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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the republican establishment appears ready to risk turning the gop presidential primary contest wrup side down and upset millions and millions of republican voters while the holy alliance attacks donald trump's candidacy and his campaign. in doing so will frustrate the american public. least those that support trump for president. the gop elites have simply lost their minds if the washington post reporting is accurate. "the post" reports that more than 20 top republican officials and leading figures in the gop
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this week met to talk about the possibility of coalessing around a trump alternative and having a brokered primary. some want to have trump banned from the party altogether. this is republican e. o'brien murray. >> to deliver this kind of message and double down from keeping americans out of our country if they are muslim and just out of the country when he did that on monday shows that i believe his lack of being genuine running for president. >> whatever. the establishment resistance to trump will be met by a candidate. it was a good fight who has, as well, overwhelming voter support as we are now two months from an iowa caucus. trump is still dominating in the polls. all polling. a new cbs-"new york times"
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survey shows trump dominating republican field at 35% of the vote. trump's showing has improved by 16 points since october. i'll be talking about the republican race with one of trump's challengers. rand paul joins us here tonight. and there's frustration over the -- authorizes are certain that tashfeen malik was radicalized years ago, so how was she able to obtain a k-1 fiance visa, and why should any citizen believe that our immigration system is effective, that this administration can assure public safety and our national security? senator rand paul blasted the white house after the white house said donald trump's muslim ban disqualifies him for the
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presidency. among those reasons according to senator paul -- how you make law. his -- it's 1-3. obama appointed an attorney general who says speech against muslims is a bigger threat than terrorism. joining us tonight republican presidential candidate senator rand paul, a member of several key committees, including foreign relations and homeland security. senator, great to have you with us. is there a basis for extremists. is that correct?
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>> i think we're crazy not to look at immigration. even starting with 9/11 the attacks on 9/11 all 19 hijackers came here using the legal immigration system. they all had visas. they weren't really obtained by law. a couple came here as students, but weren't attending school. a couple of them came as visitors and really weren't visiting us, and a couple of them were on the cia watch list and we let them in anyway. two of them lived with an fbi informant for a year. we have to look at our legal immigration system and say do we want to have more scrutiny on the people that come and visit us? the most recent example in san bernadi bernardi bernardino. there should have been more scrutiny of the woman's visa that was in. she wasn't even honest on her visa application, and no one vut nized it. >> the fact of the matter is the interview that is supposed to be so rigorous were not conducted as far as we know right now. there is clearly a statement from the state department that
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this is a rigorous process. the fiance k-1 visa. we're talking about a small number. this isn't just the first time. two iraqi refugees came to my hometown, bowling green, kentucky, and they came in with the refugee program. they tried to buy stinger missiles, but one of their fingerprints was in our data because because it was on a bomb fragment from iraq. they say we have great scrutiny for the refugees. well, guess what, two of them that came to my town weren't scrutinized. we do have to have rules about who comes into this country, and we are fools 23 we do not enforce stricter rules. even for europe already people that get a background check. once you've had it, if you are a businessman or woman who comes here frequently, by all means, keep coming.
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go through the frequent flyer program, the local entry so we can background check people so we don't have random people. i mean, all of the attackers in paris were french citizens. there's nothing stopping those people from getting on a plane right now. we have to do something about this if we care at all anything about terrorism. first thing we have to do is defend our border. >> we talk about fixing the immigration system, and what i said is why don't we stop bringing people from countries -- and force people to fix it now, rather than
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promising to us we're getting around to fixing it. it's just going to be a few more years and we're going to fix it. let's just stop immigration until it's fixed now. how big is the problem? there are 11 million people in the country illegally. 40% of them were said to haveover stayed their visas, but we don't seem to care. we don't know who they are or where they are. we don't enforce our rules at all. there's 150,000 students here from the middle east. many are probably good people who like america, but if 40% of them are overstaying their visas and we don't know where they are, that's a huge mistake. >> border patrol double the is
