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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 7, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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i am fascinated by tonight's shows. neil: putting it into perspective. seventy-four years. wow. jamie colby. we have trish regan taking it into the next hour. >> the san bernardino family members are beginning to talk. killing at the name of radicalized islam. i am trish regan. more details emerging of those terrorists. tashfeen malik, they believe that syed rizwan farook was radicalized by tashfeen malik. the rampage was financed from individuals overseas. senator lindsey graham. worried that isis has stepped up its sophistication and is where marrying off its support. >> one of the concerns has been an arranged marriage.
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a terrorist organization will marry up a couple, one already in the united states illegally. create a marriage of jihad. >> his son wanted to see the establishment of an islamic state. wanted to see the disruption of israel. confirming that syed rizwan farook went to a gun range twice to practice in the days before the deadly attacks. they were dry firing. pulling the guns trigger without the bullet. in the days leading up to this attack. finally pushing the president to address the nation in a prime time speech. offering nothing really different from the current strategy. listen to this. >> the strategy that we are looking at now, working with local forces that are fighting to gain control of their own
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company. that is how we will achieve a more sustainable victory. >> joining us right now with a look at what military steps must happen next along with blake bergman. first, let's go to jeff flock who has new details on this murderous couple. jeff, what more do we know right now? >> it does seem that there were a lot of, shall we call them, warning signs out there. the latest is an interview done with a friend of syed rizwan farook who said he told him that he planned to leave the u.s. because he could not practice the kind of islam that he wanted to. as you see, over my shoulder now, press conference getting ready. about it hour away.
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we will get you the up to minute details when we get them. trish, back to you. trish: this administration is working on a new kind of homeland security. like bergman joins me with more details on that. >> the new system will be unveiled in the upcoming days. that is according to jay johnson. give a miss hit earlier this morning. the national terrorism advisory system. the threshold, the bar has been set too high. it replaced the color-coded system. johnson said, part of what they are trying to accomplish with this new system is having a level. having a specific credible threat. kind of a way to be able to engage the american public more.
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all of this comes after the president gave his speech here at the oval office last night. the san bernardino shootings were being investigated as terrorism. >> i want to turn to retired attorney general with more on what needs to be done right now to fight isis. we just learned that the head of isis in libya has been killed in a drone strike. nonetheless, clearly still many more isis fighters and leaders that need to be taken down. how would you sum up where we are right now? >> the president said right now that the thread is evolving. it is not evolving. it is growing. they are winning. the perception in the muslim world is that they are winning. the ability to gain recruits is rising faster than our ability to kill them.
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unfortunately what the administration is doing is they are indulging in incrementalism. it is not enough. a couple of things need to be done. we need an air campaign, not a pinterest campaign. we need to remove the rules of engagement. we need to massively increase our nitrate capability. this is the ability of special forces to strike at the center of places like isis. eventually, we have to put together a land campaign that will take out the emotional psychological center of gravity. it is going to happen eventually. the only question is how long. >> let me start with the first point.
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how would you change them right now? >> right now, the rules of engagement say you cannot strike a target if there is a risk of carving a single individual on the ground. that is why we did not strike those convoys in the last month. we have to allow our air power to strike inside the cities where isis has hidden their headquarters. their bomb making facilities. unless you strike at the center of gravity, nibbling around the edges will do you absolutely no good. >> why does the president not do that right now? changing the rules of engagement? >> no, you do not. delta and the seals do not do that at all. this would take a phone call. our flyers would be completed.
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the load still under the wings because of the frustration. we must have an air campaign that starts killing isis. very quickly before we go. how many soldiers do we need there? we heard 200. i am just a layperson here. no military experience. you need a whole lot more than that. >> first of all, this is a very limited campaign. this is a campaign that collapsed the cities of iraq. you destroy the emotional psychological spirit of isis. the power of isis declining. it will then become more worried about getting a way from our allies rather than plotting
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overseas. who knows. i have heard estimates 10- 10-20,000. not all americans could surround the city. >> general, thank you very much. >> nothing again specific from president hollande and last night speech. we did hear him advising americans not to let this cause a backlash against muslims in this country. >> they are our friends and neighbors. our coworkers. our sports heroes. yes, they are our men and women in uniform willing to die in defense of our country. we have to remember that. >> firing back saying the president's response is just not enough. listen to this.
