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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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liz: i think he is going back christmas eve to watch more. david: have you sign it yet. liz: i'm excited hoping to see it 3-d. david: have a wonder full holiday, "risk & reward" starts now. thank you for coming. liz: thank you david. jo ling: protesters are moving to it is run holiday travel, welcome to "risk & reward," i am jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton, plaque lives matter protesting at the mall of america today. they were rebuffed by police, now on the move to minneapolis st. paul international airport much to release video footage of a 24-year-old unarmed plaque man -- black man jamar clark of minneapolis. ahead of the planned protests, the mall of america failed to
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win a court order to prevent the protesters from coming in. three organizers were banned by the judge, but the judge said she would not be able to stop the others from showing up, they did. governor sent state troops to the scene, what do you think? should they be able to protest at a busy airport. >> look, i am a proponent of first amendments and all of bill of rights, second impeachmenamendment too. i believe people have a right to protest. but i will tell you about a conversation, with a friend of many, these people, black lives matter are using 20 centurytactics for problems of the 21st century.
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they do have real problems. the median income for blacks in the state is 45th of 50 states. mississippi is ahead of them. there are real problems they do have, but the question is are they attacking the right problems and looking for real solutions. jo ling: what do you think would be better act -- tactics to use in the 21st century. >> i'm glad you asked that, jo, governor dayton, that is employing these tactics against the protesters, the same governor dayton that vetoed school choice legislation, that would give poor, working class families of all colors, in particular ththe black families, the opportunity to send their kids to a public or private school of their own choice, minnesota at one time was the northstar, if you will issue pioneer for
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school reform, and for school choice. but now they are lagging behind states like louisiana and other states that promote school choice, giving parents options. jo ling: if you so much, tea party. net chief strategist. >> thank you. jo ling: a judge barred some of the protest leaders from entering the mall of america saying it was private property. >> the people have a right to show up, and have a your message, and speak out, us not showing up, us not speaking would be the mall winning. jo ling: with me now, legal analyst tamera holder, does the judge have legal authority to do that? and is it an effective strategy. >> there were two parts to the request. first to prevent the protest from taking place at the mall, second was barring 8 people.
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so what the judge did was she said, she can't just keep people out of the mall, a preemptive move, that i think legally this has nothing to to with politics, this was the right thing, you don't know what they are doing. why they are going there, if they are shopping or whatever. the preemptive move she made the right decision. jo ling: makes the private property a semi public space. >> yeah, until they get there, then they disrupt the private space, then they can be potentially arrested for trespass, which what happened, police preplanned this stopped people from even entering the mall. i think that sun fortune that the, the -- is unfortunate, the most disruptive thing is now the police behavior. but the judge said those three people could be at the mall, they could not participate in the protest. that is bizarre. jo ling: a -- it is a little bit bizarre to hear that.
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because of the physicality versus actions could be one in the same. looking at tweets, mall of america wanted the facebooks, and tweets from promoting this vent, the judge ruled against the this. could that be applied too future organization movement or acts in other states? >> i think this is an interesting legal argument, what is free speech on social media. should remain legal, if you are organizing something like hate speech or violent, there is no evidence of that, they were speaking to organize a protest. >> moving on to next topic tamera yo thank you. >> thank you. jo ling: putting a strin on
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shipping firms causing delay, amazon is thinking about reducing the relationship with ups, they have a very exclusive billion dollar relationship. with me now to break this down, our panel. jone us how do you think -- jonus how do you think that retailers will take this. >> they will get threw it, i believe you see e-commerce is growing faster than our nation infrastructure. be it airports, roads and trucking, companies like amazon needs will grow faster than ups, and some day will need its own infrastructure, you already see the amazon trucks, and testing out drones. they predict a future that is shipping more than ups can handle that is showing up now with high commerce of e-commerce mrs. last year. -- versus last year.
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jo ling: that might have something to to with nicer weather. jet to the come, a start up that -- now wants to compete with amazon but it cannot guarantee christmas delivery, kind of a tough start, right? >> more than kind of. but yes, i have now clue how they raised hundreds ofdollars,r go on -- excepted for itself for this interview, i am a amazon prime user. jet has products to buy, maybe some are steepe cheaper, or not, now they can't guarantee shipment by christmas, that is like you say, kind of a rough start. jo ling: we have had
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volatility in the market. you can see after the fed decision, down and up and up and down, bahauddin zakariya iback in the green. >> some is federal reserve action it has to too to with -- to do with commodities. you will seen defaults and junk bonds, saw a lot of collapses in high yield and risky debt. anything that is a risky credit, then on the other hand, people like wow they yield a lot now, economy must be doing better, feds are raising rates these are bargains. you see a seesaw, is it going to collapse like real estate crash? or a buying opportunity, which is a pullback in junk bonds and energy shares, most investors think, oil is going back to 100, they are probably wrong.
