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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ keep their right here for other jobs. lou: good evening president obama facie is mounting criticism or the ambiguous strategy to fight the islamic state and the excuses for failure to degrade and destroy the islamic state. the government watchdog is now expanding its investigation into allegations the obama warehouse has distorted intelligence assessments with a campaign against the islamic state and the new poll shows a record high of americans 66% don't believe
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he has a clear idea how to deal with terrorist now ascended like a community organizer mr. obama tried to blame the media for the islamic state the same charges made against republicans over the weekend >> comedienne needs to help. >> how we report on this. and not empowered in any way these terrorist organizations or to elevate them in ways that make it easier for them to recruit or make them stronger. they are a bunch of killers with good social media.
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lou: and there you have it we will take it up with k.t. mcfarland and dr. volleyed fare is. for the second time in one week groups and syrians have turned up in mexico at a border crossing seeking asylum at honduras trying to get into the united states we don't know their intentions but more can be expected to follow in though wake of attacks as the wave is spreading and donald trump with the rising lead over ben carson in the republican race for the nomination if that isn't enough to confound the republican and establishment there is more. is was again refusing to rule of the independent bid for the white house if the g.o.p. establishment goes after him. how will this play out in
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the race for the party's nomination? nobody knows better then ed rollins. our top story tonight obama promising to do a bit that were intelligence officials manipulated the assessments but michelle obama does not to worry about investigating. for all the everyone could be satisfied with the accusations obama reacting to a report it has now expanded the investigation into the serious charges against the white house. >> the president would
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rather get that information may and not. >> one year before a former pentagon official says because of a the bombing of the russian and jet. to say the administration would kick the can down the road. >> to make quite clear that he is looking for that he can get. >> whether it was at central command blogging iraq is expanding. at least do emails third in
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the position of the inspector general. cut it out on the negative assessments and total line. today a letter was sent to bed department of the inspector general at the documents were destroyed at cent, . they said there is the disconnect between what lawmakers have seen firsthand purses let though lawmakers are claiming. but to woo the public egest doesn't jive what they say in what we see on the ground >> after being questioned a spokesperson did not even serve directly in they will continue to work with congressional request for:in europe to add an unprecedented security lockdown it plays over three consecutive days police are
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still hunting one of the radical islamic terrorist suspected of one of the terrorist attacks three years still held for questioning, 21 arresters soldiers are trying to head off as what is is explained as a serious and imminent threat. schools and subways and shopping malls are all closed and will remain so as they look at the explosive bolts left in a suburb but did not have a detonator was found by a street cleaner and a pile of rubble. and five more serious turn themselves in at a checkpoint in laredo tex. a man and woman and child and two men taken into custody with border protection that
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is 13 over the past week if they're serving as volunteers to help the border patrol is a group of veterans patrolling the border to push back into mexico the republicans in front runner to express strong opposition one of the reasons both have moved up in the polls according to the fox news poll now is the number one issue for voters. >> radical islamic jihad is to try to conquer the world.
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>> senator rubio is rising as he talks tough talk about terrorism. >> there is no middle ground they win or we win. >> polling shows voters look at the best head-to-head matchup beating hillary clinton. down the list jeb bush, ben carson donald trump and chris trustee would top clinton while carly fiorina would tie with the secretary of state. she also highlighted their choices. >>. >> but then to remain on top of the list of candidates trump grabbing 20 percent
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thank person who has dropped five points down 18%. cruz and in rubio has surged to tie for third place. with the database with the use of water boarding he has stirred up controversy with this guy about 9/11. >> with the people that we are hearing with large arab populations. >> ben carson said this today. >> i saw the film of it. >> i think if it happened would remember it. >> but ben carson takes the heat for something he may have forgotten who wrote the constitution and. >> i am impressed with a lot
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of them but jefferson to crafted a way to control people's tendencies and the growth of the government. >>amesadis icreded fothe sic del t ma hersre acknoedgeas vingignicantnput jeffers said was overseas at the time it came together. he wrote the declaration of independence. he said that again later in the day it is unclear if he sparked criticism of his earlier mention. lou: we're coming back with much more. vladimir putin goes to where rand to talk about a new e eyeehaam out.
