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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 21, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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both are british accents. ashley: we do? . stuart: yeah, we do, and from way back. liz: i don't even know you're doing it. stuart: all right, neil cavuto, take it away, mate. neil: thank you very much. ashley: oh, that was dreadful. liz: what was that? neil: my people. how condescending can you be? how condescending can you be? i heard that, varney. by the way, that wasn't a rumor your guest was talking about. [laughter] thank you, my friend. all right. we have a lot going on here. so i don't know where to begin. actually i do because i'm going to begin here, i was right on the force awakens. you hear this? what a disaster. what a disaster. $570million in global sales. oh.
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"jurassic world" took in $525 million. in your face, force awakens. don't say i didn't warn you that this thing has ti titanic written all over it which is a stupid comment because it was a big maker, disney is going to make back a lot of money on it, they paid $4 billion for lucas films, they're going to get multiple movies out of this, they're saying when all said and done this is going to make about $2 billion, i will tell you here and you can put your money on it, it will not make more dollar. no american anywhere will watch this film anymore. so -- just wait. and you don't have to wait for confusion at the corner of wall and broad, the market up more than 100 points; right? then we had a dipping as oil started tumbling now we're up about 24 points but oil still in and out of these multiyear lows.
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brent, by the way, just hit an 11-year low and to add itself to injury for a while we were looking at a couple of u.s. oil texas intermediate contracts. the fear to be that if this continues to dial back, the sign that the entire global economy is dialing back and that's what goes with selling in the markets here. so way too early to tell this much. i can tell you the fear of lower oil prices once again weighing on these markets and keeping in check on how well they do. not to mention the fact that the force awakens was such an obvious disappointment. okay. well, one out of two. in the meantime i'm sure you might have heard a thing or two about the president and his interview with mpr. particularly, though, it's kind of like comments to the media. >> the media is pursuing ratings, this is a legitimate
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news story. i think that -- you know, it's up to the media to make a determination about how they want to cover things. there's no doubt that the actions of isil are designed to amplify their power. neil: just think about that. so dozens getting killed in paris and grinding a city and country to a halt. then something very similar happening only a couple of weeks later in california, and it's a media fixation? very good to have you, ambassador, what did you think of that? >> well, it's kind of a clark case of miss direction. it's as if the quarterback of the football team blame the other team for the interception he through. you know, the president seems to have a very hard time relating to the unease -- not just in
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the american people but in our arab allies about his lack of coherent strategy over there to defeat the islamic state, which he says is his objective. neil: you know, the one thing he goes on to say, ambassador, is this is not an organization that can destroy the united states. this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risk to us institutionally or in a systemic way. but they can hurt us, and they can hurt our people and our families. well, that's what matters to the american people; right? >> well, i think that's right, and i just think he feels to me out of touch with the way the average american is -- yeah, i think it was last week he said he hadn't watched enough cable television to understand people were concerned about it. i don't think you need to watch cable television to realize the events in paris and then the events in san bernardino really had a major impact. there's just a sort of sense of deattachment.
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he's involved in the case of syria now with what the wall street journal this morning correctly called fantasy diplomacy. we find ourselves to be the most amountable negotiating partners to have because we say we don't want assad to have and then we say, oh, he can stay. we're very easy ourselves. neil: the latest interview to confirm this and maybe there's a strategy on the part of the president to minimize isis or put in perspective using his words so as not to get reengaged in a part of the world that from the very beginning he didn't want to be engaged in. but to minimize it or just say it's a media fixation or we get worked up about terror attacks by thinking that somehow they can have some greater meaning. well, they do about the nature of the attacks and the fact that they can penetrate any western capital or major city in and
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of themselves make it a major event; right? >> of course. and, again, i don't think it's so much the media to blame how it's covered or not covered. the point is -- the point of terrorism is to terrorize and they're succeeding in doing that in europe and to some degree in the united states. and in this case the islamic state is something new. it also grabs territory. they have established a cal fate. now, history shows they have been and can be defeated before. they can be defeated which the president says his objective is. but the consequences of following through on that objective are not there. we haven't done the kinds of things we need to do to defeat the caliphate. neil: scary stuff, ambassador paul. i hope you have a merry christmas. >> thank you. merry christmas to you too, neil. neil: we're still on the subject of democrats and what they have to say about terror.
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hillary clinton said some remarks in the presidential database this past weekend in which she said that isis is benefiting not from a president who's missing things but a guy who wants to be president who is saying things. listen to this. >> we also need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall in receptive ears. he is becoming isiss best recruiter. neil: christian wyatt on all of that. i believe isis was doing a lot of bad stuff long before anything donald trump said or the emergence of donald trump. but to peg these comments he said about muslims as a recruiting material, i don't think isis has had a recruiting problem. >> that's right. and before you get to the politics of it, just look at what we know about isis.
