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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 28, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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least we don't plan on it right now, but we are considering intensifying our work with president assad and partners in other countries. donald trump now has topped, trump and ben carson. florida senator marco rubio and fiorina tied. jeb bush following into fourth place. he last 15% of his support. donald trump will release details of tax plan this morning. he said on 60 minutes he's looking to look business and middle crass tax break. trump will hold conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern. speaker john boehner says there will be no government shutdown
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this week. made comment after announcing surprise resignation. replacement heating up. other interviews you can't miss this morning. jeb bush all coming up on the program this morning. check what's going on in wall street. lower opening. take a look right now. indicating in decline. dow with decline this morning. imf is lowering expectations. take a lock at asia and europe this morning. you had mixed showings there. tokyo down better than 1%, 235 points. we did have some strength in some asian markets. here is what's happening this morning with down and dax
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weaker. imf lowering expectations. it will stop exploration of the coast of alaska. oil right now down one and a third%. 45.09. mvp candidate harper attacked by his teammate johnson, launching at harper and grabbing him by the throat in the nationals dugout. they ended up losing to the phyllis 12-5. a lot of drama. classic. youngest player to capture the cup. making history with this victory. record for earnings in a single year. $22million. he also returned to the number one spot in golf. that's our top story. president obama will meet one of
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-- one-on-one with putin. >> you have a military presence in the border of ukraine and some argue that there have been russian troops in ukraine. >> well, you have a military presence in europe? american tactical nuclear weapons are in europe. let's not forget that. what does this mean? it means you occupy germany or occupy into nato forces. we have military on our border with some state, do you believe this is a crime? >> american enterprise institute and former embassador to united nations, embassador thank you
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for joining us. i thought that putin was making fun of charlie rose and america. >> i think putin has a strategy to expand russian influence. i think he's pursuing it. he sees no effective western opposition and we will see a replay in the meeting with putin and obama this afternoon. >> that's absolutely right. he is not afraid of obama and comes across. >> all have taken the mark of this man in the white house. they understand they have 16 months of his administration next. they don't know who will be elected in november of next year. but if they want to advance an agenda, this is the time to do it. >> maria: before we get specifics of this meeting, what's his overall game plan with building up military on the ground in syria?
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>> putin said he didn't have military forces on the ground. >> maria: we know this. >> force protection. well, protecting what? and the answer is russia has doubled down in support of assad and iran. while the impolitications -- impolitic >> i think he's challenging america for dominance in the region and he has every reason to believe he will be successful. >> maria: your background is russia. you use to vacation in crimea. >> that's right. >> maria: tell us from your standpoint what putin is doing in crimea. >> you know, there's probably two reasons he has the support he has. first of all, he's listed the russian population from the
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turmoil of 1990's, that's when i was living in the country. since then, you actually could put food on the table in russia in 2000. that was not the case in the 199 -- 1990's. he certainly feeding into that. i think the other reason why he is in syria and whether whatever it maybe, is because russia has a problem with islamist on home turf as well. a lot of extremist, feeding ground for extremist, go fight with isis, that could be destabilizing factor. >> i don't know if you could believe the numbers. >> i think putin understands the russian population very well. the west applies economic sanctions because crimea,
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president obama thinks economic sanctions work but they haven't. putin's popularity is up. these moves in middle east may seem a long way away but bolter the idea that russia is back in power. putin doesn't care much about the economic sanctions in the west. he's pursuing far broader than our sanctions would make. >> maria: it seems like we are increasingly losing control in the middle east. >> that's different than the western sanctions, obviously. >> right. >> russia is not doing it alone. the bagdad government in iraq
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which is functionally control controlled, kurds are out of it. netanyahu went thomas cow and saudis and others heading with china. they are not going to put the chips with us. it's a disaster long-term. >> maria: let syria and the russians fight isis. does that make sense to you? >> we have two major enemies in the middle east. it's not a two-sided conflict. we have iran, let's not forget a terrorist itself. now well on the road to nuclear weapons and we've got isis and
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poses threat in western europe and the united states, but against the gulf monarchies. so the region itself is descending in chaos and the united states is not present. >> once again leading from behind and it's upsetting our friends in the middle east. what kind of strategy would you like to see at this point? >> our coalition of turks, kurds egypt before consolidates which is larger the than country of great britain. >> maria: wow. focus on who it will replace.
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good morning to you. >> good morning to you. speaking yesterday and ripped by conservative caucus. >> you know, the bible says to be aware of false prophets. there's people making noise. >> funding the government and avoiding shutdown. should he acend to the top
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spot? >> maria: seems to be falling around fiorina. her thoughts on the schoollating crisis in europe. plus, 2016 in focus, joined by gop candidate jeb bush. keep it right here in the fox business network. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back. the federal reserve wants to see more americans headed back to work and wages rising before increasing rate.
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today's pending home sales report and will get a reading on conference on tuesday. the economy is far away if you see a strong september job report. do you think we see rates go higher in october? >> i don't think it's october. i do think it's december. we waited this long. there's no inflation that says we have to raise this now. i think the federal reserve does have the luxury to see how it chinese shake out, rate increase, why do it in an unprecedented move. why not wait till december? >> maria: lowering expectations for economic growth. we are not seeing the story change in any material way. we are looking at a growth
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slowdown. >> may i quote? >> maria: yes. >> just in the news this morning there's news about bonds over 80%. that's the widest spread in treasury since 2012. about one and a half%. bad news for merger activity. corporate debt, it's signaling there could be economic trouble ahead. this maybe not news people with trade bonds for a living but something for the bigger picture. >> it's an interesting point. today it is about 8%. and even you still are looking at spreads that are wider this year than they were last year.
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there's definitely signs of turmoil going on. it's the growth scare feeding through from china. so we need to see another catalyst. it has to be better in international revenues. maybe it's higher wages. >> maria: basically there isn't any reason for the federal reserve to rush policy change. reversal would be much more harmful. she is citing the global economy. 3% is not even doable at this point. >> last week i would think much sounded like somebody who wants to raise rates. >> maria: right. reason the reason she deviated
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somewhat is like all of us, we are taking back by it, when we have some time to look at the linkages the chinese and u.s. economy, they're going to take a little bit of momentum of the u.s. economy. >> they looked weak. >> yeah. >> they were thrown out by the optics. >> it was a confusing conference . in the other hand, we are vsh much concerned about the international markets but the u.s. economy is strong. it was quite confusing. >> maria: we are looking at a decline at the dow. you want to sell into this right here?
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>> we are down 5-6% for the year. i say this every single day, you're looking for them selectively. it's hard to find value for the s&p, you have to focus on areas that have strength, health care, consumer, that's where you have to go. >> maria: that certainly is going to be important for the markets. controversial projects. we will have the impact on what you pay on the pump coming up. stay right here on good morning with maría. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> maria: welcome back, one of the headlines, will end controversial drilling program in the alaskan arctic after
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disappointing drilling season. what do you make of this story? >> hi, good morning. they have spent $7 billion on this earth-kick project and the returns weren't where they needed to be. not enough to justify it when he has oil prices at $45 a barrel. also blamed the strict regulatory environment as well. it's going to be very difficult to get to with prices. prices are weaker this morning. >> maria: so what do you think this means in terms of gasoline prices and how does that impact the broader public? >> they are going to remain low in the couple of years. you know, we are going to see
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global at some point come back and that means oil demand is going to continue to grow and when that happens all the projects, it's going to be difficult to meet demand. >> maria: yeah, that looks about right. thank you very much. let's talk energy. earnings in energy sector has been the story. >> right. not to the degree we would expect. we had this argument or discussion, i should say, at the office. lowering gasoline prices are actually helping is the financial well-being and
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stability of consumer. we are not looking at a situation of 2006, mortgage that was through the roof. today is the exact opposite. mortgage has declined and personal savings has picked up but not necessarily trickled into the consumer spending. >> america neats -- needs to trust lower gas prices. >> sure. >> if we believe we are going to have 2-dollar gasoline for a couple of years, maybe we will commit. >> maria: they don't know if this is long lasting. >> this is a very good point. it's about consumer-inflation expectation. that tells me, that tells us right here that consumers do not think gasoline prices are here to stay.