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jo ling: what do you think, where is oil going in january? >> oil, i think we'll see at least front to 42, i -- 41 to 42, right now future finished in high 37s, i am i don't see it finding a home above 50 because we have huge amounts of supply on the market. jo ling: jason and jonus thank you. >> happy holidays. >> you too. jo ling: new video alert, kids don't leave carrots if for the reindeer, at least not these robot reindeer, boston dynamics with three robotic reindeer hopping in sink as they pull a sleigh across a lawn with no snow. if they look familiar, they are, google first posted a video of developers kicking and testing the robots back in february. ouch. that looks awful.
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coming up, jeb bush back, firebombing donald trump, the governor came on this show, last night, hear his comments, what he is doing now after this. >> people disparage people, people with disabilities make fun of them, come on, we're running for president of the united states, we need a serious candidate to take on hillary clinton. >> i am here with 17 a da we want to wish you happy holidays.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> i don't think you can insult your way to from the presidency, my goal is not to
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be the big personalty onstage, and insult people, and dir disparage people, we're running for the president of the united states, we need a serious can tight to take on hillary clinton not someone who is viewing this as a reality tv show. jo ling: governor jeb bush last night here. we're talk about whether his attack will resonate among voters, caylee, how likely are the moves going to work with voters like in new hampshire. >> they are not going to work with voters, jeb bush spent most of the g.o.p. debate on cnn attacking trump, what happened? the poll that came out today show that 1% of voters think he won that debate, attacking donald trump did you not work. i have great respect and admiration for governor bush, but nonetheless you can't dismiss donald trump as a
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performer you are then dismissing 41% of voters who support him. jo ling: calling jeb an embarrassment to the bush family. >> he has 2% in the poll, i have 41% in the latest poll, he has 2%, he will be off the stage soon, he is an embarrassment to the bush family, he doesn't even want to use the bush name, that is interesting, jeb is an embarrassment to himself and his family. jo ling: how does this work? >> it will work great for donald trump. unfortunately for governor bush this is not a resonating message, for a while now we've seen him try to tell the electorate what they should be worried about, concerned with experiment and temperament, and not take donald trump seriously, it is just having a booboomerang effect, it is
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alienating him from the people. whether you think this is a -- but certainly it is effective, numbers don't lie that why trump is calling bush a loser, and that is why trump gets to frame himself as the winner. jo ling: all right but jeb continues to use the attacks, he is putting them in a new campaign ad. >> donald trump said that isis was not our fight. >> let syria and isis fight, why do we care? lettuce is and syria -- is expis syria fight. >> he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator. >> always surrounded herself with very good people, hillary would do a good job. >> he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. >> who do you talk to for military advice. >> i watch the shows, i see a lot of great, whether you watch your show, and other shows.
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>> i don't know if that is at day morning or sunday morning. >> that is center super pac supporting governor bush. is this an easy tactic. just deny what trump is saying at debate? >> you know, i don't think that is been effective. i think that bush super pac did you not understand why people like donald trump, they see him speak they see strength, americans right now are scared, 78% believe there will be another terrorist attack when donald trump says things like strong like i'm going to bomb the heck out of isis, voter like that. people are scared they want someone to keep them safe this person is donald trump, that is why he ise resonating. jo ling: ebony, what is this. this is donald trump leading for the moment. he shown no signs of stopping, now in new hampshire, and iowa
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but new hampshire for bush is this just a battle for second place, is bush's real opponent governor christie or senator cruz. >> you are talking best case, bush wishes this is a battle for second place, i think that trump is kind of right when he says he is tinkering off the. race, it shows how out of touch the bush campaign is about what is resonating, cally is right, they are important to people are they are afraid. jeb bush is a smart man, he has a solid governor record but he is frustrated, those things don't seem to matter at this time, they are concerned that someone is tapping into their greatest fears and concerns who cares that trump did not know what nuclear triad, is that does not hurt imminent -- him, what happens is he seems to understand the people's concerns. jo ling: ebony, and caylee,
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you are saying with me, we'll see you later on. >> fox business is hosting first debate of the new year, on thursday january 14, are you excited? we are, charleston, south carolina could tune in for a big night. we'll see you there, and coming up, a new poll says, majority of americans, oppose accepts the 10,000 syrian refugees. this is a new department of homeland security report said we're spend sending less illegal immigrants out of the country, you can look at numbers yourselves after this. >> broke our immigration laws, they must be held accountable. >> those who may be dangerous.
