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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> those movies cost a little bit more to make because of the special effects, so it's great to see at box office. >> it's not something you want on netflix. great to see you you. charles: i have got a stock tip for you tonight. a plethora of goodies for the class warfare advocates to the afle -- tothe affluenza kid on . make money starts right now. .
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everybody is mad as hell and apparently not going take it anymore. according to a new cnn poll 75% are not satisfied with the way our country is governed. the prime target, lawmakers. 85% disapproval of the way congress handled its job. but what will the fallout be? joining me now. kathy taylor along with steve rogers, former f.b.i. and military intel officer, and scott brown, former senator of massachusetts. how does congress get everyone this upset? >> they have been just set for years and years. it started when harry reid shut down the senate. they did nothing.
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at least they are communicating doing the people's business, the things they were sent down to do. charles: the paul ryan spending plan that went through angered a lot of people a bit more. >> you have got to look at the big picture. two years the democrats holding it over the heads that the republicans are trying to shut count country. with chuck schumer as majority leader then you can do what we need to do. you know the drill. charles: we have an avalanche of rules and regulations coming into 2016. i have a couple congressmen coming on the show jose i voted against the spending bill, but give paul ryan a chance. 90% of trim voters say they are not happy with what's going on. there is something wrong with
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the articulation of grassroots when the message gets to washington, d.c. >> i think this ways many people first saw when paul ryan took this post. going into it very staunch and principled. it's hard to get the job done when you don't make those compromises. when they see it moving in a way that doesn't satisfy their political palate they are still outraged. it becomes a rock and hard place situation. charles: if this is a third world country whoever is in charge should be packing their bags trying to get the next flight out or maybe getting their middle ready to fight off some sort of arab spring. we have some sort of revolution brewing. it's been coming a long time, but i think it rubber has hit the road. >> this is a referendum mostly
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on president obama and his policies no matter what the numbers say about anybody else in congress. charles: donald trump could not exist if the establishment republicans in washington hadn't messed up in the first place. >> we had a tea party long before donald trump. our borders aren't safe, our schools aren't safe. our jobs aren't safe. the real key will be voter turnout. charles: the atmosphere in this country is one of palpable anger. there is a political arena and a general public arena. it's hard for this country to move ahead if it's all bundled up in our angst and anger. >> the american people of all stripes have put republicans, democrats on notice that their
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15 minute of tape is up. through donald trump they have seen the leaders coming. he's he morning from the people, from the grass roots. we talk about a war with isis. there is a war going on between career politicians who lost touch with the people of this country and now, you used the word revolution, a political revolution is surface. you know whose going to win? the people of this country. >> i harken back to boehner's leaving when he left. his last message was don't let the false photograp -- don't lee from prophets lie to you. >> donald trump will have to get along and do thing with people he doesn't like. part of the problem is the divisiveness this president high school put forthwith the american people.
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you have the elizabeth warren 99% versus 1%. you can go on with the dividing and conquering of the people in this country. >> will there be a ripple effect? if trump gets elected president of the united states, i don't think it will end there. i think you will see senators and congressmen picked off left and right. it means they will lose their careers. they are career politicians. these guys in washington. >> rubio is not a career politician. he's running for one office. >> with all due respect, the people of this country are suffering because the politicians of all stripes, i'm a republican and the fir to say the republican party let me down. a lot of democrats feel the same way. look into the eyes of the american people and tell them you are better off than you were four years ago? then i'll pack my bags. >> i never said people are better off.
