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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 21, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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real hillary clinton. just three. >> i can't possibly do that. i'm a real person without the plus and minus. i've been in the public eye so long that it's like real people actually go shopping. can't wait to get reagan's reaction to that one. a new poll showing major changes. governor mike huckabee coming up in the 8:00 hour. turning from friday's big selloff. dow futures up 32 points although we points although we're still a few hours from the opening bell. overseas in asia, major averages are mixed. the composite top performer for the gain of 2%. the rest of averages are down.
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searching for direction is for direction is facing trading kick off they are. the llamas are above the ftse in cac move higher. many concerns checking and commodity markets. oil and gold of 70 cents. moving to the downside by buck. pope frances continues his tour. the meeting coming after tens of thousands of people in havana. apple suffering its first major hack attack. cybersecurity firms from software embedded in hundreds of apps. apple is now working to remove the malicious software. sports has a good weekend. green bay packers from the nfc
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championship against the seattle seahawks. packers on 1716 in the first quarter. an 80-yard touchdown with a two pointer version. the final score 2417. bad news for cowboys fans. london as tony romo on their fantasy folk of rosters. he suffered it were up and collarbone during yesterday's game. he will undergo tests to determine whether he needs surgery. >> and the game goes to "game of thrones." sandra: a big night for television at the 67th emmy award. comedian tracey morgan making a surprise appearance at the awards. hbo not only scoring the trophy but also best comedy.
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we have all the moments he manifest coming out. gop presidential candidate carly fiorina catching up as she gets a major bump in the first national poll since last week's debate. blake burman was the latest in washington. reporter: the latest polling suggests that many suspected after last week's gop debate. a major bump for carly fiorina. donald trump still leaves if you have the support for one in four republicans. carly fiorina for the middle of the pack although it is up to second with 15%. dr. ben carson in third, making it a one, two, three for the nonpoliticians. for now come a combined total of 15%. carly fiorina now i touch her threat, trump continues to focus on last night unleashed a series of tweets beginning with there is no way carly fiorina can
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become the republican nominee for win against the dems. barbara boxer kilter for senate in california. looks like the battle of the business executives could very well just be starting. sandra: at least starting in earnest. latecomer thank you very much. new heights communication president chris stetzer and political editor david cohen. welcome to you both. what do you make of the polls this morning? donald still on top. >> now it gets fun. now donald trump has real competition. if we didn't think they were already out before. the reason for it can really be traced back to the moment in the last debate in which carly fiorina took donald trump on and said women across america are exactly what you said. i bet if we actually look at the
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numbers, republican women driving the surge in support for carly. the problem now becomes now she will face even much more about her time at hp. we know it's not necessarily a record she can be all that proud of. sandra: david, what do you think of everything this morning? it's just starting to get fun. it's been fun. >> has been dramatic. we can expect these polls to turn on top of each other. the big story as we know, carly fiorina frankly illustrates what we suspected that trumps numbers while strong, extremely intimidating or also fluid. his daughters, his supporters as a vehicle for the antiestablishment intern. if there's a better vehicle, they will change vehicles. >> you've got dr. carson third in the latest poll spreading
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14%. he's drawing a lot of criticism over the weekend saying he would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of the nation. anything will go over can during the poll was taken before he said that. >> i think it will play pretty well. these are the same people donald trump encountered last week is that president obama is a muslim. he's obviously not. we need to get rid of muslims in this country. for them i'm sure will play pretty well. we also have in our constitution and no religious test to prevent someone from becoming the president of the united states. so many across the course of the history of the nation have come here because they face religious persecution in their original country. the problem for ben carson acs is going to play well to a small segment and extremely poorly to the broader electorate.
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sandra: i've got to bring you guys soon. i know as the defense you are the best this world, you also watch the political atmosphere because it's so business. on the democratic side, bernie sander show in popularity five times as big as hillary clinton said at the same university two days before. what do you make of this? >> on the democratic side there's a lot of disgruntled voters. voters are going away from establishment candidates, both on the republican and democratic side because they've heard it all before and it hasn't generated anything for joe public so to speak. they are looking for alternatives. the problem is they look right, they sound great, but you need a grassroots organization for each and every state.
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sandra: you know who is not looking for alternative is wall street. maria sacher with guest after guest, bigwigs have announced their support for hillary clinton in recent years. still unwavering support. i point to john mack, former morgan stanley. why does wall street -- why do they continue to back her? dagen: she is telling them something privately that she is not saying public way. her capital gains tax when she wants to raise taxes. she wants to be as liberal as she can when she speaks in front of primary voters right now, but they hear something altogether different. in that sound clip was played of her, she has had decades to get ready to run for the presidency and she still hasn't gotten a good laugh down. she tries to show energy and it comes across -- does not throw
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the voters off? >> we've always known hillary clinton is a poor political affluent. in this case in your point about wall street, whether it's jeb bush or hillary clinton, they represent the status quo. sandra: why is she on the grandest stage there is her politics? >> the best athlete doesn't always win the candidacy. joe biden was far better than barack obama, hillary clinton or john edwards. he didn't go very far. >> joe biden, his wife says she is game if he wants to. do you think he'll jump in? >> i don't see out even though it says he may. i just think deep down he will realize hillary clinton has the establishment lane. sandra: christie, last word to you. does biden get in mix things up
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here? >> i don't think so either. i think at the end of the day she's got up so many of the votes he needs. sandra: christie stetzer and david koontz. it is taxes. just how much they should hand over to the government. jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon weighing in on the issue on "meet the press." he is okay with paying a bit more. >> if you said to me what you pay 10% more of a say of no personal problem at all. i would pay more than my assistant pays. the american public don't feel the money is properly used. forgot they come and make sure it goes to productive use of people know is that much can be infrastructure, education, et cetera. sandra: time and wait another 2016 racing he's a democrat but would go as far as pledging support for any candidate.
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stocks looking for direction following last week's big selloff march by the fed's decision to leave interest rates unchanged. all of this as the quarter as the quarter were just going the quarter we the quarter were just going to see my wet times the stock market. >> also another great collection and i think they are stronger bright now in the parliament. we also have catalonian elections, which one of the problems in spain who wants to gain independence. you see in many countries and maybe even here in the united states at the public is slowly starting to revolt against the establishment. sandra: bought this big global events around the mind of the institutional investor, does the regional investors buying and selling shares of u.s. companies need to be concerned with those events?
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>> look, the market has barely moved since the summer 2014. we are back to where the levels are. the bull market essentially for now is over. there is no upward trend anymore. we saw the lay selloff is not essentially wrote the trend in the most forceful way. so now they've said all year long we will raise rates sometime in 2015 and suddenly -- dagen: made them look incredibly weak. the markets did not have direction until the fed hikes. >> the markets are getting the word. what is the fantasy and what are they worrying about? sandra: will get to more honest than just a second. corporate america stepping up in the migrant crisis. we'll tell you about new efforts in the u.s. and middle east.
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sandra: the migrant crisis continues to worsen in europe. more help baby on the way. cheryl casone has the latest on the story. reporter: secretary of state john kerry announced a boost in refugees except in the coming years to 100,000 annually from the current level of 70,000. this ethnic donald leaves the migrant crisis by donating pay television airtime and access.
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to promote the world food program. pope francis knapp is fidel castro yesterday in cuba after government dissidence claims they were detained to prevent them from interrupting a papal mass in havana. their recent tour tomorrow. finally, apple is saying it is cleaning up its app store following its first major hack attack. mauer worked its way through developers and popular apps. apple removing some popular chinese ones that we chat. there's been five malicious apps ever discovered in the store. this is very dangerous for apple. they have said cooper type app. all of that was affected your where talking potentially 500 users. tree into talking about sensitive information. the affected apps can transfer
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information, prompt fake alerts to sell passwords from the high-class service and read and write information on the clipboard according to the article in "the wall street journal" this morning. you talk about sensitive stuff that can be compromised. dagen: appleshare sera. a lot of people thought it was invulnerable. the asp developers work to buy the hackers and the quality control testers at apple were to go slow. this is a huge, huge black eye for apple in a way we haven't seen before. true through apple has been the tried and true safe place. websites were used to transfer station systems did not. this is a new level of fear for the company. the stock is affected right now. sandra: apple as you said taking
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steps to address the problem. i don't know how reassuring it is that the stuff they've taken to address the problem were that the apps from the app store. anybody who assumes that they are so a bit out of date. thank you very much. oil prices moving higher. consumers still feeling relief at the pump. everybody's talking about them. people posting pictures of their gas pump prices all over the country. some below two bucks a gallon. we will go live to the cma to find out where prices go next. after the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged last week, one fed officials say the rate hike is on the table in the time i may surprise you. keep your right here on fox business. >> in the emmy goes to "game of thrones."
