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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 14, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that's this morning. and let us know what you think about the global economy and go to our facebook page. stuart, have a fantastic show, my friend. stuart: thank you very much, indeed, maria. what, what, what is going on? look at the latest polls. if you're an an establishment politician, republican or democrat, you are in deep trouble. good morning, everyone. first off, hillary clinton waking up to some dismal polling numbers. bernie stande esanders has a hu in new hampshire and iowa. and a businessman and a neurosurgeon get host of the vote, and bush and rubio way, way behind. and a strong anti-union reform package, former front runner now is 30 points behind donald trump. to california, governor brown declaring a state of emergency, extraordinary scenes from the
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front lines. and football sunday kicked off, looked more like the triumph fantasy football. and drafts were everywhere. we're getting the more on the worsening migrant situation. hold on there, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ well, we're going to start in europe where the migrant crisis is growing, it's desperate. austria now sending troops, that is the military, to its border with hungary, keep them out. germany, they also deployed troops, troops, stricter border controls are now in place in austria, germany and hungary. german officials say up to a million refugees could turn up there before the new year. they say the humanitarian effort must be shared throughout europe. there is absolutely no
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agreement on that at this point. chaos over there, well, could that affect the stability of the stock market here? not at this point. we're down just 18 points on a 16,400 index as we kick off this monday morning in the trading session. so, i'm going to tentatively suggest this monday morning we're offering you just a little stability ahead of the fed meeting later this week. come on in, keith fitz-gerald in seattle, who says, market stability will not last if what's happening in europe and china and slowdown continues. make your case, keith fitz? >> the humanitarian situation as you rightly pointed out is very, very serious. that's going to have an economic consequence. the fed, will they, won't they? i don't know might as well ask if the oakland raiders are going to disband, past its prime much like the fed and i think we could see some volatility here, stuart. stuart: i take it you're with
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the concensus we're not going to raise rates this week? are you in that camp? >> i think that the fed is just dumb enough to try it. i think they'll be responsible to do so, but that doesn't change the fact that they've ignored data and reality so long that they're going to go ahead and do it because the models don't reflect what's happening in the middle class which is getting eviscerated. stuart: i want to wrap it, you're appearing later on the program. you think that we may be stable on a monday morning 20 minutes before we kick off the trading session, but you don't think that's going to last for a period of weeks or months, you don't think that, do you? for the first time in long time, stuart, no i do not. i think it's going to be rocky sledding for a couple of weeks. stuart: okay, keith, come back in a few minutes' time. thank you very much. clearly there's an anti-establishment feeling on both sides of the aisle. >> bernie sanders, 52% in new hampshire, hillary clinton, 30%. what? look at the latest iowa poll,
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sanders leads by ten points, 43-33. and if i were hillary clinton waking up this morning, i would look at those numbers and i would-- i'd know i was in deep, deep trouble. do you agree with na that? >> how could she not be. she's showing she's seriously she's lacking in judgment. this is a person not unlike the current occupant of the white house that puts themselves above the presidency. stuart: is that it, the e-mails and the response to it, the name, is that part of it. >> i think the e-mails pushed us over the edge. are we going to become a dynasty and recycling the same families? >> a good question. if the next election is clinton versus bush, you could argue that there is something wrong with america's political system, i would argue that. >> absolutely. well, i think part of it, the americans are so frustrated, we keep electing people and keep
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saying if you put me in power i'll solve the problems. give me this and give them this and that and put them in power and nothing changes. nicely done. move onto the republicans, trump and carson they're both way ahead of the pack. donald dumb r trump 33% and ben carson 20. two very much nonestablishment types take more than half the vote when you add it up. way ahead of the pack. bush 8, cruz and rubio 7 apiece and kasich down there at 3. i didn't see scott walker there as a matter of fact. and trump takes direct aim at carson, roll that tape, please. >> i'm a deal maker, i'll make great deals for this country. ben can't do that. ben is a doctor and he's not a deal maker and i'll make great deals for our country which is important and i see yesterday in iowa the place was going wild, we had records crowds and they want confidence, they want deal making, they want to take back our jobs from china and
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japan and mexico. stuart: i don't think so that ben carson took the bait. here is how he responded. he doesn't attack trump. roll tape. >> i recognize i have plenty of energy, you know, operating on people, 10, 12, sometimes greater than 20 hours at a time, making critical decisions after many hours of intense work unexpected-- you don't have to be loud to be energetic. stuart: probably referring to the interviewer or-- trump has called him-- accused him of being low energy and walking through his candidacy and that's his response. and i've done surgery up to 20 hours and i've go the energy for the most important things, so interesting. stuart: it seems like the anti-establishment feeling is stronger on the republican side than it is on the democrat side? >> the republican party has made it very complicated over the past couple of elections where it's very difficult to say what is the republican
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party, what do they stand for? there is so much division in the party itself. i am a republican, what does it mean? where do you stand on the issue? it depends on the candidate. stuart: at the moment it looks like trump is the candidate. >> it does, which is concerning to me. while i think he's fantastic in the public eye, i love how he calls the politicians on the things that they're saying, we need that desperately, but i don't see him as somebody who would be a fantastic leader who brings the nation tonight and would be a good representative for us abroad. stuart: i've got a feeling that republicans will gang up on trump and-- >> they'll have to do something, especially jeb bush who needs to fire up his campaign. stuart: he's almost 20 points behind. >> well, trump has done a great job of tapping into america's frustration and focusing that on the other guys, they're bad. stuart: non-pc sells really well, doesn't it? [laughter] it just does. thanks very much indeed. we appreciate you being here.
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all right, now, this is a serious thing, look at these wildfires claiming hundreds of homes in california. thousands are literally running for their lives. ashley, bring me up-to-date. charles: last, 25% contained. this is about 20 miles north of the famous napa valley shall the wine growing region, and this fire just record in and people were lucky to get out with their lives. there has been one confirmed fatality they're not sure how that occurred, but this, because of four years of drought, this, the land there is just tinder dry. they had 30 miles per hour winds and that's all it takes. get a spark, boom. and there's another fire just about 80 miles southeast of there destroyed 80 homes. a state of emergency has been declared by governor brown. stuart: a state of emergency. thank you. facebook trying to develop a new app, that would, i am told, change the way we use our phones.
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i'm not sure about that. lauren? >> it could be cool if you want to watch video on your phone. facebook is working on an app that would allow 360 video views and different perspectives that you can get just by tilting your phone. facebook has proven it's interested in virtual reality through its purchase of ocular cr and have a new headset coming out. an amazing finds by a hiker in arizona an old at&t phone that tracked a gopro and lost from space. it's cool, it went 18 miles into the car from the blackness of space and looking at it. >> was it a gopro camera that captured the video? >> yeah, but the phone had the whereabouts of the camera. when a hiker found the at&t phone, brought it into the store, they were able to low
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tate the gopro. stuart: i interrupted you. please go. >> "star wars" lights up the sky next month when japan's al nippon airways launches a dreamliner painted like r2-d2, i'm not making this up. two more disney planes next year and "star wars" images on the napkins, the cups, headrests, all "star wars" all the time from here through december 18th and then on. stuart: forever, i'm rolling my eyes, i don't believe they'll sell $6 billion worth of "star wars" merchandise, i don't believe it. maybe they will. >> i do, stuart. stuart: all right. if you want more of this, tune in at 5:00 in the morning, please, lauren and nicole will take you through fbn a.m., start early. coming up, scott walker getting tough on unions. he'll be tough on the national labor relations board.
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and donald trump hitting out and executive pay saying that ceo's of making more money than they deserve. >> it's disgraceful. i would say it's less than 10% and these guys making these enormous amounts of money. it's a totals and complete joke. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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mmm hmm.i know the markets have taken a hit lately. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. >> the cowboys beat the giants. no, no, first the dow jones industrials average-- wait for it sports fans. the dow jones industrial average will open virtually flat. down 20 odd points at 16-4. okay the cowboys beat the giants in dramatic fashion. tony romo threw a touchdown pass with seconds left. go to tennis, novac djokovic beat roger federer, and he won.
