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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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last seven years and hillary wouldn't be commis-as. roger has this. not nearly as embarrassed as those who voted for obama twice. good stuff today. not bad. neil cavuto, it is your time now. neil: i will put an down as may be on the president. thank you very much. we are following what you did as well, the rush to get those gifts out, 36 million packages to be delivered today, half of them were from my wife which is kind of weird but that is ups, can't stress this enough, ups is the biggest carrier for a lot of the top online guys accounting for six, almost seven of ten deliveries, fedex is a big player as well, three out of ten of those deliveries so if you wanted to think of adding to that you are talking 50 plus million packages being rushed today, this as we get word that all the major retailers are
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dramatically expanding their hours, walmart on christmas eve is open until 8:00 p.m. target until 11:00 p.m. coles has been open around-the-clock, macy's as well and that was end on christmas eve so if you are in a rush to get what you have and what you need and no time to deliver it these guys are telling you the rush and we are here. connell mcshane is in the middle of all this in the ring. this is what i love, we have connell mcshane in the rain in the middle of all this. you are a soldier of shopping. connell: yesterday we talked about the effect the weather would have on retailers this holiday season and we did that report if i might remind you from the comfort of our own studio, today we are doing a record that has nothing to do with the weather and doing it in the middle of the pouring rain, n.y. city, times square. i love being a out here with the people they you ran through the numbers and these people a finishing up their christmas
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shopping like the rest of us, 36 million is a lot for ubs to do in a single day, a million more if they get there and they did this year but you expand on that even more and look at the end higher holiday season, ups and fedex are both taught from where they were last year. when you compare the numbers, 10%, 12% higher than they were this time last year. we see americans out there and spending more money than they did at this time last year so that is a good sign when you see number is going higher than they were rated speaks to the effect of online shopping, wouldn't be a bad idea on a day like this. if you get your order in by midnight tonight, you can still get it there by christmas eve, pretty good deal on a suit and godiva chocolate down the block if you like. stuart: neil: any hickory farms near you? i have not gotten your gift yet.
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you are trying to surprise me at the last second. >> that was the idea behind this report. it had nothing to do with the weather so we came out in the pouring rain and working on that, lines are long and may take longer if they unusual but we will come up with something. neil: i and sensing a little wind. connell mcshane, thank you very much. we told you about the rush to get those packages, all the retailers opening up, it might be me, i am thinking i year from now or two all the stores will be open christmas day at the rate they're going. chris hogan, gerri willis on what retailers are doing to make sure you do some shopping and. it is amazing when i look at it the number of people who do wait for the last minute. >> they are in a rush. everyone has a lot of things going on. with these last-minute pushes people are panicking and they
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will be running out to get to the stores to try to get what they think they need. neil: one of the things you are seeing is when they get this late in the game often times they throw discretion and may be simple buyers wisdom aside and get the first thing they can find. who benefit from this in iron and? >> vaudeville last-minute purchases will benefit as well as things people might have bought on line but now the clock has ticked down to such a level they have to pull the trigger inside the brick and mortar store and make a purchase that higher price than they would have otherwise. i think you will see some higher profits these last 48 hours or so we have got to shop. neil: i am looking at these numbers year over year for ups and fedex, it isn't necessarily a sign that people are buying more as much as they are buying
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online more. >> absolutely right. people have changed the way they shop. they want to go online and not go to mall or stores, the people you see this week today and the next day or so are on the fence about buying the present in the first place. that is my theory. neil: dealing with things. go ahead, finish that thought. >> i was going to add. if you look at year over year retail sales they are only expecting to see sales increased by 3% over 2014 so again it speaks to what people have gone online because there has been a massive shift. neil: every year we are told sales are constant, but for black friday, everything was fine, you didn't have to put so much emphasis later in this season to buy, but if they do now we are hearing huge sales
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where they are almost telling those who bought earlier you could have gotten that for half price today. >> it is basic economics. if people see massive sales it drives them to the stores and retailers know it is better to get some money and no money said they offered deep discounts and have retailers battling against each other and the customer will stick to the game plan. neil: who does most of the last-minute shopping? i am told not to be sexist. seven of ten are men which is a disparaging thing about my gender. >> men procrastinator more than women, the fog of it. neil: don't get an attitude with me. i had processed meats and cheese baskets ordered indian homelike
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months ago. what do you make of what is going on here? gerri: we haven't talked about the weather. who thinks about christmas with a warm fall we had? the only people doing well on our golf courses and people selling home, exterior home goods like shrubs and things to plant in your garden. people have been preoccupied with buying those things instead of christmas because the bhutan not flying off the shelves, the cuts are not flying off the shelves, totally different. neil: at least you didn't -- saying the problem. >> i would not be surprised to see a surge in give card purchases the last few days because again the weather -- they know there will be the extra percentage. neil: attending these -- >> i am not benghazi fan.
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i don't think i was taking it. neil: have you finished your shopping? >> i have a few more things to pick up. neil: you just destroyed it for me. >> proving neil's point. neil: i want to thank you, have not merry christmas, a great holiday, get holiday shopping done. if in doubt, processed meats and cheeses. we are watching the dow with a 58.1, i want to let you know we are on the verge of doing something, unless it improved mightily and soon like 500 points worth of buying in the next seven days left of this year, this trading year, not only the first down year in the market since 2008 but the first free election year since 1939. normal leave the year before an
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election, quadrennial election, presidential election, we are up an average of 10%, 10.4%, folks at market watcher at quenched it and sat at the rate we are going we will break the trend and it is a trend that is held every four years, the year before an election going back to 1939, that was the last time we did down, keep in mind we were in the midst of the recession that was taken hold and were on the verge of a world war that would get us out of it, that was then, we are about to repeat something now all but who knows? we have a few days to change this around. when we come back donald trump in a world of trouble for a certain kind he made. no doubt he will say that didn't quite mean what a lot of people in the media are saying he meant. he is next.
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neil: >> everything that has been involved in hillary has been lost, even a race with obama, she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. how does it get worse? she was the favorite to win and she got -- she lost. neil: a lot of you are seeing that wondering what did he say? he took a term, yiddish term for penis and referred to that in a different form. i will probably repeat said term later in the show but miley point is donald trump -- that was not his intention or to have a demeaning reference to hillary clinton.
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a lot of folks are not buying it. i wonder what ever donald trump thinks, good to see you. >> not a pc candidate. and hit exactly the point, he said this about this. that is why people love him, willing to speak his mind, everything is in sound bites, teleprompter, approved by 90 people, gets sucked the air and says what is on his mind and does have a horrific track record, she talks about -- neil: would you use that language? >> would not have that big a problem. we are not bashful people, we are direct, open, would is a reminder and if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out, got to be who you are. he's a politician, he is a business guy comment and to all 65 minutes ago and is winning and every single poll, doing an incredible job.
