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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 1:00am-2:01am EST

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i'm trace galler, in los angeles, it's 7:00 a.m. in paris, france. first light is starting to shine after one of the darkest nights in french history, what being referred to as france's september 11th. the city of paris is on lock down and borders remain closed. french authorities say they believe all of the attackers who carried out the deadly, coordinated strikes have been killed. seven of them, killed by suicide bombs. police are still searching for possible accomplices. america's oldest ally suffering the deadliest terrorist attack
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in its history. the death toll stands at 168 but authorities warn the number is likely to change and possibly go up. the number of injured is well above 200. here in america, a state of heightened alert. the department of homeland security and fbi are saying there is no credible threat to the homeland at this time. president obama and many other u.s. officials are promising to help in any way possible and the american embassy in paris is looking to account for u.s. citizens who may have been involved. it's highly unlikely all victims are french. we have confirmed attacks happened in six locations, starting in a street side cafe, a soccer stadium, the worst attack happening a sold out concert hall where an american band was playing. gunmen stormed the venue, opening fire on the crowd before
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taking hostages and murdering more than 100 people. witnesses say the attackers were shouting alla akbar and claim the attack was for syria. there are reports of other deadly attacks including another cafe and shopping mall but we're having trouble getting hard information concerning the cafe. there is word the mall attack may have been a false alarm altogether. we have team fox coverage, a correspondent from global radio news is live in front of the theater where the worst attacks took place. and we have response if the white house and concerns about safety at home. we begin with benjiman hall. the information is clearly trickling if. we are finding not all of it is
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reliable. right? >> we have been covering this from the beginning and heard there have been one attack, two attacks and they started popping up all over the place and what we know is that you said there are three attacks and the teams moved on to bigger targets. they started off as drive by shootings. this is a friday night in paris. very, very busy. three main attacks were the biggest stadium in france and there is a soccer match going on at that time between france and germany. the president of france, francios hollande was there and it shows perhaps he had in idea because there had been no chatter to suggest there was going to be an attack. he was quickly taken away. at the same time, the siege happened across town at the
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bataclan music hall. that is the real tragedy. a thousand people were inside of the hall, and these gunmen, we know there were three of them, walked in and opened fire on the crowd. now, there was chaos in there and there was a standoff. the situation grew worse and at one point, they had to decide whether or not to push in. they were explosions heard inside and they made the decision to go in. three blew themselves upful one was killed by the police. but we know that 120 people died there. now, what is remarkable that francois hollande went straight on the air and was trying to say look, we need to get together. this is while the siege was going on he was on the air. that is effectively the marshal
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law so he closed pair wris down, people were in the streets. the army came on and there were soldiers on the streets of paris. but he also closed borders and closed paris. they're saying still, stay inside. the police are saying they think attackers are dead. but if you remember the charlie hebdo attacks there were follow up attacks so the situation remains fluid. hospitals around france are calling for blood donations and doctors are coming out in droves to volunteer. they're trying to piece together what happened. they're looking at body parts, trying to confirm how many may have died. there have been many attacks here. charlie hebdo, and the bomber two days ago so this is not
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isolated. this is in the middle east and isis. we know attackers shouted out this is for syria. this is for your attacks on syria, and alla akbar, god is great. in the arab world, there are people praising the attacks. and on the other side, it is bringing people together. if there are americans in paris, u.s. embassy set up a website to try to track loved ones or friends. and in terms of getting in and out of paris, american airlines suspended some flights. united airlines is still flying. and so there is no doubt who is
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responsibility and suggesting it's something we've seen before. and at the moment, this is what we know. owe so we're waiting. and we'll see what his next moves are. and there is a crisis that allowed hundreds of thousands of people into europe and there will be questions whether or not that was the right policy, whether or not perpetrators got in hidden as refugees. and so it's tragic scene for trance. back to you.
