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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and, remember, you can't take it with you. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration tonight looks more than a little confused about the direction and the progress of its so-called fight against the islamic state, or as this administration weakly calls it, isil. two days ago, president obama said he was dispatching his defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to press the fight against the islamic state, a fight that president obama intimated was being well thought and going well and that america was about to take the fight to the enemy. but tonight, we learn the u.s.-led coalition has suffered an unexplained reversal, and
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american forces are arguably worse off than monday. the pentagon announcing it's withdrawing 12 f-15 fighter jets deployed to turkey to carry out airstrikes against the islamic state. and in his talks with iraqi officials today, defense secretary ash carter failed to win iraqi government approval for the use of u.s. apache attack helicopters in the battle to retake ramadi from the islamic state. president obama has also tried to downplay the islamic state as, quote, thugs and killers, but fbi director james comey today portrayed them quite differently. >> i think everybody in this room knows this, but it's worth reminding folks that your parent's al qaeda was a very different model than the threat we face today. lou: we take up the administration's failures, reversals and mixed messages.
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we'll be talking with major general bob scales. also tonight, watching the city of baltimore for more demonstrations and protests after a maryland judge today declared a mistrial in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter. one of six baltimore police officers charged in connection with the april death of freddie gray. we'll have the latest details for you coming up tonight. we'll also take up the winners and losers from the fifth republican presidential debate. a full report who won, who lost, who solidified their lead and who may have hurt themselves, some of them considerably. all of that coming up tonight. our top story, the obama administration today suffering embarrassing setbacks, in its efforts to fight the islamic state. defense secretary carter visiting baghdad where he had hoped to make good on the president's promises to accelerate efforts to destroy the islamic state. instead, iraq's prime minister
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didn't take up the pentagon's recent offer to support iraqi forces with apache attack helicopters in the fight for ramadi. >> prime minister did not make any specific requests in connection with helicopters, which you mentioned, in connection with ramadi. >> well, it's kind of hard to inflict support on somebody, so we try to provide support, and like i said, the kind of support we provide has to be consistent with the way iraqi security forces fight. lou: and another disappointment for the administration in turkey. the pentagon today announcing it's withdrawing a dozen f-15th from the incirlik air force base in turkey, barely a month after they arrived with much fanfare, there to conduct strikes against the islamic state. the announcement came just a day after secretary carter had visited the base.
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a pentagon spokesman telling reporters the timing was purely a coincidence and the jet's deployment was always intended to be of a short duration. only problem with that is no one told us. the complications continued at the white house where josh earnest had to try to clear up comments made by secretary of state kerry, who yesterday straight-up signaled that the united states is softening its stance on whether syrian president bashar al-assad had to leave office. >> the united states and our partners not seeking so-called regime change as it is known in syria. >> our position hasn't changed and i don't think that's what secretary kerry was trying to convey. lou: then what does regime change mean to secretary kerry? president obama had been demanding assad be removed from power since 2011, and frankly
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fewer people now care about his demand than when he made the assertion. months of promises and procrastination coming to an end today after the federal reserve made good on its vow to start raising interest rates. the quarter point increase ends an extraordinary 7-year period of near zero interest rates that began at depths of the 2008 financial crisis. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has our report. >> reporter: it's the first fed rate hike in more than nine years. a modest quarter of a percent, but while that doesn't sound like much, the decision does mean consumers will likely have to pay more to borrow money as interest rates for car loans, credit cards, nonfixed mortgages, even home equity lines of credit could go up. a boost, fed chairman janet yellen said shouldn't be overstated. >> even after today's increase, the stance of monetary policy remains accommodative there by
