in the
10:18 am
marketplace, so, they're able to raise costs and not deliver a reasonable product to the marketplace, but uber has changed that forever, cleaner cars, better drivers, lower costs and a better product for you is a byproduct of principles that are embedded in free market capitalism. stuart: all right. now, here he is, the man himself, the president of the united states in the year 2044. now, that was a video you put it out and you were directing that straight at millennials. millennials use uber, millennials should be capitalists and that was your message, right? >> absolutely. and what i love about uber, it is an example of the difference between old crony capitalist ideas and new innovative, creative entrepreneurial capitalism. uber is driven by the millennial market, especially amongst college campuses. young people are using uber at
10:19 am
record rates and starting to see the contrast between young entrepreneurs that are able to utilize uber to make money for themselves and to provide a service for their peers on college campuses and use it in a way at a lower cost than taxicab companies could never compete with and i think if we want to make an argument to young people, this is way to do it. stuart: i think you picked the perfect example. uber is free market capitalism and millennials are using it. do you say that millennials use it in record numbers? >> in record numbers, the number one demographic that's driving, no pun intended, get it, to driving uber to record numbers of revenue. i'll say this, young people get it and they get it in this one instance, that taxi companies had to go through a medallion process for years, big government regulation created the taxi monopoly specifically in new york, chicago, washington d.c. and uber has destroyed it and disrupted it
10:20 am
and lowered costs and raised the quality for everyone involved and that's what free market capitalism is all about. and young people, it doesn't matter their persuasion, they want uber to exist and get out of the way see more companies like uber can prosper. stuart: you're in the political business kind of thing, and did you put that out on youtube. >> youtube and facebook, our biggest distribution was on facebook, received tens of thousands of views in the first couple of hours and about people who don't care about politics, republican and democrat. they care about the service, young people that want to be engaged what? trying to find different transportations choices, this is an issue that we can win it. stuart: it looks like your opening presidential statement for your campaign forth coming. charlie kirk, we like this guy, come back soon. >> thank you.
10:21 am
stuart: check the big board again, i will say stability, we're 50 minutes into the trading session and we're down 39 points, 16,290. got it. today very emotional day for the country. it's been 14 years since terrorists attacked on our soil. but what that day did was bring us altogether, unity that defined america. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you-- and the people-- [cheers and applause] >> and the people that knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!
10:22 am
10:23 am
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10:25 am
built for business. >> at the top of the hour i spoke with congress woman mia love about good morning bobby jindal and donald trump exchanging verbal blows, listen to this. >> i am going to support a president that's going to unite americans. no one wants leader that's going to-- i mean, think about this, anyone who runs against him is subject to this. if he would say it to her, he would say it to me and he would say it to any other american outs there. that's not what we want in a president and i'm hoping that he tones down the rhetoric. stuart: you know, the whole thing started when donald trump made a comment about carly fiorina's appearance. >> i think she handled it well, brushing it off. stuart: and trump is increasing in the poll and carly fiorina is slipping in the polls. ashley: the immigration issue, he makes a the lo of ground
10:26 am
with that. what's interesting, remember going back to mccain and the veterans things, the comments are wild, but don't seem to hurt him in the polls, surprising time after time. stuart: they haven't, i do think, however, that hillary clinton is slipping and joe biden would run liz: it's an authenticity issue. stuart: well said, liz. and i spoke with bobby jindal and we covered a whole range of topics, you can bet donald trump is one of them. 10:45. dow, 38 points. we've had three weeks of extraordinary volatility, up and down triple digits all day every day. not today. we're almost an hour into the trading session and we are down 40 points and the price of oil, some movement there, 44.57 is the price, and it's down $1.35. now, you could say that when oil goes down, stocks tend to follow.
10:27 am
i guess you could say that is the truth today. we're down right now 40 points on the dow, down a buck on oil. that day, september 11th, 2001, was truly horrific, none of us will forget watching that dreadful day unfold, but in the period immediately after, what i remember was the unity, a sense of all being in the same boat. we were all americans. it seemed like overnight the flags came out and the stars and stripes flu almost everywhere it is our stibl, they attacked us and our turf and we with our flag flying would face them together. members of congress stood on the steps and sang about american, president bush went to ground zero and spoke for us all. they would be hearing from us. we didn't rush to revenge, we didn't lash out, we came together, uniting under attack.
10:28 am
and 9/11 was a defining moment, the day after defined america. the united states of america. and now, a moment of silence at ground zero marking the time that the second tower, the north tower fell. . >> left the building that day and went back in, you're a true american hero, you're my hero, you're my son and i love you. your family is here today with you, i know you're looking down smiling and shaking your head, saying that i'm nervous, but i am, so, god bless, son, love you, keep smiling. [applause]. [applause]. [bell ringing]
10:29 am
[moment of silence]
10:30 am
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stuart: i'm not going to say stability, but i was a pretty stable at a loss of 60 points at 13,207. nothing stable about oil. goldman sachs down about 60 of 44. price of gas keeps coming down about a penny a gallon a day. 236 is your price for the national average on regular. look at this. if you see in a national poll finds hillary clinton 37%, bernie sanders 20%, vice president joe biden who is not declared, 20%. listen to what joe to what joe biden said when asked about his possible run. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president
10:34 am
unless they know exactly where they want to be president. they can look at folks and say i promise you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. i would be lying if i said i knew i was there. stuart: joining us from a pollster and strategist jessica tarlow. welcome to the program. as clinton's numbers go down, the likelihood of a joe biden run goes out. >> absolutely. they are in a virtual seesaw until we see a viable candidate get in. bernie sanders is tied with hillary in iowa, ahead in new hampshire. still 30% of democrats will be very dissatisfied is bernie sanders and that the nominee. he is filling space right now. he's an important voice for the progressive left but i don't think he'll be our nominee.
