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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 30, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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of course, we are coming off a big shopping weekend and we will be looking at retail and that may very well drive the action on the upside or downside. in europe the major averages await meeting this week. we are likely going to hear talk about more stimulus, right now we have the cac about a third of% and dax in germany three quarters of 1%. ftse down a quarter percent. change high -- shanghai composite with a slight gain. kospi all under selling pressure. subject to name reserve currency, putting putting in as dollar, euro, yen and british pound. this will raise the pressure on china's government to change how it manages currency. amazon releasing video, check it out.
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>> a toss and he'll get it. cj anderson is going to go all the way and the denver broncos win the game. >> maria: yeah, the cheesier, patriots no longer undefeated. denver broncos handing the loss. the end of an era for the nba, la lakers legend kobe bryant announcing he will retire. this season is all i have left to give, unquote. turning back to our stop story, president obama joining leaders in paris to talk climate change, ongoing threat across the country from isis. let's bring in chairman david. thank yous very much for joining us. your thoughts on the president's visit to paris?
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>> the president is going to do what he's doing which is be more for not keeping america safe, not putting the tough policies that we need and continue to say world leaders, really the u.s. wants to continue to take a step back and not be the strong force that america has always been and as marco rubio points out, the world is always a more dangerous place when america is not strong. >> maria: it's interesting because we are getting the eminent threat out of afghanistan this morning and apparently u.s. officials are saying that they've got credible evidence that there could be an attack in cobel in the next 48 hours. we are guessing that this is isis. >> sure, intelligence continues to come in, we will know more. but you have to think that's where it's coming from right now. they've made no secret. they want to do harm for america, and maria, it does point to the fact that foreign
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policy continues to play more and more of a role in this presidential election. it's why you see marco rubio, again, talking about -- senator rubio who does have momentum right now while he's come out, first ad talks about the threat that the terrorists have against america. so as we are now over a month from ballots sent out to military members across the world, foreign policy continues to play more of a role in election. that's why you saw ben carson take his trip overseas to talk about the syrian refugee problem. it's becoming more of an issue than we would have thought a year ago it would have in the election. >> maria: sandra smith and michael, not just foreign policy but national security? >> sandra: economy for so long, all the way through the debate there it was economy, economy,
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it was jobs with number one concern for the american voter and now we have seen the shift to foreign policy and the tolerance of the american voter is rising for how aggressive we are in this fight against terrorism, global fight against in isis in particular. so it's amazing to me that the huge story today is this climate change conference. >> maria: i know. >> sandra: when we are looking at an imminent threat to our homeland. >> maria: extraordinary that this conference continues. that they went forward with it and all of the world leaders are there. >> michael: we have bernie sanders talking about climate change is the most important issue. where is this in the pecking order, how are gop addressing that? voters mention it as a potential concern, but it's no where near the top of anybody's list, minus
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maybe a few radicals on the left. it just shows how out of touch not only bernie sanders' agenda is for america but also hillary clinton's agenda. we have an economy that sputters along and wages that are abismal and have been for some time. and the president of the united states and the democratic leaders running for president to succeed him talking about issues that are barely on anyone's radar as being important. >> sandra: part of the problem is it was on the schedule. i'm sorry, but you're saying -- >> maria: change the schedule. [laughter] >> sandra: change the strategy. just because --
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>> part of the problem, sandra, the president and the secretary only see the world through their own eyes, not the reality of what's happening in this country and around the world. it puts america at a very steep disadvantage for many men and women across the world who are facing daily attacks now. >> maria: this issue is why governor christie got endorsement this weekend. you know this is a reason. he's looking tough on terrorism. >> sandra: yeah. sorry, go back to the debate, maria. but i believe that was a big turning point for chris christie . >> maria: what did you think of his performance? >> sandra: it was very strong.
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he's carrying it through. as, david, you have put it, he's becoming a big part of the conversation after falling from the polls. he's putting himself back in it, david, do you agree? >> 100%. there are two things you want right now as a candidate. again, we are about a month from ballots being sent overseas, one, you want to be part of the conversation, and this endorsement helps bolster and put governor christie in the conversation. it'll be up to his campaign built on being put on the conversation with this endorsement and two, who has the infrastructure to be able to capitalize on being part of the conversation and turn voters out to vote. as we start looks towards iowa which is in early february and new hampshire, which is february the ninth, the first and the
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ninth, today i would offer to you that ted cruz is the best chance to take out donald trump in iowa and marco rubio is the best chance to take him out in new jersey, that's today. and donald trump can't stand to go 0-2 and hope to get the nomination. now, if he wins either one of those, he's in till the end but it'll be a long battle. this is why it's interest to go watch. >> maria: it sure is. we appreciate your time there. cybermonday kicking off today. major haul from retailers from black friday shopping. nearly $3 billion spent online on friday. 14% increase compared to a year earlier. $700million using their iphones and i pads, it was not all good news though. brick and mortar sales were down. just over $10 billion.
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cybermonday is increasingly important because people are going online to do their stopping and, of course, we know it's been the tough retail season. shoppers trying to avoid long lines. we will tell you which ones. take a look at the headlines this morning. streaming era is setting up a battle over tv rights. a lot of them are staying private and market defaults with six-year high, all that coming up, stay with us. ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back, the university of chicago cancels classes over a possible gun threat, cheryl casone with the details and the other head lines. good morning to you. >> cheryl: good morning, university of chicago canceling events on main campus after online threat of violence. alerted the school of threats from an unknown individual. also in chicago this morning the city expecting more protests call forking police officials to step down after dash cam footage was released shooting of laquan mcdonald. minnesota getting hit with the worst of it with a foot of snow as kansas saw bitter
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temperatures and snow fall. in texas continues to battle massive flooding and causing multiple accidents. a lot of weather to watch for you right now. black friday not running as smooth as many companies had hoped this year. wal-mart and neiman marcus, their checkout system was overloaded. this was one of the big issues. friday afternoon completely unavailable. the worst nightmare for a retailer on black friday specially this year of all year. >> maria: it comes on the heels of what has been an --
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>> cheryl: get the website going. >> sandra: at least it happened on black friday and not cybermonday. [laughter] >> michael: okay, everything is better. >> sandra: i mean, it has not been any sort of challenge to amazon. >> michael: if you listen to all retail companies in the past five years, they all say you can buy things anywhere. apparently you can't. they've blown it. >> maria: toys rus ceo said we will cut prices. why will i go down if you're going to cut prices next week?
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there's no urgency anymore. >> sandra: it's kind of like, really. everybody i know shops online, everybody i know has been shopping online today and all the way through christmas. you walk down your street and you look at people's front porches and it's boxes after books right now. ups, fedex, everybody shopping online. if these companies can't get it right, that's going to be a huge hit. >> cheryl: two words, star wars, done and done. >> maria: that's going to be the hit for sure. coming up amazon's plans to change your shopping this cybermonday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a fulfillment center with 20 million items, the idea here is they want to take drones and deploy and bring products to you in 30 minutes or less when that regulatory hurdle are approved. so we are expect to go see, we know so far 4 and a half billion dollars have been sent. last friday thanksgiving across all online retailers, mobile up 60%. to discuss all of this we have senior vice president of global operations and customer service. thank you for being here with us. so far we are a few hours in cybermonday. how are sales going? >> things are great. another record day. we have about 200,000 people in the u.s. fired up this morning to serve customers. >> how do you think the new prototype will impact how you're able to deliver?
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>> i think we are ready to go. we set up the infrastructure. in fact, many of the cyber deals are available. as soon as the regulatory services are cleared we are able to use drones right out of the gate. >> what are the top selling items so far for the christmas season? >> over 5,000 people in the site and great start for the season. the best selling item so far are our tablets and tv sets. >> how do you compare with google shopping. 40% over year. how do you make sure that amazon stays ahead and doesn't fall behind? >> i think retail has been a competitive market. when you look around here the type of infrastructure you see
6:23 am
here that support over 20 million items in a single site is hard to replicate. we have more selection than ever before. we have now 16 cities and we think we are offering great service to customers. >> do you think the infrastructure has everyone else beat? i know a lot of ceos will agree with that, amazon leading the pack in that respective. thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. >> maria, a very big day. 20million products, we will see how they are able to compete with other retailers like target and wal-mart. >> maria: thank you so much. what's your take here. is there a trade to know about going into this holiday shopping
6:24 am
craze? >> david: clear winner. it's driven a momentum. a lot of money is pouring into stocks like this, you know, i say this is a great company. is this a stock you want to get involveed with here? >> maria: a lot of expectation, sandra. >> sandra: about these drones, i'm totally blown away that this is becoming a reality. the fda has not put in place regulation. you still have to fly it within site of the person manning the drone. >> maria: it can only carry 5 pounds. >> sandra: very limited service at this point and if the faa decides that it's a threat or dangerous or not working out, it could go away all together. >> maria: what happens when we
6:25 am
have tons of drones in the sky delivering, then what? >> sandra: i think the jury is still out on whether or not people are going to be receptive on this. >> david: sounds like a movie. >> maria: wait a minute. it is. researchers found very entertaining ways to fix the trend. that's next. we will check it out. ♪ ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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maria: happen about monday i'm maria bartiromo november 30th, with me this morning fox business network sandra smith,
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lionel trading partner. 6 a.m. on the east koation. holiday shopping season now in full swing. most americans, though, are choosing chick silver brick. more online and battling lines of stories over the thanksgiving weekend. plus a look at all of the numbers check up. president obama meanwhile arriving in paris for the climate summit talk is now underway. many are questioning whether this is what lead ergs around the world should be focusing on amid the global terrorist threat. , in fact, a new threat morning. u.s. embassy in afghanistan warning of an eminent attack within next 48 hours in kabul. embassy issuing emergency message for u.s. citizenning saying it has received credible reports of imminent attack within 48 hours. no other details known at this time but we're watching this closely. obviously, and watching any developments. turning to markt this is morning.
