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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 29, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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true that you can do to protect yourself on our website. we're going to be reporting on it here beginning tomorrow night. please don't even join us for that. our online poll results, do republican need capitol hill leadership? only 90% of yo we thank you for agreeing and we'll see you here tomorrow night. good night from new york. lisa: hello and welcome tonight. i'm watching liberty die in this presidential election, and it is troubling and dire beyond explanation with filibuster promises and honed principles senator rand paul appeared to float above the expected presidential pact. his poll numbers on behalf of the every time he raised the torch of liberty on the national stage but this was before there was talk of any mexican rapists or that giant wall with the beautiful door at the intersection of freedom. criminal justice reform policy
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and religious liberty stood an uncompromised voice with the first great hope for liberty-minded americans just when america was administered her smelly salt and came to the rot of the patriot act and interesting stripes were questioning the lock of the security state. suddenly freedom fell out of fashion. donald trump didn't only alter the course of the national discussion, he started to sound like a national moderator compared to some of his less brilliant irrational foes through the discourse. it's one thing but it's quite another for treat people like fedex packages. >> we let people come through with visas and the minute they come in, we lose track of them. so here's what i'm going to do as president, i'm going to ask
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the ceo of fedex to come work forgetful for three months. lisa: silicon valley over lording began to sound crazy. >> but there's more collaboration required between private sector companies and the public sector and specifically we know that we could have detected and repelled some of these cyber attacks if that collaboration had been permitted. lisa: required. it's so easy to get lost in answers and perfect enunciation. sometimes it's hard to see. there's a statous under that facade. ben carson wants to keep the muslims from getting in the white house yet mike huckabee wants to make sure we shred the constitution as long as they agree with in the name of religious liberty. now, don't tell that to the muslims who want to become commander-in-chief. that's not unsavior religion.
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so with twitter army and extremists posing against one another with their unique brand of tolltarianism and is it too late for rp to administer cpr to this dying years old? i hope not. and let's talk to the man. rand paul is here tonight. and randy to give her do's and don'ts to drop out of the race and who might drop out next. plus we've got a panel and matt on the docket tonight, hillary's deepening e-mail scandal and who said it? ted cruz or tom cruise, and hilary duff? might surprise you. i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ . lisa: so let us talk to the man of the hour, senator rand paul presidential candidate and of course kentucky senator joins me now. welcome back, senator. >> thanks for having me. lisa: my first question of course on the monologue is
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liberty dead. >> have you just to look for it. and liberty doesn't alive and well on the college campuses. we have 350 college campuses organized, 15 college camps in iowa organized, over 1,000 kids are ready to caucus and have agreed to caucus in iowa. so we find that the message very much resonates with kids and if you loosely divide kids as 40 and under. lisa: yeah. >> 83% of this 40 and under think that the president went too far in collecting all of our phone records. so tend to have this idea that they want the zone of privacy and want the government out of their affairs. so i think liberty is alive and well. lisa: college lib trainers smart, that i believe completely, unfortunately, you are not running for president of college libertarians. >> oh, you're right. lisa: so how can we get you some traction in this race? right now you're real clear politics average is at 2.4%. >> the polls are very much distorted by celebrity right now. and when the celebrity begins to wear off and as that
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celebrity seems to put a foot in his mouth every other day, i think the polls are going to normalize. it's not only us. lisa: yeah. >> you have people who everybody thought would be a front runner and jeb bush in fourth place. there's a lot of people under performing in polls and it's early. lisa: but they're also under performing in debates and that's the only contrast you have with other candidates. >> right. lisa: do you feel that you have done well in debates and they have shown your strongest side. >> yeah. i think we're doing pretty well in the debates. we have less time to do well in the debates. lisa: yeah. >> so the first debate i had the least amount of time as anybody on the stage. the second debate office twice as much as the first debate. so i was on for ten minutes and we do. we haven't seen the movement in the polls. we can feel it everywhere we go. i was at iowa state last weekend, and we had 600 kids. university of south carolina. 600 kids. so we have big crowds everywhere we go and if i didn't turn my computer on. lisa: yeah. >> and look at the stories at a around always so favorable, i would have no idea from
