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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 30, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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the last couple of months. stock markets weakest qauterly performance in four years. we will get private payrolls. the u.s. house of representatives invoking mark the law to fast-track to prevent government shutdown. a hurricane warning issued for the central baa -- bahamas as tropical storm joaquín approaches. >> to short. that is how the west was won. the dodgers -- la dodgers are into the postseason.
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clinched with 8-0 win over the san francisco giants. >> magnificent. few little tricks up the sleeve. >> do one more thing for me. >> what do you have in mind? >> disappear. tell me where he is? >> he's everywhere. >> maria: what's $37 million when you're making a james bond film. aston martins cars destroyed. gop candidates. there has been jabs back and forth, blake. >> back and forth, back and forth, maría, donald trump, marco rubio did not back down last night.
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when asked about their feud that has blossomed. rubio has questioned grasp on policy. trump called a kid and most recently a clown. rubio an hour later. here it was. >> all of a sudden he attacks me about nothing but really attacks me quite viciously and i fought back. he has one of the worst voting records in the senate. he never shows up. >> he's going to be criticized. he does. and that's his problem. i don't have time to kind of analyze why that is, but that's the reality of it. >> trump told why clown reference wasn't fine, maría, this might not go away any time soon according to latest poll. rubio has the highest mark of
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any of the current politicians, maría. >> maria: blake, thank so much, more bad news for hillary clinton this morning. refuse to go endorse hillary clinton, they are seeking a meeting to donald trump. political editor. keith, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> maria: what do the labor union wants? the most powerful unions out there. >> yeah, have tremendous sway over hillary. they need to -- they're going to have their own agenda and she's going to have to listen to it. >> maria: they have their own agenda, what do you mean she has to listen to it? the support is eroding and they want a meeting with donald trump. >> yeah, donald trump has been running a populist campaign to this point.
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you know, he's been emphasizing middle-class cuts. so this maybe an area where trump has some power and also they maybe doing this to gain leverage over hillary. hillary is looking at trade deals that unions are concerned about, and so this maybe an opportunity for them to say, hey, you know, you can't necessarily count on us. you have to agree to some of our agenda. >> maria: that's true. do you think hillary is going to make some changes? >> really become a threat if joe biden gets in the race. when he and obama assembled patch work of minorities, special interest groups, the labor unions were part of the bill clinton coalition in the
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'90s. if biden would get in, it would be a test if democrats can reassemble coalition. i think that could really test hillary clinton viability as candidate. >> maria: i find this just hill ar -- hilarios. >> 40% excise tax on high-cost plans. his union hard core issue oppose the keystone pipeline, pipe fitters wanted those jobs. he's with republicans on trying to appeal this this is a -- >> we know biden. he has a deadline on the debate. he has to be in or out.
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>> maria: do you think he's going to declare -- >> i do. it's going to become a brawl. >> whoever heard of someone who has been seeking the presidency not wanting to get in the race. the grief, i think, is a real thing. he's biting his tongue. the later his gets in the closer to iowa, he maybe able to ride that ride through iowa and new hampshire. >> maria: how does business see this? >> i don't think business is paying attention. >> maria: not yet. >> they are looking at markets, china. they are not looking at politics other than enjoying the theater. >> why did you see the reaction and she tweeted about one company price gouging. there's something going on there with concern of politicians even be talking about in the next year. >> that's a live issue and attack on health care.
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there was a spark and you had a little fire and a big fire. that's not unexpected in an overextended run. >> maria: keith, what's your take on that on what's going on this week? you have a deadline in terms of government shutdown. that doesn't look like it's going to happen, correct? >> no, no government shutdown. he's living. however, the current funding bill, remember, only goes through december 11. you're going to have the budget to deal with, you're going to have a debt increase to deal with and a lot of reasons for conservatives to be angry. the planned parenthood issue still there. that could end up resulting in a shutdown. >> maria: we appreciate it. we will see you soon, sir. >> my pleasure. >> maria: a tough third quarter for stocks, that's for sure. s&p 500, all down between 9 and
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9 and a half%. wos -- worst quarterly performance. global growth slowdown. david is with us today and, of course, we are waiting the september adp reports, that's in about two hours, the jobs numbers always a market mover? >> big time. slow growth but growth. the country is creating two and a half million jobs each and every year at a very nice easy pace. >> maria: do you think things have improved in the u.s.? >> i do. >> maria: you talk about the weakness in international markets. u.s. exports fall this year for the first time in financial crisis. bottom line, how does the u.s. continue and sustain strong growth when all of our trading partners are challenged?
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>> the way i see pieces is a small piece of the economy. it makes headline. how about the 70-something percent. that's not hurt. the incomes of people gradually in spending power are rising because of falling energy prices, no inflation pressure and we are creating more jobs and more labor income. it's a slow recovery. a slow recovery is a test of patience but it's a wonderful test of patience because it can have a long life. >> maria: that continues go to fourth quarter -- >> i do. that confidence number came in better than expected. keith was talking about when it turns over. it didn't turn over. it kicked off a little bit. optimism about the job market is running at the highest pace since it was in about eight years. one -- one out of four say that jobs are plentiful in this country. that's the kind of thing given
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all the market volatility, that's very reassuring to see that kind of reaction. >> maria: i have to push back on all of you, why hasn't the fed raised interest rates yet? >> oh, maría. >> maria: if things are so great why can't afford a quarter -- >> this drum roll has been gone for two and a half years. it's time, december. >> you said it's a slow recovery. while that maybe true, the average person out there doesn't find that to be a reassuring message. as the presidential race goes on and i expect to see the trumps and the ben sarson -- carsons, i think you'll see starting with
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debate focusing on the economy. i think people are going to want to hear from politicians. >> then you have -- >> let's get to december and resolve a budget. if boehner, obama come together for a two-year budget, this all changes, the budget fight goes and things change. we focus on real issues and markets will love it. >> maria: that's what we all want to do is focus on real issues. jobs in america this friday. breaking down everything you need to know about where we are for the september job's report and investor reaction. catch this in fox business network. september report of jobs in america. up next, why one senator is telling puerto rico it can forget about a possibility of a bailout. vw may avoid pollution charges.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> maria: welcome back. more trouble for volkswagen this morning. the company works past the admission scandal. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, maría. everybody is weighing in on volkswagen. new ceo say it is company will outline what is expected to be a massive recall in the next few weeks. also we're watching wells fargo today, buy-back program for defective cars will cost volkswagen $6 billion, that's
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from wells fargo. meanwhile, the manhunt continuing for con viced killer johnson at the louisiana state correction officials accidentally set him free from prison nine days ago. according to agencies top official, they had no idea that johnson had been released until resident spotted johnson on the run. he's still on the run. telsa unvialing -- unveiling model. extended windshield that covers some of the roof. this is what telsa calls falcon doors. 12 months is the waiting list. this goes up 130 grand. the reviews are fast and furious.
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what people are saying it's a really cool car, it has sensors on it. >> it better be for $130,000. [laughter] >> he only makes three cars so far. >> the company may have gone overboard with engineering on it. what will be interested is the innovation, falcon doors, the windshield goes way back and engineering problems. it'll be interesting to see what other companies adapt to what they did in this vehicle. it could change the look of an automobile potentially. >> maria: i'm still getting over that they late the prisoner out. >> i know. [laughter] >> maria: how can they mistakenly let a convict out. >> state officials and local
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officials not communicating. the guy had a whole bunch of charges including murder but the murder conviction wasn't -- when he was being processed for assault issue and he hadn't gone to prison yet. he's never going to get out of prison, now they have to catch him and put him back in prison. >> maria: such a young man. i'm sorry, cheryl. >> no, no, you were dealing with the stories obsessed with. that was the first thing we talked about. [laughter] >> they are looking for him in all the places they would go back to. anyway, he's out and about. [laughter]
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>> maria: thank you, cheryl. oil prices declining and the declining has cost more jobs in the sector. stay with us. busy morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, ramifications of low oil continue. latest forced to cut jobs because of decline in oil prices. shell is laying more than 700 employees. is there more pain ahead for this -- >> you bet. laying off 15% of the workforce
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is going to have an impact. we saw from the institute. the pain in the patch is showing up low inventory, lower jobs. >> maria: no bailout on puerto rico. that's what senator said in a hearing yesterday. this is the commonwealth, continues to repay more than $72 billion in loans. a lot of work over the years. how do you see puerto rico right now? >> they have to restructure debt. they don't have a legal way to do it. there's no bankruptcy law new york city detroit legal system and they have multiple agencies that are intertwine.
6:24 am
there's little puerto rico with debt structure where they cannot meet the payments. >> in some sense, the search yield, everybody is looking for outside return because you can't get them anywhere. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> in some small way it is a replay to what led us down the road of death in the financial crisis as people were reaching for yield, reaching for yield and not looking at the crisis. >> all of the state-specific-tax-free mutual funds, you know, we are tax-free in new york but they put a slug of puerto rico debt into the holdings and now they are going back to bite them. the holders and investors are suffering losses, but at lof it is in puerto rico. we have a small systemic
6:25 am
crisis. >> maria: what do you do if you're an investor? >> mbia and a short guaranty. we wouldn't touch it. if i own puerto rico, sell it and take a loss and move on. >> puerto rico is obviously not eligible for chapter 9 bankruptcy like a city like detroit was. there's a political debate whether the u.s. should make it eligible. what do you think about that? >> should is a debate. the fact is they won't. there's no support in either chamber to bailout puerto rico. now, full blown default, meltdown in the sector spread around the country so there's pain in the crisis, that could change. today i don't see the congress doing anything for puerto rico. >> maria: we'll keep talking about this.
