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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 2, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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that's what i'm saying. >> donald trump pulled out, says loser, you're huge. maria: dagen mcdowell, keith mccollough, anthony, thank you for being here, everybody. that will do it for us, and "varney & company" starts now. take it away. stuart: i shall indeed. it's one of the big news days with news for donald trump, and isis, contained or not? and a $45 billion gift to charity. good wednesday. we'll start with trump. he he's first and marco rubio is second: isis is contained, no, it's not says his top general. 250 troops are on their way overthere. facebook guy mark zuckerberg
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will give away $45 billion. extreme generosity or tax avoid dance dressed up as a charity. let's not be cynical. try this, does president obama know the true meaning of christmas? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. let's start with the latest quinnipiac poll. there you see. donald trump 27 and rubio moves into second place and carson and ted cruz tied for third, jeb bush fifth, but the new york times reports the g.o.p. is becoming panicked about trump getting the nomination. why don't we bring in art laffer. he's got a smile on his face. we like that to start the show. >> i love it. stuart: is the g.o.p. rightfully scared about donald trump? >> no, they're not. donald trump would be a fine
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president if he gets nominated and elected. if he gets nominated, he will be elected. i remember all of these stories, stuart, about reagan. it's the exact deja deja vu al again. donald trump knows how to run things and be a great president. so would the others, cruz, and jeb bush, they're great candidates and forget about trying to control the lead because you're an establishment republican. we have no establishment republicans supporting us in 1980 until we beat bush and then they came and join us. stuart: and you are not an establishment republican. are you? >> i hope i am, i'd like be an establishment republican, but i guess i loved reagan and i guess maybe established. but we had the california crowd back then. if you remember, darden, holmes, bill wilson, all of those guys, they ran the campaign, they got it going and we beat bush and then came and
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joined us, that's fine. i love the establishment republicans, they've done a great job and are wonderful, but donald trump is not our enemy. donald trump is a wonderful candidate. stuart: there you have it. there you have it, first thing on a weapons morning, art laffer peace maker from tennessee. excellent, art, woo stay there, we've got more for you. stuart: liz. >> not so sure i'd give the same answer. the issue for establishment republicans, there are other candidates who, when facing off against hillary clinton in a pretend face-off now, do much better than donald trump. he loses quite often. marco rubio always wins. i think that's why people are looking at this as a race that they'd like to see-- >> look at this, move onto the democrat side of the same poll, the quinnipiac pole, 60% don't believe she's honest. ashley: because she dodges the questions about policy and her
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parsed action and doesn't care about the vote. that's coming through as well. i'm surprising it's only 60% after the e-mails and the thousand classified e-mails apparently there was not supposed to be one. stuart: and wow, spends a couple of weeks in paris and-- . [laughter] >> i have to move on. so much to pack in the show. look at dow futures, please. i've got to tell you, one good rally, because 112 points up will put us at 18,000. by the way, janet yellen speaks about lunchtime today. and the pundits say she will stick with a rate like this month. okay. dow is going to be down a few points at the open. how about the price of oil? we could see some big movement here today. inventory numbers coming out in the next hour. depending on those numbers, you know, you could see the $40 per barrel level challenged today. not making a forecast, but
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watch out. gas, $2.03 per gallon, the national average. it didn't budge overnight, we're stalled, apparently on the road to a buck 99 and i hope we'll get there. and individual companies and stocks, yahoo! crunch time for them. there are several reports that say yahoo! is considering a sale of its core internet business. all right, ashley, if they sell the core internet business, what are they? >> that's a good question, what are they? i think the fact that we're having this discussion shows that marissa mayer is not done, but huge concerns about what she's done. she's entering the fourth year. it should be pointed out that yahoo! mail and news is the most visited on the web. 210 visitors in october, but they're not just jumping on that opportunity and hasn't taken off. she hasn't made it what it
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should and could be. stuart: the value on the stock is made up of other companies that yahoo! bought into. it's not the core. ashley: given the fact they wouldn't allow the spin-off of alibaba and yahoo! japan and gave any-- that's fully taxed. that final, with the final nail in the coffin, to be honest, for marissa mayer. >> it's like obama with isis, there's no clear strategy. i think that people want the direction. stuart: that was good. >> i had to get back. stuart: having been in paris for a week. how about this one, facebook's mark zuckerberg commemorating the birth of his daughter with a big pledge. an open letter he addressed to his daughter nicknamed max. he says, today your mother and i are committing to spend our lives doing our smart part to help solve these challenges. we will give 99% of our facebook shares, currently about 45 billion, during our lives to advance this mission. liz, i want to know what was
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your first reaction, very first raesh raeshgs-- reaction when you heard what he was doing. >> surprised at this age someone would take this step. usually it's an older person for their legacy. clearly, postpartum joy, they're parents for the first time and thinking, wow, this is an amazing change in our life and the world and we all had that, remember? . many times over. >> exactly. stuart: where is art laffer, by the way. >> it's clear he wants to have some influence over that money and how it's spent for rest of his life. by setting it up in this way, he'll be able to do that. it's an interesting idea. stuart: art laffer is with us. do you think i'm just a sin nick if i were to say that zuckerberg's gift is essentially tax avoidance dressed up as a humanitarian measure. >> you're completely right. he's giving away $20 billion
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worth of tax revenues given that he's a california resident and that just isn't what people should force the government to do. i think he should-- i don't think they should allow to have anyone have these deductions on the tax code. if that's your right to do, don't give away your tax money. that belongs to the federal government and you shouldn't be able to give that away without any-- >> whoa, whoa, are you art laffer? what happened to you? it's not your money? it's the government's money? it should rightfully go to the government? what are you saying? >> well, you know, i'm saying that i think the income tax exists, i think it's legal, i think it's correct. i think that, taxes are owed the government by the citizenry. that's what you need, the price you pay for a civilized society. i agree with that. i think the rates should be lower and i don't think there should be deductions like this. it's not a good deduction when
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warren buffett gives away $2 billion to the bill and melinda gates foundation. he's using that action taxes. and he explicitly said you've got to return my money if the tax law changes. that's what they're doing and exact the way they're doing it and we're losing revenues on the money they made. this guy has done a great job, a great company. made a lot of money and god bless him for doing that, but let him give away his own money. >> that was a laffer curve ball. stuart: that's a laffer curve ball. >> we should have a flat tax, one rate across the board. no exemptions, you pay a percentage of your income and that's it. stuart: and around the table, if you've touched a nerve, we've got you on videotape. >> i'm 75 years old, so don't hold your breath. stuart: art laffer, thank you very much indeed. all good. and try this one, the richest contract for a major league
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pitcher, ever. jo ling kent has the number. jo: stuart, how would you like make 217 million for throwing a baseball. stuart: how do you know i don't? >> that's how much the pitcher the red sox, david price is getting in his deal with the red sox. the left-hander is getting the most ever for a major league pitcher and the biggest contract in red sox history. and e. coli has spread from chipotle to costco potentially affecting starbucks, wal-mart, safeway and 7-eleven. it's from taylor farms specific and recalled, as you know. the e. coli in this celery is more dangerous because it can lead to kidney failure. 19 people have contracted e. coli in seven states so far. rambo may be coming to a tv near you soon. accordi
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according, fox is developing it with sylvester stallone and explore the relationship between rambo and his son, jr, who is a navy seal. stuart: an armed or dangerous person spotted on or near the university campus at chapel hill. have you got more. ashley: the siren sounded and a report, an armed or dangerous person on or near the campus. students are told to go inside and close doors, stay there. that's all we have at this hour. stuart: thank you very much. now to the fight against isis, president obama says that isis is contained, but his top military advisor disagrees with him. we'll deal with that next.
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>> from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them.
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they have not gained ground in iraq. stuart: that was november 13th. we have contained isis. that was the president speaking right before the paris attacks. now the joint chief's chair says isis is not contained. roll that tape. >> we are technically not at war. >> if we're not effectively at war, we said we currently contained isil? >> we have not contained isil. >> have they been contained at anytime since 2010? >> technically they have abouten strategicically they've spread since 2010. stuart: joining us is a republican from alabama. who is running the show? that's a district contradiction between the president, commander-in-chief, and the top military guy. >> before we get started, who is that guy masquerading as art laffer.