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traveling on the road that we aren't doing great. lisa: i have no doubt that you have tapped into something that is so incredibly important and so necessary for the future health of this country. my worry is that people are so distracted by candidates with big personalities and antiliberty messages that it's now being seen as a fad that it's fallen by the waste side. what is your path to the white house? >> it's so set itself out over time we're in it for the long haul. lisa: that's not a good answer for the libertarians and republicans. >> what do you want me to do? set myself on fire? we are doing what we have to do to get the message out, and we think that the numbers are much higher than represented. do you know anybody under 40 that has a landline? we don't think the polls represent our strength. and as we get closer and truly elections, see, there's -- we have organizations in all 50 states. we're in it for the long haul . lisa: yeah. >> and it's just a matter of getting enough debate time that we can actually get the
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momentum going. lisa: okay. some kentucky republicans are worrying that you're not spending enough time on your -- >> that's somebody who doesn't like me said that. lisa: i have to ask it. at what point do you survey the landscape and say this may not be working out, we can't screw up our numbers in the senate and when do you make call. >> yeah. there is nothing limiting us from running for the presidency and the senate. we changed our primary through the presidency in kentucky to be a caucus. lisa: yes, you did. >> precisely so we wouldn't have a problem. so we don't have any obstacles in kentucky. my numbers in kentucky are stronger than any other candidate in kentucky so we're doing just fine, and we need to keep doing that we're doin. lisa: all right. and let's talk a little bit about what you would do when you become president. what do you do with marijuana your first day as president? do you reskennel it? what do you do. >> yeah. i am for rescheduling it. i'm for the careers act, which i have with kiersten in congress. but the first thing you do
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that the federal government shouldn't be involved with is interfering with the states and the states should be left alone. lisa: and you did a very good job explaining that to governor christy, i think that was your best point. >> yeah. it's really important, and i think people don't like hypocrisy, you have all these governors standing up and say how great the 10th amendment is until it came to marijuana and they go, oh, no, except for marijuana we want the the government to tell us what to do. people are thinking that this isn't an incarceration problem and there are positive attributes and aspects for medical marijuana. lisa: certainly. just ask the makers of derric droughts. if you have next question about the moods, holler at the kids. >> thank you. lisa: and hillary clinton the vast right wing conspiracy. coming up again, seed are a bolton, and matt kimy join my party panel next. plus to give the do's and don'ts of dropping out of a
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presidential race. stay tuned for that
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lisa: more problems more money more problems. as biggie smalls once said. for hillary clinton they're rising over her personal server while she was secretary of state. have you heard about that? in a recent interview, her husband took aim at the media and the gop for focusing on hillary's server. how dare they?
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>> the other party doesn't want to run against her, and if they do, they would like her as mangled up as possible. i have never seen so much extended so thought. she's born up under this, and she's the most honorable person i've ever known and best public servant. lisa: i've never seen someone so expanded about so little. hillary for her part can't let go of the right wing conspiracy. >> can you response to an alternative explanation -- >> another conspiracy theory? as you might remember during the '90s there were a bunch of them and all of them turned out to be not true. lisa: my party panel is assembled and ford action. we have diedre bolton, host of risk and reward right here on fbn and matt kibbe, senior advisor at american voters, a
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group that oddly enough. welcome, panel. >> thank you. lisa: nice to have you all in play today. so is hillary clinton standing by her -- >> yeah. we've got to the point where we have a reserve here. it used to had that hillary covering bill and now we've got bill covering for hillary. so this is pay back time. but we always talked about bill clinton as the master of politics, some would say you're the most skilled student of american politics. i think it's time we can see that's not the indicates anymore because watching him lately it's like watching an all pro athlete just passed his time and it started in 2008 when need it racial stuff with the obama company leading up to the south carolina primary and they really year he ducked questions about clinton's donors saying i just work here. lisa: she said not in my house. if this were happening and i'm
