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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that sort of gets rid of that kind of problem. that is why the investigation at wv got into problem. david: if you were ever inspector medicare forget it, you wouldn't last a week, you would find so much. thank you, gerri willis. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i'm giving you a reason, neil. the reason to raise rates, neil, you're building bubbles as we speak. >> there is another housing bubble now? >> i think there is but you haven't seen it. i really say there is great risk of it could be disasterous. you have 2.2 trillion. the subprime debt was only one trillion look what it did. this time you have 2.2 trillion. it is ridiculous. deirdre: that is billionaire investor carl icahn warning of another housing bubble. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. this second bubble just a daydream in exclusive interview. blackstone's john gray, responsible for $100 billion global real estate portfolio takes the other side.
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>> to say back in '06, 07, it's a bubble. on leverage side that is the not case today. we think we're sort of firmly in the middle of a cycle here. we think the returns can be interesting and in particular i think the public markets have been probably overreacting in materials of their concerns about the fed raising rates, china, those sorts of things. deirdre: with invest is right? they both have amazing track records. we'll bring in real estate market bear, monica mehta. and michael lie. starting with you, monica, john gray has largest real estate portfolio in the world. , are you more worried than he is? >> i'm not sure i call myself a real estate bear. i think subprime crisis was caused by easy credit packaged and repackaged.
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the problem was the first package of derivative risk. 99% of the people finance their home purchase with a mortgage. are those, are housing prices going to be affected as rates rise? absolutely but i don't think we're in the same situation as 2007. deirdre: michael, as contextual point, why monica said, john gray, said fairness he thinks we're in mid-cycle as far as real estate goes in the u.s., as far as what you see in the markets, you watch bank stocks, you watch reits, what's your take? >> i think we have a lot of room to go. when i look at underlying economy, i see tremendous amount of strength. weekly jobless claims at all-time lows. consumer sentiment at multiyear highs. consumer spending up. to touch on the leveraged part of the equation, i mean, yes money is cheap but extremely difficult to get unless you're very, very qualified buyer. example we talk about on your show is ben bernanke, couldn't
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get a mortgage after he left the fed. so, the fact we're talking about a bubble means pretty good chance we're not one. deirdre: thank you both. you will be pack with me later. monica and michael, back with me shortly. person who has the largest real estate fortune in the world, blackstone's john gray. he has $100 billion worth of responsibility. speaking of global perspective, president obama met with cuba's president, raul castro. this is second time the leader had encounter. this is first formal one since u.s. and cuba restored dip proat that time tick ryelations in july. it has been intense week of conversations. yesterday president obama and russia's president putin clashed over syria. world leaders are grappling for solutions to the crisis in the middle east.
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>> translator: we must join efforts to address the problems all of us are facing, face generally broad international coalition similar to coalition. similar to hitler coalition it could unite broad range of force. >> let's remember how this started. assad reacted to peaceful protests by escalating repression and killing in turn, created the environment for the current strife. deirdre: fox news military analyst with me, retired major general robert scales. general, so glad you're here. these are important times. russia is calling for unity, against isis but the problem that, at least from my perspective seems to be russia supports syrian president assad. so from what i understand, as long as syria's choice is isis or assad, both prevail, is that
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right? >> oh, boy, can't you just see this? putin is calling for a coalition that we would join that consists of russia, iran, syria, hezbollah, hamas and al nusra. boy that is something we ought to just jump on as part of a military coalition. the. deirdre: i hear the sarcasm. i'm glad to hear it. that is my take. i have to read you something, general. russia also trying to coax the u.s. just sharing intel. seems like so far, some parties have signed on. >> but that's true. define intel here a minute. talking deconfliction. that is intel that prevents airplanes from bumping into each other in the air. i think president is right on this. i think he is wrong pushing too hard for regime change. we learned that in iraq and libya and syria.
