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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 19, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. every night at 6:00 p.m. so far it's a trump train. we hand it off to the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump may be unstoppable. brand-new "fox news poll" shows the republican front-runner increasing lead yet again in the race for the republican nomination. trump netted the support of 39% of republican primary voters. that is up 11 points from only a month ago. the increase comes after his controversial remarks about temporarily stopping non-american muslims from coming into the country until we can figure out what we're doing. and the "fox news poll" shows 7 in 10 republican primary voters, 70% are in favor of
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such a ban. we'll have the full report tonight. also, bernie sanders's campaign accusing democratic party leaders of trying to undermine his white house bid, and to boost that of rival hillary clinton. they're angry that the dnc denied sanders access to their own voter data after a sanders staffer improperly, quote, end quote breached the clinton files. >> the leadership of the democratic national committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign. we are determined to win this campaign and win this campaign by talking about the issues that are important to the american people. to do that, we need our data stolen by the dnc. lou: incredible, isn't it? the republican national committee communications director slamming the dnc for trying to protect hillary and ensure she continues onto her coronation. john spicer saying it's
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troubling to see the dnc engage in such heavy handed favoritism benefitting hillary clinton, a pattern which will continue tomorrow night with another debate deliberately scheduled to limit viewership, and indeed he's right. there is a democratic debate tomorrow night, in case you're wondering. we weren't. and former defense secretary chuck hagel accusing the obama administration of, quote, trying to destroy him, after he resigned from the administration. his shocking comment coming in an interview with foreign policy magazine. in that article hagel blasted president obama for going back on his word about red lines in syria. former defense secretary said the decision hurt the president's credibility. i'll take it all up with former u.n. ambassador john bolton and congressman mark meadows tonight. our top story, the indomitable donald trump,
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endless attacks by the mainstream liberal media, the republican establishment, none of them able to in any way it seems dent trump's candidacy. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: donald trump's reached new height in the latest "fox news poll" with 39% of republicans nationwide he's more than doubling ted cruz at 18. marco rubio and ben carson are virtually tied for third within the poll's margin of error. despite the furor over trump's plan on immigrants and visitors to the united states, 36 were favorable and 46% opposed. support for the ban rose 55% while opposition dropped 40. a day after vladimir putin nearly endorsed the front-runner, trump interviewed a piece for howard kurtz. >> i feel russia, instead of a
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group we don't talk to, i think they can be used for the good. >> reporter: during a call to msnbc, trump went further seemingly praising russia under putin, compared to the u.s. under obama setting aside putin's murderous reputation. >> especially when the person heads up russia. >> yeah. >> also is a person that kills journalists, political opponents and invades countries. obviously, that would be a concern, would it not? >> he's running his country and he's a leader, unlike this country. >> but again, he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think our country does plenty of killing also, joe. >> reporter: jeb bush denounced trump quoting -- . >> thank you.
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>> reporter: marco rubio held a town hall meeting in dubuque, iowa where trump's controversial remarks did not come up. he missed the vote in the senate which cruz opposed as bloating and wasteful. >> i'm going to let marco defend his own voting record. i flew back to d.c. to vote against the omnibus, it is a betrayal. >> reporter: cruz insists immigration bill did not signal his support for a path to legalization but a poison pill to kill the overall legislation and says rubio knows it. >> they're panicking because conservatives are uniting behind our campaign and know if that continues happening, this primary is over. >> reporter: finally tonight, ben carson's africa trip over new year's designed to boost foreign policy credentials has been canceled. carson has secret service protection and cited security concerns but the specifics are classified. lou? lou: carl cameron reporting. on the democratic side,
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it's quite a story tonight. democratic candidate bernie sanders's campaign manager accusing the democratic national committee of trying to undermine the senator's bid for the white house. the dispute over access to a crucial voter database. the dnc cut sanders off from the database and charged his presidential campaign with exploiting a software error to improperly access voter information collected by hillary clinton's team. man, we are in the weeds now. but sanders campaign manager jeff weaver says the blame belongs to the vendor who runs their database. he says the campaign quickly fired the worker who viewed the data. are you kidding me? and we today filed a lawsuit because they want access to the data held by the dnc. >> the dnc can support hillary clinton in any way they want. but they are not going to sabotage our campaign, but the