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we will revert back to inflation. >> maria: up next president obama to meet with putin. we'll talk about it coming up. stay with us. .. ♪ ♪ you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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maria: good morning welcome back we are expecting lower opening for are broader averages j.p. morgan asset management anastasia amoroso with us dagen mcdowell, first in top stories 6:30 a.m. on east coast, this morning, happy monday, world leaders in new york, for the united nations general assembly this morning, president obama, set to speak at u.n. 10:30 eastern most attention to meeting with russian president vladimir putin gop front-runner donald trump to unveil tax plan later this morning, last night on 60 minutes said look to go give businesses and middle class lower taxes, but wants to raise taxes on weelt earn
6:30 am
efrz, trump securing endorsement from leading name on wall street caller ache un is supporting trump because he knows business. >> checking markets futures to declines the open take a look we are near lows of the morning, the monetary fund is cutting its global growth forecast, that is weighing on markets across the world, dow jones industrial average down near lows of the-day decline of 100 points, incredible pictures from the sky did you catch it a rare occurrence a supermoon coinciding with lunar eclipse first time that happened since 1982. and the -- moon as a result had red to it this will not take place again until 2033. it was beautiful. a larger and brighter than we've seen in a long time. many small businesses having a hard time getting bank loans pier to peer lending raised 870 million dollars, in that
6:31 am
high profile ipo, platforms entering space joining sis sam hodges cofounder of the london based peer-to-peer marketplace funding thanks for joining us how does it work i am a small business need? access to cash. >> if you are a small business owner like millions in u.s. -- capital, you can come to our site takes minutes to fill an application we finance inside of a few days. >> this is the partly the reason for popularity of fundifund funding circle banks reconstructed by dodd-frank pulling back a lot. >> right if you look back, it is -- a financial crisis 20 year trend, banks have pulled back, since smaller to commercial lending what that meantime is a massive gap in the market that is where, platforms funding circle come in. >> it is interesting when i look at where the pulled back not in commercial industrial loan it is in residential mortgage lending is there
6:32 am
something else that you he see on the small business sight to suggest banks pulled back from that space. >> absolutely, so irright, overall commercial lending gone up, financial crisis if you look at loans under one million dollars, the type of loans that you are kind of typically coffee shop, or light cpg manufacturing businesses type of loans they need that number is way off. from its 2009, 2008 peak. >> demand for credit do you see people who want to start businesses grow businesses because that is that is an indication, of hoi healthy and economy is. >> absolutely, i mean we experience this had firsthand my patterns and i came out with perspective of building a network fitness all over the country we in many peers see opportunities to invest in business don't necessarily see we can get capital from banks, so we've got to look at retains like funding circle. >> you were a small business guy you had a franchise. >> that is right. >> you had the trouble getting access to capital what led to
6:33 am
you start the business. >> my patterns and i talked, to 97 different lenders including banks each case, we were turned down because too small despite business was ravnt profitable growing or are wiper giving rates that did not make sense, would advertise one you do apr calculation, 40, 50, 60% apr inspired us to start the company. >> currently, credit risk is something has to be of this for irdon't know where capital how much -- how what kind of a credit profile of you need to target but tells us about risk control for small business lending. >> absolutely, a huge piece of it we take a data driven approach to credit analysis basically every alone a model off one and price credit based on, our expectations default and loss, great thing is you know, my understanding we lowest loss of any digital small business lender in world between 2 and 3% per year,
6:34 am
given that mix of one, actually, attractive. >> good to have you on the show we will watch funding circle sam hodges breaking news to get alcoa announcing going to be splitting into two companies independent publicly traded, the stock right now, is expected to open higher, of course, wean a huge slowly in commodities based areas anastasia splitting into two separately trade woenz i wondered if this is as a result of pressure like aluminum, iron copper across the board soouven sell-off. anastasia: i think right i am not sure when two are splitting i assume you have companies that is probably going to be a aluminum another one that may preserve some assets, that are actually better revenue generating, so i think that is right, it is about maximizing the value of a business, otherwise has absolutely been declining, i
6:35 am
mean if you look at profits industrial profits out of china this morning, down 8.8%, the biggest driver of the downward pressure on earnings had been commodity prices so companies like alcoa, absolutely have to resort to traditional ways of thinking about their business. >> you have seen what stock has done obviously come down quite a bit, as prices for aluminum and prices across complex have come down you have to believe they've got to do something shareholders. >> perhaps a move to try to separate the very pricing sniff areas to other areas. >> two things for shareholders one try to maximize value of the company maximizing value of the pieces the other thing they can do the industry as a whole can o do for shareholders is to continue tot cut back spline the underlying issue, much like in the energy markets metals markets oversupply issue we
6:36 am
have built compass of aluminum copper and all those other things, for a 10% growing china instead got 7 so it is a supply that has to be even response from the supply side, that has to be the dividing factor. >> i think such an important point that you make it is about china. dagen: that was the guiding force in the chance national resources commodity prices around the globe one thing this is just historically usually you see action like this by a company at the bottom, when times are really, really tough. you see companies taking dramatic action like this, i don't know if it is -- indicator of better days to come or the -- national resources, mining metals, commodities overall but you never know. >> definitely argue in favor of you know being close to bottom here but i think like anything you need a catalyst to see the turnaround the
6:37 am
catalyst response or it is a better data out of china, the better data out of china contingent upon housing, the housing market even though prices are going up, the housing markets need to see actually housing construction pick up that is what it takes to support metal markets. >> we've got press release alcoa to separate into two industry leading public companies completely successful multijetramples upstream company is to be highly competitive globally leader in aluminum, as this is from alcoa obviously the value add company is going to be an innovator solutions attractive growth markets. >> second. >> transaction completed second half 20156 conference call at 8:00 a.m. eastern on this, publicly two separate companies, publicly traded. >> high performance materials
6:38 am
that is definitely the value out there because if you look at company like nucor in my perform materials business investors have to concentrate now traditional aluminum forces but if you look at boeing plane orders week at from china, that is where you want to be, that is the business that you want to be in, so this move makes a lot of sense. >> keep watching this, stock is obviously trading higher in premarket, on this announcement, and as i mentioned, alcoa giving a conversation call 8:00 a.m. eastern to explain that it is going to be splitting up into two companies, that will be publicly traded, in the meantime, the markets continue to deteriorate this morning expecting a triple digit loss for dow jones industrial average look at market, kicking off, a busy week in terms of data, on the downside, major announcement from nasa coming this morning wait till you sierra what they have to say about a major discovery on mars we have details next. back in a minute.
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and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. maria: welcome back death toll in accident in seattle, the details, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria good morning, everybody.
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a fist person died over the weekend, from injuries sustained in that crash. at least 13 people are hospitalized investigators say boat did not have axle repair recommended two years ago. the dalai lama will no longer make appearances around the united states, next month, he is at the mayo clinicic in minneapolis for medical he evaluation in a statement on friday his doctors advised 80-year-old to rest. and good news for space lovers,today is the day nasa making a major announcement about mars today, the details will be released later this morning, some speculate that water has been discovered on the red planet, could be saltwater so this is something we will hear from nasa today exciting development back to you. >> sure is thanks so much, 2016 campaign trail hillary clinton personal faveability rating new low in latest fox news poll among rerjdz voters,
6:44 am
38% of respondents view mrs. clinton favorable way down from high in august 2012, 63%. upon gop side dr. ben carson faveability numbers new high 46%, in the wake of those comments he made about preliminarilies amuslims and presidency. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you great to be here. >> tell us about what you are seeing as most important issues first i want to get into hillary coming from yua seeing what is taking place on the campaign trail, what is most important to voters in utah? >> well i think, for most of us we just like the federal government kind of leave us alone overreaching federal government is oppressive, and our first principal be first don't take money from us second if you do give it back to us grant us so we can develop our own programs within states. >> that was criticism around obamacare frankly because you were told do it this way in fact, there were many people who didn't want it that way do
6:45 am
you see any candidate today looking to give the autonomy back to the states. >> well i like the governors, again probably partial there governors understand this federal overreach into domain is oppressive, so, we actually have been laboratories of the democracy we are innovators finding ways to solve problems not as dysfunctional as in washington, d.c.. >> do numbers surprise you favorability numbers for example on hillary clinton. >> no. i think there is a lot about her that is -- undesirable i think she is not a warm person, and so i think as we get into the debates the discussions, i think there today is concern about trust, lack of integrity, and i think that is starting to catch up. >> what is your thoughts on her comments last week that she opposes keystone pipeline it was her state department that i believe it was three or four times that basically came back and said yeah, it is safe it happen using a pipeline -- >> i think everybody looked at it probably has done the analysis, says it is
6:46 am
appropriate. and we certainly can uses the energy, and ability for us to transport oil across our country safely, important one to get to refiners to be able to become independent as a country, from -- the middle east particularly other foreign countries that are not our friends, really, alawed about i believe goal no ratione reon tbepped t ysneipeline. >>plio >> bthe by theernisands aved cialt phinghings left on demratillyside. i aee with you. >> is some sorof - o ftal hdle w needoop tou approve ysne pilinehat was excuse iven, i thi from oma adminirati forot apovin it b ketone pipelesi whenouoo at t2016 electn, w i think the country cares about. >> i think we are concerned about the economy.
6:47 am
this has intloevent recovery in the history of our nation. >> why? >> well i think that the rules and regulations, that are oppressive in washington, d.c., in the states wire actually reviewing regulations in utah -- we can count them, and we found out about 400 of them unnecessary, just drag on economy, level of playing field protect public. >> jeb bush wrote op-ed in "the wall street journal" about that very thing, last week. but, again, you see him struggling in the polls, when people who never governed had business jobs, or -- ben carson was a surgeon but never governed. >> that is right. >> they are leading. >> leading. >> well, again i think there is an antiestablishment had no if jeb bush had a different last time would be top of the polls i think, because very successful governor has really good ideas not radically
6:48 am
extreme any sense i think the problem is another bush. like it or not that is -- >> jeb with exclamation point didn't throw you off at all? jeb herbert would be a good candidate for -- for president. >> when you look at regulation, i mean that is what we keep hearing from business leaders, that that is why they are sitting on cash, because it i just too stifling what would you say onerous dodd-frank obamacare. >> all above. >> it is again, the uncertainty in the marketplace creating those players say i am going to stay on side until predict out there certainty in the marketplace causes people to hesitate i don't want to invest and have it lost, so having certaintying predict is important regulations on er identification, taxes, probably not the most important thing. because we could pass that on, to the marketplace but regulations are stiffling
6:49 am
ability of business to be successful. >> do you think the federal reserve is causing uncertainty. >> i think a role to play i know that federal reserve is biggest culprit, certainly world now we're not in a marketplace that is like in utah only utah, the nation it is global in nature, so thinks happened in china devaluation a ripple effect what is that long term uncertainty i got back from hong kong great things happening in hong kong one of the most business friendly cities in the world. yet part of the people republic of china but as they say one country with two systems, once working out are better than other system we need to understand free market capitalistic approach made america great we need to get back to being basics unleash
6:50 am
power of the marketplace if we do that our economy will recover. >> that is what you are trying to do in utah good to have you on the show. >> thank you so much, joining us, coming up 8:00 a.m. hour, presidential candidate jeb bush talking about latest from campaign trail, and his journey to the white house 8 a.m. eastern right here we will be right back. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here!
