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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 23, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria: no cause of death is reported yet. yogi bear was 90 years old. more in his career in the program. pope frances begins his first full day with a trip to the white house. taking a look at the impact of the pope's visit in a moment. in the u.s., chinese president xi jinping arriving in seattle yesterday saying china is ready to join the u.s. in battling cybercrime. the chinese market is doing just fine. meeting with high-profile executives today that will tell you about the moment. the shanghai index traded overnight down 2% after poor manufacturing data once again indicate that the slowdown have been in the economy. u.s. futures recover from an initial selloff on the bad news out of china. we are expecting a higher opening up about 40 points. senior tour for the carmaker meeting today after the company
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admitted to misleading the government to a clean diesel engine. more than 10 million cars of the past 10 years. the software to manipulate admissions during government testing. they're amateurish or russia increase their presence in syria. private satellite images showed new construction at two military facilities in the mediterranean coast. the white house says it is exploring whether the u.s. can work with moscow to ease syrian president assad from power while preventing a collapse of the government in a takeover of his law by islamic extremists. president xi jinping to combat cybercrime. he made a promise on the opening day in his visit to the united states. resident xi jinping said he will push ahead with economic reforms without resorting to currency devaluation. today he's scheduled to meet
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with warren buffett, tim cook, ceo of apple. he's out with howard schultz and bill gates during his visit. howard schultz from starbucks as well. "wall street journal" deputy editor-in-chief had a q&a with xi jinping. thanks for being here today. what do the chinese say about the economy, particularly from the leadership stand point. >> the whole interview was about china being conservative and an equal part of the united states. on the economy, he came off the same we have problems, run into bugs. don't worry. maria: what about the intervention. a lot of debate about the chinese government intervene in the global market. the >> was a pointed remark where he said it's rare for us to intervene.
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he clearly was a reference to us than others when extraordinary strike. assertive reforms will continue and china will not turn back on where they are headed. maria: do they admit to cybercrime? tell us about the stealing of private property pat infringement here but are his explanations they are? >> he was director say we don't condone it, will crack down on it and work with the u.s. and of course china feels that too. maria: such an important visit. china enter go to wal-mart to. >> it strikes me a lot of frederick to a wonderful interview with "the wall street journal." we just heard this morning there's nothing wrong with the chinese economy or the chinese stock market. there is a lot wrong with the chinese economy if you judge with a degree of slowdown. we saw this in the manufacturing
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pmi falling down to 47, the lowest number is six years. it seems like we've got to get beyond the rhetoric and hopefully hear some solutions to the president. the >> the other challenges it is so hard to understand. what's behind the numbers, what do the numbers represent? very unclear. the >> that was the question you asked. the answer was? >> everything is fine, everything is good. there's a moment when he lists the number of bureaucratic reform projects they are undertaking a major in the list of things we do and follow the market economy. we also asked them to respected about diseases and their complaints that chinese make it harder for foreign business and he said we are open to international investment. that will change. dagen: but that doesn't ring true. cybertheft aside, the new national security law is making
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a grab at the intellectual property of u.s. companies. ranking regulations got pushback on that. again, they are trying to get right back. >> where the story again about cisco. cisco is dominant in building china's internet. the last couple years they been losing out. now they are entering a partnership with a smaller chinese company to get back in there. that is an experience a lot of companies have felt. maria: what to look for is a successful visit from the president? >> it depends on what you mean by success. part of it is the dialogue between the united states and china. can we get along or is there going to be real problems doing business going forward. clearly the white house is sending signals they want to confront china and talk to them.
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it'll be interesting to see if there's a meaningful discussion or a lot of happy talk. maria: will watch that. not to stay with us or we are happy you were here. pope frances landed on u.s. soil munching a six-day tour in washington d.c. pope frances ditched fancy wheels for a much more modest ride getting into a fiat 500 element tarmac in this car choice was praised by the automaker. the pope's agenda includes a visit to the white house and washington's cathedral of the apostle. he will greet thousands of people during the pope mobile parade south of the white house. that fiat inning publicity from the visit to the united states. what he think other businesses are out there that could benefit? >> traffic cops for one. i don't think this is really
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about business obviously, but there is some hope business people look at some hearing from the pope about american-style capitalism and the benefits they see there. there's a lot of enthusiasm for the pope on a personal level, the concern for business people that he doesn't understand the benefits. maria: he has come out and really surprise people with the things he's interested in. some of the things he's wanted to talk about like move on capitalism. dagen: he wants the government to crackdown on climate change. although developing nations contributing to climate change in this world. very progressive economic policies. are we going to hear more or just helping those in need and leading a modest life. people want joy. ? people want joy. people want guides from the holy
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father. >> our senses is not here to be confrontational. we don't think he will talk about controversial topics like the cuban embargo or other things that mr. hackles. he does not like in any way be used as a political prop. the president of things you'd like to get out of the pope including climate change and some conservatives would like to see him make statements. dagen: at the liberals in this country don't want to hear about how he feels about abortion or divorce. they just want to hear what they like and support. >> ever since the vatican is aware of the political winds they are walking into what would like to avoid them as much as possible. >> dystopias savvy and address before congress will give enough things to enough people that everyone will have something to come out. maria: he is very savvy.
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people want to see what people have to here. >> everybody can find something they are for. ultimately he is a teacher in yesterday's move with the fiat was a great teaching moment that we need to be humble enough within our means and all good messages for america's will continue throughout the trip. maria: what is the feeling on the religious right side about the pope? >> conservatives are very happy with where the pope -- what he is touting the messages cease using and progressives are happy about it. he's a very savvy pope. all that said, has not changed fundamental teachings of the church. he's still promoting fundamental teachings in a different way. dagen: he needs to turn around the catholic church with the declining membership. they are having financial trouble with the abuse settlement there.
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but they have pension problems for the retired clergy. he's got to ramp up membership in the church. >> one thing about the visit as he will be in washington, new york and philadelphia. that is not for us growing. it's going in the south and west becoming a more hispanic church. churches there are twice the size. church of the east is more of a decline. you look at a certain view of a church that would not reflect the full vibrancy. maria: thank you for joining us. please come back soon. big and they went spreading amazon in a good mood. take a look at some other big headlines. chinese fighters intercepting a u.s. spy plane and invention side of quirky files for bankruptcy and set to unveil a partnership with the chinese maker. we will be back on "mornings with maria." ♪ can a business have a mind?
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i can choose any car in the aisle i want- (v go tion. goike pro. (patck 1han . i an,yo..usyone. maria: welcome back. let's look at markets this morning at a quarter at 6:00 in the morning. we had some weak data added china and initially that sends a negative tone that things have reversed course and the kinetic former star for u.s. stocks. e.u. leaders meet in brussels set to approve a plan to relocate 120,000 migrants across the continent. cheryl casone with that story. >> good morning, or reappear despite opposition fro thea and slovakia, and ministers approve it stand to 120 migrants
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across the continent with a majority vote. in an effort to take some burden off nations like greece and italy and serious neighbors. chicago's mayor from a manual calling for tax increases of $500 million to be put in place to help the growing fiscal crisis. in addition to increases, he warned of police and firefighter layoffs coming to garbage collection fees, taxes on the cigarettes and taxicabs. a 24 hour sale. this is an honor to five and missed the company took called for the hit show transparent. prime will be available for 67 box that starts mid-may to friday. the membership is normally $99 for the year that you get free shipping, same-day deliveries and they come out with a bunch of new shows and they are starting to make their mark in hollywood which is tough to do. maria: you've under amazon's 24
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hour deal bull make others do the same. >> this is another bad design, there really competing with amazon prime. dagen: the service is terrible, by the way. i've tried more than once. >> maybe they do have a leg up on the service apparently but now the pricing as well. it's about gathering the market share before people have a chance to realize how terrible it is. >> i've never done amazon prime. i'm going to sign it. dagen: i'm> i've never done ama. i'm going to sign it. dagen: i'm addicted to it. it is everything you wanted to be. immediate delivery service. i refuse to go to a drugstore anymore because i get all my drugs and everything and beauty products from amazon.
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amazon prime giving netflix and who will and hbo now a run for his money. >> is too bad the internet was around 20 years ago. we could've had a $40 amazon prime membership for today. amazon revolutionizing the way people shop, the way people buy things. other companies need to continue to take notice. it's a pretty exciting time. maria: thank you gave a short break with governor scott walker dropping out of the race. more on that next there will talk about the new field for 2016. keep your right here on the fox business network. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> scott walker is still one of the best governors in america and he will remain until 2018 when he chooses to run for reelection beyond that. he will continue to be a leader in our party and our country. he's just not a presidential candidate anymore. maria: dallas florida senator barker rubio. a stop story claiming rubio is set to inherit two thirds of scott walker's fundraising apparatus. but the republican alternative to governor walker, rubio has local multiple staffers and fundraisers for the campaign. could this provide a much-needed boost to the rubio campaign? >> absolutely. good week for senator rubio. it is important to know senator cruz has picked up support from
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some of walker's ex people. kasich has picked up a few people. we're in a phase now where who will make it to the starting line. governor walker decided he didn't want to continue. i suspect three or four more dropouts before voting starts occurring. had the next phase of the campaign is who can start getting victories because any republican primary primary, early winter gold and with always nominated the individual has won two of the first three contents. maria: this is exactly what walker wanted. he said i'm i'm encouraging energy appears to step down so voters can have a smaller field. that is what we see happening with barker rubio. >> the national selection process has occurred. now governor walker getting now. others will get out before the election. >> you mentioned two or three in the next few months. andy went to mention?
