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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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bernie sanders, he's not winning. a reminder of course to check out our website and our facebook page interviews are there, content as well, and reward is a way to find our web page, thank you for joining us here on risk and reward. making money with charles payne starts now. >> a new wall street journal poll in right now and donald trump hits his highest and ben carson close behind and donald trump remains the frontrunner with the backing of 25% of republican primary voters, trump, this is actually his highest level of support in the polls since he entered this 2016 race. carson now gets 22% of the republican vote and marco rubio in third place getting support from 13% of the gop, ted cruz is at 9 pest, up 4% from last month, jeb bush is
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at 8%, hanging in there. up 1 point from last month and carly fiorina that bounce she had has completely faded, and joining me now, campaign depreciating george hw bush, and spokeswoman for george w bush. mercedes, i want to go to you first. on this poll, it looks like, you know, the notion that donald trump peeked certainly was premature, what are you seeing? >> well, the donald trump has definitely not deflated his support, what you start to see in the poll is that now 59% of republican voters actually see themselves that they can vote from trump and that's up from last month. so definitely having an impact from just continuing his sort of straight forward message, no nonsense talk that he has and i think for carly that's surprising numbers because she came off so strong in that first debate and obviously been a lot of interest
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surrounding her campaign, again, could jump up after the debate next month, economy a strong issue not only for fiorina but for donald trump, you look at the numbers and you see donald trump up in a lot of these early primary states. charles: we do but, christopher, ben carson up two percentage points as well. 74% say they can see themselves voting for him. so he comes in first there and also number one when it comes to second choice. so it's not necessarily a run away for donald trump. >> no. it's not necessarily a runway. and it's really interesting to see these two people so high in the polls. if you collected other headlines of people saying donald trump or ben carson are going to collapse next week, you would have hundreds of headlines, goodnights keep on going. the stories don't come true. and what's interesting what connects donald trump and ben carson, they're not professional politicians, their styles, becoming couldn't be more different between a real estate mogul
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and a religious writer and doctor. completely separate people but the american republican voters have accepted them at least as outsider candidates. charles: although there's one thing that you could argue that they do share in common and that's the search for excellence, which is ironic, mark because that was like the big business book until trump's art to deal came along. >> right. charles: but these are two guys who have gone for the best, in other words, ben carson, the best neurosurgeon, he did operations no one had done before in the history of mankind, donald trump took an inheritance and made it into an immense fortune and brand, so they do both have something in common that was the last time not professional politicians but strived to be the absolute best. and i think people think they can correlate that or apply it to the country. >> charles, look at the world today. look at our economy, our national security, our middle east. what do people want the most? they want some leadership, definitive leadership. these two guys are guys who have prind quality leadership, success and experience that
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they can take from the private sector and apply it to running our government nationwide from the white house. you're absolutely right. these guys but take a look. the other message from this poll that i see i think the outsiders if you consider trump and cruz and carson the outsiders as well as fiorina. i think you're at a high-water mark. in this poll it shows they're 61% of the total. this should send a chill through the establishment. marco rubio has definitely improved, i think he wants to position himself as an alternative to the outsiders. charles: that is the way you look at it had. marco rubio winning amongst the establishment fact the only real player you can argue considering with jeb bush where he was and where his money situation is. rubio winning amongst the establishment. and donald trump not backing down, tons boast about his immigration policy suggesting that 9/11 would not have happened under his watch. this is what he actually had to say on fox and friends this morning. >> if my immigration policies were in effect, i don't know
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that that would have happened. my standards are much higher for visas number one, number two we would have a massive whistle-blower system which you have to have, all of you to have a whistle-blower system for this stuff so you found out about it. i'm not blaming anybody. the only thing i said, well, you know, he said we were safe. well, the fact is we had the worst attack in the history of our country during his reign. charles: jeb bush defending his brother's actions. >> look, my brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. he united the country, he organized our country, and he kept us safe. and there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that and i don't know yes keeps bring this up. charles: well, i think you probably know why he's bringing is up because it seems to be very effective, particularly jeb bush on the defensive here but how correct is donald trump donald trump nowhere saying that this would not have happened under his watch. >> you know, i don't think he's too correct because those hijackers that were in our