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>> is wednesday, maria bartiroma, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, "national review"'s johnson and we are talking about this quarter, looking ahead to the fourth, fox news reporting russian diplomats are ordering u.s. planes to cease operations ever see reactor russia's parliament approved a rush -- russian military forces in syria, military sources telling fox news u.s. warplanes will not
6:30 am
comply with the russian demand and coalition operations will continue over syria. elon musk launched his new was electric car, a model x suv, taking the crowd through the new car's features with every order vehicles, he takes on critics who say the car costs too much money, only $5,000 more than the model x and that is a cheaper version that will come later on. stay tuned for that. futures show we should see a big rally at the opening of trading, this is the final day of the third quarter and it was a tough one, not enough to erase the losses of last three month unless we see an incredible rally today, stock market log the weakest quarterly performance in four years. we expect the 200 point rally to the dow industrials when things get started. we get the latest reading on private payrolls at 8:15 eastern, we get the adp report, that could be a market mover. nasdaq expected to open better than 50 points on the final day
6:31 am
of the third quarter. hurricane warning issued for the central, as region as tropical storm joaquin approaches prompting iranian outlook for the u.s. east coast for the rest of this week. >> chopper to short. all the west was won. maria: the dodgers in the post-season, the national league west with 8-0 win over san francisco giants. taylor swift reported once considered a career in finance. my next guest says the positive attitude would be a breath of fresh air in an industry with young investors lacking confidence. joining me is managing director we need sun. thanks for joining us. taylor swift first wanted to go in to finance. finance superstar, good choice.
6:32 am
when she was 8 years old. what are millennials doing with their money? >> they are investing in thing they know and love, technology, friendly companies that tesla, as they want to buy in this segment they feel this transparent. maria: is that when you are doing? you are a millennial. >> i wish i was savvy enough to invest in things like facebook and test lab. i should take a page out of tennis with's book and get on that. maria: how are millennials spending their money, i am left with the question, how do you expect him to have any money? talking about -- >> 1980 -- it is obvious nobody has money at that age. who are these people? >> it is pretty broad from 18 to 34, on the older end, a lot of
6:33 am
them are dual income, married, have kids even, it depends on the scale you are, not everyone is struggling. the study we did, we actually found a lot of millennials have interests in investing, just smaller amounts. maria: as the group you want to go after. >> i have trouble speaking millennial because my children are older than millennials so i don't know how to speak the language. maria: you got to watch keeping up with a kardashians. >> it insulted by this? >> i am living at home. >> does -- hightech investing reach millennials in small amounts? they gravitate to that? is that where this is going? >> it could become a millennials preferred things that are easy
6:34 am
access. most people feel they don't want to invest with an adviser. we're in the middle of the survey, my results show that they do want to work with an adviser, they do want to invest, >> down 9% a major averages, how do millennials differ of of a quarter like this. a different mentality to the quarter, to sell it? >> those who want to invest are investing, we found the most recent dip, millennials outpace investing by at pretty large percentage so they're looking at everything long term, companies like apple and facebook are companies they know and love and no reason to hesitate. dagen: a lot of people living at home, they get out of college and have this debt and can't find work or high-paying job,
6:35 am
you stab at home but disposable income, if they're willing to invest some of it is hugely -- >> as someone not living at home i am a huge outsourcing. i agree with working with an adviser. i wanted expert handle everything but that means i know far less about specific details but i want to know an expert is handling it. maria: would you say the millennial generation want someone helping them? there was a time as i know you know that people were empowered to make their own financial decisions, you are saying something different. >> absolutely wright. there is a percentage that it prefers things like investing with new apps or doing it themselves but generally speaking they are, we found most millennials field entrepreneur, they want to start businesses like they see with mark zuckerberg and everybody else, they want someone to help them as they become more successful. >> does it take a tech divide and bridging it to bring a
6:36 am
millennial into a conversation rather than text with normal adviser, to another show. is that what it takes? is that how we bridge the communication difference? dagen: the people who are chin deep or eyeball deep in fantasy sports playing it every day to get interested in investing because it is just as easy, stocks are no different. >> don't want to leave money on the table. and f a a official says 1 million drones could be sold during the holiday season scaring many in the organization, nicole petallides with that story. will be a drone christmas. >> is this exciting dangerous? and making of the announcement at a summit in washington d.c. and he says the organization is in front of expected sales, the boost we are seeing to give the
6:37 am
public information about drones, one way of that faa plans to do this is sending a representative to walmart, and in turn how to relay that information to the customers, walmart currently sells 19 different drones, they range in price, the lowest one is 1999, it goes up to hundreds of dollars, a slew of rules including below 400 feet deep in your side, don't fly around the corner, stadium and racetracks and nowhere within five miles of an airport, those are the rules and the name is an unmanned aerial vehicle. when you are a hobbyist you have to follow these rules that you are allowed to have these drones but for commercial use is very different, much higher regulated but for a hobbyist you and do this as long as you follow those rules. >> the costs can range from $19
6:38 am
-- >> somebody flies one like on your street and you knock it out of the air with the baseball bat they will sue you, you're seeing these lawsuits over and over and if you're seeing parts of flying it where it is flown the cops will rest you, you are seeing a lot of this because you are not allowed to lay your hands on anybody but there was an incident in connecticut where a woman went after this kid that was flying one and they cited her and not the kid. >> a drone outside your window filming you perhaps that not allowed to shoot it away. hit it with a baseball bat. dagen: a flight it off if you are going where is the drone? >> is there a rule, trespass' rule on a drone? >> 400 feet you are okay, but it is a camera on it.
6:39 am
>> i thought this is not good. extremely dangerous. but issue you are seeing is people don't know how to fight them and you are using them and getting close to other people. it is going to be a nightmare. >> one with the gun on it. >> the woman got arrested for going after him on the beach in connecticut, same kid. maria: we have to get over the fact you brought up christmas. lauren simonetti every weekday on "fbn a.m." right before "mornings with maria". what is moving in the markets? the latest breaking news and what to expect, we will see you at 5:00 a.m.. before then you will be on the floor of the exchange. straight ahead face the going where no social network has gone before, live sports broadcasting. we have details on that. fast-food chain taking on donald trump put the new commercial pushing its hot and spicy hamburger. what else are they pushing?
6:40 am
back in a minute.
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maria: ed snowden fighting accusations of treason but now he has a brand-new outlet to express his views, cheryl casone
6:44 am
on that story. cheryl: ed snowden, a man many consider a traitor to the u.s. government now on twitter with more than 900,000 followers. on the other hand only following one account, the nsa. ought alert for all you billboard singers, lady gaga and woman of the year for 2015, she is actually spent most of this past year working as an actress on american horror story. previously great for that. tomorrow for 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. eastern time the nba teaming up with facebook for first-ever simulcast about live sporting event on social media featuring lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers practicing during an episode of the nba real training camp show. we will see how it goes. maria: of the sell-off in biotech gaining momentum as the sector slides into a bear market territory on track for the worst month in 14 years. is it now time to be looking at
6:45 am
biotech? total be not situation we have seen in the fourth quarter. mark lehman, your specialty is the life sciences. what happened this last quarter? >> a couple things happened, you had an overall market that wasn't terrific, you had a biotech market that was basically on fire so it was subject to decline, the overall market decline and a couple headlines, hillary's tweet, ceo raising prices 100fold and it became a media story in a swirl of bad news and it was right for a decline and we have that decline. not sure fundamentals for the best companies have declined but this was a sector that had done so well, best performing sector by a lot. maria: you were writing the gates for a long time a you have three deals you are doing tonight and tomorrow.
6:46 am
>> three deals in the marketplace. >> it will be a big test. >> over the next few weeks of several ibms and secondaries and if they get done and what prices they get done, my sense is several that will get done, others may be challenged but they will get done and fires will dictate the price and that should happen. when you have a turbulent market buyers dictate the price and we have that right now. >> correction, in a bull market are we speaking? >> we are in a correction phase. the underlying fundamentals of the life sciences sector is in fact, you have a lot of crosscurrents, pricing issues, fda getting a little more visible but the underlying fundamentals, underlying technology as the growth and discoveries and ability to target cancers are the other drugs that are curing real diseases, curing diseases it with epilepsy is not slowing down.