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not exactly sure what i get when i was secretary of state i would have blocked myself from sending e-mails to a private receiver but essentially she weighed in saying this isn't right. >> yeah. so there's another deflection from the clintons and i have to ask you. are the clintons panicked? >> they have to be. whenever you send your spouse out to defend you, i don't care if it's a man or woman or the bill clinton who is supposedly the genius at that, it's a losing play, and you have to understand that moving forward, bill clinton is a guy that can't keep his opinions in his pants, and he's going to keep doing this whether or not it's helpful. lisa: opinions, my pay for it euphemism of the day, thank you very much, matt. so bill clinton said that this whole server scandal, just catnip for republicans. that's all it is. cats love catnip. >> but it seems like voters at least like somebody else right now. i mean even -- we've been talking about this as a theme, this is an election for outliers, sandra -- i mean
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when you look at a social democrat who's actually in some cases surpassing hillary clinton's support, that shows you to what extent even hillary's own supporters i think going you know what? maybe she did lie. lisa: yeah, i mean there's no denying it at this point when you get the fbi involved, it moves out of that convenient political realm. >> yeah. lisa: and notice that the clintons aren't really addressing that and they're also not addressing if this problem were happening to a high profile rapport a secretary of state and a republican administration, how would they be reacting differently? >> how would the clintons be reacting differently? they would be completely reacting differently. i don't know how else to say that. it's nice that bill clinton hasn't lost his sense of humor. you hear him call hillary the most honorable person. it's good to still be able to laugh. lisa: and then she tried to say this weekend i have the most transparent track record of anyone i know who's ever served in government, whose
12:16 am
nationals are hrc. >> industrial a political problem. lisa: yes. >> and the reality it's a legal problem. lisa: yes. >> and if it's a real legal problem, acknowledging the facts a way to get all of this turmoil they're in. lisa: and she said she doesn't like how this thing has gotten out of control, there's the drip, drip, drip, and i thought that was very telling. the part that she doesn't like the part that's most troubling to her is her lack of control, which is the reason she got into this problem in the first place is she wanted to control the input, the output, the perception and everything else that surrounds it and now she cannot control the depths of the yogurt she's in. more when we come back and ben more when we come back and ben carson says he'd give kenya
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lisa: hello and welcome back. republican presidential front runner donald trump released his tax policy today focusing on middle class tax. tax codes simplification and discouraging corporations from leaving the country. yay isolation, that always works great. the plan includes no federal income tax for individuals he didn't less than $25,000 a year and lowering all rates on businesses to 15% and changing the highest individual tax rate to 25% and here he is today. >> it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. and all of this does not add to our debt or our deficit. frankly i would feel differently if this country
12:21 am
were spending the money wisely instead of throwing it out the drain. our country spends money so stupidly. lisa: can't disagree there. our panel is back, diedre bolton and matt. so, diedre, what are the nuts and bolts of this task plan? >> so for the first time ever, it hurts my side to say this, i think donald trump is as of today as of this plan a viable candidate. the two other policy things he has put out before, the southern wall plan, which to me is, like, fleets of ducks can serve you coffee at your nearby kind of a, and a gun control paper that he issued. this has nuts and bolts, everybody wins. it's something for the rich, something for the poor, it has something for the middle class, and quite frankly, it actually makes sense. to me, he is now a candidate. lisa: all right. very good and, you know, a lot of candidates are talking about
12:22 am
flat tax plans, and i'm wondering if, you know, when i hear about him going after billionaires and getting rid of carried interest for hedged funders, it sounds like economic populous, what does it sound like to you? >> he has put out a serious plan but stuck in the approach to tax reform. lisa: yeah. >> that focuses on revenue neutrallallity. so he's got to hit the rich, rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic. lisa: uh-huh. >> and he's going to get chewed up when he says sea it's still a give away to the rich. that's why i like the flat tax, everyone should be treated the same and we shouldn't let washington or the irs bureaucrats decide who gets what. lisa: and is there anyone you work for who is floating the flat tax. >> i'm glad that you ask. rand paul has proposed what i think is a bolder simpler pla. lisa: and working with senator paul super pack.
12:23 am
so, randy, my question is can you cut taxes without cutting spending spending. >> i don't believe for a second that this won't add to the debt or did he of sit, but i would say that about every tax plan. >> i can't believe i'm saying this support trump in general because he does that all by himself but he has said the first three years, it's revenue neutral, and he said it's the fourth year that it becomes accretive, i don't know why i'm talking. >> i don't believe it's going to be revenue neutral. that said, i prefer a flatter tax, something personally along the line of rand paul's thing. but the best part of this plan is if you -- he said if you're single and earn less than $25,000 or you're married and earn less than $50,000, you don't owe any taxes. >> right. >> but what he said was you get a one-page form to send to the irs that says i win. that's.