6:30 am
no reaction from markets showing a higher opening. in the past 30 minutes dow jones industrial average now up 30 points. earlier flat. s&p 500 and nasdaq at positive openings this morning. we have with an o'opec meeting and jobs number out all this week. in europe major average mix is later on this week likely to hear more talk of stimulus. overnight markets are lower although a rebound in china. a slight gain, monetary fund expected to signal ewan in the same group as a the dollar. euro and british pound to raise pressure on china government to change how it manages that currency. amazon unvaluing new video of its delivery drone. a first prototype we've seen since retail giant announced plans for service two years ago. and then there's this.
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[cheering] going to go all the way, and the denver broncos win the game. yes, denver broncos, and patriots no longer undefeated. first loss in an overtime thriller. final score 30-24. u.s. future in the first trading week of the trading session of the week. investors gearing up for economic data including pmi out tomorrow. got the adp private employment numbers coming out on wednesday. jobless claims on thursday and then big ticket item for the week november jobs report out on friday. we have seen big improvements here toipght bring in holland an company mike holland good to see you. >> good to be here happy monday. >> you're expecting another number for the drop . >> i would expect that. things are okay. i think this week the huge
6:32 am
amount of da that that could move markets. most of them will probably provide tailwind, i think number on friday will as well. s it is a big deal. >> but remember october job numbers are strong. i wonder if we'll get revision there. >> they're a big one to watch as well. i don't know up howsm the data is -- closely data is watched for the feds next move versus foreign policy, and the threat that we continue to see. i don't know what is the biggest driver behind markets right now because it seems that while we continue to see these threats, the eminent threat that isis poses, here swls other places in the world, it seems leak markets are so resilient. >> when you look at the paris reaction and then people were reminded of everything going bang to 9/11, the markets reaction to each of those we twal actually are see still resilient. >> do you think that these
6:33 am
eminent threats that we're hearing now we have an eminent threat coming out of kabul. what does it attack actually to impact fundamental back drop for the stock market? >> we had 9/11 we both lived u through that. we know what had worst can be, and later this week in london, people talked about maybe we should after paris say think about canceling, and said no that's ridiculous. just the opposite and markets have done the same thing. i think that we're at a poit where london was with the ira years ago lived with the eminent threat we're resilient. >> the issue here is we have this -- a few days of disruption say in france and belgium, europe, and travel disruption and we talk about abc which is big. i agree with you it is prizest priced in. one thing that people are not
6:34 am
talking about yet is fiscal spending geffen need for homeland security, europe given the need for dealing with the refugee crisis one way or the other. there could be some fiscal spending where germans loosen a little bit and that could be big. >> part of the tail winds over next several weeks that's one of the things that i'm looking at. this is not a small thing today as well as with the chinese currency. ewan. this is a good thing. free up some more cash going into that things that are going to support prices. >> set to aid the chinese you want to the reserve basket. how does that change? the same category of the dollar or euro. >> and the pound. one of the things that happened is money will flow into china, and it makes life a little easier for the chinese authorities who are trying to helicopter to become number one
6:35 am
over next 100 years they're doing a good job of it but support the economy and markets over there. >> when you talk about currency i think about oil market and a that's a major question mark. all of that volatility what's the next step as far as energy prices that plays part in retailers. >> i think cheen is part of that and been a major part of the oil pricing sandra for the last 10 years. so if you look at where china is today and the doomsayers have talked about the hard land, off the cliff that, i was in hong kong and the shore, there's no good evidence of that going to happen. since the oil prices declined so much, in the fast several months, i would suggest that the chinese demand for oil isn't going to go down a lot more from here. it's pretty steady right now. so i think there's stability where we are at this lower level in china. >> let's talk about the acb
6:36 am
where is it so pornt what do you think happens? >> i think they're going to do more and whatever it takes. that i think they actually believe that they can have an effect as the u.s. did. i think ben bernanke followed by janet yellen has shown they can have an effect on asset prices maybe economy as well. more support of asset price and stuff to help the markets. >> you said this is priced in. does that mean market doesn't rally that we hear and euro goes down. what are implications of this meeting? >> they could introduce a two tier deposit rate and mentallized lower rate. that gets money flowing into banking system in europe and gets banks legending. problem with that is you need a demand site as well. again the governments in fiscal measures to got companies to borrow, invest, tax credits to get a big crux here in terms of
6:37 am
asset prices how much lower, i think we're going to see german sovereign debt until europe go lower yield wise. high per price wise. when does that stop? at some point you draw the line there. >> in the meantime as you say who knows about the demand site but the depended weaker as you implying, means money has to go somewhere, and into stocks. >> it has to help. >> ahead of the acb? >> selling the news so i wouldn't do that as a trading mechanism. michael is right. it is not a surprise. but i think it's going to have a beneficial effect in the next several weeks. >> you like equities? >> the surprise could be stronger than weaker. >> what about you michael? >> i prefer europe to the u.s. here. u.s., my issue is amazon all show. i don't like how stocks are crowding to ten names in the u.s. five, nine whatever i don't to say that bothers me saying nifty
6:38 am
nine ass davis called it i have a problem with that. we'll see how it goes. >> the other stuff. >> we'll see. >> you're talk that rally. >> i don't like the breath of it, i've seen it and worried about it short-term. i can say long-term enough is enough with these stocks as mike poins out. iewm not ready. >> as far as buying at home what factors do you like? >> i don't like the big ugly, boring one, johnson johnson, exxonmobil and jpmorgan, i like -- i still like google. >> a safety play or the names? >> i like the name. safety -- you get thingings paying dividends and prices. >> mike very good to see you. mike who'll lands and company many of us in need of a nap this weekend. be careful where you're u falling asleep. nicole petallides is with this story.
6:39 am
>> self-drives cars are putting people to sleep behind the wheel. yeah stanford university studied 48 students behind wheel of the machine and asked them to monitor the car. 13 fell asleep. study then looked at the distractions such as texting and found that distractions such as texting actually helps to keep students awake. with the only 3 that became drowsy when allowed to watch a movie or read. now these things are countrily illegal but maria this may present a new problem because companies are trying to figure out self-driving cars. these stay in the lanes, brake they can be cautious. but doesn't sound like a good idea to have the drover reading, texting and watching movies. >> they're saying that helps keep people awake. [laughter] >> a selling point. unbelievable. how to alert a driver will it be
6:40 am
a vibrating seat. something in audio to give you an idea to be careful. [laughter] >> e i haven't been a fan -- >> on the sidelines of the climate summit in paris. business and government leaders launching clean energy product aiming to fight global warming. we'll fell you about what's coming up in the conference in paris. back in a moment.
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>> welcome back latest development this is morning in
6:44 am
wake of friday planned parenthood shooting. cheryl now with the story. >> this story grandpaing the nation friday afternoon fatally accused of shooting three people in colorado spring ons on friday will face a judge this afternoon. robert lewis deere has had nots been charged in search warrants and other court records have been sealed. a law enforcement official said deere made a comment, quote, about no baby parts after his arrest. national security agency sweeping authority to collect phone regard data expired it yesterday. nsa had the authority through the post-9/11 patriot act but revelations in 2013 by nsa contractor edward snowden resulted in public outcry and calls for washington to reign in that program. congress vows to reject to collect smartphone and other electronic data. finally this the world of sports
6:45 am
maria, kobe broint los angeles-likers will retire from professional basketball after the end of this season. has 20th season in the nba. maria he basically put out a big post kind of a poem. funny online. but he said basically i love it, it's great, but my body can't take it anymore. >> i'm sure. he's had some -- tough games there about with with and that's a tough sport but anyway 20 years. >> congratulations to him. all good things come to an end. global climate summit underway. joining the movement include bill gates. mark zuckerberg will the deal in paris bring about rile change? joining us is institute for 21st century energy, ceo and president karen, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> what are you expecting to come out of this summit? >> i think the president arrives in paris somewhat constrained
6:46 am
because he doesn't have the support of congress. he's got 26 of his governors suing hem over the plan. the business community is opposed so he did you want have a lot of wiggle room people need to be aware of that. >> so nothing come close of this summit? >> there's sthng that comes out. they'll have some document that people will sign on to. problem at home is he's got to get congress involved. men people left out of this deal and business community, the solutions it our environmental challenges has not been consulted. >> do you think it's a little strange here we are monday morning after couple of days, week after the paris attacks this morning we come in and learn there's apparently eminent threat in kabul, afghanistan? u.s. officials saying that they have received credible evidence that there's a eminent terrorist attack threat within the next 48 hours? and these guys are talking about
6:47 am
climate change in paris? >> the world is focused on terrorism. they're also focused on faultsering economy with 180 some odd countries focused on this so we should be looking at our big problem. and we're looking instead under rocks and under other things i think it is, and quite frankly you look at the oil market because of the american energy revolution here at home gas prices are not at $4.50 like they could be with all of the turmoil around the world we should be embracing this energy renaissance here yesterday the president wants to penalize it and make energy prices more expensive here at home. >> michael. >> you know, u how do you like talk about climate change when frankly it's very easy for people to say gas prices are low, i'm happy. not like you're fighting an alternative that is guidance to be an economic still langt. how do you cope with that? >> and also you look at america, we've been leading by example. our emission is down. our air is cleaner, water is
6:48 am
cleaner and we did that without a big government u.n. program or mandate. we should let technology advance. this big meeting of bill gates et cetera prove that the business community knows we don't have the technologies to accomplish these huge sweeping goals that president laid forward. by the way his own administration has said, i'm putting forward this plan, but i don't know how i'm going to get 50% of the reductions i'm committing to. that's problematic. >> appreciate your time karen joining us ready set, shop. where to snap the best online deals out there, and who won the weekend? back in a minute. the pursuit of healthier.
