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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 1, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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fed is raising rates this month and i think it's important for the market. >> read this breath stevens. maria: he's fantastic. it's great to be with you all, that will do it for us. "varney & company," take it away. stuart: and climate change trumps terror, and hillary's e-mail trouble and on-line shopping, the dow approaches 18,000. good morning, everyone. first off the president is talking climate change, making new commitments for your money and says he's sending a powerful message to terror. to hillary clinton, the count is now 999, that is the number of classified e-mails that were on her personal server. she said there were none. on the campaign trail, she's not talking e-mails, she's introducing five brand new tax credits for favored groups. $3 billion worth of on-line
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sales yesterday alone. target site went down, couldn't cope. amazon wins big, and that stock is going up some more first thing this morning. it is december the 1st, watch that market go up. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> everybody else is taking climate change really seriously, they think it's a really big problem. it spans political parties, not jus scientists and experts, but 99% of world leaders think this is really importa important. i think the president of the united states is going to need to think this is really important. stuart: all right, yes, you heard it on this network moments ago. president obama speaking in paris at a news conference.
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one sentence that i want to bring to your attention, he said we-- wait a minute, where is it? i'm convinced we'll get big things done, talking about climate change. come on in, chris who follows politics. what was the headline. you watched that, what was the headline. >> the president is sad, that is the ongoing headline for this chapter of the obama presidency he's very disappointed with his countrymen. he thinks that america is not doing a good job of appreciating his leadership. he's sad about how things are going. he's sad about all of these things and it's-- he's not enjoying himself and he wants you to know that. stuart: you surprise me. you know, sarcasm is a low form of wit and you came out with sarcasm there. it was your interpretation and
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that's mine, too. >> i'm not being ironic in any way, he's sad and almost lack morose countenance from him, a so guy so disappointed in americans and so disappointed in the fact that all the other countries, the other cool kids care a lot about climate change, why don't we care about climate change. we're talking about isis, we're talking about blowing people up, talking about fighting a war. why can't we be like the other people and focus on what they're focused on, which is the weather. stuart: chris stirewalt that was the press summary i've heard of any presidential press conference in recent living memory. will you hold on, i want to bring you in on hillary's e-mail in a minute. jillian, was there anything brand new, any little nugget of something new that stood out at you? >> nothing new. and chris is right, the president seems down in the dumps. i don't know if he's disappointed with the american
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people or with his own administration here, but he's holding onto this direct immediate link between climate change and terrorism and i think that it's a very ten use, if at all, existent link. if you could look at climb change, i'll leave it to the scientists, 50 years, 100 years from now, a national security issue, but it's really not the case now. and i think it's folly to try and present that to the american people. stuart: now, he was asked a couple of key foreign policy questions as related to russia. the first question actually said, why is vladimir putin not attacking isis? and when will he attack isis? i don't think the president responded to that, do you? >> he didn't. and it's because nobody has the answer. it's because we have not taken robust action to curtail
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russia's illegal activities in the crimea, now in syria, over the past couple of years, and we're now reaping the fruits of that decision. so, the president's right to not give an answer. he doesn't have one right now, neither does the nato coalition, neither do any countries a member of that coalition. russia annexed a part of another country which is something we haven't seen since the end of the cold war and the nato coalition is standing around watching it happen. stuart: i hate to be pejorative, but i didn't think that president obama's performance was particularly inspiring. i don't think it had much passion to it. i don't think he was leading anything other than, as chris said, a rather sad statement about how, you know, the people just don't get it. i mean, sum it up. >> that's been the tone since his speech in entalia since the
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paris attacks, he's seemed down in the dumps. he hasn't been galvanizing, inspiring leader that everybody, everybody, not just americans, wanted him to be in the wake of the terror attacks. he's been sort of analyzing the problem. he's been thinking about the problem really hard, we can all tell that. he's been up maybe late at night, but there's no recommitment of american will to combat this problem. there's nothing there that's going to galvanize me and my brothers and sisters tomorrow when we wake up and inspire us to get out there and continue with our way of life. stuart: all right, stay there. i've g i' i've got a lot more in a moment. while the president was speaking, we'll get to hillary's e-mails in a moment. the dow futures were up 70 for 80 points before the president started to speak. at the end of that time, up 60 points. so absolutely no real market
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impact. the price of oil has been down this morning, not a lot, around about $41 a barrel, down about 30 cents. so president's news conference, virtually, i can't detect any impact on the financial markets. the other big story of the day is hillary's e-mails. here is the latest tally. 999 had classified information on them on her private server. she previously said no classified information was on her private server. come back in, chris. is she leikely to be indicted, having seen the latest batch of e-mails. >> let's get right down to it. who knows? i do know this, i know less about the law than i do about economics, but i do know a little something about politics and it is this, that for hillary clinton, she has convinced the democratic party that, yes, she misled them. because remember, the important thing here is what she said way back in the springtime when she said nothing was classified,
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the server will remain private, nothing bad happened here and democrats said, okay, fine. then they get three months down the road and she says, well, actually there's a bunch of classified stuff on there and the fbi has the server. could they indict her? of course. the reality here though is whether they do or whether they don't, the longstanding misgiving that undercuts her central claim to the return to the white house, which is that she is the accomplished, capable, good manager, is badly harmed by the notion that she couldn't even effectively, safely manage her own e-mail. stuart: okay. that was very good, chris. superb opening to the show. you dealt with the president and hillary clinton just like that. >> you're good, young man. >> i like that, like coming on her. stuart: if you're not careful you'll be permanent. and now on hillary, she flip flopped on sending troops to
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fight isis. roll the tape. >> i agree with the president's point that we're not going to put combat troops into syria or iraq. >> under no circumstances would you not do that? >> at this point i cannot conceive of any circumstances where i would agree to do that because i think the best way to defeat isis is as i've said, from the air which we lead. on the ground which we enable, power, train, equip and in cyberspace. stuart: let's backtrack a little. because hillary previously talked about ground forces in syria and iraq as a possible option. now she's reversed that. jillian come back in, please. i'll call it a flip-flop. >> i hate that term in general in politics, i'll go with it because it's kind of true in this instance. what i'll say hillary clinton on the whole has been much more hawkish on the issues in syria
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and iraq from the get go, from years of her time in the senate than barack obama. i'm hesitant to come down too hard because she was right about two things that were very, very important here and one was training and equipping syrian moderate on the ground inside syria. the other was the united states should be arming our allies, the kurds, who can help us in the ground war against isis. so i think we always need to give her kudos for that along the way, she's not retracting that piece of the pie and that's important. stuart: got it, thank you very much indeed, all good stuff. we appreciate it. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: how about this? a turning point for retail, so-called cyber monday, $3 billion worth of sales up 12% from last year. it's the largest on-line sales day ever in america. and that's the back drop. today, we have dow industrial, the futures that is up 61 points as we speak.
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remember, please, there's a big jobs report, there's a possible rate hike this month and the wall street journal says that businesses are not spending like they used to. investigators have seen all of that and they're pushing stocks up this morning. that's where we are now. look at the price of gasoline, down again overnight. $2.03 is your national average for regular. president obama, he says there's no military solution in syria and that the climate summit is a huge rejection of terrorism. jonah goldberg on that. more varney in a moment. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. >> as you no doubt saw moments ago, president obama is leaving the paris climate summit. jonah is with us, why are you laughing? >> well, first of all, you'll laughing because you almost caught me reaching for a bottle of water in a marco rubio
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moment. the whole thing is sort of an farce, the idea that somehow getting a bunch of cookie pushers from around the world getting together in lavish paris hotels is, first of all, a huge accomplishment. [laughter] or second of all, a major rebuke to isis is bizarre. i mean, when you hear president obama saying this is a rebuke to terrorists, you know, the word that comes to mind is not churchillion. you know, it's bizarre. anyway that's why i'm laughing. stuart: earlier, chris stirewalt was with us. >> i'm sorry. [laughter] >> you were reaching for your bottle of water, i couldn't put you on earlier, you needed your drink and i told you that it was water. >> you know what they say, if you don't start drinking in the morning, you can't say you've been drinking all day. stuart: i forgot what my question was. where was the president's passion?