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stuart: i was shocked when he said. who is in charge? >> technically the commander-in-chief is in charge. whether he listens to the secretary of defense or the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff that's for the president to decide. ultimately the buck stops at his desk and he makes those types of decision. stuart: we're reporting now 250 special ops forces, troops are on their way over there. that's boots on the ground. those are guys who are going to be there on the ground. what is going on here? >> well, apparently, the president of the united states is starting to recognize the threat that the islamic state has, not only for the middle east or with boca haram, one of its subdivisions if you want to call it in africa, and we've seen out reach to paris and islamic state's abilities to recrete -- recruit here in the united
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states of america. hopefully the president is recognizing this and acting accordingly. stuart: and ted cruz, and the quinnipiac poll shows donald trump 10 points ahead of marco rubio, cruz is there and has 16%. there's some talk that establishment republicans, i don't know whether you're in this camp or not, are panicking at trump's big lead. what do you say? >> i'm not panicking, i think that donald trump is playing a significant and positive role in this process. the establishment candidates are frankly, rubio, kasich, jeb bush, they're fighting over 20 to 30% of the vote and-- ted cruz is not established guy. stuart: why? >> why? because the positions he's taken that clearly delineate that he's different than the leadership of the house, the
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leadership of the senate, and the leadership of the republican national committee. ted cruz is fighting those things that are opposite of what the people of measured america want. even though he's in the united states senate he's clearly established himself as not being an establishment candidate. stuart: okay, republican from alabama. thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. stuart: do you remember this guy? i'll show you his picture. he's been on this show and raised the minimum wage for $70,000 for all of his employees. the mainstream media loved it. turns out he may have done it to avoid a lawsuit. general tom mcnerney say he doesn't have the strategy. >> thises a man who lives in his own world, a fantasy world what he wishes it were, when
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you point out the facts to him he gets petulant and snarky and yells a the someone like me, all i want is for the syrian refugees to be vetted. and the fbi says they can't be vetted. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> prepare yourselves.
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watch this dash cam video show a deer, whoa, struck, it flipped through the area and it was uniphased, it ran into the woods. ashley: german judge gave it a 10. stuart: very good, ashley. dan price, he raised the minimum wage for all employees to $70,000 a year. reports say he may have done it to avoid a costly lawsuit. ashley. ashley: this is interesting, he did this back in april and slashed his own salary, it's important from over a million a year to 70,000 just like everyone else. his brother filed a lawsuit two weeks before he did that saying his combination was excessive and out of skew with the rest of the company. dan price himself, who we've had on the show many times, likeable guy, he said, no, that suit was filed after i made the
9:24 am
move, he didn't like that i gave them 70,000. turns out he was served two weeks before. >> the offense is a good defense-- altruiusm? no. stuart: to avoid that. ashley: on his brother. stuart: he's popular on the left, and doing something about income inequality in his back yard. i think he was going to run for office until this. >> exactly. stuart: i'm cutting you off. >> i was going to say, so much for the political campaign. i don't think that works well. stuart: how about yahoo! the share price is about to go up. there's a lot of talk it's about to sell off its internet business. how about in? i'm finding this frankly, disturbing, from facebook. the picture led to the arrest of the dog's owner who will be punished for animal cruelty. judge napolitano is on his way on that one.
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the opening bell is next.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. speak to argue art laffer? what happened to you? it is not your money. it is the government's money.
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>> i think that it is legal. i think it is correct. stuart: i am still in shock. 1980s. ashley: we have an imposter. stuart: he is a great guy, though. you have to tune in right at 9:00 o'clock. there was art lather that's a price that's all. serious stuff. i have an update on the breaking news on university of carolina capitol hill. police have issued an all clear. the campus activities can resume as normal. sirens sounded. police have come out repeat this, police have given the all clear. got it. we have the opening bell on wall street.
9:30 am
the opening bell pretty flat. closing yesterday at 17,888. 112 points shy of 18,000. let's see if we get close to 18 k today. one good rally away. 9:30 a.m. check that big board. we are down eight points. we are pretty flat in the opening bell. shouting distance of 18 k. whether we get there or not today i think depends a lot on the federal reserve. janet yellen makes a big speech about lunchtime today. we will be talking about that. come on in ashley webster, hillary, daniel kramer. is 18 k on the dow performance today all about the fed?
9:31 am
>> more about what europe does. draw a bead may show some side of curveball. we are going above 18,000. we will need an economic catastrophe not to get there. we are only .62% away. nothing at all. stuart: all of those fine americans that are investors. they are looking at europeans. [laughter] liz: throwing more money into the system. he could be doing that tomorrow. stuart: do think that the dow goes up to 18,000? >> i do. stuart: the premise of the opening blog. is this all about the fed? >> it is a little bit of both. i think that it is primarily
9:32 am
what we have going on here. tomorrow i will be looking at the isam nonmanufacturing number. communication was lousy yesterday. that is what i will pay attention to. if we see any drop in this, i will be concerned about the stock market and what the fed will do in the future. watch this isn number. that is really important. big numbers on how much oil is in storage today. you could test $40 a barrel today. i think that would take the dow down if we drop below $40 a barrel. the dow goes down. >> i think you have this whole momentum thing. they could very well do that. i was just talking with a friend prior to this. there is a whole bunch of supply
9:33 am
out there. though poor countries that need this and that includes russia right now. continuing to pump so supply will be there. >> the dollar strengthens. when that happens, oil goes down. >> stocks go up. >> certainly. >> the impact will be that the region in the united states, you know, producing oil. that will be impacted. a good time for our economy. stuart: down 30 points. "wall street journal" reports it is considering the sale of its core internet businesses. what is left of yahoo! if it sells off? yahoo! news, i suppose.
9:34 am
>> all yahoo! is is investing in aly baba. $14 million of yahoo! shares. it is all about aly baba. there is not anything else. stuart: i think of yahoo! as an old internet company. liz: social media and apps that have blown up the one internet portal model. people are getting information from all sorts of places. not just one portal. >> i have to be honest. a very clear strategy. stuart: a tough crowd. you really are. >> i do not think that that means much to credibility. >> okay. gerri: about to read some interesting news.
9:35 am
boy have they had a terrific year. start with amazon. $680 a share. that is up 118% this year. netflix. up 156% this year. how about apple. down $0.21 this morning. facebook. 37% higher than it was on january 1. speaking of facebook. big pledge from mark zuckerberg. actually, ashley, you want to tell everyone about it? >> 99% of his stock in facebook. $45 billion worth. that is a huge amount of money. i know you are laughing. you are saying this is a tax dodge deal.
9:36 am
he is an inspiration to the world. stuart: i think that it is extraordinarily generous. a terrific aim to do. i think it is a tax avoidance. liz: capital gains taxes. state taxes. taxable income. how about google. and internet watch drop group accuses google of spying on schoolchildren. liz: filing a complaint with the trade commission. you must probe what google is doing. laptops giving to students. google can access the data and store it. youtube videos that are watch. passwords. social media contacts.
9:37 am
they can hold onto that data once the students graduate. stuart: is that a good thing or a bad day? >> it is a hit to its brand. it does not look good. stuart: costco. the e. coli outbreak being traced to a salary supplier in california. that recall affects walmart and starbucks as well. i am not trying to link e. coli with the share prices. the real danger, in my opinion, is a class action lawsuit. >> absolutely. they will go after the grocery chains included. they are all involved in this now. 152 products.
9:38 am
you have a problem like that. the chicken salad turkey sandwiches. class action lawsuits are coming. >> big deals. qualcomm is a winner. spell it out. nicole: leader in next-generation wireless. the leader and best performer in the s&p 500 today. that is because they made a deal with a leading chinese smartphone internet company. with that, the agreement gives qualcomm a big pop. around three or 4%. taken off. the momentum of a% now. stuart: a big game for a stock like that. mcdonald's. i do not believe this. a new service option.
9:39 am
600 of its restaurants in california. order at the counter and employees serve customers in their seats. counter service, i guess you would call it. >> it is another good effort by mcdonald's. trying to improve their brand. eggs that came from chicken that got the runaround. liz: ronald mcdonald. that is what you would like. [laughter] stuart: why is the stock down today? liz: probing mcdonald's for refusing european countries. caching nearly $200. you know, mcdonald's has been under fire for this since 2005. >> they the europeans are really
9:40 am
after the two u.s. companies. it will cost a lot and back taxes. stuart: why don't we just ban all of these american technology companies. just a single big-time tech winner. the rest, they are nowhere. moveon. how about this. did food companies. news on them. jumping on the healthy bandwagon. but placing artificial ingredients with natural ingredients. red dye 24. ashley: it does not come cheap to do this. you have almost the fires. they sound lovely. trying to replace them with natural ingredients. very costly. trying to get it right by using
9:41 am
natural ingredients. it is what the consumer is demanding right now. >> rightfully so. those colors are dangerous and they have been for years. stuart: are you really afraid? >> yes, i am. i do not eat the red m&ms. [laughter] stuart: told to move on no matter what. down one point. 17887. now this. thanks, everybody. the opening block on wall street. the venue, dan. i know you did not get much of a say today. i will bring you back tomorrow. turkeys shoot down with russia. showdown, i should say. escalating. vladimir putin say they shot
9:42 am
down his military threat. russia says it has the proof. sounding the alarm. jeff sessions says a year in spending bill will allow president obama to bring in thousands of refugees. if not, it does not pass. the government could face a shutdown. he joins me next. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself.