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hillary will try to throw isis on him, the reason for isis is you which is ironic given -- neil: we will get national poll and these can be all over the map, the latest one shows it narrowing for your dad can ted cruz moving got very fast. disavowal be of the notion that your dad and ted cruz have a deal, and understanding not to criticize each other. >> hotels, buildings -- neil: whar his son, his right hand man. >> my father is out to win this thing and he will choose the best running mate in the world and build a cabinet comprised of the best people in the world. neil: is that part of if you were to get the nomination ted cruz would be it? >> not saying that, i don't know, wouldn't even speculate, would not see even if i did. neil: that he has not criticized ted cruz to the degree certainly
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that he has -- >> but the other guy -- neil: what he is sticking -- >> they were a little bit benign to tell you the truth and everybody has these questions. have many times do you say something that somebody takes you off guard, alma and times as my father say something? neil: i never do. stepping back in these polls, people when polling subject of the white house a good -- maybe willing to comment like this, it take you at your word that they were not intended to be vulgar some might be embarrassed by that by a guy like that in the white house. >> he has done more for politics than anybody in a decadent much longer. the guy has literally taken my generation, young regeneration, gotten the interesting.
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the amount of people who watch theed, 30 million people watching that is a great thing for government, for our society, in teaching people in a political conversation. i actually think he is going to win the nomination, i think he will go all the way. even if he did and he has an immense surface showing a business guy can come and do great things showing that somebody who hasn't been in this senate can come and make a difference in terms of the country and if you look back at our best presidents they were business guys, the guys who were successful. neil: outside guys, abraham lincoln was outside the box. >> a lot of them were and they were phenomenal and we are the country we are because of that. sometimes you wanted different character, the same thing over and over doesn't work. neil: your dad is a different kind of guy. >> amazing guy. neil: you are a good and loyal son.
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t. boone pickens is not so impressed. maybe we should have a panel to prescreen candidates, he says my big idea for 2016 is to put together a bipartisan screening commission that vets presidential candidates like anyone else applying for a job and recommends the best candidates possible, he goes on to say we have people running for president who don't even had experience running a lemonade stand. that one i think is clearly not your dad talking about the latter part of that, maybe ben carson. what do you think of that? >> the final phase of democracy. i can tell you as a son in the background on a campaign trail falling around, there is no better vetting process and being on stage 24/7 with a microphone in your point in front of thousand people day in and day out, that is your vetting process. i have tremendous respect for any candidate who can get through that on either side, anyone --
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neil: left or right, track record, dozen cities in a day and i wouldn't know. >> there is the element that he can't be bought. a lot of billionaires' are upset they can't write a $20 million check and have the guy controls. neil: now foci beginning to say because your father can't be bought he has to spend more of that money and more funds to get this race going because in iowa it is getting a little dicey for him, he's down by eight points but he has to start opening his wallet. >> polls, sample size of 200. he is not spending enough of his money. to you think he will? >> he is in first place across the country in just a out every poll, in every poll and spend the least amount of money. neil: do you think he has to open that up?
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>> he is willing to. he has plenty of cash and if he needs to write that check he will be willing to write that check but if he is winning, why bother? neil: let me ask about a curious thing, when he is doing a speech ino's script or is everything he does unscripted? >> he is not a scripted guy. you know him as well as anybody, he says what is on his mind, hardly brings notes up there, no teleprompter, no reading speeches. neil: you are a cautious guy, so do you -- i don't know. >> i love someone who speaks from the heart and if he wins, that will make him win. if he loses i guess what is on his mind isn't what is on everybody else's mind, that is the great thing about democracy. neil: here is how they play this, if he does lose iron and is looking like he has got to
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win new hampshire, let's say he loses both, your father would be concerned about being labeled a loser and might leave early in this race, not go to the end. >> no link my father of the way i know him i think he will go to the end. neil: even if he loses. >> i don't know. at the end of the they had guy who wins doesn't lose, he won his whole life. neil: at a family meeting you talk about this, let's play et al vix >> i call him pop. i love the guy. i think he will play out to the end. he is a guy who has his heart set on this, what he wants to do and what he cares about, he's satisfied most of his life to run for the presidential position. in many regards he has an amazing company, amazing life, he can do whatever you wants, incredibly set. neil: he has to disentangle
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himself from the trump organization, you guys run it, and you sort that out. can you see him being separated from the company and not having anything to do with it? >> he has faith in us, you know him, and he knows us, we have done a great job, build an unbelievable empire, great motels. neil: you have the real estate getting a little heavy for particularly in this town. are you worried? we keep very low debt, we have our project in cash, we had very little leverage, we are diversified all over the world. neil: all of you, when you were talking about chinese and other foreign interests easing back i don't think you raise saying it was presaging a disaster but you worried things forgetting tight. >> there were opportunities for us, we were incredibly nimble, the chinese were not spending as much in new york as fuel prices
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have gone down. neil: $100 million penthouse is, $50 million. >> no question they are selling for $12,000 a square foot where five years ago -- neil: got to sort this out. things are high but not -- >> then a great job selling. when the world does a big reversion we will go in. previousing trump or this is all going to fall like a house of cards. >> prices have gone squarely but as companies we diversify everywhere. neil: adding to new york holdings makes me think that is it. >> at the right time we will buy any more. i think prices on the high end of non crazy and too much inventory coming into the market. every single person is developing, only wants to do high end buildings, no one wants to do that, the only one that appeals to that. there are only so many buyers
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and when china dries up and the world has economic problems where do those buyers come from and that is where it sits. neil: you were on that a long time ago. best your dad, your family, squeeze out some good christmas punch. be well. by the way we had a big debate coming up, another presidential debate, this will be our second go at it and we are honored to have the opportunity, a first presidential debate of the new year and we're there beyond business to core issues that matter to you, your life, your money. if it matters to you it matters to us, it matters to the candidates, it matters to donald trump and all the others. we will be there, charles in south carolina on the fourteenth of next year, see you then. a lot more after this including the battle behind the scenes to get to all those other candidates who feel donald trump is running circles around them.
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neil: you just heard from donald trump's son who's says the whole family heard anything and everything from that their dad and remains like the energizer bunny, relentless and prompteroblasts, one of fans to a lot of folks. the republican establishment is apparently not ending this sort of hunt on donald trump beyond what he says. >> can i say it? neil: no you cannot. the latest thing they're talking about, this is not a solidified consensus among the gop
12:29 pm
establishment particularly operatives, going to trump's financial disclosures as they rounded the attack on trump. and challenging the financial disclosures, and there is some wiggle room, it is part of the selling point. and lied on his forms, that is a serious charge, the other thing is use of corporate assets blending that in with the campaign usage whether he is properly accounting for example for the use of the jet and other things, double dipping and it is complicated, there's a way to account for it that, using corporate assets. neil: i am sure those would be -- if he hadn't -- than what?
