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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 16, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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the television journalists carrying it out. it was a sad thing to have to report. thanks so much. if our online poll 58% say donald trump's prominence the polls helped broker their nonsense. kennedy: let's bring it on home. baby, i know you have watched last night's debate. jeb finally woke and decide if he couldn't keep voters rivetted with his ideas, he would keep going after trump who of course took the bait. >> donald is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. he would be a chaos president.
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>> jeb doesn't really believe i'm unhinged. he said that because he has nailed this campaign. it's been a total disaster. kennedy: the attacks weren't all personal. these two driven senators went over each other's minor differences as if the fate of the world depended on it. >> the tool we lost in the data program was valuable tool. >> marco knows what he said isn't true. >> you support people who live in this country illegally. kennedy: what's march colmes love with meta data. but last night rands took a stands and made measured and forceful points. >> trump says we ought to close
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that internet thing like they do in north korea and china. do you believe in the constitution? instrument going to change the constitution? kennedy: co-moderator hugh hewitt caught him off giewrnd our nuclear triad. >> the three legs of the triad. do you have after priority. >> nuclear, the power and devastation is very important. kennedy: ben carson called for the shortest moment of silence ever. please join me in a moment of silence to the assange victims. thank you. kennedy: and we are done. so thoughtful.
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there was no clear winner last night. the issues and fishers are bigger than the candidates themselves and only the voters will decide which side of the national security chasm they are going to follow. dana perino is here. last night the candidates railed against the president's isis plan. but are they any better? slt colonel oliver north joins me with his plan. >> i have a fox could be tributer who has never seen star wars. i'll set her straight before the new one comes out. let's gone it which candidate won the debate on fashion stall security.
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day began mcdoyles from fox business network and we love it. anthony fisher. and the host of the red eye. he's on fox news channel and we are all here. there is a lot to talk about. who do you have think won the debate? >> if you talk about foreign policy. i think rubio didn't do so well. he had all the interventionist cards out on the table. he was choosing to fight with cruz but i don't feel he landed any punches. cruz usually wins on substance. he's a good debater. but trump did very well. >> the debate team at princeton. >> we were laughing in the setup because he speaks in just
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generalities. kennedy: the generalities are the thing that hurts him. as we saw with hugh hiewf it. he obviously had no idea what he was talking about. >> i think a lot of the trump voters are like, i didn't know that tryknow -- that triad either. kennedy: but he's running for president land have the nuclear code. >> the on moment when someone did lay a glove on him is when jeb bush called him the chaos candidate. said you wouldn't make it to the white house by being mean. kennedy: who do you think really stood out? we'll get into cruz and rubio in a little bit. let's talk about fiorina.
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her firm stand scares me. my worry is she is not going to ask them. she is going force them to create back doors and encryption which is what customers want. >> customers do want it. i find it chilling she is willing to brag about her experience as a ceo. >> she got fired so she is going to brag about giving equipment to the n a. she talked about asking the companies for assistance on technology. they have been asked. they have given bushback and that will be a -- they have given pushback. but what's wringt single syllable words in the describing tour foreign policy. huge, big were fierce, tough. that's what's connecting with voters.
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people don't want details it's sad but true. >> i think it was hugh hewitt who asked the direct question, how will you attack isis through carpet bombing. kennedy: rands paul, ted cruz and marco rubio took turns dueling over the nsa and the trade-off of security versus civil liberties. >> i will give ted cruz major props. it was clear rubio was going to go after cruz on his vote to rescind his vote. cruz pushed back because the tide has shifted more in marco rubio's favor. he said now based on the program i pushed through we have access too cell phone information. he had a good response. i'm not talking about the
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libertarian audience. he had a legitimate response. kennedy: rubio has been inconsistent on this and he dos hasn't done a god job of explaining why and how it's important. but many people have said it wouldn't have done anything different in san bernardino and the security apparatus in paris didn't thwart those attacks. rubio says he's not going to read u.s. citizens their miranda rights. that's vastly different than what he he was talking about unwarranted government force. >> things have changed big time. there was a bit of a libertarian slant to a lot of people who hadn't thought those ideas before. people say the surveillance. after this attack in paris and in san bernardino. it's kind of switched back and
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that's why cruz has shifted. i don't know if i bought his argument that his vote -- ken were we can collect more data on fewer bad guys. >> the vacuuming up of all the meta data makes it impossible to sift through. >> there is no vacuuming. it's in the hands of the phone company. but let me add this. with cell phone data there will be is no legal mandate on how long they have to keep it. in is no legal mandate. it's only 18 months for land line data. that's what rubio should have hit back on but he didn't. kennedy: rubio didn't because it's a false proposition. it's not something that will keep us safer and it forces intelligence gatherers -- they become lazy when they rely on that.