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dnc continues to hold our data hostage and continues to try to attack the matter and soul of our grassroots campaign. we will be in federal court this afternoon. lou: and the sanders campaign has also taken issue with the dnc avoiding primetime debate slots as a way to protect hillary clinton. there will be a democratic debate. a democratic presidential debate tomorrow night, and that debate will be in new hampshire, competing with the busy christmas shopping season and among other things the jets-cowboys nfl game. a spokesman for sanders says i guess christmas eve was booked. they have a sense of humor, right? at the white house, the president giving annual pre-christmas, pre-two-week vacation news conference before heading off to hawaii. president obama began with a list of dubious achievements including negotiating with cuba and iran and continued week
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long defense of his own so-called islamic state strategy. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> reporter: capping his 7th year in office, president obama vowed again that the u.s. and allies will destroy isis, but not without the terror group also known as isil claiming more innocent lives. >> isil's capacity both to infiltrate western countries with people who travel to syria or travel to iraq and the savviness of their social media will continue to make them dangerous for quite some time. >> reporter: the white house disclosed on his way to hawaii, mr. obama will stop in san bernardino to meet with family members of those killed in the terrorist attack on december 2nd. a husband and wife team who posted images on social media declaring commitment to jihad shot and killed at least 14 people. president said his team will
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meet with high-tech firms to improve monitoring of social media, he made clear it will always elude surveillance. >> no government is going to have the capacity to read every single person's texts or e-mails or social media. keep in mind, it was a couple of years ago we're having a major debate about whether the government was becoming too much like big brother. >> reporter: "fox news poll"s find mr. obama's dismal job ratings unchanged from a year ago. 43% of registered voters approve of job performance. 51% disapprove. only 33% approve of handling of isis with 58% disapproving. the highest measure of dissatisfaction in a year. the president is prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat islamic terrorists. up five points from may. >> we're lurching for the snooze button. we're going to send again
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dribbling small amounts of assistance into the region. when isis is constantly growing. >> reporter: the white house claims isis has lost 40% of the populated areas it controlled in iraq and also losing territory in syria but challenging the effectiveness of the commander in chief in the fight against isis is former defense secretary chuck hagel who told foreign that americans standing with allies suffered when the president backed off from enforcing red line on syria's use of chemical weapons. a president's word is a big thing hagel said, there's no question in my mind it hurt the credibility of the president's word. hagel recalled struggling to focus his boss on the dangers posed by isis, saying, quote -- all of these secretaries have been mar policymakers in the white house, and i think even including secretary gates, i think he would have stayed long
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fer he was listened to and also if he was not micromanaged and undermined by the staff in the white house. >> reporter: president obama vowed to continue emptying out guantanamo bay by transferring the suspected terrorists incarcerated there to other countries. finally the president spoke with the president of turkey erdogan trying to diffuse tensions between that country and iraq, lou? lou: james rosen reporting. the president going on vacation but reminding us all he's not going away. we're coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. former defense secretary chuck hagel. damning new allegations against the obama white house. hagel says the white house stabbed him in the back. we take it all up with ambassador john bolton here next. and lebron james charges into a fan, crashes into the wife of a very famous fan who's sent to the hospital. we check into the condition and
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the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . lou: joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also a fox news contributor. start with chuck hagel, the
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former defense secretary saying that he believes that with the plans that he had drawn up in the pentagon to strike against syria if assad crossed that red line. we lost credibility, and the president told him to stand down. your reaction to that decision by the president and hagel's response and charges? >> well, i think hagel's interview confirms pretty much what we had been led to believe, that the president really backed away at the last-minute. but to hear it from the former secretary of defense himself, i think is really stunning, and i think hagel's analysis is correct. it cost the country and obviously obama himself a lot of his credibility. i just thought this hagel interview was stunning. he's been very silent since he left the defense department. he really opened up here in a very powerful way. lou: not many people seem to like this president, if they're on the national security team, if they're in defense.
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even the state department now is having restless -- some expressions of restlessness which doesn't make any sense to me, but nonetheless. but the question becomes as a matter of fact that who in the world were we going to strike? assad and then open up a gateway for the islamic state, or for some of the syrian rebels who are connected to al qaeda? who? i don't believe the obama government knew who in the heck they were. i don't believe people understand it yet in washington, d.c. >> well, i think the president's syria policy has been incoherent in part because of what he says his objectives are and in part because of unwillingness to accomplish his own objectives. it's very clear that although obama said he wanted assad gone, he was not going to do anything to undercut the key ally.