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i mean this is just not factually correct. we know what motivates people to jihaddism, we can go back and what they said to their families, what they said in their mosque, in social media, it's not about donald trump, it's about this ideology, it's wrapped in islam but separate an ideology but it has little to do with donald trump or republicans. neil: what's weird about hillary clinton making the remarks is that shshe was the won apparently at the white house when it came to dealing with isis early on, you have to get tougher when it came to taking on assad in syria. we have to get tougher, we have to show more muffle. so ironically the lack of having done that produced isis to the degree it's the force it is today. and she knows it's ridiculous at face value to say donald trump created that. >> well, it is true that hillary was one of the members
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of the cabinet especially early in the obama administration when she was contending with joe biden in particular for questions about syria and afghanistan. the problem is that that sort of -- it's not a great comparison because the result is still deficient. she's enable like other people on the left to explain what should come next. how you really defeat this forest. i mean a few more bombs on libya, a few more trainees in syria, is that really going to defeat isis? especially if you can't even name the ideology, if you can't name. and they're very left winged, the debate on saturday, did anyone come out of that with a coherent plan on how to defeat jihadist where else? i came away with it with more gun control which doesn't work and more political correctness. neil: that's assuming anyone watched the debate. we know that whether it's a tough president dealing with terrorist george bush comes to mind, george bush senior comes to mind or one who tries to
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reach across the other side, strand them, barack obama comes to mind. it seems no matter there are that there are isis conversations right now no matter who is in charge, no matter what our policy it there's something about them. >> they do hate us, they hate modern western civilization, and they want -- neil: so why are we putting this fine line or fine debate when, in fact, she's trying to peg it on donald trump, the president's trying to peg it on media fixation when, in fact, it's just awful, awful people wanting to do awful, awful things. >> both parties have been deficient at this. you have obama for the reasons we've discussed but also president bush had good days and bad days, it's the ideology of fascism and
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neither party put fire finger on that, we tend to win those fights we just haven't decided to fight yet. neil: thank you very much. there are ways to fight this, david kennedy joins us now one he's looking at a way to sort of turn this fight in our favor. to deliver the fight in the cyber arena. what do you mean exactly, david, by that? >> well, neil, first good to see you again. but, you know, there's different ways of fighting terrorism. i mean obviously the boots on ground mentality and blowing them up is what we have been traditionally focusing on. but what intelligence folks focus on is understanding isis's network, how they actually communicate, how they operate, the types of encryption they use, who's making purchase of oil, those are all online transactions that you can grab a lot of intentional from and understand what actually occurs so that you can disrupt those means of communication and start to disrupt those transactions so you can financially cripple them. technological cripple them and go after their location. so it's a big, massive effort
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you can do on the cyber front to shut the terrorists down. neil: now, the argument you've heard this once or twice is that in cyber attacking them, you're cyber attacking a lot of folks, and it gets to be a cyber global war. what do you say? >> well, if you look at what isis is specifically doing, you know, they're probably one of the more technologically savvy types of terrorist groups we've seen, far more better than al-qaeda but they're not very good. and the head person that was in charge of their hacking and offensive cyber capabilities that they had in their recruitments online was killed a few weeks ago by a u.s. bomb. so they actually lost a lot of that. but we can specifically target individuals within isis, track their modes of communication, what they're doing, you know, how they're actually funding on these types of campaigns, who they're communicating to in the united states or abroa abroad -- and in early stages, but we have to be very careful because if we start to attack the infrastructure for communications, they just move
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to different methods, so we have to be very careful of shutting down those types of communications down or types of methods because they know we're onto them. so it's a very difficult balance we have to focus on. neil: you just brought up my final question that is concerning apple that's correct talking to 60 minutes about this whole encryption issue and that he's still very leery about it the government has no role in doing so nor wee change his company's policy of throwing that out for the government. >> yeah. neil: to help him out. do you think that that kind of approach hurts us in doing the very thing you advocating? >> well, it's two ways. what you know we want is privacy. we want the ability to be able to communicate in a secure method that is, you know, restricted from the government to be able to do that. at the same time the bad guys can do that but they're already doing that. they're using modes of communication that are very difficult for the fbi or the nsa to actually go and intercept. for me weakening encryption isn't a good policy or a way to strengthen what we can do
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from a collection purpose perspective. it sets us back quite a bit because now you have other government agencies like china, russia, iran, that may have the same type of capabilities. and if you know our governments, they don't have a good track are a record of keeping things very secret. so they start weakening our encryption, that's a bad presence we're sending, i'm very much against that. neil: david good seeing you, we'll debate back and forth what the proper role is if they hack us and cyber attack us, do we hack them and cyber attack back? many saying it might be the only weapon in arsenal right now to adequately respond to at least what they're doing on social media. all right. look at colonel, we've got stocks going up about 22 points. i should stress, though, this is one of the crazy weeks we've got for the market as well as the final week of trading. next week ahead of the new year. you could have very, very volatile swings. in fact, some of the year's most distinct swings not necessarily in volume but
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certainly just whips in these two weeks. so watch closely. in the meantime this was the year we started having the goodies taken away. the federal reserve and all of that easy money and china and all that easy buying. signs that the ladder is getting worse. stick around
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neil: all right. we told you a little bit earlier about how hillary clinton during the weekend democratic presidential debate was talking about how donald trump's comments about banning muslims just serves as a recruiting tool for isis. well, donald trump never to let a good tweeting opportunity to pass by responded.
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it's the democrat's total weakness that is the greatest recruiting tool of isis. and not many do agree with him whether you like donald trump or not. he is the least of the isis issues problems. we'll keep you posted. meanwhile keeping you posted on china. it is certainly one of those market moving events, certainly the story this year that china is slowing down dramatically. some say much more so that even china is acknowledging. so you know it's a big deal when china comes out saying this might be a multiyear process, stick with us, sten years or more. dennis, always the skeptical saying this in and of itself is more to the point, because, gary, i was thinking this is the year that we were taking the big punch away, not only stopping the quantitative easing but raising rates, and china stumbling or falling out of bed.
