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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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ron paul. [laughter] >> now we leave this in hands of the very capable man of lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump in new hampshire tonight about to hold a town hall meeting there he is in rochester new hampshire talking from the rochester community center. the republican front runner getting back on the campaign trail plan day after sparring with ted opponents in the second presidential debate. this is an important event for a truck for the latest poll of the has a 4.lead over dr. carson. 22 over 18 percent. we will bring you the event is a matter of moments live. also political pundits are
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pointing to carly fiorina as the big standout last night. "the new york times" called the former ceo himself assured and at times deeply personal. the question is can she capitalize on her performance? we will have a full report and political analysis with republicans strategist karl rove. and chris plant is among our guests. congressional leaders trying to avoid a repeat of the 16 day government shut down two years ago but it may have been. roughly two dozen conservatives said they will vote against any spending bill that contains funding for planned parenthood and that genetically raises the chance of a government shutdown to the first of october. talking to the house chairman tonight. to our top story the
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republican race for the white house candidates are back on the campaign trail to make the most of their performances. we have the report. >> on the deck of the u.s. as i with a front runner gave a national security speech ahead of the debate tonight. he promised to put veteran sid private hospitals when the veterans administration is backlogged. that is already under way. >> able go to public and private hospitals to reimburse those doctors than hospital. >> he made a startling comparison. >> we have illegal immigrants that are treated better than our veterans. lou: my apologies obviously that is the wrong report. the u.s. military command is accused of shaping intelligence assessments with the battle against the
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islamic state rather than conform to the political views. and investigating those charges the day after the top u.s. commander in the middle east abetted four or five u.s. trade fighters remain on the battlefield in the fight against the islamic state. they are considering an offer now to join in military talks on syria. our white corporation -- white house correspondent with the report. >> for a white house reluctant to conflict in the middle east but to share a war zone in syria with russian forces is rife with potential problems. >> we made clear russia's military actions inside and syria has been used to prop up deicide regime. -- the counterproductive say
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officials to prop up the regime behind a carnage of the syrian civil war costing a quarter million people their lives to displace 11 million others a figure that includes 4 million refugees, tens of thousands are headed towards europe. >> the russians want to fight isis' but they want to keep to ted emplace assad in place. >> donald trump as the break-in talking to supporters in rochester new hampshire. here he is. >> we just got back. became from mobile alabama at two weeks ago. 31,000 people. 31,000. [cheers and applause] then we just left dallas where we were in the great mavericks' building a wonderful team end mark cuban was so nice.
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and he said what about using the every neck? i said how much and how long and how many seats? 20,000 seats and they fill that up in today's. is that good? [cheers and applause] >> i flew from dallas always making speeches we have to make our country great again. right? [cheers and applause] >> i then flewa very nice place in los angeles and we went to the uss iowa and honored by of the script that gave me in endorsements i love the veterans we have a lot of veterans here tonight. [cheers and applause] we have a lot of veterans but those on the uss iowa
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iowa, that is some ship by the way. did not build them like that anymore but then i flew last night we had a little thing called a debate at the reagan library. and it was an amazing thing. we had an incredible time. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. it was some evening. it did so well that cnn said let's make it one hour longer. can you believe this? that debate was three hours and felt like more than that. why did they do that? there are young children hear we have to teach and to be entrepreneurs because they want more revenue coming from the commercials for coke isn't that terrible? and the money should have went to the veterans. right?