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i think the crowd favorite was federer, but djokovic won. and that's sports. here ends my coverage of sports. scott walker calling for an end to federal employee unions and the national labor relations board, roll tape, please. >> we're going to tell the american people what we're going to do when it comes to taking on the big government union bosses, what we're going to do to take power out of the hands of the big government union bosses and put it firmly into the hands of the hard working people of this country. simple things like day one, stop the government from taking paychecks from employees from political union dues, i don't think any worker in this country should be required to put money into a political fund that doesn't support candidates that they don't support. >> steve moore is with us coming to us from washington. you heard the scott walker plan, basically get rid of
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unions in the federal work force or cut them down to size. it's a long list of strong moves against the unions. can he do that by executive order? >> well, the president by executive order, so i think some of this could be done. by the way, the agenda that he laid out there, stuart, is very similar to what he did in wisconsin which has made him a national hero among conservatives and taxpayers around the country. so you could do a lot of that and by the way reining in the national labor relations board is a great idea. nlrb tried to keep boeing from leaving washington and going to north carolina and shutting down franchise system for stores like mcdonald's and burger king and others in the country and way overstepped its boundary. the last thing that he mentioned that i find attractive as a conservative is paycheck protection, that a union should not take money out
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of a union member's paycheck without their consent and that's happening all over the country and with these employee unions. stuart: will that message break through? i ask because-- let me tell you something about donald trump. he hogs the publicity. he called ceo pay a disgrace. those are his words, ceo pay is a disgrace, some of them get a lot more than they should get. that message will be all over the place this morning and scott walker's message on the union might be buried. what say you? >> that might be the story, you have 300 reporters following donald trump and one or two following everyone else. i'm going to say something that may surprise you, stuart. i actually agree with donald trump on ceo pay. i think this incestuous relationship between many times the board of directors and
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ceo's is unhealthy for the capitalistic system. it's a ripoff for the shareholders in these companies. i have no problem paying ceo's whose companies are performing well, i don't have a problem paying them tens of millions of dollars. i have a problem paying ceo's tens of millions when the companies is failing. they exist to try to maximize shareholder value and these ceo's are not doing this. stuart: and i think that trump will get a lot of publicity about the inequality side of the argument not reigning in crony capitalism. >> that's not the point here. let me be very clear about this, stuart. i'm not saying that the government should come in and regulate ceo pay. i'm totally against that just like i don't want the government to regulate anybody's benefits and pay, but i will say this, i think there's a real problem with shareholders not being adequately represented. stuart: fair points. >> in terms of these, what
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ceo's pay. i'm having dinner tonight-- good ceo's pay them. bad ceo's throw them out on the street. stuart: that's a one liner that would sell politically, well done, you've just written the campaign for scott walker. >> you got it. stuart: thank you very much, sir. coming up the miss america pageant gets political. contestants taking on donald trump to black lives matter and guns, too, more va varney is a moment. >> i think that donald trump is an entertainer, but i think that the republican party should be terrified of all the attention that he's taking from jeb bush and chris christie. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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>> the 95th annual miss america pageant was held last night and betty cantrell representing georgia was crowned. there you go, the lady on the left of your screen. the event this year seemed politically charged. listen to some of the questions that the contestants were asked. >> if we teach people the proper way to use guns then we will reduce the risk of having gun related-- gun related accidents. it starts with education. >> i believe that black lives matter, all lives matter, it shouldn't matter what we base our labels on, everybody matters and i think that we can
9:24 am
stop all the violence with police brutal with body cameras and making sure all of our policemen are trained and ready to go into the field. every life matters. >> there you go. stuart: what do you think of that, sandra. sandra: they are political statements, what are you going to ask about? >> usually world peace, what's wrong with that. sandra: is that not political. >> a controversial topic. sandra: it's always been political and always been about watching the girls and if they get absolutely stumped with a question, right. did you see the question about tom brady. >> no, i didn't. sandra: clearly there was some uninformed contestants about what's going on with tom brady and deflated footballs. stuart: are you on brady's side. sandra: absolutely not, i'm a chicago bears fan. and so many tom brady apologis apologists. stuart: was it political? >> i think it's how frustrated
9:25 am
everyone is with the current political process and politicized. and desperate for insights even at the miss america pageant. stuart: i think we're looking for somebody to politically incorrect. sandra: so mean. stuart: i'm not mean. i'm being honest. we're moments away from the opening bell, ladies and gentlemen, on this monday morning and dow futures are planting to an opening. and looks like the iphone finds more demand in china and the new model sold out, how about that? more varney after this.
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>> the agenda that you breakout there is very similar to what he did in wisconsin, which has made him a national hero among conservatives and taxpayers so you could do a lot of that. reagan and the national labor relations, ford is a great idea. steve moore appeared governor scott walker of wisconsin. the opening bell is about to rain. 25 seconds away expecting a dead flat open this monday morning.
9:30 am
the past three weeks we've had ups and downs. most of the training sessions. today is an interesting week. stuart: three seconds to go off and running. the dow is dead flat. that is my confident prediction. again of 11 points is flat. >> stuart, it is sharply unchanged. stuart: a lot of our viewers want to see sharply unchanged. if they have to with a 500-point rally. pretty good for this time. ashley webster, senator smith, but nor walk-ins, of them together. get the buzzer ready. we are going talk about the fed. earlier you said the federal reserve is enough to raise rates this month. a sticking to that?
9:31 am
>> absolutely. they missed the recovery and no idea what's going on. they don't understand how real money words yet if they did they wouldn't be thinking about this right now. the middle classes start really. stuart: scott shellady, what are you saying? the fed is near and dear to your heart. >> i've been doing it for 28 years. last i remember we would raise interest rates to cool off an overheating economy. it's not happening. i agree we may have missed the boat. they should've done it when we had a gdp forecast of 3.9 or 4%. i think right now if they do it that will make the market only to stay relevant. they are doing it for policy and that's the danger. stuart: keith ann scott, there is a concern in fact the fed will not raise rates. are you with that consensus keith ann scott?
9:32 am
>> i think they are actually going to try it. it is stupid. i think they will actually try it. stuart: i will move on to oil because last week we had the work of goldman's talks and a $20 a barrel range. are you still put in your bed that goldman sachs is right that oil will take a big tumble? >> again is going to 35 or 32. if goldman sachs wants to get to 20 common they get their short trade. 35, 32 and 20 is a little ridiculous. 50% decrease. i don't think they'll happen again. stuart: you'll get a stock market selloff to market selloff to forget to 32 for oil. a move to individual stocks. first off, alan baba. and said that the variance research was flawed.
9:33 am
it is professionalism and fair play. where do you say about alibaba? >> i've got to tell you, the barron's article is incorrect. i've spent a lot of time in the chinese consumer is her graciousness that a deal can contemplate. it's a false 50% of time to backup and try. i hope they get the chance. stuart: do you own alibaba? i can remember. >> personally know, family gas. stuart: i want to look at apple. an article sent the stock may rise 50% because of the iphone. it is up to box this morning i was 16. keith, you've always that apple could hit 202 years. that's a near doubling from where it is now. i'm sticking with that? >> there is no question here.
9:34 am
the recognition of form factor. consumers don't yet understand they have. apple is working on the watch in the tv come a way to transmit information. that's the real value and i don't think the market recognizes that. stuart: are what you bring in our other panelists and that some information here. early reports on apple that the iphone six fastest selling out in china. >> the first week in a sales, it is on track to be the 10 million pre-ordered over the first weekend last year when they debuted a new iphone. this is looking like a strong out of the great. stuart: manassas to be too keen on foreign companies. here we are a terrific first weekend. >> investors applauded a four-week high right now. is there any suggestion all this demand will slow down delivery
9:35 am
times? ashley: not yet, but it makes you wonder. >> some analysts say it could take four weeks for an order for an iphone. >> it sounds like that will further -- >> apple is always amazing of building the hype. this is mere speculation on the price of the stock. stuart: we have been open for five minutes this monday morning. down 18 points for the dow, virtually nothing. check out the big stocks we cover regularly. netflix is 96 down just a little. how about amazon? well about 500. wal-mart up and down all over the place recently. 64 today done 44 today don't forget that four today don't forget that since been taken since been taking for decades recently done done a little bit more this morning. how about "star wars" dropped
9:36 am
below 100. back to 104 with a gain of 19 cents. not much movement there. dare i say stability. ashley: you can say it. stuart: no call, tell us about fiat chrysler. >> we are focusing on apple iphone said what the fed will do this week. an auto industry there's a huge topic and that is the labor contract to do on monday night. they've been working closely with the head of fiat chrysler and he is leaving day since july and now getting down to the wire. all three stocks, fiat, gm and ford have all been to the downside over the last three months or so. i'll be talking about everything from carrots wages and sharing the wealth during good times talking about larger profit sharing as well. this'll be front and center and if they can't come to terms you can see strengths of the worker
9:37 am
union as well. this'll be front and center in the auto world. stuart: thanks, nicole. joyner: the whole gang at 5:00 in the morning. 5:00 a.m. >> it is a great show that gets you ready for your day. we need information fast, is a spectacular hour. stuart: it is a great show. facebook wants to bring virtual reality to your phone. you have to explain this one. i think it is likely wearing a crash helmet. >> you can see all around you. ashley: you can't, but they will devise a way to a video posted to facebook will be in that format. if you can hook that into the device on the screen, you can view the videos do you watch on your facebook right now and see
9:38 am
them in the format which has multiple cameras like you're in the middle of it. mark berg says ultimately see his face that he will be able to be in the middle of a live concert, live sporting event. how cool is that? >> if i'm walking around the streets of manhattan with a hamadan -- ashley: you wouldn't do that. stuart: who said you might? the producer who's not on camera. i want to look it under armour. i saw a lot of their ads during the u.s. open tennis final yesterday. i thought they were groundbreaking ads, really good advertisements. the stock is down a fraction this morning. did anybody else watch and see these commercials? keith, scott, anybody? you were watching football, weren't you? >> exactly ray.
9:39 am
they've done a fantastic job that they are a diverse but apparently to appeal to a lot of people and create the image of under armour. stuart: it was good stuff. you are watching tennis with me. ashley: are you going to run out and buy under armour clothing? stuart: there is a lot of money and sports clothing. under armour is mounting a significant challenge. >> they are leading the charge on the lifestyle brand of a more athletic life. >> thank you indeed. i'm been put down here. stick around for the hour, please. the first sunday of the nfl dominated by injuries and ads all over the place for fantasy sites. fan deals. come back again.
9:40 am
did either of you play fantasy football are belong to his fantasy team? or elite? >> you know what, i do not. i miss that though, too. i miss bottled water be more expensive than gasoline. when it came to fantasy sports i didn't want to watch it or play it. i don't play any fantasy sports at all with the welfare. >> are you asking only then because they are men? we are sitting right next to you. >> i have to confess you have no business doing fantasy football given that my teams are the chargers come at the niners in the saints. i've had a rough time. last night train to do not put my astonished face on camera.
