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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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care much for flu shots. >> it was 23%effective last year, but now we get heigh hate mail, everyone, you do you. make your own decision, that is just us, "risk & reward" starts right now. [ sound of gunfire ] >> i am deirdre bolton, authorities say that abaaoud's corps was identified by a fingerprint match, they fired 5,rounds of ammunition during the siege that resulted in arrest of 8 suspected sympathizers, the woman, a
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caus cousin of abaaoud blew herself up, ashley is joining me from paris, before the attack european governments that the that ring leader was in syria. >> reporter: they did, that is part of the disturbing out come, they have identified him as one of the bodies found at that -- following that raid yesterday american in saint dennis, but today they said, french prosecutors they truly believed that abaaoud was in syria, had gone there in 20 friend, the they -- 2014 they had no idea he came back to iraq and was in central paris. they are shocked. but search goes on for there are suspects and groups that may be linked to those suspects who are still on the run. french lawmakers okayed a request that state of
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emergency remain in place for 3 more months that gives police a greater scope in searching, in house arrests, without courts permission to go after the potential terrorist suspects. meanwhile, we did find out today, from germany, they say this suspect, abaaoud came through a german airport last year, and they knew he was on a terror watch list, they not detain him because belgium did not request he be detained. that gives you an idea of the confusion, and sometimes when the communications are not that solid, and in this case, it meant that the abaaoud could get to syria bev europe, in the meantime, french prime minister said that terror attacks are not just bombs and bulletd, he is concerned there could be chemical or biological warfare as a part of this later in the day we heard from u.s. and iraqi
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intelligence officials, who said they do believe that factions of isis are trying to get elementsing it on create a -- elements together to create some sort of chemical weapon. cause for concern. meantime, tension in paris, the memorial here people continue to come here to remember those who lost their lives. >> ashley thank you so much. >> after friday's unpresented attack in paris, ashley talking about this, police investigation for 3 months, the emergency measures allow police to go into any home at any time with no warranties, suspects can be put under house arrest, and individuals can be flagged for behavior, acquaintences, comes on social media or projects, since
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friday night, french authority led more than 400 house searches and placed more than 60s individuals in custody, found 75 weapons, including 11 heavy ones, more than 110 house arrests have been imposed. u.s. patriot act put in place after 9/11 is closest equivalent but focusing more on surveillance of would be terrorists through roving wiretaps and searches of business orders, parts of that act expired in june, jeb bush said that should be revisited >> there should be a reauthorization. there is snow evidence of any -- is now evidence of any violation of civil liberties, this is part of a mosaic of strategies to keep us safe.
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deirdre: what do you make of jeb bush's comment? >> they are accurate, there has been a lessening of the ability of your intelligence, and law enforcement folks to chase bad guys because of the lessened authorities under the newer laws. no one was every convicted of doing anything wrong, there was just a fear they could do something wrong, that is what drove the post-snowden changes to the patriot act of. deirdre: jeb bush also suggested that u.s. shoul put boots on ground in syria. >> while air power is essential, it cannot bridge the results we seek, u.s. in conjunction with our nato allies, will need to increase
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our present on the ground 92 i. deirdre: is that the answer, i am just back from paris, even parisians do not necessarily believe that is the answer, they are in favor of u.s. sharing intelligence. and sura-- assistance with air raids, what is your take? >> i think there is an intermediate step we could take, i do not believe that airstrikes alone would be enough. i am afraid we will have to use more special operations forces, our guys embedded with the local boots on ground to control our air, make it that much more effective. if we do that we could possibly avoid sending big conventional formations to the fight, nobody wants to do that. deirdre: steve, after the raid
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on wednesday morning, france's prime minister is warnings global community of possible chemical and biological attacks on civilians in cities. at some level we have to assume perhaps police found materials or plans to get materials, during this siege in saint denies how serious of a threat it. >> very serious, we have known since 9/11 that al qaeda continued through that whole period trying to get chemical weapons to get biological agents isis proven to be more adept at al qaeda in doing the more advanced event. i am sure they are looking for it. i have not seen the evidence. i cannot say for sure. this is something our security enforces need to be aware of and on the watch for. deirdre: an aial fight against terror -- an equal fight
