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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liz: drug price gouging. this is something entirely different. and a friend of the san bernardino terrorist, the guy who helped the shooters
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get the guns used in the san bernardino shooting has been arrested. first, president barack obama assuring americans that we are safe. >> intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said we have to be vigilant. liz: coming a day before the president meets with the families of the victims of the san bernardino terrorist attack. let's get to this breaking news story. fox news correspondent on the ground in riverside, california with the latest on the arrest. adam. >> you heard the president say we have to be vigilant.
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we are learning more about the arrest of henrique marquez. it seems like marquez along with syed farook, they were under the radar planning terrorist attacks for five years without being caught. we are expected to see henrique marquez in a courtroom momentarily. he is making his official court appearance. ultimately used in the san bernardino california attack and other violations involving a sham marriage. a friend for some time. what time. what is interesting is the fact that they worked together for five years without being caught. they seem to layout -- there are a lot of allegations, 27 pages. they play this is being a home terrorist type situation. the problem with that is it
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does also say that the to read and followed inspire magazine which is an al qaeda arm found online and looked at terrorist website online and the wife came from pakistan, was radicalized before she got here and came here to kill. there are a lot of answers -- a lot of questions, but we have been reporting the has been open about talking with authorities. for the last ten days he has spoken to them every day, giving them information and every time he waived his miranda rights. liz: we are not sure. it seems that way. what happened with the press conferences from the government? >> honestly, it has been a complete cluster behind-the-scenes.
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it started yesterday when we were 1st tipped off that this could get crazy. there is a chance it could be moved into friday. the 1st plan was to bring him in this morning. on the national level the doj was having issues with some of the federal agencies on the regional level. there were arguments about which close to put in the release, and we were told there was a massive press conference that would urge local people to come out and look at their surveillance video because it turns over after a month and they are still looking for more leads that never got to happen. the press conference was canceled. they told the local authorities, basically the regional authorities that you are not doing it now. so a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, a lot of politics, a lot of frustration. suggest that a reason why
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this happened was the fbi declared terrorism. a lot of suggestions. right now there are no press conferences planned. there are microphones back here hoping to get someone to change their mind. i was told not to expect any one of the federal government's i do expect anything. liz: thank you for joining us. joining me now, judith miller, fox news contributor. fox news military analyst and former fbi assistant director. what do you make of the mixup over the press conferences and the fact they could not get information out,, surveillance video. what do you make of that? >> i would have to say, with say, with the president commenting, making some statements of the national counterterrorism center where essentially his messages everybody take a deep breath. they did not want to have
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juxtaposition against that federal authorities in la laying out the case against the terrorist. liz: what do you make of it? >> the 1st thing i think, it is important to realize that this is a seminal moment. everybody has been focused on the jihadist. what is important is that jihadists could not operate if it was not for fellow travelers, those who operate in the periphery of violent acts and get some sort of vicarious thrill out of enabling horrible events. if this guy is hammered, as he should be commit will send a signal to the rest of the world that playing with fire is going to wind up putting you in jail for about three decades. >> what is interesting is that he is very much the kind of quintessential example of the homegrown terrorist or the homegrown radical who wants to do something but does not get
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around to it or is thwarted or has 2nd thoughts. he is a convert toa convert to islam and of the 71 people who were recently arrested in connection with material support for terrorism in this country 40 pea disproportionate number have been hispanic. we do not know the reasons, but this is one of the population is that you have to be especially vigilant about because they have a propensity to radicalize it home. liz: they are sophisticated enough to know who has the propensity to be radicalized. >> we have a smart and learning enemy. they are paying attention to what we do paying attention to news reports in discussions, learning from us every day, looking for weaknesses so that they can exploit them. what struck me about the affidavit was young marquez,
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these two guys met when he was maybe 14 years old, and he converts many as 16. i wonder how much of a duke marquez is. marquez is the perfect red flag. liz: major general, how is it that the terrorists can be so successful at radicalizing american citizens that they think it is the way to heaven to slaughter innocent people? >> that is a great question. what you just said is important. you can't necessarily go by ethnicity or social background to determine who will become radicalized. these are young men who are trying to find a place in their lives and they are looking for an opportunity for thrill. >> the price is 30 years.