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>> tragic, indeed. thank you. president obama called the attack an attack on all of humanity. i want to get live to james rosen for more reaction. the conversation with the french president francois holealande. >> president obama received information from his advisors and appeared grim as he told reporters tonight the u.s. is offering all assistance to the french authorities as the investigation unfolds. the white house released a statement after 11:00 p.m. saying mr. obama has spoken with the french president and the two pledged to work together. >> the united states will do whatever it takes to work with french people and nations around
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the world to bring terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorists that want to go after our people. we don't yet know all of the details of what happened. >> secretary of state john kerry is in vienna, austria and issued a statement calling it evil, heinous and of course there was a american rock band performing. the band members are accounted for. but 70 americans known to have been in paris at that time of the attacks have not. the metropolitan police department dispatched officers to the french embassy and other sites in washington that are related to france. the nypd has done likewise for the french consulate.
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there a the state department released a telephone number for american citizens who want assistance in the event you have a family member in paris at the moment. or perhaps you know of next of kin of a french citizen affected by the attack. the number is for those calling within the u.s.. if you're calling from outside of the u.s. and as our live coverage continues throughout the next few hours, keep it tuned here. when we come back to me in washington i'm going to give you reaction from foreign leaders throughout the world and some of the presidential candidates here on the campaign trail in the united states. trace? >> james, back to you in just a moment. thank you. of the six separate attacks the deadliest was at the bataclan
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concert hall where a california band was headlining and three young men with no masks came in in what they say were weapons, this is apparently something they said was this is for syria and alla akbar, or god is great. now, we're live in front of the bataclan theater. we hear the stories deon, coming out of there are horrifying and heart wrenching. what are you hearing from people who walked out and knew those inside of the concert hall? >> good morning. indeed, the stories are continuing to emerge from eyewitness accounts. are painting a picture of carnage. is not far from the scene of the charlie hebdo attacks.
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it's believed 80 people died at this site. many of them, according to those who survived were executed and a second scene of garnage that did not fair yet. how many took place, the president was evacuated are from the stadium when attending a football match. a third was described at a cambodian restaurant, and according to eyewitnesss, in short bursts of 3, 4 shots at a time, killing people on the sidewalk, outside of the restaurant and and sending aim
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to i'm hearing there are bodies on the sidewalk. >> yes. i'm curious if you know we have heard from president hollande last night. what are you hearing about how this went down and what the authorities are gleaning? >> i can tell you information was playing through the regular news as of tonight for two hours ago. and on the streets of paris, local television stations portraying him walking in the area, to speak to security personnel and rescue personnel.
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there is no news, however, in the midst of the attack, they did speak to the nation and did say that trance was determined to meet what he calls bar barrism. and feels the french people to remain united and facts are continuing. >> thank you very much. coming up, we'll have more live coverage of the deadly attacks in paris. we'll have reports from the ground and the question is, that the authorities have told us there were eight of these attackers. they have limited it to 8 and 7 of them blew themselves up with suicide vests. the question is, if you don't know the number of victims, how do you know it was only eight attackers? we're going to start off with a
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terrorism expert to get thoughts on how they came to that number so soon. continuing coverage of the attacks in paris, right here on the fox news channel. when it comes to quitting cigarettes, why does it feel like all or nothing? would you expect me to lose 25 pounds overnight? i'm taking it one cigarette at a time. that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts.
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paris remains on high alert after tonight's deadliest terrorist attacks. the scene on the ground was tense as terrified parisins ran for their watch. joining us now is mike baker and to you, first, thanks for joining us. mike, the question that comes up
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all the time is, we're still working with numbers and then, there are those that are wounded, the number of dead and they were all throughout the night and three hours ago, you had the french authorities saying we know there are only eight of the attackers and seven of them blew themselves up. how do you get to that number? to narrow it down so quickly? >> to me, it is an investigative effort. so they are counting bodies and getting eyewitness statements
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and to be fair they don't know for sure yet. and they don't know, this is one of the things they're working on. this is likely they had a structure in place. and safe housing of the attack. >> yes. i guess in fairness, you're right. they're looking for accomplices, still. and we hear isis is losing ground in iraq. and if this is isis, they have dropped down a russian jet and pulled off this attack here in paris, and is it your assessment that maybe.
