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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 7, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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going to be listening in as we speak. >> the director in charge of the los angeles field office of the fbi. i'd like to very quickly introduce chief burguan and sheriff john mcmahon from the sheriff's department, san bernardino, as well as the special agent in charge of the atf. so today we're going to go through a number of things, and we're going to answer some of your questions. we're going to open it up for a few questions, but first off i want to talk about the work that jttf has done, the joint terrorism task force, and our local, state and federal partners throughout the weekend. this has not been a restful weekend for any of us, nor should it be. our job is to continue the investigation at breakneck speed as long as we need to do that, and we will do exactly that. i want to correct something, because it continues to come up. there was a search warrant that was executed at the center
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street address in redlands last weekend, this past weekend. in that search warrant, i want to make it clear because we're actually getting a lot of calls about misbehavior. the reality is when the fbi or any other law enforcement organization executes a search warrant, we obtain legal process that is signed by a federal or a state judge. we then make entry into that, those premises, and we will take the items that can be seized under the scope of that warrant. that is exactly what was done that day. when we leave the residence, we will either hand the keys to the owners, or we will secure the residence if it was breached, as was exactly what the case in this incident. we secured it with screws and wood and left the premises. once the fbi and our local partners left that, those premises, anything that occurred
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as far as forced entry or if anyone was allowed into that residence has absolutely nothing to do with us whether they were allowed in by the residents or by the landlord. so i want to make that clear. that's an important thing for the public to maintain confidence in your law enforcement professionals. secondly, i want to clarify. we briefed you a couple days ago about the pipe bomb components that were taken and some of the pipes and some of the come opponents of pipe bombs that were -- components of the pipe bombs removed from the house on center street. if you recall, we gave you a number of 12. i don't want to get too technical, because i'm not an expert on bombs, however, we do have experts that did some removal of all those devices from that house and, ultimately, us appears there are 19 types in that house that we have removed. some were in a bag. we're not going to unpack them one by one, and they had to remove all these come opponents in these device ands take them
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out to a range, and then they began to safely extract them from the bag and airily pull them -- safely pull them apart and, ultimately, submit them into our evidence. so the number has changed from 12 to 19. now, that is not 19 pipe bombs, let me be clear. that is 19 pipes that could be turned into pipe bombs if all the components are there and present for them to actually be construed that way. next i want to talk about the radicalization issue. many of you had concerns or questions, rather, about did the female radicalize the male in this case. the answer is we still do not know, but i will say this: as the investigation has progressed, we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. now, how did that happen, the question we're trying to get at is how did that happen and by whom and where did that happen. and i will tell you right now we
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don't know those answers at this point. next thing i want to -- along those lines is foreign contacts. we are working with our foreign counterparts to determine as much as we can. it's like any other investigation, but this one is incredibly large. we are attempting to expand that investigation out and build it and build a picture of each person, the timeline and, ultimately, the crimes that they committed. that takes time. we are in day five, and i want everyone to recognize that. but we're working with our foreign counterparts, we're also working with the fbi's legal attach they offices all over the world, and they are assisting in those efforts with our foreign counterparts. the next thing i want to mention that's come up already, yes, we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some target -- participated in target practice at some ranges within the metro area or within the los angeles area.