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reporter: they are starting off exciting. the recount is a big part of the story. that got washed away that the post had weakness in the market. today this topic number one for oil traders. we also got a report from the energy information administration said u.s. oil production is going to crater. we will drop by for a hundred thousand barrels. we haven't seen that much of a
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cup that can oil production in this country since 1989. today it is about the supply-side or the bigger agronomic pictures the other story when it comes to oil. when we are worried about the stock market and weakness in the global economy, oil prices don't do well. you're better than expected demand when prices can exceed expectations and we are up to that. sandra: us to watch oil prices 45 bucks a barrel. when we drop below $40, goldman sachs jumps in and says prices go to 20. here we are back to. i know you closely watched things like the commitment of traders report. where does the trend look like it is? what changes are you seeing as far as holdings are concerned institutionally? >> basically they get out of their position. rescind the most bullish position of hedge funds in a couple.
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they are blaming at least not so much to the short side but the long side. what is more important when we get these calls like goldman sachs, where were they a year ago when the supplies were building. they were calling for $108 a barrel and that was amazing to me. after the market has had one of the biggest collapses in history. they are behind the curtain. sandra: wherever they a year ago. phil flynn, thank you. we will see you all a workup may not. coming up, no preference conference, no problem. why rate hike could be in place for next month. are people not talking about an october hike? we will be right back. ♪
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. sandra: good morning welcome back it is monday morning september 21, with me this hour fox business dagen mcdowell, and societe generale robert, here are top stories bright and early 6:30 a.m. east coast, g.o.p. race tighter first pol since last week carly fiorina in the number two spot. to donald trump, and trump should be getting concerned support shaped bit, democratic sidehill hill made her first sunday show disappearance in about four years trying to show a different side of hers. but still struggling against bernie sanders, two days after clinton held event at university of new hampshire, sanders how old his own, saw a turnout of 3,000 people, as
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many as clinton's event who knew turning to markets futures pointing to slight gains we are off earlier highs, turning to sports a big weekend a big night, the green bay packers from january's championship loss against a seattle seahawks down 17-16 fourth bequeath aaron rogers led to 10 play, 80 yard touchdown drive two-point conversion final score 24-17, and, making history at the emmy awards, is it he will elevateors come on dagen watches all shows the first african-american woman to win best league actress in a dramao how to get away with murder, john hamm won best actor don dry uper in mad men a lot of people think well served federal reserve raising interest rates -- not raising interest rates last week san francisco fed president
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williams zriedescribes it a ver close cal in interview with maria bartiromo "sunday morning futures" on fox abuse adds, rate hike this year is still in the cards. >> do you think that because you have some put aufrldz out there we understand, the conversation behind -- behind the decision that you don't need a press conference, to announce a rate increase, should we expect it in october? >> the reason i mentioned october because it is not expected that you will have a press conference in october leads me to think then hike comes in december, when you are planning a press conference. >> we could always have a press briefing, if there is a major decision, i don't think that is an issue at all. sandra: any month on the table. >> i want to bring np may going partners brad, about 2015 rate hike is it going to happen. >> i wish here this morning, talking about the 25 basis points fed moved last week.
6:32 am
>> i think, the conversation, would be shifting more not future. growth in the u.s., the confidence the fed has in this economy and instead we are locked in this kind of holding pattern right now seeing that in the futures. >> we are back up this morning let's see if market s stabilized october every time -- october, december, october he is saying not ruling out a rate hike then, are i am looking at probabilities on the fed funds futures what they price in accidental priced in, that there would not be a rate hike this last meeting. >> right. >> right now they are saying 11% chance of a hike, at the october meeting rather a 39% chance coming into december the markets telling us no hike this year. >> exactly a week ago probability of any right hike in 2015 was something like 70%, now what you say about
6:33 am
45, maybe less even, so, then i also the other question is is that if you are not hiking in september why what are has changed so dramatically in a month from now, then the third thing i would point sought that there is another risk of a government shutdown debt ceiling crisis. >> talking about that. >> yes, if -- our expectancitio correct congress will vote for continuing two months to keep government funded for the next two months, because the calendar is too busy to come up with a budget agreement now then the budgets negotiations will coincided with negotiations on department ceiling brings this all together. >> giving me a headache here come on! the going back to your point about to raise or not to raise, the rate hike we did not get will we get one by the end of the year, i mean can the markets handle it is the big question; right? >> i think the markets can handle it i think in certain way markets have become
6:34 am
deinsisted with volatility, october in the karsdz. >> the level rate crisis level that is what makes zero krens. >> dayingon we are not crappr zero percent rates are we. >> supposed to raise in overheating economy to slow things down that is at a argument. >> the biggest problem going to the doctor you get medication, and the doctor is trying to get you off the medication, to prove your healthy. it should be oar way around economy healthy we have inflation. >> unemployment 4 1/2%, that is ridiculous. >> i think the conversations going to shift over the course of the next few weeks we will begin to get a little bit more of a hawkish tone you are going to see that if not painfully clear a few days before next meeting clearly not happening. >> the fed data dependent watching unemployment figures this, this, do you think the
6:35 am
fed is just decided when they are going to raise rates they are not going to do it this er i wouldn't, maybe they will do it very first thing of 20 -- 2016, but not after, caution too close to the elections. >> i don't know, do you think that they already decided when they are going to make this move? >> i don't think so, i think that is unfortunately thing why located in this holding pattern with when this is going to happen. >> how do you position yourself. >> i am a bond investor in my space being a bond fund manager i want to remove myself from speculation as much as possible as much as nice to be about passionate about speculating what fed will be doing, i prefer to be in floating rate assets as bond investor i think you are seeing a lot of bond investors getting sucked into a trap being lulled into complacency think will the fed will be on hold almost forever extending maturities i think a concern we want to be a floating rate investor in the bond world seeing a lot of interesting opportunities in that space.
6:36 am
>> really interesting so your placing your -- your trades right now on the rate hike when? >> we don't -- the good thing nice to be indifferent as far as rates are concerned doesn't have to happen can happen now, in several months, or years. be much more centered around credit risks. >> sell-off. >> you want to take -- smarter credit risk the key, look to areas where you are actually seeing bright spots in in economy right now, still housing as much as housing had a nice run i bliebl really in the cycle there are bonds mortgage bounds that are tied to housing, and those are the areas look interestingly still right now, and i think it is still very early, first-time home buyers are beginning to kick in we're going to have some earnings reports from -- >> housing a bright spot when we are in easy money zero interest rate environment you are still not getting a boom what is going to happen when they raise rates to the housing market? >> the thank you for joining
6:37 am
us this morning. >> thank you. >> good stuff, and amazon data center crashing over the weekend halting access to popular web sites nicole is here the story. >> good morning, sandra, maybe you experienced an error much maybe not amazon web services running into database issues sunday morning, multiple web sites netflix, reddit reporting problems with public cloud service out of virginia according to amazon it was not a widespread outage on the some had this trouble accessing the web but reports show that much northeastern u.s. was affected by this crash, amazon services powers web mobile applications, provides date storage for web sites all over the world says all the issues, have now been resolved, but this happened to them back in a couple years ago, 2013, was 40 minutes,
6:38 am
cost them over 1100 dollars per second. so don't want this happening they don't want errors not only is it reddit, how about at the time of the incidenter, the dating sight a lot of social sights went down. >> that is a different story. >> that is tragic. >> you can't see who is hot who is not. >> reading a book. >> sometimes people don't want to read dagen. >> amazon, how can they -- >> i am really editing myself. >> i know. >> did you notice -- >> go ahead. >> let's talk technology. >> i mean seriously amazon, database issues come on arbiter they more s sophisticated than that. >> they should be i love them but i actually try to use them last night, they were down. >> oh, no. >> what weren't using what type of messages do you receive if you don't want to say what you were using. >> no ordering video.
6:39 am
>> make something up quick. >> right. >> i was ordering video it kept on throwing me off i had to actually ended up going to competitor. >> be specific dine no db service specifically that went down in this while we had this. >> nicole thank you. >> thanks. >> don't forget start your day with nicole sand lauren simonetti an you a hesome show 5:00 a.m. eastern. and there is a new golf champion in town jason day trumping mechanic rory jordanen spieth world number one more on rise to the top ranks straight ahead, "game of thrones" ruling the emmy awards last night, in case you missed it, entertainment reporter diana will break down the nice big winners and losers. it's more than the cloud.