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lou: syrian president says his troops are printing and almost all fronts because their version airstrikes starting to months ago. president putin shows support for assad in iran meeting with the ayatollah of cabrini in more than a year-and-a-half both countries will have extra zero attempts that regime changing in syria. the military says they destroyed 283 oil tanker trucks under control of the islamic state that is one-third the russians government claimed that rushes airstrikes claims they destroyed. that is the same pentagon is the accused of doctoring its own intelligence reports of its fighting against the islamic state.
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>> we have k.t. mcfarland. who do you believe? the russians are the americans? >> the american intelligence community as the inspector general to investigate if they were unfairly pressured. there is no way that a military professional long after they have left office so if they are questioning i'm not believing though white house. lou: talk about the intelligence staff of sen con itself to be pressed by a data warehouse. so far the conclusions are the charges against any element of the obama administration have never made it quite to the light of day. >> this will not be any different.
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>> that will be a high water mark. >> turning to putin there was a cooperation agreement of iran and russia excluding the united states showing up assad. >> and now we have been left behind. now putin is calling the shots with an alliance with russia and iran and iraq and assad. france will join the alliance. they want russian help. >> and to sound like they are joining up with an enlarged european component
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of the russian and led the lions and there is no response from this president. none whatsoever except to the numbers that they did not try to attack for 14 months and tell the russians did so. is anybody aware how they look? >> they think they're doing just fine. to say we have contained isis. it can go on and on of. they say it is just computer hackers on social media. while the rest of your ormoc down. lou: france issues in the aircraft carrier, and then
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and then it seems to conjure a. would you expect? we cannot presume to replace russia in an alliance he has been foreclosed by iran. >> and where is he going? he is going to moscow to meet putin and he is the guy making a is happen on the middle east. lou: they're having a very bad week for two. they give. -- thank you. do you think there's any way republican can win if the g.o.p. forces trumpet to run as an independent? they're not playing fair.
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we will see what happens. castro. and on instagram. taking debentures to new heights and hosting clips of himself running and jumping. and at one point the 23 year-old daredevil doing crunches wall hanging of the alleged of a building. up next of the thoughts of a president who loves to attack others for the failures. and us soccer match in this
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lou: a few thoughts on our president and his inability to ever, i mean, ever take responsibility for any policies or misjudgment. without those failures the best we can judge there is always a failure of others the shortcomings of those who cannot have the billions of his shattered windows shattered mind of the is radical islamist abroad or at home for the latest poll shows 65 percent of adults in this country say the obama administration has not been sufficiently aggressive in the islamic state fight to.
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56% say it is likely they will try to attack us soon. president obama more than one week after the attacks with trying to downplay the threat of the islamic state and those he chooses to play for his own inadequacies. >> bin media said needs to help. during the course of this week it has been named primary focus so how levy port of this not in bin power anyway. >> the president doesn't run the national media to
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empower the organization to avoid any association a person responsibility to blame the media instead with they hyperbole of the reporting and the coverage of each terrorist attack with the threat of radical islamic terrorism. here is the president february. >> sometimes it overstates the level of alarm of terrorism in the chaos with climate change. >> i don't blame the media. what is the same? if it bleeds it leads? lou: a lot of bleeding in paris by the president's sanders.
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with his excuses to be viewed as absurd as members of his own party question his lack of strategy and the capability to do better and now he is no closer to destroying the islamic state. needed to fulfill the promise to destroy the islamic state or the outright duty to do so. >> nations like individuals are punished for their transgressions. we will be right back. trump says he may be forced
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to consider an independent run for the presidency. >> i have to be treated fairly. >> has he had it with the g.o.p. establishment? we bring it up with "the new york post" and ed rollins. >> we will show you what he
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lou: the investigation into whether the obama white house interfered with intelligence reports to have the positive picture is expanding among the new details of the investigation. they were told to cut it out and totally in - - total line. the fugitive from the paris attacks abandoned his mission now terrorism is the number-one concern of the american voters in the latest fox news poll showing tromp widened his lead by 20 percent. former reagan political director ed rollins and michael goodwin fox news contributors.