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that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event. the scope of this investigation i want to discuss very quickly. this investigation is massive in scale. everyone knows that. we have conducted between, i would say, well over 400 interviews by now of people around this city, and i know some of them have called you and said they've been investigated -- interviewed, rather. that's fine. we -- that's what we do, and we'll continue to do as many interviews as mess for this. as necessary for this. finally, there's been some questions about the total station, the recreation of the crime scene. what we are essentially doing is applying survey technology to the crime scene, and when i talk, when i'm talking about the crime scene, i'm talking about the initial crime scene at the irc where all the victims were. i'm not talking about the officer-involved shooting. yes, we are still holding that location because we are
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continuing to be extremely methodical, and we have actually brought in a reconstruction team to apply those tools, those survey tools to ultimately paint that picture of why, of how everything transpired that day. we have transported over -- we have collected over 320 pieces of evidence in this investigation so far, and we have transported a number of those pieces of evidence to washington, d.c. primarily to our fbi laboratory, to our bomb lab back there, the terrorist explosive device analytical center. the last thing i want to talk to you about very quickly before i open it up for questions, and then i'm going to introduce some of my counterparts up here to address you as well. we have found evidence of planning, participation, financing. what i will tell you this -- i'm sorry. we have found evidence of preplanning. let me correct that. what i want to say is i want to make sure the public rests assured, again, we are an
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apolitical organization, and we will get to the bottom of this. and we want to find out everyone who has, who participated in the preplanning -- if there was anyone else, we don't know everything yet. we want to find out everyone who profited from it, financed it. and i'm not saying there is anything like that, but we will leave no stone unturned just like i've said in the past. the last thing is we have to remember this is a human interest -- this is a human tragedy. this is truly a tragedy, what occurred. we have brought out office of victims' assistance personnel from washington, and this is what they do. they're very familiar with this. we are going to at some point, hopefully this week, meet with the family members of the victims, both the decedents victims and the injured victims. and that is a crucial part for us to allow them to ask questions and so that we can address them face to face and talk to them about our full
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commitment. if they don't want to meet with us, that's their choice, and we understand. if they do want to meet, we're there for them. very, very important. so i'm going to take a few questions. not as many as i did the other day, but i will take a few. yes, ma'am. >> [inaudible] tashfeen -- [inaudible] >> we do not have any sense who was in control. and i will tell you i want to be crystal clear here. we do not see any evidence so far of a plot, outside the continental u.s. plot. we may find it someday, we may not. we don't know. right now we're looking at these two individuals s and we're beginning to focus and build it out from there. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not sure if we're done questioning her yet. >> [inaudible] >> yes, ma'am. >> [inaudible] >> i've heard those same reports, i'm aware of them, and we are continuing to work, as i said earlier, with our overseas partners and -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]
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>> president obama said there was -- >> pardon me? >> [inaudible] >> there's -- i'm not going to get into that at this point. [inaudible conversations] >> yes, sir. >> [inaudible] >> i'm unaware of this. what i can tell you is we did not have an open investigation into mr. farook at this point -- >> last night president obama said there was a broader conspiracy here at home. isn't the president incorrect? >> no, i wouldn't say he's incorrect. we're still in the investigative phase. we're in day five, remember. yes, sir. >> [inaudible] you mentioned that they'd been radicalized more some time, both of them. do you have any indication years? months? >> no, we don't know that. we don't know that. we have some indications of timeline, but we don't have enough for me to speak on it at this point.
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we believe they both were. that's the question for us is how and by whom and where were they radicalized. maybe there's not a by whom. remember, often times it's on the internet. we just don't know, i don't want to speculate. yes, sir. >> do you know anything about the guns -- [inaudible] what can you tell us about the origin of the guns? >> i'm going to allow the, ask the atf to address that question. all things guns, hold to your questions for atf agent in just a minute. yes, ma'am. >> there have been reports that -- [inaudible] >> i've heard those reports. i'm not, i'm not going to confirm that at in this point. i'm not aware of the facts of that yet. yes, sir. >> what's the status of enrique mar tez? be has he been arrested? has he been charged? >> i'm not prepared to discuss mr. marquez at this point. i'm not going to discuss it. >> has he been questioned? >> i don't know the answer to that.