12:30 pm
>> they are mulling a complaint about its as part of their continuing efforts, and i would say this is not a solidified consensus. there are people in the gop establishment saying don't go there, no one will care. others say it gives trump credibility and it would be part of the thousand cuts on him. neil: already had 999. is there hope that this gets in investigation going? >> by the way there is a huge discrepancy on what his net worth is and most other people say is. neil: saying sports is a few billion, not 10 billion. there's a lot more. >> i will tell you this. i will never debate donald, he is a rich guy and i am blown away, so impressed by how he started, he lost all his net
12:31 pm
worth in the 1990s, this is an amazing story but the way to attack him is different, you say he's lying on these forms, that is a violation, is part of their attack on him and they have pretty good grounds to show he is not worth $10 billion. neil: they are resting it on just that. neil: >> and blending of corporate assets the other way. this is what happens. neil: the clinton and bush people and ross perot, how much of his corporate money was going into it. charles: i am just saying worth $10 billion, and -- neil: still a billion. and defending the markets. neil: thank you very much.
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and -- neil: chipotle. stock is down. 31% over the past three months and all because it is almost too healthy.
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neil: apparently france got to what could have been another bullish. we are learning from france's interior minister announcing
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today there was a terrorist attack that was avoided in the new orleans region, southwest france, that the attack was aimed at police forces, two young men, 20, 24 years old were arrested, in contact with a french men in syria, under arrest and have been for a few days, but since the beginning of 2015, ten such attacks have been avoided but of course too but is two big ones were not, one the charlie hebdo attacks at the beginning of the year in paris and three weeks ago in paris but again, the ones that were avoided, this appears to have potentially been a big one. you have been hearing a good deal about jacobi, its stock getting crushed, new reports keep coming out that the ecb coli outbreak is bigger than we thought, stock under $500 a
12:37 pm
share, all of its started, jeff flock on what is going on inside jacobi in chicago. >> reporter: it is offers, locally sourced, you get a little equal line now and again, that is the phrase you got to pay, look at the map, this is the latest outbreak compared to the previous one. the previous one looks like was from a single source went to multiple states. the latest one could be a case, a lot of people speculate the thing that the finds chipotle, local sourcing of its produce, they do what they can, they bought it at farmers' market at some point, that makes it harder to control the quality. on its own web site to police as we sourced from farms, not factories and spend more for our ingredients, we wouldn't have it any other way. look at their sec filing in february this year a you see another interesting quotes which i will paraphrase, we made a
12:38 pm
commitment to serving locally sourced and organic produce and other foods. these initiatives may make it difficult to maintain quality and also may put them at risk for more food borne illnesses. billing locally sourced takes us back 100 years or so ago before there were central locations and regulations and that sort of thing and something may be that is what the problem is, this keeps breaking out, no one has gone to the bottom of it. look at stock compared to mcdonald's. i know you are a fan of mcdonald's, who needs fresh? stock, mcdonald's that a fresh high and chipotle at a fresh low. neil: i will let this come and go because you are such a great reporter. i am upset with you and hope you have a horrible holiday. thank you very much, good seeing you.
12:39 pm
what now? what happened? is it in a world of hurt? can we survive this? actually, depending how to pull the plays this out, they will still be okay but it is how this plays out. explain what they have to do. >> good to be with you, merry christmas, don't let him attack you on mcdonald's, that is god's food. overall, the status part is what does set chipotle apart is how the source their foods. there is concerned that they are going to have to get away from that and move to prepackaged food, already prepared food. that is going to be an issue for them but most importantly as they win the battle, the court of public opinion, that is where they are taking a beating right now. they can't be defensive, they
12:40 pm
need to keep their ceo on frontline granting every interview that comes this way. neil: you are quite right, they have to be up front, he doesn't do these full-page apology ads and the rest but a new development, not saying by creating here and there could be a form on the table that is in question, but i am beginning to wonder now whether the publicity or reminders take their loyal friends and give them pause. very loyal chipotle, very healthy thomas don't know what i chose them for but they love this, swear by it, still go but that eventually gets taxed the more you use these types of stories. >> that is right. you have to remember is that having a loyal following is important and that is good but if you are not growing especially in this economy you
12:41 pm
are dying so that is the big issue, they need to continue to grow their base. to rebound they have to get out ahead of this. and my concern for them is what takes them apart is what is under attack, the farm, the fresh, made right in front of you and that gets everybody excited and as different as their niche, no way that stays the same and they are able to go out and promise they will keep you safe so there will be a change there. there is no doubt and you will be very interesting and i can guarantee you that there are a lot of other people in this niche, in the market that are falling and marketing to see how can they avoid the same issue, because everybody is trying to source fresh farm, right from the farm to the table, they all want to do that but not at the risk of losing their business. neil: if you point out what gets them attacked. >> i don't know anyone who has been hurt by mcdonald's.
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neil: i cannot get enough. thank you. let's take a look at the dow has moved into triple digit gains but we are still a long way from a positive year. we need another 500 points, a little less than that to have a positive year and if that doesn't happen it would be the first free election year that was not positive going back to 1939, that was the last time that happened. the year before presidential election the market didn't go up. usually the markets go up quite a bit. the year before an election 10.4% but we're down 3% this year. time is wasting. a little more.
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neil: disney stock is still down, from this disastrous star
12:46 pm
wars movie that has apparently not -- they love this stuff, some even dress up in character. it is tragic. bottom line, even though disney changed the numbers to make this the most watched movie in the history of the globe over the weekend, they had to account elementary school ticket sales out of topeka to get there but they did it and jurassic world is getting this, bottom line my guarantee still holds, they won't sell one more ticket and i love when people say did you really say that? yes i did. after a lunch in this racket last night, space x getting it done safely landing at, and those crazy billionaires' competing with each other, jeff bezos tweeting congratulations
12:47 pm
on landing falcons suborbital boosters, welcome to the club. what he is saying is i did the same thing, nice of you to do the same thing. don't you love it when billionaires' had moved on from seeing who has the bigger yacht to has the bigger rockets that can land on earth? i am not going to go there. jo lin kent has the details on technology development, ford hooking up with google. this is about self driving. >> yahoo! reporting for and google will partner a joint venture to talk about putting more cars on the road and google already doing this with 53 vehicles, you can see it there was a popped based off of this, we asked if a reform the reports of them working together, they said in order to reach our long-term goal of transforming mobility for millions of people, we're talking to many companies about bringing self driving cars into the world but we won't
12:48 pm
comment on rumor or speculation about specific conversation and google not just looking at ford that manufacturers for driverless cars but also looking at the others and we know who the other players are in the game, volkswagen, mercedes benz, google certainly looking at the broader range but we expect the announcement to the official in january at the consumer electronics show. and we want to partner potentially because they want to eliminate death on the road, 33,000 people reportedly died from automotive deaths every single year so ford and google both have a lot of incentive to work together. we will see how that comes to play later on. neil: would you be comfortable getting in a driver's about last car? >> i have written in the tesla which has driverless cars featured, and is good not to worry about parallel parking. would you? neil: no. no. no. >> not even a little bit?