9:41 am
>> i have in years past. ashley: i used to, but is so time-consuming. >> the amount of time it takes to really play. it's unbelievable how often people must be play network. ashley: it really makes you think. stuart: you could watch football without seeing the commercials. i will move on to an issue as opposed to the market or oil. donald trump called ceo pay a disgrace. roll tape. >> they put in their friends as the head of the company and they get whatever they want because the friends of sitting on the board. that is the system we have and it's a shame and disgrace will and sometimes the board's rules less than 10%. you see these guys making enormous amount of money is a total and complete joke.
9:42 am
stuart: he is a republican insane now. >> not at all surprised. stan o'neal brought merrill lynch to its knees and he walks away with hundreds of millions of dollars. clearly something is wrong. the fact we call this crony capitalism has nothing to do with capitalism. it is more the cronyism. they are completely dropping the ball. stuart: i don't think donald trump was referring to income inequality. he was about crony capitalism. what do you say, keith? >> i think he is going to dumping people wonder about for a long time just how great it actually is. there is no borders ceos and that's what he's highlighting which is ironic given the billionaire status he has. he's made his money differently and that's why he's legitimately taking a stab. stuart: scott, come on in. could you vote for trump?
9:43 am
>> i could go for the idea. he's not part of the establishment, but i would be lying if i said there's a lot of things about him i do like because he's not one of the mainstream guys. so i could go for the idea of him. i'm not sure if i could vote for him. stuart: everybody, thank you. great coverage this morning on what is basically stability. big mistake a american airline pilots and passengers on the wrong plane to hawaii. the iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khamenei fontaine with iranian soldiers with the u.s. flag draped coffin. join us at the top of the hour. more "varney & company" in the moment.
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trained to check us out. a volcano in southern japan iraq
9:47 am
and sent a plume of smoke more than a mile high. the area has been evacuated. there is a nuclear power plant located less than 100 miles away. check the big word. 16 minutes into the session down a bit. 79-point. 63. 27 of the dow 30 stocks are in the red. they are down three of them. apple, merck and verizon slightly higher. we keep a close eye on go pro up a buck today with a big, big loss in recent weeks. it is up 33, 4%. different story of yahoo!, one of the biggest losers in the s&p 500 because of alibaba. and negative review in barron's and yahoo! a stake in alibaba. facebook may be bringing a new app to your phone. the company trying to develop an app that would allow virtual reality come essentially enable users to watch 360-degree videos
9:48 am
using their phones as the input. who's going to explain. before you launch. you've got one of those gizmos with you. >> simply some youtube video. stuart: that is 3-d video. i can see that. now if i could plug that into my oculus braked headset, that would appear all around me. spherical video. >> up is demanding action. about to be inside the video so when you turn this way you see with the camera with you that way. when you turn the other way, you see the handsome stuart varney. stuart: flattery. if i have one of these apps on my smartphone, i could punch the app in the video could come into my oculus risk. >> various sources all over the
9:49 am
place. high computing power necessary to create robust images. it will go from there. looking at the first quarter of next year. oculus acquired previously by facebook. he sees this as their future. he sees there were $2 billion just to see if it works in the realm of facebook. >> we've got some video of the arizona cardinals football team at practice and they have one of their guys using one of these headsets. there he is. that is during practice session. >> that allows the player to get inside the game. maybe an rail action you did not see. talk about going back and reviewing the game and getting tips. this lets you see things. >> i say it is huge for the future. >> and medicine.
9:50 am
imagine being able to process -- >> imagine being a physician. you can be anywhere in the world entry people in other parts of the world. all that is required is the physician has to have that. >> it makes the world smaller and smaller. stuart: that is by facebook paid over $2 trillion. over $2 billion. >> it will come out with the video that will do spherical data. you'll see all kinds of competitors now that facebook has made the move here you'll see all kinds of competition. stuart: we've got some video. go pro got a hold of the camera. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, a plot against pope princess -- pope francisca thwarted just before he arrives in america. more in a minute. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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9:55 am
pacific. it allowed it to continue. fly over the pacific in planes and special equipment to cope with a very long journey. ashley: you need a bigger plane. stuart: you always worry so much. the pope arrives in new york a week from thursday. the u.s. may have disrupted a threat before his visit. what you have on this, ashley? ashley: commerce and michael maccoll chairman of the house homeland security says there's a lot of concern obviously about the visit and the security because this pope was to get out among the people which is a security nightmare. he told reporters with guarded disrupted one alleged plot, but their suspicion he's talking about the guy in florida planning the 9/11 attack on a
9:56 am
memorial at kansas city. when questioned more he said i can't get into it. it's unclear to weather the plot guarded it against the papal visit. security is going to be off the chart. they were already saying they will shut down a lot of the major highways for long periods of time because it will be in the city for three days. stuart: i'm told i'll give more protection than the president of the united states on some occasions. ashley: he wants to be out among the crowd so it's a nightmare for the security personnel. >> at nightmare for the u.s. if we don't protect him well. stuart: and he is a target. just show me the market again. let's get everybody up to speed. a half-hour into the trading session. it's monday morning. we've had three extremely volatile weeks. this money would open up with a loss of 80 points in the first half-hour of business. sharply down a wee bit. you'll get a job on the show.
9:57 am
i have trouble describing the movement. is that they or stability? ashley: everything we've seen, stability is a good word. stuart: they didn't does do, but she's right. coming up next, russia will continue to provide military support to syria big-time. general jack keane says putin will do everything he can to keep his hold in the middle east and focus in the eye. he will be here to make his case. foot off to the first weekend of the season of fantasy sports i've got to say they are changing the way the media covers the game. how's the colle? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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9:59 am
stuart: hour two. top stories. here we go. russia mcdonald's a big push into syria militarily they're going to continue sending troops to the government.
10:00 am
general jack keane coming up. and more big trouble for hillary clinton. bernie sanders with a did you believe digit lead in two key states. sanders leads by more than 20 points in new hampshire. that's a huge shift against establishment politicians. same with the republicans too. the nfl kicked off the new season this weekend. the real winner, in my opinion, fantasy football. sites like draft kings and fan dual spending millions on advertising. they're changing the way is covered. hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ . stuart: right. 10:00 eastern time and we're a half hour into the session we are down 85 points this monday morning. we were down nearly 100. 80 as of right now. a couple of minutes we'll bring you someone who says we will see a drop of another 1,000 points in the dow in the next two months.
10:01 am
can't wait for that. alibaba negative report in barons. barons says it's going to drop 50%. the market's taking notice. it's down $2, that will be 3.5%. that has brought yahoo down because yahoo has a big stake in alibaba and yahoo is down 30. 3.5%. and apple another barons story, they like it, apple is going to go up another 50%. and right now it's up 1.5% at 115. we -- let me see now. we've got oil at $44 a barrel. barrel holding 44. goldman sachs still saying it's going to go down to the $20 range. and gas prices i bring you further good news. 2.33 is your national average. i paid $1.85 in new jersey. the great state of new jersey. >> i bet you were -- >> i was happy. i did a round trip that
10:02 am
normally cost me 65, it now cost me 30. and california. massive wildfires have already destroyed hundreds of homes and thousands have been evacuated. and middletown, california. the latest, please, claudia. >> well, good morning, stuart. you know, the valley fire over took several communities north of napa but middletown where we are this morning got the worst of it and block after block is just the charred wreckage of burned down homes like this one as you can see where we are this morning what was the garage, continues to smolder over here there is nothing left of what was once somebody's home. more than 400 homes and businesses were destroyed when the valley fair just roared through saturday night. and you can take a look at this video, one vaccie took it as he fled, hopes and trees on either side of the road just burned down around him. flames as high as 50 feet
10:03 am
consumed 40,000 acres in just 12 hours, the valley fire now 61,000 acres big with 5% came the and fire officials say one person has died. the details of that fatality have not been released. as many as 10,000 people evacuated, many of them getting food and assistants in the unhappy county fairgrounds, a well-known wine and tourist ground now hosting their neighbors in this time of need because many lost everything. but when they are able to come back here in a couple of days, some like these owners will find their home down on the main drag, the grocery store, the gas station, the elementary and high schools. those cornerstones of the community are still standing and, stuart, that will help when these people move on to rebuild. and in the meantime more than 1,000 firefighters are hoping to gain more came the here on the valley fire today. calmer winds and cooler temperatures will likely help. back to you. stuart: claudia in california, thank you very much. now this. russia vowing military support
10:04 am
for syria, sending troops and supplies to that country. general jack keane is with us. general, what is russia up to? strategically? >> well, strategically is the right word to use besides is one of the major strategic relationships. syria represents them their foot hold in the middle east. this goes back to the soviet union, 60 years, 1955 when this began in earnest. so this means a lot to them. what's happening is the rebels are slowing incrementally making gains on the regime and the regime is losing some support among its political base. i think it may have took them -- and rang the alarm bell on his last visit, jennifer griffin is reporting such and i think she's very accurate in doing so given her sources russian intelligence. so that's what this is about. this is very important to russia, making certain that
10:05 am