12:24 am
>> people really want the simplicity and when you think about trump. >> absolutely. >> he has -- because essaying 0%, 10%, 20%, or 25%. lisa: and one of his books in 2011 was. >> yeah. lisa: you know, the one, five, 10, 15% plan, it's not quite a flat tax but it's nice -- >> it's flatter. lisa: republicans -- >> jeb three tiers and then that 15% whether you're running a mom and pop flours shop. lisa: yeah. >> or a fortune 500 company, he's saying 15 and he is the all of this money that the u.s. corporations trying to hide and not pay taxes on in the u.s., 1.2 trillion is his estimate, i don't know exactly how he got those figures but there you go. he says they can be forgiven, that amnesty, put taxes. lisa: but it does seem like a subjective calculation. >> that one's very back. lisa: it will be the jubilee year, all the corporation -- >> but he's also -- seems to be claiming 700 million people will be taken off the role,
12:25 am
but my understanding is that 70 to 100 million are already off the tax role. lisa: we will continue this discussion off camera but have another important public safety announcement about killing fighters with lighters at gas stations. that happened plus you know what happens when you're a celebrity and you name your kid miller lite? looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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lisa: all right. let us burst into this new week holding hands poking fun at goofy news stories, i like holding her hand, this is topical storm. topic number one. the itsy-bitsy spider climbed over the spout, a dumb ass tried to light it and took the whole place around. a freaky stupid rack phone saw a spider on his gas tank so instead of what a real guy
12:29 am
would do, the idiot tossed a lighter on his gas tank. watch the fun. look at that. he was smart enough throughout your grab a gas can -- or a fire extinguisher, the manager called the fire department. what a dumb dumb. i will light this because spiders are scary. topic number two. matthew mcconaughey's brother, he has been awarded a year's supply of miller lite from sab miller, the distributor, who makes that particular beer after the beverage giant discovered that rooster named his son miller lite. here's rooster on his reasoning. >> the reason i named him miller lite everyone said you're not going to carry around that miller lite around with you because it's a felony
12:30 am
and i said, man, things work out. lisa: if you have trouble listening through that super lack southern notwithstanding, rooster did name his son miller lite with a y. yte nine years ago because earlier likes the beer and that means rooster named his spawn after swill just for the hell of it. but is it worth damaging his son to receive a year's worth of beer, it was 576 cans of barley water? no, and they should award miller lite mcconaughey some protected human rights status. he does look a lot like matthew, though, but that boy is not right. topic number three. all anyone can talk about today is some meathead dugout brawl between some washington nationals players we'll get to that in a bit but what happens when something goes right? baseball can bring out the very best in people and all you need to do is watch this
12:31 am
sweet boy named chip, a reminder of why you love the game and your dad. >> come on, tim, come on. run, tim, run. go. go. go to second. go to second. go to second. go to second. >> hey. >> what? >> i've got to tell you something. >> i like you. i love you. >> i love you too. lisa: awe what a sweet heart. thanks to chip, he will remind him that baseball is still good and every day is father's day. now go run home you sun of a gunner son. topic number four. there's nothing cuter than baby animals to try their best to roar for a first time. here's a lion can you be trying his best impression mgm lion. .