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>> gorntion, it is cybermonday
6:52 am
retailers expecting today to be biggest ever reaking in $3 billion in sales. my next guest says dealings are better than black friday joining us right now is cofounder and coo larry also with us joining conversation dagen mcdowell good to see you both. larry why do you think this is going to be such an important day to shop today? >> thank you verying -- for having me maria. we're in a mobile world right now. before everyone afraid to shop. they wanted to go in the store and didn't think things were secure. this is big overall for retailers to see the whole shift to the mobile sales and online sales. there's thingings you need to be to be safe when you're on your mobile phone you don't want to go into a public wi-fi and go ahead and shop but in a secure wi-fi or on your basic mobile connection. ferlg that's interesting so you don't want to use wherever you are as wi-fi. >> hackers are out today.
6:53 am
they are out today so you want to use a credit card, you don't want to use a debit card this way if there are any issues it's easier to get that handled . >> online orders, shopping got pulled forward because wal-mart put their door busterrer deals online before they were available in stores first time wal-mart has done that . half have been done on mobile. there's definitely if you start, here's what i don't understand. if you're shopping on your phone, how do you see how negative looks? i can't even with any magnif glasses does that get in the way for people shopping for apparel? >> clothing different than electronics so they send it to you. you can send it back free shipping. simple to do, and that's the key. that's the e key that it is very easy you don't have to go to the stores now.
6:54 am
retailers have moved everything up and they want to test this out because you think about it. if you can go this route, it is a lot cheaper than having the real state of the stores and everybody in stores. if you can go full-time, to online, it's a better move. >> larry. what are the categories that maybe in past years where manufacture a brick and more or tar teach of category that are moving more on the line. dagen mentioned hard to buy apparel online but what are categories finally getting bengt here? >> i think electronics are more online with people wanting to go to the store to look at that tv to see exactly how they look. >> look and then buy it online. now straight to online. what we're seeing right now is people are looking to purchase it online and then come to the store because in the store you can buy more in the store. >> apps still stink, though. they're horrible to use and you've become -- used to using amazon which is so
6:55 am
easy to use. but particularly with apparel i downloaded barneys app with a 30% off sale. luxury retailers put purchase on sale, and pull up sales. one of the first things they're try to sell me a pair of flip-flops why pushing a $9 pair of flip-flops? >> off the shelves. getting ready of the stuff. : but luxury retailer that's what you're paying under $10 that make disaster zero sense. they've got $5,000 jackets that are 40% off. >> i have to tell you reputation is key for retailers. i do my shopping online and so many sites will ask you to repeat this order weekly and
6:56 am
biannually you say yes it comes whether you need it or not. credit card and they charge and send it. >> for the mobile world will people before weren't on and seeing it. we're seeing this today maria. >> who won this weekend when you look at shopping on black friday and couple of days after thanksgiving, who won? >> i don't think we know for sure. amazon about will a big winner out of this. >> leave it there. larry good to have you on the show. dagen as well. coming up next hour donald trump and ben carson in the headline this is weekend. we'll hear from both campaigns. back in a moment. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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7:00 am
battling stores. what retail me means for business and broader economy. we have the latest development the out of paris meanwhile on climate change summit this morning. president obama speaking moments ago if why addressing this issue is so important. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> yeah, many are questioning will this is what we should be focused on. here's breaking news 24 morning within the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is warning of an attack in kabul emen in thely. embassy issuing an emergency message for u.s. citizens there saying it has received, quote, credible reports it have an eminent attack within next 48 hours. no other deill tays are of this threat known at this time. bring you any developments as they come in u out of kabul,
7:01 am
afghanistan. markets meanwhile expecting more stimulus. jobs number out on friday and opec meeting, big week in terms of check data. market will open higher. dow jones industrial average looking up about 15 pontes. s&p 500 and nasdaq in the green. europe averages mixed. later this week, people are expecting maria to talk about more stimulus on thursday. overnight in asia markets lower. but shanghai composite posted a slight gain. monetary fund expected to name ewan. chinese ewan as reserve currency putting in the same group as dollar, with euro, and popped to pressure on china government to change how it manages its currency. a delivery drone check this out. first prototype we've seen since retail giant announced two years ago. and then there's this.
7:02 am
all the way and the denver broncos win the game. >> new england patriots no longer undefeated handing patriots first loss of the season in overtime thriller. final score 30-24. and it is end of an era for nba l.a. lakers legend kobe broint retiring. played for lakers 20 years writing in announcement this season is all you have left to give pl breaking down sports highlights with fox news headline it is jared max coming up. but purrings on to campaign trail we have to talk about donald trump. got into a heating exchange with "meet the press" host chuck over his claims that muslim in jersey sister were cheering on 9/11. this didn't happen in new jersey. >> it did happen in new jersey. this is --
7:03 am
>> president of the united states, your words matter. it matters. >> fact based -- >> make it easy chuck, play cool. >> i want to bring in trump campaign spokesperson katrina pearson and ben carson national campaign press secretary good to have you on the program. katrina keek this off with you, donald trump keeps saying this, that pees people were cheering on 9/11 amidst people pushing back saying it is just not true. >> not a lot of people pushing back, the media specifically because you've had several people call in, tweet, with the same reports that they've had. not to mention that new york post, ap and washington post at the time reporting the exact seam thing. >> what is the point of saying this? i'm trying to understand better what had donald trump is trying to -- say here. what's the point?
7:04 am
>> we're talking about where we live today in the world radical islam and a threat to the united states. we're talking about terrorism and important to talk about terror at home anderson cooper did a great 1 hour documentary on those who are radicalized who continue to celebrate everyone in and now we're talking about bringing in thousands of people connected to isis potentially and, of course, this is part of the discussion we need to be having today if wemght to talk about global terrorism and security of our nation. >> deana dr. carson visited in jordan over the weekend, he say it is they don't want to come to the united states. >> they said united states and other nation could be much more supportive of the herculean efforts manifested by jordanians. >> what else did dr. carson learn from his trip deena? >> thank you very much for having my and good to be with
7:05 am
katrina and your guest. dr. carson did have a chance to speak face-to-face with syrian refugees and he did learn that they would much rather be resettled in that area. you know, we have this -- president has this plan to bring 10,000 maybe 25,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. and only people that will actually help, you know, politicians to make them feel better about doing something. what we need to be focused on are solutions, so dr. carson did go and he met face-to-face with -- syrian refugees, and bottom line is that if we really want to affect change we need to do more than tough talk about bringing syrian refugees to the u.s. when we know that isis is already said that they will infiltrate syrian refugee an they will do everything that they can to get here to destroy our way of living and so dr. carson is very serious about making sure that
7:06 am
those types of things simply don't happen. >> so it is great that dr. carson met with ref swrees. what had i want to know is what does jordan have to say about this? jordan has hosted a camp for palestinian refugees they've been in these camps for decades. what will jordan do why do you think that jordan will be so willing to assimilate these refugees gfn girch the past record here? >> what jordan needs right now is help from the floabl community. they've been doing a pretty good job so far in terms of settling syrian refugees be but we need to do more in materials of actually providing financial resources humanitarian resources, you know the camp that dr. czar son visited it was comfortable for the syrians that were there. but it was incomplete. there, it needed -- electricity, more to mawk it
7:07 am
happen if they make those things happen. >> hey, katrina. looking at the campaign right now where does he see beggest strength? his whole campaign kicked off with immigration and apparently that wasn't exactly his plan an focused on growing business, and economy now he's tag this really big stance on foreign policy in the wake of the paris attacks as far as polling shows that's been very good for him. where does he see a biggest strength right now and focused on? >> biggest strength, obviously, is leadership. he's been first one out there talking about whether it's immigration and how it deal with the terrorist attacks and you see some of the other candidates sort of falling in line with some of the things that he's been saying. he wants to focus on economy and jobs another policy all coming the very soon but for all intensive purposes like polls have been showing pretty much across board he's stayed as
7:08 am
leader of aspects that country is needing today. >> what's significance of mr. trump canceling with african-american pastors today? >> well the event itself wasn't canceled but closed off to media. there was a lot of confusion that some of the past force participating in private meeting were endorsing but not all of them were endorsing but several coming to the meeting. in light of the pastors they decided to keep it private. >> do you worry that donald trump rhetoric is alienating, you know, mexicans first, alienating now muslim with this most recent comment? >> no, not at all. in fact quite the opposite. we've seen a lot of support come from all of those communities that everyone is saying mr. trump is quote unquote alienating but speaking for american citizens and legal residents of this country. that's something that most plingses seem to put at the
7:09 am
bottom of the list these days. >> so katrina to be clear here. proposed plan for registration, you know that's not alienating people that's what the campaign thinks. >> no, i don't think it's alienating people when you're talking about the syrian refugees which isis said they will infiltrate. if we bring people and lose track eve of them that's part of the problem. not alienating but when the media takes something. switches up words, puts out a video that's been cut and sliced say it was geng to register every muslim in america turns out to be false. >> we'll keep watching katrina pier son, ladies we'll see you soon. appreciate your time. coming up, gusts of heavy rainfall, floodings parts of the south and midwest, and ten people are dead because of this weather. we've got the details for you first the headline it ising to wall street journal. era over tv rights. they want to stay private and
7:10 am
emerging markets falls now at a accident is-year high. all of that coming up. we'll be right back. ♪ jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism.
