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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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. stuart: my time is completely up. so i will hand tout very capable hands of neil cavuto. neil: thank you very much, stuart, there is another dramatic story developing, we might get confirmation within the next couple of hours. it is this, sheldon adelson is about, we are told to put his chips behind one marco rubio. politico and a host of other sites including bloomberg reporting what we have been intimating that adelson set his sights on the young republican as the best bet for the republicans to reclaim the white house. this guy claims considerable weight. he spent better than $100
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million in the last presidential contest and early supporter of newt gingrich. that went nowhere fast. rubio could be another story. jamie weinstein on the quick moving developments. what do we know? >> reporter: the report is sheldon adelson, all the candidates have been courting, going to the jewish coalition event in april that he hosted at the venetian hotel to get sheldon adelson behind him with, him carries big bucks for the super pacs. if it is true he is supporting marco rubio, that will be big for rubio. you can be assured his super pac will never be want for money. that could be a boost for his campaign, which has not been a top-tier fund-raiser like jeb bush's campaign or ted cruz's campaign. with sheldon adelson behind the super pac, that changes things dramatically. neil: could push a couple
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undecided billionaires into the pac. i'm told a very big fan of rubios and charles schwab. are we hearing whether this forms a trifecta for rubio, what? >> we have no confirmation of it yet, and see how things materialize. it makes all the sense in the world. look who's standing in this race. marco rubio's demonstrated from a foreign policy perspective important to sheldon adelson and paul singer, he is the most conversant on the issues, pro-israel which is important to sheldon adelson and paul singer, makes all the sense in the world that they will get behind marco rubio who has a shot at winning the nomination and could compete in the general election. neil: this is conjecture, following up on indications that marco rubio has got early support and favored status, sheldon adelson, you might recall had a meet-and-greet with all the prominent
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candidates, winnowed that down to half a dozen candidates, winnowed that down to three candidates and agreed, we are told on one americao rubio as the best boat to -- bet to put his money. if other billionaires like paul singer and charles schwab get off the dime and throw a lot of dimes to pacs that would be sympathetic and supportive of to marco rubio. all of this ahead of the democratic debate tonight. back to donald trump who say these prove the candidates need to be in the hip possibilities of billionaires who doll bidding. donald trump will be detailing that with me later today as my special guest on fox news at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. trump is considering a possible running mate, charlie gasparino, not charlie gasparino, but gasparino, wouldn't that be interesting? >> you're fired!
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>> what are you hearing, charles. >> do you have me out here in siberia because you don't like my imitation of donald. neil: no, it's just that i don't like you, go ahead, what are you hearing. >> i've been told by a source close to the rubio fund-raising apparatis. this is not a done deal. a lot of conflicts between who's running the rubio campaign and adelson, interlocking business interests. neil: that word had come to pass, you are right we laid out the caveats, but do you get a sense that would be a game-changer? let's face it, adelson poured a lot of money into newt gingrich and that fled out. >> we're in a different environment this year as opposed to other years where nontraditional candidates where, rubio is in the traditional side, nontraditional candidates are
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appealing more to the gop base. in the past it was never a lock that you get a lot of money or big benefactor and definitely not a lock this time. i will say this about adelson, no one i know inside the fund-raising apparatus of the rubio campaign, there are tension among players with adelson and hold off. i'm not saying it's not going to happen, people would have to put aside grudges, we can talk about that later. getting back to this, simply, this neil, when privately, apparently, donald trump and i know you are going to have donald on the air later on, notwithstanding my lousy impersonation of him. neil: which i will ask him about. >> can't wait. in any event, he privately says nice things about john kasich leading to speculation that at some point he's going to want to -- he would like him as a vice presidential candidate. here's all the caveats. we talked to the trump
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campaign, he's not having the detailed conversations right now. they didn't deny he likes kasich. kasich, you need two to tango, he's running for president himself. i don't know what personality conflicts would be between john kasich and donald trump to make this work. neil: the fact he's from ohio, a must-win state, a very popular state. he hasn't polled there very well, but that it would be a must pickup for republicans. >> not only that, john kasich is a serious, serious guy, a good campaigner, he is an extremely accomplished politician. he's good on the stump, pretty good on the stump and, you know, he'd be a good counterbalance for donald. but you know, like i said, this is just behind the scene chitchatting, donald thinks he's a nice guy, likes him, one of the few guys he hasn't beat up on. neil: this is very, very early,
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you can make machinations that kasich on anyone's ticket is a good idea. >> kasich-rubio. neil: you've heard the different pairings. interesting. >> this is how it's playing out, and i can't wait for your donald interview, because i want to see if he fires me over my imitation of him. neil: probably would, and i highly recommend it. by the way, we were talking about donald trump and what he thought of the rumors that sheldon adelson could be on the verge of supporting marco rubio. suzanna do we have the tweet? tonight -- i want to show it. it would be like you're in the hip pocket of the gazillionaires. do we have it -- and i agree. [ laughter ] >> that tells where you donald is coming from, right, charlie? >> you know, that's what's great about donald, he doesn't hold back. neil: kind of like you. kind of like you. >> i'm not running for president, though. so when you don't hold back
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when running for president. i have to admit and you have to admit, i agree with him on some stuff a lot, he's refreshing. neil: absolutely. as are you, my friend, in small doses. >> that's why i'm sitting up here. i know. neil: thank you, charlie gasparino. now to the other development in las vegas we're following. i think there's a debate among the democratic candidates. here's what's interesting. on the eve of the debate take a look where hillary clinton stands. while she is still the leader among democratic contenders vying for everyone's attention tonight paired against the top four republicans, she is losing. take a quick look at that. against ben carson, donald trump, jeb, but -- jeb bush, carly fiorina, take a look how joe biden fares. not in the race, not going to be in the debate. he beats them all. what does that mean? hard to tell. causing shockwaves in sin city. blake burman with the latest from there.