assad stayed stays in power. stuart: now, russia is aligned with syria, and they in turn are aligned with iran. am i correct in saying that at that? it seems like you've got a triangle here. russia, syria, iran, they're increasing their power militarily and politically and economically as we retreat. again, is that strategically what's going on? >> yes. very much so. both of those countries have common interest with syria. also that the united states has been disengaging from the middlese, every ally we have in the middle east is frustrated with us because of that and russia is beginning to move in that direction and here's the evidence of it. the kingdom of saudi arabia, kuwait are all buying significant amounts of military equipment from russia for the first time in any consequence and 15 billion,
10:06 am
7 billion and 5 billion is what is being purchased. usually they buy from the u.s. or from europe. stuart: iran's supreme leader. he literally tweeted a video, which taunts america. it features images of iranian soldiers carrying u.s. flagged draped cough in. general, we just made a deal with the iranians. what is going on with this kind of material? >> well, there's nothing new here, stuart, in a sense that this kind of rhetoric has been coming out of this regime since 1980 and this is the second supreme leader who aspouses it. they do it a little bit more technologically proven, and they make high-tech videos as well. and this is actually -- to make certain that everybody understands particularly the people on the far right inside of iran, that has changed and
10:07 am
they gobbled up a lot of territory, lebanon likely iraq, certainly moving on yemen as we speak. continuing proxy wars and proxy terrorism and they're going to deal with the usa. that's what this message is. the united states is not going to have their way with them died and this nuclear deal. stuart: i just want to briefly touch on the migrant crisis in europe, that migrant flow is going to continue. i say it destabilizes europe. am i going too far? >> it's going to have significant impact. it may not destabilize them but it's going to begin to overwhelm them for sure. because given what they're doing open arms and you can understand the humanitarian aspect of this. it will cause significant problems and some of these countries, they just cannot handle this migration economically or socially and certainly not politically. they just don't have the
10:08 am
capability. stuart: thank you very much, sir. important day deed. >> good talking to you, stuart,. stuart: a little bit more for you on the crisis. germany says a million refugees could turn up by the end of the year. that's a million in germany. some european countries are putting their troops on the border. ashley, the latest on this one. >> yeah. germany saying this is getting out of control, they put some passport control over the weekend, austria responded by putting troops on their border and they will start arresting those refugees that cross their border and also a battle going on between germany, france, ask eastern europe. the eastern european countries are saying we're not set up to take a mass influx of refugees. we can't afford it and we're not going to do it. they're meeting later on today and there's going to be an announcement of what's going to go on. who's going to take one under some quota system. but it's clear it's over run
10:09 am
everybody. >> chair michael mccall they say they took very seriously isis threat that they will hide isis-related refugees in those groups. there's concern about that. stuart: i'm sure there is. we're about 40 minutes into the trading session. check this out, please, we're down 50 odd points on the dow jones industrial. fairly stable this monday morning. and with circle square alternative investments. and this is the guy who told you about him earlier, this is the guy thanks that the dow will fall 1,000 to 1,200 points in the next 60 days. you are saying that, aren't you. >> yeah. stuart: i'm not putting words in your mouth, are you? >> we're at a point where we have been at this ignorance is bliss and all the reality is starting to hit the surface that china's recovery -- china's market has been essentially a disaster in the making that now we're beginning to see that the fed has run out of opportunities
10:10 am
to rescue this market. it's the law of diminishing returns. now we're going to begin to see what the affect is going to be as we return to normal, which is going to be chaos in the market. stuart: so a lot of people walk up to me and say are we going to see a rash. and what they mean by a crash is 2-3,000 points in one day. what you're talking about is a correction. >> yes. stuart: where the market comes down and stays down. >> right. stuart: maybe drops down another leg. that's your scenario. >> right. i mean here's what i see. there's still an awful lot of liquidity and there's an awful lot of leverage. there could be a crash if the leverage continues to accelerate, which is why ultimately the fed needs to start raising interest rates because we need to -- we need to get back to normal because the longer this goes on, greater the vulnerability. stuart: where do you put your money? i assume you advise people. gold? what do you do? >> well, i think at this point what investors have to realize is that we've been up 70% since 2010. that it it does come a point
10:11 am
where the risk is not -- where the reward is not worth the risk. i think investors who have participated should start to look at the fact that cash sometimes is the best place to be. stuart: reading between the lines. sell a little. >> sell a little. i mean don't -- recalls that there will be a price to pay and a lot of this -- this is traders paradise. i mean if you're a professional trader and you're trading this volatility, you're in heaven. stuart: our viewers are not. our viewers are people who sit and hold for a long time. >> right. stuart: thank you. >> appreciate it. stuart: and wisconsin's governor, that will be scott walker making headlines for a big new proposal, lauren simonetti, in case you've got it. >> scott walker this morning calling for sweeping restrictions on organized labor. among walker's proposals to eliminate unions and make all work places right to work unless the state votes
10:12 am
otherwise. basically making the nation what he did to his state. a major mistake by american airlines. they put the wrong plane on a flight from los angeles to hawaii last month. literally. the aircraft going to hawaii to have extra fire and medical equipment on board because there are no suitable landing areas over the water. well, american realized the mistake mid-flight and made the flight anyway and did do so successfully. and leaving your bed unmade gets rid of dust mites. they thrive in warm areas so if it is undone, it can air out. the good housekeeping institute does not think it will make a huge difference in the good. >> but it could help. >> it could help. >> that was a sexist statement. what do you mean tell your wife? is your wife the one that maybe so the bed? >> you're right, stuart.
10:13 am
i'm just thinking with my parents it was always my mother. stuart: yeah, it goes without saying the husband is always the slob; isn't that right, liz? if you want more of this, you can have it, 5:00 every morning. lauren ask -- [laughter] . stuart: great show. good promo. coming up next -- get me out of this -- new poll numbers, they're out today. the antiestablishment candidates are taking big leads. we have the numbers for you. and new ads at chipotle. blasting that company for not living up to its health claims. now the humane society is getting into the fight. we'll tell you what they're saying about the center for consumer freedom and their spokesperson rick berman in a moment. stuart: rick, you have the title of being one of the nastiest attack dogs on the plant and released on you chipotle, did they not. >> i'm going to disagree with you on the characters. stuart: i thought you might
10:14 am
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stuart: now, where is chipotle stock this morning? down a fraction at 7 -- i'm going to call that flat. unchanged. look at this. this is a new antichipotle ad. wed we told you about it last week. it mocks chipotle's claim of serving healthy food. well, the attack itself and the guy who made that attack ad is being attacked himself on the ground of conflict of interest. let me see if i've got this. hold on. okay. rick berman is the guy who made the antichipotle ad. >> right. stuart: now, the humane society is going after rick berman saying, hey, heir nasty attack dog, you're always in favor of what? country farms. >> right. the humane society is saying rick is doing a smear campaign, wild discredited. they're alleging that rick berman's group gets money from factory farmers and factory farmers don't like antibiotic
10:18 am
meat or cage free animals. and the humane society is saying, hey, chipotle is doing the right thing it's about animal cruelty and rick berman is getting back to us saying, well, the humane society is wrong. stuart: i just think the expression factory farm is -- >> it is. stuart: and all forms of animal farming is factory farming. >> well, the irony is that chipotle -- the humane society is doing the right thing by being more focused on animal cruelty, as are mcdonald's and other restaurant groups that happened to allegedly a finance rick berman's group. so he may be in a corner right now. stuart: could be. all right. look at these polls, please. what a bombshell. bernie sanders 52% new hampshire, hillary clinton 30%. she is 22 points behind in new hampshire. the latest iowa poll. sanders now leads by 10 points. 43 to 33. let's bring in amy holmes.
10:19 am
amy, this looks to me like the hillary clinton campaign is collapsing. and that's a very strong word to use. but i'm going to use it anyway because those numbers are just terrible. >> well, she's certainly in a downward spiral there. there's no question about that and remember, stuart, that she won new hampshire in 2008. you remember she was crying about how hard she works for america, well, it paid off at the polls but now we see bernie sanders so far ahead and when you look at her polling more generally over the democratic party and who they would pick for number one, while she comes in at the top spot. when you add the people voting for bernie sanders, joe biden, who see has even jumped in the race, that number combined the i'm not voting for hillary number is 45% ahead of the people who would vote for her stuart: can we just stick for the democrats for a second. do you think the rise of bernie sanders in particular is the rise of the nonestablishment politician?
10:20 am
the guy who is really different from the establishment politicians? >> i think there is a lot of fueling that the nonestablishment vote on both sides of the aisle and we'll get to republicans in a second. but also for hillary clinton that you remember a poll that just recently came out asking voters what is the word they would use to describe hillary and it was the word liar. stuart: yeah. >> hillary clinton has been running against herself and losing. stuart: look at the republicans for a second. i've got their latest polls up there. trump and carson pull ahead of the pack. way ahead of the pack. donald trump 33%, ben carson 20%. and look at the rest of them, bush, cruz and rub i don't 7, rand paul 5 and kasich and huckabee at 3. if you add up trump and carson, they've got 53% of the vote. and neither of them are politicians. it's more of this antiestablishment stuff, isn't it? >> it certainly looks like it,
10:21 am
and it's extraordinary. would you have ever guessed even six months ago that we would be looking at numbers like this with donald trump and ben carson? and two men who, by the way, are very different from one another. but what they do have in common of course is that outsider status and that they both talk like real power. now, in trump's case, i would say sometimes a little bit too much, you know, shooting from the hip. but they don't talk like politicians who are careful saying every word. stuart: thank you very much, katie holmes. all right. dow is down 52 points, dare i say stability? yeah, i'll say it. stability. more varney next sure, tv has evolved over the years.
10:22 am
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it's gotten squarer. brighter.
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bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. stuart: all right. now we're down just 44 points.