7:11 am
it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
7:12 am
7:13 am
>> welcome back, a massive deadly storm slamming states across the country. cheryl with that and other headlines now. good morning. >> good morning maria, it was a wild weekend for weather. now oklahoma's governor has declared a state of emergency in all 77 can counties following a powerful storm that brought ice and heavy rain that led to massive flooding. it also happened in texas. minnesota getting hit with a foot of snow and winter storm warning and watches issued.
7:14 am
texas continue to battle massive flooding with cars and caused multiple accidents on interstate highways. claiming lives of at least 14 people. also, this morning the man accused of fatally shooting three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs on friday will face a judge. robert lewis deere has not been charged. courts records have been sealed. law enforcement officials said that deere made a comment about, quote, no more baby parts after his arrest. and finally wal-mart store and neiman marcus experiencing problem with the website on black friday. wal-mart offered onloon black friday deals on thanksgiving evening for the first time. its website became overloaded with demand that slowed online checkout for a lot of those shoppers as far as neiman marcus website unavailable friday afternoon. all of this bad for these guys. but look here's the thing, neiman marcus said basically be back soon.
7:15 am
wal-mart interesting. first time that company really tried to match store deals with online deals. and a spokesman said look you can still check out, it was very, very slow. so they're on defensive a little bit this morning about it. >> not the team that you want these problems. sandra. >> but neiman marcus had to sign up on their website we'll be back soon as you reported. that's tough. if you were on there to buy a black cashmere sweat or you went into goggle and bought it somewhere else. you can't have these at this point in the season. it's called black friday for a reason. biggest day of the year for retailers so no small mistake. >> other problem friday chance it is on monday another shot with an infinite number venues that work well and what you want. >> i'll go to and not wal-mart a lot of people might have done on friday. stock and company has struggled trying to put money in the
7:16 am
stores. widening aisles, they're putting cash into making sure shopping experience on both sides better for their customers because they're losing market share. this is bad. this hurts they will against amazon i think. >> a weak back drop lost a third of the value this year and it's not just because of wal-mart issues but because a weak shopping environment. people are not spending money. >> investing money is great. architect people need to make cyberlanes wider. dagen said i want the site rather than showing a 5 jacket but $9 flip-flop. get marketing people in there to make sure you're targeting right thingings to right people. wal-mart is widening aisles. great. >> i have to feel for the company. a lot of jobs. want to survive. >> a lot of store were empty.
7:17 am
jcpenney surprised i guess they have long lines at the register that were unexpected but for the most part stores were looking empty. >> i was happy that i didn't have to bring you brawl video from different cities across the country on friday. i didn't did that on friday maria that's because of the online push. >> so those are specific events i don't think it represented entire day across the country, could you say? >> that we didn't have brul and nicer as americans? [laughter] sales are down. coming up next a big weekend in sports is two all too many greats accountings for unexpected challenges. the sports wrapup ahead. robot ib technology could affect you sooner than you think. you're watching mornings with maria. back in a moment.
7:18 am
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>> welcome back big weekend in sports. one nfl losing game and big news from a great. jordan joins us now with more. good morning to you. what a weekend, being news. fnght what a wild ending on sunday and then there was one. carolina panthers last unbeaten
7:22 am
team of the nfl because last night in denver patriots unable to present a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter. peyton manning out injured no problem. over cj anderson ran for a touchdown and denver kicked goal wng four. brock found jim for a go ahead touchdown. denver up 3 with just about one minute remaining. no problem because tom brady gets patriots in position for a field goal. they tie it so they go to overtime. patriots unable to do anything on their possession and then denver broncos get this touchdown to top the new england patriots last night winning and handing new england first, and ron, another receive receiver goes down for new england patriots they've lost key receivers now down as well. last night seen limp into locker
7:23 am
room. how bad will it get? only team will tell. so ron is done at least for the foreseeable future for the new england patriots we know how bad it is going to go. >> they get used to them winning -- and then a shocker if they don't. >> wait, they lost? and then they lost and ron as well to the injury. clean hit as well tom brady noticed this is how it is done now. protecting people and goes to the legs so he loses his knees. one other career that has to be noted this morning, great kobe bryant 20 years a veteran of the nba right from high school 17 years old made announcement joined basketballage of 18. five time nba champion. two time final mvp. koap now will go on farewell tour that begins tomorrow philadelphia against 7 6ers
7:24 am
philadelphia is his hometown. they show prices for all over, normally 10 $14, starting price tomorrow it is 82 starting to go see kobe's last game and philadelphia which is 0-18 they've lost again. entire career goes into nba after high school. >> all with one team. but you say kobe bryant and everybody doesn't necessarily think third leading scorer nba history. >> i was surprised when yowx all of the basketball taken a tole on his body. i don't think it is basketball but this sport like football. >> dive for l baas pounding that hard hardwood. it's a lot. took career of some of our greatst players. i was a huge larry byrd fan. lying on floor about with and kobe has done all he can, and
7:25 am
missed 15 of the 17 shots last night. it's time. >> sell a young man. what does he do now? >> if i had all of the money -- >> best basketball particular that ever lived? >> individual talent that we have ever seen. kobe bryant like michael jordan. byrd magic johnson a fierce competitor that's what kobe sticks out to me of his era most fierce competitor even more so than lebron james hungry. >> that's it. good stuff. coming up there's ho denying it robots have now engrained themselves in our daily live. straight ahead we'll tell you how to profit from the rise of the machines, weep it right here. back in a moment. .
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7:28 am
maria: i'm maria bartiromo monday, november 30 with me
7:29 am
this mornings fox business network sandra smith trading patterns michael block 7:30 on east coast this monday morning, breaking news u.s. emcee in afghanistan, is warning of an attack in kabul issued an emergency message for u.s. since saying it searched credible reports of attack within 48 hours developments as then come in, president obama and leaders in the world, are at a climate change summit in paris president obama spoke explaining why addressing this issue, is so critical, right now. >> the united states of america, not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> holiday shopping season in full swing now most americans choosing clicks over brics more on line than battling
7:30 am
lines at stores of thanksgiving weekend holiday chang landscape retail means for economy consumers your money, futures are showing a higher opening for the broader averages dow jones industrial average to open up 3 points nasdaq s&p 500 also trading higher this morning, in europe the marriages mixed as investors await on an important ecb meeting later this week where by ail" peep are expecting mario drag toe announce stimulus we will see if that weakens the you'ro at this point stocks higher, across the eurozone, markets mostly lower in asia, we did have a rebound in china the shanghai composite posted a slight gain higher a quarter of a point, quarter of a per cent rather the nikkei in japan hang seng hong kong kospi in korea lower the imf expected to name the chinese yuan will raise pressure on
7:31 am
china as post government could change how it manages currency amazon new video first prototype seen wins retail giant announced plans for the drone service about two years ago. jo ling kent with the latest from the amazon center, nearby, she is going to be coming up giving lowdown this holiday. >> bank of america with report outreaching about robot revolution how to best advise in relies of machines artificial intelligence merry merry had of theme attic investing, right now to talk more about it dagen mcdowell also joining the conversation, good to see you. >> good to be here thanks for joining us robotics has taken over a number of areas, within work life, our personal life. how do you invest based on that. >> i think becoming increasing ubiquitous accrued our line as well as convenience 2014 australia robots all-time record year we were up to
7:32 am
229,000 robotsisms around the world that is up 29%, year on year. what we didn't report so it a number of different entry points for investors. industrials are clearly going to be one of the most obviousness we think huge opportunity in terms of the self-driving car drones from commercial and military perspective, financials, health care amongst areas. maria: so was. dagen: reading a report robots likely to be performing 45% manufacturing tasks within next 10 years, right now only 10%, talk about the possibly job destruction in that industry alone. >> i think we have to be cognizant of the fact huge room for growth in terms of penetration, when 10% tasked currently using automation or robots, you look at robot penetration around the world, and we are only talking about, 66 robots per 10,000 glez japanese auto south america
7:33 am
1520 robots so long term, does pose significant risks but for jobs like real for cashers, office ad, men, 47% of jobs at risk in the u.s. 33% of jobs at risk in the u.k. so -- >> along those lines baskets you create for investing, portfolios strategies, are there is there a mechanism where you can shortstop might be hurt by some themes. >> we try to identify the area that we think are critical to benefit from short and long term perspective and then identify some of the areas that are going to be at risk and i think this plays out in different ways, you know one, to three year time horizon you want to be playing sproem suppliers people providing components or robot systems look from 3 to 10-year period this is going to become an opportunity for certain companies here in u.s. going to be a massive chance to reshore, for which there is massive political, political support also a means for a lot of companies to cut down their
7:34 am
costs, longer term when looking out 25 years, out we have to think what happens for all these people going to be displaced the closest analogy you can make is ag used to comi 50% americans in 1900, when digs placed other industries absorbed them i am not sure the came case day. >> your report is very optimistic on growth i am wondering what do redale this revolution the hacking in industrial stays spoo cybersecurity one core themes it is one of the major underlying risks across the board, both with rartdz to robots as well as are all tentacl intelligence we have seen airplanes to jeeps hacked over the course of the last few months, i think cyberas well as privacy concerns are at forefront of consumer and stakeholder thinking in terms of acceptance i think a major are barrier, i think we need
7:35 am
more in way of regulation if we're going to see greater use of things self-driving cars or drones, in the delivery space, we need more proactive -- >> is it too much regulation you see faa, amazon is complained, mightily, that faa can't keep up with it wills innovation in drones, that is why it doesn't even know how to handle the use of drones -- >> i would agree this is a space where the technology is moving so much a parabolic level that regulation is one, two, or even five steps behind in many of these cases, that we are going to have to move towards greater regulation faa said they will come out with craft regulation, by the end of this year, you are looking in commission look to go pass draft regulation by next year, so, commercial drones are definitely a significant growth space that is a market we think could grow to over 5 billion dollars, by end of this decade. >> who losses in this new normal, of robotics taking out jobs. >> long term, unfortunately i do believe that it is going to
7:36 am
be the people at the bottom and middle of the pyramid you to look at american jobs one-third of jobs, here are -- are retail waiters, officeed a minigoing to be jobs that are greatest risk of displacement, on flip side going to be jobs that involve high levels, knowledge, and creativity the lowest risk of being displaced, so there is a risk of increasing labor polarization between this's, and have-nots. >> you need to -- arm with right training for sure in new normal, subject good to see you thanks for joining us appreciate your time, joining from us bank of america, merrill lynch dagen see you next hour thanksgiving a bad day for turk but great to be a mocking. >>, the "hunger games" finale sending off challenges for box office supremacy that is next, back in a minute.