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>> wildfires north of san francisco, destroying more homes cheryl casone has that and more this morning. cheryl: fires won't stop sandra california fire officials saying over 160 homes destroyed by a wildfire that is burning north of san francisco, we are investigating the death of a man, by the way, found near the source of the fire. damages segment teams kountsdz over1,000 homes burned in lake county this is making the third worst wildfire in the state history, brings talley destroyed homes two wildfires
6:44 am
burning in northern california to nearly 1600 the past two weeks. right now sandra this is for you meet your new number one golf player in the world! much better. >> 27-year-old jason day taking both mcilroy, spooth in rank, takesing on the winners trophy in bmw championship in illinois, day closed 2 under 69 to be 22 under for the at it, about those 6th clear of naivete rival good stuff. >> donald trump criticizing carly fiorina on abc this week. >> the compaq deal one of the worst in history destroyed the company at before then has been terrible, and you know got a good pitter-patter but if you listen to her more than 5 minutes straight you get a headache. >> okay trifrp going on telling george stephanopoulos he hopes she does well i like
6:45 am
her as well as i think i know her, he is just -- >> it is -- >> i don't know her. >> is that your best trump impression. >> now need to work on that seriously. but robert, talking about carl, i mean it is amazing carly fiorina so see rise in the polls a really a gradual but consistent do you think she has a shot. >> i think so, i like i wish it would happen later. right, i mean when you look at all elections, the primaries, 2012, 208 specifically mccain was essentially a none inventory until december starting to surge, grass police department primary elections easy her surge is great i just hope not too early it tends to be sometimes, the voters primary voters are testing several candidates, trump was rallying, then carson now
6:46 am
fearfea fiorina maybe somebody next we will see. >> we talk together huckabee later in the show we will ask if he will overtake these guys in the polls as well carly fiorina do you think her track record at h-p is going to haunt her? >> the day she declared candidates i think the day of did online chat answered questions was getting hit with the questions about her track record at h-p, said listen, i got fired. and she knows she is going to be questioned, on her record, there. and it was, the compact deal what it was disputed people in the company against its son of the founder against it way tont say one quick thing ran against the boxer for senate might have lost but began to hone her political chops in doing that, and she is a as much smarter candidate do you even go back listen to what she said back then, she is
6:47 am
tough as nails, and has honed her message, and she has a lot to work with, breast cancer survivor -- lost a child to drug addiction. >> something you said you with the hewlett packard families she got caught in middle of could use that to advantage. >> doesn't seem american voters had appetite for a rich businessman when we saw mitt romney run then you go you've got donald trump carly fiorina rising in the polls, as if the mitt romney thing never happened is that because this is after president obama's two terms. >> i think also difference, romney he was he came from a very privileged family and i think trump, too, but carly fiorina i think you see on her own, one of the things i want to say also that the problem with people coming out of the private sect they had a lifetime of having to be
6:48 am
accountable every action accounted for judged by market marketplace, politicians never have that problem. >> good -- well put robert thank you. cheryl thank you best showing for emmys last night we will look at big winners as well as who got roosted. >> donald trump is running for president. -- everywhere -- >> but, i've got to say sure donald trump seems racist, what else? [laughter] is mobile, it is you.
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> . sandra: "game of thrones"
6:52 am
shatteringemy record helping hbo score a huge victory who with biggers winners and losers diane falzone, i reget to tell you diane we i don't know, i will speak for myself at least i did not watch any of this last night because of early morning. >> you missed a lot hbo crushed competition, outstanding comedy with "veep," owes drama with "game of thrones" finally won it, and you also have surprising olive kitteridge, surprising hbo won there was some very, very big wins for john ham no more nominated 16 familiarizes. >> how to get away with murder. >> headacheing history speech very, very touching talked about how it redefines only bei
6:53 am
not only a woman but breaking boundaries. >> as i understand it a lot of people are talking about the best and worst dress. >> i think dagen came in appall at someone's attire it was heidi klum's dress the most -- >> do you have a picture? >> "big bird." >> big birdie on left, on the right heidi klum i will give credit for beiadventurous what was she thinking every bit of dress one ensemble probably worst dressed, i would say cummings i love this very comfortable. >> is this klum. >> bottom -- >> okay, so far. >> bottom see, it is like inequity. >> looks like one of the rejects from project runway made that dress trying to -- wore it. >> dagen.
6:54 am
>> the slipper next slipper, kind of cool. >> then some women wear bad dresses for their bodies ddanes amazing dress heavy had a lot of metal up here being challenged in the chest larry region never wear something making you look flatter than ir. >> on this program, tweeting out last night that lady gaga was one of the best dressed saying she went old hollywood. >> does old hollywood especially that she was touring with tony bennett brings a little bit of that can classic boutique one of ma personalities. >> i said we will never forget this look it was just bad. >> yeah when it comes to best dressed sofia, timeless beautiful one of the hottest in hollywood about to get medicare. >> henson out of this world
6:55 am
are. >> yeah what a body; right? >> talk about -- >> robert -- excited -- >> [laughter] >> if you are not trying to ju justify celebrate julia louis-dreyfus incredible. >> all three shows "game of thrones," "veep" olive kit ri kitteridge i watched all three. >> that was a big surprise, that was a huge surprise so glad stayed up for last 5 minutes getting sleepy boom there he was healthy. >> following tragic accident, comeback. >> suffered traumatic brain injury doing well, in coma 8 days congratulations to tracey for getting back up there. >> all right, apparently i just went some of the blogs are talking about sofia, you mentioned couldn't stop
6:56 am
scar"f-in'" down popcorn. >> thank you, so much glad to have you here thank you robert, so early as well we love to have you, strike around much more coming up, chief equity strategist very investors find value today, republican presidential candidate governor mike huckabee on the latest from the campaign trail, making some controversial comments we are going to ask him about those coming up he joins us at 8:00 a.m. eastern keep it right here on fox business. i asked my dentist
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7:00 am
well. rhetoric on trail heating up a major controversy over ben carson's comments, about muslims on "meet the press." >> i was not advocate that we put you a muslim in charge of the nation i absolutely would not agree with that. sandra: carson believers islam is inconsistent with the constitution. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton making her first sunday show appearance in four years. on "face the nation" clinton talked policy, but also tried showing more personable side mike huckabee 8:00 hour you are not going to miss that important stuff with him. >> market stocks looked to rebound from friday' he sell-off futures are up pointing to a higher open two and a half hours from now dow futures up 32 points, looked overseas in asia trade major averages mixed with shanghai composite gaining 2%, and then
7:01 am
you've got a look at europe stocks there searching for direction, midday trade you've got ftse london cac in france up dax in germany down 7/10 of one percent fed decision to the to raise rates has many concerned about the hope of the global economy. we are sending a signal maybe things are not so good after all oil and gold mixed in trading oil climbing gold down a dollar. pope francis continues his tour through cuba today, over the weekend the pope met with both raul and fidel castro, the meeting coming after the pope celebrated mass with tens of thousands of people in havana, apple's app store first major attack cybersecurity founded malaysia software embedded in hundreds of apps that you know some most popular affected are used in china, apple is working to remove malicious software. >> sports green bay packers redeeming themselves from the
7:02 am
championship ship loss against a seattle seahawks packers down 17-16 fourth quarter aaron rogers leading to 10 play, 80 yard touchdown drive .conversion, the final score 24-17. bad news for cowboy fans cheryl casone anyone who has tony romo on in the event of a football rosters quarterback suffering a broken collarbone yesterday he will have a test to determine whether he will need surgery. are. >> and emmy goes to -- "game of thrones". >> in case you missed it a big night for television, at the 67th emmy awards, tracey morgan making a surprise experiencing at the awards hbo big winner of the night not only scoring the trophy for best drama series but also
7:03 am
be comedy with "veep" all the moments you missed coming up highlights at least. >> hillary clinton making first sunday show interview a a disappearance in four years headlines this morning, blake berman has the details. >> hi the latest national poll for raernz shows none politicians running one, two, three and hillary clinton, seemed to be taking notice, on cbs "face the nation" former first lady senator the secretary tried to argue that she is an outsiders, also those -- >> i cannot imagine anyone more outsider than first woman president think about that you want people never tleelected no political experience never made hard choices in the public arena voters have to decide that. >> also this morning, a new cnn poll just released shows the democratic front-runner 42% in that pretrial undeclared joe biden continues
7:04 am
to pick up support for a potential presidential run, at 22%, that lead widens for clinton should, biden decide to opt-out, sandra. >> all right, blake berman, thank you donald trump addressing feud with republican candidate carly fiorina over the weekend the donald taking another shot at former hewlett-packard ceo. >> the compaq computerize one of the best in history destroyed have country before that she has been terrible, and you know she's got a good pitter-patter but if you listen to her more than five minutes straight you get a headache. sandra: fox news contributor katherine, and accountability project i start with you first, i mean, i don't know even know where to begin sounds like you are laughing about the donald trump comment there pitter-patter. >> yeah. >> have yeah, you know, i think the other day i think that donald trump reached his
7:05 am