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country, most of them were on here on legal visas. this was a problem that was herniated that president george w bush herniated from president clinton who did nothing to address these potential terrorist tax back in his day. so, again, to say that his immigration plan would have prevented these terrorists at the time that we had obviously intelligence failure, at the time that we knew that these individuals were here with legal visas, i don't think that's too accurate. charles: what do you think, mark? i mean listen the whistle blower thing, i'm not sure if that works or not. we did have a complete collapse of communication, the fbi and the cia and other agencies have been talking to each other. i think some of this, maybe all of it could have been prevented at some point. there were four hijackers, 19 hijackers that overstayed their visa but to say that all of them would have been -- and particularly just seven months on the job, that's tough. >> we owe george bush a great gratitude for his leadership
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after 9/11. there were failures in our policy. we invested a lot of billions of dollars in intelligence and border security before 9/11. there's nothing wrong with questioning but but that's not the story here. this is not about george bush. this is about getting jeb bush on the defensive object? donald trump is talking about his policies in the future. jeb bush is now defending his brothers policies from the past. i don't think that's a position that jeb bush wants to be in and yet he fell for it. charles: well, he's fallen for it a lot of times. >> donald trump put him in that position. >> sure. >> jeb bush -- in fact, i would love for president george w bush to come out and defend his own. charles: well, he probably should. >> absolutely. i think that would be a smart move for the president. >> whenever trump does this, attacks the media, his numbers go up. and so -- charles: christopher, i want to bring you in on this because some people are saying that donald trump is getting under the skin of his rivals, but he does it using president obama talking points
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and that at some point could come back to haunt the potential nominee. >> he didn't say anything. donald trump is a great street -- he didn't punch anyone in the brain, he hit him in the gut and then, oh, i wanted to help, i don't know. he said i don't know and then he didn't even blame president bush for this, he said maybe it would have happened, maybe it wouldn't have happened, but it did happen under him, i don't blame him. so it's just on their personal feelings, personal fears or and i didn't he's not putting himself call that the socratic method. over and over again he's been saying he's self funding, that's what makes him very popular but now there's an attacks attack on him saying, listen, you've been pretty cozy with some of these super packs. take a listen. >> i've spent the least money, and i have the best poll numbers and that's pretty good. >> if you say a couple of million.
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>> i'm not controlled by lobbyists, special interest or donors. charles: so today of course a report in washington post that trump himself has a lot of ties to these big money super packs, trump of course denying the report and reportedly threatening sue that newspaper. last week we got some final third quarter numbers on fundraising, donald trump almost raised $4 million, he didn't solicit this money but it did come in, a lot of questions whether or not he should give that money back and now perhaps ties to these super packs. what do you make of it? >> yeah. he denied it and threatened to sue that newspaper but he gave events held by that super pack and he's saying that these are not representing me, fine that's okay. donald trump is not going to give it back and this is the kind of thing where a lot of politicians get tripped up and apologize but he calls john mccain not a war hero and refuses to apologize and everyone forgets about it. there's no chance he's going to apologize over this super pack stuff. charles: ultimately let's say
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donald trump makes the entire run, he's the nominee. it's -- somebody's got to be accepted from somewhere unless he is indeed going to write a check for one to two billion dollars out of his own pocket. >> absolutely. i think that's the key point here charles. jeb bush is still a very viable candidate largely because he's sitting on $100 million from the super pack. and the super pack between him and his campaign have been very cozy all along. i don't think anything is wrong with that. trump on the other hand, i hope that super packs support him. i hope millionaires and billionaires support him. he's going to need it starting february. look, bush is going to use a lot of the $100 million on donald trump, and he's going to be damaged at some point during the primaries, i hope super packs back him, whatever connection there may be with the campaign, i don't think is relevant and who is asking about hillary's super packs. charles: but hillary, everyone else running saying they are accepting donations. so you're saying it's okay for them to raise a billion
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dollars and that technically trump is not accepting money even though a billion is spent on his behalf. that would be fine on the public because he won't have any allegiance or he won't owe anybody anything. >> i think gop primary voters won't care at all and that's ultimately to judge. charles: how do you feel about that, mercedes? >> amen. i agree. i don't think they're going to care because at this point -- it gets so complicated when you're throwing out super pack versus campaigns. like, scc, insider folks,yeah, we love talking the jargon, but when you see a man who is self -- charles: but somebody else is writing checks. >> it doesn't matter because guess what? these groups, four of them. super pacs that have filed with the scc, that are helping trump and so i don't think it's going to impact him at the end of the day, they got to play by the rules but that's where you're going to see a lot of these interesting videos coming out in supporting trump and, again, the super pacs have taken that role.
