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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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liberty. if there's a choice to be made, liberty needs to win. you're right, keith. that's our show. see you next week. and thank you for joining us. 53% of you say the unholy alliance won't help. kennedy: hello, friend. let's talk about poll numbers. i'm watching the polls predictably rise after donald trump's call for muslim bands. the two-sided hysteria was only helped donald trump and given him a great boost. south carolina worshipers fawned over their messiah and trump has a 0-point lead over his closest rivals. he took a stroll with reince priebus to explain this success.
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>> the last poll just came out. you saw we are leading in the. >> it's about confidence and leadership. kennedy: he's doing so well nationally he shouldn't be considering a third-party run. but that doesn't stop him from constantly nagging the gop about his emotional need and conditions. >> if i'm treated fairly i would never do it. if i'm not treated fairly i will do it. kennedy: what is fair? >> fair is fair! kennedy: now i know we have flirted with this idea on the show before. but have you given any real consideration maybe donald trump says crazy things as a way of guaranteeing hillary's presidential success? righty say he's not a
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conservative. the establishment. and hillary clinton sits in the background quietly stroking her cat. kennedy: i think jeb bush worries donald is dr. evil. but what if he's mr. bigles worth? that leaves rubio and cruz to fight it out over who gets to be austin powers. >> the last person she want to run again is me. i understand hillary clinton. first of all, she doesn't have the strength or the tam that to be president. kennedy: do you understand her because you are working for her? donald might not have the stamina to beat her in the general.
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she is losing to rubio by 3 in the same poll. donald doesn't want to beat her. i don't think so. that's the point of his insanity. even if he go third party it on serves as an insurance party. there is no way to stop the donald from getting the kies back to that big white house. my fox friend brian kilmeade and martha maccallum drop by to talk about the war on isis and whether there is a crisis at american colleges. i'm so glad you are lined up for this. i'm kennedy. hi, and hello.
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the latest fox poll has donald trump leaping 8 point ahead in south consider after calling to ban muslims from entering america. from red eye, we have the co-host and she is a correspondent on the greg gutfeld show. look at anthony in his dapper plaid and publisher of the federalist, a very important job indeed. welcome, panel. so, ben, i'll tart with you. donald trump is leading in the the muslim ban comment didn't hurt hip at all. this is great for making america great again, isn't it? >> given the choice we should all make america great. but in this context this is an example of trump's approach to politic hitting a chord with people because they have no
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trust in the competence of the american government. after the speech he gave sunday, the president completely failed to inspire anybody to believe he has a solution for isis and terror and stopping any of these things. trump's threats running on a third party ticket, while they may sounds like they are coming from a position of strength, i ultimately think he's not going to be willing to do basically just one thing within this contest and that's spend his own money. no new york real estate man want to come around and spend his own money on that. kennedy: he doesn't have to do that. he only spent $2 million of his own dollars in this race. mohammed ali penned a beautiful statement saying basically donald trump, how dare you. >> everybody is saying that, but again this numbers go up.
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this is that vast silent majority people talk about that is finally starting to come out and say something. these are people ... kennedy: the boxer? >> you know what? his numbers would go up again. this is the only revolution that could happen in this country. i was thinking the past 8 years how could we move the country in another direction without a bloody revolution? trump is the semi bloodless revolution the country need. kennedy: i don't know if it is bloodless. there is a lot of pain on both side. do you think his muslim friend are come forward to endorse him?
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>> he keeps talking about his friends. but if i don't see them on facebook or twitter i don't think they exist. trump says he has lots of friends he has done business with who are muslim and yes we need to put a ban on them entering the country. kennedy: that would and powerful press conference, if he were flanked by muslim business associates who said yes, built a wall on that southern border. second of all, yeah, sure. donald trump says hillary clinton doesn't have the strength or stamina to be president. is this a preview of things to come if he wins the nomination? i think on some level it could be true donald trump is a shill for hillary clinton. he's the trojan horse that she employed to save the day, and
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say things so crazy there is no way he will be elected in the general election. >> it's certainly helpful to the democrats to have spent the last week talking about whether donald trump want a ridiculous ban of muslims that would not work. but i think in this context, he does have a point in the sense we already can sight' very difficult for hillary clinton to just stand up on a stage for two hours pretending to be human. if that's hard for her, manage the difficulties of the presidency. i have always thought she has been a little bit off since that fall she took a couple years ago. kennedy: maybe donald trump's stamina comments are singing in. he's a good marketer. kennedy: he four years everyone says the same thing.
