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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. democrats are co, lessing. charles: we hand it over to tom sullivan take it away. tom: good evening, i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs we start with donald trump closing out year with a sizable lead over the rest of the republican presidential field, a new cnn poll shows trump with 39% support, 21 points ahead of his next closest rival senator ted cruz, more than half of republican voters say trump is candidate best suited to handle, immigration, the economy, islamic state. >> also, senator cruz handed a political gift for christmas by washington post, paper forced to retrack a cartoon
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depicting cruz's two younged daughter at train monkeys, that attack backfired and cruz pounced. >> i have to admit, yesterday, when i saw that cartoon. not much ticks my off. but making fun of my girls, that will do it all of us learned in kindergarten, don't hit little girls. it's not complicated, don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl, and a 7-year-old girl. listen, everyone expecting mainstream media to be liberal base. folks' to attack me, knock yourselves out, that is part of it that is fine, but don't attack my girls. tom: progress in battle to retake iraqi city of ramadi from the islamic state. american airstrikes helped rah -- excuse me the iraqi government advance to just a
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half mile away from the islamic state held government compound in ramadi. i will discuss that with lieutenant colonel ralph peter. >> top story, a summer of trump, that turned into an autumn of trump, now a winter of trump, trump is now the man to beat in the republican race for president, with 39% support. more than double the share who backed his closest rifle allen ial rival senator ted cruz. christian fisher with breaking news concern concern dr. ben carson's campaign. >> today den carson said everything is on the stable, he said we're refining operational practices and stream lining staff assignments but my senior team remains in place with my full confidence as donald trump and
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hillary clinton are headed into holidays with double digit leads, now focusing their fire on each other, clinton responded to trump's crude description of her 2008 loss to barack obama. >> i don't know that he has any boundaries at all. his bluster have become his campaign. reporter: clinton said quote, i don't respond to him personaly, he 35s on that -- threthrives on that kind of exchange. and trump replied in a tweet. trump is at 39% right now according to a new cnn poll, that is 21 points ahead of his closest competitor ted cruz,
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ben carson and marco rubio are down but tied for third at 10%, and krist novoselic is down from last month but ahead of jeb bush. so is rand paul, in order to qualify for main debate, candidates must place in top 6 nationally, top 5 in iowa or top 5 in new hampshire, only 6 candidates will likely make the cut. >> i will not participate in a second-tier debate. >> ted cruz is polling 6 nationally -- polling second nationally. littlnationally. >> he would not make fighting same sex marriage a top priority, seemingly contradicts what he said in june. >> it was a report of a secret
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tape in i meeting where i said the same thing that i said on tv, i am a constitutionalist, my priority is defending the constitution, marriage is a question for the state. reporter: we're 40 days away from iowa caucus. dr. ben carson is back in charge of his campaign, we await his decision. tom: thank you. donald trump has said his first duty as president would be to get rid of president obama's executive fiat giving amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants, but the election is not until next fall, now numbers show that obama administration is intent on shielding illegal immigrants from deportation. kevin cork is traveling with the president in hawaii, has our report. reporter: at a time when americans are anxious about who is in the country, and who
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is trying to get in, homeland security official report lowest number of undocumented people removed in a decade. figures are starts eling, -- startling ove. >> down from 2012, when over 400,000 were sent home, there were fewer arrests at the border about 337,000, second lowest figure since 1972. homeland security secretary jay johnson said that this drop reflects more than fewer arrests but a greater focus on removing convicted criminals and more comprehensive data. it is an area where the president has been criticized by the left and the right, despite issuing executive actions attempting to she'll mill shield millions of illegal document kates from departing a.
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accuse the president of being soft on immigration. >> they allow these people to come into the country, it is a disgrace. >> i oppose amnesty, i, oppose citizenship, i always have. i always will. reporter: the work permit is better than chaos we have now. expert suggest that a softer economy make for a weaker draw it is the 11 million undocumented already in the country who should get more attention from candidates and policy makers. >> you can't really have confidence that the combination of border security, and internal enforcement working well. reporter: u.s. supreme court will have say in whether or
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not the president's executive act is constitutional for its part dodg administration is attempts to appeal a lower court ruling filed biotechs techs and 25 other -- texas and 25 other states. tom. tom: kevin thank you. >> black lives matter protestor disrupting shopperring and travelers in minneapolis at america's biggest shopping center the mall of america. police close the mall's main entrances, and threatened them with arrest. at that point they left. they took a light rail train to the minneapolis st. paul international airport. they blocked roads and caused traffic delays. organize are say that rally was to draw attention to police shooting last month of
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jamar clark, a 24-year-old black man who died the day after he was the shot by minneapolis police who were responding to a domestic violence call. >> establishment liberal washington post publishes a cartoon detecting ted cruz's young daughters as young monkeys. are children fair game in american politics? we fak take it up with ed rawlins, and a ufo, a meteor or santa's sleigh. what was it? ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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tom: washington post removed an editorial cartoon from the web site that depicted ted cruz's i don't thin young daughters as trained monkeys, it portrayed ted cruz as santa claus as a monke a month grinder and the girls were on a leash.