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right? they made a lot of money. but in the end it was an incredible time and we had the incredible time. we'll get this. "time" magazine who won the debate last night? "time" magazine 140,000 votes as of 6:00 p.m., trump 56, carly fiorina, 19, . rubio person. % four. the rest are not doing too good. then drudge. we had a total of 668,000 votes and trump is that
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51 percent. second is the arena much less. then rubio and in ted cruz and i will not mention the next one. i don't like him very much. [laughter] news max. donald trump first place by a lot. mystery to donald trump 52%. that is a lot when you have all these people it is against two people. donald trump 52%. then slate that is also a donald trump. we had a great time but you don't hear that in television because fox treated me shabbily. but that's okay. cnn a little bit better. but the end result is people
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know what happened. it was an incredible time and we will do something very special. there is a great movement and it is special where people want to see ever country be great again and see things happen and see the right things happen. they want everybody to get together and work. you love to work. don't you? cop cop so i had a little news yesterday. we love winners. right? tom brady. [cheers and applause] he is in incredible guy a total champion and did not even want to tell me that he endorsed me yesterday everybody appeared knows
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that when you get tom you get a chance he is a great chance and we have others that are endorsing and it is very interesting. coach mike ditka in chicago and people i don't even know that, all in favor because they want to see the right thing happened. when cnn did their poll recently they had different categories. one was leadership and i went like forget it. not even a contest. so much higher two or three times but the leadership was through the other called the economy and jobs. nobody. the only thing was my personality that was low. could you believe it? [laughter] here is what was happening. dallas, alabama, uss iowa iowa, making speeches, and
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the debate last night which was exciting. i said you know, we're going to do tonight? no speech. question and answer. i will say a few words then we will do question and answer. you can make them vicious and horrible even though though, many cameras? there are a lot. every time i speak is on live television. because of ratings of i did not get ratings the cameras would not be on. [applause] so when you ask me a question in your arm live television. we will talk for a couple of minutes, military so strong and great and powerful. we probably will never have to use it. who wants to use it? but you have got to have it. because right now in the world we need that military and protection we will have
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that if trump is elected president. that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] as part of that, we're taking care of our veterans. and they will be so happy. they love me anyway but i am just telling you. i have been appear many times. stand up. i have the neck here many times with my guy. so many veterans in new hampshire are not treated right. but they're not treated rights anywhere. two weeks ago on wednesday they had the longest wait in a waiting room that anybody can remember. three days, five days, that will not happen anymore. not any more. not going to happen. [applause] we will come out with the plan but one of the things
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that you have to wait you will go to private practice practice, a private hospital even if it is public we will take care of the cost and believe me is less expensive with much better service you will not to be waiting in rooms for seven days to take care of the condition that could be done immediately. it is not going to have been. [applause] the other thing to dwell on on, we're going to build a wall at the border. [cheers and applause] and people are going to come into this country but they will, legally. they will be legal. they will come in legally. so as i announced to my head
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on a politician for almost three months. can you believe it? [laughter] i never thought in a million years. >> [inaudible] >> i know. we are running this time and it is incredible. don't just looked at the new hampshire poll 40% by all the polls this is incredible what we are doing and what we're doing to gather. immigration. i have said m. politicians all talk no action. how many politicians are in this room? these are fabulous people. stand-up. my guy with me from the beginning. how about elected officials? stand up. these are all special people. we're going to do something
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and when the wall is built i love mexico and above the mexican people i do business with mexico and mexican people and want -- or entreprenuers and have many people and hispanics working for me. many, many hispanics but whether china or japan or mexico there outsmarting us and we will not let it happen anymore. i asked one week ago what is the trade deficit? what is it with china? it is almost $400 billion per year. that we're losing almost 400 billion. that is just china. in japan it is $75 billion.
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has brought -- gone up of course, . then we get to mexico. about $45 billion so everybody said they're not even competing against the candidates you saw them last night. summer very nice but they say to me, you cannot do that. mexico will not pay. and mexico will not pay. and i said why not? we send hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into mexico. you have a huge problem at the border where the drug cartels come in with the drugs and come up with the many. we are not making a good deal they're. they're coming in with hundreds. the numbers are staggering.