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it did seem low key. it didn't seem inspiring. and i didn't catch anything new in there at all. what's happened to this presidency? >> no, i agree. it was strange. i joked on twitter that he's got to figure out a way to move this press conference on an attack on republican bigotry because it's so bloodless. that's the only thing that he ever seems to get excited about these days. and i suspect, i don't know this, but i suspect that you know, he's trying to put up a happy face and a hopeful face about what this conference can accomplish, but if you talk to people what is going on in paris, it's very unlikely anything significant or substantive is going to come out of this and i think he knows that. stuart: now, what's hillary going to do? i don't know what her position is on climate change, i don't know how she's going to hue to the latest political whim. i think she's kind of dangling here in the wake of the president. >> i think her position on
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climate change, she thinks it's a big problem, she's against it and paid lip service during the keystone pipeline decision to come out against that which was, of course, utterly craven politics, but that's what we associate with her anyway and so, you know, i think her real problem is to figure out a way to get to barack obama's left on the issue. you know, that's what she's been trying to do on pretty much everything else, in part to hold off bernie sanders, and part of her campaign that says she has to activate the left wing base and the millennials and the only way she knows how to do that to take a more pure left wing position on issues like climate change. stuart: i'm trying for a one-liner to sum up what the president said and i'm lacking. i can't find it. it's just not there to are-- for me. any tv network which did not
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run the president's press conference in full would see their ratings go up. would you agree with that? >> i think so. certainly after the first 15 minutes, oh, this is like watching paint dry, he's going to say the same thing over again. i would say the reair of the price is right saw an increase in the network. stuart: sarcasm is a low form of wit, but very effective. jonah goldberg, reach the water. see you later. now this, substantive and serious, a report from the wall street journal, companies not spending money. ashley webster is back from paris. ashley: good to be back, sir. stuart: he's read the article. ashley: we've heard this before, essentially companies not reinvesting money into facilities and equipment. those things are suppose today produce better productivity and eventually raising wages. what we're seeing is they're hanging onto their money and if
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anything, they're buying shares from the shares holders, share bybacks, but for the economy, it's a bad sign why we struggled to get over 2% growth to the economy. stuart: and i was looking at the report, and she says there's a possibility of recession next year. ashley: some industrial companies said just that because they're affected by the global economy. the lack of concern for the american consumer, an uneven demand for the consumer, so, instead of plowing back money to build a company, they're just holding onto it or buying back shares or get some shares back to the shareholders. stuart: we're back in the position of thinking, well, will the federal reserve raise interest rates? >> here we go again, we have the big jobs report coming up on friday, we're expecting 200,000, we've got a big surprise on the upside the month before. so interesting to see what we follow up with. who knows what the fed--
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f-e-d, i don't want to say it. stuart: your first day back. ashley: i don't want to get the buzzer. stuart: thank you, ashley. and coming up, he didn't get the full-fledged endorsement that he's looking for, but donald trump's conference with black ministers was not a loss. we'll tell you how the meeting went in just a moment. this week's btv spotlight features pure energy minerals symbol hmglf. there's a revolution happening in energy, and it's not in oil and gas, it's in energy storage. pure energy is based in nevada which is home to the only producing lithium mine in north america. pure energy has signed a
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>> we are just coming in, sales numbers up .4% compared to last year, however, the important story is what's happening with the f-series. their sales up 16%, remember, the f-150 has a new all aluminum body and they're selling very well. america seems to love its trucks. how about this, united health care. the ceo defending his company's potential exit from the obamacare exchanges. ashley, you've got the latest? >> yeah, that exit could happen in 2017. the ceo said the health insurers tried to keep the cost down, but because of the way that the exchanges are set up. they are making massive losses. you can't refuse anyone health insurance and there are those that are using massive amounts of medical costs and it's eating through. and the insurance companies have to provide the plans. >> that's the point, you cannot be refused coverage, but you
9:25 am
get sick so you apply for coverage and you get it, bingo, you're covered. ashley: no surprise, some of these costs are huge and united health said we're looking at it in the first quarter of next year, the way it looks, we don't know if it's just us or the structural problem in the exchange set up. stuart: absolutely right. and the gain of roughly 70 points, we'll be up there. our next guest says we'll hit 18,000 by the new year. plus, look at this, target's website crashed on the most important on-line shopping day of the yearment the retailers and everybody else, struggling to keep up with amazon. more varney in a moment.
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>> the president is sad. that is the on-line going headline for this chapter of the obama presidency is he's very sad. very disappointed with his countrymen. he thinks america is not doing a good job of appreciating his leadership. he is sad about how things are going. he is sad about all of these things. [laughter] >> that was chris stirewalt at the top of the hour. we start at 9:00 every weekday
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morning. the opening bell is expected to ring. we're expecting a gain of 40 to 60 points for the dow jones average. we're going to check the big board in a moment. and cyber monday, that's the news. $3 billion worth of stuff sold yesterday, the largest on-line sales day in america ever. the dow has opened on the upside as expected. 24 points higher. come on in, ashley webster, liz macdonald, tom horwitz and mike murphy is making a special appearance today. mike, you're the guy who said that we're going to-- wait a second, i say that this cyber monday was a turning point for on-line sales, a complete turn point. i say that because i indulged in on-line shopping. am i exaggerating? >> i don't think so at all. retailers are aware of this. amazon is the new wal-mart. everybody goes to amazon and
9:31 am
everybody is shopping at amazon and wal-mart and target are trying to play catchup. people realize with their mobile phones, mobile devices they can shop, a lot more convenient and avoid the long lines in the mall. that's here to stay, we're not going backward. stuart: how about target, that site went down and that's the biggest selling day of the year and that site went down and they made you stay in what's called virtual wait in line liz: that's right. stuart: i'm not sure that's right. that's what happened when you're in line liz: when you were i on the set, it was spotty trying to come back on. the internet equivalent of trying to fight for a parking space at the shopping mall, waiting on-line to get a product. the problem, did they lose sales? did target lose sales, did they lose customers who said we're not going to buy this product and annoying for the consumers because they want to get that deal and they want to move on to the next deal. so, waiting on-line, versus, you know, going to the shopping
9:32 am
mall, wait in line and that's an issue for this. stuart: they offered a 15% discount and everything on-line. >> and free shipping, that's right. stuart: i don't think they quite understood what that would do to consumers who flooded the website liz: that's right. more than 10% of all page views for products, no inventory. it wasn't just at target, a number of stores, including neiman marcus and foot locker and others. stuart: you want to talk about onhine shopping, we're not going backwards. what say you? >> i agree with you. one of the things we're not looking at is the restaurants and things that you did when you went out shopping, all of those other businesses are now suffering liz: that's true. >> we have to do a lot more business on-line to make up for the jobs we are going to lose because everybody is shopping on-line with the great deals. it's the wave of the future, no question about it and there
9:33 am
will be more layoffs because of it, but we'll find more $8 an hour employees, so everybody will be happy. stuart: we'll be back to you in a second. look at the big board, we're up 75 points. the dow jones average close to 17-8. mike murphy says we'll hit 18,000 this month. >> that's right. stuart: no question about it? >> absolutely. we're talking 200 points and not going out on a limb. you asked me last month about 17,000 and now 18,000, what happens when we get there a whole other story. stuart: 19,000, 20,000 by the summer? >> the market needs to catch up and earnings need to catch up. stuart: what did you say? 15,000? >> i said next year we'll see 16,000. we'll probably-- we'll probably make new highs this year, we're so close i daut that they'll let the markets get to new highs,
9:34 am
16,000, some point next year, i would not be surprised to see 16,000 on the dow. stuart: i'm not quite done with on-line shopping. i've got it new study that says when shoppers use bigger screens, they spend more. ashley, does that when when i use a little screen like this and i did, spend less. ashley: you do, the smart phones go for smaller inpulse buys. people go to the desk tops and get a better spending and mobile devicesed 112. stuart: i had why that would be the case. you're nodding vigorously. >> i agree with ashley. the bigger picture more and more we'll do more spending on the mobile devices and that's where we're going tore certain. it's interesting, amazon and black friday, the two best sell products on all of amazon are
9:35 am
amazon products, amazon fire and kindle were the best selling products from all of amazon. you talk about amazon and being the sales, you know, just the on-line retailer, they're actually making hardware now and selling a lot of it. stuart: okay. i want to move on to order sales, when we get all the makers reporting sales, it's possible that we will wrack up 18 million vehicle sales in this year and it's the first time we've seen that three months in a row, an annual selling rate of 18 million. we've already got ford sales, nicole, give me the numbers and the stock. nicole: let's go through these. right now for ford up 1/4 of 1%. and ford interestingly enough did so well with the trucks and vans and the f-series sales, 10% gain, commercial vans up 59%, it was the best november ford truck performance in eight years, so that's really doing well. up 5% year over year.
9:36 am
fiat chrysler, we're seeing that month over month and gm is trading to the down side. stuart: if you give me fiat chrysler sales? >> the jeep brand, the jeep story for fiat chrysler because they are scoring with that. as a matter of fact, that was up 20%. and overall, the big picture, why are the auto sales doing so well. >> gm sales were down over 1% year over year. >> that's a loser, that stock. stuart: nicole, thank you very much indeed. now, something totally different. look at this, the navy football team will wear under amour designed land painted helmets and navy fleet uniforms. for the army-navy game december the 12th. >> they are cool. ashley: awesome, cool. stuart: that's awesome and cool. ashley: well, there are different science on the
9:37 am
helmets for different positions. stuart: fascinating. you've got me going. ashley: going to get one of these, dark blue uniforms and gloves that state on the uniforms "damn the torpedos". >> edge of my seat liz: personally, i'm covered in goosebumps from ashley's reporting. >> they help with recruiting and under amour-- >> not at all. this is under amour, not nike, innovating and putting out uniforms that we're talking about right now. what is the last uniform you spoke about? >> a soccer uniform her him. >> i think it's working already. >> your brother-in-law is a famous hockey player. >> he is, brian leach. stuart: is he thinking about getting into the ultra sexy hockey uniforms? >>'s he retired, but the cutting edge on uniforms really do make a difference when it
9:38 am
comes to recruiting and when it comes to ad dollars. more people tune in to see cool uniforms than none. stuart: and under amour stock is up 1/2 of a percent. i want to see what they're going to do with soccer. get me out. john deere and company, they're laying off 200 employees. there's a drop in sales. the stock is down just a fraction, 13 cents. 79 on deere. todd, is that an indicator, is deere an indicator of things to come? >> i do think that deere is an indicator and we saw it with caterpillar. in the midwest, the farmers, the commodity collapse is hurting everybody. we are happy to pay lower prices, but at what cost. you're seeing a tremendous amount of struggle for the industrial aids because of on-line and the economy. all the other reasons. if you come back to the simplest things, farmers are
9:39 am
struggling because they can't get enough for their grains. and costs more to get them out than put them in. and it's know the a pretty picture going forward. stuart: he's always bringing us down. wait a second, look at the big board. >> white until we get to the imf. stuart: we'll get to the imf in a moment. talk about the chinese yuan in a moment. we're up 100 points. 17,820. how about this, marvel, a subsidiary of disney, it's got a new captain america trailer and broke and record. 61 million views in 24 hours liz: more than the entire population of italy, that's what the reports indicate. when you look at this and what it beat, age of ultron. and i know you're excited and thrilled by this.
