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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of the poll, and the university of notre dame is going to join us coming up. >> and would you be willing to trade in a better pay raise, willing to pay to avoid horrible bosses. stock rallying into the close here as the bells sound on wall street. >> we are triple digits higher, 127 on the dow, we'll take that to start off a new week, especially what we went through friday, the s&p up 9, crude oil up as well almost 4% and gold of course falling back. now, i mention what we went through on friday, this rebound for the dow after the second worst friday of the year last week. adam shapiro is on the floor watching all the moves on the new york stock exchange. >> hey, connell, not much of a rebound when bunk where we were friday. we're off of the session highs today is where we're going to find up settling. some of the winners today, you mention that oil closed up today, some of the oil companies did well today but some of the other winners
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today other than the usual culprits, you're going to be talking about apple, and pandora was up today, the price targets about $24 off of $19, they're doing pretty well, they're hoping they're going to do better on royalties going forward. and gopro a loser today, not getting people to pay attention took them and macy's. their hiring outlook, 85,000, which is a seasonal number but that's less than last year. retailers expecting the holiday shopping season to be flat. >> thank you, adam. >> gop front runner donald trump getting some company at the top of the republican fields, carly fiorina has jumped into second place, ahead of ben carson in the latest cnn poll. could fiorina be the biggest threat to the billionaire businessman? joining me now, former senior advisor to president george w bush also a fox news contributor. thanks so much for joining us. we're seeing some consistent trends here. with the professional
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politicians falling behind the outsiders. what do you make of that? >> well, there's a great deal of intensity in a republican side at this point in having somebody who is not from washington. for this who have never held public office, even if they've run before or thought about it in the case of donald trump thought about it, carly fiorina, never done it, ben carson, they're faring better. governors are faring better, typically than senators are. but, look, we're a long way from this contest being locked in. and this is the change over the course of the week, before the second debate, donald trump is at 32 and the cnn/orc poll -- after a week after, 24. down 8. carly fiorina as you said big jump from # to 15 from before to after. ben carson down 5, 19 to 14. marco rubio jumps from 3 to 11. he also had a good debate and then jeb bush stayed unchanged at 9.
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everybody else was at 67 or less and most of those were down 1. but remember we're at the gick. in 2011 rick perry was ahead and we had seven more changes in the lead before mitt romney took the lead on february 28th, 2012 and kept it. so a lot of change available. >> a lot of people making those points at the same time, though, if you're at the bottom, it's hard to keep yourself in the race. for example, we heard ed say in the last hour that he thought that walker was close to getting out of the race. i mean do we see candidates pull out at this point in time? >> well, i -- walker's had some difficult getting movement, he was a big thi earlier in the year. even in july he was near the top of the pack and now he's down in low single digits. and he did not get a bump out of it. but, look, all you have to do is keep enough resources together to the get to the next debate. we'll have a debate every month.
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so if you've got enough resources to keep yourself together, maybe they keep thinking maybe i could have a moment, like, carly fiorina had or i could have a moment like donald trump or i could have a moment that allows me to garner attention. the problem is going to be this. these impressions are cumulative. you don't have an inflection point that drives everything for you. and remember. >> yeah. >> carly fiorina and marco rubio both were thought to have good performances in the first debate. i think it was the cumulative presence of people looking at them saying itches something in the first debate, and i'm seeing something now that's causing them to have movement. >> i'm going to put you on the spot, if you were going to predict who are going to be the top three or four people on the republican side, who would you say? >> well, i think we probably likely to see this list plus ted cruz and maybe mike huckabee. but i can't tell you what order they're going to be in and there's no guarantee. if i had to bet, i'd bet on these plus a couple of more. but, you know, it's -- this is a crazy, crazy election, which
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we've seen a lot of change. remember and we don't have a lot of looks at this. but last week i think it was cbs/new york times, 64% of republicans said it was too early to make a decision. >> yeah. >> let me just tell you. a lot of those 30 some odd% who have made at this point think it's okay to make a decision or have made a decision. >> yeah. >> they're going to shift around. this thing is pliable and going to be so for months to come. >> it seems it is a lot more exciting and there's a lot more choice on this side of the aisle, at least as of now. thank you so much. >> thanks on for having me. >> another busy day for the pope and this is the other big story of the week, pope francis continuing his trip to cuba before he'll head our way tomorrow. fox news correspondent steve now has the latest. >> the pope left havana to head east, he's preaching today in a town where no pope has ever visited before, again, his outdoor mass is drawing huge and enthusiastic crowds. the pope told the cubans that the words of jesus christ that you should not be afraid to change.
