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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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week, we'll have a very merry christmas. gerri: that is so nice, lovely, a great holiday. david: we hope you have a great holiday, we'll be here tomorrow but we thought we would share with you, "risk & reward" starts right now. jo ling: welcome to "risk & reward" i am jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton, iraqi forces -- driving out militants from ramadi, welcome to the show. it will be second largest city after tikrit to be taken back from isis in 18 months, is this a turning point? kt mcfarland is joining us, ramadi fell to isis in a embarrassing defeat back in may, will they be able to take ramadi back? >> we'll see, i talked with a military office who was in
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east, said a lot of of apartments and buildings are booby-trapped, it could be brutal, and there are a number of civilians. time will tell. jo ling, here is what i think. is reality in the middle east, iraq, the iraq that we think of, unified iraq, does not really exist, in the in order are kurds, middle sunnies, and southeast he i shiites, everyone group will fight to defend itself but not for the other. that is a problem. jo ling: you mentioned that problem that points to statist call changes, isis lost 14% of the territory in syria, what would a win in ramadi mean in overall fight against isis? >> it would depend on who is doing the winning in ramadi?
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an iraqi army with kurds and shiites and sunnies? are they all participating? if so, maybe that indicates that i am wrong, that iraq is unified, where it does have major groups that are willing to fight with each other for each other. i'm skeptical. the other reality is that we keep hearing that about islamic state, a terrorist group, it is absolutely. but it is also a functioning nation state with boundaries, a well equipped military. it is wealthy. jo ling: serious revenue, moving on from there. everyone has been focused on isis. the taliban is claiming responsibility for one of the dee deadliest attacks against u.s. forces in afghanistan in 3 years, a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle packed with exclusives into an --
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explosives into an airbase, killing six servicemembers. >> national security of our nations remains very much at stake. the taliban's advances, in some parts of the country, even if temporary, under score this is a tough fight, it far from over. jo ling: how big of a setback is this in afghanistan? are taliban forces continuing to seize the territoryy? >> not only are they seizing territory, but in parts where the taliban is not thought to have been in the past. every time i have gone to afghanistan, there is a saying, you meet afghans, they tap their wrists, they say, you've got the watches, you americans, we've got the time, in other words, you may have all of the technology, you are on a timeline a schedule, but we live here, you will are long gone and we'll be stuck here with this.
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the taliban will come in, i predict there will be more bloody fighting in a civil war. jo ling: you make a fair point with u.s. and nato combat missions ended last year in afghanistan, obama administration meanwhile thought about reversing plans to withdraw troops this year with you they those to -- but they chose to leave the troops in afghanistan, overall do you see the battle intensifying? >> yeah, and i believe we'll leave. afghanistan, why is afghanistan important to us? because the taliban had housed al qaeda 15 years ago, that was 15 years ago, the 258 ban may come -- the taliban may come back, al qaeda has moved on, they have modified turning into isis and the islamic state and other terrorist groups. i look at situation in
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afghanistan, u.s. has limit resources. i think afghanistan is one of those countries where we tried to impose democracy. but at the end of the day we're dropping up leaders in country thats don't matter. jo ling: it continues to be a bed of instability there, we want to ask you about u.s. army sarge bowe bergdahl, he made his initial court of appearance in fort bragg, north carolina today. what do you think? >> i think that the -- well i credit u.s. army and the officials of u.s. army, for taking a gutsy move, they are trying him, they know that the administration celebrated bergdahl. claiming it was a great victory for the administration, i think that
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the army is showing real guts, saying, you know we have a army to run. we think he is a deserter, we'll put the full force of military justice against him. i also think that it speaks to the disconnect that this administration in particular the president has with his armed forces. you take bo bergdahl they knew he was a trader, they knew that military unity served had questions about him, but they had the prison swap. and celebrated it as a great victory. they don't do that for thor military -- other military leaders or heroes, finally issue the swap puts 5 gitmo prisoners back into the fight, the fact that we had a suicide bombing yesterday in afghanistan, where americans have died, you have to wonder, are we releases gitmo prisoners to go back to the fight to kill americans? jo ling: ktthank you so much.