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>> one judge ruled on the constitutionality of the data collection program and said there would have been information nsa gave to the f.b.i. about one of the 9/11 hijackers, him calling from the united states, calling a safe house in yemen. kennedy: if they had been communicating. >> that's what the ruling said by the judge. kennedy: there is still a lot to get into. we'll be hosting our own republican "made right here" in charleston, south carolina thursday, january 14. jeb bush said donald trump would be a chaos president. lieutenant colonel oliver north joins me with his plan to fight isis.
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kennedy: welcome back. louisiana night jeb bush fired verbal tore pea doze at donald trump before donald shot outw a few of his own jabs. >> donald is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he would be a chaos president. he would not be the commander-in-chief we need to keep our country safe. kennedy: the and is back.
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shillue, we'll start with you. kennedy: jeb doesn't like the chaos. he likes the calm and he's pinning the chaos on trump's condi. donkey. >> how many times did jeb suede say i'm a serious candidate. people don't trust the establishment. they don't want a serious candidate. they like the chaos because they think it' going to gift back to the establishment. whether they are right or not, i don't know. they like chaos. kennedy: maybe they equate seriousness with political correctness. >> they say you will never get wall built. you can't deport 11 million people. they say i don't care. i just like that he's saying it.
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>> when i heard jeb and trup yell at each other, they might have been doing that. it goes nowhere. chaos canada? it's like a poe he my first boyfriend wrote. >> it was the one type when he was playing the grown-up in the room and being specific by the as opposed to rolling his eyes going, i'm supposed to be, i'm the establishment candidate. he was specific about why trump's brand is harm fup for the gop grand. kennedy: we'll talk about rand a little bit. trump always gets the best of people emotionally. that's when he knows he's got them. in the past jeb bush has been exasperated by his own emotions. he gets frustrated at the thought of a further trup ascension.
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i have to say, you know who did a better job? rand paul. i thought rand paul had the business moment of the night against donald trump. you say they don't find chaos. but what about the constitution? what about rand paul pointing out that donald trump going after family members of known terrorists is in vie laying of the geneva convention. >> i don't think people care. that's why donald trump's answer was so brilliant. he said you mean they can kill us but we can't kill them? that's the kind of thing someone says in a bar watching a channel. that's something someone would turn to his friend and say the and he says it. >> i wanted someone to hit him back on i want to shut down part of the internet. that's what china does.
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what the flip are you talking about. kennedy: try googling in north korea. >> it was great to hit trump on specifics about how his policies would be disastrous and illegal in practice. rand paul has been disappointing to everybody. but this is the kind of rand paul i had been hoping to see for several debates before this. to be more like his father was on the debate stage and be a pain in the ass. >> be the car bunkle on the bottom of the republican field that is irritating and unsightly. they are going to return because a poll says most americans think armed citizens are better for fighting crime than gun control is. oliver north joins me to analyze the republican plans to fight
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>> they still want regime change. they want it in syria. they wanted it in iraq and libya. it has not worked. >> we need to use overwhelming air power. we need to be arming the kurds. >> we should be penetrating the internet and find outy where isis is. kennedy: the republicans tried to look tougher than anyone on stage and slammed president obama's plan to fight isis. what should we be doing? why don't we ask fox news
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military analyst, lieutenant colonel oliver north. i want your take on isis. what would colonel oliver north do if he were president of the united states to defeat this horrible foe. >> the moderators didn't get it at cnn and neither do the candidates. the problem isn't just isis it's radical islam. my 10-point plan for defeating radical islam goes like this. immediately fix the visa and refugee vetting system. number two, define the enemy. radical islam. it's not just isis or al qaeda or al-shabaab. they are all trade names. all franchises from hell. they have the same product. jihad, death to americans and jiewfs. number 3, define victory. that's not been done in this war
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for 15 years. know safe havens anywhere for radical islamic groups. no matter where. eliminate the opportunity for a safe haven. yum numberhaven. number four, special operations forces, forward air controllers with the peshmerga in the sunni combat units. number 5, deploy two carrier strike groups to the mediterranean immediately and a marine air-grounds task force for a sustained and serious air campaign. support el-sisi in egypt and the king in jordan to liberate ma maddy, and this means you have to accept iraq is an extant saint no longer exists.