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>> i could speculate, but who knows if i'm right. at some point as governor walker saw if there's no money, unless you are going to stick your vendors that pay your staff, you wake up and say this isn't going anywhere and i need to find some other way to be effective. dagen: but there is the issue you heard from scott walker, the size versus tribe mentality. rather than embrace tribe, he's still got the lead among more republican voters. hayseeds into this division rather than bringing the party together. >> we are heading to a race that will be used the outsider right now. mr. trump, ben carson are currently feared reina -- carly fiorina. it is interesting. a year ago if u.s. republican primary voters that their number
6:24 am
one criteria was for a presidential candidate was somebody with experience that can get something done. maria: which is why we were all heralding the governors. the governors had the good in terms of its variants. >> and then mr. trump has a very forceful message of protecting america, fighting for jobs which taps into what folks say about why they went governors. they want someone that's going to do something and move to get the economy going somebody that will stand up for america. those two aren't incerica. those two aren't incompatible. it's really the message republican primary voters are sending. maria: that me ask you about clinton. the government recovers send e-mails. how deep is the scandal now and should the voters care about the latest e-mails the fbi has recovered? >> if we get information leaked out about what was found, that can be extremely damaging. you also had yesterday her story
6:25 am
about by the state department originally asked for the e-mails doesn't dovetail now with what the state department. we started looking into this because she was using her own private e-mail server. it had nothing to do with the regular process to look into e-mails. she didn't have an answer for that. she said i don't know. she didn't answer it well and she got back and now you get this story. listen ,-com,-com ma nobody who is a fan of hillary clinton thinks this will change her. it is going to get worse. >> the fact that joe biden can start talking about running -- this guy has run twice. he was a disaster both times including against her in 2008 and hillary has not sealed the deal includes the sale to get the nomination suggestions in trouble. this e-mail scandal is legitimate. maria: investors looking for a
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safe haven with the most recent. my next guest has ideas in how you can profit with all this volatility. stay with us next. ♪
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6:30 am
run in first at-bat, in the majors. >> another one going to leave d know, they call him i don't go yogi very first time against a's what does he do? >> he hits a home run! maria: yogi berra died of national causes was 90 years old fox news bryan kilmeade will have more on the long career, later in the program. pope francis begins first full day in the united states with a trip to white house this morning, taking a look at full economic impact of the visit coming up in a moment, also in the u.s., chinese spt subsixi jinping saying china is ready to join u.s. battling cybercrime that china markets, and economy, are doing just fin fine. xi meeting with apple's tim cook warren buffett many others, goldman sachs chief executive is offering curable form of blood cancer, he was 1
6:31 am
years old says he will remain in post as he he has chemo treatment for lymphoma over the next few months happyy birthday to you happyy birthday -- >> about decades of copyright claims out the wade federal judge rules warner chapel never had the right to charge for the use of the happyy birthday song warner enforcing a copyright since 1988 after barred another company claimed the original disputed copyright judge ruled 19 to 35 copyright granted only right to specific piano arrangements of music not the wording of the song turn back to top story u.s. futures reversing course felling yesterday's sell-off expecting higher opening from broader averages off highest he levels of the morning next guest more than 22 brpdz in assets under
6:32 am
management says stocks poise forced a recovery in year end monetarilych tuptsdz to make a profit joins us dan chung good to see. >> you thank you. >> drinks so much joining us give me bookdrop to invests we know federal reserve left interest rates unchanged last week, does that give you, pause in terms of of the backdrop for investing because the economy perhaps is not as weak as strong is as we thought? >> for us it was actually the team sort of excited we have more time, to assess where the best opportunities in this market. the no action-action is going to i think prolong the uncertainty of volatility. probably to slight downside we think ultimately is an opportunity for stock pieshgz to get good barings. >> uncertainty into the rest of the year means volatility, means as you said, downsize are you going to buy into that
6:33 am
down sided or find a place where you feel okay now it is -- a good opportunity because, we've bottomed out? >> well, our profits is also a looking for opportunity in the market i would say we are beginning to pick away what we think are opportunities, the markets already down from highs, a lot of individual stocks are down quite a bit more. of course, the fed meeting in october, not far away, and williams president of the -- hinting that you know probably something happens in october. >> he came on my show actually sunday, and i said to him, anastasia should we expect december the time you don't have a press conference in october he said we don't neither a press conference i agree i think it is october what do you think? >> i think it might be past october would i fall into december kwafrp the reason i say that fed was pretty adamant about concern about china, and if we judge froming the manufacturing, number that came out this morning we may not get clarity on china until sometime later in the year.
6:34 am
so i think, this -- idea, that uask can decouple from the rest of the world u.s. can decouple from china i think kind of a mistake to make that -- that notion, because if you look at markets prrj glob gdp now 40% used to be 17% a couple decades ago i don't think we can fully do a he couple for that reason the fed may want to see what happens between now, and -- december, between october not a wholly lot more. >> isn't that true when you look at trading partners so much challenge out there, canada recession australia recession can u.s. sustain growth corporate earnings growth as well, while trading partners are so challenged. >> a i think one of the most important things to note s&p 500 earnings, that, year to date is essentiallyly flat well below what analysts expected a large part driven by earnings from energy throttle collapsed you take
6:35 am
out energy in addition if you take out foreign exchange effect, announces, core earnings growth well above 6% u.s. in a slow steady recovery, corporate profits remain, quite strong in our view. >> what is new name you added to portfolio recently give us one idea or where you look you said gives you more time to look into ideas, where are you looking, you know what have you added? . >> well -- you know we think three sectors in the u.s. that are really vibrant global leading innovative that is technology, health care, and then most recently i think because of improved economic conditions last couple years consumer, very large part of the u.s. economy. so he we've been looking at all three sectors for opportunities. >> consumers are critical we still have yet to see, the savings that consumers have gotten from the energy story, safing money at gas pump we have not really seen thm, put that money into the economy
6:36 am
yet. >> it is the anxiety this volatile market continues to cause anxiety amongst investors amongst retirees continue to see their portfolio go up and down. not a time where people are going to be out spending lots of money even if the economy is improving a little bit, americans are not feeling it. >> you think that will happen? >> end of the year consumers will it bb consumer led. >> i think so, yes. >> if you are going to put money to work you got to is to the ith do it about selectivity on surface detractors from soap soap a 500, effects energy you could not ignore it you can say extrapolate all you want investing in s&p aggregate you are getting ask exposure sector behaved the way to do it. maria: good to have you on the show you the so much, dan chung ceo chief investment officer with more than 22 billion starbucks says you can
6:37 am
order pay for coffee using smartphone, nicole good morning to you. >> iphone or android phone, folks out there you got to know how to use this starbucks app that is the other part if you do, starbucks is expanding mobile order and service nationwide allowing consumers to order their coffee, using the smartphone app of starbucks, this app can be used to place your orders, prepay estimated wait times kicked off in seattle did this seattle-based company originally tested the service in or gunmgan before launching nationwide to all 7400 stores, maria, so, basically, they are going to bring it on, and make it available to everybody, sales come more than that from mobile so a big part of it. >> nicole thank you, start your day with nicole in here on fox business network 5:00 a.m. before "mornings with maria," as we head to the break the first look at movie
6:38 am
adaptation of lewis book the big short star-studded movie tells story of skrefrz who got rich predicting the collapse of the housing market. >> wholly housing market is propped up on bad -- they will fail. >> housing market is rock-solid. >> a time bomb. >> you gets supercuts doesn't wear shoes knows more than alan greenspan. >> yes he does.