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sup jj? working hard? here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts th a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. maria: another wild weekend in nfl high scoring games injuries to some big names joining us allow good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning how are you -- >> happy -- >> doing great, this year first couple weeks ver profitable for us excited fantasy sports network distribution skyrocketing on
6:54 am
cablevision now moving on to a few new, dr. patterns excited very excited. >> different period now than ever before, because we start off fantasy tom brady mess this weekend injuries, what with a do injuries mean. >> listen, you know, every day, that you fantasy sports worrying about injuries yesterday ben going down. >> out four weeks. >> the problem is that for people that play in the season long games that is problem because they have doing to bench they have to make trades, and what is great about fantasy sports you can pick a new roster every week draftkings, you have no problem, you go in pick a new quarterback off you go that is good news. >> so many about variables to keep track of is there a somalia could be struktd for optimaldale -- >> sure, you know, there is
6:55 am
companies out there daily roto those type research you know goldman sachs research of the world, and you go to them, and you can help yourself, take that skill level up a notch because by reading, and doing your research, and checking the numbers in the data, off sights you have drew on the show previously, nuvenl at winning use models by using those moldels put yourselves in a better position to win. >> this season would it be 49ers. >> yeah, disappointment crushed yesterday, and you know the mobile quarterback you should be able to get points not only on throw out run, he is somebody that i keep looking at every week, on draftkings value will drop what is great the value drop you are able to put cap.
6:56 am
>> less money at that quarterback position. >> good stuff thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> anastasia great to see you this morning, as always see you soon, thank you lineup ahead republican presidential candidate jeb ambitious former secretary of state madeleine albright former house majority leader eric cantor. back in a minute. die, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. . maria: good monday morning, happy monday, i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, september 28 with me this hour hedgeye ceo keith kooelth co-host gary kaminsky top stories president obama, gears up for speech at the united nations general assembly, later this morning, the world will be waiting to see what comes out of the president meeting with russian president vladimir putin later today where they will discuss everything from ukraine, to russia's moves in syria, here is what putin had to say on
7:00 am
that last night on 0 minutes. >> 60 minutes. >> are you prepared to put russian combat troops on the ground in syria if it is necessary to defeat isis? >> russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of syria or in any other state. well, at least we don't plan on it right now. but we are considering intensifying or work with both president assad and with our patterns in other countries. >> on to 2016 race brand-new "the wall street journal" nbc poll shows donald trump has company top of republican field trump and dr. ben carson in statistical tie within margin of error, florida senator marco rubio former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina in tie for third place former florida governor jeb bush into fourth place he lost 50% of his support, since july. last time this pol was
7:01 am
released donald trump will release details of tax plan later this morning, he said on 06 mipz look to go gives businesses the middle class a tax break cuttinged taxes but will raise taxes, on the wealthiest earners will hold a news conference today, at 11:00 a.m. eastern, talking about his taxes we will take you there live, on capitol hill boehner says there will be no government shutdown this week made comments on "face the nation" yesterday, days after announcing his surprise resignation. the races for boehner's replacement already heating up we will talk about that, with former house majority leader eric cantor in the program two other interviews you can't miss this morning, former secretary of state madeleine albright and 2016 hopeful jeb bush, take a look at futures expecting a lower opening for brjz in fact, things have worsened in the last 20 minutes or so we know the imf, has cut the global growth forecast, christine lagarde basically saying that the economy is worsening around the world hitting markets this
7:02 am
morning dow down 100 points, markets in europe also under pressure this morning in asia mixed showing overnight, stock alert alcoa breaking news this morning says it will splilt into two publicly traded companies, one will be the legacy commodities business, keep the alcoa name that produces aluminum and alumina, the other will focus on big ticket businesses including audito and aerospace, the stock right now up 5%, in the premarket, alcoa going to be one to wantch on upside stock has lost so much value, as we have seen the commodities complex fall part last year in asia take a look at mixed markets me convey down 1 and a third peninsula hang seng up in hong kong one half per cent in singapore markets lower and in europe, we are also seeing the cut to global growth numbers from christine lagarde imf of an impact ft100 cac quarante in paris dax in germany down between 1 1/2 and
7:03 am
two quarter paris jordan spieth securing fifth victory of the year youngest player to capture fedex couple made history with victory, setting a pga tour record for earnings in a single year, 22 million dollars. now if that wasn't enough returned to number one spot in golf, good for him. . john boehner leaving congress end of october the focus is on who replaces boy onnesh what are it means for getting things done on capitol hill blackberry berman in washington good morning to you. reporter: good morning, again john boehner cited bible saying beware of falls prophets when talking about the predecessor conservative part of his caucus speaking yesterday on "face the nation," the speaker of the house said there are people simply spreading noise about how much can get done here in d.c. >> we get groups here, members, the house and senate here in town, whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things they know they know are never going to
7:04 am
happen. >> house freedom caucus group more than 30 conservative congressional representatives, and boehner was likely reference there go have yet to decide who they will support, in the house votes to replace boehner end of next month odds on favorite though the moment at least, is the current number two majority leader kevin mccarthy if that with to play out it would also set off, another scramble to fill his leadership position, and potentially others. >> blake thank you blake berman switching to markets stocks pointing to lower opening this morning joining us right now jpmorgan chase international chairman fresh off travels around the world good to see you jaib orange county. >> good morning. >> talking about the lowering of growth expectations from imf. . what do you make of that are things getting worse from a global economic standpoint? >> we need to you the in perspective number one imf changed its forecast very frequently, during the past several years, only to change it back about occasionally we
7:05 am
put in perspective, number two when we talk about global economy, this is not a uniform picture the united states, is doing well. and united states is of the world, world will not recover without united states will recover united states a good chance world of recover there are soft points, europe is a soft point china may be a soft point, commodity producers soft points, but the reality is that when you look at in perspective especially, if you look into the passing of where were we few years ago, where are we now, i my picture my assessment is much more positive, so much more positive that i believe, that the fed has enough reason to move if it so wishes. maria: are bringing in keith and gary in a minute your take on regulation last time we spoke that was one of the sort of hidden answer for this economy the regulatory environment was so onerous keeping cash, stagnant is that
7:06 am
still the skais. >> regulatory environment cannot change overnight, the traject, the reason our greater clarity if we want item by item, some room for greater clifrgs t reclassification the risks geopolitics of the world the risks the soft point in the world, especially, the commodity producing countries that are related to the fed china, is now changing its growth model to rely less on expert led growth, therefore, let me just say these changes, and many of them are part of the strategy, it is not that . >> suddenly things went wrong. it is really, the fact that chinese have decided sometime ago to change the growth monthly a dramatic change, it as a result there are adjustments along the way it will be a mistake to disturb
7:07 am
adjustments. >> keith mccullough. >> i think global growth is slowing flowing flat ofer enumerate u.s. the growth story as you get through third quarter you are going to see zero to one and one half gdp number so world irs going to start to look from a consensus perspective more like the markets look don't forget every stock market in the world, at this point by scorecard is bearish trend perspective explicit single janeyellen tried to say raising rates on friday markets had we can do it they came back bond yields back on lowings stocks down when i see a growth slowdown, no central planer can stop this i think that again rates up or down stocks going down new message for the market. >> to you agree with that central planners can't even stop it? >> the central planners should not stop it but i believe that for a while we have seen disconnect between real economy, academiesf the
7:08 am
look at through real economy and make assessment there, rather than look at the world the real world through financial markets, financial markets have had a lot of erratic changes a lot of change expectations a lot of new that relate to noneconomic matter. >> gary hard not to look at commodities complex for example breaking down hard to not look at industrial sector, and think this is telling you something. >> this is -- going on six months the imf in perspective here, the fact that imf got it wrong on upside is not a surprise, it hasn't gotten right on upside since pre2007, so that is not a surprise. but you made a point that the fed has enough ammunition, in your opinion, to raise rates when they should have raised rates, that is the fact the market is keith point outs dealing with that since two thirs ago why didn't they ray of rates what does it mean look at friday's action even chatting up a rate increase,
7:09 am
isn't giving confidence to the markets. >> looking forward, why didn't they raise rates i would have. but -- >> so would have i. >> talking reality. >> because at the end of the day, they are always balances between risk management and different aassess risk differently but i am looking at rather than reading minds of people i want to read the script the text. the advice chairman of the fed, lays it down beautifully what did he say basically said in order to be able to move with our normalization problem, we would need to make sure, that growth is on par, we need to make sure, that unemployment labor markets in general are improving, we need to make sure that, the inflationary pressures are starting to modify, on the growth issue of the u.s. there is no debate today, it is
7:10 am
really improving, and improving before usly labor markets no issue. >> -- i can push back on that, you have nine straight months of declining factor orders. >> i want to make. >> negative durable goods rate of change in the labor market peaked in february to say no debate, clearly the market is debating right now, falling -- >> stocks falling. >> two remarks you can look sector by sector you can say there are some issues that require a telescope rather than microscope, when i look at the labor market in the united states unemployment a trend has taken place several years now has been on decline, detourration of unemployment, has been on the decline. yes, there are issues for part-time work many other things would like to see as far as labor market that is not improvement in the labor market it is not there, the key issue, however, is inflationary issue people say well how does no inflation
7:11 am
pressure not time to normalize i this i what said was very telling he said two things, first, inflation right very much influenced by past maybe one time change that is spreading over time the declining commodity prices, strengthening of the dollar, but no time they will taper off. if you are going to wait for inflation to actually be at 2%, you will have missed. >> they definitely must have had the train 5 year breakeven dipping below 1.09% markets stanley fisher not transitory could be secular i do think that is broader debate we should have. >> one of the reasons markets did not like it seemed to not like it they liked to the -- they need to have compact -- when a find if labor market economy inflation one thing if volatility and financial
7:12 am
markets what happens in china, that is a very important relevant but this is not part of it. >> the markets want clarity we're not having any more clarity. >> clarity is off the table after this last inaction, right? >> well, i think that the last speech of chairman yellen, chairperson yellen, tried to clarify better move it a little bit more you are right giving up -- >> think they raise in october. >> let me tell you when we meet next year who car is, the important thing is not -- the important thing is trajectory once you start very slow process let's not kid ourselves we are not talking about kicking the box it would be mistake to think that you have a rise of 25 base points we can go together to the beach -- it is a move that will be part of the new normalization not healthy,
7:13 am
listen we are talking about the time about the cost of normalization let's talk about the cost of lack of normal seeing eye do-- san diego a ari . >> search continues. >> also the timing of risk continues. >> thank you so much joining us j.p. morgan donald trump set to lay out tax plan includes zero rates for some americans we tell you details that we know next, stay with us.