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>> [inaudible] >> we have not found any evidence of suicide vests yet. yes, ma'am. >> [inaudible] >> we don't know. we're still building that out. i'm going to take one more question. [inaudible conversations] sorry, sorry, yes, ma'am. >> [inaudible] video show any of -- [inaudible] clearly identified? >> we're still going through what type of video is available. back to the data exploitation, you bring me to that, there is continued data exploitation that is going on as we speak. and that will continue for some time. that is a painstaking process. that, as i've said in the past, we hope to get towards their intent with some of the data exploitation of the digital media. >> could you take one more -- >> at this point, at this point i'm going to introduce atf -- liz: i'm liz claman, and you are watching the press conference there in san bernardino, california, and we will listen to what the atf expert has to say.
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number one headline, they found 19 pipes that could be made into bombs in that san bernardino residence. let's listen in. >> on this investigation. from what we have -- we have traced those guns, and what the trace results reveal is that all these firearms were originally purchased from ffls in california from a time period between 2007 and 2012. ffl's a term that we shorten, an abbreviation for federal firearms licensee, commonly a retailer who sells firearms. farook himself purchased a llama and springfield armory .9 mm pistols recovered at the scene as well as the savage .22 caliber rifle that was recovered during the search warrant. we have both the federal documentation and the california documentation to to establish that he actually purchased a firearm. his name and identifying information appears on all that paperwork. enrique marquez purchased the two assault rifles that you've
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seen shown on the media. the dpms and smith and wesson .556 rifles. we have paperwork documenting those purchases as well. right now our major concern, the fbi, atf and the jttf is determining how those firearms, the rifles in particular, got from marquez to faro to ok and malik. the firearms at present are at the fbi laboratory where they're performing forensic examination on them. after that forensics examination is done, we'll do a complete and thorough determination, examination and determination of just exactly what these firearms are. right now i'm going to turn it over to chief burguan who'll address some other issues pending in the matter. >> afternoon, everybody. i'm going to talk a little bit about local response and what's going on in the city of san bernardino as well as the region. everybody saw what happened in the city of riverside yesterday, what was believed to be an
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active shooter incident. it brought about a massive police response. i think that's indicative of the fact that people are on edge, and people are a little extra cautious which is good. that's what we're asking people to do. the massive response really came as a result of local law enforcement has really stepped up their patrols, and they've stepped up their presence in the region. the city of san bernardino, we've been on a 12-on, 12-off tactical alert status since the incident on wednesday. we are going to start letting our guys have some days off and be home with their family, but rest assured we will have increased staffing, a number of additional folks working overtime to provide safety and security to the region. and i think i speak for sheriff mcmahon as well when i say we have really, truly stepped up our efforts. we will be there for people, and at minimum you will see an increased police presence in our city and in the immediate region through the christmas holiday season, okay? thank you very much. future press conferences will be announced by the fbi. we'll see you in a bit. liz: and as that news conference wraps up, there are a couple of
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major headlines here. number one, the caddallization, the f -- radicalization, the fbi is being clear in saying not just the wife, buzz the husband, both were somehow radicalized. they have not found the actual line to that radicalization. they say they will leave, quote, no stone unturned. they've already conducted 400 interviews, all kinds of search warrants, and this is certainly a headline as i just mentioned, 19 -- not 12, 19 pipes that could have been turned into pipe bombs were eventually picked apart by the atf and by the fbi. this is what they are dealing with right now as they continue to look at all the evidence that was gathered from that residence of tashfeen malik and syed farook. as we continue to look at exactly what is now developing, it appears that the experts as they look at this are looking for foreign contacts, they are on the case trying to expand and build and connect the dots, but they do know that the suspects
