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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪
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. lou: and a downright strange choose conference today foram the farook family attorneys cautioning against rushing to do judgment about the sane bernardino couple as alleged shooters a number of times. one even tried to paint a picture of teeeighteen as a soft-spoken traditional
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housewife. >> a typical housewife. she did maintain certain traditions from what i understand with prayer five times a day then chose not to drive. but it's and then the muslims do and it does notot mean anything. had suggested lou: nobody suggested did read anything but pledging allegiance to the leader of the islamic state before she and her husband carried out the massacre as well. that does mean something. we justin to interfirst image of the shooter teeeighteen obtained by abc news the first picture now comes in and. joining us now the former assistant former fbi agent
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an extraordinary day inhich, frt which is all declared an act of terrorism to reiterate that point how important it is it that it is declared an act of terrorism? >> we all agree this was a terrorist attack to begin with but the bottom line is the bureau has to do what they have to do in terms of supporting that contingent to obtain that evidence to show that it was terrorism and they did that today. else leave all that as well.
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their virtues statements that it was inspiration onf the part of a terrorist to recruit in radicalized. this will evolves into the direction to do the act down the line.too. doing all that needs to be done and overseas.that will shoe this is the mindset that we will have more involved with. >> than from the investigative sense of what we're talking about right about right no now diphthongs crusheds, obviously trying to destroy whatever evidence with a river communicating with and hard drives they tried to
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destroy unsuccessfully and trying to wipe out their footprints and their connections. as an investigator that is a clear statement that they have something to hide and also the information. >> that help with the planning that the material was purchased thank gathered so the assumption is going for word that there isn't a network purse say but the busier and overseas to facilitate the attack.
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and to talk about the attention between conflict and to declare this to be an act of terror. it is the highly politicized to this point to reserve itself as an island as the assistant director said as a political agency but these tensions are too apparent between the white house and the justice department. i thought it was bad optics for the attorney-general to stand next to james comey asy it turned out to be a brief statement. she looked like hers signal was cut before questions could be taken.
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these are very bad optics. >> i do agree. but the bottom line is what i take most seriously we have a director by the name of james comey of impeccable integrity and enough they will defer him from doing the right thing. he will not be persuaded by the white house, the attorney general to do something other than what he thinks it is absolutely correct. i can assure you of that fact comes down somebody to force him you will seeee horrible results. lou: we are looking at a number of large questions of semi-automatic weapons, to 9-millimeter handguns as the
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issue be was shot to pieces from the scene of their heinous act. where is this going to be dust?e for a man making for a man that was making $51,000 a year it looks like 50 -- financial support and nurture involvement by people beyond certainly the residents could take cameras and enter today. >> there are dozens of revenues to be followed including many in the state's and 20 overseas. so minutes of these investigations have been pursued. bowditch changed so from the bureau's 2.and
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from the beginning as a possible terrorist attack because of governmental posture it changes a few things but a immediately there are overseas leads sent out to track down these issues and especially the female where she was from and her background. so the investigation is proceeding this may speed up but they have been going toul full speed for the first few minutes after. lou: and as pointed out in the early hours of this terrible event we were discussing this as a terrorist act to be certain and thank you for your continued insight into what is happening with this investigation.
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and want to complement the san bernardino police their actions in responding to this attack is extraordinarys we all salute you and all those of law-enforcement there in san bernardino. great work. the fbi and leadership says americans are fearful to the point we might be paralyzed. does that hurt your feelings? or take you off?cast your vote b cast your vote at of lou lakes to everything found that the her cry minnesota share of as a close call on video they just released this video of
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a truck heading east on highway 67. the car blew through the intersection graze a the vehicle just leaving a trace of dust and he was chased down and arrested for a dwa y. for refugees and immigrants into this country and never able to get through that screening.