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improving labor market conditions and a return to 2% inflation. >> reporter: the move meant to keep the economy from overheating ramps up pressure on a white house deeply concerned about growth which it forecasts to remain modest into 2016. >> we obviously made substantial progress in growing our economy at a rate of a little over 2% a year since 2010. that is progress that is important. we certainly would like to see the economy grow faster. >> reporter: the white house says the economy is however showing signs of strength with businesses adding 14 million jobs, over 69 straight months. the longest streak on record. other sectors trending up with new home sales up 15% in the past ten months. car sales up 7. spending at restaurants and bars up 8. sales of furniture moving. add to that lower gas prices and robust stock market. for all the chest thumping on wall street, there's a stark reality on main street as
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millions of americans still can't find work. >> and the economy hasn't picked up. you have to look at the labor participation rate which is at about 63%. the lowest since i think the carter days in the 1970s. >> reporter: and a recent pew research poll shows the middle class is not only shrinking, percentage of household u.s. income is down nearly 20 points since 1970. lou, chair yellen pointed out the rate hike is the first of what will likely be a series of hikes. obviously they're going to keep an eye on inflation as they inch up the rate into 2016. one other note that is interesting. experts have been talking about the fact that the labor participation rate is down dramatically when compared to the 1970s. part of the reason the fact after the recession of 2009, millions of americans went back to college to give themselves a leg-up on the competition, and say there are millions more on disability these days,
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especially when compared to the 1970s. lou? lou: kevin, quite an explanation. thank you so much. kevin corke from the white house. foreign policy and fighting terrorism, the big themes at the fifth republican presidential debate in las vegas last night. each of the republican candidates hit the campaign trail today. their main goal to convince folks they're the best choice to keep america safe. national security, border security, now the top concerns for voters all across the country. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: the day after the final debate of the year, donald trump declared himself the winner, and in mesa, arizona talked border security and immigration. >> illegal immigration has caused tremendous crime, has caused tremendous deaths. >> reporter: last night the national front-runner defended temporary ban on muslim immigrants. >> we're not talking about religion, we're talking about security. >> reporter: jeb bush struggling in the polls tried to lead the charge against the celebrity billionaire.
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>> donald is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. >> let's see, i'm at 42 and you're at 3. >> you think this is tough and you're not treated fairly. imagine what it's going to be like dealing with putin. this is a tough business. >> reporter: ted cruz was branded as a bit of a maniac by trump who changed his tune with a warning. >> he has a wonderful temperament. he's just fine, don't worry about it. >> you did question his judgment. >> reporter: marco rubio went straight to iowa where he renewed criticism of cruz for defense opposition of the bill. >> the defense cuts we're facing, already, the ones in place, that some republicans have supported make it deeper. how are you going to make the sands of the middle east glow if you don't have the air force or the bombs to do it with? >> reporter: among the outsiders ben carson and carly fiorina complained they didn't get enough time. john kasich urged rivals to
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embrace a less divisive agenda. rubio's been hammering cruz for weakening national security surveillance programs. >> i'm very proud to have joined with conservatives in both the senate and the house to reform how we target bad guys. there is nothing that we are allowed to do under this bill that we could not do before. >> reporter: on immigration cruz cast rubio as a supporter of amnesty. >> one commentator that put it this way, that for marco to suggest our record is the same, it is like suggesting the firemen and the arsonist have the same record because they're both at the scene of the fire. >> reporter: cruz indicated he was open to the path of legal status after a decade's worth of reforms. rubio is willing to go further. >> i personally am open to allowing people to apply for a green card. >> reporter: rand paul's spiceiest debate yet. >> marco has more allegiance to chuck schumer and the liberals than conservative policy. >> reporter: chris christie running second in the polls mocked the senators for their
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legislative bickering. >> if you'reeyes are glazing over like mine, this is what it's like on the floor of the united states senate. >> reporter: the next debate is january 14th, hosted by fbn, it's in south carolina and comes two weeks before the first in the nation iowa caucuses. lou: perfect together, south carolina and the fox business network. carl cameron reporting. stephanie rawlings-blake is appealing for peaceful demonstrations after a judge declared a mistrial in the first trial in the death of freddie gray. quite a turnaround for the mayor who said in april it was okay for rioters to vent anger by looting and destroying property in her city. officer porter is the first of six police officers to stand trial in gray's death. today's mistrial after the judge was told they could not
