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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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celebrating demise of isis in syria and iraq, thank you. great show. we appreciate you watching at home of night 6 p.m., tom su sullivan is in for lou dobbs. tom: i am tom sullivan in for "lou dobbs tonight." >> i takes this up with kt fantastic far land, also war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton getting personal. republican frontrunner accusing bill of having quote, a terrible record of women abuse. that remark days after mrs. clinton said trump had a
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quote pe penchant for sexism. deadly weather brings parts of the country to a halt, more than 40 deaths reported nationwide. with tornadoes from the south to midwest, we have latest coming up. >> top story tonight, circrack forces -- iraq forces today declaring victory in their battle to retake ramadi from the is lambic state -- islamic stat state. iraqi soldiers raise their country's flag, and celebrate today. they regained control of the center government there. ramadi has been quote
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liberated about we're told there are still pockets of isis militants and more work needs to be done flushing out isis fighters hole up in buildings,ry retaking central ramadi is a major gain for iraq's military, and a major loss for isis according to the officials. >> want to note events in ramadi, we commend the government of iraq, and brave iraqi forces, that have displayed perseverance and courage in the fight to return ramadi back to the iraqi people. the coalition that supported this operation every step of the way. reporter: u.s. played a role training iraqi troops launching more than 630 airstrikes on isis since july. col necolonel steve warren
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said this is a proud moment of iraq. ramadi is capital of the anbar province, an area what has been largely controlled by isis. when militants captured ramadi i in may they questioned the iraq' as he put it, well to fight. iraq military needs to maintain control of ramadi, the coalition partners will help. tom. >> thank you john huddy. tom: turning to the race for white house. presidential candidates on the
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road again. much of the focus on iowa. there is one absence. ed henry with our report. reporter: 5 weeks until iowa caucus, yet today republican jeb bush of nowhere near the hawkeye state, campaigning in his home state of florida. sign he may be laying ground work for a last stand against donald trump in sunshine state's march 15 primary. >> this primary will be huge. like a candidate used to say. reporter: but trump is beating bush in florida too and feels confident enough he seems to be looking ahead to general elect pounding hillary clinton, and her husband bill clinton. in one fell swoop, with a strategy leaders in both parties believe the backfire. >> attacking bill clinton will not defeat hillary clinton, only way to defeat hillary clinton to attack hillary clinton a track record.
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>> i think that every poll i have seen if president clinton were a candidate tomorrow he would be reelected. reporter: trump has defied the naysayers, and saying he is going after the former president for former scandals. >> i think he fair game, his presidency of considered very troubled to put it milely because of the things that she is talking to he about, mentioning sexism. reporter: trump was referring about hillary clinton last week, accusing him of sexism after he used course language. democratic socialist, bernie sanders admits he is trying to reel in trump's voters. sanders declared trump supporters are mostly working class, and right for his
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message about raising minimum wage, and free college on tuition. >> take than anger, that fears, which are legitimate, and converted them to be into anger against mexicans, that is not the way we'll address the major problem facing our country. reporter: bush is trying a different strategy, campaigning in the backyard of the billionaire's vacation compound in palm beach, charging trump to not up sul his way to presidency while hurling insults of his own. >> he wakes up in his pajamas and watches tv shows, on saturday and sunday, donald trump is not serious about being a candidate. reporter: hillary clinton just announced today she is deploying her husband for his first so low campaign event next monday in new hampshire, where she is trailing bernie sanders, hoping some of bill clinton a magic, as the come back kid will traps lat
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translate to her. tom: thank you, extreme weather system from new mexico to michigan and georgia is marching east bringing a mix of treacherous weather from tornadoes to flash floods and blizzards and treein freezing rain, so far it has killed at least 43 people, 11 of those people killed in texas with a ef4 tornado. caused destruction in garland. 5 people killed by flash flooding in illinois, across the country more than to dozen people killed by tornadoes. in missouri, governor nixon declared a state of merge 10 people were killed by flooding over the weekend. they performed over 100 water
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rescues, more heavy rain is expected in missouri tonight and tomorrow. >> snow is a big concern for the great lakes to texas panhandle with more than 10 inches of snow falling in northern texas, high winds could drive windshield track factors as low as 10 below zorro. -- zero, in ro roulette texas. >> 9 tornado ripped across this region, damaging up to 1500 homes, in rowlette, owners letting us come inside to show you damage, this home took a direct hit, that hipped off part of the roof. the beams coming down, now rests on the bed, television now lang eling from wall, take you to hallway, you can see there insulation, we have seen this all throughout this house, as you move into the