10:25 am
we had been down close on 100. 44.42 at a moment at 16.3. and look at royal caribbean, the cruise line, that is a new high. coming up next. the mainstream media strikes again. "the new york times" cheerleads president obama's iran deal doesn't even mention september 11th on the front page of last friday. the september the 11th edition. didn't even mention it. brent on that in just a moment. and scott walker has a new plan to take on the unions. he says he's going to deunionize the federal workforce . stuart: how it's my turn to talk to you a little bit about football. let's start with that. shall we? i realize that fantasy football has been around for a long time. i didn't realize how it is taken over. i was watching the first sunday game yesterday, i could easily tell the difference from last year. right from the get-go, right from the start, draft kings and fan dual were running ads, which were repeated
10:26 am
constantly. you couldn't miss them. on sunday morning, the nfl network and espn were both running shows geared directly to fantasy leagues. join the games, stats appeared that only a fantasy guy could love. fox has a partnership with draft kings and don't forget the red zone, a must see in the fantasy business and, oh, what a business it is. ad spending by draft kings and fan dual loan runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars. let's think about it. these guys are internet based, so they have a global market. can you imagine how much business there is out there for fantasy soccer, for example? fantasy critic is coming soon to draft kings. another way the internet disrupts established businesses. what the draft kings and fan duals of this world have done is to open up legalized sports gambling to a global audience. i don't know if fantasy leagues change the game itself. i don't think they do.
10:27 am
but i can tell they have changed the media coverage. they have brought more money into football and with the gambling hook, they brought a lot of otherwise disinterested people into the sport. i'm waiting for one of these companies to let investors in by selling shares to the public doing an ipo. after what i saw yesterday, i have to believe that fantasy sport is for now a gold mine at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
10:28 am
it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: pretty stable classic judas 60 points. donald trump bring an immediate research centers. welcome back to the program. you follow the media. that is what you do. i get the impression the mainstream media is going easy on donald trump here that they
10:31 am
are doing that because they see trump as a plus for democrats. and that close to being right this time? >> no. [laughter] there is no question that he is dominating the news cycle. we are crunching the numbers on cable right now and it will be the same thing. on the network we've seen overwhelmingly in july in august he got 71% of all airtime devoted to republican candidates and 71% in august. however, that is quantity. quality, the quantitative analysis is overwhelmingly negative towards him. all the controversies, whether it is carly fiorina or the other stuff he said, personal attacks. that is the flavor of the
10:32 am
coverage is received. one can conclude that trump is great news because it brings ratings in. everybody knows that to be the case. but it's also from the standpoint of the press. they are focusing on his negatives. the way you juxtapose that is look at the coverage of bernie sanders, the other outsider on the democratic side. they can't give him more positive coverage. they like sanders. they don't like trump. they love it because they think he will bring republicans down. stuart: i think they are worried about hillary clinton. they like bernie sanders beard where does that leave hillary clinton? >> hillary has two problems right now. number one is the e-mail issue which doesn't go away because every time and answers given a dozen pass the smell test.
10:33 am
to the point is now going on their networks on abc news to apologize for this. so it's a real problem. the other half of the problem is the media's coverage of her opponents. the media has been given this very positive coverage to both bernie sanders and joe biden now. just as she is getting negative, they give her opponents very positive press and you see their reactions. her numbers are dropping very, very dramatically and she just doesn't seem to be able to get traction in the press. sure into what your reaction reaction to this. no mention of the 14th anniversary of 9/11 on the front page of "the new york times." this was the front page in question. a lack any mention of 9/11 and sad. they've got a headline, not sure we can read from the picture, but the top right headline is all about president obama's big
10:34 am
array. that is the word they use, the jury in iran. i was astonished and i guess you are too. >> yeah, every new yorker, every american should be stunned, but every new yorker should be outraged that the 9/11 commemoration was delegated to page 815 in the newspaper. instead you saw two stories. one was how the iran. one with saudi aramco is a great victory for barack obama when in fact if you are going to do a political analysis, it was voted down by the house and overwhelmingly the public doesn't want this entering parliament jury maneuver is how we've got is the array. the second story was on how this is for the jewish lobby in america. where is the coverage of 9/11.
10:35 am
stuart: 815. i thought myself. you are a favorite guest on this program. the numbers go up when you are wrong, so you will be on frequently. [laughter] thanks for joining us. look at the price of oil. about $44 per barrel is the latest count a few minutes ago. financial average for regular gasoline down to 233. 28 straight days. i field up in new jersey for $1.85 break out of picture to us by a "varney & company" viewer. this is frankie who came in with $1.86 in hoover. that is alabama. i pay $1.85 in new jersey. >> can you do the math in your head about how much it costs. stuart: a normally cost me $50 to $60.
10:36 am
this time just over $31. almost cut in half. >> more money for your kids. stuart: whatever. let's bring in somebody with more on this. we will have a $2 a gallon gasoline. bob mcnally watches the energy market. we're not talking about california. we are talking about the rest of the nation. the national average $2 or less by christmas. >> that is right. it's not my case so much as department of energy. last week forecast predicted by december regular gasoline, average national price $2.3 per gallon. chest and below $2 already. in many parts of the country will be below $2 per gallon if d.o.e. is right. it is driven down by the price of crude oil. and in the winter seasonal demand for gasoline is low so we have seasonal impact as well.
10:37 am
stuart: why won't it last? >> unfortunately we've reentered appear to boom bust oil prices. i'm talking about crude oil prices. the pump price that the gasoline station depends on the global price of crude oil. the key factor in the last 10 years as there is no more supply. opec is no longer plain opec. they can't keep prices from spiking like 2008 we will keep them from falling. that means we are going back to boom bust price cycles. it is fun for us when the price is falling. we should enjoy it and it will fall further. as it goes down, it will go back. stuart: should we export oil, allow american oil to be sold overseas? i say yes because it provides more jobs in america.
10:38 am
what do you say? >> absolutely. it's close to a no-brainer from a policy standpoint to lift the 1975 crude oil export ban. we can export the gasoline we want to. there is no reason to keep the crude in the united states. study after study included one by the energy administration included lifting the ban would have no effect on gasoline prices or slightly reduce them. there is no policy reason. stuart: at the national average is two bucks i hope in new jersey and will pay dollar 50 cents. i think i will actually. thank you for joining us. stuart: scott walker calling for an end to federal employee union and an end to the national labor relations board. ashley: you could call this sweeping restrictions on
10:39 am
organized labor. scott walker came to national attention among conservatives were beating down the units in wisconsin when he was governor and survived a recall vote. among suggestions mr. walker is putting out, eliminate veteran employees and make all places right to work as to work and scrap the labor relations board and make it more difficult for unions to organize. some require an act of congress but through executive order he could put all of these things through. stuart: i guess he loses the union vote. >> private sector units are getting corporations profit. to elect officials who give the more taxpayer money is what he doesn't like. he wants to stop automatic dues for political purposes. the irs union campaign for president obama. thank you for that, actually.
10:40 am
stuart: employers didn't take money through the paycheck. union membership plummeted.n mey wait a second, what is going on with my money? stuart: time for the sector report. the price of oil stayed way down in the $40 per barrel range in the big oil companies down as well. goldman sachs put out a report last week save the oil market would go $20 to $30 per barrel. scott shellady disagreed. he said maybe in the 30s. doesn't matter, the debate is on the price of this energy stocks. all of them down significantly except chevron. here is what is next. fantasy sports change the way watcher sunday football games. the media changes the way they cover the game. sports reporter jerry max up
10:41 am
next. can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. you can't breathed. through your nose.
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suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average down 16 points at 16,047. the nasdaq down one quarter of 1% down 12. we are seeing the downside weaker. they're really not done more than 1% for the most part. disney, wal-mart, microsoft, visa and intel put some pressure
10:43 am
in the real winner came out with their numbers so far pre-orders looking to commence sales expected to be their own records. sox a $116 in positive comments in bearings helping topple. oil shares breaking out to a new high. the only s&p 500 company to have a lifetime high in the month of september. kicking off europe 5:00 a.m. way to lauren simonetti and i on "fbn:am". there's no one road out there.
10:44 am
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stuart: do you remember no-caps? they used to be a phone company. they said either stock. somebody did and they are up 1.7%. remember that name? authorities monitoring any potential threat against pope francis ahead of his visit next week. they have disrupted one case. this mcdonald's, you have more. >> michael maccoll telling abc a particular case. pages said a particular case. intelligence authorities are concerned about lone wolf attacks on the pope. the pope is going to be in an
10:46 am
open air papal vehicle separate and different from what pope john traveled in. stuart: it's going to be a nightmare. he loves to get out among the people, which is great. stuart: did you say earlier they would close down -- ashley: major highways in the washington d.c. area for long periods of time. they will be there for three days so be a huge traffic nightmare. >> here's the other thing, i says earlier in the year when a photoshop image on the cover showing the lack flag of isis over st. peter's square. they are concerned the pope is under threat. stuart: they have disrupted one potential case. >> we don't know if it's terrorists or not, no details provided. stuart: that's good to fantasy football. changing the way we watch and cover the sport.