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is this a race between four candidates? >> nobody talks anymore about jeb bush's name does not come up it will no longer derby a disappointment. so not like we to get into it. >> with the george judgment? >> i think he is crushing. foreign affairs is very important element with leadership and he doesn't know where all the places are all on the map. he is a nice man if he was the brain surgeon he is perfect but we need a commander in chief and he has diminished himself. lou: what you say i believe
11:35 pm
is jeb bush will exit? >> i don't think he exits' in 2015 i think he will stay through the florida. to have the best operatives allegedly so it is unjust and that is selling. >> some bush but not enough clinton's. this president is on the front. you don't your senators said the president is right. in to perform better you don't hear any support of any kind what happened to his props? >> look at the last three elections if it was not on
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the ballot because of the policies he is on the ballot he wins but the party does not profit so he really just helps himself leaving the party in a terrible situation now they have no reason to follow him or jog with him so i think you're starting to see them be quiet they're not criticizing but they're not helping. >> kerry reid basically saying i will not take up the house bill to keep the assyrian refugees to come into the country. >> and doing nothing for regular order. >> the republicans across the country. lou: the key is working more
11:37 pm
with the democrats' plan certainly the conservative wing of the party. are the making a misjudgment? >> i don't think so. with senator rand paul he will have a tough time to be reelected. >> you cannot do anything without 60 votes and then you are worse they and irrelevant to this of this tragedy except for nothing. >> but it is self-evident that day take up the nuclear option right now what will happen to insist upon the presidency to infringe on
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the power of barack obama they want the same power that was not envisioned by a the constitution but the presidency and. >> this is a critical and close election. lou: turning to trump quickly he made it clear after talking about guerrilla attacks with the koch brothers and the chamber of commerce, he basically says the deal was until you don't play fairly. >> but this story of "the wall street journal" there was an establishment group that drug -- the traumas of place that story himself because it was such a bad
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idea by people frankly. >> but it made me wonder if they are part of the establishment or they try to drum up some business by themselves so a trumpet is screwing them out of a lot of money. >> garett thing has been said. >> and going up to the throne to say here is what you have to do. >> a player all the way. in people say he could not win. now shows that he could. he has a long way to go one of the most serious candidates. >> it is nonstop. since june 16 never lost a day or a week.
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lou: but we still have idiots running around to say idle think he is serious. is insane and then they have to stop him to save the country from hillary. i like about one. [laughter] that is said g.o.p. establishment. [laughter] thinks for being here to straighten us out. vote tonight. is anyway the republicans can win if they force trump to run as an independent? is that a good idea? a french daredevil went for a walk of a lifetime. walking 1500 feet on the tight rope in utah one of the most spectacular places
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on earth and set a new world record with only his amazing balance and brave part to prevent them to fall to his death. he called the greatest tie line mission i have never been on. congratulations. a growing list of democrats are concerned about the president's billiard to stop the islamic state we will be joined by a walid phares next. the movie industry is a little pessimistic about the debut of the final hunger games movie. that is the (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour.
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lou: and the state department and hour-and-a-half ago responding to the islamic state press issuing a worldwide travel alert for americans warning citizens to be careful when traveling abroad exercise vigilance in public places when using transportation. we have walid phares the
11:46 pm
traveler to over three months is extraordinary. how do we process that? >> it is the highest level of terrorist threats against americans around the world since 9/11. with the next strike by a al qaeda uh or rises above that we have known policy or strategy. this is an admission that we have failed not just the statement but to eliminate. lou: at the same time assuring a worldwide alert alert, we have presidents blaming the media and
11:47 pm
blaming the republicans on the art issue radical islamist terrorism. >> and to not be clear enough so now it is strange those who supported his views. lou: the media cannot catch a break. [laughter] >> something very strange has happened. this was the 9/11 level change. of course, what is happening in social media? and everything they don't
11:48 pm
want to talk about. >>. >> in your capacity as an analyst at the texas border with mexico and one group in honduras, what is going on? >> there is the unleashing organizing the transfer population and unwilling to go to war with republicans and democrats. and then we're told by the border patrol that the numbers of illegal immigrants crashing into the united states has under a surge.