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bathroom, we mentioned that tornado ripped off parts of roof, look up, there is straight into the sky. it like this all over the house. i asked the owner what he will do next, he is waiting to talk to his insurance agent, only thing he is do is pray. tom: thank you, will. meantime, in chicago, two police shootings on christmas night, police responded to a domestic disturbance call made by father of 19-year-old la greer, the officers say when th arred, grewa greewas ingi a batand becameombave, ey st ankill tee in e procs, oicer accentl sh and kil 55-year-old,
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bettie jones. a mother of 5. >> today, i'm grieving myself. when does it come to an end, you call for help, police are supposed to service, and protect, yet they take the life? what wrong with tha picture? is the badge to kill? tom: that increasing call for mayor rahm emanuel resignation . today he said he is cutting his family's vacation to cuba short to return to the city. a grand jury declined to indict a rookie police officer or his partner for rolls in 20 14 fatal shooting of 12 career old thamir rice. the boy was holding what
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turned out to be a pellet gun. >> believing he was about to be shot was a mistake but he had reasonable believe. he had reason to fear for his life. tom: rice was large for his age, and could have been mistaken for an adult, the officer had no way of knowing that the gun was fake. >> we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> a crucial victory for iraq's troops against the islamic state, how much help will the iraqi continue to need from u.s. forces, can we ever get out of iraq? >> the force is strong with the star wars saga, it breaks box office records, find out how well, it did here next. "lou dobbs tonight" is coming right back. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. tom: the pentagon pushing to keep its largest base in afghanistan open indefinitely. it come as the taliban continues to gain ground, 6 u.s. troops were killed in an attack last week near the
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base, and taliban controls in about 30% of afghanistan. the most since 2001. >> joining me now, kt mcfarland. let's start with afghanistan. 30% is about same control they had in 2001. i thought they were contained. on their heels. >> you were wrong. every time i have gone to afghanistan, afghans would tappatap their empty wrist, and say you americans have technology but we all we have is time, i think it is a matter of time before taliban takes over. tom: you surprised me in the past, you said what the heck are we doing. >> i think that americans are
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sick and tired of propping uptick taters -- dictators that don't like us in countries that don't matter, we've been there 15 years. >> everyone hears about corruption and drugs, that is not changing? >> no. it has not changed for 2,000 years. >> why are we there? >> i think we initially. -- tom: i get that. >> we've done our mission we got al qaeda are on the of afghanistan. mostly dished. we should have just slaughtered everyone in -- >> what do you make of this news. that troops will stay at the airbase indefinitely. >> i think it means to the end of obama administration, why is he doing this? i think most cynical reason,
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he does not want a loss on his watch, he is kicking the can down the road. tom: ramadi, a big deal? >> i don't think so. >> a year ago, secretary ash carter said they run the minute they saw something, we spend a bazillion dollars, and then they say brave iraqi solers have taken back -- ramadi. how are they now brave, when a year ago we were throwing them under the bus. >> if we have learned anything, we should learn not on bray about the victory, they are always short lived. if iraqi army would not have taken ramadi, it would have been a more important, it shows that iraq is no longer a nation of shiites and sunnies and kurds, iraq is now a try part tied country, if they get together it is not an iraq
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that is a friend of america but an iraq that is a friend of iran. let's look at the numbers there were less than 300 isis fighters in ramadi over 10,000 iraqi armies, with american air power if they 10,000 could not have gotten 300 --? tom: next step is mosul. ramadi is outside of baghdad, mosul is way up north. >> that different. tom: is this something? where iraqi solers will march up there now. >> iraqi soldiers. tom: we'll see, i think they have a hard enough time holding ramadi, militarily, i mean, the north of iraq is no longer iraq, it kurdistan. and kurds are willing to fight, they have been only ones willing to fight against isis throughout. they are so willing to fight they have women as brigades they know if they are captured they know what isis does to women, they have been willing
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to fight, we've never directly armed them we go through iraq, central government keeping a myth alive in iraq will rise from the ashes, and be a unified country, and a beacon of peace. and pro american activity, it is not going to happen. tom: we have 11 months until the next election, that is all this is? >> just kicking the can down the road. tom: propaganda. >> here is the thing we head about a great ramadi victory, at same time, what do we read about? pentagon is stepping up pr effort president feels that strategies are the right strategies, message. tom: it's working. >> it is not that there a problem with the strategy accords to white house thinking but a problem with the pr strategy that says it all. tom: well said thank you. >> vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that american troops will ever leave iraq and afghanistan.