moment paris hilton was all over press nobody could talk about anything but paris hilton all the same then stopped nothing else to talk about donald trump has reached his peak base trying to permissivot to business to other issues, trying to take down carly fiorina but there is really nothing else to say all the other moderates in the race dominanted. >> i do you think this is effective to be insulting fiorina only female in the race on republican made to. >> so after shauch great job in the debate i've been looking forward to seeing how he could handle, criticizing with his style when criticizing a woman. he doesn't seem to be doing a great job especially since she didn't run the company into the ground it is no really irfay took over when it was a mess. and most people know that, so, it is not maybe as good as trying to make it sound but not as bad as he is trying to make it sound. >> big after she left they had a remember the scandal charges
7:06 am
brought up in california, not related to anything that she did, but -- >> dagen last hour, will this come back to haunt her has she gone unscathed been able to rise despite that gets more in the spotlight will that hurt her bring her down. >> i think she is doing a great job spinning her background, into a positive view, but mark herd turned that company around, and got it going the right direction, and deserves the credit for what he did. as far as what she did, she increased the debt load increased sales but sales measure of earnings success of a company so in that regard, you know. >> was fired. >> she was fired. >> if you want to she uses excuse down turn, bubble bursting, ibm, guess what doing a lot better than her after her merge with compaq doing a lot better. >> tumble had been fired from his own company his name
7:07 am
wasn't on the door. >> probably. >> good point, all right. so talking about hillary clinton because she made a couple headlines over the weekend, i want to get your reaction to this she was asked, this i believe that this is "face the nation," to name three words to describe real hillary clinton she responded just three i can't possibly do that well she had to come up with something said i am a real person. trying to put hers off as human is that working for her. >> every time she goes on tv, listen i know she is trying i know that she has been getting a lot of pushback from the world, basically, for being too political. but it so i understand like every time she is going on tv putting on actors hat rather than being a real humanan, i was joking the other day please hillary clinton campaign don't attack me for this sounds like taking a shot before she goes on air, loosen up a little bit, i know. >> no she would look loose if she had done that, had booze before this this is bad
7:08 am
acting. >> and hurting in poll every time on tv drops a point. >> also worse campaign announced going to try to be more spokespersntaneous another political move rather than actually being hers, it is her pretending to be cool as a political -- >> what about comments i want your reaction as well the only man sitting up here right now she would be as much a political outsider as any other candidate because she would be first female president, of course. >> you know i think that -- um -- >> i think that she will be -- fine as president but was a political insider multiterm scenario not to say wasn't any of those things rngs. >> boy i got a good -- >> not perfected. >> goes on like, [laughter]
7:09 am
>> you know goes on too long. >> yes. >> monday morning -- >> she had -- >> why, she don't you know. >> secretary of state when greatest respect. >> and guess what was tweeting, and texting, caught her off camera off script basically, those were the moments we loved, hilly being hillary in a small crowd everybody talk about, is she poorly revivvirused advisories terrible the same people 30 easier telling you say will things making same mistakes doing same things to answer mistakes guess what time to kill those advisors out in literally, get rid of them. >> you own it look like act like person who cut you -- monday morning, boring? >> katherine, thank you for joining us this morning great
7:10 am
to have you great conversation, a big issue another big issue on the 2016 campaign trail, is taxes, of course, how much the kin wealthiest should hand over to the government, j.p. morgan ceo jaime diamond weighed in on "meet the press" he is okay times with paying a bit more. >> if you said to me would i pay 10% more i would say i have no personal problem doing it zero i understand, should be paying more than assistant pays something like that, what american public also don't feel that money goes to washington may not be properly used if you are going to raise taxes for god's sake make sure it goes to productive use people know properly done infrastructure, education, are, et cetera. . >> dimon weighing in on 2016 race saying he is in that would not pledge support for any one candidate, what do you make of jaime dimon's words. >> if you had millions of dollars very easy to say, i will pay more.
7:11 am
i should pay more than my secretary, i think that goes to what a lot of candidates are speaking to that is a flatter tax code, where you don't have an countant that can take 10 points off tax rate i think that is what it is. >> for a lot of people, it is write a check let's not tell everybody else they need to give that money to the government because they might be giving it elsewhere -- philanthropic oshgs why to government. >> you don't necessarily have to give to government you can basically, you know, stare around, based on donations, or based on your mortgage, interest rate. >> i i think candidates on the republican sideshow a lack of willingness to get rid of the mortgage interest deduction a handout to real estate if they want to clear up tax cut paltry little about cutting spending in that debate last week they talked about programs, things that they want to spend money on, but
7:12 am
they did not talk about what they are willing to cut. >> quite frankly i didn't -- >> i didn't. >> trillion dollars. >> i did not think enough discussion on economy, and jobs. >> absolutely. >> and period. >> all right, coming up, attack on apple's app store hack in china has users concerned take a look at some other headlines we are watching for you, out of the "the wall street journal," this morning, the new bond market, bigger this year and more fragile than ever debt trading arena subject as never before to price are reversals disruptions, nbc hasn't has not had a new hut in two years struggling to billed up pipeline of new slows tsipras syriza to return to power, we will be right back. ♪ .
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7:16 am
>> migrant crisis worsens in europe more help maybe on the way, cheryl casone is following the story for us. cheryl: that is right sandra good morning, secretary of state john kerry announced u.s. will boost refugees it accepts in the years to 100,000 kwlaulg from current level 70,000. this as mcdonald's leads everest to raise money for the crisis by donating paid television airtime and access digital media to promote the world food program amazon cloud service running into issues over the weekend multiple web sites including netflix, that use the service reporting multiple problems on sunday morning, the company said all issues had been resolved, "barrons" taking on gopro saying shares of the
7:17 am
wearable, a contemporarily maker could fall another 30%, because of growing competition and lackluster product launches, gopro you can see there that was a closing price on friday, stock down about 44%, this year sandra, and basically, the debate within "barrons" article was at this point go brother he can't come up with not guilty cool and new sycamores want maybe a playout target for apple, but one of the folks they interviewed said no way, apple would make their own technology, in-house they've got the cash this is all bad news for gopro. >> investors are ask it aboutish they say about the company ability to ward off competition saying endangering letters others enter the market for action cameras do you think gopro has something down the pike have not announced. >> i think a lot of competition down the pike with apple could come wut with anything camera here put it in something that you can wear,
7:18 am
and you have competing product for gopro. you know as far as stock goes looking into christmas holiday, i do think around 29 dollar level is where you want to get interested, that is -- you know it will make a new low wash out and some stocks get elected in that regard i think 29, 28 there are a level where you want to look at the to being. >> never understood the valuation never understood the investor over this company it is jump a limited type of product with a very limited audience and a low barrier to entry, we are a nation that is getting fatter and so we are going to have this a booming market, in like extreme in extreme cameras. >> you could say that markets has been strong they really branded themselves as the wearable camera. >> a strong consumer following, i mean you go in a ski mountain, sports but the 12-year-old skiing down the mountain wearing it. >> you think about any ski any
7:19 am
company that is in stream sport it had a much they would have much lower valuation than this thing did. >> i agree but i think graduated from extreme to mainstream. and why i say that is if you go you know, to a ski mountain, you know in vermont, in you know colorado, they are everywhere. >> plenty of videos somebody puts gopro on the cap -- >> lo it. >> by the way, i suggest wearable cameras for skiing instances because i took it upon myself to hold my camera down the mountain, and -- >> did you hit a tree. >> that didn't seem to -- >> lost a phone. >> went down. >> all right. consumers feeling relief at the pumps at least for now as gas prices drop below 2 bucks, per gallon, in five days are low prices here to stay we
7:20 am
could live to cme group find out where prices are futures pointing to a higher open follow friday's sell-off how should investors play volatility markets, asset management chief equity restauran strategist weighs in keep it right here on fox business. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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7:23 am
as there are a barrel, now as u.s. retailers cut operating rigs third straight week phil flynn al cme group all answers where oil is heading now, phil. >> well good morning, how are you, well call it production destruction, a lot of fiems you are about demand destruction we're seeing production destruction why is that happening because of low
7:24 am
prices, because of the opec price war, good news is gasoline prices you mentioned continue to come down, in tennessee down 94 out of the last 5 days national average 2.26 i will tell you this we got to give credit to the u.s. energy refineers produce more gasoline than ever before the month of august over 10 million barrels a day, that is even more than our culmination we are going to have to start exporting gasoline that is how well things are but right now new year of low gasoline prices, you got to love it back to you. >> you got to love it take advantage you never know how long they are here for last week i starting tweeting, about gas prices people in return were sending pictures, of the gas price at their pump, wherever they were in u.s., people were showing me a lot of it images of gas per gallon below 2 dollars in this country, so a lot of people enjoying lower gas prices but, of course, the end all be-all question how long is it going to last what do you think.
