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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. the best in the business. he is the best in the business. keep it right here on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama wrapping up his appearance at the climate change conference in paris. he declared his strategy to defeat the islamic state is working. the president insisted his strategy and used the words degrade and ultimately destroy when talking about the islamic state. the president's comments in paris in stark contrast to what generals were saying in washington. at a house armed services committee, the joint chiefs chairman, joseph dunford said, we have not contained the islamic state, at the same hearing defense secretary ash
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carter said the united states will send more special operations forces to syria and will expand special ops in iraq. we'll take up the obama administration's ever evolving strategy with former cheney national security adviser john hannah. and tonight, how long can the obama justice department seemingly prolong the hillary clinton investigation? newly released e-mails shed more light on her handling of benghazi and what she was trying to cover up. we'll take it all up with the president of citizens united, david bossie here in just a moment. top story, president obama invoke his own version of mission accomplished by insisting his plan to wipe out the islamic state is working. but none of the commander in chief's declarations square with reality. mr. obama's confused strategy changes by the day. and his assertions challenged
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by both the reality on the ground and his own military advisers. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: calling it an economic and security imperative, president obama wrapped up the historic paris climate summit by asking world leaders to attack climate change with the same determination used in the fight against global terrorism. >> the reason is because this one trend, climate change, affects all trends, and before long we're going to have to devote more and more and more of our economic and military resources not to growing opportunity for our people, but to adapting to the various consequences of a changing planet. >> reporter: while attempting to make the climate change terrorism linked, the president was forced to acknowledge the inconvenient truth, global warming or not, terrorism and war are stark realities. the pentagon confirmed hundreds more americans will head
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overseas to support the fight against isis. >> we're sending on president obama's orders, and the chairman's and my advice, special operations forces personnel to syria to support the fight against isil. >> reporter: the move is the latest change in strategy for a white house struggled to form a cohesive plan to fight the terror group. democratic front-runner hillary clinton rejected calls for more u.s. ground troops. >> there are no circumstances you would do that? >> at this point, i cannot conceive of circumstances i would agree to do that. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry told rolling stone that the world can defeat isis telling the magazine, quote, all of that can come to an abrupt end if we get our act together. on capitol hill, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general john dunford about containing isis earlier this month. >> we have not contained isil. >> reporter: the french president is meeting with
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russian president vladimir putin and turkish president erdogan in the recent downing of a russian aircraft by the turks. fox news learned that the russians have expanded their military operations in syria to include a second airbase, even as the president predicted the kremlin could work with the west there. >> i don't expect that you're going to see a 180 turn on their strategy over the next several weeks. they have invested for years now in keeping us out in power. >> reporter: as if dealing with terrorism and the syrian crisis weren't enough, the president was asked if he was worried that agreements reached during the climate summit might be undone by a future gop president. >> just with respect to my successor, let me first of all say that i'm anticipating a democrat succeeding me. >> reporter: lou, the president
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followed up that quip saying he had confidence in the wisdom. american people. whatever that's supposed to mean. i should point out we learned tonight the germans are prepared to send 1200 troops to syria to assist the u.s. coalition in the battle against isis. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke reporting. you did notice the president swallowed hard before he made that quip as kevin put it. as clinton voices her opposition to more combat troops in iraq and syria, she is facing troubling new questions about the national security risks associated with her handling of classified information. the count of the number of classified e-mails now skyrocketing with this latest release of 7800 pages of e-mails. there are 999 e-mails among those from clinton's private server that contain classified information. my first guest tonight says the
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fact that those e-mails were retroactively classified highlights that clinton has violated the non-disclosure agreement and that she should be prosecuted. joining us tonight, one of the country's leading conservatives, president of citizens united, david bossie. good to have you with us, davis. >> thanks for having me. lou: this retroactive classification, a bit of a shivalov, it doesn't matter if it is before the fact or after the fact. >> let me say, when you are the secretary of state and all of the top positions in the department of defense and department of justice, you are given a class, trained on classified information, and you receive protocols on what to follow. if you believe it's classified, you are obligated to treat it as such. and so 999 times? she just looked at e-mails and forwarded them, received them, and didn't think twice about it as secretary of state?