6:47 am
>> strong dollar stuff. >> for the big companies and selling overseas that is the case, you have some of those issues but when you see companies that are able to raise prices out of drugs and getting those prices to sustain you will see earnings growth that i believe is at the top of the class, energy is tough, some of the internationally focus stocks are tough, healthcare will show earnings gains this quarter. dagen: do you worry about the political headache and had wind as you go into an election year particularly with listen, the drugs that coming out of these biotechnology companies and drug companies have changed the way cancer is being treated and we are only just beginning to seek early stages of that however these drugs are expensive and although it is right now just a sliver of the overall cost of treating cancer they are going to get headlines, you are already seeing a lot of talk about it from hillary clinton and bernie sanders, is that a dangerous? is there a danger that you kill
6:48 am
innovation? >> this is going to be in the headlines for the next 14 months as we go into the election. that is a given. i also think innovation does not slow and progress in this country will not slow because this is like you said at the forefront and the beginning of that curve. we had a 25% correction in the biotech index, that is a sizable correction. i see like you said we are in the beginning of this huge wave of innovation. >> going into the fourth quarter what the expect? with biotech and the broader market? >> i think we are going to see great reports out of the companies that sometimes we highlight on this show that are really in the class of life sciences world. we will see that with facebook, just mentioned facebook, looking at political advertising on facebook, the premium adds where
6:49 am
you want them in the right demographics will go for such an extraordinary amount that you will see huge earnings and i think you stick with the winners, facebook, google, biotech stocks we talk about on the show, i stick with the winners. >> will we have a better fourth quarter than the third quarter? >> yes. green in halloween and going up. maria: thanks very much, up next travel light, heavy bag fees could affect your trip on the train. back in a minute.
6:50 am
here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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maria: heavy bag fees from skies to the rails will begin enforcing baggage weight limits, hand out fees to those falling more isn't their fair share. amtrak will state passengers are allowed two small personal items and two standard carry ons for free, charge $20 surcharge per bag from light exceeding 150 pounds. frequent travelers, what do you make of this? >> who is bringing 150 pounds of luggage on amtrak? come on. this is ridiculous. maria: you think this is totally inappropriate. >> i don't agree with this and amtrak is not the greatest service but i have never seen more than two carry-ons and two suitcases on a train. >> they're worried about escaped murderers using trains. >> they are looking for him. dagen: you can take a dog on
6:54 am
amtrak, even a small dog and a carrying case. i have known people who got kicked off. you are not a dog lover? and they will kick you off, got kicked off amtrak, mom's side and a carrying case, made her get off in newhaven. >> i don't want, no. i have enough problems with people eating their mcdonald's on the seat next to me. >> what is your bottom line here? >> halloween, we go up, interest rates, low, they will be that way around the world, inflation low, gradual recovery, be patient and enjoyable market and the economy. maria: you expect the fed to raise rates in december.
6:55 am
>> a quarter point. maria: you would buy into this market up 188 points. >> on a political story what is your take away? >> we will see the outside candidates start to decline in popularity and insiders rise. of am bullish on ted cruz is strong and people think he is, marco rubio is stronger than people think he is. maria: great to have you on this show. thank you so much, see you later. next, discovery communications ceo will join me in a fox business exclusive to discuss everything from streaming wars to the state of the cable bundle, keep it here on the fox business network, stay with us. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data.
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we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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maria: happy wednesday, it is september 30th, reaching outside but in here, massachusetts senator and fox news contributor scott brown with us, breaking
6:59 am
news, fox news is reporting that russian diplomats are ordering u.s. planes to cease operations over it syria. parliament approved the use of force is in syria, military sources tell fox news that u.s. warplanes will not comply with the russian command and coalition operations will continue over syria. and the newest electric car, and features the first buyers with reordered vehicles. taking and critics who say the car is too expensive. and cheaper versions, will come later on, elon musk got the tweet under 140 characters, that one not be considered for twitter users, rico is reporting a new product which will allow users to tweet using more than one 40 characters. of pretty good rally under way
7:00 am
you are expecting to materialize at the start of trading. and on the third, the last day of the third quarter, and the last three months it has been a rough quarter, major averages between 8% and 9.5% since june, at the weakest quarterly performance in four years, in a rally today. the private payrolls report on adp, and that sets the tone for markets. the house of representatives in voting martial law to fast-track spending bill that will prevent another government shutdown. the bill expected to move through the house and senate before deadline. a hurricane warning issued for the central hamas region as tropical storm joaquin approaches, the storm prompted iranian outlook for the east coast for the rest of the week.
7:01 am
>> chopper to short and that is how the west was won. maria: the l.a. dodgers are in post-season, dodgers clinch the national league west division with an 8-0 win over the san francisco giants. >> magnificent, isn't she? 16.32 seconds. >> do one more thing to me. >> what do you have in mind? >> let me disappear. maria: what $37 million when you are making a james bond film? the daily mail reporting seven specially designed aspin martin cars were destroyed for the action sequences in the new specter film that is due out in november. not bad. florida governor jeb bush far behind in the polls, lost his support since june, ramping up fund-raising efforts, he snagged the support of the next guest after governor scott walker dropped out of the race. joining us is wall street week
7:02 am
host and a niece carluccthony c see you. y i know you had a meeting with donald trump after you were considering what you were going to do with scott walker dropped out of the race decides jeb bush. >> i met with donald trump, i have a lot of respect for donald trump, what he was doing and has been doing is punching at the hedge fund industry and so we are going to counterpunch against him because it is unfair. a lot of facts about the industry are untrue particularly with taxes. most of the people in the industry paid the highest marginal tax rates in the country. there is a small portion of this stuff, if you ask my friends in the industry i don't care if they abolished carried interest,
7:03 am
taxes not a big deal but he likes railing on the industry because he thinks that is good scoring political points, it is of elizabeth warren talking points, barack obama talking points the donald trump, jeb bush. maria: i feel like that was one of the first times i have seen him address the real issues that are important. i asked him questions i felt were important like wages, jobs, economy, he had planned straight up. >> he is a great policy thinker, he has got a great conservative record, he is the doer, a big problem that we have sort of this summer love if you will, like sandra gee summer of love, outsiders, that starts to fade, the governor is going to be the person i think republicans will make a nominee. i love governor walker, that didn't work. for me after speaking to jab
7:04 am
last weekend talking to his team yesterday, danny diaz, the campaign manager, i am very confident. tomorrow we are doing the big fund-raiser at woody johnson's office for fence sitters in new york city, we will bring as many of those people in to help the governor raise money and raise awareness for the kind of person he is and the campaign he will run. maria: one issue, look what happened with john boehner, john boehner steps down, he is giving up saying i can't do this fighting constantly all the time. most people don't realize how tough it is to get those bills on the president's desk so i will ask you, senator, why has it been so difficult for the republicans to get those bills in front of the presidents of the present can veto that and that is his legacy? >> john boehner did that, of they put 300 bills, and it is a
7:05 am
little more deliberative body with a higher threshold 60 votes to move something forward and democrats are the party of no, don't want to get anything forward and put those bills on the president's desk. the way some people said mitch mcconnell should do it, the leader of the senate is to lower the threshold to 50 like the house but then you have the volatility of what the house is doing and the senate is the slower and more deliberative body so is a catch-22 so only way to get those bills on the desk of the president are to go 24/7 or change the rules. >> will jeb bush do a better job of leading, bringing these two together? >> i you concerned about this low energy problem jeb has? trump is of master marketer, he has proven himself that and very affective lead painted jeb bush as a low energy guy.
7:06 am
>> we will bring -- >> it stock. >> i hear you but let me tell you about jeb bush, we can't underestimate him and the power of his brand and his franchise, look at the team he has built, look at the grassroots network, it is one thing to get a phone call and say i will vote for x wisely, get him out of the nursing home to the voting booth and back to the nursing home. we have a full-blown grassroots effort that i think you will see once the voting starts. the low energy is nonsense for the next couple weeks. >> the governor has spoken to him, and he is fifth, sixth in the polls, he needs to come to new hampshire and get those independent votes because in i was they picked corn and in new hampshire they pick candidates and the first in the nation
7:07 am
primary state is in new hampshire and needed to get there and work harder, that is the barbecues series, committed with carley this sunday, coming to see governor bush coming to that. >> what goes on at these meetings? >> if it is in my backyard is the size of this area, they grabbed a beer and hot dog, a truly independent -- >> a bigger backyard than that. >> independent and republican voters will come and the candidates it fair with half an hour. >> i am wondering if this conversation comes up. >> let's talk about -- >> this conversation, economy, markets with this group, the final day of the third quarter, the first quarter performance. having a tough time on track for the worst three month period,
7:08 am
the dow down 9%, the s&p down 9%, nasdaq down 9.4%, russell 2014.6%, brutal numbers, do you buy into this? >> fundamentals are there, monetary policy is still there, no matter what they do over the next six months that is the correction, the first real correction since march of 2009 low. we have historical low rates of volatility as a result of the federal reserve policy. that federal reserve policy ends, you get more volatility but this is what professionals are trained to do, to buy into the weakness, and i encourage people to buy high-quality names. maria: if we know the global story is slowing and we know the fundamental backdrop is going to be challenged because all our trading partners are challenged and because we are not seeing much job creation, why not just
7:09 am
raise it to the sidelines? >> i will tell you why i will make a prediction on this show, when president bush is president 45 you will unleash a ton of capital investment spending, there's a lot of capital investment spending on the sidelines right now. whatever you think of a barack obama administration is perceived to be anti business, the next american president is going to be a pro-business president, unleashed a ton of capital spending, get the tax reform. >> i know jeb bush's plan does positive things. >> 24 months. we will get anything more than we are getting now because it is and the net, businesses don't have tax and regulatory certainty, nervous, staying on the sidelines, we need to repatriate the offshore money, lower capital tax rates. >> there will be another big economic boom. maria: a two part question. would you say markets, the u.s. stock market is healthier today
7:10 am
than it was when we started the quarter? >> from a valuation perspective. i would say your performance doesn't look great. maria: what you talking about? earnings? the market cooled off 9%. would it you say in general it is healthier and better off that it has corrected some? >> energy has been a huge part of the story, the energy sector has taken a beating with the sell-off in oil prices, not a lot of people called for that and that is one of the biggest decliners, would you buy energy? >> not yet on energy because still great uncertainty and forecasting of oil prices over the next cuts. for skybridge, distressed investors in a place like energy. and widening of to step in there. >> the worst quarter since 2009,
7:11 am
and energy space because a lot of people calling for the embargo to be lifted. that is another issue to watch. great to see you. appleby is a goes to china will streaming service face better reception than had here. big headlines topping the wall street journal, vw may avoid pollution charges. the trial of uber executives in paris, and a bid for a seat on the u.n. security council.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
maria: we expect a rally in stocks, apple, the company's music business along with other key apple software coming to china at a steep discount for 1 all current $0.57 a month,
7:15 am
consumers in china can download apple music, $9.99 in the u.s. $5 in indonesia, apple shares higher in the pre-market although right now we are looking at a decline in yesterday's performance thought apple. yesterday was down 3%, looking at a list this morning in the pre-market trading higher. television networks treading water in the midst of an energy seed transformation, ceo of discovering networks joining us to talk about the war on netflix and what he says traditional tv is poised for a come back. that is next.