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maria: welcome back oil trading higher this morning -- carrying yesterday's losses slowing energy demand gasoline on decline, down 2 cents from a week ago, at cme in chicago the latest action good morning phil. >> hey good morning, maria, hey gasoline prices have been coming down, they have been coming down quickly, but that may slow just a little bit. yesterday we had two major a pipelines went down on could lon yal for gasoline in the midwest they were down that caused a slight disruption in imports going to see oil move the other big story engendering information administration report, we got a private report yesterday, that showed that oil supplies in u.s., fell 3.7 million barrels, last week, that is not supposed to happen unless u.s. production, is falling, it is we're seeing more signs it is falling going to support
6:43 am
prices day even though china date was weak back to you. maria: thanks so much, phil phillip in chicago, after years of remaining silently hillary clinton has taken a position on controversial keystone pipeline here is the former first lady sflaing why it took her so long to reject a project republicans claim will create thousands of good-paying jobs. >> i think it is imperative we look at keystone pipeline what i believe a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change, and unfortunately, from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward to deal with all the other issues, therefore i oppose it. >> joining me former energy advisories to president bush, the founder president of bob mcnally good to see. >> you good to be with you thank you very much. >> ski stekey steen drastic. >> it is we are of producing
6:44 am
oil in canada the problem is low price of crude oil canada has a third largest supply of oil oil is the life bloody of more thaning civilization that oil is coming out probably going west to asia, come out east to mar times, some going to come to a pipeline the president approved alberta clipper president obama early in administration, we started politic political krooigz that is not stopping consumption of oil what will delay it is the low price of crude oil that is what canada has to worry about. she is basically saying the keystone pipeline is a distraction, i am asking you said it is a distraction? >> i don't understand that. >> look, keystone pipeline, is something the environmentalists took hostage when they didn't get cap and trade in 2010 president obama comes in priorities about national health care and green energy or cap and trade went for national health care lost the to congress couldn't get cap and trade 2010 republican congress wasn't going to get
6:45 am
it took keystone off said we won't give it back to you until you give us cap and trade or price on carbon i think going to regret that some environmental community already regret it have taken restone hostage the fracking he revolution is national and wild. >> gar gage should say a distraction from about tackling climate change that oil will be shipped to asia potentially is harder on environment they have less environment environmentallyfriend refining practice just hoary. >> -- hooey. >> democrats to unemployment compensation someone doesn't understand how to create jobs get economy moving if smart key will keep this election how we create jobs powered, excuse the pun powered by energy policy. she doesn't get it. >> you would think that you know, traveling or transporting oil is safer, in a pipeline, rather than on
6:46 am
railcars, i mean i just think that is sort of obvious. >> it is two-way street, though a, not just sending kaipz oil to the united states also mixing it with the crude oil that we have, in south texas he o instead of the other way around it is a proposition that would create jobs. and that is why a lot of unions are actually in is for of that, but that is not what is on the not being debated. >> remember it was state department president president obama secretary clinton secretary kerry said keystone pipeline is environmentally beneficial approve it she said in 2010 was leaning towards approving it i think what we have today is pure politics. >> state department said environmentally side of, let me ask you get your take on energy business, how he worried are you about some shale companies you controllabling identify as a great growth story but are you worded some shale guys and gals over leverage have had to
6:47 am
go bankrupt when they face new credit facilities. >> i am worried about that, because we are on a global roller coaster when it comes to oil prices i call it space mound oil prices going to learn to miss opec, opec is basically advocated its roll as market balanceer 10 years as a result we are going to see bigger wings in prices up and down. now we're over supplied so going down, and you know even though the operating costs of shale oil is coming down to the 10, 15 dollars a barrel to reinvest to get capital they need 40, 50, 60 dollars, unfortunately, the way we count barrels i see prices going down further, we have a market share going we are in opec going to put stress on shale oil producers next month have to face banks renegotiate terms of borrowing bigger ones announce capex decisions by next year not pretty especially if further down in prices. >> does that affect the broader employment story. >> absolutely the he gravest,
6:48 am
job creator, and that is starts to die, i think it is going to be a big concern absolutely. >> good to have you on the show. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for joining are us bob mechanic malley on emergency fallout for sfroeks continuing the stock sinking in company's rig emissions test concern and cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: sinking again this stock in free-fall volkswagen board will meet today, sfand making key decisions, after admitting the company had been using secret technology to rig tests the scandal over falsified will emissions could affect 11 million cars worldwide, volkswagen lost more than a third of value just this week. the price of cancer aids drug is being reduced, now coming after company suffered a backlash after raised the praise of drug more than 5,000% from 13.50 per pill to 750 dollars, company saying it will make the drug more inaccessible but they have not said exactly what the new price is going to be, finally -- this is -- take a
6:49 am
look at this, a fisherman mark mccracken trying to send off an aggressive hammer shed shark several times, he keeps hitting the shark with a paddle this is the 15 minute encounter after all fails all efforts he paddled to shore he got out the hammer headed was sitting right there stalking him, maria. >> crazy. >> that is amazing. >> wow, don't -- mess with a shark making him mad! get out of my water, dude! . right? >> don't -- go back where you belong, followed him. >> waits there. >> i wait for the shark. >> my god. >> 15 minutes, so thank you. >> yesterday lawsuit, straight ahead, panel will weigh in when you should park your cash right now plus we flake take a
6:50 am
listen to governor john kasich stopping by late night last night. >> don't fret to a much there will be opportunities seven more debates to go. >> get ready. everybody. >> i am not going out and say you know outrageous things or make promises that i can't keep. to win. we need to become a nation that can solve problems bring people together that is what i -- >> with ohio if you can't bring people together i don't know who can.
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. . futures on track higher opening stock prices, take a look we are expecting dow jones industrial average up 33 points talking about oil and china anastasia what would do you. >> i think you want to put cash to work i think you look
6:54 am
at opportunities, and credit you look at opportunities in u.s. stocks about those a we mentioned selectivity european equities if european recovery is real, one thing to mention is oil i am not sure i agree with the 30 dollar, 20 dollar camp i think oil can go higher from er have, because one of the undertaken appreciated facts is that saudi arabia cannot afford 40 dollars for ever, they may not be able about to afford for next one or two years, and the reason for that, is there having to slash their spending, and it is oil stays where it is 40 dollars they will have to resort to borrowing, or decumulating foreign exchange they worked hard to accoutrement 10 years not sustainable. >> bob said he would not be surprised to see oil in 30s you are on the other side of that trade. >> david i want to ask you about pricing in health care we just saw, now that the drugs this important drug that had been shot up in -- in pricing, the ceo comes out did
6:55 am
a lot of media yesterday said look we're going to lower the price hillary clinton was out immediately, said that increase in prices price-gouging in health care. >> transparency is awfully important there are booed actors in question in america, transparency will expose this not relative of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. >> it is in a way -- >> hillary -- >> secretary clinton's plan that came out, she is going to ship jobs overseas by encouraging, allowing drugs to come into america which is very funny for a candidate trying to create jobs going to ship them out, one, and two going to scourge innovation researcher is done by pharmacy companies. >> republicans no answer to sky roeting costs of prescription drugs up last year, the most -- >> let me finish. >> let me finish. >> you've been fighting on not negotiating prices by medicare by government bernie sanders wants it hillary clinton wants
6:56 am
it, what is the republican answer, they don't have a good answer. >> not to get drug prices down. >> the department for companies when it comes to medicare, medicaid. >> they do not negotiate prescription drug prices, medicare does not against the law. >> uh -- >> that is true state level do negotiate. >> not medicare it is against the law bernie and hillary want to happen i am not saying -- >> you need a better answer. >> government -- >> can negotiate. >> we need to go to break, but -- we need to go to break sorry, invite him back, we can barthsdz more. >> thank you so much, david, joining us this morning gopac chairman anastasia great to see you as also a we will be right back next hour former reagan reagan economic advisor gives thoughts on latest hillary into news judd gregg on the program, back in
6:57 am
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. maria: welcome back good wednesday morning i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday september 23, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, michael block, and dominique of diversified wealth catcher yogi berra passed away won 10 world series titles was essentially part of the yankees dynasty, dominated major league baseball from 40s to 60s, remembered as clutch hitter hit a home run in very first at-bat, in the majors. >> swings that is going to leave the babb what are do you know? berra, call him yogi his very first time at plate what does he do? he hits a home run! maria: yogi berra died of national causes was ninety years old fox news bryan
7:01 am
kilmeade will have more later in the program, pope francis begins first full day in the united states, today, with a trip to the white house, this morning we will take a look at full economic compact of the voyeuristic in a moment chinese president xi jinping arriving in seattle yesterday, saying china ready to join u.s. in battling cybercrime, that is china's markets economy doing just fine thank you so much xi meeting with u.s. executives that we will tell but in a moment first take a look at how china shaipg shanghai trade ovpt down better than 2%, manufacturing date indicating slowdown in the economy there, weighing on stocks, u.s. futures showing stocks recovering from sell-off on bad news off the china, now taking up steam dow jones industrial average to open up 50 points, this morning. volkswagen in a world of trouble, senior director for the carmaker meeting after company admitted to misleading the world's governments about two liter clean diesel engines
7:02 am
unifying more than 10 million carries volkswagen says it illegally used software to manipulate sxaufs emissions in government testing, new images showing russia increasing its military presence, in syria reflected yesterday smo reconstruction near mediterranean post highly cited report in the "the wall street journal" white house says it is exploring whether u.s. can work with moscow to easy syrian president assad from power. epreventing a collapse of the government and takeover by islamic extremities. >> xi jinping to meet with top leaders today joining us with his take on the visit, former real estating economic advisors art laufr goffer thank for joining us. >> lovely to be with you feisty yogi berra, by the way, remember that one in restaurant, that restaurant so full in one goes there anymore? >> i -- traditionalist,
7:03 am
antiover till its over, ain't over till over. dagen: all over we could go all day rest in peace president of china in u.s., what is your take on this trip, from chinese leaders? >> i think they are trying to soften relationship for the u.s. trying to pick a things a lot better, and hopefully cooperating more with united states china maria is extremely important, to the united states. it is our best trading pattern without china there is no walmart without walmart there is no middle class or lower class prosperity we desperately need china they desperately need us the better off we can get along the better off this world will be. >> can we trust them, we are all debating whether or not economic numbers are for real, what is the growth of china, debating about cybercrime he said he wants to join u.s. in battling cybercrime isn't it coming from his country? >> well, you know, they say we want to battle cybercrime a
7:04 am
heck of a lot better than we want to battle you over our cybercrime coming in it is a movement right direction, can you expect, support no, of course, not china is important we should do all we can, to main good pgs reepgs i went to china first recent times, in october of 1970 george schultz john erlichman in prekissinger tripp i was in the belief that china was our enemy all that, and i fell in love with china, china is really a phenomenal country, that we would be very fool aboutish to try to make enemy out of there they would be will of aish to make enemy out of us. >> dagen second largest economy, what happens in china impacts this economy. >> absolutely, and -- >> sure does. >> art, like it makes sense to say that, and we all want that. but china is exerting growing pro technical shunnism going after u.s. intellectual property with this new national security law, and i