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lou: he said he will be gone. he was emphatic and did the same thing with moammar gadhafi, as you remember, he did the same thing in egypt. i mean the man demands world view. it's totalitarian, for god's sake, and he says he doesn't think much of putin. i'd like to know the difference between the two when it comes to unilateral action on major, when it is imposed by the will of the american people that aren't taken up with the congress of the united states. he ignores routinely law and even courts. >> yeah. well look, these are all self-inflicted wounds. lou: i understand they're self inflicted. i'm talking about his actions. why in the world isn't more made of it all? >> it should be. you need more opposition in congress, actually. it's been a mistake for republicans for seven years not to take him on.
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i think obama's biggest problem is he's so enthralled by his own words that he thinks merely announcing what his policy is ought to make it happen. today in his farewell press conference he said i told putin five years ago it wasn't going to work, and look, it hasn't worked. as if by saying it was going to come true. that's a failing across the board with obama. lou: chilling, as he put it, he's going to leave it all on the field. that does not bode well given his immense appetite for unilateral action? >> i think we're going to see the risk of enormous concessions that will be difficult to get back. i've been worried he's not only going to empty the prison at guantanamo bay, he's going to give the base back to cuba. that he might extend full diplomatic ammunition to tehran. lou: you mean the commutation
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of 100 drug offenders? >> along those lines. more of that exactly. lou: great to have you here, ambassador john bolton. vote in our poll tonight if you will, are you aware of any obama policy that has, as a matter of fact, primarily benefitted american citizens. we're just wondering if there is one we missed. cast your vote at follow me -- links to everything found at a frightening incident during last night's cavaliers-thunder game as we suggested to you. lebron james scrambling for a loose ball in the fourth quarter, he plowed right into the crowd, the spectator cowardside, ended up being the wife of pga champion jason day. ellie day hit by the immense powerful lebron james. she was taken away on a
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stretcher, suffering a concussion. thankfully we are told she's recovering well. thanked her medical team. the cavs organization for support and she was released from the hospital. lebron sent out a tweet saying i hope you're doing okay, my apologies. i hope you come back to another game soon. love, lj. i'm thinking she won't be up for a game right away. it may take a little time. i'm sure lebron is going to send flowers, something more than a tweet. i know the guy. surely will. up next, a few thoughts on a president who won't hesitate to congratulate himself on a job well done. and the faa approved test flights on a flying car. we'll show you what it will look like in action here. stay with us, we're coming right back.ñ??w
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. lou: a few thoughts now on our president and his final news conference of this calendar year. much of which he dedicated to his half-hearted immensely ineffective efforts to combat the islamic state which he doesn't call the islamic state, almost alone, he calls it isil. yet, there he was today, in the white house briefing room not mentioning his failed policies and promises. >> we're seeing steadily progress in many of these areas, so they're on the run. whenever i say that we have made progress in squeezing the territory that they control or made real inroads against them, what people will say is, well, if something happens around the world, then obviously, that must not be true. but in any battle, in any
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fight, even as you make progress, there's still dangers involved. lou: really, mr. president? did you get that? did he just say the dangers remain in combat or battle until one side or the other wins? i want to take close notes on that. i'm always delighted when better minds reveal to us citizens such bright truths, aren't you? and doesn't your revelation cause yourself to wonder what it might look like if you had chosen to kill our enemies rather than simply kill time, run out the clock. it seems as if the clock is catching up with our lame-duck president and a sizable part of his legacy will be the disappointment and anger of many who work for mr. obama in national security. former defense secretary chuck hagel lashing out at mr. obama saying the president's red line in syria hurt our credibility. he added, quote --
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other former national security officials have slammed the obama presidency as well. hagel's predecessor leon panetta hit the president last year claiming he lost his way and created a vacuum in iraq. also adding the president, quote, avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities. former defense secretary robert gates criticized his old boss for lack of passion and conviction, and for his micromanagement of the military. these former pentagon officials projecting a considerable, consistent criticism of the president. but he moves on, never letting on that he's embarrassed by his gaudy foreign policy failures or laughable attempts to ignore or rationalize them, and, of course, will move on for good, for good.
