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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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be sure to like the fox business network's facebook page as well. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: oh, yeah, baby. you know what that means. in the season of giving. what will the candidates be hands out this year to the electorate. jeb bush has given away his dignity and credibility. he's like the giving tree. where he used to stands for strengths, unity and prosperity, now he's just an old stump. >> six months ago people thought were the frontrunner. >> i hated that. i feel much better back here. kennedy: losing.
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lindsey graham did some indian giving. he couldn't turn the smile just side down long enough to frown to victory. he said he suspended his campaign, meaning he took back his love and now only gets to having made up wars from the senate floor. bernie sanders will sneak into your house and redistribute them to college-age millennials to right the wrongs of christmases past. hillary clinton is getting a new reef taper. i'm not talking about the dental work you had when you were 14. she'll hire a new defense lawyer in anticipation of the felony charges the f.b.i. will file against her in a brand-new near. the only person who is going to
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the hands out a gift if worth it is this guy. he's not just bringing his own brands of vodka and a terrible board game web's toting meat. >> if you like your steak, you will love trump steaks. treat yourself to the best life has to offer. trump steaks are the best you can give. kennedy: you have given me so much this year. we launched the show in january and it has been a dream come true. from your comments on facebook and twitter to the outstanding guests that share the conversation each night. we have only just begun. so let's start the damn show. a government spying plan, it's the patriot act. the battle for ramadi in iraq has begun.
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a spacex big victory. they pulled off a huge couples with the falcon 9 rocket. welcome to infinity. i'm kennedy. after the last presidential debate donald trump's lead shrunk to just 4 points over his nearest rival ted cruz. according to the latest quinnipiac poll they are statistically tide. 58 per of americans said they would be embarrassed if donald trump were elected president. let's talk about it with our luscious party panel. the author of "dear reader," and national review writer who wrote ask the conservative manifesto."
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these gentlemen are nice. >> they are so nice. he said he would be nice because he was told to be nice. i didn't say which one. kennedy: i love it. charles let's talk about cruz and trump essentially tide. >> i think he will do very well. kennedy: he has room to grow. >> i think it will come down to rubio and cruz at the ends. for the first time in the party i think it's possible cruz could be the nominee. i still think it will be rubio in the end. kennedy: i think you are just saying that because you would be embarrassed if you were wrong touch said all along you don't think donald trump is going to be the nominee. but as rubio and carson wane, cruz is waxing.
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and he's doing well in the polls. >> cruz is surging. i don't think rubio is done by any stretch of the imagination. i think he will ends up being closer to the establishment moderate option. chris christie and jeb bush will go and rubio will become that horse. kennedy: how is cruz's surging good for trump? >> this is going to force trump --'s been out in front by i a --by himself. it will force trump pull back
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his controversial rhetoric. kennedy: if you stall his rhetoric over the weekend talking about hillary clinton's trip to the bathroom during the debate. are people just bouncing around from candidate to candidate? is it like a roulette wheel and the ball has hasn't landed in the right spot? >> i looked at quinnipiac poll. at that point gingrich was ahead. and mitt romney. what matters is who is going to win new hampshire and iowa. that's what happened in 2012. people were like who is going to defeat the frontrunner and in the end no one could defeat the frontrunner. >> at this point in 2011, rick santorum didn't. and i don't think cruz will win
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new hampshire either. kennedy: cruz comes in a solid second in new hampshire. he wins iowa and goes to the fcc. i think he cleans up. i think it's a clear path. >> there is also florida and nevada. and montana and louisiana. if cruz -- if rubio does well in nevada and florida he will be back in it. if he pulls a giuliani and waits too late and the momentum is behind cruz, cruz will walk away with the nomination. kennedy: the mud is slinging between hilly and donald trump. hillary clinton claimed that isis is using donald trump as a recruitment tool.