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it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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stuart: it is a flat wednesday training session. technology, that is where the action is. technology sector led by gato in qualcomm. look at google.
9:46 am
a new all-time high earlier. do not have it on that particular screen. how is this for a headline. the year and spending bill. amounts to a black check to carry out the resettlement plans. jeff sessions. senator, always able pleasure. welcome to the program. this is the army bus spending bill. if you vote against this money, can you shut down the government? well, i do not think so. constricting or controlling it. he would be shutting down the government then. congress has a clear responsibility to honor the taxpayers money. the way the law is set up, the
9:47 am
president can bring in as many refugees as he would like. they all have to be borrowed. >> the tradition. a little riot. bringing in as much as he wants. >> we can put that language in the bill. transferring the power that would set the limit. we can also demand that the president account for the cost of that and make sure that it is paid for. the situation is critical. we have people all over the middle east. seizing this opportunity to claim refugee status. then we will continue to see that here. we have to get control of it. >> the middle east.
9:48 am
everybody that is in a unstable situation. the release in the area. you have to create safe zones in the area. neighboring countries participating and keeping those refugees as close to home as possible until they can return. in the past, republicans have paid a political price with it. it would not be the republicans fall. it will be that administration which loses politically. we would be funding the entire government of the united states. simply saying that we want to account for the number of refugees. we want to be sure that we have the money to pay for that cost. absolutely. he would be shutting down the government. we have to invest time and effort in explaining to the
9:49 am
american people. they would get it quickly, i think. stuart: thank you for joining us. always appreciate it. russia's defense ministry. turkey is the main consumer of isis lail. >> oil controlled by isis is being entered into turkey on an industrial sale. no proof that it is going into turkey. our country has not lost its value so much to buy from a terrorist organization. he will quit if the allegations are proved to be true. stuart: a russia turkey spat. the jet was threatening the oil that turkey wanted from isis. stuart: thank you very much, indeed he had hillary clinton
9:50 am
not coming over as honest or trustworthy. mia love will join me on that paul later in this program. a woman puts duct tape on her dog and then uploads a picture on facebook. now she is being charged with animal cruelty. ♪ ♪
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stuart: rejecting the bid for independence. they wanted to be set apart by 2017. that said, no. you cannot do that. you will violate the constitution. you cannot break away. stuart: the richest region in spain. there is outrage about this. it is a picture of a dog with a muzzle taped around it. this is posted on facebook. the woman who did post it is being charged with animal cruelty. judge napolitano is here. >> i am a dog lover, as you know. you do try cases involving it. the question is, did she bring
9:55 am
this on herself? putting a picture on facebook. stuart: exactly. she posted the picture. is that an admission of guilt? >> in admission and the fact that she did. wide. how long. what harm was caused? >> the lady who did it, she said it was only on the dog's mouth for a couple of minutes. she did it to stop him from excessively barking. >> it looks cool. repellent. harsh. unjustifiable and got wrenching. this is not something that you would ordinarily go to jail for. the dog survived this. does not appear to be any harm at all.
9:56 am
per minute or temporary. stuart: all of a sudden you post something to facebook. the world passes judgment. stuart: other areas, it is brooks counting the loot after a bank robbery. somebody post that on facebook. this is a wonderful business television. yesterday i had the original paper. today i am talking about tape on the snout of a dog. only on television. only in america. [laughter] stuart: i have 20 seconds. you looked at the paper and you solve this. it was crossed out. that is important. >> yes. had that been made known to the
9:57 am
public, people could have argued he changed his mind. you know they love to make arguments like that. [laughter] a great event to have that document in our hands and examined it right there. [laughter] stuart: judge, you are all right. donald trump leads by 10 points in the latest poll. the republican party is in panic mode because of that. mia love is up next. the man who says that the nfl needs to let off duty cops bring guns to nfl games.s we have him on the show.ow the second hour just two minutet away. ♪ i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. >> the second hour of "varney & company" starts right now. donald trump increases his lead in the polls and the new york times says the republican
10:00 am
establishment is in panic mode. president obama has repeatedly said isis has been contained. his top general says, no, it's not. and 250 american troops are heading to the mideast. mark zuckerberg celebrates the birth of his daughter by announcing he will be giving the bulk of his fortune to charity. 10:00 eastern, hour two, "varney & company" starts now. ♪ >> how about this? big news in politics, it's a new quinnipiac national poll, national, repeat that, please. trump 27%, rubio 17%, cruz, jeb bush, carson. the g.o.p. says they're in a standoff with donald trump and
10:01 am
virtually in panic mode. joining us mia love, congresswoman welcome to the program, where have you been? >> congratulations to you, becoming a u.s. citizen, that's exciting and i'm so proud. stuart: thank you, i appreciate that, thank you. are you in panic mode because trump is pulling ahead? >> no, i'm not in panic mode. i don't think that anybody should panic. the g.o.p. field has something for everyone. they offer something for everyone. i'm not surprised that marco is starting to move up. everyone who hears him, hears his positive agenda and knows he's strong on national defense, exactly what we need and strong on his economic policies, also. things are moving where they need to be moving. stuart: i was reading "the washington post" this morning, and dana milbank on the left, a prominent op-ed opinion writer and he says that trump is a racist. that's what he said, he said it
10:02 am
right like that. what's your reaction to that? >> hear is my reaction, it's time for americans to stop dividing each other. i'm so tired of this divisive language. i consider myself first and foremost a mother, a wife, a u.s. citizen, a utahan. that's how i label myself. it's time for us to come together as americans and do what we can to make sure we help every single one of us from all walks of life and races. stuart: maybe trump is pulling us apart, some of the his comments about mexicans and women. they are not inclusive. they're divisive. >> look at trustworthy polls. these are things that americans fear. they're looking at some of the divisive language and saying, i just don't trust this person. it's time for us to have a leader that's going to unite us as americans. you know, we have lived under these terrible negative policies for the past seven
10:03 am
years. liberals give all americans, especially the poorest among them exactly what they need to stay exactly where they are. where our policies lift people and give people the opportunity to get as much as they want. so, this is the type of language we need to start talking about. we need to have a positive agenda moving forward and that's the candidate i'm looking for, someone who wants to help all americans, all of americans from all walks of life and i, again, this is the reason why you're seeing the polls leaning where they are. you've got this untrustworthiness which i think should be a concern. stuart: you look like you're having a real good time in congress. [laughter] a smile on your face and positive. always enjoying yourself, aren't you? >> i love the policy portion of it. i hate the politics. i, again, i am here because i'm doing everything i can to make sure that i leave my children and all other american children the strongest america that i possibly can.
10:04 am
it's not always fun here. it's a lot of -- it's a lot of hard work. i love my home a lot better. you know, people in utah are a lot more pleasant than they are in d.c. [laughter] >> there's a slam. >> i'm sorry, it's true. i love utah and not going to shy an i way from it. people are ornery here for a good reason. stuart: you can come on this program anytime you like, mia. we love having you, that's a fact. mia love, republican utah, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now this, the quinnipiac poll on hillary's trustworthiness, listen to this, 60% do not think of hillary as honest and/or trustworthy. i was going to ask mia that question, i think she's gone and left us, but that's quite a number there. 60%. look who is with me, steve forbes is with me and he's going to comment spur of the moment.
10:05 am
60% untrustworthy, that's a big number, isn't it? >> it is and on the democratic side they had a real contest if somebody like biden stepped up, that would have been a tough fight for her, especially in the early states. bernie sanders imploded in that first debate and has been scrambling since, but that high negative shows that one, there's a if a democrat renegade wants to get in. two, for a possible third party and three, shows republicans they nominate a presentable candidate they're going to wind by a landslide. stuart: o, careful. >> and you can vote now. >> see this. >> write checks to canada. >> i don't do that. you said the time for a ren gait -- renegade candidate could step up who would that be? >> on, maybe john kerry or al
10:06 am
gore, they have to make up their minds. there's a vacuum there, okay. stuart: hold on for a second, i want to ask you about mark zuckerberg in a moment. let me take care of other business first. prep yourself for some, okay? check the big board, please. this is ted-- dead flat. this puts us 219 from 18k. everybody is going to read the tea leaves to see whether we'll get a rate hike or not. frankly, i don't know how the stock market would react to a rate hike. it could go up? liz: the jobs report and-- >> maybe janet yellen knows something about that. put me back with the alphabet.