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then people say it doesn't work you ask israel if all works. a wall properly done a trompe wall works that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] >> the politicians the understand when they come from the you cannot get mexico to pay for the wallet will never work and i say why? why would they do that? because we're losing almost $50 billion per year on trade. that is peanuts. they say it will cost 10 or 12 but that is the people that never built anything. they have not idea you can do it much less it is bigger and better and stronger and people will not go to home depot to buy a ladder to walk up to it. not this wall. [laughter] [cheers and applause] by the way this fall will
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have the big beautiful open gate a nice opening in one people want to come into this country legally to go through the process, we all welcome them. is that a correct statement? we welcome them. [applause] someone goes to harvard day our number one or stanford or wharton school of finance or yale, and they do great then we throw them out the goal back to a country to try and compete and do so very successfully. we want to keep those people and keep people of talent we want people a great talent. so we have a plan with illegal immigration. remember this. when i first announced, this was an incredible two weeks for coverage lombok -- rush limbaugh said i have never seen more is coming bad
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press then he doubled down and he said nobody would have done that because they knew the problem and i knew what was happening. we have tremendous crime weather in san francisco or los angeles or the woman and two weeks ago killed in california at berkeley 66 roll veteran who was raped and sodomized and killed. unbelievable i an illegal immigrant. that will not happen anymore. [cheers and applause] we will have a border. and we will get the gang members out of here fast. lot of big numbers are illegal immigrants to go to chicago you have tough people they've will be added here so fast their head will spin. [applause]
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so i am honored by the crowd and we will have some fun now summer instead of making us speech that i have been to bring over and over i will take questions. [applause] let's start with this group over here. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims even though our current president is one. >> we need a question. >> we have training camps where they want to tell us. >> we're looking a lot of different things and people are saying that bad things are happening we will look at that and plenty of other things. go-ahead. >> i'll ask you a good veteran question last night
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was a disgrace cnn did not touch on any of the issues going on with veterans' health care. trump: i asked them about that. there wasn't one question related to the veterans. >> stephen and anyone ask them? is that because they don't like veterans? trump: not one question relating to that and not too much on the military but nothing related to the veterans. those days are over. >> hello mr. trump. the economy job market is a big issue just finish my masters now during my job search i untold i am over or under qualified. what can you do to improve the job market like me u.s. ascend college-educated? >> it is such the question i
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get it all the time. and all the other places i have been talking about this for 10 or 15 years. we're bringing the jobs back here. bowen of the things may be one of the questions that i get asked the most is, people young beautiful people go to college and borrow a lot of money. they're so proud of themselves they work hard and cannot get a job. there is an expression i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. laugh. [applause] >> can you hire me please?
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>> go ahead. >> mr. trump. i was wondering when we can get together working on the unsafe conditions and has spent a month since i gave you that information. trump: i remember. you and i should have a press conference because both government in massachusetts and new hampshire are not protecting the first responders. i would like to work with you on that. >> we will take a look at that. >> i havestion about the triumph wall -- trump wall. >> i will make it so beautiful because my am gone
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there will probably change the name to trump wall i have to make it beautiful. [applause] big and powerful. >> we don't have said jay good record. trump: we owe 19 trillion. >> exactly so how is it we will expect mexico to be paid their debt? trump: they make a fortune off of us. they make so much money. they take our business. nabisco, a deal like oreo cookies? i am not eating them anymore. nabisco is closing their plant in chicago and moved into mexico. ford is building a 2.5 billion dollar plant and mexico is doing very well. we need of leaders that can deal with them. and all the other countries
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we need the leaders that are smart and tough. carl icahn and other business leaders are lined up. top smart people. they will help us and to negotiate and we will make great deals to bring jobs back coelacanth get a job. okay? deal like that? go ahead. >>. >> welcome back. >> is hot enough san here? [laughter] last night was pretty hot but this blows in a way. >> i applaud the gentleman who brought up the training camps here. but america also has guns pointed at ordinary citizens year. trump: don't get nervous. you are on seven television
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networks. [laughter] >> the elevator and agriculture departments are going into different branches to shut them down with regulation but they seem to point a gun to make sure they get their feasts. this is our own government. trump: sell many things will change. these are regulations. that is one of them. being in real-estate we have army and navy bases and so many are for sale and has been sold. how many can we sell? things will change. go ahead. >> daniel. trump: he was a great man and was my friend.
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>> one of america's rag to riches story. trump: it is true. >> i think americans have lost the american dream. real looking to donald trump to bring that back. trump: a big banker from philadelphia. a real baker. he was a friend of mine and passed away a few years ago and was very successful and you are right. we will bring the american dream back. i undressed and what you were saying. i get that from sony people is the american dream dead? is in trouble. this is on life-support to
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make america great again. beautiful. [applause] >> please explain your position on the second amendment. trump: i am all for it. you need the protection. in new york close to prisoners seven months ago that escapes from maximum security prison. people were really scared. they were killers. a man and a wife, a wife was totally anti-gun and she hated that her husband had guns. he was big second amendment got a there waiting now these too tough cookies or the bad guys are somewhere
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around their home and all of a sudden now she is totally pro guns because she was so happy that her husband had guns. and they never had to use them because remember only the bad guys use them. but they were secure. now she is bigger then does best buy think that is what you want to hear. fatah to% second amendment. [applause] >> just a veteran of both iraq and afghanistan. [cheers and applause] trump: good shape. were you hurt or wounded? >> i.e. the blast and a couple of ground incidents.