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against terror is happening in bell jam, -- belgium, a few were bellian born, a few were not salah -- salah abdeslam is still on the run, we have surveillance video from one of the attacks, we want to warn viewers right now this is upsetting. >> taily shows terrifying moment that terrorist opened fire on a cafe during the attack. and diners diving for cover, you can see the white bullet sprays, the shooter is highlighted on top right in this version, he is pacing outside of the cafe he got close to a 20-year-old waitress at point blank range. she cowers were a table outside, she narrowly escapes, his gun jammed. that is the reason she is
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alive. steve this is beyond, almost no word. belgium in response putting new security measures in place. basically any belgian who guess to syria comes home guess to prison immediately, there is no conversation. how could the world unite and fight these approximately 30,000 isis members? >> first and foremost, they have to share intelligence as directly and completely as possible, we have to clear away the brush, find these people, identify them, if they are in the areas that we control, police him up, find out what they know. if they are still in syria, and iraq, we'll have to target them, and try to take them out. isis by still existing in iraq and syria, is a recruiting magnet, in the finds of these islamists they are winning,
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because they are standing up to the united states, now to france and the west. deirdre: okay, speaking of france, and the west, there was a soccer game, in fact it was shown for example being played in istanbul. it was supposed to be a friendly match between greece and turkey much there was a moment of silence, and actually, some people some fans, based in istanbul was booing that moment of silence. it is hard to hear all whistling from that. but, someone explained that that part of the world whistling is almost iquestio isal same the booing, one paper said that turks don't care about the paris attacks. a read up a lot there was a lot of social media chatter
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they are booing because international community is showing more care about paris, there was a bombing a month -- ago in ankara. that bombing took 100 lives, and injured more than 400, what role in tighting terrorister -- what role in fighting terrorism does turk have to play? turkey also hates the kurds. and the kurds are fighting isis, how does that fit together? >> in a very complicated way. i agree with the analysis of the boos or whistles, it probably more complicated than some people interpreted. remember that the leader of turkey. is an islamist, not an isis kind of islamist before of a muslim brotherhood type. but he has led turkey to a
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morris lambist folk -- islamist focused position in the world they are conflicted on which side they are on. there is some mixed feelings about that make it complicated. deirdre: one sports blogger that i follow said you know what sometimes soccer fans can be jerks, they just wanted the game to begin, i am taking yours as analysis. >> thank you steve. >> national security is the focal point for any administration, donald trump one candidate honing in, participating in a town hall event in iowa this evening. yesterday he received unwelcome reaction from a one of the crowd. >> 50 million people on food stamps. i'll tell you what -- if we had a real -- if we had a real hello, hello.
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it amazing. i mention food stamps and that by who is serious overweight went crazy. deirdre: we'll bring you more this hour. >> u.s. house of representative pass a bill today that would block syrian and iraqi refugees from entering u.s. unless, here is the stip laying they positive very strict back ground checks, a new poll showing a majority of americans' immigration plan to be shut down for those two countries, coming up a congressman who has that view. >> i do have something that i want to make sure that the american people and the president hear. if a terrorist gets into this country, and kills an american, or more, the blood is on his hands.
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deirdre: the house approved a bill today to slow syrian and iraqi refugee flow to the u.s., a new poll shows that majority of americans want it shut down. a republican congresswoman who voted for the bill with me now, congressman barbara comstock. thank you for your time, do you have enough votes to override?
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>> we can vote on aveto-proof majority, this is a bipartisan vote, the very common sense piece of legislation. it is going to raise the level of scrutiny so our fbi directed, head of homeland security and director of national intelligence will be signing off on this certifying to congress, that anyone who is coming from the arena will be, they have done a very careful, thorough vetting. we know that is difficult, but with syria they don't have a nation state to go back there and confirm with. there this going to change the dynamic. but this is about protecting the american people, protecting our national security. we can still help will refugees by having safe zones in the middle east, areas where we can protect the refugees there, making sure we get to our coalition and allies to do everything we can to help the refugees there.