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>> a growing sense that we have a president that is completely overwhelmed by this. nothing happened in the speech tonight that will employ people's fears. >> i think he was told he had to do it because people were anxious. he spent more time talking about what we shouldn't do versus what we should be aired. >> we were attacked yesterday a pearl harbor. i really do not want to talk about who did it did we are terrible people and they are thugs. >> donald trump tweets, is that all there is? we need a new president fast. is the president handling the election by not being tough enough on isis right now? not being sympathetic enough to americans that are worried right now. they are worried that the threat that some of these may live amongst us. joining me right now is leslie marshall. welcome to both of you.
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a lot of voters feel like right now there is kind of a void out there. it needs to be filled here and they need to hear from the president what he is doing. they need to hear some toughness when it comes to dealing with isis. they don't feel as though he is doing enough to do you think that he helped to lay any of the concerns to rest last night when he spoke in any way? >> absolutely not. it was an embarrassment. it was an overcompensation for lack of leadership. addressing the nation from the oval office. not to lecture to a nation. not to apologize to our enemies. we have not taken action against the muslim people. not at all. we have been tolerant of all religions. we are not scapegoating the entire muslim religion.
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we are identifying an entity. it seeks our destruction. until the president is able to identify the enemy, we will not be able to do this like we should be. >> the president is blaming us. you have to be extremely careful. you have to be extremely politically correct. that just fuels the fire. is this going to cost him? we break it down to the election. is this going to cost him his party and possibly hillary clinton? >> absolutely not. you look at the polls today. a major double-digit lead as of today. viewed not by democrats, but republicans and has been and continues to be more hawkish with regards to isis and foreign-policy. that will not hurt him. well we look at what the
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president said or did not say, there is no backlash against muslims. seriously, please google the incident taken across this country. the things that donald trump is saying. these extreme groups. what the president is talking about is key. any counterterrorism expert, isis wants to vision. to divide is easier to conquer up. easy to radicalize. they do not want them in that you of the united states. >> woodlot. he can come out and say let's be careful. let's not give isis what it wants. let's be divisive did by continuing to say that, he has a lot of americans really a great. he is not admitting the threat that they say exists.
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he is making people at home feel a little bit more secure. back to the politics of it. there will have to be a whole lot more hawkish if they want to win. >> that is not a question. the fears of the american people. looks, myself included, as americans, they have heard us. let's kill them. the experts both left and right, have also said we have to look at not just how we do this, but who does it. it is essential. it is an instable nation. dealing with the civil war. >> we're not getting that kind of rhetoric even from the president now. >> no, we are not. the president has no resolve.
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he has no plan. he did not say it will take 10 years. he says we will defeat our enemy. that is what we expect our president to say. instead, we have excuses. it is the size of ohio we are talking about to clean out isis. we cannot get an enemy the size of ohio? >> 10-20,000. that is a far cry from the 250. thank you, as always. isis and other terrorist groups connect more and more on social media. where are the silicon valley giants? companies like facebook and twitter. coming to squashing terrorism online. where are they and where should they be? when it comes to terrorism at home and abroad, how do you draw the line from protecting our
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rights, but also keeping us safe. stay with me. senator paul is next. ♪ you both have a
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> social media sites under fire for the escalating residence of islamic terrorism on their platform. tashfeen malik, the shooter that helps kill 14 of her husband's colleagues and injured 21 took to facebook to swear allegiance to isis. scores of isis supporters actually celebrated her action on twitter with a disturbing hash tag. why aren't these sites like twitter and facebook doing more to police their services. if they did, could this tragedy have ever happened in the first place. we have expert analysis.