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went to target practice somewhere in the state of california within days of the attack. let's bring in guests as we continue to watch a market that is falling about 173 points right now with oil collapsing. there's no other way to describe that. with me now is foundation for defense of democracy's founder and president cliff may on what's been missing from the presidential response along with former homeland security adviser for the state of new york, michael balboni. michael basically wrote every single rule on security in the state of new york along with disrupter capital ceo and fox news contributor pete snyder on whether big tech companies are doing enough to prevent the support for isis from spreading. michael, let me start with you. what jumped out at you at this news conference? >> they weren't going to stop here. they had the capacity both from the ammunition perspective and these number of pipes that they could potentially assemble into pipe boehms. they were going to go somewhere else. they meant to live through this experience, go deep, perhaps,
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hide in their house, not get caught and then perpetrate something else. liz: they did get caught, though, thanks to local police we stress even now, of course, the fbi doing a bang-up job here, taking over the case because it is four be officially a terror investigation. the local police were the ones that got into that shootout with the black suv, and they were able to at least neutralize the two threats at the moment. but thankfully for that, we now find that there are all kinds of issues with these guns, many of which were purchased legally. >> and the question, of course s what kind of preparations did they do. they went to a shooting range, did people witness that? was there a pattern? how did they get the two guns in particular bought by that other gentleman? was it a straw dog purchase? they took them from him? that's going to be answered only by that individual. liz: cliff may, as you look at the response from the president, last night he addressed america making all kinds of comments and, again, today it's the
3:18 pm
monday morning quarterbacking. some people are very disappointed with what the president said, others seem to be okay with it. where do you stand on this? >> well, you know, he talks about people becoming radicalized, and he talked in his saturday address about people falling victim to these ideologies as if it were a virus. radicalization, what we really are talking about is something i'd call jihaddism, and these are ideologies that are being embraced by a lot of people in a lot of different countries and that we're fighting around the world -- liz: yeah, you don't just -- it doesn't just happen to you, it is a choice that you make as to whether you are radicalized. >> exactly. it's a choice you make, it's an ideology, a belief system you embrace, and it's a powerful one. these are young parents. they have a is six-month-old daughter. they made the decision to leave her as an orphan, marked for life as the daughter of terrorists so they could go and kill infidels, randomly for the most part, on one day. they were joining an army, and
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they were engaging in a jihad. we need to understand what that means, and we need to have a strategy to fight it in all its many forms, and we don't. all these years after 9/11, all these years after the islamic revolution in iran we still have no strategy and no coherent analysis of the problem and the -- liz: it's an electronic army as well as a physical army, is it not, pete? because she was the one who went to facebook, made that post saying that she had handed herself over to the idea of isis. that mysteriously, that post was taken down. you know, we're hearing all kinds of things as to whether it was really facebook who jumped on the case and said that's got to come down. but right now there are a lot of other organizations and social media sites -- twitter, namely -- that seem to be very much a breeding ground for this. are they in a way responsible at the moment for some of what is spreading here electronically and this pix sallated army? >> it certainly is a pixlated
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digital army out there, but i don't think you can put blame at facebook or twitter or any of the platforms out there for what is really human beings' behavior. now, the question is what can technology do to help? well, they can certainly provide a whole lot more intellectual firepower. i think we all have some serious doubts and complaints about our government's efficiency and effectiveness out there. so from an innovation perspective, there's a lot that technology and silicon valley can do to help many this effort. the question is, what are they going to do when it comes to issues of privacy or encryption or giving the government a back door into even's devices out there? -- everyone's devices out there? liz: people began screaming and yelling when verizon was helping the egyptian government during the arab spring, and you've got to be -- it's a very difficult line to walk. one thing for sure, michael, as you stood and you wrote many of these rules here in new york to
3:21 pm