9:40 am
captain america chris evans, against ironman's robert downey, jr. at disney. ashley: i've go the goosebumps. stuart: it's a slow news day. we're up 101 points. todd, come in. the yuan, many, including donald trump accused them are manipulating the currency what does it do for the dollar? >> i think it affect the socialist nature the way that christine lagarde and the chinese operate their economy. they cheat, they steal and overall, it's a terrible thing and a terrible solution for what they did here. i think that lagarde is-- of course, she's the one telling janet yellen not to raise rates as well. so, this is more of the socialist entitlement society that they're trying to build, not only here, but now
9:41 am
worldwide under the guise of the government liz: it hurts the euro. it's a symbolic move for china, a sign of pride, europe is going to get hurt by the move. stuart: i find navy uniforms far more interesting than the yuan. do you have anything to add? >> i do. i think with china being such a huge part of our globl economy to have them part of the imf, todd is right it's a corrupt system, but hopefully it will be a more balanced playing field. i look at it glass half full. stuart: the news of the day, can we get at it, the dow jones industrial average this tuesday morning is up 114, almost 115 points. 17,835. anything wrong with that? >> not a thing liz: a thrilling time on "varney & company." stuart: a thrilling time on "varney & company." thank you, everybody, great tuesday morning open. president obama alt the climate summit still think he's sending a big rejection to terrorism.
9:42 am
we're got more on that in just a moment. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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>> well, will you look at this? the dow jones average is up 131 points. 17,850. well will you look at this? amazon, i'm going to call this the stock of the year, huge numbers of on-line sales yesterday, ashley, break it down for me. what did-- >> it's amazing. more than tripled the same sales for electronic gadgets over the thanksgiving period last year. the big seven-inch tripled and what mike murphy said, the fire tablet, seven inch tablet, sales more than tripled year over year. stuart: that's a standard issue
9:46 am
tablet. ashley: yes. stuart: from amazon. ashley: yes. stuart: it's their product and gadget. ashley: not just using them as the retailer, it's buying their product. stuart: and that's hooked into amazon prime and the content you get. ashley: absolutely, the tv set top box by the way, sold particulars times more than last year. stuart: the tv set. ashley: they're on fire. they are indeed and the stock at 671. mike murphy said somebody put a price target of 850 on amazon and it's 670 right now. stock of the year. president obama spoke last hour. he said we have to act now on the climate problem. roll tape. >> if we let the world keep warming as fast as it is, and sea levels rising as fast as they are, and weather patterns keep shifting in more unexpected ways, then before long we're going to have to devote more and more and more of our economic and military
9:47 am
resources not to growing opportunity for our people, but to adapting to the various consequences of a changing planet. stuart: all right, that's what the president had to say in paris about an hour ago. chris horner is with us, i'm going to call you a climate skeptic, is that okay with you? >> that's fine. i'm a denier because i say climate changes, that makes me a climate change denier, but your call. stuart: let's not get into the wording here. what do you think of the president's statement there? >> well, i've seen the same speech since 2008, only dropping the words, solyndra and spain when talking about how statism and wealth redistribution create economic success. it's hir hysterical, do what i want or everyone dies is not-- >> is he wrong, what he wants to know is the planet in such grave danger as the president says it is? what do you say? >> only in the computer model
9:48 am
alternate reality in which his advisors live. if you test a hypothesis by comparing it to reality, our experiment, you'll see the models are proved wrong. that's a red flag not to try to redesign the economy on the basis of commuter model projections. you have a test and the test is wrong. but to run around and create a hysteria, claiming there's no debate, claiming there can be no debate and prosecute those who challenges under racketeering laws, probably indicates they don't have the facts on their side. stuart: the president said 99% of the scientists agree the earth is in real trouble. are they all wrong? >> he confuses his data points. he says 99% of scientists and 97 and 90% of scientists and most of the economists, chief
9:49 am
climate scientists was a railway epg engineer. most of them dropped out when they saw the rigged outcome was, it's a political committee to support the climate change charter. when you find there are no studies supporting it, something like 77 respondents out of thousands polled and they claim that's 97% and so on. again, that's like saying concensus or post-normal science. when you have to completely redefine the university versus you're living in, which he clearly is doing, it's not science in the real word which support would lead to them prevailing. stuart: okay. chris horner, thank you for joining us on a very important day, thanks, chris. and then we have hillary clinton's classified e-mails, there are now 999 of them. remember, she said time and time again that there was no classified material on her e-mail server. judge napolitano on that next.
9:50 am
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>> say it again, look at this. 168 points higher.
9:54 am
there are hints that the economy is slowing, quite badly. therefore, maybe the federal reserve will not raise interest rates this month. therefore, the dow industrials are up 165 points, that's one explanation. how about this? will you look at that. as video from china, fourth straight day, large sections of northeastern china have been covered in what you're looking at. and now there's a thick layer of smog. it's considered hazardous to human health and millions of people have been told to stay indoors. schools and companies shut down until that smog clears. goodness, me. then we have the state department releasing more of hillary clinton's e-mails, a lot of them were classified. hook who is here. judge andrew napolitano. okay, from this latest batch of e-mails, enough to indict. >> there was an enough to indict from the first batch of e-mails. in fact, the most damning of all of these 999 classified
9:55 am
e-mails came in the first batch. are there more classified ones in the second batch? well, yes. the second batch was 7200 pages of e-mails, not 7200 e-mails, 7200 pages. these were e-mails she kept on her private server, instead of returning the server back to the-- giving the server to the government, she downloaded the e-mails, printed them, thought she wiped the server clean, gave the government the printed copies which denies the government the metadata behind the digital information and then the fbi took the server. so, of all of these e-mails she's given to the government, 999 have been characterized as classified. now, here is the most damning stuff. satellite images of north korean military facilities taken from an american satellite. satellite images of terrorist activity in yemen.
9:56 am
telephone intercepts of yemen foreign agents speaking with each other and ambassador chris steven's itinerary before he was murdered. stuart: on what grounds to you indict. >> indict on the failure to the national safety-- the same as general petraeus. stuart: what was that about wasting the fbi's time. >> liz: section code 1001, making material false statements that spends or wastes law enforcement time. >> she will argue that she didn't make these statements, her lawyer did. but if she told the lawyer certain things and the lawyer told the fbi these things, and they were materially misleading and sent the fbi on a wild goose case she could be indicted on this statute a form of obstruction of justice,
9:57 am
basically end issing the government off and a wild-- >> 20 seconds left, regardless of what president obama, where he stands on this, regardless, what do you think are the odds that hillary clinton will be indicted? >> four and five. that she will be indicted in the early part of 2016. the fbi's ratcheted up the investigation, it's no longer gathering information, it's now gathering data about her. stuart: okay. judge, you have been dead straight and we appreciate that. you'll be back at 11:00. >> yes, you have a little surprise on the set for me at 11:00. stuart: i do. you're going to love it liz: what a tease that is. stuart: donald trump, he holds a meeting with black ministers, an impromptu press conference for this, he says there was a lot of love in that room. we're on it. and the country's largest police union sends a letter to the nfl asking the league to let off duty and retired cops bring guns into pro football games. what do you think about that? second hour of "varney & company," two minutes away.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> hour two varney & company, hillary clinton pushing for five new tax credits for favored groupings. she wants government at the center of your financial life. donald trump holds meeting in black minister he said yes there was a lot of love in the room. we're on that one. president obama in paris of the climate summit he calls the meeting a rejection of terrorism. and he it was a big day for onle retailers, 3 billion spent on cybermonday alone. most money ever spent onis line in america. varney & company hour two, it starts now. we have pulled back a little but not to scale up 140 points for the dow industrial. would you look at amazon? stock of the year. it is sales of its own hardware
10:01 am
tripled this year over last year. now, we're talking kindles, fire tablet those tv streams devices stock price of amazon up about 7 becomes this morning. up 1%, 7 dollars up on amazon big gain for that $6.71 back to the overall market for a minute because we're up nearly 1%. liz why are we up? any idea? >> asian market in the black matters for exporters in there but a weak manufacturing number coming in. ashley was tracking that. we're up sol ludly because the december kickoff is coming in nicely autosales are strong. consumer confidence holding in. >> you're wrong. the dow industrials are up -- >> economic data is weak that the fed will defer a rate hike until next year. >> wrong. wrong. >> he's right.