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be open to change your ways. the first latin america pope also popular here because he's widely seen as someone who is pushing cuba and the u.s. closer together. renewing their diplomatic ties, one of the key forces behind that movement, something if they continue, as he continues his leg of the trip onto tomorrow. he did immediate with fidel castro here for about 40 minutes, the two exchanged gifts and a number of books. the 89-year-old fidel took part in what looked like an animated conversation, but he only stood with some difficult. one item not on the agenda for this pope, no official public meetings with any dissidents. a number have been tried to attend or get close to the pope but so far state security has prevented them from doing so. back to you. >> steve, thanks. in cuba and joining the pope and his travels while he's here in the united states will be the it university of notre dame president and father jenkins and joins us now on
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the telephone. good to talk to you, sir, thank you very much for coming on. i know even in this city, new york where the normal complaints about traffic, there's a lot of excitement building for the pope's visit later in the week, so i assume for someone who will be personally involved, your excitement level is pretty high; right? >> yeah. i'm extremely excited, i think many catholics in this country are excited. but this pope has proven to be a leader beyond the church, so i think people are excited to welcome him to our nation. >> and there's no doubt people are talking about the issues related to what the pope is presenting, we're looking at pictures of his meeting in fidel castro in cuba over the weekend. but steve mentioned the environment and his reporting. i know at notre dame you guys made the announcement you're going to stop burning coal entirely in five years. so the pope's environmental message is having an affect even how you run your university? >> indeed. i think we have several initiatives and much of it includes the education of our students and the research we do. but also in terms of
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generating our own energy. it is important that we respond and respond aggressively to the pope's call. he is someone who is challenging and encouraging, and we're just delighted to respond as we have. >> now, as he does that, a couple of things that are interesting, one on the numbers the pope is very highly thought of. 79% of catholics approve of the direction that he's taking the church, that was a new poll that came out. so those are obviously good numbers. at the same time there are it is that are questioning some of his economic principles that he's put forward. i would say over the years that church transitionally has been known to be, say, to the left of senator economically right of the city, socially and not fitting in the box american politics, left, right, that people are so used to. so he gets this label, pope francis of being anticapitalist. what do you say to that? >> well, i think all of us, the great benefit of capitalism, but also the
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inequalities and challenges create. i think you're right to say that the pope moves beyond the spectrum. earlier cares about people. what is good for people. what is good for our society? and the great power of the pope is he's not economy or army, healls us to be our best selfs, and i think that's what he's trying to do and to wait to see what he says -- he's trying to help us to confront the problem and engage about them. sometimes we turn from the problems, and i think he's challenging us to look at the. >> and when he speaks to congress, do you think he'll address some of those economic issues directly? i know you'll be there in the congress. >> i will. i'm going to let the pope speak for himself, and i'm not ing to speculate on what he says. but i think he will address this sort of spiritual and moral challenge, which have implications for the economy, for the environment, for political decision.
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and i hope he can draw us out of what many see as a political gridlock, a political -- where you just can't seem to make progress, and i hope the pope will inspire us to move beyond those kind of -- >> well, and as i said, father, i think a lot of people no matter what their political meanings are looking forward to seeing the pope. what are you looking forward to most this week? >> you know, i think what he embodies a certain higher calling, sort of solidarity of people's passion the mercy of sense of love. i think we all are somewhat inspired to live our lives in a better way because of the presence among us. >> president of university of notre dame, thank you, father, thanks for coming on. >> we've got some breaking news right now. governor scott walker just announcing that he's going to hold a press conference tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. no topic has been given but of course we were just talking to
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carl about this and ed rollins saying earlier on this network that he thinks walker is on his way out of the race, this may be the end for governor walker's 2016 presidential aspirations. now "the new york times" is reporting that he will be out as well. so stay tuned as we bring you up to date on that story. apple hitting the road, the company sending a target ship date of 2019 for its up coming electronic car. this is according to the wall street journal, the project has been in the works for over a year under the code name titan. the team, which already had 600 people will be tripled to expedite the process. the tech giant is removing dozens of apps infected with malware after hackers launched a major attack on the site this weekend. among the 39 infected apps, we chat, used by 600 million people. all of the infected apps were developed in china and used a