keep new yorkers safe, what does the rest of the country need to adopt right now? >> they have to get to a baseline of security. what we really have to do is step back, and we have to also look at the other causes. as i said, you know, what are we -- what is the message? what turns somebody? how do we counter that? that's not necessarily at the state level, but it's at the entire community level. the other thing that the states need to do is they need to appreciate the fact that this can happen, unfortunately, anywhere. we've thought about that for a while, but we've never really seen the example. this is the example that now says to people soft targets. is there a baseline of security we can do? can we train our employees? give them a little bit more information? are there alerting systems within a company? you know, a one-button lockdown for doors. it's, or and it applies to so many things, not just this type of an attack; school shootings, any of the type of shootings we've seen unfortunately. there are elements that we can provide for protection. so how do we get there? how do we resource them? how do we encourage people to adopt that kind of security posture? liz: cliff, going back to the
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administrative response, what have we seen? we have seen airstrikes continue, but many of these airstrikes tend to not really be effective because they don't fit into the realm of the so-called rules of engagement. i know you're not specifically a military guy, but at some point there is that feeling that if we don't pile it on over there, it will come here as we saw in san bernardino, much of it already has. although it was important to stress what we just saw in that news conference from agent baudich is they haven't really been able to sort of establish that link at the moment. >> yeah. well, i'm afraid we've allowed fires to burn out of control in the middle east, and the sparks are reaching paris, they're reaching chattanooga, they're reaching california, they're reaching boston and a lot of other places, and they will continue to do so. i don't think from what we've heard from the president that he intends to even try to solve this problem. he will leave it for the next president, for the next administration, and that
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administration needs to start thinking now what needs to be done. among other things, you cannot in a time of war -- and this is a time of war -- bety finishing your military. you must analyze this problem properly. the administration was recently saying this is about joblessness, a lack of opportunity. these are middle class people we saw here who apparently committed these crimes and this act of terrorism. we need to understand the problem, we need to have a grand strategy, and it has to be the major priority. it can't come second to climate change, to obamacare, to gun control. we need to have an administration that is dedicated to wiping out, to defeating jihaddism, and we've not had that up to now. liz: and now, of course, it's revealed that syed farook, the male many that picture we just showed you, had spoken out about how he wanted to attack israel. but, of course, the president spent quite a bit of time last night talking about making sure that muslim-americans are protected when we know the situation right now is very, very tentative. thank you all. cliff may, foundation for the
3:24 pm
defense of democracy, michael balboni and pete snyder or disruptive capital founder, we appreciate it. closing bell ringing in about 36 minutes. the dow jones industrials now down for the year. pretty big drop here of 43 points -- 143 points, but remember we were up 300 at this hour just on friday. oil, though, look, it's collapsing at this hour. this is a new very close to seven-year low. we are well below $38 a barrel, but check out gasoline. sometimes they don't move in lockstep? oh, they are now. wholesale prices down nearly 5% at the moment. more "countdown to the closing bell" is on the way. please don't go away. ♪ ♪
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. . . . jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction.
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we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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liz: this is fascinating. it became quite the caffeine boost to a floundering stock which soon no longer trade as stock. keurig green mountain, look at
3:29 pm
the plummet, jump rather, up 72% after jab holdings agreed to take the company private the $2 a share. the stock is at $89.04. just about three pennies away from the price that will be buyout. this is 17% premium from where shares closed on friday. you see the jump. this is fascinating two-day chart. it was cruising along with troubling year for the keurig. it has pete's brand, expresso house in scandinavia. it is hoping the acquisition will make it a formidable rival to nestle. i personally switched from keurig to net suppress sew machines. keurig was faltering and was kind after high-flyer. -- netpresso.
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may not soon trade as publicly-traded company. talk about identity crisis, s&p can't decide to be day-to-day as full-on bear or outright bull. we seen the s&p up two consecutive days over a month s that ominous sign or par for the course? we have stephen guilfoyle and phil flynn looking for what is going on. why the massive gyrations one day to the next, steven? >> this is momentum-driven market at this point. we're flying on news. $38 level for west texas didn't hold on. equities came in hard. tried to make it on the s&p 500. now we hope to get back to it. every day a different topic. fundamentals are mattering less. liz: let's go to oil, phil. that is your bailiwick.