10:35 am
stuart: do you think president obama will push for a biden run against hillary clinton? >> obviously he believes in joe biden or he would have picked him for his vp. he also recognizes how vulnerable he is right now. if you look at infrastructure, everyday we see her sinking poll numbers with an increase in support from organizations, super pacs, et cetera. people are lining up behind her. in iowa and new hampshire it came out today they're still completely confident in a clinton win. not a general election when. stuart: are you confident? >> i do remain confident that most of all i remain hopeful. it's not a great scenario. every day there's more talk about e-mail servers are the
10:36 am
ideal plan spot nady is crazy and it's not going to work. if you look at it as people who are enthusiastic, she is killing it. 65% and she will be the nominee. 42% are enthusiastic and biden is that 29%. democrats 71% favorability for hillary clinton. she has serious positives in her camp. her policy -- >> i like joe biden. he just lost his son which is extremely trying. it's unclear if his wife is behind him and you need all hands on deck. watching him yesterday or the day before talking about a $15 minimum wage is a good thing when we know it had a negative effect on economies
10:37 am
unemployment. stuart: delay democratic viewer for the $15 an hour? >> you know it is great? $10.10. reasonableness from the left. >> this is nothing to do with good economics. vote for me and i'll give you a pay raise. >> i don't think the $15 minimum wage look at the democrats elected. twelve dollars an hour national leverage. >> 1010 is not going to hurt employees. why are you laughing? >> you agree with my basic premise. this is politics and non. why not 30? if you're buying, go for it. >> i am trying to play nice with you here.
10:38 am
stuart: are you still a democrat? >> totally a democrat. we are in trouble but i'm staying strong. come over to the party of trump? trend you know, you come to the party of growth, prosperity. free-market capitalism. >> who is your guy or your lady? >> this is economics growth and prosperity. come on no fair. >> we need a strong welfare. >> sooner or later you'll run out of other people's money. hideaway segue from that? [laughter] there's nothing funny about this. any report from the national review says there are lawyers who willingly help people get
10:39 am
disability benefits that they have no right to receive. here she is. tell me. law firms representing people who are not disabled and getting them disability benefits. >> in huntington about his milking the system, basically the records receive show social security do about certain lawyers that were very likely to do judge shopping when you have the judge awards benefits versus a judge who does not. you avoid the judge who does not. this process is no legal but we have to consider $300,000 is a lifetime benefit for disability. this program is on track to run out of money next year. stuart: they run out of money next year. no money next year. >> it will not have enough to serve the existing.
10:40 am
stuart: 11 million people on disability. >> this is a program played but waste, fraud and abuse. one of these law firms they were looking at statistically had turned down 85 individual cases, and individual video hearings with a judge with the local board rate. stuart: they wanted to go to a different judge because they knew that one wasn't any good. >> if you can go to judge grant some verses than i am -- stuart: there's nothing illegal about it. >> even though mr. sports have raised red flags and inspector general has raised red flags, it is clear social security is in changing its policy. when we asked for records about it, this is what we got. 359 pages.
10:41 am
stuart: keep digging. this is a good story. time for the sector report. oil, crude oil down a time and it's taken a big oil companies and stocks with them. at sundown, chevron slightly higher. conoco down and shall also lower. that is the energy sector mostly found. ricci news for you. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake will not seek reelection. she was right there in the very center of the disturbances in baltimore. she will not seek reelection. governor by the gentle, and donald trump's most recent target. but the governor thinks about her. trump next.
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> i am transfixed with your fox business three. right now the dow jones industrial average down 33 points, loss of one quarter of 1%. s&p down seven, nasdaq down 21. certainly to the downside with names including goldman sachs down 1%. dupont, b. sacrament jpmorgan among the laggards on the dow jones industrial average. avon products under pressure once again seeing down 14% yesterday. they are working with private equity firms may be interested in taking a stake in products.