10:47 am
website like stanfield and trafficking are big winners here. radio reporter sports guy garrett taxes with us. welcome back. to me, this is all about an explosion in nickel sports gambling worldwide because these are internet is global companies. >> the national football league issued statements on saturday saying fantasy sports is a game of skill and different from traditional gambling. the 2006 unlawful act and fantasy sports was kept free. that was before the creation of daily sports gambling as we see daily sports fantasies. stuart: it is gambling essentially. you put your money down and try to win. >> brain does not differentiate between game of scale as they tell us and a bed. two years ago the american sites
10:48 am
are accurate association reclassified it as drug addiction because of the reward system didn't skate askew. >> it sounds like you don't approve. >> i love to play fantasy football but i'm aware the same restaurant in a football is the same one from betting a lot of money on a horse race or the stocks. stuart: most of adult that much on fantasy football. >> at first but in the horserace, $2. ncaa march madness. everybody plays the brackets is a part of who we are yet there is a significant number of gambling disorders that are born people playing their first ncaa march madness. so when i see the commercials, what scares me is i want to see the end of the commercials that they say gambling problem called
10:49 am
1800 gambler. work is the same trap classification. they are selling candy cigarettes but they are the real things. stuart: to really stop you would have to redefine the nfl version of what is gambling or not gambling. >> or the unlawful internet gambling mac because we are in new territory. this is like the wild wild west. reminds me of when napster came out. but this is huge. stuart: hundreds of millions of dollars in ad. >> i was watching earlier talking about we watch football differently than we used to nsa fan i came to realize i'm a lifelong diehard minnesota vikings fan. a few years ago i started to realize i seem to be less excited about what my team is doing than what my players on other teams are doing. i spoke with a lot of fans that the same split you don't know
10:50 am
them everyday and four -- >> you concentrate on individuals. >> in traditional bedding, we been on teams in point spreads. he would bet on players which raises an important issue. 2009 go space-bar conference. i asked every commissioner, do you have a problem with them taking -- before the baseball season, they formed an agreement. major league baseball agreement are not allowed to take part. and goodness because the last thing as a sports fan would want to believe is there something funny going on. stuart: thank you for sharing. we appreciate it. another budget showdown, could planned parenthood funding be the sticking point -- as the government down.
10:51 am
blake burman on that in a moment. new polls show bernie sanders with a double-digit lead over hillary clinton into key states states. senior political analyst brit hume is coming up on the storage 11:00 this morning eastern. ting. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app.
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10:55 am
ashley: well, only nine legislative days left in congress before the fiscal year ends. one of the major points of contention is government planned parenthood. blake berman joins us now. have any republicans threaten to shut down over the issue? reporter: roughly three dozen have talked this course of action. congressman nick mulvaney escalate and signatures from lawmakers who would not vote for a budget agreement at the end of the month and that includes continued funding of planned parenthood. that is significant because it does hold firm, john boehner would need the help of democrats to get a spending bill passed. boehner is in a tight spot if he would have to balance a deal with the conservative base of his caucus, some who want to stand for is that his leadership role to begin with. separately, the house will hold on to plan measurement this week. is unlikely to receive support in the senate yet alone the
10:56 am
white house. press secretary last week said democrats want to see the 2011th sequester levels removed as part of the budget requests. stuart: certainly is. thanks so much. >> another government shutdown site. two hours of "varney & company" now on the books. we've got more for you just two minutes away. >> this is to make sure everybody understands, particularly on the far right of iran that nothing has changed. they still intend to dominate the region that they've been doing in a gobbled up territory. syria, lebanon, iraq as we speak continuing proxy wars and proxy terrorism and they'll deal -- >> the republican party has made a complicated war is difficult to what they stand for. so much division itself. where do you stand on many issues?
10:57 am
depends on the candidates. m. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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stuart: the british labour party, the rough equivalent of democrats here has elected a new leader, jeremy corbett. he is way out on the left. he is a bright socialist from a throwback to another generation. in america, bernie sanders, a self-styled democratic socialist has become the leading candidate. he is 20 points in front of hillary clinton in new hampshire and 10 points ahead in iowa. is socialism surging both sides of the atlantic? both corbett and sanders campaign on a similar policy. beat up the banks, tax the rich. seven years after the crash, bankers and billionaires are the favorite targets on both sides of the atlantic. there something else going on.
11:01 am
voters are turned off by conventional politicians. they are turned on by anyone who challenges the established order. plain speech that is not politically correct is very much in favor. jeremy corbett wants the british government to own and run the banks and railroads and postal service. the prints have not heard that talk in a generation. over here ,-com,-com ma bernie sanders rages against the billionaire class donald trump says ceo pay is a disgrace. that's unusual from a republican. when voters get together politically, big things can happen. margaret thatcher teamed up with ronald reagan and beat the soviets. i don't think jeremy corbett will be prime minister and i don't think bernie sanders will be president, but politics shifting. the establishment is fading. the new anti-politicians are making their running now.
11:02 am
♪ for monday morning this is unusual. down in a 25 points. the markets very little change makes an extraordinary volatility. we are about 90 minutes into the session down to near 23 points. there is blake said. says the stock will go up 50%. apple this morning up $1.73. oil holding around the mid-$40 range. just keeps on falling down a penny overnight which brings the national average $2.33 a gallon. state of emergency declared in california. two massive wildfires exploded over the weekend. for a hundred homes and businesses destroyed. more than a thousand firefighters called to. four of them hospitalized with
11:03 am
second degree burns over the weekend. cheryl, the governor is blaming global warming. >> back in august -- he made this quote. he said this about the fires. this is a wake-up call. we have to come to her senses. we need to limit our carbon pollution. the server lives lives and real people. this cannot be solved year by year. same situation on global warming basically. let's remind ourselves right now this is because it's very dry and it's very easy to see a fire starting one of these areas. it is called a fire at a campsite that wasn't put out correctly. stuart: politicians stake out a claim as well as highlight individual weather events which they think -- riding around
11:04 am
poker in this particular case. used to live in california. >> so did i. let's turn directly to politics. bad news for hillary clinton. bernie sanders pulling 10 points higher in iowa. look at that. sanders is surging in new hampshire where he was up 20 points over hillary clinton. i think you get the point. the establishment of candidates is in trouble. brit hume is here and i want his comment on the candidate being in trouble. not so much the e-mail problem that the establishment. >> this is certainly can't say what will we see in the republican party where the officeholder candidates are trailing in the people who've
11:05 am
never held public office are doing better. that's the trend for some time now. now we see something like that in the british labour party election in the democratic party as well. while bernie sanders is an officeholder, is an outsider on the inside. his non-influential member of the senate. while he sits at the democrat and generally those of them come he's not a member of the democratic party although he has run a minute now. just as you point out is the day of the outsider. >> for the moment. will this continue? at what point will the outsiders lose ground? you've got a smile in your face. you don't expect this to happen. >> i don't know if that will happen. everything we've seen so far this year has defied the conventional and the politics and i don't think anybody can say yes i knew for sure donald
11:06 am
trump would be where he is in the republican race and hillary clinton would go into freefall against bernie sanders. i'm hesitant to make predictions under any circumstances and i'm certainly hesitant to make one now. stuart: listen to this one. donald trump says high pay for ceos is a disgrace and a joke. let's roll the tape. >> they put in their friends at the head of the company and get whatever they want. so that is the system we have and it's a shame in this disgraceful and sometimes the boards ruled that but it's probably less than 10% and you see these guys making enormous amounts of money. it's a total and complete joke. stuart: jump in on the populist bandwagon here mixing up two things. crony capitalism on one hand and income inequality issue on the other end is winning hands down
11:07 am
by doing precisely that. >> it seems his reasoning does not to be very sound for the people listening to love what he says. i had the sense when he made the decision to sign a loyalty pledge that if he said i'm not signing this pledge and they have no right to defend them, supporters would've said men he decided to sign it said he can get up and say things that don't make sense about ceo pay that he has a populist chord. we've seen some ceos with staggering amounts of money that seem beyond the imagination of most ordinary workers and there may be resentment as well. >> it is fun whether we like it or not. he's the most entertaining presidential candidate i've ever seen. i listen to a lot of what he says. i
11:08 am
articulated make much sense. watching him articulate them is hugely amusing and fun to watch. you can't take your eyes off the guy. but there it is. >> you've got to take a trip to london. you've just got to see this stuff. 1945 all over again. brit hume, everyone. let's get to individual stocks. this is from barron's magazine. it says apple stock should rise, could rise 50% on its new iphone loose program. cheryl, 50%? >> that is what they are insisting. the lease program is $32 a month instead of signing a contract to these from apple but you are eligible for an upgrade every year which is kind of a nice thing. you also get apple care, the warranty program.
11:09 am
this will be the new way we handle our phones. this is the new future. also there's speculation that they may offer the refurbished versions as well and that is a secondary market they can use as a veiled tool. >> highly disruptive. providers like at&t and verizon should be shaking in their boots. this was the headline to come out of apple. stuart: kim davis the clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she returned to work today i got in front of the cameras this morning. roll tape. >> effective immediately until an accommodation is provided by those with the authority to provide it, and anything issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. stuart: highly contentious great
11:10 am
many people still calling for her to be fired. come on man, former criminal defense attorney. can she be fired? >> the answer is basically no in that state because she happens to be the perfect storm of an elected official in kentucky where there's no recall option in the governor does not have the ability or authority to remove her. difficult if not impossible, so she can be impeached. that's the option the people in kentucky have. anyone can bring the proposal and if she is charged and convicted of official misconduct, which is basically engaging in because she is refusing to perform her duties and that is certainly grounds for impeachment and conviction. true to what to think about this? is this the law of the land? the supreme court decided it. what do you make of it
11:11 am
officially said that not going to do this? where do you stand on this? >> my stance is the authority does not lie with her personally. it lies in her position as the 120 county clerks in kentucky in the authority vested in her by the united states constitution by the supreme court has now ruled on this. if she refuses to perform duties based on religious police, that is one thing she will face repercussions because as her duty she has to issue licenses and comply more importantly what the law. stuart: but are clerks will now do it without her name on it and i will be a valid marriage license in the state of kentucky. >> she is challenging validity in that as well say that honestly have no idea this will be valid without my signature. the statute that says if the county clerk is absent the deputy clerks can issue licenses in her absence.