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trump: new book could. >> suffering on both sides what should u.s. we doing for the humanitarian crisis in syria right now? trump: you have a crisis that is massive. to hundreds of thousands of people there comes a point to have as big a part as anybody where we have to get our own act together. the other saying is when you look at isis and all the problems being caused over there what happens if a lot of these people are al qaeda or isis? you could have 15 fingers and you don't know. with that being said, europe passed to help themselves. and cannot always be the
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united states we have bridges and roads and tunnels. we have problems here. [applause] we owe so much money we owe japan 1.$4 trillion. they sell cars by the thousands thousands all over the place. how to do that? we have people that are not very smart. china owes them the same amount of money. we have to straighten out her own country. you have the gulf states that take nobody there will not take anybody. we have europe but they have to hope. what i do like is a save some. ideas like the idea of this a zone to pull out and have
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security to create an environment and so they can ultimately do. they're great people. the the concept of safe zone is something that makes sense. and then they have to contribute. in all fairness now it is a little less the saudi arabia making so much money beyond anything anybody's comprehension. we can do something. we have to get other people to help us. every time there is a problem and in the meantime our airports are third world, bridges are falling down to see the safety record? sixty-two% are in danger?
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our roads are collapsing all over the country. we are a mess. we want to build the country it held on a humanitarian basis that we have to help ourselves and it may be time. trump: go ahead. that i am going to these people who were looking at the back of my head. [applause] >> do you plan to visit with the pope when he comes to philadelphia? trump: the pope believes in the global warming. you do know that? [laughter] it is so hot in here maybe i will start to believe it myself. and the air-conditioning was not designed for this many people. i like the pope for a good man. a lot of personality.
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>> i have worked very hard all my life my parents came over during the berlin airlift and when they then did my father became a carpenter to put us through school and here we are working hard getting social security but my problem is the people better landing on the shore have no problem making housing and electric and all of this coming from our social security money. [cheers and applause] >> we get nothing. trump: getting more and more excited. looked at that. >> carly fiorina she put our company lucent technologies into the ground. trump: people of might as well she rich. they have to burn i thought a great a couple days before
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i expose her business failure but shall be. >> i invested in my stocks are worked for the company 37 years and forced to retire with a descent technologies headed by carly fiorina before its hewlett-packard performers assigned stock to put into might retirement at $87 a share when a resource to to retire 60 years ago it was not worth $0.25. i lost almost half a million dollars. that is what i planned to retire and i had nothing. trump: that is amazing because people don't get it. this and technologies was a disaster. she ran in a prior to hewlett-packard when she bought compaq then made the decision to buy compaq computer and people that worked there said that
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company was such a great company and tell she got involved in made a horrible acquisition added has destroyed hewlett-packard in fact, yesterday's the front page of "the wall street journal" a big main story that hewlett-packard they're dropping 30,000 jobs. they are still recovering who knows if they ever will. >> that she said yesterday i don't get it in her speech. i don't get it. trump: as some point people will see and i think it will be a big roadblock. look at trump provide built-in unbelievable company, said tremendous company and tremendous net worth that i don't want to talk about that is the mentality you need in this country at least for a period of time. [applause] at least. as a businessman i help democrats or businessmen or
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whoever. i did all the laws of the plan to buy a company company, through which integrates chapter, a bankrupt it and beat the hell out of it. i of the businessman and i have to do that. many people in my position to the same thing but nobody talks about it. i could give you a list of names i am writing up the biggest business leaders in the country who have done the same thing and nobody talks about it. but i have done great and that is the thinking that you need. we will make their rich again and fantastic again then somebody else can blow it that we have to save our country. so carly fiorina did a terrible job at hewlett-packard. stories have been written that our legendary then head of the yale business school
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wrote a story that was so brutal and people will have to read this. i'll see how she can get over the hurdle cutting thousands and thousands of jobs and bottom-line schaede made a horrible purchase because it was a disaster but a lot of people don't know before hewlett-packard you had this in technologies and that was probably just as bad if not worse relatively. >> i don't have a question but i want you to know about the nightmares that i have of the isis be heading. i have a horrible visions of people i know and everybody being loaded up into boxcars like another holocaust. i just want you to know
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about that. [applause] >> does anybody have a towel? [laughter] i lost a lot of weight putting running for president every room we have is packed and nobody has enough air-conditioning because of that. i am losing a lot of weight. co-head. >> wed will we meet your first lady? [laughter] [applause] trump: that sounds good thank you darling.
