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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 14, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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he's dealt with the senate where he goes in there like a, you know, frankly a little bit of a maniac. he's never going to get things done that way. >> maria: latest on the raise plus my interview with ben carson. stocks look to go rebound from last week's selloff. we are kicking off a week,e reserve the raise interest rates on wednesday. in europe major averages are higher, take a look t the cac and dax index in germany. overnight in asia. we are following the moves in oil, now taking a look at 35.33 a barrel.
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taylor swift in a giving mood, show a behind-the-scene video. beating texans 27-6. malik that helped her husband massacre 14 people in san bernardino. no secret of jihad and loving jihad were missed in three background checks. thank you very much for joining us. what do you attribute? why do you think in three background check this is was missed? >> they don't look for that kind of thing to simply put it.
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there's such a long process for getting a visa. they have to go through so much information. they don't consider social media in the process right now. they trade that off in the time it takes to issue visa. >> maria: she entered the country in 2014. does this surprise you? >> well, what needs to be done is -- is to heighten security. i for one will be prepared to sacrifice some of my privacy and liberty so that my family, friends and the electorate were safe. i think it's a security issue in terms of europe. and the issue is i will want to keep borders relatively open but what i would do is tighten
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security and invest in it and divert budget to it. we saw in the uk budget the autumn statement, defense spending -- >> maria: yeah. that was 2014. i don't think that would happen today that they would not be checking facebook. >> keith: there's this kind of ted cruz libretarian. sacrifice a little freedom. that's really not true. >> wikileaks. there has been that movement towards more liberty and -- >> keith: yeah. >> less invasion of privacy. >> keith: why don't we have a cybersecurity force. >> it requires a different sort of organization. it's a bizarre analogy.
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it's like disrupting the commercial sector. you to change your organization. vertical structures that you have, for example, in the pentagon or in the security, it has to change. you have to have a much more network, flexible organization that's much more active and aggressive to deal with fake syrian passports, blank passports. it's exactly the same commercially, you have to be much more aggressively. >> maria: things have changed. isis has the capability to make fake passports from the equipment they stole from the syrian government? >> i think that's a slight concern. there are practical issues involved here. the reason they don't check social media is extremely time consuming to do so and labor
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intensive. what we have to do is trade-off not necessarily liberty but also security with what is practical, what can we actually do without spending all of our budget on doing it? >> it's a bizarre example but the chinese managed to do it. [laughter] >> clearly, they've devote it had resources and devoted the -- the investigation in a significant way to get it done. it can be done. it's not easy but demands investment and diversion of resources and budgets and demands -- >> keith: chinese scenario is very interesting. they gave three companies -- [laughter] >> keith: they can see everything.
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they make two phone calls and they know what they need to do. >> sandra: what type of security invest with that is going to catch the fake passports. they are using real passport books and real printer and according to reports, syrian don't view processing illegal. >> keith: standard operating procedure. >> sandra: we know at least according to reports this morning that many have traveled and are here in the united states using these fake passports. >> you don't ban muslims, can you ban syrian passports? >> sandra: i won't make that call. until we can find a way to vet this process, they can't stop that right now. >> maria: that's unbelievable that they have a passport to make fake passports.
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doesn't that make it impossible to track? >> not impossible. you can create new passports. new types of id which will supercede what they're using. >> sandra: i'm trying to imagine that process and can it be efficient? >> keith: we have to have an ability to evolve and change the system, fight them with the new system. that's pretty obvious. >> can get very appropriations from congress to fight -- to fight these sort of activities in a unique and new way. i know that for a fact. >> maria: emma, thank you so much. we want to move to the gop trail. latest wall street journal poll has trump firmly in the lead with cruz jumping 12 points in
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second place. hillary clinton beating both donald trump and ted cruz while trailing senator marco rubio and dr. ben carson. the matchups are really telling, you have all the activity on the republican side and you see the polls with hillary clinton. >> sandra: we are about to enter 2016 and this is when everybody has to ask themselves, can he or she hillary clinton, and this is what's going to happen. as we get closer into 2016 as the time frame shortness here everything is going to start about who looks good, sounds good but who can beat hillary clinton. >> the answer is no. >> maria: you think the answer is no? >> that's a foreigner. i actually think first female president is a really, really
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strong card. >> maria: well, that was certainly the thinking with the first african american, with president obama. first term, going into second term people were questioning, do we want to do this again. >> it's going to be interesting how that plays out. >> keith: rubio, first of hispanic decent. there's a lot of -- >> rubio and kasich. >> maria: i thought kasich hurt himself because he was interrupt august lot of people. >> keith: yeah, that was kind of ugly. he did go in -- down in the polls. he's got the wherewithal. >> they both come from the right states. >> sandra: there's time left. immigration was the most important thing, then the economy showing up in the polls as the most important thing and
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right now with the fight against isis it's national security and what is going to be strongest there. there's still so much time left. >> that's a pity that michael bloomberg never ran. >> maria: yeah. >> keith: cruz can debate as you know on this topic. if trump has to go there, he might have competitor. >> maria: it's true. that's going to be interesting to watch tomorrow in the next debate. i will speaking with republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson about the newest polls and to take on front runner donald trump. that's this morning. we will talk economics coming up and the fallout for hoverboards. keep it right here on the fox business network. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. >> maria: welcome back, tensions high between russia and turkey after a russian destroyer fired warning shots. cheryl casone with the story. >> cheryl: good morning to all of you. well, russia's defense ministry says they used small arm fired. moscow say it is ship was approaching the russian destroyer but quickly changed course after the shots were fire. tensions remain high. just in time for the holidays amazon is pulling some hoverboards from stores due to safety concerning.
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amazon is investigating the safety standards and will decide which are deemed safe for sale on its site. and finally this over the weekend, wall street investment firm third avenue parting ways with ceo days after closing 6-year-old bond. third avenue shareholder and lead the company since 1991. he's not being allowed in the billing, e-mail has been shut down. the stock has fallen 26.8% this year. other funds in category only down about 3.8% for the year. there's your story but also the way he was adios, out of the door. >> maria: particularly high-yield fund. 10-15% of junk bond funds may face high withdrawals.
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keith mccullough, what do you say? >> keith: think about the sticker shock. that's such an unnatural thing to hear. again, that he was down 26% or 27% and that he till wasn't taking his marks, in other words he wasn't selling everything. this is the main point that he made that freaked people out on friday and had to do with the selloff on friday. liquidity is a myth. that's a phrase -- >> cheryl: that's what i think has a lot of people -- you can't tell me that you're going to shut down grandma's mutual fund. >> so how come people have not -- >> sandra: you can liquidate that, right?
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>> keith: these kinds of liquid securities, again, that's a problem for a lot of people. the federal reserve created an expectation that you should chase yield. if you have zero percent interest rate you're going to chase yield. i think that the federal reserve has culpability here that needs to be discussed. >> maria: broad global story was a lot worse this year than a lot of people think. you predicted it right on. what did you see this year? >> gdp growth of three and a half, 4, very little inflation. great focus on cost. i mean, this is the result of all this. we have $7 trillion of net cash sitting on balance sheets.
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if you're running a company at one end of the spectrum you have destructors and then you have 3g and you sit there in the middle and you look up and you see loeb. >> maria: that's right. >> if you think about dupont and dow, pressure again, did andrew do what he did because of the pressure of loeb? was it long-term? my view is it's been long-term. andrew has always wanted to do something with dow and dupont. they're splitting into three. that's going to be a model, that's being split. so you're going to see more
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companies with more focus driven by this new normal of low growth, you have very little room to maneuver. when you evaluate an acquisition, you tax them, if it's more on the premium, small on the premium, lousy deal. you look and say they came -- [laughter] >> that's the key. you make it by growing the top line not just by focusing on the bottom, the cost. >> maria: story of commodities has been the story underneath it all, the collapse in prices. >> you would think of prices, it's going to be greater, opec refuses to cut production. the saudis are taking a loot of
6:20 am
-- a lot of pressure as well. many funds around the world. >> maria: oil goes down, for sure. >> you would have thought it would have been a one-time-tax cut. next year will be exactly the same as next year. globe announced big deal, very good for television in longer terms. european, elections will tighten up in terms of getting more pricing. >> maria: we will talk more about that. as you were talking more and oil just broke $35 a barrel. under 35. we are back at 35 but moments ago was 34 and change with decline of almost 2%. we are going to take a look at that when we come back and whether or not 2016 see it is price going even lower. back in a moment.
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> maria: breaking news, crude royal prices below $35 a barrel right now. down 1 and three quarters percent. phil flynn this morning, what is driving this morning, phil, good morning? >> phil: what's driving it up this morning is more news out of iran. they are to continue to pump as much oil as they possibly can. on top of that, if you look at the weather across the country, we are not getting any demand weather wise. natural gas, for example, they hit the lowest level because
6:25 am
temperatures are almost 50-degrees above normal. everybody is betting against this sector. back to you. >> maria: down five weeks in a row. thank you, phil flynn. that was also part of the reason oil moved this morning. >> keith: it's never one thing. iran natural gas, this collapse is unreal. drogy said, i will intensify the crude. if the euro goes down, the dollar goes up and oil goes down . this is why i keep saying this. >> maria: yeah, sandra, bottom insight. >> sandra: you have to take the other side, or i'll try to. it's got to bottom out
6:26 am
somewhere, right? only lead to weaker oil prices, so we just dropped below 35. we are a couple pennies below there now. at what point do you start looking at the energy sector and say, it's gotten beat up enough? >> maria: not at all. not at all. >> sandra: huge delayed reaction at the consumer level and market level. >> demand and supply or supply and demand. they have the opportunity to cut it down. >> keith: but you're also seeing -- to your point, what you're see sg already happening. it's not just energy companies, it's pricing powers being lost, we are seeing jobless ramp.