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because of this president and the lack of leadership and lack of coordination on any type of economic recovery, we could go on and on. >> we are talk about two separate people who are angry for not getting what they want which is the polar opposites. i do want you guys to check out a headline. there is an op-ed in "the washington post" how donald trump destroyed the republican party in 2015. do you guys agree? a lot of people who normally would dismiss you known robinson wouldn't throw him a life raft if he needed it. here is the thing. people are happy donald trump mixed it up to the point where maybe the old traditional gop that steve was talking about will never exist whether trump wins or loses. >> i think he's finally -- they
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can cut off their nose to spite their face, they will be unsuccessful. but maybe trump is saying a wake-up call is going on and it's time to look at daifnt way of doing this. whether trump gets the nomination or not, this is absolutely an indictment of the way things have been done and eight won't work very much in the future. charles: this is what he said. trump didn't blow up the party on his own. he was inned a field of presidential contenders. >> the race is over. there are a lot of people who will be better than hillary clinton. people are saying i'm going to show donald trump a lesson or marco rubio a lesson. fit was lyndsey graham would you vote for them as a republican? >> i vote for a republican any time, anywhere as long as
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hillary clinton is the democrat. >> they showed mitt romney a lesson. and they got another four years of barack obama. i think what donald trump is doing is great for the party. i think it's great to the talk about these issues. he's talking about it in a way on a billionaire who has been on tv can talk about it. in an interesting way he's uniting this country. charles: i'm not sure he united the country. there are a lot of people who don't like donald trump. he has the highest unfavorables. but i will say this much, the conversation, the interest in politics on the gop side, i can think in my lifetime has never been this high. ronald reagan was the last person to infuse this energy and enthusiasm. they have the ball in their
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court and now it's a matter of not fumbling it. >> i don't think donald trump is in any way destroying the gop party. i think that's ascribing too much power. the divisive issues and polarization existed before donald trump. what he has done is given the extremes a voice, i coalesced and unified a group of people within the gop. >> was that group of people the majority or minority. >> they were the minority but may now be the majority. >> they were majority populationwise. in terms of political power they were the minority. charles: they found a leader. it will take more than charm and persona to get people off the sofa with it's freezing and cold. bring your family and friends together
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>> it's so important february 8, 9, what you should do february 8, stand there, because you are going have tremendous numbers at those polls. but it's so important that you get there early and on february 9 you get in and vote. it's so important. because otherwise it's all a big waste of time. charles: that was gop frontrunner donald trump at a rally last night urging voters to get to the polls early so they can vote in february. he's launching a major ad blitz
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that could cost $2 million. many trump supporters are excited at these rallies, long lines, huge crowds, but for the most part they don't traditionally vote. take a look at this graph. he's in third place. will his supporters show up at the polls? former senator scott brown and steve rogers. trump has turned conventionalism on its ear. this will have to be the final coups degrass. >> what we have seen is trump followers are absolutely dedicated. no matter what he says, what he does, stand on his head at
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meetings. they are so devoted to him. the scepticism comes from surveys that they are not regular voters. but i think that's because a lot of them haven't been engaged prior to this. i think a lot of them are independents and democrats. the demographicsw are white middle aged men. they are union people. they are not highly educated and not high earners. those sounds like democrats to me. >> that's why bern are you sanders has been apeeling to trump people. the fact is sanders and trump want government, they want big government and socialized government and trade protectionism. this is not true republicanism. i don't think they will show up. i think they will show up and i don't think it will be this wave they promised.
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charles: so far, we keep saying it will happen sooner or later, we'll get details on these economic plans, on fiscal plans. but other than that's i don't know what kinds after trade wash we are going to have or anything else we are going have with respect to the numbers. how we'll get prosperity back to americans. but people don't care. his followers aren't asking for those details. >> there will be a wave. there will be a wave so strong and so powerful of people as liz said have never been engaged in the process. i talked to the people of awful phage groups and ethnicities'. they want to get this man in the white house. when we look at these polls we have to keep in minds new people are getting engaged. charles: senator brown you won one of the biggest just sets in history.