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we are choosing between the lesser of two evils. if we have to choose between donald trump and hillary clinton what kind of a choice is that? >> it's so evil. i think that was a jab at her health and age obviously. the stamina. that's a good word. i like that. as far as the lesser -- but i mean, that conk on the head thing, i think you are right. but i think as far as the lesser of two evils, i would rather have the evil we have no clue about how it would run than the evil we would know about which is hillary and business as usual politics. i need this whole thing shaken up. i think that's what america wants and that's why donald trump is hitting so many americans right between the eyes. yes we need something commit outrageous. kennedy: i think the passion
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resonates. but i think no one has been right with their prognostications and predictions about donald trump. i think the on thing that will add any weight to the conversation is how he does in the caucus and primary states. there is a kernel of truth to everything. they did a great job of examining his tweets. >> he joke comes from some bit of truth. but i think hillary clinton has the host stamp and a half any politician. she has been in this for so long and has yet to have a mental breakdown or dependency on alcohol that we know of. donald trump says she probably sleeps a lot. she realized she doesn't have to give that much effort. she can give 92%.
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kennedy: that's the american dream to have a job that's easy and make millions of dollars. new developments in the san bernardino shooting case. were they really lone wolves?
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kennedy: the f.b.i. is
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investigating the parents of syed farook and tashfeen malik. farook's far it has been added to the watchlist and his mother is being investigated as a co-conspirator. the f.b.i. determined they had been radicalized for years before meeting online. anthony, i want to talk about this mother. did they have a house, did they have an apartment? did she live with them in it sounds like she did. if she knew nothing of what was going on she should be incarcerated for negligence. >> i don't understand these terrorist watchlists, all these lists. are they just out there? just living the american lifestyle? round them up. i'm with donald. round them up. i don't understand why they are
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not at least being questioned 24 hours a day. bright light in the face. maybe a phone book to the body. >> these are those times, i'm a limited government libertarian. i don't think the state should be torturing people. waterboarding? is it really out of line in this case? >> remember radical was when your friend got you who tickets? kennedy: do you think we should stop using the term "radicalized." >> i think this is not a period of self-radicalization where you are seeing things on facebook and social media where you have say i want to emulate these people. we are seeing young male short.
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just as we have seen in so many others. we start out of hearing these terms where they say radicalized and lone wolf and we can't figure out what made them go off like this. but when you look closely and find out different things, it turns out they are in touch with all these people. where did this money come from? there was some level of organization involved. you have the attorney general going over and saying no, this wasn't a cell. this wasn't something going on in an organized fashion in america. kennedy: is it a brand-new category so we have 0 invent a new term? >> i'm not sure you have to invent a new term. but you have to say this is from their perspective a war. they view themselves as troops within various small units.
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kennedy: that's the problem, a small iewjt. you don't have a black or white us or them state you can invaden bomb and whatever else. this guy was plotting as far back as 2012 to carry out one of these attacks with someone else. >> the small units are becoming family units which is even scarier. you can't incriminate a spouse. but what i think -- you got to a good point about radicalization and seeing a trail on technology, social media about the whole process happening. i'm nervous about all these encryption technology, there is so much. how is it a week later we still don't know the full back story behind these two people? it's because there are so many fire walls. kennedy: i think we rely too much on this digital net.
