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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  December 13, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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>> we're in the middle of the sunk and going to have to sit this out and going to go for good old fashion utility stock. get away from thehehehehe commoh yield. >> okay. neil is next. all right. you see this guy? well, we let him go and guess what he is doing now? well, he is the top al qaeda guy. good to have you. enough is enough. stop the release and keep that prison open. also hear from our guests. so charles, what do you make of that? it's a number of people that we're letting out and some say one out of three, but this is a big one. >> yeah, it's a big one. we're talking of releasing them to go on to be commanders and
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spokesperson and post er men. >> yeah, president obama is talking about closing it. i get a better suggestion. let's make it bigger and make it a lot larger and adding people that want to leave the country and fight over seas for isis. no, you get on the plane at the airport, guess what you're going to land? in cuba. >> that's not what i ask, but i guess that shows another level he. >>hatid y ask agn? >> we, it s astaknd he is makgt t hilnhote ihink tte said yes. >> three meals a day and beautiful weather. >> i would say this, there's a political reason behind president obama looking to close it. there was no logical brief. >> you have to be fair. president bush was released. >> yeah, the noition of closing it and president obama has been nice and been nicer to the world to the before.
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they want a lot of these. >> nobody else vows to them. >> yeah, anybody else did. >> by the way neil, they want to kill us. it's not working. >> okay. >> closing this or moving the detd them to u.s. soil is not going to happen because of the cost of it. president obama pushed back because it's going to cost $600 million to build a facility here. >> well, if we add to it, it's going to be more. >> by the way you have to get past legislation that was passed that the president signed that prohibits the president. he says that he has a way around it but prohibits the closing of the facility here. >> does he have the power to do that? >> well, they have the signing statement and they have all kinds of ways around the
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legislation and congress. then there's litigation about it. i want to go back to what he said. i don't see the rational opposing it. what is the advantage of closing it? there's no logical answer to it. >> yeah, not only shutting down the facility, we want to whole structure back. >> yeah, there was never a rational and the political rational was to go up to castro. >> i agree and to be nicer to the world. >> i agree. >> that's the problem. >> good luck. >> i have the idea of making it a good political rational and political act. he claims that there's a practical rational. it's sucking up. >> i do want to see -- there's the release of the president and
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we begin with bush and he would write and regret what happened. >> well, you're right. it's a tune of five to one bush to obama of how many were released and went back to the battlefield. i never understood if we can try terrorists and we have and others in federal court hearing in the united states and sentence them to a super maximum and maybe has escaped from, there's plenty of room. >> clint east wood. >> yeah, why not be able to put it where they're completely isolated for 23 and a half hours a day. they're notal radicalizing anybody. >> with all due respect? >> go ahead. >> with all due respect because we do not want to kiss the castros behind.
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>> what's the difference? >> because they want gitmo back. >> ben. ben. ben. no. no. no. no. >> close down and we have the navel facility, would you be okay with that? >> yeah, i would be okay with that. >> we have the navel facility well before any terrorists were ever at gitmo. >> yeah, agree. >> yeah, obama can give it back. >> what is the rational for bringing them here and trying them here and say that we develop a system that in the middle of a corn field in kansas you have a super maximum prison. >> we have one. >> and you fly them into kansas. what is the rational when you can do it there? >> this is my point. >> why do you want to do it. >> do you want me to answer the question? >> these people committed a crime and they probably did
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against us here in new york city. >> so why do we have to have them here. >> let me answer my question. i never understood why we did not try them in a courthouse in new york. >> you know why. >> we could not afford it. >> do you know what the type of police presence would be here to guard one of these. i am telling you that it's efficient to stick them on an island and that's what we have. the american people do not have to worry about it. >> yeah, i just can't believe that the same people that want to bring them on the soil, do not want americans to have guns. >> what does that have to do with anything? >> it's about protection. you talk about the post er child and they will use it as a recruitment. are you kidding me? that's a joke. he left and become in charge of
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al qaeda and keep them there and make it larger. fill it up and stuff it with as many bad guys as possible from the public. >> we were attacked on 9/11 before we were taking terrorists down in gitmo. i want to add something. maybe we want don't the terrorists and suspects on american soil. maybe i don't want them down the road from me. i don't care if they're in a prison. >> i can tell you one thing. president obama has been nicer than bush, but yet they want to kill us. >> if you're a terrorists, you would be down there in kansas. the weather is beautiful and you have the beaches. >> we already had them and we tried the shape and blue up the world in 93. tried them here in federal court and he is sitting in the super
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maximum. >> why? >> why not. >> why not. >> why not. >> i think that we're making the process with the why not thing. >> well, i want to know they're using this as a recruitment tool that many of them in the crazy muslims kind fof community. i am wondering if we kept this open. what do you think? >> well, as he says they have hated us for a long time. way before we started putting them in gitmo. these are born haters, and they're not going to stop. >> with president bush they hated us and then with with obama. i wonder if it's a hate screen. >> it's just an excuse. i will tell you one thing one of
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the reasons that chuck was let go by the obama administration as the secretary of the defense was because he was apose today that. >> yeah, there's no rational reason for them to come. >> yeah, we have a whole thing. we have a whole jail up there. >> why stop on the crime in general. >> he wants -- he hfeels sorry for the criminals and then a lock of the jobs and hot weather in the desert. we don't want them here because we don't want them in the mists. >> president obama has global warming. >> you want to be super maximum for 23 and a half hours under the ground. >> no, gitmo. >> julie -- >> why have them here julie? what's the point? >> the crime was committed here on 9/11. >> okay. so we should --
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>> okay. it was committed here. >> okay. the cliff notes is that he is not a fan of president obama. donald trump is making the gop nervous. i am not talking about the 9m vous on muslim but the
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business. for the headlines log on to fox >> all right. messages to the republican party to dump trump. two out of three of the supporters would back up the
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run. it's not exactly ruling that out. >> very happy where i am and the republican party and the people are great. the party i will let you know about that. i don't get treated fairly, i would consider that. >> sounds to me like they're getting nervous about that. >> they're already nervous on the side of the frantic earlier in the week and then obrian and he wins. >> what are they frantic about? >> they do not like it. they want an establishment. >> what do they not like about it? >> someone that they can bribe. >> that's why i love about them. they gave the stories. >> the other point is that if you see what is going on in new york state. >> i know. >> that's a fact. >> yeah, it is.