10:07 am
it reached 791, okay? big tech is really doing well. talking of which, look at this, amazon, that has just hit an all-time high, $681 a share, it's up $2 today. i heard, who was it mike murphy. ashley: 850. stuart: talk about 850 for amazon. ashley: and then he said a thousand after that liz: that's neck and neck with apple. we don't know, it's coming at half a trillion. stuart: for amazon and for apple. how about netflix? i believe i saw that go by, new high, 129.50. up another 4 bucks today. big tech is making big gains. and that's a fact. how about the price of oil? this is important. right now it's about 41 # a barrel. in 20 minutes we'll get the news of how much oil we have in storage, in other words, how
10:08 am
much oil supply there? if there's a big increase in supply, you could see oil below $40 a barrel. that's not a prediction on my part, it depends on numbers at 10:30, but that is a possibility. how about the price of gas? it was plunging. it's not anymore. it's stalled on the downside. i'm very sorry to say that, 2.03 as the national average and there's no change from yesterday. how about yahoo!. the wall street journal reports the company may be selling off its core internet business liz: basically yahoo!'s stake in alibaba and yahoo! japan is equal to yahoo!'s market calm. -- market cap. it's not worth much of anything. this is a relative of the dot-com era. everybody would come to one site for everything and it's blown up by social media and that's been blown up by apps. so, marissa mayer has whether
10:09 am
or not she can sell it. she want today merge it with aol and verizon. the question, who would buy yahoo!'s internet business, could it be a private equity shop? we've got carl icon and an activist investor. ashley: m of the went absolutely nowhere liz: she's probably right to move now, to sell it. stuart: i'm interested that you call it a relic. since when has any internet company has been a relic liz: this is like the sewing machine of internet. ashley: rotary phone. stuart: facebook chief mark zugger berg, they celebrate the birth of his daughter by writing an open letter. today, your mother and i are committing to spend our lives doing our small part to help solve these challenges. we will give 99% of our facebook shares, currently
10:10 am
about $45 billion worth, during our lives to advance this mission. the aforementioned steve forbes is now going to pass judgments on this. is it tax avoidance dressed up as a humanitarian measure. >> i think it's emotions having the first baby and looking into the future. stuart: really? fascinating, really? >> he's a young man and has a whole lifetime ahead of him. he's hit it as hard as anyone does in the world and what do you want to do next? andrew carnegie waited until he was retired to give away money. and bill gates retired fairly early and why not? he has to figure out what kind of model. one of the things that warren buffett did, pledged any money he gave away or let's say gives 10 # billion or something, has to be spent within a certain period of time. he does not want bureaucracy feeding off what he's going to give.
10:11 am
stuart: you approve of it? >> sure, that's what america is about. free markets are about serving needs and wants of others. philanthropy is about serving the needs and wants of others, and that's why some are entrepreneurs. stuart: we had art laffer on the show this morning and surprised everybody by saying, some of that money, some of that $45 billion, that's the government's money. it should be paid in tax to the government. that was art laffer saying that. >> christmas spirit. [laughter] >> you're friend of his. no problem whatsoever? >> why not? >> and other rich people, what's wrong with you, you've got a few hundred million, why can't you give it away. >> warren buffett and bill gates have been doing this pledge not just the united states, but a pledge to give away half of your assets during your lifetime or in your will when you leave this world.
10:12 am
so, why not? >> i want to ask you, steve forbes, did they come to you and say give. >> i said i'd love to, but look at the forbes 400. i still haven't made it yet. stuart: steve forbes, good man. [laughter] see you later. the bible says when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets. so should mark zuckerberg be publicly broadcasting his big gift? father jonathan morris on that after the break. ♪ give a little bit, give a little bit of my life for you ♪ ♪ give a little bit, give a little bit of your time to me ♪
10:13 am
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10:16 am
the dow and however, there are big gains to some of the biggest technology companies, look at that. google, amazon, netflix, all of them at all-time record highs. amazon at 682 and that's been on a tear and it has been. there's lower profits and lower sales for restaurant chain bob evans farm. and there's a drug developer that says a secretary patient died in a late stage trial of its experimental obesity drug. the to being is it down 60% and that's a new low there. there's a great holiday weekend for gun sellers. jo ling kent has the numbers in case you missed it. jo: it's a big black friday. more americans had background checks for gun owners this black friday than any other day on record according to the fbi. the national system processed more than 185,000 requests on friday. meanwhile, we're taking a look at some of the gun stocks,
10:17 am
smith & wesson is up 95% this year in mostly a flat market. and there might be a christmas tree shortage this year as well. reports say because demand is reportedly lagged over the past couple of years, christmas tree growers produced fewer trees. the number of farms growing christmas trees dropped according to the usda. it's too late to do anything about the current supplies because it takes time to grow trees. 'tis the season to give. i love this story. a minnesota couple who use today rely on discarded food outside of grocery stores, dropped a $500,000 check in a red salvation army kettle in rosemont, minnesota. they're stunned by the generous donation which was their biggest ever. you can see the check there. the couple asked to remain anonymous and say they did it in honor of one of their fathers and gave with hopes of encouraging others to give as generously as they can as well. stuart: that's a wonderful thing. jo: incredible, right? love that story. stuart: yes, it is.
10:18 am
i'm going back to facebook chief mark zuckerberg because he and his wife welcomed their daughter by giving 65 billion in an open letter to his daughter. look at this. matthew 66-- 6:2. >> and truly tell you, they have received their reward in full. who better to follow mark-- i'm sorry, matthew 6:2 than father jonathan morris. what do you make of that? zuckerberg announced it to the world and made a show of the big gift and matthew suggests you shouldn't be doing that. >> there's a contrast between the two stories, the anonymous $500,000 into the salvation army and then this.
10:19 am
but what he has done zuckerberg has done and his wife is extremely acceptable and laudable as long as it's used for purpose. what jesus was warning against, what is your intention, why are you doing it? if you're doing it in order to be lauded, you're losing some of your merit. and zuckerberg and his wife, they're going to find out anyway, get it out there not for the sake of our reputation, but to encourage others to do the same. stuart: so it's laudable. >> i'm more concerned what he's going to use it for than the fact he's making it public that he's actually going to do it. stuart: should he not have paid taxes on it? by giving it to charity there's no tax on that shift. >> absolutely not. stuart: paid no tax when he cashes in the shares. did jesus not take the coin out of the fish's mouth and say
10:20 am
render unto caesar as in pay your taxes? >> yes, but our society decided it's a good thing to have charitable organizations to receive donations and to have a tax deduction from it. i think that's a very good thing because it encourages people to use their money for the sake of things that are going to benefit society. i have no problem, first of all, i'm happy to take any of your money, stuart, anonymously or publicly, to my nonprofit church in the inner city. so, no problems at all. i'm not going to give mark zuckerberg a hard time for it. stuart: if i go donate to charity, and i do, should i get a tax deduction for it? >> yes, i think so. i think it -- i think it's proved to be very beneficial for our country, for the united states of america. i think it encourages people to do what, yes, we should already do, but it also gives the power to the people to, instead of making all of the charitable
10:21 am
work done by government. i think it encourages private organizations to exist and to do the work better, more efficiently than government. stuart: now you're talking. private does it better than the government. >> absolutely. stuart: that should have been the first thing out of your mouth. >> i like to get you mad first and settle you down by throwing you a bone that we both agree on. stuart: father jonathan morris, good stuff and thanks for joining us. here is -- this is my opinion. president obama leaves the paris climate summit empty-handed, his legacy, i think is on the rocks. he's headed back to the white house, he's there. no wonder chris stirewalt said after the press conference the president looked sad and tired. >> the president is sad. that's the ongoing headline for this chapter of the obama presidency, he's very sad. he's very disappointed with his countrymen. he thinks america is not doing a good job of appreciating his leadership. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
10:22 am
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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>> we have this in from fox news. sapdy berger, former security advisor to president clinton has died. he was battling an illness. he was 70 years old. check the big board. we have the dow jones industrial average to the down side, not much. this is hardly a selloff. we're down 6 points, 17, 881. janet yellen speaks in a couple of hours, that will be important. president obama has said it many times, isis is contained. his top general says under oath, no, it's not. what's going on here. russia's defense minister says turkey is the number one buyer of isis oil. turkey's president says prove it. general tom mcnerney on the russia-turkey fight coming up. and we went on the air yesterday morning moments after
10:26 am
president obama ended his news conference from the paris climate summit. our commentators said he was tired and no wonder, he was leaving empty handed. the carbon policy has no teeth. each country sets its own goal on its measurements, if it doesn't meet the goals, they're just trying to look good to green voters. how many times have we heard the words, save the planet? the arrogance of politicians who think they can dictate the temperature of the earth 100 years from now? president obama was very much a part of it all. he knew he couldn't go for binding treaty, that would require congressional approval and he knows he wouldn't get it. the big goals for america for
10:27 am
carbon reduction would fall far short of the promises the president made. it was an idea in symbolism. he returns as obamacare begins its inevitable unravelling. as his mideast policy becomes totally unraveled, and returns after his economic recovery, again, disappoints. no wonder he looks tired and sad. his legacy is on the rocks. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running. stuart: i have though oil numbers in. we have an increase in supply of 1.18 million barrels. $40 a barrel. down 2%. checked that they board. down about 20%. leo goes down, the stock market
10:31 am
has retreated just a little bit. three big-time technology stocks. google, amazon netflix. all of them at new record highs. the online vendor, online capital partnering with jpmorgan chase. how about the bellows. exploring strategic alternatives. the stock is up. france. how about this. closing three mosques. details, ashley. ashley: and early-morning raid. two were close last week as part of the state of emergency. they managed to seize a 9-millimeter probe all over. just odd propaganda. they were authorizing a non-authorized school.
