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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. sion because it is so important to the nation and everyone watching. join charles every night at 6:00. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama says don't blame him for not winning the war against the islamic state. mr. obama tells npr it's the media's fault, national public radio listening respectfully to the president's excuses in an interview that aired this morning, and certainly didn't raise the possibility that the president was avoiding appropriate acceptance of his own responsibility for the failure of his administration to fulfill his promise of more than a year ago to, quote, degrade and destroy the islamic state. no. mr. obama instead declared the media have lost a sense of proportion about it all and
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stoking the fears of american citizens. here's the president now talking with npr before taking off on his two-week vacation in hawaii. >> post-paris, you had a saturation of news about the horrible attack there, and you know, isil combines viciousness with very savvy media operations, and as a consequence, if you've been watching television for the last month, all you've been seeing, all you've been hearing about is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you. lou: coming to get you. those outrageous statements by the president, the same president who said last week he didn't realize the depth of the san bernardino terror attacks because he didn't watch enough cable news.
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and while it took more time than usual, the president did manage to play the race card in his explanation of donald trump's rise in the polls. we'll take it all up with fox news juan williams here tonight. also republican front-runner trump is demanding an apology from hillary clinton. after she claimed terrorists are, quote, running videos of donald trump end quote using him as a recruiting tool. trump fired back saying that hillary, quote, lies about everything. well, that may be an overstatement but she certainly did about those videos, which is not of course the first time that she's created some trouble for herself, talking about video. we'll have the story. and alarming reports tonight that iranian hackers gained access to the control system of a dam. not just any dam, but one that is special 20 miles from new york city. we'll take that up, what the white house is doing about it,
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the iranian cyberattack and the vulnerability of our criminal infrastructure later in the broadcast. top story, president obama trying to deflect criticism for his islamic state strategy. he's blaming the media. mr. obama telling npr the reason americans fear the islamic state is because the media is hyping the threat for higher ratings. this is the same islamic state that president obama told us 15 months ago he would destroy, but which is now growing in libya, in yemen and afghanistan. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report on a president who thinks his chief foreign policy problem is his failure to communicate the brilliance of his strategy to the american people. >> i think that there is a legitimate criticism of what i've been doing. >> reporter: president obama telling national public radio, his administration's lack of messaging about the fight
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against isis not its policies are behind growing anxiety about the terror group. >> we haven't, on a regular basis, i think, described all the work that we've been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. >> reporter: lawmakers say there's much more to what's worrying americans than faulty white house messaging. >> without american leadership, nothing is going to happen. the president of the united states needs to step up and say here's the plan. >> the broad outlines what the president wants to do, the right ones, it's not going fast enough. the pace is not going fast enough. >> reporter: this as 27% of americans rank terrorism as the most important issue facing the country. up dramatically since august, with the president much talked about climate change far, far down the list at 6%. >> this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us.
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institutionally or on a systematic way, but they can hurtis. >> reporter: and hurt us they have including the recent attack on san bernardino. a sobering reminder of the impact and reach of isis and those they inspire. a threat seemingly downplayed by the president. the commander in chief says latest plan targets isis where they are most active, iraq and syria. more special forces operators, intelligence sharing with strategic partners, targeting isis financing and rampingup effort to combat message online. to little effect who accuse the president of being tone deaf on the issue of terror. >> this president continues to fiddle while the middle east burns. the american public is recognizing it. >> reporter: lou, we've heard from the president's former chief strategist david axelrod, joining the chorus line of those criticizing the commander in chief who felt the president was tone deaf following the shootings in paris, and late tonight we heard from house
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speaker paul ryan. he issued a statement that criticize the president for saying the notion that the american people simply aren't getting the proper messaging is the wrong message to send right now. lou? lou: kevin, thank you so much, kevin corke with the magical scenery behind him. yes, hawaii. tragedy in afghanistan today where the taliban killed six of our servicemembers in a suicide attack. our troops were on a security routine patrol when an attacker rode up on a motorcycle and detonated his suicide bomb. two other americans and interpreter were wounded in the attack. the taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing which is the first major attack on a nato force since late august. radical islamist terrorism a feature of the little watched democratic presidential debate saturday night. hillary clinton who's made claims about video and terrorism you will recall, said during saturday night's debate that trump is becoming the