10:02 am
i know where you're going with it. up 140 points welcome back from paris. great to have a guy who is right all of the time. excellent. let's get to sign monday. 3 billion dollars spent yesterday online alone. biggest best day ever. but look what happened to target. this happened about 24 hours ago target's website went down. not for the whole day but it went down. once it was back up, a lot of people had to wait in line online to put certain items in their cart that's not good. joining us now is a former google executive for a rich lady worth tens of billions executive is with us. welcome back. >> thank you. >> did target just not prepare? >> it's interesting so target did yesterday that everybody should note is they did a 15% site wide. first time in the history of the country. >> apple product. >> and they tried something
10:03 am
monumental but typically when you really a strategy you have no idea what the return will be. they might have tested earlier, might have done a beta if you will and test a smaller discount on smaller day but the amount of volume and knob knows until you open up an offer look that and try to hold best offers for cybermonday although is changing too. cyberweek. >> no problem for amazon as they -- >> if you think about amazon one of the clear winners yesterday, obviously, up more than average. i think on average cybermonday up about 15% amazon u up above that which is great. this i said i think other being story is cyberweek. if you watch what happened over the entire week, black friday, this year 2.7 billion that exceeds cybermonday of last year, right, the entire i think thanksgiving up 25%. so i think one thing to watch for next year is what's going to happen through the course of that whole week. i mean, you know i run an online website joyous we saw cybermonday sales the same as our early offer on wednesday two
10:04 am
peaks started we could, and monday, wednesday the same level up. and, in fact, same dollar volume. >> not going back are are we? >> no. i think what's happening is you can see is everyone is releasing deals earlier and earlier and consumer is getting savvy to that. interesting for next year cybermonday continues to peak but not as much as previous years. >> i don't know what's going to has been happen to brick-and-mortar stores that litter the country. >> store traffic was down and bricks and retailers faired well. but the multichannel retailer to take advantage of that and ready to go on mobile. >> you're killing me. you are -- [laughter] run an onis line site. >> what folks have, of course, is not having to worry about the in store, you know, competition, with and more importantly quite frankly readiness from a technology level for those beg surmings in traffic. >> you're ready. >> absolutely. other thing we see, of course, is optimize for mobile on a site
10:05 am
like joyous they do 48% and cybermonday is 28%. >> you have to have special technology that you have had to buy and pay for to go on mobile. >> what you need is a first and foremost lots of servers. amazon is its own service, in fact, we might say quite a few services but i think number two, i think what you need is a responsive design on your desktop site. minute you go to mobile it adjust to the screen. when people are responsive, even if you don't have an app. [inaudible] lost you go to your mobile and screen has to be user friendly. >> yeah. >> technology of making that screen attractive to me is -- >> called responsive web. that's had exactly right so you want a desk. that automatically resized the size. those are types of frankly basic technology. >> restroom shows people that make big ticket item purchases on desktop. not so kivel doing it on small screen.
10:06 am
>> of course. but what they might do is open their e-mail to check the deal on the small screen, in fact, we see that behavior. >> hack on android phones. those are hackable. >> keementd big notification is big if it is a app or e-mail notification. on a site like joyous a smaller retailer site you might see 50% of e-mail clicks coming from the phone into 35% of revenue. 20 seconds left what does youous sell? >> thank you. apparel, retail, beauty, fashion products, you know, predominantly through the video and free shipping. >> free shipping. >> yeah, in our case we're a little too small to offer a next day it is within three days. >> we'll tack that had. >> cassidy thank you so much for joining us. >> no problem. >> now this, donald trump releasing a political ad on
10:07 am
instagram attacking president obama. roll it. ♪ >> a bunch of killers, with good social media. thanks, obama. >> not sure i got to grips with that one. but that was from trump. now john kasich he's releasing his own ad attacking trump. listen to this. >> i don't know what i said -- i don't remember. here to mock a reporter with a disability. talking about one who works for "the new york times." from a chronic condition that appears movement of his arm. >> i don't remember -- all of the babies, that's what ebbs. >> kind of inflammatory and newt beginning to be here.
10:08 am
good to see you. >> good to see you. >> why don't you weigh in on trump. you have some opinion to state. >> on the one hand he's effective at staying on offense. he came off all of the attacks about i thought an a outrageous performance over the reporter with the disability. he promptly pivoted and took on barack obama as popular they think as you can do. he's very clever. i think he made a significant mistake in mocking the reporter. i'm not at all sure that he can learn from it. but i think that there's an a enormous difference between being a noisy early candidate in june, july, and august and beginning to be considered seriously for the presidency, and i thought kay kasich's ad setting up in a clever effect i have way is a good add.
10:09 am
many of trump's supporters frankly don't care. >> that's very true. >> would you mac a prediction? every is saying from the get-go donald trump declared for presidency in june. everybody thought he would fade very, very quickly and made outrageous statements, did not fade stayed at 40%. will you make a prediction? will he fade? >> may get beaten by somebody but no reason to fade. s here's what's happening, 75% of the american people according to gallop believe those widespread corruption in the u.s. government and every week we get new evidence of it. democrats know that hillary clinton is a liar. they know that she has done terrible things we mails leading to national security. they know that clinton foundation has all sorts of scandals. they don't care. saying look we're far we don't care. so republicans look at that model saying wait a second, you
10:10 am
want us to hold our candidate to some standard totally different from hillary clinton in the fact that i think a lot of people on the conservative movement side and republican side, they just want somebody to kick the door in and they like trump not because of anything he says but because of a persona to kick the door in. >> that's exactly right and what they think of him. 20 seconds left, who's the republican who could and will beat him? >> i don't know who will beat him. i think that person who the two people who are really moving into contention cruz and riewsh owe, and i think we have no idea today. remember, no one would have told you trump was going to be this strong eight months ago. so why believe anybody today knows what's going to happen four months from now? >> i did ask. [laughter] newt gingrich everyone thanks very much. don't be as much a stranger to us we would love to have you back. yes, sir, thank you. trish regan set down with republican senator rand paul today that's the intelligence
10:11 am
report, an it's at 2:00 eastern on this network. rumor it, speculations swirling about about newest iphone it may look rather different. jo ling kent has this story, incase you missed it. >> may look thinner, in fact, if you're thinking about an iphone 6s you may want to hold off. if you want to get this, you may want to wait, because they may be changing what's going to inse the phone according to us a a today. apple plans to get rid of the headphone jack standard on iphones for years. apple reportedly will make new ear buds to plug into the charge hadding port at the bottom of the aye upon allowing the phone to be smaller that means you would need to buy an adapter to plug into headphones you have or toss them out. apple, of course, o not comecting commenting on that but stock is up .2% right now. >> i don't like that. can't charge and use headphones
10:12 am
at the same time. >> that's a big -- feature that i like. but you know they're looking into wireless charming, a lot of different possibilities out there. >> wireless charging that would be great. >> on the way. also the new -- [laughter] thing in the world will go up in iraq for -- >> iraq? >> that's exactly it. glad you noticed, "forbes" reported that it will be called the bride, and will be the world's first vertical city in the province oil rich, and more than 3700 feet high. interesting. >> okay. >> i have so many good things for you stuart. >> a good morning you'll love this. americans above age of 30 they're less happy now at least less happy than they used to be in a study study beeted researcher unhappiness is from unstable relationships as
10:13 am
marriage rate, and goals not achieved also to contributing to unhappiness over age of 30. overexposure to social media an comparing yourselves to others plays role in unhappiness but i looked u through women ever so slightly happier than men. >> males most miserable. >> really cool. all right all done? >> donald trump haul what is he calls a very productive meeting with a grouch black ministers he says there was a lot of love in the room. will the endorsements follow? will follow, more varney in a moment. >> no matter where we go, so much love in the room. it is easy to do this. it really is. it's easy to do. it's easy. amazing. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> you know, it was a solid rally, now it's not. i don't know what just happened. but the dow was up 1 60 now up
10:17 am
70 and coming down. a bad ism number i'm told. >> bad to a six-year low. >> but that doesn't work does it? because we were saying that the commit is slowing therefore the fed may not raise rates. therefore the dow goes up. now we've got manufacturing slowing to a 6-year low, and dow is coming down only 50 points now. strong dollar weak energy sector that's the manufacturing -- >> maybe ashley and i were wrong and you liz, were right. >> thank you. >> how about gaming company biggest winner in the s&p. that is up 5%. joy global biggest loser in the s&p 500 it is down 10%. don't forget gold, we try not to at 1,068 per ounce that's up $3. still pretty low. how about this? donald trump did meet with black ministers yesterday.
10:18 am
here's what one of them had to say about trump. roll tape. >> liberal media has put out portraying mr. trump in a light that i know he's not the type of person he's depicted to be. what we were able to do today is see his heart for themselves as they make up their own minds about him and find out he's not the person that the media has depicted him to be. >> that is pass naughting. that is a black minister saying hey, liberal media you're reading donald trump all wrong. >> standing behind him looking -- smug. kay williams is here. aren't you? >> i am, stuart so happy to be here. [laughter] >> i get the impression that the black ministers liked trump, and they want to endorse him in a strange kind of way. they want to back the man. but they don't want to get too far ahead of their congregation. >> you're half right stuart so here's the situation that is delicate.
10:19 am
so trump what is made a very successful campaign thus far in this us versus them lens protecting us versus enemy keeping our jobs, keeping them away. very effective and resonating with many people. the question for black community is where do we facility into that their five so there's tension actually amongst black community, stuart. some you saw darell scott in that clip there support hg this very excited, and they are good like yeah look at trump. the on optic matter and so goes the black vote. >> black vote is consistently democrat. ening it has been above 90% if barack obama in both elections and above l 0% for democrats before then. >> even if they get that 20% margin which we saw bush to do to some degree almost, it can make a difference. so -- >> mawks huge difference. that's why you see trump making a difference here. >> what veagd on the black community and black vote?
10:20 am
could black folks go 20% maybe 30% for the republican candidate? >> 30 is a reach. ening 20 is possible. i think for trump right now it's about which side of this will us versus them. in his vision where does black america fall and right now the black community, church in plafers split on that. some came out of the meeting enthusiasting some skeptical leak you said not willing to alienate but plan to what he said. i wish other republicans would take heed to that. >> you say the following only if trump could get 20% -- no other republican could? >> look at chris christie he got 20 polk county in new jersey a blue state as well. you cannot say it's impossible. >> may had i bring up your mom? >> sure shield love that. >> her mom is a small business owner. >> she is. in north carolina, charlotte, north carolina, gung ho for trump. >> wants t shirt, hat, anything
10:21 am
critical at all she's upset about me? >> is that why you're low key. >> but i had to call it like i see it. >> we think you're right, appreciate it. how about this hillary clinton pushing for five brand new tax credits. i'm going to call that giveaways to voters, groups that might vote for hillary clinton. either way, the government is going it play a big role in your financial life. my take on that is next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> electronics a company that makes testing and measurement equipment just signed a software agreement with lockheed martin that sup 177% not bad. country largest police union
10:25 am
wants the nfl to let retired cops bring concealed weapons to profootball games. what do you think about that? we'll have more varney in a moment. and president obama say it is that paris climate talks send a strong message to terrorists. james, and a snowball into the u.s. senate to make a point about global warming. disagrees entirely with the president and he'll join us at 10:45. republicans want to simplify the tax code. got it, hillary clinton will have none of it. she's loading it up with new and expanded tax credits very hard to understand unless you cut right to it. she's buying votes, with your money. she's targeting groups she thinks might vote for her. all favored groups get something. our thanks to the wall street journal for laying it all out. here's what she proposes five brand new tax credits. take care of an elder relative get a credit.