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reach a verdict on any of the four charges against him. a hung trial a blow to the prosecutors, so far tonight, no sign of trouble in the streets of baltimore. police say they made just a few arrests but demonstrators are blocking rush-hour traffic in parts of the city. we'll be watching developments closely for you. and we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. we got a cage match, just not the one we expected. ted cruz and marco rubio. >> ted supports doubling the number of green cards. >> i understand that marco wants to raise confusion. it is not accurate what he said. >> reporter: how will rubio versus cruz work out? debate highlights and analysis with ed rollins and michael goodwin next. and what's better than live television? a minnesota news reporter becomes part of the story he's covering. >> i got to go here and call 911. talk to you later. >> reporter: the great bank robbery and the getaway. that v
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try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleepiq® tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. . lou: joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," fox news contributor,
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michael goodwin, good to have you here. let's start with rubio and cruz, the cage match we hadn't expected. what do you make of it? >> look, i think they hurt each other a bit. they opened up some areas where i think they can both be damaged with cruz, of course, the vote against the national defense bill, and with rubio, it's the amnesty issue. those were out there but they exploited them. trump benefits because the two guys fighting for second place are beating up each other. lou: did you notice rubio would not respond to the fact he was on the g-8 comprehensive immigration reform committee. >> the gang of 8. lou: yeah, well. >> let's say that's the part of his resume he'd like to take a little whiteout over. >> who me? >> the two extremely articulate men, also very substantive, as i said to michael. there are three people on the stage that have substance and
11:18 pm
john kasich is the other who has no personality. lou: you got to be kidding me. >> he's got substance. lou: what would you call the substance? looks like uncontrolled substance, the way he interrupts everybody. >> i'm not giving him points on style. he knows the budget and knows the armed services and what have you. but it was trump's show, trump had a strategy going in there. he had a good first hour. i don't think anybody cares he doesn't know what the triad is, he went in with 35 or 40 points, he didn't lose any. >> i got a kick out of the fella trying to question him. wanted to pin him down on the triad in terms of the nuclear capability of the country, talking about submarines and b-52's if you get down to it. it was a crazy question. >> it gave rubio to play mr. smarty pants by explaining
11:19 pm
it. [ laughter ] . >> i think those three people still are in the game. i think that the governor of new jersey, who doesn't want to be the governor anymore, wants to go back to days as u.s. prosecutor had, a good night. lou: a very good night. >> i think the reality is the rest of them aren't going to make it, and they're going to get finished sooner or later, the sooner the better, because it can be a substantive debate if you have the three or four people. >> the numbers work against a continuing deep dive into the issues. lou: let's ask the million-dollar question, maybe considerably more than that. if everybody leads, we won't get into who they might be. let's get down to four folks. how big are the numbers for trump? do they go up? or is there a levening process in your dreams? >> depends on the campaign. at this point in time, you have to have more substance, serious discussions and if there's three or four people on the
11:20 pm
stage, it's not a matter of his personality. he's here to stay, my sense is he didn't do anything to hurt himself last night. lou: i thought he looked like the leader last night. >> he was the leader. lou: we agree on that. the fact is he's taught the other candidates something. you didn't hear them backing up, you didn't hear them apologizing. they weren't woofing with one of the questioners, the guest moderator, they're saying you keep pushing me, you're going to get slapped upside the head. >> unfortunately one thing he's taught them, he makes the faces that is part of the trump personality. jeb bush was making the most faces of all. lou: it's the first time i had seen -- when jeb goes after him talking about him being the chaos candidate and all this other stuff, and the camera goes to trump. he doesn't say a word. he does one of those faces as you call it, and he won an argument without saying a word. >> he did say a word, he
11:21 pm
knocked him on his tail. lou: he could have. the rest of it is overkill. >> it's interesting because rubio and cruz, who you think would have the most to gain from hurting trump dare not go after him at all. it's only bush, and somewhat fiorina who go after him. lou: rubio got a very convincing lesson from mr. trump when he did go after him. >> those two guys are the future of the party. two different wings of the party, but they're two smart articulate guys and going to be finalists in this game. we have a lot more debates to come. lou: who won? >> i personally think rubio won but at the end of the day, trump was the ultimate winner, it was his party and performed well and didn't lose anything. >> i think cruz and rubio beat each other up. christie scored points but trump came in as the winner and goes out as the leader. lou: and trump has obviously toughened up the field. this is not a bunch of shrinking violets now.