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liz: a quick final thought. >> we don't know much about him. he was a radicalized guy who drank alcohol and at some point he had a falling out with a guy who went on the killing spree. liz: 35 years in prison is what he is facing. next up, how do we defeat? will it work? passing a resolution to strengthen sanctions against any country that does business. meantime, the united states sees no indication that turkey was buying oil. we have that story coming up. stay with me. judith comeau judith comeau what do you make of this? >> it is important to understand that the russians and turks are at each other's throat. we have had an awful lot of back-and-forth charges, and
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this is the 1st one we have seen that can directly be proven true, but we will see more. they must do something about that. they have a hard time dealing with it in light of the tension with the russians. financing of terrorism is the most nebulous thing of all, the hardest to get a handle on. liz: we have people in the oil infrastructure over there saying we will take the oil. >> i think we have seen places in the world where sanctions a proven effective and we can put a financial stranglehold on -- on countries. what has gone on with russia and the ukraine is another example where you can bring rational people to the negotiation table. unfortunately isis is not rational. >> ii don't see the iranians having been deterred by sanctions. we got them to the table,
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but they got the deal they wanted. >> first of all, don'tall, don't get too fixated on oil. isis is almost a sovereign state. the caliphate isthe caliphate is able to get money from many places other than oil by import and export duties, income taxes, any number of other ways that they can rip off their constituents and put that money in the war. oil is only 35 to 40 percent of their gross income. liz: effective or ineffective major general? >> effective, essential but not sufficient. the banking industry, tax collection, cross-border smuggling, any number of ways they get money and this is a multi- phased operation
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liz: welcome back. donald trump said throughout his campaign that he would get along very well with vladimir putin. and the feeling is apparently mutual. mr. putin took time out of his news conference to call in trump
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a bright, flamboyant person. joining me now is former bush state department senior advisor christian wiseman and richard goodstein. what did you make of this? >> it's the beginning of a beautiful bromance. trump has been fawning of vladimir putin before saying he welcomes with open arms with his intervention in syria and giving putin an "a." it's hard to take because this is the president of an adversarial nation who power through repressing insernl dissent. -- internal dissent. liz: is this not a great thing for president obama?
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russia and the white house and prior administrations, russia was a pariah state for basically invading crimea, now russia is considered a credible power broker with what's going on in syria. it seems to me this could be seen as a betback for the white house. >> my guess is vladimir putin is entertained by donald trump like so many other people pane would love to negotiate with donald trump. we saw him show utter ignorance about what the nuclear trie trid was. it's reminiscent of george w. bush saying i looked putin in the eye and he was straightforward and honest and i
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looked into his soul. i'm not sure if the same misthe calculation that had putin take over georgia under george w. bush. liz: christian, the white house has been saying syria, you can't cross the red line. we want to out of assad from syria. now the white house is saying assad's future should be decided by the people of syria. that seems to be rolling back of the dice. >> it's a complete 180 to say assad must go. interestingly enough, the trump policy is the john kerry policy and it's not just president george w. bush wrong on putin. obama went to assad giving a
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plastic reset button to putin. trump bought hook, line and sinker the lie that russia is engaging in syria to fight isis. but what they are doing is shoring you have the dictator assad. but trump and putin seem to be on the same page when it comes to syria. liz: putin is winning favor in the world for taking on isis. >> i think he's winning favor two places. one is with assad and the other is with iran. everybody else considers vladimir putin to be crazy and a pariah. the economy of is in the pits. reporter: germany and other member states of the our mean union are saying we want to dial back on the sanctions against russia.
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>> the fact of the matter is, russia's economy, having nothing to do with sanctions, they have too much invested in oil. we know where oil prices are. and he's -- this comments today to the press, he was basically trying to spin how the economy would come back and even russian economists knew that was a myth. liz: here is the thing, christian, based on the analysis out of the u.n. and the intelligence committee. with russia it's beyond oil. their banks can't get financing on the capital markets around the world. is this a good or bad thing for donald trump that he has got mr. putin's back? >> it looks bad. there is concern -- a lot of the conservatives who backed donald trump, once you get into the details you realize it's not a conservative policy he's advocating.