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counterfeit version of apple's excode development software. . >> now, staying with, you know, cars for a moment and the apple talk about cars, let's take a look at volkswagen today. look at those shares, plunging after it -- well, tried to cheat the system. news came out on volkswagen. investigations revealed it is -- was using software to manipulate some pollution tests. jeff flock all over this for us, and joining us now from chicago. what's going on, jeff? >> well, connell, you should not have done that, vw. parental what they did was coming up with a way that would turn off the emission controls when you're driving your diesel car and then get tested for emissions, it would turn it on. so it look like it was in a good car, but it wasn't. as you said, look at the stock today. we looked at the stock trade in the u.s., but overseas, on the german exchange, the stock
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lost 19%, $14 billion of market cap. pretty amazing. that's a lot of dough, and it could get worse. and there are fines for epa regulations that could total, $37,500 per car, if you do the math with the half million vehicles that were sold out there with this issue, we're talking $18.1 billion potential for fines. and i don't think it will ever come to that. but we're talking a lot of money one way or the other. the vehicles in question, these are all diesel vehicles and it's the clean diesel, the tdi versions, the beetle, the golf, the jetta, the audi a3, as well as the 2014 passat. so big stuff. even caught the attention of the president today. >> i think it's fair to say that we're quite concerned by some of the reports that we've seen about the conduct of this
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particular company. but ultimately this is responsibility of the epa to take a look at it and that's exactly what they're doing. >> now, connell, it was gm and toyota that just went through a big mess. but with them, they didn't do anything on purpose. >> right. >> these guys, it looks like it was on purpose. >> not good. not good at all. we have to go back, jeff, to our breaking political news. melissa. >> fox news is confirming that at 6:00 p.m. eastern time scott walker is going to officially announce that he is suspending his 2016 campaign. so we heard about the press conference now. fox news confirming that, in fact, he is going to say that he is dropping out of this race. >> one of the more promising candidates coming into the race, one of the surprises that came in that poll over the weekend was that walker dropped nationally to under 1%, people looked at this, like, boy, this is one of the people that could be a serious contender for the nomination and now one of the first to drop out. amazing. >> it is amazing and carl was saying at the beginning of the hour that there's still a lot
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of time and we've seen the positions move so many times, especially in races past. but at this point you look at and people based on how they're doing are dropping out. >> and also -- >> go ahead. >> takes away one of the establishment candidates. we talked so many times about the outsiders and a lot of the gop elite for lack of a better time it will come back to one of the establishment candidates, walker was thought to be in that group, with the jeb bush, the marco rubio, maybe john kasich, now he's out and you wonder who benefits from that. >> absolutely and you look at the most recent poll and the three at the top right now are all the candidates who have never held office. >> right. >> you know, only one has officially one, carly fiorina out in california, but you look at ben carson, carly fiorina, and donald trump sitting at the top right now, and jeb bush as well. but you look at the folks that are dropping by the side, and they are the professional politicians. >> yes. and in this case one that people thought would do pretty well. we'll talk more about governor walker and the race and as it
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changes and continues. america in the meantime pledging new york 15,000 more refugees next year, that was another big story, many coming from syria, congress have been warning some big national security risks as a result. john is coming up with his take on that. >> and bad news for hillary clinton as six big name corporate backers pull you have to this weekend's clinton global initiative. our panel is going to weigh in on what that means. >> a lot to talk about today and how about this mall madness around the holidays? a thing of the past? yeah, we'll tell you about it at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive.
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>> breaking news. we've been talking about the confirmation from fox news, 6:00 p.m. this evening, press
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conference scott walker will be announcing that he's spending his campaign for president and here now to talk about that with us on the fox business network, senator scott brown, former political advisor, they're both here, both fox news contributors, what do you think of it, senator brown? >> well, obviously a lot of energy starting out, was raising great money and then trump came in, took all the air out of the whole situation and been all trump all the time. i know scott walker, been to many events, know his campaign team and i think he'll be back at some point but not now. >> do you think he's the first casualty of this dynamic race. >> yeah. a little bit but he's been polling, leading in iowa and now not even on the radar screen. >> you understand 1% in that last poll. what do you think julie? >> i think it's premacher, you never know where he's going to die, there was a potential for come back, i know it's also early.