12:49 pm
a lane change? neil: no. i understand a drive at 40 miles an hour in the left lane. that is a problem right there. >> you can't hold that begins anybody. had nothing against this technology, the only thing i have against anything is the star wars movie, keep that in mind, fair and balanced, i hate it. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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hgoogle voice response:t inachim sigsa.
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how long does milk last? google voice; one week after the sell-by date. how much vitamin c is... is in an orange? set timer for twelve minutes. google voice: ok, twelve minutes. where can we find donuts around here? coffee? what about crepes? how about a bagel? what is the most important meal of the day? google voice: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
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neil: i don't know what the iranian term is for puts the but if i have got this right iran is saying there are new foreign visa policies the congressman concocted that runs afoul of the nuclear deal and they are threatening to walk so iran is st. we are cheating on this
12:53 pm
deal, a policy they find objectionable and john kerry, secretary of state is trying to reassure them that all this is fine, these are waiver restrictions we are fussing over, not what you think and by the way, we could always dismiss the waiver administratively, added insult to injury, n.c. congressman bonn that reaction. that stunned me. what did you think of that? >> why should it stun you? they have been protesting and got everything they wanted in their protest. neil: the best defense is a good offense. rather than as threatening the balkans because they are not holding it them to let, they are not holding to, the visa policy is a sham, what do you make of it? >> the visa policy creates accountability, creates oversight, those who have come to a known terrorist state
12:54 pm
should have to file for a visa. it is that simple. neil: this applies to a number of other problematic countries shall we say, that is what john kerry was trying to say but if he bends for iran or even go so far as to grant them a waiver what would you think? >> time and again, they circumvented all the financial sanctions they had, they never followed the rules on that, $600 million a month, $12 million, they used that, the missile ban, the test ban, they violated that. gave not even a whisper in terms of protests. john kerry goes apologizing again. >> caller: the upper card, the deputy foreign minister, definitely this would affect
12:55 pm
referring to the visa cultural, scientific and tourism relations likin of so that you could see them walking away from a deal where they could be the only beneficiaries. >> they have succeeded every single time they threatened to walk away. walk away, reagan walked away from reykjavik and begs him back six months later where two test ban treaties. they threaten and succeeded and that is why they keep threatening. >> it comes at a time where time is money, the first group of funds are not frozen in the new year. a lot have been freed from western european nations, those in the security council to lift this. they are not hurting one way or the other. >> they go back to iran.
12:56 pm
46 banks, half of those banks, to access those funds to international financial system, we got to track that money, and that is will we deal with the financial services committee, vice chair of the financial taskforces and congressional task force on terrorism. we got follow the money and even greater access with funds out of this deal. neil: thank you, we are very good, hope you have a merry christmas. alan simpson, and a certain republican candidate. technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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. neil: all right. we've got this in on hillary clinton. talking about big spending initiatives that she has already proposed many of them but this is at the top.
1:00 pm
wants to find a always humanners cure in 2025 and expected to spend $2 billion a year on that plan and will outline that plan in iowa, i hope part of that strategy will be how we pay for it. but there is a life shot in iowa how we will spell this all out. but of course it is a big issue here with a lot of folks who either want more government involvement and sometimes territory, sometimes you see alzheimer's, what affect it has, you want to see the cure and how that's possible but also have to outline how you pay for this stuff. sometimes not all the time comes up short. and blake berman on what's becoming increasingly aggressive some would say vulgar trump and hillary clinton face off. what's the latest? >> that is certainly one way to put it, neil, we'll see have momentarily if hillary
1:01 pm
clinton chooses to reengage on donald trump. to appear for the first of three events in iowa, including a couple of town halls. the latest crossfire between her and donald trump came last night from trump at a at a rally in front of thousands, trump used a word to describe male anatomy when talking about clinton's democratic primary loss. here it was. >> she was going to beat -- she was favored to win, and she got -- she lost. >> well, the clinton campaign responded with san ontonio response. the director tweeted to that quote we are not responding to trump. but everyone who understands the humiliation this trading language inflicts on all women should. clinton of course first things up in the last 72 hours or so saturday night the democratic debate when she said isis is using trump videos to recruit.
1:02 pm
trump called for an apology, the campaign was quote hell no. chris christy earlier today said he could care less about all the bickering back and forth. >> anybody really cares whether hillary clinton apologizing to donald trump or donald trump apologizes to hillary clinton? they need to be clear on how we're going to keep the homeland safe and protected. >> so here we are on december 22nd, so much for slowing down heading into the holiday season. neil: i hear you, buddy. all right, blake, thank you very, very much. we've got senator alan with us right now. no doubt responding to polls that show donald trump isn't the only one getting attention in this race. right now ted cruz is polling darn near even with him in states like iowa he leads, and he's become much more competitive in states like new hampshire. and that worried alan simpson. the former commission cochair.
1:03 pm
why does it, senator? good to have you, by the way. >> well, it doesn't worry me. but it is -- it's amazing. i think things -- i think elections in iowa 30, 40 years ago meant something in the system, but they don't anymore, not when you come out of there with michelle bachman and mike huckabee and all good people who just disappeared. neil: not everyone does, barack obama went on to win that state even though he lost new hampshire afterwards but you're quite right. usually it has lost its effectiveness by in large jimmy carter who put it on the map. >> yeah. those are republicans. i'm talking about democrats. neil: you think ted cruz is a flame out? >> well, i tell you. i'm just too much of a senate guy. i was 18 years there, i was trained under robert bird and the rules of the senate and the civility of robert bird
1:04 pm
had been on the floor when he insisted and said that majority leader of his party was a liar, bird would have pulled up rule three, two d and put it around his neck like the -- neil: maybe that's what america is responding to that conformity, that whole tone. that's why he is succeeding. what do you make of that? >> well, i don't know if that's how you succeed when you use the u.s. senate for his foil and when he did his filibuster and talks about mr. spending cuts. it cost 24 billion bucks while he peeped up there for 12 days or 14 days with his filibuster so he can get his mains off, cost 24 billion bucks, never heard him say how he would save that. neil: so now i'll put you as a maybe with ted cruz. >> yes. put me down as a big question mark there.