10:26 am
victim of obamacare, get a credit. solar panel for low income homeowners, get a credit. hire apprentice get a credit. software sharing program get a credit. five new ones all with their own set of rules. and then there are five expanded tax credits, child care, work opportunity, the american opportunity tax credit, the u new markets tax credit whatever that is, of course the wind, solar and etaln all put the government at the center of your financial life. it is the government that will hand out your money. the government which would decide who deserves, so of course your volt for the candidate who gives you the most we've been down this road all government all of the time what got out of o this government in a shrinking middle-class and sub
10:27 am
par government and smothering democracy. hillary proposes the same free this, subsidize that tack it from the few. give to the many, win votes, win election, it is a purely, political calculation, if you think tax code is complicated now, wait till hillary simplifies it. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: first of all, the dow industrials are now up 80 points. we were at 160. manufacturing has really slowed down. a gain of only 50 points. back backup to a gain of nearly 80 points. how will the fed raise rates?
10:31 am
ashley: that is what the market is trying to figure out. stuart: exactly. the nfl to allow a retired off duty police officer to bring their guns to games. right now, there is a ban. what do you make of that? >> eight used to be up to the team and the team's owners. armed cops are the best for stopping a terrorist attack inside a stadium. trying to attack during the football game, a soccer game, rather. it is a soft target. the nfl stadiums would be particularly attractive to terrorists such as isis. off duty officers allowed to carry a weapon. stuart: i am not sure how i feel
10:32 am
about this. a supporter and second amendment. welcome to the program. when i first heard of this, retired police officers, bring your gun to an nfl game, to we really want this? >> i think that we should go beyond. allowing anyone in which they live. this is why. you do not want a bunch of angry nfl fans. that is not what it is going to happen. there are a lot of redskin fans. people carrying weapons. the crime rate drops by 5% since
10:33 am
then. that is just not true. stuart: are you really comfortable for this? i have seen how much alcohol is consumed. >> the point is, people get as drunk as skunks and bars, two. the bottom line is this. they are looking at the isis threat seriously. it is a soft target at best. this is a way for them to protect them selves against those attacks. >> wearing the american flag on my hand. >> get off the bandwagon.
10:34 am
stuart: that is another story. do not quote me. i have one more for you. hillary clinton proposing all kinds of new tax credits. an extension and an expansion for five other tax credits. what do you make of that? you have conservators on the tax code. giving them an opportunity to make their own life. then you have hillary clinton. believing that government should be picking winners and losers. and increase in the confusion of the tax code. these people get to have a tax code. very specific ideologies. stuart: why do we need all kinds of tax credits? why can't we do that? >> there are a lot of
10:35 am
republicans that had proposed that. there is the argument being made on the conservative side for fewer taxes. more confusion in the tax code. the more the government gets to take your money. stuart: i want that group to vote for me. how about that. that is a play here. thank you very much for your comments. great to have you with us. now this. backpedaling on what she said about troops on the ground. roll this tape. >> i agree with the president's point. we are not bringing it back into syria or iraq. at this point, i cannot conceive
10:36 am
of any circumstances where i would agree to do that. the best way to defeat isis is from the air which we lead. on the ground which we enable, power, trained, equipped. >> that is what she told charlie rose last night. joining us now is congressman todd young. welcome to the program. i do not know which side you are on. john mccain and senator lindsey graham's idea. is that really feasible when you've got most of the world's major airports just bombing everybody and anything in that particular space? >> it is clear that hillary clinton does not have a strategy just as our president does not have a strategy to defeat isis.
10:37 am
unlike hillary clinton, i did serve in the marines. one of the things i learned in the marines back in the '90s was, number one, you have to have a clear strategy and you have to listen to your commanders. it needs to be combined with a very robust air component. you may want to establish a post- assad government. >> you know what you are talking about. would it work? whatever money you want to put on it. would it work? would it absolutely flat-out kill isis and create a safe zone for all those refugees? >> a member of a broader coalition. have the capacity and training
10:38 am
to defeat isis. we just need the leadership to do so. with many of these potential members. you ought to be trying to sell a broader strategy. working with others to develop that strategy. regarding climate change as a greater threat. stuart: 10,000 american troops on the ground in iraq and syria. a strategy -based approach to this as opposed to a react to have approach. dangerous news on the ground. the terrorist attacks in paris or the beheading of journalists.
10:39 am
instead, we need a strategy working with our nato allies and others that will actually defeat isis. >> go get them. todd young indiana thank you very much for joining us. time for the sector report. cheryl, what do you have? >> the retail sector, of course. i wanted to look at how the stocks are doing right now. first i want to show you walmart. the stock is up about 2%. the one-year stock. the big news is the fact that more and more americans used a smaller device. you are talking about it in the next hour. using the smaller device, you are spending less money. they had double digit growth.
10:40 am
the bad thing is people spent lot at the company. stuart: thank you very much indeed. a powerful message to the terrorists. he is not buying what the president is selling. he is out next. ♪ it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. of 108 points. oil pulling back. united health, boeing, merck, procter & gamble are some of your leaders today. we did see the dow come off earlier highs. that is certainly putting a damper on things. amazon. sales more than tripling. up about 1%. that is a winner. up 115%. we are watching apple closely. japan. apple working on a new thinner iphone. much more fox business coming up. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: mattress firm. $780 million. the stock is up 9%. president obama doubling down. the paris climate a rejection of
10:45 am
terror. >> we have come to paris to show our resolve. what greater rejection for those tearing down our world. stuart: a senator is with us. republican, oklahoma. the primary climate change. senator, i think you would. >> the only one. >> the president will come it america to doing all kinds of things to climate change. he will make an agreement. can you reverse it. no, we will not do that. >> people do not understand. people think they cannot a
10:46 am
medically happened. keep in mind, they are on our side now. it was about the number one or number two issue. now it is 15 out of 15. they are most concerned. it was just yesterday they came out with a fox news poll. 97% of americans do not care about global warming. they have lost that. john kerry on november 11 made a statement that we will not be doing anything. we will not deliver eight this.
10:47 am
françoise aland heard that. he must have heard it wrong. if we are not able to do this, why are we meeting? they may run out of some of the festivities. we have been told all year. a climate change treaty. that is not the case. you have to bring it back. two thirds vote to pass it. >> it would take two thirds to confirm that action. i think john kerry knows he was just two weeks away from the meeting. he better set it up and make sure that people know there will not be anything binding.
10:48 am
we have been told that there will be something binding. of course, what the president wants. in the opening speech, i am sure you played a lot of it. we will have a 26-28% by 2025. we asked them to come before us. we testify how he will do this. i think this is the first time in my career that i can remember. they refuse to testify. one last thing i wanted.
10:49 am
way back at the turn-of-the-century. he said this is the first step for authentic global governance. the eu dow. leveling the playing field for big business worldwide. that is what it is all about. it is true today. stuart: thank you for joining us. remember this one. a half million dollars. shrinking on the treadmill. you have to wait. we have a commercial break. ♪ does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings.
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10:53 am
ashley: puerto rico governor making an unprecedented move. >> the governors said they will start calling back money. they are not saying they are in default. what the governor said. >> that is why starting today puerto rico will have revenues. in order to maintain essential
10:54 am
public services. we have taken this difficult step in the hope that congress will act soon. let's be clear, we have no cash left. according to senator richard bluing call, a complete default. the senator did not say which would be made. they are incomplete default. they will now clawback payments. the debt owed today does not have those provisions. >> does not sound good either way. james langford. one hundred examples always the government dropped the ball. liz macdonald is here now.
10:55 am
i am sure is they could have a thousand. >> 105,000. also republican now retired. >> let's look at senior dating. $375,000. senior citizen dating. just as big of an impact. move it along. $40 million tax credit. building a luxury hotel in the nation's capital. this is the new hotel project in the old post office building. $40 million tax credit they are. moving along. silent shakespeare in virginia. 35,000.