10:32 am
radicalizing its congregation. stuart: on this program that donald trump said yes we would take a look at mosques. ashley: absolutely. stuart: by now the french have done it. that is a development and they have. thank you very much. president obama said isis was contained. world that tape. >> from the start, our goal has been first to contained and they had not gained ground in iraq. stuart: that was right before the paris attacks. now listen to what the joint chief chair said yesterday. >> we technically are not at war. let me ask you this, we currently have contained isil. >> we have not contained isil. >> any time since 2010? >> in areas they have been
10:33 am
strategically spread since 2010. stuart: joining us now is general, mac and near knee. the are contained. the top says no, they are not. they are on their way. boots on the ground. can you explain what is going on and to is in charge? >> i think what is going on is the president has been conduct doing a air contained for the last few months. the general said yesterday in his sworn testimony, he told us what the real facts are. the facts are that they may have geographically been contained. the real facts are, they took down a russian airliner in egypt. they attacked in beirut. they attacked in paris. it is spreading to libya.
10:34 am
5000 isis members there as well in others. literally 10 days later, or radically contradicted by his top general. have you ever seen this before? >> i cannot remember it. it is about time. the military active duty and clearly the red tide ranks are furious with the president not telling the american people who the thread is. the violent extremism. radical islam. jihad islam. not telling them what the situation is. unilaterally disarmed. a great deal of concern going on with what the status of the american defense forces are with russia and china. a very encompassing position. now we see a new chairman and a joint chief of staff who is
10:35 am
telling the truth. stuart: fascinating. the russian plane attack. you believe that the shootdown was preplanned i turkey. our viewers are watching it on the screen right now. why would they do that? >> they want to have a competition going and a conflict between nato and russia. as you pointed out, turkey is a stronger supporter of isis. the leading exporter of their own loyal, as well as others allowing the foreign people to come in and to support isis. it is a major problem. we need to call them out on it. the washington times today, a contrived shootdown. he was only in turkish airspace
10:36 am
for 17 seconds. seventeen seconds. stuart: what does this mean? turkey is the leading importer and fundraiser using isis oil. what does that mean? aren't they a member of nato? what is going on? >> a major problem. he is and islam is. i is a said go down every three or four months. the constitution they had in those days, did not permit islam to spread. particularly radical islam. a very strong supporter of the muslim brotherhood. this is where our problem is. nato must get turkey back in line. they ought to get a constitution back in line. they condemned radical islam.
10:37 am
the moderate islam is. we have a problem in turkey today. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. , back again soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: senator chuck grassley wants to stop what he is calling taxpayer abuse. thousands of workers being paid billions of dollars to sit at home. do not work. they are on administrative leave for misconduct. we are paying them. liz: only if you are a threat to yourself, others are federal property. people are being put on administrative leave for, we don't know why. no detailed reason why. putting out administrative lead.
10:38 am
the hard, ba, social security. these agencies have no detailed reasons why they put them on leave. was it because they had a fight with their boss? there is no explanation why. there should be other punishments. they should be reassigned to another job. he is trying to put it into the law. he has been fighting this fight for years. liz: how do you perform government bureaucracy. stuart: thank you very much. we are dead flat. janet yellen speaks today around lunchtime. she will hand broadly, i think as to whether or not she will raise interest rates are not. i guess the market is really kind of waiting to hear what she has to say.
10:39 am
so is market watcher karen cavanagh. janet yellen says pretty strongly, yes, you know, risks will go up. does the stock market go up or down? >> i think that the stock market goes up. we have been waiting for this for so long. it should have happened in september. employment. check that off. inflation moving towards its target. i think the stock market will breathe a huge sigh of relief. stuart: this is not the time to raise rates. what does the stock market do then. >> i think the stock market will go down. is there something really wrong with the economy? we will be on a zero interest policy for this long. i think it will go down. stuart: a lot of analysts like you saying rates up, stock market up.
10:40 am
i cannot remember that before. can you? tmac no, i cannot. we are in an unprecedented territory. our economy is not going gangbusters, but it is growing. it is not wanting a 0% interest rate policy. that is not a good thing. we need to get back to the road to normal. stuart: big-name, huge american technology companies. going up and up and up. you are confident that they continue to stay at these lofty levels? >> it depends on their individual earnings. it is not a lot of growth out there. for now, investors willing to pay a little bit more with these companies. showing what they have in terms of earnings. they are not going to continue to go up if they cannot grow their earnings. 2015, earnings were pretty flat
10:41 am
across the board. they can relate clawback and face the headwind of the strong dollar m move forward. they can go up. stuart: you make a lot of sense. everyone around the table understands exactly what you are saying. you will be back. >> okay. thank you. the largest police union. the nfl should let off-duty and retired cops bring guns, concealed, to the games. he joins us after this. >> looking at the isis threat seriously. it is a serious threat. this is a way for them to protect themselves against an attack. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
10:42 am
to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks are not too far off the unchanged line. we did get an adp hold. 217,000 jobs added. more than expected. the dow is down three. s&p down one. the tech heavy nasdaq as a winner. technology leading the way today. intel also a leader there. other big winners include yahoo!, netflix, amazon.
10:44 am
netflix almost 170% this year. hitting an all-time high. yahoo!, big news there. cabell. options because of investments. that stock is a when. ♪
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: we keep bringing this up because this is big news. a lot of people making some serious money here. highs for those three very big companies. amazon, netflix and alphabets. now, this. the largest police union asking the nfl to let off-duty and retired vets carry weapons. >> that is not really a situation that you plan or anticipate at all. >> no one has ever discussed that with you? >> no. we have never had a discussion. we do not cover that. >> don't you think that there should be some plan? >> moving forward i am pretty
10:47 am
sure that we will have one. stuart: maybe there will be a plan for this. the president of the national -- welcome to the program, chuck. good to have you. >> thank you, stuart. good to be here. i have been to a few football games in my time. people drink a lot. a lot of alcohol in a football stadium. i am not too sure i liked the like the idea of a guy with a weapon and beer. >> it would prohibit carried by an officer carrying a beverage. if an officer decides to go to a sporting event armed, he or she would be prohibited from drinking alcohol. this is not new. the off-duty officers could carry into almost every stadium in the country.
10:48 am
it really, with the conditions being what they are in the country, uncontained as we just heard about on your show, the bottom line is, it is just a safety concern. you can add a force multiplier by having professional police officers at nfl stadiums. >> what concerns a lot of people is the role of for a nation of a lot of guns. the shooting at schools. now it isn't sporting stadiums because of the threat of isis. you understand the concern. a lot of guns to pack stadiums. i am sure you understand that concern. >> sure we understand it. professional police officers. we are not talking about anybody that wants to carry a firearm into one of those events. trained, certified, qualified to. that weapon. they had a deep complexion
10:49 am
policy. they knew where the armed officers were sitting in a stadium. in texas and minnesota, the nfl policy, all three of those stadiums have policies in place. stuart: no, we do not like this idea. generally speaking. >> not hearing back anything from the nfl other than media sources. the responses they are trying to prevent blue on blue shootings. 850,000 local law-enforcement in the united states. those are very rare occurrences. none of them have ever happened in an nfl stadium. we do not really believe that is the true reason for this.