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that's a one, two punch right there. what happens? >> look, i think it's huge. and all you need to know with china is two things. number one they're preventing or trying to prevent the stock market from dropping by threatening, by arresting people, they know if markets head south, it's a big problem. but all one needs to look at is the stock market itself. commodities? that's not a bearmatic, that's a crash. retail stocks, transports, industrials, materials, you name it. the market itself is declaring that we are heading into a recessionary environment around -- not just here in china but around the globe into 2016, and i don't think there's anything central banks can do about it anymore because they've been easy forever. neil: so then what? what happens to us? you give me your forecast. >> look, i think we're going to have recessions -- look, we already have a bear market around the globe. it just has not felt itself because of the major embassies that have held up their next i think you're going to see in january that comes down and
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then we're going to be in the soup for a while. the unfortunate thing about central banks is they do not let economies be themselves and go by themselves. they keep interfering with the natural law and order and that's where you get these big ups and big downs and bubbles and crashes, and i think we may have to go through one before we get out of the other side. and, by the way, with our fed, janet yellen for the first time in months and months said she's confident in the economy while all these things are going on in the markets. absolutely makes no sense to me. neil: you know, gary, i love you to death, and we've known each other for decades, but you're kind of like a holiday bummer, you know what i mean? >> neil, overall optimistic going way forward. neil: what is way forward? >> we saw it in '07 when they created a big bubble, we saw what happened. neil: i know but what is way forward to barry? when do things get better? >> i think we have a good couple of years -- and i'm
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sorry to say this. suffering. i think you're going to see some recessionary numbers into 2016. i am pretty sure you're going to see stock markets come down, and you're going to see housing prices come down too. just remember if you have commodities getting hit, those are asset prices. typically the rest of the asset prices follow. and, again, if central banks would just get out of the way and let us get through it,. neil: oh, stop. you're bumming me out. >> sorry, my man. neil: you're the force awakens. you know? bum me out, are you? thank you, gary, thank you very, very much. he is a really smart guy, and he's been early pressing on this stuff. it bums me out. also what bums me out is washington getting upset that a lot of this might be pocketing those gas savings, like, maybe it's our money. we can do whatever we want with it. so if i want to go out and buy over the course a year my gas savings hundreds of maybe even thousands of dollars of
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things, well, that's my call; right? the fact that i have is purely coincidental. more after this
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neil: all right. well, there are a lot of places where gas isn't only the lowest its been on the year, but i'm not only talking $2 low, below $2, jeff flock, what is driving this? because think about it, jeff, oil prices tumbling and some people say what is the lag in the latest tumble and why aren't we seeing it show at the pump and some places we are. >> that's how they make their money, isn't it? it goes up very fast. it goes down very slow. that's just the way it is. yeah, even in chicago here. take a look behind me. you see there's a one-on that board for the first time in a long time, food 4 less station, it should be gas for less. still under $2 in some locations. take a look back a year ago. it was 2.41 for the national
12:27 pm
average. aaa said today that motorist have saved $115 billion worth o of whatever you want to spend it on, $550 a driver on average. states that are low, kansas, missouri, midwest and the south, okay. also a low state. i think it's 29 states that now average less than $2 a gallon. not here in illinois, though. in fact, i think the chicago metro average is still $2.31 for regular is what i checked just a few moments ago. beautiful day out here. gary brought the rain with his negative outlook there on the economy. did. neil: so curious, jeff, how do you spend your savings? not that it should be my business but you made the side about -- >> well, i just bought a brand-new -- well, to me new,
12:28 pm
2008 ford explorer, i had a 2002, and i upgraded to a 2008 so. neil: with those gas prices? >> well, 2008 ford explorer doesn't really cost very much. so, yeah, actually. neil: see i thought your response was to go out and get a rugula or something like that. you always surprise me, my friend. thank you very, very much. jeff flock. love jeff. all right. in the meantime this issue about what we get not only in the markets what we get in oil what we get out of the federal reserve, theres a full, complete accounting review of the federal reserve. where's the money going? what's going on with this 4 trillion cash -- they've collected and poured out in the markets. in other words, to hold them accountable. we've got fed budget director on this. hedge fund manager jonathan --
12:29 pm
whoa, johnny. wow. >> merry christmas, neil. neil: now, i cannot see your outfit but let me say he's chuck barry right now. but great. this is in keeping with the season i guess; right? >> indeed. indeed. it's christmas season, not ashamed to say it, and i for one am happy because i'm saving a hell of a lot of money on gas and to me, that's a positive thing. we curse these oil companies on the way up, i'm sinking them on the way down. neil: a lot of this has been washington -- everyone actually scratching their head what are they doing with that money? when washington worries, i always worry because i think wait a minute. are they planning a new way to throw a tax at me? are they saying i should be spending it rather than saving it? i just worry about the next week. what do you? >> well, i think washington -- there's been a lot of talk about why consumers aren't
12:30 pm
spending more of the savings. but if they're not spending it, they're saving it and that is not a bad problem to have because this is a place -- there are a lot of reasons where we all need to be saving more in terms of what's going on with our economy, there's a lot of uncertainty about the future from wages to the overall state of the fiscal health of the country. so what i'm seeing is consumer saving pocketing a lot of this and saving it and in the long run that's a good thing. neil: you know, what's interesting, though, jonathan the savings data doesn't back that up completely. i mean it's -- it's been some slight up particular. but not a lot to make you think okay. it's all the gas thing. conversely we haven't seen it necessarily retail sales. so i'm beginning to wonder are the numbers relatively small enough that they are hard to trace? >> well, these are small changes, neil, but there is a trend here and i think our guest is on right on the money. the savings rate is now at a three-year high, 5.3%, that's much higher than it was before the boom bust years and that is a good thing.
12:31 pm
i mean this is all predicated on faulty left-wing economics. this idea that spending creates growth. that consumption the more we spend, the better the economy becomes. it's actually just the opposite. wealth must be produced. so it's production not consumption and that saving goes into production, neil. it goes into bank accounts, it's loaned out, it bought stocks and bond and financial instruments. that's what grows the economy, and that's a good thing moving forward from here. neil: well, also buys some very nice, delicious i would say jackets; right? >> and ring dings. neil: and ring dings. there you go. my ring dings cost more than your jacket. i've got the question going forward. this downward slide in prices at the pump has been the wind at the back for those advocating cleaner fuels and all the rest because they say, well, americans won't even notice prices are so low, even if we eventually were to raise taxes. there's an opportunity here to hide it and not have people realize what's going on.
12:32 pm
what do you think? >> well, there are that argument that if you're a lot look at some kind of tax gas to fund highway or other parts, place some of the existing taxes, the time you would want to put it in is when prices are lower, because it wouldn't be disruptive to the economy. do i think that's true? sure because i think it would be better when prices are low but i think you want to pick your policy for broader reasons than that and i do think like gas is a better thing, that's a very important question to be had there. neil: that is a spread discussion, and i want to thank you both. i'm just thinking your jacket combining your with mine, lady gaga did a meat thing, it would be different. >> thank you, neil. neil: thanks, guys. have a great holiday. love having you both on. >> thank you. neil: well, lindsey graham is out. so what happens now?