12:32 am
lisa: he sounds he has hiccups or maybe the little guy has asthma, that's so adorable, if he eats his vitamins, he'll grow up to be a mighty lion like this creature i caught a glimpse of on my afternoon safari. ♪ . lisa: that's right. i love that remix. topic number five. one of the hardest things about bank robbing is choosing your costume. you knock over a credit union a couple of times wearing a nixon mask and start to think am i getting stale? have i turned into one of those cowboy wannabes or worse? a panty hoes hoodlum? not these two guys, these men robbed the credit union in andy increased dressed like rick james and young blood priest from super fly. there's no reason you can't
12:33 am
see some fun and creative into your job, when you're a bank robber. that's pretty funny but on a serious note rick james is horrified that his likeness is being used in robberies, earlier today he held a press conference to say this. >> i'm rick james. [bleep] . [laughter] you know that's funny. if you have any weird stories you would like to see in the topical storm, go ahead and tweet me @kennedy nation. my panel returns to talk about a slugout in the dugout as star gets choked by his own teammate. that's not good. keep your hands off. and then later the do's and don'ts about dropping out of a presidential race. list it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats
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. lisa: i love his voice. matthew schultz. there you go. in baseball the 7th inning stretch and then the 9th inning strangle your teammate for not getting a fly ball, it happened when closure jonathan went after potential mvp bryce harper. >> from another angle if you can read lips, we would like to know what they're saying. but this is not good obviously. there's no positive that can come out of this. matt williams referenced the amount of testosterone, well, clearly there's a lot of testosterone. lisa: are they juicing? jonathan has been suspended by the team for four games without pay, that's in addition to the league suspension and andy and matt. so shouldn't the manager just tossed him out of the game right there. >> yeah. to me the biggest
12:38 am
loser in this is not matt, i don't get this. and he has a history of being an awful person. for instance, he was on the phillies. [laughter] . lisa: funny. >> and then before that on the red sox. lisa: yeah, you get no argument from me. >> grab a teammate by the throat and try to push his head into a would understand bench i was, like, wait, are they hanging out with lance armstrong? and what kind of steroids. lisa: how do you explain this to your boys? you've got two boys involved in sports. >> yeah. just bad moment. please don't replicate that. lisa: bad moments but, you know, no immediate repercussions. i'm wondering if baseball is no, your honor its superior counterpart, hockey. >> we now have the gift that defines the entire season, which just sucked really bad. lisa: are you a nationals fan. >> by definition, i live -- lisa: it sounds a little sad over there. >> this is really just more proof of what i've been saying. since april this is the year
12:39 am
of the mets. just you don't need anymore proof. i've been saying this. >> even a broken clock is the right source of day. >> i've been right all year. lisa: so what's going to happen with matt harvey? >> he's going to be fine. lisa: all right. we're not out of the primaries speaking not of baseball anymore for the next presidential election and candidates already feel rising about the next one. that last month's mtv video music awards kanye west says he intends to run for president in 2020 after meeting with ben carson he said this about the rapper. >> do you think he would be a good president one day? 2020? >> well, i'm certainly willing to give him a chance. we'll see. he'll be able to explain things and see if he resonates with the people. lisa: so why is yeezey making his way to 2020? >> first of all, who knew ben carson was a kanye guy? i think kanye is a pretty
12:40 am
attractive candidate but i want to see what taylor swift has in mind. lisa: does ben carson not know that kanye west is a muslim. >> this is where you find out that carson is -- lisa: and kim has already come out and -- >> but this is where you find out that carson is not really a politician because if he was asked -- asked a question about ken kentucky yay running in 2020, his response would be i look forward to running against him in my reelection campaign but he's not a politician so he doesn't have those answers, which is cool. lisa: come to your place and build a treehouse, like, yeah, sure. >> welcome to my. lisa: what did she ben carson god bless him. he is delightful as separating those cojoined twins. kanye did say when i run for president, i prefer not to run against someone. i would be, like, i want to work for you. >> i was just going to say that line written by his wife lisa: it's amazing. it would be great to be president but you don't want
12:41 am
to run anyone because that would be so lame. so ben carson. >> ben carson. lisa: will you please explain his popularity because every time i see him on the debate stage, i see something very differently than the american people see because they tend to -- they tend to adore him and what he's not saying because he didn't say very much. >> yeah. lisa: resonates. why is that? >> the simple answer is the one we've all been saying is that people are so pissed off at politics and political hacks. lisa: yeah. >> that they're choosing the guy that seems the least connected to the political system. and ben carson for better or worse is that guy. lisa: you don't -- >> a very soothing voice. lisa: he has a very soothing voice. >> don't under estimate. lisa: i would love to show up at a doctor's office and have dr. ben carson come in. >> start taping a head next to you. here to see dr. carson. lisa: my neighbor pam is also very nice. great designer.