3:31 pm
briefly below 38. oh, it is below 38 for couple hours. it is at $37.69. owl supply and opec is frozen can't move. that is great for consumer. but it hurts stocks that prop up the s&p. >> it does. it raises larger issues about the global economy. why do we have such a big glut. why are we seeing big demand response. we're seeing demand response. demand is growing. it isn't giving economic confidence you expect. stock market is down. look at energy stocks, they are absolutely getting crushed, these exploration stocks, gone. shale plays, gone. a lot of these energy companies that most people buy for dividends are talking about maybe pulling back dividends, or two or three companies talking about that. so that really creates a bigger issue. but also creates a big problem for the federal reserve next week. janet yellen says she sees signs we're growing to get back to the 2% inflation target.
3:32 pm
it is not going to happen if oil prices continue to fall. liz: they're going to move, right? stephen, the fed is most likely going to move next week on wednesday, teeny, teeny bit. just a slight little, technical term skosh, a quarter of a percent, right? markets seemed to be fine on that on friday when the feeling was still very much the same. >> i think the markets are fine with what the fed might do next week. i don't think that is an issue. it is more or less priced in. look at energy sector brought up. look at dividends. there is really a buyers strike in energy names. people are afraid to buy into something with fancy dividend yield now and may be about to go away after what kmi came out with or thinking about, i'm sure a lot of energy names are thinking about. liz: let's quickly mention the dollar. european central bank underwhelmed entire market. dollar fell slightly. i think that is important for
3:33 pm
any of you who happen to own with the euro out at $1.08. who happen to hold big wildly-held companies johnson & johnson. who have the global footprint. quickly. >> absolutely. look at reaction after market disappointed. mario draghi did what everybody thought they would do. has a huge reaction. especially looking at some. commodity prices. gold selling at $100 an then. liz: gold coming off multirecent high. thank you, stephen and phil. we need to get to president obama. he made the rare oval office appearance from the white house. today those seeking to grab his seat have plenty to say about the president's strategy to destroy and defeat isis. former senator byron dorgan and george la muse joining us on
3:34 pm
"countdown" lemieux. >> that is great deal of risk for us. if we don't protect the border i don't think we can defend the country.
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3:39 pm
uncle carl, activist investor carl icahn wants to buy the auto parts retailer for 15.16 cents a share. that must be too sheep. it jumps the japanese tire-maker bridgestone at mere $15 a share. looks like pep boys is sitting in catbird seat at the moment. >> president's address to the nation is dominating the gop field campaign trail. they disagree with the what the president said. jeb bush says this is the war of our time. it should not be business as usual. we need a war-time commander-in-chief who is ready to lied the country and free world to victory. here is dr. ben carson. he said president obama's declaration tonight his policies are working was strange. other candidates took to twitter to make their opinions known. carly fiorina with this. vintage obama. no strategy, no leadership,
3:40 pm
politics as usual. donald trump also took to his favorite mode of communication. is that all there is? we need a new president fast. let us bring in byron dorgan, former democratic senator and congressman from north dakota, along with george lemieux, former senator from georgia. he looked exhausted, tired, some people who saw that, understandable there is major situation going on in the country, but was the tone appropriate? do you feel he might have wanted to come out a little bit stronger? >> i know there are some who wanted him to wave his arms and shout and get loud and so on but the fact he did what he wanted to do. he wanted to reassure the country, explain exactly what the mission was and what they were trying to do. let me also say that, you know, those that are critical, this is a very serious issue for the country, no question about that. this is war but, you know, the
3:41 pm
sounds from some on other side, in middle after white house campaign, let's bring back waterboarding. carpet bomb the desert, go after family members, that stuff is thoughtless. i would like to see ideas better than the president is using at this point, if they exist, specific ideas other than sending more armies to the middle east and planting more flags in the sand. we need leadership, no question about that we need to provide leadership in the middle east. i don't think you do that by providing more american boots on the ground. liz: senator lemieux, what are the better ideas? candidates weighing in right and left. donald trump tends to do verb wall waving of arms, 140 characters, that is a little tough. he is questioning president mentioning we have muslims as our neighbors, muslims as our sports heroes. what sports heroes. donald trump didn't remember kareem abdul-jabbar and muhammad
3:42 pm
ali. that is icing and fancy lace on idea. where is the real idea beyond lindsey graham concept of just piling in boots on the ground? >> i agree with my friend senator dorgan that it is a serious problem. what i didn't hear is those new ideas. it was more of the same. what the american people want to know, we have a man to kill radical islamic terrorists threatening to our country and kill our people. i agree with jeb bush about no-fly zone. it would allow the syrians to go to someplace in country secure and stablize syria. we need to tell russia and president's new friends in iran they have 90 days to get assad out of that country so we can stablize. we need to do the work of bringing in special forces. if we would have kept the base in iraq we should have kept when the president couldn't get status of forces agreement signed, i think that would have been a big help.