7:25 am
>> i think we are -- pretty close to the bottom. you know. we have the refinery maintenance season going on next 4 to 6 to 8 weeks right now, i think that will be the low. the reason why, is you have a lot of production coming offline seeing in baker hughes recount number down a lot, over the last few weeks, down i think 8 last week, so all of that is setting up for a move higher in oil, probably, first quarter next year second quarter the key thing you got to look at what is differential between current month crude a year forward that differential has gotten much larger of late, means that people are not selling at lower sorry people are not selling at lower prices in the future. >> got you, dayingen 45 daryle a barrel crude i am thinking cheap oil prices fiasco prices why arpt we seeing more boom from u.s. consumer. >> i am still a better -- i
7:26 am
still betting on positive impact on u.s. consumer moving into hollywood shoppiiday shopp prices people take photos as you are talking about on twitter has impact on the people psychological even if if it might be california money in pocket people say my health insurance premiums out of cost expenses health care are going up, but still has a positive -- benefit. >> the cycle of presupposed confidence and more spending. >> if people think we are going to have 2 dollar in their area, or nationwide, for an extended period of time, has a big impact. >> tweet your pictures of your gas pump prices are they below the national average seeing a -- sandra smith, remember stop car first then take the pictur picture. >> the fed not raising rates last week a toll on markets is there somewhere you should look to put money any beaten down sectors anything that took a big hit last week are
7:27 am
they buys we are going to talk about very value is straight ahead. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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sandra: good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. this monday cometh the 21st. with me is dagen mcdowell and aaron goldberg. here are your top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the gop race is getting tighter. the first poll since last week's debate, carly fiorina in the number two spot to donald trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton made her first sunday show appearing in about four years and trying to show a different side of herself. but she is still struggling against rival bernie sanders two days after clinton held an event at the university of new hampshire. the sooners held his own as i turn on a 3000 people, five
7:31 am
times as many as clinton's event. what can i market this event. what can i market this morning as they kicked our futures pointing to a higher open on wall street after friday's big selloff. dow futures hitting the heights of the morning of 92 points. s&p futures gaining momentum as we work our way to the opening bell. sunday morning features with maria bartiromo, san francisco fed president and smo see voted #-number-sign is a close call but 2015 is still a possibility for a hike. >> do you think because you put all this out there we understand the conversation behind the decision and you donate a press conference to announce a rate increase? should we expected in october? that leads me to think the rate hike comes in december. >> we could always have a press
7:32 am
briefing if there's a major decision. i don't think that's an issue at all. >> any month is on the table. >> sports, bad news for the cowboy fans of the world anyone with tony romo on the roster. the quarterback suffering a collarbone during yesterday's game. he will undergo tests today to determine whether he would need surgery. making history last night. viola davis becoming the first african-american woman to win best lead actress in a drama for her role in how to get away with murder. on the men's side, john hamm winning best actor as don draper and madmen. last week's selloff sparked by the fed's decision to keep interest rates unchanged. we are hitting highs of the session printout features up a hundred point. how can investors cash in on the decision not to move?
7:33 am
nubian -- good to have you here. as they look at the futures this morning as we just spoke the dow futures up more than 100 points after the big friday's selloff following that said lack of moving on interest rates. it's tough to get agreed on the market. will they, won't they, do they want the hype? >> the fed has confused us. there's no question about it. they change the rules of the male take take a while to figure it out. we are still in the wake of the august correction in the damage was done to the market. we are healing from that. my guess is more volatility in both directions. you buy them when you're down and saw them when they are up is easy to say. focus on companies with positive free cash flow, companies that unit growth and don't require pricing power and i'm still of the view that companies with most earnings in the u.s. rather than outside.
7:34 am
sandra: i want to get to something because there is a clear move we saw to the upset in the futures market. that is the cbo volatility index there is some fed speak going on this morning. once the president saying rates could rise in october echoes what william told maria on fox news yesterday saying they could get a rate hike in october. is that something you're planning for? >> it's unlikely. there is a fed governor this is rates will rise for many, many. i wouldn't take -- they could rise in october. true into the reason i say that if there is some fed speak going on but nonetheless the market come the futures tell us 11% chance in october and a 30 something% chance of december.
7:35 am
we talk about well in the 16. >> the house view is december rate hike. you do have the press conference. lizaa civion volatility that cause the fed not to move, maybe there is a chance october has another month of data whether or not there's volatility in the marketplace and should raise rates at that point. that would be out of the ordinary. one thing the fed has tried to do is be deliberate in their actions and by that not surprise the market place because that creates additional volatility which is what they are trying to subdue. >> it's tough to decide what to do in this environment. looking at the market they were beaten down sectors and stocks last week after the fed did not move. the financials got hit hard. >> modestly positive, cheaper cyclical in the market.
7:36 am
mayor could make money when the fed raises rates and keeps getting postponed. >> trying to buy energy in the last several months moving into the hotel hurt. investors keep getting creamed. >> the message and stick with it hangs delivering fundamentals. we can't figure the out. that's what it's going to move stocks and i come back to make sure their earnings are there. u.s.-based earnings rather than non-us based earnings. sandra: this is the least bleak economic recovery and less political market of her career. >> we are in our seventh year of recovery and people think we are still in recession. sandra: dissent and things are pretty bad. let alone the average person
7:37 am
looking at a job participation rate at its lowest in history. >> corporate earnings at 200% from the bottom. that justifies the stock market. >> you're bullish u.s. equities. >> make no mistake about it in the rearview mirror. we have a 22% growth in the first six years. it will be much lower and bumpier. >> out of sync earnings season will be this quarter people talk about origins for corporis. where do you see this earnings season shaking out? >> it will be mixed with the reasons he said. mid to high single digits will be very happy which means some companies have down earnings. dagen: do like some all-caps here? >> i am a mid-cap guy and think that is where you will get opportunities. they are not subject to the things -- sandra: i say this for the last
7:38 am
because it's on the back burner for the u.s. investors to worry about, but are you worried about china because it does seem like everyday conversation now. >> have to be. the slowdown in china's good for the u.s. read on export that much in china's weakness has created lower oil prices. the question of fitness from economic weakness to financial problems at the negative. >> thanks for coming in so early this morning. great to have you. clinton doing her best to repair her image with the american public. is it working? >> of his three words that is the real hillary clinton. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being. i've been in the public eye for so long. it's like the future you see in the magazine sometimes.
7:39 am
real people actually go shopping. >> all right.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
sandra: if you live in new york city or philadelphia and pre-ordered your iphone six or 65 come you may not get it on time. hope frances might be to blame. cheryl casone at that story and more. >> all pope all the time. the pope's visit prompting ups
7:43 am
to say no pickups or deliveries in two dozen sickos between the two cities between thursday, september 24th and saturday, september 26 due to heightened security measures. the former lehman brothers deck fold selling his ranch thursday night for a record $20 million. fold has been trying to sell the home i'm equipped river drive in idaho for more than a year. originally looking for 59 million but somebody got a nice half off a mountain. full text store with cybersecurity firms find malicious software embedded in hundreds of apps that the most popular effect that are used in china. apple now working to remove malicious software. sandra: sherrill coming thank you. hillary clinton once again and again it was wrong to use two separate e-mail accounts as secretaries day. she is leaving it to the american people to decide if it
7:44 am
was a failure in judgment. >> i didn't make the best choice. i should've used to separate e-mail accounts, one personal, one work-related. people of the government knew i was using a personal e-mail. >> it was a failure in judgment. >> it was permitted, it was allowed, i did it. people can make their own judgments about that. sandra: joining us now is american federation of teacher president and hillary clinton supporter randi weingarten. >> great to be here. sandra: this is a huge morning. i said where do we begin. first you do support hillary clinton. continued to support her despite the e-mail scandal. >> the justice department last week cleared her intent is appropriate she could erase your e-mails. the justice department looking
7:45 am
through all of this, said she did neither standard classified e-mails. trains are you classified at the faction made the decision and calls it a failure in judgment, something she should have known was not good to do. >> when colin powell and condi rice you see most of their secretary of state, we today know a whole lot were about e-mails that he did eight years ago. frankly, everybody who was in and around government knew she used this server. it was open, transparent. the bottom-line issue said it wasn't the right thing to do. she's apologized for it. this week finally lots of the things she stands for is getting in the public press and we see a change of what's happening in the cnn polls, people listening to her.
7:46 am
bush is focused on is how you fight for working families and make sure the economy is all. sandra: do you think she's the right candidate to fight for the middle class? how about bernie sanders? he's garnered more support at the same place hillary clinton was two days before then she did. what's happening there? >> frankly have a lot of members who support among hillary. this is what people love in some ways it's the same thing as what people love about donald trump. they are so frustrated because of what is happening they want to shake it up. frankly given what's happened in the middle class we should shake it out. the bottom line is who can get something done. when president obama came in, the economy was in the dumps. what's happened is the economies got better but we need to make it better for every middle
7:47 am
class. >> i will paraphrase something they wrote after the teachers union endorsed hillary july on the surface looks like the understanding will be she were final more money than the unit did not hassle you untenured charter schools and backed the status quo which is less choice in terms of schools, which is less accountability. >> the status quo right now is testing sanction. the status quo has been charters for the last 20 years and it hasn't moved the needle. what we need to do and if you know hillary clinton, you saw her in terms of the shoe does the last 20, 30 years on education. we need to make sure every kid gets a chance. frankly i'm tired of hearing teachers don't want to be part. even ronald reagan in 83
7:48 am
understood we were part of the solution. we've got to be in there helping. >> would you agree some teachers are part of the problem? >> i would agree tenure should not be a job for life and should be about due process and if they can't teach that shouldn't be there. we have to treat people fairly. we have to figure out how to engage with every single child every single day. there needs to be a lot more rigor and engagement, but there needs to be a lot more collaboration. the bottom line is we need more funding for hybrid schools. we need more engagement. sandra: we've got to go. what do you make of hillary over the weekend saying i'm a real person on face the nation bashevis asked to say three things that define her. >> she's been in the public eye for 40 years. right after 9/11 walking through
7:49 am
those piles doing everything in her power to help get the people on those piles the health care they need. she's got a big problem on her hands. the e-mail controversy is not going home anytime soon. wall street continues to support her. her biggest backers have said they've got unwavering support for the money keeps coming to campaign will keep going. great to have you here. as we had into an ion futures this morning with big movement in the market ahead of the opening bell. dow futures building now up 104-point. we will dig in deeper for you. we will be right back. ♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so.
