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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 14, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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candidates right there. that is dallas, texas. a packed house. they usually play basketball there. taking you throughout it throughout the rest of the night is lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. and just moments donald trump taking the stage of thousands of supporters in texas. this is expected to be one of his largest rallies in one of the earliest campaign nomination processes. he is clearly the frontrunner and he is set to speak to a crowd of some 20,000 supporters and you can see the arena there. that is the american airlines center in dallas. his speech comes as a new national poll shows his show this support is rising and now he's 13 points ahead of his next
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closest competitor, doctor ben carson. we will be bringing you this flight from texas and we will have analysis and joining us will be carrie sheffield, best-selling "new york times" author brad thor and todd stearns. also a blockbuster poll to tell you about that shows clearly support for democratic front-runner hillary clinton is simply evaporating. clinton has lost a third of her support over the past two months and a majority of those surveyed say they are concerned about hillary clinton's honesty, saying that she tried to cover the facts in her e-mail scandal. we will have the story. russia tonight. president vladimir putin expanding military forces in syria. it is a build up that critics blame on president obama strategy from leading from behind and foreign policy.
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senators today sharply criticized the president from the white house saying that russia is capitalizing on american inaction as it shifts more tanks and troops by air transport to pop up the a shot regime. and solidifying his lead, donald trump in all of the national polls. and the latest head-to-head polling. doug mckelway has the report. reporter: rolling into the second week of september with a "washington post" poll showing him at 33% followed by another surging nonpolitician, ben carson at 20%. the rest of the gop field bunched up far behind. and it defies all traditional interpretation and criticism. >> they all came to before they attack him.
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he's the hottest thing of the summer because he's interesting. and i think that the conventional rules don't apply to him. reporter: among his attackers include rick perry who has dropped out, lindsey graham measures an asterisk, bobby jindal does little better at 1%. he doubled down on his attacks today. >> he hasn't declared bankruptcy more often than any corporation in america in the last 30 years, think about that. >> he didn't bother to respond, tweeting about his hair, letting it speak for him saying that lightweight governor bobby jindal who is registered at less than 1% of the polls just mock my hair. so original. other rivals appear to have learned some hard lessons from attacking him, then carson apologized for questioning his faith and john kasich is avoiding any comments at all. >> i'm not talking about what i
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want to talk about. >> it is paying off, he has risen to third place, 10.8% in the real clear politics average, less than a point behind carson. meanwhile jeb bush and carly fiorina appear to be harnessing his criticism, but now spelled bush dropping almost 50 pounds promises to be higher energy in wednesday's debate. while carly fiorina is using the comment in a provocative new ad. >> look at this space. and look at all of your faces. reporter: tonight he is speaking at the dallas american airlines center, it holds 20,000 people, all the complementary tickets have been spoken for. charles: donald trump, expected to take the stage at the american airlines center in dallas will be bringing to you live the moment that the battle decides to begin. and women voters in large
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numbers are ditching hillary clinton. the latest poll shows no slowdown in her spiraling loss of support. today's "washington post", abc news poll, shows clinton with 42% support compared to senator bernie sanders, 24%, vice president --hyphen 21%. and still the front-runner, obviously she has lost a third of her support just since july. and a majority of voters, democratic voters believe that she is dishonest and have been stonewalling them. 54% of those surveyed also say that she tried to cover up the facts in her e-mail scandal. and that is by no means her only devastating poll results, new polls show mrs. clinton is actually falling behind senator bernie sanders in new hampshire and iowa and by sizable margins. he is beating them by 20 points,
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two points, in iowa, sanders leading clinton by 10 points. and as you might expect, hillary clinton in iowa, trying to downplay the results of those embarrassing polls. >> we are very committed to doing everything that i can to make my case as effectively as possible. lou: you may be surprised to know that hillary is speaking with reporters today, saying that a minister told her to, animated by her interpretation of the minister's words and those of the bible and perhaps because she is also falling further behind down by double digits as we just pointed out. here is her explanation of the more press friendly hillary. >> basically if you're going to read and listen to romans 12, you have to be nicer to the
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press. so to my friends in the press, i will certainly take that to heart. lou: her remarks leave it unclear whether her focus is on the offering of herself as a sacrifice as is the focus of romans 12 were choosing to bless rather than curse those who prosecute and persecute her. following this is her thinking she's better than she is and never being too proud to be in the company of ordinary people. romans 12, if you'd like to take a read. the obama administration acknowledging russia has been over the past two weeks deploying troops to syria, shipping sophisticated weaponry to a serious airbase interior that they have been constructing for months now.