3:43 pm
now that there is new government in iraq, we should revoice that's, to get a limited base in iraq and special forces to help the troops on the ground. we have to kill terrorists in syria and iraq before they kill people in this country. they have to stop putting up wins. the reason why we had the san bernardino copycat crime because they are emboldened what happened in paris and other places so let's take the fight to them to build a real coalition, not just a paper one to get it done. liz: so that end, senator dog fan, we had michael balboni former director of homeland security for state of york, why did the president, other than messages he had to get out bring more fbi boots on the ground here in the united states? takes more than seven fbi aimingents or follow or conduct surveillance on single person here in the u.s.?
3:44 pm
>> i don't know why that was not part of the address. i think that will be case. you need a lot of resourceses. >> by the way that picture we just showed were those two suspects coming in to the united states together. she on a fiance visa. >> i saw that photo. it is chilling. but let me just also say to george, the fact is, we now have france and england, very aggressive in the air campaign among other things. ultimately, we need as leaders, we need to look to some of the arab communities in the middle east to begin to solve this problem as well. liz: they should do it. >> i don't think it can be solved by us, by england, by france. we need arab communities and those in the same region to help resolve this issue. liz: george lemieux, quickly, we have about 20 second. >> well i agree. they should be helping more. they haven't been but at end of the day it will take american leadership. we need a president who is going to lead.
3:45 pm
right now unfortunately i don't think our president is showing that kind of leadership. liz: senator george lemieux, senator byron dorgan, thank you for coming. >> thank you. liz: we're about 16 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow jones industrials pared losses. we were down more than 200 points. we're down 129 at the moment. the fbi as you saw at top of the show, giving update on deadly san bernardino massacre. not 12 but 19 pipes for use to make pipe bombs. we'll take you back to tan ben bernanke. jeff flocks wag right at the news conference. he has more on the way. please don't go away. ♪
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
minutes away. i wanted to say it was really important for me and team "countdown quote, because there is so batched news out there. paris rebuilds that left 129 dead after november 13th, russia offered a symbol of solidarity. in honor of diesel, the 7-year-old belgian shepherd killed during the raid of the suspect's apartment in northern paris where the ringleader of the attacks was indeed killed, there is this. the russian police handed over a german shepherd pup at this to the french ambassador in moscow today. the move is a gesture to symbolize the ties between france and russia. the french police greatfully accepted puppy. with you will at negative news, there is sign of solidarity. there is maybe he will walk in
3:51 pm
diesel's paw-steps. earlier this hour we learned suspects of that san bernardino shooting, syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized for some time. they seized 19, not 15 pipe bombs that could be used. between years of 2007 and 2012. both those suspects on your screen now dead half that shootout with police after they allegedly murdered 14 innocent people last wednesday. jeff flock standing by at the san bernardino police department where both federal and local police gave us latest details on the case. pretty stunning revelations there. reporter: despite those headlines, liz, we still do not know, that is to say authorities do not know specifically what motivated this couple. the other headline in addition those you mentioned there is no
3:52 pm
evidence according to fbi at this point of any evidence outside country to this plot. the fbi is expanding their investigation overseas. they have so far interviewed 400 people. they're far from done. the fbi calling this a massive investigation. as you report on this issue of radicalization, that is of course the big question, did one radicalize the other, who did who? how did that happen? at this point they don't know. but they did say that they know this has been going on for quite sometime. >> as the investigation has progressed, we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> and they are continuing to see if there is any connection to another person either inside of the country or outside the country. but they raised possibility, which of course already has been a possibility that this could be self-radicalization through the internet. two other key points, one they
3:53 pm
said they are not at all done, focusing on rafia farook, that is to say syed farook's mother. what did she know, when did she know it. she lived in a small house with ounce if. and we have the childhood friend of syed farook who purchased the two assault rifles used in the shooting. he apparently checked himself into mental hospital. they haven't said whether they talked to him or not. they are trying to determine how the guns got from him to farook. those are the headlines. liz: most of the guns bought legally. we heard the oconus. outside the continental u.s. if there is one outside the continental u.s. jeff, thank you very much. we have big board showing us one thing. we're actually trying to come back here.