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cruz addressed the cartoon, stating, i knew i would face attacks from day one. but i never expected anything like this. help me send a message to the washington post, my daughters are not fair game. joining me now, fox new contributor ed rawlins, was this a way on stir up the troops. >> i think the cartoon was inappropriate. i think he took advantage of it in sense of raising money, at-this-point raising money is important. any attention, you can grab to a campaign on a good thing is what you want, trump dominated media since june 16, i think that cruz putting a strong organization together.
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tom: seemed like right out of his playbook, out of trump playbook, let's talk about this controversy and i will get a lot of attention, he had more attention today. >> and defending your kids is a good thing 92 i. tom: it is, but the other side of the coin, high put his children -- he put his children in a campaign commercial, usually family nice photo this was a very produced, slick produc production fees with his daughter memorizing lines acting as hillary. >> everyone at-this-point in time has to do what they can. either side does not shop me, i am disappointed by the post like this run, it should have taken it out, first amendment right are official. tom: a columnist said it was wrong to publish it, it was wrong to pull it.
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>> they brought more attention to it by pulling it. tom: right, that always makes page one. an opportunity for mr. krez ancruz and his supporters, but does it make anyone say, that is it, i'm supporting ted cruz. >> he will raise a lot of money off this, this is what you know grassroots people it is important. he needs money, he is build strong structure. he i think he is going to win iowa, i think at the end of the day he will be one of the two or three contendors. tom: iowa is a funny state, they do it different, we had huckabee and santorum win. >> there are 1681 pricincts in the state, 99 counties, you have to have a very strong organization, in each place you have to have people at
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firehouses issue local schools and what have you, even the day it done, it's not done. you go from there to pick delegates. tom: i remember mitt romney was supposedly the winner, we found out that santorum was. >> and rand paul walked away with the delegates. tom: he did, not to put down iowa, but does is matter? >> it used to matter a lot, everyone is getting media attention this time, the untold story of this campaign not just sound bites, but the power of kaple television -- cable television, and the debates they destroyed carson, and people like governor perry and walker and others early on, this never happened. not them doing it but people
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who got an exposure, trump has battled through it, he is a media guru. tom: here is the problem with the polls. a lot of people caution us we're this far out from election day. or from iowa. people make up their mind at the very last moment, not only iowa but also in new hampshire, we're polling, yesterday quinnipiac had a very close race with trump and cruz, today trump is -- >> and the methodology is different. these polls, some are everyone in the universe, some are likely voters, at the end of the day you have three or four people in the race, i think that trump will be a factor in, and cruz, and rubio, maybe christie maybe bush.
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tom: do you wait for iowa before you make an announcement. >> then you go to new hampshire, march 1, 10 states two caucuses, you can compete in iowa with a bus ticket, get in a pickup truck, drive around thestate, but 10 states on march 1 it takes money? ed rollins thank you. >> merry christmas. tom: thank you, you too very much. >> the poll, should children of presidential candidates be fair game or off limits. cast your vote. >> follow lou on twitter as well. like him on facebook. and instagram. links are found at tom: a light striking across the sky. this fireball could be seen from southern california to las vegas last night.
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sparking a talk of a ufo, or a meteor or santa's sleigh. it was debris from a russian swell-- sl4 rocket that was launched a few days ago, and reentering the atmosphere. tom: up next, taliban and the islamic state making inroads in afghanistan. >> google finds a new use for spot, robot dog. spot, robot dog. it may make reindeer obsolete,
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no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! tom: verge of falling to taliban, reinforcement have been rushed to southern district, where afghan security forces have been pinned down for days, afghanistan's acting defense
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minister said, its forces need more international military support. taliban claiming their fighters seized town of sanguine in helmet -- helmand province. out of the western city of ramadi. today marked second day of a major offensive to retake largest city i in anbar province, jennifer with our report for battle for ramadi. reporter: iraqi troops sense victory as they make their way to the center of ramadi, but fierce fighting prevented them from declaring the city of anbar province under control.