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>> in europe, french police a terror attack. two men age 20 and 24 have been arrested. national security and terrorism analyst brigitte gabriel is with me now, is there enough of the security landscape? >> it is dangerous, this is why france is stepping up, what happened the last terror attack that came to fruition was a wake-up call to france. this is why we say in the united states we have to be successful every time, all they have to be successful to reek havoc on innocent civilians, france is waking up they have over a thousand terrorists right now operating in france and they know it. jo ling: let's look at the
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broader picture over a million refugees. now the u.n. reporting have entered europe, leaves conflicts and persecution. is that a security risk as you see it right now? is that something that the region needs to do to maine stability and gray -- grow? >> that is a huge security risk, especially to europe. europe is not set up to handle all of the refugees all at once, europe has always taken in refugees. but never in these numbers, it comes with losing their identity because of the influx of the refugees, there is a mayor security concern. what isis came out with a video saying they embedded 4,000 isis recruiters within the refugees who made it to europe. europe realizes that threat. the arabic countries are
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afraid to take them in for example jordan and syria, they do not want to destabilize their own societies. jo ling: at jfk, a trespasser, topped fence, got on tarmac outside of a busy terminal, how worried should travelers be? >> well, there is a great concern any time you get on a plane in the united states. we know that radicals want to get on the plane. i travel up to three times a week, i think about this. but we go through security lines, we travel could we take our shoes off, computers out of the bag, and bags and cell phone, then you hear a story like this of somebody basically walking on the tarmac.
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and it show we must courted nate -- coordinate our security. jo ling: it is easy to make suggests like that. what do you mean by a closer coordination, have you a situation where the inc the intruder was confronted by two cargo workers who noticed he did not have the proper i.d. gerri: something very -- >> something very simple, israel does this on the border, electrify the fence, no one will jump over it, there is snow way to get into the airport then the risk of someone who sun wanted getting on the tarmac and risking the lives of hundred plus, there are steps that we can take, screen people who work at the airport. make sure that people who are working within the airport have a very good background
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checks, they are not coordinating with outside sources to smuggle something into the airport. jo ling: thank you bridg bridgette. >> thank you. >> jeb bush coming up later in the show issue we'll get his take on the issue, -- on the economy, trump and so much more. donald trump getting heat for aer di derogatory comment he made against hillary clinton. what does that mean? find out what -- why trump did this last night. >> you in the center, why don't you turn your camera, show them how many people come to these rallies.
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jo ling: texas senator ted cruz catching up to donald trump, a new quinnipiac poll shows trump ahead. but far behind senator ted cruz, follow by marco rubio and dr. ben carson. >> everything that has been involved as been losses, ve evens race against obama, how does it get worse? she was favored to win, she got [ bleep ] she lost. >> that bleep out considered controversial. it has been described as a
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yiddish term for male genitals, to break it down, our panel is joining me now. lisa, trump stale maintains the lead, after many inappropriate comments like this. why is this working for trump? >> well if i have a will d dollar for every time people thought haze poll would take a nose dive based off something he said, i would be a pretty rich women, the comes are getting less surprising. but i think in our country right now we have safe spaces on a college campus, and a president, and a presumed presidential nominee, who will not name radical extremism this straight talk this you know, avoiding political correctness is hitting the right note with voters. donald trump and his sort of you know against the grain,
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saying things that are different is hitting the right vote. jo ling: it is hitting some kind of a note. movmove on. hillary camp say we're not responding to trump but everyone who understands the humiliation that degrading language inflicts on all women should respond. so do you think this responsing move the needle if trump and hillary were to go head-to-head. >> i don't. this is a pattern of sexist behavior on his part, bullies attack from point of weakness there is nothing more than playground, third grade rhetoric, this is not presidential, i think that ted cruz is surging in part because republican voters would like the policies they are getting sick of the trum circus. jo ling: trump in his campaign rally saying that crowd is not seen by viewers at home. watch what he did. >> they never show the crowds.
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they always show my face. i have a big ego, but my wife said how many people were at the, event, i heard -- i said it was packed, she aid oh, she said you never see the crowd. turn the camera, you with the blond hair, show the room, go ahead. they don't turn them. hey you in the center, turn the camera, show them how many people come to the rallies. jo ling: no one is drawing the crowds that trump draws, no doubt about, that but how much does crowd size translate to voting in iowa and new hampshire specifically? >> it shows enthusiasm, we have seen senator ted cruz you know grain some steam -- gain some people specific 3
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specifically iowa. you know if you look at new hampshire that might be a state that donald trump will you know have a little bit better of a chance playing, but right now, we're heading into the iowa caucus, into new hampshire. we'll see over the next month is a winnowing of the field, you will see some candidates drop out like with senator graham. right now, as we head to you know january, and february, when we get to the nomination process, a lot is going to change in the republican field. jo ling: alexandra what do you feel? >> i think we've seen a lot of lack a ground game from trump for a lack of a better word, he has not shown that it will translate to votes, it is
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enthusiasm from his base as well as people who are kind of engaged with the spec excell they want to go to a trump rally for the fanfare to see what is like. iowa voters are different with the strong evangelical base. independence are able to vote. >> we'll see what happens, all right ladies thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your perspectives. a new report, trump's tax plan saying it will cut federal revenue by 2%. republican -- 22%, republican presidential candidate jeb bush numbers me to respond to this.