3:54 pm
having been down 200 points. we're down 100, 104 points for the dow jones industrials. still below 17,800. stay tuned we're coming right back.
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liz: so look act big board. we're down 117. there are bits of green on the screen from johnson & johnson to merck but they're few and far between. this woman, jeannie wyatt, ceo of south texas money management made a prediction spot on. it wasn't just one. you called it. you said both the action this year would be very volatile and you gave the reason, it would be lower commodities. that was a year ago. you have been absolutely right. how did you know and how did you invest around that to make money for your clients? >> we really lamented our energy exposure. liz: we should show oil down below $38 a barrel. >> yes, yes. important psychological level. obviously in sympathy with the
3:58 pm
saudi news but perhaps we're closer now to finding a bottom. i'm not predicting that. oil prices are impossible but maybe 10 to 20% more downside but we're we have a lot of the bad news on the table. liz: okay. >> a lot of production starting to be shut in. liz: we like to see at least the bad news on the table. can i take a much shorter timeline here. past three trading sessions, we can put it up, at this exact time, go to thursday, we were -- we can show this to you, we were up, rather, thursday, rather down 252 points. friday, the exact same time, five minutes to 4:00, up 30 points. today down is 15 -- 115. what do you do when you see this kind of volatility. >> don't react. don't sell thursday to buy on friday. be diversified.
3:59 pm
we focus so much on being strategically diversified, which means not making a big sector bet and unfortunately a lot of investors made big energy bets and a lot of that due to chasing yield. so don't, don't do it. liz: don't do that. one minute go up. one minute, buy, sell, buy, sell. jeannie thank you. claman, jeannie has three of her best ideas. to there to see them. happy holidays. >> thank you. liz: that does it for "countdown to the closing bell." it is interesting time. jeanie makes that point. precisely leading into your show. melissa: thank you very much, liz. fbi is out with more details about the couple behind the mass murders in san bernardino. both were radicalized and for quite some time. family members are admitting red flags or warnings went unnoticed or unreported at least. david: president obama is attempting to calm the country
4:00 pm
in a national address. critics say he did very little to accomplish that. lieutenant colonel oliver north says what the u.s. needs to be doing to protect america right now. melissa: irs wants to collect social security numbers of donors. an idea critics are called crazy, given history of targeting conservative groups. we'll talk to the tea party nation, founder of tea party nation come up. david: we'll look at stocks. not a good day but as liz pointed out there was a little bit of a recovery though we couldn't keep our dow jones industrials out of a triple-digit loss. all indices were down but the main big news of the day in terms of trades was oil. melissa: wow, look at that. david: 5.6% loss in oil, well below $40 a barrel. 37.72 is where it is ending the day. again a lot of attention to energy related stocks. halliburton, taking a huge hit today.


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