10:44 am
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10:46 am
stuart: well, lucky here, an hour and 15 minutes into the session, only down 28 points. just about 63 is where we are. let's look at the new quinnipiac iowa poll. donald trump up 27%. 21% in carson, 9% takers, or 6%, 7955%. louisiana governor bobby jindal blasting donald trump. >> look, i find donald trump's act very amusing. he's going after the d.c. insiders but the reality of donald trump is worse than the act. there is no substance there. stuart: republican candidate bobby jindal joins us right now. welcome to the program. >> stuart, thank you for having me. stuart: of donald trump wins, how are you going to support him after he said we said about them. >> stuart, he will not win the
10:47 am
nomination. i think i'm going to wind. regardless, we will submit a conservative. he's politically incorrect. it's great he's going after d.c. insiders but the reality is worse than the act. there's no substance. stuart: he's not going after washington insiders that he's going after everybody, all american and getting support from both sides of the aisle. >> stuart, here's the issue. it's a great opportunity not only to win the election but apply conservative principles. the idea of america is looking away, do we trust our principles or a man whom he believes in himself, not about making america great again. he's about making donald trump great. it's time to turn to conservative principles, not the carnival act. stuart: you better hope he does
10:48 am
not win the nomination because you are committed to supporting him and that will be very difficult. mine but use just that. if he does win, what you going to do? >> you will not win the nomination. i thought it was funny when he gave out lindsey graham's phone number. it was funny when jeb rush's audience members were falling asleep. it was great fun when you get helicopter rides at the iowa state fair. these are serious times at planned parenthood selling babies organs across the country. the president to allow iran to become a nuclear power. donald trump has tapped into genuine anger. there is no substance. he's for socialized medicine, raising taxes. he is for donald trump. the show is amazing. when he defied the d.c. insiders, but it time to apply conservative principles and to
10:49 am
go downstairs. he is fired. stuart: let's get serious. you are like the president. they want to walk in the white house. tell us what three things you would do. i've got a minute left. >> first, say a prayer to god. secondly, invoke the constitutional executive orders by the president. instead protect religious liberty rights for for americans so christians don't face discrimination for believing in traditional marriage. third, meet with the joint chiefs to send a message that america back. stop iran from becoming a nuclear power so our friends can trust us enemies fear and respect us. that includes reining in the epa, obamacare, amnesty executive orders. tree into your message religious
10:50 am
freedom, security and rolling back executive orders. i've got a few seconds left. what about growth? >> stuart, that is the most important issue. we need a lower, flatter tax code, repeal obamacare. the guy to shrink the size of the government economy. and the only candidate that is done now. you are exactly right. we've got to grow the economy so we don't have americans on food stamps. the left wants us dependent upon government and that's not sustainable. stuart: governor, i do know a lot about their american dream and the european nightmare. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you comes to her. stuart: we have in the 11:00 hour football player. this is ryan broyles. he made a lot of money, but here is news.
10:51 am
he did not spend it. he kept it. a financial success story from the nfl. and you will get my take on europe's migrant crisis. they are being overrun and it will change europe forever. more "varney & company" next. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat.
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10:55 am
stuart: cheryl casone still downtown at the bbc 9/11 charity day. you have another special guest. reporter: i do. it has become a really fun day. certainly there were moments of silence, but the goal is to raise money for charity, hopefully $12 million in total. of course, other charities that partner with amazing celebrities, i get to meet john legg was some aisle. how did your trading go this morning? >> i sold 100 here it reporter: of what? >> i sold stocks and shares and stuff like that. it was great, specially for msg that helps kids who are ill, homeless, disabled and it's just a great company. reporter: you were worn here,
10:56 am
the or your career. >> igra appear like you can tell by my accent. i've got a pretty thick accent of how my life. reporter: you've been pretty active year after year. what does today means to you? how do we make sure people don't forget what happened 14 years ago? >> events like this. in new york, is almost impossible to wipe the memory of september 11th. it was a germanic time for all of us. but it was a bonding time. it had become a positive time, charity events like this, the way that new yorkers have bonded, a bonded america. we turned a negative into a positive like americans always do. reporter: you are in so many movies that are not time to list them all, but it's great to see you here. we will figure out what he traded and sold or bought or whatever happened in a couple minutes. it's a great day.
10:57 am
things are really picking up. we will be here all afternoon with the big names. ashley: he is a big name. raised a lot of money. our 30 "varney & company" just moments away.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. stuart: the europe you see today will be very different in a few years. a fallout from mid-east violence will transform the continent. first consider the migrants. a mull of them banging on the door to get in probably more to come. their rival is already reshaping and testing the politics of the whole continent as peggy writes today, the elites want to let them in but among ordinary people, the backlash is growing. antiimmigrant political parties may bring down the establishment on this issue. second. religion. most of the migrants are muslims. they will join abalready large domestic muslim population on
11:01 am
a continent that is retreated from the christian religion. half the people 18 and under will be muslim. there is a dramatic shift in religion already in progress. the migrants will speed it up. third. financial culture. europe is a ratings to grave welfare continent. it cannot afford it. this massive influx of people will break the system. the result of all of this will be a continent at war with itself. not a pretty picture. last point. blame. tell it straight. president obama's failure to confront isis and encourage mid-east mass. but in heart of this catastrophe is radical islam. that's the brutal aggressive force that has ruined north africa and the mid-east. it may ruin europe too. ♪ ♪
11:02 am
. stuart: we will have more on my take, look at the big board, an hour and a half in the session and down just 50 points, that's it. big names, we watch them every day. and let's have a look at them now. amazon, netflix, amazon, google. i'm going to say stability because there isn't much price change. >> very legitimate on this friday. stuart: okay. how about the price of oil? not much stability there, in fact, now we're down 3.5%, $44 per barrel. price of gasoline, keeps on falling and now we're at $2.36 even, that is the national average on regular gasoline. i'm going to get back to my take on what i had to say about the migrant crisis in europe. by the way, the u.s. is going to accept 10,000 syrian refugees, but these are people already in the pipeline. not those people who are now streaming into europe.