1:05 pm
neil: let me go on to donald trump. he -- controversial his comments that he has made regarding hillary clinton. he's, again, free willing thoughts, no prompter, none of that stuff. this is what people like about him. what do you think? >> well, again, i think everybody said it before. he strikes at every coral of political correctness and people are sick and tired of it, especially as we read the educational community that some student is offended by the blood in a shakespeare tragedy. give me a break and these need to be taken care of and -- neil: but see that doesn't jibe what you just said about ted cruz. i respect the heck out of you, but you seem to be giving donald trump a pass, not ted cruz. >> i don't give him a pass at all. i think he's crude. but i also say that he's -- he's a shock effect. and people are liking that. here's jeb bush, who i favor, doing everything he can. he's got all the experience in
1:06 pm
the world, balanced budget, made things run, he knows how to deal with agency people. i just tell people, look, if you really want somebody who has no more experience than a tour in the u.s. senate, you're going to get just about what you're going to get. neil: wow. you know, i would like to say that you have been this blunt just since retiring from the senate, but actually you were worse when you were in the senate. >> people called me the master of loss causes when i was in the senate. no, i'm the only living guy that ever had a hearing on the aarp. they were in shock. they said how could you do this? we're just such sweet people making billions. oh, it's a nice -- it's a good job. and 84 and irritate everyone in the u.s. is a life's goal. neil: i remember that. they took your early bird dinner cart away for that. >> they did, and they put the phone tree on me. that's the biggest piece of foliage in washington. neil: that was -- look at you now. senator, i hope you have a
1:07 pm
merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you, and it is about christ birth. that's a strange thing. we don't want to forget that. neil: you're exactly right. and you're a good man whether people agree or disagree. i never find you -- actually i do find you disagreeable. but mostly that line makes sense. thank you, my friend. >> delight. neil: he's an original. all right. you heard what eric trump had to say about his dad getting land based by no less than pictures. take a look at this. >> find a face of democracy, first of all. second of all i can tell you as a son who is in the background on the campaign trail following him around, there is no better vetting process than being up on stage 24/7 with a microphone pointed at your face in front of 30,000 people day in and day out, that is your vetting process. . neil: all right. he was responding to criticism by maybe we should be looking at a bipartisan panel that would scream presidential candidates to see whether they're up to the job and then let the public vote on said list.
1:08 pm
charlie gasparino back with us. i wish we had the same policy. but anyway that's too late for that. >> i think we did. that's how i got in here. bipartisan. neil: what do you make of this? because it really upset eric trump. >> listen, i like -- boone's a friend of mine -- neil: you like trump too. >> i like donald a lot. neil: who do you like more? >> i like them both. they're both good people and blunt and plane spoken people. i just think that, you know, it sounds like it's counter to the -- to the -- well, listen, essentially if you want a bipartisan group, which is you're going to get a bunch of rich people picking who is the next president of the united states, that's a chose. neil: a panel would have never picked abraham lincoln. >> who would pick the panel? the party elite? the whole thing sounds like it's guaranteeing the establishment. neil: it is a mess. now, earlier on you were here saying that there's a move to
1:09 pm
sort of really go into donal donald trump's -- financials -- >> assessment operatives going in there and challenging his net worth and whether he loses -- we did get a christianity right after our broadcast from cory, the spokesman campaign manager for donald trump and this is what he said. we should put it up on the screen. do we have it? . neil: can we take it? here we go. >> it's all bs. the numbers were certified under the penalty of perjury, and they are accurate. he actually gave me a few more choice lines. neil: is that the spokesman or donald trump? >> no. this is the -- this is the interesting part. another attempt by the establishment to make sure donald trump isn't the nominee because he's in the washington establishment and the political elite. very interesting way to come back at this. neil: i will say this. every time that crowd has tried to go after him, it only boomerangs on them. >> it does. you know, the question is do they have enough here?
1:10 pm
remember when you certify that thing, you're saying under penalty of perjury -- neil: no, they're saying that he's not as rich or that he can pick up stuff he's not as worth you said he's worth 10 billion. >> yes. neil: my point is whether it's just represented or if you're worth 3 billion or 10 billion, who cares. >> no. i'm with you on that. all i know is he was worth 0 in 1992 and multibillionaire. that shows you that he is a great businessman. now, i will just say when you sign documents, and you say something is worth x and, you know, listen, this is what the presidential -- listen, this is what eric was talking about. there's a vetting process that goes on called the primaries. and we don't have a bunch of rich people sitting around -- neil: and that will decide it. >> as part of that vetting process, though, people are going to vet you. they're going to go after you. god forbid i ever try to run for something. i would hate the vetting that would go on me. neil: i would provide everything.every piece of dirt -
1:11 pm
>> i'm actually the guy that started the pumpkin spice latte craze. neil: did you actually have one? >> yeah. i did and we put two straws in it together. do you remember? . neil: is that necessary? >> that's how we bonded. neil: i don't like you. that's it. i just didn't even like you. >> boohoo. neil: good stuff. good stuff. i do love the guy. like the brother i really never wanted. >> operative term. neil: never wanted. all right. let's see how perry has a story, breaks a story here within trump's campaign is responding in cursing tweets. >> i love that. neil: you hear about the big debate fox business is having? january 14th we're at it again. we're really looking forward to it, charleston, south carolina. and it's a chance to go beyond just business this time. we're going to touch on national security, issues like who's electable, you name it. if it's important to you, we're all over it. and we have this novel concept at fox business that it is not about us.
1:12 pm
if we give good questions and it's still a good debate and that gives the kind of reaction you want, then all of a sudden we're not the story, the candidates are, the answers you want are the story, not the questions we ask. it's the answer we listen. it's not bus. by the way, how is my hair? more after this. >> your hair's perfect. neil: thank you ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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neil: all right. well, the bad guys might have it, but the pentagon now saying that the fall of rapidly is as inevitable as iraqi forces are starting to pull in, military spokesman saying there are about 250 to 350 isil fighters left in the city and iraqi forces are moving quickly to get them out of there. fast.
1:16 pm
joining us now in that fight in ramadi, ramadi is so important it has so much significance of all the bloodshed and crucial fight there over the years. this is important to get back; right? >> yeah. this province sunni triangle is critical in the capital of baghdad and also the region critical spiritually. so it's very important that we get that back, but we've got to hold it once we get it. it has to be back in the state government control. it's too important. i remember being in the situation room at the white house in 2005, 2006 when these. reporter: were coming in from the pentagon about not only the importance of getting it back but holding it. neil: which we didn't. >> we did eventually by 2007 we were able to get control. neil: but it was the troops surge that got out there. >> yeah. the unbar weakening. very much because we had good people on the ground. good commanders. good troops.