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if you tell douglas macarthur to stand on the sidelines while putin expands his sphere of influence it's not a good thing. >> they are both exhibitionist but i hope trump spares us being bare chested on the back of a horse. liz * we have breaking news. more on the arrest of a southbound terrorist friend. this comes right out of the criminal complaint. the details of the 911 phone call that came in after he put in 8 hours sat work. he called and said this the f blanking a blank used my gun in the shooting. at the end of the phone call mr. marquez identifies in farook by name after telling the 911
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operator that he was storing his gun with mr. farook because here is the quote, i could not have it at home because i have my brothers and then i got moved, then i can't have the gun meaning it around. that's breaking news. we have fresh details on what mr. marquez told the 911 operator. next up we have the infamous martin who raised the price of an h.i.v. drug. he was arrested taken into custody this morning at 6:00 following an f.b.i. federal investigation. but this is not about drug price gouging it's about something different and call street is on the radar screen
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liz: it looks like we have another wall street related ponzi scheme. martin shkreli, remember him? he's been arrested on security fraud charges. he was arraigned in federal court in brooklyn. he pled not guilty to the charges. he's released on $5 million bail. he's accused of illegally looting his companies to pay off personal expenses and business debt. shkreli was scrutinized in september for increasing the price of the h.i.v.-related drug 50 fold. is this capitalism or just one bad actor? and how will this play in the presidential race? doug burns is a former federal prosecutor, and hillary kramer,
6:27 pm
the ang capital president and ceo. doug, what did you make of this? >> the allegation is that he made misrepresentations to helping fund investors. but then he started the pharmaceutical company. when the helping funds investors went sour thal gazing is he entered into fake investments with those people. the lawyer who worked him on this was arrested. i found that interesting because that will come into play. liz: a black eye for wall street? >> we don't prejudge a case, we'll see what happens. but if you look at the allegations, i think it is a black eye. >> liz: he's accused of using the
6:28 pm
assets to pay off investors and looting the hedge fund to pay personal expenses, clothing, medical costs, food. do you think this will can picked up in a presidential campaign? he's the poster ceo of greed. reporter: the greed of wall street will certainly come up in the presidential elect. but what we have even more is for investors beware. buyer beware. keep it simple as an investor. stick with bigger stocks, blue chip stocks. names you know. the mutual fund investments you know. if it looks too good, don't go there. liz * this goes back to 2009, right? he got $3 million from investors. then that money was oh bit rated. returns of nearly 80%. no auditor or administrator on the hedge fund.
6:29 pm
how can the investors see all of that? >> you see these shows mike american greed where people who are smart and skilled & and knowledgeable give their money over to someone and it's squandered away. this guy according to accusations he was take money and using it for personal gain. he was buying boats and trips and that's what you get when someone is taking money illegally. liz * we have more breaking news coming out of the arrest of the san bernardino neighbor. the criminal complaint is being released. we have a conversation with an unnamed friend on facebook between enrique marquez nearly a month before the massacre. here are the quotes. no one really knows me. i lead multiple lives. i wonder when it's all going to collapse on me. here is another quote.
6:30 pm
my life turned ridiculous. involved in terrorist plot, drugs, anti-social behavior. he might go to prison for fraud. these are coming out of the criminal complaints. let's turn to san bernardino. what do you make of what's going on? >> you look at those quotes and any trial lawyer will tell you the prosecutor will mine through that for conscious shes of guilt. so they will efficient out but those quotes are damaging. >> any time you put something on social media, it's very damage. we have had cases where people put things on social media and think nobody will see this but everyone can see this. they send it and now they are using it to prosecute hip. liz: look at the story coming up. defense secretary ashton carter
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. li another controversy involving the obama administration's handling of sensitive
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information involving the defense secretary. defense secretary ashton carter admitted he used his personal email account for professional business. >> it's entirely my mistake. it's not like i didn't have the opportunity to understand what the right thing to do is. i didn't do the right thing. this entirely on me. liz: the pentagon confirming he used private emails in the first months on the job. from hillary clinton to ashton carter the question remains, did this activity put our national security at risk? judith miller and christian whiton. >> i think it's insane. we have lisa jackson using a
6:36 pm
personal email. we've have marilyn tavener saying she's going to delete white house emails. this is a huge transparency problem. liz: ashton carter said i was just using it to talk about thing like giving speeches. i think the big difference between him and hillary. he says this is on me. he's not saying he didn't know about it. he said he made a mistake. he's one of the more careful people i know and i think it' very unfortunate. coming after the hillary episode and the fact she did have classified information on that email. it's kind of incomprehensible. reporter: how does this affect
6:37 pm
hillary clinton? >> it might make her look worse because carter has been so forthcoming with it. he has strong support on capitol hill. republicans think he's the most sane voice in the white house. my on concern with this is not that ash carter compromised anything sensitive. all the information on his personal email would have been hand on an unclassified government system anyway. but my concern is that the white house might be hanging him out to dry politically. you have the white house chief of staff and the president knew hillary set up a complete email server and never used government classified email. she used this homegrown system the whole time, so the contrast is not good for hillary. liz: next up, what is in the trillion dollar spending and tax deal, and who benefits.