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and tripled from a decade ago. there's a surge of illegal immigrants on our border, particularly in the state of texas. this administration has told the american people go to hell, we're going to do this my way. it doesn't matter what your silly congress and your silly senate have done in terms of enacting law. this is going to be done my way. that order is staying wide open. >> the problem with border security is not money, it's not a lack of motivation. it's a lack of will power. we've not had a republican president or democratic president who had the will power or the inclination to defend the border. it is illegal to come across illegally. we don't have anything about it other than to say we're not going to do anything about it. i think we need to enforce our laws. that takes a president with will power to enforce the law. >> great to have you with us. congratulations are. being in the top five in the
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"new york times" poll. it's good to talk with you. >> thanks, lou. democrats going after guns in connecticut. governor malloy today announced his plans to sign the first executive order in the nation that would ban the sale of guns to those on the federal government's no fly list. >> with the exception of an nra type spokesman i don't think there's anyone in america that says -- >> malloy did not mention that thousands of innocent americans have been mistakenly placed on the terrorist watch list, including u.s. marines, congressmen, swrurnl is, federal air marshalls, according to governor malloy who is not always a reasonable fellow. he does sit comfortably on the left. we assume comfortably. this is how some people, a few people in this country, like
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to celebrate or denigrate christmas. yes, it's a nativity scene featuring zombies. who would do such a thing? we'll introduce you here next. yes, it's that time again. the victoria secret fashion show, featuring this time some outrageous costumes, but the main attraction rather traditional. the model. and who was the top model? we'll show you next right after th
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on capitol hill today james was asked about the growing threat of the islam iing state and whether the radical islamist terrorists could launch another september 11th style attack against america. >> hard question for me to answer. their ability to have a safe haven from which to gather resources, people, and plan and plot increases the risk of their ability to mount a sophisticated attack against the homeland. >> he is also talking about encryption and the use of secure messaging becomes common practice for terrorists. >> we see that encryption is getting in the way of our
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ability in order to get effective information. a lot of people protect their devices so judge's orders cannot be complied with for reasons i understand. i'm not questioning their motivation. the question we have to ask is should they change their business model? >> we've got a lot of questions tonight for some of the leading experts on radical islamist terrorism. joining us is dr. walid phares, fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst, author of the book "future jihad, terror strategies against america" and foundation for defensive democracy's john hannah. thank you both for being here. >> it's not possible to detect,
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and there are communications to be heard by our authorities. >> they are now where they are using an entire tech swrrgs. individuals that are young, savvy, educated from the region, that the region that is on the ground, and jihadists from france and canada. what's happening now, what's boiling, is a new generation of tech, and even more worrisome to myself. isis now is indoctrinating kids between the age of 10 and 13. in a short four to five wreerz. whatever isis's numbers are now, they're going to triple it. worse many of those one day will be able to apply for visas and join others that have already been infiltrating even the mi grant or other processes. what i see right now happening is extremely dangerous.
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>> as you talk about -- it includes israel. it includes lebanon. it is a broader area than we normally think of. wills a lot of discussion, john hannah, about whether it should be isis or isil. the fact is the islamic state calls itself the islam iblg state. we have a president that says they're not islamic at all. we are playing extraordinary mind games and word games, but the fact is this president has not moved one iota for achieving his goal that he said to the american people 14 months ago. he would destroy the islamic state. is it beyond his ability? >> it's increasingly looking so. he has launched us into a war, and it's clear. it's not his highest priority to actually complete that war. he is not willing to set aside
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the rest of his presidency to rout out the islamic state out of its stronghold. the last thing i would want to do in in way is intrude upon his presidency in the interest of the american people and the nation. >> he has lots of things to do, lou. he has to go to climate change conferences before he actually addresses the nation about the threat of islamic state terror and our homeland. >> one of the people that watches it is donald trump. he said it's time to ban muslim immigration to this country for a period of time until we can figure out what's going on. i don't think any of the people who are screaming at the top of their lungs, whether the left, right, or media, thinks we're for a moment that that is a literal interpretation of muslims, but he is calling for a pause in our immigration and refugee programs.