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hi, blake. >> reporter: not the headlines hillary clinton probable leapts in the hours leading up to the first democratic presidential debate at wynn hotel behind me. later tonight. this is most certainly a mixed bag for clinton. you went into it there, take a deeper dive into it. clinton received roughly 45% support in the democratic primary. the primary is the good news for hillary clinton. 45% support among democrats. bernie sanders at 25, joe biden at 19. clinton is the overwhelming favorite in the primary. you can combine sanders with biden and doesn't match up to clinton, though the 45 is down from earlier this summer and from march when she announced. the primary, the good news. here's where things get interesting. when paired up against dr. ben carson, donald trump, jeb bush, carly fiorina, down 11 to carson, 5 to trump, 4 to bush, 3 to fiorina, only hits 39 and
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40%. these are not in the race, all up against hypotheticals, biden runs much better against republicans. against trump up 13. bush up 5. fiorina up 4. carson 4, and hits 46, 46, 46 and 50. so if you're joe biden tonight who is not going to be at this debate as far as everything that we know, and who's not officially in the race as of yet, you look at numbers, neil, and you certainly might take an extra glance at it. neil: would be tempting, it would be tempting. thank you very much. blake burman in sin city, las vegas, the scene of the first democratic presidential debate. lot of people wondering how many are going to watch? you have the mets and dodgers playing tonight. a lot of distractions. so they've already previewed the fact that it probably won't break ratings records. you never know. don peebles is here, he's one of the adult fair and balanced.
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he's a democrat, big obama fund-raiser, but open and has been a fan of jeb bush. so he's pragmatic about these things, famously for wanting to move the ball forward. good to see you, my friend. >> good to see you, neil. >> the poll developments are shocking, for hillary clinton would you worry that now donald trump, who used to say it would be a joke is now leading it. >> there is concern for her, she's getting more and more pull to the left because of the primary fight because she can't allow sanders to get closer and joe biden looming over here. neil: joe bidened leads against the same people he loses to. >> he has a challenge to wing the nomination. that's looming over her, pushing her very far to the left. >> you are a big obama fund-raiser. when you talk to your fund-raising buddies of both parties, and you know them all, are they leery when they see
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numbers like that? hillary has a big arsenal but we're getting anxious? >> people are concerned, there's a kind of a pull because a lot of people who were supportive of the president support joe biden. and they like joe biden as a human being. neil: is that universal? i hear that left to their own devices, they would not want hillary in the race, they would joe. >> i think a lot of people would like to see biden. hillary has a lot of support as well. remember, when obama won the nomination, her fund-raisers came on board to help us raise money for the general election, and they were very, very supportive, and so there's a lot of support for hillary clinton and the democratic primary and the democratic party, and that's going to be the challenge. i think if joe biden makes a decision not to enter the race, her numbers will go up because it's the choice is her or bernie sanders and i don't think anyone in this country thinks bernie sanders is electable as president.
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neil: now bill de blasio, the mayor of this fine city is going to have a forum where he wants to invite progressive candidates to talk up the issues. i think bernie sanders has accepted, martin o'malley accepted. hillary clinton has not. seeing as he was a former campaign manager for her, was a big backer for her, has run way from her. what do you make of that? fatal to go to an event where he's more like a benedict arnold to her? >> i don't know why she would go an event bill de blasio is hosting at all. bill de blasio has no business being in iowa he has work to do in new york city. neil: you are critical against that. you ran against him as a democrat. >> it's things like this that make me more likely to run. what's the mayor of our city doing in iowa? he said -- i read today's paper, he indicated he doesn't want to be the pothole mayor, he wants to be the mayor of
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affordable housing and only proposing to build 8,000 affordable housing units per year. it's mediocre goals and he's a self-appointed leader of whatever the progressive movement is. neil: ancillary? that group, or no? >> his group is small because it doesn't include african-americans. neil: you were at a party the other night, michael faulkner, the harlem pastor, running as a republican against de blasio. hakim jefferies, new york representative is looking at challenging him within the democratic party. there's going to be a lot of people challenging him. >> i don't think so. if i chose to run against bill de blasio in the democratic primary, it would just be the two of us most likely. and if i don't run, i don't believe he will have a significant challenger.
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he may get a secondary challenger, but the democratic party is so driven by unions and the liberal side, and they've got their mayor, they've got bill de blasio, rolled over for the unions every chance he can get. he has not found a union contract he doesn't like. he pix the unions over the students of the charter school fight and not a proponent of minority, women owned businesses. he's anti-business, they've got their mayor, it's hard for anyone who does not have the capacity to go independent of the traditional democratic support to fight him. neil: he'll announce on the show one way or the other. >> one way or the other. neil: good to see you. thank you very much. i didn't want to interrupt him. we're getting word there was a near collision among pilots over syria. united states pilots, air force pilots were within eye sight of russian pilots striking the syrian skies. we don't have any more details than that.
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it would be the second such near collision in as many weeks over those skies. remember, there are no air traffic controllers monitoring the skies between american sorties and russian sorties going on. it is a mess. if that is to be believed, it's getting to be a bigger mess. we'll take up the dow right now. not budging that much but are getting underpinnings that are pretty promising, we hope. johnson & johnson among them with better-than-expected numbers and announcing that it's going to buy back 10 million dollars worth of shares. normally that's good for a stock. today, not so much. we'll explore that after this.
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. neil: all right, i know this isn't a big gain, but it's a gain, if it holds, any plus
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sign would be eight straight advancing days for the dow. lot of catalysts for that. not the least of which the companies that come out when the companies announce they buy back stock to the tune of 10 million dollars, that gets attention. johnson & johnson on that. gerri willis whether this is not a bad thing or a different kind of thing. >> i don't think it's all that bullish, i'll tell you why. the company announced a horrible quarter, earnings down 29%. neil: but it is better than what they thought. >> don't look at the hand. and as a matter of fact, the stock premarket went down. neil: and right now it's not doing much. but i guess they ratcheted all the expectations down, that's the game the guys are playing. >> yes. neil: if you beat the lower expectations, you are off to the races, obviously j&j is not yet, what do you make of what they're warning about? >> it's a strong dollar, that hurts earnings, not much they can do about that. you look at the mergers.
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the big beer merger announced today. that's not offensive, it's defensive, right? these companies are trying to protect themselves from the fact that beer sales are declining in a lot of developed countries. 104 billion dollars. neil: either defensively or out of worry, they're plunking down a lot of money. >> they are, you know why? it's cheap. neil: yeah. >> rates are so super low, look, you and i could fog a mirror and get a loan, right? neil: are they taking advantage of something they don't think will last too long, the low rates. >> let's get in while the getting's good, make sure we have the products we want to have, the future don't look so good and you know fourth-quarter earnings look like they could be negative here. neil: this one when all is said and done for the fourth quarter, a contraction of 4%. we're getting interesting insight on the russian jets that came within visual range
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of some of our folks over the syrian skies, that nothing to worry about, but it happened on saturday but it is the second time that it happened over the course of 8 days. remember, we get these on a delayed basis, when you can see the other guy in the other plane that is generally not promising. if it happened to you, you land at an airport you would be concerned or pass another plane as you fly, these guys are flying at the speed of sound, it doesn't take much to cause accidents, and by the way, there is no air traffic control over syrian skies saying this mig is cleared right now. you can strife right after them. no such thing. we'll have the latest on what military folks are worried about later in the broadcast. in the meantime, i want to tell you about jeb bush. he's getting in a lot of dustup over donald trump whether one questioner, one questioner who took donald trump down was a plant. now his campaign is saying no.