7:05 am
mentioned last hour, there was a new banking regulations about civil war they are trying to get at u.s. banks code. and i don't -- and -- it doesn't seem like it is going in our direction. and is it really anything, in a discussion while xi jinping is here that will change that. >> i hope so if you look at protectionism has a huge lobby of its own also a has a very, very poor thought process that brings on protectionism in nixon administration you look at a lot of discussion in politics of the presidential races protectionism playing a fairly major role in that, too i think all we have to do is make sure we have -- would oppose protectionism every place we possibly can, of course, we need to enforce u.s. laws they can't come steel all secrets all that, of course, we need to do that. but we want to make sure that we don't throw that proverbial baby out with bathwater they
7:06 am
are enormously important, to the prosperity of america, we should not forget that. >> investors on panel this morning michael politic, dominique, how important is china story to the way you allocate capital right now. >> it really maria is tremendous. you know unfortunately, we have to really take play the long game here with china. what is going on, is they are -- evolving as economy working kinks out the key thing i tell people about xi working for long run trying to put reforms in place we have seen so many of it, cookbook some of the consumer receipted stuff let's look tat gaming what they have done the past year in china a lot has been, xi crack being you on on corruption cut down on money spent in macau for investors i think going to see more moves like that a lot of house cleaning with state presence weigh see how weak pmi overnight, small and mid sized to 47 keeps going lowe
7:07 am
is. >> it important in terms of of laekt capital for you. >> for me called stay away long-term this is going to be great what is going to drive conveniently is chinese consumer, i am no, no hurry. >> we have 2 1/2 to 5% allocation to the far east china india far ooest, 60% of the world economy consumers, growing, consumers spending, you've got to be involved in that you can't look at this as a 3 or month cycle look at 3, so year cycle as allocated a small portion of portfolio i don't think a terrible idea. >> government keeps intervening; right? >> could we sie u.s. businesses need to be involved they do need to be involved there, but much greater risk to their own -- >> look at dinner who is there boeing was there, microsoft was there, every major -- starbucks for god's sakes. >> sitting at that table. >> -- i love the fact that president of china -- first
7:08 am
step go to microsoft, let me go to boeing, to amazon -- all right let me get your take on i don't think you and i have spoken since the fed left rates unchanged, what that when where we are in terms of of the economy, what needs to be done, to modify the needle on jobs, move needle on jobs are we will hear from that current slate ef hopefuls. >> we are hearing it every republican hopeful for lower tax rates broader tax base spend restraints deregulation i think on balance are really very much in the right wave about wave length on interest rates i think the fed board does not want to raise their model of the word lower interest rates leads to a better housing market than higher interest rates they are wrong play wrong, higher interest rates up to market clearing prices would bring in much more capital out to housing market, who wants to lend money at 3 1/2% for 30
7:09 am
years, and what they have done keeping interest rates so low, they stifled all the supply of mortgage capital to really fuel the housing market that should be a boom, you -- you can't have it boom in america without a good housing market you just can't. >> janet yellen admitted the housing trackion is not much, we have not really seen housing -- >> because of them. >> yeah exactly, get to where we should see it this part of the cycle quickly on hillary your take on commentary about price-gouging. >> canned finite left wing they can't hug closer, amazing. now comes out begins excel pipeline, i mean i don't understand her strategy, she is really moving sharply to the left, and i don't think bernie sanders is her problem if she gets nominated, under these circumstances, she will be just -- sitting duck for the republicans frank plea i just don't see what she is doing. >> keeps showing, you know,
7:10 am
very, very -- hard left, what is saying no to the pipeline what did she said about health care and prigouging. >> dagen sferngs on personal level preparation drugs prizes too expensive. >> they are. >> i have said, this and apologize to david for going after him like that not giving him -- >> gopac on, want answers. >> the issue a number one priority among health care for americans is cost of prescription drug prices up about 12 percent last year biggest increase in a decade. and you have, all these incredible drugs on the market for cancer, that are going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, people even with co-pays are not able to afford, many of them. >> the question you asked yesterday you say -- >> right, so hillary clinton bernie sanders have come out and said, we need to negotiate drug prices, for about medicare the government does you can't do right now.
7:11 am
and i was saying to republicans have yet to come up with a really coherent response i think the if democratically candidates are getting a league up at least right now. >> what do you think. >> veerbly getting a leg up dagen i think the free market here in the provision of those drugs, i mean the very fact that we're coming up with all the new even if they are very expensive drugs that really do make a difference to the health of people, that is what free market capitalism is all about what we should have at most a catastrophic health care plan people adopt go bankrupt accuse of health problems but other than that i think the free market will bring those drug prices down, not raise them i think we would be far better off, with much less regulation, much less control, over the u.s. healthcare market than we currently have. >> hillary wants to regulate this. >> i know she is going to regulate prices higher because you will not be able to get the drugs there is going to be some allocation there, that we're going to have to -- we're doing that with all sorts of regulations on all
7:12 am
sorts of issues here on transplants all that sort of stuff regulations coming in deciding who gets what when where how not the way markets are supposed to operate not the way health care system works. >> i have a family member has stage four cancer getting a charitable grant, she is on medicare but the doughnut hole every year getting an charitable grant just to pay for the cancer, keeping her cancer drug keep her alive a drug on market more than 10 years. >> -- because -- our clients are primarily retirees this is the problem, they are collecting social security check every month the government telling them there is no flaifgs in the economy, right. >> barely seeing these -- >> attention -- >> they don't see a dollar increase here, and yet the drug prices are going up by 12%, the government is lying to me telling me no inflation s whatsoever they pay their -- pick up drugs in the monthly
7:13 am
basis a free economy, drugs are going up 10, double digits. >> quick being finalizing word. >> well i think that the government pulled out you are going to get new cadillac health care plans, taxed that is going to raise cost more, i don't see any solution coming through in object care to be honest with you, and i think, markets better without it. >> thank you so much see you sfoon. >> thank you maria you guys have fun. >> you are the best see you soon, pope francis ditches fansy wheels for modest ride in the u.s. we will show you next. live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back let's look at markets we are rallying up this morning, now we are at highs of the morning expecting a pretty good move open of trading up 81 points on dow jones industrial average, if you are listening on radio right now nasdaq also stronger better than 20 appointing s&p 500 by nine, eu leaders in brussels set to approve a plan to reloathe thousands of migrants cheryl cheryl on the story. cheryl: that is right
7:17 am
pictures we're getting incredible eu leaders meeting right now in brussels to discuss plan to relocating, 120,000 migrants in competition opposite from ask czech republic haitianing romania sell-off ka after police reportedly used tear gas at cavern on syrian refugees who refused to walk to part known as jungle, getting pictures in as well. the price of the aids drug daraprim reduced falling bashlash from raising the price more than 5,000 percent, company has yet to announce, the drug's new price. finally, pope francis, launching a 6-day tour of the u.s. starting in washington, d.c., came in yesterday, after stepping off the plane, the pope ditched fancy wheels for a modestly ride fiat 500 l, kachoice praised by fiat tweeted this holiness knows how to make an entrance, the
7:18 am
pope agenda including visit to the white house, the pope mentally ill buying american a jeep wrangler 2015 jeep wrangler has covered top open sides, going to use it every city including new york. >> testing wireless providers proposedness for the surge of cell phone uses, verizon at&t saying they spend more than 20 million dollars to quadruple capacity what do you make of that? >> yeah, you know,ation bruise to capex interesting to see repercussions, going to stimulate economy buy stocks, i love this man, looking at expression on as if he said happiness, just hit in i couldn't stays fills -- with joy. >> expecting the point about
7:19 am
the expecting a million people at that mass on sunday, philadelphia, crowds today memorabilia -- nervous as new york 6,000, that are on the streets. >> thursday, friday. >> driving -- obviously isn't driving the car in this car, he is notorious, for walking the streets, visiting the poor, taking care of the every day person, the italians absolutely love him even though a nonitalian. >> take care of those in need, and live modestly. >> his parents italian? no? >> south american. >> he is i think -- >> they went -- >> okay. >> i am showing that right now. -- everybody. >> dplooen prices down what does that mean for oil in general we will have answers next stay with us fox business network "mornings with maria". we'll be right back.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
welcome back oil higher from yesterday's losses on fierce of slowing demand, for energy, of course, we have pmi data out in china. that was weaker than expected, gasoline also lower down two cents from a week ago at cme in chicago now. phil? >> hey, good morning, we would think that oil prices would be down, after that data out of china but bouncing back, partly because of the european date gasoline prices continue to fall, and falling, mainly because u.s. refineers producing near record amount of gasoline in this country, that put downward pressure we got a scare pipeline called could lon yal pipeline shut down a pop today all about inventories talking about,
7:24 am
production destruction falling u.s. production weigh saw signs of that in the american petroleum report if we see that in energy information, in administration report, this market corral, back to you. >> thank you so much phil flynn prices at pufrn continuing to decline how much lower do you see them by year end let's talk about that a debate going on would you expect energy prices to keep going low? >> i think they are under pressure maria here is the thing, if i was to ask, a 100 people i talked to question, do you think the next five dollars in oil up or down i think over 909% would say down a lot of negative sentiment in oil, even though inventory numbers have been better, people are worrying about in an side of things, anastasia made a good point last hour about saudis having hand on lever i am not sure i think way ahead of the curve here, if that ends up happening we end up hearing supply i think upset surprise, i think what i am saying here, you know i am bullish on oil not buying right here i do think greet
7:25 am
opportunities to own it. >> lower before higher. >> for me watching the stocks, and i mentioned the other day, i'm watching oil services stocks, i am waiting. >> i will take other side just for discussion purposes. look at last three years significant number of welt fracking wells amazing depletion rate fall off a cliff we are not drilling any more we have seen production u.s. drop significantly i have heard we could see a million barrels a day lower production, by year end. >> lower production. >> lower. >> higher production you've going to iran oil own the market, the shale revolution you think -- >> we haven't been drilling, drilled quickly couldsta start p not drilling new wells for a while now. >> there is bloodletting going on, and you know one thing happened is a lot of these speculative companies really going undergoing out of business cutting back
7:26 am
dramatically, and, getting eaten. >> putting on sideline right now. >> still get 2 dollar gasoline most parts of the country, by the end of the year, going to be -- >> we will see if that means good for consumer stocks, still waiting. >> campaign money up for grabs, scott walker out of the races for white house which candidate cashing if straight ahead new hampshire juror judd gregg back in a minute. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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maria: hi, everybody. welcome back to morning
7:30 am
certainly appeared i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, september september 23rd here with me dagen mcdowell. top stories right now, legendary new york yankee yogi berra has passed away. he won 10 world series terrorism was an essential part of the dynasty that dominated baseball from the 1940s to the early 1960s. remembered as a clutch hitter, hit a homerun in his his first at-bat in the majors. >> that one believes the ballpark. what do you know, his very first time at the plate in the major league against the a's. what does he do? he hits a home run. maria: yogi berra died of natural causes at 90 years old. grand county will have more in his career later on the program including catchphrases like it ain't over till it's over. pope frances begins his first full day at the white house.