10:56 am
i know you would love to go see that one. >> that was awful. stuart: they mind shakespeare. >> a physicality. people are saying why did he get it. the old post office building in d.c. ashley: good for him. the un climate meeting was a rejection of terror. but climate change is real. we have to do something about it. becoming a u.s. citizen. one congressman did him a great honor. find out what the surprise was. more barneys three minutes away. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ . stuart: 11:00 almost eastern time and these are the stories
11:00 am
we've got for you. president obama says climate change is real. and that fixing it does send a powerful message to terrorism. we have headlines from hillary clinton. 999 classic e-mails on her private server she said there were none. no ground troops to fight isis, previously she said she would consider it, and she has a plan for five brand-new tax credits aimed at her favorite voters. look at this. the dow industrials up 127 points. just one good rally away from 18,000. december is going to be a big month. jobs report this friday and then we have that possible rate increase from the federal reserve this month. also record cyber monday shopping, $3 billion worth of sales, the biggest online shopping day ever. stay right here. hour three "varney & company" starts now. ♪ ♪
11:01 am
stuart: all right. this is breaking now. we're getting reports of an explosion at a metro station in istanbul turkey. i'm hearing it was an. stuart: transformer explosion, apparently not realtimed to terror, if that changes, you will know about it. do you remember this? of course you do. turkey shooting down a russian military jet that it said it was flying over its airspace. how's this for a headline? turkey deliberately shot down that jet and planned to do it. lieutenant colonel shafer is with us now. why did the during your do that? your theory. >> basically what i've seen and the folks i've talked to, i think turkey was actually -- and, stuart, we talked about this before. turkey has not been on our side on this and i think why isis has been so successful is they've allowed for the back door so to speak to be open. that includes regarding trade
11:02 am
with isis. that is to say a lot of the black market sale of oil was going through the turkish borders. so i think what was happening as much as i don't think the russians were giving a full effort to go after isis, they were -- the russians were through their air campaign having an impact on shutting down the economic relationship between turkey and the islamic state. so what that said this when obama started bombing these convoys, of turkey basically took it upon himself to basically say, hey, we don't appreciate what you're doing, russia and that's what's behind turkey taking down the russian aircraft. stuart: i'm trying to work out who's on whose side, you're telling me that turkey does not want to destroy isis? >> very clear to me that turkey because their desire to get rid of president assad, president of syria, they will basically pretty much partner with anyone, that's the
11:03 am
al-qaeda element and isis. my information is that turkey helped create isis for its own purposes. and isis theoretically was supposed to go against the central syrian government and instead they saw the open field in southern syria, central syria and iraq and ran that direction instead of guilt or innocence the government. and i think turkey has continued to support isis behind the scenes. stuart: so you've got some sympathy from president obama who says look at this mess. nobody knows who is on whose side. >> right. stuart: you've got some sympathy from president obama i guess. >> i do have sympathy. expect that for the most part he has picked the other side to align with. we have to remember here one of the things they were doing behind the scenes, that is to say the obama administration and lieutenant mike flynn, they were helping feed weapons from libya to the turkish and the turkish were then giving these to the front and the precursor elements of isis for
11:04 am
destabilizing the assad government. they got out of control so i'm only sympathetic to the president that he has to deal with chaos and now it's hard to start through that. and clearly we don't know who is on whose side at this point in time. stuart: i'm almost lost, but i do know it's a total mess, and i think you can agree with that. >> yes, sir. stuart: i'm sorry i'm out of time. >> yes, sir. stuart: but then again it would take several hours to get to the bottom of this. i really do believe this. >> and i'm sure we'll talk about it soon. stuart: i promise we will. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> thank you. stuart: this just coming in. police in italy detained four terror suspects. ashley, were they plotting against the pope? ashley: well, to name just one of their alleged victims or targets if you like. three arrested in italy, one in kosovo, all four of from kosovo and citing racial internet to stir up jihaddist. with regard to the pope one of
11:05 am
the messages read remember there won't be another pope after this one. this is the last one. stuart: okay. that's just in. ashley: uh-huh. stuart: how about this? check the big board, please. we do have a rally. a nice rally. the dow is not quite at session highs, it was up 160 now up 120, but that is a rally. how about the price of oil? where are we? forty-one dollars a barrel, we've been in this low $40 a barrel range for at least three months now and the price of gas keeps coming down. the national forming regular is $2.03. the dow is up 121 points, we showed you that a moment ago. what's with this market? market watcher angela is with me now. all right, angela. try to help me get to grips with this. because when the market opened this morning, the dow went up 160. at 10:00 we've got figures showing that the manufacturing sector was really lagging and the dow came down to a gain of
11:06 am
50 points. then we've got numbers saying construction is strong and back went the dow up 120 points. is everybody looking at the federal reserve and whether or not they're going to raise rates this month? is that what's motivating everything here? >> i think that's part of it. i think the other part of it is the market is emotional. so, you know, it goes on emotion as i said when i was on your show several times in the past, i think this is going to be a lot of volatility between now and the end of the year. and i think the best thing the feds can do for the markets and the economy right now is give it stability. you know, all of this talk about raising interest rates -- stuart: how do they do that? does it raise interest rates or leave them where they are? how does it give it stability? >> i have to ask the question. how do you raise rates when your interest rates on your own debt's going to go up when the little by the of growth we're getting in the economy -- we're getting growth, a slow growth, do you want to put a halt to that? is it really feasible to raise rates?
11:07 am
do you want to keep talk about it -- in my opinion, it's not feasible. why do you keep throwing that out there when it upsets the market so much. stuart: you put your finger right on it because i think that's exactly what investors are trying to decide right now. >> and i think this is the new low. stuart: what and how are they going to do it? >> i think this is the new normal. i really think these are low interest rate environment that people talk about, this is the new normal for a while yet to come. i just don't see how they can raise interest rate, and it be good for the economy or the individual investor. stuart: okay. >> you don't want to see mortgage rates raise, that's going to hurt the housing. you don't see to see regular interest rates raise, that's going to hurt the car sales, you don't want to hurt the sales, you have to keep the economy going and give people incentive to do that. stuart: the two stocks, and you liked them, you picked them. number one apple. make your case because it's been around 112, 118 for a couple of months. go. >> that's true. it has been. a couple of weeks ago when i
11:08 am
was on your program it was at 115. now it's 118. the 52-week high is about 134. and i really think that there's room for growth and there's room for some good profits there, you know, coming up in the short-term future. and the apple products aren't going away, the apple watch had very strong sales going into the holiday season. so i really think there's room for some good profits. stuart: now, your other one, your other pick is microsoft. now, i think you know and everybody who watches this program knows i do own some microsoft. so make your case that it's going to go up, please. >> well, microsoft's an old favorite. it's a staple. it's here to stay. all of our business applications run off microsoft. though, we know that it's not going to go away. we know that people are going to continue to buy it and right now it has a -- it's trading at about 54, and it has a target price somewhere between 60 and 65. so there's some chance with
11:09 am
growth there with microsoft. stuart: 60 to 65, did you just say 60 to 65 on microsoft? did you say that? >> that's what i've been reading the target price. stuart: what are you doing tomorrow this time? i think we could have room for you odd show every day. >> i'll help you any time i can, stuart. being on here makes a perfect day. stuart: you will be back tomorrow. angela, thank you very much indeed. great to have you with us today. thank you. >> thanks. stuart: cyber monday breaking a new record this year. we spent $3 billion online yesterday alone. cheryl, big numbers but, please, focus on amazon for m me. the fire tablet sold well? >> .data went through all of the recerritos seethes for black friday through cyber monday, the seven inch tablet fire is the hottest seller,, best buy, that's where people flooded to get this thing. it's basically a poor man's ipad. it doesn't have much storage,
11:10 am
it's not as fast as an ipad but got music, video, apps on it, you can surf the internet and one of the hottest items. because they were going to see what the hottest items were bought. amazon fire, who knew? but $35? . stuart: that's it? ashley: that's a heck of a deal. >> that's a smoking deal. stuart: don't you remember they had a six-pack. ashley: that's right. they did. stuart: you were going to pay 250 bucks now b now it's even cheaper. >> by the way, might want to look at this data because last two years apple's ipad was the top hot item. not this year. just saying. stuart: fascinating. all right. that's good stuff. thanks, cheryl. as many of you know, i did just become a u.s. citizen. and one congressman did me a great honor. took me completely by surprise. what that congressman did after this
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: whoa that scandal hurts vw sales numbers from november just out. ashley, how bad? ashley: yeah, you knew it was going to hurt. down 25%. now, don't forget they actually stopped the sale of all of their diesel models because of the defeat that came to light. but the mark, the chief operating officer of volkswagen of america saying, look, we're working tiresly and would like to thank on you dealers and customers for their continued patience. cheryl: i think they come back. ashley: me too. cheryl: i think they survive these scandal. stuart: which means this stock at 29 could be a buy, just like toyota was a buy at 70. ashley: yes,. stuart: when it had the unwanted acceleration problem et cetera, et cetera. thanks, everyone. president obama says the un
11:15 am
climate conference is an act of defiance against terrorism. fixing the climate is akin to defeating isis. congressman david jolly is with us. republican, and he's from florida. congressman, welcome to the program. >> good morning, stuart, always good to be with you. stuart: what do you think about what the president had to say this morning that the climate conference is the best antidote to terror. >> stuart, this is the same president who can't figure out how to deliverthetic veterans, can't control our southwest border bill now think so he can control the weather. his comment suggesting that this solves the terror threat, i think the entire world realize that climate change, despite it's real implications is not as present as it suggests the greatest threat we face as a nation. i think his comments were wrong. stuart: now, literally minutes ago he said what the president wants to do inside america, he's not going to do because
11:16 am
congress won't let him. you're in the house of representatives. you going to stop him? >> well, there's a real jurisdictional question here. the president suggested during his press conference that parts of it needed to be legally binding. well, we need to look at his authority to legally bind our nation to a multinational treaty without the consent of congress. this follows the narrative that this president continues to suggest he has all the power the executive branch, and it's not limited by either the courts or congress. he's wrong on this, and i think we're seeing this play out in paris s&l. we can address climate change with we should. i'm actually somebody who believes the science, we know we have to do more, but we do we have to do it in a way that protects the rate industry and the rate pairs here at home. i think that's where he's out of balance. stuart: because you do represent the tampa area. that's a sea level constituenciescy. >> that's exactly right. the climate is change, man has had an impact, we shouldn't argue the science what we need to argue about is what is the correct and legislatetory
11:17 am
approach to do so? to ripple the industry in a way that's far too aggressive for what we're currently able to accomplish. we can balance this much better, the president i think is going too far. we'll see what he bring back from paris, congress will have a role in that and i will review anything the president presents. stuart: congressman jolly, i have to thank you. i wasn't expecting this but you did me a great honor in celebration of my becoming a american citizen, aid flag flown over the capital building and we're going to -- through the magic of television you. >> that's right. stuart: you are going to deliver that flag to me right now. go ahead. >> stuart, celebrating your becoming a u.s. citizen is a very special thing. millions of people want to come to the united states so through the magic of television i did have a flag flown over the united states capital that we would like to present to you and coordination with your producers hopefully it reaches you at your desk.