7:14 am
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here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . maria: welcome back nasa expected to veal a major find today the story. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. one day after that gorgeous
7:17 am
superblood moon the space agency will make a major announcement, about mars, that will be later today, the details released at 11:00 a.m. eastern time, some are speculating water has been discovered on the red planet. and stock alert of the morning, aluminum mining giant alcoa says it is splitting its two publicly traded companies, one will be focused on mining activity, the other on the actual manufactured goods, shares are gaining in the premarket closed 907 in 957 or so range, and the deal is expected to close, second half of 2016 back to you. maria: thank you so much, want to talk about this on alcoa gary, companies going to split two separate companies got to believe pressure of falling lies price of aluminum. >> september 28, by the way, is my moet's birthday happy birthday. >> aww.
7:18 am
>> the end of a quarter, probably agree with this you know that they are going to report earnings, in next couple weeks, this says to me, that they've got a bad quarter ahead of them want to get in front of this, and this is very carefully scripted i am not saying breaking up is bad or good probably good historically, company splitting you look at stocks three to five years later they do with that but this probably means the quarter want to get in front of it. >> i think that is good analysis, because fact is alcoa reports would weeks. >> getting to the end of the third quarter third quarter starts on thursday, and you know there is a story this morning in the journal. >> fourth quarter, revenue estimates down 3% for the quarter earnings down 4, obviously going to be another bad quarter on absolute basis the question is how bad on a relative basis when you separate alcoa saying i don't want you to pay attention or much of a multiple for the bad
7:19 am
stuff the commodities stuff look at my good stuff, those on good stuff, you know tend to be okay trying to give a better message kind of like a company you see announce a dividend they try to give you love before a -- >> you are right? remember what day it is when this is coming out, then put it in to soeme context when they made the announcement. >> stock up 5%, you are saying the smart move is to sell into that 5% rally. >> i have to look at company myself, i don't know. >> all i am going to say remember how it is announced when announced, and if you are looking at this company as long term investment, you might want to wait, till a couple weeks see why is it in fact they decided to split businesses now. >> if going to crush quarter won't announce a split would annoyance we are preannouncing the quarter going to crush the quarter, i don't expect to hear a lot of people saying that it is interesting bottom-up investors have to react to top-down macroweeks.
7:20 am
>> in terms of earnings astonishments not good. >> cycleal, double digest decline in energy stock material, industrial stocks now financials a lot reflect the fundamental reality light cycle interest rates fall this is more same i think markets have this right. >> the stock market what happened since august 17, has to have had an impact on many businesses, and we will start to hear about that also in a couple weeks, while qe has had the psychological benefit on a lot of things, jcaho talking about trying to separate market and economy, about those take it back to what was the benefit of the economy with higher stock prices, quantitative easing that is reversed quite a bit. >> -- one simply word is volatility, three months ago reporting prior quarter the vix was 65% lower. >> good point, we will watch
7:21 am
deal on energy space later this hour former secretary of state albright joins the conversation with take on ask escalating migrant crisis in europe stay with us.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
a deal on table to buy back, another subsidiary that female part energy transfer made back in bottom line we need more to and an pipelines can't do that when price are low you need capital to do that that is why i think this deal is happening, so, we are going to see stronger players come in, apply weaker players the other thing is natural gas prices actually up today, because of the late burst of summer demand strong oil prices are actually down, those concerns about global economic growth, really weighing on the market today, concerns what imf is going to say what china is going to say overshadowing the fact major cutbacks in the engendering space not only shell, but a drop in u.s. can you please tell us fourth week in a row u.s. production falling supplies in u.s. have been falling even though historically high level starting to fall. >> all right. so we will watch thanks ahead
7:26 am
of planned meeting with president obama, russian president vladimir putin saying, his country will not participate in any troop operations in syria what can we expect in president obama's response we talk about it next back in a moment ased a lynn albright will join -- madeleine albright will join us. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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psychiatriced off day with me gary, keith mccullough top stories 7:30 on east world leaders in new york city for the united nations general assembly. president obama, set to speak 10:30 am earn at u.n. most attention paid to meeting later in the day with russian president vladimir putin. gop o frontal runner donald trump to unveil tax plan later today, he said on 60 minutes look to go give business and middle class a tax break, but expecting to raise taxes on the wealthiest, on democratic sidehill hill appearing on "meet the press" over weekend would not rule out the fbi
7:30 am
finding anything that she would have to explain in now infamous deleted e-mails from panhandler home server clinton blamed republicans for the blowing the e-mail scandal out of proportion. >> i can't predict to you what republicans will come up with what kind of charges or claims they might make i have no control over that. i can only do the best i can to try to respond, the justice department has the e-mails they have the server they are conducting a security coincident inquiry will take nepz steps required to get this resolved. >> markets are in pressure futures indicating declines opening of trading we are off the lows right now, showing a decline of dow jones industrial average of about 70 points, the imf and head of the imf christine lagarde likely one of the impacts on markets globally they loader global growth forecast for the year, we continue to see the deterioration from he emerging markets, pictures from sky
7:31 am
look did you see it an supermoon with lunar eclipse first time since 1982, it won't take place again, until 2033, blood moon they called. >> it an ugly turn look at pictures harper attacked by teamma teammate, he grabbed him by throat in dugout national guard lost to phillies 12 to 5. >> president obama, to meet one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines, of today's session of the united nations general assembly, happening 2:00 pm eastern russia activity in syria, certainly a topic of this discussion, on "60 minutes" putin said rush would not participate on any troop probations in sir. >> are you prepared to put russian combat troops on the ground?
7:32 am
in syria if it is necessary to defeat isis? >> russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of syria or in any other state. well at least we don't plan on it right now. but we are considering intensifying our work, with both president assad, and with our patterns rtners in other countries. >> context on issues former secretary of state madeleine albright thanks so much for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> we appreciate you being here what is your sense of this meeting with obama and putin today. >> we haven't talked to each other in a couple years obviously, the rush anz are under sanctions from what they were doing in ukraine, what is interesting, is that we have some common purpose in terms of trying to defeisil a threat sir the people where we
7:33 am
disagree on support or assad, and the government, there the regime how changes need to come about so i imagine this will be a very frank important meeting, and both the presidents will be trying very hard to express their views clearly about what we overlap on what we disagree on. >> hard to trust what russia's priorities and agenda is. with this equipment on the ground, in syria, i know that he was basically saying no, to boots on the ground, but russia has been building up military in syria. >> been there quite sometime the russians have been trying, for decades, to really have a very strong influential role in the middle east they have had a relationship with syria with assad's father and him now, and they have a port there, so they are delivering more equipment there, i think it is very hard to figure out exactly how much they are bringing in, and i think that there is some suspicion about that but i do think this is
7:34 am
what happens is you try to find some common interest, on dealing with what we see as real threat isil what they are doing to the people. >> i want to get back to isil i know you have passionate views on this, i want to get your take on what the solution is, let's talk about the op-ed that you wrote in the boston globe this morning about the migrant crisis in europe you right u.s. must do more, tell us what you would like to see what when we look at horrible pictures of thousands of thousands of people trying have to cross borders. >> i think americans have always been very generous about taking in people, that have need to leave their country i am an immigrant i came with family np 1948 didn't have a term story about barbed wire or boats or anything but bottom line is i am a very grateful american, we do have the capability of serving more people yesterday. i saw king of jordan, who this is a small country, right on front lines, and the number of
7:35 am
immigrants they have refugees in camps from not only syria but iraq and palestine, is as if united states had 60 million refugees. so we are talking about i've been suggesting, and secretary kerry talking about increasing our number, at least to 100,000, i think we can do it. >> i think you make a great point about king ab do you agree -- abdullah, great work when you say 100,000 microsofts to come into this country, how do we know that these are migrants not isis dressed in migrant clothing. >> we do have ways of vetting people, and the process of bringing the people in, is something that is should be organized in a way i don't think we can be operating on what i call the fear factor i think that we are a humanitarian nation there is a way to vet people to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> i think you make a great
7:36 am
point, but at the end of the day, the world has to come together. to help the situation, i mean i felt as driving -- isil driving people out of homes in syria in afghanistan, what is the answer what is the solution to defeating? >> i think what you said absolutely crew a common problem not just ours or europeans or neighborhoods countries isil came into existence because of contact coum authority live centuries ago want to establish a caliphate we have to defeat it there is a welcome in terms of having russians be helpful, as well as the regional partners that we have there, the other thing, is we have to recognize, this isn't going to happen overnight, the conditions that create the people want to have a different way of living, i think we have to help economically and politically, and we have to make sure that they are not able to create
7:37 am
this kind of sense that they need to go back to the 15 century, we cannot put up with isil i think that is a longer term issue we have to deal with. >> has u.s. been doing enough, i mean there is a lot of criticism, and debate over the u.s.'s leading from hidden strategy that is one of the criticisms of the fact that we have not been able to defeat isil yet. >> you know one of the hard parts is always necessary to figure out how this all happened i know people get tired of democrats blaming republicans for the war in iraq but the war in iraq is part what have this is about. that created the vacuum kooum that then spread into other countries, and, president obama, i think has lived up to what he promised, is that he would end the wars, in iraq and afghanistan, and he has in fact made clear that we would be helpful in syria do i think a long term problem where we have not generally i think --
7:38 am
americans don't want to be involved there. and yet i do think that american influence there, and importance is very important to every way -- israel our ally and friend we want to be able to have its back one of the most complex situations i have ever seen in the middle east and isil is major problem for us to deal with. >> many people will stay when president obama made decision to pull troops out of iraq, that is when isil really became as powerful as it is today. >> more implicated story because iraqi government did not want to have a status of forces agreement that began to be negotiated in the bush administration i think president obama, i think has done everything he can to try to help s stabilize iraqi government to have a -- somebody, as prime minister who is more willing to accept some of the sunnis into the government that is part of the problem. you know most americans, knew
7:39 am