11:03 am
joining me now for the forum. welcome to the program. >> thank you. stuart: and on this particular day, a special day, 9/11 but i want you to address the european migrant crisis. i've just issued forth an editorial that says europe will be transformed and changed forever by those migration. would you agree with that? >> well, it has been transformed by the migration of muslims that have been part of the migration in the documentary i helped with in 2009 called the third jihad where they want to transform the jihadi of radical islam and all the islamic interests around the world. however, let me push back a little more and tell you that as long as the west is the beacon of freedom and the narrative is that my family came seeking freedom away who were fueled by the syrian ask others, that narrative, the reason these migrants, the most of them are not islamists, most of them want freedom, they were trying
11:04 am
to have revolution. they're not going to saudi arabia, they're not going to russia, they're not going to china, they're come to the west, we have to be smart as you said, stuart, about political islamist ideology. stuart: what about the the idea of establishing safe zones in syria inspect, for example, backed up by american military force? so that they don't have to flood into europe, they can stay in syria in relative safety protected by americans military. that is an idea that is out there. what do you make of it? >> well, that's what i was saying from the beginning from 2011 before there was isis. we said just have a no fly zone to allow these people to stay like the tunisians stayed in tunisian, these people -- our families don't want to leave syria, they want to stay there and decimate their dictatorship and decimate isis. but they have no choice.
11:05 am
there's a genocide happening by the baptist against the sunni and they have nowhere to go to leave, the surrounding coming are burgeoning and now they're going to europe, and the discrimination and decimation of christians and others. the next symptom is now the refugees that are coming to the west. until we get rid of assad, we're going to continue see the raddle of the world order in the middle east? stuart: yes, sir. but how can europe cope with a million refugees now? a more to come? i don't think they can cope with this. i think it will break them apart and a lot of those people will want to come to the united states. am i right? >> you are and internally they're going to have to begin to embrace the fact that we have to separate between pro freedom and those that are islamists, we're embracing the
11:06 am
wrong group, the state department says they can't tell the french minister said we're going to start air strikes against our enemies in syria because we have to give these refugees a place to go back to and we can't keep them in europe. stuart: we don't know who potential terrorists are, we know that they're coming but we don't know who they are. and we don't know what's going to happen five years down the road. we just don't know. >> well,, stuart, we can't give up the 14th anniversary of 9/11, i hope our country has the result -- just like we did in the cold war against communism to say we can tell who the islamists are who believe in a islamic state versus those who believed who believe in a state of national freedom. that's not hard. you can tell in ten minutes who's a jihaddist versus those fighting for freedom. but we need a country to identify political islam as the ideology of our enemy.
11:07 am
stuart: doctor who served 11 years in the american navy i believe, thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: moving on to donald trump. still taking heat for the comments he made about carly fiorina. one of the folks taking that is bobby. >> and do we trust our principles or do we trust the man who only believes in himself? doesn't believe in anything else. doesn't believe in government. he's not about making america great, about making donald trump great, it's time to move to our conservative principles not this carnival act. stuart: with me now editor chris who usually has a smile on his face. and he's got one. there you go. >> all right. i'm get in gear here. stuart: it seems to me that governor has joined the attack on donald trump because he needs to break through, he needs to get on television with his message. but the attack on trump is drowning out the message from
11:08 am
all other candidates. that's the situation today. >> well, i think that it is true. i think that what you say is substantially true. i think that when you talk about no offense to governor much louisiana, he doesn't have -- he is nowhere; right? he's not at a jeb bush. stuart: 2%. >> right 2% in iowa today, 1%. the struggle is real and there is not right now a way you can describe a path forward for him. what he is trying to do is get the reflective glare off of donald trump. you get in the space. and i want you to think about those. who has the most to gain from the cnn debate that's going to take place next week without outta in california? it's sure not donald trump or jeb bush. it's lesser known candidates people like ben carson and fiorina who have high favorability but not big name id. the viewers who come in to see the trump show are going to see other people and who's not going to be on that stage is
11:09 am
somebody trying to get in on that. stuart: but they're going to be watching for the trump show. i'm sure the ratings are going to be good. do you think he's going to follow through on that idea give me $10 million because i'm going to raise your ratings or i won't show up. >> i have a much better idea for donald trump. when cnn doesn't give in, you say i'm going to host and i think the trump campaign needs to get in this. a monster truck rally, and you get gene simmons and kiss to open up, you have trump come out, you have fireworks, and you do that at the same time. you beat them at the ratings. i think you will probably need some bikini models from the trump agency and boom you've got magic. stuart: let me see that smile again. there you go. here's another one for you, chris. >> yeah. stuart: vice president joe biden appearing on last night's late show. roll that tape. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president
11:10 am
unless they know exactly why they would want to be president, they can look at the folks out there and say i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy, and my passion to do this. i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. . stuart: all right, chris, would you say that as hillary clinton's numbers come down, the likelihood of a joe biden run goes up? and it's looking very likely at the moment. would you say that? >> i don't know if i'm in very likely. remember james brown used to do what he called his cape ac. stuart: yes. >> he would throw so much soul, he would burn the place down, and he would collapse on the corner of the sustainable and then the famous flames would come out with a cape and they would put a cape on the back of him and he would throw the cape off and he would say, no, i have more soul in here and i have to lay this down. so there's something in this case of the audience, come on,