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syrian refugees. >> recognizing that americans are concerned about what is going on, san bernardino, what happened in paris, they see on nightly news, that atrocities taking place in syria. so you know they are concerned and fearful, almost 80% of americans are fearful, that explains why it resonates among the republican candidates for presidency. i'm not surprised. jo ling: donald trump, current front-runner, wants to kick all of the refugees out, not accept any and have a temporary ban on muslims, what do you could of that strategy? >> the ban goes way too far, however. you know when you vet groups
5:24 pm
out of syria, there is no documentation even jay johnson homeland security indicated we don't have any records because they were destroyed. we rely on united nations, maybe not our best friend to vet these people, what i would look at doing, they need to identify between a jihadist, and i islamist, a fundamentalist and the average muslim, the average muslim is probably not going to kill us, if we can't distinguish between that person and a jihadist that will cut our necks off we have a problem, american people saying wait, let's do this right.
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jo ling: all right 10,000 refugees too come into u.s. overall, deportation dropped by 32% according to dhs, criminal deportation that president obama said he wants to focus on dropped by 20% compared to fiscal year 2014, what do you think about what the numbers say about our immigration, and amnesty policy. >> i argue if you bridg bring in 185,000 next year, have you really do not know who these people are. if the numbers of deporteys we have a inperra interchal problem, more comes in more crime. i think that is what resonates with the american people, woo
5:26 pm
a upside down deporting policy, we need i.c.e. to go after the americans that harm and threaten americans not bring in more people that could potentially do that, this will continue. as you we need is that san bernardino or paris-type of attack, i'm afraid that numbers we saw on this particular poll would be higher. jo ling: a lot of nuances, the san bernardino suspects were legal in the u.s., but, the checks and safety checks are up for debate. colonel thank you. >> thank you, jo . jo ling: on tape, news alert, warning video, is terrible, a firefighter trapped in a burning builds forced on jump when he catches on fire. details of that coming up. hillary clinton, now doubling down on her accusation that isis is using trump to help them recruit.
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does a video like this our fact checkers have answers, and trump defends himself saying his criticism of hillary was not sexual in nature or derogatory, he posted on his twitter account, we'll show you what he said after this. >> i'm watching debate, she disappeared. where did she go? where did she go? >> i am from ohio, i just want to wish my mom, dad, brother, sister and my family a merryd christmas and happy new year, i miss you, i love you, i'll be home soon. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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>> if you go on arabic television, as we have, you look at what is being blasted out, with video of mr. trump, being translated into arabic, no muslims coming too the united states, other kinds of derogatory defamatory statements, it is playing into the hands of the violent jihadists. jo ling: secretary hillary clinton is doubling down on republican frontrunner donald trump, standing by her claim that isis operatives use trump to recruit. trump thinks he knows how hillary might have come up with that idea. >> problem where shoo came up with the -- probably where she came up with the idea of
5:32 pm
videos, her husband is on it and obama is on it also, i think it would be good for her if she apologized you about that is okay, we can live without it. jo ling: back with caylee and ebony. "new york times" fact check clinton comments said there is no proof that trump has been used in recruitment material. is trump right and clinton wrong? >> parent company -- trump is right to call it what it is, a hillary clinton lie, but, what is unfortunate, the sentiment is not that far fetched, it is an argument that she can make some will be enraged. using this to further in, but when she goes as to make up a video, that you know her own campaign had to admit does not exist, she gets that lie --
5:33 pm
liar label again. >> it is incredible to watch the double stand ard at play in some media outlet, you listen to donald trump every time he jokes around, there are calls for him to get out of the race, from many media organizations, then you look at hillary clinton, who tells an out right fall hood, a -- false hood a very serious one, that is not the first lie. looking to her e-mail scandal, and clinton foundation ponzi scheme scheme but there is never a call for her to step out of of the race, the double standard here is crazy to me, i am glad you are bringing attention to it. jo ling: secretary -- here is what she said about trump using the yiddish word. >> looking at somebody with a lot of terrible things said about me, i am old enough it
5:34 pm
did you not bother me, it is important to stand up to bullies where every they are, you should never let someone bully his way into the president see, that is not who we are as americans. jo ling: trump defending his comment, once again mai mainstream media is dishonest, blank is not vulgar, what i said hillary clinton got blank, that meant beaten badly. >> he used same yiddish word on paul ryan, who is a man, he uses it as equal opportunity offensive language, it is not meant to be. everyone calling for him to
5:35 pm
get out of the race, they all sound the same, that boosts trump. it is us, and him and the american people versus the left, established and mainstream media, making him look golden. jo ling: caylee and eb ebony thank you for joining us. >> thank you. jo ling: our first debate on the new year is here on fox business, hosting another gop debate thursday january 14, follow accounting up on -- following up on the massive success of the first one. in charleston, south carolina. >> putin making journalists disappear, now china has 5 executives who have gone missing. >> a sudden china landslide taking down buildings and covering cars, my next guest said it is a possible metaphor for the entire economy. >> you know he has killed reporters, i don't like, that i am against it, i hate some of these people but i yoil
5:36 pm
never kilwould never kill them, these people. honestly, i'll be honest, i'll be honest, i would never kill them. i would never do that. now, i couldn't.