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it's outrageous. general petraeus did much less. lou: and, of course, was prosecuted. are you surprised at the length of time that's being taken by the fbi to reach a conclusion about whether or not to bring charges? >> no, i'm not. look, jim comey, the fbi director is an incredibly diligent and thoughtful career prosecutor. this guy knows how to prosecute people and make them stick. i don't think he's going to go off half cocked against the potential democrat nominee. jim comey, i have utmost confidence in the fbi. i question over the years whether or not law enforcement under d.o.j., which is a political outfit can do the job. i have confidence in jim comey. he is a straight arrow, not going to let anyone push him around. lou: at the same time, saying he won't go off half cocked,
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there could be a reading of the same that the fbi is being intimidated as well by the fact that this is hillary clinton, one of the leading lights not on the democratic party but with the most powerful political family in the nation. >> it is, and let me just say. this jim comey in the 90s when he was a prosecutor watched the clinton administration dismantle an attack, then fbi director louis freeh. he has seen what the clintons will do to an fbi director if he doesn't like the tack he's going to take. i am worried about the length of time in this sense, i find it hard to believe that the fbi and the department of justice will indict hillary clinton during the primary process. i believe it has to be done very -- in short order, very quickly or wait for a lull in the action. doing in the midst of new hampshire and south carolina, i don't see it happening.
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lou: at the other side of, that i guess, if i may continue with that vent here, david, i just don't understand why an election should matter at all, straight-up the fbi is responsible for prosecuting crime here. and the justice department, this is the most highly politicized justice department i believe in this country's history. what we're watching with every passing day is a rising doubt about the integrity of the process. >> that's right. in the 90s i fought janet reno's justice department, and i thought that at that time was the most politicized justice department in history. these folks make them look like pikers. this is really an outrage, what they do, how they sit on information, how they've allowed the state department to dole it out. thimbleful after thimbleful and it's really a travesty.
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lou: david bossie, always good to talk with you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. lou: we're coming back much with, much more, stay with us. president obama defending his barely there strategy to fight islamic state. has the white house withdrawn from the world? defense of democracies john hannah with us next. and we'll show you tonight what happens when an impatient driver becomes a hot head driver. that video a
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. . lou: istanbul on high alert after an explosion rocked the city. five people were injured in the pipe bomb blast near a metro station, according to the mayor. turkey has been struck by two suicide bombings this year in the capital of ankara and near the border of syria linked to the islamic state. no one has claimed responsibility yet for this bombing. the pentagon is sending what the defense secretary calls a specialized targeting force, end quote. to carry out raids against islamic state targets in iraq and syria. approximately 200 of our troops will be heading to the area. the extra troops in addition to
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the 50 or so special operations forces the president authorized to fight in syria two months ago. defense secretary ash carter announced those deployments today. >> deploying a specialized expeditionary targeting force to assist iraqi and kurdish peshmerga forces and put more pressure on isil. these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture isil leaders. lou: joining us tonight, foundation for defense of democracy senior counselor, former cheney national security adviser, john hannah. good to have you with us tonight. first, i want to ask, before we get into the manpower being deployed. the language of the pentagon, specialized expeditionary targeting force and then 200 people, special ops forces being deployed.