nothing about islam much less the difference between shia and sunni, what is happening is we are watching, a -- historical fight between two aspects muslim religion the other as you saidize per shanz, are a abs a complex story u.s. can help not alone what .obama is trying to do i fully support this to get the region more involved, it is not a matter of leading from behind, it is a matter of leading with partners, and that is what president obama is doing oppose let me get your take on 2016 race i want to look at both sides for us, first off, you've been very supportive of hillary clinton, and this e-mail scandal seems to have impacted her polling numbers what is your sense of democratic field right now hillary bernie sanders, poeshl for joe biden coming in. >> i don't have any answers on any of you know whether joe biden is coming in, bernie sanders is clearly a
7:40 am
fascinating person, i do support hillary clinton, i think she would make the best president because of her background, her knowledge, she is so smart, and works hard i think the part that i find depressing about the e-mail issue it is diverting attention from what we should be talking about which are issues domestic in terms of what is happening to the middle class and education and health programs and internationally we could spend a lot of time on middle east we augmenting to be talking about president xi here from china our relationship with india what are is going on in africa, what are the issues abrewed that affect americans, and, she has got, some very, very important ideas, on that, so, i do think that it is time to talk about the issues. >> shouldn't she stalk about this much more to ensure that people understand where she is, on for example china, where she is for example on isil? you mentioned the issues one
7:41 am
issue is the fact that this most repeat poll when they think of hillary clinton they think of liar. >> that is -- >> i hate to say this you need to ask her questions other than about e-mails, that is the problem. and i think that there is kind of this sense when people don't want to hear about issues they do want to hear about issues, i go out and speak and i -- always fascinated by questions people ask, americans care, and i think. >> i agree. >> the press needs to understand, that issues need to be raised, and not just focus on maximizing not germane. >> who is candidate in your view the best grasp of foreign affairs. >> well, certainly is not donald trump. so let me just say i think that there are those that have serving in the government in a variety of ways i don't want to pick anybody i've been interested in listening to the debates, i think that there are those who have a very i
7:42 am
may not agree with understanding but they understand what the issues are, and are ninsulting people i think elections are about the responsibilities of the candidates and responsibilities of the citizens, to learn the issues, and then the press to really push on questions that are issues related, i hope that happens. >> i think you make all right points i have got to be honest i think lack of specificity, specific details in terms of what the issues are, really needs to come out because we need to hear from the candidates in terms of what the answers are, and yet, donald trump is in the top of the field. so something is happening. and resonating with people, to indicate he is doing something right. >> well i think people are angry about what is going on in terms of those in washington the gridlock i think genuine and legitimately i have to say i love -- >> why john boehner left? >> i think it is sad i worked
7:43 am
on the hill i worked for a great senator ed muskie in white house i've been, up here, as ambassador u.n. and secretary, i so respect our government, i am chairman of the board of national democrat institute that talks about democracy promising abroad when i say people stay what is essence of democracy i say compromise they say like you guys? so we are not exactly a great example at this moment, and i do think people want to hear it, and but -- clearly, donald trump is -- plugging in i think in many ways, people are angry what i find depressing, is that we should not be responding to that anger what we should be doing is trying to explain, the issues, and the background. >> very quickly, finalizing question here i want iran was was that right deal to do. >> yes absolutely. >> i think that obviously has to be implemented, we will be watching that very carefully, and i think that it was the
7:44 am
right deal to do and i think to protect us protects israel. >> secretary good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> great to see. >> you we appreciate your time very much secretary madeleine albright we will be right back, stay with us. hi. hi. hi. hello. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly.
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. maria: welcome back take a look at markets futures indicating lower opening broader averages at lows of the morning imf, cutting global growth forecast, saying that the world he has deteriorated further
7:48 am
economically speaking given weakness in meermdz markets futures indicating a decline in dow at open about 120 points if listening on radio pretty much across the board, the nasdaq s&p 500 also, weaker this morning, and european markets under pressure between 1 1/2 understand 2 1/2% consolidation in kel tom coming up tow trucking with chairman of the telecom italia get his take on strength or weakness of the globally economy what he is seeing in europe, back in a minute. ♪ so,as my personal financial psychic,
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. maria: welcome back talking about global economy this morning, on heels of the imf lowering global o growth forecast joining me giuseppe rechhi chairman of telecom italia good to see you giuseppe thank you for joining us for all events going on let me get your take on what is going on in europe imf is very clear, things are deteriorating global economies going to impact developed countries like u.s. and europe what do you see. >> europe the usual problem very low growth, and depends -- reforms what is good in europe you have a new technologically base great market italy being under scrutiny for a long time biggest problem there is the political continuity more than 60 governments, in about 0 years, so -- 60 years of ruling in democratic way, so government -- once, so now, what you want is to put good
7:53 am
agenda in place, which is there, and execute it few things but well done something happening labor reform done pension rorm there biggest thing to do is to get out of bureaucracy we have a huge base of building the famous, gives strengthen of this country a productive country labor is not that expensive, and needs freedom. >> we had this conversation will mornings with keith mccullough that is about central planning, what would you expect the impact to be from the quantitative easing from mario draghi what has impact been. >> biggest problem in it plea and europe as being lack of credit from the banks, there was a lot of money poured into the economy it was not transferred to, the entrepreneur to modernize not to people, so the lack of credit really, created such a freezing of the confidence and
7:54 am
of the capacity of growth, now people are so, so let me -- bored of austerity. >> bored. >> they want -- >> something. >> believe it -- >> giuseppe you said impact on quantitative easing you look at things like your business, you look at data usage, new lines being acquired people growing businesses, do you see any impact in your business as a result of the bond buying happening in your real business yet? >> we do, but, again, we are a big company -- second largest we are focused now, is on a big infrastructure investment where biggest investor across industry not just telecom in italy. >> largest corporate investor in italy. >> in italy. >> 10 billion just for italy why is that because we see that the telecom is crucial for growth a huge demand a topic that was discussed long
7:55 am
time, had to happen, very low digital culture e-customers italy 50% less than rest of europe. >> you are making investments in your business because you believe ultimately that what is going on with the ecb is going to have impact on the economy? >> not really, what is happening. >> what is the economy doesn't grow you put -- >> but you see, the economy plan is -- is good enough for us, the big discontinuity technology tools coming out investments the country wants because need infrastructure like building highways we need demand somebody has to pay for it. now the demand is really built by new technology, 4g, mobile phones, you know, five years old just new instrument seems been there forever, so this things are creating demand,
7:56 am
video concerns imagine in administration turns sf into videos, that will create such an amount of data will allow us to cope with it the biggest problem now is the regulation you need regulation, that is not only for practical but for investment competition. >> you are saying you can grow, regardless of what happens as a results of the ecb. >> yeah because -- >> you are investing all money. >> every company italy even worst yeexporting record financial statement a huge capacity to sell product, and digitization the tool, you can do better marketing do access better access to customers. >> on ecb if you were to download triple quadruple quantitative easing would you be happy or not. >> whatever happens to restore confidence, to put money -- we be very happy. >> from to biggest very happy. >> largest corporate investor in italy, one of the growth
7:57 am
stories in europe giuseppe great to have you on the show see you soon chairman of telecom italia, guest guest rechhi next hour 2016 with presidential candidate jeb bush speaker boehner departure where former house majority leader eric continuer. back in a minute. eric cantor. and start planning your own. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. maria: good morning morning maria bartiromo monday, september 28 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough, and wall street week co-host gary kaminsky president obama gears up for speech at united nations general assembly this morning, the world will be waiting and watching to see what comes out of of the president's meeting later in the day with russian president vladimir putin where they likely discuss yourian to russia in syria. >> a brand-new "the wall street journal" nbc poll shows donald trump now has company atop the republican field, trufrn and ben carson now in statistical tie within the margin of er error marco rubio
8:01 am
former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina tie for third place former florida governor jeb bush in fourth place has lost some 50% of his support, since the last poll was released that is only in about july. coming up talk about governor bush about his race for the white house we talk about the issues americans care about former governor jeb bush will join me about 30 minutes donald trump release details of tax plan said 06 minutes last night looking to give businesses middle class a tax break cutting taxes going to raise taxes, on some wealthy earnings a truce conference this morning we take you there live. >> i hillary clinton strongly did he having use of private e-mail server in interview with "meet the press" sunday, comparing e-mail scandal to apart is an confrontation on her husband's administration more than two decades ago. >> it is like drip, drip, drip that is why i said only so
8:02 am
much that i can control. but what i have tried to do, in explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information. >> i can't predict to you what the republicans will come up with what kind of you know charges or claims they might make i have no control hoefr that. >> boehner says there will be no government shutdown this week made comments on "face the nation" yesterday, just days after announcing his surprise resignation, the race for boehner's replacements heating up we talk about that, coming up with former house majority leader eric cantor stay with us joins us mom tarly futures expecting lower opening are to broader averages dow jones industrial average just close to lows of the morning decline of 110 right now, this after imf christine lagarde said fund i also likely cutting forecast for the global economy, and that is weighing on markets across the world today u.s. expected to open lower european markets also under pressure a stock alert alcoa one to watch company
8:03 am
announcing this morning, it will split into two publicly traded companies one will be the legacy commodities business will keep alcoa game the other on big ticket of businesses auto aerospace, stock is up 5%, in the premarket, gary making a point earlier the company reports earnings in two weeks wait for the earnings to come out, for more clarity, in asia markets mixed take a look a pretty good decline, in tokyo nikkei average down 1 and a third peninsula 235 points lower sting' integrates down 1 1/2 hang seng up one and a half one per cent in europe, expecting lower opening for broader averages the tone set in europe with ft100 cac quarante paris dax in germany down between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2%, sports, fifth victory of the year youngest play er to capture fedex couple spieth making history a pga tour
8:04 am
record for earnings in a single year 22 million dollars, if that wasn't enough spieth returned to the number one spot, in golf. house speaker john boehner leaving congress owned next month says focus on who who will replace him what it means getting things done on capitol hill blake in washington with the latest. >> there is a favorites at least for the moment to replace john boehner that is kevin mccarthy, the current majority leader number two in the house, however with 218 votes needed it is likely whoever is voted as new speaker will need backing from part of the bloc of conservative republicans who seemed at odds with current house republican leadership that friks could be seen again over the weekend. >> absolutely, there up realistic. >> bible says be aware of falls prophets there are people out there, you know, spreading -- noise about how much can get done.
