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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 25, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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democratic party, a new poll just came out a few days ago, i forget whether it was fox or cbs and shows over half americans don't trust her. how do you win an election if americans don't trust you. trish: this is why bernie sanders jumps in new hampshire, a socialist! liz claman over to you, we watch the market up triple digits. >> trish, everything is changing, friday's early rally is dramatically fading at this hour. you need to watch, we're watching from the floor of the new york stock exchange the dow jones industrials had been up more than 266 points has lost 100 of the points. now up about 107 at the moment. the s&p flat lining, we are slightly negative on the s&p 500, had been up more than 20 point. what's going on? i just found out from traders. we're going to tell you in one second. one day after hosting pope francis on capitol hill, john boehner shocking congress by
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announcing he is stepping down as the speaker of the house. he was apparently so moved by the pontiff that he sped up his plan to depart the house. boehner's bombshell setting off a scramble for a new house leader and raising serious questions about a possible government shutdown next week as a budget deadline looms. that could have something to do with the losses we're seeing from the highs of the session. the pope is drawing massive crowds in new york city. today he addressed the united nations before meeting families of victims of 9/11 at ground zero. later today, in this hour, he's going to visit catholic school children in harlem at a catholic school. he will then play tourist as most who visit new york do. he will take the popemobile through central park, after which he will draw a massive crowd worthy of rock stars as he hosts mass at madison square garden. we are going to have every moment of it for you live. and president obama meeting with chinese president xi
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jinping, the two discussing highly important security and business issues. of course, cybersecurity. will any of it make the chinese economy open and free. nike is stock star of the day. strap on for the floor of the new york stock exchange. less than an hour to go to the closing bell. let's start that "countdown." >> what happened? about 47 minutes ago, we lost all the gains on the s&p 500 and now we are down a point and a half, the russell negative for much of the session. the nasdaq suddenly hit its lows of the session, guess what? we have pinpointed it thanks to biotech and health care, but all 143 names in the nasdaq biotech index are lower. that's a lot of names. so this is a wash in red, could it be perhaps in part a follow
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through from what hillary clinton had said she was upset about the pricing of pharmaceuticals coming through biotechs, or could it be the realization with john boehner stepping down as speaker of the house that we could possibly get closer to another government shutdown? what's weighing on the markets? traders calling this an abnormal move. 35 to 47 minutes ago it started to happen, what happened earlier, what started the rally? we were up 264 points on the dow and so much could be attributed to janet yellen. markets were up after fed chair janet yellen gave the markets permission to run today at umass amherst yesterday, she firmly announced, quote, we are still on track to raise this year. perhaps she was a bit too firm in her speaking, by the end, she struggled to finish the 40 page speech. she coughed repeatedly before bringing the speech to a quick conclusion. here it is. >> dual case of tightening
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thereafter, but if the economy surprises us, our judgments are about appropriate -- excuse me, monetary policy will, of course change. so let me stop there. [ applause ] >> are you okay? let me help you off the stage. >> yellen did end up getting medical attention. federal reserve said she was just a little dehydrated from what ended up being a 50 minute long speech with dozens of data points, it was a 40 page long speech, she wanted to be firm in her message. the markets got that message and we were off and running again as i say. watch the lower ba, the ticker, we are losing a lot of the steam. the klieg lights to federal reserve bank president james fuller who called for higher rates saying the state of the
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economy no longer calls for zero or emergency rates. and fresh data out today started to prove him and janet right. here's what happens. we got the final revision of gdp for the second quarter others that shows the economy went up 3.5% and earnings from sportswear giant nike, blew earnings out of the water. that gave a huge boost to the dow hitting an all-time high of $125.95. you can see nike continuing on significant run, it's accounting for almost all of the dow's current 73-point gain. that is paltry, as i said earlier today, we were up 264 points. what happens when the closing bell rings with the s&p down 4, the russell down 13, the nasdaq, lows of the session. right to the floor show, we have traders at the new york stock exchange, come on in, and we have the cme group covered along with the nymex.
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want to run into stephen guilfoyle. can you tell me what's going? what did you see? >> we have good news. >> give it to me. the sell-off though startling is not broad-based. seeing redempt shuns that focus on health care, pharmaceuticals, biotechs and the providers. the indices show a 3% decline for health care, everything is flat or still in the green. >> interesting, if you show the pfizers, the mercks, they are all lower anywhere by 2-5%, you say this is specific to hedge funds moving out of it. can you attribute that to the follow through of what hillary clinton said earlier this week about pricing that was apparently quite outrageous for some very, very major drugs. >> without a doubt. hillary clinton put the thought in people's minds, now that's out there. and the timing has to do with the end of the third quarter.