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what is going on when we have that kind of frankly inflated language about a really small, small number of troops being deployed? >> yeah, it's a convoluted name, lou, but potentially important move. 200 u.s. special operators going out in hunt and kill operations of isis' top leaders, command and control, gathering intelligence, doing, that hopefully night after night, like stan mcchrystal and special forces did in iraq during the surge that finally put al qaeda to flight in iraq could be an important move. let's hope it's genuinely followed up and it's serious and not just more of the drip, drip, drip, incrementalism we've seen of the obama administration for more than a year now. lou: correct me if my memory fails, but as i recall, there was a huge number in the thousands, tens of thousands of
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troops in iraq during the surge. and the special operations force were what is in a customary if not traditional role in support of those troops providing all sorts of irregular combat opportunities and taking advantage of those opportunities. this sounds like somebody forgot to send the tens of thousands of troops. >> it's a huge -- >> what i'm getting to, john, to be clear. asking a lot of special operations, special forces guys, and they're the best in the world, but to put the nations on their back without resources, without support or security, i have to tell you, i'm troubled by it. >> yeah, you're right, it's dramatically different than iraq where they were the tip of the sword but backed up by a huge u.s. land force. i think the idea here is more like what happened in afghanistan, fighting the
11:18 pm
taliban, relying on special operators but really relying on those local forces from the northern alliance to get the taliban out of kabul. do we have those local forces here? i look around, i don't really see them unless it's the kurds, the peshmerga. that seems to be who we're relying on. we need sunni arabs in this fight. the sunni tribes, and so far don't have any of those. >> the doctrine that this president accepted was there of general petraeus, his long war doctrine in full force and a long war it's been, but inconclusive at best and a loss perhaps is the clearest assessment what has happened to us in iraq and afghanistan where, our special forces, by the way, as you know, are fighting bravely and basically all of the time. what are we doing here? there is no -- there seems to
11:19 pm
be no honest dialogue about the ineffectiveness of what the hell two administrations have done in iraq, in afghanistan, and we continue to perpetuate the dribs and drabs of forces which, by the way are some of our very best americans, and we're putting them in harm's way, and i still can't hear from one of our leaders, not from the pentagon, not from the white house, why in the hell are they there in such small numbers, and what is the strategy, and what is the purpose? >> yeah, no, it's very difficult to explain. this is the job of the commander in chief. he hasn't done that. he hasn't articulated a strategy. he hasn't said where, if not u.s. ground forces, where are the other capable forces going to come from that can reinforce any u.s. special operations teams that can be strengthened by them to drive isis out and actually hold and control that territory in a way that's
11:20 pm
consistent with u.s. interests. the president just seems out of touch, and awol on that basic question of american purpose and strategy and how we're going to achieve our objectives. lou: we hear the neocons in the republican party saying boots on the ground, as if bully for the boots on the ground, we need a lot better from those folks, the republicans, who have been calling for action for some time, do we not? >> yeah, and we need everybody to step up and tell us what they think it will take. ir think the republicans, several are honest that the u.s. has a lead in this case in terms of a comprehensive strategy. if you do, that it will require component of american troops on the ground. but what else is there to the strategy? and right now we don't see it. it's minimum air power, it's not take anything action against isis' oil infrastructure until very late in the day.
11:21 pm
what is the strategy to defeat these guys and do it in short order so they can't continue to plot and plan to strike us and our allies in our homelands? lou: john, always good to have you here, we need more time. you talked about it, is difficult to explain. i would say the president, whether it's difficult or not, should take up the challenge, because the american people are a hell of a lot smarter than this administration, and frankly both parties have given the american people credit for being. i hope somebody wakes up soon. one party or both. i don't care, but somebody. john hannah, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- we'd like to hear from you on that. cast your vote on, and follow me on twitter --
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links to everything found at well, an impatient driver learning a hard lesson about the rules of the road. dash cam footage, there you see it. the driver swerving in front of another vehicle on a busy road in rhode island. immediately loses control of the car trying to avoid several oncoming cars in a nearby lane, there he. is he violated five different regulations driving 65 miles an hour. the driver as a result of this crash, suffered only minor bruises, we're told. what a mess. up next, a few thoughts about this president's, well, one of his principal characteristics, passivity. and wasn't a good day for the folks in these cities. we'll explain to you why the climate change conference in paris, apparently they didn't get this solved. we'll have that for you here next, and much more. stay with us.