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trump demanded an apology then last night went on the attack about a variety of topics. >> she is terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. it turned out to be a lie. she is a liar. i'm watching the debate and she disappears. where did she go? where did she go? i thought she quit. i know where they went. it's disgusting, i don't want to talk about it. kennedy: he knows at this point when he said those comments that he and cruz are a particular particularly tide. not making him any more presidential. >> it's not set in yet. he's in trouble. he has real competition here. let's talk about hillary. this writes she hurts herself. i take the position that the underlying claim she is making
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could have taken hold at least to the audience she was speaking to. this anti-muslim thing will be a problem. she goes so far to make stuff up and it makes her look more untrustworthy than people already find her to be. kennedy: has she ever faced an opponent who so unashamedly exploits her flaws? >> maybe her husband. sanders is making apologies and executions for her. trump after he cued hillary of being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people and he's demanding she apology. the woman does have a glass jaw and she is not good at the counterattacks.
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all she has is a sense of arrogance. >> that's why this is intriguing to watch. all she has is victimhood. i don't think she'll do well against donald trump with that. she has to have more. i think it will take her campaign too long to figure out what that is to defeat him. >> if he can day in and not win the nomination but help damage her, he will be a net asset to the republican side. he has a knack of going right to the -- right there -- an said that marco rubio sweats a lot. marco rubio also has a dry mouth. kennedy: if only he had sweat in his mouth. he's not just doing it to hillary. it does it to anyone who annoys him. so he will damage everyone in the field.
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>> there is a reason why he's this anti-establishment candidates who has done so well for so long. people like that he's not pandering. it helps the trump brand. >> everyone loves their own brand. coming up, president obama says donald trump is whipping up the masses over economic insecurity. does that remind you of any left-wing populist candidate? i'll tell you what you need to know and it's frightening. please stay right here. feel a cold coming on?
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ajeb bush: donald, you're noth enough going to be ableully... to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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kennedy: this week president obama accused republican frontrunner donald trump of exploiting economic fears to get ahead in the race. >> there will be potential anger and frustration, fear, some of it justified but just misdirected. and i think somebody like mr. trump is taking advantage of that. that's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign. kennedy: unlike bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. no, no economic fear mongering there.
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ebony will cams, michael malik and charles cook. he was talking about factory workers. he said they are no longer getting sat the same bargain of going to a factory and be able to support their families. the guy has never been to a factory in this life. >> did he notice he said mr. trump and not donald trump? we have to take this guy seriously, we can't just dismiss him as a clown any longer. kennedy: these are people who have been dependent on the government. and that's how they carried them along. maybe somebody one from the outside comes along with a message of possible prosperity for everyone. so, ebony, how could he be
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resentful when this is the basis of sanders' argument. we are talking about the 1%. we are talking about occupy wall street and all the economic hysteria joined u -- combined ge left. >> president obama had a populist message. you can't be mad at donald trump for taking advantage of it. we are just not accustomed to seeing the republican party sell a populist message. it's smart politics. you can't be mad at the man for smart politic on that. kennedy: there is a message where you can create your own businesses and wealth unlike any other country on earth. my worry about economic populism is it relies on the government to function. >> it doesn't just rely on the government to function.
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it's a repudiation that any individual might be right. it's not conservative. conservatives tend to believe what has gone before should be respected. not necessarily upheld and they tend to believe great ideas come from unexpected places. sometimes that, a laboratory with tools, sometimes that a small group. the idea taking the william jennings bryant approach say can the guys with pitch forks are right because there are more of them. i'm not a populist. kennedy: we have economic stagnation. we have too much regulation and interest rates that are held low which are also strangling growth. >> when trump talks at the last debates about putting millions and billions into american
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infrastructure. he got applause for that. >> there are a lot of men and both stages who are saying the same thing. the panel returns a little bit later. but first a major battle happening right now to get isis out of a stronghold in iraq. could this be a major blow to the caliphate? stay with me. lift with your legs.