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donald trump, no doubt plans to tell me later on today, he has his doubts. but in the middle of that we have jeb bush with a plan to fix obamacare by replacing it with something he says is better. give this guy kudos for coming up with plans. unfortunately they have not helped him in the polls. more after this. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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i' . >> there's no way to fix this, to be honest with you. you can't fix something that's a failure from the start. i will work immediately to repeal and replace obamacare with a system that looks like the successful enterprises and successful systems of our great country. neil: give jeb bush credit for this much. comes out with tax policy, and repealing health care, temporary replacement for as they come up with ways to offer his alternative plan. it hasn't helped him in the polls, take a look what we're seeing with the former florida
12:27 pm
governor, he's up from where he was but not really moving that much, and even in his home state of florida. that is a concern. the latest developments that we told you about that sheldon adelson might plunk millions down on one marco rubio has to be unsettles. when it comes to the former governor's plan to repeal obamacare, at least he does have a plan, rebecca, the question is, is it enough to move the needle? what do you think? >> the problem with policy and polling, neil, is that oftentimes you see candidates roll out policy plans and they're interesting, they're one piece of a large puzzle. but a single plan usually doesn't move voters very far in one direction or the other there. might be exceptions, donald trump got a lot of attention when he rolled out his immigration reform plan and for good reason. it was a little unconventional. and he tends to draw more media
12:28 pm
attention than the other candidates. for jeb bush this is one more piece of a broader policy platform, and really just shows him as an adult in the room, a more sobered candidate. neil: that's what people are counting on, right? when you get over the infatuation of the other candidates be it donald trump or ben carson, to a lesser extent carly fiorina, people come back to him, what do you make of that? >> exactly. that's exactly the plan. his team does think that eventually people want a more conventional presidential candidate, someone who has detailed policy proposals, who has a detailed plan to replace the president's health care plan. and we're starting to see a lot of overlap in the policy plans being rolled out by the presidential candidates on the republican side. marco rubio and scott walker pushed for the same things jeb bush is pushing for now on health care, and i think republican voters will see that as good momentum in the right
12:29 pm
direction. neil: what do you think is hurting his campaign thus far? you talk about a donald trump, we chat about this before, who sucked the oxygen out of the room. but he's almost too wonky. i don't know if there's such a thing, can there be? >> that can be part of the problem, i wouldn't look at marco rubio and say the same thing though his campaign focused on policy to a large extent as well. neil: you're right. >> i think with jeb bush he hasn't captured the imagination of voters that his campaign would have liked. he lacks that same charisma as a marco rubio. neil: but would a developer like sheldon adelson or big money backer plunking chips on marco rubio be devastating to governor bush? >> it would be a pretty big deal, absolutely. i mean sheldon adelson is one donor and, of course he backed newt gingrich in the last election, that didn't turn out so well for newt gingrich. neil: good point. >> it's important indication
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where the momentum is in the republican party, and we're seeing obviously jeb bush started this race as the favorite among republican donors, and we're seeing a little bit of a deflation, i guess in the energy that he had early on. and part of that is because he really isn't capturing the momentum that people expected, and part of that is there is fatal flaws in his campaign that he'll never be able to overcome. his last name is an example, and the style he has on the campaign trail. both of those are big problems. neil: can't run away from from that name. i say milk it. you can't pretend you are someone else. don't run away from what who you are. we told you about near-miss moment. we're up about 57 cents to just shy of 48 bucks a barrel. so what's winning it out here are the other reports separately, there's a global
12:31 pm
slowdown going on, and the world's awatch in oil. as people are scaredy-cat as they are in the developments, they tend to stay relatively calm. we haven't seen anyone shot down, the u.s. shooting down russian pilot or russian pilot shooting down a u.s. pilot, that could change a lot of stuff. bottom line, they don't seem to be too worried. that could change. tonight share that with you right now. and democrats with the big debate going on in las vegas tonight. you know what will be a big theme? a big theme is big government, that republicans don't get it, democrats do, and they'll be tripping over themselves, not about tax cuts but over more of what the government can do for you. why one suzanne somerses is be careful what you're promised. food for thought, literally. after this. can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks.
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active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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. neil: a lot of kids behind on student loans think debt is a big deal. ben bernanke telling m.i.t. conference he doesn't think it's a threat, so everyone take a chill pill. he didn't say everyone take a chill pill, that's my own version of doing ben's speak. this got my attention because tom brady and the new england patriots, gets a lot of attention, as you know because he broke the law with the deflated balls and got away with it. that's fine. let by gones be by gones, now talking about fast food and
12:36 pm
coca-cola telling a boston radio station that coca-cola is poison! goes onto say that americans have been conditioned to believe things like frosted flakes is a food, it's not. you'll go out and drink coca-cola and think that's no problem, because they pay lots of money for advertisements, i totally disagree with that. wow, good thing i have suzanne somers with me, one of the healthiest people on the planet, eats right, does everything right. is she going to take on tom brady on that? what do you make of that, suzanne? >> he's awfully cute. start there. neil: now you just dragged your gender down saying that. go ahead, all right. >> i'm old fashioned in that way. but you know coca-cola has been wrong in the past. wasn't it coca-cola that had cocaine in their drink? and then everyone went whoops. people are kind of getting addicted. the only sugar i really eat in my life are potatoes because i'm irish and never met a potato i don't like, so --
12:37 pm
[ laughter ]. neil: he thinks kids are hoodwinked by buying into the nonsense and it's dangerous. you're concerned about big government and telling your kids what to have and what not to have, but where do you draw the line between what the proper recommendation versus government overkill? >> according to the environmental working group. they tested the cord blood of newborns across the board. across the economic spectrum for 287 different toxins. every single baby, before they had their first swallow of real food tested positive for 180 different toxins minimum. so if you're born toxic now, that means immune system is degraded. the last thing you need is sugar, because sugar starts eating away at the lining of the barrier wall. neil: then you need the government has to take a role and let people know that, right?