11:11 am
joe, come on, joe, you can do this. get in the fight. so it may be effective in that way or we can take him at face value and i'm going to take him at face value and i'm also going to say this. from a more cynical perspective he is raising the price of his noncandidacy. he is increasing his value. if he would have said six months ago he said i'm not running for president people would have said, yeah, because you're going to lose. but how much would bill clinton pay joe biden not to run for president right now? probably a lot. stuart: a lot. chris, that was good. we like the by the about the iowa. >> yeah. stuart: good stuff. we will see you next week. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: guy benson is with us. town am i right? >> yes, sir. stuart: now, what do you make of that? basically says he's not sure that biden's running, not sure that biden's got the emotional
11:12 am
spirt to do it. but i think he's going to do it because hillary clinton's coming down. >> well, there are two -- there's the political track here and then the personal track. i didn't watch the interview on colbert last night but it was all over twitter, people were buzzing about it. he was connecting, biden was connecting with people in a way that hillary clinton may have never been able to do in her entire life. he gave a powerful interview on this personal issue. he lost a son recently to cancer. the second child that he has lost in his lifetime, such unfathomable, such a sad thing and i'm not a parent but losing another child and then being asked to turn around immediately and run through this grueling gauntlet to run for president? that's got to be very emotionally challenging prospect. stuart: yeah, i take your point. the bottom line seems to be that the democrats are in disarray. >> uh-huh. stuart: hillary's numbers
11:13 am
sinking and she's got this e-mail problem and joe biden, does he have the emotional strength to pursue? >> so you have hillary who is the nominee for now and with all these problems, fbi investigation, numbers cratering, and "the new york times" a few weeks ago reported on his death bed his son said please run for president. stuart: i think that's very important. and nfl football player cut from the team before the season and he's managed his money well and got a lot of it in the bank like a million bucks. he joins us next
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: i've got breaking news for you and this is significant. exclusive from fox news. the russian build up in syria is part of the secret deal with the iranian regime. ashley, you've got more on this, please. >> the russians are no longer
11:17 am
advising, they're coleading the war in syria, about 1,000 combatants in syria, some from the plainclothes soldiers that we saw that moved into the ukrainian crisis, the same, they didn't have any identifying badges, a thousand of them now on the ground in syria. stuart: in support of the assad regime? >> correct. and what happened just a couple of days after the iranian military leader, by the way, breaking all the rules, went to moscow to meet with putin. stuart: and it happens just as congress is voting on the iran nuke deal. >> uh-huh. stuart: trying to avoid president obama veto it and overriding the veto. >> yeah. stuart: this is extraordinary stuff. >> think about this. if this report is true, went to russia, he was sanctioned, he was not supposed to go but he did it anyway, may have struck a deal here and actively working against the u.s. because supposedly our state policy that assad
11:18 am
moscow, they're working for assad now. the supreme leader in iran is tweeting that they're going to be gone in 25 years, going to block access to some sites and here we go. lockstep the democrats, voting for this thing. it's an extraordinary depressing thing to watch. stuart: and the russians are now supporting the syrian regime, which is pushing people out of syria. >> right. stuart: into the european crisis. >> correct. stuart: it all wraps in together. >> and doing it for iran. stuart: it is stunning. it is just an absolute stunning defeat for the united states of america. >> yeah. >> you can feel it. stuart: you can felony it. extraordinary stuff. i'm going to move on to stocks. restoration hardware. it's -- it raised its outlook, it's a winner, 7% higher there. disappointing forecast from zu mmi es down 26%.
11:19 am
dreamworks down an investment firm cuts its target price from 17 to 11. it says sell it, down 6%. now this. nfl wide receiver says the $3 million he has made over his three nfl career is enough to last him for his life because he and his family are investment savvy and incredibly frugal. they live on about $60,000 a year. welcome. >> hey, how are you doing. stuart: you belong on this program. you're a financial kind of guy. >> i'm glad to be here. thanks for having me. stuart: you make a lot of money and keep it. we really like that. am i right to say that you've got a million dollars in the bank? >> yes. for sure. . stuart: and what are you invested in? >> stock market and real estate are really the biggest thing. i'm trying to do some outside ventures coming up here shortly so, you know, like you said i feel i'm a savvy guy and excited about the future.
11:20 am
stuart: where did you get this from? a lot of football players, they spend big time, you didn't. you're a fugle kind of guy. who gave you that idea? >> you know, when i was a rookie in 2012, we went to the rookie supposeium, that's where they get all the rookies together and they teach these different things about lifestyle and what's going to take ahead of you and one of the biggest things i took oohed heat to was 78% of the athletes become bankrupt after three years of leaving the nfl. so i hopped on google, trying to figure out ways to invest and save my money, and what stuck out to me was the budget. so we got on a budget so we have money to save and invested. stuart: don't you ever feel like kicking over the traces and buying yourself a porsche or something? >> yeah, but i think i'm to the point where i get more satisfaction knowing i can have something and then not getting it. so i'm looking at the long term. it would be cool to --
11:21 am
stuart: you are a fellow -- i've often been criticized because i like to pile it up. i like capital. i think it's liquid freedom. you're just like me. that's wonderful. >> yeah. well, i think there's a time and place for that. so i want to get to the point where those assets can pay for this luxuries and i'm almost on my way. when that time comes, i might have a porsche. stuart: you are welcome on this program any day any time. >> i love it. stuart: thanks very much, ryan. i've got to run. big faye day for us. but thanks very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: and kerry democrat has some harsh words for clinton. again, he's a democrat. what he said after this at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted.