11:18 am
stuart: yes. and look at that. wow would you look at that. cheryl: amazing. [clapping] . stuart: so wait a minute, congressman. this flag, this was flowing above the capital building? >> it sure was, and it was flown on your specific honor on becoming a u.s. citizen. you know, stuart, in politics this election season was very divisive. let's focus on the greatness of america. you becoming a united states citizen reflects all that's great in the country, and i want to congratulate you on that occasion. stuart: that's wonderful, congressman. you know i don't reside in your constituency so i can't help you in your vote. >> this is a great moment i'm sure many of your viewers are just as proud as i am. stuart: this is a true honor. thank you very much indeed, congressman. thank you. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: how about that? ashley: that is tremendous. stuart: isn't that wonderful? ashley: great honor. cheryl: what an honor. stuart: folded correctly.
11:19 am
held properly. ashley: fabulous. stuart: thank you, everybody. i know many people sent messages to me about becoming a citizen. they were all kind, all generous and deeply appreciate it. thank you very much indeed. now then onto something else. how do you segue from the honor of the flag to this? ashley: you can do it. cheryl: staying on politics. [laughter] . stuart: president obama it was interrupted by the out of time buzzer at the un climate conference. didn't matter. just kept on talking. watch this. >> let's reaffirm our commitment that resources will be there for countries willing to do their part to skip the days of development ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
11:20 am
i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
11:23 am
stuart: all right. we've got new numbers from shopper track on black friday bricks and motor retail sales. not online, this is the real thing. the mall stuff. cheryl, the numbers. cheryl: sales versus last year, more than 10% drop than last year, 10.4 fester overall sales. now they've got the volume in sales number, they're estimating 32.4 billion, that's 10% drop from last year from bricks and motor store. stuart: i can understand it. there was the threat of terror, it was there on
11:24 am
black friday. ashley: of course. stuart: the lines you've got is to to stand in. ashley: parking. stuart: travel, just takes a lot of time. online has become so easy. cheryl: yeah,. stuart: as everybody knows on this program i'm often told to wrap up my interviews when they get too long. for the most part i really do listen. but when the president was told to wrap at the un climate talk, wasn't quite as accommodating. watch this. >> let's reaffirm our commitment that resources will be there for countries willing to do their part to skip the dirty phase of development. let's also make sure that these resources flow to the countries that need help preparing for the impact of climate change that we can no longer avoid. climate change is a threat to their very existence. and that's why today with other nations america confirms our strong and on going commitment to the least developed countries. ashley: you know what?
11:25 am
it sounded like somebody was stuck in the elevator in the background. it sounded like an elevator button. he was online supposed to have three minutes and went 14 and after 8.5 minutes the person on the machine gave up. cheryl: 147 world leaders were there, each given three minutes, he took the time of four world leaders. stuart: but he is the world leader, is he not? heats the president of the united states. ashley: beep or no beep. cheryl: beep or no beep. but i love the fact that the guy just gave up. stuart: by the way, our buzzer, you really have to pay attention to. ashley: that's what they should have used. stuart: you can't ignore that. ashley: no, you can't. stuart: another hillary e-mail release. 999 classified. she had said that none were classified. the political implications if there are any up next
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: it's still a rally, not quite as good as it was but we're up 110 points as we speak. we'll take it. passed the bank of england's annual stress test and their stocks are all up. one, two, three, four, 5%. not bad. let's get to the clinton e-mails. i know that's what you're waiting for.
11:30 am
7,800 new pages of e-mails were released yesterday. ashley, main point, what did we learn? ashley: 329 of them redacted bringing the total to 999. right close to 1,000. this batch included conversations with iran over a nuclear deal back in 2010. a call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also in 2010 and she knows the rules. any conversation with a head of state is classified. this was on her private server out of the house. stuart: she had said none of these e-mails on that private server. ashley: are classified. do we have time very quickly? the interesting -- do you remember the hearing where she said benghazi what difference does it make anyway now? . stuart: yeah, remember that. ashley: now, there's an e-mail regarding that. starting with mark penn he says to hillary i don't think the emotion in the hearing works to your advantage. looks more like they rattled you. then this from phillip reasons he wasn't communications advisor. hillary says okay. here's the
11:31 am
first note just to keep it real. she's talking about mark penn's comment. ryan says give me a break. you did not look rattled. you looked real. and in this from jake sullivan the policy advisor says my problem with mark's analysis the same assumption had a we under pinned his advice in 2008. namely you being yourself is risky. stuart: whoa. you being yourself is risky. ashley: "yes." cheryl: i know we're going to move on but really quick, stuart, the one e-mail i found so interesting was the night of the benghazi attacks that e-mail between herself and chelsea clinton. we found her e-mail was pseudonym and chelsea was very eloquent in her e-mail to her mother. stuart: and told at that time it was a terror attack. cheryl: the jamming for hillary clinton obviously but that's the one i found so interesting. stuart: tamara holder, a leftist, a democrat is giving me an ugly look out of the corner of my eye she's resting
11:32 am
her head. >> i'm just sleeping. when are you going to be done talking about this. ashley: there's so many e-mails. >> this is, like, your christmas shopping every single month. what is it? what did you say? 7800 pages? . stuart: 999 classified e-mail on her private server when she said there were none. >> look, my friend just made the best comment. he said she's a liar but she's the best liar we have. stuart: oh. >> it's true. she's still a liar, they're all liars. it is. but let's just be serious. the other e-mails are, please, respond to the bone jove ease, lindsey graham supports you, however, he knows that it's not going to be politically proper. and no can support hillary clinton god forbid. stuart: how is she going to get around 999 classified e-mails? so far having said there were none? how does she get around that? >> because she were classified after the fact.
11:33 am
or she doesn't get around it but it's an fbi investigation and i don't understand why the right wing media is attacking her in the court of public opinion when there's clearly an open fbi investigation going on right now. so why don't you wait? why is everything so premature here? . stuart: well, we want to point out to everybody that there were 999 classified e-mails on her private server and she had said there were no classified e-mails on her server. i think that's worthy of comment, and that's worthy of us putting it out there. because she wants to be the president of the united states of america and she's got a private server while she's the secretary of state. >> right. and it shows she's cocky, the rules don't apply to her, the rules have never applied to the clintons. it shows those things. i don't know. i saw chris christy's interview today, now i have a crush on him, i like him, i liked trump. stuart: you need you mean to tell me it tells you who you
11:34 am
have a crush on. >> well, i like overweight older men. [laughter] . stuart: are you a hillary supporter at this point. >> yes. stuart: you want her to get the nomination. >> yes. stuart: you don't want bernie sanders? >> number two. if she gets endited, bernie. ashley: oh, gosh. stuart: chris christy. >> i like chris christy. stuart: would you vote for him? over hillary. if it's hillary over chris christy, you'll vote for christy? i don't believe a word for it. >> they both have criminallesque behavior. is it not true? hasn't he been investigated for bridge gate? no, that doesn't count because he's republican. it doesn't count. . stuart: classified information on your e-mail server. are you kidding me? >> is possession of cocaine worse than say breaking into a
11:35 am
house? they're both crimes. ashley: what? . stuart: how do you introduce cocaine into this discussion. >> because you're saying one crime is different than another. a crime is a crime. of the defendant mean both criminal -- >> they both should go to jail. cheryl: by the way, she just made overweight older men across this country so happy. [laughter] . stuart: i've got to transition to a serious development here. breaking news. it's an addition to what we brought you earlier. reports of an explosion at the -- at a metro station in istanbul, turkey. we first heard it was an electrical explosion, the mayor of istanbul's -- i'm not quite sure what that is, the mayor of istanbul now says it was caused by a bomb. that's a startling development. it was not a transformer fire explosion. it was a bomb according to the mayor of istanbul and chiming
11:36 am
in with that same report. cheryl: turkey is the transit point for syria. we know this. stuart: i think we can deal with that. tamara, thank you very much indeed for joining us. i didn't mean to go with from a light story to something much more serious, but we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you very much. stuart: all right. starting today. wait for it. four chain restaurants in new york city must have menus that flag dishes contain more sodium than recommended. zayn owns applebee's restaurants throughout this city. he is with us. wait a minute. i was watching local news, and i saw you standing next to the guy who's announcing this salt on the menu, and you looked like you approved of this. i thought you were kind of a free market libertarian kind of guy, it's my restaurant, it's my menu, i'll put on it what i pleas, but you go to the opposition? >> no. you just described me. it's my restaurant -- you just described me. stuart: exactly.
11:37 am
>> thank you very much. stuart: what are you doing with all of these government regulators? >> anything to get on air. [laughter] . stuart: tell me seriously. >> seriously it's somewhat perfunctory, it's listed on the websites, and quite frankly, stuart, transparency, i just heard you about hillary clinton, transparency's important; right? stuart: yeah. >> and, by the way, chris christy was investigated, he was never guilty, he was found innocent. stuart: don't change the subject. you don't mind having the salt content of dishes on your menu. >> i don't mind. there are so many government regulations today, stuart. this isn't a mosquito bite. there's mlrb, there's dol, just just walking over here, i won't mention it but there's a huge restaurant on broadway and 48th street right a half block from you closed. last night i was walking on 60th street between lexington and park. two restaurants opposite each other. closed.