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>> i agree with mercedes and the money reported raised by his campaign into the campaign committee to me is a sign of the movement candidate. 75,000 contributions from $50 average came from people that they didn't even solicit it from. to me, that's the sign of a movement candidate almost like barack obama, not quite at that level in 2008. a movement candidate can be very dangerous to the establishment on both sides. charles: no doubt about that. but if somebody, someone running against him does not say, hey, you're not just covering this yourself, they would be nuts. okay. thanks a lot, guys. >> donald trump will sue them, so don't worry. charles: all right. let's leave it there. hey, joe biden of course everyone's talking about it. expected in the next couple of days to announce. yes, he is running, tweet me your thoughts on that. uncle joe, crazy joe, no matter how you feel about it, he might be in the race. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us
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race.. charles: well, the speculation continues behind whether or not joe biden is going to announce his run for the white house this year -- this week rather. recent polls show hillary clinton still front and center of course after the democratic debate although she didn't get the bump and biden could clearly offset here and according to a new cnn poll, biden is nor favorable thans other candidates in his party, particularly when he goes against the gop party. and benghazi hearings and the e-mail controversy which will be heightened this week, this could be the moment that joe biden makes his move, joining me now, democratic strategist, and fox news contributor contractor. uncle joe, jumping in this week. almost everyone says it's going to happen. >> my question is there
6:17 pm
anything -- charles: the white house, he's been going there seven years, he wants it to be his house. >> it's the republican plot to muddy the house for the democrats,. charles: it would be crazy for them to muddy the waters this week, they got the benghazi hearings, i don't think they want anything to interfere with that. the bigger argument does he announce before or after the hearings. >> yeah. this is very, very strange because i agree that there is really nothing that he can win ultimately in the end. he's run before, he hasn't done well, he has no ground organization. charles: how many times did lincoln run? >> but here's what it tells you, if he does run, and it is possible, the white house sees something not from the benghazi committee but the fbi investigation. so if he does announce, he could -- he could do it without even a ground organization if hillary for some reason is forced out. so he's the plan b. charles: well, not only that, there's the argument that he could raise a lot of money in quick time. president obama could flip a
6:18 pm
switch and the money could come pouring in. >> i don'tknow. charles: but let's not forget president obama ran against hillary clinton and president obama does not have a great relationship with hillary. if he did, i think the fbi would have swept this whole e-mail server thing under the rug already. the fact that it's still lingering -- listen, she walked into the white house and said call off the dogs so there's some serious animosity there. >> i voted for obama the first time, not the second time, i'm supporting hillary, i would have treppen additions about. charles: how do you separate hillary from obama? she was the secretary state and the worst thing in the policy. you could argue nothing was worse than foreign policy. >> she's tough, resilient, a washington player. charles: biden jumps in, do you think he could win? >> no. charles: do you think he could
6:19 pm
win if he jumped in. no. >> i don't think he can. >> he would get the nomination. charles: that's what i meant. >> yes. if he's in -- charles: why does he poll so much better against gop than hillary. >> well, look, this is very early on. he has not been in the fray, he has not had negative ads run against him, he has not been in fights, in the debates, he's just been sitting back. so people are thinking, yeah, that's kind of nice just like ben carson has not been asked really tough questions yet. if he were to get in, hillary could be a scorned woman who would be scorching the earth. she wouldn't not hold back and if he gets in, it's only because he knows he wouldn't have to wage a transitional campaign because she would be out. charles: what do you think, rob. >> i agree with a lot of what tammy is saying, emotions are coming in on both sides and people are feeling very vulnerable about biden.