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islamic state's best recruiter. donald trump said even though she lies about everything, she should apologize for that lie about him. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> reporter: it was yet another late saturday night debate for democrats that could help shield front-runner hillary clinton for much scrutiny over gaffes. who one of clinton's comments managed to break through as donald trump hotly disputed the claim that isis is using videos of the republican front-runner to recruit more terrorists. >> i will demand an apology for hillary, she should apologize, she lies about e-mails, lies about whitewater, lies about everything. >> reporter: while a clinton aide said today hell no, she will not apologize, the nonpartisan politifacts truth-o-meter determined her at the same time was false. >> not referring to a specific video, used in social media by isis. >> reporter: though on saturday night, clinton seemed to have
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specific videos in mind. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: isis has promoted one propaganda video using her husband. former president bill clinton as well as other top democrats and republicans. in the debate, the former secretary of state also stumbled over her ties to president obama on battling isis. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and commitment to go after isis. >> reporter: clinton aides quickly clarified, she was referring to the united nations resolution seeking an end to the civil war in syria. though the only other woman in the race was not buying it. >> no, mrs. clinton, we are not where we need to be in the fight against isis. >> reporter: all of this could sting in the general election, clinton has a tv ad trying to deal with it head-on. >> i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe. >> reporter: clinton is
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coasting in the nomination battle. as democratic socialist senator bernie sanders used the debate to largely pull back from attacking clinton over allegations she and the democratic national committee conspired to overplay charges of a data breach by his camp. >> yes, i apologize. >> reporter: clinton had no major mistake to shake up the basic dynamic of the race, coasting to the democratic nomination and the party has helped smooth away. the next debate in mid-january on a sunday, where there will be not just one but two nfl playoff games, lou? lou: something to look forward to that sunday. ed henry, thank you very much. on the republican side, south carolina senator lindsey graham dropping out of the race for the republican nomination. >> to be a viable candidate, you've got to have finances and you've got to get on the big stage. i don't want to be the undercard voice. i cannot tell you how frustrating it has been to have
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spent all this time and effort preparing myself to be commander in chief and be put at the kiddie table. lou: even at the kiddie table, as he put it, senator graham failed to impress republicans and never gained interest or polled higher than 2%. we're coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. whatever took president obama so long? obama finally plays the race card. >> i think somebody like mr. trump's taking advantage of that. lou: why is president obama still making excuses that are race based seven years on? we take it up with juan williams next. and it was an ugly ending to a beauty pageant. >> horrible mistake, but the right thing, i can show it to you right here. lou: not only did steve harvey screw up the ending of the pageant, he screwed up his apology.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . lou: it took a longer than a lot of people expected. the president did it, played the race card on donald trump. in an interview on national public radio aired this
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morning, obama accused trump of exploiting working class fears and said some of the criticism directed at him is because he's the first african-american president. >> circumstances around being the first african-american president that might not have confronted a previous president that suggest that somehow i'm different. i'm muslim. i'm disloyal to the country, et cetera. you know, which unfortunately is pretty far out there and gets some traction in certain pockets of the republican party and have been articulated by some of their elected officials. what i'd say there is that that's probably pretty specific to me and who i am and my background. lou: well, joining us co-host of "the five" fox news political analyst juan
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williams. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: took him a while, but he had play the race card. >> you know, i think he's been reluctant to say anything on it. i think you're perspective is he's playing a race card. my perspective is who doubts that race is a factor for the first african-american president? having his faith doubted, he's a muslim. the birther movement, he's not an american and, of course called uppity, called a liar by congress. lou: we can get into specifics, but no one is calling him uppity here, and no one, as i can't recall anyone having said it, but your memory is better than mine, i'm sure on that. the reality is here's a man talking about his policies and saying it has everything to do with being the first african-american president of the united states. >> now you and i are in agreement. if we're talking about legitimate policy differences, i think he has been castigated,
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let me say on a visceral and emotional -- lou: you're going backwards. don't go back on me. >> i'm not going back. on the policy issues we have real points of disagreement. >> i would hope, i would hope, and what scares me, and i'm using it advisedly, what scares me is there are people listening to the president of the united states not crediting the fact that maybe his race played some part in his election to the white house. >> of course it did. he said that too. lou: he doesn't say that nearly as often as he plays this gambut. and reality is this, he is dismissing bona fide, serious, profound questions about the policies that he's put in place over the course of 7 years, and people die when you make those mistakes, and to dismiss it as racism is beneath him, beneath the office and should be in my opinion absolutely dismissed by -- irrespective of how he feels. he's the president of the united states. he's got to do better than that.