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. lou: in senator session in cruz is calling on the obama administration to release the immigration documents of the dead terrorist tashfeen as lohan as farook parents
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and this is what they said. >> the recruit into the united states is not limited to adult migrants bid to their young children and u.s.-born children which is my family history is necessary to understand the nature of the threat to include they have identified 12 people brought into the country as argies this year were not implicated in terrorist despite the there are no plans to review their process here is theau spokesperson being grilled by reporters on what is called the fiancee visa. >> this progress pradesh process is as rigorous? >> yes. >> just as rigorous? >> yes. >> what makes it so? >> fingerprints? >> face-to-face interviews interviews, screenings, the
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fingerprints to make here is the response when asked if there is a difference for the fiancee visa or a serious review g.? record fiji's seeking to be resettled in the united states are subjected to the most rigorous, intensive, screenings for 81 to enter the united states. the standards for individuals to enter of the at visa that you described is not as lou: so the fbi is investigating the shootings as an act of terrorism in one made it through his rigorous screening. the above administration contends as a pattern or a matter of behavior to spin away critical concerns rather act to be surgeon are
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straightforward to be certain we know who was coming into the country to put public safety and national security at risk.quotae the american people have the right to know but thisha administration begrudgingly honors their right to their work far harder to obfuscate the truth and reality simply stated there you have it, clear and there you have it straight forward. we will be right back. new presidential polls out and the other establishment candidates are not near the top will let you guess who is to not mention his name
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yet but he does have of lead. how agitated artie establishments?
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. lou: the president took a long winded attempt to try to hit back at donald trump here he is trying to defend the view that climate change could be to terrorism summit to meet people of his still
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dispute it are republicans in congress or folks on the campaign trail. >> you cannot build a border wall when it comes to curb emissions for a global temperatures or the oceans to said that climate changeni warning is one of the devastated i never heard in politics. joining us now is the blaze anchor. bid to have you with us. the dow misstatement? can you think of any that would trump it? >> get w a stupid statement no question. i don't think the president believes that if you really believe climate change was the great threat to the world he wouldn't have wasted his first year in office working on the economic belau to increase health insurance coverage to
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85 and 95 percent of america but focusing on climate change so i am not sure he believes what he says. >> it is worse than a political statement coming from our commander in chief the primary responsibility to defend our country from terrorist attacks. when he goes on about climate changes not only stupid but a non sequitur in his attention is not properly focused on the job terrord to defeat terrorism. lou: but trying to put together illegal immigration climate change and terrorism is too much for this president. i've know how to characterize it but look at trump 22 points ahead of the nearest competitor.
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i would have to think this is a seminal moment for the 2016 process. >> it turns out still nothing can stop donald trump. he was accused of making funhe of the handicapped reporter or after 9/11 but these controversies all over the media in italy increased his popularity. lou: i am annoyed a little bit. he did all that you said but what about hillary clinton getting shot at inco's ago? when about president obama accounting to. lou: states? or president obama talking
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about the special olympics? lou: the national media has a selective best to attack incorrect your stupid statements in everybody is judged the same way then go ahead. >> i don't disagree i am not trying to exonerate. lou: specifically all that you said was true. i am saying treat everyone exactly the same.. >> but my point was despitee those media going after him incessantly it has notng offered him at all. lou: so when will lead on on the media that it is not what he is saying but it is what he is doing in the way
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he dealt in his is the attention of the american public. and the other people are not doing. is a settlement of this stands up. >> the national senatorialal committee is starting to get the picture and that he identifies the issues that our important to voters and climate change is not one of them. i'm sorry immigration, a terrorism, as a parent may be tried to do with the killer bride in california that failed. lou: we will tell you about up. another night. up next obama plays down the threat of the islamic state and european nations are ramping up their efforts to destroy their radicalo islamic terrorist.
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. lou: to read a joins the fight against the islamic state in syria and thewe german lawmakers to saidot reconnaissance jets to
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provide non-combat support. the french president applauded the move thede gaullec french carrier be used to conduct strikes against the target in the u.k. started to launch air strikes in syria for the first time. vice the vice chief of staff military analyst is here.. jack, it looks as if germany and france in the u.k. are joining their russian mission against the islamic state in the united states has the ancillary role. lou: how fn't go quite that it is largely symbolic the german stowe intend to fight their provide reconnaissance aircraft in tankers and that is a good thing was soldiersnco.