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your response to that suggestion? >> my response is half of the world away. this whole debate in america has been triggered by a fear that the administration is going to bring in dozens -- hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly from syria. whether the solution is in syria what we are debating it here. there's an entire region in the northeastern part of syria known as -- close to 10,000 square kilometers. the size of lebanon. has all the infrastructure, has water, has oil, is defended by kurdish and christian and sunni arab militia. this is where the immigrants or the mi grants or the refugees should be taken to first. why do you want to transfer them half of the way away to canada or the united states? >> why would they want to do that? why would the administration have doubleded as a percentable of our population the number of
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muslims brought into this country in the past six years? >> well, i can tell you that the reason they don't want to do wall eated's proposal is because they don't want to do anything about syria. this is a president who has gotten us out of away. he doesn't want to address war, and he is going to leave us a bleeding wound in the heart of the middle east that is now threatening the stability and integrity of europe, which is the pillar of our american national security and defense policy for the last 70 years. we are watching going down this, and now we are seeing that we are at great risk of another 9/11 type event in the homeland. he doesn't want to deal with that. >> some are accusing the president of seeking the islamification of the united states. we'll leave that question for another time soon. i want to quickly wrap up with your judgment. is it time to pause temporarily
11:21 pm
ban immigration and refugee programs until we can sort out what we're doing in this country and understand what we are doing as a nation to assure the safety of the american people? walid? >> well, look, there are two ways to handle this. either the big way, not -- the big way to shut down immigration. that decision congress should consider if they want to do so. >> the president of the united states under 8 u.s. code 1182 by proclamation can suspend immigration, refugee programs himself. he doesn't require congress to suspend those programs. to change them under the law, he does require congress. >> that is a decision. that is another way we should have done before. create an agency to vet. >> not another agency. walid, no. >> another agency that's not
11:22 pm
doing much. it's one that we need right now. >> jack hanna, very quickly. sfroo we have to actually look at the immigration visa program, the visa waiver program. >> would you support -- would you support a temporary halt until we reorganize ourselves? >> i'm not smart enough. i doubt i would support a full-fledged halt on all immigration into the united states. it's just so controversial, so contrary to our ethos. >> i'm going to try to ask here, if it saved american lives? forget p.r. >> there is a cost to everything, lee. you really have to weigh out the pros and cons. >> that's tough stuff. there is a cost. if it's american lives, the cost is too damn high. thank you for being here. appreciate it. a few thoughts on
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thoughts now on president obama, donald trump, and our
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national security. the islamic state and its sympathizers have killed more than 500 people in six countries since october, and yet, our president refuses to destroy the islamic state, as he promised he would more than a year ago. he still demands that americans give up our guns as terrorists kill our citizens. it doesn't make a lick of sense, and it took the president 13 minutes sunday night to, again, not name the minimum we're fighting. radical islamists, mr. obama. radical islamists. he added that we cannot allow this fight to "be defined as a war between america and islam because that's what isil wants and they don't speak for islam." what does that even mean? who does speak for islam? a 2011 pew survey found 48% of muslim americans said their leaders haven't done enough to speak out against radical
11:28 pm
islamists. i don't think that's changed in four years. the same survey found 21% said there is neither a good deal or a fair amount of support for extremism in their community. we don't know the number of muslims in other country. it's with somewhere between 3 million, 7 million. the president said 7 million when he gave a speech in cairo in 2009. we don't know the number of illegal immigrants in this country or the number of immigrants who have overstayed their visas. in europe we are watching as hundreds there, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and refugees, demonstrate daily declaring that at the don't care one whip about europe's borders and its laws or its culture. a senior german police official said some of those reaching europe are islamic state terrorists. the islamic state itself said they are sending their terrorists among those syrian refugees. here at home the president is making leer to governors they don't have a say in who is resettled in their states. the head of the house homeland
11:29 pm
security committee warning governors have a right to be concerned. >> i can reveal today to the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to the terrorist groups in syria already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. >> why is the president not telling us about that. why is he not the one calling for action? why is all of this an issue of political correctness and not one of national security and the nation's survival? why does our president and the west think they have been somehow given permission to lecture us as if we were somehow cowardly fools and that is it's somehow immorale to defend ourselves against radical islamist terrorists? in our own defense against political correctness, it's time for the left and -- require us to open our borders and accept
11:30 pm
whatever the consequences, no matter how they strike. didn't the president acknowledge just sunday night we are in a war against the islamic state? maybe that is a flip sometimes. the president didn't make it clear how many casualties we should accept, how much of america should we surrender before he fulfills his promise to destroy our enemies. we do still tend to put up a struggle, mr. president? don't we? our quotation of the evening. this was from author, military history wran, novelist lieutenant colonel ralph peters. he said we will not be beaten, and we will not, but we may be shamed and embarrassed on a needlessly long road to victory." we are coming right back. stay with us. >> the vast liberal outrage machine in full tilt against donald trump and his call to