12:38 pm
>> well, you know, i'm against big government. and i really can take care of myself. i think you have to self-educate yourself, i'm a small business. neil: candidates are speaking up saying we need governments to be on top of stuff just like this, you say? >> isn't it working great? i mean i'm looking at health today. one of the things i'm happy about with what's happened with health is it's driving people to alternative health, if you're going to have to pay a big deductible and a big premium and you rethink how expensive new medical care is, you might come over to my side and do the natural way. and i'm doing so well. neil: indeed, you are, actually. you know i was thinking of you suzanne, you would be surprised. >> you were? i love that. neil: get a load of this. that playboy is going to stop showing nudity. nude women, that's over, it's done. >> why would that make you think of me? [ laughter ]. neil: because i believe, memory
12:39 pm
serves me right, you were in playboy. >> yes. neil: and i'm wondering what you make of that? >> well, you know, the internet, what's going on, probably it is irrelevant to have a nude girl in playboy anymore. neil: you were not irrelevant? >> and my husband has been saying that for years, great article. neil: i read the magazine for the articles. >> absolutely, i know that about you. neil: what do you think happens to playboy now without that? >> you better get really good writers. [ laughter ] >> you know how i got in playboy? i took test pictures when i was 19, a teenaged mother and broke, and the test pictures were, you know, if they liked them back at playboy, maybe you could get $15,000 at the time, and i had -- my son had been run over by a car, and i had $15,000 worth of doctor bills and no insurance.
12:40 pm
so i took the pictures nervously. if you ever see the test pictures, i'm so nervous and so uncomfortable! i went all through catholic school, just like everything, i didn't want to do, and then i got three's company, via the tonight show, and then i was chosen to be a playmate. and got as far as the front door of the playboy building and sitting in the front seat and my husband said one thing to me. he said just remember this. he wasn't my husband yet. he said as long as you live you will always be known first as a playboy center fold. and i sat there and i thought, i'm more than that. so i didn't do it. had to pay the doctor bills themselves. little known facts about me. neil: i knew all the facts. >> did you? neil: that's the kind of guy i am. thank you very much. it's great having you. appreciate it. >> so eat your fats and thank you for all the notes you write. i appreciate it. neil: i do, i should explain every time a guest comes on, i write notes.
12:41 pm
every time a guest comes on, i write and particularly thank them. suzanne, thank you, i want to clarify in case my wife is watching. i want to bring you up to date what brady said about the jihad against food. he says i think we've been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, beverage companies over the years, but we still do it. that's just america. let me understand this, t.b., you're going after frosted flakes? not on my watch! you might have gotten away with the deflated balls but not my cereal bowl. more after this.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. . neil: all right, now they want to talk about this. apparently these sortie near fly byes and near-misses, near hits are getting to be a worry over the syrian skies. russian defense ministry says it's going to be holding a videoconference with the u.s. military on october 14th on the
12:45 pm
flights over syria and what appears to be the case twice over the last week, u.s. and russian military planes coming very close to each other. in the last case, saturday. they could actually see each other. and these things are traveling very, very fast. amber smith knows more about this, a former u.s. army helicopter pilot. i voice that without air traffic control over the skies, no one is monitoring who's flying where. we find out after the fact they came very close. how dangerous is this getting? . >> getting to be very, very dangerous, and before when russia was sort of operating in the south of syria, we were operating in the north. a standard deconfliction because we were bombing two separate targets. when russia is moving up north into the territory we're concentrating on, where isis is at, we have to look at airspace deconfliction, and you can say that russia can say that, you know, they're looking to bomb the isis targets but in the
12:46 pm
same sense in the air, they're testing the u.s. to see how they're going to respond to the close encounters. neil: over busy skies, i left out turkish planes in the area. the odds have risen dramatically, for something weird to happen. >> yeah, it's escalated very, very quickly, and unfortunately what we've seen out of the obama administration, they continue to underestimate, you know, they underestimated isis and now underestimated russia as well, in terms of intelligence estimations as far as what russia was in syria to do, now when they're bringing in these ground-to-air missiles and have the air-to-air fighter planes week need to make sure on the u.s. side they're not underestimating what they'll do when one of the close encounters happened. neil: the backdrop to this, iran lawmakers voted to implement the nuclear deal, couple of stages to make it official. despite hard-lining opposition,
12:47 pm
i don't know what they could be opposed, to they get the candy and the store, but nevertheless seemed to be a good deal. but what interested me is one of the mullahs commenting we hope to seek acceleration and progress, talking about iran. they'll have tense of billions to do just that, right? >> absolutely. we just gave over 100 -- we didn't give them $100 billion but they have access to the frozen assets once their frozen assets are released. they're a state sponsor of terrorism. so that means we're going to see more terrorist attacks around the world focused on american interests or american soldiers, and let's not forget that iran is responsible for the death of thousands of american soldiers in iraq. neil: there is that little detail. amber, thank you very much. amber smith. by the way, we're getting more comments and reading more on tom brady and comments to the boston station, but he is comes guns ablazing, at anyone who likes junk food or cereals and
12:48 pm
coke, sometimes i think he's coming after me. anyway, he goes onto say you will probably drink coca-cola and think that's no problem because they pay lots of money for advertisements and think you should drink coca-cola for a living. i totally disagree with that. and the battle is on to go after junk, and tom brady is the guy leading the charge. i don't know if gisele put him up to this. not on my watch! more after this. you both have a
12:49 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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12:51 pm
. neil: all right. still more details on tom brady reeling against sugary foods, going after coca-cola saying it is poison for kids. i guess you can rule out the coke endorsement. but we also are finding out he's going against the sugary cereals, frosted flakes among them. we efforted a call to tony the
12:52 pm
tiger to see what he thinks of all of this. no response. can you imagine, he will not be pleased. [ laughter ] >> not really. tony the tiger is an animated tiger, he's not real. in the meantime, in the meantime, we've got these latest polls out, and look who's doing just fine, thank you. ben carson. remember all the controversial comments being leery of putting a muslim in the white house. there's going to be hell to pay for that. poll numbers are up, he's doing fine, thank you, and many in the campaign are saying letting ben be ben is better than letting advisers tell ben how he should be ben. good to have you, sir, what do you think of the latest poll numbers? >> great to be with you, neil, and we're just ecstatic about the poll numbers. carson beating hillary by 11 points is just phenomenal. neil: it turns out that the top four republican candidates all
12:53 pm
beat hillary, but your candidate and the others all trail joe biden. what do you make of that? >> joe's not in the race. if vice president biden decides to get in, let's see what happens. you know, i think once joe starts talking, his numbers probably go down a little. neil: now, are you surprised as a guy who's been in the business a while to see that dr. carson has not suffered for comments that were deemed at the very least in politics, he'd never took them back, kind of cueing up donald trump here, never in doubt. very different styles igrant you, but what do you make of that? >> neil, when i started the draft movement in august of 2013 to get dr. carson to run for president, one of the things i loved about dr. carson is he is a man of his convictions, and he says what's on his mind. he says what he believes, and he tells the people what he's going to do.