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they have been propping up the assad regime. but obama has done little more than call it a mistake. and russian aggression will go unchecked by this administration, fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> pentagon sources tell fox news they tracked 15 flights and watched the russians unload half a dozen tanks, 36 armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces and enough prefab housing to accommodate 1500 russian troops. the state department wants russia to prevail to step down. but a spokesman effectively conceded that moscow is ignoring that message.
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>> that is obvious, but the ultimate goal and intent, i think there's a degree of opinions about that. reporter: at the pentagon a spokesman said the russians appear to be building an airbase and a naval base to be complemented and serious. president obama at fort meade warned the kremlin not to double down on the support. but the continued buildup marks russia's largest deployment since the collapse of the ussr. and vladimir putin projecting influence well beyond serious. >> he is literally taking advantage of the fact that the united states is disengaged from the region, frustrating all of the allies. every single one of them. reporter: and amid rumblings that china may cancel next week's visit, the white house is weighing when to slap fresh sanctions on chinese businesses and individuals in retaliation for acts of cyberas being not that the president is blaming on beijing. >> we can choose to make this an area of competition. which i guarantee you will win
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if we have to. or alternatively we can come to an agreement in which we say that this is not helping anyone. let's try to have some basic rules of the road in terms of how we operate. >> susan rice, the head of the fbi and other officials told reporters that this visit shows that china knows the u.s. is serious about cyber. lou: thank you, james. james rosen. turning now to the immigration crisis across europe, european ministers attended an emergency meeting held in brussels where they agreed to relocate 32,000 refugees from italy and greece. officials still have to work out a plan to relocate as many as 160,000 illegal immigrants are more loving countries farther north and west.
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an estimated half million immigrants have already crossed into europe just this year. hungary is now strengthening its border security, building a nearly 12-foot fence that spans 110 miles of the border with serbia. several countries including germany and austria, greece and hungary, slovakia and the netherlands have all at to tighten security on their borders now. legal immigration levels have been building for years before hitting what are now crisis levels. we are coming right back and we will bring you the donald trump rally as soon as he speaks. stay with us. >> women voters are dropping. can clinton attract those votes? carrie sheffield and juan williams have the answers. and thousands evacuated as
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te. te.
