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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  December 27, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EST

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under armor. stock up in 2016. >> john? >> mobile is up 20% in a year. >> jonas? >> study says women overpay for. xrt for 15% gain. >> neil, to you. this is a little worrisome. isis getting hands on tens of thousands of passports ready to go. all they have to do is add a name. what could go wrong? hi, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. we know isis sympathizers are here, now operatives? a new report with with fake passports they can pass off as real. we are told they are the real mccoy and hard to detect. one more reason to put a freeze on refugees we are taking in right now, let alone that a lot of this could be going on. we'll get to charles on that.
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we have taken some off. >> that is weird. >> somewhere they are having a ball in the bahamas. >> we wanted to fight it. >> i can see my buddy, but why not me? >> this is scary. >> it is. it's scary and a no brainer. it's one of these things where the american public is wondering, where do we use common sense. syria is a target bet. then you add on a layer of passports. there's a fallout since yesterday, this week, certainly from the quinnipiac. americans are saying let's put it on pause. it's stupid not to. we don't have mechanisms for weeding out fake syrian passports, we have a problem to begin with. there are a lot of holes in the system. >> they are passports. that could apply beyond the refugees, could be people flying around the world.
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>> the visa checkers don't look at facebook. they leave it up to the applicant, like one of the san bernardino killers, to go out there and check the box, yes, i'm a member of isis. this is how stupid it is. >> it makes me think -- >> are you carrying anything. they do actually. >> can you imagine the price? been there. >> they are not working for isis. i will say this, it makes you think there's a conspiracy by both parties. democrats want an influx, their voting roles and republican establishment because they want cheap labor to let as many people in and who cares? >> i think you are upset. tell us why. >> to begin, right now, our refugees are.0004% of your president obamalation.
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we have been doing this since 1975. it is the most vetted group of americans that come into america. a two-year waiting period. they go through the u.n. -- >> what about when they make you check the box, are you a terrorist? >> how many isis members check that box. >> charlie, it's not about checking a box. this is a 21-step program. it's the most vetted process. >> how do they get in here so fast? >> dparry, go ahead. >> our own homeland security says it's an issue, says we have absolutely no intelligence on the refugees, says that we have no communication with -- excuse me, with the governments over there. we have nothing on these people. >> is there a government there? >> you can talk percentages all you want. it takes one person to pull off san bernardino. >> my worry is that it does go. beyond just the refugee situation.
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it, indeed, you know, forces can get their hands on thousands of fake passports, manufactured in out of james bond that are foolproof and no one has any idea they are out there. these are the ones we lately became aware of. there might be other sources doing the same thing. they are out there right now. >> neil, you are right. this comes down to plain common sense. the reality is the fbi says there are concerns about isis being able to print passport documents. further, isis said they penetrated european borders and this is their plan. this is exactly what they are trying to do. the administration said it would be difficult to vet documents given to them by refugees when they are coming from countries like syria where the government is not going to be active.
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>> the top think heads in california, correct me if i'm wrong, she had a legitimate visa. >> right. >> she had all the legitimate paperwork. >> they believed her when she checked the box. >> the issue isn't so much whether you have a fake or real passport, but it doesn't take much to fool people. >> and the vetting process is absurd. there's no government in syria to deal with. >> are you afraid we go overboard? we say, the vast majority who want to come in here are good, fine people, we are going to deny all ofthem? >> why do we need immigrants from these countries? we don't right now. if you want to base it on humanitarian, let christians come in. they are being crucified and killed. >> a lot of muslims have been attacked. >> the most oppressive -- >> it's fair to say it's
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bipartisan. >> of course. i'm telling you, you are going to call mr. assad's embassy and say, can you tell me -- >> that's a valid point. all right. >> i think since the paris attack, we let one christian syrian in. out of 2200, we let 50 in. i don't get where you said there's a 21-step process that takes two years. why not a 30-step process that takes three years. nobody is saying the ugly american. we are saying keep americans safe first, then be smart. >> if it's already working. >> we don't know that it's working. that's the problem. >> they were refugees -- they weren't refugees, they came in on a visa. >> one at a time. one at a time. >> we know that isis said they
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have penetrated european border through refugees. hold on -- >> they are coming in across the border. >> hold on, we know the documents that isis has the capability to print the passports and documents and we know that there have been gross incompetence. >> let's get back to gary. guys. gary, my worry now is that the genie is out of the bottle here. whatever precaution we took a couple years ago coming into the country. they were originally seeking asylum. now we have millions rushing out of the country. we were lucky to get what little documentation we had with them at the time. now, the situation got much more difficult for us, right? >> there's a lot more of them and there's a lot more of the bad guys. they have a stated goal. they want to get their you know