11:22 pm
i may be wrong in this judgment, they were, many of them at beginning. it's good for the country. ed rollins, always good for the country as is michael goodwin. appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- early days yet but question worth asking. cast your vote at and the local television news reporter in minnesota becomes part of the story and in a pretty extraordinary way. watch this moment when adam had to stop his live broadcast because a suspected bank robber. there is video with this? is there not? just a sound bite, we didn't bother to get the pictures? pictures? no pictures? not like people chasing the bad
11:23 pm
guy there. he is! >> 24 hours ago. lou: there we go, there's the reporter. >> that's the robber. >> the bank robber. who was that? oh, that was a bank official. he was just trotting. you would have thought he'd be galloping if it was his money, but there he is. off goes the reporter, the police soon spotted the suspect's vehicle on a highway nearby and arrested him. a happy ending to a story that has fewer pictures than we hoped to share with you. i apologize for that. up next, the search for a presidential nominee who's toughing are who's outspoken. everything that president obama is not. and one man's romantic gesture not going quite as planned. why this houston couple's wedding plan just might be a little backed up. we're coming right back with that story and much more. a happy couple. we'll tell you about a little
11:24 pm
ray of -- well, i guess it would be a little rain has fallen on their parade. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on a republican establishment seemingly no longer in denial about the party's front-runner. donald trump has a way of creating a moment in these debates, don't you think? he did it last night when he pulled out a third party bid, and he did it with reserve and with style. >> i am totally committed to the republican party. i feel very honored to be the front-runner, and i think i'll do very well, if i'm chosen, if i'm so fortunate to be chosen, i'll do well. polls have come out saying i will beat hillary. i will do everything in my power to beat hillary clinton. lou: the crowd ate it up, and reince priebus never had a
11:29 pm
doubt, never worried about trump. could have fooled me. he was asking trump to tone it down last week talking brokered convention. new priebus is dismissing all talk of a brokered convention. >> boy, this is a hot topic. you know, i highly doubt it, i think most likely we'll have a presumptive nominee by mid-april, mid-march. that particular narrative is ridiculous. lou: with that priebus has killed talk of a brokered convention calling it ridiculous. you don't suppose that was a talking point do you? house speaker ryan, when he can't find a script or work in his cliches into a conversation he resorts to talking points with ridiculous adjectives thrown in for good measure, i know that's a cliche, i'm doing it to make sure everyone is taking note. the republican establishment has been running scared as trump gains and gains some more in the polls to. their credit. it appears the leaders have
11:30 pm
seen the light and may be coming to terms with the possibility that trump just might be the party's nominee in 2016 or maybe cruz or perhaps rubio, perhaps fiorina, or paul or christie, we'll see. but all different than the party's 2012 nominee by a long ways. nice guy mitt romney, so reserved, so polite and proper he got rolled by an opponent who is anything but. this year the folks are different. they are tough and gotten tougher. you don't hear any of them backing up, you don't hear them apologizing, explaining. no, they just keep rolling, rolling on and crushing the media elite who are shocked that their asinine and groundless charges against the candidates, the charges they hurl at republicans, don't have affect like they once did. charges of speaking politically incorrectly or being racist or
11:31 pm
xenophobic, just dye in the wind. the voters have learned what the national media is or isn't, and voters know which primary most journalists are voting in, and republican it isn't. last night debate was a hoot because most of those have found their voice, their gut and it appears so have republicans and independents. it's going to be a hell of a campaign and just in time for the country. now, the quotation of the evening on the courage to win, to move ahead, to never make excuses. a fellow by the name of paul brian, bear brian said this, quote -- and that's the truth, happily shared now quite obviously among quite a few folks who clearly want to win the republican nomination. we're coming right back.
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fbi director james comey says the islamic state is more dangerous because it's revolutionized terrorism. >> the model changed, in an entirely different way of approaching terrorism. lou: how do we defeat the new islamic state? major general bob scales with the answer here next. and thrill seeking b.a.s.e. jumpers escape death by only inches. all for an amazing view and an amazing video th if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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. lou: the pentagon stepping up involvement in afghanistan as the taliban continues to gain territory as does the islamic state. at least four teams of u.s. and british special operations forces deployed to the province including three a-teams. the taliban not the only rising threat. the pentagon warning the islamic state is more operationally active as well. joining us to talk about all of this retired major general robert scales. former commandant of the u.s. army war college. general bob scales. great to see you. before we turn to helmand province and what's going on there. go to the f-15th suddenly withdrawn from incirlik and from turkey. the pentagon having the temerity to say this was going to be a short deployment all