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♪ . lou: few thoughts on the president's triumphant trip to paris where he is satisfied by a lovely state leader's dinner, despite no agreement, no prospect, he's back in washington, d.c. tonight. before departing paris, however, the president offered his fellow leaders this closing comment, as has become his way. mr. obama denigrated the poor fools back here at home who for some reason expected him to act against radical islamist terrorists and limited the ability of those who elected them to actually comprehend the magnificence of the assembled brilliant world leaders and devotion to cause so much greater than the mere nations and citizens. listen to our president rationalize why he and his
11:28 pm
fellow leaders chose to stay with their climate change agenda, rather than change the subject of the summit to mr. obama's unfulfilled promise to quote degrade and destroy the islamic state. >> for some reason, too often in washington, american leadership is defined by whether or not we're sending troops somewhere. and that's the sole definition of leadership. and part of what i've been trying to describe during the course of my presidency is that where we make the most impact and where, by the way, we strengthen our relationships and influence the most is when we are helping to organize the world around a particular problem. lou: is there anyone mr. obama won't lecture?
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even his passivity seems to require more energy than
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. lou: the white house softening up a bit offering to send state governors, detailed information about refugees in their states. isn't that nice? the administration says it will update the tailored reports monthly, information on refugee nationality, gender, age, range, but only after they've been resettled. more than half of the country's governors oppose accepting syrian refugees into their state over safety concerns. joining us american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, author, fox news contributor jedidiah bila. matt, you've got to be overwhelmed by the generosity of the white house willing to share some information after the fact with the governors. >> yeah, the scary thing with president obama both not only on the syrian refugee issue but climate and all these things he's gone around congress to get done is that he seems to be
11:36 pm
totally -- he's totally forgetful of the fact we have separation of powers in congress, has a constitutional role to play in all of the questions. i thank god for the republican governors who have stood up, and by the way, there were 47 or 48 democrats in the house who stood up and said this policy is insane. lou: the president doesn't seem to be paying attention, jedidiah, during tenure as president. he's lost state legislatures, lost the senate, the majorities keep rolling up here. he's been devastating to the democratic party. >> yeah. lou: his arrogance in this instance and apply it to climate change when he should be leading on the issue of destroying the islamic state, as he promised. i mean, the democratic party likely pay a tremendous price for his arrogance? >> yeah, he acts like he's doing everyone a favor all the time. you'll have this information after they've been resettled. what good does the information do at that point?
11:37 pm
if you look at the polling on this issue, people are wary of this. very suspicious about these refugees, they're opposed. by and large. he doesn't care, that's not who he is. enormous ego. lou: i no longer care what he cares about. richard cohen said it, matt. the man is devoid. he seems to be now, if ever, he's not passionate, he's willing to -- he talked for 14 minutes for crying out loud with 146 other world leaders in attendance who are only allotted three minutes! he's quite something! >> what happened with president obama is the strange phenomenon in the new information age, where he was on the cover of every magazine, talked about constantly all over the television and every journal and newspaper. so aggressively for so many years, and you look at his approval ratings. i think the american people are exhausted of him. what's interesting about president obama is i think he's
11:38 pm
actually tired of the american people. >> i think you're right. >> when he's at the press conferences, he's no longer trying to convince people to be our better saves. reprimanding us for the fact we're slovenly and bad. comes across loud and clear. lou: i have to ask you jedidiah, as you watch him talking, somebody said, this is a direct quote today, it's as if he is on unnamed drugs. >> yes. lou: and i'm thinking, this man lacks so much, he's listless, he seems bored, tired as matt says perhaps of all of us in this country, but it makes me think of something that keith ablow, dr. keith ablow said that he's a narcissist. what happens when a narcissist falls out of love? >> terribly self-absorbed and doesn't show empathy which is something i notice all the time. he was able to get elected twice convincing people he felt their pain. why? he's a professional campaigner. that's what he does best.