1:17 pm
but we suffered terribly as far as combat losses there. 2005, 2006, some of the bloodiest battles in ramadi, that's something we need to remember. we already paid for that province, we paid for that territory in blood and treasure. we need not only to get it back for the iraqis to control it, but it needs to stay in the hand of the iraqi government. neil: well, can they do it, can the iraqi forces do it on their own? when you do say with help, there isn't as much help there. >> right. they've been trained. they have the ability to go in, they have the equipment to go in. i think. neil: what did she they have the ability. the record is a little dicey. >> exactly right. they need the combat support, they need the air support, and they certainly will use coalition assets i'm sure in this battle, including people on the ground to assist. because this is something that's too important not only to iraq but a lot of what we're facing here, neil, threats to our homeland are because there are so much space, so many resources, and
1:18 pm
so many terrorists running around the middle east unfettered ability to sit and plan attacks here on the homeland. societies incumbent upon us on the homeland and also incumbent on the homeland. neil: but we have pulled back from the region to your point. >> yeah. neil: and a lot of folks are saying it might be too late because a lot of those nefarious settlements are already here in the united states, elsewhere, about we just got news oriole about a french attack. so while that's happening now, i'm wondering no matter what we're doing or not doing in that region -- >> no. it has to be both approaches. it has to be the away game and the home game. we are behind in the united states because of just the massive domestic radicalization that has happened but that happened because there was so much time and ai air and space in the middle east that they had the ability to do what they couldn't do when they were fighting us in iraq and
1:19 pm
afghanistan, which is plan attacks on europe, plan attacks on the united states, radicalize them on the internet from the basements. neil: thank you very much, my friend. u.s. navy reserve. young guy. very merry christmas. >> thank you. merry christmas to you. neil: thank you very much. he does the seven fish thing on christmas eve. i got out of that with an irish mother. that's it. we're done. i don't know if you've been keeping track of what's happening with this minimum wage, but the new year close to a dozen states tack on these higher wages. well, the federal reserve is already out with a study that said it has already resulted in 200,000 jobs going away. already. what do you think happens next?
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
connell: we're back with business alert, i'm connell
1:23 pm
mcshane on cavuto coast to coast, looking at one company you should be looking at after the close of trading today, and that would be nike. it's going to report its earnings and nike has been doing really well, you see the stock at $130, it's expected to report a profit somewhere between 15 and 16% higher than the point it was last year and the stock has going nothing but higher. we've had so many conversations about these retailers and maybe the affect the weather is happening and people shopping. no such affect for nike. you people want their sneakers, athletic wear and gear no matter what the weather is and the stock has responded by being the best performer by far inside the dow jones industrial average of the year. up 35%. really nobody is close. the average is down more than 500 points the dow so far this year. so for nike to be doing that well in this time of market speaks to how well people have been responding to the products. the other companies that are doing well includes mcdonald's. that's one that i heard mentioned earlier on the program. home depot, ge. so some big consumer-related
1:24 pm
names, neil, seem to be doing well and nike, we would think would continue to do these numbers. by the way, they have a streak, 13 quarters in a row their earnings have beaten expectations. so we'll see. neil: you know me, born athlete. connell: , yes. neil: not at all a surprise. connell: that neil, oh, bow nose,. neil: something like that. a lot of states are in the process of hiking minimum wage, many did, more to come in the new year. the federal reserve has a study out that says these increases already -- and a lot of them didn't just go to $15, a lot of them 8.25, 9.25, 11 bucks, that type of thing, it's costing 200,000 jobs and that's not the fixing boards that a lot of union folks want to see. mark saying he's not at all surprised. these people better be careful what they wish for.
1:25 pm
mark, what do you think? >> well, look, neil, the people who design these programs, they've probably never owned a small business, never worked for minimum wage, i can tell you what they have to do when get minimum wage is cut labor cost and cut your staff and that means less jobs. it's just the math. neil: the argument against that is we have had steady job growth, it's hard to maintain this, this has nothing to do with the minimum wage increase, this is just a slowdown, what are we? 73 months into this recovery, mark's all wrong, he's teaching it to the wrong thing. what do you say? >> again, what you're talking -- the people who is that are academickions, they've never worked for the minimum wage, they don't own a small business, they certainly don't understand don't understand the realities of the market base, when your
1:26 pm
market labor goes up, you increase your labor pull and you increases your prices and that means the prices who can least affirmed to pay the extra money. neil: while i have you here, someone who raised hell and you were away out of this curve the father of the tea party, and i'm thinking of you ask thinking how they cobble together this budget in record time. and there were some tea party conservatives who argue but it was signed deal faster than it could come out of the printer. what do you think of this and what do you think of the state of the tea party, conservative values, big money values, all of that? >> sure, neil, you know, i'm going to start by saying, again, not the father of the tea party, millions of people, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers -- neil: you were the most -- modest guy but fine i'll say that. but you've got to be -- >> i'm going to argue that with you forever. neil: okay. fine. >> so the point is that the tea party's there, still in the fight, winning all across the country. most importantly we look at what's happening at the state level, more state legislatures
1:27 pm
and control of republicans ever before literally since the 1930s, less democrats in state legislatures by numbers since civil war, the red states are becoming more conservative. so the trend is important, it's only the national level we see the difficulty and only in the presidency -- as far as what paul ryan and the republicans just did in congress, complete and absolute betrayal of conservative principles. they will pay the price. they've paid the price in the past and that price is going to continue to be paid. neil: mark, citizens for self governors out of california. a modest guy. but, look, i was following this. he's one of the key guys. let's leave it at that. mark, thank you. have a merry christmas. all right. in the meantime, you know, you might be busy shopping but as for the malls of america, they're worried about something else. protesters, and there are going to be a bunch of them tomorrow planning on descending on one of the world's largest shopping malls to make their case the day before christmas eve. well, this should go well
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
. neil: well, they have a right to protest. of course everybody does. but the mall of america is arguing customers have a right to shop too, so black lives matter, you cannot come in here and have one of your protests the day before christmas eve. so they issued a restraining order trying to prevent just such a protest.