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cast your vote. tom: follow the show on twitter, like ut on fac facebook and follow us on instagram. turning to weekend box office. latest star wars continued to crush the competition this weekend, bringing in over $153 million. force awakens made $1 billion faster than any other film in history. it is unlikely to slowdown any time soon it opens in china next week. paramount daddy's holliday bus in second. 38.8 million. then rounding out the was to 3 -- up next, a look at challenge of life on campaign
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trail, and a family driving past a california wildfire gets a little too close for comfort, the video for you next.
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tom: there was no short amg for presidential hopefuls this year, dr. ben carson today describing the ordeal as brutal but strain of campaigning got to many of career politicians as well, chief washington correspondent james rosen reporting on some of the most memorable moments of the year. reporter: the same faces square off at debates, crisscross same early voting states until ledge and grind catch up to them even most
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seasoned, driven half insane. >> i got a lot of cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me, and me being compelled to demonize them. >> he does not feel that comfortable on the campaign trail, there are a lot of trivial things that come up during the campaign, there are moments of truth where candidates reveal basic things about their leadership style and visions. reporter: the most polished debater can suffer a verbal meltdown. >> is there a difference between of two issue a removal and a return. >> in this process, usually on television, voters find out who you are, john kasich. >> so kasich is in this debate he complains, and can't stop himself about not getting air time. that he thinks he deserves that came across at pe
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petulant. >> talk about the u.s. government. >> we need to move on. >> i think you came to me. >> i promise. >> i hate to crash the party mr. baker but what is fair. reporter: ben carson is flap ale. >> so next week it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peaked in my pants this is -- peedin my pants this is ridiculous. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> as we've seen other candidates make comments that really show their personalty on a different level than they have portrayed they have been problems for them, donald trump has been honest from the beginning about what he says and who he is,. reporter: analyst insist even trump makes mistakes he wishes he could take back as had he mocked a disabled "new york
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times" reporter. >> the poor guy, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> he understood that was a problematic moment for him even trump understands that there is a risk of himself going too far. charles: voter saw senator marco rubio repel criticism from his old front jeb bush by taking high rude. >> rubio over coming his qualms about the attack. >> would leave us with a smaller air force, and smaller naive than the one we're going to be left with. democratic frontrunner milwaukee trying to use -- hillary clinton tried to use humor. >> with a cloth. >> shy gains she does not know what wiping a server means it made her sound devious, reinforcing the criticism of her. >> we have not seen it capsize the campaign as with ed muss
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key's tears in 1972 or howard dean scream in 2004. >> thank you very much. tom: speaking of candidates donald trump is holding a campaign rally right now in new hampshire, he is clear leader among g.o.p. candidates, he has average of 13. lead in that state, closest rifle is marco rubio. state a biggest newspaper, new hampshire union leader 3u published a little bit offers front page editorial today blasting trump. calling trump a crude blow hard and an insult to the republican voters, trump is not taking any of it lying down, today calling the paper's editor a real low life. just a few minutes ago on stage, in new hampshire he
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called the paper a pile of garbage. we'll monitor trump's speech. >> joining us now guy benson. and kathy lynn taylor. guy we start with you. this business about donald trump, i have the sense that you are not a big fan of donald trump. >> really? tom: yes. i wonder if you live in washington, i really do wonder if people in washington are not attune to why people in the country are -- have him so far ahead in national polls, is it a beltway blin blindness? >> if i lived in oklahoma, i would feel the same way. i understand part of his appeal.
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i understand that he clears away the nonsense, speaks to what a lot of people feel issue i get that, i understand contempt for political class, much of which i share, i just don't think he is a principled reliable conservative, without the temperament to be president or judgment to be president. and he is so petty, even we saw there hurling personal insults, back and forth with any critic, ha watching cable news on twitter, tweeting about things that people say, ed coward yourself about something well -- educate yourself about something likely nuclear triad that he was clueless about, rather than trolling people like me on twitter. tom: he likes you. >> you should be honored, he does not have that much free time. tom: byrn berndt is saying, you know -- bernie sanders, saying i am the average joe.