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>> my question is simply when you talk about the deportation of illegal aliens talk -- taking money out of the coffers why do you identify how much it cost to keep them first is how much it cost to send them back? trump: he is a businessman. that is such a great point for people who want to listen. really i say we spent $200 billion per year. on illegal immigration. i think the number is much higher. and to do the wall is peanuts. the great wall of china 13,000 miles long. against a southern border and of 2000 you really need
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1,000. to say you cannot do with but 2,000 years ago they had no problem. he brings up such a great point. i believe it is an excess number is going from 175 billion per year up at 250. nobody knows how many illegals we have. we have heard 11. 11. id never moves. give me a break. it may be much more. we are a country of laws and borders we have to secure our border. we will make the country so strong and wonderful and great. with that offsetting cost
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which by the way will help out. >> [inaudible] trump: oh boy. at i am in trouble. [booing] trump: go-ahead think you. go-ahead. can you hear it? yes, sir,. >> my question is this.
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if you are elected president, one of the things that has been happening over the last several decades is our congressmen and senators voted huge pay raises and other benefits if they are elected for one term they get the lifetime pension and medical data don't have obamacare. >> in fact, they all have to use obamacare isn't that incredible?> in fact, they all o use obamacare isn't that incredible? >> will introduce a bill in both houses to roll back these excessive benefits than those that don't vote for it or vote it down will be fired, election time. [applause][n. trump: the first thing i will do if elected i will except no salary.
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[cheers and applause] the next thing is when they go to congress, a couple of things have been. first of all, they get benefits nobody can think about and they don't like to talk about. we do have bigger problems but that is relative scale of how the country is church that we will work on that. we will have a system that will be fair to everybody. one of the things come i himself sunday i am not getting tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. [cheers and applause] it is very unnatural. in many ways i feel foolish because people want to give you lots of money. lobbyist. special interest their donors i turn them down for i believe i am the only one.
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i talk about hedge fund we are though pretax is the corporation's, middle and, you will love me. we are lowering taxes. we will simplify we're coming out in three or four weeks with an amazing plan. but the hedge fund guys, and others, will have to pay up. that's okay. somebody said that's not very republican. i'll see anybody weeping. you will be very very happy when you say but we do with the taxes and with jobs and economic development. you will be very very happy. go ahead. >> everybody has on some questions mine is a little
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closer to home. i just sent the last two 1/2 years and $50,000 on by a daughter under your leadership will that trickled down in the court system to help families like mine to keep them safe. trump: what you doing? >> it is over now. family court is broken. [applause][n. trump: very much so. the whole court system is broken. trump: look at justice roberts where he approved obamacare twice. but the answer is yes. that should be a local situation but jeb bush loves common core. [booing] i do like being local i want
7:47 pm
to see local people teaching your kids from iowa and south carolina went to see local people taking care of your children's education. that in many cases in washington they could care less. [applause][n actually other people are ahead of a job -- jeb bush by a lot. the key is strongly in favor of common core and weak on immigration. you cannot have him. and all the key will do too well in new hampshire or iowa or anywhere else. >> mr. trump. my question we all know the gap between the rich and the port is getting bigger and
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manufacturing is sent overseas with trade deals. how you want to bring back american manufacturing jobs would you repeal nafta and how you feel with the dpp? trump: the new deal in what is hurting us is currency manipulation and that answers that question. [applause][n that is not the deal to be made. i have not been a fan of nafta you know, about that better than anybody your place is are stripped out of new england to mexico and other places i have never been a fan of nafta. we will bring jobs back to have forged and other companies instead of going to mexico and other places places, lots of other places, we will have them built here and give them the incentive that they needed to build here. >> i am a volunteer with the
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conservation voters and what is your plan to reduce pollution that drives climate change to endanger public health? trump: that is an interesting question. let me ask you. take it easy. how many people here believe said global warming? we'll believes in global warming? who believes in global warming? >> [inaudible] trump: raise your hand. not much. nobody? one person. that is interesting. you believe?