7:50 am
knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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sandra: hbo taking a victory lap last night at the 67 primetime emmy awards with game if there is shattering records. the other winners and losers of the night. host michael camero was at the event last night. here is joining us this morning from los angeles above is good. thank you for getting up early to come on with us. >> just for you. sandra: what did we miss? >> the big winner last night hbo went in with the most nominations. "game of thrones" 24 above and a one half of them encoding the date prize for outstanding drama. they changed the voting rolls. in the past for the big categories and is determined by blue-ribbon panels. they stare for categories they open it up to all 20,000 members
7:54 am
and he saw some fresh braces. historically the enemies have not been kind to shows that dealt with aliens and dragons and i tend to love zombies. this here "game of thrones" finally broke through as one of the most obsessed over television shows in history. another big winner. another mini series on hbo was very well done and not a lot of people aside but it were through paid the big loser, network television. once again, all the shows nominated when you combine cable and streaming had over 65, 70% of the nominations. sandra: with the eight -month-old and 2-year-old at home, i have no idea what you're talking about soever. >> dvr, sandra.
7:55 am
dvr. dagen: i watched all of the shows. i am like i've got to get out more. sandra: make us feel good. who are the best dressed? who looked glam and beautiful? >> i have to give it to viola davis. she was wearing carmen volvo made specifically for her. she was gracious, elegant, fit her like a glove. my favorite category, the worst stress. sandra: heidi klim, dagen has 30 shown her disapproval. >> amy schumer. this hole i fell out of bed look with the hair. it was 108 degrees last night so it did her no favors. plus i'm angry she didn't talk
7:56 am
to us on the red carpet not once but twice last night. dagen: sheeted mutt good up close and hd sweating. >> thanks for waking up and doing this. i've got to go. we will be right back. you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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sandra: good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. it is monday, september 21st. with me this hour you should be out by now. "wall street journal" chief economic correspondent jon hilsenrath. [inaudible conversations] on the campaign trail, hillary clinton making her first appearance in four years on face the nation. she talked policy but also tried showing her more personable side.
8:00 am
>> it is three words that is the real hillary clinton. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. i am a real person with the plus and minuses that go along with it. i've been in the public eye so long as i do future you see in the magazine sometimes. real people actually go shopping. sandra: okay. a new poll showing genocides of the race. turning to market stocks to rebound from friday's big selloff in a big way. future shaping up for a rally this morning. u.s. futures and features up 109 points. s&p futures up 12 good looking overseas in a shepherd mix action there. shanghai composite up 2%. the rest of the average is posting losses for the day trading there. stock still looking for
8:01 am
direction although the ftse comest cacm dax posting gains of 1.5%. the fed decision to not raise rates as many concerned about the health of the global economy playing out in the stock market trading throughout the globe as we kick off this monday morning checking commodities. oil at 3% continues to rally at $46 a barrel. gold prices up seven bucks. pope frances continues his tour through cuba today. the pope met with raul fidel castro after the pope celebrated asp with tens of thousands of people in havana. apple's app store with the first major attack. cybersecurity firms apple is working to remove the software. the green bay packers redeeming themselves are a the nfc
8:02 am
championschampions hip loss against the seattle seahawks. the packers done 17-16 in the first quarter. aaron rodgers led to an 80 touchdown drive plus a two-point conversion. the final score 2417. not so good news for cowboy fans and anyone who has tony romo on their rosters. the quarterback suffering a broken collarbone during yesterday's game. he will undergo tests to determine whether you need surgery. all the nfl headlines you need this hour. a big menace offered television at the 67th emmy award. tracey morgan making a surprise to hand out the best drama award. in the firms taking the title. hbo debate winner winner of tonight scored nice court best comedy. there is julia louis dreyfus. write right to it, 2016 campaign
8:03 am
trail ben carson taking heat after comments made yesterday. blake burman has the latest. >> good morning again. cause for ben carson to drop out of the race after controversial comments that started yesterday morning on "meet the press" when carson was asked about faith and the presidency and if islam is consistent with accounts to shame. here is what he said. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge. i actually would not agree with that. reporter: carson has doubled down saying muslims feel their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official is inconsistent with principles and constitution. the council on american islamic relations is calling on dr. carson to withdraw from the race, added mr. carson clearly does not understand or care about the constitution which
8:04 am
states no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office. sandra: blake burman, thank you. joining us now with more than 2016 campaign trail, presidential candidate mike huckabee. welcome, governor. >> thank you coming sandra. sandra: things are waking up early with us. republican front runner donald trump giving up his overall lead as carly fiorina rockets to the number two spot. you are tied for sixth place with 6% of the vote. how were you close the gap between you and the gop top contenders? >> it all has to do with time, organization, stayed on the field in your feed. the polls don't reflect where things will be when it comes spring time. let's remember the summer blockbusters rarely win the
8:05 am
oscar and sometimes we forget the history of presidential primaries. it is rare for somebody at the top of the game right now is still at the top of the game when votes are counted in iowa after the caucuses. sandra: by the way, governor huckabee will open things up to our guests as well but he also made news of the weekend you issued a statement criticizing nomination of the first openly gay -- he's more interesting appeasing than honoring american heroes. you stand by that this morning question >> sandor, i do. he may be qualified for the job because his qualified to lead the army not because of sexual orientation. sandra: is there anything they nominated him for any other reason than his qualifications? >> why are they making such a
8:06 am
big deal of talking about it? i have people who are gay network on my staff and serve in my administration when i was governor. i never went around saying is that working for me. what is the point. if they are qualified, hire them. a person's orientation is on a qualification in the and the president has stolen the symbolism and trying to prove to everybody he's this open-minded guy, and maybe is trying to make up for the fact that just three years ago he still took the position many of us do that marriage, for example as the biblical issue between a man and a woman. he had this sudden revelation that it's not that way anymore. i feel the president has made this such an agenda. the agenda for the military is to focus on the best qualified people because we talk about
8:07 am
life-and-death issues. if he thinks air expanding is the best for the job believe the orientation out of it. >> is why this thing is qualified for the job. so carter was quoted for a new american security say american security famous fantasy armies over this and has been over for quite some time. they care about whether you can shoot straight not whether you are straight. i want to move on. you've been quoted saying the country needs a moral code. what did you mean by that? >> somethingsomething some things are right, some things are wrong. people are so frustrated they see the white house and corruption. people openly lied to us. they steal from us in the name of doing it in the form of government. people have social security checks threatened. for years people work and pay and cannot somebody says were not going to honor that promise to you. veterans day shot at promised
8:08 am
that they that they go to the military serve they will be provided with the health care they richly deserve. and they come back missing arms and legs and are told they have to wait for weeks and months and that is why the suicide rate. obamacare you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance. the moral code says you've got to be straight with people. quit lying to them from the san fran and feather your nest. the wall street to washington access to power where the donor class seats the political class and that's why you don't see much change when the republicans get in power because the same donors to feed one party feed the other one and they do the bidding of the people shell out dollars. sandra: jon hilsenrath from the washington journaling. >> you heard the quote leading into this review on the issue whether the country is ready for a muslim to be president.
8:09 am
what do you think about that? >> there's no religious test of a public office and it would depend on the individual. i don't think we have to disqualify somebody because of his or her faith. >> i'm not going to evaluate ben carson. i'll speak for myself. one thing i decided this race i will not sit down. there's 15 other candidates still on the stage and there's no point in me trying to evaluate their comments. i'm trying to get air in a might fine. >> we are sitting on a business program early monday morning. i will go back to something i said on this program and fox news channel. the men and women voted this time around is going to be the most business friendly person
8:10 am
for this country. the one who creates an environment in which our economy can grow, jobs will grow. are you that guy? are you going to do that? convince me. >> i'm the one person who believes we shouldn't punish people for productivity. the advocacy where they pay tax on consumption and zero tax on them whether corporate or individual. zero capital gains tax and tax on dividends. sandra: what about the corporate tax rate? >> turn it to zero. corporations don't pay tax. they pass it on to customers. it's nonsense to say let's raise the corporate tax to that makes it harder for the end-user the consumer. all they are doing is making prices more expensive for everyday consumers. the best thing to do is stop taxing private entity. stop taxing labor and capital because it's killing
8:11 am
manufacturing. it kills jobs and pushes jobs to places more tax friendly. this is a place where people come to do business. dagen: governor, it is dagen. why haven't you talked about that more in a pin in the tax code and the economy rather than making gay marriage, which based on the supreme court decision is legal in this country, and whether someone appointed by president obama talking about his sexuality, making this issue centerpieces of your campaign rather than the economy. >> idea. if you come to one of my town of my townhouse that's what you hear me talk about. but you guys ask me about when i first came on? you asked me about my comments on air expanding. i'm surprised you didn't ask me about donald trump. when i go to the debate, i don't select the questions.