7:31 am
chinese president xi jinping to redmond and seattle yesterday. china is ready to join the u.s. and china's markets and the economy doing just fine. meanwhile, a pmi report this morning that was way lower than that, the lowest since march of 2011. xi jinping meeting with executives including lauren buffett and others. way blank stein told us yesterday he is suffering from a curable care of cancer. he will remain mr. alessi undergoes treatment for them all more over the next several months. ♪ happy birthday to you. happy birth day to you. happy for day, dear president. maria: decades of copyright claims have gone out the window as a federal judge rules they
7:32 am
never have the right to charge a happy birthday to use on. another company claimed the original disputed copyright. the judge wrote the copyright granted on the race to space if it be an arrangement that the music, not the actual song. in the race for the white house, washington outsiders are very well. bernie sanders adding data to the one of coronation and carly fiorina the latest nontraditional candidate to see a major spike haired new hampshire senator judd gregg. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> great to be on. maria: how do you see the field and how it has changed with the isolators right now? >> my take is that most people are saying is a tremendous frustration and general disgust with washington relative to its ability to govern and folks are
7:33 am
looking for some other avenue to moving endeavor. you've got these people like carly fiorina who are sensitive people and making a splash in getting a name for themselves in moving up in the polls. maria: do you think this continues or do you think there's some kind of a catalyst that brings insiders back? >> i think when people go in the polling place they don't throw their vote away, especially in new hampshire. my primary electorate is extremely well educated on what they stand for, have met most of the candidates. they will not throw their vote away out of outrage are discussed. they want somebody who can govern in the republican primary and someone who can win. the likelihood of an outsider dominated the process to the end is probably not likely although donald trump is a horse.
7:34 am
maria: he sure is. dagen. dagen: senator, good to see you. what are the voters signaling in new hampshire right now in terms of who they are favoring? we talk about donald trump enough force, but is he going to be forced to really pony up with specifics and policy ideas? >> that's a good question. right now new hampshire voters are listening, watching and going to meetings with candidates appear holding town meetings. the one thing predictable as his very own predict bull. you can also know for sure voters don't make your mind up until the last couple weeks. the polls you see today are meaningless. they are name recognition polls. dagen: the one thing that is predictable is that they are unpredictable. >> absolutely.
7:35 am
i would be honored if i could be put in the same class as yogi berra. >> one thing that gets me here is you have all these traditional candidates, guys like bush, rubio, christie obviously and they are getting eaten right now by the sizzle. maybe they have the steak but not the sizzle. why are these guys responding to that and changing it? they think it's a relevant commode beneath them. what is happening? how come we're not seeing more candidates really adapt? >> well, you're candidates running on substance and candidates on flair. in the end, i think substance when. people look on the republican side for somebody who can win, somebody was substantive and who can govern. people at the voting booth and
7:36 am
even three people with flair getting attention because they are good media and in some instances people presenting interesting ideas like carly fiorina. i do think the start to narrow. you already see at narrow a scout walker leaving and governor perry leaving. at some point we look at down to someone with substance. when that happens i suspect the person of substance will win. maria: what is your take on the controversy we talk about this morning. prescription drugs are skyrocketing and hillary clinton made the point yesterday. >> manager to market is an extraordinarily expensive undertaking that cost well over a billion dollars it can take up to 12 years. if you get the drugs, you have to have people who want to invest which means you have to have a reasonable return. the specific instance use today
7:37 am
to basically demagogue the entire drug industry appears to be one of access, but that is not true in most drug production instances. quite honestly if we undermine the capacity of drug cop is to get capital essentially say they won't build to keep those drugs out there and sell them at a reasonable cost, you will reduce the quality of lifestyle of all americans because the united states is a place where drug research is done because we allow reasonable return on capital for people who invest in research. this demagoguery we have heard a lot unfortunately from elect officials who pick one instance of mismanagement and use that to pay the whole sector is undermining the quality of health care in this country. maria: good to have you on the show. thanks so much. we will see his son. senator judd gregg.
7:38 am
if you don't have amazon prime yet, now ithe time to get appear cheryl casone with the story. >> that's right. amazon prime is. amazon privates have a 24 hour sale in honor of the site and of the fight and of the site and its attack on sunday for the original hit show trends. prime will be available for $67 instead of $99 for a one-year membership. all of this started midnight on friday. president obama declared a major disaster or the areas affected by the massive wildfires in northern california's area. the federal assistance for home repairs, temporary housing and other programs help people affect it according to the statement from the white house. finally, our campus clip of the morning. fisherman mark mccracken to fend off a hammerhead shark several times at this battle during a 15 minute encounter after all efforts to crack and paddle to shore. the hammerhead was still sitting
7:39 am
right there. he had him 30 times with the paddle. maria: so he titles his way back to shore and the shark follows him. >> followed him all the way to shore and then just work right there is he was on the beach. dagen: somebody punched you in the face or how many minutes, i would be mad, too. you come in my backyard and hit me in the face. get out of the water. get out of my home. >> he was dangling bait. he was fishing there. the guy was dangling bait in the pacific. maria: pope francis goes to washingtwashingt on. coming up, details on the nation's capitol including a trip to the white house where the pope will speak and meet with president obama later
7:40 am
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>> i also do not yet have the answers to other questions but we are working hard to find out what happened.
7:44 am
to do that we are putting everything on the table as quickly, rigorously and transparently as possible. maria: chairman ceo of volkswagen winterkorn saying his company does not have the answers to the question as it continues to face emissions testing scandal. joining us now is editor of the drive, might try with a sunset. good to see you. what do volkswagen owners need to understand? >> they have to understand volkswagen doesn't know what they will do yet. it is sort of up in the air. maria: for their safety. >> there's nothing wrong from a safety. you are driving a car 40 times more polluted with nitrogen oxide than you thought you were. dagen: is this the death of diesel?
7:45 am
>> i would say friday was the day you could mark on your calendar that the internal combustion engine may have died. diesel is an endgame for internal combustion engines to a degree. we're making a transition to hybrid vehicles. maria: this country was built on the combustion engine. >> i dread these clean diesels in europe all the time. fantastic cars, great gas mileage. i'm happy to see them in the u.s. what do you think? >> they get great gas mileage. bmg and that is going to be recalled by the epa is a fantastic engine. dagen: we have higher admission standards here. that's why there's a problem between the european version of the car. >> we don't know what europeans will do.
7:46 am
italy, france, korea now looking into what they will do about these devices. maria: they lost a third of the value on the story. how big of a story as this for a volkswagen? >> potentially catastrophic. i don't think at the end of the year there will be much left of what we know is volkswagen today. the whole corporation will have to reinvent itself from a marketing, technical dave, an executive is. i don't dig winterkorn will survive scrutiny. maria: so you are at a party. this story must've been dominating the party. >> it was. they revealed that the thought tdi.
7:47 am
maria: the company is facing this catastrophic event here they are partying while rome is burning. >> it is a little bit odd that the ceo of volkswagen america opened a statement by saying we really screwed up and we are deeply, deeply sorry. the problem is the owner of the volkswagen is an emotional buyer. it's based on the beetle and the punch buggy in the microbus. these guys are not casual owners of cars at their passionate owners of bw. this is a customer base you don't want to screw with them that got screwed in the most hypocritical fundamental way. >> technology has come a long way. where's the technology going? is there something to be salvaged? >> is the largest carmaker in the world. toyota is doubling down with 20
7:48 am
to 100 in california as opposed to 100 from last year. maybe that's the future. thank you for joining us. i know you think earnings will come back in the u.s. >> they won't be disappointed in the fourth quarter. maria: michael, dig in. we will be back with you guys. pope francis landed on u.s. ground. peter barnes of the details from the white house now. reporter: that's right to the pope takes off his tour this morning arriving in 19 minutes and a welcome ceremony afforded typically to a head of state. in the president will speak to an estimated 15,000 people gathered on the south lawn this morning and they will meet privately afterwards in the oval office. the white house has no political agenda but it is not upset the pope will speak about issues the president and holy father agree
7:49 am
on and have been fighting for independently such as inequality, immigration reform, cuba, climate change, major initiatives that the president second term agenda. >> the president will not arrive at their political agenda. this is an opportunity for two men who have so many values and common to talk about the efforts that are taking in their respective and quite different roles to advance the shared values. reporter: the pope is outspoken, controversial and unpredictable and we will see this morning if he uses the white house pulpit to talk about issues he and the president disagree on such as abortion and gay marriage. maria: we will be watching that. peter barnes in washington. we will be right back on "mornings with maria."