6:38 pm
how is it going to hit your wallet? the question is, are the votes there to pass it. we have the breaking news coming up next, don't go away. how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th!
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liz: type for voting on a spending -- type for voting on a spending bill tomorrow. we have that information next. ♪ ♪ you may not even think about the energy that lights up your world.
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but we do. we're exxonmobil. and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of our electricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. liz: congress voting on a gigantic spending bill that will avoid a government shutdown and make major changes to energy policy and obamacare. so who stands to win. look at the number here. it's a $1.1 trillion bill. joining me is republican committee chairman ralph flores.
6:42 pm
what did you make of the bill? are you happy about it? >> if you don't mind i would like to talk about the tax extend erbil. it's very pro growth and replaced uncertainty in the tax code with certainty. and it sets the stage for pro growth tax reform next year. if you are a small business owner it provides r and d credits. moving to the omnibus bill. it has some good things and bad things in it. but the number one issue on american minds today is national security. this bill addresses national security by providing appropriate funding levels form homeland security and national defense. liz: it seems like a christmas tree ornament. i hear what you are saying about
6:43 pm
the tax reform aspects of it. bust american people are saying we are already taxed to the max. 50 per rrp effective for many of us. and basicalli' sort of like these people wants the goodies in the bills. they act like the tin can, let's just drive out of d.c. and get what we want it's a spending bill that sets the stage for other reforms. but is it too much spending? >> in my right's too much spending on other issue ofs. with a lot of things in wash it's hard to get what i call perfect. pills america better off if this bill is passed or defeated? and in my view of the good things outweigh the bad things. number of one is it funds our defense department. and it provides a legacy of
6:44 pm
economic growth opportunity by getting rid of the oil export ban. this is good for national security. it's good for economic growth it many good for the balance of payments. it depresses the cash flow to the folks around the world like russia and the middle eastern bad actors who don't like us. liz * it's a good point. if you lift the economic sanctions on iran, why not goth get our oil out of the market. now it feels like the wheeling and dealing is on. now the ice age is over there in washington, d.c. that's what fit feels like. does this mean we'll see major reform coming up? and what is first on the docket, do you think? what's coming up? >> the two bills we are voting on, one today and the omnibus tomorrow clear the decks for us. we can move on to 2016 and talk
6:45 pm
about that bold positive agenda. what is the conservative view of tax reform look like. what is our version of healthcare reform that respects state's rights. ways our view of national security. we'll be able to address those issues. liz: now, you got d.c. moving again. thank you so much for joining us. we want you back on the show. please come back and give us more updates. we have more breaking news about the arrest of the friends of the san bernardino terrorist. and he's the guy who helped him buy guns. we are digging through the criminal complaint. it's out. we have breaking news next. don't go away.
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liz: we have more breaking news in the criminal couple plant of the arrest of the neighbor who basically helped the san bernardino terrorist attack the center for the development alley disabled. here is what marquez admitted to. he is saying the attacks were designed maximize the number of casualties that could be inflicted. also from the criminal complaint in a conversation an unnamed friend on facebook nearly a month before the attack mr. marquez said the following, quote, no one really knows me. i live multiple live and i wonder when it's all going to collapse on me. yeah my life turned ridiculous. i have been involved in terrorist plots, anti-social
6:50 pm
behavior. we haven't bob sales, what do you make of this breaking news? >> i think it's phenomenal. what it shows is the plot is bigger than just two jihadist whackos look for he terms. this is a bit of conspiracy. it gets broader and broader the more the f.b.i. looks into it. look at the social media admissions. what ever happened to see something, say something. if someone cared about stopping terrorism, one of those people on that twitter account would have called the f.b.i. it didn't happen, did it, liz. it's just indicative of how difficult it is to out these people. liz * these companies, if they see child porn, somebody there is stopping it.