12:54 pm
neil: do you think that hurts him later on? that in the flirtation stage we're in right now, john, we entertain outside, unusual candidates, hence a ben carson. even a carly fiorina. certainly a donald trump. but the closer we get to the caucuses and the primaries, maybe step back and the comments come back to hurt ben carson. >> you know, neil, i don't think so. if you don't listen to the left-wing media as to what carson said, and you really look at his words or listen to his words, he didn't say he didn't think a muslim shouldn't be in the house. he said he didn't think a muslim that believed in sharia law should be in the white house. those are two very, very different statements, and i don't know -- neil: well he didn't say that right away. he did clarify. >> no, he didn't. neil: i guess what i'm asking you is this -- he's very calm, he doesn't get rattled.
12:55 pm
that's the first thing people get noticed, strongly sticks to what he says, but has he ever told you or ever campaigned where he thinks he has gone too far? >> well, he hasn't told me. actually, neil, i've only met the guy once for about three minutes. [ laughter ] >> you were very instrumental. john, thank you very much. john sousa. >> my pleasure, neil. neil: still no callbacks from tony the tiger. my staff is trying to reach toucan sam to no avail now that tom brady is going after sugary substances, foods, sugary sodas. is this looking like a deflection from the deflategate thing? really tom? more after this. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services -
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. neil: all right. dow down a little bit on the dow here. the outcome make it eight in a
12:59 pm
row here. a lot of concern that they cannot keep this when. we should stress that in the scheme of things on a rocky year, it seems to be globally. china slowing down. inventories on oil is rising. the fact that the market is only down about 17. my good friend is right. watch out for firms. a lot of downgrades. >> that is exactly what we have seen. falling profits. earnings season. we put it together here for you. the first nine months of 2015. downgraded 200 u.s. companies. the most since 2009.
1:00 pm
the question is whether or not we have a problem or something else that factors in. these downgrades, when you talk to the fixed income strategist, she actually says, one third of them are oil or gas related. that is one issue that we did not necessarily face way back when. that is one reason. the other thing we are looking at is the strong dollar. china is somewhat tepid lately, to say the least. some are positive, somewhat negative. >> is it a follow-through? the firms are getting downgraded. the correlation between the stocks getting hammered, their debt getting hammered. >> a separation from the safety of u.s. treasuries. corporate bonds have been a
1:01 pm
little tougher to sell right now. you have seen a spread between the two. that is a little bit telling. neil: thank you. five in the morning she is on. smiles. i would be in such a sour mood. don't you say anything. >> dagen mcdowell. we have elizabeth macdonald here. a morning from goldman sachs. a merging markets. a financial crisis. >> i think that goldman sachs is trying awfully hard to come up with a narrative. i will spell it out for you. better than goldman sachs. we have too much money sloshing around the world. time and again, it is chasing
1:02 pm
assets and creating bubbles. it was real estate with borrowed money. they will not let a depression happened. >> they are covering their high needs. they are on record. >> we are on the cusp of that depression. based on the numbers and the economics. every asset that collapse. it just cannot work. especially zero interest rate level. >> this boomerangs? >> finally admits that, you know, the root of the next crisis. it is interesting that they came out and said that. goldman sachs is still saying no global recessions.
1:03 pm
slower growth. >> they can cover it up all they want. >> did i call you a meal? >> what they are trying to do is prevent this global spiral down. goldman sachs trying to get ahead of the curve. >> go ahead. >> the dollars sloshing around the world. they have gone in. a big rush in 2008, 2009 and 2010. money will leave that area. >> oh eight and 09. >> i am just reporting the stats. emerging markets are still growing anywhere from three to 4% annually.
1:04 pm
by the way, a mexican rush. we continue to grow. all of this is concurrent. >> it is all connected globally. >> it is just too much money. leading asset prices relate collapse. >> i do not think that that is the point. i do not think that a height that matters. it is not necessary. i do think that it is necessary. they do not have any ammo left. >> rices to start falling. that condo building that you put up, that you borrowed money, deflation and asset rices. >> wall street rustling with it.
1:05 pm
that is what they are debating now at goldman sachs and down on wall street. that is right. >> that is what karl icahn was saying. >> absolutely. the amount of debt that is out there. it is the same thing as what the housing sector dated 2009. that was in the commodity sector. >> i do not think that we are in a collapse around the world. do not blame the central bank for pumping up all of these assets. how about blaming these investment banks. making stupid investment decisions. one asset after another. it is only their fault if they lose. >> that is they are worried. what will create a shot?
1:06 pm
a level of interest rates. >> i think it is credit risk. they borrowed money to invest in wickedly stupid -- >> causing the credit to feel lower. >> we open this up. nicole was talking about the spreads between treasuries and the other debts. how we you find this debt that is mostly short-term. if assets go down, that value basically goes poof. most people lost money. how do you leverage against that. that is why the fed is so concerned. the velocity of money around the world is dead. people are not spending money. we saw this experiment in japan.
1:07 pm
does it make it easy to clients? >> i am not that bearish. i think that we scared the bejeebers out of people. i do think that there is so much excess. >> downgraded. >> we have to watch that. we do not address the debt. very, very much concerned about the deadline. what do we do? we should be preparing as quickly in advance. if we wait until the last minute we threaten to default like we have done before. that ends up costing the economy.
1:08 pm
over $1 billion last time. neil: don't the constant charades, isn't that comical approach to this what would lead to our financial position? other deadlines. only agree a month or so later. >> a huge cost to the economy of the political instability coming out of washington. we know where these deadlines stand. we know where we have to raise the debt ceiling. let's put in place a plan in advance. funding the government. replace the sequester. spending cuts. >> we always create our own problems. we ignore these deadlines. debt emergencies. you automatically default. it is not as if there's not
1:09 pm
enough tax money coming in. just prior ties to you do not default. >> if you start not paying any of the bills, that is defaulting on those particular bills. the debt ceiling is not about entering into borrowing more. will we pay the bills for what we have are ready borrowed four. let's find a way to borrow less. getting the debt under control. we should be talking about putting in place a sensible fiscal policy. we never do and we legislate by crisis. that has huge costs on the economy and the american household. we need to change the way that we get control of our budget. it would help our economy. we do legislate peered that is not good for anybody. >> thank you very, very much.