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lou: donald trump about two hold a massive rally, an estimated 20,000 supporters will be
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bringing us to the moment that it begins and you won't miss a thing, so stay with us. end you can see outside the center there, they have named it the dump trump march and it's apparently a protest about his views on illegal immigration. we will have morning the nature of that demonstration as well and it looks to me is that it's getting somewhat larger and we will be going to that within the next several minutes here. a new "washington post" abc poll, as we reported at the outset shows women are abandoning hillary clinton, dumping at a breathtaking rate and huge dramatic numbers and
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the drop in support is staggering. in july, 71% of e-mail voters supported clinton for the nomination. today just 42% of women supported it, nearly 30 points, less than a three month time frame. here to discuss the clinton sinking poll numbers and the continued surge by front-runner donald trump, it's good to have you, carrie sheffield. and do you think that they can recover? >> i think that right now she is on defense and that's why you see standards. they are out on the trail, getting massive crowds, he is perceived as being authentic and that is the problem that she has is that she's guarded and all
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the questions would be about the server. if she can get past that, i think that she can recover. but right now it's going to be hard for her and that's why she's not talking. >> do you agree? >> not quite, i think it's interesting to take a look inside the numbers, clearly you have white women as a group responding to the media and we have seen that drop and i think that that is what you have seen here, she is not losing with minority women voters, with white women voters and overall she still has a substantial lead in this race. but i think that when i thought about hillary clinton, i thought the basis of her campaign was going to be women of all colors and what we see is deterioration in that base lease for that timeframe. that is the only thing that i would say differs from what she
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told you is that i'm not sure, it could be this and needed immediate narrative, but it's impacting people who really value character. >> and national media, it's a real problem and those darn voters who want character. [laughter] >> you know, let me just say that character matters a great deal to that group of women at the moment they feel like oh, mrs. clinton may not be trustworthy. i don't know if she decides to run against donald trump come out as a woman vote then to . >> i think they might jump into the race, this white house doesn't go after or persecute anyone that they don't want to. the white house is selective about what information is
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stripping out and it's been tripping out so much information that you almost wonder if the white house is putting it on the scale for joe biden. >> do you really wonder to . lou: carly fiorina has a terrific ad that we have shown a couple times in the broadcast. i think it's one of the best political ads that i've seen. what do you think reign. >> i like it, it's interesting, obviously. you know, obviously was donald trump the question the appearance. [laughter] >> i agree. this is brilliant. i thought the ad was brilliant. both liberals and also donald trump, she was saying that liberals don't actually care about women and see them as individuals. and she went after liberals and
7:21 pm
donald trump. >> i have a problem with identity politics to begin with. but i couldn't begrudge what i think is a terrific attack on her luck in her persona and her face by donald trump. >> i wonder what happens tomorrow. does she say we look at this face down from him calling you out. that is going to be an interesting moment. >> frankly of all the other candidates who have attacked donald trump, everyone has gone down in flames to this point. and she has shown more acuity and i think god's and you have to exempt those like ted cruz and carson who have not gone
7:22 pm
after him. but the rest, she is the one showing the moxie. >> i think the debate will tell everything and i think you might see her going up. we will see how much of an offense she will be. >> you know, it's interesting because if you or i were debating it, i think that people like ed rollins would say, be careful, you cannot punch her too hard because people would say why are you beating up on a woman. but donald trump has been exempt from all of that. and so he's gone after a veteran like senator mccain. which is a shock to me. >> by the way, i'm not convinced that that's true because he's surging in the polls irrespective of what he has done because as we're talking about it in attacking, capriciously,
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carly fiorina. and that became the narrative against the slur of her persona. thank you. >> you are too much. [laughter] lou: i think that i'm one of the goldilocks kind of guys. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. how long will it take to reverse the damage done? three to five years, five to 10 years, 10 plus years. cast your vote at and california governor has declared a state of emergency. wildfires have forced 23,000 people to flee their homes in northern california, three major
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wildfires have consumed 270,000 acres. those fires remain mostly and largely out of control. >> that fire is called a ballet fire, it's only 5% contained and more bad news for californians, new study found and this has fallen to the lowest level. 95% of the state, it's what many fear is a 500 year drought and that is corroborating the possibility. it is at least corroborating.