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deirdre: some g.o.p. candidates suggested, a grilling. about someone's religious belief, would you change your status if that was part of the package? >> in terms of refugees. people who are religiously persecuted, we have a standard you were current law, saying that people who are being slaughtered, that opens up an opportunity for refugee status. but because we know that isis wants to infiltrate these particular refugees, we want to have them screened over there in the mideast, everything we have can to
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protect those who are truly refugees. not those infiltrated with isis. deirdre: thank you so much, congresswoman -- >> i will say, we did have a veto-proof majority, i tell people, encourage them, call your senators have them support this bipartisan common sense legislation, i hope that the president will support it. deirdre: it om con-- common sense as you say, there is support from both sides of the aisle. >> thank you. deirdre: 5 u.s.-bound syrians was arrested in honduras with fake passports, walid phares is with me now. always good to talk with you. how easy is it to get a fake passport? >> oh, very, very easy if you are coming from a war zone. the central authority number in own areas.
5:21 pm
but as in syria, in case of these fake passports, or apply to any other country, have you ethnic areas like kurds, but you have isis controlled areas, this is ideal market for fake passports. deirdre: it seems as if greek law enforce. enforcement contributed information, is this an example of how he could work together better? >> yes you have several levels . you have to have a unified body with congress and the administration to elevate level of identification and tracks of the individuals, we do have that political prb ln little bit call problem in -- political problem in america. in europe they don't have a uniphase national security policy, you see for example when my grants came from --
5:22 pm
migrants came from turkey to one of the islands, it was suppose that they should call and say, come help us they it not. deirdre: they have a very strin je stringent vets process. half of the refugees are children, only 2% of young men of combat age. to what extent should we consider. >> i would like that raise main points in videos in europe, the mass of refugees is not made of children, if they narrow to children they need a specialancy t agency to do that, those who apply for children are adults, they get children in then a apply to accompany the children, i
5:23 pm
can told you after 30 years in this business. our bureaucracy, is not equipped, not just in terms of how many tables and desks but intellectually to determine if a person is islamisto or a jihadist, no one is going to answer yes, i a jihadist. deirdre: you are right. people have been trained thousand an -- how to answer. to go through theprocess, if you have your def bests destination in mind. >> the real problem is not after they are accepted to come or to be vetted. why are we bringing a chunk of syria, half a planet away to united states where they are on turkey-serbian borders you
5:24 pm
-- syrian boarders you go and back them there. in lebanon go there. deirdre: a safe zone. >>iace, we're not create a safe joan i joan --zone it already exists. direct all migrants to that area, and protect them there. deirdre: thank you walid phares. >> anonymous claims to have shut down more than 6,000 isis twitter accounts and web site, my guest said that anonymous is doing better than the u.s. government. >> they us the internet better than we can, they are recruiting people, and people go out to fight. for isis. and then we let them back in to the country. we let them back in. where have you been?
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>> values and freedom we're tracking down members of the terrorist group responsible for these attacks, we will not give up, we will do all that is necessary. deirdre: hack vist group anonymous declaring war on isis in retaliation for paris terror attacks, claiming to shut down more than 6,000 isis twitter accounted. m.i.t. editor david talbott is with me now, it anonymous doing better at fighting terror. >> it is not clear how many affect they are having. there is a lot of evidence when a twitter account gets shut down they pop back up.