11:22 am
was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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11:25 am
stuart: target stores are going to drop the cherokee brand products, target's making its way for new clothing labels, cherokee's label is down 31%. let's not forget hillary's e-mail scandal. and former senator bob kerry about it earlier. just watch this. >> and i believe what the secretary did was i want to run around for you. i'm going to set up a server in my home. no one has done that before. it wasn't because she didn't want to carry two cell phones
11:26 am
around, she's secretary of state, give me the red one, give me the blue one, who the hell cares? . stuart: is hillary clinton done with comments like from a democrat? >> no. she's not done. she's got a ton of money and still the favorite but a wounded favorite in a way that i think is more shocking than i anticipated, even a couple of months ago. and i think what was so damning about that sound bite there from governor kerry was he was going directly to what he believes in what i think most to believe to be her motivate. it was not for convenience, that has proven to be a lie, she did not have just one device. she was doing it to do a run around accountability and transparency investigations and that's unacceptable. doing that for political and reasons putting national security at risk for her own selfish purposes. stuart: well, she wanted to avoid freedom information acts. >> of course but not only does it bring into account her judgment but did she think she
11:27 am
was going to get away with it? . stuart: i think so. >> and that, again, speaks to her lack of judgment. stuart: judgment. i mean extraordinary. the second of state would put on a private server stuff that's going to be read by the chinese secret service and probably was. >> yes. stuart: that's extraordinary. >> well, she's had a front seat to her entire adult life to bill clinton who gets away with lots of things. he's likable and a talented liar. she's neither of those things . stuart: you've got a young looking face there but it's strong stuff. >> but it's true. he could talk himself, charm himself out of situations, she doesn't have the skills to do that. stuart: i still think the blockbuster news this morning thus far is the movement of russian military guys. >> yes. into syria. stuart: into syria, 1,000 strong just like they did with crwith. new york state mandates a $15
11:28 am
for workers in fast food chains. democrats say that's going to help the middle class. how about small business? not so much. zayn owns dozens of restaurants. we're going to ask him. what does $15 an hour mean to him and his operation can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
11:29 am
technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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11:31 am
stuart: check that big board. yeah. i'm going to call that
11:32 am
stability. year we're only down 22 points at 16,300. how about the price of oil? falling a little bit more. now we're down -- well, # .6%, $44 a barrel. and gas continues to come down. we love that. 2.36 is your national average, down another penny on regular nationwide. still with the markets. with me now bank strategist jeff. jeff, everybody asks me, i walk in the streets, people say, hey, there's stuart varney. do you think a crash is coming? that's the first thing they ask. you're supposed to be answering these questions, is a crash coming. >> no. we don't see that. since '08, '09, everyone has gotten in the mode of taking every international and upset creating a crash scenario but the reality is if you've been in the business, 10, 20, 30 years as i have and most of our associates have, you're used to periods when crisis
11:33 am
had a way of not happening. stuart: so if the federal reserve raises rates in the near future, this month or december, if china really, really slows down, you're stim sticking with this, no crash, maybe a little volatility but no crash. >> yeah. we're sticking with that. we think the greatest risk the market is the fed gets going too late and let's wage inflation get embedded into the system. stuart: whoa. that's interesting. that they wait too late. so you guys, you want a rate increase in december, say, of a quarter point, that's what you want? >> absolutely. i think that's for the long-term health of the market. i think the public is much better prepared. i think it's fascinating that usa today mainstream newspaper had a rate hike, we would agree with that. stuart: do you think that 60 -- i'm looking for stability. and i think we've got a little stability today because we're only down 20 points at 16.3. do you think that 16,000 is a
11:34 am
rough baseline, a rough bottom? >> well, we probably have a little bit more work to do, particularly in light of the fact that the fed is not likely to raise rates next week. it's going to postpone this anxiety, so we probably have a little of turning to do. that being said at 5th 3rd, we have increased our weight to u.s. equities. stuart: 5th 3rd. i always thought that was a strange name but we'll go with it. we have to. you have to. and our viewers are reassured by your presence, jeff. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: fifth third. all right. new york state formally approves the $15 an hour wage for fast food chain restaurants. that's going to have a drastic affect on my next guess. they own and operate 37 applebee's in the new york area. $15 an hour in your restaurants, what do you do?
11:35 am
>> well, it's not our restaurants, it's fast food restaurants; right? so mcdonald's, burger king. stuart: that's not you? >> no. we're casual dining. we have table service. stuart: okay. the writing is on the wall for you guys. what -- >> well, obviously somebody working for me for $14 can go to mcdonald's now and get a job for $15. what does that do for me? so the reality is we get the spill over affect, but it's not legislated to us. but the models are out there, ctac, the data is in, they've let go 1,000 people just outside of seattle where they raised it to $15, they did in april or may. stuart: it was in april and i think they lost 1,000 fast food jobs in may. >> right. and there's a number of restaurants that have closed. so the model's out there. puerto rico's out there, san juan we can see what it is because they've raised their minimum wages to coincide with the mainland, i think clinton did that, it was below. they're not productive. there has to be a relationship between skill sets and -- it
11:36 am
can't just be -- stuart: or politicians buying votes. i'll give you a raise if you vote for me. >> well, when you say politicians buying votes, you think there's any coincidence by every single one of these people advocating this never worked a day of their life, ie obama, do you think there's a relationship between those two things? . stuart: before you explode, zayn. >> you know me well. you're rewinding me. stuart: you told me about that restaurant in san francisco, fast food with no people. >> right. you walk in and it just opened this week actually. you walk in, you swipe your card, your credit card, you scroll the menu, you pick -- it's only grains right now, different kinds of grains, so it's easier to prepare, and you wife your card, you pick out grains, with pees or indicators or whatever you
11:37 am
like and then there's a big screen you get a number and it says varney or 44 just like the elevator floor and then 44 lights up, you go over and you sit down at a high top table, you finish, all in throw away stuff, no plates -- stuart: that's arrived already? >> it's arrived already and this guy has figured out how he's going to be expandable and move this thing around. in fact, i've been contacted about it. stuart: really? >> yeah. stuart: what? as an investor. >> yeah. but i think we're a long way from there. that's robots waiting for you at home and turning your lights on. stuart: yeah, but -- >> there's something between that and where we are now. stuart: yeah. >> and it's not a political issue, it's a math issue. the higher something's priced, the less of man that you get for it. is there any secret there's fewer and fewer rolls-royce dealers than there are ford dealers. stuart: well, look, i think it's a human tragedy frankly.