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whats in here and kill us. you use the word overboard. i have news for you. when it comes to the safety of american people, go overboard. always err on the side of caution. nobody is saying halt it forever, but height now, halt it to get it right. these are words from the fbi. >> that makes too much sense. >> you know what makes sense -- >> americans are being targeted, it makes too much sense for the left to say put a halt on immigration from these countries. immigration that from an economic standpoint we don't need. immigration that we don't take the most oppressed. president obama doesn't want that. >> that's not fair to say. >> one at a time. i have had too much eggnog and i can't do it. make a point. >> the real issue here is --
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thank you, the real issue here is not the refugees? >> really? >> yes it is. >> hang on. >> go ahead. >> they have come in through passports that's an issue. >> point well taken. wait, no, you may not. not a word. lisa. not a word. >> the problem with the argument is the fact we have seen gross incompetence on behalf of visas. san bernardino shows the incompetence of the government and growing with the problem. yes, they are gross incompetents when it comes to background checks and isis said they have penetrated the european countries. it's difficult to vet the documents not to mention they can brint the documents themselves. of course they are correlated. >> bottom line is -- it's a quick -- this is the kind of
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issue that is going to come up in the fox business debate. we'll be hosting it, again. this time, doing more than just economic stuff. like the stuff we brought up here. if i have my way, we'll all talk simultaneously to save time. in the meantime, coming up, if encryption allows us to bring them in does apple give it up? the grinch who stole christmas invading the election. envoking dr. seuss to poke fun at democrats and republicans. who is the real grinch stealing your money? john kerry showing the iranians how to get around our visa rules. why is the administration why is the administration helping a
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"cavuto on business" have a great day. if there's a way to get in, then somebody will find a way in. there have been people that suggest we have a back door. but, the reality is, if you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody, good guys and bad guys. >> apple shareholder for decades. no offense to the final ceo that runs the country, but you are being nuts. he says he's being a good guy protecting those encrypted passwor
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passwords. lisa says he's right. >> with that intro -- he makes a point that encryption serves. it raises broader concerns of the threats we are facing from cyber security. >> do you agree or disagree with him? you agree with it? >> i think it's complicated. i agree on the issue -- it is complicated. i think encryptions serve a purpose here. >> thank you. >> this is a segment and lee ka was right on one. >> hey! >> listen, i think cook is absolutely wrong in this. i think it's nuts. i don't think the people using the product should be bordered off or absolved from following the law. >> samsung devices. >> dangerous stuff, it is dangerous. i get where he's coming from. he's probably intimidated. he's talking, he doesn't care about the constitution or safety.
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he's look at the bottom line. i get where he's coming from as a ceo. >> charlie? >> i think if business leadsers like tim cook don't get into this, they are playing with fire. if we have more terrorist attacks, the likelihood is forget about encryption and whether we are a back door or checking people's phone records, we are talking a police state. if we don't stop them now, because that's what happens when people start getting murdered in repetition. >> gary, that was the worry. grant them -- apple you are right on this. they are shooting and killing. >> companies like apple, google, twitter, can be a weapon on the war on terror instead of being the head wind on it. we just heard of this arrest some puke 57 twitter account trying to do bad things to this country. you know, he talked about the privacy versus the national security that is not an issue,
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tim cook said. it is completely an issue of that. i'm going to fall on the safety of americans. there is a happy medium. all they are asking for is when a judge issued a warrant to look up a bad guy for apple to enable it, it doesn't mean they open it up to everybody. >> 147 characters or less. now, tell me on this, is there a line that even you slightly left leading young woman would say, all right, you, tim cook, are out of line on this. >> yeah. >> you don't see what's going on? >> charlie is right on this one about tim cook for the company. crazy, we are flipping sides here. there are limits to the rights to privacy, which isn't actually in our constitution. law enforcement can go in and search and seize in a home, property and the same thing with apple. the problem is tim cook is
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trying to be this civil rights activist, but, go look at his factories in china and look how he's manufacturing his products with precious minerals. >> you are doing that because we don't appreciate basic labor here. >> they have smart labor over there. >> chinese workers are smarter than american workers. >> he got away with it. >> he's a liberal. >> if that was donald trump, forget about it. we would be talking about it for three days. >> the businesses are playing with fire. if they don't start joining, getting with the program here, we could be in a police state in a couple years. >> we have people switching sides. when we come back, singing the virtues of ronald reagan. do you think last year's border surge was bad, remember when tens of thousands of kids were coming here from other
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countries? wait until you hear how many are crossing. it's happening now. guess who is footing that bill. how do you say breakfast in korean?