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neil: all right. the daily peak. talking to her about when we get enough political stuff on the left and the right. lindsey graham stepping out of the race.
12:37 pm
he tweeted this to the world. a cool way to do it. if you think about it, he is the last veteran. there was a day where if you had a situation like that, it would be unusual. >> he really was not able to convert that into votes. some kind of support. even in his native south carolina. one of the reasons we think he's dropped out is because today is the deadline. lindsey graham was on the ballot in south carolina and did not do very well. >> could he be a little king maker in south carolina? >> he could be. lindsey graham is a likable guy. neil: he has a life story that people do not know about.
12:38 pm
adapting his sister when his parents died did it does not matter, in the scheme of things. he is out. now, there has been pressure building. jeb bush's name. they mentioned john kasich. is the pressure building on guys that are not pulling as well, to get out? >> i think that bush is under a lot more. show us why this is not happening. they have invested in so much. they have people like marco rubio on the phone. the and makes it even tougher for jeb bush. maybe someone like new hampshire higher. neil: that is where he told his
12:39 pm
story. >> jeb bush enjoys not being the runner-up. >> absolutely. [laughter] >> that definitely is a thing. as far back as bush is, i do not think that anyone expects that. >> real quickly. interesting numbers getting out of bernie sanders. he is having enormous success raising money. at a record pace. barack obama. >> bernie sanders really capturing the imagination of the progressives. he is speaking to their economic issues. the thing is, bernie sanders, he is winning right now. hillary clinton, at the end of
12:40 pm
the day, he is going to win. there has been a laser light focus on foreign-policy. the economy and the economic message is the same for progressives. as long as that stays under a hat, it will be catching fire and expanding the base. neil: is he still the beneficiary? getting the nomination with the front runner. he was out of the race. telling them to be their nominee. do you think that he is the fallback candidate? >> who else is there at this point, other than bernie sanders? that would be such a wildcard.
12:41 pm
it would be fun for us to discover. you think that bernie sanders is the next person. let's not forget, hillary clinton was leading. she was leading in december. she is in a stronger position right now. i would be surprised. i would be happy to report it if it happens either way. neil: great seeing you. have a great christmas. we will be handling another debate for you outfox business. not just focused on the business issues. international policy and related security issues. all fair game. we take ourselves out of this. focus on the candidates. the questions are good enough. it is the answers that you remember. although we would like you to
12:42 pm
remember. neither here nor there. we had john kerry trying to make assurances to iran. some of the things that they are concerned about on the new visa policy should not disrupt this nuclear deal. comments as a sign. our secretary of state is trying to make assurances to iran. ♪ ♪ ♪ you may not even think about the energy that lights up your world.
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neil: we may just put this under the category of weird. john kerry responding to iran concerns. iranians worry that this will somehow do something to undermine our agreements. an agreement iranians have not yet signed off on. recent changes in visa requirements.
12:46 pm
the administration has the authority to waive. not in any way prevent us from meeting our requirements. this was in a letter that the secretary wrote. in reference to this plan. again, i am no ambassador. former ambassador to nato. they are not only the reference to congress from kerry that the president can go right over their authority and waive the things, but that he is spending so much time trying to assure them and not us. what do you make of this? >> i think the problem is probably on the iranian and not u.s. it. there are ally countries. they can travel without a visa to the united states.
12:47 pm
i think appropriately so, in light of the terrorist threats we are facing, if there are dual citizens and some of those countries, although citizens of iraq, serious and iran. they are not saying that these people cannot travel. they are saying they have to travel for a visa. >> i know. the iranians are trouble. we can always waive this. >> to be fair, i am probably reading the same as you are. the united states would honor a nuclear agreement with iran. that is the appropriate thing for them to say.
12:48 pm
>> the authority. i would have to look further into this particular lot to know the extent. secretary kerry as being way straight forward. neil: you are the expert. my only concern is that if the iranians are upset about this, do we raise as much of a ap with them? the deal itself, do you trust them to follow through? >> you are right. they have tested missiles in the last 30 days. they appear to be in direct violation of the united nations security council.
12:49 pm
i think that the united states should now think about sanctions on those iranian companies. they tested these missiles. that is one thing. on these issues, i do not think that they have much to complain about. a dual citizen being asked to apply for a visa, we have a right to protect our borders. i think we should put the authority on iran. i think they're trying to do the right thing here. >> i will give them the benefit of the dow. thank you. i hate to say i told you so, but the latest star wars film a total disaster. have a chilean dollars worldwide. are you kidding me? you call that success? record holders. yes.
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not you, george lucas. ♪ lift with your legs.
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neil: a huge disappointment for disney on the star wars fame. connell mcshane with the latest. you are right. if it had not hit that mark it that you set, the stock would have been through the roof. something to your projections. look at this. down by 1%. we do not believe that this is a selloff. maybe there is more to it.
12:54 pm
and overpriced stock over the last few days. i just get the quick math in my head there. let's see. in 11% over a month or so. yes, that is about right. what is going on with disney? there may be some other things besides the star wars phenomenon. so ridiculously high. so optimistic about the numbers that they did have over the weekend that they raised the projections. what they will do worldwide. companywide, they have some issues. espn was a cash printing business. that is not what it once was. maybe some stock overpriced. >> robert is on saying now that
12:55 pm
it will in fact be the global weekend record held by jurassic world. even though the difference is rather substantial. 525 million. [laughter] >> we have an accounting scandal on our hands. >> just a joke, twitter. in the meantime, thank you very much. we have gerri willis on drone that registration. gerri willis. gerri: the faa said, hugh must register with us if you have a drone. think of all those kids. finding a drone under the christmas tree. you have to tell us your name. your physical address and your
12:56 pm
e-mail address. we want you to be in our system so we know it is you if you're drone crashes on tuesday the white house lawn. if you get knocked with a criminal penalty, $250,000.03 years in jail. a natural question. how was the faa going to enforce this? they do not have a lot of deputies out there. they won't work with their law enforcement partners to make this thing a reality. their questions today about how well they will be able to enforce these new rules. neil: not easily. it is a good thing the president reassured us that isis is not the big deal that we made it out to be.