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>> they're not contained and not a junior varsity if bringing down airliners and conduct attacks in paris. and we're not sure why this administration is not acknowledging isis is a threat and we have to destroy them with our power and so so fluidy is not abnormal. reports are going to be coming in. some are going to overlap. to be so definite so early is dangerous for the french government because there is this network of folks that helped these people get into place that
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provided financing and so forth. this is not a random event. for us not to call this a a islamic attack is a mistake. so no. they're not contained and they're very they're ideology is kill french people. >> stand by, if you will we're going to roll you over into the next segment there. we have more questions coming up following the terrorist attacks, right after the attacks the french president closed the country's borders. we're hearing that in fact, planes are being allowed to come in and go out. trains are working but the country has been shut down. we'll have more on that, plus
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the investigation, and more on how is it that isis, if it was them, was able to pull off a coordinated attack in paris. next.
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this is a state of emergency. being applied to the french territory and also decided to close the border. and to make sure that those that committed crimes can be stopped. >> that is french president hollande tonight announcing he was shutting down the country's borders in the wake of that deadly terrorist attack. we're back with mike baker.
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colonel, thanks for joining us. i'm going to get to you in just a moment. i want to ask mike baker if i can, you talk about intel. i know paris is preparing for a global event. what do you make of the fact that you missed intelligence. was there no chatter? do you buy that? >> there is communication and you know, that is speculation and i would suggest that one reason they're able to pull this off is again, because of the structures there and that this
1:26 am
is something that has not happened that some people have suggested but this takes weeks to plan. they have get gear together. this is something that is involving a support network inside of paris. >> yes. >> and do you think that they're changing tactics? do you think they look at this and are saying this is a learning tool? that they're watching? and trying to decipher every aspect of the attack? and maybe taking this and using it somewhere else? >> it should not be a surprise. and this is massive amount of
1:27 am
funding and people which 300 are americans and these are shoft targets and this, hopefully, will see this is a world war. and what if they don't have to join? anymore? what if this is for all intents and purposes someone looking who believes in the ideology? what then? >> that is part of the recruiting strategy. i think, trace, that that is
1:28 am
what the ideology is. kill americans, kill the west, destroy freedom. so that is their business model, so to speak. we have to, you know, cut this head of the snake off where it is. if we can do that, bin laden remains this ideological mythology character and we're fighting mythology and so by doing these things that are supported by a very small number of people but a small number is very impactful as we saw today.
1:29 am
>> yes. stand by if you would. we'll get back to you throughout the show and thank you both. coming up, terrorists targeted fans watching the match, geraldo riviera's daughter was a spectator. did you hear her heart wrenching account of what's happening inside of the stadium? she was talking to her fajer on national television. we're going to play part of that, next.
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1:35 am
but no one seemed to make any, seem worried bit or anything except for fellow new yorkers by my side. we brushed it off as nothing then, at half time we went to get food and we saw, they won't let anyone leave the stadium at this point and they weren't telling us anything and there were people just in uniform starting to get nervous but so we just went back in. and heard two more explosive sounds. we tried to leave and there were teams of s.w.a.t. there barricading everyone. and no one would tell us what to
1:36 am
do. they were just herding us, like sheep. a one point, we broke away and saw a swarm of people running at us and we couldn't walk. and we're just stuck there. a and. >> do you want to come home? >> i do. >> don't go outside. don't go up to any strangers just stay where you are. and make sure you phone is charged. make sure the phone is good. and doors are locked and everything else. >> imagine the horror your inside of an information vacuum and you know something bad is going on outside and you're getting no information coming back inside. let's get live to the london
1:37 am
bureau with benjiman hall. what do you know the schedule might be this morning? >> we are learning a lot about that terrible story there and we do know david cameron will be here. we're hosting a meeting this morning. that is a briefing here. and saying that they're shaken by the news and that the inspector general saying they're
1:38 am
despicable terrorist attacks. the last couple days, and seems likely they're trying to go inside with the g 20 that starts monday. and you have to think about policy in the region. you have to ask whether or not that is the right direction to go. and new york and boston boosted up their defenses. and we have to see what is going to happen. >> thank you. let's go live now to james
1:39 am
rosen. what are you hearing? >> good morning. the white house released a statement saying that president obama had spoken with the french president tonight. and he said he would likely speak to him in the next few days. he called this an outrageous attempt to terrorize civilians and a heart breaking situation. >> france's oldest ally, the french people stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states and we want to be clear we've stood together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. >> secretary of state john kerry
1:40 am
is in vienna, austria. and saying the u.s. embassy is working to account for the welfare of americans in the city. the publiced report says at the time of the attacks, they're not determined to sports. that number to dial if you have a family member in the area is 888-407-4747. from outside of the u.s., the number is 202-501-4444. respective front runners of the
1:41 am
democratic nominations are weighing in. hillary clinton calling on the obama administration and allies to wage and win the struggle against terrorism and violent extremism. donald trump tweeted that his prayers are with the victims and hostages in the horrible terrorist attacks adding may god be with you all. and china's foreign ministry vowing to stand with chance and iran's president calling it quote, inhumane sign. >> james, have you heard reaction about any surprise about how coordinated this attack was? >> i have spoken to officials who told me the suicide belt was
1:42 am
deployed at two of the sites. the bataclan and where this heightens the level of intelligence for the attacks. our colleagues are estimating there could be as many as two dozen people involved not only in carrying out but support, networks surrounding attackers and there are some attackers suggesting there are ways to go back to. we can see how this is not just one lone wolf. >> there is a good point of drawing forces down, and moving on to next. stand by and we'll get back to
1:43 am
you. coming up, more reaction on the ground. live from paris as the city of light wakes up p one of the worst tragedies in its history. more coming up on fox news channel. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go.