8:05 am
>> this was a challenge to the status quo in washington never about mr. boehner, this is about the establishment the status quo putting government into the hands of the people. >> dangle webster only republican to have publicly announced understand run for the spot of so far finished a distant second to boehner last go around. >> thank you so much, blake berman in washington, explaining zhigs to step down on "face the nation" speaker boehner stayed it was all about timing. >> i wouldn't call it disfunction agreement yes, but as i said on friday i was planning leaving tend of last year when my friend eric cantor lost his primary election, in july, of last year, clear to me i couldn't wait, that i had to provide a transition for the next leaders. so i planned own serving through this year. >> joining us right now to talk about that former house majority leader former virginia congressman eric
8:06 am
cantor. >> great to be on. >> when you first stepped down, he said that he wanted to step down, too but didn't want to lever that is that the way you see it. >> -- you know i didn't know at the time what was going on certainly, are my defeat in my primary was a shock to me, and to many people. so you know, i do think that john boehner had always said that he was not a man of washington, it was going to step down some point, i just think the way he did its so classic john boehner always been such a you know such a devout catholic altar boy we know he had been trying to invite the pope to address congress 20 years finally got there did it then said i woke up next morning it was time. >> you are right, sitting he o fitting path to long career to end with the pope, this you said you were surprised whole idea about the establishment, really getting, the cold assureder from people people are angry because not enough was getting done. when republicans took control in november a lot of people
8:07 am
thought republicans would do a lot more how come so difficulty. >> maria here is the problem. and the opportunity, i think. a john boehner, you know put his finger on it when he said that there are falls expectations being created by so many. . in the political debate. when you don't control the white house, and you don't have two-thirds of congress, in order to override what the white house will do, you can only do so much. >> i got to push back on that i know way tont gets everybody in here but, when the victory first happened in november even john boehner said we're going to put as many bills as possible in front of the president watch him veto them, and that is going to be his legacy, vetoing all bills where are the bills. >> so here is -- where mitch mcconnell comes in two mous of the legislature in congress, mitch mcconnell has something called 60 vote threshold basically making everything fill -- subject to filibuster,
8:08 am
i never did pretend to understand, the rules over there, because i had enough time trying to figure outhouse i will telling you there has to be the abilities to get to both houses of congress, and to get the president's desk, yes people are frustrated, i am frustrated. i am a conservative i am frustrated, that things are not getting done, but we should not mislead people, and set expectation, when they are never going to happen unfortunately, some of this going on presidential race as well. >> some examples, what are in what instances are people being misled. >> number one saying that we are going to be able to repeal obamacare, the president is in office, we don't have two-thirds of congress, in order to override his veto the president is not going to veto obamacare the way to get rid of obamacare is to elect a republican president at which point if you still control congress you still have 60 poet vocabulary in the senate able to make progress on that.
8:09 am
now people say, well, you have not limited the government at the expanding john boehner and i we negotiated, in 2011 the debt ceiling deal produced this sequestration very controversial but it compressedspending. >> history. >> i was not -- wall street -- what i want to mother is. >> the exact going to promo there. >> that is okay. >> -- government has stayed out of the way of the markets. last year and a half. that is one of the things a good thing. but i get the sense a lot of people get the sense that is not going to be the case, in the next six months, now that you are working in industry, should industry participants be concerned about government what may be the disfunction having impact on markets. >> i think first of all, there is no question uncertainty is
8:10 am
rampant across the country, and across the globe, and my job i've been traveling, internationally a great deal people look to america to lead they look to our capital markets. >> have views changed moving on to wall street? >> i do know that there is a trepidation when it comes to the view towards washington. and i think that is being a accentuateded go back from spining portray some clients there i can tell you looking to america, to lead, they are looking to see where the ambition is in our president our country, and yet not seeing it so, i just think that more and more there is a focus why we've got to get it right in this election why presidential is so important goes back to the original discussion, we cannot go out there, and make promises that you can't keep, so many of the candidates out there are doing that, and i think in tend going to --
8:11 am
>> most you have to get things done obviously you got things done without you and boehner there who is lightening rod to actually get something done. >> well, i don't think there is any question that my good friend, and he and i worked together a long time, kevin mccarthy will become next inspector he is sort of risen with conference, and he came in, back when the republicans were in the minority and he and i a began to work we go he was deputy chwhip understands numbers i think a great job a tricky landscape to traverse. >> in 2016 election, jeb bush he lost 50% of support, since july, what do you think is the problem. >> let's step back for a second the time of year that we sit we are in this early polling season, if you look back to last cycle, who was ahead right now number one
8:12 am
herman cain look back 2004. >> 999. >> but 2004 al sharpton one of the democratic primary and john kerry in 6th place let's not. >> what do you stwoont say to jeb bush about getting stuff done since i know how hard it is? . >> he will, jeb bush and i was with him friday, jeb bush understands how to get things done, he was governor of state of florida, very dynamic state a lot of challenges you look at what he was able to accomplish, in conservative fashion, producing conservative results reducing government spending creating jobs, that is the kind of vision frankly we need republicans to be talking about, instead of shooting one another, and -- >> making promises they cannot keep. >> donald trump, my gosh, donald trump? >> how in the world do you think that -- that mexican government is going to pay for a wall he promises that he is going to build? >> look good --
8:13 am
>> but. >> that is kind of thing so cynical, and in fact, what people are so tired of, in terms of people running for office you promise something it is so unrealistic will never happen you still do it, that has got to stop. maria: final word thanks so much for joining us, oil prices slumping saudi arabia big moves to protect itself going to talk about that what it means for your money, next.
8:14 am
8:15 am
we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it.
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prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. . . maria: top headlined in financial times this morning saudi arabia withdrawing tens of billions from global asset managers oil rich crunch look to go reduce to volatility equity markets on heels of slump in oil prices, gary this is one of the most important stories for you this morning, there it is above the fold why so important. >> when i got up 3:30 to join you i sent this in, this is biggest story of the day for me. >> yeah. >> stop -- >> this is o he -- >> we do it every day, every
8:17 am
day. >> call -- >> call -- [laughter] >> call, i love worrying about junk bonds not biggest story this is the biggest story of the day, you look what is happening, you put this together with news overseas we know what is happening with commodities prices in companies and countries, this is going to have to happen the money has to come out of oeof equities markets at the referrals for quote long term needs to come back into businesses now, and needs to come back to countries they need money given commodity slides beginning of what i believe a trend that investors are going to be concerned about money coming back. >> a great point, these largely when you see market moves people can't define coopermans you have to times we talked about risk parity under pressure. >> 06 bulletin becomes saudi stock sold people need to get
8:18 am
liquid a disconnect when that you who the credit kas you have to get liquid this is something norwegians are selling not only sovereign you entity spour to u.s. stock market i think when they sell big stuff apple amazon -- that will be a telling points because there is a lot -- >> this is a sign, though, because of saudi arabia's problems because of its budget woes, that i think they will start to try to defend the price of oil here. couldn't they pump more, to -- so that is a good sign for commodities. >> those short oil, they say worst thing that it keeps up at night that they worry about headlined out of saudi arabia, any day, that they are going to do something but guess what they haven't done anything. >> you i mean. >> cut back. >> you know, to -- >> i think they will pump more, yes you are right. >> that is the short seller nightmare, australia has a country had a tremendous amount of money, invested in equity markets because they've
8:19 am
had a surplus that money comes back keith they don't know if they own apple if they own google most money believe it or not, is closest index they have money give it to managers. >> where does i got if pulling money out of asset managers, you are saying that goes into could havee cofu. fers no. >> doubt a lot of managers in this country big flows a long pestered all you have to do what we all call fund flows report out of mutual funds consistently. >> a big story, today not the fact junk bond market is corrected. >> sounds like you think market keeps going lower to bottom, bottom, bottom line. >> the government taking money out -- >> i have a difficult time trying to time market, when i read stuff like this, i see the way markets act, this is more bad news, if you are long market. >> for oil based on that.