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no, think middle eastern policy as others said, needs to be based on what we need, american needs, rather than trying to backstop assad or help putin or try to backstop -- deirdre: general, glad to hear you say that. that is what you said, a differing point of view. there are a lot of people who say assad must go. in fact i think the french president said assad can not be part of the solution because he is part of the problem. but you're saying whether or not that's true, the u.s. should not be involved? is that right? >> right. i think at the end of the day we have to do right for the american people. no one likes assad, but the bottom line is, now that russia's there, assad is not going anywhere. so we need to reshape policy, fi mebody ind. for god's sakes stay away from military coalition with russia. it simply won't work. deirdre: that i think seems clear. what i do want to ask you, from
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military standpoint, you know the strategy, you know how these concepts translate what happens on the ground. i think there were some rebels that the u.s. was trying to back that gave us something like at that 25% of their materials to terrorists. >> yeah. of course, look, the bottom line is, that has to be most screwed up policy initiative i think anyone ever has seen of the idea we can create out of whole cloth syrian resistance in the face of assad and isis is simply beyond the pale. but that doesn't remove the need for to us oppose assad. we need to back off, as soldiers say, take a knee, reevaluate our strategy before we get on to throwing good money after bad. deirdre: general, one last piece of advice, one thing, opinion, strategic, tactical, piece of advice what would be it from you? >> from me, settle down, back off, don't throw food money
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after bad. find leaders in syria we can back. keep focus, as army says, main thing keep the main thing the main thing. deirdre: all right. >> the main thing here is isis. take on isis and walk away from mr. putin. deirdre: common sense which isn't so common. glad to have you with us, retired major general robert scales with me there. after opening the islamic state summit the president obama handed the chair to vice president joe biden. he is also holding several high-profile meetings on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. a new poll says biden would be a better candidate than hillary clinton if you go head-to-head matchups again republicans. "wall street journal/nbc" poll, you see numbers for yourself. biden would beat by 20%. hillary, 10%. a strategist is with me. katy mcenmain any, political process editor. are you surprised?
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>> i'm not surprised. joe biden is charming man on the planet unless he is kissing you if you don't want him to. hillary is real tough period. drip, drip, drip, benghazi hearings are coming up. she is dropping the support. you are never popular as day you announced. there is no one more attached to the obama record, not even hillary clinton as secretary of state. to say he is better candidate than hillary i don't think is true. she is only eight above bernie sanders, seven or eight, but 20 plus points ahead of biden. i wouldn't make too much of this. this is popularitys. joe biden is fun and great. deirdre: jessica, kaley i will come back to you. i need to break in because we do have breaking news. fox news is confirming hillary clinton will be speaking out against the so-called cadillac tax this is on certain health
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care plans. this is part of a series of reforms she is suggesting for affordable care act, otherwise known as obamacare. in some ways, jessica, you just referenced sanders, sanders and o'malley have already come out against this cadillac tax. which in essence targets more generous programs. kaley, what is your take on this? point-blank is it pandering to unions to get union support? >> there is no doubt about that. this is move to get unions. last week, hillary came out against the keystone pipeline. that is a move that infuriated unions. this she will give the unions a bone. that bone is speaking out against the cadillac tax plan. encourage unioners watching her. reference the state department that endorsed it and now she is against it. tomorrow she will be probably back supporting it. she is flip-flopper.
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she can't be trusted. this is not good for unions. deirdre: the idea here this cadillac tax called so, because it targets more expensive plans. >> right. deirdre: basically it affects anybody more or less who works as part after union anyone who works as large corporation. i want to give viewers some of the numbers. some premiums exceed $10,000 per year for an individual. 27,500 for families. this is hefty part of the affordable care act. >> it is meaningful. kaley is right so far this looks like move to pander to unions. what i would add, she said she would make up for lost revenue. we don't have details yet. i would point out a, she has not gone along everything union wanted. doesn't back the $15 minimum wage. she doesn't know it is responsible. where it has been implemented it
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has shown it hasn't been. we know universal health care is food thing. every american should have insurance. 60 million people are insured because of affordable care act. there are problems wit. we know that. the fact is looking at it, finding more responsible fixes, shows she is good candidate. i don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. we'll see where she makes up revenue. deirdre: president obama said this budget hole would cost something like $87 billion. when sanders talked about it, that was his response. we'll have more on the conversation. jessica and katy, will join me later on. >> thank you. deirdre: meantime more on hillary clinton. her campaign when we come back. the state department saying that the emails were sensitive. her lawyer's safe was not secure enough to hold them. one former state attorney general says hillary clinton broke the law. he is going to be joining me to tell me what happens next.
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call to learn more. and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: the state department says hillary clinton's attorney's safe was not secure enough to hold sensitive emails. former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli with me now. we're glad to have you with us. you say clinton broke the law. what are the chances charges are brought? >> well, actually it is pretty clear that she broke the law. she broke the same law general david petraeus was convicted of. coincidentally, or maybe not, the same prosecutor that handled
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the petraeus case is i understand it, handling hillary clinton's email situation. so the question does come down to, i think, whether the justice department allows chargeses to go forward or not? deirdre: want to be there, on scale of 1 to i think fbi refer charges. responsible for the matter as i see, understand it, i guess preferring charges. i don't know what political leadership there will do. i will say this toe. it is so clear, that she broke the law, that you don't have to be lawyer to line up five element of offense and sigh facts that we already know about email. and sigh that the two match. and, it will hurt her trust.
