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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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french national anthem. they were throwing sheets out of the windows so bodies of the dead could be covered and not just lay there. thanks for joining us. i'm megyn kelly, this is the kelly file. >> i'm shepard smith from new york. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m., saturday in paris. the french president is declaring a war which will be pitiless after terrorist attacks on a night the french leader called a horror of unprecedented proportion. the latest word from police in france, who are partner network sky news, 158 people, killed. but we know that number will change. that does not include the attackers, we're told who police say are all now dead. the fresh and official word now is there were six attack sites. gunman opened fire in a pair of
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restaurants, gunning down people as they had dinner on friday evening. video shows moments after one attack. >> another attack moments later in a packed stadium, the largest in the nation. suicide bombers blew themselves up outside. the glass, shattering, bodies falling into pools of blood. the sound of a bomb blast broadcast live during a soccer match. the soccer match continues, people, unaware for a time. the french president at the game, he was evacuated minutes later, and then, people began leaving the stadium. as they did, sang the french national anthem. gunmen took hostages in a concert by an american band. people inside turned to social media, begging the police, raid
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this place. they said gunmen were throwing grenades into the crowds and executing hostages one by one. police say the gunmen were strapped with suicide vests. as cops finally stormed that concert hall, the gunmen, we're told, blue themselves up, killing an untold number of incents and maybe first responders. news crews captured the blasts. survivors climbed out of the concert hall on ladders. one gunman waited outside, gunning down people as they escaped. inside of the concert hall, survivors describe a horrible scene. bodies piling up. something like 100 people there dead. right now, city of lights on lock down, soldiers by the hundreds patrolling the streets of paris. a mandatory curfew in effect.
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social media is lighting up with accounts of isis praising the slaughter, not claiming response yinlt, but praising. saying the terrorists shouted alla akbar. many different eye witness accounts from those inside in this now-connected age, people were sending out requests to the police, please, storm the building they're killing us one by one. and a harrowing account from a man on the second floor inside there, a young man in the arena given detailed account of what
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happened to a local newspaper. he said, and i quote it was chaos. i was on the right of the room and eagles of death metal sound was about to start when i heard explosions that i thought were firecrackers. the band from america is said to be safe. i saw the guitarist take off his guitar. i saw a guy with an automatic weapon firing into the air, everybody, he writes got on to the ground. with each volley you try to get as far as possible from the gunman. impossible to say how many. he said i tried to get to the stage where there was an emergency exit. and there was chaos. people were terrified, pleading to survive and other pushed us to get behind that stage. we hid in a room by the stage thinking it was an exit. but no. a member of the staff said the emergency exit was on the other side of the room. and there, they still heard
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shooting. and the pleas went out, please, save us, save us, in went the police and as they tell the story, the french prosecutor tells us it happened like this. you're seeing the aftermath, people coming down on ladders out of the place because as the authorities went in, the people inside shooting had on them, we did not know it, suicide vests and as police were about to take them down, they blew themselves up. the death toll unside of the building is unknown, believed to be between 100 and 118. we're getting to take a look at some of the powerful explosives and powerful front pages from newspapers around the globe in the wake of the attacks in paris. we have some of them for you tonight. we have from the french newspaper, the headline, carnage in paris. it's one of many headlines coming out this morning again,
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it's something like just past 5:00 a.m. there. here we go. changes and if there is anyone, there we go. headlines reads horror. in the next one, the front page of the london times newspaper. and here, irish times, you can see the guardian. and then, here in the united states, looking at the front page of tomorrow's new york daily news. at some point here. and then, we get to the paper of record in the united states, "new york times." who said at the top, terror attacks kill more than 100, france declares state of emergency. and that state of emergency is existing now. during the state of emergency, authorities are able to, we're told, able to go into home, confiscate whatever they want, keep control of the streets as they're in a state of alert not known.