11:39 pm
the problem is now he has to be president. he doesn't like being president, he doesn't like the responsibility. doesn't want to be the leader of the free world, that's a huge responsibility and he's not willing to do the job. he has one foot out the presidential door. lou: we know people who want the responsibility and who are trying to get a foot in the door. matt, what do you think of the organized attacks now by the establishment spending money on these ads attacking donald trump? >> look, i think it will be completely impotent. i talked to people in the town all the time who are plenty worried about donald trump being the republican nominee and it makes me chuckle. there is nothing they can do to derail donald trump. donald trump is either going to succeed or fail on his ability to convince grassroots republican primary voters he's the guy who should be their nominee for president. it's the intimacy between the voter and the candidate. these people are powerless to play a big role. it's great.
11:40 pm
lou: he's given everyone a template. he talk straight, talks without any concern for political correctness but brings passion and verve. why the hell don't they act more like donald trump? >> they are afraid to. lou: they get the fate they deserve. >> politicians are not real people. lou: half of these folks are not real people, they don't give a damn how many people they bore. john kasich, mr. nice, acts like he deserves by birth right, more entitled than the people we're supposed to think of as entitled. >> i would warn the rubio supporters, rubio is going to get a large establishment support base. don't follow the tactic, don't follow the jeb bush route of going after donald trump. a lot of considers like donald trump. people on the right respect what he's doing and he how switched up the race. lou: you are not a person he needs to tell he's interesting. his language, his tone. he is extraordinarily, i
11:41 pm
think -- >> jedidiah is right here. the trap for him is he's getting all the endorsements from sitting senators, sitting congressmen. a lot of big donors. lou: see, you're saying there's a price for that, a quid pro quo. >> there is. lou: say it isn't so. >> many of our donors, that's for sure you. >> want to tell us who you're pulling for. have you got a candidate yet, matt? >> no. >> i do not have a candidate as the chairman of cpac. lou: i won't apologize. >> lou, when people like you don't run on, i don't know what to do. lou: jedidiah, you want to declare? >> jeb bush is not my candidate. i feel comfortable saying that. lou: 14 to go. a volcano getting a lot of attention for doing something spectacular. check this out. look at that, video cam showing
11:42 pm
not one but two, ah, more to come. we're not through yet. there you go. three. this is one day, folks. four separate volcanic eruptions from the colima volcano in mexico, the amazing eruptions all in one day. officials have warned residents to be aware. now you know why we need a government, to tell people to be aware. right before their eyes. two of the world's most populous cities experiencing the worst pollution in recent memory. two cities known for air pollution. authorities in beijing issuing orange alert, the highest level smog alert this year. some neighborhoods with pollution almost 40 times the level considered safe to breathe by the world health organization. residents encouraged to stay
11:43 pm
indoors. outdoor activities canceled. that's good because everybody would be indoors. new delhi seeing smog problems for themselves. i like new delhi to tell you the truth. in paris, india's prime minister said the responsibility rests with the world's richer and more developed nations. translation, not india. up next, calling it obama's phony war against the islamic state. steve forbes joins us. and certainly the play of the week if not the play of the year. stay with us. we'll have that for you next.