12:57 pm
otherwise, i would be very worried about tens of thousands out there. isis has them all. all of them. could you imagine. after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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>> the administration is saying and the final interview, it is a media sensation. maybe we all should just step back and see isis that it is not an institutionalized country threat. let's say, a russia. the former u.s. navy seal. he was burning a little bit. shortly after the president made those remarks.
1:01 pm
the tens of thousands have landed in isis hands. you have someone dismissing the threat, you could almost time it. >> nine hours prior to that. the french attacks. this is under control. continuously failing on this intel. neil: tens of thousands of them. a great shop experience. >> adequately. look at how many attackers. eight attackers in paris. tens of thousands of more people out there with the same ideology. the same process. the same ability to get into these countries. this is a major tragedy. it is waiting to happen. neil: what are they going to do? obviously you want to send recruits world over.
1:02 pm
the majority of these people fleeing are not women and children. they are not fleeing. they are invading. they're trying to come to these countries. maybe the cultural sensitivity. if so, -- >> i do know this. maybe marco rubio is right in saying 999. it is a problem. having said that, though, the republicans looking callous and different when they turned about on the 9999. >> i do not think that we should turn our backs on them. we should establish a safe zone in their country. maybe a no-fly zone like everyone is talking about. >> ran paul said that is the
1:03 pm
equivalent. that is what everybody says at the end of the stage. the problem is we need to do it in their area. do not bring them here. the liberals give many in this country. look at the leadership they are taking. the conservative government that is allowing many more. it is never enough. this is the right food for dogs. come on. these people are not grateful to be here. they work their way over from syria. >> you need assurances.
1:04 pm
>> 10,000. we cannot vet them accurately. how does that help the united states of america? it doesn't. this does not do that. keep america safe. >> we learned a few weeks ago. she was from pakistan and everything was fine. >> fake address. >> even with proper documents, it can be kind of screwing. do you think that this is hurting us? banning muslims. you are further alienating the muslim world did trumps remarks and bolded. >> the radical islamists over there, they do not want from. a reagan and the iran situation. this guy will be worthless. >> you would be comfortable with this? >> good seeing you again, my
1:05 pm
friend. the few guess that i have that actually speaks his mind. all right. we have rhonda sanchez right now. some of these things that we have been hearing. the secretary of state. what of the things that has come up is the confusion about who is really getting here? how have they been vetted? they have the proper documents. where do we stand on this now? >> i think that our government does not have a handle on who is coming into the country. we have had hearings. the fact of the matter is, they just do not have a handle on it. they just do not know when people are overseeing their visa.
1:06 pm
we do not have a handle on it. >> what do you want to see? many in your parties have expressed concern, even anger. cranking down on refugees. ironed out in the latest budget measure. it is too involved. where do you stand on this? >> we passed a bill. i think that that is a good start. i think that it actually needs to be expanded. i would include countries like yemen in it. i would include countries in africa luxe amalia. i think it needs to be paused. we cannot vet them. why would we want to take the risk? if you are wrong, 1% of the time, you are talking hundreds and hundreds of terrorists that
1:07 pm
you are bringing into the united states. neil: thank you, sir. it is not just the ones that may be a terrorist plan. another search, maybe tens of thousands of kids, making their way here. some of them are ready have. the summer 2014 surge where we had to quickly build containment facilities and the like. dealing with the front end of all that. what you make of this latest threat. the last two months alone, we have 10,000 unaccompanied juveniles. also some family members. the arms are open.
1:08 pm
that is the message that has been sent. >> do we know what the timing of all of this is? sometimes, some of them are little kids. >> certainly. >> and then you see some of the other kids. very much like a charm in 2014. little bit earlier this year. >> that is the thing. we are a compassionate nation. we always have been. this is where i am tired of being shouted down by president obama. somehow we are not good americans if we do not do everything he tells us to do. >> this we have been. >> what i do, neil, and i think it is a most compassionate thing we can do is reunite them with
1:09 pm
their families in north america. solving the problems of violence. supporting their government. if we do not solve the problem, this is not going to end. we own these people and all of these social networks that support them for their entire lives. if you think that these kids are going anywhere, think again. they are staying here. these are our kids. how are they our kids? our compassion, there has to be a limit to this. we do not see people in europe taking kids refugees from central america get everyone wants us to take serious refugees from halfway across the world did where is the fairness here? >> there are many that argue let's take them all. >> maybe it is just a lot of these kids are coming from
1:10 pm
violent countries or this is a silent they are seeking. just getting them over here. other family members here. >> that is the case. this is the border protecting america. literally accepted this. the way of our future. the new norm here. the obama administration says that the border is wide open. it comes to immigration. i will not accept that. as citizen of this country, the rules of laws are very foundation. they say that this is the new
1:11 pm
norm. >> i hope you have a very safe, happy, merry christmas. next week it will be virtually different. in that tepid environment. be careful. what do you do when everyone else is out of town? ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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neil: a plummet from pain. fired as well as chief executive. following his arrest last week. security fraud at his old company. just sort of talking. commiserate. apparently, legions of followers. the drugs. nothing to do with anything. any of legality as they are part. giving them the heave ho. all right. larry glazer glaeser joining me right now on these crazy markets. a lot of folks are not around. a lot of things happen just the same. explain what happens. >> investors should brace in
1:16 pm
themselves. this is typically the. we look for that santa claus rally. a few speed bumps on their way to the rally. finding those reindeer to guide them through the end of the year. we saw a big diversion's. we have value stocks that did very poorly. it does not tell the whole story. their reason for that is that we are seeing a change in fed policy. we get higher interest rates. we will see higher volatility. that could lead into what we see for 2016, 2017. a preview of the movie to calm. i think it is a good thing for investors to welcome that volatility.