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he's the guy who said he's going to destroy the islamic state. why hasn't he done it? >> this is the key. you said a moment ago, understanding about obama and the promises he's made, you can hear similar criticisms from the left and in specific the black community, some black leaders say obama has not delivered four black people who invest in such great hope in him. this being the lou dobbs show, you can talk about unemployment rates, economic rates. lou: i have. black or white, has disappointed. >> correct. and we can talk about the shootings in chicago, why is he not in the lead there? why is he failing to speaking out about black on black violence. lots of ways the left is critical of him, and made him -- i think it's because he says he doesn't want to be the black president. he wants to be the president of all americans and typically he doesn't talk about race, but
11:19 pm
when he does, the criticism is he's played the race card. lou: in that instance, and you agree with me if i'm inferring absolutely, that's playing the race card when he's talking about donald trump and the criticism of his policies. it's frankly and plainly said, it's ignorant of the president to do that. >> because the fear factor in your opinion. lou: because of the fear factor? no. >> in other words when he is talking about trump playing on fear. lou: no, talking about being the first african-american president, that is the reason he draws this president. it is specious nonsense, he's too smart for that and playing games. >> if he's saying the reason americans are critical of policies and isis, he's out of his mind. lou: you can name any number of policies. when we look at where we are right now in this country. we've come a long ways in this president. this president to indulge in that. he looks like a child so jealous of the attention others
11:20 pm
are getting whether it's donald trump or whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders, that he has to inject himself into it. >> but you don't doubt that there is some racial angle to so much of the criticism. lou: you want to quantify it for me? >> i don't know how. lou: i don't either. here's what i can tell you, it is so minuscule, it should be left out of the public conversation. >> really? lou: of course. who is the most criticized president in recent memory, it's jimmy carter. and the reason he was the most criticized president and arguably there are others who deserve as much is because his policies were mindless. utterly mindless and ineffective. bereft of optimism and a promise of the future, he too denied america exceptionalism and the result is a disastrous presidency, and i think that's going to be the legacy of both. >> i think when you speak about quantifiable, i point you towards election results and especially in the old southern
11:21 pm
states. >> for racism. >> yes. lou: how far do you want to go back? do you want it to be the democratic party or the republicans. >> 2008, 2012 and look at where people vote for a guy like obama and where they don't? lou: a guy like obama. by that -- come on. >> yes, you looked at southern states, he lost 11 of the 16 and 12 of the 16. lou: that has been a solid bloc under. >> correct. i think it is a republican bloc. lou: now you're saying the republican party is racist? >> let's talk about the fact the republican party is overwhelmingly white at this juncture. no question about that. lou: tell me how you can change that. >> i can tell you. reach out to people in minority communities and talk about education, charter schools, doing things to stop crime. lou: charter schools are driven by the republican party, and
11:22 pm
the matter of fact is it is driven by the republican party. you and i both know there is a different foundation for that 95% vote for the democratic party, and it emerges from the reconstruction -- reconstruction? from the jim crow era, right? >> i think it's more along the fdr and new deal and the promise that came with that for african-americans. lou: you're talking about redistribution. [ laughter ] >> my gosh. i knew i was a commie. thank you, lou! >> be sure to vote in our poll tonight. are you surprised that president obama, a, pulled the race card against donald trump, or, b, it took him this long to do so? cast your vote at follow me -- links to everything found at juan williams "likes" me on all of those. >> i do, following him everywhere. lou: listen to the man.