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it will hurt her honesty. ratings and that is even with democrats. you can see polling now. really unfortunate. have to do this legal analysis middle of a political campaign. i don't think that is healthy. i don't think desirable for america. let's remember who made us all do this. it is hillary clinton. deirdre: i want to ask you quickly what about timing, because this seems to be the one potential loophole in this case, if there are charges brought, that the emails were not classified. as top secret level of sensitivity when they were sent to called home brew server? >> well in fact they were. after the first lie broke down in early march for hillary clinton, the second one was nothing was marked classified when i sent it. well, i have had the annual classification briefing that you have got to have to hold a clearance. she has had it too.
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they tell you the markings don't matter. they determine whether something is classified or not. she knew that as secretary of state. she wasn't just receiving classified documents. she was creating them. her thoughts as secretary of state on matters like the nukes in north korea, iran, benghazi, et cetera, were highly classified, pieces of information. just what she put down in emails. when she then sent them to unauthorized, unsecured server, for both transmission and copying, she was breaking the law every single time. deirdre: to your point -- >> literally could be facing hundreds of charges. deirdre: former secretary of state madeleine albright, saying she would not condone use of an outside server. ken, thank you very much. former virginia attorney general, joining us there. >> good to be with you. deirdre: when we come back. volkswagen announcing plans to
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refit software for 11 million cars involved in the fake emissions scandal. a fox business report says that this fix may not be a fix at all. plus, that new report that vw car owners could be taking biggest hit in the pocketbook, not welcome by many. one volkswagen owner will be joining us speaking his peace next. ♪ e
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deirdre: after getting caught faking emissions data, volkswagen announcing plans to refit software for 11 million affect cars. now it may cost the company nearly $7 billion. jeff flock with me now. he says the fix may not be a fix at all. jeff, is this just a drop in the bucket? >> well, the fact that they
5:24 pm
haven't really said what they're going to do, it is going to be very difficult to come up with a fix that will make people like the guest that you have got coming up happy. take a look at the plan they announced today. it really isn't much of a plan. they say they will in fact, quote, refit 11 million vehicles that are implicated. they will have details on what that is, by the end of october. they have got a deadline in germany much sooner than that. it will require at least half of those vehicles, a service procedure. that is to say, some kind of a hardware fix. the rest may be correctable by software. that will be something that will likely make the vehicles run slower, less performance, less gas mileage. not a happy thing. this is about these diesel engines though, these tdi diesel engines which a lot of people bout because they thought they were getting a great deal, a powerful engine with good gas mileage that met ep of the a requirements.
5:25 pm
the stock doesn't like what happened today. in the u.s. the stock was down 3%. closing in frankfurt more than 4% down again. the thing is, deirdre, it will be very hard, if they dot hardware fix, that will be very costly. if they dot software fix, that will reduce the value of these vehicles. i don't think there is a good way out of this one but maybe that german engineering is so famous will come up with a way? deirdre: jeff flock, thank you very much. glad to have details there. jeff just referenced the stock price. volkswagen owners clearly affected right along with investors. if you take a look the value of some models falling as fast as the stock. in fact, for the price as much as 5,000 per car. vw owner robert dreman, with me now. robert, so glad you joined us. what upsets you most in this scenario? >> thank you for having me, deirdre. it is hard to say, to be a victim of fraud perpetrated on such a large-scale from a
5:26 pm
company you cared about, in this way, shape and form, affects me. it affects the 482,000 other vw owners. it affects the dealerships. it affects the people in the united states that breathe the air. it is horrendous, all the way around. i'm angry and mad and safe to say i speak for everybody. deirdre: your trust obviously as a consumer was clearly betrayed. why did you buy the car? i hear thaw believed in the mission. obviously you're also after fuel efficiency. when you set out and bout this with the model. why did you make this purchasing decision? >> bout a 2015 golf volkswagen tdi. i bought it because of mileage. work from phoenix to los angeles and back. not daily. sometimes twice a week and more. i bought it because the sports
5:27 pm
wagon hauls enough equipment and gear to take it back and forth. i bought it for performance. it is a spunky little car. i love the way it drives. this is my second one of those. i bought this for a 2013 jetta sports wagon that had. i love the car. you think it is passing all the epa, all the state and federal remission standards. i didn't buy it for that but you're hoping of course that those things are being taken care of, and you don't have to worry about that. deirdre: especially when the company specifically goes out of its way to make a statement that it is in fact in accordance with epa standards. robert, is there anything that the company could do from your point of view as a consumer that would somehow mitigate your ainge irand frustration and sense of betrayal? >> well, i'll tell you, to be fair we'll wait to see how this all shakes out. we're going to see what the fix is and how that affects the performance of the vehicle, miles per gallon of the vehicle.