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i think that trump is an individualist. >> it is interesting that byrne been tried to make this comparison, trump has to find an od audience for the g.o.p. you have to say, but this is where they are different, and bernie sanders is wrong. bernie sanders supporters' government to fix everything. and support them, and they don't care how much it costs, trump supporters want trump to fix government, get it out of the way that is a give ren difference of values. it may come down to value like personal account bill tie, and financial depends not policy. tom: he does not fit.
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i'm thinking are "the independents" behind him, but "the independents" don't seem to be more swayed than anyone else. >> he is more in conservative republican mode for the moment that is the way he is talking. i think he will switch back, i think there are some comparisons. i understand what bernie is trying to go after here, bernie is outside compared to the clip clines, there some common ground, and donald trump and bernie sanders have a lot of nice things to say about government run socialize health care, there are comparison, i am not sure there will be a ton of cross over. cross. tom: after the first of the yea year.
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bill clinton is supposed to get into the race. >> trump has it right potentially in that while bill clinton is a highly favors former president, just a well-liked guy. all over the world. but he did have a scandalous presidency, that slid off him first time around, that may raise more questions, the second thing they are a package deal, for some people that feels odd, evidence of clinton -- for healthcare debacle, we have voters to consider. tom: quickly, good or bad to t bi involved.
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>> it makes sense. i am still distracted by your rasi sayg th bilis gettg in theace, acallyeclang a rning agnst s wi, wcomeo eightre hlary am ck. m: s washe pside in e 90 90s >> rht. tha you fooge fm sohern calirniaollong wkend ldfis, ientu couy, a h edy s dicem fs so found themselves surrounded by fire, sparks and embers on the wild shield, firefighters still battling that played, that officials say is now 75% contained. coming right back, with more stay with us. >> congressman peter cain coming under fire after calling for heighten survey lynsorry -- surveillance of
7:37 pm
mosques. >> they can cry all they want, the fact is that is where the threats come from. >> pamela geller is joining me next. tom: this pittsburgh bridge is about to be nothing but dust o and debris, the video coming up after these messages. technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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tom: congressman peter king defending his call for better
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surza surveillance at mosques in the country. firing back at critics. saying they can quote cry all they want. >> the fact is that is where the threat comes from, we can say 98, 99% of the muslims here are good people, i am swearing in, the first elected muslim on long island, a good friend of mine this is nothing against muslims but the fact is that is where the threat is coming from, we're kidding ourselves with a blind political correctness which makes no sense. tom: pamela geller, is joining me. leading voice in fight against radical islamic terrorism. nice to meet you, you are a leading voice in this. question always comes to, radical islam versus islam. is there a line or a definition? a lot of people say well i
7:42 pm
read in koran this or that, as if they are experts? is there a difference? >> there is a difference between puris -- pure islam and secular. there is nothing hijacked about what groups like boca haram oris lambic state or hamas or hezbollah or -- they are practicing puris lamb. , -- pure islam which is why representative king is correct. tom: a lot of people think if we just left them alone, let them live in peace, got out of saudi arabia, afghanistan iraq, you name it, they would live us alone, others say, no they have a vision, and a view of the world, a caliphate of the world, where are you? >> where were we before 9/11?