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will do two more questions. let's go. >> just last week one of the other candidate said he thought the closure system was good because it kept workers on their toes to believe the way to make people more efficient is to threaten to take away their jobs and those that support our voluntary? trump: you said that is what is happening? i heard that yesterday actually. not a good situation. one more question. may get a good one. right here. >> i would like to know what
7:51 pm
your plans on social security? trump: we will say of the social security. we will said the social security. [applause][n we will make of life for the veterans ever that it has been to build up the military to repeal obamacare and replace it with something really, really great that works. beatty's and gentlemen, it was great. thank you taste --. >> donald trump spaking headache town hall meeting with an extraordinary range of questions. referring to the sheets in that building numerous times to the point that he may
7:52 pm
begin to believe then global warming. joining us now to help analyze what we have seen, what is your reaction to donald trump's performance with his town hall meeting? gimmicky shows no signs to back down or stop anytime soon. he had a flat today performance last night paired up with the candidates. said now is this type of environment he has been doing this a lot and is comfortable with it but there was some of missed opportunities to show he is a serious candidate. in the beginning he was asked that the president was of muslim we should get rid
7:53 pm
of them. >> maybe he should have stepped in and. lou: but i think it was dismissive to keep the train moving. now we will go to chris in washington d.c.. what did you think of the performance tonight and rochester? >> every day it is vintage. when does the dvd box said cutout -- come now. he is an amazing political figure in public speaker and media figure. he never fails. lou: watching him in this debate and we will get to the evaluation, but he did
7:54 pm
say he would decline his salary as president of united states as a forbearance that we would have assumed anyway. does he have to do something ? although he seems pleased with the performance but there isn't much original. >> that is what is interesting government next few weeks if he changes his stump speech he has been hosting these events with big rallies for a while. we have been seen many specifics come out. of lots of candidates have their stump speech and stick to the talking points but he is being a showman he could be a little more creative.
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>> some of my listeners today calling into my shows said while they are tromps supporters he needs to start getting a specific to talk policy. this is a great deal of fun that you will not see this same show over and over. he has to get into more substance if he will keep his supporters with him or expand his base. even at 30 percent that is great you cannot win with that. to get into policy into. he is a smart guy, he could probably get the speed quickly, right now it does not look like he has team of advisors bringing him up to speed on the international affairs and terrorism. some of the issues where you really have to be smart to the
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issues. >> we're joins by sarah westwood from dc, what did you think of mr. trump's performance in rochester. >> it was more of the same thing, that we have been seeing. the same sort of thing we saw last night. donald trump makes comments about how he thinks he would get along with putin, how he would just go out there and fix all of america's problems. afterward rubio and fiorina come out and describe a detailed pl plan. all of the specific foreign policy issues, creating a contrast with donald trump, you did not see in the town hall, he is in his element. lou: quickly, let's turn to last night. donald trump posing with his supporters there.
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he has supporters by the legio legions. how do you think the debate last night went, who was the winner? give us what you think? >> i think carly fiorini certainly came out on top in this debate. she had fulfill her mission. and proved she should be on the debate stage, marco rubio speed out as -- stood out as someone well versed, he needed to shine on the stage. he has been in the lower end of the poll, i think that chris christie did himself a service by, really, coming out, and reminding us why he was considered a top contendor in the first place. he since fallen out of favor but he needed that moment to shine. lou: chris, your favorite top 3? >> is pretty good analysis, if this were a nascar race, for
7:58 pm
most part everyone kind of held their place. donald trump, i thought started out kind of weak in the first hour, i think he might have hurt himself a little bit. by the end, i think he was back to neutral. and did just fine. i agree that chris christie did himself proud by sort of being himself. and also true that carly fiorini with specifics on the balkans and russia and the middle east, came off as being very well informed and well versed. she was the also-rans, that is everything but donald trump, i think she was the biggest winner. if you like ted cruz, then ted cruz did well. if you liked marco rubio, then marco rubio did well. he spent a lot of time dabbing sweat, the room was warm, scott walker, i think gets a c for the
7:59 pm
evening. as did the rest of them, if anybody is falling back a point or two, it is likely rand paul, and who will keep his supporters. scott walker did not sign in the way he needed to. lou: your top three. >> i agree with kate lip, chris christie -- caitlyn, chris christie established himself why we loved nim in 2012, and scott walker had one of the worst performances, he had least amount of air time. >> i would say, i think that the assessment that carly fiorini is winning the debate, i think that is to me not even close, she stood out remarkably. the rest, all did fine, but, she was spectacular, i think. chris plant, sarah westwood,
8:00 pm
caitlyn huey byrnes thank you. >> thank you. lou: please join us form night, from new york. >> donald trump just wrapping up his speech to official voters in new hampshire. welcome to special primetime edition of the intelligence report, trump speaking in the granite state allowing voters to ask questions, anything they want, we heard, him echo some of his popular themes, the need for a wall with mexico, taking care of our veterans, he would save social security. >> she did a terrible job at


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