5:28 pm
and the overall drivability of the vehicle. and hopefully, along with that you get them to pass the emissions. if it fails to deliver the performance, the miles per gallon advertised when i bought it, we've got a problem, not just with me but probably with 48200, 482,000 other. deirdre: you would consider joining a class-action lawsuit? >> no. i would consider them taking them on myself, because i'm not in this to get anybody else any funds. i just want to be reimbursed for lost funds over a course of time, mathematically that, i'm out, as a customer. this is not the vehicle, if that is the case, it would not be the vehicle that i purchased. i researched and i was told i was purchasing. deirdre: fair enough. robert, point well-made. thank you so much for the time. we wish you luck. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back, another hit to volkswagen.
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paul walker's daughter filing a wrongful death lawsuit against wv company porsche. we'll talk about her case. if you're on facebook you may have seen some legal jargon posts filling up your news feed. most say ignore them. we'll tell you why. it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats
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. deirdre: "fast and furious" movie star paul walker died in a car crash about two years ago.
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his daughter is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against porsche. 16-year-old meadow walker claims the car is responsible for the tragic crash that took her father's life. the chances of her case being heard, we're going to bring in our legal panel, attorney ebony williams is here as is rebecca lee graham. meadow says he survived and was burned alive. does she have a case? >> she very well might. this is completely tragic, how excruciating and putting that in front of the jury. it's pretty much decided that the crash itself was because of the driving, reckless driving and high speeds. her claim is based on a classic tort notion that the car was defective. she says the seat belt kept her father trapped and crushed his ribs and talking about the fact that the car was defective. that's what the lawsuit should
5:34 pm
be based on and she can't possibly recover from that. deirdre: rebecca, what about the idea about the car he was driving at the time his death is a porsche, which is owned by volkswagen, can there be any kind of brand carryover or this hit to general lack of responsibility from a corporate angle? >> it's possible. if this gets to the jury, who is the corporation, do we like them and trust them. it's certainly possible. i don't know how much jurors associate volkswagen and porsche outside of the business community, but they should. going to be interesting to see what happens, you will have porsche saying this is the fault of the driver, that the driver was speeding, that nobody could prevent deaths when you drive 100 miles nearly an hour into a solid object, but as eboni pointed out, the flipside is the plaintiff's argument, no, this is a design defect that there was something wrong with the car. there is going to be a debate of experts and technical data to resolve this.
5:35 pm
deirdre: sounds like both of you agree this does have movement coming forward. i want to go forward to facebook, eboni, there seems to be a few hoaxes, legal in nature, one claiming to be a legally binding message to protect photos, copyright infringement, another allows users to purchase a $6 monthly subscription to keep posts private. how can they tell the difference? >> the status updates are so ridiculous. they happen every couple of years, and sad some people fall for it. the simple golden rule is anything you put on the internet or any social media site, once you display it, it's public consumption, have you no rights to it at that point, and there's no disclaimer around that. >> okay, as far as rebecca,
5:36 pm
your take on, this essentially anything you put on any social media site is public, no matter what the site says, is that your take? >> i wouldn't go that far, as a practical matter it's true you may not control what's happens next. what's going define what this happen here is what's in facebook's policy, in the data storage policy, not what you're posting in status update unilaterally. if you want to understand what should happen to the data, read the facebook privacy policy and take steps to set your settings the way you want them to be. >> i want to add this, the safest bet, that's true, they dictate what the policy is around it per whatever medium you are on, facebook, instagram, what have you. it's theirs to do with what they wish. you are relinquishing a lot of control once you post it. deirdre: speaking of privacy, pass codes for people's smartphones apparently they cannot be accessed. you need even a warrant, people
5:37 pm
claiming fifth amendment rights protecting themselves from self-incrimination, what is your take on this? >> right, on a private device, i agree with that. what's weird about this case is the judge deemed the pass codes to be personal property but on company issued phones. for me i felt the judge skirted around this one a bit, once you put that information on a public device given to you, it wasn't yours to begin with, the judge should have read more into that component. i don't see how it's personal at that point. deirdre: that's a fair point, the fact that it's corporate property. this is going to come up in a crime case, right? >> this case was about fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. i think the fifth amendment is important in the digital world as we talked about. huge amounts of personal life are stored in different devices. and the fifth amendment, which