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coming up next, a few thoughts on the obama administration's response to vladimir putin and whatever he wants to do. we are awaiting a donald trump rally in texas and we will be bringing it to you when the donald takes the stage. lou: stay with us, we are coming right back ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. lou: donald trump set to speak to 20,000 supporters in dallas, texas. look at back, as we scanned the crowd. that is quite an attendance and we will try to get you further estimates on those numbers and what you are watching is the number of tea party spokespeople
7:30 pm
talking to the assembled crowd and as i said, the crowd looks pretty substantial. we will have a further estimate as he takes the stage. a few thoughts on the obama administration's response to vladimir putin's weapons build up in syria. defense officials telling fox news that this is the largest deployment of russian forces since the collapse of the ussr. josh earnest said this today when asked whether he knew better this week than last week why russia was building up the forces in syria. in the formal admiral offered only what i can find at nonanswers that were absolutely
7:31 pm
asinine. >> you have to talk to moscow about this scale and scope. and i think that there's still a degree of opaqueness about this. we don't have perfect visibility about what we intend to do. and then the russian deployment to syria called the buildup. today, that defense department says of the biggest in a quarter-century. how clever of the state department. president obama said that he warned president pruden or five years ago about supporting the bashar al-assad regime comment adding as a consequence things
7:32 pm
have gotten worse. but for millions of syrians because of the policy that began failed are now part of the largest refugee crisis in the last half-century. mr. obama and his administration admonished the russians not to fly over turkey or iran or iraq. another obama implied direct. as the russians are now flying and to dock ships at a syrian port and obama's weakness in syria follows the same line precisely. as this administration's specificity in the face of his crimea for which vice president biden claimed that they deserve
7:33 pm
not with a ridicule but great credit. and it would've been another example of this generation of a transgression that is impermissible without the international community responding leading to more transgressions. and the cost will continue to climb. and the obama administration's failure to halt russian aggression has been halted while all of europe seems to trumbull between the caprice of vladimir putin's russia. making this world far more dangerous as president obama avert his eyes from provocation.
7:34 pm
the damage done to our alliances and partners throughout europe and the middle east, i truly believe yours will be required for the united states to rebuild regional stability and contain the expansionist governments that have for seven years now met no resistance from this passive white house. and our quotation of the evening , i thought it would be appropriate to refer to this communist leader who said has to be his fatal to us. and our goal is to make the enemy passive. we are coming right back. lou: trumpet surging in the polls, broadening his attack to include corporate ceos. >> and this is a shaman
7:35 pm
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lou: donald trump has entered the arena at the airlines center in dallas, texas, i would say the crowd is enthusiastic and we are trying to state that throughout because that's always one of the pertinent facts that we all like to have about what is transpiring. donald trump at the american airlines center in dallas, texas.
7:38 pm
he was supposed to start about seven minutes to go bye-bye campaign standards in this modern era he's ahead of schedule and he could be starting 15 minutes to half an hour late. just winning me is this best-selling author. i want to know how exciting you are. you are supporting governor rick perry. what are your thoughts about the party and the enthusiasm this man has been talking about? >> my joke was somewhere in virginia, he only has 14 left to go. >> donald trump, ladies and gentlemen.
7:39 pm
>> you notice what is missing tonight? teleprompters. no teleprompters. we don't want them. that would be so much easier. we read a speech reported that minutes, everybody falls asleep, listening to the same old stuff in the same old lies. so much easier. so, you know, i have a little debate coming up on wednesday. and i hear -- let's call him an opponent. we are allowed to do that, right? new york was very nice to you people last night. you know that? and did they hand you that game? [cheers] >> i said i am going to have the family is audience. i'm going to have the
7:40 pm
friendliest audience and i wasn't sure i was happy or sad. but jerry jones is a great guy and he deserves everything he gets. and another great guy is mark cuban. and he has been talking a little bit about maybe someday doing this himself and we may not have the exact same feelings about where we are going, but mark was great, he actually told me, literally a few days ago, if you want to use the arena, which is by the way a beautiful arena. and i love him, he's one of my favorite players. and he said if you want to use the arena and i said how about monday night.
7:41 pm
and you had a big holiday in between and i think that they really like you in dallas and texas and maybe you can get a lot of people. [cheers] [applause] and so we were coming here and we thought maybe we would get a thousand. but we never get that anymore. we went to alabama, we started off with a 500 person ballroom and after about two minutes, look at all these guys. we got everybody here. and we started off with a 500 person ballroom and after about two minutes, the hotel called up begging for mercy that we can't do it. so we went to the convention center and that was 10,000 and that was wiped out in about an hour. so we went to a stadium where we had 31,000 people which is by
7:42 pm
far the largest they say ever for an early primary. and so when i see this, can you people see me up their? i don't know. [laughter] and i said, do not fill it up because it's not fair. but you are great, make you all, i appreciate it. and so i want to thank mark and i want to thank pastor. what he good guy. i love this guy. [cheers] [applause] >> i should not say this because, you know, i need all the help i can get.