7:50 am
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back. yankees legend gop bury dead at the age of 90. the hall of fame catcher won 10 world terrorism of the yankees and the mets to the world series as a manager. yogi berra passed away of natural causes at his home in new jersey. brand killed me with more his legendary career. >> he is enshrined as part of a tradition that includes babe ruth, lou gehrig and joe dimaggio. his was similar forever in american culture. lawrence peter berra his parents raised him on the south side of st. louis is the son of a preacher worker he left school after eighth grade to work in a coal yard. a friend gave missed lifelong nickname. he said there looked like a yogi in a hand is the movie and the start. 1943 he signed with the new york yankees that baseball would have to wait with world war ii in
7:54 am
full swing, yogi joined the navy volunteered on a rock about the capsized in the d-day invasion. >> i thought it was like fourth of july. it is beautiful. i was standing up there. >> pair was discharged in 1946. but into the baseball season he was wearing pinstripes committing a home run in his first game for the yanks. >> elevate the ballpark. what do you know, yogi bear is very first time in the major leagues against the a's. what is the deal? hits a homerun. >> he anchored the dynasty from the late 40s to 60s. during his tenure with the team, yogi was a 15 time all-star, a 1010 world series champion and a three-time league mvp. a master behind the plate, three no-hitters including don larsen's perfect game in 1956 world series.
7:55 am
berra would eventually hang up his catcher's mitt that is baseball is far from over. he would manage their teams to come in the first minute for decades to when different leagues. all of his accomplishments made him a shoo-in for the hall of fame induction in 1972. in addition to accomplishments, berra has a special place in america's vernacular. quoted more often than most poets. prices like it ain't over until it's over with more locations than any other sports figure. as the bulls are never more evident the 1985 when george steinbrenner fired you'll be 16 games into the season, berra refused to return to the house roof though. >> that made me feel kind of bad. i want you to tell me i'm fired. don't let nobody of some young player.
7:56 am
>> is boycott lasted 14 years until 1999 when he accepted a heartfelt apology from steinbrenner and returned to yankee stadium. the same year, he gave one of the greatest honors a baseball player could receive common naming him to the sanctuary team. throughout his life, yogi was renowned for selflessness, giving generously of his time for countless youth organizations and charitable causes, a hallmark was the annual alternate which raised a million dollars for special needs in new jersey. bride in kill, fox news. -- brian killed -- fox news.
7:57 am
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add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings. maria: good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. i maria bartiromo. adm on the east coast. with me again, dagen mcdowell, michael block of granite trading and contributor monica crowley.
8:00 am
yogi berra has died. the hall of famer won 10 world series title is an essential part of the yankees dynasty that dominated baseball from the late 1940s to the early 1960s pared yogi berra died of natural causes last night at 90 years old. pope francis bacon in his first full day in the united states with a trip to the white house good look at the full economic impact in a moment. chinese president xi jinping arrived in seattle yesterday saying china is ready to join the u.s. in battle and cybercrime and the economy are doing just fine. we did get the pmi report and it was below expectations showing slowdown in growth. a high profile u.s. executives coming up in a moment. look at how the shanghai index traded overnight down better than 2% after the manufacturing data have markets. u.s. teacher is going the other way looking at a recovery.
8:01 am
we are well off the highs of the morning but still expecting a high ohe broader averages. dow jones industrial with 18 points, but something in the last hour taken again down from 70 points to 18. and markets are selling off as we speak. satellite imagery showing an increase presence in syria. satellite images to a new construction and syrian facilities. and a highly cited report the white house says it is exploring whether the u.s. could work with moscow judy syrian president assad from power. the michael lewis spoke tells investors who got rich rejecting the collapse of the housing market. >> bubble housing market is prop up on bad policy. they will fail. >> the housing market is rock
8:02 am
solid. >> it is a time bomb. he gives haircuts at supercuts and knows more than alan greenspan. >> yes he does your maria: will talk about that coming up. china's president xi jinping scheduled to meet with the top business leaders today. jo ling kent joins us with more. first up, microsoft. >> yes, chinese president xi jinping has many high-stakes meetings ahead of the white house visit. first is during ballot with executives of fundamental travel to microsoft for it to roundtable meeting. it will inevitably focus on cybersecurity and other issues. jack ma of alibaba will lead is emissive maryborough, just based those of amazon, based those identified, apple's tempo, warren buffett, biker, so many more.
8:03 am
this comes after xi jinping speech last night in seattle in which companies are welcome to do business in china and china would not manipulate the exported booze. she denied vacation hacking but added he would cooperate on improving and setting the stage here for his big meeting with president obama. >> we want americans to operate in china and yet we can operate unless its joint venture. and then there's all this underpinning about stealing our intellectual property and cybercrime. >> you have to look at the list of people meeting with the president and say who was not there. twitter ceo comment google ceo, all services bought in china that to cramp the style of tech innovation in china and yet you have him saying two different
8:04 am
things. doing one thing and save another. maria: monocoque of the work under president nixon's administration. how do you see the strip? >> i worked during the last years and made clear i was not born when he was selected. i want to make that really clear. it's interesting because a couple years ago there was some top chinese military general who said the united dates is obsessed with chinese military aggression and assertiveness in what we carry out its economic warfare which i think is interesting and accurate way of putting up with the chinese is doing here. go into the meeting with the president will be at the top is a chinese slowdown, but cybercrime is something our military generals are focused on now as well. >> so many things happening in the discussions will impact our market. china has been driving global
8:05 am
markets for the last several. >> we've seen how bad i've been in really hit a wall. everyone talking about cybercrime. there is a lot of wood to chop in general. nevermind you are signed come over your spine. from both angles we see the u.s. government of china's acquisition of american companies. obviously if you like free trade you don't like seeing things like that happen. chinese regulations are seen as a wildcard at the risk arbitrage investors anytime there's a deal, whether a chinese company involved or not, they are scared about the chinese regulators approve this. there's a lot of wood to chop here. >> what is also different about the relationship eyebrow theory is xi jinping and obama has spent a lot of time together. get a lot of these issues they
8:06 am
bring to the table in a good meal has not been moved at all. maria: increase in my china and the communist government is making a bigger crowd. they are increasingly protective of the nation and they are overtly going after the intellectual property and doing business there on the national security law, the new banking regulation they tried to push through. there's some pushback they are. they say one thing, but they are certainly doing another. >> the entire chinese regime is deeply engaged in. the other thing is the president came in and made human rights a centerpiece when he was campaigning in human rights has really come up under this president at all. it will be interesting because it put the economic relationship with china ahead of human right. we'll see if it comes up in his bilateral meeting.
8:07 am
maria: thank you for mentioning that. we will be following coverage all day. hillary clinton breaking her silence on the keystone pipeline fascias opposing the project. here is the former first lady explaining why it took so long to object to the idea. >> it is imperative we look at the keystone pipeline as what i believe it is a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change and unfortunately from my dad, one that interferes with our ability to move our to do with the other reissues. therefore i oppose it. maria: was anybody surprised? >> she has been saying readers that can issue any opinion because the review is still ongoing. it's been ongoing for years. her state department gave it an environmental cave. other departments have given it the okay. she put this off for political reasons.
8:08 am
now she's in big trouble. she sees essentially not only losing to bernie sanders, but now joe biden who hasn't declared yet but will very soon essentially a three-way race and she is essentially losing to a guy not even in the race said. she realized she needed to come out. she tried to get environmentalists on board and get obama to back her because he opposes this as well. the unions are really annoyed with her now. maria: these are high-paying jobs. the gop will say it is 40,000 of them. >> i am not the point i don't know what is next. i wouldn't be surprised to see hillary put on a beret with a star on it. maria: and it's really interesting that she is just running for her husband to
8:09 am
mr. nation. bill clinton, maybe second term, they went to the mal and we look at this tender and they look at the economy part of a, there is a balance budget surplus and he was liked on both sides of the aisle. she is running from that of going all the way to the left. i find it baffling. >> metal doesn't sell newspapers. i really think she is missed viewing here. if i was hillary's adviser, that you are chasing bernie here. >> the middle is no longer where the democratic party is. though clinton drag it kicking and screaming to the center. barack obama came in and moved the party to the radical left which is why bernie sanders is getting so much support. hillary clinton has always been naturally on the left. she was never pragmatist the way her husband was now she's living in a party where she's more at home there trying to navigate
8:10 am
because there has been mistaken or one-way and way and the party is going another direction. >> she's clearly a dog based on the "newsweek." >> i broke the story five or six weeks ago in the "washington times" were in our view of the fbi is president obama kicking her out. earlier this week the cnn poll showed her cover in a bit of ground. you got that on monday or tuesday. the next day you get a new leak about recovering personal e-mail she deleted. that tells me if obama looks at polls, he's going to move faster. >> there is so much spite the standing president of sabotage his party's most viable candidate. i hope for their sake they come up with something better.
8:11 am
>> of the democratic side there's only one person in control and that is barack obama and what he wants. true to what joe biden be able to separate himself? >> he doesn't need to. >> is in a joe biden presidency have fared? maria: will resonate with the people? >> joe biden is very likable. both people -- joe biden will be a placeholder because he's an older guy. he will serve one term to care for the bottomless revolution. but it's not heard is who is number two and i will be elizabeth warren. >> hello, europe. maria: will show you these live pictures right now because crowds are forming outside of the white house ahead of pope francis' arrival. we will take a look at the
8:12 am
economic impact of the papal visit. back in a moment on fox business network. ♪
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back to chicago mayor rahm immanuel kant for the largest property tax increase in history. cheryl casone with the more. >> i will go over real well for taxpayers in chicago. the mayor calling for tax increases of $500 million to help the good fiscal crisis. he also warned of police and firefighters last him a new garbage collection fees, taxes on tea cigarettes and increased charges for taxicabs in the city of chicago. president obama declaring a major disaster for areas affected by massive wildfires in northern carolinas area.