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>> broaden the aperture to the chicago mercantile exchange. we had janet yellen giving the markets permission to run, because we saw them fall when we didn't see a rate tightening at the most recent meeting. looking at the fed funds futures and shows a 20% belief we'll see a tightening in october and 40% belief we see it in december. what are the traders saying in chicago. >> let's call last night's janet yellen speech really what it was, that's a redo from last week's fed press conference. she got a chance to give herself a little more clarity. the market itself priced in a little more premium into the odds of them tightening but that's what they've been saying back to last december they've been saying. that the fed is using words to counter actions and continue to do that. and the only reason i would see them tightening before year end is a modest 12 1/2 to 25-basis-point tightening to quote, unquote normalize the rate.
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a 50 or 25-basis-point rate is as far from normal as it is now. i think anything the fed does right now is all lip service. i look for a normalization of the psych toll begin in 2016, more likely to begin in 2016 and the market will reprice that after october and the september minutes which come out october 8th will be key to see what the fed governors and presidents were talking about at last week's meeting. >> i would think the minutes are crucial but october 28 is the big meeting. everybody mark it on your calendars. we're going to be all over that. definitely imagine. let me get to jeff grossman, we have energy names, diamond offshore, transocean, they're faltering and i wonder why? we got bullish news out of curbing, oklahoma which would indicate less supply and perhaps lower prices. >> i agree, we have a market that has taken everything
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dished out on a negative basis and hanging in there. i see the market in fact, i say that the gasoline is our major indicator showed resilience at the end of the week, i was surprised how good it looked. i see the market working its way higher. almost every bit of news is going to be construed as bullish at these levels. i hate to tell autoall these crazy bears that we deal with. you'll see $55 before you see 35. i see the market work its way higher near-term without failure. i see inventories going to be drawing down now. you're going to see rigs going off. at these levels consumption is going to go up. it's the market that wants to go higher. >> wednesday we saw large builds in inventory, i'm not sure i agree with you. let's argue about it next week. >> happy to talk to you about it next week. >> good to see all of you guys, steven, todd and jeff very much.
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stephen says it's the biotechs right now, many other sectors are looking decent. we got the major news today that shocked capitol hill, okay? that involved john boehner, the speaker of the house, he announced his resignation. the sudden news sparked a leadership battle in congress that could mark a very important turning point for republicans. what do we mean by that? get to fox news senior washington correspondent peter barnes every step of the way watching. this did you really expect it to happen today, peter? >> no! i don't think anybody expected it today especially not with the state visit of the past china here at the white house, my gosh. boehner has been facing a revolt among most conservative members in most recent weeks over continued funding for the government when the fiscal year ends at the end of this month. a lot of the conservatives wanted him to strip funding for planned parenthood out of any budget deal that would keep the government from shutting down,
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and if he didn't do that, they said let the government shut down, but then they said that if he didn't take that step to strip the funding, then they might kick him out as speaker. well, it sounds like he had enough of all this, he announced he did not want to put the house through more leadership turmoil and decided this morning to quit. >> it was never about the vote, all right? never doubt whether i could survive a vote. i don't want my members to have to go through this and certainly don't want the institution to go through this. >> reporter: here at the white house, president obama was gracious in his remarks towards boehner and his announcement, calling him a good man. >> we have obviously had a lot of disagreements, and politically we're at different ends of the spectrum, but i will tell you he has always conducted himself with courtesy and civility with me, he has
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kept his word when he made a commitment. >> reporter: now, boehner does not plan to leave until the end of october, which suggests he will try to figure out some solution on government funding and how to keep the government from shutting down and at the same time allow republicans to begin their transition to a new speaker, liz? trish: peter, i have to ask you, i'm going to take issue with sergeant, our previous trader, we lost 220 points off the dow rally because of biotech. i happen to believe because it's uncertainty whether we might see another government shutdown which back in 2013 hurt the markets and cost the market 24 million dollars. are you hearing that may have something to do with negative psychology here? >> well, i wouldn't dismiss the impact of this because at the end of the day, liz, boehner was a guy who knew how to cut deals. he could get deals cut and now not going to be there and potentially if some of the
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house conservatives have their way, they're going to have a more hard-line speaker who is not going to be as willing to cut deals and would allow future government shutdowns and take a hard line. so that's a risk. >> well, let's see how that affects people's 401(k)s and investments. always a risk and always a question. peter, thank you very much. peter barnes. >> reporter: you bet. >> i'm sure what you hear behind peter are the protesters against the chinese president. there's always the free tibet protest group that's right there. we saw pictures earlier on neil cavuto's show. much more on speaker boehner's resignation. we have a political panel coming up. who gets to take his position and what happens if we see a government shutdown? we're going to attack that in a minute. closing bell about 47 minutes away and losing steam fast. the dow up only 32 points. s&p now down nearly 10 points. pretty much the low of the session. same with the nasdaq, down more than 55 points. president obama rolling out
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the chinese red carpet at the white house for the second day in a row. for the pope yesterday. today for that chinese president. will their latest meeting make doing business in china and buying chinese stock any easier? any more valuable for you, the investor? and with nike hitting an all-time high today, i tweeted out a picture at liz claman of my very first pair of nikes. we go back to the 1970s for those. follow me on twitter at liz claim arngs can you see the picture. visit our website "countdown" coming right back. live from the floor of the new york stock exchange where we are witnessing a loss of major steam for this rally. don't go away.