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but it is stunning for over your the only rand airstrikes against iraq never against syria that is the center of gravity for isis the riyal though from syria columns all of the of held that isis imposes but then until the paris attacks by nearly gave them the spine.ason they only because public opinion started to shift in germanyan and in britain because of those attacks in the fear. euro there has been a level ofne consciousness around those attacks that nobody has seen for many years that is something we recognize going back to 9/11. lou: the first radical islamic attacked in san
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bernardino at the same time as president will not refer to the islamic state he likes to talk about isil but it is not but they're marking time with the story's end missions that are launched in syria and iraq by u.s. forces. >> what is happening after paris and the failed trades in a attack and what you see now in the united states, it is absolutely clear that radical islam and al qaeda and isis can motivate and inspire people to kill fellow citizens at home. we are not oharsh reality. we're not under a global
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stage stopping expansion. the strategies in both cases are significantly inadequate in this president will convince the selfie doesn't have to reassess.o do he says the special operations guys over there with the seventh incrementalge e change, the strategy will stay where it is time we will not get the focus or the sense of urgency and sadly more attacks in european and possibly the united states for i hope not the only way is to destroy isis to get after al qaeda once and for all.ll lou: great to have you here. the farook family attorneys spuming propaganda calling the mother a housewife in the alleged shooter several
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lou: joining me today radio talk-show host, good to have you with us. so let's start with donald trump ahead of the nearest
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rival. is that insurmountable? >> for the of their candidates? i don't know. i still think they have a chance but he has brought the right message to the party. >> had a chance? it is over 170 days number one has a 20.lead? the result may eight weeks left. nixon always said if thereni them then bet on that you cannot stop them. in full view of broad daylight to assess the candidacy of donald trump? >> i am surprised it is in a bigger.
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>> i think they are afraidid of him. >> ed to talk about the developments. >>. >> hello. they accuse so much. for stepping up to the plate looked around for you have tapped in to the american unconsciousness. lou: you can tell the large crowd did north carolina.. he has them in the palm of his hand we were told there are to disruptions and he told the security people to get them out of theirot apparently one was black lives matter.
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we don't know the other. which is what to show what is going on there. you have never seen that before a candidate talking for one hour with no teleprompter. strength and power. >> now people don't feel safe now she was allowed in she gave a the peace that they passed her now the government was to bring an assyrian refugees and trump says wait maybe not that fast. lou: comey today and declared an act of terrorism talked about the american people being afraid to lead as the london to be afraid
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to paralysis but top federal officials are accusing the american people to be concerned to the point of paralysis. put the hell does this administration think we are? that is an insult to every with the nanny state end that condescension to the american people we are better than that and theyy will catch up to who we >> it has caught up with us to re-elect a liberal college professor he cannot focus he tries to solve all hypothetical scientific problem i am not worried about the temperature by solyndra now and the 22nd century than. >> he has lost touch because of the rhetoric he is caught
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up in the lies they cannot speak the truth. finally he admitted what they knew from the outset that it was a terrorist attack or maybe a workplace violence. lou: and wanted to peddle that. the assistant director of loss in angeles. >> to make it feel like nobody is in charge right now. lou: they are in charge of the language him political correctness. so to dominate the democratic race we have 30 seconds.
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>> it doesn't matter she is inheriting the obama us fiascos period she is happy comey is keeping busy with this and offer. w >> 84 being with us. 95% say it is the appropriate time to work together to end political correctness making reference to the terrorist attack. obama refuses to call this what it is islamic terrorism. >> and as the refugees piled and. >> when i want the real story i turned to new jobs. >> em paula deen on twitter like space facebook or instagram.
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thanks for being with us today. have a g monday.g have a great night from new york. >> gunmen were throwing grenade into the crowd. what might happen during mass shootings if citizens had guns. many americans do own guns to protect themselves. but many politicians and the media want more limits. >> do you think reinstating the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines would do any good? yes. john: politicians say student don't need to protect themselves. and we must teach kid that even things that look like guns are evil.


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