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jo ling: the following video is hard to watch, it is a firefighter forced to jump from a burning building in china, he jumps from the second floor, and survives with minor injuries to his hands. panicked residents were watching as the firefighter tried too get on safety after his clothes caught fire, that video went viral in china. jo ling: top chinese
5:40 pm
executives are it is appearing, there are 5 reported cases of high power business titans who may have gone missing, it could be linked to his ongoing corruption campaign, gordon chiang is joining us. jo ling: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. jo ling: one from a company returned, he resurfaced after he was quote assisting in certain investigations carried out by authorities, what does the chinese government want right now. does it have to do with market tanking? >> there are two things, the broader anticrutc anticorruption campaign but that is a political purge, the chinese president has been conducting this for three years, and gone through all levels of society as well as all sectors, military.
5:41 pm
second thing is because of the mid june stock collapse, they chinese authorities want to prevent institutions from selling, they are intimidating brokers and all sorts of other well thes in chinese financial market that is why we've seen so many people depainted since august. -- detained since august, and so many others disappeared. jo ling: do you believe they actual have an ability to communicate important market oriented information or corruption information to the government, they would help clean the situation in mainland china right now? >> no, these executives don't have that information, they trying to do is prevent people from selling, we have seen from first week of july, when beijing started to attack the stock market decline, they krillize all -- criminalized all forms of selling they prevent institution from
5:42 pm
unloading stock, they have done all sorts of things to keep the market high, they have succeeded in arresting the decline but they killed stock market activity now have you the epidemic of suicides, and this rein of terror some said it reminiscents of the beginning of cultural revolution, i don't think it is quite that bad, but we're seeing a new mood of dread in china's financial markets that is bad for the economy and the markets. >> in china we want to show you video of a deadly landslide down south. it caused buildings to collapse, and debris covered cars, two people were rescued, but people have died, 4,000 people affect by this. what caused this collapse? >> well, they piled on construction material too
5:43 pm
high, about 20 stories, so it was going to fall. it was just a matter of physics, the real underlying cause is that people in the air, knew that it was unsafe, they complained about it for years, 5 months ago this construct while was ordered to close -- construction pile was ordered to close but it did not, they imow they could continue to do this, they make a lot of money under the table, and clearly, at lowest level of chinese government it is corrupt. we should not be surprised that happened in shenzhen. or the chemical fire in august, that is the same thing, you could tell something was wrong but people could not stop it. jo ling: gordon khang thank you for joining us from shanghai. >> thank a drone carrya camera nearly misses a world champion skier, crashing down just inches behind him at a
5:44 pm
ski race in italy, he didn't know it happened until he watched footage, he got the silver metal. >> coming up, washington post cartoon, find out how senator responded. republican senator also topping trump in an iowa poll, this is big, is it now a two-man race for the american onomination, we'll investigate. >> i did think it was interesting donald said, he thought that the republican race could come down to him and me, the decision will be made by the voters, one of the issues in race has been who will stand up to washington. >> i'm sergeant stewart, i want to say merry christmas, and happy new years to my wife, betsy, and two daughters casey and jasmine. happy holidays. how do you say breakfast in korean?