11:37 pm
along and we should have known about it. and i have not heard the pentagon, they raised the level of their b.s. in public affairs office almost weekly. i've never seen it this bad. >> yeah, and i think what you're seeing is a sort of public affairs dysfunctionality because remember, those f-15th were sent to incirlik to ramp up the air campaign, to increase a number of daily sorties from 8-10 to something over 20 sorties per day to exploit our new found intelligence advantage. well, the intelligence advantage if you don't know where the targets are and restricted by rules of engagement, doesn't matter how many aircraft have you on the ground. you lose the targets. >> they're the only thing available, and a strike fighter available to take on the targets. they were thrown out by the turkish government, were they not? >> well, let's face it, the
11:38 pm
turks aren't real happy with anybody these days. and their distemper with the united states and russia i think as well. lou: we don't care about their agita and heart burn. we're talking about lieutenant generals, a president, we're talking about ash carter, the defense secretary, suddenly they amount to nothing in the eyes of the turks. >> well, just to set conditions here. remember when the president came out of that pentagon tank briefing last week, you could see that he was, from his body language he was visibly upset because this is the first visit he's had to the pentagon since july, and a lot of information we received -- lou: two years a far bigger rate visit to the pentagon than previous six years. >> well, that's true, and the story he got, the message he got from the chief is quite
11:39 pm
different from the civilian advisers. you could tell he was somewhat stunned a bit when he went up on the podium and gave the rather wooden address to the audience. lou: 7 1/2 whole minutes of inspiration. >> yeah, followed by no questions. but you can tell -- lou: he doesn't answer them, anyway. >> you can tell this is not going well. lou: heck, we know that! we haven't got allies in the fight, finally the coalition is formed by the saudis. 34 states and the united states had nothing to do with it. i mean talk about leading from behind. he's not leading at all! >> let's be very clear. lou: all right. >> you're not going to have a coalition without the united states. lou: i think that's a little too clear, bob. i got to be honest with you. i don't see anything happening, our arab partners have done squat in 14 years. we've had doctrinal inculcation
11:40 pm
by people like david petraeus talking about long wars, u.s. military doctrine. here we are 14 years later and haven't won a damn thing. and general, that's crazy. >> well, let's face it, nothing is going to happen for another 13 months, that's for sure. >> you know, i don't know, i hope the islamic state agrees with you. i hope vladimir putin agrees with you, but you know -- >> nothing is going to happen on our side, lou, nothing on our side. lou: we're going to have to do something if one of those three fine gentlemen decide to do something and to see our pentagon on a posture that is -- well, we've got 13 months to run out of here. we don't. we better be ready for it. >> i think the bottom line is clear. one thing you can't get back in war is time. money won't pay for time, and because we have the so-called strategic pause in place, it's allowing the taliban and isis to continue themselves and
11:41 pm
makes plan b which will kick in in 2016 or 17 far more difficult to execute, lou. lou: plan b, whatever it is, i hope we elect somebody, somebody that knows what they are doing because this is awful rough stuff for the american people to have to weather. that's for sure. general bob scales, you share some of my agita about this in perhaps some ways more than i do. thanks so much. appreciate it, bob. >> thank you, lou. lou: general bob scales. unique way to see russia's tourist attractions. that was the first thing on your mind. russian tourist attraction. two b.a.s.e. jumpers soaring through ancient ruins in southeastern russia. that is spectacular. there they come. wouldn't that be something, sight-seeing and see the two fellas fly by. several times the pair came within three feet of smashing into the ruins that ultimately
11:42 pm
prevailed before they decided to open their parachutes and then drift quietly, softly and safely to the ground. up next, president obama wants to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees. but there's something our president didn't tell us. he's been working on this issue for three years, and there is a new number. it's about what he did and with how many tens of thousands he did it. we'll be talking with activist pamela geller here next. stay with us. i have asthma...