8:16 am
assistance for home repairs and temporary housing to help those affected by the fires. volkswagen's board meets today to make some key decisions after admitting it has been used in secret technology to break emissions test. the company said the scandal over the emissions could affect about a million of it cars worldwide. maria. a big scandal for volkswagen. >> the company has lost a third of its value. a major scandal for the automaker, but also impacting the broad european economy. >> investor feedback i've gotten this is his quote, unquote worse than bp in terms of this bill in the gulf of mexico. the point is this is a major german stock, a widely owned stock causing a lot of a lot of confidence a lot of confidence and never what is looking around nervously. what other automakers, trap makers are not apart makers are impacted by this. the other set or was or how does
8:17 am
this all work globally. this is a major wrench into that. >> to think that is the case moves the other automakers be part of it? train ferry i don't think so because of volkswagen's dad -- bw made a big bag i'm making a fuel-efficient but it has different emissions. this is about the nitrogen oxide emissions. i don't think it has the broad impact, but it's mind-boggling to think this could happen in such a clearly high-level for every diesel cars sold here. maria: the ceo makes it because the board has to make a decision. dagen: i still don't understand the $1 million party with lenny kravitz in brooklyn after this authority been disclosed. eat the money and not have the party and you avoid the optics of lenny kravitz standing in front of a vw symbol.
8:18 am
it doesn't make any sense. >> i will be in germany next week so the curious how dominant this story is. maria: you were going to vienna. you'll get a sense of what is happening. >> will have three days in vienna early next week. i've been warned off the train stations actually. i was going to take a high-speed train and i was told the train stations are pretty much over rod was mainly islamic migrants and it's quite dangerous. i will be there taking pictures and when i join you when i come back will put some pictures up. maria: we are looking at live shots right now of crowds gathering outside the white house. president obama said to welcome pope francis in under an hour. back in a moment.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
maria: welcome back. pope francis is in washington d.c., the first stop of his three city busy. crowds are farming where he is said to arrive at 9:00 a.m. eastern. his contributor father jonathan morris live in washington right now. good to see you. thank you for joining the conversation. >> my pleasure. it was crazy to get in here. the amount of security and hundreds of journalists who are waiting to get in. we were lucky enough to make it. maria: thank you for making your way. an exciting day for washington in the country. what do you want to see is a successful trip? what would this make as a successful trip? >> we want safety for head and
8:23 am
for others. the way he was a success is to pa on his message. it is just a basic message of the gospel taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. it is deciding to get involved and reach out to those suffering the most. it is a very basic message. it will have political consequences and everybody will be jumping on it and saying i was right. the pope said so. i don't know if that's what he is trying to do. the fact everybody will say that means we didn't really understand what he was saying in the first place. maria: i mean, when he talks about climate change, capitalism, he's had strong opinions on these things. does that trigger new debates in the country? >> he has spoken about those things clearly, even before arriving into the united states about climate change. he has brought into the consensus of scientists who say this is a real problem and much
8:24 am
of it is caused by human action. so what is the consensus of public scientists. it is interesting popes have been criticized in the past for not taking science into account. what he is saying is i will be on the side of scientists on this one whether they are brighter wrong. >> father maurice, it is monica crowley. i have been critical of this pope. >> i know you have. i've heard a few critical things. >> look, i think he is the leftist so i disagree with him politically on some issues. what bothers me most is he as been so reticent about talking about the persecution torture and killings of christians across the middle east. i would like to see more of that from him. >> two things. you've been critical of him because he is a lefty. most that i know of are proud to
8:25 am
call themselves lefties. he said some people is that i am a lefty. that is not exactly right. that is the first thing. secondly, not stand up for christians in the middle east. you remember what he said to the international community is necessary is for us to stop the unjust aggressor. what other political leader has been saying that? >> or would like to see more of it. this is a genocide across the middle east and he is the greatest spokesman for christianity on the face of the earth. maria: -- what is going on with christianity. >> if you were out there everyday, a lot of people would feel emboldened to friday. >> you are right. i am sure he is learning. he was elected pope at the age of 76 years old. i would not want to be elected
8:26 am
to anything at the age of 76 or get any job at the age of 76. now he's in charge of a billion catholics and is a moral voice, the most respected moral voice in the world from any religion i would say. he is learning the way the media works discerning the consequences of what he says in the trip will be very interesting for him as well. maria: father jonathan, good luck on this important day. we will see you soon. we are an hour away from the opening bell big investors searching or safe haven. where is the value right now? we will be talking with kareem abdul-jabbar, nba hall of famer on cap with us today. back in a moment. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:29 am
>> good morning, welcome back to mornings with maria. i i'm maria bartiromo. stuart: september 23rd. once again with me, dagen mcdowell and monica crowley in the house today. first your top stories at 8:30 a.m.
8:30 am
on the east coast, legendary new york yankee catcher yogi berra has passed away. he won 10 world titles and dominated baseball from the late 1940's to 1960's. he hit a clutch home run in his very first at-bat in the majors. >> that one is going to leave the ballpark, what do you know? larry berra, they call him yogi, the first time at the plate against the a's, what does he do? he hits a home run. >> he died of natural causes, 90 years old. the pope is set to arrive at the white house as he begins his first day in the united states with a visit with president obama. crowd are owl in full force. take a look at the white house. stuart varney will have a live report and live coverage at the top of the hour when the pope gets to the white house. and also in the u.s. this week, china president ping arriving
8:31 am
in the u.s. and chinese markets and economy are doing fine. the pmi out of china was below expectations, the weakness showing since 2011. he's meeting with apple's tim cook, warren buffett and a handful of others. the migrants in france, police forced to use tear gas for an illegal camp in the country. and the situation escalates in europe. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> well, decades of copy right claims out the window yesterday as a federal judge ruled that warner chapel never had the right to charge for the use of the happy birthday song.
8:32 am
warner had been charging since 1988 with a disputed copy right. they granted only the right to the specific piano arrangements of the music not the wording and the song. turning back the markets, futures are pushing higher although we're well off the highs of the morning. the nasdaq fell back yesterday, joining the dow and the s&p 500. we wanted to bring in bill kennedy to the conversation. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: so much volatility in this market right here. what do you think is most important for investors to look at if you're a long-term investor. is it china, is it earnings? >> where are we in the business cycle? our view, we project have another two years ago in the business cycle and the later markets are picking up in wages although very low. most important, the market is telling us there's no recession around the corner and if you
8:33 am
look at the yield curve, it's steep. you've never had a recession in a sleep yield curve environment. maria: what's the federal reserve telling us about the potential for recession? you're talking nine straight months of declining factory orders, an unemployment situation where 38% of, woulding age americans are without a job and really don't care. they're not looking for a job. they've stopped participating. what does that tell us about the u.s. economy? >> i think the debate around the fed and when the fed is going to raise fed funds rate is missing the point. it will know the have the impact it had in 2004. >> that's a great point. >> if you look the a the nonbank sector you're seeing the liquidity withdrawn and the reverse repo rate double from where it was a year ago. that's taking liquidity out of the system and we think that part of the hiccup in the market is driven by less liquidity in the market and china. the fed is trying to implement
8:34 am
a sick cyclical policy, demographics, none of us are getting younger and entering a phase of deleveraging, particularly in the emerging market segment. china deleveraging and india deleveraging and that's going to continue for five years. >> mike, do you agree with that? >> where are we in the cycle, two years, that sounds about right to me. given your view where we are, what stock sectors are you looking at to outperform? >> first of all, i think the u.s. market has the real potential to have a decent upside over the next 12 to 18 months before we hit a bear-- a true bear market. we're expecting multiples to expand as long as the doctor is relatively strong. it may hurt earnings, but it may be more to offset the earnings compression. within sectors we certainly
8:35 am
like consumer discretionary and momentum continues to be strong. with the steep yield curves, they've been beaten down and momentum is poor, but we're seeing a lot of value created in the financial sector. the last one i would mention is ml p's, we don't like energy in general. >> is the oil limited partnership? >> the master limited partnerships, they've been used primarily as a replacement for bonds and fixed income instruments. it. they're down 25% and value has been created there and the baby thrown out with the bath water as we see energy prices continuing to decline and those sectors are where we're focused. >> concensus right now is that the yield curve is going to get flatter. given your views on financials and what you've said is it fair to say the yield curve remains steep and will get sleteeper frm here? >> it will get flat and not invert. the expectation is that the fed
8:36 am
is going to do that. we were a december camp for the fed and now we think it's 2016 when the fed raises rates. maria: you said it doesn't really matter. so you're underweight stocks. what is it going to take for you to be a believer and put money into equities. >> the trend is your friend and right now the trend is bad. we're waiting to see the momentum pick up. we're starting to see equities, in the s&p and we think it's two standard deviations cheap. they think it would be okay to start legging into stocks, we wouldn't go full bore. if we got the s&p down to 1900. an excellent entry point. another cycle. maria: thank you. wild video we want to show you, this is a kayaker making a beeline to shore after failing to fend off this aggressive hammerhead shark. you're not going to believe what happened here. ♪
8:37 am
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>> take a look at the market. the market is expected to open higher. it's been volatile, but we're inching back to the highs of the day, of the morning anyway. 50 points on the dow jones industrials. the nasdaq and s&p 500 looking higher this morning.
8:41 am
the price of life saving aids drugs are reduced amid controversy. cheryl. >> that new york times opening up a can of worms and the price of daraprim is reduced because of it. the company has yet to announce the new price. the drug helps treat cancer, by the way. goldman sachs and wal-mart and other countries are joining a 36 list of companies that use the nonprofit climate group. fisherman mark mccracken trying to fend off an aggressive hammerhe hammerhead shark. after all efforts failed, he got out on the beach and the hammerhead was there.