1:10 pm
you know what his big worry was? regulation. does not expect to hear much about that tonight. he does expect to hear it out of republicans the only way that we will get jobs going is to get that off of us. do all of these crazy every morning you wake up. and then you have another one. neil: is he right? whether the government is the answer. when you hear that, what he is saying it, it is one thing to get taxed. it is another thing to not know where you stand. you can be sued and put out of business if you do not follow each and every one of them. >> i think that this will be a theme of efficiency. again, you have over 26 million
1:11 pm
small businesses in the united states. a lot of the existing legislation saturday or are hard to understand. with that said, you are seeing small businesses ask for some kind. it has become a big speed. they are not regulated. another way is being protected. online credit card fraud. the small businesses are not. i think it is more about balance of regulation. fitting better for small businesses. >> i come from a family of small business persons. they always say just get off my back. the government does. they blame this on the administrations.
1:12 pm
why can't we have a new regulation like we do if we get a dress or a new shirt. just pile it on. >> i think that this is something. small business is responsible. the problem is, for the first time evermore small businesses are being destroyed. look no further. crushing regulations that are preventing small businesses from growing. a survey not too long ago that indicated that nearly half of the country's ceos cited obamacare as a reason. this is a huge problem we are facing. the regulation is reducing small business pay by $22 billion annually. obamacare will cost the station 2.5 million jobs. >> worrying whether the party is
1:13 pm
on top of this. obamacare comes up. democrats seem to have a thing for regulations. they protect the average folks. businesses just have to suck it up. do you expect this to come up tonight? >> i absolutely expect for it to come up tonight. >> i will stay sober the entire night. >> we will check in tomorrow night on map. again, this is about the health of the economy. that will impact the help of small businesses. greatly impacting small businesses. directly affecting small businesses. efficiency is something i would but to hear about constantly.
1:14 pm
>> the problem that we are seeing and what we will hear tonight is that president obama, hillary clinton & eight sanders all support these crashing regulations. all they do is crony capitalism. >> -- ladies, i want to thank you both very, very much. we are getting some updates right now. the november 7 addition of saturday night live. he last posted, i think in april. 2004. also, what is going on with twitter. are ready and down some big job cuts. 8% of the workforce is out. it is always that way.
1:15 pm
♪ >> on the next kennedy. dmc. such a legend. he will be here 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific. ♪ you totalled your brand new car.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right. so where john mccain must be saying i told you so. getting indications out of the white house. iran's missile test over the weekend violated these resolutions. it is way too early. they were surprised that iran did this. it appears to be in violation. solutions that are part of scaling down to this very sort of activity. again, proven true. that would be a huge concession. they miss this one. in the meantime, no missing
1:19 pm
this. if you lay off workers, the stock goes up. twitter is the latest. the stock has been up. joe lincoln here with more on that. >> 300 dirty six jobs. jack orsi. the idea here is to figure out what twitter is about. continue these product rollouts and increase efficiency. the plus side to this is that analyst. wait a second. they are maintaining outperformance. why are you cutting when your job should be to increase the number of jobs. will this work? that has really been the main problem for twitter. can they just not find their footing?
1:20 pm
>> the first of many major moves that jack orsi will make. will he be able to attract the ad revenue? getting people to use it. they have lost so much ground. facebook. twitter. snap chat. instagram has done so well. the idea here really is figuring out what the future looks like. >> both of those jobs. elon musk has done it. waiting to go public over the next several months. you do not need to worry about getting to work. >> good to know. neil: thank you very much. we do know that this may be
1:21 pm
going on in las vegas tonight. remember the last time cnn had the republican candidates together. anderson cooper among others. if that is not fair that's not on this. ♪ usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money.
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1:24 pm
neil: we have been monitoring job sharing this so that you do not have to. the missile test appeared to be a strong indication. ballistic missiles. he went on to say this is entirely different than the nuclear program. also, when asked about the democratic debate tonight featuring the five candidates, whether the president would be
1:25 pm
watching that debate, the president may be watching the dodgers in the mets. that is concurrent. what you think if you are one of those people that want to succeed? he is saying that i may watch it, but it may watch the game. i can see you doing that with the republicans. i don't know. to that debate tonight. indications. anderson cooper. he does not want a food fight. encouraging to have at it with each other and fight. that sounds very unbalanced to you. wondering what to make of this. >> it is such a backhanded slap by anderson cooper and his own colleague. a problem we have at it had year after year after year.
1:26 pm
the democrats come to debate. i do not have a problem with softball or hardball. >> they should all be hard-hitting. >> the methodology employed was kind of interesting. ten republicans against each other. fifty-five were with republicans having to answer to other republicans about other issues. there was only one question, only one out of 74 where they were given an issue that hillary clinton was advancing. what are the democrats going to do? they will do just that opposite. they will give a softball to the democrats to talk. they do not have to confront each other.
1:27 pm
two completely different worldviews and two completely different standards on the same network. do they do this because they thought it got on wheelie? do you think that that was going into this, how a times a day blow the 30, 62nd thing? >> you are solid on your network. eight people. i've people. a debate back it's very, very difficult to control. however, it can be done. this network as well. too much attention on donald trump. they all had to answer to donald trump. they really should have gone beyond that. why not do the exact same. >> you are right.
1:28 pm
regardless of the rules. if you are one of the lesser players, they are all single digits except for bernie sanders, feeling compelled to pull a debate like we saw with the republicans. >> they would want to participate in their. the question is how do they participate. they have to make noise. they have to become aggressive. there is a right way and a wrong way. kind of argumentative. got in your face. carly feel rina did particularly well. they got into the debate. they did not do it in a hostile fashion. >> i do not want to give away the details here. >> we have to moderate.