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we have human intelligence and relying on the digital intelligence, i think -- >> she was able to get a green card giving a false address in pakistan. human intelligence is not working. kennedy: they didn't do enough to check on it because they have gone the so lazy relying on the digital. >> that may be a good point. kennedy: brian kilmeade will be talking about the pirates isis. >> we can end. >> we can end gun violence. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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>> congressman forbes asked general dunnford, have we currently contained isil? general dunnford, we have not contained isil. mr. secretary do you agree with general dunnford? >> i agree with what general dunnford said, yes. kennedy: that was defense secretary ash carter speak about isis. here to weigh in on isis and our middle east policy is brian kilmeade. he's not only the co-host of "fox and friends." he's the author of "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates" which investigates america's first run-in.
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it's a page turner. you don't write it like a history book it many like a novel and you can't wait to get to the next section. somewhat i try to do is as if i'm explaining it to you. i wanted to make it like a sports story. books in the past have been thorough but they were written tore yale professors. i was look for an everyday story that not many people knew. but applies to today. jefferson could have helped out senator mccain and secretary ash carter to take on his extremist threat. kennedy: that's what was happening off the barbary coast. you had to convert to islam with sit in prison and rot, or pay the ransom. the united states was trying to figure out the course of the nation.
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and now they had to come up with a plan to figure out what to do with these pirates. >> without a navy, or constitution, some of these guys were held for 10 years. i want to just privilege to it a quote. this is from -- this is from the ambassador of tripoli which we now know as libya. john adams and jefferson were in this meeting. they said all nations not acknowledging allah are sinners. adams was freaked out. he said let's just write these guys a check. even if we have to get a loan from amsterdam. jefferson said what kind of message are we sending the rest of the world. we have to set an example.
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later when he became president, jefferson fought him. kennedy: that was the birth of the marines and the start dominance of the navy. who is jefferson in today's scenario. >> i would say when george bush took on the saddam hussein threat, when he got it wrong, jefferson got the wrong strategy in the beginning. when he doubled down and got the right generals involved. and he won. but what jefferson did it stopped in 1805 before total victory. this is bush 43 and 41. 41 he didn't take out saddam. 43 he didn't stay with the surge. james madison had to go back in
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1815 and get total today it laying. if you let the military do their job even back then they win. the good news, they couldn't stop them. kennedy: jefferson wasn't interested in nation building because they had to focus on the united states. but if ash carter, john kerry and president obama read your book would they be able to solve the isis crisis? >> i think they would. you have got to confront and steamroll the enemy and let them know there is no alternative. we gave them back a victory. we let them come back into syria because syria collapsed. let that be the message from satellite. kennedy: keep writing books, come back and enlighten the world. >> i'll see you in the elevator. kennedy: why is this man being
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kennedy: i can't take you off the naughty list but i can serenade with news that will make you feel nice. this is the topical storm. topic number one. things have been testy between uber drivers and their yellow cab brethren. uber drivers. at a toronto protest a cab drive was seen pounding on the uber window. he tried to open the door and look what happened? the uber drive sped off.
8:31 am
that could be a new olympic sport. there he goes again. he's holding on for dear life. someone asked the uber drive why he stop for the cab driver. he said he didn't use the app. topic number 2. nothing looks quite so pay the jot i can or presidential as a bald eagle sitting in our office. donald trump showed off his prowess as commander-in-chief by having such a bird squat on his desk. just like george washington's pet bald eagle. "time" magazine add insult to injury after failing to make trump their person of the year.
8:32 am
they released video of donald with the randy bird. come on, now. it isn't a bear, like in russia. remember when putin mauled the bear to death? a high schooler won a basketball game with a mind-blowing shot. that will be the greatest moment of his life. the buzzer beater gave them the
8:33 am
3 point they needed to clinch the game. and it's a thousand times better than this half court shot we showed you earlier this week. minnesota should make him their governor. i'm talking to you, governor statom. the carolina rear isn't just nickname of donald trump after his latest poll surge. it's the name of the hottest chili pepper. watch two foolish pepper lovers down a carolina reaper each. they are torturing themselves. they rite in pain and practically collapse in cardiac
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spasms as they try to improve the fruit. >> great pepper. holy [bleep] >> it's as much pain as i have been in a while. >> wow! kennedy: that's what people do, they hug each other right before they die. he kept snapping like he was trying to get out after bad dream. our colleagues at fox have done an outstanding job moderating the presidential debates. but even so i have to wonder next time can we set aside a portion of the debate for a candidate rap battle?