6:20 pm
charles: it's hard to argue that any candidate could be as flawed as the fbi investigation while running for presidency. >> we're a forgiving country. charles: your girl carly starting to waiver a little bit. >> well, look at the margin of error for that poll. five points. a small it number of people and workmanlike, small efforts, same as ted cruz. charles: i know we celebrated, though, she went from 1 to 11 and now 11 to 7. >> don't under estimate. charles: we don't. we talk about your portfolio all the time, there's nothing more going to have a more detrimental or positive impact on your wallet than next year. i'm going to give you a few examples, when you pull that lever, it's all about your wallet. we'll be right back
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charles: i get a lot of tweets from you guys saying why
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politics and why does it matter to your portfolio? i'll tell you do you know where y. on friday the yield treasury build that expired next month state your name and address for the record two-year high. do you know why? driven to that level the last time october 2017, both times, glooming debt ceiling showdown. the same kind of drama, and it points to the fact that when these treasuries get worried, everyone should be worried. and then today, valiant posted financial results, look great in the beginning and then stock was sorg and then admit it, they're going to have cat prices on their drugs and also the purchase of buying these abandon drugs because of outside factors. when they say that, it's wink wink. hillary clinton do you remember that tweet? not only did it crush their stock but the biotech stocks and i've got to tell you something, they couldn't do that for the last two years. economic policy, tax policy, foreign policy, even rhetoric and tone, all play a role in healthy economy, and i've got to tell you something. from what we've seen in the last seven years, it could
6:25 pm
bring the mightiest economy to its knees. we've got proof of it. so we're looking at a looming debt ceiling hike and also a potential for new person to be in the white house. either way when you go and pull that lever, you're pulling the lever to determine how much you're going to have in your wallets for years to come. already, guys, let's talk about this with director jim, one of my favorites and former united states controller did general walker. let me go with you, general because i think a lot of people are starting to understand that all of these things are connected. foreign policy, domestic policy, even rhetoric that comes out of the white house impacts their prosperity. >> well, the fact of the matter is if your economy is not strong, if you can't put your financials in order, there are going to be some big problems but let's get the facts out, sectionfour, the 14th amazement guarantees u.s. public debt. the treasury has the ability to make those payments in a timely manner. but we do have a problem
6:26 pm
because we're addicted to deficits and debt, and we're going to have to move away from this debt ceiling concept to move away to a debt gdp limit with enforcement mechanisms, that's the way forward. charles: here's the thing, one particular situation stock was looking up about $5, ended up getting slaughtered down 14, $15, we know that hillary clinton put out that tweet, talked about price controls, price caps on these drugs. there's no doubt that we saw president obama destroy the coal industry. >> yeah. charles: we've seen him go after other industries and the white house wants something shut down. they can shut it down. but, unfortunately, there's collateral damage in this case our economic recovery. >> yeah. absolutely and that's why we're having a debate on this on both sides in the primaries and in the general election because the republicans are in favor of growth and less regulations and stimulating growth and the democrats are in favor of more government say. so there are real issues here and happily we're going to have a debate on it in this
6:27 pm
country in the next 16 months. charles: walk we are before i let you go, i understand that the debt, the gdp, the debt ceiling ratio thing makes a lot of sense, should the republicans, though, should they put up a fight with the next debt ceiling, should they put a line in the sand for a variety of reasons, whatever it is or should they let this go? >> they should try to move it from a debt steeling statutory debt to gdp and ultimately we need a constitutional debt to gdp limit with inform mechanism. charles: but this time around, by the way, we're not even sure who the speaker going to be, but assume they'll have a speaker of the house, should this be a moment to draw the line in the sand whether it's over planned parenthood, sanctuary cities, no matter what it is, should they use debt ceiling as the next battleground. >> no. charles: okay. straight forward. we appreciate that. jim, david, thanks a lot. hey, video surfaces of hillary clinton and what appears to be
6:28 pm
her cackling over that e-mail controversy. she's having way too much fun over this thing. but it's no laughing matter, mrs. clinton. something i found very offensive, i think you will too. we'll be right back try the superior hold... ...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level.