10:50 am
we sure wish that roger caddell would stick with wearing about inflated football do not professional police officers carrying firearms. stuart: i heard that one loud and clear. we are still more than two weeks away from the release of a new star wars movie. starting today, you can get a sneak peek at a virtual reality. yes, we will explain after this. ♪ does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
10:51 am
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ >> gut wrenching. there may be some justification for it. this is not something you ordinarily go to jail for. the dog survived this. it did not appear to be any harm at all. permanent or temporary. >> the woman who duct taped her dog and post it to facebook. she got in trouble. that is just one of the highlights. we want you to tune in every day. 9:00 p.m. eastern sharp. stuart: all right. thank you very much.
10:55 am
the new star wars movie hits the theaters and in a couple weeks. starting today, fans can get a sneak peek using googles cardboard virtual reality headset. star wars hype technology stuff. cardboard gear. explain how it works. you just take your phone and you put it inside here. did you put it back together. you look through. you experience the world of star wars. especially with the force awakens. the system actually goes, ties right into the movie. ashley: i need to download an app to see the particular video? >> it goes through the star wars app. released every few days. a crinkle of sorts to the force awakens. if virtual reality.
10:56 am
liz: is a virtual reality or is it more like 3d? and how much does it cost? >> you get the special collectors edition star wars additions. you can also get google cardboard if you are not a verizon subscriber. >> it literally is virtual reality. >> there is a magnetic button in the top pier. it actually lets you interact with the adventures you are having. you have to press the button down. it used the phones magnetic sensor. you camp on what you are looking at. ashley: we are out of town. the top republican says if donald trump carries his message into the general election, republicans will hand the white house to hillary clinton. and speaking of which, hillary
10:57 am
clinton out with a new ad aimed squarely at young women. identity politics. sending it to the white house. she always has something to say. the third hour is just three minutes away. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: facebook mark zuckerberg will give away $45 billion over the course of his lifetime. it all goes towards his own charitable foundation. two minds about this. my first reaction was, that his generosity and it is. giving almost his entire vast fortune to a charitable foundation. i do not care much how much you've got. if you are giving almost all of it away, you are a generous and humanitarian kind of guy.
11:01 am
there is another side to this. if a zuckerberg giveaway, a former tax avoidance dressed up as for land trophy, if you pass away with a $45 billion fortune, there would be a gigantic state tax bill. giving it away. there is no tax on a gift to charity. brings in mind warren buffet. he avoids tax by giving away his aliens to charity. the government is so good. why are these billionaires giving their money to private foundations. one more thing. wealthy people. now to be tilted into cutting up their money, too? paragons of virtue. if you do not follow suit, you are mean-spirited. typical catalysts. i salute mark zuckerberg generosity and his vision.
11:02 am
his money will do a lot of good. i worry that his generosity will be used as a club. which, by the way, is a system that created the zuckerberg wealth in the first place. ♪ stuart: are you are laugher? [laughter] what happened to you? it is not your money, it is the government's money. what are you saying? >> the income tax exists. i think taxes are owed the government. >> i think that we have to have a word with art. judge napolitano on mark zuckerberg. charity or elaborate tax avoidance. turkey is the main consumer of isis oil.
11:03 am
i spoke to tom e niemi about it last hour. watch this. >> turkey is the strongest supporter of isis. the leading exporter of their audio. as well as allowing the foreign people to come comment and to support isis. it is a major problem. we need to call them out on it. >> the country has not lost its value so much as to buy oil from a terrorist organization. they will cut russian natural gas imports with purchases from app from africa in the united states. a new review by george washington university shows 56 people in the u.s. have been charged with crimes related to isis. that is the biggest number of terror related arrests.
11:04 am
ashley: all the way back to 2001. what is difficult is for law enforcement to figure out a single identifier. not only do they come from very diverse background, it is very hard to know who will come from the keyboard gg hottest to actually doing something. they are trying to keep tabs on these people. the hard part is, 18% of them are under 30 years old did it is a very young group as well. dagen: they reach out via the web to very young impressionable, sometimes emotionally challenged, kids that are in bad places. teenagers that are struggling. look at those two girls. they ended up in isis territory. now they are dead. stuart: listen to this. another development.
11:05 am
the french interior minister says three mosques have been shut down since the paris attacks. this is because of radical islam. >> shut it down. they shut down to last week. concerns that these are being used to radical lies those members of the mosque. they found guns, hard drives. propaganda. they use it to get the kids very young. they are under a state of emergency for the next three months. giving them a lot of extra power. shutting down mosques. >> donald trump saying something similar. he said it on this program. >> this is a big thing. they have never shut down a mosque taste on radicalization.
11:06 am
that is a term they are using for this. >> it is a very big deal. it is a huge deal. i want to move onto america domestic imports. this is good news for donald trump. he is leading 27%. ten points higher than the closest candidate. many in the gop not happy with trump. ohio gop state chairman says if he carries this message into the general election in ohio, we will hand this message to hillary clinton. the man who says that is with us now. are you rattled by trump success, sir? >> not at all. we are trying to be realistic about what happens here in ohio. the organization here, we have been extraordinarily successful over the last 25 years.
11:07 am
we are in a state where there are three quarters of a million more democrats than there are republicans. we know the key to victory will not only be holding our republican family together, but also having a message that is inclusive. picking up a lot of those independent voters. we are very aware of the rhetoric that is coming out of the trump campaign right now. it will not be good for us. >> a quiet, private meeting. donald, start messing around with ohio. this is a key state. we will win it. >> he had made some, he was trolling our governor on twitter. mind you, a 62% approval rating. the most recent polling here that has cut taxes in ohio by $5 billion. balance a budget here in ohio.
11:08 am
$8 billion project in shortfall. added 350,000 jobs to the economy here. trump has 27%. increasing his lead. >> when it comes down to the general election, no republican has ever been elected to the white house without carrying ohio. overcoming the three quarters of a million voter disadvantage that the republicans have here in the state. the incredible key piece of that is to hold the republican family together. any rhetoric trying to undo the hard work we have done for the last 25 years to make sure we have been successful as a party is unparalleled success. what we have done here, with
11:09 am
that type of inclusive message, i can tell you on the front end, national polls or even some of the other, they will not resonate. we would lose. that would, we would be missing an extraordinary opportunity. she is weak. we see her. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your perspective. thank you. stuart: we have hillary clinton releasing a new campaign ad did this one is geared towards young women. roll that tape. >> i am nine years old. i am so excited. from george washington to barack obama, it is ridiculous that there has never been a female president before. >> that is identity politics.
11:10 am
we have this poll. honest and/or trustworthy. meghan mccain is here. you saw that hillary ad. >> get a bunch of little girls sitting around and talking. i automatically have to say it is stupid, ridiculous and it will not work. >> it has worked before. if we end up losing this election, i actually agree with the man that was on a few seconds ago. a very weak candidate. if we nominate someone, i actually know. all the sudden i am really nervous. i am really anxious. i have spent my entire adult life. my entire adult life trying to
11:11 am
get young people over the republican party. the numbers that are showing between 1992 in 2012, there are more minorities voting in every election. they are not voting for the republican party. it is remaining predominantly white. in order for republicans to come into the white house. stressing young girls that may want to be another female president. that works. >> it completely worries me. 57% of voters do not know who john k sick is. when you are little girl, you want to grow up and be president. anything possible to get into power. raising issues that the other people do not raise. breaking through really fast and really hard.
11:12 am
a certain point, we will get down to the nitty-gritty. it will be a general election. >> democrats to. donald trump is a gamble. i am very nervous about it. very polarizing. >> a time story very accurate. >> i do not think that it is just the establishment. i never thought i would see the day where glenn beck and i are so aligned on so many things. i am very nervous about this in so many different ways. it looks like he will be the nominee. i cannot go for liar or crazy town hillary clinton. he is just so polarizing. i do not see how he reaches out to hispanic voters. getting all the puerto rican voters. this will get dirty.
11:13 am
women voting for the republican party. the specifics are not in our field. i was talking to patrick murray yesterday. he says that there will be a tipping point for the republican party. he does not think it is this election. stuart: hillary clinton and -- stuart: i was gagging. just so cheap and stupid. stuart: developing story. france closing three mosques because of radicalization. weapons were discovered. i have more details for you after this break. ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
11:14 am
that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:16 am
you to down 30 points on the dow industrials. janet yellen speaks about interest rates. the market is going sideways until we hear from janet yellen.
11:17 am
check the price of oil. the price therefore is down $40 a barrel as we speak. gasoline, that plunged. no change from yesterday. here is a really big deal for investors. all time all-time highs for google, amazon and netflix. worth noting that amazon and netflix are the bigger winners in the whole s&p 500 index this year. three mosques have been shut down since the terrorist attacks. this is a first. never before have they closed a religious institution might this. >> this is huge. we do not really understand what is happening in france. they have a reaping of what they have sown with this mass emigration.