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. liz: breaking news, with 42 minutes to go before the closing bell rings, we are losing altitude right now. it's more important to tell you where we were at this moment and you can see where we are at the moment. dow has been up 264 points. now up just 57. without nike, the dow would be completely negative, just to let you know that. nike is adding 67 points to the dow. the index is floating because of nike which had better than
3:19 pm
expected numbers and looking at an s&p 500 off the lows of the session had, been down nearly 11 point, now down 7.75. the nasdaq is swooning as well, down more than 55 points, and we had been having a great day, a nice rally. suddenly at around 2:13 to 2:20 p.m. eastern, we started losing a lot of it. yes weakness in health care, et cetera. back to nike, we remember when we bought our very first pair of nikes. mine were the ones. here it is, that farrah fawcett wore in an episode of charlie's angels, they're called senorita cortez's, spent all my savings on them. what they're hitting here is a record high, much stronger-than-expected earnings, what they said is the
3:20 pm
strength called out of china sales. maybe chinese consumers don't have enough money to buy senorita cortez's or the high tops. let's get to washington, d.c., can two of the world's superpowers move past the hot tensions between them? they appeared to try pretty darn hard today at white house as president obama hosted chinese president xi jinping and the two discussed very important issues, everything from climate change to cybersecurity, and i guess there was an ultimate vague agreement not to steal each other's agreements. you know that's not going to happen, it will continue. the issue of cyberspying is far from resolved. >> we have jointly affirmed the principle that governments don't engage in cyberespionage for commercial gain against companies. that all, i consider to be progress. the question now is are words followed by actions? liz: still appears that the
3:21 pm
chinese cobbled together a facebook for spies. yes, they stole all of our office of personnel management id's that included a lot of top security. that is a huge concern. the two leaders are grappling over economic policy along with territorial issues in the south china sea. all of that together, what does it mean for your money? your investment and the security of this nation. we bring in two top experts, jim overwise is nearly 100% in chinese stocks, we want to welcome steven yates, former deputy assistant to the vp currently ceo of d.c. advisory which focuses on risks. after today is the political risk hotter or a little bit cooler? >> i think it's probably status quo for the most part. the big summits don't tend to move the needle a lot in terms of the ground game on the economy in china. there is an important issue at
3:22 pm
stake for sure. there can be tone centers in the relationship, they're going to change the fundamentals of what's driving china's economy. liz: a lot of distractions and having a so-called working dinner but trying to get to know each other. they talked about cybersecurity. let's be honest, stephen, they do it, we do it. perhaps they're just better at it, i hate to admit, that they got millions of identifying pieces of data from the office of personnel and management. that just seems to be taking it to such a different level. downing that was an issue that came up? the president said they didn't talk specifics? >> i'm sure that broad issue has come up. in the presidential meetings, a lot of work is done by staff before and after so the leader can have happy talk after the meeting. the china threat is one of the most aggressive cyberspies in the world.
3:23 pm
russia is right there with them, they've done a lot commercially with cyber, they've taken down multinational corporations with cyber. it's a serious, competitive threat. liz: jim, your fund is now -- before you were 80% invested in chinese stocks, now 100%. you obviously believe this is the time to buy. how do you with all of the uncertainty, jim, pick stocks out of china? >> yeah, sure, we're 100% invested in our china fund in china so folks are coming to us for that expertise. if you look at valuations in foreign enlisted chinese companies, listed in hong kong and the u.s., the negative sentiment attached to china for six months has brought valuations down to levels we haven't seen since 2008, since the financial crisis. single biggest predictor is the valuations that you're buying at.