1:17 pm
>> were the engines be able to row for that underwater? i think the first time since 2008? it has been year after year. improve the markets. >> we want to use this limited liquidity. the way we see things, we see investors wanting to close out the books. they had to stick around. before the head to the beach. really hitting stocks at the end of the year. the commodity sector. gold. emerging markets. often we see what is the january effect. that is an opportunity for investors. you could maybe pick up some bargains. things that are not so bad. maybe oil will not stay below $2
1:18 pm
a gallon forever. some really high quality companies. maybe i welcome back, even if china does not. this is the time of year we make our bargain shopping list. maybe do a little bit of shopping at the end of the year. get that shopping list ready for january. i am excited about those opportunities. it has been a pretty lackluster gear overall. >> good stuff larry glacier. >> good weather. there is an exception for that. they want it to feel like it is christmas. and it is 90 degrees. after this.
1:19 pm
♪ 's .
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1:22 pm
neil: you know how retailers typically talk to bad weather or rain, a lousy month or lousy sales. it has been good weather. it has been near perfect weather. connell mcshane. connell: this holiday shopping season, the weather has been too good here it that has discouraged americans from going out and doing their christmas shopping. a firm, as you look at these numbers, looking at these retailers on their forecasting. stores have lost $343 million in sales compared to last year. the largest weather-related loss
1:23 pm
for the retailer since 1998. in terms of what is not selling well, it makes sense. women's boots are down by 27%. no doubt about it today. you know, the first sales are down. we look at the weather map. heading into christmas day. it is just ridiculous. how warm it will be. it will be about 70 degrees. individual companies. 75% off some men's sweaters. they normally would not be this time of year. right by the front door. a barbecue for christmas.
1:24 pm
thank you very much. neil: they have a very close launch window without opens up. it closes at 8:34 p.m. they either commit to that or they don't. what are the stakes for this big launch tonight? >> elon musk and tweeting that 833 if the target time. they hope to make this launch happened. they have plan to double over 11 satellites to low earth orbit. that would be a very big success if that happens. this is really about a larger race. you remember blue origin having a successful rocket launch. elon musk is under more pressure
1:25 pm
than ever to make this work. amazon, nipping at his heels with blue origin. this is an ongoing issue. a lot of people say that it is good. a billionaire space race in flight. neil: they used to compete as billionaires. who has the rocket? >> a are filling a void, neil. a lot to do with national cooperation. i will bring you a number here. $68 million. that is how much it costs for a space launch. that opens up a lot of things. including you. neil: are you recommending i go into space? thank you. it is interesting.
1:26 pm
all right. which, by the way, a lot better than starbucks. you have heard the moves that we are getting out of disney on this. disney is trying to say, we will be the jurassic world numbers. i have 15 million globally. both films in the debut weekend. over half a billion globally. disney is desperately trying to cook the numbers by getting some unreported ticket sales. really, disney? you are down to that? waiting for the complaining e-mails. they are coming in as i am speaking. more after this. ♪ reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz?
1:27 pm
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1:30 pm
. neil: we've got some uncounted ticket receipts in the "star wars" movie from a catholic grammar school in montgomery, alabama that disney is trying to say will put the "the force awakens" over the top at a desperate plea to say it is a great movie when, in fact, it is second to "jurassic world" in global sales. a lot of you are saying, neil, this movie is a runaway hit, why are you dismissing it? because "jurassic world" appearing to be a bigger hit, doesn't it, the stock is down, we'll update you accordingly!
1:31 pm
we've got charlie gasparino here, one more candidate out of this race, lindsey graham. expected i would think but the way he did it i thought was classy and funny, but he's out. >> he's a classy guy. neil: he is a classy guy. >> lindsey graham, smart man and very strong on foreign policy, but he never picked up traction, neither is -- is george pataki still in it? neil: yes. >> is mr. gilmore still in it? neil: yes. >> he is. neil: you are saying pressure is building among some to do the same. >> yes, those guys are not considered top tier candidates, they should likely drop out real soon. the real pressure is now starting. now we're talking about starting, starting to mount on jeb bush and kasich. where is the pressure coming from? fund-raisers who are not affiliated asked to give money. neil: not their own fund-raisers. >> no, they pretty much have raised their money, people made their bets with them.
1:32 pm
if you had anthony scaramucci on here, he's not advising jeb bush to drop out. these guys have to keep raising money, now becoming clear that as they're stuck in the low single digits nationally, that they're starting to -- these fund-raisers are starting to get very antsy and saying listen, for the good of the party, maybe it's about time you should consider when and if and how and when are you going to do this? and what these -- we should also point out this is essentially an establishmentning that's going on here. this is among the establishment fund-raisers, people that would happily like to see either jeb bush, john kasich, scott walker when he was running or marco rubio when he -- he needs to win it, obviously. neil: what do you think about ted cruz? >> the establishment is not behind ted cruz. neil: give me the establishment's track record, whether you agree with them or not, sort of like the pope francis thing.
1:33 pm
who are they to judge? >> the field winnows down, all the .5% that graham and pataki gets, all that goes to rubio and kasich and jeb's votes go rubio and he has a fighting chance nationally and state by state more important now. i should point out none of this is going to happen until after new hampshire. neil: they make the assumption that show on polls that hillary clinton and donald trump matchup, she beats him. a ted cruz matchup it's a tie. >> and a rubio beats. neil: rubio beats. those are moving targets. >> just for the primary, and this is really interesting primary, remember we used to say like the ncaa brackets, you have the conservative, the establishment, for the primaries. if you don't see john kasich and jeb bush doing well in new hampshire, take iowa out.