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thank you. setting new home address. text mom: i really like it here. kennedy: earlier this year isis seized ramadi. today the iraqis are converging
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on ramadi. is isis finally getting pushed back? our next guest spent time in ramadi. kfi-am-640. let's talk about ramadi. when ramadi was lost his spring, who was it a bigger blow to iraq or the u.s.? >> iraq. mainly because of the way the iraqi government treated the refugees. 35,000 residents mainly sunni arabs fled isis and tried to find refuge in baghdad. and they were locked out. instead of rinsing for iraqi accents instead of syrian ear i
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rob. northeast they just locked them out. the iraqi government has the opportunity to win the war. it's their country so they can bomb everything. so i'm afraid they might win the battle and lose the war. they are not making any friends amongst their own citizens who are sunni. kennedy: who is fighting in ramadi and how is the u.s. involved in. >> the regular iraqi army such as it is is there. but the iraqi special forces are doing very well. far better than they did in 2005 or 2009. problematic part is the iranian funded and equipped militias are there and they are barely disciplined. they are overwhelmingly shiia. they feel they have an ax to grind and i don't feel like the
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iranians are going to put the reins on them. are there americans on the ground calling in the air support? no, there are not. we saw that with the friendly fire incident last week when the iraqis gave us a target on their word. we bombed the target and friendly fired 10 iraqi hospital had moved on to the objective. and the iraqis took the hit for that. but what that tells me as a former fire support guy is american eyeballs are not looking at the target. we are taking their word for it. kennedy: how does it end? >> the iraqis will retake ramadi and they need to do what we did and begin rebuilding sewer, water, across dij and trash. they need to show the sunnis they are iraqis. sorry about back in may. but i'm afraid that train has left the station. the entire city of mosul didn't leave.
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they prefer isis administration to the iraq irshiia government. so the iraqis have a chance in ramadi and fallujah to act like a nation. but i'm afraid that's not going to happen. kennedy: i want your take on bergdahl. what did you see today? >> he's going to get a general court-martial, not a special court-martial. that means they can bring in more evidence. if he was a good guy in the past that could mitigate the final sentence. but he will be found guilty of the misbehavior and desertion. he might do five years. he's not a hero. and he will go a long way if he admits his guilt and idiotsy. he will have an opportunity to do that. >> merry christmas. kennedy: coming up, a private
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kennedy: regusting holiday -- regifting madness. governor palin ain't take the heat sitting down in her moose blind. she put tina fay through the palinnator. >> she is a tv writer who left the small town for the big city.
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but she is struggling to have it all. will she be able to rounds up a cast and produce a hit show? or will her writers ruin everything. a nerd. >> and officers her old friends to step in. >> okay, here is what you do. >> "star wars" didn't change cinema. >> i wanted that to be funny. i was hoping it would turn into something funny. that wasn't funny. that wasn't even ted cruz funny. topic number 2. let's set something on fire. he's a gymnast with a penchant for pyromania.
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he's doing a back flip trying to pop a balloon in slow motion. can he pull off the pyromaniac pop? a balloon full of water douse the flaming corpus? mission accomplished. now if we can only get over your dolphin fetish you might make something of yourself. there are a lot of campaign pranks. you can unscrew the lid off a salt shaker. but this guy pulled his friend's inflatable mattress out of the tank while he slept and put it on to a lake.
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i love it so much. then he found the hatchet buried in his knapsack and buried his
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>> i won't incur too much judgment. that's the weirdest question i have heard. >> i don't get that. >> you don't regift? >> i'm unloveable so i don't have any friend. >> my question is quantifiable. kennedy: if you don't re-gift, you are a hoarder. what do you do to get half off on a hotel room in they are so expensive nowadays. one company is discounting rooms 50%. but there is a catch.
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you have to share the room with a stranger. effective dating alternative? was is your biggest fear here? >> the fact that you have to share the room you are farting in proudly with strangers is hideous and disgusting. >> i love this. you guys are being haters. i think privacy has a price. if you are willing to forego that privacy why shouldn't you reap the financial reward? i think it's awesome. kennedy: a lot of these hotel discount happen where there are a lot of hippies or swingers. >> i have been to most of those cities and it would not surprise me. >> i had a friend who
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inadvertently booked himself into one of these hotels and he had to leave. perhaps dressing way that was inappropriate when there was someone else in the room. >> cammo shorts. kennedy: i think i'm practical. i'm for practicality. on planes, i can't fly private. maybe next year. 2015. >> next year is 2016. >> i know, i have to wait a whole year. i have to be a realist. thank you very much. chars, michael and ebony. glorious vehiclessen o dvixen ot
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moment. kennedy: the government has spying powers you probably don't know about. later spacex shoot off and land a rocket.