11:12 am
if the county clerk is refusing to perform their duty in the deputy clerks are there for issuing them in her refusal, that is constructive abstention and therefore valid licenses. stuart: got it. thanks for joining us. tense situation that will be in the news for some time. appreciate it. let's get back to another of the stocks mentioned in there and specifically. alibaba. barron said over the weekend stock could fall another 50% in the year ahead. alibaba is not happy about that analysis. jo ling kent is here. they said there's something wrong. what does sally baba say? >> right on the stock is down 5%. alibaba has totally lashed out in the senior vice president jim wilkinson and the statement is here. this contains factual inaccuracies and selective use
11:13 am
of information and a conclusion that are misleading. his argument is due to the slowing down, issues of counterfeiting fake products plus the management and increased competition that trades here on the nasdaq, alibaba will not survive papacy questions validity of the numbers in the earnings report. how much of the entire chinese market alibaba dominates. alibaba has a lot to prove in addition to the other questions we had during the ipo. stuart: the stock is down 5%. ashley: down 4%. stuart: 62 on alibaba. we get the point. jo ling kent, thank you very much. week one of the nfl season there was a lot of injuries. we talked to an nfl hall of famer next.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
stuart: will you look at this? the drugmaker rapture or does not plan to deliver a strike to a disappointing study results down it goes 37%. in a surprise of the 52 week low to popout collegian farmer, an experimental 40%. some go down in some go straight out. a battleground between united autoworkers annan and his choice pics in the contract expires at midnight for the first time since the bailout. they've got the right to go on strike it jeff flock is with us. are they going on strike? what are the odds? >> i would say no at least not tonight. if you don't think both sides are really prepared for, and that a ford plant in chicago. i'll show you a picture we got a block or so from here or they stop by the ford explorer said
11:18 am
bill. when the strike is possible they build up the inventory. if you look at the picture i don't think they could get another car in there. uaw is ready the $600 million which would last a month or two. both sides are ready and both hopeful it won't happen. >> $600 million, an enormous amount of money. but it wouldn't last. >> people think they are making a lot of money, but it's a lot like stuart varney. he is a senior guy doing really well. he doesn't need anymore money. when his contract comes up he says i deserve a raise. i'm carrying the network. stuart: you just took 30 seconds off my next guest. thanks very much indeed. let's get the football. week one of the nfl and there were a lot of injuries.
11:19 am
players carted off the field. torn achilles tendons, broken bones. nfl hall of famer mike in play big time in the 70s and 80s. i suspect that game back then was rougher and there were more profound injuries. it is not so rough now because of the new rules. >> you are on the right track. it was much tougher back then. different things they kept hunting. killed the head, the body must go. it was legal to hit them in the head and a receiver would miss the ball and you could still hit and even though you knew he wasn't going to catch the ball. you can't do it anymore. now they are considered defenseless and you would be penalized on the field. if they missed it somehow, the league office doesn't miss anything. you would get a note on monday.
11:20 am
stuart: look at yesterday, carted off the field. >> football is a sport where you will have injuries. all sports to have some type of injuries, football may be more than others. i wouldn't say violent. i don't like that word really. it's a contact sport. stuart: you are putting it very mildly. i want to talk to you because your prostate cancer survivor and you survived because the early detection? >> that is the key. know your stats. i was at a meeting for a retired football players metaphysical early in the year, no reason to be there. talking to the doctor, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. if you're african-american, one in five. how does that compare to women and breast cancer? one in eight. more men will get prostate
11:21 am
cancer than women will breast cancer. most people don't know about the symptoms are the likelihood and that is what our campaign is. >> what is the early detection test? >> at the blood test and a digital exam. that does keep a lot of men away. they have to get over it. women have no sympathy for that. we just have to get over it. stuart: you should join the state department because that was very diplomatic. early detection campaign. >> yet, that is a you know your stuart: it was a pleasure having you on the show. great to see you. carly fiorina backers putting out an ad going after donald trump on donald trump's comments on her looks. we'll play them in just a moment.
11:22 am
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11:26 am
the face of leadership. the face of leadership in our party, the party of women's suffrage. the face of leadership in your community. stuart: that is good. you've got to say that good. >> she said she told making kelley i don't respond to these attacks. her super pac responded in the whole thing is followed by men of different ages and colors. it's very well produced. stuart: in the debate on wednesday, i've got a few and republican candidates will gang up on trumpet and go after him almost as aipac. i think they've got to do something. >> agrigento started out. he was the first one to come out with harsh comments. ashley: either you stand back or jump right in. either way trump went in that
11:27 am
situation. he is a barroom brawl are. stuart: people watch, but this is an opportunity for all the rest of them to stand up and stand out in front of a large audience. i think they'll take an opportunity. >> all they have to say is give us specifics, mr. drum. that's the easiest way to put them on the defensive. you want to lower corporate taxes, what a great idea we have all come up with already. stuart: interesting ad. i've got to say that. europe's migrant crisis getting much worse. a real security threat and humanitarian crisis to boot. it is so bad that austria is sending troops, military guys with guns to the border. colonel ralph peters next on that. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
11:28 am
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watch out, piggies! child giggles doctor: symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free prescription offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> stability down 70 point on a monday morning. not bad. how about the price of oil? stability, 44 dollars $43.81 down 82 cents. gasoline thankfully not stable. going down in price. 2.33 is your national average. down another penny overnight. down about 30 cents and approximately a month. not bad. stay only the markets joining us now john taylor former treasury
11:32 am
under secretary in the bush administration. this man is a big hitter. you are a conservative i believe from stanford university what you say really counts. is that true? >> sure is. [laughter] thanks for having me on. the federal reserve we don't discuss is it much on this program because we really don't like people saying on the one happened this will do this and that. what does john that i color say about raising interest rates this month? >> well, i think it's about time they get back to normal which would mean a rate increase. talking about percentage of a point there's been a lot of concern in the last few weeks about majority turbulence and whether they should delay this later in the year. but i say if not now, then when? i think it's about time. i hope that do i that. there's a lot of debate whether they should or shouldn't.
11:33 am
>> you said they should do it but the question is will they do it? you don't have an inside tracker to the right answer a of this. everybody wants to know, if they do raise rates, this week, if they did that, you don't think maybe this market would take it on the chin? >> there's been so much discussion of this in the last few weeks. i think a lot of it is discountinged even though we don't know what they're going to do. indeed there's different members of the federal market committee out there saying, it shouldn't. some say they should. some say they wait so there's disagreement, in fact, it's rare to hear so much discussion it be this before a meeting. but ting that fact there has been discussion means that market could be ready for it not to be sure. there's -- there could be turbulence but ultimately it is gung to be good. god to get back normal. we have a good economy when the fed was in it more normal mode in the 80s and 90s. i think we can get become to that with the move in this direction.
11:34 am
>> what about rest of the world everybody is precincting money. driving their currencies down as far as possible. what exactly -- a healthy situation. >> not xeablght to what the fed is starting with the quantitative easing, with the extending of the treasury that meant that japanese did the same kind of thing in the europeans done the same kind of thing. ultimately currency around the world have deappreciated so it's a global thing. i think that's another reason for the fed to get back to normal again. improve things globally and then ultimately we'll be beneficial to the united states. >> so if i want to be clean cut about this because this whole subject is surrounded by a lot of jar don and misunderstanding you think that federal reserve should raise interest rates sooner rather than later. and that when they do it, and they will do it, it won't have that big an if impact on the markets in america.