4:21 pm
i'm surprised. i'm not really sure if it's the money dried up or what happened. >> i spoke to his financial team, one of his big people in new york and the money was drying up. >> yeah. they're out of money. >> very, very difficult to raise the money, and there were some great candidates out there, and actually i've said this before and julie will correct me, any one of these candidates will make a better president than hillary clinton. >> she would probably disagree with you. >> i would just say you're a little mistaken. >> that's it. you have to pay the bills. . >> now, this does have an impact on the race, i was saying to melissa a moment ago that everybody is making this establishment versus antiestablishment. walker was seen as an second amendment candidate. so if and when the party turnsa from the antiestablishment -- it may never happen, but if it does, the trumps and the carsons and the carly fiorinas of the world, say you know, we want a establishment figure, it won't be walker. >> i think walker's support will go to kasich. >> you do? >> kasich and christy --
4:22 pm
>> what about the bush? >> yeah. i think he'll get a piece of it but initially go to kasich, they're both similar and governors as jeb bush but more aligned, fiscally and socially. >> a guy who had pretty good reviews after the first debate. >> yeah. and we haven't heard much -- >> i would watch john kasich, and i've said that since day one. he's the strongest candidate that republicans could put up on many levels and i think you're right, senator, john kasich is someone who could pick up his support, and it won't be christy, but you do have people like kasich who has a strong record in ohio and jeb bush too, they turn away from the antiestablishment, that's what jeb is counting on. >> right. >> but watch for john kasich. >> i said if and when. do you think that will happen? that turn away? >> i think you're going to see a settling. i think people will really start to dissect the people that are on the so-called establishment. >> right. >> there are those opposition research -- so they haven't
4:23 pm
been fully unleashed yet. >> before we wrap this up -- >> yeah. i have these things called no bs backyard barbecue, and we had kasich on our home, grab a beer and hot dog, 260 people plus came to see him and 180 for christy, obviously carly just committed, huckabee, bush is committed, we're having -- and i just saw ted downstairs, they're coming in and meet truly undecided, independent new hampshire voters. >> good name too, by the way, . >> do you think it helps -- interesting. >> we'll watch this, thanks, and melissa. breaking news and interesting. with the wall street news. >> yeah. absolutely and ceos fighting for the white house. but the head of the country's biggest bank isn't so sure that's a good idea. plus dominoes making the end of the summer a bit easier to stomach. one pizza at a time.
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melissa: the obama administration now boosting the limit on refugees allowed to enter america. secretary of state kerry announced the u.s. will take in 100,000 refugees in the next two years, increasing the number by 30,000. the new plan provides no details on how the refugees will be screened or verified. are we opening ourselves to a national security risk? former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton is here. he is also aei senior fellow and fox news contributor. ambassador, thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to with you. melissa: a lot of people might be wondering why are these folks, why are they going to europe and to america rather than staying in the middle east going to somewhere like saud saw, other countries in the region? >> i think there are two aspects tothe problem. the first this is a failure primarily on the part of turkey. you know, it is not like this is the first refugees crisis the world has faced. since the early 1950s there
4:28 pm
have been conventions an international agreements require turkey as country of first asylum, to take care of these ref few fees from syria. i think in part what turkey has done here is sweep the problem into europe to try to reduce the number of refugees on its territory. germany is the second part of the problem. exacerbating the crisis in europe by saying it would take 800,000 syrian refugees. that is 1% of germany's entire population. they didn't ask austria or hungary or any of the other countries of central and southeastern europe through which the refugees are now flowing. a lot of this could be avoided. a lot could be avoided from the u.s. perspective if we simply follow the procedures we have already got in place. melissa: what does that mean? we talked at the beginning of the sessionment how to properly screen people to make sure we're cam passionate, you see horrible pictures on the screen and you want to do something, how do we
4:29 pm
make sure at the same time not letting dangerous people into the country posing at refugees but really coming to do harm? >> under american law to qualify for asylum as refugee you have to demonstrate persecution or well-founded fear of persecution because of your race, ethnicity, politics or religion and similar factors. so the burden son the refugees. that is why, under american law and procedure, they are to be screened in refugee camps. not people who decided they're in germany but would rather live in aspen who get to make that decision. so again, if we follow our own procedures, we should be talking to people in the refugee camps, not waiting for them to show up at our ports and borders. melissa: what do you think of the increase in the number that secretary of state kerry is talking about here? does that seem reasonable response? humanitarian response? does it make you nervous that it is too many? what do you think? >> it is a worldwide number.