6:27 am
eight energy states sent the chart to maria last week. profits get cut, people lose their jobs and the stock market -- >> we've seen strength in germany and -- >> sandra: you would think. >> they are. but even allowing for that, germany is doing extremely well for us. spain strong recovery. france is the one of the big five economies and the other the uk. mood is a little bit better. we saw improvement in october, november in france. but generally is those western european economies. >> maria: we will keep talking about that, martin, you're on the ground there and you're seeing an improvement there.
6:28 am
>> western europe. yes. >> maria: we will be right back. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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>> welcome back everybody good morning i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december 14th with me this morning fox business network sandra smith steve, and wpp ceo mark. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. oil prices below 35 a barrel this morning. sharp selloff the in price of oil this is top story better than 2% this morning . there are real facts to oil prices moving lower. the move on the broader market near the line having given up up a all of the gains that we saw earlier in the day. dow jones industrial average right now in negative territory. s&p and nasdaq fighting to stay positive ass oil prices are at 34 and change right now. in europe average is high or this morning although part of this oil started because of
6:32 am
comments from drogi now neglection down a fraction. in paris up about a third of a percent and s&p 500 right now up only 5 points again here we've with given up all of the gains as oil o prices have gone lower. over night in asia. average down 2%. shanghai index up 2.5%. fresh questions about the visa profit. new report saying tashfeen opened with jihad. it was not caught by immigration officials in three background checks. meanwhile new security concerns about i.c.e. isis. u.s. intelligence report saying believed to have the ability to now produce fake syrian passports that may have a passport printing machine. new fox news polls are out. ted cruz is up taking the lead in iowa. a two point leads take a look over donald trump. latest on the race plus my
6:33 am
interview with ben carson coming up in the program. all the of the issues here around immigration, twitter warning of a cyberattack the social media company warning some users that state sponsored hack rs may have tried to obtain sensitive information from their account. we're following this developing story right now. back to markets, though, futures point to a fixed open this morning and we've been watching it take place as oil prices fell below $35 a barrel this morning stocks are selling off. one with trend we're tracking consolidation. last week a major deal and martin joins us right now, you have news of your own to report. >> yes, we console dated our operations in os australia overnight so we've added about a billion australian dollars to our top line. so we earn 23% of what was awaited -- wpp and swapped assets or o
6:34 am
consolidated in australia with ours, and ended up with 60% of the company and continue as the company but enable to pursue our strategy so we will have a broad ceo running our os australian so u.s., u.k., china, germany, and then australia. >> m and a sption has been one of the top stories of the year. health care a major consolidator tell us the major impact when you see them, when you you talked about dow chemical and dupont earlier. >> primarily cost ridden. the dow dupont is interesting because it is split into three and you have three separate companies enable more focus and more focus in three different areas. but generally i think the four trillion whatever it is of activity which i think is a record place -- a record. thats to me that clients are
6:35 am
running out of cost reduction and see this opportunity to drive cost reduction. now from our point of view, we think -- what's interesting we do brand evaluation of leading companies apologize but with a financial times every year. for last ten year if we start a 2-20 fund the four of us over last 20 years we would outperform by 300% to grow top line faster. long-term, and big problem is average life of the ceo is five to six years. cmo good news has gone from 18 months to two years. so average life. [laughter] >> correct. >> you're laughing, weir correct. low growth, lack of inthraition makes companies really conservative. i think the real downside of this activity is that the
6:36 am
ripples and you know you think about three abi u has market cap for $2h billion. brazilian and that is sort of their twin sister, smaller sister about 18.9, 19 billion. they can do anything in the package. more poxed on cost rather than expansion. all of the companies are looking at zero based budget. nothing new. i went to school business school shame to admit how we used to sit in bunker 24, 24/7 with the ceo operating divisions going through cost side of business. >> do you see a freeze on spending from -- >> not a freeze but a procurement rule not that's a bad thing you have to be efficientive as well as effectiveness and better work and better efficiency.
6:37 am
but there's -- overbalanced. the power of finance and procurement numbers. more than 50% of the 5100 -- so the financial function has become the primary function not say that's a bad thing but better balanced. >> it has a lower multiple financial engineering opposed to organic growth an you see separate into core tile. the top cor tile versus bottom. spread on performance like 200 bases points this year. that's why people are doing what you're threatening. most threatening you can have to your top line is deflation. if you have no pricing power next thing is firing people after that you cut wages. >> thing about about miller bug power in africa. if they can increase beer consumption by one is 200 million to extra operating cost.
6:38 am
so the revenue opportunities that are absolutely key. but of course in the market it is difficult to sell. >> low growth market for sure. a federal reverse meeting and reiterate topping story right now. oil o prices below 35 a barrel. that is rippling through markets as we speak. meanwhile looks like apple and taylor swift kiss and makeup. nicole big developments over to you. >> good morning everyone. taylor swift and apple putting summer showdown on ice. when swift threatened to boycott apple for planning to not pay royalty, well swift and music giants now joining forces with apple music getting rights to exclusively stream the singer 1989 world tour live concert femme. swift performed that show on november 28th, at the amz stadium in sydney and there's great bonus footage as in addition to actual concert you
6:39 am
get a look at backstage and superstar who is joined along with swift tour. mcjaggar, justin timber lake just to name a few. after the use to call out the company. >> effective on that one. >> talent wins. nicole thank you. don't forget to start your day every day at a.m. fbn:am. a new poll to trump dominance a war of worlds that has begun. that's next. back in a moment. ♪ tucson.
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>> welcome back donald trump taking aim at ted cruz as texas senator arises to top of the new poll in iowa. cheryl with that story right now. >> that's right maria can't expect anythingless from donald trump when he referred to ted cruz as a maniac in an interview on fox news sunday.
6:44 am
yeah, cruz responding with this tweet look in honor of my friend at real donald trump and good hearted it maniacs everywhere, the tweet links to a youtube video was maniac sequence from five dance. they have a sense of humor by the way. >> that is funny. pretty good. also big news this morning, drones are, you know, unmanned aircraft but air force wants to drastically increase number of personnel it take to run behind the sanses hoping to increase drone force by 3,000 personnel, and finally this for you guys. aliens are back. first trailer for independence day resurmings have been released. >> we're going to live on. we're going to survive. >> well tell you what the sequel to the -9d 6 summer blockbuster
6:45 am
picks up 20 years later with a first film. liam hemsworth joins project original cast. sequel has to complain death of captain smith who won't be appearing in this femme maria independence day resurgence is from 21st century fox hitting theaters june 24th, 2016 some of the most popular video on youtube this morning. >> dagen another big release. >> it is, been a long time coming taking a long time to get this out because this movie will have come out ten years ago. came out in 2006, ubl. or was it 20 years ago? i want us to point out about jeff. aging in reverse, so can you -- hotter than he was in the big chill. he needs to do infomercial and
6:46 am
marketing health and longevity and he's a u new dad. married it a much younger woman. i don't to poo poo this movie because it's 21 century fox film but it is "star wars" all a about "star wars" this week and all about it for the next month. >> my son's birthday party 80 or 90% of the stuff was "star wars." we got tickets, with lego, all of the stuff. i was like -- >> shopping in macy's, covered amazing. >> did you buy anything? ncht yeah, bought a t-shirt. >> everybody gets something. >> "star wars" stuff. >> wow. >> so the becomes b8 droid operated by the app. my husband waited too long, one thing i wanted an they sold out. you can find them now because
6:47 am
they ramped up manufacturing. they're over $100. so expensive for a toy. >> huge pressure what eve this to bring in to call it a success. do you think they'll do it? expectation? >> number one, number one us movie -- avatar 600 million box office right there wiped away could make double that. >> parents want to see it as much as their kids do. >> so they have a masterful job in terms of synergy, trailer during monday night football. >> talent -- extremely well. "star wars" is a great example of him managing time across the board. the franchises -- statistically anyways. >> all of the acquisitions so smart. >> in context of disney not being potential -- >> he celebrated george lucas
6:48 am
the person who ruined the last three films brought in j.j. abrams said let's get become to live action. enough guts to do that. >> but as far as the forecasting how it can do didn't we see a tweet or o a comment on twitter bill steven spielberg saying that j.j. is terrified that they won't meet expectations? just saying. >> high expectations see if this blows it away. dagen see you next hour. right around corner. one major cruise ship operator has a mega plan to get holiday cruisers onboard. back in a moment.