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9/11 we did after 9/11 of a defensive act, there is nothing in the koran that speaks to a spirit allergy had, this is a war against nonmuslims when president obama said, well you know isis is killing muslims, not in their mind, they are killing nonmuslims, they are killing he is athe sunnxi jinpinga, the -- shia, they are purifying the islamic state, it is all islamic what president obama said the islamic state i not islamic, if it is notice lambic then what it is. tom: at same time, the surveillance of mosques -- others will say, no, that a house -- not a house of worship but a house of
7:44 pm
recruitment, which is it? does it vary by mosque to mosque? >> it both. unlike -- no one cares about religious component, but islam is a comprehensive system, it legal, economic, military political, problem is political islam. nobody cares if you worship a stone, just down stone us with it. the idea that you is -- tradition it is okay, because it is part of your religion that is ridiculous on its face, must monitor the mosques. against those who preach jihad and the sharia that not a foggy issue this is crystal clear. tom: do you believe there are mosques that are primarily recruiting for jihadists? >> absolutely. look -- tom: what percentage? >> well, according to 4 surveys, over 80% of mosques
7:45 pm
in u.s., and one of those studies by a imam, no less than 80% preach and advance jihad, san bernardino imam lead, she said he did not know farook. according to phone records, there were scores of messages, boston bombers very active. jihadis who targeted our free speech event in gar land, texas where we save lives issue they wanted to blow up the super bowl, they were practicing in a shooting range in a year, they were going hit something, we were prepared but they were active at their mosque, they were part of a recruiting video, their mosque raised money for their bail when they were arrested previously on jihadi related terror crimes yet fbi is not descreftist investigating any of these mosques. they were asked after the boston bombings, they said they were surveillance only
7:46 pm
for out reach. tom: a lot of people, are saying we should check it out more square -- carefully, i love your numbers thank you very. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. tom: on wall street, stocks closing lower, dow fell 24. listen to lou dobbs financial report 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> 100 years of pittsburgh history, up in smoke. old greenfield bring. imfloydeimploded this morning, people love to watch this. collapsing into a smaller bridge to catch pieces of the detbrie, city spend $17 million, on the demolition, they are expecting a newbridge in two years. >> up next, reverenda --al
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sharpton calling for chicago mayor rahm emanuel to resign, next. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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tom: david spade, taking a swipe at president obama. >> i thought you know, a president should have more dignity. i realize that woodrow wilson won a "dancing with the stars" but what president does i reality show, it just seems a bit thirsty. tom: from san diego, kfmb radio host mike slater. it is a surprising to think to see hollywood chris sit criticize people on reality shows. >> he will probably be black listed now. trump's sons, -- david spade love donald trump because they
7:52 pm
only know him as a reality show star, a decisive decision maker, interesting. tom: this business about -- a lot of people tune in, i heard from people on left, that looked at debate because of the celebrity of donald trump. so, when it comes to voting booth will they go really, i'm voting for a celebrity? >> it brings them out to rallies, and they answer polls, whether they vote is to be seen, but barack obama created this environment, he brought celebrity to the table 7 years ago, when he ran, he ran on a poster with one word slogan with no agenda, let's face it, what was his principles, nothing, he made us feel good about ourselves, funny david spade is jumping out on this, good for him, but
7:53 pm
his old show is a pil pilgrimage for this. where was he when barack obama was on jimmy fallon, and playing with a selfie stick. tom: there is more, hillary going on an interview. remember the youtube lady in the tub that -- with the fruit loops,. tom: her name. >> that will be a meeting of the minds. tom: hillary giving her an interview. >> let's keep bill clinton out of the bathtub. >> i would pay money for that. tom: president sent an e-mail to his obama for america, said i have 12 more months to go, i will squeeze every bit of ounce of change i can while i am still in office, that is
7:54 pm
what i intend to to. mike, he told us he has a phone, and a pen. and paper or something else, what do you think he will do? >> it is going to be so much related to global warming that is his great legacy as he leaves office, it will be horribly destructive. i will leave you with a glimmer of hope, ted cruz said that any economist order that president signs can be unsigned by the next president . tom: that will be -- yeah, we'll see if the president does. most of them don't under wind previous executive orders, i don't know where they are going in next year, maybe the global warm could global cooling agreement, that was silly, they said that it is
7:55 pm
not enforce able because congress would not pass it, why do they do these uninfersible things. >> first it makes them feel great about themselves, and superior, they lash out to phony science they are sure is legit. but, it helps prop up the bank accounts of their biggest supporters, people are not looking at money involved issue these initiatives whether enshrined in law or not that opens floodgates for money internationally, and a huge number of democratic party chri -- contributors are. >> only reason that third world country sign along they don't care about global warming they need fossil fuels. to lift themselves up they just want the money they get $100 million out of this. tom: i would say yes, send
7:56 pm
your billions to high my country. it -- it is like you followed money, you find answers in there mike slater in san diego, and larry o'connor in dc thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> in our on-line poll, 90% of the viewers. believe that children of presidential candidates should be off limits to political attack ads, that is interesting because ted cruz his children that were brought up last week that is it for us, tonight, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, thank you for joining us. good night from new york. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient
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as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. >> p.m., tom su
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tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. iraq declaring its first major of american airstrikes have retaken control of the most -- of most of the city of ramadi. the war of swords between donald trump and hillary clinton getting intensely personal. trump making bill clinton's history of marital infidelity a central issue. he accuses clinton of having


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