4:30 pm
that is an annual exercise the administration, all administrations go through to propose this to congress which has to appropriate funds for it. i do think there is a legitimate case that what we have seen as a consequence of isis establishing an islamic state is that there are christian populations, ancient christian churches, threatened in an around syria and iraq. with their people being sold into slavery, the women and children. there are offshoots of islam. the yazidis we heard a lot about whose women and children have been kidnapped. the prospect, the possibility of religious genocide is not unreasonable. now how many people we're talking about, very difficult to tell without more data which is what the screening process is intended to accumulate. melissa: ambassador bolton, thank you so much. it is a problem not going away. thank you. >> thank you. melissa: voters may not be the only ones having trouble trusting hillary clinton. companies are backing away from
4:31 pm
the clinton foundation. we're going to tell you which ones. connell: plus we'll get to the story, which one would you choose, more money, or a better boss. melissa: you couldn't have a better boss than our boss. so obviously -- connell: wrote that in the teleprompter. new survey coming up. maybe it is surprising. maybe it isn't. we'll tell you about it coming up. ♪ the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are.
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connell: back to the breaking political news we learned about
4:35 pm
earlier this hour. confirmed by fox news, scott walker is getting out. the wisconsin governor will be announcing officially the suspension of his campaign for president at a news conference this evening, 6:00 p.m. eastern. struggling in the polls and as senator scott brown reported to us earlier in the hour, struggling to raise money as well. that is what it is always about at this point. when drop out of a campaign. ben carson, out with some comments saying governor walker is outstanding leader with strong record fighting for conservative principles. reaction from ben carson doing pretty well as he wishes him the best. more to come. melissa. melissa: hillary clinton is facing another hurdle. this time it is not her email server or bernie sanders. the clinton foundation star-studded meeting will have prominent be a senses. samsung, hsbc, deutsche bank backed out from spans soring event. others are cutting back on donations. back with me, julie row begins sy, former senator scott brown
4:36 pm
and judy miller. let me start with you. big names dropped out. used to be people who may not know the thing to do. everybody bottom in. people from the current administration. you would have business leaders. now not so much. >> the clinton foundation still says they had eight leaders, world leaders, kings, monarchs last year and they will have 28 this year. the schedule has not been fixed yet. there are still a couple of people trying to arrange their schedules but look, on one hand, why not miss a year, if you're a corporation and the clinton foundation has been associated with so many questions about people who are giving to it why they are giving to it? is there quid pro quo? do they expect something in return? why not miss a year. however if she is president you
4:37 pm
look stupid to miss a year. melissa: i always make the point they do a lot of great work but look at different non-partisan charity websites which i'm doing if i donate money to something, look up organization, charity navigator sun with of the biggest ones. they previously evaluated organization but since determine the charity's atypical business model can not be adequately captured in their current methodology. that is the reason they gave suspending them after putting them on a watch list, saying that 60 companies that lobby the state department do urge hillary clinton's 10 your donated more than $26 million to the clinton foundation. if nothing else there looks like strong appearance of interest. >> judy raise as good point. corporate governance boards want to avoid controversy. they're not here for political reasons. they are here to protect their shareholders. they don't want questions ask. why give to a corporation or charity come under fire last few months, and take a year off, see how it settles out and give
4:38 pm
money for tax deduction elsewhere this year. now, there really no, proven evidence that cgi has done everything with the money that's been untoward. i understand if you're sitting on board of trustees, you want to avoid any appearance whatsoever, any scrutiny politically, you don't want to be involved in this mess or political campaign. >> the groups that evaluate them are too uncomfortable to give them a who they are taking money from given their job. something is going on with these non-partisan charity watchdogs. senator, judy raises a good point. deutsche bank, samsung, hsbc, making news by pulling out and embarrassing the clintons but if she becomes president -- >> if she will be vindictive going after businesses attend a foundation event that is ridiculous. melissa: they have a long memory. >> so do the voters of this great country. when you have a charity group giving maybe, 5, 10% to actual
4:39 pm
chairmannable causes, overhead, spending lavish way they do business within the foundation is all up for scrutiny. just another thing that you add on to benghazi, servers, now the foundation. the quid pro quo allegations. melissa: although interesting you say five to 10% we wanted to drill down on those exact numbers they're very hard to find. >> of course they are. melissa: groups that do the watching say the funds are not transparent. it is non-traditional entity. we do know that 12% of the revenue goes to travel. 20% goes to salaries. they also do a lot of good work. just problem is lack of transparency in this and a lot of things that the clintons -- we've got to go. >> every other group is transparent. why is the clinton foundatn not transparent? makes no sense. if you give money, give it to a group with full and complete open disclosures where the money is going. melissa: we'll see if they learn the lesson as a result of this and become more transparent over time. thanks so much. connell. connell: on to another political story, yes it does involve donald trump. you hear about his new book?