7:37 am
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nz. . > . maria: welcome back tensions high in chicago this morning cheryl casone with the story good morning. cheryl: that is right maria good morning, we are going to see how day plays out a in the windy city chicago announcing that it is expanding a program to provide police officers with body cameras so this comes after days of angry protests, that follows reliefs of a video showing deet
7:41 am
of a black teen shot by white police officer that officer not wearing a camera, meanwhile, after massive protest on black friday that we showed you live here on fox business there could be more demonstrations, today, possibly, targeting the shoulding district michigan avenue begins a justify is ready throughout the day on fox business. >> national security agencies sweeping authority to collect phone record date expired nsa had authority through post nem operate act relative humiditilations over snow deputy resulted in calls for washington to rein in that program congress voted to replace a section with usa freedom act limits authorization to bulk collect smartphone online never electronic data a trio of wide reefgs not enough to take down ever dooen as the "hunger
7:42 am
games" mocking jay part two led weekend box office 51. million dollars -- "the good dinosaur," 39.1 million one of the biggest successes of the thanksgiving weekend "creed," this is the rocky -- 30.1 million bucks, this blew out expectations by analysts in hollywood, we should say brings back, of course, sylvester stallone supposedly opening sequence incredible. >> i want to see is that. >> i do too. >> we will go. >> you got it cheryl thank you turning back to top story this morning threat against a u.s. embassy in kabul afghanistan joining us on testifyings trivial analyst, thanks s much for joining us, i have to i guess begin on this threat from u.s. officials say credential evidence that a terrorist attack will hit kabul within next 48 hours.
7:43 am
what kind of controllable evidence do you think we are talking about? >> well most likely we don't have defe have. >> reporting -- against government institutions even u.s. allied forces in cabkabul,e evidence from listening into conversations, chat rs possib filtrate. >> we hear iraq syria afghanistan on global stage here, what risk do you think you afghanistan acts for having possible risk to powers of being a crunch could create a vam as we have seen forces taliban, is can jump in wreak havoc when it happens how much at risk is afghanistan? >> well, the risk has never
7:44 am
receded. according to sources in defense and also national security allies in ground they are at least in east and southeast of afghanistan where taliban are omni present we are going after al-qaida when we have information taliban, units or forces, have said said very clearly that would be withdrawal or reemployment they would be targeting kabul, the new data is that as you just mention there is a new rise in small areas, in isolated areas of isis, isis present among taliban there is competition between both organizations, it seems as -- most segment of the taliban. sandra: sand had a smith, five hour strategy to combat isis, where what is being done right now, what should be done at this point, you hear all
7:45 am
over the place, fox news fox business network, i mean you can read it anywhere, former generals, defense secretary saying we need speed up strategy we need to change our strategy. do we see any change from the administration as we see threats like the one you are talking about today? >> if we're talking about isis, battle field is where isis has space a country regime two capitals mosul, iraq, and, of course, raqqa and syria, the current strategy did not work, about a year and a half now, that strategy of conducting strikes not -- not focused strikes but separate striking on one hand counting on very small units on the ground to do job that is not working isis has been expanding, what needs to be done is actually and not something simple to ceaa seizure two capitals raqqa mosul we cannot put forces on
7:46 am
the ground in size needed but there are air abominations egyptians, bahrain others would do the job this problem is we are not engaging them not asking them to do so why? because this iranians don't want them to interfere we get into see you backed situation of gee politics in the region we are late one year and a half on isis. >> thank you very much for insights we will talk soon certainly check back as new developments, occur, and come out of afghanistan, where we are being told, by u.s. officials, that there is in fact an k he imminently threat within 48 hours how specific this threat is from u.s. officials, from emcee in afghanistan thank you, coming up cyber monday we will take a look at amazon's aggressive drone plan stay with us back in a moment. ♪ ♪
7:47 am
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here. next 24 hours retailers expected to rake in 3 billion dollars from only sales alone, the pack amazon doing something special jo ling kent, in new jersey right now with the story, good morning to you. jo ling: good morning, again, maria what we're seeing here is amazon trying to make drones fly deliver packages for right now going to have to make due with robots we want to show you there are 30,000 robots in 13 facilities across the country at amazon that help organize, and store packages that you are
7:51 am
ordering, on cyber monday we do know that cyber monday so far amazon off to a better start than last year last year sold 500 packages, for a second, you can see the activity here, is already indicating, that is going to be a higher number 43 million packages they sold on cyber monday last near in total, taking a look at how much you are spending 134 dollars average on cyber monday according to ibm not just amazon that is all retailers, there is more competition, though for amazon, in these centers you see google shopping, it is seeing a spike of 40% in business, amazon, only seeing a 21% spike in business. so as amazon deploys robots drones in the future you see competition is starting to close in. maria: wow big numbers, jo ling kent recruitment center let me ask you are people shopping less today because
7:52 am
they feel that they have had ahead of the holidays or excitement are on with an weekend including today you. jo ling: you are right retail federation says wind of shopping has been wider so we are suing a slightly smaller number shopping, in over all for these companies to sell more stuff over more time, not just cyber monday anymore. maria: that is what i thought we will check back throughout the day with jo ling kent, more people using slenz to make purchases, paypal reporting 38% increase in transactions made on mobile devices last quarter the vice president of global consumer products engineering, at paypal joins us right now good to see you thanks for joining us first given the assessments of the weekend in shopping what did you see what were your takeaways. >> exactly what -- said earlier we saw huge spikes, in shopping, but people started spending earlier.
7:53 am
like as early as thanksgiving ofb before thanksgiving, people were looking for great details shopping mostly online, and a lot of. >> deals get better if the next couple weeks. >> deals -- big and small they really need to be meeting consumers on mobile with great deals through the season it is not just about these couple of special holidays spikes it is the whole two month scomreerd that is why i don't shop until a couple days before holidays. >> the search is so important -- in all of this because if you know exactly what you want say it is a you know, flat screen tv the exact model you want you enter into search and it is going to produce the cheapest price for that particular item, at that moment in time, that is how people shop. so isn't a lot about stores in right algorithm. >> making sure you have a good mobile solution people can
7:54 am
search for you more people checking out, also on mobile devise so you want to be able to have a solution that actually meets the consumers -- >> how is paypal with vendors to make mobile shopping experiencing more -- uh -- >> say make it easier. >> one of the things we just recently introduced is one touch technology, basically allows the customer to be able to check out, with one click. without having to reenter your card number, your name your passwordets what that does helps retailers makes transaction smoother helps customers because remember everything just one click, and you are out. >> so what happens in terms of of the mobile usage now everybody using phone to buy things what are implications of that. >> more and more you want additional -- that protects you make sure fire protection as shopping online means you have freedom to shop where you want to people are not just sitting down for one big shopping session, and searching and googling, sthe are shopping on the go, on the
7:55 am
commute, in between meetings. >> protect how do i protect myself you are talking about the paypal wallet. >> that is right paypal wallet. >> give us selling point. >> a couple things you've got buyer protection if something doesn't arrive you are protected from checkout all the way through to delivery. so something doesn't arrive, refund you if something doesn't look like retailer said it would we refund you including postage packaging costs also, if something arrives doesn't fit we take care of the thing as well. >> bottom line here, we know it has been a you have to economy all year. what kind of a holiday shopping season are you expecting. >> we are expecting good season. >> already start to see integrate trend as i said, i think going to see more and more online more and more mobile 30% of traffic is now mobile, we expect that to continue to rise. >> good to have you on the show. >> thank you so much watching joann from paypal coming up next hour joined by former u.s. attorney general judge michael mukasey take on nsa
7:56 am
sending phone data program amid growing terrorism threat around the world keep it right other on the fox business network, stay with us.