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kennedy: congress didn't just pass a til doll orspending bill. they snuck in a cyber internet security act. it gives immunity to corporations that share their client' private data with homeland security which is free to funnel it to other agencies
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like the nsa. this has me worried. it has my blood boiling. it's a new legitimate form of surveillance. >> two months ago the new process said the process stinks. now he's doing it himself. he's stinking up the place. laws like this are being added to the budget bill like ugly ornaments on a christmas tree. it's devastating wait' done for privacy. kennedy: the government hoicialg at cyber-security. they are awful at it. how is throwing more government at it going to make any problems real or managed any better? >> they only know when we are doing thing on capitol hill by passing a law. something must be done. this is something, so we must do this. it's not the solution to our
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cyber security woes. there are thousands of problems in networks, data and computers. anybody can share information with the government if they are doing it under this law. they are immune from lawsuits. it's a field day for the 300 agencies. ken require is, but not for consumers. they are the ones who have been clamoring for encryption because they don't trust hearing, they don't trust foreign governments and they don't trust their own government. this is just another form of cronyism. the more these large corporations, the more they cooperate with the government, the more kickbacks they are going to get as well. >> it's a strange upside down kind of world. on the one hand the companies are getting immunity from this liability. it's also breaking their products. we can't trust most of the technology coming from american
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companies that they are complying with the government this way. it's an ugly kind of relationship we should all be fighting. >> meanwhile apple ceo tim cooke defended his companies use of encryption saying users shouldn't have to trade privacy for security. here he is on 60 minutes. >> i don't believe the trade-off is privacy versus national security. i think that's an overly simplistic view. we are america. we should have both. kennedy: absolutely, we should have security and privacy. we should have freedom above all else. did tim cooke make a good case on "60 minutes"? >> he did. encryption protects us all in our daily communications, our finances and healthcare information. the government lost the crip toe
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crypto wars a long time ago. now they are trying to find out ways to break encryption. but if you open a back dear, the bad guys will come in, too. kennedy: point cooke made in the broadcast. if you allow the government to get in, the government isn't as sophisticated as a lot of hackers. he knows once you open that, it's pandora's box. how do these tech companies feel about fifa? >> i think the tech companies realize they are in a stuff spot. they know they are getting strong armed by the government so they celt for this thing. they claim to put up protest, but did they protest hard enough? apparently not. kennedy: coming up, spacex fired
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off a rocket and landed it back on earth. ♪ now more than ever america's electricity comes from cleaner- burning natural gas.
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and no one produces more of it than exxonmobil. helping dramatically reduce u.s. emissions. because turning on the lights... isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here.
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kennedy: last night spacex blasted a falcon rocket into orbit its steel belly pregnant with 11 sat lights. after popping out the guys mows it returned to earth larnldsing instead of crashing. is the private sector ready to triumph in space? let's ask this space cadet. let's dozen reusability. what happened with reusability and why is this so important? >> basically the glory days of
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space as we think of it, the idea, do it first and maybe do it best. now we are trying to do it cheapest. it no longer seems like an awesome idea to build a super elaborate feat of engineering then throw it into the ocean. kennedy: which what else he thanked to do with these rocket boosters. the expensive apparatus, it's sad to see them go but it's more effective if you can get them back. >> this is a dramatically advanced model. it's true this super cool landing. the booster they recovered will not be used again. there was some joke about this was special and we are going to keep it. but the idea that we can
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essentially start to have space flight that looks more like traditional sort of commercial airline flight is the dream. kennedy: let's talk about the significance of the private space race. you have blue origin fs spacex. tell me about that. >> i think that's not true, which is awesome. there is blue origin. there is spacex and a billion other companies. you have got companies in a direct come get tore in much ways. but you also have companies look at asteroid mining which has been enabled. we have companies doing 3d printing in space. none of it can happen until we get cheaper to get to space in the first place.
8:59 pm
ken require's a great pickup line, can i mine your asteroid? how does the private space race benefit me? >> a couple things. probably you and i will be able to do a little space tourism before we die. maybe it won't be full scale disneyland on mars, but probably we'll get up there. another thing that benefits you is it's asteroid mining getting cool resources from outer space. sometimes bringing them down here but more using them to go further into space. and the most important and med thing is satellites which are creating all kinds of awesome stuff here on earth that we have come to rely on. kennedy: thank you so much. then the race continues. thanks so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on kennedynation on facebook and
9:00 pm good night. >> is it true that ta 40-pound bag of emeralds down there? >> it's 70 pounds of emeralds. >> could you look harder?


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