7:16 am
7:17 am
i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline.
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. maria: the rebellion is beginning, major media companies calling out netflix for how-to streaming service panels
7:19 am
third-party content. during investor day discovery communications president and ceo summed it up by saying when it comes to netflix, quote, if you look at what happened in the u.s. it is not rational and i think a lot of players are starting to understand that. a fox business exclusive talking a bit more about that. thank you so much for joining us, you said that yesterday at your first every investor day, a big showing, lots of investors coming here, your growth story, let me ask about the story now of discovery. what was your headline at the investor date? >> the u.s. advertising market is getting better, quote in the fourth quarter we were down a little bit as an industry, the first and second quarter relatively flat as an industry. this quarter will be up mid single digits and so the advertising market is improving, our share in general has improved this year, channels are
7:20 am
stronger, discovery, id, we are gaining share, spending more money on content and we committed over the next three years even in a down side scenario when we think the u.s. is relatively flat over the next three years we will see growth. if in fact the universe declines precipitously we will still commit that because of our core structure and the fact the we had high single digits of the revenue and locked in over the next several years the u.s. will grow market for us over the next three years. having said that the national business is 50% of the company growing at a higher rate and accelerating which is what we tried to accentuate yesterday at the investor day. maria: these are positive in a situation where we're all talking about is global growth slowed down, you have the largest exposure to the global story out of anybody out there and seeing market share gains but i like what you said about the u.s. in terms of advertising. even if it is flat you are
7:21 am
seeing better performance than you have seen, seeing some improvement in the u.s.. >> it is $32, for the last four years we fought hard to get more subscriber fees for 14 channels of three four years ago we were getting 4% increases in fees, now we have done most of our deals, 80% and the next several years locked in, high single-digit growth which is 50% of u.s. business, the advertising market has improved, the scatter market is strong, the challenge is to you have the points to sell. in our case we do and that is why for the first time in three course we see mid single-digit growth on advertising so we have a good revenue quarter in the u.s. you are right about international. is the u.s. stronger than most economies around world, i can't remember a time in 230 countries, i can't think of one country with a gdp of 1%,
7:22 am
everywhere you look is flat or slightly down or slightly up. and over the last week years the international business double digit through recession, challenge because course structure is good but we have grown market share. and $100 million, we are the leading international pay-tv company. it is because our content is strong, brands are strong, the cost of content is relatively low. maria: talking $10 billion cash flow for the next three years. >> over the next five years we will have $10 billion of available capital. what we got to figure out which is a good thing is how to deploy the $10 billion. some of it, the first place we will look is to invest in ourselves, substantial growth in india but still in five
7:23 am
languages, more channels, and invest more in the brand's. and acquisitions, stock buybacks, a big buyer of stock based on free cash flow and earnings per share and quite cheap, buying back our stock. >> in terms of allocating that capital. and rice to the olympics, $1 billion deal, and why were the olympics of important, and looking for big ticket type things. the content acquisitions, and are you done with the olympics?
7:24 am
>> to diversify, one was to diversify internationally. and to diversify our ip. and over the last 15 years with espn in the u.s.. if we could get into sports with our ten much channels, it would be a great opportunity so we bought your sport, espn is 100 million in the u.s. there were two or three sports channels in the country and it is profitable. when we look at it we set as the world changes not only are we going to watch content on linear, must have content pushed to their devices so when we saw the olympics we set of week unknown olympics for the next decade, through 2020 for week
7:25 am
could build an asset around it with euro sport which is the leader in sports in europe with the olympics in the last decade and the olympic range which is taking a play from nbc. we are really in the second inning of sports in europe, espn has done a great job, we say if we do what they have done, we could have a really strong run in europe with sports in the content business. maria: so the olympics was an important acquisition. let me get your take what is going on in the world today. everything you are mentioning terms of what is going on in the digital world has been something people are worried about, netflix, you may do that, i they phone or friends? >> it is a great company. a fantastic interface. rather isn't talking about netflix specifically, the way people use to get tv was through the tv set multi channel through
7:26 am
the home to satellite or cable curated by us in the media business and viewers making choices as to what they want. the good news is there are a lot of additional players that want to aggregate content, could be samsung, apple, netflix, amazon, from my perspective looking at the industry, all of those, a little pejorative and an overstatement, essentially dumb devices and as great as each of those are the only come to life if you could great content on them. apple is a fantastic device. ultimately if it doesn't have great content if you pull out your iphone want to see something fun you can see it. they need our content and we don't quite get that. the provider comes and says i want your content we as an
7:27 am
industry say okay but we have our content but here's how we think it to work, the problem with those platforms is there's no brand, the economics are really inferior and if we worked with those devices and create the right economic model i think it could be positive. what we are doing is feeding those platforms, those platforms are trading at higher multiples than we are and we are the ones with content to bring those alive. we are excited that those platforms exist, we have to be more rational about having more of a say how the content goes on the platform and what the economics are. maria: if these guys do lives was look at the story today in terms of the potential for live sports on facebook, on some of these digital properties. >> a lot of these devices have provided great opportunity. when you think of facebook two months ago we sat down with the facebook crew, with mark zuckerberg and talked about what
7:28 am
their vision was and is a very compelling company. right now we use facebook aggressively to let big social communities know the shows we have on our channels everywhere in the world still a huge vehicle so the announcement on facebook is a smart play with the nba and turner to use the facebook community to energize a live event around watching on turner. so the social devices in particular could be particularly exciting and one of the things about live tv which the facebook initiative shows with turner is a big case of tv watching together, watching and calling your friends and saying have you seen this or going to work the next day and saying what was on last night on discovery or on fox and so it is an alone platform and i think netflix is a great product, hbo is a great
7:29 am
product. a lot of those viewing products you view as an addition to live tv so two months ago this discussion about what is happening to the cable bundle, the cable bundle is going to be relatively healthy for a very long time. it is declining 1%, 1.5% but it is still the way people watch tv, it will be the way people watch tv for the next three to five years, the question is in seven eight or nine years will there be a >>? it is a great offering and content needs to the jury did. maria: you have to get ahead of this stuff and make sure you are strategic in terms of what content you are putting on these other networks that are networks, these other distributions that could actually be competitors at some point. >> we are doing is taking a lot of our content and putting it
7:30 am
directly to the consumer, we get paid a couple hundred thousand people to pay as so if you have the right content you can put it on free air channel, put it on a linear channel, you could also market it directly to consumers and if they want to see the french open or the olympics they can pay you directly, that didn't happen three five years ago, that is an option now. maria: really exciting stuff. good to see you, thank you for joining us. the ceo of discovery communications, we will be right back on "mornings with maria". thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving!