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>> i know bernie sanders that said quote the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. but there are a lot of people who are not. >> well. [laughter]
6:32 pm
including fbi officials looking into whether national security was compromised because of this server. charles: i'm really not sure what the hell was so funny. that was former secretary of state hillary clinton and what appears to be her cackling over this e-mail controversy not only did some of her e-mails contain highly classified information but her e-mail addresses also the recipient of malware, linked to russia and china. listen, she could have put this country in a world of hurt, who knows maybe she might have who knows. maybe we'll get to the bottom of this and maybe an entitlement. so is it really a laughing matter? back with me mark and mercedes and tammy bruce. mercedes, i'll start with you. i don't know what the hell she was laughing about and uncontrolled laugh if that. >> i know i call it -- if i was a psychologist, i would call it a nervous laugh. that's what i would call it. i mean i think that for hillary clinton should just blow this off, make it seem like it's a nonissue, it's
6:33 pm
really disturbing because the mere fact that we're talking about this, she could have violated the espionage act and not only that, the mere fact that, for example, where her server was housed and the river network, it was -- didn't even have the security clearance. it is careless on behalf of hillary clinton. it is irresponsible and let me tell you. this fbi investigation will tell us a lot and for the president of the united states to come out and say that she didn't put our national security at risk is just wrong. charles: you know, maybe it's funny to her and bernie sanders but no one else think so it's funny, and i just think, you know, hopefully between what we're getting from the fbi investigation, maybe what we'll get from the benghazi hearings testimony later this week, maybe we will get some answers instead of laughter. >> i think that's what people want to see and that kind of reaction is why people don't trust her because it's not a normal set of behaviors that you're seeing. her demeanor at the committee will be interesting as well. last time she was at the committee she also had a very
6:34 pm
odd demeanor with the what difference does it make attitude? so americans are judging this, we do want details, the seriousness has even heightened more with the revelation today that the ciaero may have been hacked. charles: right. >> so, look, -- charles: by a teenager or something like that. >> it's remarkable how at risk all of our systems are. charles: now, mark, we will say, though, that she does have a new shield if you will and that's comments from kevin mccarthy and the substate republican that makes me thank, yes, i think things are preparing for a worst-case scenario with her testimony but to have some out by saying witch hunt all along. >> she will do that and i thought that was damaging by kevin mccarthy but take a look cyber security. this information from the hacking came from an audit of the white house saying that hillary's state department was the worst in the administration on hacking, cyber security. that is damning.