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cyber security analyst that offered the justice department's largest information sharing programs in the united states. good to have both of you here. i will start with you. all of the social media companies were immediately reporting isis sympathizers. >> you would hope it would make a difference. narrowing it down. there is a lot of stuff out there. twenty-four hours before. we were talking about this same exact vein. isis has over 30,000 social media accounts. what we have to do, everyone talks about looking for the needle in the haystack. the right kind of intelligence, quit trying to make the haystack smaller. these companies have worked on child pornography. they have worked on money laundering. just takes a little bit of
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political will. if this does not get them moving, what will? >> do you think that they will get on board? they have had an opportunity to do so. is this the point of no return? this is not our problem. >> thank you for having me. it is no question things have to be done about this. the question becomes should social media companies be the ones doing counter messaging. in part, guess, they should be removing some of these accounts. they are not counter messengers. we need to focus on grassroots campaigns to be able to use the platforms themselves as a way to deal with legitimate sizing isis. focus on reducing the demand from extremism. these platforms have been doing some things against violent extremism.
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twitter has a robust suspension campaign. facebook and youtube have updated their privacy regulations and they are service to respond to extremism being put on their platforms. the top platform here is telegram. the technologies that isis fighters are flocking to as the suspension campaign. >> you know, nic, i have made a point before, part of winning world war ii was cracking and here in this case, american technology in many cases it's helping to provide the encryption that our enemies are using. they are seeing something quite messed up with all of that. go ahead, nic. >> you are absolutely right.
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these platforms are designed to protect privacy. these allow for the bad actors and what night. just outside the reach of intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to intercept and monitor did. >> we have a problem. morgan, what do we do? >> this is not an easy thing. everyone thinks that there is a simple answer. there is not. willing to give up the amount of privacy for security. people walk more privacy than they do security. one of the biggest debates will be between silicon valley, the government and law enforcement. people will say, why did you not stop it. they are constrained from doing it. the tougher it will be. you cannot disrupt an attack you
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cannot detect. we have to achieve that squishy middle that everyone is comfortable with. it cannot be absolute encryption on one side and absolute invasion of privacy on the other. trish: i would be wanting -- >> put a billion dollars bind it. trish: sure. he has the money. good to have you here. an important conversation we will keep having. speaking of privacy versus security, we have the perfect guy for that. this has very much been a platform of his. trying to ensure everyone's privacy. still doing it in this day and age. senator rand paul sits down with me to debate that very issue. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. trish: president obama urges americans to accept syrian refugees into our country.
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intervening and interfering with our ability to vet these people. how did a woman like tashfeen malik get into our country in the first place. a k-1 fiancée visa. that is what the government actually handed her. this woman -- our screening process fail to recognize that. moments ago, i spoke with senator rand paul all about the security threats that we are facing right now. take a listen. >> we have 11 million people in the united states illegally. 40% of them stayed here with a visa and overstayed their visa. if we applied the same, that is a lot of people that are already here who may have overstayed their visa. let's have a moratorium. no one knew from the middle east until we can get a handle on those that are already here.
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we also need to protect ourselves even from europe. europe has a great deal of internal threats right now. if you want to travel here from europe, you have to go through global entry. i think we would be safe there if we would protect more. >> the people that want those the taxpayer. european passports. coming here to the united states at any point. doing the unthinkable things here as well. >> same thing with that the guy yesterday in the london subway. if he is an english citizen, there is nothing stopping him from coming here. spending hundreds of billions of dollars defending the country. why are we not defending our border at all? living anywhere in the world just to come here without sufficient scrutiny. let's put a pause on it. let's put a moratorium on it.
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trish: the nsa accessing the records. wanting to go back and look at all the people that these alleged killers talk to. not so easy to do that. you still stand behind that legislation that rings through the nsa. >> leading the investigation. does not lead investigations into this country. they do it by individualizing a name. getting a warrant. having a judge sign it. we do get the records of terrorist or potential terrorists. we get them to a process that is consistent. >> to a certain extent. the privacy will be the fourth amendment.
2:30 pm
if i write you a letter and put your address on that letter and i drop it in the mail, i have no expectation of privacy for the address on the letter. if you carry that, how should i have an expectation of privacy by calling it i dialed the number. no one will listen to our phone call. not necessarily on the actual number it self. looking for patterns. trying to figure out who was talking to who potentially. >> do i have an expectation of privacy when i buy something with my visa card. do you have the right to look at the metadata of my purchases. for example, voluntarily looking at metadata. that is who we are talking about. they did this looking out phone data. metadata.