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up next, a few thoughts on a president who thinks the only thing wrong with the islamic state strategy is the dog gone media. and horrific landslide in china and mother nature not to blame on this instance. we'll tell you what the cause is here next. videotape is incredible. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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. lou: it will probably come as no surprise to you, i have a few thoughts about a president who is dangerously out of touch, in an interview with npr today, president obama tried to assure the public's concern about terrorism were misplaced. instead he both dismissed radical islamist terrorists and mocked those who may be indeed fearful. guys with masks or black flags he said who are potentially coming to get you. this is the same president who said the islamic state is a jv team, who repeatedly and wrongly claimed al qaeda was on
11:28 pm
the run or decimated? the president's statements contradict reality, the assessment of his own military commanders and defense secretary. and mr. obama went further, blaming the media for his failures to both fight a successful war against the islamic state and the media's constant coverage of the islamic state. just last week, he admitted he was out of touch when he said he didn't fully appreciate the concern over terrorism that americans felt in the wake of radical islamist attacks in san bernardino and paris because as he put it, he's not watching media coverage. his response to that attack was to go after the second amendment rights and the guns of law abiding americans. and his attorney general, the very next day, after those attacks in san bernardino following her bosses' lead and his attack on the second amendment by, well, she assaulted the first amendment. loretta lynch declared her greatest fear was not the
11:29 pm
islamic state but anti-muslim speech by american citizens and threatened to prosecute anyone guilty saying anything she deemed hostile toward muslims. the democratic party and the heir apparent hillary clinton just as detached from reality. clinton said this weekend we're finally where we need to be in regard to terrorism. she went onto fabricate the claim that terrorists are using videos of donald trump as a recruiting tool there. should be no surprise there. mrs. clinton's demonstrated for some years now she has a hard time with video and truth. let's hope that times will get much easier with the election of a new president, who will, if you're counting, be sworn in 395 days from now. our quotation of the evening, and with the president having so magnanimously taken some small part of the responsibility by acknowledging his failure to properly communicate his brilliance.
11:30 pm
i feel compelled to be bipartisan and, quote, another democratic president, one who is a heck of a communicator. he said -- john f. kennedy. we're coming right back. stay with us. when it comes to insults, jeb needs to take lessons from the donald. >> donald trump is a jerk. >> he's an embarrassment to the bush family. lou: jeb has got to pick up his game if he's going to play with the donald. we take it up with eboni williams and hank sheinkopf next. and for committed daredevils, walking a tightrope daredevils, walking a tightrope just doesn't get it.
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eboni. lou: here comes some of the free media for donald trump, holding raily in grand rapids, michigan. trump is pretty well warmed up. this is trump's last scheduled campaign rally before his christmas vacation. event at the deltaplex arena and conference in grand rapids. it holds around 7,000 to 8,000 people. let's listen to the donald for a second. whoa! whatever he said. >> but every single poll that they took for the debate. who won the debate?
11:35 pm
who won? [ cheers ] >> and it's sort of interesting because the fox poll which came out because it's a big and good one which came out three or four nights after the debate, had me up 11 points. 11, and i was already leading. and then i said i guess i won the debate, right, fox? so they had great polls, drudge is great guys, 46% of the vote out of 15 people. that's a lot! i would honestly take right now 46% of three people, but this is 15 people, by the way, sadly, i guess you heard, lindsey graham left the race. [ cheers ] >> sad. lou: you hear the donald, a lot of the news before he does too
11:36 pm
much more of it, i want to leave something for us here. joining me to pick up on the race is eboni williams, democratic strategist hank sheinkopf. good to have you both here. eboni, this is quite a performance by the donald time after time. he has a crowd with him like neither a democrat nor another republican has. it's remarkable. >> they're right here, lou. eating out of the palm of his hand, and it's brilliant. this is where he shines the best. what i love most is when he cites the publication, fox news, it's a good poll, because he's on top. lou: only way we could be better is if he were 14 points ahead. >> he is extraordinary. he is taking an arduous gladiator-like process and turning it into an entertainment vehicle. american politics have never covered from the liberalization of rules to make it on the ballot and made it less than a burdensome event. lou: you talked about as hubert
11:37 pm
humphrey talked about in times past, and as the happy warrior, and before him, ad laid stevenson, but every iteration of the happy warrior, i think this man glories in political combat. >> he's the angry warrior. he is the difference. lou: he doesn't convey anger. >> sure he does. lou: he may represent it, but he is not angry. >> i think john kasich unfortunately has come across. lou: there's mr. nice. you want anger? you got anger. >> trump looks like the cool kid, he gets to fall back and page 6 doing this and it's working against him. >> very well said. give him a break. i apologize donald. it happens to be correct. he is the recipient of the
11:38 pm
anger and he makes it entertaining. >> correct. lou: i'm going to say it this way. why in the hell aren't 435 congressman and senators and the current occupant of the white house, why aren't they take note and recognizing the frustration and in the immense pressure that so many millions of americans are under right now. >> and by the way, getting a sense of optimism at the same time! >> tapping into it, lou, saying i get it and i can make it better, it's such a simple playbook that trump plays by. lou: jeb bush says i can fix it or he'll fix it. >> you are both being too kind. lou: we'll fix that. >> you are both being too kind. what the 435 members and the senators are saying is they're defending that system. trump is not defending the system. people who are in power have a reason to defend it. >> that's true, no incentive for them to call it out.