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. . maria: welcome back have you seen tesla company unveiled new model suv last. >> it jo ling kent to know story. >> good morning, after two years, of delays elon musk launching new tlefkt car tesla model x suv presented first six customers with keys to vehicles in fremont, california last night starts at 132000 dollars right now,
7:34 am
musk tweeted a lower price version will come later the model has falcon doors open vertically can go up to 250 miles one charge, zero to 0 in 3.2 seconds wants to sell 55,000 vehicles this year hoping this model x will appeal to women who apply more than small intufz in the u.s. according to j.d. power and associates, musk is faying serious competition already, before that scandal broke volkswagen announced new tlefkt suvs from porsche audi to market in 2020 investors likeing the news tesla up 2.5%, if not more in premarket. maria: on fire again, thank you, turning to race to white house clash of the gop hopefulfuls donald trump marco rubio going after each other, trump on o rallyy last night on fox news rubio an hour later on hannity. >> all of a sudden he attacks me about nothing, but really
7:35 am
attacks me quite viciously i fought back told people one of the worst voting records the worst voting record in senate never shows up. >> presidency you have to job going to be criticized can't phillip out every time somebody says something about you, he does that is his problem i don't have time to analyze why that is that is reality of it. >> joining us right now republican strategist lee carter thanks so much for joining us who has upper hand here. >> trump seems to be getting upper hand all the time i don't know how long going to last can dish it out doesn't seem to take it over overtime i think will wear on people. >> scott what do you think. >> i into he can to donnald yesterday about this very important issue we are talking about the fact you can't keep swiping down, you can't go after, issue rand paul when in 11th onstage with you you have to act more presidential, i literally told him that, not advising him i speak to candidates come into no bs backyard barbecue keep talking about mar covoting record he
7:36 am
is leaving it on the table right now, he is running for the president of the united states going to miss votes, he is not doing what rand paul is doing running for senate and president at the same time, so. >> that is a good point. >> i think appropriate to miss some votes, and -- you know, try to reason i for the president of the united states put it on the table that is what i like about marco. >> how is the other guys and gallon in the race going to differentiate themselves you've got donald trump just saying whatever he wants, and sort of you know, like what sandra mentioned he calls jeb bush low energy it stuck. you know about unbelievably he has an absolutely come in contact for finding a thing that everybody is thinking he does it even when negative stuff it sticks, now, i think. >> marco ruby yoo a lightweight he called him yesterday. >> he what people think unforgiving i am sure for candidates i think what they have to do to differentiate themselves reframe the conversation going do have to take things back because right now, trump is leading the conversation, on every --
7:37 am
topic. >> yesterday we had jeb bush on program very articulate, in terms of of the actually issues of the day, like how you move video on job creation, how you move the needle on wages, you know i mean he was talking about the things that are important to the american people. >> a policy guy understands the issues has a family history of understanding the issues, can get a great team around them i to help him. right now, what donald needs to do is continue to lead which is going to be difficult i think as time goes on, it is going to be more and more challenging people are going to do exactly what you say going to look for more going to look into act presidential. >> acting presidential when you are talking strategy you look at dr. ben carson rising in the polls like he is, a per cent away that most recent gop poll unbelievable he is getting there, without direct i know directly combating donald trump. >> true why are others trying to go head-to-head with him in. >> i think frankly, i mean picking on the other people, and they are fighting back. but, let's consider this in 2008 mccain was fit this very
7:38 am
same time rudy ahead in double digests people that lead at this point are actually in a pretty dangerous place because they have to duke it out, bush running right now fifth, had their conversation people are still keeping eye on him, but you know what? i think the other folks are really going to be in trouble, because -- >> good point. >> it is election is not tomorrow. maria: yeah. >> and new hampshire in particular bacterium going door-to-door taking every single vote going to be close not over till it is over. >> on democratic side more of a dump 6 e-mails your take on hillary and prospects. >> this should not have been going on as long as it i think she got really bad advice somebody said people don't care about e-mails e-mails a drip a drip a drip people don't trust her to begin with, this is just giving them one here reason to say there is something squirrely going on here. >> we should point out cgi is
7:39 am
going on right now clinic teflon global initiative there is that part of the story around --around the clintons as well in terms of those of donations to the permission to. >> i think she has to start really leading, what she is -- i have no idea what hillary stands for i have no idea what presidential run for her looks like what does america look like under hillary why running i don't know the answer so that drug prices one thing. >> we know policies what is the master in after. >> they don't trust her has not driven in 20 years this e-mail scandal is serious in that had she said here it is i made mistake here is everything let chips fall where they may people would have said okay at least being honest. >> she hasn't been specific on plans admire wall street seems to really like her, and back her. >> that is why that is why people are going to bernie sanders, because they she is viewed as wall street's you know candidate.
7:40 am
>> i see, lee good to see you thanks. >> good to see you -- >> straight say headed expecting a triple digit gain for the dow jones industrial average at open markets headed for the worst quarter in if you're years the third quarter ends today, we will talley it up for you. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ baby -- beside me, she is there to guide me -- ♪ ♪
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7:44 am
. maria: let's look at futures expecting a good surge opening of trading stock prices take a look dow jones industrial average to open up 185 points, the s&p expected up 20 points, and the nasdaq, to open up almost 60 points 1 1/2% a very tough quarter, for the markets, dow jones industrial average, s&p 500 nasdaq down is between 8 and 9 1/2% since june, on track, for the worst quarterly performance in four years, this is the final day of third quarter, we are going to look back but, more importantly want to look ahead joining me value advisor founder and chairman and ceo, good to see you thanks for joining us, howard how do you characterize third quarter. >> challenging to say at least sitting home watching getting a sense of the market, you are looking another dow jones per se seeing s something that is
7:45 am
down in september, just a few per cent, but the reality is if you are usual looking at individual stocks, you are seeing if you look at russell 2000 growth per se, down 8%, down 17% since june, so i don't think people recognize the amount of decimation that stocks had, first started in china, it hit commodities hit emerging markets, now bleeding into consumer confidence, you are going to start to see downward movements in earnings estimates, not just for commodity sensitive companies but much more broadly the whole environment you thought could you sit back take it easy relax, stocks are going to come, flash crash they come back, crisis they come back, fiscal crisis, they come back, huge, that is not the progression here the quiet volatility is behind it. >> i want to ask what you are expecting for the next quarter and seller quarters ahead here is a number for you okay joe k, 11 trillion dollars market
7:46 am
central destruction third quarter global markets does that reverse or know losses. >> when you use zrushdestructio break a glass worth a million shatters where does money go only destruction if a sale so are transaction so my feeling is that we've had this monstrous run, if you go back to c, '09 now a serious, and -- need kind of correction, if we are going to leg up, into for another 3, 4, 5-year run, you are going to have to have pain along the way, it is never fun to take this pain. but there are are -- as howard talked about russell we manage most money in the russell 2000. maria: midcap. >> that is correct. >> painful but the sectors kind of moved in different, so area that we really are getting tattooed by technical
7:47 am
some are up 20, 30%, for the year, you know so you have big moves, probably overinflated one of the things in the money market management business there is a lot of people investing in sectors that they don't really understand. so where is the average investor go today, looking for -- >> i gave it -- the other day, i said to people -- mostly retired hardest time i can remember 30 years in business to know what to do with money. >> no, you've got to have a plan you've got get somebody to sweep a plan i am biased because we are equity manager but i think getting into good high quality equities is the best bet because, you know, we a generation now built on trying to figure out that income -- >> time to get into equities now or still a -- >> always time to get in just how -- >> where do you think -- a look at small midcap where do
7:48 am
you see quality fares sectors if you don't want to name -- >> no, no, no, i like growth okay maria is getting sick of hearing this, we are -- i told you we are never going to spend less money in our lifetime in cybersecurity never, never going to happen. >> i agree unlimited. >> we talked about this before. maria: you are right. >> we will never find names that are supportive selling arms to that race you are going to do extremely well. and it is not extremely well between now and next thursday or now and four months from now but over long term, smaller mid sized companies are also most nimble doing the best we think there will be skaggs taken out i think that is i like regional banks get into that, my point is there is always opportunities you got to be -- one of the problems investors are doing, so many retail, and institutional in sectors they didn't understand we are at a krooir war going to spend money.
7:49 am
>> howard what about you fourth quarter. >> i like airlines one place that i think there is really an opportunity, useful scene massive consolidation over the past five, six, seven years stocks have come in, the realities you are not going to see that much capacity, added to the sky as you are going to continue to go on full flights pay a lot of money for them where in fourth quarter? the fourth quarter is at some point, going to represent the real opportunity whether you decide now, down 1 or 2% down 5% the reality is we are in a terrible seasonal period that has a lot of real significance in the market you are going to get to november or maybe even just third week in october, you are going to see the tax loss selling start to abate at some point, and you are going to start to sentiment a huge contrary indicator has come down -- >> reference senator -- reference oil, energy how does that play into what you guys are doing? >> double edged sword, right.
7:50 am
>> i filled up jersey turnpike i thought guy only filled up half my tank. >> what are you doing with that money. >> very difficult thing for people that supply there but i think howard is exactly right sentiment is hugely different in that respect, it is a battle, some for being -- i know, there is some -- bargains out there people are feeling a little bit scared it is kind of you got to -- >> the oil and gas you've shot the commodities, so that sector is hugely down whether you want to decide you want to buy it for a bounce for a tax loss that is one thing, but the about beneficiaries the s consumer rest of the market also started to come down consumer sentiment started to weigh in. >> back in a moment.