6:35 pm
the obama state department is criticizing the white house, the obama white house. charles: right. >> you talk about crazy uncle joe, this is crazy gra grandma hillary laughing at this issue. charles: right. >> because what's going to happen is the administration is right now aiming their fire at her. her own administration is doing that and they're going to do her on. let me tell you. this audit proves that. they're trying to prove that hillary failed at cyber security in the state department. charles: so in essence exactly what's happening they are digging deeper, the entire state department and, by the way, was deemed the worst agency among the federal agency when it came to protecting computer networks while hillary was secretary, we're talking 2011 to 2012 quote significant deficiencies and apparently hillary knew of
6:36 pm
these shortcomings. >> she knows what her failures have been she wants to pretend that she doesn't but she's the one person who knows what they're going to find and that's she's moving in this direction. the fact of the matter is she is clearly not convincing the american people and that's something she doesn't know how to do because, you know, in this day and age with television people make some quick judgments but she's been in the public eye for decades. people have decided who she i. charles: she's had one thing associated with her and also been controversy but her and bill been able to move their way through that controversy move even higher and higher. but, mercedes, in this particular point, mark brings it out, this is the state department, president obama's administration, this is the fbi, these are things that if president obama really, really -- i don't know cared as much as normally he would for the arab parent, maybe this wouldn't be an issue, but it is. >> you know, it wasn't a priority clearly.
6:37 pm
i mean when you look at these audits not only were they substandard, these cyber security compliance that they had to take care of here but it got worse under hillary clinton. so, again, this shows that in her words that she told fox news reporter ed henry what are you going to do? you're going to wipe the server clean with a cloth? i mean that is no excuse. so i think for her to come across just saying, look, i'm secretary of state, this is not a priority for me, i didn't know how to handle the technical issues shows that she wasn't really concerned about the national security and the possibility of cyber security risk, which we know has grown in the past year, in the past several years. charles: yeah, it's nuts. dismissive, arrogant and what you know? i think she's had a little bit of a come up but not enough because we haven't gotten all the answers. thanks a lot, guys. drones facing perhaps new regulations, they may issue a rule now that you have to register them all before christmas. imagine that.
6:38 pm
registering all the drones? people say it's necessary, do you think that's true? let me know. we're going to discuss it when we come back a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. ♪ you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ charles: the transportation department wants to register all unmanned aircraft except toys. i don't know, that's a whole lot of manning and a whole hot of registrations -- whole lot of registrations. we'll debate it.
6:41 pm
charles: in an effort to curb dangerous encounters between drones and piloted aircraft, the federal government will require many recreational drones to be registered. but is it necessary really to force citizens to register their privately-owned drones? joining me now, chris versais, and jim awad is back as well. i understand there have been more encounters, there's also a pretty tight timeline to register them all by christmas?
6:42 pm
>> think about it, charles, that's just a couple months, and we're going to amass two dozen government people to figure this out. recipe for disaster, is what we're talking about here. so i, i'd be shocked if it happens. you know, from the stock guy in me, i'm thinking, okay, what does this do for drones and drone sales, because be your going to have to -- if you're going to have to register, the it's another hurdle. charles: gopro was up on a downgrade and up a buck and a half. initially, wall street might like this idea. >> what you do know, i'm generally not in favor of regulations, but these things are going to get cheaper, easier to use, and you really do create a safety hazard, i share your reservation, they're trying to do it in a short period of time entails risks, but this has to be tackled. you could have one of these things crash into times square or a tall apartment building too. so we do need to regulate this. charles: on the other end of this we've got google and amazon
6:43 pm
spending tons of money. i believe they're going to get it done, spend just enough money to have commercial drones delivering things. you know, you order something and it comes to your house within 20 minutes. i think it's going to happen sooner than later. >> i think you're right. and hotels in las vegas are delivering champagne through drones. charles: that was jim's story. [laughter] >> probably was. we are going to see a lot more of this. it's got to be done in a well thought out, methodical matter. charles: someone who understands the risk inherent in this, where is the middle ground? >> the private sector is going to figure it out more efficiently than the government will. charles: and to that point, jim, we've seen white papers from amazon and google who are actually going, you know what, faa? you step aside. they're going to figure -- >> let them figure it out, exactly, and submit it to the government. take two bids from two different people to sort of run the system or two out of three, but let the