5:38 pm
obviously dates back to hundreds of years before the founders could have imagined these devices but it's there to protect and you protect you from the government saying hey, you have to make our case for us, you have to tell me what did you wrong so i can prosecute you, so i can convict you. the founders said no. the fifth amendment says the government can investigate but can't force to you make the case for them. that ought to apply with the decision. >> the company held device, that's my only issue. i agree with it. deirdre: so glad to have you both here. thank you, both for the insight. when we come back, a whole foods $6 asparagus waterfallout? it's still here. the company is making price cuts by cutting 1500 jobs. the ceo speaks out. so does a guest who's calling out the company, next. >> serves the co-ceo with whole
5:39 pm
foods market and want to talk about certain pricing issues you may have heard at new york city stores. >> straightup, we made mistakes, we want to tell you what we're doing about it. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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that's right for you. . deirdre: stocks closed mixed, the s&p 500 broke a five-day losing streak, here are some of the other top stories we're following at this hour. a scottic man arrested after trying to open the door of a klm plane midflight. he missed the door for the rest room. he has been banned for flying with the airline for five years and fined $675. speaking of airplane issues, all passengers glad to land an emirates-bound flight battled fierce cross winds during a dramatic landing. this video you're looking at 2.6 million views since it was posted on youtube september 19th. as we reported then, all passengers safely arrived.
5:43 pm
speaking of social media, you can hear me now? that is the first tweet that nsa whistle-blower edward snowden sent earlier. living in russia since turning a trove of top-secret documents to reporters more than two years ago. his accounts sports and update on deflategate, u.s. appeals court granting the nfl's appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down the suspension of the new england pats quarterback tom brady. oral arguments can be heard as early as february 1st in the new year. and in baseball, st. louis cardinals rookies carted off the field last night, following a violent collision with one of his teammates. the two were going after a ball hit by the pirates, he has a bruise on his head.
5:44 pm
all tests for injury conducted were negative. after whole foods ceo admitted to overcharging customers earlier this summer, the specialty food company announcing job cuts, 1500 over the next 8 weeks. they say it is an effort to lower prices for customers. supermarket guru phil lambert with me now saying whole foods is continuing downward spiral. the ceo saying he is facing a tectonic shift in the marketplace, what do you think about that? >> absolutely, keep in mind, when whole foods was introduced us to, it was mind blowing, we were used to going into a local health food store that was dirty, that had bins of food. the guy behind the counter could barely stand up, you thought it was dead and whole foods changed all of that for all of us. since that point they haven't
5:45 pm
done anything except open a lot of stores, they don't have the kind of employees they used to have that could answer just about any question that you wanted, and certainly when it comes to prices they've been significantly higher. you look at kroger which started their own organic brand, over a billion dollars in sales already, you save 30 or 40% buying the kroger brand over buying something in whole foods. why are we going to do it? why are we going to go there and frankly also cutting 1500 jobbis and feel horrible for the 1500 people. that's only a little over 1.5% of workforce. this is not going to lower prices for anybody. deirdre: it seems in a way, i was reading between the lines of some of his comments he made at a conference in austin. seems like he was complaining saying, you know what? people want this sustainable measure, they want to support all that's organic. they also want more convenience and they want lower prices and
5:46 pm
kind of seemed to say, i don't know, we're just here trying to do our best. it seems like a weak argument from a ceo. >> it is a very weak argument, and also keep in mind that about a year ago, they announced a new format called 365. so that's supposed to be a smaller store, supposed to have much lower prices and going to promote the 365 store brand. too little too late because we already have 1300 aldi stores across the country, opening up 400 more in the next four years, and the millennials who love food, who have no money love these kind of stores. and 365 is happening a little too late, and i think you're right. i think that walter rob and the good news is john mackey wasn't part of the conference. every time in the clip earlier, every time he talk the stock goes further down. walter rob is saying we want to attract millennials but we've
5:47 pm
got all these big stores. we've gone in the gourmet direction versus the healthy direction, what do we do? it's not our job to tell them what to do. we as shoppers want better prices and we want frankly a better shopping experience than we could get at whole foods these days. deirdre: and in fairness, that's part of the ceos roll, phil lempert, thank you for the time. the launch of tesla's new first suv begins tonight. 7:00 p.m. pacific, 10:00 p.m. eastern. my next guest says he hopes the launch is going to be better than tesla, or rather an affiliated company's last launch. the entrepreneur getting 4 million dollars in investment cash for his new shorts company. find out about the trend he is setting.