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syndicated columnist, fox news contributor michelle, had he is also the author of the book "there it is, sold out, a high-tech billionaire and bipartisan wezles are screwing
11:35 pm
america's best and brightest." i would like to read the subtitle, michelle, again. congratulations on the book. it's terrific. i recommend it to all of our viewers. terrific book by a terrific, terrific columnist and commentator. let's start with your lum. i mean, you go right after. you say calm down, america, and think, which is a novel approach these days. you say we should be it seems that national profiling is a no brainer, and it should have been in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. lou, you and i know that the snooze button has been hit time and time again on capitol hill, and it has so much to do not
11:36 pm
only with the political culture of political correctness and apa apathy, but also with all of the krony. that have bought up all of the so-called leadership in both parties to undermine commonsense, immigration and entrance enforcement of all the rules that should protect not only american sovereignty and security, but, of course, american jobs as well. that's what we're getting at with "sold out." my co-author, john, is someone who has been in the trenches. we see these stories now again and again and again of american workers who are being replaced by cheaper foreign labor. both on national security and economic security front, people are waking up, and as many problems as we might have. donald trump, the one thing he is doing is the company that spoke to big business and big
11:37 pm
government interest on this very fundamental issue. >> like you, i think that trump is fundamental. he is the disruptor at this point. he may well be the party's nominee. right now he is providing an immense national service, i believe, as a disruptor in the political process. he is galvanizing attention and forcing issues, illegal immigration, border security. changing a look at what we're really doing with free trade. also looking at what our responsibilities are in governing who does enter the country and who is in this country and why we don't know about them. no doubt he is shaking things up, and i swrb outspoken about the issues where i vihamently disagree with him. i don't have a horse in this race yet, but i'll tell you
11:38 pm
what, there's something horrible that happened in the senate this afternoon. you had a bipartisan majority and a committee on immigration and the public interest. so-called public interest. there is so much more interest in taking a stand against trump than upholding the national interest that they passed an amendment sponsored by pat leahy which would bar consideration at all of religion in immigration and entrance decisions. it's suicide. >> it is suicide. you point out in the book, this government, it is suicidal, but it is also homicide, because it is taking down republicans who in good faith really want to win the 2016 election. you had a speaker like paul ryan who is attacking one of the candidates and stepping out what should be a neutral role, but it was too late. you have mitch mcconnell playing political games and the rnc.
11:39 pm
the meeting the washington post has supported that we reported on now that's trying to kill the trump candidacy. they're talking about subverting the will of millions of republicans who in good faith have selected a candidate. these people are about to destroy the republican party's chances of winning the election in 2016, and i think if they're successful in this, they very well could -- they could cripple this country for years, decades to come. zoog i can't disagree with you, lou. a lot of what we do is just sold out. we traced the money trail and connect the dots for people, and paul ryan is at the center of so much of the open borders coalition between the open borders left and the big business right. that's who we answer to. this is why so much of the grassroots -- the rank and file of the republican party is fed up. you know, they -- you have the establishment people and all of these naval gazers and chin pullers so worried about the
11:40 pm
climate. well, they helped create it. they're reaping what they sew. >> we can read what you have written. the book is sold out. we recommend it to you highly. thank you so much. joining us tonight reporter for the washington -- good to have you with you us martin. >> good to be here. >> let's start with you. trump pushing through. he is 20 points ahead the nearest rival in south carolina, and half of that poll survey after his remarks against muslims' entry into the united states for a period of time. as he put it -- your reaction? >> i stopped trying to understand the polls a long time ago with trump's rise and his remaining at the top. >> where? he has had more ideas. he has more energy. he is working harder than anyone
11:41 pm
else. what's so hard to understand about that? >> well, you know, obviously he is getting more media than any other candidate is paying for media. >> he said he would be 40% if he got trump's free media. do you agree? >> it's clear that trump has broughts something to the race that no one else has brought and really that no other presidential candidate in recent memory has brought. i don't want to blame it all on the media or give all the credit to the media depending how you look at it, but i do think that some of the more outlandish comments put a dent in his support by now, and i admit -- >> if i can help out one thing here, i think i can identify what -- >> helping what? >> i'm helping america. >> here we go, right?
11:42 pm
>> he has tapped into the basic thing that america is looking for. that's a leader that understands the severity of the issue. that's the one thing i think almost everybody can get because he is speaking to that. >> he is not bs'ing around. >> you can also -- you can talk to me about that part. >> the point is he tapped into it, and i get it. that is so powerful right now in light of what goes on in america. >> wanting the republicans to renounce the candidacy of their frontrunner. by the way, we both know the establishment republicans and the democratic leadership is anything to kill his candidacy. it's not going to happen, is it? >> well, i think republicans are trying to walk a fine line in terms of distancing themselves from some of the controversial things he is saying, but in the back of their minds the whole time the not so thinly vailed
11:43 pm
third party run on trump's party -- >> >> it could affect that decision one way or the other. >> that's an interesting concern because it makes it soupd like the establishment -- in trying to destroy rather than be fair and support of this candidacy as a frontrunner. that's just the reality. he knows it, and that's the problem.