8:42 am
and inquiring minds want to know this was off the coast of santa barbara, california. maybe don't go fishing. maria: i can't believe that the hammerhead went back to shore and waited to make sure he's out of the water. dagen: if you go on the bus i'll stay and wait for you to come out. [laughter] >> we haven't mentioned that mark mccracken is a biotech trader and took this trip to relax. >> kidding? >> yeah, kidding. [laughter] >> and the oil prices m morning are higher. fears of slowing doe manned for energy. price of gasoline on the decline, two weeks ago. and phil flynn is at the cme. >> they're coming down as the gasoline demand is strongest in ten years. refiners are producing a record
8:43 am
amount of gasoline and we saw in the inventories from the american petroleum institute. what was disturbing in that report we saw substantial drawdown on crude supplies. and a drawdown in the area of cushing, oklahoma of 5,000 barrels. that's a concern that u.s. oil production is peaking sooner and that's supporting prices today. we get the report later. if we confirm what we saw in the report, it will be on destruction. back to you. maria: kareem abdul jabar is here and talking about dr. ben carson. back in a minute. ♪ it's more than the cloud.
8:44 am
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>> welcome back. want to show you live pictures at the white house where a huge crowd is gathering ahead of pope francis' arrival 15 minutes from now. we'll take you back live once the pope gets there and the president is about to meet with the pope. we're 13 minutes away, meanwhile, from that 40 minutes away from the opening bell. nicole: we've had volatile trading you've seen the dow futures up 44 points, had been down 100 overnight. watching intel very carefully
8:48 am
the dow component upgraded from an out perform and bernstein puts a $29 target from 25 and saying that what they're seeing is pc demand, and client business, that's rebounding in the next part of the year. with that they're giving positive comments so you're likely to see that on the move and at least help things along. >> don't forget to start your day, every weekday with nicole and lauren simonetti. it's here on 5 a.m. eastern right here on mornings with maria. ben carson making waves about his recent anti-muslim comments. >> they currently do not tend to operate the same way that our system does. now, if someone has a muslim background and they're willing to reject those tenets and to accept the way of life that we have and clearly will swear to place our constitution above their religion, then, of
8:49 am
course, they will be considered infidels and heretics, but at least i would be willing to support them. maria: a clarity there on heels of his initial comments. my next guest is a basketball legend, kareem abdul jabar, out with a new book. and we'll talk about the book coming up. good to have you on the program. >> good to be here. maria: before we get to the book, did what dr. carson said alleviate some of the things he said. that he would have a muslim in the white house. >> i'm not an heretic, there's no religious component in qualifying for public office in america. that's clearly in the
8:50 am
constitution. so, mr. carson says that we have to support the constitution, but he doesn't support the constitution by denying muslims the same access to public office as any other person from any other religion. he's clearly distorted and i think a little deranged. maria: i think you made a good point this should be about character because i totally agree and most people agree with that, but when you're looking at specifically sharreya law. you converted to islam many years ago. can you talk to us about that process and about your feelings towards sharreya law. >> sharreya law is for muslims, so he if there's a muslim majority state then it has to be run by sharreya law. but i live in a very diverse country and i have to respect everyone else's beliefs. the koran says that. you have to respect everyone's beliefs and unless they are criminals, you can't purse cute them on the basis of religion.
8:51 am
so people who support their government, i totally support my government. the united states constitution protects my rights to practice islam. that's the only criteria that muslims have in being a minority in a country. we have to respect the laws and traditions of america. i remember, i saw a piece about some muslims living in tennessee and they had lived there for some 15 years, no problems. all of a sudden after 9/11, they were looked upon with suspicion, people started saying they're going to try to install sharreya law and up until that point they had lived according to the traditions and respected them, paid their taxes and kept their noses clean, all of a sudden they came upped -- under a the lot of suspicion because of the 9/11 incident. it's something that clearly has
8:52 am
come up out of the ground and these people are embracing it. maria: you have been such a practical voice in all of this and i think that most people don't realize-- i want to talk to you about the book and that's why you're here. and most people don't realize-- i don't think that people realize your father was a new york city police officer. >> no,they didn't. maria: what do you feel about what's going on in the world in terms of race, in terms of these ignorant statements that we hear in different corners of country? >> i have to really go back to a hero of mine, dr. martin luther king who says they have to judge people on the content of their character. everything else doesn't matter. it's the content of their character and beyond that, there's nothing to be said. if you're a good citizen, you should have the right to run for public office and contribute to what america great. america is great because we're
8:53 am
able to assimilate people from so many diverse cultures and still step forward and say we're americans. dagen: kareem, you are a writer with this new book. it's your first novel and so many books about this book. you're now a political commentator, a columnist, are you as happy today in this career as when you were playing basketball? >> i think i'm more happy. dagen: really? why? >> because the things i'm talking about here are important things. basketball is wonderful, it's a diverse, people have fun playing the game and watching it, i had a wonderful clear. maria: this is the cover of sports illustrated back in the day when you were 38 and top of your game and now you're top on the game. >> that's long ago and far away. maria: go ahead, sorry, kareem. >> no, but you know, what i'm doing and saying now is very important because young people that we're trying to form, you
8:54 am
know, i think of my children and i now have a granddaughter, you know, i think about the world that she's going to evolve in and i want it to be a place where all americans have the right and are expected to perform according to the standard that are applicable to all of us equally. equality is important. maria: this is a sherlock holmes story of a his brother. >> it's sherlock holmes' older and smarter brother. [laughter]. arthur conan doyle only mentioned him six or seven times in the stories and left a huge area for people to explore, they say he's middle aged overweight and reclusive and every now and then he sneaks out of his house and helps sherlock do a few things and that's in the original stories. so, we did his back story. we let people know what it was all about before sherlock
8:55 am
became the world's primary consulting detective. mycroft was busy working in the british government and it's said that he was the british government in the original cannon, that means that mycroft ran the country when britain was a world super power. maria: i love it. we're looking at the video of pope francis arriving at the white house, kareem, right now, how does it play into the narrative that we're talking about. are you excited that the pope is here? >> yeah, i look this pope. maria: what do you like? >> he reached out and wants people to talk to each other and promote peace, he doesn't care what stripes you've got, he wants the whole world to work together for peace and cooperation so they can eliminate some problems that are afflicting the whole world. maria: and his parents, of course, fled italy to get away from mussolini and he was raised in argentina and he's
8:56 am
got that sort of integration, italy, argentina. >> he certainly has an understanding of what it is to be a refugee. maria: yeah. >> and given that conversation and his history, what do you think we could be doing in this country about the refugee crisis going on now? >> i don't know. i don't know how prepared we are to accept more refugees, but i think we need to be available to do what we can do because this is a world crisis and everybody's going to have to pitch in. maria: it must be liberating for you to be able to write, speak, and talk about some things that are important to you and that matter so much to the country. you're in a very different role right now. >> absolutely. and it's a great responsibility and, but i'm enjoying it. you know, it's been fun and makes me -- i've got to think everything through and research
8:57 am
it three times, but that's good. that's all good. maria: yeah. kareem, what's next for you? this book is your first novel. are you moving into more toward noveling, i mean, writing novels? your children's books were really about education. >> yeah, well, i think we're going to have to think about this for a while because the publisher wants a sequel so we're going to have to do something about that. looking forward to nothing it, but all of a sudden i've got another deadline, but that's writing, that's the business. maria: you've been doing a lot of book signings. what are you hearing from the people when you go out. we're talking about donald trump's comments about mexicans and what we heard from dr. ben carson. do these subjects come up. >> a lot of people say i like the way you took on trump, he talks too much. dagen: i'm sure you got a lot of twitter haters. >> a lot of those.
8:58 am
maria: and when you speak out, he strikes back. >> he wrote a letter. maria: what did it say. >> that i had no idea what america was all about and how to make it better and it's like a note you get from the class bully. you know? but i've had to deal with that, too, whatever happens happens. dagen: he wouldn't get in your face, well, he would hit you somewhere here. >> in my chest. >> and laimbeer. >> laimbeer was on the court with me so it was tougher. maria: you want to have these conversations and politics gets in the way sometimes. >> unfortunately. maria: do you she that happens? >> yeah, it happens too much. maria: that's why you've got bernie sanders in the lead against hillary clinton in some places. >> and bernie has something to say that makes sense. he actually is trying to solve problems, he's not trying to
8:59 am
cater to any political idology. america has problems we've got to solve them. dagen: and when you expressed political opinions, we do this for a living. >> the thick skin transfers pretty well. i remember after dr. king was assassinated there was a demonstration on ucla campus that i took part in, silently lined up because dr. king meant so much to us and people were accosting me saying, you're going to get a chance to play in the nba and make a lot of money, why are you protesting? . they could not separate one from the other, you know? what happened to dr. king was a tragedy and a crime and that's what we're there to protest. it nothing to do with me saying i didn't want to be here. >> have you decided who you're supporting for president, kareem.
9:00 am
>> not yet, but i like bernie sanders, at least he's thinking about our problems instead of whether or not there are too many people of mexican decent crossing the border, that is totally irrelevant to the problems that americans are facing. maria: great to have you on the show and congratulate on your prolific writing. mycroft holmes is the name of the book and he's doing book signings in new york city. stuart varney will take you through the pope's arrival in washington d.c. >> you're watching a historical event, the pope in washington d.c. he's about to be getting into a vehicle, i believe it's the pope mobile, and will greet president obama. both the pope and the president had make brief remarks and


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