12:42 am
mark wahlberg recently cracked a joke apology in front of the pope at a festival in philadelphia after a young singer told marky mark that he loved the movie ted. >> that right there was truly the voice of an angel but then he whispered in my ear that he loved the movie ted. and i -- i told him that was not appropriate for a boy of his age. holy father, please forgive me. lisa: everything's funnier in philadelphia. >> that's really funny. lisa: so is it true that the pope actually forgave him? >> apparently the pope forgave marky mark for ted 2 and said i always knew that the holy father had a good sense of humor. lisa: and he knows that god also has a good sense of humor and shouldn't he have asked for good forgiveness or at least the into come movie?
12:43 am
>> he's just lucky the pope hasn't seen boogie nights. that would have been a hell of a discussion no upon intended. it was a great movie i just don't know that it would be appropriate. . lisa: do you not like it because it sounds like a naughty name? >> i thought it was a great movie. lisa: that's what i thought when i caught you watching in the greenroom again. >> yeah. lisa: can you believe he through ted under the bus? >> yeah. who throws the teddy bear under the bus in front of a pope. lisa: who, and i think smokes. >> i assume ted 3 is now in trouble and we're not going to see the third sequel. >> ted gets his stomach ripped open and becomes a drug mule. what would you rather see? entourage two or ted 3? >> if you combine those two, it would be the best thing ever. >> you're overlooking the happening understandable. lisa: i didn't see the happening.
12:44 am
i stopped watching them -- >> that was worse -- lisa: the lady in the water. >> that he is the worst movie that wahlberg has made. lisa: a serious crossroad in his career. lisa: yeah, truly. and i saw -- i feel kind of bad for him because he lost the views. he's, like, george patacey sticking around the presidential race. it's nice to see you in the flesh. >> yes. lisa: and we'll see you on the red eye later tonight. i'll be sitting near you. >> not as near as you are now . lisa: no. that's absolutely right. and diedre bolton, i watch your show every day always. god bless america and fbn. coming up several gop hopefuls on life support the do's and don'ts of dropping out of a presidential race when and who might bite the dust? next and then i'm going to ask people who said it >> she, kim kardashian had a nice way of introducing her
12:45 am
husband as if i didn't know
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lisa: and welcome back. republican presidential candidates rick perry and scott walker, wisconsin ranger. they have already hit the eject button on the respective campaigns and other stragglers are eyeballing the emergency exit so what are the do's and don'ts when you take the exit realm on the would washington i to the white house? former white house press secretary and the author of do's and don'ts. so let's get to some of these because this is really interesting timing for a lot of these candidates. they're not going to make the main stage. i don't think they should have two stages at the next debate. your first do is when you decide to step out of the race, write your own resignation statement yourself. >> yes. so you mention scott walker and actually when he
12:49 am
resigned, he wrote that statement himself, and i thought that was the best thing to do because at that point you're not giving a wrote speech, you're not on a stump, you're speaking from your heart and the supporters and the people that got up every morning that support you, they deserve to hear from you and your own voice. lisa: and it's a really bittersweet moment, the hopes and dreams and sometimes millions on you and when you can't carry through, it's tough. now, you do say that you should signal who you think should advance or win the primary. scott walker didn't do that, did he? >> what scott walker did, though, is he hinted there was a need for colessing for other. >> in a way when you have 17 candidates, yes. i think you can't just say okay. this one, he was clustering and suggesting that there would be a better direction than trump. whether that's fair or not, but i think that it's worthwhile to say to your supporters i know that you
12:50 am
supported me, i'm getting out. if i were you, i would follow this person. lisa: and i'm surprised they haven't done that before scott walker's advice. we'll see if they heed that. when they do drop out, do take a vacation. >> yes. i think it's really important to just pretty pause. and that's a big deal. when you decide to enter the arena, that's a really big deal, you put your family through a lot, and you shouldn't just run to the next possible thing unless you really need, you know, to earn some money right away. but i would say at least a week or not two with your family. no phones, no media and just reconnect with who you're are . lisa: speaking of running up that money and spending other people's money. what are your donates. don't run-up so much campaign debt. >> campaign debt is a huge problem for all sorts of candidates i think one of the things that happened with the walkers they were looking at the walkers saying we don't come from money and we don't plan on making a lot of money, he's going to be governor for a while so they needed to get out before they themselves were going to get into debt. if you think you're going to get into too much debt, you