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7:59 am
infiltration. . maria: good morning happy monday i am maria bartiromo monday, november 30, with me in morning fox business network sandra smith, trading pattern michael politic top stories 8:00 on east coast, with news this morning for newsroom u.s. embassy in afghanistan, is warning of an attack in kabul imminently an emergency message this morning, for all u.s. citizens, there, saying it has received quote credible reports of an imminent attack will take place within 48 hours, no other details of this threat are known at this time we are bringing you any developments that come in, as we learn them, did he dispute threats president obama and other leaders are at a climate change summit in paris this morning, president obama, spoke moments ago, and ep
8:00 am
explained why addressing this issue is so critical right now. >> the united states, of america, not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. maria: meanwhile, holiday shopping season in full swing this point most americans though are choosing clicks over brics more only ethanol than battling stores over thanksgiving holiday changing landscape of retail means for consumers and businesses, who won over this weekend, anyway, in retail, turn to markets, this morning futures caught a higher opening broader averages zbaipg smeng dow jones industrial average looking to open 40 appointing nasdaq steep scene 500 also in positive territory. in europe, this morning, major averages mixed cac quarante up 35 points in paris dax up 1%, in germany, moves ft 100 investors waiting on ecb meeting ecb european traditional bank will meet
8:01 am
thursday wild expected mario draghi will suggest more stimulus is coming. we will see with what happens to euro, if in fact that happens, let's take you overnight to asia mostly lower for markets we did have a pretty good bump up in chinese market the shanghai composite up a quarter of a percent nikkei japan, hang seng kospi also weaker, the international monetary fund is expected to name the chinese yuan as reserve currency will put yuan in same group as dollar euro yen and british pound also raise the pressure on china's government to change how it maings currency, earlier in the program, michael holland told us it will mean more flow of money going into china. amazon unveiling a video of its delivery drone today, it is the first prototype we have actually seen the, since the retail giant announced plans for the drone service two years ago -- then there is this. >> to the -- and aiming -- all
8:02 am
the way. -- broncos win the game. [cheers and applause] maria: that is what victory feels like denver broncos handing in connection with patriots first loss in thriller the weekend patriots first lot final score 30 to 24. ouch, for the pats it is end of era meanwhile, for nba, l.a. lakers legend kobe bryant announcing he will rety the end of this season, bryant played for lakers 20 years writing in announcement that quote this season, is all i have left to give in quote breaking news this hour, the u.s. embassy in afghanistan, warning of imminent attack in kabul former uas he army intelligence officer former nato senior advisor andrew peak thanks for weighing in we have been trying to figure out what specific evidence we are talking about, u.s. officials the embassy if kabul have said there is credible evidence of an attack, that could take place the next 48 hours.
8:03 am
how do you see it? >> well, there is also a a couple threats poking around kabul; right? a natural target for the kind of high end terrorist attack groups like haqqani network pull off it is important to remember even each when the most dramatic images of an attack on employee are happening strength of the taliban measured not by these high profile attacks but control of rural districts that is really where the strengthen of an insurjensy like taliban rooted. >> this kind of threat before, that officials are saying this is you imminent next 48 hours? >> we'll, you do remember, in tlvn, right, in september, actually, u.s. embassy was locked down, for a period of over 24 hours. maria: yes. >> militants took over a high building if kabul shot emcee
8:04 am
you see it from time to time. >> when you look at summit going on right now it is so -- did i talking about this imminent threat in kabul, this morning, and then, we see this climate summit going on i mean what is going on? and -- with the administration, with the president with his thinking? on carrying through with this, and going to the summit carrying on with it, when we still see such a threat right now? >> i mean i always feel a little bit with currencies like a exercise i take any statements by the world leaders attending right, most pressing problem perfect time requires urge action replace climate change with terrorism like oh makes more sense i get it, as it is a grow test, of course, contrast between rhetoric and urgency on display in paris the realities of warfare threats facing merpz in kabul. >> mike block, clip of obama president obama from this
8:05 am
morning, shows him sounding very strong, and resolute, talking about climate change. you know, as opposed to post paris frankly was sensitiveling on tv about it, showing empathy for victims as important, not showing leadership, what does this president need to do to show leadership may cue cower enemies. >> clearly he likes this enemy better than that enemy who is villageage in climate change greedy american consumers big energy companies, big business, right? he is real comfortable with enemy at home not so comfortable, with the enemy, you know in syria and iraq. so i mean the short answer to your question is, we really he really needs republicans to commit terrorism could be more rose lutheran. >> what kind of strategy change do you think is required in order to truly defeat isis? >> yeah, i think so this is a great question. right?
8:06 am
i think, above all you need to do two things, one, you need to arm the kurds directly. right? the kurds are the old friend reliable fighting forceon on the ground in iraq that is taking background from isis they need a lot more weapons. two, you need to recommit to assad stepping down in syria, right? we have backed off that in the last two weeks, but that is the only message to moderate syrian arab rebel to keep fighting, and to keep fighting assad and keep fighting isis, right? none of them want to fight isis they want to fight assad why they signed up in the beginning, is to committing to moving assad will reinvigorate the war on the ground. >> how -- when we know putin is defending thim. >> a lot harder now, right. maria: it is. >> it would have been easier two years ago. maria: when all the president first drew red line never did anything about it. >> right even before then when
8:07 am
we committed to assad stepping down. so you know, there is a lot of there has been a lot of division points missed along the way which is which makes the president's comments about none of his opponents having a flan a little bit rich; right? because yeah there might not be many great alternatives now there were in to 12. >> go ahead. >> getting back to your if is point arminging kurds, peshmerga form midble fighters against terrorist threat the problem is turks involved the turks are very opposed to arming kurds how does this administration, this country all players, compel erdogan proven tough to persuade of anything that this is a good idea how do we fight back? >> uh, honestly i think you just do it right? i mean if you remember when we first got airfield access rights in turkey for the war against isis the turks immediately started bombing the occurred iraq fighters
8:08 am
right about 3 months ago. so honestly i would just move forward with it. particularly because turkey because a confrontation with russia right now needs u.s. support. right? they are actually in a weaker position, so we can extrags a concession from them in exchange for help helping back down recurrence, and vladimir putin. maria: let me bring in breaking news there are reports out of cnn paris attack suspect salah abdeslam escaped is now in syria. so that means he was in paris he got away. he is back in syria, right now it happen mastermind behind paris attacks, how do you think this happened what does this tell us where we are in this fight? >> everyone it is a disaster. you know. of them groups like isis life and die off symbolism i have no doubt this guy is going to be in propaganda videos just
8:09 am
like, arab terrorists were after munich massacre after olympics. what a does it tell us about security in europe this is an ongoing problem, right, there is heavily militant communities, in europe, that feel pretty you know, pretty supportive of groups like isis, so -- yeah go ahead. maria: sandra: speaks voluntarily yooumz maria how powerfully this group is continue to gain power continue to gain money we know there he er selling that oil on black market, continue to go raise funds continuing to strength, and this issue of fact goes to show you how much ground and human support they probably have right within france, to escape that jeer that city on lockdown how is this possible able to escape get back to syria? this creates a much bigger problem. >> right. well look. i mean, you know, far be it for me to quote sherman mao but mao said gorillas
8:10 am
terrorists by extramlation swim in population like fish in sea comes navigating militant communities in europe which there are many of the immigration policy over two or three or four about decades has become so screwed up. maria: all right. thanks very municipal for weighing in we appreciate your time this morning, andrew, peak as we are following the latest developments we've got a new report out telling us that the suspect, salah abdeslam is now in syria he has managed to escape a massive manhunt trying to find him. after he was at which mastermind of the paris attacks, we will try to confirm that, here at fox, we've got latest developments out of paris climate change summit is as well president obama meeting with leaders from around the world peter barnes in washington looking at that peter looks like -- when we have an imminent threat out of kabul could happen within 48 hours it happen maifrmd.
8:11 am
paris attacks now back in syria. >> you are right. and extremely high security, in paris, after the terrorist attacks president obama is pushing for this climate change agreement with 105 other world leaders, in remarks this morning the president first offered conwill doences to people of france on attack saluted people of paris for insisting climate change opposite conference go on no better back of defiance against terrorists who want to tear down the world, than to marshall both of the effort to save it. >> the united states, of america, not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> skeptics have cloent questions such as if this deal is not a treatyy who enforces it one penalty for violations? how does this keep the world safer when there are still disagreements over the causes of climate change, and the
8:12 am
evidence of it? and connections to terrorism. maria. maria: what are -- who is about about about about accountable. >> a voluntary evident at this point, maria i guess you know name and shame is probably the program tool that it happen pafrn partisanship have to try to get compliance. >> black friday big day of the year for some turned into a fiasco we have details next. ♪ ♪ ♪ volumes.