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maybe it will go something like this. ♪ drive the debt to an unsustainable level ♪ until ♪ i talked to a lot of generals and they are idiots ♪ ♪ america became a great nation ♪ ♪ when you have to be responsible to give mortals ♪ night ♪ it's good to see you gentlemen ♪ kennedy: i like it. let's check out what the democrats are up to. >> i'm martin o'malley please vote for me, not clinton or sanders or huckabee. the nra hates me base don't like guns. guns, guns guns. kennedy: i'll give you $25 if
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you drop out of the race and that will be the biggest campaign contribution you have had in weeks and we both know it. if you have seen stories you would like to see on "topical storm" tweet me @kennedynation. one viewer said it was mean what you said about cats. i don't have to worry. she only likes dry food. first up the panel on the latest celebrity anti-gun video. >> we can end >> we can end >> we can end >> we can end gun violence. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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kennedy: celebrities lined up behind their web cams and cell phones to make this horribly produced gun violence video. >> if we come together ... >> we can end gun violence. >> we can. >> we can end gun violence. >> we can end gun violence. >> end gun violence. >> we can. >> end. >> gun violence. >> we can end gun violence. keg * where was gabe kaplan in that video. are you inspired to embrace gun control? let's ask the party panel. i think this group of people believe it or not might have it wrong when they talk about gun violence.
8:41 am
where does the majority of gun violence come from? >> it comes from suicide. less than 1% of gun violence happens in mass shootings. it's mass shootings that bring about mass shootings like these. but what happens when a friend commits suicide? it doesn't fit the narrative. kennedy: there are a lot of weirdoes out there and in the case of -- there have been celebrities who have been murdered by fans and they need to protect themselves. jennifer aniston appears in ads like this. do you think she would make her security guards a gun-free zones. it is something you have to consider in this whole thing. i had something to give the celebrities as a positive message which is gun violence has pretty much ended.
8:42 am
we are at historically low levels of gun violence. i understand it gets a lot of attention. but if you don't understand the difference between gun violence in the context of steady drum beast gun violence and the situation we have today where we have incidents crop up here and there with motivations that have nothing to do with rational thought, that's a different conversation than the one about access to guns. every statistic shows we should have vast lire more gun crime than we do today. >> those are called hate facts. kennedy: here is the problem with the crew of said against gun violence. they are only address gun violence. >> there are a lot of different times of violence. it's so hollywood. zero substance to that whole thing.
8:43 am
it's like trump saying it's going to be great, it will make your head spin with no answers. what are you going to do? and i love these because they are actors. all right, little more somber. together we can -- it's stove fake, phoney. hashtag of the week. kennedy: what are they going to do, get care vants of mini vans of celebrities going to chicago and los angeles going door to door taking people's guns. >> somebody in that video is responsible for selling more guns than anybody. i haven't bought a new gun in a year and just before his speech i went out and bought a new shotgun. and statistics have proven that he's selling guns like nobody.
8:44 am
>> smith & wesson posted some of their biggest numbers on squall street. a great day, and i thank you. thank you, party panel. coming up, is there a rape crisis on college campuses are things more complex than we have been led to believe? martha maccallum is here.
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kennedy: a few years ago president obama's department of education said america's colleges are hunting ground for sexual predators. is rape a crisis at college campuses? martha maccallum joins me. >> a criminal court requires the highest standard, beyond a reasonable doubt. but colleges would use a preponderance of evidence standard. this means those judging only need to be above 50% certain that accused person was responsible.