11:18 am
you have hundreds and thousands of muslims coming into the country. i understand why they are trying to do it. should we do that here in america? it has been suggested on your show. the fact of the matter is, you cannot do that. we have freedom of religion here in america. if you start shutting down the mosques, they could very well try to shut down st. patrick's cathedral. that is a slippery slope. the question i have, a lot of these folks are being radicalized online. are they advocating on shutting down the internet to? what do you do? let's be honest. the muslims are. what do you do? you have some common sense are
11:19 am
profiling. they had a surveillance program here at new york city that was shut down. that was shut down by mayor bill de blasio. it is a very difficult situation. i understand what the french are doing over there. >> a practicing christian. that is you. closing down a religious institution and america. >> that is right here and shutting down anybody, stuart. stuart: thank you very much for coming on. a college student joining us. standing up to all those disruptive protests across campuses. he is fighting for free speech. stay right there. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
11:20 am
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11:23 am
and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. stuart: yahoo!. up 6%. considering a sale of the court internet businesses. that is all it is worth really. steaks and other companies. analysts say one of the most gifted items this year will be smart phones. there are a lot of choices.
11:24 am
welcome to the program. >> i am not buying that. okay. what is the best iphone? >> this is actually a difficult question. the best overall iphone. fingerprint sensors. all of these new tricks. everyone really needs to go by it. saving $100 if you are not really into all the latest and greatest. the features that apple is marketing, i barely use these features. >> i've got one. you hold down and you press a little bit harder. >> it could be a wild. we have a show to do.
11:25 am
[laughter] ashley: so much for that. stuart: what is the best android? [laughter] >> apple has five iphones out right now. they each have five android phones. top picks. samsung galaxy six. the android galaxy s 6. why is that the best? their camera is really superior. they just did a really nice job of making and ecosystem that people may want to buy into. they are doing a really good job just like apple. even samsung pay is really strong. stuart: you have 30 seconds to
11:26 am
tell me what is the best low-cost option. >> okay. you have two good options. the best one in the u.s. is the nexus five delta. if you live overseas, it will work. one plus x is an amazing deal. it is not subsidize. it is not with a carrier. a great camera. great screen. it is amazing what these chinese companies are doing. i do need a lot of help. fox told me it was a six as. >> i have no idea. [laughter] stuart: giving away 99% of the fortune to charity. an act of goodwill. napolitano, the judge, is next.
11:27 am
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11:31 am
. stuart: slipping a bit. down 39 points now at 17,848. everybody is waiting for janet yellen so speak on interest rates in about -- i think about two hours. check the price of oil. big increase in supply and, boy, is it down. 40.72. down 2.5%. and this. a new study from george washington university finds a link between social media and terrorism. >> we want to show you the stats on the screen right now. george washington university did an in-depth study about those who support and consume isis-related material online. here it is. the average age of the isis supporter 26 years old, oftentimes arrested in 21 states led interestingly by new york and the state of minnesota. nearly all of them are u.s. citizens, 40% are islam, 83% were arrested some time this year so far.
11:32 am
if you look further into the data they're providing, 86% are male, which is no surprise with 61% tried to travel abroad either successfully or unsuccessfullily. stuart: # 51% of them? >> 51%. and 27% according to george washington university are involved to carry out a plot here in the united states. stuart: and this was picked up on social media? >> this is analyzing law enforcement, legal records, court records, and online data and if you look at where they're most active on social media, twitter is the most popular. stuart: interesting stuff. >> i've got more later. stuart: thank you. meanwhile facebook chief mark zuckerberg he and his wife used the birth of their daughter to say they're going to give away $45 billion. judge napolitano is here to tell us about this stunning development. wait for it --
11:33 am
>> from my prior life. but go ahead. stuart: is this a sophisticated tax avince scheme dressed up as charity or is it genuine generosity. >> now, how can i know the answer to that? listen, justice oliver said no one should pay a dollar more in taxes than they truly owe. and we are given the means in this country by which to structure our income in order to avoid taxes. something you would profoundly agree with. so this would really depend on what he owns and how he owns it. does he owns these shares already, are they in a trust? what would then evaluated? at their value today or when he sells them? will he just give away his shares? . stuart: to a charitable foundation. >> correct. stuart: and they pay no tax when he sells out of profit. >> correct. stuart: so the government is
11:34 am
going to lose out of maybe $20 billion here. >> well, the government's tax laws are structured to encourage this behavior rather than keep it all in one place to be divvied up in his estat. stuart: yeah. >> so it's the government's own fault. if you want to give me this false front of being in favor of big government and high taxes, which i know you're not, but it's the government's own fault for structuring tax laws that induce this behavior. look, he can't take it with him. he has to do something with it. it would be more enjoyable for him to see the fruits of it now or while he's -- he's a young man. i don't even think he's 30 years old to see this bear fruit in the next 40 or 50 years. now, look, he has an unhappy, unpleasant example of serious charity involving now senator former mayor cory booker and chris christy.
11:35 am
the $100 million given to the school system was matched by other charities to 200 million. nothing to show for it. no serious building, no serious increase. stuart: zuckerberg gave 100 million. >> yes. and he has learned from that lesson. needs more control over the way his money gets spent or he needs some professional intermediaries to tell him about it. stuart: you can see what's coming. the left is going to say, look, this guy's a good man. why don't you other rich people doing the same thing. you are mean spirited -- >> you're probably right. so the question is why does he make this announcement now? should one be silent about one's charity? . stuart: should one? >> should one not boast about one's generosity even when one has $45 billion. stuart: matthew 6:2. >> there you go. stuart: do it in private. don't publicize it like the hypocrites in the street. >> mr. zuckerberg probably likes the old testament rather
11:36 am
than the new. stuart: is that your argument. generosity and tax avince. >> and it is a shrewed use of the assets convinced to his hands. stuart: do you realize we agree on this? >> yes. stuart: it's both. it's generosity and tax avoidance do you agree with me? >> i would go one step further and say all taxation is theft. ashley: you were five seconds away. stuart: all right., judge, we thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: good stuff. how about yahoo? let's talk about individual companies and stocks. there are several reports that saying several companies, yahoo, considering selling all of its core internet business. cheryl, if they do that, what's next? cheryl: a web search portal. they're considering two things. spinning off alibaba or selling the core internet businesses. if they did both of those things, which i doubt they will to be honest.
11:37 am
you have to compete with microsoft and google and you might as well close the door. it's a restructuring play. stuart: thirty-six dollars a play, the only value in yahoo is their ownership in stakes in other internet companies. cheryl: a 40% stake in alibaba. we're talking $42 billion, and they have access to the chinese market and that's what alibaba is all about. if they lose that, they're in trouble and that's the problem here. there's a lot of activist investors been vocal today to try to sway this board. ashley: that's why they've been having meetings. cheryl: yeah,. stuart: do you realize y'all alibaba was the company founded before jo ling kent was born. >> why do you always have to bring age into it? . stuart: because i'm old. >> we also have to bring out the other major stake they have in yahoo, japan, you have yahoo japan, and then you also have alibaba. and that's really what this company is relying on. ashley: that's the value.
11:38 am
>> and the ceo coming under a lot of fire. cheryl: if you're a gambler, buy yahoo today. that's a restructuring play. >> are you the only person at fox that uses the word jerr? . stuart: i am. the dow's down 32 points. come on in. market watcher. anthony who joins us now in it midst of this because you, sir, you have a couple of stocks that you really like, and you should we should buy them. number one walmart. make your case. >> well, the reason that i'm recommending walmart in this particular point is because it's down 30%. the biggest competitor for walmart at this point is the online marketplace. the amazons of the world that are causing people to change their buying habits from these brick and motor stores to online. but the reality is swarm putting a lot of money into
11:39 am
their online presence, and i think wie got some surprises coming from walmart in the fact that they're probably going to do some things online that we're not aware of. and right now it's so cheap, under valued 30% down i think for the next four to six years it's probably a good play. and after that, who knows what's going to happen. stuart: no, that's very interesting. stock comes all the way down, invest a lot of money in online, you just they've got a good shot at a pop. now, how about apple. i know you like it. what's going on. >> well, apple's apple. apple's always been an innovation leader. the fact of the matter is that, you know, they -- they're the ones that started the smartphone industry, and there are so many invasions right now that have yet to be thought of. if we talked, you know, ten years ago about the electric car and the apple tv, you know, we would -- you would have shot me. no one ever really knew that this stuff was going to happen even a decade ago and there's so much stuff coming and they've proven they can be on the forefront of that, they'll continue to be on the forefront and was that over
11:40 am
the short run who knows what happens but over the next ten years i think you'll be glad you own it. stuart: real fast i'm going to put three big tech stocks on the screen, amazon, alphabet, google, and netflix. they're all hitting new highs today. would you put money into any of them? >> well, you know me from past cession that i'm not a big stock fan at this point anyway. and the reality to answer your question is "no." the key to this space is going to be the platform that they're running on. who can use their platform to really maximize growth and maximize profitability and they're all good in their space but they all have problems at this point. and when the market does have it's next correction, the fact is the tech stocks will lead it down, and i'm not in the market at this point to have a crash and recovery and make nothing. the reality is i want to make money with my money, and i'm waiting for a better time to buy, so right now i'm not putting money missiles. stuart: straight to the point.