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>> hi, shep. we have been following this as it happens. and we need eyewitness reports that are so horrible. running gun battle. french soldiers on the streets of paris, this is the worst attack to hit france since world war ii. again, coming back to that music hall, scenes there just horrible. the synchronized way this happened, it didn't doubt who were the perpetrators and those gunman shouting this is for syria, see what you're doing in syria. leaves no doubt. there are rumors one assailant was captured and he said he was given command from syria and if that is true, that is a link to the terror group there which still, waiting to confirm that. there is a state of emergency currently in paris. that means is that marshal law,
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those on the street, police can arrest anyone they like, they can search homes and they're doing that. you can see images out of paris. the city is in lock down. they're telling people not to leave their homes, they've sealed france off. before this, they have done drastic measures due to the big review fwee problem we've been seeing over the past two months and many will be asked about that coming up. it tells of transport if there are family or friends out there. american airlines are still running and the eurostar is still running and the u.s. embassy is doing their best to track them down. the band in a music hall was an american band. huddling together, eye witnesses
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saying gunmen shooting into the sky, throwing grenades. that siege broke down in a terrifying way. they went in to hold off and they heard five explosions and the police forced to go in. and these terrorists detonated their vests. there were over a thousand people in that hall at the time. and we know 120 of them have died. francois hollande was at that stadium and what is remarkable, the match continued until half time but francois hollande tried to bring calm to the country. he was trying to convey is look, we have to keep going and show strength and solidarity. that is what the point is. keeping the airlines open,
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keeping france moving. if the country stops, then, thes terrorists have won. and it's a horrible scene coming out of paris. >> benjiman hall, with us from london. the french president held an address to the nation as this attack was ongoing after the shootings at the restaurant and explosions at the stadium. and before the authorities went in to the bataclan, the french president came on television and once he got to that scene of the carnage at the hall, he came to the cameras and said, and i quote to those who have seen these awful things i want to say that we're going to lead a war which will be pitiless because when terrorists are capable of economisting atrocities they must be certain they're facing a determined france, a united
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france. a france together and does not let itself be moved even if today we express infinite sorrow. we've gotten an update, we're being told, and i am confident numbers will change throughout the night and day, now, it appears reports of four people who attackers are died are changing. quoting investigative sources are now reporting eight attackers died. four at the bataclan, four at the stade de france, the stadium and on the boulevard outside of the concert hall. local media, saying the number dead are eight. the important matter is that authorities tell us they're searching, as a matter of caution they believe all of those who committed these atrocities have been killed. eight of them by their own vests
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and another outside of the hall. a global radio news reporter is live with us. what can you tell me? >> the eight tackers have been killed as you said, at bataclan, and french newspapers this morning on scene with phrases like apocalypse and horror to describe attacks that occurred overnight here in paris. a somber mood at the moment. what is normally a bustling city, even at this hour is at the moment quiet, other than rescue personnel and ambulances and police vehicles moving about. taxis of the night have been offering free rides to passengers to get home. and citizens have taken requests
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for citizens to stay indoors. there are very few people on the streets and everybody appears to be at home. >> deon delange. and i quote, barack obama wanted to express his support. they reaffirmed their commitment to working closely in the fight against terrorism. so now, the french president and president have spoken. we're waiting for a number of developments. 5:13. sun rise around 8:00. morning programs will begin shortly. we're expecting addresses from leaders, as well as police and update on the status outside of the facilities on friday night. our coverage continues live on fox news channel right after this.
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seize the journey friendly. ♪ >> it was very confusing inside of the stadium. >> the crowd started moving. everyone started panicking. it was impossible to leave. the trains were blocked. very stressful, chaos in paris. >> chaos across the city. >> breaking now we've heard from the chinese president saying china will join in increased security with the french. prince charles saying they're sending profound sympathy and solidarity.
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the numbers are changing but the facts on the ground remain chaos. >> that is right. it's all happening in still neighborhoods. i was home, finishing dinner. i got a call there had been a shooting. we had no idea how big or small. and it was on the corner from me. i ran over there. i talked to a few witnesses who had been in the bar across the street, heard the shooting. people saw people at the restaurant on that street and people fleeing. some bleeding. just chaotic just at that first scene. and then, about a half hour we started to get the reports of wait a minute, there is another one and another one, and another one. so i spent the night biking from
11:19 pm
one scene to another. >> it's our understanding that troops have been deployed. how difficult is it to get around? >> well, with car, it's almost impossible. i didn't see cars. there are road blocks all over the place. pedestrians and people are bikes were getting around fine. >> greg keller, thanks. >> breaking news now on fox news channel, 19 minutes past the hour. we've gotten word, four attackers were killed at the bataclan. the gunmen inside, some firing from the balcony with semi
11:20 pm
automatic weapons. we know police, when storming that building we're told two gunman blew their vests up and died. now, there were four attackers killed there. three of those attackers, according to the french press agency blew up their suicide vests as police launched attacks and the fourth was hit by police fire and blew up as he fell. so police were able to strike one inside. earlier reports from french news agencies that were five gunman appear incorrect. we have eight people dead who were perpetrators here. seven died when blowing up a suicide vest. the eighth, shot by police and blew up. we'll have continuing coverage right after this.