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arm the kurds. i tell you -- i went there give went to the hospital and got a new knee. i got a test knee. i'm talking around. everything. it's great. so let's go back to directed army in supporting the kurds. these are the bravest people you could imagine. they are the only ones who have consistently beaten isis at every turn, and they get absolutely nothing from us because we are shipping everything to them through baghdad and none of it gets in the door. number 8, tell vladimir putin to keep his military assets air and grounds out of the way in syria. number 9, show the sunnis we are not going to tolerate any more interference in iraq from tehran by condemning iran's icbm test. number 10, go back to that's
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question everybody talked about about the internet. break the black web encryption that allows these perps to recruit and train. there is a "wall street journal" piece on total information awareness. a program developed by admiral john poindexter. if you did those things you could wrap this up in six months. kennedy: my problem with number 3, no safe haven it sounds like with that plan we'll have to go into waziristan and every country where you have radical is laivments hiding and i don't think the american public has the appetite for it. it doesn't seem like the most efficient way to protect ourselves. >> in just short few weeks them deployed the special operations
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force they have had successes. the best part of all of that is nobody is talking about the successes. the white house hasn't jumped up and down, the pentagon isn't talking about it. but those kinds of things can be done. they need to be done. and it's not going to take it second marine division of the 82nd airborne. it will take people who don't get and brag by the -- about it afterwards. kennedy: coming up. i have a massive star wars hater. first you will be shocked to see whose taking up the mic. enjoy some celebrity mashups. ed the topical storm * is next. dent's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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kennedy: when it's hot and
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sandy, grab a dplingts retched high of scum and villiany and news. this is the "topical storm." last night a foa presidential ad was cleverly slipped into the debates. >> it's a new day in america. today more people will go to work, return them their families and sleep more soundly than ever before. all because one man refuses to settle. putting people before polics >> america, i'm only getting started. kennedy: i like president underwood's credentials. but that clever ad still pales in comparison. >> are you ready for the shift? i am.
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kennedy: he can kill robots with his eyes. he's now the prime minister of canada. topic number 2. news reporter adam sallet was covering story when ther. struck a second time fortunately during the broadcast. >> just 24 hours ago this bank. >> that's the robber. this is live tv. that's the robber zwhrawft went by according to the bank employee. i have got to go and call 911, i'll talk to you later. kennedy: adam chased him down and killed him with his bare hands. but why did the rob -- robber go
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back a second time? if he already robbed the banks. chris ma these got the liberal touchy feeley tingles in 2008 when senator barack obama aascending to the presidency. >> the feeling most people get i felt this thrill going up my leg. i don't get that too often. >> steady. >> no, seriously. kennedy: that man crush got him yanked from anchoring during the national election. is he still feeling the thrill. one rabble rouser from media research center dired ask. >> we want to know how is your leg. >> what leg? >> what leg?