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sons of proud iraqis your brave men are fighting battle of glory and honor intends this morning, they started their advance to center of ramadi to clear it from terrorism. reporter: '150 isis fighters using snipers, booby-trap, suicide bomb belts, roadside bombs, load the iraqi forces, they dropped 50 bombs against the target, u.s. playing a key role in hopping iraqi forces put up a temporary bridge. when allow them to cross the euphrates river into the city, the u.s. army's 814 bridge company trained the iraqi forces. just 4 days ago, u.s. army chief mark millie was in baghdad meeting the iraqi commanders overseeing the battle to retake ramadi be they estimated there are about 250 to three 5 350 isis
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fighters lift in ramadi, most have retreatd. >> this still a war. this enemy does have fight left in them. we should not be pollyannish about that, this tells us also, is that the forces that we're aligned with, iraqi security forces issue these are now becoming solid fighting forces. reporter: isis may be trying to divert attention from battle for ramadi by setting off a wave of suicide bombings in iraq today killing 15 civilians, what is notable is who is absip. absent. >> u.s. command put pressure on -- not to have shia militia involved, we want to provide accurate air support, we do not want to be provide that air support to those mil militia who spent close to 4 years killing our troops when we were in iraq. reporter if all goes as land,
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iraqi hope ofs to begin shaping operation to retake mosul in spring, where estimated 2000 isis fighters, continue to hold iraq's second largest city. tom: thank you, the pentagon. some military robots, they are getting a makeover in time for christmas. military robots. folk at boston dynamic dressed up their trademark four-legged robots as reindeer, pulling santa sleighs to wish its customers a merry christmas, the company owned by google developed the robots to carry heavy cargo across the terrain, that getting a nice break for the robot today job, that is training with marines at quantico. if you need more proof that political correctness run amuck on college campus, a prankster with media research
11:29 pm
center went to george mason university in virginia to ask students to sign a petition asking radio stations to bo cot the -- boycott the song white christmas because it is racist, describes it at quote insulting to people of color because it perpetuates idea that being white is positive attribute, guess what, 18 people signed that petition, in about an hour. i guess they think that snow is racist? we're coming right back stay with us. >> quentin tarantino doubles down on his anticop comments but now he needs law enforcement's help with his new christmas movie. >> well, well, well, about to get cozy. tom: we'll tell you why, a craze accident at the ski
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11:34 pm
downloading it for free, dvd copies are available. law enforcement, we're told is investigating. joining us now, radio talk show host don jeer or danno. and author of god less america. don, you get these calls there are some people that see everything of. everything in a racist tone. >> absolutely, white christmas story is priceless but it pays with microaggression, and white privrage and the rest. but the more this happens the more the stories that are out there the more that american college system, and who is -- what is going on is being exposed. ridicule and mockery will pull this down.
11:35 pm
tom: todd, you deal with this a lot. the people making any inroads in trying to sensetize up the college campus kids? >> you know right now, on college campuses across the nation you have these per pert quality, fended -- perpetualy, offended kids hiding out in their safe space. but millennial have a abnormal amount of morons. tom: it does say -- todd is basically the old manueling at kids to get off his lawn. >> oh. >> don't you think, because, everyone college kid is young and dumb. i was too. >> absolutely, so was i, i was
11:36 pm
on college campus in late '60s there was a lots of dumb stuff, but administrators were not dumb then, that is the difference, they did not cave in they were not craven, people did not listen to you in that manner, almost a ritual, almost a dance, we deal with it in media every day. tom: todd, i think don makes a great point. i think that kids will -- college campuses are not a real place first of all, they are not the real world. when they get out they get a lesson in the real world, but i think that college administrators are going whatever we can do to make you feel better. >> i don't think this is going to be isolated on college campus, i believe it will come out of the college campus affect the rest of of the nation, i think that worse job in america in next 5 to 10 years is an hr director in any american company, the kids are
11:37 pm