11:41 am
we appreciate that. thank you very much, anthony. the issue is free speech versus political correctness on college campuses. we have the guy on the free speech guy on the show at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. innovative sonicare technology
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with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow up nearly 10 points this morning, we did pull back since then. the dow right now down about 40, the s&p 500 down 7 and the
11:43 am
nasdaq up 7. we wait to see friday job's report. today we've got private payroll 217,000 up status. more than expected. tech has been leading the way, quoll come gets a patent license agreement for 3g and 4g, that's been a leader on the s&p 500 and you could say that up 8%, yahoo, microsoft also nguyeners, new highs there for microsoft. hawaiian airlines increased profit for 2016 and that has been a winner there. that's the market from the company itself. and the rest of the airlines as oil pulls back, oil down over a buck today, we saw bills on the latest -- airlines across the board up 2, 3% respectively. start your day every day fbn 5:. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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11:45 am
in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. stuart: now this. the millennial segment of the day. got a new poll. from fusion and the washington post, and it shows 29% of those aged 18 to 35 are losing their faith in the american dream. 29% lost their faith in the dream. it was only 12% who lost their dream back in 1986. cheryl, why the big jump? cheryl: well, the reason was the same this year back in 1986 and this is the same duplicated poll they put out in 1986, it was a roper wall street journal poll that they put out. and they can't get a job, they're frustrated with the job market and they don't feel
11:46 am
they're saving money, they're getting a low paying job, sound familiar? and mostly i should say the majority of those that were dissatisfied were white and did not have college degrees. that was a majority of those. stuart: so it's the economic environment. it's the economic environment. cheryl: correct. stuart: worse today than it was in '86. cheryl: correct. and i want to add my own thought to this that this is the generation that watched their parents lose half of their -- lose their house, lose half their portfolio in the great recession. a lot of these kids that don't believe in the stock market. they don't believe in owning a home because they saw their parents lose a lot. stuart: do you remember this story, i'm sure you do. woodrow wilson's name removed from the school because they say he's racist. now the students fighting back, are you leading the movement? fating back to what the students are doing? >> yes. i'm part of a group
11:47 am
that formed the protest two weeks ago when a group of students called black justice league invaded the office. stuart: we have a video of that. what are you doing? >> well, we wrote an open letter and posted it online and in the days since posting that letter, we've received an outpouring of support across the nation from college students who are also feeling the same silencing of dissent on their college camps. stuart: and do the students have a point in going back in history 100 years and saying that guy was by today's standards, he was a racist. do they have a point? >> i think it's good that we acknowledge the sins of our ancestors but that doesn't mean we white wash history. it doesn't mean we take his name off of all of the building. we can acknowledge that woodrow wilson was a flawed man but that doesn't mean we take his name off of everything and forget all the good things he did both for our school and our nation.
11:48 am
stuart: you're going to get a lot of heat for this. >> i'm sure. stuart: you're going to be called a racist, aren't you. >> that's exactly what's happening and that's why we formed the princeton open campus coalition, many students who were dissenting against the protesters were instantly labeled racist, we had many black students at princeton who were opposed to the protest and opposed to the demands of the protesters and as soon as they voiced their dissent, they were told they weren't really black, there's this idea that if you're not supporting these kinds of -- this kind of agenda that you are, you know, not black. you're not part of the community that they're try to -- stuart: you don't appear to -- i'm not going to say you don't mind the heat but you don't seem to be affected by the heat coming at you. >> no. i'm very willing to speak out, it's an issue i care very deeply about but many of my classmates aren't and that's why we form the coalition. stuart: do you have any idea how many people in your group versus the students camping
11:49 am
out in the office. >> well, you can compare the facebook numbers. that's one way to compare the two but we don't like to see we're taking sides per se. we want to represent the entire princeton student body as we fight for. stuart: what did she free speech. >> free academic speech also free academic speech of the protesters. so we don't like to see we're taking sides per se. we represent students across campus, black, white, hispanic, conservative liberal, male, female, et cetera, we really spanned the spectrum of the campus. we had about 66 students before. stuart: you're far too young to remember this but back in my day in the 1960s, a guy in berkeley, california started the free speech movement. it turns to me we turned completely full circle. now free speech is suppressed. >> it's amazing and that's why we go to college. we go to college to engage in free academic speech and this is exactly what's being stopped. stuart: well, i'm going to call you the mario of the century.
11:50 am
>> thank you. stuart: thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. stuart: very good. i've got something very different for you. that stuffed character sitting on the balcony there he is. he's called the mensch on a bench. and for his crater it's the run away success. we have the crater, we have the mensch on the bench program when it first appeared. we're going to take full credit for it. back in a moment so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors
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stuart: does my next guest know how to leverage a great idea? our guest is the creator of the mensch on a bench. some say that is the jewish answer to the popular elf on the shelf, it happened so well they ceded a mensch app and season signed a tv deal. welcome mensch on a bench creator neil off man. i'm going to take you back a couple of years because you started out on this program. i put you on national television. don't say otherwise because i did. you owe your success to me. now, what have you got right there? is that the new mensch on a
11:55 am
bench? the new friendly version? >> it is. we have redone his face for a new more friendly look. we made his eyes a little bigger, we improved his smile and kids love it even more. stuart: okay. you also have something mensch on a bench for hanukkah, what's that all about? >> so we have -- well, first of all, i want to say you're right; right? you are the reason we're a success, you -- when we were just getting started, you took us on, you were a huge mensch, you helped us get the word out on the product, and it's gone incredibly well over the past year, two years, the, oh, hanukkah app is what we're patterning with elf yourself, you can turn yourself into a mensch and dance around. it's the first jewish app of its kind. it's been absolutely amazing. stuart: can you give me any kinds of sales numbers, i don't want you to give way your financial secrets but have you sold a few million of
11:56 am
these? >> yeah. our solds are around a million dollars a year. and, you know, last year we did about 60,000 mensches. this year we shortened it just because hanukkah falls early this year we didn't want to ship too many. but now we have that sings. we have candy bars, hot chocolate, wrapping paper, we've taken this idea and turned it into a brand. stuart: the first night of hanukkah is this sunday i think; is that correct? >> yes, it is. stuart: and first day of hanukkah would be mon, december the 7th. now, i've got to talk about money for one second. you have a small mensch on a bench doll right in front of you. how much? >> 29.99. . stuart: and how much was the original mensch on a bench a couple of years ago? >> originally it was $36, and we've been able to bring the price down as we've gotten better at making them. stuart: all right.
11:57 am
neil, i'm terribly sorry but i'm out of time. i think i gave you a pretty good circle and it was well timed right before hanukkah and commissionable. >> just tell me where to write the check. stuart: you're a good guy with a terrific idea and great businessman. great to have you on the show. >> thank you, sir,. stuart: more varney coming up for you right after this but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪
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>> the fact of the matter is you can't do that. we have freedom of religion here in america. and if you start shutting down the mosques, if you give the government that ability, then they very well could one day try to shut down saint pat path rick's cathedral or the first baptist church in dallas. that's a slippery slope. stuart: that's on closing down mosques in america because the french just closed down three in paris. you viewers were chiming in frequently about the latest poll showing donald trump in the lead. here's what richard says. trump 2016, he's going to win the gop nomination.
12:00 pm
the rest of the candidate crowd is just vying for second. one agrees says i'm not a fan of trump, i hope he's not our nominee but what goes on in this country squares me. neil: what you know i've got right here? . stuart: no. neil: i've got janet yellen's statement, i'm going to start reading it. top with that, huh? wait until we start this derivative slot thing, varney. you're going to go nuts. stuart: you're killing me. neil: thank you very, very much, stuart. we've got a lot of folks with who are really focused on what janel yellen is saying, especially when we heard from the chicago fed and said what you know? holding back on hiking interest rates, that's not a gimme, but it was a shift here on the thinking. now, we are told that later on this hour ja


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