8:20 am
>> i have no idea. >> what i am going to all this is interconnected to same thing. >> same story is facing off with donald trump is to escalating crisis around the globe talk with gop presidential candidate jeb bush coming up stay with us, back in a moment.
8:21 am
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maria: health carestartups booming number of funded deals jump 200% from 2010 to 2014 by reforms aging population the adoption of technology, want to bring in steve, start-up health ceo good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we talked last triem here talking about mairmg of health care and technology, there is a lot of things going on, really supporting arming with
8:24 am
right information to get a handle on our own longevity. >> what is going on. >> a convergence of macroconditions entrepreneurs dream of best time to be entrepreneur in addition to health care mobile health global discussion around health care, you've got aging population acceleration of costs for entrepreneurs unique opportunity to get access to resources you never could have of about, jam investors corporate, leaning into help you get really, early, early pilot in areas where you never would have had chance. >> for a long time the performance there, because you know you would invest in health care deals, and would you win big, this year we saw rolling over health care. >> last week in particular, the biotech down 22%, since july, does that ripple anything. >> change? >> no look for talking about digit health mobile devices data, you really the nonlife
8:25 am
science businesses being created, in a whole generation of entrepreneurs, remamgdz every aspect of care delivery system. >> old enough to remember in 2000 with john when he starting web nj is in a healtheon, medical manager, you know, 16 years later now, why is this different. >> well, macroconditions are different i think it is golden age of entrepreneurshipship and i think, health care, is the last probably with education of the industries disrupted the entrepreneurs are leading the way i think all conditions happening the same time health care roechl a instigator a lot of companies see it instead of looking at reform as negative seeing it a treasure trove to creating business. >> new generation, solutions that you never would have imagined think about what you can do with uber, and delivering around the city the world, you can do so with health care. >> what about start-up health talk about it.
8:26 am
>> we are health innovation company we see entrepreneur needing more than money, and the notion that you can wrap a swut of services is big a coaching program to help develop businesses a network of all the stakeholders that have leaned in, that are not just investing but really willing to provide advice expertise the biggest thing doing is bringing corporate investors partners, ge, aurora kaiser, organizations leaning in to early stage developmentch companies, to do that. >> we are in middle of one started aurora health care in conference leading next round. >> thank you so much, big week for the markets september jobs' report out friday a preview next. >> thank you. >> thanks. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
8:27 am
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>> hi, everybody, i'm maria maria bartiromo. and with me once again, dagen mcdowell, and hedgeye, keith mccollough and gary you're on the east coast. world leaders converging for the united nations general assembly. president obama is set to speak at 10:30 a.m. the a the u.n. general assembly but most attention is being paid to the meeting later in the day between obama and russian president vladimir putin. g.o.p. front runner donald trump ready to unveil his tax plan. he said on "60 minutes" he's looking to give middle and lower income a tax break and raising on wealthy. jeb bush, stay with us for the exclusive. and hillary clinton defending her use of a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. she could not explain the
8:31 am
presence of work e-mails two months earlier than when she said she began using the server. she says she did know the use it until march of '09 and some e-mails were earlier in the year. take a look, the dow jones industrial average expected to open down 100 points and the international monetary fund likely cutting the global growth expectations and we continue to see the growth slowdown happening around the world. stock alert, alcoa splitting into two publicly traded companies. one focused on mining activity and the other on the manufactured goods. gary, shares are gaining on the market. earlier you made an important point on the alcoa story, yeah, it's going to be up 5% on the news, don't get too excited, the company reports earnings in about two weeks. >> it's important to remember when boards sit down and
8:32 am
propose about split ago business. if everything was going great and the market was giving you the value that you thought it should be trading at you're not going to enter discussions about splitting the businesses. at what point do you find to split the about ises, i have found i don't have any specific information, but found when companies announce these type of things, at the end of a quarter, two weeks before the reported earnings, they don't say anything key earlier on the show, hey, by the way, we're going to exceed estimates or. maria: not all rainbows and puppy dogs. >> probably not a good thing. >> you look at a chart of alcoa, in the last three months that thing has lost half its value. this thing is obviously crashing. you need to do something and that something is not going to be beat the quarter. i agree with gary, 100% on that. dagen: i think that corporate boards have the worst timing on planet earth. so, maybe it's a sign that natural resources prices are beginning to bottom, because they tend to move at absolutely the bottom to the top.
8:33 am
>> a point in the cycle. it's important when people go back and look at their screens, the 2007 economic cycle peak. inflation, all of these commodities start to crash and then people say, oh, i owned it the whole way down, it's cheaper, i like it, it's cheap. and one day they say it's going to get cheaper, i've got to get this company to do something. there's a component of this, you've seen icahn do this with freeport. the activists can only do one thing, issue a corporate action, but it doesn't stop the economic matter of it all. maria: let's talk about what's gone on for alcoa and why it's gone on. commodities in general have plummeted. why? because the global story economically speaking, it slow. >> we've hit by the two biggest risks, global growth slowing and demand, and inflation if that's all you knew, you wouldn't have screwed up, many, many, many times and again, that's the place that people
8:34 am
are entering now. if you look at global markets, many are crashing, china crashed, indonesia down 25% since april. a lot of markets are down over 20% since april, including biotech, which is down like i said 22% since july. this is not a market for your granddaddy to walk into and low volatility and growth is fine. maria: when you see the commodities rich country like brazil that's really, really plummeting. here we are at the end of the third quarter. it ends on wednesday. >> yeah. maria: fourth quarter begins thursday, earnings are not going to be good. >> earnings are going to be sloppy, and this sounds so cliche, but it's really what they say has happened since the end of the quarter, remember, the world changed in mid august. and so, it's going to be very important in erms it of the guidance given, much more so than let's say in q-1 or q-2. by the way you said commodity
8:35 am
rich countries like brazil? these are now commodity poor countries. the commodity correction or crash as keith would say, is going to have an impact on how the countries are going to have to get their own finances in order now and it's going to require capital coming back. maria: which brings us up to the top story in the financial times that saudi arabia is pulling money from-- >> and this, by the way, maria, is not new. we write it down every week in our notebooks. and latin american countries, including peru, was down 9% last week and down 29% in the last months. we've seen a tremendous, the most obvious slow moving train wreck that i've seen in my career. dagen: i don't think i would show that. it makes you look like a uni-bomber. [laughter] >> that's your bedtime reading. you've got to get out more. >> we've got yellow, pink and grown to highlight. dagen: it's a little rainman.
8:36 am
>> if something comes out of my mouth, call me the standard, the nerd. maria: the facts and figures right there. take a short break. and hopeful beb jush -- jeb bush joins me coming up. ♪ (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees?
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>> welcome back, a brand new wall street journal poll shows donald trump and ben carson in a statistical tie within the margin of error, with carly fiorina a third. joining us on the fox line phone is fox news's sean hannity. thanks for calling in. >> hi maria great to talk to you. maria: how do you see the field changing? >> well, it's the year of the insurgent right now. there's still plenty of time to go. four months until iowa, iowa caucuses, a lot can happen. it's an eternity in a political sense. but with that said, i mean, you keep looking at the numbers, those three people take over 50% of republican primary voters, this is real, whether
8:41 am
it's sustained, time will tell, but my guess is it probably will be. >> good morning, gary comiskey. >> hey, gary. >> a week ago scott walker said it's time for all the candidates to pull out, pull out. >> yeah, i think it's time for some of these guys to get off the stage. >> when is it going to happen then? >> well, you know, a lot of these guys live are living in fantasy land and george pataki is not going to be president, lindsey graham is not going to be president. other people are polling below 2 or 3%, i don't think any of them are going to be likely to pop and emerge. i think there will be a coalescing around one, quote, establishment candidate. but i also see the rise of ted cruz and marco rubio as two guys na are not quite the establishment that people thought at the beginning of this race would be on top. >> hey, sean, if we have some drop-outs. when does somebody start
8:42 am
dropping the hammer on trump for real and talking about lower taxes and free market principles that a lot of us talk about here. >> i believe in free market principles, but he makes a point inasmuch as american products do have not access to the markets of china and some other countries the way they do here. i watched him in the 60 minutes interview he said, no, i'm a free trader, but also a fair trader and i think a certain amount of pressure could be brought to bear on some of the countries which would open the door for china to take in more american goods. obviously, currency issues you have that would come into play, but they certainly make it very difficult to sell an american car in china. maria: you make a great point. the fact is we haven't gotten a lot of specific policy out of trump. now, we're expecting to hear his tax plan later today and you're right he made the point about fair trade not free trade last night. do we know enough about how he would govern, sean?