11:44 pm
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>> we want to show you the navy's largest destroyer. it's headed out to sea for the first time the high-tech usf features a self-design as you see there. it's got lasers and rail gun. all of it costs nearly $4.5 billion. joining us now from our army vice chief general jack kane. general, we're going to get to a lot of things. i just want to ask how impressed are you that the rail gun is now a reality?
11:49 pm
>> big-time credit for it. >> let's turn to, first, this war we're told that the islamic state will be able to recruit on what donald trump is saying. sfwloot people that come to this movement that you suggest, they have a grounding in radical islam. they're drawn to it, and they are also drawn to the sense of purpose and adventure to do something with their lives. the reason they're there is
11:50 pm
because they believe in what this movement is about. that's why they want to risk their lives. the cast of icbn, a midsize missile. in violation of u.n. security council resolution again. what are we watching here? is this the end of the deal? is this the undoing of that negotiation? >> they sentenced the american in tehran. they fired off another missile. the u.n. security council agreement, and now they fired a second one. iran has one purpose in mind. the purpose and their strategic objective is simply --
11:51 pm
>> they sent the message loud and clear to everyone in the region that -- >> i'm not surprised, but i am disappointed. i truly expected americans to if down in paris that we would try to step up this thing and really do something consequential and decisive. it's not going to happen. he has made up his mind the mission and objective, not the one he has told us about in terms of the american people. it's not to defeat isis.
11:52 pm
it's to contain it. he is going to pass this challenge of defeating isis to the next administration. that is really where he is, and it's so unfortunate. >> general, thank you very much. good to see you. general jack kane. >> up next victoria secret models at the super bowl of fashion. they feel like they're training for the olympic whz they strut themselves down the runway of their annual fashion show. we'll see wlm we agree, and that's important. here next. stay with us. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> joininging me now red eye co-host. former miss new york usa. joanne. good to have you both here. let's start with victoria secret. >> we talk about victoria secret a lot on this show. at least once a week i think we're talking about it. >> epps to give the people what they want. >> you're implying that it's for ratings because people enjoy these fashion pictures.
11:57 pm
he was actually out with a bunch of molgzs or at home watches ages have shield. that's why i -- who can really tell? >> i was out volunteering. >> yes. well -- yeah. good for them. >> you say the same? >> yes. they were wonderful. i think i had a favorite look. it was the patriotic look. i think we might have a photo. maybe not. >> by the way -- >> there it is. >> you called for it, they had it. >> they listened. i am an american, and i am pro-america, so i think that we should all purchase this lovely american costume. >> dallas cowboys colored one too. silver and blue. >> good for selena gomez for slamming the haters. i was happy to see haters slammed. >> the zombie christmas, may i turn to that for a minute? the zombie christmas seems to be -- the couple that decided to
11:58 pm
do that, don't you think? >> i just think if you are going to have a did hes play featuring beings of the dead, i think easter would be the appropriate holiday. >> that's true. never thought of that. >> i thought if you are going to -- i am thinking they should have chosen the islamic religion to see what would happen. wouldn't that have been somewhat a display of courage. >> there are so many religions to choose from, and you should represent them all in your nativity display if you really want to be an inclusive society. this man owns a haunted house. it shows his entrepreneurial spirit. >> he can handle tsh. >> i think you're right, and that's why -- speaking of god, donald trump and saying that he wants to ban muslims coming into the country for a little while until we can figure out who the heck is trying to kill and who isn't. do you think that's naive?
11:59 pm
>> i think that we twenl need to be more cautious. the vetting process needs to be looked at. his rhetoric, while it really appeals to some, it's not to others, and he is isolate iing. >> in addition to muslims, i would like to ban buddhists agnostics -- >> how many have brought an ar-15 to a christmas party at lunch? >> you mentioned aside from them. >> okay. >> i was treeing to think about -- >> i got to speak. >> thanks for being here. you get the last word.
12:00 am
>> it's great to be here, lou. any final words for you donald trump? video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot. (bob hope) this has been a great trip. we've been to england, to germany, then to crete,


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