6:49 am
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>> 11 days until christmas and one major cruise line larging a plant to reinvent with travelers on board for the holidays and yontdz. ceo and president of crystal cruisers good to see you. thanks so much for joining us pl tell us about this new launch. >> we've several new launches to crystal cruise is most awarded luxury line with two vessels today we sail the world from five nights to 128 nights. but we're launching our yacht brand extension on sunday. next july our river brand extension with five river boats and then five with 48 residents each, and then in july of 2017, we bought a dream line liner and
6:53 am
triple 7 and launches with crystal luxury for 28 nights and 14 night rpghtively all inclusive. >> beautiful. how's business right now >> phenomenal. and reason for all of the growth is we can with catapult because business is so good. >> do you see the wars we're talking about every day? >> believe it or not we really don't thank goodness, because, in fact, one of our vessels was in paris or near paris the following day from the sad stories that occurred a few weeks. but our travelers are more sophisticated well traveled, and love to see the world as top 2% of the world wealthiest typically, they are more seasoned and know that they're just gong to not let terrorism effect their travel schedule. >> how about just people again, it is really expensive to have your yacht and airplane. most know that. but isn't that part of this that
6:54 am
people don't want to incur that cost that they want to incure or have that kind of experience? >> sure. it's all about options so peferl we have many guests that own their own yacht. that own their own airplane. but yet they still is choose to cruise on us or purchase or to charter on us. so it's very nice because then they have the option if you will. but we just have aspirational travelers as well that perhaps aren't in that bucket. but aspire to experience the world in a luxurious manner. >> but on the security issue it helps in a way with in a perverse way. because it makes you more secure, more private. foxed focused and less susceptible to the risk. >> we have a mantra that is safety first for the life of our u crew, guest, vessels so question take really, really stringent measures we go beyond
6:55 am
what we are required to do by law. and as well we do a myriad of thingings that we do not disclose publicly for obvious security reasons so it's just a sad reality of today's living. it's the new thunderstorm, and as a business, for a profit business we want to ensure that we provide best possible. [inaudible] able to -- >> not initially, about but with our river brpped experience we're starting with the danu. >> by the way sounds like you have a high end demographic as far as your customer. any idea of a price for a trip? >> for example, a river cruise? >> a river cruise would start out 7,000 which is not expensive. as would our yacht, airfare and how you choose to get there is on top of that but then we go up
6:56 am
to as an example 89 night world cruise half a million per couple that's what they spend get on and then a lot more while they're on. >> who needs extra? >> food is not extra. [laughter] 4 million will sell -- >> on the holiday so people should call their travel agent and book all things. >> live to be 120. >> that is this morning. >> well next year is i think we have a record last four years after a really tough nine -- recovery in ten. but i think it's the u new normal maria. in the half to four, revenues grow by a little bit more than 3 plus or revenue 4 to 5 and net sell by 3 plus. tough but i think we'll have another good year next year ago. >> thank you very much.
6:57 am
good to see you we're watching the business in 2016. martin for the hour as well. we'll be riewght back. we're market this is morning as oil is at 35.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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>> good monday morning everyone i'm maria bartiromo it is monday december 14th with me this morning fox business network sandra smith and ceo keith. oil o prices breaking 35 dollars barrel for the first time since 2009 and price now 34.79 a barrel. dow down 2%. move rippling through markets on broader market here in the u.s. and abroad. markets have completely changed you're seeing dow jones industrial now expected to open negative. s&p and nasdaq struggling to stay positive right now. in europe a reversal there major average off the high oil pricings break 35. s&p 500 up just a fraction now. also very much on the flat line,
7:01 am
and dax index is lower by 1/2 of 1 percent. average down almost 2%. under pressure. shanghai index up 2.5%. fresh question, a new report saying that tashfeen malik openly sported yeah hood on social media. it was not found in three background checks. syrian refugee crisis a u.s. intelligence report says isis is believed to have ability to produce fake syrian passports. isis has a passport reading machine from the syrian government. amid all of this president obama set to make public appearance to ease terrorism fears. president will visit pentagon later today not expected to make any strategy changes, however. new fox news polls are out. ted cruz is uh-uh up taking lead in iowa. senator cruz has a 2 point leads over donald trump. donald trump waste nod time
7:02 am
going after cruz. >> you look at the way he's dealt with the senate where he goes in there like a, you know, frankly -- a maniac. never going to get things done that way. >> latest on the race plus my interview with dr. ben carson municipal in the program. gown us at 8 a.m. eastern as we sit with dr. ben carson. in the good news music star announcing a screening deal with apple to show a bachelor's degree the scenes frim if 1989 concert tour that debuts on sunday. and then there's football last night. new england patriots clinching playoff spot with a win on houston texans. leading 27-6. top story right now, that is oil trading below 34 a barrel first since 2009. keith seeing it ripple through broader markets today, of course, then the story of the hedge funds closing down. what had is going on? : markets called lower lows when you're running a hedge fund and
7:03 am
any asset manager looks at a chart and says if it breaks through closing lows, i stop my cell phone so unif to call bottom or try to call bottom as they say or prophesy not point. at 37, 38 in august u now well through that low, and there's really no reference point once you go to lower lows. this is what we're seeing fall effect on this saying sentra before is that a lot of people actually chase energy and energy related residents in october. that counterbalance was led by energy stocks. people said nobody owns energy. ever been heats energy. gipping to buy energy. now you're look everybody who hated energy for a reason. there's a reason why people aren't in energy and probably should stay out of energy until we get through the federation rate hikes one of the reasons why oil will go.
7:04 am
oil prices reach levels we haven't seen since 2009, and we could see first interest rate hike in this country in a decade. now it's beginning to be really a historical moment. >> it is, you're right. top stories in little journal this morning investors bracing for another difficult week after junk prices friday posted largest decline since 2011. at third avenue fund a lot more funds expected to close down. >> again if you follow again deflation domino is another way to put it deflation dominoes are simple maria once they find their way into the commodity price and stock it found its way into credit. credit, signal in credit this morning for that matter in europe, european accounts open up and credit hasn't changed warning that we're slowing from both a deflation their spiral perspective on growth so again affiliate people don't look forward to that. you saw they have their 2016 it
7:05 am
is the same forecast. expecting 2.5% growth and profit greet and reality is negative, and we could be in a recession within six months. >> latest and welcome by dated the credit fund to shut down. >> no, and we're gong to see more of that. people are saying we call this, saw it coming for a long time. all of it meant to come to fruition. by the way, i wanted to point out oil right now, did you just notice that it is exasperated since it started trading below $35. when you start the show this morning maria it was below there. but u now sellings kicked in another quarter since then. >> you're running equivalent of the oil terms is obx.
7:06 am
currently you've not seen running 54 imagine that vicks at 54 this morning that's what it feels like to be with oil. there's no value ton bought in something that's crashing as marty has said many, many times over bargain that remains bargain is no bargain that's what's happen whatting. >> things do get cheaper doesn't matter. sometimes things are cheap because they're supposed to be cheap and only get cheaper. meanwhile stunning new details in investigation into california terrorist attacks, fox news jonathon hundredth is in san bernardino. jonathan, good morning to you. >> good morning maria a lot of questions now being asked about the k1 fiancé visa program in which tash fiend malik able to enter the united states back on july 27th, 2014, and a red flag may have been missed. according to reporting of "the new york times" over the weekend malik has posted several times on social media. not just her support for jihad.
7:07 am
but her desire to be a part of jihad herself and a those posts that were missed according to "new york times," social media is not routinely which which chs part of the background during the k1 visa profit. s in the meantime fbi wrapped up search in san bernardino over the weekend they're looking apparently for a computer hard drive that was missing from the home of farook and malik no word yet on whether they found that hard drive. hay did remove some item from the lake but we "don't ask, don't tell" know if they're related to the investigation. here's senator richard burr on the ongoing attempt to find a digital footprint. listen. >> we're looking for anything that would give us a clue of the digital footprint of these two individuals. who they talk to, where they went. didn't learn how to make 19 pipe bombs.
7:08 am
funerals will continue today with vinita buried she fled iran after revolution toes islamic extremism and found her here it seems. maria. jonathan we'll come back to you in san bernardino former nato commander of europe and fletcher school, admiral good to have you on the program. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks maria. >> what do you make had eve three background checks and that wuct caught that she's been talking about this love on face? >> i doubt that you would hire without a routine check of social media. i think that's now pretty standard in almost any hiring process that's why we tell our students they be careful what you post. it's going to be examined it's a living record but i think it's shocking that that was not done. we need a thorough investigation
7:09 am
to find out if that is not routine to get after social media. >> so what's the answer here? social media is being missed. you've got now isis with its own passport printing machine apparently they got it from the i si i can government so it's the real thing. what should we be doing? >> first of all we ought to recognize that best thing welcome do is play the away game. in the end we're going to have to protect ourselves at home but everything we can do to knock this organization down insore ya, in iraq, is what we want to do. better campaign, more special ops more trainers not a huge mass of ground troops but take the fight to them and i'm hopeful when the president goes to pentagon he'll hear no loud and clear from commanders more intelligence, more cyberwe need that kind of surveillance, and we need to get after a the social media message as well.