offended by everything it is crazy. and i don't think there is anything we can do about it. tom: i hope you are wrong, but i have hope. but we have the black lives matter group in minneapolis, they got to the mall of america. and they said, either we'll start arresting you, they took off, their is a light rail station that brings right to the airport, they got on this, went to airport, and blocked people trying too get home for christmas, hug hugh is this going to get people to support you? >> it does not matter. i have seen it in philadelphia, have you seen it, i am sure, idea cause pain. but good news for lou dobbs viewers, gallup poll asked people to raid professions, for ethics and honesty, nurses were number one, cops jumped up 10 points, because people
11:38 pm
had it with what you are talking about these groups do not have a points, i have interviewed it on the spot, they want to caught mischief and pain, they are losers who get off on this stuff bothering other people who are just trying to get home for christmas. tom: the problem with this, seems to be the organizers, they are professional. but a lot of these people are just running along for the ride. >>, a are, have you some college kids that want to be paid for protesting, consumer lives matter at the mall of america. tom: how much do they pay, i can hold a sign? if they pay enough i will protest, anyway thank you. thank you -- thank you tom. tom: vote in poll. should children of presidential candidates be fair game or off limits? you pick. cast your vote,
11:39 pm
>> skiers are used to putting themselves in a dangerous situation but not like this watch as a camera drone plummeted from the sky, inches from world champion skier marcel befor her -- hersher . he finished race in second place, international ski federation has since banned camera drops from the world cup races. up next. progress in the battle for ramadi, and president obama provoking a political firestorm with his plan to take in thousands of syrian refugees, a plan that a majority of americans now oppose, we'll take it up with lieutenant colonel ralph
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tom: american voters' syrian refugees blocked from u.s. soil, a "quinnipiac poll" released said that 51% of voters support blocking the refugees from the homeland, 43% opposed, poll does make a destinguishtion -- distinc
11:44 pm
distinction, 66% agree there should not be an overall ban of muslims, our next guest said what americans mean they want sensible measures taken to stop terrorists from entering the country, joining me now, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters, good to see you. >> merry christmas tom, and to all of the viewers. tom: same to you, this iran thing, they are is upset because we're tightening up on visas they think that breaks a lateslate agreement that obama administration signed, yet john kerry said to them, don't worry, we'll work around congress on this. whose side is he on? >> on the side of the very bad nuclear deal, it has echos of president obama several years ago telling then presiden of
11:45 pm
russia. the loyalty is not to the american people, it is their imaginary legacy, and the iranians are having a ball playing with us, as you putin does, and iranians -- i tell you chairman royce, was legally right, i will say, i don't worry right now about iranian shia terrorism against the homeland for a simple reason, the iranians know that is a red line they cannot cross, they don't have to, they are getting everything for free, with a great nuke deal that gives them over $100 billion for doing nothing. they are able to hole american of hot think -- hold american hostages, our president and secretary of state show no vigor in getting them released, the iranians are creating greatest persian
11:46 pm
iranian empire in 2500 years wheel while we do nothing, they are taking over iraq. they are having a ball. tom: listen, i know you know your history. but for audience, 1979, jimmy carter was president, inauguration day, ronald reagan on steps of capital iranian announce we're releasing hostages. are they milking this administration for all they can get during the next we're? they follow american politics, they must have some candidates they may be worried about. >> tom, the iranians are sophisticated deal makers, they study our little bitta political system. and i think there is some republicans they should be afraid of, they are not worried about hillary clinton, i don't think they are worried
11:47 pm
about donald trump, i think they see him as a blow hard but some like rubio, cruz and bush, i think they would be worried. bottom line, until obama leaves office, not only iranians but the russians issue chinese -- everyone, the kids they are taking over kindergarten class and running wild with scissors and the teacher is passed out at the desk. tom: let's talk about syrian refugees, i think that is one of those things that seems so simple to solve. 51% now, majority of americans saying no, we're not heartless but for our national security we don't want syrian refugees come here right now, the system is not good enough to figure out who is bad, who is not. why can't the politics come up with a solution to assist them, but assist them there, where they live in their neighborhood? their region?