8:49 am
>> being responsible of rape is obviously a violent crime. shouldn 't you be given the opportunity to have a higher reasonable doubt measure? >> what we are talk about under title 9 is whether students are safe to learn and whether they discriminated or not based on their sex. kennedy: martha maccallum is a co-anchor of "america's newsroom." welcome. martha: hi, kennedy it many great to be here. kennedy: i feel like colleges have been radicalized in their own sense and created an environment where they figure arbitrary victims that rest upon the statistic that one in five women is going to be the victim of sexual assault. where does that statistic come from? >> martha: it came from the department of justice.
8:50 am
when it came out it sent a chill. sit came out at the time my daughter was looking at colleges. i thought that's unbelievable it was a broad definition and it included anywhere unwanted advance which obviously could fall into a large category. but other statistics show the number is lower than that. no matter what the numbers are, kennedy, one rape on any campus is too many. everybody understands that. but what we are trying to talk about in this piece is one false accusation is equally devastating. we prove filed three young men who went through hell, honestly, and believed they were falsely accused. in a couple cases the university found them not responsible for what was said to have happened. but it didn't matter, because mantel of that was accepted by students on campus and they were points at and called a rapist
8:51 am
despite the fact the school found them not responsible. in other cases the school found them responsible and kicked out of school. kennedy: this is an amazing story. two young people both got drunk. her friend tried to take her away from the party. they kept texting each other and they hooked up and had sex and she remembered she forgot her belt and earrings, but she apparently forgot they had intercourse. they talked about it maturely and agreed to be friends. but then after that he got a shocking email. martha: a couple months later he got a letter saying he had to appear before a hearing. he was confused. after the event that night, they texted. she came back. they talked for a few hours. they were both so drunk. alcohol does play a huge role in this. the administration doesn't want alcohol to play any role.
8:52 am
but in this case you had to people who couldn't remember what happened. they had some ask each other did we have sex? did we not have sex? but she became convinced through a number of associates that her story sounded like rape to them so she should pursue it. he was kicked out of oxidental. he found another university. oxidental assured him because he was appealing his case his transcript would be clean. but when he arrived on that campus he got a call from the dean who said we got an anonymous email that tough an assault charge against you and you have to pack you're bags and leave. kennedy: oftentimes you have to go through the legal process to clear your name. how are you supposed to clear your name when something like that happens. that can ruin lives, not only for victims and alleged victims.
8:53 am
but for these false predators. martha: one of the families we talked to have spent a couple hundred,000 in legal fees before all was said and done. but the hearing is not a court of law. it's generally three professors who have been designated to decide whether a rape happened. you are generally not allowed to have your attorney present and if he is present web's not allowed to talk to you. the text messages, i had a great time, i love with you. i love if you another case. they are not aloud at evidence in those hearings. ken. kennedy: or you can't present police evidence saying you are not responsible and it does not meet the threshold or criminal -- martha: some of these cases have been purchase sued by law enforcement and was found not guilty but it didn't matter in the end. his life was ruined. kennedy: this is an incredible story.
8:54 am
it's this weekend on the fox news channel. kennedy: martha hud have me as a guest on her show. i have viewer mail ... i still like kennedy better with curly hair. why is curly
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kennedy: it's been such a long time viewer mail. i still want in my life. we have so much to cover. ted logan tweet, i always knew there was something different but on mtv when i was a kid. glad you didn't wind a crazy leftist.
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we are accepting any sort of hateful spew and on any medium. good night. bye from over here. s political correctness. thanks for being with us. have a great evening. good night from new york. >> another mass shooting. john: isis attacks. what can america do about it? presidential candidates claim they know what to do. >> if i'm elected president, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. john: but how? some candidates say the threat has already come to america. >> we should never take in refugees, we don't know who these people rebuke we don't know where they're coming fro. john: does it matter if the politicians say radical islam? >> i don't think we're at war with islam. we are at war with violent extremism. john: whatever words we use, it's important we find the right balance between safety and liberty. senator rand paul got our government the stop mass collecti


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