1:34 pm
neil: you always call him kasich. >> it's like basic, i'm told. neil: he is offended when you do that. >> cavuto. i called you that a couple times. neil: no. >> if they don't have a good showing in new hampshire, you can see this pressure that we're talking about. neil: it is a good showing. that's an interesting point. that's got to be in the top three, then? >> i think so. then the establishment, fund-raising pressure on kasich and jeb bush will go through the roof and they will be forced to drop out. neil: sounds like rubio is default fallback candidate? >> rubio is leading in the establishment category. neil: in new hampshire, those three -- rubio particularly has a chance in the number two chance with cruz and chris christie, so they're indistinguishable there. >> yeah. but you need this field. i think what we're --
1:35 pm
neil: does anyone give christie a shot? >> no. neil: really? >> even with his recent pollings? >> no. he's going to have to do really, really well in new hampshire. >> i think he's going to win new hampshire. >> you think he is? well, he's back in it. neil: the rap against winning it is he doesn't have the follow through. >> if he wins it, he's in it. new hampshire is the bellwether. >> not so much iowa? >> iowa is an outlier. pat robertson won it in '88. neil: barack obama won it. >> yeah. and that helped him beat hillary ultimately. neil: even though he lost new hampshire? >> yeah. i'm telling you what you see among the establishment republicans right now is a really -- i reported in the summer they were freaked out by donald trump and cruz. neil: it's their point, charlie, that they sank sert of what john mccain thinks, you're going to lose women because trump comes back to say look at all the new voters you get,
1:36 pm
young men in the independent vote. >> trump goes beyond that. trump says i'm going to get the latino vote. neil: and 100% of the muslim vote. >> yeah, you say that. neil: do you think there is truth to that. rather than republicans fearing him, he is going to bring in all new votes. >> i can tell you what the establishment says, whether it's true or not, i can't tell you. they believe his polarization hurts in a national race. neil: do you? looking at the numbers, the new types he's bringing in? >> i can tell you this, ted cruz has done -- he's a smart guy. he's unveiled data which shows that the sort of hidden majority that dropped out of republican primaries and dropping out of national elections for republicans, presidential elections, if they come back, the republican will win. that's ted cruz's numbers, what he's unveiled. neil: he would be more of a beneficiary of those folks.
1:37 pm
>> i can tell you, he and trump share that base, okay? but what he said ted cruz came out with data on this, he goes before small groups and breaks it down demographically and believes that the republican will win by getting that vote. i can tell you that every establishment person i talked to say no way, hillary is going win in a landslide if it's donald or cruz. they look at other numbers where too polarizing, sort of igniting the hispanic vote against the republicans. instead of getting 15%, you get 5%. stuff that could really hurt a republican candidate among moderate to even sort of -- moderate to conservative hispanics. that's what they say. i can tell you ted cruz says it's more than made up by the hidden majority, the hidden vote that stayed home in recent presidential elections. neil: fair enough. >> that's it. neil: you hit every inflection
1:38 pm
part in a party when they search for the soul, they dismiss the rabble-rouser. >> i don't know who's right. >> i think you do, you are not saying. >> talk to both sides, listen to numbers and breakdown, and they will both convince you. neil: i only listen to stephen leeb. china! i live for that. it's a reference only we get. we love. [ laughter ] >> inside joke at fox business. neil: inside joke, right inside this tiny little desk. thank you, my friend. these are the things that will come up and can you tell who they're targeting or afraid of in a debate when they focus on one or two guys. expect that to happen less than a month from now when we're at the next republican presidential debate, the first of the new year, fox business is doing it in charleston, south carolina. gasparino is going to be there. we're going to be looking for italian restaurants. it could get ugly very fast, but very fun. they guarantee. more after this.
1:39 pm
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in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. . >> reporter: okay, it is time for the fox business brief. and before we talk about the stock market, oil is something else. we are at levels not seen since before the financial crisis. below $35 on the oil price, and crude down today by 19 cents, but the long-term decline is remarkable. another thing to watch is natural gas, there was a forecast calling for cold weather in the midwest. remember earlier we talked
1:41 pm
about the good weather, helping out or hurting the retailers, natural gas is up today by 8+%. now let's go to the stock market. and, you know, we're seeing gains, more than 80 points on the dow. s&p and nasdaq are higher. techs doing relatively well. this has been a rough month for the market. december is usually a good one. it has not been. the s&p 500 down more than 3% this month. a bounceback for the technology names. disney certainly a stock to watch. i know it was a huge weekend at the box office for "star wars." not so much for disney. neil back in a moment.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
. neil: donald trump and vladimir putin, there's a pair, but ever since donald trump started saying some things about putin, that he's impressed with his leadership, he's getting things done whether you like him or not. and putin responding he thinks donald trump is a fairly impressive guy. like a global bro-mance has heated up in the face of charges that putin might not be donald trump -- the person he thinks he is. >> you killed reporters, you and other people tell me he killed reporters. i don't know he killed reportert, i haven't seen it. neil: george stephanopoulos trying to tell donald trump, this is not verified that
1:44 pm
people have gone missing and disappearing in russia. mark has no doubt. he is the foundation for defense of democracies executive director. your concern is that donald trump doesn't have a concern about this, right? that he doesn't know or appreciate how bad a guy vladimir putin is or what? >> yeah, neil, anybody that knows anything about russia knows there have been dozens and dozens of journalists murdered in russia under suspicious circumstances, and all those journalists happen to be critics of vladimir putin's, and so. neil: people have said coincidence, you're saying no, right? >> look, there's an environment of press repression, of violence of intimidation. there is no press repression in putin's russia. anybody that tried to challenge the kremlin, the war in chechnya or corruption ended up murdered. i think donald trump needs to spend a little time getting to understand putin's russia and
1:45 pm
appreciate that ultimately putin is a thug. neil: now, i think what he's trying to say or maybe putin is playing him or he's playing putin to be fair, they're both very good at this game, that they could deal with each other. they have a certain kind of respect for each other. things could get done. what do you make of that? it was the same logic used to advance ronald reagan extracting concessions from mikail gorbachev, what do you think? >> it's fine if you believe donald trump believes he can make deals with vladimir putin. see if that is the case. the reality is you got to know thine adversary, know thine enemy, trump has got to understand putin. putin is the majordomo of the middle east. moved into the vacuum as a result of absence of u.s. leadership under president obama and he is a force to be reckoned with.