5:29 pm
it is quite unpress dinned not just you know me and others, you had google policy director saying that counter veil argument have not been equal to what isis has been achieving on social media. deirdre: social media and/or incryption, technology is changing everything. what is key to getting ahead of isis? it is social media, and hurting recruitment efforts or breaking his encryption products? >> let's take the second part, i think that reports in paris that the phone that was found did not use encryption, that is what they used to find the ring leader. take out that cell the other day. it is worth remembering that these encryption tools were
5:30 pm
originally built to help dissident communicate, and evade opressive governments. technology goes both ways, i'm not shire that if facts were in that incrypt shup wa encryption was a role. deirdre: there are some reports that some terrorists were using an app that was russian-built called telegram that provided encrypted messages to be sentiment but i take your point. >> it may turn out that it played a role. there plenty of ways to get cheap phones on the street, and communicate easily. in terms of focus on phones and encryption you might ask why are we worried about tracking phones why not track assault rifles and explosives that is what killed people in the theater in paris. this debate will be
5:31 pm
reactivated as a result of these aposties in -- atrocities in paris. deirdre: we will have a come back another day talk about role of silicon valley versus u.s. government for these incryption services, thank you for your time, david ta talbott joining us there. >> thank you. deirdre: president obama said syrianrefugees pos pose no greater threat to america than every day tourists. >> and the threat to kill people at times square has been made before, my next guest, said it is becoming a more realistic senseario. >> we expected this from al qaeda, al qaeda has failed since 9/11, but now, we see isis capable of bringing down airlines and pulls off the paris attack, which very
5:32 pm
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deirdre: president obama saying that syrian refugees pose no greater threat to americans than of day tourists. retired nypd officer bill stanton is here, do you agree with the president? >> i could not disagree more, this ridiculous. we're leaving ours wide open. deirdre: i want to mention, ann richard of state department highlighting fact that u.s. takes in 70% of the world's refugees, often, people go back to their home countries. so, should that mitigate the way we all think about this. >> absolutely not. we have wide open borders, we're taking in refugees now, if he has his way, with minimal vetting process, that is called sleeper cell for a reason. what happens what they are
5:37 pm
activated. deirdre: i want to ask you about a threat that isis ahead via video, about times square. you have said you think that isis is more capable of carrying out attacks. this is not first time this particularlycasion ha location has been highlighted. >> it will be a greater impact on the world now. we are wide open target, nypd is one of the best police departments in the world, i am friends with bill bratton but if you have a self-activate terrorist or a terrorist cell going into a wide open space that a big confidence for them. deirdre: i read since 9/11 u.s. taken in 7 50,000 refugees, however you want to call them, we have not had one arrest for domestic terrorism, does that mean our system is working? >> you know what, there have been acts of terrorism, it
5:38 pm
called -- mislabeled in my opinion, called work place violence, have you a person chopping off head of a woman, yelling allah akbar? that is not workplace violence. deirdre: all right. thank you very much. >> president is doubling down on his comments that republican rhetoric is helping isis recruit new members, we'll bring yous context for those comments when we come back. >> if you want to up su since -- to insult me, you can do it over seas but come back and insul me to my face, let's have a debate with the syrian refugees right now. ♪
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>> guantanamo bay has been a recruitment tool for organizations like isis. >> we want to admit 3-year-old orphans, that political posturing, i cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for isil. deirdre: president said that gop rhetoric and fact that guantanamo bay is open are two facts that helps isis recruit, our political panel with me now, julie roginsky. first of all to g.o.p. rhetoric is this true? do we see isis-would be terrorists cutting sound bytes
5:43 pm
from our politicians to recruiting videos. >> i don't know about that, when you have people like governor christie from new jersey saying we will not accept 3-year-old orphans for whatever reason, what does that say to the muslim world? because of where they come from. and their religion? what does that send to our allies, jordan, and saudi arabia, and turkey, people that we're trying to work with. we say 3-year-old orphans are not accept here for whatever reason that governor christie deems. he calls himself a pro-life governor, that is the most antilife position i heard. deirdre: katherine, let me ask, do you think this is part of isis strategy, we spoke with people atbrookings who
5:44 pm
say if moderate muslims feel isolated, with u.s., and its policies they are more likely tounderstand theisis reasonses? >> no, if support isis or feel sympathetic to their cause, there is something beyond with you -- something wrong with you, beyond what about politician could have said. however, for obama to did so far as to blame the people supporting isis on anyone rerhetoric is ridiculous. if you are a terrorist, you are a bad evil horrible person. and if someone working convince you to be a terrorist, you were probably always a evil horrible person. deirdre: or extremely vulnerible. i, agree with you on that. >> peter barnes saying from 900 isis targets investigated
5:45 pm
from fbi, dozens are under intend scrutiny. as far as our position, julie, what you heard from the president and congress, what is the next best step forward? >> in terms of refugees. deirdre: general policy. >> general policy, i feel we need to admit these refugees, they are leaving genocide. we need to figure out, a wholistic way to address isis, i think there not much more to do in terms of bombing them from the air. this needs to be looked at not just in middle east but to what europe is doing as well. with their muslim communities. and alienation of the communities, they are facing.
5:46 pm
we need to look inward, as well as outward to see where we can address these issues, it is not just about bombing people, a military strategy, this country does not have an appetite for a invasion of 5 or 6 countries, but reality that is what it might take to defeat the threat for good. deirdre: and many say isis has close to 30,000members. julie, thank you, and cat, we'll see you two shortly. deirdre: isis saying it has executed two hostages it held for ransom, my next guest said it not just oil that finances the terror group, more details on how isis gets its money, coming up.