7:10 am
we've got a lot of work to do maria. >> admiral you are a far star navy general if you're sitting there on cyberpeace and you need to act now. do you think that's practical and how how would you do it? >> in control of the agency right now, he would tell you that the tools he's been given are not rapid enough that he doesn't have the authorities to move in real time pmg that's what this big debate is. reach that a little more to our security. >> i have to say how do you make that bridge politically because so many people say give a little of our security, away, and liberty away and we get security. you know, what would your response be to that? rng you know, we ought to be sympathetic we don't want to give up our values but as incidents occur like san bernardino, i think that the next big one in unfortunately probably will be a one big one
7:11 am
that dwarfs this 50 people in a shopping mall. 100 students somewhere that's the wakeup call to give our professional authority to go after these kind of cyberattacks. >> hey, admiral this is sandra smith thanks for being here it's great to get your expertise on this. you referenced need for u.s. ground troops this has been a huge point of conversation, you just said that you believe it is necessary to be efficient in this fight against this terror group. what numbers are you talking about there that would make that happen? so we have 170,000 troops in iraq at the height of that fight. we have 150,000 at height of that combat in afghanistan. what i'm talking about is 10% of that. let's start request 15,000 troops that can do the training, do the special operations, do
7:12 am
the aviation, and back up the kurdish forces in the iraqi security force it is in the south. i think we can do this at that level, but we need to get started. i think that president will hear that in the pentagon this week. >> i feel like he's been hearing that admiral and he's been adamant that he doesn't want to put anymore troops on the grouped. >> i think what has changed sandra is san bernardino. there's a reason he's going to the pentagon this week and going to national counterterrorism center this week. he has to respond to those events. >> we'll see about that. ed a marl good to have had you on the show. thanks so much. see you soon, sir thank you very much. we appreciate that very much this morning. coming up safety concerns taking a toll on the hover board industry. big retailer getting questioning about its sales. stay with us.
7:13 am
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with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> welcome back to mornings with maria i'm cheryl we have headlines for you including this just in time for holidays amazon pulling some hover boards from its store it is u due to safety concerns. this following multiple reports in the boards catching fire. amazon investigating safety starpdz of the hoover board makers and will decide which are deemed safe for sale. wall street investment purple after close the 6-year-old junk bond fund. according to morning star, the fun has fallen 27% so far this year. twain trail will donald trump is face competition from ted cruz a
7:17 am
brand new fox poll shows edging ahead with iowa with marco rubio sitting in third place, but the latest wall street journal poll has trump firmly in the lead nationally. with cruz with 12 points into second place. tell you what maria this is head-to-head matchup show hillary clinton still beating donald trump and ted cruz, if the race were today -- and we also have to say that trump still doesn't sound luke he would give up a third party run if the rnc doesn't play nice with him. >> this -- keeps with the third party run sandra. he's got this commanding lead. so drches is that he's not getting out of the race no matter what. he told us that he started to slide in polls health he would t of there. cruz beating trump, and he's the fist person to fight polls so what had does he do? he's losing now to cruz in polls in iowa and goes on attack. we'll see how cruise weather
7:18 am
this is attack because trup has been very effective at painting gop candidates, whatever light he wants him to be seen with with carly fiorina. >> cruz made a joke out of it. we're all maniacs. my man mr. trump is going to have one heck of a debate. cruz can bring it. as well as any debater in the country. >> sure. so cheryl thanks. serena williams known to dominate through hours of grueling matches how did this tennis heavy weight go through the race? we'll have details in a moment. ♪
7:19 am
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>> welcome back catches to perfection it was quite the weekend on gridiron. with off the sports news for us, good morning to you jared. >> happy had monday maria. sandra new england patriots fans breezing again. two game losing streak is over. return of tight end ron provided a spark last night. caught this first half touchdown, the patriots beat texans 27-6. new england the first team of the afc to clirchg clinch a playoff spot with a number one conference seed.
7:23 am
carolina yesterday improved to 13-0. they shut out atlanta falcons 38-0. carolina clinched division title after first round playoff buy that had means panthers need two playoff games to reach super bowl 50. if you wereest player in the world in your sport figure you can complete a five-k run not the case yesterday for the woman who was named wta player for fourth year in a row. serena williams failed to complete the 5k run. she ran two kilometers and then seen hopping into a taxi to get to the finish line. serena older sister venice completed race. who does she think that she is rosie? 1980 boston marathon crosses finish line crowned winner she does interviews and then they find out that she actually exits the race course early and
7:24 am
finishes. >> trying to hide it ho? >> she hasn't admitted to what she did. she ended her season early because of injuries. maybe had an injury. >> serena south beach -- >> i'm giving her a pass on this one. >> because i think she need to p running. >> my coaches told me if you can't finish the race walk to the finish line. >> are we big scree that had williams fans here? >> she was with injuries, you do it unless she thought she was going to injure herself trying to quack to finish line. she gets -- not mentioning bears and patriots yesterday. [laughter] >> all of the coverage on this is about the path.
7:25 am
>> let's talk about chicago. [inaudible] >> chicago -- chicagoing. people wanted maria patriots haven't lost three in a row since 2002 and green bay packers hasn't lost three in a row even back to high school. i heard do they go back to fact check that. >> rolling eyes now never lost three in a row with two hand touch on the street. all right god stuff. chicago fans are the most loyal by the way. >> oh, yeah. >> you have to be. [laughter] >> well there's that. there's what -- still to come why donald trump should be eating more spinach and why jeb bush needs more fat to get through the late night debates. mike is here to join the conversation and he's got all of that.
7:26 am
back in a minute.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
. maria: welcome back good monday morning i am maria bartiromo it is monday, december 14, with me this morning fox business nerving sandra smith hedgeye ceo keith mccullough top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, oil prices breaking below 35 dollars a barrel, this is rippling through markets this morning, oil down 2 1/2% 34.73 a barrel. the move weighing on broader markets dow in the red across the board we have seen a major let go reversal this morning as oil broke 35, the stocks went south, dow jones industrial average expected down 50 points this morning in, europe, the major averages turning around on the move in ail take a look, all the major averages reversing course completely gains across the board when show began major
7:30 am
averages in europe down half to 1%, dax in german down better than 1% in asiaa markets mixed to downside nikkei down almost 2% shanghai composite in china up 2 1/2%, fresh questions this morning about visa process a new report says tashfeen malik openly sported geomda on social media. was not go to by immigration officials in three background checks, new security concerns around isis syrian crisis u.s. tentacles report says isis is believed to have the ability to produce fake syrian passports, he yooirs now has a passport printing machine, fox news polls out senator ted cruz taking the lead in iowa, a 2-point lead over donald trump this is the latest, on the race, plus my interview with dr. ben carson join us 8:00 a.m. eastern as we sit down with dr. carson, twitter is warning of a cyberattack the social media company warning some users fake sponsored hackers may have fried to obtain sensitive
7:31 am
information from their account twitter did not name possible suspects, on to campaign trail we go donald trump facing steep competition this morning from senator ted cruz, a brand new fox poll shows cruz edging ahead of trump in iowa senator rubio third place, more on what he calls the free season of the 2016 presidential race former political pollster michael berlin, dagen mcdowell good to see. >> you show you are you. >> great what have you got. >> look at it right now we are -- exiting one phase of the company and going into the other the preseason, is over. maria: okay. >> tuesday marks the last preseason game, and starting, starting january we go to regular season, and we all know through sports, you got to look who is hot preseason as they go in right now it is still donald trump, i have now looked back from january 1, through december 10, what we're going to see is building
7:32 am
a lead stayed we seen spikes with candidacy they dropped 64% of the conversation in the preseason was about donald trump. he has dominated the preseason as we go in that is strong momentum, look another this, trump 64, bush 12, and losing 12 all negative -- head-to-head 10% conversation, maria, i am seeing him move up in 10 days ago, i saw something i was not seen i saw a candidate get over the trump social media wall, in iowa, it will was ted cruz i am like ohh, watching something. but does iowa have any predictive power. >> expecting cruz to do well in iraway wiere not a surprise he has shown up i have seen rubio, so, without look looking at now out of preseason, who are the winners and losers.