6:44 pm
private sector do it. charles: thanks a lot. the most exciting news in the morning, oprah. golly, you want to talk about the golden touch, she takes a 10% stake in weight watchers, and she doubled her money today, she made $70 million today. what did you make? from a 10% stake. the stock is up huge. should you chase it? we'll let you know. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ for less than the average price of a car, you could be driving an extraordinary
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6:48 pm
hope the teal finally happens -- the deal finally happens. the deal did happen, it was oprah and, yes, she has done it today. weight watchers stock up 105% after the news broke she acquired a 10% stake in the company. back with me to weigh in, you get it, weigh in? on the news, christopher. you know, listen, we were talking in the break, you said you would not chase this. >> i would not. charles: i think this is an amazing, natural fit. and what people should understand, the stock closed around a little bit over $14, this was an $85 stock in may of 2011. so there is a lot of upside potential. >> there could be. the issue i have, charles, is i understand oprah is very powerful, a lot of reach. but look at the fundamentals of the company up until now. six quarters of declining revenues, competition coming from everywhere. right? from a change in how people eat
6:49 pm
like this fitbit that i've got on my wrist. all these thing, i just wondering, you know, on the hype, will oprah deliver long term? charles: at the end of day, when it comes to weight loss, 70% is what you put in your mouth. you can run uphills and be tethered to a smart watch, but if you don't put the right food in your mouth, you're going to gain weight. >> you telling meow can't outrun the fork, charles? [laughter] charles: most people can't. here is my problem with the weight watchers thing. i remember the jessica simpson bounce, i remember the jennifer hudson bounce because she lost 80 pounds. charles barkley never had a bounce, he was one of the celebrity spokespersons. but we've seen these bounces, to your point. i just think maybe the difference could be if oprah winfrey really gets on this, publicly starts advertising it, loses weight and keeps it off, that might be the turning point for it.
6:50 pm
>> oprah's had this history of yo-yoing back and forth. she may not be the best person for that, and she's already lost a ton of weight. she looks pretty good, don't get me wrong. charles: i never know what's the most recent photograph? want to shift gears here then. last week steve ballmer had a little bit of a twitter bounce. this is a little bit of a bounce, i'm going to ask you, could it happen? tickets for "star wars": the force awakens, went on sale today. there's a lot of hype about the next installment of this hit sequel. disney, of course, acquired lucas films in 2012. what does it mean for disney stock? >> i like it. and i've been recommending disney in part because of this. what is disney at the core, right? it's a franchise and merchandising machine. that's what they do, whether it's, you know, t-shirts, apparel, toys, you name it, this is what they do. and this movie is going to be big, you know? there are a lot of people who are waiting for it.
6:51 pm
you've got toys that are on the best toy christmas list, j.j. abrams, behind some great movies. i think this is going to be the thing to watch. charles: this offset it is woes at espn and also the cable-cutting, this offsets that in your mind? >> not just movie. we've got more marvel movies, pixar movies, frozen 2 is coming. charles: i am so pumped for this thing. i hateed the other three that came out, the middle three. >> they were horrible. jar jar binges, what was that? charles: i think disney was oversold, i think it's going to come back. i was also talking about this twitter thing last week, steve ballmer took a 4% stake in twitter. we're seeing people who are very successful put their money where their mouths are. doesn't guarantee anything, but it is a plus. >> well, i come out a little differently, right?
6:52 pm
twitter was beaten to hell, right? so what happens? they make dorsey the official ceo, they announce layoffs, they preannounce. so when you look at the short interest that they had, 46 million shares, the shorts are clearing out. now all they have to do when they report the earnings is just explain how we're going to attract new users, how we're going to monetize. if you can do that, they're off to the races. charles: so far, that's been a big this thing cool overnight when it's not cool. it's good for us, we like information, but it's not necessarily what the kids are using -- >> no, they're all snapchat, instagram, absolutely. charles: market in general, again, another session where we opened down sharply lower, finished higher, and it finds like the buy on dips crowd not as big of a pull as it used to be. it's been very quiet without any fanfare. in fact, we're up big since all of these smart people are saying the crash is coming, you know, putting out videos and what not.