11:48 pm
>> well, why shouldn't the saudis or qataris or rich emirates, the poor muslim countries like jordan they are doing what they can, but the rich ones are not. this poll, polls -- tom, ithinkt whether you ask a simple question, will you vote for john or jane. but in complex issues, phrasing matters, people are not sure, what i want to do the right thing. i'm not sure how much this hol really tells us beyond the point you made, we americans are showing common sense, we need to know who is coming in here. we need to sacrifice political correctness for a while, to control our borders and make sure that terrorists don't slip in islamic state, isis said they intend to slip in, american people are kind, and generous, but they want to
11:49 pm
know who is coming, they want leadership, they a hand on the tiller of the ship of state, right now we don't have it. tom: quickly, the ramadi battle. it looks like it is going in favor of the iraqi troops with our support? >> well, it has some tactical and operational significance, a lot of symbolic importance, it would be a real defeat for islamic state. it does matter. but it a small city in the end, i worry about, i just say, the iraqis can take it back if they don't -- they can do this. if they don't quit. it is a complex equation, but bottom line, it is great if they take it back with our help. but what we real need in washington on both sides. is a new view of the strategic situation, right new we're stuck in the past, resurrecting an iraq and syria
11:50 pm
that are gone forever. held together by dec 8ors -- de dictators. we need a new equation. tom: lieutenant ralph peters good to see you merry christmas. >> merry christmas. tom: on wall street, santa claus rally for a third straight day, dow up 185 -- volume, 3.4 billion shares changing hands. listen to lou's financial report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we have an update concerns story we reported on last night. new york giants star o'dell back ham, lost his appeal today of the one game suspension he will not be permitted to practice with the giants for remainder of this week or play in the game sunday in minnesota, he was flagged 3 times last sunday
11:51 pm
for unnecessary roughness in a loss to the carolina panthers. >> up next, hillary clinton, rahm emanuel, jeb bush, all struggles politicians but they have more in common than that, the dubious list they landed up. >> i take it up with andy leavy ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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tom: they say when life gives you lemons you turn itinto lemonade. the family turned the surveillance videos of their robbery into a hilarious ad titled burglars just want tacos. it shows the frustrated robbers desperately breaking in. they even searched the cash registers. unfortunately they did not find tacos or cash. but the restaurant business is booming since they created this ad. the co-host of "red eye" is joining me now. former miss new york, u.s.a. i'm watching these guys running around. they are hunched over in their video camera. i don't know why.
11:56 pm
>> if you hunch over the security cameras won't catch you. i think that's what they think. you become slightly invisible. >> i would have thought -- i thought this was fake. i thought this was a viral video to drum up business. but they put up a number at the end, tough see these guys call las vegas crime stoppers. i called the number and it really is las vegas crime stoppers and i hung you have on them. tom: now they have your number. >> i didn't use my cell. tom: we have overpaid actors again. johnny depp and denzel washington are the most overpaid actors? i thought they were pretty good. >> they are not my favorites. i say good for them and good for their ages. if puck make that much money, why wouldn't you?
11:57 pm
>> i'm thinking why are people not upset about what they make but they are upset about what ceos of banks make. >> there is a big difference. the first thing is don't under estimate the list that this list is completely transient. one big hit for will farrell and denzel washington and they are box office heave rows again. you go down to number 8 as a martian to find the first movie that's not a franchise or not animated. it's not being driven by leading in the men anymore. the pay is starting to come down. >> it depends on the actors to bring in the money. but there is so much more that goes into selling tickets at the box office. you can't say it's one actor versus another that brings in the money.
11:58 pm
>> i'm convinced people overrate hollywood. they think it's full of creative artistic people. they make -- that person makes a great movie and everybody else -- it's like the franchise -- >> you see celebrities going sundance and doing independent films so they dock that creative stuff. >> bust money is still made by cop why it avengers and you have your franchise. if you are an actor and you get a job in one of these franchise deals you are home free. >> tom cruise had some not so great movies that didn't do well, and suddenly "mission impossible 22" comes out and suddenly he's a box office star. tom rrp gq is out with a list of
11:59 pm
the worst people of 2015. hillary clinton comes in at number 4 or 5. did she rank too high or too low? >> i think she is just right. like that childhood tale about the bears. she is goldilocks. >> she and trump should be tide for number one. i can't take any of it seriously. this article was mostly -- we have cameron crow ranked as a worse person than hillary. tom: andy levy and joy thank you very much. 96% of you have said politicians who lie are worse than politicians who use vulgar language. i wonder who they are talking about. who could they possibly be talking about? i don't know. that's it for tonight. lou dobbs will be back.
12:00 am
but i'll be back next week as well. thanks for joining us. have a merry christmas everyone, good night from new york. kennedy: hello my curious lovelies. we are going to look back at some of the show's highlights the last few months and some of the world class guests who have joined me since the shooting in san bernardino. montel williams joins me. you won't want to miss it. people are openly speculating there could be an alien super structure. from hip hop rappe


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