4:40 pm
he announced it is coming out october the 27th. the trump book will focus on? making america great again. you could guess that. not to be left out dr. ben carson has a new book coming out, a more perfect union. that will be october 6th. kind after normal thing, run for president, write a book, raise some money. you know the drill. it brings up wider conversation, you talked about a couple times, scott walker bringing -- dropping out. how about ceo in the white house? trump and fiorina fit that mold. close to the top of the gop pack depending what poll you look at. jamie dimon not sold on the idea. watch. >> ceo is important be atry beauties. it is not sufficient though. really complex politics. three dimensional chess. to go out there to mingle and get these things done is hard. melissa: although if you were
4:41 pm
decoding what jamie was saying there -- connell: right. melissa: what he was saying when you're ceo the buck stops with you. ultimately you can tell people it is my way or the highway. when you're a politician you have to play what he called 3d chess and get to convince people to do things, not because they work for you. co alwnnell:s said that way. probably is true. at the end of the day it depends on the individual persons. some ceos would make excellent politicians. some are successful. mike bloomberg here in new york was three-term mayor. others are disaster and flamed out in middle of campaigns not able to go anywhere. it depends on individual. melissa: ability to get things done, to pick the right people to surround yourself with competent people and get things done. a huge attribute. connell: friendly skies meantime getting a little less friendly. melissa: oh, boy. connell: we love bad airline stories. people screaming at their tvs. more bad news for stranded passengers coming up. melissa: why the pope may be to blame for your new iphone 6s's arrival late.
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connell: we were talking before our little break how the friendly skies were getting a little less friend did i. here is why. debt at that and american ending an agreement, with interline agreement allowed them to carry each other's passengers because of special circumstance, because of cancellation or weather. delta blames the breaks upon american airlines, saying it was sending five passengers to delta for everyone flyer delta sent to american. not exactly fair. melissa: picky, picky. fly the friendly skies, not so much. connell: it made sense. one of the business agreements supposed to benefit each one. the other company, why are we getting five or everyone? melissa: you would think there would be economic incentive. >> right. melissa: apparently not. all right. amazon dominating holiday shopping season.
4:46 pm
a survey found 84% of shoppers plan to purchase items from amazon for the holidays. the main reason? low prices. the say also found that 83% of the customers plan to complete majority of their holiday shopping on cyber monday or sooner. are you that organized? connell: no, my wife is. am i that organized. not even close. you can't get in the front door because of amazon boxes. >> mine already looks like that. connell: every day i come home. melissa: there you go. if amazon prime member, nothing is too small. tube of toothpaste. done. connell: we live on amazon at our house and pizza. how about this, domino's kicking off the fall with free pizza free pizza. dominoes is the world leader in pizza delivery. i guess it is. buy one, get one free for carry-out customers order online. station manager josh already left the studio. >> i order adam know's pizza.