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so we will figure it out dr. walid phares. the hunger games mocking j. took in more than 100 million but that is less than the 120 million each of the first three produced. and the peanuts movie is in third. in the game canceled after violent riots and clashes in then the gates for stormed and violence escalated then fans started to throw flares at the opposing players than they were forced to cancel the game. this is an extraordinary reaction.
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. lou: pew research touting a new poll, 4% of millennials say that government should ban folks from saying anything offensive to groups, why are we talking about it. joining us now. ebb snoebony williams, hank shine coff, to you agree? why do they push 40%. you have a sinc 60% of millennials saying bull. >> 60% of millennials read
11:55 pm
constitution, you can't do that, this is a silly proposition, but it is legal. this is america, we get to say what we want, people don't understand, even hate speech even the most mean vindictive speech, if it stops short of a threat it is legal, this is the real world. >> you can somehow legislate what comes out of their mouths gives credence to stuff we're seeing on campuses. lou: that is why, i'm saying, 60% of millennials and news organization, focused on 40% who want to ban speech if it is offensive, the fact that 60% of the millennials who are amazingly eschewed on many issues they got this one right . i would love it to be 100%. >> the narrative, to your
11:56 pm
point is that all these kids are out of control, they want the safe zones on campus, that is not realistic depicttion, what is safe about segregating yourself about a safe that is not the real world. lou: interesting on college campus, it is left wing institutions, they are indoctrinating students, i mean what i say, are doing so, on borrowed money from the government, in form of stup student loans from, endowments and tuition fees from hard working family, that money is going into the pockets of professors and administrators who are not running efficient, productive institutions, we're watching, is a -- i think something ha is going to be a catastrophy, in higher education. >> it took a long time to get past the '60s, where people were told what they could say
11:57 pm
or not say, rebellion on campus, how many years did it take before universities came back to a level control. lou: i -- control i was never interested in control. but particularly interested in education. we rook add number of kids who are now, you know there used to be a balance between those people and mathematics and natural science and social science there was a balance between those academia with that 4 year plus education. and vocational schools, in training for trades. we have this country as upside down, people don't want to talk about the reality, because we're exports jobs, we're outsources jobs and destroying traid trades which we need. >> higher education is a racket in highest may be, i went to one of these schools we demonstrateed and protests, but the economic gains made by the big institutions, many of
11:58 pm
them are so outrageous, they have no incentive to to talk about what you are talking about. lou: these universities will die if you look at rate of inflation, and tuition, and cost of public education. >> jobs when you get out are low. lou: you are scawppederrin scrawner didding your money so scenes can do that it is a dismal. >> you know what, educational institutions should be taken control of the discussion, talk about what they can do, what are real jobs they can train people for, by the way that go a long way to camping a campus down, doing what they are supposed to do. >> that is what they're not caring about, i am not that far removed from this experience.
11:59 pm
nobody talked to me about what after life of like. lou: i am less interested in counseling millennials than i am talking about what kind of human resources will be available, right now, what we're witnessing is a, i think, we talk about bubbles, higher education bub sell out o-- bubble is out of control, and imbalance and lack of diversity in universities is overwhelming, quickly one issue. donald trump. does donald trump carry out his threat to run as an independent? >> no. >> yes. supersedes it. lou: ebony and hank thank you both. >> thank you. lou: i've never heard such amazing -- brevity, thank you, both. >> 75% of you said they would
12:00 am
support creation of mandatory national i.d. card to be require for driving, boating, air travel, that is interesting. thank you for beth good night. >> we start this great week. we give thanks, i am thankful for entertainment and politics, watching donald trump continue his lip talk to presidency as paris attack further boost his poll numbers, he is seep as the strong man who was smoke terrorist tiny, and ben carson's perceived growing nose, and cruz and rubio, tangling like cane and able for that coveted -- kane and abel for that coveted spot.


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