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right at the window when there were numerous gunshots directed at the window towards the restaurant. we immediately dropped to the floor, with all of the other diners. and we were there for maybe one minute. and lying on the floor, as we continued to hear numerous gunshots. i noticed the woman next to me had a facial injury. a witness to the friday night massacre, just word that total injury number seems to be approximately 200 according to french authorities and french press agency. 80 of those seriously injured in addition owe those killed. i have a breakdown of who died and where.
11:25 pm
the terroriparis prosecutor sai are six locations targeted in total. you may see five in places because officially they're breaking the concert hall, the bataclan and the boulevard in front of it from the outside. six locations total. the prosecutor says that is a stadium. some were killed, possibly three. it's not clear how many are there. 18 dead and of course, the very large number inside of the concert hall, we believe to be between 100 and 120. latest word from paris is this. the latest on the shooting, those who survived this attack on the concert venue, physically
11:26 pm
unscatheed, but now, they've been bussed to a special crisis center as the associated press puts in, some walked in dazed, dozens of workers in orange vests gathered in front of the building at the headquarters of the 11th district. police officers stood nearby after meeting with counselors some put into taxis and headed home. they'd all been at the bataclan with the band playing eagles in death metal. china willing to help now and reports from on the ground. we have a reporter for france and live in paris this early morning. pierre anything to add? >> yes. what happened at the concert hall was very, very impressive. i went there when we started having the first report.
11:27 pm
i think it's no secret that many people in paris have been unfortunately expecting something like that to happen of course, not on a scale, but we've been expecting it and immediately, i guess i and a few colleagues knew something was happening that was going to be a terrible night in paris. paris is a very small city. i walked to the place near the concert hall. when i came it was disorganized. many police officers everywhere. they were in the windows and screaming at us, go back, hide. they have weapons. dozens of them were there at the time. and this lasted quite a few minutes, they managed to have 30 people escape from the concert hall. and i met with them. some had their shirts drenched in blood.
11:28 pm
they said it wasn't their blood, but other people. i spoke to two people who told me they had actually seen the attackers, two of them, inside of the concert hall when they opened fire. they described two young men who did not wear masks. one had a small beard. that is all they just tried to crawl because they tried to run for their lives. they were sort of stuck inside concert hall, not able to find exits and after a few minutes someone managed to open a door. many were traumatized, crying in the streets, then it was, well, the injured, the injured and the dead that we saw on the sidewalks in paris. and the rescue workers trying to save those who could be safed. the cafes around there were transformed into emergency makeshift emergency rooms and
11:29 pm
rescue workers performing basic surgery on them before transferring them to the hospital. as you said there are at least 80 people who are, around 200 people that are injured. and 80 of them in a serious state. it's now 5:00 a.m. in paris. we expect, unfortunately, more people might die during this night. >> all the best to you and thank you so much. and we've got breaking news now on fox news channel, 29 past 11:00 p.m. the prosecutor just confirmed eight extremists now confirmed dead. seven of them by their own suicide bombing belts and one, shot by police who fell on the streets. our coverage continues live from new york and paris, after this. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!?