4:47 pm
my kids are at home. sent me a text, triple pepperoni connell: then you get free. melissa: i don't think we need two triple pepperonis. connell: deliver it to the studio. melissa: there you go. if you're counting down the days to the new iphone delivery arrives, you might need to exercise a bit of patience. new reports that the pope's visit could disrupt deliveries of the device. jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton on "risk & reward." she is back with us now, jo? >> this is stressful for apple fans out there need the iphone 6 or 6s plus. delivery according ups will be delayed in certain zones where the pope will be individual is iting in washington, new york and philadelphia. essentially what is happening if you really need to have the iphone right away, two on to the apple store and they will be available in store starting at 8:00 a.m. but ups saying they're not making these deliveries due
4:48 pm
to security and traffic concerns. so what will you do, connell, if you can't get your 6s plus right away? connell: aren't you uncomfortable with jo blaming the pope for all of this? melissa: i think it is an excuse. i think it is just an excuse. there you go. jo, thank you so much. we'll see you at the top of the hour for "risk & reward." looking forward to that. connell. connell: when will the pope raise interest rates? not that, the fed will raise interest rates. how more reliant is the fed on the markets than you think? new survey is out on that. we'll talk to you about it. they really are. they really care about the markets. it was cable versus streaming at emmys. that was the theme. one network is just dominating, raking in trophies and cash. more on that, coming up. ♪
4:49 pm
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♪ melissa: whether on wall street or main street here is who is making money today. hbo the network dominating the emmys with wins for come series "veep" and drama of "game of thrones." setting a record for winning most emmys of a series in single year. emmy hogs. connell: food job out of hbo. now to the federal reserve. the decision last week to keep interest rates unchanged asks many asking what are they doing? a new report explains what they are thinking or attempts to. the fed apparently is market dependent. i know you heard that before. some say it should be other way around. atlanta fed president said the rate hike was delayed because risks ratcheted up. market volatility can be a symptom of more fundamental ills. and market volatility if protracted can be a channel for
4:53 pm
damping forces on economic activity. he joins us, american wealth management. eric shiver as well. patriarch. and christian mcgoon, ceo of yield shares. christian, let me go to you first. idea of the fed and go into study in detail. the idea that the fed is market dependent, you say of course, but maybe not supposed to be. are they? >> i think they are, connell. i think they look at economic data which is really driving your car, looking through the rear rear-view mirror. they look at that, but the market is forward-looking. they have to see the market to see what the market is thinking going out in the future. so it is a balance between economic data and market signs. connell: the deutsche bank study we're basing part this on saying the fed decisions entirely, almost, dictated by stock market and rate cuts, followed by 5% annualized declines in the
4:54 pm
s&p 500, when fed holds rates steady, stocks rally by 11%. they look at data. they have over the years and they think that the federal reserve is market dependent. eric, your thoughts. >> well, i don't think they know what they're talking about. i think that is a piece of it but not the whole picture. the bigger picture here, you have a global world economy that is in trouble. it is in bad shape. shipping is down. inventories are up. we have carnage ahead, in the markets and the fed right now is pathetically weak. they really can't do anything if the markets shot and begin to go down in a big way. they have no bullets to save it anymore. connell: right. just can't do anything about it. they just don't have any power is your point. >> right. connell: okay. >> they're scared like a deer in the headlights. they don't want be to the ones that tilt it but the bigger issue are fundamental problems in the world economy. connell: leif, where do you kind of fall on this?
4:55 pm
>> sure the fed is reactionary. that is nothing new. it is fun study. looks at things but tells us some things we already know. we know there is buying into the market before a news announcement occurs. connell: right. >> you have somewhat of a buy the rumor sell the news kind of idea. connell: you always hear these things and see them and look at them in the study, yeah, that's right. if the fed, wanted to study, new york fed study buy the market 24 hours up to decision and made 80% of entire market return in 17-year period. christian, yeah, everybody says it is of course it is true. we already knew this or do you gain anything new by this discussion? >> i think it emphasizes it is not timing, sometimes in the market, but sometimes timing market. if you get it timed successfully based off the fed you have done pretty well in short amount of time. connell: all the things are easier looking back when you have the data, right? thank you, gentlemen. we appreciate it. melissa? melissa: would you give up higher pay to have better job?
4:56 pm
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>> the afl-cio just weighing in on governor scott walker dropping out of the 2016 presidential race saying quote, scott walker is still a disgrace. just no longer national. connell: that is measured. >> end quote. wow. connell: yeah. >> just piling on. connell: kicking guy when he is down. we've been promising, better boss or higher pay. study asking the question. more than a quarter of respondents say they would rather have a better boss manage them then get a $5,000 raise? >> $5,000, really, you turn that down? to add to that 36% of employees would give up $5,000 a year in salary to be happy year at work. clearly people are trying to achieve better work life balance. connell: that's fine. that is admirable i think. people want to go to work to be happy at work. we're happy. >> we're thrilled.
5:00 pm
we don't know the difference. because we haven't worked for a bad boss. why would you. connell: we prepared this. >> perfect. does it for us. connell: it does. >> do you want to take longer? or hand it off. you know what? "risk & reward," it will start right now. >> everything i hear he will be dropping out next day or two, maybe as late as tonight. reality is -- >> hold on that is breaking news. you say as early as tonight scott walker may drop out? >> may drop out. jo ling: you heard it here first on fox business. former reagan campaign director ed rollins telling our own liz claman, wisconsin governor scott walker will drop out just moments in before the news broke. jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton today. scott walker will suspend his campaign effort today, effectively ending a once promising, much louted gop presidential bid that just owecollapsed over this summer.


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