8:12 am
sandra: what you have to say about donald trump? >> i don't have anything to say about donald trump. you are giving all the helium to his balloon. sandra: what you make of carly fiorina? >> i don't think about it at all. >> you want to talk about how gasoline taxes fit into that. do you think there should be a tax on gasoline right now in exchange? >> john, we need to change or energy policy. we need to become the greatest exporter of who want to change the balance of world power, we've got hundreds of years of energy, coal, gas and oil. we need to be pumping it out and challenge in the marketplace in europe, asia and africa. we need to put it in time i ran inside a set of business, put
8:13 am
americans to work in the energy industry and change the balance of world power. the only way the iranians, russians and saudi's have resources to do nefarious deeds is that they have energy money. tranter republican presidential candidate governor huckabee. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. sandra: great to have you here. we will be right back. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time.
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leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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sandra: wildfires escalated north of san francisco and destroying more homes per cheryl casone has asked dorian moore. >> good morning, sandra. officials say 160 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire north of san francisco and they are investigating the death of a man found are the source of fire. a total of 1000 homes destroyed macon at the third worst wildfire in the history. formerly meant others ceo follett fell to 71.3-acre range
8:17 am
for $20 million in auction. he's been trying to sell his home in idaho for more than a year, originally looking for $59 million. finally, apple claiming that the top story today following a major hack attack that worked its way through the popular apps. apple removing the apps including popular chinese ones like we chat. before this attack is only five malicious apps ever discovered. there's like 500 million users on this thing. to chinese in particular, we still don't know if this'll be accessed by hackers. we have no idea. >> what i found so interesting is one of the things packed is the booking system for domestic travel. as americans we don't have to worry about this as much as chinese citizen do. this is another way the
8:18 am
government is using to spy on its own people. we will see. the stock is getting affect it today. >> mostly chinese apps. >> they have one that is their version of uber. we chat is a big one. dagen: is still shows an unusual vulnerability. >> sandra, the cowboys, tony romo. nobody noticed i was wearing navy blue today. i'm still going to support my team. i'm flying down to dallas friday because i'm going to the game. what's going to happen? dagen: because you are a dude come you can't differentiate. sandra: we are talking more
8:19 am
about this coming out. just wanted to know, my heart is in it. >> it could be worse. you could be a giants fan. sandra: hbo big winner last night. it was the host and the sandburg's jokes that were getting a lot more attention. >> donald trump running for president to the delight of locals everywhere. i've got to say sure joel trump seems racist. what else? [laughter] we've got trouble in tummy town.
8:20 am
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>> do you think because you've sort of put all of this out there we understand a conversation behind the decision that you don't need a press
8:23 am
conference to announce a rate increase. should we expected and not sober? it's not expected you will have a press conference in october so in october so that leads me to think it comes in december. >> we could always have a press briefing if there is a major decision. i don't think that's an issue at all. >> any month on the table. sandra: fomc voting for john williams on sunday morning features with maria bartiromo. said sherri jennie gallant said last week the housing market is distressed -- depressed is more the word i should be using. jeff taylor analyzes all of those. what did you make of what you don't have to say? >> is sort of the same old same old. right now will look at the housing market, the purchase market going.
8:24 am
things start to lose their current length a little good to open it up to more borrowers. sandra: that is contrary to what we think. raising rates will help the markets. you were hoping for a hike sooner than later. >> for the last five years everybody has refried. the interest rates have been busy the last three years. maybe everyone should think about buying versus renting. if they have more yield an asset class is likely to make the love to a good borrower than the perfect borrower. >> i want to come back to yellen's point that the market is surprise. are you seen the housing market depressed? >> i'm not. all indicators in the market are four, five, six year high.
8:25 am
>> how worried should we be the fed chair doesn't see the same housing market you see? >> nationally like a very like-minded san francisco. i look at it a little bit different. i think it will take an interest rate. >> how far are we from getting overheated again? >> excited its own mobile which continues to go up to last for years or 62% are catch. sandra: it was hedge funds being an owner. there was a lot of hedge funds and it was russians until the clash clash in oil prices and to an extent the outlier. >> that is good although it is 5 trillion talking about across the spectrum. it is individuals moving to the
8:26 am
northeast down the last couple of years and looking on the international side. i'm not worried about the market getting overheated. to get people off the rental market paying 25% where they could be owning the house. dagen: quickly i can tell you in areas where there hasn't been wage growth, big cities have a rapid increase. in areas across the country. we wage growth that home prices have moved in accordance with that. >> there is still wage wars in detroit. dagen: that was so cheap. these are still very cheap properties. you haven't had a pickup in home prices in a lot of regions in the country. >> sometimes it's counterintuitive. sometimes you need that her staff. sandra: earlier he was saying is
8:27 am
alleged on the housing market in stocks. jeff taylor, thank you for being here. the great wall of trump. republican presidential hopeful promising to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. straight ahead in a first on fox is interview, governor of mexico will way and i'm trump's ambitious plan. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. it's monday, september 21st and with me this hour we've got your top stories, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. we'll get to those guys in a second. the g.o.p. race getting tighter in the first poll since last week's debate. carly fiorina in the number two spot to donald trump and trump slipping a little bit. on the democratic side, hillary clinton made her first appearance to so a different
8:31 am
side of herself. and just two days after clinton held an event at university of new hampshire, sanders held his own and a turnout of 3000 people, five times as many as clinton's event. looking at the markets this morning, futures pointing to gainses a the market looks to recover from friday's big fed-fueled selloff. dow futures up triple digits, 107 point gain there. turning to sports, it was a big night, a big weekend for sports. bad news for cowboys fans, anybody who has tony romo on their fantasy football, tony romo will undergo tests to see if he needs surgery. making history at the emily awards. viola davis becoming the first from african-american woman who win for woman in a lead drama "how to get away with murder" and john hamm for "madmen".
8:32 am
and sticking with a plan to build a great big wall, trump i think is exactly what he called it and joining me now in his first on fox business interview, former president of mexico, vincevincente fox. first of all, what do you think of donald trump? >> i think he's a false prophet, that he's very ignorant on economy, very ignorant about trading. this nation is so strong. sandra: have you ever dealt with him personally? >> never, but putting bricks, building buildings, is not running an economy. i think it's totally misleading, that issue. sandra: what do you make of him saying very publicly on the biggest stage there is, he's going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. >> walls don't sustain themselves. all the walls have failed.
8:33 am
the chinese wall, the berlin wall, all walls don't work. isolating yourself only pegs you for failure. so, this nation, so great, so big, with such great people, the american people cannot isolate itself. it's the leader of the world since the founding fathers, great personalities like jefferson to be in europe to build bridges, like -- ted roosevelt, everybody in in nation starting with the founding father has built bridges and relationships and that's what makes this nation so great, coming from ireland, from germany, his family same as mine, but my grandfather who was born in cincinnati, ohio commute from ireland and germany, he migrated to mexico. so migration is a two way
8:34 am
street. sandra: this is correct and donald trump has been criticized for overestimating it. it's estimated that the wall he's talking about building would cost billions to do. not only were you president of mexico from 2001-2007, but you're a well-known and successful businessman. what is missing from this conversation? this has now become one of the top conversations and top issues of the 2016 u.s. election? >> the trade balance between mexico and united states is reaching a trillion. a million of u.s. dollars and we export half from mexico to the united states, but we import half of that into mexico, which is all kinds of products and millions of jobs for u.s. citizens. so he's absolutely ignorant what trading is, what creating wealth is all about so he needs some learning about how to run a nation.
8:35 am
sandra: i want get to this as well. you've teamed up with oklahoma based energy partners from drilling south of the border. tell us about the adventure. >> i'm collaborating with bim capital which is created by very young people in mexico, entrepreneurs with great vision to attracting investment into the oil reform in mexico and one of those that have joined in is precisely aubrey mclynn done and he is the champion of shale. so together, american energy partners and the first personal-- we're bringing into mexico the revolution of shale. sandra: what do you think that would do for your economy?