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many people have been injured, some seriously, some in shock. so we wanted to be here by the side of people who saw horrible things to tell them we'll fight back. we'll deal with the perpetrators without mercy. >> the french president outside of the bataclan, the concert
11:34 pm
venue where more than 100 people were shot and killed on friday night. the president of the united states held a very brief statement, gave a very brief statement from the white house, said he had not yet spoken with the french president because he was in the middle of the crisis and would speak to him sometime during the night. well, now he has. >> good evening, we received word president obama has spoken to french president hollande. the statement the president delivered before 6:00 p.m. he made a point of saying he was not calling just yet because he did not want to interfere with the many duties in light of this crisis and mr. obama said further he expected to be speaking with president hollande
11:35 pm
within the next few days. it says the president offered condolences from the american people for the horrific attacks and reiterated the united states' unwaferisupport and thi statement concludes by saying the two leaders pledged to work together and with nations around the world to defeat the scourge of terrorism. and earlier in that press briefing room statement, the president made it clear he called this an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. let's listen. >> this is a heart breaking situation and those of us in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these episodes ourselves and whenever these attacks happen, we've been
11:36 pm
able to count on the french people to stand with us. and they're an extraordinary counter terrorism partner and we intend to be there with them, in that same fashion. >> the secretary of state john kerry was in vienna, austria to convene a summit on syria with russia and iran. he issued a statement calling the heinous, vile acts and said the u.s. embassy is working hard to account for the welfare of american citizens in the city. as we know, and as you've been reporting waits an american rock band performing so americans are exposed to these horrific acts. the state department hz been briefing members of congress on what we know about the attacks and i spoke with a staff aide to one of those members and there is a suggestion there had been a
11:37 pm
heightened alert in paris in recent days and we're going to work to confirm that. the big news out of washington now, shep, two presidents from united states and france have spoken and the united states offered any necessary support to the french investigations that are underway. shep? >> james rosen is live in washington. here in the united states, as this is happening many signs of support. french exchange students in the united states now in new york, gathering at union square, a spot where a lot of young people gather on any given day, talking about the different things. the french exchange students sang their national anthem around 14th street in lower manhattan, then, downtown at the world trade center near the museum, we're lit up in the colors of france as the united states, from the president to residents across our city and i'm confident across yours as well, showing solidarity on this
11:38 pm
dark day. john buse has been talking about a bigger picture, there will be politics here and a discussion on how to handle security. and the push and pull of european politics is underway. >> we have to remember that a big story is a bigger context. the bigger context is europe is struggling economically. and trying to contend with a huge immigration flow into nations throughout europe, from the middle east, from africa. they haven't been able to figure out what to do to stem that flow. they haven't been able to figure out what to do and as a result, right wing parties have been advancing in europe, they've advanced more after the january attacks in france.
11:39 pm
and now, you can expect them to advance further to the point where now, already, the right wing anti-immigration, anti-european union, nationalist party, have risen to the point where they're double digit popularity. sometimes the second and third most popular country. >> there is a matter of how to handle security on a day-to-day basis. big picture and in neighborhoods. >> yes. that is right. well, you know this is going to cause us to rethink surveillance issues. you described what is going on in paris. the first curfew since 1944, this gives the police additional powers. this is a country trying to react to the need to do, to be better on top of what is clearly a very large, well organized attack on the country just in advance of a major international gathering in paris at the end of the month on climate, and yet,
11:40 pm
the police, intelligence services, president of the united states didn't know enough to stem it. that is going to cause a rethink of how much series is permitted and here, the same thing. and don't be surprised if some of this doesn't spill into u.s. politics. we're talking about building a wall on the border with mexico. this will somehow get conflated into the economic need to do it in the united states as well. >> you can't imagine a worse time for everything to be coming together here. i mean, the thought that they had no heads up of any kind, if there is chatter, no one mentioned it. and think of this. if there had been chatter would francois hollande have been at that stadium? >> it was a large group of people because there were explosives and weapons involved and executed their mission
11:41 pm
against targets and then, killed themselves, attempting to make more hostages or police with them, that suggests a dedicated organization. it is surprising nobody knew about this. >> the french security forces now seem very sure from all sources including reporting of the french authorities that this was eight people. that those at the stadium were there and then, nearby areas, those at the restaurant and bar in that area described to us as, like the east village, bars, and bars and lots of young people. if they carried out attacks there, then, went to the concert hall, and finished their work there, all the while wearing a suicide vest. a lot of movement. very low tech. high coordination. >> and likely a large supply chain to supply that. they had to get in. they had to pick targets.
11:42 pm
a large group. so sophistication of this from an organizational standpoint is striking. that is going to play into now, the preparedness from the united states and preparedness in europe. >> within jihadi web sites and extremist twitter, lots of celebration and congratulations. no claim yet of responsibility by anyone. it is normal that immediately after an attack of this kind there is a claim of responsibility to say look at me. that has not happened, are we to make anything of that? >> i think at this point it's still early in the game. but think about it. if it's isis, if it's al qaeda does it make a difference? in europe, the islamic my grants and expanse islamic population
11:43 pm
in europe is living in big cities that are shabby by comparison to their european neighbors. they're going to feel alienated. they're going to be made to feel more alienated bit rise of conservative political parties and the spiral is downward. there is a reason why these kids are going to syria. they don't find opportunity they expected to have in europe. that tension within europe is likely to increase fracture the european union more. >> john bussy, thank you. we're an hour and a half from first light in paris. and we'll begin to hear from french authorities and politicians and some of this will begin to come into focus. wilt take a while to find out who the victims are, and who the assailants are.