7:33 am
and we've got to look at it trump, winner. rubio, winner, cruz, winner, christie, christie? winner, because he got that strong endorsement in -- new hampshire look at losers who are two biggest losers? jeb bush loser wholetime ben carson ben carson was a winner became a loser, i think fiorina had one or two she won kasich loss we're paul loser huckabee loser we've got a no win field. >> 64% of the conversation dominated by donald trump but does that translate into votes? >> this is the best thing about politics. we're going to find out. my business we can have one strong quarter weak quarter find out in politics. >> that is how smart he is, everything he says it ends up being dominant discussion on media forces candidates to talk about what he is talking about. >> chris christy this is an
7:34 am
important point that you just -- he had a green arearo calling him win moving up just announced made in it prime time debate happening tomorrow night, there is real momentum there because in a debate scenario, christie against trump can get really interesting. >> you know, i don't know. there is no momentum on analytics that i am looking at remember i am looking at the volume, and the incent not ideology but i am just watching him because something is going on new hampshire working it hard, got the -- got the endorsement from the paper there, it could actually -- i am going to go out on a limb say christie could be a winner. >> in setup, sandra and i love this you are talking our language green arrows, volume, so when that happens in your system is it like that what you get -- you see if christie could exploded tomorrow. >> keith analytics that i am using same analytics you use in finance you look for momentum stock you look for people getting behind it that
7:35 am
is what i look at, and when i am doing it i am taking the corporate analysis, i look at volume, and not ideology, that is the key here i am not -- one or the other. >> how quickly than that momentum turn? and is it hard for you based on historical data to track this because this is so different? >> so different. >> well i mean -- we've seen trump has gone through three and four different crises momentum stayed, carson didn't. >> the data doesn't matter you are saying still, any of these guys up against hillary rodham clinton hillary rodham clinton still wins jeopardy election. >> i wouldn't be so sure, hillary clinton people what are they going to stay? all they say will kill them they can't say oh, my gosh we are scared of donald trump. >> biggest threatto hillary according to your data. >> donald trump, donald trump rubio, could be a very strong -- a very strong -- ticket, we don't know yet but what we do no is that hillary is not
7:36 am
beloved by america. she is not coming in as overall demeanor inhabitant a tough election romney obama, romney mccain obama -- both republican candidates made fatal mistakes, donald trump, so far, has gotten through the fatal mistakes. >> do you buy what martin said when people go into the booth they think first woman president, click. >> i don't think so. >> i believe the oppose i bless they go in nobody knows how they vetted we see we see the time and time again, when we have controversial candidacy, the polling becomes less prifbl that edictive look l media the analytics same analysis with corporate clients bring to that into politics, because here is what we don't know maria, what point does an industry get disrupted the, do you have to do you know uber disrupted the airb airbnb disrupted the or does it take time to react.
7:37 am
>> you kind of know early on first time you get in -- uber -- >> was a. >> but all the competitors dismiss it say it is not going to work. >> good point. >> competitors the blisht we are in nexus wall street here media any time a drurpt main line wants nothing to do with that the reality you have better data. >> i think last week, we had the media political trying to take down donald trump from begin -- it didn't work, i am looking at analytics not ideology trying to take him down person in people i think said the opposite. >> featured in new york times this weekend, glaiksz. >> thank you very much. >> about -- >> i you know i haven't oi. >> what -- >> 75% americans want to take control of the weight i have written a book using same research analytics to help them do that to actually, to deliver on that.
7:38 am
>> i kid you not walked in greenroom handed me diet book because -- >> and i thought that is it but i thought it was a fake cover. i was took the jacket off going what is this book be is no, it is a diet book. >> did ironman try, try athlon in hawaii. >> so many years solving corporate and political issues the biggest one i faced was a wet i talked to doctors knew transitionists trainers together number one amazon yesterday in category for book that doesn't -- >> -- very proud. >> that you statistics on that. >> thanks so much don't forget fox business network hosting another rooen presidential debate join us put on your calendar january 14, live from charleston south carolina only right here on the fox business network. january 14p.
7:39 am
taylor swift, that story is next, stay with us. ♪ ♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
. maria: welcome back taylor swift a concert special exclusively on apple music
7:43 am
cheryl casone with that headlines right now good morning. cheryl: that is right the pop star says the 19889 world tour live film is going to know on streaming platform december 20, the s concert features performance if sydney, australia swift apple putting showdown on ice can when she threatened to boycott apple for planning not to pay royalties. >> a video from youtube top 102015 this one, justin beaver, six. >> you know you love me, i know you do, ♪ ♪. >> pretty particular the first one they did another one so particular justin beaver host of "the late late show" car pooling through los angeles singing classic songs big hits this stream another improving sign of relations between united states and cuba state department and embassy saying
7:44 am
they are going to reestablish direct mail service between countries for the first time in more half a century, already now for the show. maria: yeah, thanks so much, a shocking warning from twitter jo ling kent with the story apparently a hacked situation. jo ling: state responseed perhaps twitter warned users accounts may have been targeted by state-sponsored hackers in clear how many accounts faked, but in users including, the privacy security nonprofit canned twitter wrote this we are alerting you that your twitter account is one of the small group of accounts that may have been targeted by state-sponsored actors we believe these ashgs possibly associated with government, may have been trying to obtain information like your e-mail address, andor phone anybodies, this is the first time, twitter has notified users about this type of threat, and so actively investigating the situation, the company has not said which
7:45 am
country may be to blame we are -- watching twitter stock continues to struggle down more than 32%, over the last year, maria. maria: is this in response to president obama, basically asking social media companies to be more forthcoming with information. >> well it is a little bit different, because that entire 2k3457b was internal, terrorism this is from potentially outside source maybe china north north korea russia twitter trying to warn small group of euros no details we reached out they haven't responded. >> at least proactive the problem last week was facebook was being almost regressive didn't want to face any questions from what i snunz sounds in deep with law enforcement, trying to figure out what exactly happened. to be honest. >> unbelievable that malik pledging how much she lovers jihad on theirbook account and three background checks missed it.
7:46 am
>> sound like technology daem not meeting needs what have law enforcement what capitol hill wants right now that is going on for a long time. maria: thank you joe king kent a short break auto sales strong so far this year request lower gasoline prices helping look at trends in the auto sector were, barrett jackson ceo also markets this morning, oil prices, plummeting again, down better than % rippling through markets back in a moment. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience.
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7:49 am
. maria: well sharp decline in oil having impact on gasoline as well aaa, national average price on verge of below
7:50 am
dollars a gallon driving strength in auto sales on track nearly 18 million units this year joining us craig jackson good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. >> how are you characterize the auto sector in terms of these of business right now? >> well, for our sector, the clashing car market has been very strong for years it had a flat spot in round august, september with the corrections. but it is on poison frobl go on poison 8 to 9% across the board different models better than others as a whole very strong. >> do you think that is a specific part of the market, that is -- is somewhat you know, unaffected by the broader story? we talk every morning really about this global slowdown, that has been permeating, federal reserve that is meeting on tuesday and
7:51 am
wednesday this week, they are going to raise interest rates, but since big discussion about whether or not they even should, you know, raising rates into slowdown what is your take? >> well, our segment we sell different cars we sell some cars that are actually just blue chip cars had been doing very well as alternative investments. and then we sell cars, which are more cars to go out have fun with those cars i think when you see the economy changing you see some of those cars slow down a little, but people are really using classic cars as an alternative investment. hedging against having something that is hard the answer he believe. >> last unique not sure if everybody saw bordeaux prices about crashing in london you have a different smashth from supply perspective about it similar sales in terms of customers, have you seen weakless like that last couple weeks.
7:52 am
>> what you will see is -- part of it is i think, that there has been an in anything that goes up, superhigh in value, i get a lot of fraud in it one of the things that we have really been trying to work on, in our 45-year history, is try to show the cars as what they actually are. and k employ best people gives more confidence, especially buying from us. sandra: i know that in large part you guys have said, that your company has faired well auction process for classic cars faired well, because of he foreign money what are you seeing as far as foreign investment? >> well, that has changed, do you not see as much money coming out of russia, and asia as you have. and also canadians not as big buyers cade yazidi are bigger
7:53 am
sellers a stronger appetite in u.s. buyers, now days. >> really interesting what is the most expensive car ever sold? what was. >> it privately, or -- >> privately. >> privately, rumors are 52 million. >> which hot wheels is that? >> uh a gto ferrari. maria: cool. >> gen going up probably the fastest of anything, and -- i think that market has definitely leveled off right now, although one sold in new york this week for 28 million. so it is hard to say, rare cars are commanding great dollars now days. >> is that fabulous there is a brand holds value more than others from your standpoint? >> you know, certain cars will go up different times, ferraris, european sports cars had a long run. what we're seeing in the market now days is when that happens it lists the next best
7:54 am
cars up also, depends on generations we have been focusing more towards -- originally all prewar cars then 50s, muscle cars we have broadened it out we want new buyers xxgeneralers towards millenials makes the market broader. >> thanks so much great to have you on the program, thank you see you soon. >> thank you. >> want to just a second futures because markets are weighed down, another big sell-off in crude take a look, the industrial average expected to open down about 50 points, keith, jon his wrath fed concerned about cutting rates we know you've been saying a year and a half on this network, you think you are going to do it raise interest slowdown even though you warned first time they would be raising in 50 years. >> now, that you get the game time a lot of people that are concerned about that this will be first time the federal reserve raised are rates into
7:55 am
a corporate profit slowdown since 1967. >> what happened. >> this is 50 years -- you are in this zone now, nine years ago was last interest rate hike an absolutely basis, again hilsenrath is right could set up to cutting rates after they ray of them bear case for stocks, i think one that people are coming around to. >> janet yellen said it,raise rates then cut rates. >> very much a possibility, that was a shocker when she said that. >> a shocker to wall street i believe consensus right now is 75 to 100 basis points -- as far as new year, also talking during the commercial break about you know, reminding everybody the wall street crowd the traders right now, they are not used to rising interest rate environment since they have been behind desk in a low historical low interest rate environment now
7:56 am
completely different challenge to face. >> how will they react what you are saying. >> yeah. >> companies missing earnings and republicans now a rate hike too good luck with that. >> going into year end you think sell-off in stocks then. >> yeah, we're seeing it. >> merry christmas! . >> it is a short. >> next hour joined by ratepayer presidential candidate ben carson how he plans to make a splash in early voting states iowa anew hampshire back in a moment. .