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in every sense of the word. now our quotation of the our president says he will leave it all out on the field in pursuing his desires next year. that's what we call fair warning from the president. because as he demonstrated, he won't represent the will of the people, won't be constrained by the constitution, the courts or the congress. so look for a raucous 2016. and, of course, it will be a fight worth having. and remember what charlie chaplain said as well -- i'm pretty sure honest work of any kind accomplishes the same thing, no matter the job title. we're coming right back, stay with us. new "fox news poll"s, the latest on what americans and
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think donald trump's most controversial idea yet. we'll break it down with the weekly standard's fred barnes and the blaze's tommylerrin. i'm kidding about the fan part. they'll be with us next. and fans are out in force for the newest "star wars" film. >> it was a big deal back then and now. lou: no spoilers, we promise. we're being very, very careful. you can trust us.
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. lou: jeb bush is not learning quickly. going after donald trump again in a campaign ad in which he wishes trump a happy anniversary. >> how do you think barack obama is doing right now? not only in terms of some of the strategy of the policies he's outlining, but in terms of the appointments he's made. >> i think he's doing great, hillary is a great appointment. i think he's doing a great job. >> so you're impressed? lou: bush's repeated efforts to what he referred to as the chaos candidate, repeatedly fail all have backfired. in the just released fox news national poll trump is on top of the field with a huge margin, 39%, up 11 points just since november. bush comes in fifth at 3%. down two points since last month. the republican candidate most qualified to handle the economy
3:35 am
in the mind of those surveyed, trump. 52%. jeb bush, 7%. the candidate who would be most effective against the islamic state, trump 49% on top. jeb bush at 4%. joining us now to talk about the trump phenomenon, the republican field, and the democratic mess today, the executive editor for the weekly standard, fred barnes, great to have you with us. and tomi lehren, new show tomi begins in january. i like the name, tomi. jeb bush, i don't understand why anybody would spend millions and millions of dollars that have been donated to a campaign and a pac to do this? >> nothing else has worked. lou: well, there is that! it's like the old saying, the poker game may be rigged but
3:36 am
the only game in town, is that it? >> look, i don't think that particular ad you just played helps much. though it was accurate. that was trump's voice, he did say how great an appointment hillary was and how great a job he thought barack obama was doing as president, but the truth is jeb bush, if he's going to make some ground here and really make a challenge for the republican nomination, and it doesn't look like he's going to be able to do that, but it's not out of his reach completely, but needs to do it on his own. he needs to do it on the strength of his message. lou: what is that message, fred? what is his message? >> i think his message is -- >> my name is bush? >> no that's not it. message is some of the proposals he has. he has a great tax reform plan. lou: that's exciting. that's exciting stuff. that really is! we heard that nonsense from the republican party in the house.
3:37 am
they repealed obamacare 50 times? maybe more than that. tomi, your thoughts. >> you are incoreigible. lou: i am, and i apologize as well. we saw rubio make a surge, fallen off on our polling since the debate and cruz has surged, only to the point he is -- well, he has less than half of the support enjoyed by donald trump. chris christie performed well but not reflected in numbers, at least in the latest national poll. >> ted cruz is playing this thing like a fiddle because he seems to be the only one that understands the best way to get trump supporters is to not directly go after trump to mirror some of the things trump is saying, seem like he's an ally and he can pick up the supporters. lou: let me ask you this, tomi, how big would trump's lead be if cruz is getting some of his supporters.
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the man picked up 11 points in a month! >> he is because he's tells us what we want to hear. he's using the buzz words. those people like myself that are watching the debate looking at it with a critical eye can see trump doesn't have a lot of substance when it comes to policy and follow through but says the right things. americans are angry. the candidates that understand that is a candidate that can surge and take trump supporters. lou: fred, why did you laugh? >> i just don't think that the american people are looking for an expert in buzz words for president. now look, and i think also lou, to be honest, i think you are exaggerating the predictability. lou: me? overexaggerating? >> the value of a poll in mid-december before the voting that's six weeks away. lou: you know what else i've been doing, fred, i have to confess on national television, if i may. i have been overexaggerating since last june. the man has been dominating
3:39 am
these polls for six months. no one has done it ever before. >> i'm not saying the numbers aren't substantial for trump. that trump has turned out to be a very strong candidate despite everybody in the media thinking otherwise. and he has a great shot at winning the republican presidential nomination. lou: but? >> just don't read too much into these. lou: i won't mention it again. i'm not going to mention it. >> wait until people vote. things change. lou: i will not look at another poll. i promise, fred. >> tonight. >> the question is who's going to beat hillary? lou: did you say boys? >> i did. lou: i love it! fred, you and i should say thank you, don't you think? >> thank you. lou: tomi, go ahead. >> i think we need to focus on who's going to be able to take down hillary clinton. now trump is forceful and he's good at taking down the other republicans.