3:24 pm
so these types of opportunities, when others are kind of veering away from china create, you really skew the ods to the upside and buying. buying when china is popular not what you want to do when everybody loves it. liz: it's down and perhaps by buying, amazing cheap levels, it's pretty good. stephen, do you look at jim and saying this guy is nuts going into china or a different picture when you are picking up what appear to be decent quality namesfor the future? >> in china you have high risk, high reward prospects. still a great deal of economic activity in china. hitting a little reality check on demographics and the structure of the workforce so they don't have the stratospheric growth rates, and creates political tension and a degree of risk but a lot of high risk, high reward type of prospects. >> good to see both of you.
3:25 pm
go ahead, jim. >> though we're down 20% this year, we've averaged 15% for the last decade. there is money to be made from niche industries and niche companies but they're there, areas like e-commerce and health care, they're booming right now. liz: so glad you pointed that out. got to point out how well you're doing. jim, nice to see you, jim and stephen yates we appreciate you coming in. 35 minutes left before the closing bell rings. take it live. new iphones are on store shelves. if you can even get inside the store. jeff flock is right there at an apple store in chicago, as i find it fascinating. another store down the street, jeff, right? >> reporter: it is. and you know what? i would have thought people were tired of it by now. as you can see, perhaps, the pictures tell a different story. we'll have the story when we come back here in just a second.
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liz: will the vw bug look like a targue porsche, perhaps a shine on vw, company's board said 62-year-old mueller, head of porsche is the new ceo of vw, in the wake of the drama, we had martin winterkorn, the ceo quit on wednesday in the wake of the major scandal that involved vw having rigged the of hot wear to beat u.s. smog tests. epa said going to crackdown, stepping up the way it polices emission standards, volkswagen could face 18 billion dollars in fines from the epa, for using those device. volkswagen shares falling today. they are down 5% today, but down
3:31 pm
more than 30% since the news of the cheating broke last friday. a huge hit for volkswagen. it is the day apple fanatics have been waiting for. iphone 6s and 6s plus go on sale today, tim come said -- tim cook said let me check it out, right to the apple store in washington, d.c. you can pay for the phone month-to-month, tim cook schmoozey among the crowds, s&p 500 just turned positive. just at the flat line, it had been up more than 20 earlier. let us go to chicago, a different apple store. jeff, i was listening to you earlier, i found is fascinating a sprint store down the street
3:32 pm
was handing out the ifound quicker than the -- iphone quicker than the apple store was. >> reporter: amazing someone said that you could go to best buy, and without waiting. but this is the mecca. the first person to get it was at a script store down the street, she was so thrilled, jumped in the car, drove away with the phone. there was a flash mob that came out, organized by the folksa sprint. the lines continue here, first phone was a fellow we met, an app developer he has 800 apps on his phone, he stood in line for two days, he has done this before. >> it is a culture thing, it get more fun. we do it as a team, we have a great time, you see a lot of the same people every year, we have a great time, it a lot of fun.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: yep, a lot of fun. i have never done one of these. you know me. i still got an old motorola bag phone you carry around that good enough technology for me. if it is not plug intoed something -- plugged into something i think it is a plus. liz: this is my phone cover, it says california. i am a california girl. >> reporter: you know. too were technology, already for me, too much. liz: everyone i know has two phones, they can't let go of their blackberry. we do have the closing bell about 27 minute as a with a, the dow is up 109, earlier, we were up 264. let us bring you to pope francis, making the most of his time in new york city today. he is just a couple of blocks
3:34 pm
from here, at ground zero, that came after he addressed the united nations. up next he will visit catholic schoolchildren in harlem. then, to msg, to cap it all off, the mecca of rock 'n roll, we're talking about the ambassador, he will join us in just a moment. stay tuned for that. >> and palace intrigue in the nation's capital, john boehner resigning, what happens next? our political panel has some pointed predicts next on count down. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights.
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liz: we have breaking news, with
3:39 pm
21 minutes left in the day of trade, last day of the week, next week we go to third quarter. there is one area looking good today that is financials. looking at financial stocks and s&p 500, 82 of 88 names in s&p are actually higher right now. why is the sector getting a boost? it has to be janet yellen who made a case for raising rates this year, they get more for their money when they invest it. conversely, the dollar, it hitting a 5 week high. dollar with a 5 week high. that is dollar positive with higher interest rates, right now we're losing a lot of our gains, s&p has been toggling up and down. above the platt light ryan -- plat.>> right now lower. and biotechs, in bear market territory, down 22% from its july high.