6:53 pm
are you seeing something here with the quiet stealth move in this market? >> i've got to be honest with you, this morning i was catching up on my weekend read, and i see all these industrial companies, oh, it's horrible. and we're only now really tuesday, wednesday, thursday and really next week the belly of the beast of earnings. so i am a little concerned because we've had a lo t of companies warn. charles: ibm is getting hammered, but the perennial losers, i don't think we think, will lead a rally anyway. the nikes and the starbucks of the world continue to go to all-time highs almost every day. thanks a lot, chris, appreciate it. one-third of the obama health care co-ops have fell, 100,000 policyholders, mostly poor people. what's going to happen? obamacare imploding. we said it would happen, but it's worse that be we thought. we'll be right back. hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit?
6:54 pm
you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
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charles charles the diagnosis for obamacare is getting worse. right now a third of the president's health insurance co-ops have failed, leaving 400,000 policyholders scrambling for 2016 coverage. joining me now, christopher bedford, the numbers are stunning. one-third of these co-ops, which by the way, cost taxpayers $2.4 billion, and eight in colorado on death bed's -- death's bed, poor and low income folks who are getting hit. it's unraveling in front of our eyes. >> and it's about to get worse. obamacare launched two years ago. the first co-op to be killed was strangled in the crib, it was the vermont one. the insurance commissioner said, no way. since then we've seen eight collapse. we have -- including five, fife have chanced just in the last three weeks, and our reporter
6:58 pm
who's been on this, richard pollack, released the administration has a list of 11 more on death watch that is secret, hasn't been shared with the american people. and if those were to collapse, we'd bring that number up to 19 out of 24, that's an 80% rate of obamacare failing. charles: we're talking about higher premiums, the cadillac tax is going to kick in soon, sign-up ands renewals aren't with where they thought they would be x. they admitted there would be something like 35 million people ultimately who couldn't even have coverage. where are the positives in this? >> i haven't seen any, and i don't think the democrats have seen any positives either. this has been something they've had to carry on their back since they launched it, and that's one thing where people gave a lot of heck to the conservatives forced to shut down before obamacare was launched, those guys got every single democrat on the record hammering right before launch this is gonna work, it's gonna work, and then, boom, the
6:59 pm
web site crashed, and that was just the start of the problems. especially for the poor. charles: and there were a lot of democrats who fell on their sort, knew they were going -- sword, and did it because president obama promised this would be -- listen, let's face it, we know that the president wanted single payer. what about some conspiracy theorists who are saying co-ops failing is part of the ultimate plan? >> i've heard that, that's always been a left-wing philosophy ever since the '60s. build up the system, overtax the system, wait until it collapses, and then we can build a socialist utopia. i'm sure there are a lot of philosophers who think that's a good idea. i think he wanted to put his legacy not on a collapsing health care system. but they've tried to regulate a third of the u.s. economy, and the great, fatal conceit is thinking that you understand economics and you really can figure out what the people need in such a complicated system, and they've showed time and time again they're wrong. charles: i think when it comes to these things, i don't think
7:00 pm
there's about economics, i think it's about social justice, and the cost never, never matters. christopher, great stuff. you guys on top of this like nobody else, and we appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: thanks, of course, at home for watching. if you can't see the show, dvr it. lou dobbs next. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. we've seen other presidential candidates try what appears to be jeb bush's newest political strategy. the governor trying to revive his presidential campaign by attacking republican front runner donald trump. finish bush escalated his war of words with trump, releasing a scathing attack ad mocking trump's admission that he gets some foreign policy from cable news shows. and for his part, trump is calling out both jeb bush and his brother george insisting his strong immigration policies would have prevented the


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