3:40 am
lou: who do you want to be the nominee? that's the way those things begin. >> i love ted cruz. i love ted cruz, but he can't do it. he can't do it, and i'll tell you why. lou: he can't do it alone is how the rhetoric goes. >> he can't do it. rubio is the only one that can win a general election against hillary clinton. he's the only one that can do it. lou: with that prediction and with fred reminding us that politics is not a predictive business, that we're likely to not be able to predict the outcome, which i think that's very disappointing and i'm sorry to learn it. fred, thank you very much for the reminder. tomi, thank you very much, is it cruz? is that who you're for? >> i'm for rubio. i think he will win. >> i couldn't tell. >> i'm for rubio. >> tomi, i think you landed on something right now, and it's early still, lou. the candidate who looks like he
3:41 am
has the best chance to beat hillary clinton is marco rubio. lou: two for rubio, and i'll remain fair and balanced. >> mark my words. lou: tomi, thanks for being with us, fred, thank you, thank you, both. nasa giving japanese robots a run for their money. spending 6 million dollars of our money and hoping to put it to work by 2021. that's a long ramp as they say. staying with the space theme tonight, disney says the newest "star wars" film will earn more than $100 million in the united states and canada not for its run but today. that is a new record high. $200 million is expected over the weekend. there was a special screening today at the white house. think it isn't good to be president? obama spokesman flanked by imperial stormtroopers, soldiers of the galactic empire who keep the emperor in power.
3:42 am
there is a certain imperial touch. if those folks stay there, looks like they will stay at the white house. up next, the obama administration under fire for inability to track foreigners who overstayed visas or to find those who had visas revoked. troubling, don't you think? >> do you know the number of people that leave the united states each and every year? you're under sworn testimony, yes or no? >> we can give you a large portion of those but not all, no. lou: congressman mark meadows joins us here, in asking the tough questions. you heard the answers. talk about disappointing. congressman meadows with me next. stay with us.
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. lou: my next guest, one of 95 republicans in the house who voted against the spending measure. joining us tonight congressman mark meadows, he service on the house oversight and foreign affairs committees, also a member of the freedom caucus. great to have you with us, congressman. a tough choice, i know, for many republicans, talking with jim jordan here last night. he said he was going to vote against it, as he did.
3:47 am
95 of you. that is a huge statement, and paul ryan took that statement and did what with it? >> well, i think he realizes that a number of us represent eal vast majority of americans with the syrian refugee issue, to be silent on that in this particular omnibus and put other things in there. obviously, we put forth an amendment, tried to get that approved as jim probably shared with you yesterday. it was denied, and ultimately, the people not only of north carolina but across the country felt like it was very important for us to address some of these other issues in the omnibus. lou: congressman, as you know, for example, rush limbaugh said the republican party ought to disband because it did not stand on the spending bill, $1.1 trillion spending bill with everything imaginable thrown into it, and not a single victory that the
3:48 am
republicans could talk about, at least the conservatives, as having been a victory within that legislation. >> well, and you heard the president today, you know, doing a victory lap and saying that -- congratulating us on passing this, but that's because so many of the democrats were happy about it, and bringing up gitmo as if that's our fault and that's creating all the islamic extremism in the middle east. lou: congressman, as you know, all of that is lost on almost everybody. by the way, i'm going to be honest with you, including me. after getting down into the weeds so far, i get lost. i don't think it's fair to ask the voters. i do not understand why the republicans, the conservatives, frankly, i don't understand why the democrats aren't working to make legislative process simple, straightforward in the language. there is only one excuse for smart men and women to do as you all do, that's because you
3:49 am
don't want the truth to be known to the middle class of this country, voting americans. what can we do about that? >> well, you know, you and i both know, we discussed this a number of times. it's all about transparency and making sure the american people get the truth, and i think we need to simplify the bills. this was over 2,000 pages. lou: you guys -- the 95 of you who voted against that measure ought to get purple hearts. i don't know what. some kind of award, because this stuff to continue to rationalize as each speaker has, each leader has, democrat and republican, it's embarrassing to watch. you know, i often agree with rush limbaugh, but some of us think you guys are the last hope for the republic so we wish you well. you get the last word here,