7:43 pm
and i really want to thank you. you may not be perfect, but he's going to make this country great. thank you. and he has been so great. and i am protestant, i am presbyterian in case anyone wants to know. so the polls come out and we are really killing it. we are killing it. and they mentioned a little while ago about the silent majority that is back. and it's not silent. maybe we should call it the
7:44 pm
noisy, the aggressor, the wanting to win majority. and that is what it is. we want to win, we are tired of being pushed around by incompetent people. and we are just tired of it. we are sick and tired of what is happening and it's going to change. it's going to change. the before i get to that, it's going to be pleasant because i finished a speech last week and i have to say that we are going to have so many that read that at some point it's just going to be coming out of your ears. and so i have to be careful what i say about this. i have to be careful nose and ears, eyes, the only places that i'm talking about.
7:45 pm
and we are going to have victories all the time because we have an amazing country and we are dying to have victory. we don't have winning anymore. and so there is a debate. i hear that they're all gone after this. whatever. all these geniuses, some have come around. the beginning, three or four months ago, he's doing this for his brand but he's doing this for his brand.
7:46 pm
and they say he's a clown, he is a clown. and they say how do we stop this guy. and they don't use that word anymore. they don't use it. there is a group of pundits out there. i think that they pretend that they are smart. they wear the heavy glasses and i'm not talking about rick perry who happens to be a nice guy. he came after me hard, didn't he? you know, i had dinner with him a couple of years ago and that he came after me and you know, i said on wednesday that about everybody. but i like batman and quite frankly he tried. but i'm talking about the guys that are sitting around the tables and they talk about eyes and me and they say well, but most of them are now saying that
7:47 pm
we think he is going to win. can you believe that? so we still have a few out there, the hatred is so incredible and it's so incredible. absolute hatred. i watch some of these guys and it's like okay, i will. and the problem is they can never ever support you. so we look at that and it's always tough. so i have to make different speeches. these guys go around, to make the same speech hundreds of times. it's true. it's true. [cheers] [laughter]
7:48 pm
and we have cnn, we have them all. and who needs it. they have been pretty nice. but who really have to do this when you think about it. and so if you like the media, give them a big hand and if you'd don't, give them a big boo. >> i had a big feeling. [cheers] [applause] >> the truth is that there are some great people in the world of financial and it's much easier. but i found this to be much more
7:49 pm
honorable. but there are some great ones. so okay. so honestly, another one is karl rove herriot he is terrible. terrible. he still thinks that mitt romney won. and this guy should be in wall street. he raised the last presidential election and he raised $434 million and did not win one race. i understand that because i saw some of the commercials that he
7:50 pm
made against barack obama and i said who did that commercial, it's one of the best i have ever seen, but i didn't realize that it was against obama that that was the one with germany and others. and it's like, he's not a rock star, we have an incompetent president. [cheers] [applause] we have a president that doesn't know what the hell he's doing. and so karl rove every night, they are like anybody else. and they say let me just tell you that one of the great people, stand up.