11:35 am
is that a reasonable summary of your position? >> it is. but i would add that ultimately it's beneficial to the pus economy. it is beneficial to back to normals. it is always a time always a reason to delay -- but if not now, with when? >> i have 30 seconds you've been asked this question i'm going to ask you, what do you think of donald trump? >> well, he's certainly changing the environment of this political campaign. we'll have to see what happens in these debates. been interested in -- politics a long time i've never seen it quite like this before. >> who has? entertaining again. so john taylor thank you so much for joining us we with appreciate your point of view. thank you. coming up neil cavuto former or reagan director david says that markets are in a fed bubble that would be coast to coast, neil cavuto, 12, noon today. david stockman. major crisis in yiewrmn't cos to
11:36 am
worsen days after saying it was welcomed migrants. germany is now ordering border restrictions. lieutenant kernel ralph peters is with us. monday morning, ralph now, we have the austrian army on the border trying to repel people trying come in. germans do the same they think. seem the to me that european union is over chaos in this and repercussion may come to us. what do you ?ai >> it will come to us eventual will you but you're seeing greater stress on eu than the debt crisis or previous crisis report because that was just about money. this is about really out of impulses out of cynicism and historic demons announce it was beginning to open its borders and take tens and hunches thousands of immigrants, they did it because germany is an outlier. yerm is a grain zero
11:37 am
unemployment and needs workers and looking at historic demons so they get a chance to attract workers and a look like good workers an scheme off the best and dump the rest. and countries like poland and hungary, france, netherlands and other europes by and large don't want any part of it. when germany made that announcement that they're opening their borders, my god did anybody think like the obama administration. as soon as they aa nobs that, people flooded in, rushing in -- run now germans are horrified they closed their borders again. european union immediating today collapsed. nobody could agree in what they're doing against what, it is headed for big problems in europe and oh, by the way, this is obama did this. obama did this. obama did this. >> i --
11:38 am
i mean, agreement with you in the the sense that president obama allowed syrians to cross redline and did nothing about it. bashir assad continue there is, and he did nothing about the rise of isis but opening door but withdrawing totally from iraq. but -- does that mean that eventually we will be asked to take maybe -- a million refugees from north africa in the mideast do you think that's going to happen? inch certainly if you ask -- it is curious because president obama said he wants to take 10,000 that's so typical of obama who always tries to calculate what's the least he can get away with doing. now, my personal feeling on this, is that we have watched, we stood by and watched the destruction of 2,000 years of christian civilian in the middle east. i would take in christian refugees in the middle east, and by the way people are talking about well how do we know which is islamist terrorists that's easy taking christians are not islamist terrorists we won't
11:39 am
know that because safety department set it up that we cannot discriminate and saver any political group. you have to attack muslim blah blah -- and this is a political catastrophe in the making. which could turn into an economic one as well. but i would say this we're seeing how superficial european unity was. >> split dramatically so. featers always a pleasure. thank you for joining us sir. >> thank you. next case billionaire carl icahn says rich guys in hamptons do not leak trump. he sphondz he say who is cares. they're giving all of their money to jeb bush and hillary clinton anyway. charlie gasparino is here -- [laughter] quoting in "the wall street journal" he said the same thing to anthony skarmuchi from the funds one of our contributors
11:40 am
he's, i mean, in a way just to seg way from what kernel peters just said he was talking about the superficiality of the european union or unity this is superficiality of donald trump's class warfare comes down to one thing when he bashes head funds as paper pushers an says he's going to raise their taxings as part of his tax plan that, you know, stuff is going to be -- zeroed on them for one reason, run reason only they're not supporting him. when we start talking about -- donald trump -- [laughter] tax them. : that's what he's saying there if you get anthony on that's what he told anthony, and you know, it's a type of -- >> love that. some people love that. people being polled. but i would say this stuart, i don't mind it. i actually liked donald. i like fact that he was willing to fight his enemies tooth and nail. but if you're going to develop
11:41 am
tax policy on hatred or this like, and you don't support me so i'm o going to nail you, then that's not much different than what we have with barack obama and democrats. tax policy should be first and foremost tax policy should be to get the economy going, how we close loopholes, bring down rates it is not like okay they support jeb so i'm going to tax the hell out of them. >> do this real fast billionaire class, such a class exists -- do not like donald trump. >> of course not. >> mitt romney -- >> you have to look at who they're supporting out there. donald's campaign is cynically based on anybody but that part of the republican party. remember he did -- took couple of issues, immigration, china, free trade, turned it around that's everything that the wall street guys hate. >> that's very true. all right. charlie -- welcome to the show monday morning. thank you for having me. presidential republican candidates scott walker he says get rid of a national board.
11:42 am
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11:44 am
looking here at the dow movers apple is a winner over the weekend. iphone sales they say are doing well, and could pick out their own records. johnson & johnson winners. visa wal-mart an watching holdings, and a they said they agreed to acquire by tryst equity firm this equity partner 3.74 billion up 8.7%. chiccos bloomberg reported down on friday. start over the weekend that stock is soaring at about 10% right now. everybody essential keeps their eye on the fed. we have more on 5:30 lauren and i kick it off. it's more than the cloud.
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>> president cialg candidate scott walker making headlines if she's elected he would aboll picture the national labor relations board. listen to what else he had to say. tell person what we're goinged to to take power out of the hands of the beg government union bosses and put it firmly into the hands of the hardworking people of this country. simple things like on day one, i'm going to stop the government from taking money, money out of the paychecks of federal employees for political union dues because i don't think any worker in this country should be required to put money into a political fund that doesn't support candidates that they don't support. >> well it's a long list of what scott walker would do to the unions you were elected president.
11:47 am
question is can he do it or i guess by executive order all rise look who's here. coming to us from d.c. today. nation's capitol. an extraordinary place for the judge to come basing on government. nevertheless, question is -- scott walker he wants to abolish labor board and get rid of political money, dues paying by government -- workers federal worker unions, and i mean can he do all of this? i guess he can. >> he can't on his own but he can do it by legislation if there's -- enough of a will in the congress to abolish the nlrb there's nothing in the constitution that says we have to have one. that would abolish it, but he can't disregard it and act as if it doesn't exist. because it's in the statute. now, there are five commission percent on the nlrb, their terms actually there's supposed to be presently four. but an empty seat there all four
11:48 am
terms would expire during the first term of the next president he could appoint people to the positions whose views are decidely managed as president obama's point of views which are labor oriented. >> how about getting rid of unions in the federal work force? as i understand it. but wait, wasn't it president kennedy who wrote allowing the collective bargaining for the federal work force? it was one -- a signature on a document not a piece of legislation. it was an executive action that created this situation. so couldn't the executive action get rid of it? >> well an executive action could direct the people in the government not to bargain collectively with unions. then you have an action brought before the nlrb as it is presently sciewtd as it still will be in january of '17 that will be ruling in favor of the unions, appeal is then to the federal -- circuit court of appeals in
11:49 am
washington, d.c. so it would be difficult to accomplish these june unilaterally i think he would probably lose that one. even though tries to resend a executive order that sold. >> you're a libertarian do you approve of getting rid of the nlrb and clamping down on federal government worker unions? >> my only view is that labor manager problems are local issues and they ought to be addressed locally and not bit national government. that view, of course, is consistent with my reading of the constitution. but it is not consistent with what congressing and the modern day government has done. right now, the nlrb aggressively regulates labor union practice in a decidedly prounion way under george w. l bush they manage it in a decidedly management way. it is silly to go back and forth
11:50 am
and a back and forth there's the right to unionize and a right to bargain collectively and feds should stay out of it. how's that stuart? >> great to me. you, i know that you're in washington, d.c. because you're -- i think you're preparing on special frorts reports with bret baier? >> no here to give a speech back home in time to be on. but our dear friend and colleague megyn kelly tonight. >> what is the subject of your speech if i may ask? >>evils of government? [laughter] >> it is the constitution a document that unleashes the federal government or restrains it. now, how do you think i'm going to answer that question mr. varney? >> you're going to city that constitution restrains the government unlike the british constitution. >> uh-huh -- >> it was fun our time sup. >> absolutely. >> are you back tomorrow -- >> yes. yep i'll see you at 9:15 in the morning god willing. >> god willing indeed judge thanks very much. pleasure. check this out.
11:51 am
we're going to show you the newest motorcycle. look at that called the scrambler. looks like it is one of the hot fest sell bikes on the market right now. we're going to tell you why it is such a hot seller in just a moment. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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look at this please fresh new mammoth university poll. new hampshire look at that. trump 28, carson 17. kasich up to 11. fiorina 7. et cetera, et cetera news here is that ben carson has served 10 points from july . also , scott walker is on the list down 2%. first of all be with ben carson. >> reflect what we're seeing elsewhere he's coming up. appealing to -- to the nontrump lovers. heist the opposite of trump in many, many ways. >> demeanor in particular. maybe donald trump knew about these numbers because he actually went after ben carson yesterday on face the nation and said that well i'm a deal maker i'm a doctor who do you want in the white house but he specifically went after a ben carson during that interview so maybe there's something there to decide. >> responded by saying look fief plenty of energy. operating room for 12 or hours -- i can do that.
11:56 am
made his point in a soft voips that was intriguing but scott walker down to 2%. pmpleght beats where he's at. he's coming without a union busting policy but wait until we see how he performs that the debate is coming up. >> many of the candidates could take a page out of the trump book and come up with more energy, and a maybe some passion. i think that's hurting jeb bush right now. nobody wants same old politics as usual. give me a little fire . give me something new. >> we'll see wednesday night see what happens. motorcycles, we're told are doing pretty well in sales department. look at this dewcati has a new one on their hands a scrambler that looks retro to me. took one for a ride, now, wait a minute, the retro look is that just the way if looks as opposed to the way it functions, right? >> going to throwback -- kind of based on a model they sold back in the 60s trying get that sort of apool.
11:57 am
bike itself is mod tern no fuel injection, suspension everything -- >> selling with? >> best seller instantly. sales are up 20% of more than 20 thbt this year. mostly on the strength of this bike. >> that is how much? >> 8500 to start. which is kind of in the sweet spot for motorcycles that is pretty affordable as far as the ducati is concerned it's all about the style. it is really captured a moment in motorcycle that people appeal. sport bike, cruisers they can be a notch if you're not into motorcycles this isn't like that at all. if you don't like motorcycles you like this. i haven't ridden a long time on a street bike. i had to get on this the second i saw it. people who ride sport bike -- it has become popular for first timers, it is really just a triumph of design. because again it's really just a motorcycle. >> got likes -- [laughter] [laughter] varney after this. well that's wg this out for you.
11:58 am
it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> thursday afternoon federal reserve will give a hint about whether or not it's going to raise rates in the near future before that meeting you have relatives stability on the market. dow is down just 70 points. my time is up. neil cavuto it is yours. >> that's it? neil cavuto it is yours? >> what would you like? rmingts here's neil! >> i can do it. here's neil! [laughter] >> there you go so desperate for attention. all right thank you, stuart we're looking at -- a market that is going to be fixated on federal reserve. take a peek at stocks they're concerned that this is the week that hikes rates or doesn't hike rates. in other words no matter what the fed does, market is beginning to interpret is negatively. i want you to take a look at a 30-year treasury bond on the 10-year treasury point. 30, very little movement. yield now 10 years around 2.18


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