11:39 pm
lou: and demanding an apology from hillary, you can believe she stood there in front of all of those people and said point-blank, isis is recruiting with videos of donald trump. >> of course she's going to say that, lou. lou: why would she say that, it's a damn lie! >> now that's something that's off-limits in politics? lou: we ought to be talking about new waves. >> i'm just a silly campaign strategist. she didn't handle it well, and gave trump his moment and she may live to regret that because she believes that trump will take the senate down and republican senate down and will load the presidency. we have one more terrorist attack god forbid in this country, trump will be more powerful than he is today. she will live to regret the baiting of trump. lou: we go to grand rapids and there he is. where the heck are the other candidates? we can't find them on live feeds.
11:40 pm
>> sitting around on their thumbs waiting to respond and react to donald trump. it's sad to me. i feel they are giving this thing away and it's crazy. >> let's wait and see what people do in the privacy of the voting booth before we give anything away. long time to go between here and there. lou: my question is where the hell are they right now? this is part of the process of getting into it. >> people are not voting, that's what the process is. >> he's the only one to fall back. >> not voting is a vote. >> i understand that, hank, but you think you give a narrative away to trump, the silence? >> they haven't seen anything like this in a long time. lou: eboni williams, hank sheinkopf. always instructive. appreciate it. a slack liner, that sounds like a -- a slack liner is a daredevil on a slack line taking a sport to the next level. check this one out. the 21-year-old walking across a slack line 400 feet above a
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cove in north yorkshire, england. if that weren't enough of an accomplishment, look at what he's doing there. an unusual prop if you will. ♪. lou: there it is. he can walk the slack line but you can do that well with a trumpet. he had to focus on balance and breathing techniques, he had an excuse, i have no talent. he managed only a few notes of twinkle, twinkle little star, but proved to be worth it, it was an amazing feeling and amazing video for us. up next, iran ramping up aggression in cyberspace. we'll tell you all about it, and the force strong with disney and new "star wars" franchise. what it took to shatter just about every record in the box office books? we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: 85 people missing in china sunday. a huge wave of mud and construction waste pouring out of a dump and buried more than 30 buildings. more than 900 people have been moved to safety. there are reports locally that the dump site should have been closed back in february. how about never, ever building
11:46 pm
near a dump site like that, but the hundreds of trucks carrying construction waste dumped trash into that pile every single day since, and this is the result. not mother nature, just pure human stupidity and recklessness. joining us foundation for defense of democracies former cheney national security adviser john hannah. great to have you with us. i want to start with the allegations, wasn't an allegation, she charged it as a fact. hillary clinton saying that donald trump is used in videos by the islamic state to recruit which everyone i talked with says is an absolute abject lie. >> yeah, well, lou, i mean to be fair islamic state is probably produced hundreds of thousands of videos. i'm not sure anyone has seen them all. if there's a donald trump video out there, i suppose it's possible, but i'm 100% sure hillary clinton hasn't seen it. she doesn't have the evidence.