7:51 pm
he is only worth about $6 billion. and oh, i don't want to spend any money with him. but you look at some of these guys and they are like boilers. and bill o'reilly is a good guy. he's a great guy. although he's tough with me and that i can tell you. some people say how can you say he's a great guy. but i saw him and his name came up and it was like a boiler ready to exploit and it's like okay, i think the guy is a total incompetent jerk. and there are others. but i would say that anybody that gives him, karl rove and others, the group of losers, you
7:52 pm
are losers yourself and it doesn't make sense because they don't know what they're doing. so the polls come out and everybody is surging. and i went up to 40% today in new hampshire. you saw that. and the second, i think it is 11 or 12. and i won't mention names because he's actually a nice guy. and if ben carson, he is a nice man. and i think that he is in second place at 11 or 12%. and it's actually 41, but they don't want to say that end until
7:53 pm
ben carson, he's a good guy, they are saying that here is the headline. he is surging and i said what about my name. and it's unbelievable. do you know what my name is? and they don't know where my name is either. and they have the best view. can you see that it's really my hair? and that is the other thing. i get killed on that. i had an article recently and they have the best view and they know. it's not that bad. and i have many friends, but i had the article the other day, a great article that says that
7:54 pm
trump is a financial genius. and they say he's doing great things here are but he wears the worst hairpiece ever. the writer said this. and i can't show the article to anyone even though it was a good article. but in the polls it's been so amazing. everybody said, you remember this, i won't run. and i said why would they say that? i'm telling you, i'm going to run. nbc came over and as you know, and i like nbc. for years we had the apprentice. one of the great successes on television. and the head of comcast, his first name is steven he's a phenomenal guy. one of the great people. a great guy and a great manager. he came over with a group of people from nbc. and
7:55 pm
and they said, we are going to redo the apprentice. and it's a lot of money. certified financial statement, what i made the apprentice? i made $213 million from a television show. and i had been -- i had these announcers say, no, i think he only made a million dollars. guys like joe scarborough, good guy said, no, he has a prime time show for years. anyway, when they checked it nbc renews the apprentice. i told him, don't do it because i'm running for pres.president. going to make our country great again. don't renew it. [applause] now, you know if i make $213 million over run of 12
7:56 pm
years, that's a lot of money. even for me that's a lot of money. that's pretty money. that's pretty good, considering it is not my bank -- my main business. the people come up and say, well,say, well, we are going to renew it anyway because he isn't going to run. they renewed the apprentice, announced that they renewed i told him not to. then i told them that are not doing it again. they were so angry at me. they were so angry. you know what, i give up a lot. when i do this i give up a lot. i love my business, what i'm doing. i love corporation of america, by the way. but i was a lot. not only i don't do the apprentice and make a fortune but i lose
7:57 pm
opportunity. is true. it's like picking up a check. i give up a lot. when a politician, all talk, no action, what do action, what do they give up? nothing. they run. they run, lose, don't care. all they want to do is get reelected or run again if they fail. with me it is a whole big deal. it is a whole big deal. you you know, i am so funding my campaign. i'm not taking all this blood money. i'm not doing it. i'm not doing it. i have guys offering me
7:58 pm
millions and millions of dollars. when you are a number one place the bloodsuckers come out, the lobbyists, special interests, the donors. we love you. youyou. you know, 40 percent, new hampshire, winning iowa, killing in iowa. incredible. incredible people. new hampshire, incredible people. south carolina, incredible people. we are winning in florida. think of it. jeb bush, governor of florida, a sitting senator in florida, and the pollpull comes out the other day, trump is leading in florida. can you imagine? how about this? have you ever heard of the great state of texas? [applause] leading in texas. how does that happen? so, it has been an amazing
7:59 pm
time. i never experienced anything like it, and i have been well known for a long time. that's why got chosen for the apprentice in the 1st place. they called me up today, could not be nicer. i settled my lawsuit with them. did you hear? she heard. i settled my lawsuit last week. a lot of litigation, settled litigation, settled it. they could not have been nicer. they call me today, and i'm on their side because i like the guys at nbc. they will soon announce, you willannounce, you will take the place? arnold. arnold. outsource and anger. i think it's a good choice, and he's a friend of mine. i have proven 100%. he
8:00 pm
100 percent. he will do great and raise a lot of money for charity. a lot of people don't no that. these are minor details. i think he will do great. they just announced that he will be doing the apprentice. i wish them well. we have so many problems in this country. we will talk about a few and celebrate because ultimately this is a movement that is happening. ii had a lawyer, to see me a little while ago set of and doing this for 35 years. i goti got a call from a writer for the new york times. i here that. it's okay. it's a good story. and he said, can i ask you a question? very powerful writer. how does it feel?


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