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>> just go to hell, just leave me alone. >> are you limping? kennedy: oh, so i guess he's lost that loving feeling. it's so sad when breakups end badly. topic number 4. if you are like most people you sing drank hotling bling every day in the shower. partly with the water on. [♪] get ready. now a bunch celebrities converted the smooth lyrics into oscar winning performances. ♪ you used call me on my cell phone. ♪ late night when you need my love ♪ call me on my cell phone
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♪ that can only mean one thing ♪ i know when that hotline bling ♪ that can only mean one thing ♪ kennedy: "hotline bling" was originally written by shakespeare. topic number 5. jennifer lawrence is a tireless academy award winning actress who won't stop working until they are body completely shut down. she tried to he can plant effects of her work ethic on the late show and used lindsey lohan to paint a clear picture. >> i just keep going. if we don't make her barf or pass out she'll pass out. i get the lindsey lohan exhaustion without drugs or
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alcohol. kennedy: that didn't sit well with the lohan clan. her family got defensive on her behalf as her sister tweeted. i never breathe life into negativity. but i stand by my family. disappointed in jennifer lawrence, not cool. what a coincidence. lindsey never breathed less than a .12 when she is driving. she thanked her sister on twitter before passing out in front of a bottle of vodka. if you have stories would you like to see on "topical storm" tweet me and use hashtag "topical storm" and do it irresponsibly. what drove leo into those loving
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kennedy: a new poll shows 47% think allowing citizens to carry guns is a better response to terror. what is driving this support for legalizing assault weapons>> i think people want to feel safe and this sounds good. and i'm all for the right to bear arms. but i do worry like some people decide they are going to carry a
8:40 pm
weapon and it's the guy on the beach trying to protect his gold in the middle of summer. it makes you feel uncomfortable. virginia beach. there is a dude with a glock strapped to his jeans and he's mining for gold with his metal detector. it's -- people don't feel safe for a lot of reasons. particularly because of the lack of guidance from the white house. kennedy: disarm can americans is the strangest reaction from an isis threat we have seen manifest. a city just outside of los angeles. a pretty sleepy town. >> it's not going to happen. a whole host of things have to happen before you disarm america. kennedy: they are trying to in california.
8:41 pm
>> the san bernardino killers used long rifles. but rifles account for 3% of killing nationwide. the definition of an assault weapon varies by state. the idea that banning assault weapons will solve everything and the pushback is relevant doesn't fly. >> it did not recent the attacks in paris. kennedy: you have got 6 or 7 million guns floating around from the former soviet block countries. whenever there is a shooting in a movie theater or school. there are gun-free zones. then we saw paris. people look at this and think what if somebody had a gun. maybe there was one person there what a gun strapped to their leg. after a while they are like, okay, i get it.
8:42 pm
maybe more people should have guns instead of less. >> they lock them up, they get training and they get of what they need to be competent, responsible citizens because they know most people who drive aren't just going get into a car and hit the gas. and cars are far more deadly than guns. >> i think it hurts -- in benghazi they stuck with the youtube video excuse. they are sticking with the gun excuse. they are still talking about san bernardino. kennedy: they are so embarrassed by it. 70% of republicans and 55% of the independents opposed to keeping people from legally carrying guns. in an interview this week. leo, we are coming for you. he gushed over presidential candidate bernie sanders because
8:43 pm
of his environmentalism. kennedy: leo is a great actor. by says, look, not to get political -- whenever aactor says not to get political wp, i say don't. >> shove a sock in it. dose know he can get young hot chicks without being a liberal. he's rich now and he needs to worry about bernie take higgs money away in the form of taxes, the top rate of 0%. he's a dumb dumb. kennedy: he just assumes because celebrities are special, therefore his money is treated differently and bernie sanders
8:44 pm
isn't going to take his different money and sprinkle it about the peasants. >> your next waxing is free but you are not special when it comes to the irs. >> he's a big hillary supporters and donor. kennedy: so me the money. if you love me so much. write some checks. >> that's how he treats his women. he's got one over here and just in case gets tired he has one over here. >> what was it, the al gore movie that drove this home for them. did they think this way before the al gore movie? i can't figure it out. kennedy: and he conveniently watched an "inconvenient truth" on his private plane. >> and they are p.o.'ed about
8:45 pm
not being able to water their lawn. kennedy: donald trump vows not to bolt the gop. can he be trusted in dana perino weighs in next. >> yesterday i tweeted something and all i said was i wasn't familiar with "star wars" because i have been too busy liking cool things and being attractive. people threatened my life.
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how do you say breakfast in korean? google voice response: achim sigsa. how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here? coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> hello there. donald trump has been threatening to bolt and run as a third party candidate for months. he once again agreed to be
8:49 pm
monogamous with the grand old party. >> are you ready to reassure republicans you will run as a republican and abide by decision of the republicans? >> i really am. kennedy: should we believe him? dana perino is here. she cisco host of "the five" and former press white house secretary under bush. >> the tone was softer. if you are going to be that far until lead. why don't you try to consolidate some of your gains and showing you are there for the whole republican party rather than just people you have might have brought along initially. theoer thing is web's a businessman and he can do the math. he needs the republican party a lot more than the republican party needs him to win. if he were to run as a third party he would lose and the republicans party would lose and
8:50 pm
hillary clinton would become president. kennedy: his vocal supporters aren't going anywhere and he knows that. but there are fluid voters in other camps and they are going somewhere. >> last night on may can kelly's show there was a frank luntz focus group. when frank asked people to raise their hands, did you change your decision on who you were backing, several people raised their hands and he would say from who to who. trump to cruz, trump to christie. no one was going to rand paul or carly fiorina or jeb bush or kasich. i think chris christie won the debate. he was relegated to the under card debate. fights his way back. they fight for every inch of grounds. and he was there last night. and he is above if the fray.