1:29 pm
we will all let them speak moderately. [laughter] i think we can save a considerable amount of time. thank you very, very much. we have some of the latest poll numbers here that will surprise you. beating hillary clinton. all four are losing to joe biden. where does that put carly fiorina? she is their most prominent star. or she was. ♪ what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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1:33 pm
neil: what is that they say, oh, again? donald trump you are welcome back at the peacock network. nbc confirming, donald trump's office confirming november 7th, guess who will host "saturday night live"? one donald trump. this is the same network not too long ago that took him off "the apprentice" and took his miss universe pageant and shuffled that off to the william morris agency and apparently all is forgiven and keeping eye on ratings, donald trump will guarranty you that, he will be hosting "saturday night live." a warm-up act for that will be today when he is my special guest on "your world" on fox news channel. you're welcome, america. suzy welch joins me right now. we were talking during the break, don't laugh, getting a good laugh or maybe doing a good
1:34 pm
job on show like this can be just the thing a candidate needs? >> i think this is brilliant move for donald trump. will humanize him. mention donald trump to some people, they scorn immediately. this will give him a chance to laugh at himself i'm sure. he has a touch for what is media, what works like no other. this is great move on his part. i saw the hillary clinton skit they did, when she was there played a bartender. they were very kind, extremely kind. >> yeah. neil: i think i knew where their biases is. you can't tell me that "snl" will not leap at the chance to embarass this guy? >> look what they did with sarah palin. they walk ad very thin line. some was mean and push and pull. same thing with donald trump. neil: she didn't survive that well, you know. >> he is much more savvy than she is. he will be more controlling to do his own thing.
1:35 pm
i will not count him out. he will come out the winner. neil: when i had a chance to talk to your fine husband, jack welch, he saying understands why trump is so popular and doing so well in the polls. we have new polls confirm that, would even beat hillary clinton if the race were held. he seemed to be sensing cooler heads or more substantive heads will prevail and gravitate toward a candidate with detailed positions. paraphrasing. ings like that. do you agree? >> i think it is unpredictable what will happen with donald trump because every single time you think he has been too broad how he answered or just insulted somebody that is a sacred cow he comes back more strong in the polls. so i -- neil: ben carson, too, if you think about it. sent impolitic things and they're still very popular. >> unbelievable. the more impolitic they are higher they go in the polls. i can't tell you number of times we hear news on donald trump, we
1:36 pm
say, this is it. carly fiorina's face or some comment. we'll say this is it. he can't come back from this and comes back again and again. i do think as the campaign goes on we'll see him moderate his tone and we'll see him stop these hotheaded comments. i think he is getting that advice. i think you're already beginning to see it. neil: it is a delicate balance. you mentioned carly fiorina too. after that september 16th on cnn. she had spike up polls or planned parenthood remarks or mainstream media going after her, on the stump she is not calibrating same success she had in the debate. same rap hillary clinton gets. lousy campaigner, great debater. is that her problem? >> carly handles debate, greatest skill is what a great debater she is. she is facing three different challenges. the first being it is pretty hard to explain to people her business record, unless you have
1:37 pm
a lot of experience in business. i mean -- neil: people hear laugh, immediately think of lucifer. >> you have to very steeped in business to really understand what happened at lucent and hp. brought away from lucent and board did certain things. neil: no time for details. mike mitt romney. no time for details. >> you have to a specific business sense to understand her version of events. if you don't buy her version of events and hear other side, her business record is enough for people to take pause. voters go with the outside candidate begin to sort out who they will go with, she seems less electable than trump or carson. i think where we're seeing a softening in her support. neil: going to ask you this, sounds like a sexist question, hillary clinton only woman at the debate tonight. do you have to handle even in this day and age her differently with the four other guys? >> do the interviewsers handle her differently? neil: no the other people.
1:38 pm
>> i think she can show she doesn't want to be handled differently. she is saying i'm a can diet like all the others. i don't think that is what she wants. i don't note that will be happening. at the beginning she first came into the campaign, did the republican party establishment ask her to come in so there would be a female because it wouldn't look like bunch men. now she is out there a legitimate candidate and wants to be treated like everyone else. neil: she does well as hillary clinton, jeb bush, donald trump, ben carson but against joe biden they all lose. what do you make of that? >> i think joe biden is formidable threat for republican candidate. neil: do you think he runs? >> every day you hear something different. i don't know if he rinse, if he does run a deal is brokered with the clintons what happens to hillary in the next administration. i think he is tough candidate. if he does run, it is a totally different race. neil: very different race is right.
1:39 pm
thank you, very, very much. suzy welch. just reminder again donald trump my special guest on yours world, 4:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news. you every wondered what happened to the malaysian jet that crashed over ukraine, i think summer of 2014. now we know. now we know. but is there going to be any way to resolve this once and for all? and for the party involved to pay up? we also know that. don't hold your breath. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. [ that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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1:41 pm
>> i'm ashley webster live at the new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. taking a look at the markets flat to slightly lower at this hour. the dow is up 26 points, s&p up by 7. nasdaq composite also down by 20 points, good for half a percent loss. as for some of the big movers today, take a look at united health up 2 1/2%, 2 1/3%. walt disney up half a percent. united technologies down about 1%. merck lost ground yesterday. pharmaceutical company losing ground today, down 2%. ibm down in the led down about 1%. look at twitter for you, moving higher up nearly 3%. website operator will lay off 3% of workforce, 300 employees,
1:42 pm
jack dorsey takes the reins to slim the operations. after the bell, reporting jpmorgan, intel, csx. we'll have the numbers for you. more "coast to coast" with neil cavuto straight ahead.
1:43 pm
neil: took is a months to find out. -- 15 months to find out but we're learning from dutch authorities looking into the crash of malaysian air flight 17
1:44 pm
that crashed over skies of ukraine, 298 people were killed, that it was a russian missile brought them down. the issue russians are denying that they had anything to do with it. the issue becomes, even if they had something to do with it, confirm they had something to do with it, how do you get money out of them? where does this go? judge andrew napolitano on that. what happens, judge? good afternoon. >> in ordinary course one would pursue the government that facilitated, encouraged it, looked the other way when it happened, whether they ordered it or not, but in the case of russia, the united states would have the right to intervene in the lawsuit to ask a federal judge to shut down the lawsuit on the grounds it would materially interfere with the foreign relations between the united states and russia. you're talking about a lawsuit that is looking for hundreds of millions of dollars, not a big deal to the american government but a big deal to the russian government.