11:38 am
we don't know the names of all those youngsters who would have gotten jobs. >> you're dead on right. it is an absolute tragedy that the people that are flying this airplane that we're all sitting on are flying by a manual. they've never worked a day in their life, they have no clue about what the economic situations are, it's all political sized, and it's not a political issue. it's a mathematical issue. but these guys, the math is how many votes they get. i don't think any one of these leaderships in these arenas are people who never worked a day in their life. stuart: you got it out. do you feel better. >> no. stuart: i ruined your day? applebee's guy. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> thank you. thanks for having me. stuart: we got the dow down 25 points, that's it. here is john stossel. i want to bring him in.
11:39 am
what are we on? $15 an hour? no. i didn't read intro properly. i just didn't read the intro properly. i'm very sorry. new york city menu idea in restaurants. they're going to add a little salt shaker if there's more salt than they think is required in any dish. what do the libertarians think about that? >> that it's stupid but it's not half as bad as most of the stuff that zayn has to obey, the insane rules, it's pointless, i have low blood pressure, i don't need to eat less salt. stuart: we'll see what i can do about that. >> the scientists came up with this so everybody has to cut way back and it's over done? . stuart: hold on a second. let me see the other side of the coin here. why shouldn't i i know the salt content of the food that i'm buying? why not? why do i have to have the information coming to me limited? >> because if you want it, you'll ask for it and he'll do it voluntarily, the market
11:40 am
will demand it. stuart: but i don't know what's in that dish as i buy it in that restaurant. >> then don't go to that restaurant. go to the market that tells you what's in there. that's how it works best. but, zayn, i disagree you about the politicians working, they work really hard. they work they just don't work in the real world, the private sector. stuart: he had low blood pressure until he said that. respond. >> well, they did work. they work at dysfunctional things, they have all the solutions, they're just spending all their time looking for the problem. ie salt. they're looking for this. they got the salt, there was just no problem before. >> even worse in manhattan they required calories be posted. so they asked people, oh, it's great i know how much fat i'm eating now. then they looked at their receipts, they were eating just as much fat. >> well, i'll give you the data. since calories were posted, no
11:41 am
product change whatsoever. everybody continues to eat the same thing. we evaluate our product every week, how many steaks, every salads, there's no change. stuart: times up, everybody. take a big deep breathe, gentlemen, please. don't miss stossel tonight 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. breaking news. do we have that graphic? we should. give it to me. the story was the dow jones average had just turned positive. >> look at that. stuart: now its done back down again. blood pressure ised through roof, ladies and gentlemen. and still downtown a bgcs 9/11 charity day. who do you have down there, cheryl? >> i'm out of the studio one day and you can't even pronounce my name, stuart. i have a couple of amazing folks here and they're working
11:42 am
for the saint bernard project and, you know, she was on 90210 and saint bernard project the project that you're raising money for today, but katrina was one of the reasons that you got involved in this; right? >> yes. my first trip to new orleans was two years after the storm and i thought i was going to go see the rebuild process and these guys have been rebuilding since months after the storm. >> combat veteran and now you're out of the military, but what does today mean to you as somebody than the only experienced but also served overseas? >> today's a tremendous day and my hat's off to bgc partners. since this has been started they raised $113 million globally and the revenue of trades like today go directly to the relief if you understand and they make grants to impact charities. >> and we should say that the goal here $12 million, they hit their goal last year, you made a couple of trades, how
11:43 am
do you think you did. >> in a word called mooshy mooshy and i don't know what that means but everybody was clapping. >> i think you could trade whatever you wanted today and nobody would care even if you lost a few million but i think you you made a few million. reporting live back to you in new york. we're going to have of course more celebrities and folks joining us throughout the day here. stuart: cheryl ca right there. thank you very much indeed. one and five illegal immigrants who crosses our mexican border has a criminal record. our only border patrol says 40% of that border is under control. next a sheriff that is on the front lines the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. dow jones industrial average off the lows virtually flat at the moment down 5 points sitting at 16,327. the s&p down 5 and the nasdaq down 13. as we see the vix slightly higher and commodities selling off. dow movers, mcdonald's and united health with gains, up 1.2%, and goldman sachs under some pressure at the moment. also taking a look at energy as goldman sachs calls for lower oil, oil at 45.53, energy names under some pressure and petroleum under 2.5% and energy also lower. we have a couple of movers here for you. shake shack, starting at -- the market perform at
11:46 am
42-dollar target be with up 52, fbi has been under pressure, down 4%. start your day every single day, all the breaking news you need. lauren simonetti and i 5:00 a.m. he every day ónóv (trader vo) i search.