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ deirdre: isis is capitol hilling it executed two hostages, a nea -- norwegian, and a chinese national, with demands for ransom. great to see you, so, isis we know has mona needs how much money does it cost us the world to fight terrorism? >> it is a large number, hard to get a specific number. if you look at u.s. on homeland security, we spend about $600 billion to set up deputy of the homeland security -- department of
5:51 pm
homeland security, to put these boein big numbers in loose perspective that is equal to whole defense budget. deirdre: the defense budget. >> to set it up, and additional 65 million a year -- billion, we're spending over 100 billion a year here in u.s. u.s. >> what does that mean for federal budgets? >> that is not pretty. that does not take account of what happens when we go and fight terror overseas, run wars, that is trillions of dollars with that. overall cost are staggering, interesting question to me, going forward, how -- how not whether but how do we fight this, i believe we have to use more technology, because just humans we -- literally you run out of money. deirdre: you run out of money. so it implies that any
5:52 pm
president who come ises more resources to fight terrorism, in my view is worth it, you either spend money up front or after issue but will have to raise taxes. >> you are going to have to raise taxes, or take money from somewhere else. but the big issue, the issue that people should be debating, what is the cost effective way of doing this? really there are big differences. deirdre: former french president ar sarkozy said to puthese type of bracelets in france there are those who are suspected of being sympathetic to terrorist cause. >> is that what you moon by technology? >> that is when you know who you are looking for, the real question is how do you find out who those people are, this is a electronic surveillance using computer to scandal
5:53 pm
phone traffic, and internet pattern. identifying people who meeting lone wolves or operating in small pockets you don't already know about. deirdre: as jeb bush said, maybe it is time to reexpand the patriot act, bob rice thankyou fromtangent capital partners. >> some call of the group isis, some call is isil, there is one name the terror group does not want to be called issue they are threatening to cut off tongues of people who say it, we'll back in a minute . [ sound of gunfire ]
5:54 pm
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deirdre: some call them isis, some call them isil, there is one word they do not want to be called, that's daesh. they hit it so much they have reportedly threatened to cut out the tongue of anyone using it, one note, president obama and president hollande using it more than ever this daily news, they 3-r7l purposefuly used it. they are bombing parts offerria today, it seems -- parts of syria together, seems that both presidents trying to attack isis perhaps the way it is recruiting others saying you are not a state, you are just a group of terrorists. >> i think that is part of
5:58 pm
reason you heard obama calling it a cell. -- isil. that is the way to address them calling them daesh that is offensive to them is fine. deirdre: to your point, even with certain members, donald trump saying we should stop calling the turfist terrorists who planned the attack in paris, a mastermind, he may have been the planner but he is not a mast irmind, cat? >> i love it. he called them scum, that is when we should call them, scum, call them loosers, let's call them ugly. they like being scary, but if
5:59 pm
we call them a bunch of ugly looser dweebs that would be way more affective. we should call them a pack of loser. deirdre: as far as their media reporting goes, their media out reach recruiting is what i mean, that i want to look powerful, not weak. hopefully this will hurt the amount of youth they can bring in. >> look, cat is right, donald trump is right as well. it does not take a mastermind to go shoot up a club or people on the sidewalk, it takes same brain power to shoot up people in a school, you are a criminal, you are a killer, that all you are, this not a elaborate plot that is a bunch of guys walking in with semiautomatics and killing people, that does not take brain power. >> and not something you do if you have a lot of friends. deirdre: or mentally strong. thank you so' for joining me,
6:00 pm
jewely and cat, with me there thank you for watching us here on "risk & reward." "making money" with charles payne starts in two seconds. charles: it was a 10 day on capitol hill. republican lawmaker taking a stan against president obama in a syrian refugee policy, today house passing the american security against foreign enemies act to 29 -- 289 to 137. it will increase security checks for refugees coming in from syria, lawmakers proposing other bills as well, look at this list, syrian refugee verification, and safety acts. the gave faith a chance act. and -- national security accountability act. this got senator cruz


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