3:40 pm
he told me it was going to be biotechs with redemptions on behalf of hedge funds today they are selling a lot of health care names, they are selling biotech and pharma. from political view, john veiner, this -- john boehner, announcing he is going to retire as speaker of the house at the end of october that timing is crucial. ending a 5 year rein as speaker, he said he woke up this morning and knew today was the day. >> this is not about me it is about the people, about the institution. just yesterday we witnessed the awesome sight of pope francis, addressing the greatest legislative body in the world. i hope that we will all heed his call to live by the golden rule.
3:41 pm
but last night, i started thinking about this and this morning i woke up, i said my prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know today saturday i'm going to do this, simple as that. liz: perhaps slightly more complicated who takes his place. will that person help avoid a government shut down or allow it to happen? we bring in the pu pundits. richard and adam. who is our next speaker? >> from your mouth to god's ears. that is what i want to take to vegas. we had 7 speakers in last 38 years, average term of office is 5 1/2 years, the clock was almost up on him. but these are not normal times, we're about to be presented with a lot of names that america does
3:42 pm
not know, does not recognize, like mccarty and jordan, and walden, paul ryan is a name we would know. he decided to remain on ways and means. liz: okay that -- thank you for that nonanswer, i was hoping you said say a name. >> right. liz: before i get to your opinion richard. let's say there was some react here, marco rubio was speaking before a group, the value voter summit, here is what happened when he announced it. >> just a few minute ago speaker boehner announced he will be resigning. liz: listen, i feel bad for john
3:43 pm
boehner that he has to see, that he was a controversial person, who the next guy, will he or she be able to avoid a government shut down which is looming. >> it will be kevin mccarthy in my opinion, the problem that boehner had and mc-- car these will have there are more hyper conservative members tea party members, in that house of conference issue those people who were cheering for john boehner are deal ag are -- dilly think they are going to shrink government and lower taxes. they need to come to reality. they are still dealing with the same construct. dozens of republican house members who don't buy the notion
3:44 pm
there should be a government of any size they should be governing all they care about is being primaried from their rights. liz: adam, the last time we had a shut down, 2013, 16 days it cost this government, our nation, $24 billion, will the republicans risk that again? it takes two to tango. >> you just put your finger on it. it does take 2 to dance. this is an administration that dug its feet in and will not do things to honor access of conscious. having to do with funding of planned parenthood. i think since '76 there have been 17 technical government that thshut downs, we have survd each one. but right now we're playing politics with an issue that demands better of all of us, starting with our representatives in congress.
3:45 pm
hopefully with this change in leadership we'll have a chance to push a reset button and start to get there. liz: listen. there is little upside. thank you, 15 minutes before closing bell rings, every tick of this market is mattering, we have lost real steam here, but we're still up, if you are just joining us, it is not the worst thing in the world, we were up to 64 earlier that was better. make sure, to catch maria bartiromo's interview with jeb bush, monday. you have time is set your dvr, and tivo, this is going to be a very important interview, jeb bush needs to catch from some lift here. we're waiting for the pope, to visit a catholic school, and the children went it in harlem
3:46 pm
before he rides through central park in the popemobile. former u.s. ambassador to the holy see, talks about how the peep's message -- pope's message is being received by emergencies today, more count down live from the floor of the new york stock exchange, where the s&p is just slightly above the flat line, don't go away. uer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... ...and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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3:51 pm
there is buy 500 million on the close. that is why you see the slight bit of move to the upside on the market. but not much, s&p still pretty much flat. at 1932, we're still far enough away from 1939. that level, some traders tying to see close up, why? janet yellen giving us rocket fuel this morning. talking last night arguing the case for raising short-term rates this year. last week checked there are just three months left, we have a meeting in october, and meeting in december, more fed fund future indicate dis. i am looking at a problematic issue, december more risky, you have reverse lines and decreasing bank plans sheets, a lot of people close their books for the year. have you stocks that are struggles with the dollar, that is getting fresh 5 week highs on janet yellen's speech. that u.s. dollar, greenback
3:52 pm
looking firm today on the news that we might see a rate hike next month. joining me now, aaron gibbs, and derrel crocs. making sense of this, aaron, looking at market today, they are tentative. a lot of headlines to grapple with, what about next week and the end of the quarter? >> i think for q3, you know we're 2 or 3 weeks out, we have a same story, somewhat of a decline in earnings, energy is holding back. we see potential for healthcare. liz: durrell. where do you fall on this one. you head up wells fargo retirement accounts, how do you, just the portfolios.