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
maria: welcome back, good morning morning i am maria bartiromo, it is monday, december 14, with me this monks fox business nerving sandra smith and hedgeye ceo keith mccullough breaking news on markets 8:00 a.m. on east coast, oil prices, falling below 35 dollars a barrel this morning, for the first time since 2009. that is ripping through markets as oil goes lower, so do stocks weighing on broader markets lows of the morning,
8:00 am
earlier, the markets looking higher, until oil broke through 35 now dow jones industrial average down 40 points nasdaq under pressure before about european markets, connect dots for is keith mccullough why do stocks react oekt investors erect when oil prices go lower. >> because a proxy for deflation, deflation, deflation, deflation, deflation, means companies loss their pricing power, they lose their revenue estimates, they have to fire people cutting for about these on 215 and you currently people way too bullish on first half 2016 on both revenue and earnings. >> that is what we're seeing in europe major afternoons off highs of the day take a look at this because you are seeing the ft 100 struggle to stay pof up a point cac quarante paris and the dax in germany down quarter to two-thirds of one per cent, similar in asia markets mixed modestly o lowe to me kay average down 2% shanghai composite win up 2 1/2% in china, fresh
8:01 am
questions this morning about o process report says tashfeen malik, openly sported jihad on social media was not caught by immigration in three background checks. security concerns about isis syrian refugee crises u.s. intelligence report says isis believed do have ability to produce fake syrian passports, may have a passport printing machine now. amid all this president obama set to make a series of public appearances this week in over thes to easy terrorist fees are the country has the president will visit the pentagon later today not expected to make any strategy changes as far as, the war-isis, fox news polls out senator ted cruz up taken the lead in iowa, senator cruz has two-point lead over donald trump trump wasted no time going after cruz over the weekend. >> you look at the way he dealt with senate where he goes in there like a -- you know frankly like a little bit of a maniac never going to get things done that way. maria: are latest on race my
8:02 am
interview with dr. ben carson in program. president obama, headed to the pentagon today, effort to easy fares about the nation's strategy to defeat isis pete barns in washington latest. good morning to you. >> hey good morning, maria nearly a week and a half after the mass s shooting in san bernardino, and if month after the terror attacking in paris president obama will go to pentagon to chair a national circuit court you counsel ill meeting an update from a team on the campaign to defeat isis the president will make a statement, around the lunch hour after his meeting but as you said, not expected to announce any major change in strategy in that fight. u.s. authorities are investigating the california shooting as an act of terrorism, and found out that both suspects were radicalized will be before the event based on evidence on computers and digital devices investigators now believe the suspected couple who killed 14 people was planning an eeven larger assault. >> thank you so much, dagen mcdowell joining the
8:03 am
conversation here, dagen, i know, earlier we had one of our gers resilient we need boots on the ground, does not look like president that president obama is going to be making any changes to his strategy he has been very adamant about this point. dagen: for purify political optics, this is the equivalent of him going into chipotle eating a burritos does everybody feel better eating a chipolte now we don't feel better no strategy change whatsoever i point to how wrong we were in terms of those the revenue that isis was getting just from selling oil. in the -- it was treasury department a few weeks ago, changed the estimate it was off by four hundred million dollars in revenue. in terms of annual revenue to isis generated a half billion, they were off by 400 million dollars, strikes completely misplanned, they thought they were doing more damage to the oil infrastructure than they were, so how does this a trip to the pentagon how does that
8:04 am
change anything, part of the issue is we don't have intelligent on the ground, to -- skwoout strikes well vast majority of sorties drop nothing. maria: oil ministers, they have an or i oil ministry in addition a passport maker. >> yeah, well, and the materials to print them. >> passports on. >> as far as the overall risk that america see that is isis poses in this country right now continues, this latest associated press polling seven out of so americans believe that an attack is threat of attack is somewhat high that is huge! we have gone to now this is the this is the number one issue for the election, this is the number one concern for the american people, and today not going to get any announcement of any change from the president? people we're looking for him to act be more aggressive. >> cruz's surging cruz very strong on this taup steven
8:05 am
king said he used to look cruz looks like late night he prooefrp revival on late night capable i don't think cruz is going to rook like in a going to look very series on topics trump is going to have hands full. maria: dagen: to that point not how you look i am not what is you do what you say that is why i don't think this -- >> look whatever about the look i don't know trump's flow, i mean -- >> [laughter]. dagen: americans if they don't feel safe are beyond point of feeling better by the president taking a tour -- going to be looking at at pentagon? >> let me -- markets for a second federal reserve two-day meeting, tomorrow, and wednesday. wild expected fed will raise interest rates on wednesday, but as you point out, they will be raising slowdown corp profits slowing. >> first time raising into a slowdown since 1967. >> what does that mean what happens then. >> nothing, you can't stop -- you cannot this is the
8:06 am
craziest thing you can't stop gravity central planning experiment federal reserve undergone dourpt work slowing when you are slowing you are slowing could not stop it whether fed raises rates cuts rates not chaefrnging the fact of the matter again you have an economic cycle that peaked in the first quarter of this year, and as we get into the second and first quarter of you know, getting into first half of 2016, i think it is very obvious to people gdp has 1 in front of it instead of 2 or 3 you are dropping towards zero. >> oil next big story breaking 35 dollars a barrel. >> the story. >> the story. >> futures are now down point to go lower open everybody trying to figure out what this means for the mark, for the energy producers -- >> for the consumer, i mean this is a huge story. >> get to breaking news i am so sorry the prelim is this we are getting this report, that a french teacher has been stabbed by a man claiming to be from about islamic state.
8:07 am
okay, isis is saying they are taking responsibility for the stabbing of a teacher a french teacher assuming in france. -- reported by -- >> from the guardian right notary public french teacher stabbed by man claiming to be from islamic state, the assailant citizenors after he assaulting a kindergarten teach in suburb around paris. >> unbelievable, horrible are. >> kindergarten teacher. >> incident in paris or near paris. >> i was going to podiatrist to markets terror i stopped myself it is not about markets sometimes it is just about the safety, of the world in which we live feel safe the answer is no. >> french media reporting teach assaulted by hooded man wearing mask and gloves fled
8:08 am
on'armed with scissors a knife claimed to be from isis said a warning local prosecutor in the area is telling reporters right now citing witnesses paris prosecutors office spokesperson said antiterrorism authorities looking into incident assailant still at large. >> with security measures have been amped up french schools universities there, in wake of the paris attacks, so -- obviously, this person was able to get through. whatever increased security measures they had. >> nature of the enemy turning out such coward ice to do things like this the targets are politically could i are aedly in nature i can't believe this. >> what about that, this morning we were looking at markets, case markets -- are the big story oil prices breaking 35, rippling through markets have you seen the impact on markets from terrorism the fear factor. >> hard to quantify fear
8:09 am
feeling in world geopolitics in markets you do see we canness, but you see the savings rate going up three-year high people not willing to spend. the savings -- >> one thing i was wrong on. >> that. >> market perspective looking at this last 26 trading days s&p 500 down 18 days of the day we have been up top three were post terrorist attacks perversely the market has gone through terrorist attack says not happening again today, so i am going to apply the stock market on that, buy on that. >> perverse world we live. >> history repeati its this is years ago chasing yield, and housing related bonds chasing yields in even bank stocks, they got burned then they lost -- a lot of individuals lost all of their savings, a lot of savings, and it is 2 same
8:10 am
thing is happening again. happening different kinds of of stocks. >> but the same mistake and who is helping people make maekz. maria: talking about credit fund blew up on friday, now, a lot of expectation that we're seeing furth credit funds, blow up, and further exacerbate this the number of people on wall street number of people have not experienceed a rising rate environment, so how will they react. >> yeah so that is a huge unknown. because this is completely different environment used to record low interest rate overtime easy money we have seen trillions of dollars. >> u.s. economy and look where we are today. >> the mistake that people made the smart guys made, we know who they are keith, that is they worried about rights going up for years, it was the interest rate risk everybody talking about not the credit risk. >> right. >> worried about interest rate risk completely missed it "barrons" last near everybody thought 10 year going to be
8:11 am
2.83% by the end of the year. >> a critical such a basic thing we need to teach the people on the street about this, there is difference between zero percent triple digit risk and credit risk credit risk happens when economy slows simply when credit risk starts to go up credit and stocks that are related to those credits starting to down. maria: knock on -- the price of oil major for markets we have not seen the extent of oil prices dropping, to these levels just yet, we want to bring in on, this oil right now phil 34.57 a barrel what are you seeing this morning? >> we're seeing ramifications across the entire market going to raise problems for the federal reserve, how can you be talking about 2% interest rate when oil prices are crashing? canadians dollar just -- 11 1/2-year low, they are very into the price of oil, so that price is going to crash, other commodity occurrences under pressure, today you know what why happening today the big
8:12 am
story is iranian ebbs ports 6-month high up 1.2 million barrels saying we have no plans to not -- pump our quota, that is given the market a perception we are seeing more oil in and over supplied market this is ramifications we are also seeing a big drop in natural gas prices, heating oil prices, temperatures across the kin above normal not getting any heat related demand, that is a major problem when it comes to oil prices, on top of everything else, back to you. maria: sure thank you phil, another time, maybe oil and gasoline dropping would be a positive but not now not during a slowdown, where one of the very few places where you actually see job growth is in the energy space. >> absolutely. >> good point, to phil flynn mentioned warm outside. >> the -- he said canadian dollar down 3% last week crashing or i former prior guest said look we're seeing less demand from canadian
8:13 am
buyers interconnected you have to understand. maria: allconnected president candidate dr. ben carson up next. back in a moment. there's no shortage in this world. who do you trust? whose analysis is accurate? how do you make sense of it all? a simple, unbiased stock score consolidated from the opinions of independent analysts... is that too much to ask? nope. equity summary score, powered by starmine, will help you execute your ideas with speed and conviction. and it's only on open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor.