11:44 pm
do we have an idea of exactly where they're from? exactly what they're doing andy? we'll soon learn enough. i'm shepard smith in new york. stay with us. ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets.
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breaking news now. just getting word from the
11:48 pm
justice department that intelligence officials say they were not aware of any threat at all before attacks went down friday night. nothing. no increase in chatter that we know of, and paris was on high alert and had been since attacks at charlie hebdo in january, but nothing specific to friday night. we've been able to pull together a time line of events to the degree we can and this google map listed from the "new york times," we think it tells the story well, here is your ledger, this is two kilo meters, the first notice we got of anything is up there at the stadium. the largest stadium in all of france. a league between french and germans, the president was there, packed house and lots of americans. about nine chn 35 local time,
11:49 pm
explosions on outside. you can hear them on the videotape. just shortly thereafter, down here, people killed in a restaurant. those things happening not far apart. so thinking is that the people who were at the stadium moved on from the stadium for more shooting and people at the restaurant made their way to the concert hall. so it's 10:00 at night, that is about dinner time in paris. they're having dinner. shootings happen, then, to the concert hall, the standoff went on, more than an hour, when it was over at the concert hall, three suicide vests exploded on people, all of them died and another gunman shot, and fell and exploded by police. eight gunmen, we're led to believe with vests, all of them with ak 47ers, whatever, semi automatic weapons, said to,
11:50 pm
according to witnesses on scene, many witnesses, that at times they were throwing explosives believed to be hand grenades inside of the concert hall. we're waiting for updates from paris and we'll have those for you right after this. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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outside of the restaurant in paris as attacks were finishing early on friday evening there. it's been eight hours since this began. and officially there has been no news conference from police or security professionals. imagine they're working six separate murder scenes.
11:54 pm
trace ghallager is following the investigations. >> we're having trouble trying to figure out how they're coming to these conclusions. you had a map up there talking about the "new york times" going from location to location to different scenes and figuring out if there are eight attackers how this is coordinated and where did they begin and end? who branched off and did different things? in the middle of the screen, it started in a street side cafe call, a cambodian restaurant. witnesses tell us is that this was a drive by shooting. the reason is because they looked up and saw people coming in these cars with guns out of the window, high powered rifles, shooting at people near the
11:55 pm
street side cafe. most victims were sitting, having dinner along the street there in paris. it would make sense they'd move onto the next target, which would have been the concert hall, then, ditch the cars. and they walked inside. three young men without masks. there was no fear of being caught or captured. they walked in and had what is described as rifles and they opened fire. witnesses inside say they took hostages and then they went up to the balcony and started shooting down at people. and there is one witness story that said men were actually going up there and going up and trying to save lives of their
11:56 pm
wives, police stormed in and they blew themselves up. so if you go, if you add these men in there, and you go to the stadium, they had at laeft three others, two suicide belts and then, a grenade, that gives six. but there are six targets here. and the question becomes, how can you limit it at eight? how do you know eight is the final answer? which is what a lot of investigators and terrorism analysts are trying to figure out now. if the number is only 8 and 7 of them blew themselves up, give people the reasoning behind coming to that common denominator of those terrorives being the only ones involved. they're looking for accomplices but information dribbling out of paris has been slow and
11:57 pm
unreliable. there are other scenes they told us about, one at a mall. we believe that may have been a false alarm. another in a different cafe. it's unclear what happened there. because information has been slow coming. >> imagine trying to coordinate all of the scenes at the same time, trace. >> yes. yes. you've got every, i mean they brought in 1500 military members. you're not only trying to investigate, but trying to shut down borders. trains may be going in and out but you're trying to make sure that nobody gets out. so you have all hands on deck. military, 1500 plus, you have the patrol in their case, trying to guard the road. so everybody involved in how you're coming to conclusions is baffling for a lot of investigators. >> it is. and possible, really to take it in. trace ghallager is live with us.
11:58 pm
and calgary tower in alberta, all lit up in the french colors tonight. as is the world trade center in lower manhattan in new york.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
it's midnight on the east coast, and 6:00 a.m. in pearis. the city of lights coming to terms when 100 people died inside of a concert hall, explosions outside of a stadium and the death toll according to french press reports, the final number is certainly unknown. 150 believed to have died. 200 injured and more walking and dazed and confused. we're getting new accounts of survivor stories. among them, from the


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