1:45 pm
does the russian government have assets in the u.s. worth in excess of hundreds of millions? sure it does. could the liquid assets in bank accounts or hard assets in real estate be seized and preserved until litigation is over? yes it could. would that happen in the ordinary course, if the u.s. government doesn't intercede, yes. i predict no matter who is president of the united states they would want to intercede, they want to regulate relations with putin. they don't want a federal judge to be interfering. neil: deal with them differently than we would say a libya? >> yes, yes. one of the complaint about the iran treaty it calls for the united states government to go into federal courts in the u.s. to ask that restraints on iran's ability to use its own assets in the u.s. be lifted. so that is the same thing would happen in russia. sue russia. restrain assets so they can't pull them out, if you win the lawsuit there is a pot which you can get your judgment. but if the federal government
1:46 pm
prevents you from restraining their assets and federal government persuades a judge this lawsuit is bad, even though though these people were innocent injured people, will interfere with our relationships with russia, that is more important in the big picture, you won't get to first base in the lawsuit. neil: incredible? no way to resolve it? who so far is getting money? >> correct. even if the president is donald trump. i think he would rather, even if, he would be rather controlling u.s. relationships with vladmir putin. neil: not some court? >> correct. neil: while i've got you here, signs of josh earnest telling reporters that these missiles launched from iran own weekend certainly violated u.n. resolutions. he drew a distinction between the iran agreement itself. sorts said they are part and parcel of the same thing. if that is the case, you already have proof the iranians are cheating, blatantly so, brazenly so. >> you about you need a president to be outraged by that
1:47 pm
cheating the way neil cavuto is and way most people watching us now are. that might be the case after january 2017 but not the case between now and then. neil: the fact they tripped over themselves saying this is separate from the iran agreement saying they're distinguishing the two. others are on the wire saying no, they're the same. >> material violation of that agreement by one side permits the other side to suspend it. that would put the sanctions back in place, american sanctions, not european sanctions. iranians know that. they know how much they can get away with. they also know they have an american president who is not interested in policing the agreement. more interested what he believes will be his legacy from the agreement. neil: they flagrantly do it, televise the whole thing. >> yep. neil: shove it in our face. judge, thank you very, very much. >> you're welcome. neil: the guy is brilliant. joe biden is many looking over the debate he is not even there. we're told at the debate they
1:48 pm
have podium ready for him as we do with the judge. the difference the judge shows up. joe biden, we're not so sure.
1:49 pm
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neil: we've been monitoring josh earnest at the white house talking about a have ride of things including joe biden who will not likely show up at tonight's democratic debate likely on everybody's mind especially latest pole numbers would be one of the top republican contenders but hillary clinton would lose to them. he is saying he is loyal vp, talking about mr. biden if and when he becomes candidate, will
1:52 pm
have to articulate his views. there may be places he differs with the president and mrs. clinton. mrs. clinton disagreeing with president on big asian trade deal for others. they're taking hands-off approach and letting joe make up his mind. joe biden. charlie gasparino. steve lesar, on democratic strategist what he does. here we are, jim, does he run, does he not run, what do you think? >> i hope he runs. he would make a great president. he has experience you need. neil: were you a donor before? >> yes. in both 88 and 2008. neil: wow, you go way back. you know he is lousy campaigner in those two races? >> he is better vice president and president than a campaigner but that's part of his charm. he is real. neil: do you think he will run? >> i don't know. i hope so. neil: polls would embolden him. >> i hope so. put it this way, he is going to run if he thinks the good of the country requires it.
1:53 pm
neil: or the poll numbers looks like he could be shoo-in. >> maybe same thing. neil: i hear you. steve, what do you think? >> i support hillary. love joe biden. i think it is too late. i think window closed six or eight weeks ago. so hard at this point to gather support to build infrastructure especially in caucus state where you need to have the right folks on the ground getting people to the polls. neil: he polls pretty well. >> he polls pretty well. howard dean was polling well going into iowa. did not have the right folks. neil: howard dean was candidate then. >> right. neil: what do you think? >> just talking to people who know biden, he has a lot of friends on wall street, i can tell you that, and i speak with them. he will run, he tells me if hillary is about, if she will implode. if the email thing is legal like jeopardy, more than theoretical possible legal issue. neil: i wants to be fall-back guy, not bernie sanders. >> he will run in that happens.
1:54 pm
this is what they're telling me. take it from the source. i didn't talk to biden directly. you know him better than me. they don't think he will run if hillary doesn't face that type of legal issue. they don't think he will put himself through it. by the way campaign structure part is key here. i think i just talked to people. i'm not on the ground but apparent it takes more than just a twitter account, no offense to donald, i know you have him on later, twitter account and all of us want to interview him to win modern campaign. neil: he is tweeting out nasty things about you as we speak. >> he needs infrastructure. he will have to build the infrastructure really fast. neil: comes back down -- that is what he has to, maybe inherit some of that or get some of that but the fact of the matter is, he must be looking around with other powerful figures in the party must be looking around. we love bernie sanders, he could get nomination but he can't win a general election, that is what
1:55 pm
is pushing biden run, right? >> yes, exactly right. he knows bernie sanders can't win. if hillary is on a southward trajectory and loses -- neil: what if she stays right where she is? she is stablized right now, leading in south carolina, leading in nevada, what about that? >> i think she will win. i think her problems are surmountable. i think she can win. but if it gets worse, there will be a question. i saying exactly what charlie said, something happens to hillary, clear she can't make it -- neil: you will regret not being in the race, then default candidate is bernie sanders. >> i think he could come in late and inherit the, i'm not an expert at this again, couldn't he inherit her infrastructure? >> it would have to be really clear she is failed candidate though. neil: she would have to quit. and that is not going to happen. >> neil, listen, there is echo chamber here. every time i say she will get beyond it there is another shoe drops on email thing. but, we sit here and we talk
1:56 pm
about all day and we all talk to each other. we're all saying it looks bad, she is guilty. barring a charge okay the average guy on the street, particularly average democratic voter doesn't care. neil: you seem to know he is running and will announce it when? >> i don't know it. i hope he is. but that's the point. we don't know what the future emails -- neil: candidate good a far, once in is far from good. he could trip over himself. >> anybody could. >> marco rubio looks now, right? neil: you would look good. >> he might not look good in couple weeks. neil: november 14th, charlie is hosting "saturday night live" the week before donald trump. we'll have more.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
neil: big appearance on "snl" can make-or-break a career. for sarah palin it wasn't helpful. kind of hurt her. for donald trump's anyone's
2:00 pm
guest. battle has been joined. november 7th, donald trump always said very serious candidate in the race to become president of the united states, will test the laughs on "saturday night live" on november 7th to prove it. trish regan, what have you got? trish: i can't wait until november 7th. we have a lot of news to get to. neil cavuto, breaking right now, new fox poll says hillary clinton can not win the general election against a republican candidate. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." according to a new poll released moments ago, the former secretary of state is still on top of democratic heap, she is down 20 points since june. she is losing to every top republican candidate. every single one in general election. can she safe herself tonight, the moment of truth? it is hillary's turn to take center stage as four other democrats vie to take her do.


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