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. lou: joining us now, pamela geller, president of the american freedom defense initiative, a leading voice in the fight against radical islamist terrorism. 110,213 syrians were granted permanent residence or work visas from 2012. this administration made a decision he forgot to tell the american people about, hasn't he? >> it's more sinister than that. it was behind our backs. when you consider that back in february, the islamic state vowed to send half a million
11:47 pm
refugees to europe. they boasted they would do that and they did. and we found that over 80% are not even syrians. what are they doing there? and just yesterday -- lou: i'm most concerned about the 102 syrians admitted to this country by virtue of the president's conscious decision without discussing it with the american people, white house discussing it with congress. this is a man who is making all sorts of changes in our society without the knowledge and the support of the american people. >> it's sinister, because it's going to be a national security problem for decades to come. islamic state has vowed to send operatives. lebanese education minister said there were 20,000 jihadists in the camp alone. it's very dangerous. they cannot vet them. lou: and trump says last night, he says point-blank, he has nothing to back up, he's not
11:48 pm
backing up from any part of his call to temporarily ban the immigration of muslims into this country, and he says it's a matter of national security. do you agree? >> absolutely. here's the gist of it. islam is a complete system, it's a comprehensive system. it's not just a religion. it's a political, legal, educational, dietary, social system, and unlike jewish law which pertains to jews and canon law which pertains to christians, islamic law asserts authority over non-muslims. it's a whole different ball of wax, a national security issue. nobody cares if you worship a stone, just don't stone us with it. that's the point. it's not religious aspect. lou: do you think trump's call is now falling on accepting and agreeable ears in this country? >> without question. not in the media. not academic elites and political elites. lou: i mean the american
11:49 pm
people. >> why do you think he soared after he announced that ban. the american people know we're in deep trouble, and just this woman, tashfeen, she went to the radical mosque. lou: thanks so much, pam, pamela geller. >> thank you, lou. lou: romantic gestures are great unless they cause road rage. a 24-year-old houston man experienced just that. he shut down interstate 45 for the best of reasons to propose to his girlfriend. move so angered other drivers and the district attorney that they pressed charges for obstruction of the highway, he faces up to six months in jail. a $2,000 fine. not all bad news. his girlfriend did say yes. those were not cheering witnesses to all of that, were they? wow. bad judgment, fella. bad judgment. i mean the part about shutting down the freeway. up next, the nine republicans debating last night
11:50 pm
didn't agree on much except their fashion choices. what's with all the red ties? look at that red dress. what about those blue ties? what does that say about those with blue ties? we'll explore that with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky here next. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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lou: joining us tonight, the co-host of the "greg gutfeld show" and the co-host of "red eye." why some ties were red and others blue? >> i don't know. i believe some people just like to flip a coin and assign a color top each side. as we know about coin tosses, it's 85% red. >> i'm not a huge fan of red ties in general. it's boring and happy, the whole power tie thing. bush's was better wict was
11:55 pm
darker, almost burgundy. you can read more about this on my fashion blog. fashioncornerdothetumblr. lou: i want to turn to chris ma these. can we show you with chris matthews being acost by somebody with a memory and didn't like what they remembered about his initial reaction to president obama. >> how is your leg? >> what leg. the leg. is the thrill still there. >> go to hell. leave me alone. >> are you limping? did the thrill go away with surgery or did it just goid go away on its own.
11:56 pm
we are rooting for you. lou: i think it was the media research center. your reaction to i thought his affrontry. >> why didn't chris matthews answer the question. this reporter did exactly to chris matthews what he did to donald trump after the debate. bringing you have again about obama's birth certificate and donald trump didn't want to answer the question. so chris ma these, if you are going to serve it, you have to take it. lou: i don't think chris looked happy there. >> he didn't. i thought it was funny. but i'm tired of trolling. lou: at least it wasn't on social media. >> where matthews blew it, he should have laughed. that's the way to disarm the troll saying that's a great question.
11:57 pm
lou: laughter is the best medicine. >> i heard that. lou: i happen to like it the way it came down, "go to hell." the texas highway came down hard on this young man and his bride-to-be. or do you think it was irresponsible shutting count highway. >> this was a freeway, many lanes. they had 8 family members and friends in cars that had to stop to -- to get the cars to stop. i'm not a fan of these grand gestures. >> i'm generally opposed to the death penalty but i'll make an exception. not only should she have said no, but she should have broken
11:58 pm
up with him. lou: i wonder how it will influence the couple has they hear the words of criticism as well as the blaring of horns as they were trying to pull off this stuff it's hard to believe somebody can be that romantic and that inconsiderate to that's people. >> are you surprised darth vader loses to hillary in a head-to-head poll? >> no, the master always beats the student. sit would make sense to me. >> she has a little darkness in her, right? >> more than a little. she is filled with the dark side. lou: i'm consumed with anticipation as to whom you
11:59 pm
think won last night's debate. >> i can't do a winner. in pageant spirit i have to pick a top five. donald trump, rar mow rubio, ted ted -- marco rubio, rand paul, and chris christie. >> i don't think this debate would change a lot of people's opinions. trump did fine. he was mainly inarticulate but that's his thing. i think they will all state same in the polls. i don't think anybody moved the needle. >> the real loser was car son's health base was coughing. lou rsh i did sense -- lou: i did sense a certain amount of con desending down to
12:00 am
the television journalists carrying it out. it was a sad thing to have to report. thanks so much. if our online poll 58% say donald trump's prominence the polls helped broker their nonsense. kennedy: let's bring it on home. baby, i know you have watched last night's debate. jeb finally woke and decide if he couldn't keep voters rivetted with his ideas, he would keep going after trump who of course took the bait. >> donald is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. he would be a chaos president.


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