7:51 am
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snievenlth. you have to weather hurricane warning for bahamas whether officials saying tropical storm joaquin could slam east coast this week, maria with the details good morning. >> good morning mara we have update for you now a hurricane strengthened into a category one hurricane very latest from national hurricane center with maximum sustained winds 75 miles per hour, currently moving towards the as we say, but we do anticipate a turn for the north the reason for that front across the eastern u.s., this system has produced significant rains across parts of the eastern u.s. as much as inches reported cross misatlantic coming down across new england flash-flood watches in effect next two days or so joaquin forecast influenced by that and turning northward the big question what does it do coming up this weekend will it make landfall
7:55 am
across eastern u.s. mid laufk or northeast we have that right now under cone of uncertainty, and joaquin could become a category two hurricane, of about weakening as it encounters stronger wind sheer because mid atlantic some models keep storm offshore important to note a lot of uncertainty with this trek we know joaquin will be responsible for a lot more heavy rain coming up this weekend, and more flooding concerns in the eastern u.s. >> all right. thanks so much scott brown sandra smith with me this morning you've got no bs backyard barbecue looking at hurricane coming at you who is committed to the barbecue us there what o. >> thank you carly coming sunday 1:00, then we have lindsey graham coming huckabee, bush rubio trump committed, so pataki on tuesday i think the 6th. >> what do you need to see at barbecue to say this is a
7:56 am
successful. >> we had minimum 180 people, so far, and anthony was jesting i have a very small backyard about size of this studio, to have all thesis people o come in i wouldn't do comes 10 to 12 media outlets no-holds barred you are given a microphone we don't know who you are what you are going to say they say is it senator, governor always a lot of activity action you grab a beer hot dog the only place in the nation, that this is happening in certainly only place in new hampshire. >> i wonder what happens between trump and marco rubio since the couple du jour. >> it is going to be very interesting i love what is happening politically the fact that donald in this election i think good rising the conversation viewer ship out of control would be in will do aredrums of center and fall if that didn't happen. >> next hour "mornings with maria" mac mclarty with us,
7:57 am
later ann romney as we discussed the names at the top of the gop polls back in a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
maria: good wednesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday september 30, final day of the third quarter once again with me this hour sandra smith former massachusetts senator scott broup fox news contributor fox news net worth dagen mcdowell fox news reporting russih diplomates odeing u.s. planes to ceasas he operations over syria russian parliament approved use of force in syria u.s. warplanes will will not economy with russian demanded coalition operations will continue over syria he willon musk busy night launching new electric car presenting first buyers of the model x with preordered vehicles taking on
8:01 am
critics who say car is too expensive tweeted only 5,000 dollars more than the model, cheaper versions of this car will come later. musk managed to get tweet out under 140 characters may not be concern for users in the future, it is reporting twitter is building a new product allowing users to tweet you using more than 140 characters, let's check markets right now expecting a big rally the opening of trading today, on this the final day of the third quarter expecting gain of about 170 points on dow jones industrial average, that is not goinging to be enough to rays losses over last three months we are looking at a sharp sell-off in the third quarter stock markets will log weakest quarterly performance four years the latest on private payrolls in 15 minutes adp report typically a market mover you've got declines for the third quarter between 8 and 9%, for the dow s&p and nasdaq, today, we are plooshgdz at a processed boy
8:02 am
ons opening of trading. >> house of representatives invoking martial la to fast track a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this week to move through house and senate before midnight timeline tonight joaquin upgraded to hurricane statistics moments ago a hurricane warning issued for the central bahamas region the storm also promoting a rainy oubt for the east coast for the rest of this week. >> ♪. >> 2 and 0. >> chopper to short -- that is how the west was won! . >> victory, los angeles dodgers are into the postseason dodgers clinched national league west division 8-30 win over san francisco giants. -- 8-0 win. >> magazinificent. >> do one more thing for me in a what do you have in mind? >> maybe disappear?
8:03 am
>> what is destroying 38-million-dollar car a jails bond film nay daily mail reporting seven specially designed aston martin cars destroyed in spokeer film due out in november, first to 2016 race for the white house before all that battle heats up between gop candidates blake berman in washington good morning. >> once again both donald trump mark o rubio did not back down when asked about their feud that is recently blossomed over past two weeks rubio questions trump's grasp on foreign policy trump called rubio a kid, and most recently, a clown. trump appeared on o'reilly factor last night rubio, an hour later on hannity here it was. >> he is weak on i am going to say, unbelievablely weak on immigration i am strong on illegals immigration other
8:04 am
things i said loudly. >> a bad week booed very few people show up to inventory tom brady said he is not endorsing donald trump despite reports, tom brady on his side now. >> there you go, trump told o'reilly he could understand where clown reference was not fine hit rubio for part of the gang of 8 on immigration trump back at it, once again, this morning, he tweeted this how the a while ago, take a look at this he said quote, i watched lightweight senator marco rubio, who is all talk and no action, defend his weak position on illegal immigration, pathetic he ends there it with an exclamation point. >> thank you so much with that, scott brown, in house today, what do you think about this tweet just came out. >> i know marco rubio one of the nicest honest hardworking young men that i know, ever. and i know his position on immigration where he stands on foreign policy i would argue
8:05 am
probable no one in senate stronger on foreign policy than marco rubio. >> what does he want to do in in terms of those of immigration. >> you have have to ask him enjoy if you get him on i can make that call but he wants to solve the immigration problem in favor of a fence does want border security is in favor of e-verification wants to make sure there is ability you are not going to deport amount of people you have as donald suggests, did he port you are not going to do that. so there is a plan, you can't just ignore it you have to do something. >> by the way, did you see that commercial sandra from carl jrz the girls if bikinis. >> i did. >> i thought it was hilarious. >> it was. no but going back he is about as juvenile as that commercial. >> donald trump. >> do that once -- [laughter] >>. >> women volleyball players if
8:06 am
you seen them there incredible about athletics. >> volleyball on texas mexican border. >> best permissivot in political hitter permissive oft the away from jove sexual assault over ad back to fine young ladies athletics. >> i did not think was hamburger commercial. >> a bikini i like it latest at aboutch from private server hillary clinton used as secretary of state to be released former white house chief of staff under bill clinton with us today good to see. >> you good to be here. >> this could mean more trouble for hillary as she said it drip, drip, drip, is not going away now. >> -- one of the last khatted i said about a low graded would take a while to work through this what we're seeing do i think, her interview, on
8:07 am
"meet the press" was a good one, so i think she is beginning to move through it but i think, you've got to get this information out there, i think that is what we're seeing. >> you were at cgi did you feel different tone i've been at cgi a lot of years used to cover it was there a different tone this year given the sort of attacks on the foundation, and at the e-mail scandal. >> not really it was more focused on the issues of the day, of course, secretary clinton did not participate in any expected that she would, but i don't think there was a different tone in that sense, probably a little more focus on the issues less on politics perhaps. >> if justice department comes occupant said fbi says there is a problem she gets indicted then what -- >> i think that is a lot of if's senator broub i think she has to deal with this issue get past it because it -- >> how do you -- >> i think deny it ignore, are
8:08 am
-- at what point does she say i screwed up made a mistake released everything really released everything what point do we get the truth. >> i think she has said that i think she has basically said, this was not a good is asking causing complications distraction let process work until something really there to make an issue of to discuss, i think all of this is speculation but i think it will continue i think will continue to be a distraction for her from time to time in the campaign. >> what do you make of bill clinton trying to come to her defense. >> i think that is pretty natural in a for a husband to come to his wife's defense or vice versa. >> do you think we will see more on campaign trail. >> i think you will see himtive in is for, but i think it will be her campaign as i said before. >> what about teamsters withholding endorsement at least this point requesting a meeting with mr. trump?