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all right. you thought nothing could top that last border surge when we had kids coming into this country? think and guess again. just the last two months alone we've had 10,000 unaccompanied juveniles. the arms are open. and that's the message that's been sent. we're going to have this problem next month, next year and then we own these people and all
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these social network to support them for their entire lives. because if you think that these kids are going anywhere, think again. they're staying here. as joe biden said, these are our kids. how are they our kids? they're kids from central america. so our compassion, there has to be a limit to this. >> all right. that was arizona senator telling me that border surges aren't going to end especially when we're sending no one back. other officials are saying it's the new normal. you just have to get used to it. but, gary, should taxpayers have to get used to this? either way, we're the one footing the bill. >> they shouldn't but they will. look, it's all on us and when kids come here, we pay for their food, their clothes, education, health care. i think there is another part o think the kids are coming on their snoen a lot of this the parents are putting them to get here. so the parents can come here and then we're paying even more. and by the way, deportations are also down 40% since the last
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obama was elected. you combine the two and our taxes are going up in a very big way. >> what do you think of that? >> i think it's concerning. the reality whether you have a president that unilaterally rewritten the immigration laws and undermined the rule of law, he is sending a very clear message to these individuals that they can come over here illegally and stay in america. you're just asking for this to happen. >> it was well formed with president bush. we were not just throwing people back. >> establishment in both parties. >> what's going on? >> you can't have open borders at a welfare state. we have 5.5% unemployment. slow growth. >> which is crazy. i live in arizona. i'm in arizona right now. we have tripled the border security budget. we spend $10.8 billion. >> we need a wall. >> the word is trump. >> you're living in a fantasy land.
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we deported more people, more undocuments than ever under obama. boreders are more secure than ever. >> they're coming in droves. >> by the way, you're losing sight of the fact when he -- i do know that the deportations have to be balanced with those getting in here. net-net, many more are coming in than are leaving. >> right. >> that say big problem. >> and if obama's executive order proves to be constitutional, instead of coming here and having kids here, can you push them over the border and we know it's happening. they're being used as pawns. americans shouldn't pay for it. >> but all the kids are here like the 2014 led to 2015. they're still here. still here. >> but, neil, we're down immigration at the border over a million n 2007, there were 13 million -- force. >> that's a reflection of our economy. i get that. >> well, pugh says that it is a reflection of fewer mexicans
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having as many children. this is strangely enough onest causes. >> pugh said this? all right. i want to thank you very much. i want to thank charly. twinlt tha i want to thank lisa. seriously, you're all very good about this. >> thank you, neil. >> for the most part. >> for the most part. stocks so
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for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. before you spend your money, find out where our pros are putting theirs. >> united rental.
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oversold. great american company. i love it. >> gary? >> united rental, not bad. i think it's a turn around. i bought home depot. bad housing, good housing, t stock is great and going higher. >> there you go, get rich, everyone. protecting families from big bad banks and trickle down economics made us all weary. the republicans offer the same supply side economic theory. >> who's right in whoville? hillary clinton's campaign grinchors republicans trying to knock down her economic policies? hi, everybody. i'm david. welcome to "forbes on fox." find out when steve forbes, gary cheffield and bruce japson. so, steve, who is the grinch here? >> hillary is the real grinch and so is her boss


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