3:50 am
congressman. >> well, i think indeed we need to make it simple. we also need to make sure we hold the speaker accountable, and our colleagues accountable, and hopefully in 2016, we're going to start to see a process that's open and transparent, and responses to the american people. and that's what we've got to do. lou: you know that responsive to the american people sits big with me, and i think quite a few other folks. congressman, we thank you for being here. >> as well as it should. lou: appreciate it. congressman mark meadows. >> great to be with you. lou: great to have you here. thank you, sir. on wall street today, bad news, we're going to make it quick. stocks sharply lower. the dow plunged 367. the s&p 36. the nasdaq down 79. volume heavy trading, 3.6 billion. it was options expiration day, and yes interest rates are 25 basis points higher, brilliant decision. be sure to listen to my reports
3:51 am
three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. if you hate being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, there's an unlikely solution. move over jetsons, flying cars got faa approval. look at this thing, for testing. who is the company that gets to test it out? terrafugia, the massachusetts-based car, speeds along at 220 an hour. a little compact. we'll see what the final version does and how soon. up next, a virginia county forced to close schools after what parents call an attempt to indoctrinate their children into islam. we'll take it up with don and todd. stay with us. we're coming right back. islam? no way.
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lou: joining us radio talk show host don giordano. let's talk about some things happening in schools in minnesota. a holiday concert including the line, allahu akbar meaning goddess great. folks got mighty upset. don, your reaction? >> i don't think the teacher was
3:56 am
trying to indoctrinate. this religious stuff if it's christian or jewish doesn't seem to make it way into it. but if there is some islamic content it does. i get why people are sensitive. lou: obviously the teacher didn't. >> i can only imagine what they must have been thinking when the children start belting out allahu akbar during what is supposed to be a christmas concert. are they going to be singing o holy night during ramadan next year? lou: in the spirit of inclusiveness in islam there isn't a country in the middle
3:57 am
east that you can travel and establish a church that's christian fundamentalist. a virginia county school system closed after the backlash after islamic calligraphy. the assign i am said there is no god but ala. d but allah. reporter: out of all the word in the arabic language the teacher just happened to select the ones in the islamic statement of faith. they did not tell the students what they were writing on that paper. lou: teachers know better. if they don't, they are so
3:58 am
stupid they should not be teachers. the school systems are react as though parent don't have a right to express their concern. and somebody -- that's just a lot of folks across this country who run schools forget that we are a nation in which public education is locally controlled. it is citizen controlled by those local resident. and this is starting to get very annoying to me that schools are acting, superintendents and principals, superintendents go to hell, we'll run things, we are just fine. >> i think it's pretty amazing it happened. then you are called a bigot. then people are said to be overreacting. i have seen it from all the years of teaching. a lot of parents are concerned they want to know what happened. they don't want to be shut down and called a bigot.
3:59 am
lou: i wouldn't suggest they slap somebody upside the head but there is no reason to put up with that from a school system. that school system should be general nextingenoflecting. >> where is the aclu. you sing jingle bells and they are running to the school with the lawyers in tow. lou: i believe and we ran aquiz on this, we are witnessing the death of political correctness in this country maybe a slow death but it's happening. it has been suffocating to our political discourse and the way people express themselves. i think it's dying. and the death will not be premature. you gentlemen help in that direction every day. thank you. our online poll.
4:00 am
51% said obama is not work in your or the nation's interest. we thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. good night from new york. >> we'll have so much winning if i get elected you may get bored with wing. >> same-sex marriage is the law of the land in all 50 states. >> an historic climate agreement was reached by almost 200 countries. no agreement was reached on terrorism. what does this known for america. be ready to send your sons and daughters to another war in iraq. >> no, we have enough to worry about at home. >> race still plays a significant role in who gets ahead in america.


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