8:09 am
>> well i think. >> it was a snub, come on. >> well i think they have a record of kind of being different in different place than a at the end of the day second clinton will be strong with unions it is early in the race going to see a lot of back and forth, i don't about the -- trump. >> he is really dangerous, for both sides. >> dangerous for everybody. >> both viewers and voters. >> he is created unusual dynamic whether it will stawill sustain another story. >> i find it interesting unions supporting clinton against keystone pipeline supportive of the trade agreements that translasik agreement rubber-stamp support candidates against interests to create more jobs for the union members steelworkers everyone else, find it fascinateing. >> i am in a different place
8:10 am
both issues i am for keystone pipeline for ppp, do i think secretary clinton had a long record of supporting middle class income i think that plays well. >> archeological out in favor of reappealing the cadillac health care tax goes into effect 2018, along with something a lot of republicans want that is a -- >> hello. >> a hello to the unions. >> it is no-brainer but i think a number have not taken a position on cadillac tax are against a it. >> irstepping on something important because you say you are in favor of the key sfoen pipeline you obviously worked with bill clinton so long, issued a hillary on the other side feels like she is going against her husband's policies, and really moving left, much more so than he did. >> is that fair statement. >> i think that is a bit overstated, i think her record as a scenario and secretary of state in center is she going to have different positions than husband on certain issues certainly she will this will be her campaign her presidency if elected. >> a different kind of place
8:11 am
-- >> bernie sanders associater issue socialist. >> do you think biden enters the race. >> my sense is i know vice president reasonably well like and respect him a great deal my acceptance is he is more seriously considering it with each passing day, i still think at the at the end of the day, he will decide not to reason i but that is pure speculation on my part. >> that is a tough choice for a a number of democrats so he. >> still emotional -- after loss of his son beau who was a wonderful human being. >> pressure your time mac mclarty news alert joaquin upgraded to category one hurricane winds 5 miles an hour a hurricane warning issued for the bahamas, east coast is bracing for heavy rain the rest of the week stay with us we will be right back. ♪ ♪
8:12 am
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more with your score at credit . latest reading on private-sector jobs growth out mom tarly consensus calls for additional 194,000 jobs, to have been created for the month of sociopath now the expectations 200,000 is the number, 200,000 jobs created month of september according to adp slightly better than expectation, and it leads you to question sandra smith whether or not this leads to an interest rate increase in october or december, because numbers are certainly better than we were looking at slightly better. >> told that you say they are watching those numbers, so the better numbers are, the question is the more likelihood will they be to ray of rates the december one they have the press conference, 182.gain futures doesn't indicate markets are overjoyed about this this is pretty much in line with the expectation of 1794,000 -- 194,000 jobs
8:16 am
growth the big government jobs' report will be key as well, but this is this is in line with expectation, the market still this is still triple digit gain on dow futures setting up for a really positive. >> the job creation has been in construction, has been in professional services, it has been in health care, august was revised downward down 4,000 from where it is you have job derision dagen out there not as the level as one would expect this point in the cycle knew see weakness, of course, cuts in energy sector we heard about chesapeake cutting jobs has weighed on overall growth year to date through august, we are running about 200,000 jobs this is a government jobs' report less than we were during the same months last year, 1 -- almost 1.7 versus 1.9, one year ago so there is a little bit of weakness but still enough strength to help markets have fed move. >> housing concerned about housing housing starts housing
8:17 am
growth that is a good indicator, referenced, couple days ago, that is flat, and down, and deep concern about where that is going. maria: are i was provide janet yellen was as negative as she was on housing, that was oicht dd. >> we've seen seem improvement but she does not think you are seeing a recovery. >> lack of certainty out there people just don't know what to do individual investors like the regular person watching don't know what they are going to do with money, literally on sidelines cash heavy waiting the see who next president is a pro business or socialist like bernie sanders there is so much uncertainty now hurting our economy. >> it really is the factor is real jobs in america this friday to september jobs' report from labor department friday, 8:00 a.m. eastern right here fox business infectious facebook announces first live sports simulcast one of the biggest stars
8:18 am
details next on the fox business network stay would you say stay with us. lasik.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
. high alert louisiana after local authorities accidental released a conflicted killer cheryl casone the story plog my mind all morning. cheryl: so crazy, this morning, manhunt going on o for conflicted killer johnson officials zlenlt set him free nine days ago according to officials had no idea johnson was released until residents off baton rouge spotted him on run blamed on poor communications between agency and didn't realize he was
8:22 am
gone. we are watching this story for you have seen video, fast-food chain call chain, jr., taking on donald trump nimgs dean new commercial hot and spicy tex-mex hamburger appears to be a wall between u.s. and mexico. >> the nba, mentioned earlier nba teenage up with facebook first live sportscast featuring lebron james clevela cavaliers you had a full conversation about this about how everything is chang seem pln facebook what they are doing with media. >> looking at it as a vehicle, to promote programming not looking at facebook yet as a competitor to live sportscasting that is why, in bought olympics they think they are going to have that
8:23 am
live sports programming, no competition. >> all about sports. >> all about sports take that, that is -- >> the man on set leaning in during that commercial -- i wondered if any models are represented by trump the trump modeling agency, wouldn't that be -- >> twist. >> right about sports one area you can actually have live programming, and people don't want to -- >> people want to check out tired of dealing with reality sports is a nice escape you had a lot of what is heaping with fantasy leagues ib taking off huge money for the entities and some individuals. so it is going to be kind of -- >> what facebook is doing versus what twitter is doing a huge diversion between the two, twitter is great for quick information on something but facebook seems dominating, social media, as making a
8:24 am
walled garred tony get all kinds of of stuff. >> -- >> they are going for every viewer every person, to get involved in what in their space, sell advertising that is dollars. >> passed around bad information i can't tell you how many stories people told me i am like what is that did you hear that. >> like facebook, i am like -- that story is 6 years old. >> reporters using sources as primary news sources now. i don't know if a good thing. >> thank you. >> straight ahead ann romney will share details of police on campaign trail, and an romney coming up inlz out of mccowan international airport in texas earn a eagle plane tilted to side landing dipping wing on runway no injuries reported airline is investigating this is a live picture. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> good morning, everybody, happy wednesday, i'm maria bartiromo. welcome back.
8:28 am
it's wednesday, september 30th. elon musk, busy overnight. the tesla boss launching the newest car, the model x suv. and talking through the knew car features and presenting the first with their ordered vehicles. and tweeted out only $5,000 more than the model s and futures cars will come out later on. a pretty strong start to the stock market. take a look where we stand. it's the final day of the third quarter. and a look at equities. it's not enough to erase the terrible quarter that was the third quarter for the broader averages. the dow jones industrial average expected to open up about 200 points today. s&p and nasdaq up and nasdaq opening up 60 points. and declines between 8 and 9 1/2% since june.
8:29 am
joaquin has been upgraded. and a hurricane has warning for been issued for the bahamas and the east coast is bracing for heavy rains the west of this week. >> 2-0, a chopper to short. and that's how the west was won! . maria: yes, that's a look at victory. the l.a. dodgers are in post-season, clinching the west over the giants. the republican race on the republican side has been wild so far with outsiders taking the lead in the polls. what does the establishment think? joining us now is ann romney, the author of "in this together, my story", ann, it's great to have you on the program. >> thanks, maria. maria: you know what i like about this book, you take us into your home, raising five boys and a family which is going through the ups and downs
8:30 am
at any other family would, but of course, then you had a terrible diagnosis, talk to us about why you wrote this book. >> well, while i was on the campaign trail there were thousands of people come that would come to me suffering not necessarily from ms, but from other things and i think they knew that i had gone through the vulnerable stages and painful stages, the place where you really get crushed and then i had somehow come out the other end and i kept telling people, i will be there for you and i will do something once-- it was a promise i made to myself when i saw all of these people and by the way, i don't like to write so this was hard for me. and yet, it's an honest description of how low you can get with a diagnosis that i had and how depressing it is and i went into a deep depression. and i wanted to share that and let people know that you don't have to stay there, that there is hope and it's a book of hope.
8:31 am
>> and when you were at your lowest depression, you had your husband there, mitt, who says it doesn't matter what happens, we're in this together and i'm going to be there, wheeling that wheelchair if that's what it comes down to? >> it was wonderful to have that support which he allowed me to be sick and allowed me to figure out strategies how to get better. he was emotionally very supportive, as were my children. it's a journey of in this together, beyond my husband and my relationship, we're in this together, all of us, no matter how long we live, we will have something in our life that will really bring us to our knees and at that moment, you have to know that other people suffer as well and for me it broke my heart open and gave me more compassion for those suffering and you know, we are in this together, all of us that are travelling the earth. we're in this together and
8:32 am
there are hard things that happen in life. >> it's such a tough period and i want to talk about the side effects and what you did to get through it. our viewers want to figure out where we are in this disease as well. let me switch gears to get your take on the political season right now because i guess, do you feel like you're the establishment? >> i certainly don't because i feel like mitt is also an outsider. maria: i think you're right. >> he was going to be the guy that probably would have shaken up washington d.c. if he'd gotten in there. i think he would have restructured government, i think he would have tried to minimize the impact how washington is. nothing has changed in our government since it was first for formed and you know, models in business have to be changed to be competitive. he looked at the united states of america as a competition, who were our competitors, russia, geopolitically, russia.
8:33 am
who are the other competitors? radical jihad and all of that that was going on. who is another competitor? china. so he was looking at it as a structure of the united states trying to make the united states stay strong and competitive. with these other strategies, he says, by the way, free democracy does not have to be the thing that's going to rule the world for the next century unless we modify and change and get competitive with some of these things going on and as you can see, putin is, man, he's --. maria: you're right, because i think mitt romney he thinks med putin, i mean, unsolicited. he came out and said, look, you know, this is what's happening in russia, we need to be careful. i would be much tougher with putin and since he said that, it's only running true. >> yeah. maria: so he was among the first to really point that out and he was obviously absolutely right about that and among other things, but as you see the campaign taking shape and you see all of these outsiders in the led like donald trump
8:34 am
and ben carson and carly fiorina? what do you think about it? >> i think it's a sentiment, i don't think it's necessarily a specific candidate right now, i think it's a sentiment and the sentiment is we are frustrated, we are fed up, and we want change and we want someone outside the system. you know, they want a bull in the china shop, look what's going on here. we want someone to come in and make things work. it's a sentiment and a mood. i think as we get closer we'll look who has the right temperament, the right background and experience, right now i wouldn't put too much on the individual, but more on the sentiment. maria: particularly since you look the a the last cycle where we were at this time. you had people like herman cain in the lead and rudy guiliani and everything changed dramatically. the truth is when the next person does take the lead as running the greatest country in the world, we are going to see real issues that that person
8:35 am
has to deal with, like the iran deal. you know, that's part of the upset. people are looking at things happening that they didn't agree with. >> there's a frustration, no question about it. and these things are difficult to understand in sound bites. i mean, there's so much nuance to something like the iran deal. at the same time, we, i think, feel that we're giving away too much. that we're weaker, that we're being taken advantage of and i think those sentiments are pretty real. i think they look at someone like a putin and say, he's playing chess. we're playing checkers. i think that's why mitt could play chess and why people are like, uncomfortable with what's going on. i think that we feel like we're selling the store and giving away too much. maria: given the sentiments, do you wish he did in fact run this time around? i think people look back at the
8:36 am
last run and say, he was right on a lot of issues. >> there's no question that mitt would make a great president. we made the decision in january. we thought about it twor 20 seconds and chose not to get involved and mitt and i look at each other, we're having so much fun. our life is wonderful. there's no request he he would be a good president, but we made the decision not to get involved. maria: it took you 20 seconds? >> 20 seconds. maria: in terms of multiple sclerosis, what are the side effects? where are we in terms of cures and dealing with the disease? what do we know? >> thr two types of muscle sclerosis, relaxing and progressive. there's no drug to treat progressive. it's very difficult to treat.