8:43 am
>> maria, i have interviewed him at least since times since the beginning of this race. i have gotten specifics out of him. he supports health care savings accounts to replace obamacare. on taxes, he laid out some of his plan last night, but he seems to believe that a growing economy is the answer, in other words, lowering taxes for the majority of the american people. 50% don't pay federal income taxes now. he thinks hedge fund, wall street guys aren't paying their fair share and they tend to pay capital gains rates. so i would expect it's probably along those lines. maria: let's get dagen mcdowell in. thanks for coming in, sean and making your way in, calling in on the phone, thanks, we're feeling that love this morning. [laughter] >> by the way, dagen asks these personal questions when we do an ask sean segment on my show. dagen: left wing media, going
8:44 am
after carly fiorina's record at hp big time. does it hurt her? >> some of it might hurt a little bit with the base. did she donate to hillary clinton? did hewlett-packard deal with-- have business dealings with iran during her tenure? all of those questions i've asked her all of them already, i think her answers are pretty solid. i don't think that's going to get in the way too much. she has been a real standout in terms of her debate performance. her knowledge, she's meticulous, she's smart, she's prepared and surprised a lot of people. not me because i spent time with her. maria: dagen, that's the right question to ask. the liberal media is going after each republican one by one and they're going after carly right now. dagen: every day there's an article on her record at hp. >> this is probably so wide open. i don't think that anybody can predict who is going to win this primary race and if anybody says they can, they're just guessing. right now, all bets are off. i think that whatever event
8:45 am
will define the ultimate winner has not happened yet. maria: look, all i have to say, you can debate her career as the head of hp, but she has to make real decisions and she had to oversee hundreds of thousands of employees. she got there. sean, thanks for calling. >> good to talk to you. maria: dagen mcdowell, keith, gary, what a great show. we'll be back. ♪
8:46 am
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome back. a brand new wall street journal poll providing good news for dr. ben carson. he pulled into a statistical tie with donald trump. the same providing not so good news for my next guest. former florida governor, jeb bush. >> thanks, maria. maria: you've lo lost half of your support, 50% of your
8:49 am
support for july, governor. how do you reverse that trend? >> by talking about my record as governor of florida where we cut taxes, reduced the size of government. reformed everything under the sun and the state was lifted up. our economy grow over 4% a year for my eight years and that story is yet to be told. and i think when we tell it, i think we'll be in good shape. maria: i read your op-ed about 4%. jobs and growth, number one issue for the voters today. how do you plan to create jobs, governor? >> first of all, we have to fix a convoluted tax code that has carve outs and deductions, lower rates as far as possible. full expensing of all capital investing. that would create highways jobs, not just creating jobs. the obama administration last year there have been jobs created, but they're low income jobs. we need higher disposable
8:50 am
income and dramatic reform of our tax code is the first step and dramatic change how we regulate and embracing the energy revolution would be third. fixing a broken immigration system. all has to be done in a comprehensive way to create higher growth for americans. maria: regulation is so important and once wean we hear that over and over again, from business people saying they're sitting on cash, from dodd-frank, to obamacare, to epa, et cetera, in terms of a tax plan, donald trump talked about his plan and says he wants to raise rates on the wealthiest of americans, is that part of your plan as well? >> not at all. we lower rates to 28%, but eliminate, put a cap on deductions which higher income americans take advantage of more than anybody else. under our plan, people in the 1%, the 10%, the top 20%, pay pre-portionally a little more. everybody gets a tax cut.
8:51 am
if you're making 40 grand with a payment of four, you pay no income tax on this. and it could create 50 basis points, half percentage of growth. that's the kind of approach we need. it shouldn't be about high income or low income, it should be high growth so people can rise up again. maria: you have talked about 4% growth. today the imf is out saying 3.3% growth is just not realistic this year and certainly next year, 3.8% is obviously not realistic at all. a lot of people questioned your targeting 4%. what are we at right now, governor, 2%. how are you going to get to 4%? >> we'll never do it in the age of obama with higher taxes, more uncertainty, more regulation, more top-down driven approaches to everything. if you look at regulatory commitment, rules related to water, rules relate ed to
8:52 am
carbon emissions. if you liberate our economy where people can pursue their dreams where they see fit from the bottom up. we can get 4%, we've done it in the past. i think the left wants slow growth, that means people are more dependent upon government. i reject that, i believe that people want to rise up and want the tools to achieve success and how we tax and regulate matters. maria: i agree with you. i think that people just want opportunity. keeping on regulation, you know, eric cantor joined us a little while ago. 's he a big supporter of yours, sir. he said the expectations that you can get so much done in government are wrong. for example, on obamacare. how could john boehner promise they're going to turn over obamacare and change it when in fact he needed 60 votes in the senate? what's your alternative to obamacare? >> well, we'll lay it out in the next three weeks and it's to move back to a consumer driven system where you have
8:53 am
low premium catastrophic coverage affordable where people can have more than one choice and where they are more empowered to make decisions themselves. we have to lower the cost of health care to lower the cost of health care insurance and the obamacare approach rises, creating higher costs for the system and suppressing wages. we want more income for more people and we need to have dramatic changes. i believe repealing obamacare and beyond that, an alternative that embraces conservative values, i'll do that. maria: know that the many of the issues of obamacare will hit businesses next year in 2016. what kind of a year economically would you expect as these rules take effect? >> i think we're in for the new normal of 2% growth if the progressive policies continue on. but i believe there's potential of an explosion of investment in our own country, creating highways, jobs, where we'll lead the world. this year, we'll get about 2% growth again.
8:54 am
and people can't be satisfied with that. because it does put a lid on people's aspirations, particularly young people. we should be aspiring to a much higher growth rate for the next generation because they're stuck right now. >> yeah, what about the issue around dodd-frank and the financial services industry, governor. you're seeing dodd frank dictate balance sheets. look at general electric, selling 50% of earnings because they don't want to be deemed systematically important and to go along with the costs that come with that. what do you want to do to dodd-frank? >> i think it needs to be replaced. you're hanging out with the big dogs, the big banks and companies like ge. they have huge compliance departments, accounting departments, lobbyists, lawyers. it's-- they've actually grown in size, ge doesn't want to be a financial services business so they're making adjustments. i focus on the community banks. there's been two of them set up since dodd-frank has been passed. if you talk to people in iowa, nevada, new hampshire where i
8:55 am
hang out a lot and south carolina, what they'll tell you is that none of this massive amount of rules on top of everything they do is creating credit for the next generation of job creators. it's creating credit for communities to be successful. so i think we need to move away from the top-down driven system and move back to common sense regulation from the bottom up. maria: yeah, this week, of course, we have been talking a lot of the national headlines out there, including the president of china in china, president xi. a lot of people said it was a photo-op. nothing really came out of the meeting between president obama and president xi. how are you going to enforce that american companies are allowed to sell their goods in china and not talk about free trade, but fair trade. >> absolutely, why we have the wto, we should be enforcing the laws. there's a possibilities much
8:56 am
even enforcing espionage, cyber espionage which the chinese have mastered apparently creating real hardship for american businesses and the american government. we should use the wto as the tool to put pressure on china to behave in a way that the wto requires. i think we need to be much stronger. the day that president obama was in alaska a couple of weeks ago, the chinese went within 12 miles of the u.s. territory and we have not shown our willingness to protect the lanes in the south china sea. america needs to be strong, they take advantage of us when we're weak and vacillating. maria: it brings me to the next question of vladimir putin. we know that president obama is going to be meeting with him on the sidelines of the general assembly. if you were meeting what putin, what would it sound like. >> i would say that we want russia to be moving towards the west. we want to help them with free
8:57 am
market economics. we want to help them understand that we're not a threat to them, but we will not tolerate their aggression in the baltics, in ukraine, in other areas, just this week putin has moved aggressively into syria, has announced an agreement of intelligence sharing with syria, iraq and iran, while we sit back idly. as we pull back, he's filling the void. he's much more agile than our president, much more ruthless and i think the only way you can deter is this kind of is from strength. not call him a regional pal and 30 days later allow him to invade another country. respect him, but show strekt strength, that's how bullies, how you deal with them. you're forthright with them and deal with them in a forthright way and we're not doing at that right now. maria: i think that attitude came across in that interview that he did yesterday on 60 minutes, where he basically laughed at the u.s. what do you think his motivation is for building up
8:58 am
military in syria, governor? what is he doing? >> well, i think there's all sorts of motivations. one is to regain the stature that he feels was lost with the fall of the soviet union. it's also to perhaps distract the russian people from seeing the dysfunction of an economy that is effectively based on crony capitalism. it's to strengthen his position in russia so that he can carry out his agenda, whatever it may be. and i think there's a deep-seated feeling, you know, that the united states has disrespected him which is not true. it's just not true, but the simple fact is we've got to deal with this guy from strength, not from weakness. maria: governor, what is your solution to defeat isil. well, i laid out a plan at the reagan library, to engage with our allies, confront iran so you can deal with the iraqi situation in a better way. to forward lean with our military that's already in
8:59 am
iraq, to have air contollers to embed with the iraqi military. to arm the kurds, to provide support for the moderate forces of the sunni tribal leaders and to first and foremost, support the iraqi government so that you can take out isis in iraq. the more complicated part of this now is syria because of the russian involvement. but i support it and i still do support a no-fly zone. i think it's important because assad is using barrel bombs to destroy and kill innocent people. we need to take out-- make it clear that's not acceptable and deal with assad and isis in syria. maria: when scott walker stepped down he said i'm encouraging many of my colleagues in the republican party to step down so that the voters can make a better decision, i guess he was suggesting, and vote someone other than donald trump. do you agree that some of your folks, some folks should step down? >> i'm going to let people make that determination, i'm in it for the long haul. we have a plan that is-- we're just working on.
9:00 am
i'm excited about the prospect of taking my hopeful optimistic case to the american people. all the polls show that i can beat hillary clinton, which is the most important thing. i'm going to stay focused on the prize and i admire scott walker, i was surprised he got out. he's a good, proven leader, i think a governor should be the party's nominee to be honest with you, a governor or former governor, they've made decisions they don't file amendments and call it success. that's what we have to do for our party's nominee. maria: real quick, should the g.o.p. do more to keep hillary's feet to the fire on the e-mail scandal. >> she's doing pretty good herself by not being truthful and forthright. the drip, drip, drip, proves she's not being honest with us. the more it goes on the worse her chances are and she could have violated federal law as well. we'll have to wait and see how it plays out. i think the republican party is doing fine as relates to that. maria: thank you for being on


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