1:32 pm
the same group acting up last year. the mall of america is right? they have every right to go ahead and push this. emily says it doesn't have a case, that the mall shouldn't be doing this. emily, you are saying the mall of americas is not within legal right to stop this or try to? >> right, the mall of america has hurt their own credibility, they diminished it and here's why. they sought such an overbroad ruling from the judge. there's no way the judge will grant this entire thing. you can't restrict another citizen's free speech short of decimation and the like. you can't ask them to remove social media posts and what not. neil: inside the mall of america, i understand their rights, but dina, my issue is what about shoppers' rights, want to celebrate the season, get toys, get gifts, what do you make of that?
1:33 pm
>> you know, it's a common misconception that the first amendment allows you the ability to say whatever you want wherever you want to say it. that's not true. the first amendment protects your right against the government infringing on protected speech. that's not what they're arguing here. what's happening here is these are people walking into a privately owned establishment and wanting to disrupt the business occurring there. that is not protective speech, not protected by the first amendment and the mall is within their right to shut them down. neil: what happens tomorrow, emily, if they try to force this and get this restraining order and the protesters don't honor it, they say judge smudge, we won't honor it. >> if the protesters are at the mall of americas, they will be subject to arrest if on private property. if they are on adjoining property including sidewalks blocking entrances, that would be a lawful peaceful protest.
1:34 pm
one more point, in the seeking of restraining orders, including the eight separate ones the mall is making on behalf of the certain members, not what the laws are designed for. especially in minnesota. you have to establish a pattern of harassment or immediate and present danger facing the only thing mentioned in the laws is targeted residential picketing, here is commercial. neil: if you're going to protest, why can't you protest outside? why do you have to block entrances? in this case, i'm saying everyone is free to protest in this country, but where do you draw the line when you step on other people's rights? >> that's exactly right, you can't just protest anywhere you want. you have to protest in the appropriate places, and obviously that's counterproductive to the movement itself, they want to make disruptions, want to cause problems. want to get attention, that can only be done by interfering with people like standing on streets or walking into malls and interfering with the day to day life of other people.
1:35 pm
>> ironically, the mall of network caused more attention to this. >> the mall of america does not allow protesters to come in and go ahead and disrupt the business that's occurring there. it's not fair, not only to the shoppers but to the owners of the businesses that have locations within that mall. neil: emily, your counter to that? >> regardless of fair, it's what's legal. ironically in terms of drawing attention, the mall of america has drawn more attention by filing this overbroad lawsuit rather than the black lives matter protest movement that's done is so lawfully on the social media. >> i totally agree, it's what's legal, and what's legal is you cannot protest in a privately held establishment if the owner of the establishment does not want you to. neil: we'll know tomorrow. see what happens, with or without a restraining order, i have a feeling something will happen. and we'll be on it. ladies, thank you, both. >> thank you. neil: volume is very, very light and that will get to be the case every day, certainly
1:36 pm
in the two days remaining this week, limited on thursday of course and, of course next week between christmas and new year's, the final days of the year. with this gain, it would have to sustain itself for 400 points and then some, 450 points to avoid something that has not happened since 1939. a year prior to a quadrennial election presidential year where stocks have not been up. by and large the year before presidential election stocks are up an average of 10.4%. right now we are down. so again, history could be in the making. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:37 pm
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. >> reporter: it is fox business brief time, and today is a really big day for the retailers. talking about the fact that for one thing you get amazon prime order in by tonight, they can rush it over to you. that's presents in time for christmas eve to get it under the tree. in terms of stock prices, focus on those beginning with amazon which is lower today. $660. for those of you who have ordered more deliveries today than any other day, ups saying a million more packages will be delivered this year. 36 million than the same day this last year, overall by 10% and about 12% respectively, ups and fedex say this year will be better in terms of last. $830 what americans plan to spend on average this
1:39 pm
christmas, that up from last year. the retail stocks today for the most part are higher. neil is back with more "coast-to-coast" in just a moment.
1:40 pm
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . neil: all right, we told you how bernie sanders is raising a heck of a lot of money. you continue can't be doubted when clinton donors are confirming it, saying they believe that senator sanders may soon clinch the democratic
1:41 pm
front-runner when it comes to total fund-raising. contributors are worried that sanders could outraise clinton for the entire fourth quarter of 2015. hillary clinton leads in the polls, but some show the race tightening in new hampshire. could be wind at the back for the sanders folks and would confirm a good deal of enthusiasm, the mainstream media say it's dissipated for bernie sanders, not in the eyes of his rabid supporters. we'll keep an eye on the money figures because it could translate into votes. sometimes. rick brunelle joining us on the latest talks where we get all parties trying to work together. rick, looking at this, they're trying to find a way -- correct me if i'm wrong -- between the syrian government and the opposition should begin early next year. isn't this the same government that we're trying to dislodge and the same government that
1:42 pm
the russians want to keep very much in place? >> and the u.n. resolution says nothing about that problem. you are exactly right, neil. look, this is so bad of a u.n. resolution, we avoid all of the problems. this is a u.n. resolution that the russians love because it doesn't confront them on any of the problems. john kerry, to sit there and say we've got a process in place and we're on the right track is akin to his press conference he held about a month ago with sergey lavrov, the foreign minister of russia, in which he again says we agree, we're on the right path. we are not on the right path. and by the way, let me add one point. hillary clinton recently said that this u.n. resolution on syria now gives us the ability to say we are on the right path. if that's the case, let's just assume for a second that it's a small step, which i think it's a bad step because the russians signed onto it and we didn't
1:43 pm
force them to think about the. let's just assume it is a good small step. why didn't hillary clinton do this when she was secretary of state? she was the nation's top diplomat, and she was there when the syrian conflict started. why didn't she do it? why isn't the media asking where was hillary if this was the small step she was waiting for to say we're on the right path, why didn't she do it? neil: it's a good question, what i'm wondering is whether we tabled the idea of throwing bashar al-assad aside because we might be more focused on isis for the time being and need to work with the devil we know, maybe get rid of him or address him later? >> you know, that, if the national security team for the president came out and said exactly what you just said, i think we could reluctantly get behind that idea that there's a different crisis going on right now. but the fact of the matter is that even before we had this crisis, the policy was assad should go, we didn't do
1:44 pm
anything about it. the reason we are not confronting this issue of assad and the u.n. resolution and not forcing the issue is we're afraid of the russians. the russians have moved tanks into syria. not just said they're against our policy, they've shown that they're against our policy by moving military equipment inside syria. we're up against russia and we blinked. we're backing down because the russians are saying we want them to stay and we don't want to force their hand. it's a weak moment for this president. neil: weird, i get the feeling what we're saying assad isn't going anywhere any time soon, is he? >> no, not going anywhere. neil: ric grennel, always good having you. we're getting word on the health care enrollment, the administration was saying proving to be stronger than thought. the health and human services secretary is saying more than 8.2 million people have indeed enrolled or had obamacare coverage renewed, versus about a 6.4 million people last year
1:45 pm
at this time. i think the total number of insured moves into the 13-14 million neck of the woods putting pressure on republican to say if you're going to shelf the affordable care act, what is going to happen to the folks, if you jettison that pac, what do you do for the folks who pick up the coverage. have you 13 or 14 million people that republicans say well it ends, what do you do for them? falling into a trap that some would argue democrats have set brilliantly. more after this. lift with your legs.