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. . maria: welcome back a massive deadly storm slam many
8:16 am
straights across the country cheryl casone with that headlines good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria watching the weather oklahoma governor declaring a substantiali state of emergency 77 coins following massive flooding, minnesota hit with a foot of snow winter-storm warnings, watches have been issued there, in texas, they continue to battle massive flooding, and cars, causing multiple accidents on highways the stormy weather claiming lives at least 14 people, since thanksgiving day, man accused of fate plea shooting three people in a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs on friday, will face a judge this afternoon. robert dear has not been charged search warrants court records are sealed law enforcement says dear made a comment about "no more baby parts after his arrest finally, this from your weekend. the new england patriots no
8:17 am
longer undefeated. they lost in overtime to denver broncos sunday night game 30-24, c.j. anderson maria scored on a 48 yardrun run 12:32 left in overtime to win the game, the patriots tied game with a field goal 4 seconds left in regulation play, now the patriots are 10 and one on the season no, i am not a big tom brady fan what can i say my cowboys out the windy carolina pan thursday only unduane team 11 s and 30 exciting nfl son so far. maria: exactly the way sandra felt, the way you felt. >>. sandra: agree with me tom brady -- >> east coast reporting you must stop, great job of the broncos. give them a chance. sandra: feeling same way. chuck. >> the bears, thank you, cheryl, up next amazon drones take flight you look at the latest delivery plans back in
8:18 am
a moment we check it out the weekend, retail and cyber monday expectations, stay with us. ♪ okay with mi -- i got a good offense got a new wife got a new life -- ♪ realm days hanging out ♪ ♪ sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. maria: cyber monday is here what are we expecting? in next 4 hours retailers expecting to rake in 3 billion dollars from only sales alone, amazon special this jeer jo ling kent in amazon center in
8:22 am
new jersey with the story. jo ling: hey maria we are on the floor, really allowed, 14 miles of conveyorbelt at least 500 orders per second how peeping shopping on amazon this year, and an incredible volume packages from this to utah arizona -- this is all part of a broader by american people, estimating 4.5 billion dollars, spent between thanksgiving, and black friday today will be even more, 0% of that will be on mobile maria packages you see, are not just holiday items but every day, items, some of the best sellers so far this year, amazon fire tablet amazon fire tv, so we are seeing packages move, very quickly amazon expecting even bigger cyber monday than last year.
8:23 am
>> jo stay with us we want to talk more about this i was saying why is amazon so good at this is there anybody close in terms of of the precision and effectiveness amazon has had. >> to suggest -- he spent money on this. >> he invested in it. >> that is what it comes down to this company is not profitable, look trades 900 times current year earnings. >> 900 times. >> 900 times current year on blistering 119 times next year, earnings don't matter, you can hear -- earnings don't matter valuation doesn't matter 32 times cash flow doesn't matter, eating lunch created destruction moving forward. >> marketing, not -- master full you want something order it get it in same day. i mean, it is a behemoth all other smaller retailers cannot compete with, and what about a walmart walmart cannot compete. >> struggling to compete with
8:24 am
them. >> interesting. >> look what oil machine that is -- >> army in the recalled would, versus walmart probably keystone cops and -- swedish chefs throwing things around -- oh! . >> busy as you expected, jo from where you are standing what you are seeing? jo ling: well, what we're seeing right now is exactly a little bit less busy than it was last year, anecdotally because shopping season is no longer cyber monday or black friday an entire week, since halloween amazon is offering more details, than ever trying to get people to buy walmart is doing the same thing invests a billion dollars, and we should note that amazon did -- turn a surprise profit in previous quarter so they are trying to show investors, that what they are doing with all these centers is working investment, seems to be. maria: a good point, because they did squeak out a profit i can understand larger issue you are talking about michael, revenue generating revenue has been really paramount to earnings.
8:25 am
>> talking stocks here stronger dollar, you think that trail would be doing bet i am not convinced overall doing better that is problematic, amazon here, is -- >> what we had part of -- reporting as well slashed the number, amazon is already reporting, that their average cart price meaning what you spend when you check out, is already up more than 20%, year over year, i mean this is the substantial increase so might be less boxes maybe boxes are stilled with more expensive items. >> that is about ticket size according to nrf, ticket sizes not up everywhere zaifrm win overall dwapd retale sale terrible except s general nonstore merchandise guess what that is? it is this. >> is we can't forget. jo ling: can't forget there is series competitors on line not just walmart target moving we saw google shopping up 40% expected, holiday season, so
8:26 am
as much as amazon dermatologists there is room for many different players here amazon has the early edge for now. >> jo thanks so as much we check back throughout the day on fox business network jo ling kent at amazon, fight against terrorism expires, former attorney general judge seismicale mukasey on the threat this poses to the homeland coming up next, back in a moment.
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8:29 am
>> welcome back. major changes at the nsa today as the sweeping authority to collect phone records data expires. our next guest wrote an op-ed saying the current environment is no time to pay back the capabilities. joining us judge michael mukasey. thank you for joining us. explain what expires today and why it's important. what expires today is the nsa's
8:30 am
authority to gather what is called metadata, the number called, the length, the date, that's it, no content. the reason that's useful. if we run up a number we know is associated with a terrorist, we can run through that data base and see whether that terrorist number had either called or been called by a number in the united states. and that data was in the hands of the nsa. no content. maria: how is government going to get their hands on that data now? >> what they're planning to do is have a system that allows nsa to go to each carrier separately and get their data and run it through their data base. we don't know whether that system works. the letters written to endorse it were written by the head of the nsa six months or more ago, we think we can design a system with the carriers. and that subjects them to
8:31 am
sabotage, hacking and lord knows what else. we then had the james clapper and loretta lynch writing we think it's going to be fine and if there are any serious problems we're going to let congress know. that's not much assurance, is it? >> what's the carrot and what's the stick for the carriers here? >> the carrot is we will think well of you. there is no stick, as far as i know. there's no requirement that they hold the information for longer than they do consistent with their business needs, which is probably about six months. sandra: i guess my thought is, my gut reaction is, if you're talking about a terrorist number that then you look up to see if there are any calls to or from that number to the united states, how quickly does the -- does the terror network adapt to that, adapt to our changing of our policies and, you know, i mean, there's-- ments they've been adapting for
8:32 am
quite a while. the information that was released by edward snowden, for example, allowed them to figure out how to communicate, how to communicate in dark areas of the net, and how to avoid being detected. this is just one more problem that we have and one more obstacle that we have collecting information. maria: we are learning today, there are reports out that the master mind behind the paris attacks has managed to get back to syria, abdelslam, there's a manhunt for him after plotting the paris attacks. could this information been helpful in that regard? >> you would think if they had a number that they knew was associated with a group over there, they could run it through the data base, perhaps find out whether they had any u.s. contacts. this isn't the only electronic means that is used to try to track terrorists. what's also needed, by the way, is human intelligence and we haven't been getting that to a large degree because people have been killed with drones
8:33 am
rather than captured and questioned. we've restricted how we question them. that information is not coming in. maria: we restrict how we're questioning them and using only air strikes, and many say the air strikes are missing their targets. >> the fact is that many of those, not only that, not just missing their targets, but many missions are flown and airplanes come back with bombays full because the rules of engagement don't allow them to drop bombs in a situation where there might be collateral damage, ie, civilian casualties. i understand the wanting to avoid civilian casualties, but the fact is there are always civilian casualties of war and when you start restricting things that way, you make it impossible for them to do even the work they can do from the air. maria: right. >> what's going to work here in terms of, you know, this old program that's expiring versus new program which frankly doesn't sound like it has a lot of efficacy. what's the middle ground here? how do they win?