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. deirdre: tesla launching brand new suv tonight. paul greenberg is here from popular science, sophie bushwick and jessica kimball. paul, to you first, will the model x go better than some of elon musk's other projects are going now? >> it has to. don't bet against elon musk. this is going to be a game-changer, he's thinking far into the future. in three years he wants the cars to be autonomous, self-driving, and uber, amazon and asked amazon flex today. deirdre: there is a race going to control the auto space. >> absolutely. deirdre: sophie, what is your take, though? everybody loss of elon musk, any engineer will work for him in a heart beat but the problem
5:52 pm
is he has had some difficulty being a car manufacturer, right? there's been delays with past products. what is your take on how this is going to go? >> the thing about earning that kind of loyalty, though there are delays, the people who want to get their hands on a model x are happy to wait. he's got a long waiting list for the car, and there have been a few drop-offs as they pushed off the release date but people are sticking around, they want to get this. deirdre: jessica, are you in agreement? >> yes, i agree. this is the great american dream. if you can afford to have your slice and reserve your model x, of course you want to. this is your future we are watching unfold tonight. deirdre: sons of mexican drug lord el chapo flaunting billionaire father's dirty money on social media. is this hashtag rich kids of instagram but the crime version? >> exactly what it is.
5:53 pm
social media giveth and taketh away, you have to be careful what you are posting, when you're posting and once it's there, it's there permanently. deirdre: it is there permanently. i remember one photo where he said did he just tip off other people look for him, and seems like it was a 50-50 case. >> i think taking the photo is not the best move in this case, if you think about it, the photos are acting as marketing for the cart else. they're saying join this life of crime and can you have pet tigers and hot babes and gold plated guns. deirdre: you also might get killed in the process, jessica, what is your take? >> something out of science fiction to be following drug cartel, criminals from the inside. it's something you think no one predicted when instagram joined the scene in 2010. >> i think that is a very fair statement and the right one to end on, paul, sophie and jessica.
5:54 pm
we are back with the web's most popular shorts. college kids posting pictures of themselves wearing them. chubby's co-founder with us next. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere...
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charles: shorter shorts are back for men, chubbies back to 1970s in a way, cofounder tom montgomery is with me now. is there some connection i should make? >> there is, you know really the brand was inspire by our dads. by folks of selleck generation, a tight connection. charles: tight connection, 4 years old, how is business. >> great. you know we founded the company in 2011. 3 cofounders and myself, founded it based on the concept of the weekend, we were passed down the shorts from our dads and uncles we had to make more.
5:58 pm
and luckily a lot of people relatedded. we have about 1.8 million folks following us in social media. charles: some of your investors, our audience doesn't these nam names. you have some heavy hitting names, how hard was the pitch? >> by that time we had content, these guys got it, we understand what we were up, to they are all awesome folks, they were in. charles: you mentioned content. i think for example of thrill list. then also offers purchasing decision. >> you know, i think that is the
5:59 pm
way that all on-line retail is going. you know, right now, advertising is tough because you have to steal people's attention, we're earning it. >> when you give them a laugh, you your web site promises all sorts of crazy things, i chicked it out. -- i checked it out. if you get more dates, it's because of the shorts, if you make more money it is because of the shorts, they were stitching is by lightning, you went big. >> we have been writing contep sunday one, always tongue in cheek, and a little bit ridiculous. deidre: do you think of partnering that would make sense to you? >> i don't know, we have not thought of it, right now we're focused on owned and operated, doing our own thing, building our own brand, longer term, who knows. deidre: tommon montgomery thanku
6:00 pm
very much, chubbies cofounder thank you very much. >> my guest tomorrow, jonathan gray, $100 billion in real estate, you want to hear from him, "making money" with charles payne starts right now. >> the dow held. but sellers dumped the strongest stocks in the market, apple and facebook. what is up with that. and hillary may not have a personalty but she knows how to buy votes as unions will be event from obamacare. today a key city falls in afghanistan, and congress admits we can't do anything to stop isis from recruiting our young americans, "making money" starts right now. charles: t


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