2:31 pm
they found some very personal items. even the procedures you are contemplating at the doctor could all be determined through metadata. let me finish. one of the former heads of the nsa said that we kill people. metadata is incredibly invasive and incredibly private. you ask about san bernardino. we have the records collection. we have had this for a decade. we still have the boston bombing. we still have the tragedy in paris. we still had san bernardino. trish: that much safer. having the opportunity to protect one more life. the nsa has the ability to do this. >> there will always be authoritarians that they give me the freedom and security. it is often a false sense of
2:32 pm
security. looking at the nsa program. they did not find that there was any terrorist plot to the program. trish: i have spoken to chief alexander about all of this. he told me that they sorted 24 attacks in europe as a result. he would absolutely differ with you on this. >> these are the same people that lied about the program and say that it did not exist. they will always be people that want to give up liberties for false sense of security. no evidence that it has supported any terrorist attacks. >> that was ran paul, everyone. hillary clinton wanting to stop people from going overseas. more prosperous to do business here at home.
2:33 pm
simply make it more onerous to go overseas. hurting our economy more than ever before. i am back into. ♪
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>> you are looking at a live picture at san bernardino california. they will get us the latest on the investigation. it is into last week's shooting. we go into it as soon as that begins. officials expecting to provide
2:37 pm
an update on the case. thousands of employees return to work amidst increased security at all government facilities. again, that announcement from the san bernardino local officials. we will go to it live for you. i want to turn to hillary clinton who is on the offensive right now. vowing to crack down on wall street. the big part of the plan, stopping those corporate and versions. leading a company in america verge with another company overseas. hillary clinton is outlining what she calls a quote exit pass on foreign earnings at the time of the deal. good to see you again. let's talk about this. slapping any company that wants to relocate.
2:38 pm
they want to relocate to overseas. let's not forget the reason they are doing this. avoiding pretty serious onerous taxes in the first place. what do you think this will actually do to that process? >> i think that this is absolute nonsense. you cannot leave because you just cannot leave. trish: you can check in, but you cannot check out. >> right now you can never check out. the shareholders and employees. they have a duty to maximize stakeholder value. they should be doing patriotic duty to a corporation. companies do not. they're doing what makes sense. what is the real answer?
2:39 pm
reform our tax code. it is not just taxes, it is also regulation. the first time in american history. more businesses are closing then opening. it is an absolute tragedy. trish: that as a whole lot harder to do than slap fees onto these companies. what i worry about, steve, one of the things that has made our country and economy so great is the innovation that happens here. the new businesses that have started here. if you are thinking of starting a new business, why would you started in the usa if they have the highest taxes and all of this legislation. >> ain't fully, because of our tradition of innovation and
2:40 pm
hustle, largely because of immigration as well, because of all of that, we have been able to grow in spite of all of these hurdles. it reminds me, it has become the capital. they are innovating and taking risks and working hard. regulatory and tax burden has become so overwhelming that america grows in spite of policy, not because of policy. trish: it is a serious concern. steve cortez, everyone. new reports out on isis. contradicting the rhetoric that we have been hearing from our president. why isis may be more powerful than ever. four-star army general joins me next. ♪ ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason?
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green mountain shares are soaring. private equity firm. they will be buying the single cup coffee machine maker for almost $14 billion. we will be right back. the president suppose it strategy to fight isis. i will see you right back here. ♪
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trish: just about an hour ago, everyone. the chairman of the homeland security committee said he has evidence individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to enter our country through the refugee program. republican congressmen is refusing to offer any more information or specifics on this. before the deadly attacks in paris. isis had been contained by the us-led airstrike campaigns. the intel will grow. in iraq and syria. four-star army general. good to have you back on the show. >> why does the president keep telling us how isis is contained.