11:47 pm
lou: you make it sound like isis has a chart of these videos. >> yeah, no, if it's out there, nobody else has seen it. she hasn't seen it, and lord knows she's got a bad history, lou, with talking about videos that have insighted terrorists to commit atrocities against the united states. she's the last one that ought to be referring to videos that absolutely don't exist. lou: let's start in terms of iran, i want to take that up for a few minutes here. this business of a cyberattack against the control unit of a dam, 20 miles from new york city, doesn't seem to have gotten the administration exercise, it has gotten the attention of 10 to 12 million people living in the environs of new york. what do you think? >> listen, this cyberthreat is huge, lou.
11:48 pm
it is real. it's here. it is putting our entire society potentially at enormous risk. i mean the fact is iran did this, iran has been behind several other cyberattacks, they are clearly probing and preparing to do great damage to the united states when and if they decide they need to, and as far as anybody can tell, the administration, there's been no response, and the only way to respond to the cyberattacks is to respond aggressively and to demonstrate that you will be able to inflict enormously more pain on the enemy than they will be able do us to. you've got to establish deterrence here. lou: he's done that with neither china nor as you say iran nor russia nor terrorists organizations in point of fact, as far as we know. the question for you as we wrap up here, do we have the capacity to punish those who carry out the cyberattacks and
11:49 pm
secondly, if we don't, why the heck not? and if that's the case, it is purely the volition of this president not to respond. which is it? >> l capabilities are out there clearly. we've got the technology that we can do enormous damage to our enemies. i think playing defense is the fool's errand, will not do enough against a determined foe who has enough resources to come after us. they've got to know if they try anything against us, their very survival will be held at risk. this is a genuine war and just only occurring in cyberspace, not through missiles. >> and apparently only waged by one side and that's the other side. john hannah, good to have you with us, thanks so much. >> thank you, lou, thank you. lou: turning to the weekend box office. it was something. "star wars" crushing box office records, debuting to the largest opening weekend of all-time by any movie anywhere.
11:50 pm
taking in $248 million in the united states. 529 million worldwide. fox's alvin and the chipmunks debuting in second place, quite a falloff from the number one. 14.4 million in the ticket sales, rounding out the top three -- i think this was "star wars" weekend. up next "saturday night live" takes up the trump-bush feud. >> you can't insult your way to the presidency. >> really, jug head? because i'm at 43 and you're at 3, jeb, you're a nice guy but you're a lightweight and i know for a fact that you pee sitting down. >> no, i don't. >> yes, you do. lou: fox news carly shimkus and
11:51 pm
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i like the way he takes responsibility. i take full responsibility but it's everybody else's fault. >> there are so many silver linings to this story. this is a story of success, and not failure. lou: do you sense a plot? >> if they didn't plant they should have. it was excellent.
11:57 pm
getting a lot of attention. i feel bad for steve harvey. it's first place. lou: donald trump said he would have fixed it and there never would a been a problem. we don't know. you just have to believe. you just have to believe. >> doesn't this play into the donald trump story line? lou: everything he talks about seems to materialize. he had the world record of all time buyout.
11:58 pm
phenomenal. we just want "saturday night live" making fun. it seemed kind of hurtful to jeb. is sympathy building for him. >> he still has some quash left, right? lindsey dropped out. lou: lyndsey graham is what you are saying? at this point i don't feel sorry for jeb yet. i don't know in he has a chance, i probably don't think he has a chance. lou: i thought he was going to break into tears. i thought it was a tad perhaps presumresum use on his part.
11:59 pm
>> i think he and his campaign saw this from a mile away. they really hammered jeb bush. they made donald trump look like a winner. he's a friend of the show. they had a hillary skit and they treated her with kid gloves. they almost made her look good. >> she always gets a lot out of it. >> she calls trump a poster boy for islamic state recruiting. it wasn't true, tom. it turns out that wasn't true. >> not on not true, but they use bill clinton in their videos. they call him a foreign hater there their videos. lou: that was rash. i'm starting to think there may and problem that organization's leadership.
12:00 am
>> they don't think ahead of time. >> not such a stretch there. i think we put them on notice. 51% said you are not aware of any obama policy that benefited the primarily americans. ken require watched "star wars" over the weekend and dlierted over the previews. we now have a preview of what the next phase of the presidential fight looks like. hillary clinton is ready to discard her tired truffle. she is too big to share the stage with martin and sanders. she's ready to go after donald trump. she pain


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