1:46 pm
so trump better understand that if he's going to cut deals with him, otherwise he'll be taken to the cleaners. neil: if you are taking him to the cleaners, that is donald trump on business deals, wrote the art of the deal and tends to get the better end of the bargain even through bankruptcy court. i guess what i would pause and throw back at you here and get your thoughts on it, that trump would like to be underestimated. trump would like to be thought of as a guy not experienced in the venues so foreign leader can take advantage much like the days of nikita khrushchev thinking a young president like john kennedy he could walk all over when, in fact, in the cuban missile crisis, the upstart walked all over him. you know what i mean? this could surprise the russians, what do you make of that? >> well, it's possible. but, look, you've got to know your adversary. ronald reagan understood the soviet union. he called it the evil empire, under no illusions what the
1:47 pm
soviet leaders capable of. unfortunately president obama is under illusions of what khamenei is under a deeply flawed iran deal. does trump understand putin? what a ruthless man he is. if he could cut a deal with putin? great. he's got to understand the adversary, get the right end of the bargain. neil: while you have you, you heard hillary clinton say donald trump's comments on muslims is helping isis recruiting. just on the wires now, jeb bush said there is no evidence it is used in recruitment videos. >> i'm not sure trump is used in any way. i think the policy is nonsensical. at the end of the day we're going to defeat radical islam. we can't antagonize hundreds of muslims. i'm not sure if trump is used
1:48 pm
effectively by isis, but policy would be a dangerous one if we follow through on it. neil: very good having you, mark. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, neil. neil: i don't know if any of you caught the "60 minutes" interview with apple's tim cook, but he was asked to explain company's ample presence in china, and said it was not about the cheap labor. yeah, it's a fraction of what american labor would cost, but it was about something else. and even those who love apple and love mr. cook are saying things like really? after this.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
>> if it's not wages, what is it? >> it's skill. china put enormous amount of manufacturing in what you and i call vocational kind of skills. the u.s. over time begins to stop having as many vocational kind of skills. neil: okay. full disclosure here, i'm an apple shareholder, i've been for decades. might be many compelling reasons to invest in another country or make products in another country. skill might be an issue the fact that chinese workers are paid a fraction of what american workers. i would think mathematically would be a more compelling issue. that's just me. justin joins us on why he thinks tim cook is cooking up something that ain't so. justin, you're not buying that? >> at the risk of causing offense, merry christmas, neil. thanks for having me on. neil: to you as well. >> first of all, i was
1:53 pm
surprised that tim cook agreed to sit down with mr. rose to do the interview. apple relies a lot on secrecy, and the tim cook reign elevated that level of secrecy. when he's called to the floor on a very clear issue, what are the realities of the global economy? the realities are it's not just the labor costs in china that are cheaper. it's the shipping costs, the regulatory costs, it's the fact that in the u.s., our manufacturing plants wouldn't put up suicide nets. there's lots of factors that go beyond the labor, very interesting that when charlie rose pointed out a very simple fact of the modern world economy that most business 101 students know, that cook got very defensive on this issue, and it speaks to a pattern in the cook administration of apple, if we can call it an administration, where any time someone criticizes apple, they get very defensive and very reflexive, and it was
1:54 pm
interesting his response was to attack american workers. we could take every single student in college right now. every student majoring in everything from philosophy to underwater basket weaving and put them into a vocational-type skill and that's not going to make a difference because pardon the pun, but the die has been cast with the u.s. regulatory regime. neil: here's where we listened to the whole interview, he talks about tax system and how arcane it is, and particularly he talked about it's not suited for the digital age, and there is some truth to that. i agree with you insofar as using that as a justification to go abroad, and do all of that. but i also think if this were a pharmaceutical company trying to set up shop, or let's say ireland, take advantage of a lower tax rate or cheaper labor, that is treated very differently than apple. i take nothing away from apple's stocks, products are
1:55 pm
cool, stock is cool. and as a decades' long shareholder i can attest to that. i know blarney when it's thrown at me, and the fact of the smart this is a compelling reason to look at alternatives to the united states. but he does raise an issue with they become less compelling if the tax treatment and the regulatory treatment was a lot more favorable, because it's not, it's another reason for the tim cooks and others of the world to say, sayonara, right? >> absolutely. in that instance he brought up a good point. again he mixed half truth with hypocrisy in raising one of the valt valid business points of the entire interview. he gets very defensive when mr. rose brings up the tax issue, we're in the a tax dodger, that's political, c-r-a-p, crap. mr. cook, you explain in the interview that we have lots of money offshore we'd be happy to
1:56 pm
bring home. apple is doing absolutely nothing wrong, and i would admit that our corporate tax rate in the united states is probably what's criminal. in that instance he has a valid business point and should be a bigger leader on this issue frankly, and i hope he does so in the future. neil: well, just to state the obvious, you make great stuff, make it a lot cheaper abroad. don't try to put another reason to it. though he's right and john ratzenberger knows it's right, we need to encourage basic skills. shop was big in this country. don't use it as a means to justify objectionable as one of big pharmadoesn't. thank you, my friend. merry christmas, be well. >> you, too, neil. neil: we have a lot more on this disney disaster movie after this.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
neil: this is incredible. my new uber nerd of a producer reminding me we're not making a fair comparison with "star wars the force awakens" numbers because it did not open in china. really? come on. second, ashley webster. ashley: thank you very much. welcome, everybody, to the intelligence report. donald trump. trailing in the polls. has gotten the attention of hillary clinton. clinton called it donald trump the best recruiting tool for isis. now, trump wants an apology. >> i will demand an apology from hillary. you can be the messenger. she should apologize. she lies about e-mails.


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