8:34 am
>> i don't know that there's a middle ground. i think we ought to get people to understand what the data collection program involves. that we need the mehtadata and people frightened that people are listening on their calls, which is baloney. maria: why is that baloney? >> that's not the way program works and that's not what's going on. they use the data to possibly trace the telephone number. if they get a number they can then apply to a court for a warrant to eavesdrop, but that's the same procedure that's used in ordinary criminal cases. maria: it's interesting what's going on here. we have become handcuffed in terms of actually defeating isis because of the rules of engagement. and the timing is awful. whether it be the air strikes or the collection of metadata, this is not the time to be really having this conflict of security versus national-- >> i mean, judge, how would you rate-- how big of a mistake this is
8:35 am
and how long can we last like this? i mean, when will change take place now that this has gone away? >> the trouble is, this is kind of a crisis driven discussion, what i'm afraid of, is that change won't take place until we start seeing bodies in the united states the way we saw them in paris, and then change will take place. but it shouldn't have to come to that. look at the world leaders who gathered today in paris to attack climate change. wouldn't it be nice to see those kind of leaders get together to actually come up with a solution to truly defeat isis? >> yeah, the president said that this is-- that this conference is a rebuke to the terrorists that they're going to be terribly discouraged to see the world leaders get together on climate change. sandra: they're not scared. >> i don't think there's any terrorist sitting there, oh, my gosh, they're talking about climate change, this is horrible, we've got to give it up. that's ridiculous, they were
8:36 am
talking about climate change, the mastermind of the paris attacks took a flight and got back. how did that happen? >> there are people that are sympathetic and cooperative. we talk about, there's a dispute about immigration, whether we bring people over from syria, we're going to vet them carefully, but how are they going to vet them? what are they going to vet them for? are they going to vet them for membership in a terrorist organization? that's ridiculous. what you want to try to vet them for whether they have a belief system that would allow them then to become jihadists and become radicalized. they're not vetting for that. maria: judge, thank you, we appreciate it. see you soon, sir. don't forget, mornings with maria starts every day 6 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. when we take a break, here are moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. >> and maria, it was the economy, economy, economy, it was jobs with the number one concern for the american voter
8:37 am
and now we've seen that shift to foreign policy. >> the president and the secretary only see the world through their own eyes, not the reality that is what is happening in this country and around the world. and it puts america at a very steep disadvantage. >> what we need to know we heard about wal-mart and nominee marcus have the issues. and amazon, you're also looking at a stock that's 117%. >> year to date. >> it's driven the momentum. >> you're larry bird fan. probably the most-- >> the best individual talent. kobe bryant like michael jordan, bird, magic johnson, a most fierce competitive. >> the national retail federation says the window is wider and smaller number shopped today, but helps to sell stuff over time not just cyber monday anymore. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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>> welcome back. new investigation into the paris terrorist attacks. >> that's right. cnn is reporting that they're operating under that abdelslam escaped. and fox is trying to confirm that report right now. a new jersey governor chris
8:42 am
christie, winning a key endorsement from new hampshire's largest newspaper, "the union leader", some political analysts put christie in a position to possibly win the new hampshire primary. and finally this, new research on self-driving cars is it looking into the problem of keeping people alert behind the wheel. 13 of the 48 students in a self-driving simulator, you can see them there, who were supposed to monitor the car, nodded off, but only three became drowsy when they read or watched a movie and the catch is that these are illegal, first and foremost and i know of' never been sold on the self-driving car, more to think about you if you want to go for that one. maria: a new element here, we're falling asleep. we're headed into the final day of november trading and on track for the second straight month of gains. take a look. as being see, it's a month to date. four stocks on the dow, home
8:43 am
depot, dow, dupont. cancelled all of the gains. what are you telling them headed into the holiday season? >> tell them to be careful. we're at the top of the range here, not gotten back to the november highs in the s&p 500 futures and gotten back to the may highs. there's an issue here, i'm worried that the stocks are crowding into the names. you mentioned home depot, nike, dupont on goldman, performance on the dow, we can argue there's a handful of stocks like that. the nifty 50, and davis research called it the nifty nine now. maria: it's narrow. >> it's narrow, not a lot of breadth and many people are saying that the russell is 2000 may be the leader. my issue with the russell 2000 being the leader is this. you can say hey, price of sales look good. the dollar is stronger and makes sense. the problem is one thing we haven't discussed is the credit markets are weak.
8:44 am
whether the energy is creating a drag on the credit markets, it's not just that, there are retailers, miners and industrial companies on the ropes credit-wise. there's a lot of factors that are troubling me. some are similar to those over the summer, a lot of complacency going into the summer and hopefully we remember what happened then we had a bit of a selloff there. >> you're saying all the signals tell you the market rally is narrow and you want to avoid it. >> energy, high yield, breadth. they can lead to a bigger earth. you've got a busy week in terms of economic data. >> there's a lot of sped speak and janet yellen will be testifying and meeting later in the week. oil will be in focus, purchasing manager's index today, but we're all looking at the fed-speak and the economic news, this is the last look and the fed's last look before the
8:45 am
important december meeting. markets are going to be a little on edge for those who are actually working, and took somewhat of a holiday week, but that market data is going to be crucial, still. maria: i wonder if the jobs number is strong enough to make it like a slam-dunk or is it already a slam-dunk that the fed raises rates december 16th. sandra: i think that's what they'll analyze and i'm going to be at a conference later it week in colorado where to me, it really told me something that they want to focus their market's panel on the upcoming 2016 election, which is really important to me. as we enter the end. year and 2016, as markets participants try to decide who is the most business friendly candidate right now and do they have a chance at winning or beating hillary clinton, if they're looking at the g.o.p. side. maria: and all of the g.o.p. contenders on your debate and in the later debate that we just did, all are talking about
8:46 am
lowering regulation, lowering taxes, and these are all things that no doubt will move markets. sandra: yeah, no, everybody i talked to, they're talking on the g.o.p. side, they're assuming that hillary clinton will be the candidate there and on the g.o.p. side, they're deciding who they're supporting. i don't know about you, michael, have you announced who you're supporting. >> the problem with the g.o.p., no clear credible leadership. all we hear is hrc saying bad wall street, bad health care, bad business, bad everything. sandra: she's got the support of wall street. >> we'll see how long that lasts. i think she'll move to the center after she wins the nomination and enstead of playing who is the leftist. the clintons are pragmatists,
8:47 am
but when you listen to her talk, i own a business, do i want to invest in this business if she's going to strike me down and put more walls in my way? is that what i want to do? that's a risk maybe we haven't talked about and they'll talk about out in beaver creek. maria: real quick jobs number for the month of november. october was strong, 200,000 is what we're looking at. >> 200,000, what we're looking at. down from october, and the revision, the point is it's on trend. to me the jobs data is no longer news. the jobs data is a given, the risk is to the downside. i don't think the downside is going to happen, but it's a given. where are the wages, the fed seems so sure that everything is going to pick back up. we'll see what happens on december 16th. maria: on the opec meeting, sandra, earlier last week, the saudis said we're willing to cooperate with opec. i guess that means they would cut production. sandra: no, i guess-- yeah, i think that would still be a surprise if they did announce that at this meeting,
8:48 am
but that's what everybody is watching for. >> i think they could announce it, but they'll never stick to it, they never do. maria: cyber monday starting to warm up. we have a retail record and we'll see what it says by the end of the day. back in a moment.
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>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. u.s. stock and index futures, pointing up and a key on amazon and we saw them hit a high recently and nike on friday hit a new high as everybody has been anticipating for cyber monday as orders begin to flow in. 36% of people plan to shop on-line up from 19% a year ago. and game consoles are doing well and we're looking for up arrows on secyber monday. now, much more on mornings with america. maria.
8:53 am
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> welcome back, it's cyber monday. retailers are expecting today to be the big e-ever, raking in more than 3 billion on-line. consumers are doing more shopping on devices. joining us now is rubicon
8:56 am
president, thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, thank you. maria: no surprise that people are using their phones to go shopping this season. what are the implications of that and what should we beware of knowing that people are using the mobile device? >> yeah, that's a great question, maria. you know, we actually are in a unique position to see what consumers are doing, we reach over a billion users per month now and what we're seeing is several key trends this holiday season. number one is, most importantly, consumers are now moving directly to on-line, they're moving to mobile in a big way and most importantly, they're taking control of their spending, which means that if you're a brand, you're an advertiser and you want to reach consumers today, especially the younger generation, you've got to get to-- you've got to reach them in a nonin-store type of environment and consumers are able to use technology they weren't able to before. which means they may be buying
8:57 am
at the gym, may be at home and may be going in stores. you've got to reach the consumers in a lot of different channels as compared to before where the focus was going in-store for black friday. maria: with us here onset, you were mentioning earlier that one website, they need help engineering. they're programming for the wrong. dagen: i was using barney as as an example, it's a luxury retailer and all the apparel is percents off. and the flip-flops are $9 and i don't understand na, but greg's research shows that people aren't in control of their spending when they're on-line because they tend to spend more, right? they spend 20% more when shopping on-line so it says that it's out of sight so i'm willing to basically spend money, maybe i shouldn't be spending. maria: it's easier to spend. >> yeah, there's no question
8:58 am
what we found is that when use,say they're going to spend money on-line or mobile devices, they spend 20% more than they would otherwise, so an interesting fact there that consumers are feeling so much more comfortable about using mobile and on-line devices, frankly the experience has gotten so much better over the years and companies like amazon, ebay are investing a lot of money making it that much easier and it's a pleasant experience now and only going to get better, it's no surprise that consumers will use digital devices to spend more on-line. >> like the on-line shopping cart? because you think think of something you need and throw it in the cart. as you go through the week, the end of the week press go, it shows up at the doorstep. dagen: our amazon prime wait list and put things aside to come back to has 5,000 items on it from the last several years. 5,000 items. >> and from all of those barn
8:59 am
barney's flip-flops. >> greg, what's the future for bricks and mortar, what can they do better? >> black friday in store is not dead. the vast majority of purchases are in-store. mobile is growing rapidly, you stated the numbers earlier, but consumers are going to stores. they're just going, maybe not as much, just on black friday, that's what we saw over the past weekend. and shopping earlier, as consumers are taking more control. our numbers are showing shopping as early as labor day. maria: the whole shopping period has been extended, i guess. are you expecting a good season? >> yeah, we do. we expect consumers to be bullish this year and they said that they're going to shop as much or more than they did last year. so we expect it to be bullish. maria: thanks for joining us. dagen and sandra. thanks so much.
9:00 am
thanks for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow same time, same place, "varney & company" is next, stuart, take it away. stuart: i will, mary -- maria, i'm sorry i have a maria next to me. we boldly proclaim that 2015 is the on-line turning point. if there was any doubt, the numbers from the thanksgiving holiday make the point. more of us clicked than went to the mall and spent way more on-line than last year. no wonder amazon is the stock of the year, we are going to take you to one of the gigantic fulfillment centers and by the way, the stock is going up again this morning. there was another big story for you. the paris climate conference. president obama is there. he's pushing a trillion dollar a year agreement to cut the temperature of the planet. the rioters are out as well. not the best way to gain public support in a city wracked so recently by violence. how about this?


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