8:51 pm
he's able to make fun of congress and he said several times so it gets several times so it gets stuck in people's minds. he was a federal prosecutor and his world view a lot of republicans say i like that. plus he had a tone and attitude that doesn't sounds like washington. i don't think anyone won any awards last night. but if anyone did themselves some phase, i think it's chris christie. kennedy: what about the cruz-rubio dust-up. >> it was one of the most interesting parts of the debate because it was getting into a discussion of this and that. but it becomes tirks t for tat and arguing about the difference between jeb and trump having an argument which was about their personalities. and cruz and rubio it was about substance. that was a pretty good exchange.
8:52 pm
kennedy: and it shows the giant chasm within the republican party that no one will overcome or bridge. >> the opportunity was for chris christie who said here is the big tent. john kasich said everyone at home is tired of this bickering. one of the gals at the frank luntz focus group said she switched to christie. >> i think if you are not in the top six or maybe 8, there is no chance you will be president of the united states. there is no reason for any of them to get out. kennedy: we only have 10 seconds. what do they get by staying in? >> you and i are not like these people. you will never understand way it's like to believe that you can be president of the united states. this is a different mindset. what they get out of it and what we see them getting out of it are two different things.
8:53 pm
kennedy: and we are tremendous dancer. >> i try, you are a peach. kennedy: thank you very much. and a juicy one at that. kat has refused to watch "star wars." i will kidnap her and make her watch etch so four. that's how i own it. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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>> the dark side. the jedi. they are real. kennedy: what i'm about to show you may shock and horrify you. if you have nerd spawns send them to bed. >> i have never had any interest in watching space nerds space
8:57 pm
each on the were their space nerd sticks and i'm not going start now. obviously kat is horribly misguide and needs psychiatric help. but that said, she thinks i'm the crazy one. please welcome katherine tim. she is a correspondent on the greg gutfeld show. she has never seen "star wars." >> i'm suspicious of anything where it causes adult to willingly sleep in a parking lot. i just think that you should be able to make fun of a movie. the backlash for me was ridiculous. i make fun of all kinds of movies. i think adult women who pretend to like disney movies are trying to be cute because they think it's cute. and i if anyone said i had to
8:58 pm
many feeling, fine. i definitely do. kennedy: the feelings for "star wars" are deeply felt, pro american, interesting and they have a great appreciation for complex architecture that has come from this series of films. if it fills people with that much interest and hope and desire for understanding and literacy, why must you poo-poo it? >> you can poo-poo anything you want. i tear clear of movies that have "love" in the title. i have enough feel degrees on my own. why would i purposely subject myself to something that would make me feel alone? kennedy: like "star wars" or love?
8:59 pm
>> movies with "love" in the title. kennedy: i worry at some point someone bearing darth vader mask abused you. >> no, but i know memories can be you pressed. i'm allowed to make fun of it. kennedy: there are a lot of things i hold sacred that are so easily made fun of. and i know that i'm right for that criticism and i get it completely. "star wars" is fantastic, it's beautiful, it's complete. but what if i showed you the films. what if i he can explained it to you. >> i don't want to. kennedy: i invite you to come back always to talk about "star wars" and love and space dreams. kennedy: thank you for watching. you can follow us on twitter
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@kennedynation. and ometh. one makes a redwood his ultimate log cabin... >> what? >> ...a log-rolling attraction. it's her strange inheritance. >> i was the only child, so i knew i was always gonna get the log. >> but the road takes its toll. >> it's hard to be the log lady and have a life and be the truck driver and the repair person and do it all. >> she's got a big decision to make. >> she sure does, jamie. she sure does. >> and what happens when it's time for the log to be inherited from you? [ suspenseful music plays ]


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