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. neil: all right, well, the tax foundation is out with a stirring review of donald trump's tax plan, saying that it would indeed cut taxes a great deal but deny the
1:49 pm
government $9.5 trillion over the next decade and boost the aftertax income of the wealthiest households by 1.3 a year. when you cut a wealthier person's taxes it's going to be a greater sum. that's neither here nor there. what donald trump wants to do is cut the top rate to 25% from 39.6%. he would also exempt each person's first $25,000. each married couple's first $50,000 from income taxation at all, therein lies with how it would deny the government some revenues. it does go onto say that donald trump's plan is one of the largest tax cuts in terms of costs to the government, bigger than jeb bush's plan, which up until this time apparently had been an early read on donald trump's plan that trump might herald as saying, look, they made it to include mine as the biggest of all the tax plans, always in the eye of the
1:50 pm
beholder the revenues that are denied. that's coming from the tax foundation. all right, connell mcshane on what will close out to be a good housing year. not a boom one but a good one, not all across the board, right, connell? >> not with the sales numbers, but you're right, generally speaking, may be a reason for the drop of 10.5% on existing home sales. now it is with that drop in november, the slowest pace in quite some time. 19 months. so with that drop, the national association of realtors says there's a reason. now mortgage rules on the books, mortgage forms that have to be filled out. that is hurting things. the home building stocks this year, many of them have not done so well. some much worse, hovnanian, pulte down by 17%. however the stocks behind me are doing pretty well today, would caution not to make too much -- i learned that from you, as a matter of fact, neil. don't make too much of the movement in one day! is what you always tell me,
1:51 pm
that applies to this more than other stories because the sales figure wasn't great. they say there's a reason with the new mortgage forms and the stocks down year to date up on a single day. back over to you. neil: thank you, my friend. a lot of people have concern over connell's point whether things have gotten ahead of themselves especially when eric trump was here, his dad in the real estate business, the whole family is and talking about things peaking in the hot manhattan real estate market. are foreign buyers fleeing? eric was worried about it. my next guest former "the apprentice" contestant katrina and real estate attorney, adam. you've heard this argument, the both of you have, katrina, raise it with you, when the chinese pull out, the russians are pulling out. the leaders of this buying binge, if you want to call it in boom areas like new york city are pulling back, if not out entirely, that's a sign of some trouble.
1:52 pm
what do you think, katrina? >> well, you know, the chinese buyers have actually surpassed the canadian buyers as number one foreign buyers in the united states. recently, in recent weeks, many of the chinese buyers have begun to pull back. it's a result of many things. their economy is obviously not growing at the same pace. the chinese stock sale law, and also the devaluation of their currency, and also there are now tightened restrictions on their ability to have cash, you know, basically outside of their country. so that's definitely taking or affecting, i should say, the overall housing market because they're the number one foreign buyers in the u.s. but by the same token, i think what's also happened with all the chinese cash buyers coming into the united states, it's actually alienated a lot of the buyers in the united states, so there are stories i hear from many clients especially in the
1:53 pm
new york market where they put full price bids for buildings and losing out to chinese buyers. so i think it's not actually a bad thing entirely because it's pricing out a lot of the actual domestic buyers. neil: i understand, but the worry out of it has been that has been the wind at the back for a lot of high-end real estate. if you buy the trickle-down view as they go and leads to the rest of us in the market, that's a worrisome sign, you are worried? >> i could be worried. little more complicated. two worlds of chinese real estate. there are those putting 20 million dollars into commercial real estate to big companies building the skyscrapers. that's one world of the chinese money coming in. the other world is the eb5. putting in $500,000 or a million dollars into real estate and in exchange getting green cards and the right to
1:54 pm
stay in america. those two worlds, one of them, the individual buyers will not have a big effect on the market, they're not a part of the big buying market. but on the other hand, the commercial and the 20 million dollars is i'm guessing 50% of the market. as a result of that, it would hurt growth if 20 million dollars is no longer in the market. neil: let's step back. i didn't mean to get so immersed with the chinese thing. looking at the macroview, and katrina help me with this about maybe interest rates picking up, the economy, 73 months of the economy, fears it might slow down and some hot markets like new york, like florida, like out in the west coast, i mean, maybe it is time for a breather. do you think it is time for a breather? what do you think, katrina? >> well, i think it's actually not a bad thing. we're also seeing a lot of the russians, for instance, are actually pulling out of miami
1:55 pm
market, and there's varied speculation why that's occurring within the wealthy spectrum, if you will. but as far as interest rates, how that's affected? what i've noticed with buyers, they've gotten off the fence now because there is anticipation we're going to have more rate increases as time moves on. it's actually motivated a lot of the buyers making the month of december one of my most productive months here. neil: really? adam, what do you think? >> i agree. sales have been down over six months. people aren't realizing it. the sellers have been sitting on the market with their prices too high and haven't, and sales are way down. so the spike in interest rates are going to get people off of the horse and into the market. that should help shortly. remember, though, going back to china. if you have a bad chinese market and that's having problems, where would you rather put money? in a dictatorship or free country like america, where you know the land is still yours
1:56 pm
even after problems come about. neil: there is that, i guess, guys, thank you very much. i appreciate it. i want to bring your attention to the corner of wall and broad. we're up a lot today. existing home sales data again notwithstanding, light volume less than a half of what is normally the case here. not surprising given the holiday week. we had huge swings on light volume. probably no exception here. remember, the number a lot of folks are looking at to close out the year is anything greater than 17,824. so about 411 points where we are. something we have not seen since 2008. something they are trying to avoid right now. but days to go. after this. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on,why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago.
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>> all right. can you believe. now below $500.
2:00 pm
this thing has careened and lost about a third of its value when the whole stuff came to light on food that may have created e. coli risk. so from bad to worse for chipotle. ashley webster to take you through the next hour. >> thank you very much, and welcome, everybody to the intelligence report, i'm ashley webster in today for trish regan. breaking right now, hillary clinton set to speak to a crowd in iowa. there's a live picture, a town hall meeting. she's running late. her speech comes though as the attacks between donald trump and hillary clinton are getting very personal. at a michigan rally last night trump called clinton a liar for saying that isis is using videos of the g.o.p. front runner as a recruitment tool, but then proceeded to take things even further. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been


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