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. lou: joining us tonight, forbes media chairman steve forbes, good to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: let's start with the republicans tonight, they so far away from the reagan 11th amendment, it's absurd, this is getting venal, petty by the day. john kasich, mr. nice, won't say whether or not he'll support after he signed the pledge whether he would support a trump nomination or
11:48 pm
candidacy. >> this is what happens when have you 14 candidates, instead of focusing on getting themes for a campaign, getting your exciting proposals out there, assuming have you exciting once, they focus on trivia. part of the problem is, lou, they have the same kind of political advisers and consultants who want to serve up pablum. cruz comes out punching, kasich comes out punching. they rise up, the others fade away. that's why you can't count christie out yet. lou: i'm not counting anybody out. good lord. they have the staying power of elephants. staying with the mascot thing and all that, that theme. as we look at what is happening, though, how much more of this can the public put up with? trump is driving interest in this primary as it's not been for a long, long time, and are
11:49 pm
the republicans basically saying to donald trump and everyone who supports it, that you're not welcome in the party, we're through with you. our billionaires are better than your billionaire, and that's the way it's going to come down. because i think if that's the case, republicans should be straightforward and say get the hell out of the republican party. >> well, what i think you're going to see is this thing is going finally shake out within 60 days we get the first contest. no way you can explain away if you finish tenth in iowa, you're on the way out. you're going to see a campaign where you get substantive discussions. lou: you would think reasonably you would be out, right? >> you would run out of money. socialists run out of money, campaigns if they don't win run out of money. lou: this fellow trump again. >> he's made clear that if he's not doing well, he's not going to waste his money on it, he said that a couple of months ago. and these others, much as they want to stay in, if they don't
11:50 pm
have the resources, they'll be out. lou: we know the big four right now, what is your sense how it will -- we're two months away now from iowa. how do you think that's going to go? >> i think you're going to see christie with endorsement of the union leader, very unusual paper in new hampshire. people are going to take a good second hard look at him. people are looking at cruz and rubio, and donald trump we know about. lou: is jeb bush doing better? >> not enough. lou: they're mostly ads, but he's using a different kind of language. he's talking more directly, it seems. >> better than the ads he ran three or four weeks ago were an atrocity. he's got to come up with something like a flat tax. lou: there you go! steve forbes, jeb bush, you know who to call. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: a wild finish in last night's "monday night football" game, tied at 27, three seconds left.
11:51 pm
the cleveland browns trying a 51-yard winning field goal to defeat the ravens. they didn't. the ravens defense blocking the field goal, ravens safety will hill scooping up the ball and you see what he did with it. 64 yards, game-winning touchdown. end of story. the near bankrupt state of illinois has a new way to raise money. we'll tell you all about that. you're going to love this. you're going to love this. talking about that
11:52 pm
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lou: the best attorneys in the business, lis weihl and mercedes. suing inmates to recover the cost of their incarceration. >> it costs $80,000 thereabouts to house an inmate. let them get sued. so far they recovered half a million dollars which is remarkable. >> they make $75 a month making furniture. i have used it as a prosecutor.
11:56 pm
lou: don't you want the money back? >> $75 a month. most of them will be small potatoes. very little money, and "b," we want people to go out and get jobs and get back in society. lou: that's right. don't you think it should be clear those people are responsible for what they have done to the point why should the taxpayer pay for this? >> if they are saddled with that burden it will be a disincentive. lou: also an incentive to --
11:57 pm
liberals should -- emotion alley and psychologically. >> after the time they are out, you can't keep punishing them. lou: 42 states allow them to acquire money from inmates. >> we are talking about illinois. lou: let's go to another ... >> and they can't get jobs. lou: suing over driver's licenses, illegal immigrants are upset because oregon wants to -- >> an initiative to say if you are illegal we are not going to give you a driver's license. lou: why do you need a law to air we are not going to give you
11:58 pm
a driver's license. >> it's already on the books. there are some states that will give driver's licenses to illegal. lou: california not only wants illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses, they want a motor voter law so you automatically register to vote. >> you are not permitted to vote when you are earn illegal alien. what does anybody do here when states go mad. when others are in court. why does the middle class sort of sit around and go that's somebody else's non-profit organization. the aclu. why isn't the state government taking action representing most of the people in the state rather than the specific small special interest groups?
11:59 pm
>> the legislators can't step in. they can sort of do that. lou: would you work pro bono for the non-profits? >> sure. we are pro bono. lou: the shock on their faces. >> free legal advice? i don't know about that. er in kay dee -- mercedes colwi, thank you. 99% of you have say you don't agree with president obama that the best way to fight the islamic state is to combat global warming. two sets of laws, elite and not.
12:00 am
that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. among our guests mayor bob scales. be with us, you don't want to miss it. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: hello, there. welcome aboard s.s. -- i'm watching another pile of flap jacks pile up as the state department releases another batch of hillary clinton scintillating emails. now what is left is the subtle nuances. she is an overly sensitive war hawk surrounded by people. when hillary clinton


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