2:46 pm
>> changing the strategy. actually depicting the he really is passing to the next administration the challenge of defeating isis. our strategy will not get us there. that next administration will have to take it up as job one. >> what is the risk in the meantime. here we are dealing with the terror attack on our soil. let's face it, he still has two months left. >> he seems to be paralyzed by this. indisputable fact. this narrative is not turning out. this bet that he made to be able to contain it and pass it to the next is literally blowing up in his face. isis, as we sit here today, is a growing organization that is a
2:47 pm
number 1 g hot threat in the world today. they are successfully defending iraq and syria. they have expanded to nine other affiliate countries. providing training and assistance to those countries. we have witnessed isis blow up a russian airline. two successful terrorist attacks in beirut, lebanon. a series of complex attacks in paris. the inspiration for what's up lacing california last week. this is isis. they are real. there will be more attacks. likely going to be more inspired attacks in the united states. the president will be forced to do more than what he is doing now. trish: something needs to be done. what would be the first step? is this actually going to get us sending more people in? we do have reports of the 200 being sent in.
2:48 pm
250 does not seem like a whole lot here. >> there is a consensus on what needs to be done. we have t t to campaign. many have said this and make it effective to do this. on the ground. up front where the fighting is taking place. helping these ground forces be more effective. noncombat roles, nonetheless, making the combat more effective. special forces that he is added on, that is a good thing. they have been arguing for over a year. this is direct combat. result in u.s. combat. that will actually start taking the fight to isis. safe zones in syria.
2:49 pm
we have two in that work. no-fly zones in syria. a step in that difficult, complicated situation. trish: what about here at home? people want to make sure that there are no more events like san bernardino. are there other things that we should be doing? would you put this refugee on hold? exceeding militants in that refugee group. >> i have great confidence. in terms of what he and his capability trying to do. i provided testimony. myself and the others that were testifying. all agreeing with the chairman. that would be put that refugee on hold. listen, the best way to stop isis in this country is to
2:50 pm
defeat them away. where they are. destroying that organization. you take away the aura of success. you take away. they are shackled. they are put in orange jumpsuits. this thing starts to go away quick as a result of that. >> take you, as always. >> good talking to you, tricia. another update out of san bernardino. we will take you there live just as soon as it starts. stay with me. i will see you right back here in two. ♪
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trish: how much would you pay for winston churchill's dentures? that is a question you could find yourself answering tonight
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on an all-new episode of strange inheritance. >> coming through. literally just torn to threads. you are staying here with me. joining me right now is the host of strange inheritance, jamie colby. a chance to actually be part of that history. winston churchill. >> leave it or not, those dentures are a very big part of history. a list of the child. i did not realize he loved it so much that he wanted to maintain it. they figured out a way to build some dentures. to earning the war rooms. r r r to england for this. into the room. you see where you dig your nails into the chair where things were
2:55 pm
not going well. he would fling the dentures across the room. whiskey in one hand, cigar in the other hand. >> he knew that that risk was a real benefit. >> it was comforting to the people listening to him. he went to these extra steps. the technicians working for a famous dentist named doctor fish fish to make sure that he was available. >> it turns out that anything is in demand, even his dentures. >> the other one is a toy soldier collection you have to see to believe. amazing. trish: brand-new episode did
2:56 pm
episodes i should say of strange inheritance tonight. only on fox business with jamie colby. here we are moments away. you can see a lot of pictures coming in. getting ready to come to the podium. we will take you there live next. ♪
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trish: you know what? the conversation doesn't end here. head over to my facebook page and my twitter account, tell me what you thought of today's show, join the conversation, it continues all night long there online. you can like my personal page at trish regan or, trish intel. and don't forget to follow me on twitter @trish underscore regan. we do have this press conference coming up moments away on the investigation into last week's san bernardino attacks. again, it looks as though they are assembling there at the podium right now s and we're
3:00 pm
going to be listening in as we speak. >> the director in charge of the los angeles field office of the fbi. i'd like to very quickly introduce chief burguan and sheriff john mcmahon from the sheriff's department, san bernardino, as well as the special agent in charge of the atf. so today we're going to go through a number of things, and we're going to answer some of your questions. we're going to open it up for a few questions, but first off i want to talk about the work that jttf has done, the joint terrorism task force, and our local, state and federal partners throughout the weekend. this has not been a restful weekend for any of us, nor should it be. our job is to continue the investigation at breakneck speed as long as we need to do that, and we will do exactly that. i want to correct something, because it continues to come up. there was a search warrant that was executed at th


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