8:37 am
i'm running an ann romney center, we're studying not just multiple sclerosis, als, alzheimer's, parkinson's. we're making enormous breakthroughs. they're working on a drug for alzheimer's, a nasal vaccine for alzheimer's, we are working on for the very first time a treatment for als. so, things are happening in the noi noiro-- neurosciences they've had a back seat to the other diseases heart and lung. the neurosciences, it's absolutely time to make break throughs and we have the dying knows it i can tools-- we have the diagnostic tools, and we'll accelerate the
8:38 am
research and bring more treatment and cures. maria: i totally agree with you. i think we are at the huge doorstep of the brain, whether it be autism and alzheimer's. we've mapped the genome and for a time we were focused on heart disease, diabetes, cance but now we're right in front of this revolution when it comes to the brain and learning much more than we ever had. >> honestly, there are things coming and happening in the lab which we know take years before we have treatments, but it's there. i see what's happening in the research, it's very exciting time. maria: quick, who do you think will be the president of this country? what does your gut tell you? >> what does my gut tell me? i really haven't thought about who our nominee will be. i i cannot decide who our nominee will be, but i expect that we're not going to have a third term of the obama administration. so, i expect that the republican, whoever that nominee will be, will have a very good chance.
8:39 am
maria: and great to have you on the program. great book. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: ann romney "in this together", the tensions between r russia and syria, as russia began air strikes. back in a minute. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened? well, it all started with my free credit score from credit they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app.
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>> welcome back, breaking news, a senior official says that russian war planes have begun air strikes against
8:43 am
syrian opposition fighters roughly 60 miles east of a russian naval facility. a couple of russian bombers carried out the strike, according to a twitter handle belonging to the syrian government the russians strikes were initiated at the request of syrian president assad. this is following donald trump on the o'reilly factor and he expressed how he feels about russia's growing presence, listen to this. >> we spent 2 trillion dollars, thousands of lives and wounded warriors, and puting is taking over what we started and going into syrian and he wants to fight isis and that's a wonderful thing. and everybody says it's terrible. if he wants to fight isis, he can fight isis. >> so russia is playing chess and we're playing checkers. and to think that the military
8:44 am
is telling us, this is not going to end well. we have two different policies going on in the region and the fact that russia is there spreading their wings and beating their chest, we know that putin and obama don't like each other. i don't think this ends well at all and i think we'll be taking a major step back in that region and russia and others are going to fill that void. dagen: they already have. we've been in retreat and created a vacuum. it was quietly understood, was it not, if we did this deal with iran, then iran and russia would play ball with us in syria and that's not happening. at the same time in afghanistan, taken about the taliban, we're pulling troops out of there, another, another mess for the united states. sandra: how about money spent and where it left us. >> we've got five people to help us fight isis and syria with the amount of money we spend it's unbelievable and it started in syria when he drew that line and did nothing.
8:45 am
you ask, even alan dershowitz was here and he noted that time period as well. when you don't do something and step back, america is a country and power for good. when we're not there, others fill the void. maria: and that's when, about the time that many of our international friends in the middle east said there's a red line and did nothing about it and now the other middle eastern friend don't trust us. >> the allies don't trust us and foes don't fear us. maria: it's interesting john kerry says we don't have to do anything about assad. after don trump said it, john kerry said it. >> tell him to go for another bike ride. maria: you're watching retailers next? >> indeed, two key retailers and that's ralph lauren and the gap, the preppy wear, the wild west wear of ralph lauren, he's stepping down in his role as chief executive.
8:46 am
he has steven larson coming in the president of old navy. old navy is a subsidiary of the gap. polo ralph lauren gets a pop as he steps down from that role and ralph lauren up 4% and gap down 7%. maria: thank you so much. don't forget to start your day every weekday with nicole and lauren simoniety. catch it here before mornings with maria. it looks like it's going to be wet on the east coast. so that would be hurricane joaquin, we'll head to the weather center as soon as we get back. stays with us.
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>> joaquin has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. fox meteorologist maria molina in the weather center. good morning. >> hi, we now have hurricane category 1 joaquin. maximum wind at 75 miles per hour. and the storm is moving and itle intensify through the atlantic and the warm water. it's expected to move northward. the reason, we have a trough across the u.s. and responsible for a lot of heavy rain out here, flooding. reports of more than six inches of rain in some locations and we have flash flood watches in effect across new england. regardless of the exact track of joaquin over the next several days, we expect it to produce a lot of heavy rain and enhance that rainfall across the u.s. come this weekend some areas
8:51 am
could expect well over 6 inches of rainfall. the cone of uncertainty, forecast to become a category 2 hurricane later this week or into this weekend and then parts of the mid atlantic, we are including that region in the forecast cone of uncertainty. a lot of us are empty in terms of where the storm is going to go in the long-term and we'll keep blocking the storm system, again, flooding continues to be the big story in the eastern u.s. over the next several days, maria. maria: thank you very much. we'll be watching, maria molina. joining us right now is pga hall-of-famer jack nicholas and stan gail live at the club at crighton farms near leesburg, virginia. >> hi, maria. maria: congratulations to you. stan, tell us about golf expansion. >> golf expansion.
8:52 am
maria: into asia. >> we were asked to build a new international city in south korea. about 15 years ago we were given the assignment to build a new international city compared to singapore and to build it and develop it with the amenities to track business to south korea. one of the key ven yours in our mind off the bat, golf is a venue for business. who better than jack nicholas himself to design, the greatest player in the world and now the greatest designer in the world to join us in this endeavor. maria: i love it. jack, it's an honor, it has to be, to have the president cup in your course in south korea? >> the golf course, when we started there in 2007 hitting
8:53 am
the golf ball out there with the mayor of inchin. and it was an open field of filled land. today there's over 100 skyscrapers, there, it's got a central park similar to downtown manhattan. we have the privilege to hold the first president's cup in asia. it's a nice honor, and it will bring players from all over the worrell and a lot of economic impact on the city, a little over 60 million and it will be seen by a billion people all around the world. so it's fairly important and i think that it's been significant over the last few years where the president's can you be is played in many, different places. >> hi, jack, scott brown. what does the time frame and what is the cost impact for this area and for golf in general?
8:54 am
>> well, i think that the president's cup, as it the ryder cup, both events promote international golf and promotes the game of golf. the economic impact, when we have the last one in scottland, an impact on the citiment the and about the same in songo and it's-- but the growth for the game around the world is what the impact is really going to be and it's-- it's really great for the game of goffin a-- golf and it's great for the city. >> it's priceless with the greatest golfers in the world. sandra: i think a couple of us are golfers on the stage right now. it is sandra smith. mr. nicholas, it's an absolute honor to talk to you. looking at the field, i'm
8:55 am
sorry, i'm getting right to the players, you've had the young guard coming for-- you've got jason day, at the top of the ranks now, rory mcilroy is in the mix there, jordan spieth. what do you make of the young enm who have really been rising through the ranks and dominating the game of golf now? >> well, you know, i sort of -- i look back and i look at how snead, hogan and nelson were sort of the forerunners for us, for arnold, gary, myself, watson, trevino. and when jordan spieth won the fedex cup last week, he won $22 million this year. i look back on it, and that's-- that's four and a half times my lifetime earnings in one year. sandra: wow. >> and i have to say--
8:56 am
where the came of golf has gone. jason day from australia, and rory mcilroy from ireland and seeing how they can make a great living playing golf. maria: jack, appreciate your time this morning, we'll see you soon, guys. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. try the superior hold...
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fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. >> we're about 30 mince minutes away from the opening bell. and the biggest story from your standpoint. sandra: watching the markets right now, oil keeps-- continues to be a big story. jobs number, a little better than expected and the government's jobs report is a big one to watch for including energy. maria: on friday. >> the u.s. conflict is not easier and i think we'll have a world conflict coming up.
9:00 am
maria: russia is telling us what to do. >> yeah, that's great. >> and confidence to understand. maria: we have a stronger market. thank you, so appreciate it, sandra smith, as well as scott brown. stuart varney, have a great show. stuart: thank you, maria. obama humiliated. russia tells america get out of syria. good morning, everyone. it came overnight, the demand that u.s. war planes stop overflights in syria immediately and russia's parliament okays sending troops there. stuart: it's a takeover, it's a potential military confrontation, an aggressive putin changed mideast power and russian air strikes in syria have begun. got it. there's big news on the domestic political front as well. the teamsters decline to en


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