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jo ling: th the tax policy center just evaluated donald trump's tax policy today,
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revealing his proposal would cut revenue, and would make wealthiest people in america, 1.3 million dollars richer a year. here with his thoughts on this. is republican presidential candidate, jeb bush. welcome. >> good afternoon. jo ling: do you agree with trump's tax plan? and the cuts it makes to government revenue? >> i, agree with the jeb bush tax plan that simplifies code to 3 rates, lowers maximum rate to 28%, creates corporate tax rate 20%, eliminates loopholes and deductions, and simplifies the code, creating
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executive publicly humiliated
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and fired one of his employees after claiming he was the stealing from the company, the foul mouth moment was caught on camera. >> when there is stealing going on, we cannot do that, [ bleep ] get out, get the [ bleep ] out of my firm. get out or i'll call the cops. why you are still sitting there fat [ bleep ] get out of my company. get out. grab your coat you got one minute to get out, or i'm calling the cops or i'm having you escorted out. get the [ bleep ] out. jo ling: that was unpleasant, they are now headed to court with the video at center of a defamation suit, attorney jenelle win stein can joining
5:35 pm
me, what grounds do we have for a potential disgruntled employee case, he brought a case for defamation, saying that you published this video, negative toward me be defaming my character. jo ling: this is not a pub electric place this is a -- public place, this i is a prive office. >> the interesting part here, in any defamation case is whether there is a defense, the defense can be be truth. jo ling: larry, what do you think? you think we need more of this quote leadership this language? why do you say that? >> i love everything that this guy said, i would love to see more leaders take that stand against dishonesty. you said public humiliation? who cares, he is a thief, he
5:36 pm
worried about being defamed? he is a thief, if you steal, it is not okay. jo ling: to be fair we don't know every single detail of the case of the embezzlement? >> i'm just going to take this boss at his word talk about what he said in teres of 5ing someone for being -- in terms of firing someone for being dishonest. if he is guilty i love it, this is not public humiliation when someone gets fired for being a thief, we need more of that whether they are stealing a pencil or embezzling funds that is wrong. we're getting by with too many people doing wrong. >> all right, beckham, is appealing his decision on the suspension. >> you look at the film, it
5:37 pm
caught a slant, this a tough game. jo ling: jenelle, does it seem like a fair hit to you, did his emotions get the best of him, maybe? >> i think that what problem is they have to look at risk to the players, what they find at-this-point that is why they suspended him, that he was risk to the other player, at this day and age with heightened awareness about consequences of head injury, and so much scrutiny with the nfl, and they are revamping the safety rules it is important that nfl take a strong stand, he may have that interpretation of what happened. but they be looked upon to make sure they are protecting the players. >> larry, the talk of the town is whether one game suspension is enough.
5:38 pm
>> as long as there is at least one, don't care whether they bump their helmets or not, three times he was called on a personal fall in one game, he has been called on the feel before, i love it when consequences are imposed for bad behavior. jo ling: and larry, sorry, but, you know tom brady, got 4 games suspension after deflate-gate, that is not materialize. but, what do you -- how does that compare, same league, two different things, but you know what is more violent. >> really, i don't care, if they suspend him for 4 that is good. we don't often see the nfl impose the consequences, kick him out i coin -- don't care, the point is there is a consequence for doing wrong. he will feel pain for at least one game i am good with that. jo ling: jenelle, giants source saying that beckham may have been tawnlte taunted prior to .
5:39 pm
>> if that is true i think that is one one game is warranted. the team takes a hit without having him, but you can't have that behavior, this is maybe taunted but he has to have more disciplined that not you on you play, not in this vierl any any more can that happen, that is what nfl is looking at. they have to do the right thing. jo ling: jenelle and larry thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you bet. jo ling: spacex, successfully landing a rocket after launching 11 satellites into orbit. but my next guest said that is nasa's job, he will join the conversation next. [cheers and applause]
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we have liftoff. jo ling: elon musk and his spacex successfully launching a falcon 9 rocket last night. 10 minutes later, the booster rocket came back down to earth in control, landed vertically for first time in florida's cape canaveral. [cheers and applause]
5:44 pm
>> it has landed. jo ling: that is cool, enright group managing partner. are joining me now, tereck what do you think,ockets that is main thing, what do you think this means in going to mars one day. >> this is the big step needed to make spacecraft more affordable. elon musk said that just that one landing, made the whole thing much more possible for him. jo ling: he was so excited issue he said in a tweet, welcome back, baby. josh, where do you think nasa fits in with this. musk has a contract with nasa to deliver supplies to the space station. how does this drive with u.s. national government?