11:38 am
i was looking in the window of passerby said isn't that funny? they were open yesterday. i said really? i said do you live -- he said i own the hair shop, coloring shop right across the street, and i had dinner here. and it closed. i predict that all of these wonderful regs that they got that are going to help the consumer will find that they are not able to stay in business. so this to me is a meaningless thing, it's as i said -- stuart: you wanted to get on the right side of your customers. you wanted to say to your customers all of you i right to know this, and we're going to tell you. >> thank you. you're much more articulate. that's why you have the show and i'm just a guest. [laughter] but that's exactly right. why not? you say why? i say why not? why not put it on. stuart: just straighten something out for me, though. on your menu at applebee's, what do you have to put on each dish? how much salt is in each dish? >> no. that's why it's perfunctory, have you just to
11:39 am
put if it's over a certain quantity, over 2,000 milligrams, anything that or over, you put an icon, a salt shaker icon. and last night we did a bunch of interviews in restaurants, i personally went to a bunch of guests and asked them if it impacts them one way or another. they all said "no." just the calorie count, our product mix which we track very carefully didn't change one iota from calorie count to putting calorie count. stuart: did you change what people order? >> no. that's to my point. stuart: didn't change it? >> no. you go out to eat, you go out -- there's a whole psychology when you go out to eat versus when you eat at home. and, no, it didn't affect anything at all. stuart: i once lived in india for six months way back. this is 30, 40 years ago. my diet was very limited. >> yeah. stuart: and i had no salt intake whatsoever. >> yeah. stuart: and i started to take salt pills, huge things like this and immediately felt okay. >> yeah. stuart: i was tired out and
11:40 am
then suddenly take a lot of salt, felt great. >> yeah. actually i spent two months just traveling two years ago. because i wanted to immerse myself into culture and it's the only place i hadn't been in the world yet, and i went with another guy, and we traveled from one end of india to another just the two of us, and i experienced the exact same thing. stuart: now you've got salt on your menu. >> now we have a common connection here. stuart: we do indeed. zayn, everyone. thank you very much. good stuff. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: next up united states ceo presented his exit from the obamacare exchanges. now what did he say. ashley: well, he basically said based on the model this is set up we're out of here 2017. they're out of money. as we're talking about before, everyone is covered under this program. when you go into the exchanges, it's very hard for the companies believe it or not to turn a profit.
11:41 am
united health is losing a lot of money you can't turn them away are using tremendous amounts of medical services and the costs going through the roof. stuart: tamara holder still here, democrat, obamacare spiraling down. >> , yes. stuart: yes? >> it's not doing well. it's not doing what we expected. this laugh is so unfair. . stuart: what? >> you love it. you love it. stuart: you're a democrat and i'm throwing stuff at you and you're responding like a republican for heaven's sake. [laughter] >> the numbers are not in my favor. stuart: tamara holder, everyone. good sport. puerto rico defaulting on debt. are taxpayers going to be on the hook? napolitano the judge after this pasting innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our
11:42 am
own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online.
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average up right now 92 points. up 103 points and we would be positive for the year. still 10 points away right now we are watching some of the leaders in the dow jones industrial average for the year. nike, home depot and visa, nike home depot each gained more than 30% this year as we go into this new market to wrap up the year of 2015. also auto sales, toyota motors did well, up 12.5% and that stock up 1.1%. lexus did well, and challenge says that taco bell is the crown jewel of yum brands.
11:44 am
they also have kfc and pizza hut. we want you to start your day every day here on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. all the breaking news you need every day at 5:00 a.m. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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stuart: this developing story from istanbul, turkey, reports of an explosion in istanbul. one dead, five injured. we first heard it was caused by about an electrical
11:46 am
transformer, now the explosion was caused about i a bomb. cheryl. cheryl: a microscope bomb, calling it a pipe bomb now, coming from the mayors office stuart: bottom line. terror in turkey. got it. donald trump, released a new campaign video. and it's on his instagram account. watch this. >> while the world is in turmoil and falling apart in so many different ways, especially with isis, our president is worried about global warming. what a ridiculous situation. stuart: goes right at it, ashley. ashley: earlier does, and i think he says what a lot of people are thinking. we've said it on our show too, climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it with the very threat two weeks earlier more than 130 people were killed by terrorists. stuart: that was brand-new, we didn't run it earlier on the show. must be brand-new. cheryl: and the president is out there saying you can fight terrorism with climate change. okay.
11:47 am
stuart: okay. now this. puerto rico are they in default? the governor says may not be paying off all the bond holders. the judge is here. are we going to bail them out? >> oh, good lord. probably will be an effort to bail them out. but, look, puerto rico is a commonwealth, these are corporations wholly owned by the commonwealth of puerto rico, which are failing to make payments on bonds. i'm assuming that the date is today or this morning or yesterday because of this announcement we got. so i don't know if they're technically in default yet. but they cannot seek bankruptcy protection under federal bankruptcy laws. stuart: because of their stature. >> because of their status as a corporation owned by a commonwealth. it's an odd creature if you will under american bankruptcy laws. so i don't know where this is going to go. the bond holders could sue, but it would depend upon what assets the corporation has. bond holders would sue and who do you think would pay the bond holders?
11:48 am
probably the american taxpayer, which is what you suggested. so this is a new area for american law fraught with bankruptcy law and fraught with politics wanting to save the government of this beautiful island. stuart: now, the question is if the bond holders are not paid, who are those bond holders? are they banks in the are they individuals, are they hedge funds. >> we're probably going to find out pretty soon. could you imagine if one is paul singer? he practically bankrupted argentina and insisting his money be paid back, and he prevailed. stuart: but this time he can't because what court would -- after the commonwealth of puerto rico? >> the american federal court, the american federal courts sit in san juan, the courts use the english language and american federal law. the state courts in san juan use spanish, and they use local law. so let's just use mr. singer
11:49 am
as a hypothetical because he's fearless and protecting his assets and those of his investors. he could file a complaint this afternoon and the united states district court for the district of puerto rico sitting in san juan seeking to enjoying the distribution of assets that these corporations own so the court would preserves the assets so he could the assets to be paid back if he's a bond holder. stuart: and puerto rico would be bankrupt. >> yes. and where would they go? washington. let's go to the london school of economics. stuart: that's what you're saying. >> yes. cheryl: i want to answer your question, though. i can tell you the face of many of them are here in new york city and new york state. we have a very large puerto ricoian population and that's why bill de blasio went to puerto rico think of those who own puerto rico. stuart: and they can vote. ashley: they can. stuart: in new york state, new york city. cheryl: but if they're putting
11:50 am
the faith in their country, they're about to lose a lot. stuart: yes. cheryl: that's the face of what's happening. stuart: now i want to give everybody the real reason why the judge is here. the only privately owned original manuscript of the papers the documents written by the founding father to promote the constitution. we've got them. they're here. they're on the set. >> where are they? . stuart: just wait. they're on camera. the judge will sit with me through this in a moment ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: up for auction a piece of american history written by three of the founding fathers. the federalist papers written the late 1780s, they urged national unity under the constitution. patrick mcgrath is here and what you're seeing on the screen moments ago was the actual handwritten federalist papers, the only copy -- not a copy, the only anchorage manuscript in private hands. >> yes. it's incredible when you think there are 85 federalist papers and only four manuscripts of any of those essays survived. three are in institutions, the library in chicago, columbian university and the new york historical society. this is the only one in private hands, the only
11:55 am
opportunity to own a draft of essays in american history. stuart: now, there are two handwritten items here. >> yes. stuart: combined how much do they go for? >> we are estimating these at 600,000 to 800,000. we hope they go for more than that. stuart: i would think you get a million dollars. >> i hope so. >> would you write a check for those. stuart: what's the significant? >> profound significance. when the representatives met in philadelphia to draft the constitution, three people wrote the papers under assumed names, alexander hamilton, john jay and james madison. this is the handwritten of john jay who would go on to be the first chief justice of the united states supreme court. these documents are largely responsible for the public support behind ratifying the constitution. >> absolutely and they're still important today. they're used by the supreme court to interpret the constitution, to get into the minds of the framers and what they intended and
11:56 am
intentionallist. >> but you have an extremely unique document. those of us who live with the constitution have read and studied and argued about the meaning of the federal papers for years, but we have never touched if i may an actual draft. stuart: may i? >> you may. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, i am picking up -- >> this is like the holy grail. ashley: you break it, you buy it. stuart: that is sensational. >> would you give me that check this afternoon. stuart: i hope you get a million dollars. i'm not trying to talk it up, but the significance is such that that is worth $1 million. >> this is federalist essay number four in the series. jay only wrote five, only four survived. none of the others survived probably because they were written so quickly and sent to the newspaperrers to be published that the drafts were thrown away. stuart: so you didn't know that? you didn't know there were five federalist papers, did you? >> i knew how many federalist papers there were, i didn't know the other drafts had been destroyed and there were only four in existence. that's marvelous. stuart: all when?
11:57 am
>> december 8th, 10:00 in the morning. stuart: 10:00 in the morning new york city? >> here at christie's. stuart: just around the corner. >> and if i may quickly, it's the printed version of federalist papers in the original boards as we call it in the book trade. this is another lot in this sale, the federalist papers manuscript is offered at 600,000 to 800,000. stuart: and that is. >> this is being offered at 300,000 to 500,000. >> your client must be a great collector. stuart: he is. we're out of time, december 8th on the auction block. >> thank you. stuart: and judge, thank you very much for your -- >> thank you for letting me touch it, stuart. stuart: more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> >> >> >> >> celebrating you becoming a u.s. citizen is a very special thing. millions of people want to come to the united states.
12:00 pm
i had a big flag flown over the united states capital. hopefully this reaches you at your desk. stuart: yes. look at that. [applause] i do want to say thank you to all of our viewers who so generally congratulated me on becoming a citizen. neil: thank you very much, stuart. if you want to become an american citizen, you are on a hook for a lot of money. that country, whatever you want to call it, is on the verge of a complete default or at least a partial default. $350 million due today. part of a 72-$75 million debt. the technical definition of a default. looking like it will not make good on part of that.


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