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you have talked about does he have enough money and how much is he worth? $10 million. does he have enough money to run without the back financial backing of someone else. >> it's not in the first caucus. >> it's in the running independent and during the 92 election and what ross. >> if they get nervous to trump and it could be the republicans. if that's where they're coming from. what is the sense of what they do? if he is carve canniing out the new brace and why did they
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embrace that? >> well, if he does what he says. and wall street and then there's $100 billion and there's a lot of money from the corporation and a lot of billionaires in the country and here is the problem. it's not tough and all of these guys have seen him and then it's in establishment. >> let me ask you this. it's for a good reason and reading some of that and what if he is carving that and it's different. i am in the saying that but i am saying that people that do not do republicans or that make up for some of the base reports that he is losing. in other words, he brings in more than me takes off.
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>> he brings in more, or does he bring them in. i think that he is incredible, and i think the most important figure of my lifetime was george wallace and then to the fact that the wide working close voter was really po'ed and he was winning the primaries like crazy. >> yeah, in 1968 there was an election to richard nixon. >> yeah, and he got 14 percent of the poplar votes. >> yeah, but he got nixon to adopt a southern strategy and that's been the strategy of the republican party every since. trump should be showing the way to the rest of the republicans. we get a chance to learn from him. >> i know that the clinton forces are hoping that she gets the nomination and that it's
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trump against the nomination. they're hoping the same with reagan and getting concern with bush senior with that and saying that we want don't to go up against george sr. we know what happened in nevere -- >> the numbers of the delegates and the votes that you need to win are increasingly getting more complicated. this is the fact because they're not in the favor. >> that's not what i asked. you think that you're getting ahead of yourself and hoping and praying. >> my point is this. you have mitt winning the votes and then the next one has to win 40 percent in order to win.
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>> he is not a franchise. if you look at the polls today he is not franchising anybody else in the republican party. >> he is bringing people -- >> i am not saying yay or nay. he is bringing many people that voted republican but not voted at all. >> i would love to see the people cast the votes when it's time to cast the votes. >> ted cruz. >> you may not like it. >> he is not bringing it in. >> you may not like the results because ted comes out all of the time. >> we have more after this in the feds and the wake of the terror. what could happen with the interest rates in the next week and then why
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i'm going to make a bet with you, i'm going to make a bet that they don't do it. and i have made that bet over and over and over and won that bet. because something always changes their mind. my bet is they're not going to do anything until after the election. >> that was republican presidential candidate carly fiorina, and she was staying her belief was that the fed rates will not raise because it's just bad politics. they don't want to do anything to hurt the democratic party. that was then, what do you think now? >> i think she's wrong, and if you heard ben stein's comment, after the election, that's a long time. >> i hate to make him sound of
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ior there, but that's goods. >> yellin is worried about their reputation, they have made the bed they now have to crawl into, and that is raising interest rates at least once before the start of the next year. if they don't next week, and we have seen markets tumble over the past week, if they don't, it's going to be a downward spiral. >> you make the argument, even to carly fiorina's point, it's time to get out of the way. >> maybe the economy is not doing as well as everybody thinks, or maybe they're pretending it is and i don't see mass inflation happening. >> i don't think now is the time to raise rates, but it's not a political point, it's an economic point. >> does that scare the heck out of you? >> unfortunately, the fed is in a box, this is not the right
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time to be raising rates. they should have done it a year ago. if she does not raise rates, the market is going to go down 300 points on the notion that we're headed for a recession. >> if she is doesn't move, would it be interpreted as political? >> if she doesn't move it would be interpreted as political. but she should raise them. >> it is impossible for them to raise the rates, only mad men and mad women. would any move be based on politics? >> they're always based on po polit politics. any vetter will say it plays a large part in politics, yes. >> you're talking about all, generally, i'm going to tell you the joke afterwards. >> you don't want to get into this discussion? >> the whole thing that we dismissed here. we'll probably get up into a
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political debate in north carolina. we will be there for that. >> you got to watch it because all the fox business people will gain 20 pounds apiece, eating the delicious south carolinian quite zone. >> the stocks that go up
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i love the risk reward to the up side. i the united states government has information with syria has already attempted to gain access to our country, through the u.s. refugee program. >> wow, a shocking new revelation, leaked this week by the homeland security committee chairman. terror ties in syria, trying to get is into the u.s. through the refugee program. and now we're hearing that isis may have a passport printing that mean that could be used by infiltrators.


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