12:51 am
have to figure out how to protect and yourself also the people that you owe money to. lisa: and you say don't find out from the press first. has this happened? in the perry campaign or walker campaign. >> as i understand it a lot of people in the walker campaign did find out from twitter that there was going to be a press conference and then "the new york times" breaks the story and confirms that scott walker is suspending his campaign. that's the first time they heard about it. i don't understand the tactic. i understand wanting to get on you the in the story but if you have staff he realize that get out every day and doing in but thinking about you and your well-being, you owe to tell them first. lisa: yeah, raising money for you. investing their lives in your vision. >> uh-huh. lisa: and leaving other jobs to do that. you're absolutely right. get everyone in a room and, you know, your final don't is don't be embarrassed or ashamed. >> i think that is a really important one. if you're looking at 17 candidates, obviously only two are going to advance to the primary rapport an independent
12:52 am
if we end up having one but don't be embraced because it's an amazing thing to entered into the race in the first place. be proud of that, leave with your head held high. lisa: yeah, and any other election cycle, i think any one of these candidates especially -- not excluding rick perry and scott walker, they could have been the most viable candidate in any other election cycle. this happens to be a really strange one. so who should get out next? >> i think that if you are not in the top 10 at this point, you should probably take a look at these do's and don'ts list and start making your ow. lisa: in fact, that second stage -- >> and that's still leaves 10. saying if you're not in the top ten, get out. lisa: and is there more dignity getting out early like scott walker, does that preserve his legacy or future chances. >> yeah. maybe for him. he's a really young man, got a lot of public service left in him if he decides to. but also to be said about staying and fighting for as long as you possibly can as
12:53 am
long as you don't end up putting yourself into such campaign debt and putting a lot of other people in a bad position. lisa: yeah, because someone like scott walker. >> also because you never enhanced going to happen. lisa: did anyone think that scott walker would be the second person to drop sought outta? no, so if you're chris christy, you think i'm staying in this thing. lisa: and according to the latest wall street journal poll, donald trump has lost some of that support. you know, we've seen how quickly hillary clinton's support has erode just in the last two and a half months, still a year away from the election. >> and many steps closer to the indictment for the next show. what to do and not to do if you get entitled as a presidential candidate. lisa: i know what to do. listen to her do's and don'ts and these are a must be for the candidates. aawesome. >> thank you. lisa: and i'm going to pledge into the beating heart of new york city to ask people. can the great people of gotham
12:54 am
tell the difference between celebrity quotes and politicians? it's not as easy as you think. please stay tuned
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
lisa: in the dogfight of a presidential campaign candidate try to say things that are memorable and inspiring and hopes of securing your sea vote. but sometimes the jargon can all blend together and that's i didn't took to the streets to ask people if they can tell the difference quotes from celebrities and quotes from candidates. >> who said this? ted cruz or tom cruise? >> we live in a cynical world, and we work in a business of top competitors. who said that ted cruz or tom cruise? >> ted cruise? >> tom when he was jerry
12:58 am
mcguire. >> with harry retiring, i'm auditioning for any part i can get in the simpsons. >> tom cruise. >> ted cruz said that. >> i'm auditioning for any part i can get in the simpsons. smithers, release the hounds. >> who said it? hilary duff or hillary clinton? they know my name, they think they know everything but they don't know anything about me. hilary duff or hillary clinton? >> hilary duff. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hilary duff. you were close, though. ♪ >> she, kim kardashian, had a nice way of introducing her husband as if i didn't know who he was. who said that? hilary duff or hillary clinton? >> hilary duff. >> hillary clinton said that. >> she had a nice way of
12:59 am
introducing her husband as if i didn't know who he was; right? [laughter] >> donald or arnold? nobody pays me. and if i think somebody owes me something, i take it. donald or arnold? >> sounds like arnold. >> donald. >> arnold said that. >> nobody pays me. and if i think somebody owes me something, i take it. >> is it ben carson or ben stiller? i eat success for breakfast with skim milk. >> i hope it wasn't ben carson. >> ben stiller. >> i eat success for breakfast with skim milk. >> ben stiller. >> ben stiller said that. lisa: thank you so much for watching the show tonight. maybe i will find you on the streets of manhattan and don't
1:00 am
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