6:51 pm
if one of their customers gets hacked they tell them. so someone is monitoring it. >> they have the ability to monitor anything. if you type in something in google search, if you type in boots, boots ads will come up. google, any other search engines, they all have the ability to monitor everything you do. when we see things like this it's just setting that they were talking about invoking some type of terrorist plot, trying to kill people. this is ridiculous. >> do you think that the authorities are throwing the book at this guy? are they throwing it hard and is it enough? >> i don't think there is any question. social pressure. the fear in our society of
6:52 pm
terrorism will compel them to do it whether they want to do it or not. if you don't attack the fellow travelers. if you don't put the wanna bees in jail. you are letting them build a terrorist network around them. the harder the federal government comes down on these people the less inclined another wannwhat wannabee will come up t be to do the same thing. we'll have more on the arrest of marquez. we have more details breaking coming up next.
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6:56 pm
news in the criminal complaint in the arrest of enrique marquez. the friend of the san bernardino terrorist couple. the day after the shooting, mr. marquez showed up at ucla harbor medical center. he told them he does not usually drink but had nine bottles of beer after his mother called to tell him that the atf was at the house investigating. he was described as anxious and emotional by medical personnel, was referred to the psych ward where he was later put on involuntary hold. he told staff while there he, quote, knew the guy from san bernardino named farook and said yes, i am involved. my panel is back with me. professor, he was also quoted at work saying, acting like a big shot. here's the quote peter. he was saying there's so many sleeper cells, so many people waiting, when it happens, it's going to be big, watch. now he's arrested. of course his attitude has changed.
6:57 pm
what do you make of the case, professor? >> this demonstrates how affected the community is and the failure to focus on it doesn't yield the kind of information we need to cut these things off. this political correctness where we're going to spread all our intelligence across the country as opposed to where we know these kinds of things are going to happen within a specific community is the problem. also there's a sense within that community because this rap of political correctness that somehow they're immune, this guy didn't expect to get caught. thought he could go to sleep after he did it and nothing would happen in the morning. liz: what do you think, eric? >> we have to send a message. whatever you do, you have to pay the price for it. if you are aiding and abetting a terrorist, assisting them, weapons, knowledge, any type of information, you need to go to prison, plain and simple. liz: major general, looks like he waived miranda rights does, that help his case in any way? >> absolutely not.
6:58 pm
the evidence against him is overwhelming. let me offer a comment. what this shows is that dare we say it, political correctness kills. it started with a lady in san bernardino who was afraid of profiling, wouldn't turn this couple in. we see it with our homeland security folks who won't go to twitter and facebook accounts for noncitizens in the middle east, for fear of offending their civil rights. no. we're getting to the point in the war on terror where not saying anything for fear of hurting someone's feelings is actually going to wind up getting, in this case, 14 people butchered. liz: major general, by the way, let me get back to professor morici. we have the same questions of profiling after 9/11, professor. >> absolutely. this notion that you have the right to anonymity that the incredible right to privacy that we cannot focus on particular groups.
6:59 pm
you know they're not cooking up terrorist events, it's cyo in the basements of catholic churches. we don't need to be focusing there. we have an islamic problem, that we need to focus on the community and send a very clear message, that you sympathize with these people, assist them in any way, the government is going to come down on you hard and heavy, and don't want to hear this is freedom of religion or civil rights issue. it has to do with basically keeping people safe. liz: eric, do we shut down visas and refugees from pakistan and afghanistan, place where there is islamist terrorist activity? >> we need to screen people. it's not just islam, we have home-grown terrorists as well. take care of this across the board. liz: major general, final word. >> the final word is this is a teaching point for the rest of america. diligence is needed by our citizens, you can't let political correctness drive the
7:00 pm
results. liz: thank you for joining us, great show, guys, hope you will join charles every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you can't set the dvr, set it. you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." lou dobbs is next. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama and his administration today continuing their campaign of comfort, aimed at americans unsettled or outright afraid of the growing threat of the islamic state. the obama comfort campaign landed at the national counterterrorism center today, using the center as a backdrop, a centerpiece if you will of the administration's readiness and the president's strong leadership. he made it clear if nothing else that the white house knows how to build optics for its point of view. a week and a half ago mr. obama gave an oval office speech on


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