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8:16 am
. . maria: out of france teacher attacked by a man claiming to be acting for islamic state, cheryl right now with that story in the headlines. cheryl: that is right covering breaking news first -- few moments ago, but their kindergarten teacher attacked by a hooded man claiming to be acting for isis reportedly said quote this is a warning, right now we're seeing some reports from sky news our sister network in europe, that the teacher did suffer nonlife-threatening injuries in the attack the attack was the teacher's neck, also, you are looking at some pictures we got in, by the way, of a response, to proliferate response the attack saying at this point police are saying the attacker at large single tacticer at large suburb of
8:17 am
paris north of paris we will keep you on breaking news. >> just in time for the holidays, big news for amazon pulling hangov hoverboards, multiple reports boards catching fire you have seen video i brought it to you amazon investigating the safety standards of the hoverboard are making, did i when ones to be safe so just those on their web site. and, finally, a little bit lighter note this morning, aliens are back we just got the first trailer in for independence day resurgence. >> we will not finish without a fight -- ♪ we live on. going to survive. >> anticipated see we'll to the 1996 blockbuster picking
8:18 am
up 20 years later with film left off, leon going to join almost all projects original cast going to explain, by the way, what happened to will smith his character, they are going to explain a with a that he died not appearing in this film that motive from 20th century fox next john. >> race for white house heats up over a month and half so iowa caucus dr. ben carson joins us from the campaign trail, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ et ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:19 am
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8:21 am
8:22 am
maria: welcome back brand-new fox poll ted cruz ahead of donald trump in iowa senator marco rubio third place the latest "the wall street journal" poll shows trump rubio losing head-to-head against hillary clinton senator marco rubio dr. ben carson have a leg up on the democratic front-runner presidential candidate dr. ben carson joins me right now. good to as i thanks very much for joining us dr. carson. >> thank you pleasure. maria: let me get your take on these polls. we, of course, have breaking news, on isis as well we will get to, but, what do you need to do, dr. carson to lift numbers? >> well, i think the key thing is to continue to be myself not try to be somebody else, continue to tell the truth and speak about the issues that are important to the people recognizing that it is marathon not a sprint.
8:23 am
poll numbers are volatility plrl as you approach the first set of primaries, i think one of the things that will help me tremendously because of the events that occurred in paris and san bernardino, and hit piece by "new york times" people came to believe that i know nothing about foreign policy, but i think, as time goes on people listen to what i am saying will recognize that is simply not the case. >> dr. carson let me ask you about that this morning we have breaking news a woman has been stabbed, in paris, just moments ago, this is breaking a kindergarten teacher stand by man claim to be from islamic state said this is a warning apparently, nonhe none threatening saying you are winning the general election, what will you do to defeat isis?
8:24 am
>> well, you have to recognize, that these attacks these long lone wolf as well as coordinate attacks will continue to increase because they have established their caliphate they have given themselves legitimacies can go to next, what i would do is concentrate taking that legitimacies away from them. takeaway their caliphate takeaway their sources of income, isis as you probably know is the wealthiest terrorist organization. and that is because of the oil revenues, don't allow them to have that, shut off all monetary channels so they don't have the ability to pay people, because they go after the disaffected, numbers not only in this country but all over the world, if they can't pay them it makes it much more difficult, for them, we need to attack their command and control centers, raqqa, mosul cut off the passage ways between them, isolate them put them on the run keep them
8:25 am
running all the time. and that doesn't mean we don't need to be taking care of the situation at home as well. we need to monitoring the internet engage cyberwar faer talking to imans clerks helping to identify who radicals are get them mot muslims involved in that help recognize if they are able to identify, these people, then they become one of our allies, rather than somebody about whom we are suspicious, these kind of things will make a difference. maria: these all sounds very good ideas but from a practical standpoint, what does that mean? do you think that we need for example boots on the ground? do support the air strikes going on do you believe a air strikes had been effective. >> look at a few weeks ago isis had taken a city the kurds in conjunction with
8:26 am
special forces people account off all the supply routes, that softened the as it when they went in with special ops support air support possible to take that city works extremely well one we should use in other places in terms of how many boots on the ground we need? i think we need to be talking about with our military experts, giving them the mission. and then asking them what do you need to accomplish that mission. and then being certain that we are going to supply them with that. maria: he we've been speaking to various generals called about 10 to 15 to 20,000 troops on the ground, including, u.s. troops on the ground as well as our middle east allies in the fight. would you agree with that. >> well -- what we need to recognize we have this phobia about concept of boots on the ground. we need to recognize that if we don't win this war, there
8:27 am
will be boots on the ground over here would be the be our boots will be on our necks, too. >> as far as cyberpart of this we know now, that one of the killers in san bernardino malik had been praising jihad, and saying that she loves jihad on facebook. for sometime, before actually committing the horrific fatalities in san bernardino. what do we needed to the on a cyberstandpoint from a cyberstandpoint in your view, to get a better hold and better command of the encrypted communication going on right now. >> well, i think we need to be about working with some of our private sector who are extremely good with encryption and with deciphering encrypted things, sort of a public partnership recognizing that we are all in the same boat. >> but that is not happening that is not happening o
8:28 am
technology companies trying to push back to protect their users' data. >> well -- just because it is not happening doesn't mean it can't happen. maria: right. >> i think we need to be involved in those negotiations, we need to help them to ins that there is a bigger issue here. that we are dealing with, that at the same time i am very interested in making sure that we maintain people's privacy. we have you know, a whole host of rules in courts they can get what they need if they have a suspicion adequate suspicion about someone that is not adequate excuse. >> let me ask you about the rnc how you've been treated with donald trump have signatured. look if you are not -- treated fairly, you would go on into your own campaign and independent run are you being treated fairly by republican national committee. >> first of all, of all i
8:29 am
never said would i reason i as independent, and i wouldn't. i think the stakes are too high here. and you know, the next president will probably have an opportunity to point two or three supreme court justices if a progressive could change face of america forever would i never do that i would not want to be involved in a seem that have repertoire thwarts, will of the people. >> do you believe you can beat hillary clinton gop voters want to positive know who can beat hillary clinton. why should american people vote for you. >> i believe it will set up an extremely good contrast encompassing they will have you will have to be worrying this person or that person we will be talking about, a country that is of for by people versus one of for the government talking about a
8:30 am
life of accomplishment integrity versus one full of scandals deceit people have a very clear coys. >> dr. carson how you go about putting together a cabinet talk to us about what you have been thinking in terms of who you would like to put around you -- >> well, i -- obviously, want people who understand our constitution. and understand that people in the deposit work for the people, and not the other way around. people who are not really interested in a lot of special interests groups, and a lot of the graft deceit going on now will probably notice that in my campaign, you know we don't deal with the special interest groups don't deal with billionaires who try to influence what is going on it is completely of for and by the people that is the way i would be choosing cabinet members and i think you know america deserves a -- a government that is the trustworthy that is working on
8:31 am
its behalf. and i think there are a lot of people who really doubt that now. >> good to have you on the program so appreciate your time this morning. >> always a pleasure. >> see you soon dr. ben carson joining us we'll be right back. ... we've got trouble in tummy town.
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>> i think the key thing is to continue to be myself and not try to be somebody else, continue to tell the truth and speak about the issues that are important to the people, recognizing it's a marathon, not a sprint, poll numbers are volatile, particularly as you approach the first set of primaries. maria: that was dr. ben carson moments ago reacting to the latest round of presidential polls, how he plans to reverse his downward momentum. and joining me is texas governor rick perry. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: what is your take so
8:35 am
far? we see national security being the number one issue and that's boosted ted cruz and continues to boost donald trump. >> yeah, it's going to be an interesting 60 days as we go forward here, but there's certainly a trend that you cannot back away from and that is that ted cruz is surging in the polls and trump is continuing to stay near the top. what i think is going on now is americans are looking for somebo somebody. now, when you-- and i don't think there's any doubt that the american people perceive that donald trump and senator cruz are both tough, they're tough enough to lead this country. after that, then it becomes where are they on the issues and are they consistent. and i will suggest to you that particular point in time, mr. trump is going to start having some headwinds from whether evangelicals and never
8:36 am
asked god for forgiveness before or whether it's from strong private property rights and he stands up and says he's with kelo and goes into the property rights. i think there's an opening there for a consistent, tough candidate to move to the top of this field and maintain that going forward. maria: governor, i want your take on that particularly as relates to national security and we need to be doing in terms of isis. let me switch gears for a moment here. we're watching this morning, oil prices continue to come down. just breaking $35 a barrel. i want to get your take on this because texas has been obviously one of the big jobs creators in the country during the last couple of years, while oil prices were strong. do you worry that this is going to risk the oil markets, texas included, in terms of job cuts because of oil prices going
8:37 am
lower, the shale producer forced to go bankrupt, some of them, and cut jobs? >> maria, texas over the last decade was the first of our economy. the oil and gas is important and we are going to have some shakeout there. texas economy is so resilient we've got facebook and ebay and technology companies and manufacturing, we've got toyota in. every toyota pickup informed in america is manufactured in san antonio, america. i got a report this morning, it's a report out on the oil and gas, they are projecting,s 45 to $55 oil in 2016. that obviously will be about a 10 to $15 a barrel upward movement. so, you know, that's -- that's better news. obviously, there's a real shakeout here, what saudi arabia is doing by continuing to flood the market, and it's going to have an impact across the world.