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this is a fox news alert.
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the city of light was rocked by a series of coordinated attacks. and civilians have died in the attacks across the city. during that jon was on the scene. jon tell us what you saw. >> yes. >> after it happened i saw medics arriving. and police starting to kind of ask people to leave, and there were boots on the ground, medics to see where that shooting happened and there are police
1:49 am
coming in to talk about the shooting. >> and yann, when you got on scene, where you getting information in rapid form? >> i didn't realize at that moment it was some coordinated attack. i went there and just taught about some that just happened. and that if i was there, didn't
1:50 am
know about the two other shootings, the hostage and the bombing at the stadium. which is what we didn't know about. >> john thank you very much. joining me now we have the ceo of the american media institute. and richard you say this is really a training ground for future isis attacks. explain that. >> there are hundreds of volunteers from france and hundreds from other countries in europe. they're aware since it's social media and this attack and
1:51 am
response are being studied to see what worked, what didn't. how the police and military responded and they learn and study these attacks. they intend to get smarter every time, which means they get potentially deadlier every time. this is attack looks like the final effort by isis to eclipse al qaeda as the deadliest group in the world. they have been struggling with al qaeda trying to recruit and to prove they're as effective and lethal as al qaeda once was. these attacks in paris, if the work of isis show they're as effective as al qaeda, unfortunately means they'll be able to gain new recruits and more money this, is a big advertisement as well as a training ground for isis and
1:52 am
terrorists. >> if this is isis, what does it tell you? that so far the way we have been fighting them is inept? or not effective? >> i think responses have been impotent and this is the result of it. they continue to be a magnet for recruitment. whether this turns out to be someone elts, the fact the united states responded so weakly is fuelling the desire to do these attacks. this is just like mumbai. and it's darn near impossible to stop these events and they fuel terror. not just killings, but the fear. >> you say we shouldn't change our lives and what do you make of the attacks in paris?
1:53 am
>> well, i think charlie hebdo was going to be a tipping point. we're one with france and the free people and isis wants to destroy who we are. they want to change our way of live to they can use this to separate society norm. so we can't allow them to change who we are and need to dump this idea we're countering violent extremism. we're countering islamic extremism. many of us are ready and waiting to be engaged by our government, media, and that we want to reform and counter the drug that is fuelling these militants that are intoxicated with islamic
1:54 am
patriotism and islamic nationalism. >> what do you make of that? >> many of the policemen who risked their lives to rescue hostages in the concert venue are muslim themselves. as are many victims of the attack. it's not an attempt to separate muslims from france but to make the dominant radical form the dominant form. another thing, too. the whole story is not in. these attacks were planned and organized. >> steve, last word with ten seconds. >> we need to go after the
1:55 am
radical islamist that's did this and need to crush them. that is the only answer to this. >> coming up, we'll have more live coverage of the deadly terrorist attacks in paris and more answers about what is coming up next. right here on fox. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere.
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seven of them killed by suicide belt. police are still searching for accomplic accomplices. more than 120 were killed. attacks happened starting at six locations, beginning


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