5:45 pm
>> this is absolutely what happens when the government does not have a policy, a direction because, there is a absolute void here, the nasa has been decimated over the years. we no longer have a government sort of vision that americans with rally behind to get to us space, get us on the cutting edge again, and now, elon musk, had to fill that role. jo ling: he is not only one jeff bezos adding a congratulation tweet. with shade thrown in, welcome to the club. and bezo's successfully landed his rocket before musk, is elon getting all of the credit here? the rockets are different? >> they have different rockets, you know elon musk did something different than what bezos did they launched all the
5:46 pm
way to orbit and brought it back. jo ling: a larger rocket. >> larger and faster. and one they hope will launch people as well as satellites instead of people that blue or zinn is doing. -- they did deliver 11 satellites. jo ling: it was a business mission. >> a agravy achievement. jo ling: a lot of expectation after that explosion in june. all right. thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. >> ford stock jumps on news it had a deal with google for self driving cars, my next guest, said there is a huge play in artificial intelligence that needs to be fixed before we move forward, that is coming up next. people talk about "deals"
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announced it woulding testing driverless car technology next year a report that a partnership may be in the works with google next month. the self driving cars have a crash rate double than that with those of human drivers, they follow the letter of the law while most humans are more flexible. here is explain what here with talking about. gary. why do you think that is happening, when you are a human, you e exercise new nuanw and then these, driverless cars following the letter of the law. >> right, when is the last time you did the speed limit, and
5:51 pm
yellow light you slowdown immediately in people normally don't do this. sometimes when you stop too slowly the car behind you almost hits you. you have a car doing this in midst of human drivers will throw everyone off. jo ling: there are laws that say every driverless car out there being tested has to have a human in there, to intervene, is that a sweet spot? >> for a while it will be an enhancement. >> it is with tesla los angeles. >> right, they are dribbling into the cars, you know it will be a lot before someone says i trust this, it is on the car. i am just going to text. even if car companies tell you that the car can do that, it will be a while before people
5:52 pm
get beyond that and the law allows that. jo ling: we have to take into account crashes they do happen. there have been a dozen or more crashes over the million miles that google has driven and tested. >> they are square pegs in the round holes, we're not used to have car that is following the rules. you know the car companies, one thing that california laws will require they have to prove that cars are as safe as regular cars if not safer, it will take years ask years. -- years and years. jo ling: hopefully standards will be high in light of general motors recall and the accidents, there feels like there is a recall of day with driverless technology. >> no doubt, once it is integrated to millions of cars, if one of the pieces of technology goes wrong it will attack the etch tear fleet.
5:53 pm
the entire fleet. jo ling: all right. thank you garyy. >> chipotle stock dropping today after they it was announced they are looking into new e.coli cases in a couple of more states. next. is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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rolling in for chicag chipotle. it may pull back on local ingredients. to our medical and political power panel, dr. marc siegel and david web.
5:57 pm
thank you for being here. it's great to have you. which local ingredients could be to blame? >> we don't know if it's an ingredient or a problem with food handlers and something being spread from 8 to state. i would have said it was what fear problem. but i'm change my minds because the kinds of e. coli we are seeing even if it's rare is the very, very bad kinds with a toxin that can give you diarrhea and put you in the hospital. this is a very, very bad bug. if it's a bad bug and chipotle saying they expect more of these cases to come out even though they are trying to solve the problem, what do you think here?
5:58 pm
does this known the local ingredient practice for chipotle has been a failure? >> they took a 3% hit on their stock yesterday. and almost 5% today. i'm a process guy. mark and i talk about this. they want to be locally sourced and do all the feel good things. do that. but if you don't have a process and controls in place. i grew up in free range. i group on a farm and everything was free range. e. coli is natural but this strain is extremely dangerous and there is no way to tell where it stops. >> i don't want to gross anyone out there. but the bathrooms aren't clean in some of the chipotles. not everybody is wearing gloves.
5:59 pm
lands not always washed. even if it starts in the food which can't be tracked, it can gone it a food handler and it starts getting spread around. you can't have restaurants without clean bathrooms. reporter: there is a report from the university of illinois that found organic food is three to four times more likely to be recalled over safety concerns over non-organic food. what does this mean for the organic food movement? >> you are talking about tens of millions of dollars that the people who participate in that industry have strict controls in place. if they don't it ends up hurting the industry. i'm for eating healthy. mark and i talk about this all the time. eating the best you can. keeping anti-biotics out.
6:00 pm
>> you can tall it organic. but if you are making people sick, nobody will think it's healthy food. reporter: that's the issue chipotle is having. that's it for today. "making money" with charles payne starts right now. charles: a triple digit move for the dow this time on the up side. nike is crushing it. the battle for ramadi. can the iraqi military hold the capital of anbar province? if we are serious about beating isis, the ability to walk for pair lighted veterans. is ted cruz ready to take the


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