3:53 pm
>> actually, it is really important i think as you look at reaction today, as janet yellen walked back from her comments from the press conference the other day, you get the reaction that week expected, strength in financials. a stronger dollar, a steeping of the yield curve. we think as you move through fourth quarter to next year that equity rallies, we would still want be to over exposed to more cyclical sectors of the market like technology, and industrials today. liz: okay so you believe we have that opportunity for strength and equities it is better to buy stock rather than treasuries. >> erin. if you believe better to buy individual stocks, where to see real opportunity. >> a little bit short-term one thing we've been looking at is the auto industry, when you break out auto manufacturers versus components, the big
3:54 pm
negative news was the component, a lots of large cap auto components suppliers have a big expose or europe issues have the u.s. auto manufacturers. they have some of the most profitable years, with lower recall costs and higher margin sales. i would say don't dismiss the entire industry at a whole look at the manufacturers. liz: wonderful to see you both, erin and durrell, sorry we gave you an abbreviate the tuned. but the pope entered that school, we don't see him yet, the children are right there, our lady queen of angels school in harlem, they are eagerly awaiting pope francis. that is what we're hearing. the pope will meets third and fourth grade children.
3:55 pm
he will meet with immigrants who have been assisted by services of catholic charities of the archdiocese, what a crowd. after that, he will take a ride in the pope my bile through central -- pop popemobile throuh central park before calling it a day. can you imagine this is a pope who has never been to the united states. he comes here, and he speaks before u.n., meets the president, and he is on the magical mystery tour, the excellent adventure. more with former u.s. ambassador to holy see, we're honored, joining us exclusively, this is capping identify an amazing -- off an ash mazing trip, what has been most significant moment? >> i thought his speech yesterday was exceptional. it was an aspirational speech,
3:56 pm
calling on america to resume the leadership role. being in land of the free, and home of the brave. saying we're all from somewhere else, and america the country where dreams and as spi asspiras still exist, that is great, he changed his tone on business a little bit, it was for the common good. liz: today, he toughened up his tone before, what turned out to be largest group of world leaders ever at united nations. more than 100 world leaders hung on his every word. looking at this live picture in new york, we're waiting for him to arrive, our lady queen of angels. he did say before the united nations, it is a grave offense to economically exclude the poor. i thought that was significant.
3:57 pm
condemning an attack bound less thirst for wealth and power. >> i would expects that, he is giving a speech in spanish, his native tongue. but two threads be one thread is that the catholic teaching he is referring to is still consistent with capitalism and economics are a means not an end, to improving the human condition, and allowing more pune to -- opportunities for people to have jobs. the other thing interesting blamed this exclusion on people without proper technology, proper education or. information or no or decisive political action. liz: well we do see that the
3:58 pm
pope is arriving in his fiat. our lady queen of angels, a catholic school in harlem, meeting with third and 4th graders. the fiat is in view. you can hear cheering, ambassador, this has to be a great moment for people in harlem who have been waiting for this moment. >> a tremendous moment for all humanity. greeting these people, those cheers are fantastic to hear. this is a graipt opportunity for us to share in the pope's message. liz: one thing that in this past 24 hours here in new york, and 48 hours he has been in the united states, the world and
3:59 pm
america have gotten to know pope francis much better. some are slightly -- tinged, others affected very much so, he is getting out of the car right now, i hand it over with one minute to go to david and melissa. >> thank you. >> and melissa is back. >> i am back. >> happy to say. >> imback we have a very busy hour for you could you are looking live at the pope, just arriving, at our lady queen of angels school in harlem, about 250, third and 4th graders have gathered to meet the pontiff, look at that. >> my daughter went to catholic school in new york. you have to go. >> my boys did. >> we should mention that catholic school is alive and well, the church that associated with, closed down about 7 years ago, that has been happening too
4:00 pm
often in new york. we're going to talk about that with our gift, the they archdiocese of new york hoping is praying this visit of the pope will reinvigorate the catholic church, let's listen in see if we can hear comments and squeals, maybe a word or 2 from the pope. >> take a picture, oh, i can't see. >> take a picture. >> i love hearing this


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