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jo ling: the washington post yanked a controversial cartoon, that depicts ted cruz's young daughters as monkeys issue saying ted cruz uses his kids at political props, ted cruz tweeted, classy washington post makes fun of my girls, stick with attacking me, caroline and katherine are out of your league, senator cruz's rival are going to bat for him as well, senator rubio tweeting that washington post cartoon is des gusting -- disgusting and saying that the kids are fair game is worse. i failed to look at that this cartoon before it was
5:49 pm
published, i understand why and thought an exception was warned but i do not agree. we have got our political panel back with us. she said that kids were fair game, tweeted that ted cruz put his children in a political ad, saying don't start screaming into editorial cartoonists draw them are kids ever fair game. >> no, never, no matter if you are hillary clinton, or ted cruz no matter who you are, no kid is fair game. kids are fair game in washington post, if they like you, they went after -- who criticized president obama's daughter, they lambast her, if they like you, your kids are not fair game, if they like you, sorry your kids are up
5:50 pm
for attack, it makes no sense, it is hypocritical. jo ling: we have the argument why you say the kids were featured in an ad. >> this is ridiculous to me, jo, we tall this opening door -- we call this opening the door, if you put it out there, it is quote, unquote fair game for an ash ta attack. this is not part of that not like cruz is doing something out of order, i don't understand the editor's comment she has an understanding to why the cartoonist thought that the kids were fair game, to me this is very out of field. fiel. jo ling: interesting, we know this a two man race, that is what ted cruz wants for christmas. >> i did think it was interesting donald said he
5:51 pm
thought that republican race could come down to him and me. the decision will be made by the voters, one of strt issues in race has been who will stand up to washington. jo ling: if you look at some polls it looks likely that texas senator will get his wish, cruz building a strong ground game in iowa. 40% according to cbs news poll pushing away from lead, 31% donald trump as well, nationally cruz surged 4 percentage points behind trump with 24%, trump continues to stay on top in the national poll 28%, senator marco rubio, ben carson rounding out top 4, what do you think about ted cruz thinking he is in this one-on-one race in? >> it is premature. a little bit premature for senator cruz to put it out there, but i see where he sees his momentum is growing.
5:52 pm
what i think will be interesting, ted cruz has played very softball with donald trump careful not to antagonize him. you don't want to wake the sleeping giant, it comes down to trump and cruz, what will be the time period issue cruz will change and become more. >> jo ling: breaking news on chipotle, the boston chipotle restaurant where 136 people fell ill, with norovirus is now allowed to reopen its doors, boston's mayor said that chipotle near boston college, passed the inspection. restaurant has been closed for a few weeks since december 7 after boston college students and other pa patrons got sick. the nil eses are not -- illnesses are not linked to the e.coli cases that we've reported on.
5:53 pm
but, we watch chipotle situation as the stock takes a big hit at the end of the year. >> coming up wim getting price gouged at th check outline. find out which ones have the basest markups after this. >> hello, i am special adam, from oklahoma, want to wash all y'all a merry christmas and a happy new year. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product
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that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. >>
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io * are you procrastinating? many holiday shoppers are. a new study snow products aimed at women cost more than men's products. just how much more are we paying? reporter: the department of consumer affairs surveyed 800 products and found 43% of the
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time the woman's version of the product, even thought it was just about the same as the man cost more. in on 18% of the time did the man's version cost more. we are talk about just about everything. everything from shirts, women's versions 16% more. dress shirt, 13% more. personal care product 11% more for the would even's version even though they were pretty much the say product. we found at a store here, we bought some razors. the women's version we found cost about about a dollar. the men's vergs cost 67 cent. it's across the board. the most egregious example was found by the department of con
5:58 pm
soup or affairs it was a radio flyer scooter. the red boy's version, $24.99. the pink one for girls the same scooter with pink paint $49.99. target said it was a glitch and corrected it. jo ling: we know this has been happening for a long time. neil: if you were holding up the pink razors and the blu-ray stores, did it ever occur to you that it is a more expensive color to reproduce? >> it did occur to me. jo ling: i have kelly back with me to discuss this. does the marketing dollars that go into a ping razor cost more? >> i think neil has a point, but
5:59 pm
women may be willing to pay more. that's how the free market system works. i use men's deodorant and razors. it was a wise decision of mine to go to the male products. jo ling: women are paid less than men in the marketplace. so why should women continue to pay more to buy products? are we going to see a turnaround here? >> i don't think so. the commissioner called this in -- insidious gender discrimination. it's command and control and you have got to let the market work. that's why you boycott certain products until you see the prices coming down.
6:00 pm
jo ling: that's it for us today. thanks for joining us. happy holiday, enjoy this special time of year. check out my podcast. "making money" with charles payne right now. charles: another triple digit session moves the dow higher. the dow up 185 points today, edging closer to being positive for the year. hillary clinton continues her attack on donald trump. is she playing the victim card too much? ben carson hinting at major changes, a possible hail mary to his campaign. >> everything is on the table. we are constantly look at everything, looking to see if there are what is to improve things, if there are personnel


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