8:38 am
i mean, whether it's in venezuela, whether it's in iraq or russia, a lot of the opec members are going to look at this and go, wait a minute, what are you doing now? . the goal by saudi arabia is to absolutely crush these fracturers that are going on out there in the-- along the gulf coast of texas. maria: the shale companies. >> and louisiana, the shale companies, yes. i'm very cautiously optimistic that 2016 is going to be a stabilizing time, but i don't think we're going to see, you know, 70 $80 barrel of oil and the ensuing economic impact that that's going to have until 2017, so a shakeout is coming. >> the people would generally say it's about oil, but if you make one trip to austin, texas, you're going to come to the realization it's a new world in texas. what do you think what's happening on houston, on the other side of austin, do you
8:39 am
think that oil is on the table, something due to pickering's forecast, for example? >> i think that's correct, if it were to settle in here $35, and west texas $35, and brent 36, 37. if you go much below that and maintain it for long period of time, unless you were brilliant at hedging on the table we are going to see some companies in trouble. maria: that's a big problem. sandra: governor perry, you've got a great business mind and very in touch with the consumer. we're about to see possibly a historical moment for the markets this week when the federal reserve announces whether or not they're going to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. how do you think that would expect, particularly the economy right there in the state of texas? >> well, 2010 is when they should have raised the rates from my perspective and i think that raising the rates now could put us into a recession in 2016. that's kind of my cliff notes version of it.
8:40 am
maria: that's what pete has been saying, too, governor. >> and notebook, too-- >> i'm concerned about the fed. it seems like they're following a play book to drive the country into recession if they're going to move these rates up. my advice to them, leave them where they are. maria: wow, so don't raise on wednesday, which is what keith has been saying as well. and real quick, governor, isis, the national security. what's the one most important move or change president obama can make to actually make america feel safer? >> well, i know this is going to sound a bit like a broken record, but the president needs to respond in a very strong way that we are at war with radical islam. we don't hear him say that and i think that sends a message not just across this country, but around the world that this guy is really not engaged. he doesn't get it. so, recognizing and truly sending the message that america is going to fight this radical islam, no matter where we find it, whether it's in the middle east, whether it's in
8:41 am
countries that are surrounding israel, who is our friend and whether it's in jordan, helping them fight radical islam on their turf, but also, making sure, and using our intelligence community. i don't think we have put forward the intelligence community effort in this country that's what it needs to be to go penetrate through. i know there's a lot of these companies pushback on the privacy side, but we can do this both protecting citizens' privacy and going after these radical islamists that are using technology to be able to recruit in this country. maria: do you think that hillary clinton will be able to differentiate her policies from president obama's even though she was running the state department as isis got stronger? >> i don't know how she does it. listen, the clintons have been masters at try angulations for a long time and she will attempt to, but i think that number one, hillary clinton is not bill clinton.
8:42 am
and she's going to have a substantially more difficult time of being able to get the american people to believe that she is not attached at the hip to barack obama. maria: governor, good to have you on the program today. thank you for being on the program. >> maria, come visit us. maria: before we take a break, some of the best moments you may have missed from earlier in the show. >> i, for one, will be prepared to sacrifice some of my private-- privacy and liberty, so that my family, friends, and the electorate were safe. maria: do you see the impact of the terrorism worries that we're all talking about every day? >> you know, believe it or not, we really don't, thank goodness because in fact, one of our vessels was in paris or near paris the following day. >> it's shocking that's not done. we need a thorough investigation to find out if that's routine. >> the name of the race is the
8:43 am
serena live open south beach-- >> you are so mean, i'm giving her a pass. >> i'm giving her a pass, too, i think she needed to get to stop running. >> she's getting a pass, but i'm not giving sandra a pass on not mentioning the bears and patriots yesterday. sandra: all of the teams on the show are the pats and-- >> what about chicago? >> i saw something i haven't seen. maria: what? >> i saw a candidate get over the trump social media wall in iowa and it was ted cruz. i'm like, oh, we're watching something. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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>> welcome back, we're following breaking news out of france where a pre-school teacher was attacked by a man claiming to be acting for the islamic state. sandra: that's right, we're trying to follow the details coming out of paris, but this was a kindergarten teacher attacked by a hooded man, for isis, apparently saying it's a warning. the teacher suffered nonlife threatening injuries in the attack and officials still at this moment say the assault remains at large. you're looking at activity outside of the school there on the video behind me. we're following news out of starbucks, they're holding a contest that's going to give five loyal fans coffee for life or 30 years, if you're young, anyway, just 30 years.
8:48 am
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8:52 am
opening bell on wall street. we've been watching the futures deteriorate all morning as oil prices broke $35 a barrel. nicole: that's right, maria. absolutely, when we started our show at 5 a.m. we saw the futures up about 80 and then we saw oil deteriorate to the new lows of 34.53 the lowest in seven years, only two bucks more in the financial crisis. futures turned negative and we're off the lows of the morning and back to 35.08. with that we'll see weighing on energy once again. names such as chesapeake, for example, down 2% a short time ago. we've seen the flight to safety in treasury yields and that's been here four of the five weeks and yield has been dropping. 2.17% as energy has been the story of last week and 7th day in a row with down arrows. maria: interesting to see oil move up on the lows and the stocks do the same, in fact.
8:53 am
chipotle's recent e. coli scare has people wondering if they should put their chipotle on a diet. and howard, thank you for joining us. i was reading your report "no remorse the risk continues at chipotle". >> hubris, humility is the only thing that's going to save the company. they're a long way away. maria: why do you see them a long way away from remorse. >> there's a reason there's antibiotics in chicken and why there's fertilizers to help grow crops, that's there for a reason to keep food safe and healthy and the food they served an obviously questionable. dagen: howard's in part-- correct me if i'm wrong -- referring to the steve elliss interview on the today show. do you think that the problem in falling on the sword is because he's the founder and he
8:54 am
has an attachment to the company that other ceo's of major chains do not? >> exactly. no, that's absolutely right and to make it worse, at their first conference that they spoke to to investors, they said they'll go out and raise prices to fix the problem. maria: really? >> upping the cost to improve the supply chain. >> and it's more like the transparency side of it. yes, dagen, the founder has got to play defense, but now the truth about this, didn't you say that like corn, that it's not actually fresh, it's freezing it. even the stuff they were promising people, the freshness of it all isn't happening. >> the other side of the equation, the e. coli and issues in the news today, they advertise that they're a nongmo restaurant and that's not true, and that's deceptive advertising. >> non-gmo. maria: what does that mean, non-gmo. >> nongenetically modified.
8:55 am
>> the meat they serve has gmo's in it. maria: that's horrible and no one has pointed this out? >> no, there are lawsuits, they're being sued. i'm just saying that this is-- when you think about the stock, right? it's 550 today. it's going lower because there are a lot of other shoes to drop and-- . when you have a financial reporter, myself included, last week explaining the difference between the duration of vomiting and diarrhea with norovirus versus e. coli and it's relate today one restaurant, you've got a problem. you've got to do more than put the ceo on the today show. sandra: in the defense of chipotle, irregardless whether they're completely giving the customer what they think they're getting, that's a different story. aren't they answering the demands of the public right now to have the antibiotic-free chicken and all organic, and the customers might not understand the unintended consequence of what they're
8:56 am
asking for. >> in the business of serving food, you have to serve food that's safe. yes there's a demand in supermarkets and everywhere. when you have 1,000, 2,000 stores, new stores every year, you have to deliver safe product and you can't do that unless you use a supply chain that every restaurant uses. >> keith says there's no line at chipotle anymore. maria: i know, mcdonald's-- howard from hedgeye, the leading restaurant analyst out there. thank you, we'll be right back. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush
8:57 am
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best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. >> we will show a higher broader average. they're following oil like to a tee. >> this is going to be ongoing and ongoing. you're seeing articles that the
9:00 am
fed shouldn't do this and i'm interested. sandra: oil below 35 and gas below two bucks. maria: keith mccollough and dagen mcdowell over to stuart. stuart: i'll take it and merry christmas to you. watch out donald trump, ted cruz is on a roll. if you thought the news would take a break for christmas, you better think again. cruz now leads trump by 10 points in iowa and is almost even nationally. trump went on the attack calling cruz a maniac. cruz turned that into a joke, maybe that's the way to fend off trump's attacks. the price of oil is still falling, new lows. bold prediction from me, gas will be well under $2 a gallon by christmas, except in oh, so green california. and you have something to say about that? >> i don't think that's a very bold


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