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i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. stuart: how's this for sobering statistics? less than half of the u.s. mexico border is quote under operational control. that is unsecure. nearly one out of every five illegal immigrants caught
11:48 am
there has a criminal record and that is making my next guest job very difficult. welcome, please, arizona sheriff paul. all right, sheriff, i'm interested in this part of the border, which is not secure so to speak. looks to me like it's 1,000 miles of unsecured border. can you confirm that? is that accurate? >> yes. that's a big part. there's 2,000 miles of border that we share with mexico and literally 1,300 of those miles don't have any fence, don't have these barriers. and so shouldn't be surprised the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of illegals that are coming across, the cartels that are bringing their drugs -- not just marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin into our country. stuart: but we were told that president obama would secure the border. and we've heard this for -- [laughter] no, i know you're laughing but that's what we've gotten from dc. we are securing the border. >> yes. well, we've heard it
11:49 am
from a lot that the borders are more secure than ever and i'm here to tell you that this is an absolute lie and it's been done to lull the american people into this false sense of security that everything's fine so that they can get to, the design is to get to the 12 to 20 million illegals that are here and give help me some form of amnesty and that's what we're all against and what we want, all americans want, including this president is a secure border that truly not only respects our sovereignty as a nation but also protects us from the likely avenue of approach for terrorists who would use this unsecured border to attack and harm our country. stuart: now, sheriff, it is close to the border. do you have to deal with those illegals coming across who have a criminal record? now, if you catch one, arrest one for doing something wrong -- >> yes. stuart: -- in your county, are you allowed to hold them or do you have to turn them over who then releases them?
11:50 am
>> we do. this is a daily issue. it's not like once i once in a while. this goes on all the time. there's 83,000 to 123,000 just illegals every year that come through where i'm at and the tucson sector of arizona. more troubling, and it's -- a lot of people talking about the 12 to 20 million illegals who are here. let's talk about the 67,000, the smaller portion of criminal illegals who have committed serious violent crimes in our country who have been released. president obama has led the largest prison break in u.s. history releasing these criminals, all the sheriffs of my state, democrats and republicans came out unanimously two weeks ago pointing out how we had three criminals, one serious aggravated, numerous aggravated assaults, two murderers, not one of them hispanic. one's from sudan, one from iraq, one from russia that was released in my county. this guy stabbed a criminal
11:51 am
informant. stuart: i hear you, sheriff, and i'm flat out of time. >> and released this guy into my county. stuart: i'm very sorry, sheriff, but we do hear you. >> you got it. thanks, stuart. stuart: more varney after this every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ...and tkind of like you huffing sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: i want to repeat the breaking news we had earlier. developments exclusive from
11:55 am
fox news. the russian military buildup in syria is part of a secret deal with iran's regime. ashley, what are we talking about here? 1,000? >> 1,000 combatants, tanks, helicopters, we're talking about armed men, drones, according to the reports, we've had these large military transport ships arriving at the ports in syria on a daily basis, eight cargo planes in just last day. they're literally building some infrastructure in syria, part after i bigger deal to work with president assad's. stuart: what did she supporting assad. who is in support of iran. >> correct. the belief is that the iranians are concerned, they need syria as a buffer in lebanon and so that's why they're asking is guilty for the russian's help . stuart: and we have congress voting on the iran nuke deal or procedural vote therein. >> yeah. on the house side. so you've got enemies thumbing
11:56 am
their noses. you have most democrats standing up behind president obama's deal and the senate said we're not going to vote on this deal, we're going to filibuster evener a congressional vote, which i think is really shame consecutively also very unpopular with the american people but on the house side, the republicans have now pulled the previous bill, the disapproval bill and doing this three-step thing. instead they're going to vote against approving it, two different tracts in the house and the senate. not on the same page. stuart: a flat out deceit for the united states of america and the failure of president obama's foreign policy. maybe i'm too strong on this but that's the way i see it. and you? >> i think that's internationally definitely fair, and i think we're seeing a spotlight on washington d.c. this is a dysfunctional city. it's why so many people loath the ruling class and why donald trump's doing well. stuart: i think we're out of time. i wish we had more on this because this is one huge story. >> it is. stuart: we'll be back. more varney after this mouth with a level of clean
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stuart: look who we have on
11:59 am
"varney & company." pamela anderson. cheryl, take it away. >> yes. all right, pam anderson is with me right now and we have a couple of moments here. but, pam, you were here last year, the guys on the floor obviously love you. did you make some trades? did you make some money? >> i've been making a lot of trades and i love being surrounded by trades and money. >> let's talk about your charity. >> i have the pam anderson charity but here i'm supporting the support system for domestic violence and it isn't just between the man, woman, the family, it's about the whole family as a unit and great advice and great really good for kids as well. >> pam, you're here every year. you were here with us last year and you're really committed. >> i feel like i'm getting smarter. >> do you feel that you're getting to the point that you know what you're trading. >> no. but i'm -- you know, talking like they're talking. it's very exciting. very exciting. >> i think it's pretty much
12:00 pm
whatever you trade, you repeat. >> i'm seeing a lot of millions and bills get to speak a little bit of each language. >> pam anderson, global trader down at bgc partners, stuart, back to you. stuart: kneel cavuto is. and, neil, i was trying hard to get pamela to pitch to your show but i'm afraid we just ran out of time. >> you are shameless. even more than promoting queen elizabeth and then you had to end with pam anderson, but i'll get you on monday, varney. [laughter] >> all right. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. and speaking of things that sometimes might be politically incorrect, donald trump not taking sides here but is it me or every time he says something does he keep going up, up, up in the polls? this one shocked me, though. we're getting word right now that he is gaining right now with republican female voters. look at that. now, i don't know w


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