8:36 am
>> oh, a heavy impact. sandra: give me a number, quantify it. >> it could increase the pace of growth. the energy reform by president pena, a great move of his. sandra: i want to get more on the economy and first i have to ask you about the capture of el chapo guzman, where warrior on that. >> and he's going to be found. with technology, the chase after him he will go back, and that's story is in mexico, it's not significant. it's like the movie alcatraz, it happens, it happens everywhere, here in nom, a couple of prisoners came out of prison and escaped out. and the thing is crime is down 30%. and that's a fact. >> why?
8:37 am
>> because he's doing a very nice strategy because i think he went regionally into 95% of mexican territories free of aggressive violence, only a couple of-- >> is that affecting tourism? >> the tourism is growing at 7% a year and we're holding a huge event now on october 1st by the presidente's library. it's top executives from energy from engines of business and they're coming to mexico. they are not even asking about security. sandra: that's huge, all you can hope for, meanwhile, you've got your ear to the ground and you're talking with the business leaders every day. and mexico is home to a lot of different resources that go a lot of different places.
8:38 am
how would you characterize this in trade? >> the largest manufacturing and most competitive spot in the world mexico today. and it's mexico through nafta. we're partners with the united states and neighbors. and talking of trump-- >> i want to end with that, you say that talking with trump is useless, but he's leading in the polls, which is have we're talking about right now and he's talking about building the wall and having mexico pay for it. is there anybody right now you support for president, anybody you do like or like to see become the president. >> in mexico, i'm not a-- i love women, women can lead. women have throughout centuries that we need women to need now, love, compassion, compromise, responsibility, it's what women
8:39 am
bring about and more so, love like my dear wife martha. love moves mountains. love solves problems. sandra: you'd like to see a female u.s. president. >> well, yes. the republicans are not showing a real capacity today. they are totally misleading. sandra: what are they missing? we've got to go. >> a real leader not a false prophet like trump, which is taking the people of the united states to the desert. watch out, it's not his fault. the fault is for those who would follow this false prophet taking the united states into the desert, isolating this great nation, building walls, that's stupid. sandra: president fox, president of mexico, '01 to '07 six years in office there and a big businessman as well. great to have you and get your insight on that. >> thank you. sandra: great to have you, sir. >> bye-bye. sandra: just as we were getting
8:40 am
used to drones crowding air space everywhere, a group of researche erers are making the invisible. and tracy morgan making an appearance, and the best dressed. >> i suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days and finally gained conscious i was ecstatic to learn i wasn't the one who messed up. . >> this is the 16th emmy nomination for john hamm. there's been a terrible mistake clearly. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. you cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. it's more than the cloud.
8:41 am
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>> if you live in new york city or philadelphia and pre-ordered your new iphone 6 or 6-plus, you may not get it on time and pope francis may be to blame for it. cheryl casone has the story. >> that pope, i tell you. ups suspends delivery in more than two dozen zip codes between thursday and saturday due to the heavy duty security that we've seen. and researchers at san diego,
8:45 am
california say they've made a break through in invisibility. and the military is paying attention. they've developed a material that deflects, make a drone practically invisible to radar. exciting out of california. sandra: gas prices pushing below $2 as oil is $45 a barrel. we asked you to send us photos. robert shows us gas 1.99 at a costco in tewen so, arizona and many, many more coming in. we're seeing lots of signs under $2. phil flynn, it's amazing to see this happening as oil prices come back up. enjoy them while they last or gas prices stay low for some time? >> i think they're going to stay low for some time, sandra. i'll be interested to see the people that have the pictures
8:46 am
of the $5 of gasoline and stuff, those are the ones they'll be able to show their grandchildren, we're in a new era of lower gas prices, but oil prices are up. what's interesting to note. oil prices are up with the dollar, we're seeing a breakdown of that relationship, you know, that inverse relationship and we're going up because the stocks are going up. the other big thing that traders are talking about perception, destruction and we're going to see it take a toll down the road. sandra: ail, $45, 45.76 a barrel. keep on moving up. john hilsenrath, by the way, this plays a part in the fed's decision watching the commodity decision. is inflation going to rear its ugly head? >> the problem for the fed, we are importing lower prices and at the same time the lower prices are stimulating the
8:47 am
domestic economy. stimulating, for instance, our sales. we're over 17 million units of car sales. the risk, i think, that the fed runs is that while inflation is so low, they might be spurring an asset bubble. that conversation that we had before about housing is kind of interesting. janet yellen says it's very depressed. your guest here says it's not so depressed. sandra: the second to say that. dagen: commercial real estate is in a bubble. sandra: you cowboy fans, tony romo is out. what it means for your fantasy football roster and for the team in general. ♪ return of the mack ♪ ♪
8:48 am
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8:51 am
>> welcome back. we're about 40 minutes away from the opening bell. let's get to nicole petallides who she's already down to the new york stock exchange. what's going on, nicole? >> good morning, sandra. some of the traders are watching the movers after what we saw in barron's over the weekend. ralph lauren had positive comments and it closed around $35 a share. said it could go down to $25 a share, gopro being somewhat of a one hit wonder and why the write-up says lower. the fans think it still has-- it's fairly priced, but the risk is there and that's what the story was. >> thank you. and nicole, don't forget to start your day with nicole and lauren simonetti.
8:52 am
the fox business network, it's fbn a.m. gets you ready for your day. football was surprises and comebacks and letdowns and one game drawing attention, the grudge match between patriots a and-- >> i forgot about that game,it played at 1:00. this is a name you were looking at, the patriots and bills playing earlier. and i thought it was a fascinating game and i think rex ryan set the bar so high with the early vibes in buffalo that they were creating and the fans were so into it and were going tore the patriots. this is funny, behind closed doors last week he told his team, yeah, there's a chance, yeah, they're great, but they couldn't beat me only by one or
8:53 am
two points with my quarterbacks making plays for the patriots. talking geno smith and mark sanchez. that was funny behind closed doors. >> i'm a new yorker, the giants and jets. how bad are the giants and how good are the jets? >> the giants are bad, but how bad are they compared to the rest of the nfc east. dagen: it's a horror show. >> it is and the cowboys are 2-0 and lost their two best players. not feeling good. tony romo six to eight weeks. sandra: a broken collar born, six to eight weeks? i'm that's short. >> they could see something to scan. sandra: sometimes it takes six weeks for me to recover from a paper cut. these guys are tough and play, but it's not a matter of toughness, it's when he can rebreak-- or heal enough that he won't rebreak it and if you saw him,
8:54 am
sorry, dagen, as soon as he went down he reached for the shoulder. dagen: brutal. it's so awful, the redskins don't look that bad, which i appreciate. >> i wrote a column for fox in which i said, everybody's got a shot and then when i said hear why this team can't win and to the redskins, no, no, they can't, but they can-- >> any chance of a team getting to the division? >> no, good enough for the talent on the teams. >> i told you to watch out. and warned you it wasn't going to be good for this team. dagen: is that really a loss though? >> yeah, he played well. >> let's talk about fantasy for a second. who surprises you the most in breakout players in the first two weeks. >> as a running back for the redskins, matt jones who broke out yesterday and stole some of my alfred morris points.
8:55 am
not that anybody cares about-- >> we care about you though, we like having you here. >> pointing to the gains ahead of the opening bell. we will be right back. it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
>> futures higher ahead of the open. let's go to john, what do you like? >> we've been sitting here and i'm happy we've had a chance to talk about it. >> we have. >> we were talking about the odds of the fed moving in december and you pointed out the futures markets say it's less than 50%, 39%. if the next jobs reports comes in with unemployment rate at 5% or 4.9%. i think they move the jobless rates keeps coming done. sandra: and aren't they watching jobs added and-- >> right now there are so many jobs added that the unemployment rate is coming down faster than expected. dagen: the unemployment rate doesn't get revised.
8:59 am
sandra: when do you think they're going to move, jon? >> if the unemployment rate keeps coming down, they move in december. sandra: final thoughts, dagen? >> i disagree with whatever jon talks,' a-- >> i think they move by the end of the year, i think they move by the end of the year and look weak and indecisive and causes more market volatility. sandra: look at the futures market, a selloff and they're disappointed that the hike didn't comment and the futures haven't opened yet, but it looks like a solid rally on the open. what's that about? >> i think that low rates are a precursor to some kind of asset bubble so it's not in cars or in residential or commercial real estate, maybe we get it in stocks. it's-- i mean, it's been a big drop. maybe the stock prices get
9:00 am
back. >> dagen mcdowell, thank you for joining us. dagen: you missed by hillary clinton impression, you've got to tomorrow back. sandra: and we'll be talking with ghosn and can't miss television, and more can't miss television, stuart. stuart: you're dead right. the post debates are in and the winners are-- good morning, everyone. carly fiorina and marco rubio, very, they broke through in the debate last week and you can see it in the polls today. fiorina in second place behind trump whose support level may have stalled. rubio now scores double digit support. ben carson, oh, he's all over the news and told an interviewer a muslim should not be president. that's about as politically


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