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you have did the old fast way. you got in an old truck and through from city to stay to town to town and you shook hands with ever voter in the state ... >> twice. here is my feel in new hampshire. you have different demographics. you have republicans, free staters, tea parties, fiscal social conservatives and liberal republicans. and they are in-fighting and fighting for scraps and they will not support and sue night as we are talking about. they have would rather give the vote to hillary. you ask them, a lot of these people aren't registered to vote so they need to register. and they need to actually get out to vote. first of all you have got to get the grounds game going. there is white noise between the senate race going on and the super pacs.
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i would take that money and go right to the grounds game. charles: if he does pull this off it will be the reagan democrats that make a difference. we have a quick election update. a brutal winter storm didn't keep martin o'malley from making his town halls in iowa. this is o'malley. unfortunately only one person showed up to his rally. one person. the guy's name is kent. he sat with o'mallory for an hour and a half discussing immigration. i think we have to give o'malley credit, too. ben car southern is still rack you have the big bucks. they always say follow the money. are this stagnant poll numbers about to turn around?
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charles: preliminary estimates show dr. ben carson is rock it at $23 million. twice that of jeb bush and ted cruz $12.2 million. his fundraising is strong despite his fall in the polls. >> we have some good supporters who actually aren't influenced by the media. they recognize that the pundits and the media have been wrong about me from the beginning. everything they have said is always wrong consistently. the people are the ones who funded this. charles: joining me university of maryland economist.
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we say on wall street follow the money. cot money know something the pollsters don't know? >> i don't think so. he's spending half of his money raising money. it's starting to sounds like a scam or con game. we talked about this before. there was considerable interest in him and he's a brilliant man, but he's a limited man. his knowledge of economics and foreign policy. he wants a biblically based tax? >> okay. i don't have a problem with him associating taxes with tithing. here is the thing, scott. he does have -- obviously we talk about this grassroots field. certainly if someone opens up their wallet that's a sign of commitment that supercedes the polls.
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>> people aren't going support you until it's very serious. if they give you have money they are going to vote for you. the question is how does that translate into the perm primary states. in new hampshire i have them coming in fourth to fifth. if he doesn't have a run and start to chief fine himself. when you have think about him what do you have think snow's a spiritual man. he's a good man. he's brilliant. if i have a problem my brain, please, doctor, right here. but as far as solving the world's problems i'm not sure, i'm not hearing enough. >> you still have jeb at number two is raising money. who the hell is giving jeb money? that can't be grassroots money. >> jeb is a sleeper. i have him coming in fourth in new hampshire. >> he has a long history of governor supporters who have
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much admire jeb bush and what he's done in his career. they have may not as vocal but they are out there. >> they look at him and his family and the sacrifice and service to our country. he has been fired up. in the last debate he helped himself when he went toe to toe. charles: it reminds me of football. you have know when they form the evening. there was a guy called the wedge breaker. he ran as fast as he could and dove into the pile. jeb bush is happy being the wedge breaker. peter, money obviously plays parole. there was bruf hah, hah, about citizens united. will money ultimately determine who wins this thing? >> i think having money is necessary to win this thing. you have got to remember one of the reasons jeb bush continues to raise money, rubio, christy
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continue to raise money is we are likely to have a brokers convention. if we have a brokered convention the party leaders will go to a conventional-type of candidate. they have to have money to stay in the game long enough to he new england that context. for that reason you can't rule out bush or rubio or christie being the nominee. it's who's most appeal together party professionals. they will know how to work the rooms. i remember kennedy getting the nomination and not johnson. >> donald is a billionaire, he's going to work the room, he will work it hard. he's a deal maker. he's going go with someone like ted cruz, ted, you and me, i will be president, you are vice president, i will do it four
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years and you will be the next guy. chr * thursday, january 14, the remaining gop candidates will take center stage in south carolina. a texas team suffering from affluenza goes on the lam in mexico. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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charles: we are awaiting the affluenza child who is being extra dated to the united states. he faces jail time for a drunk driving accident hat killed four people because he suffered from affluenza. he has been on the run for nearly two weeks after failing to show up for a probation appointment. texas authorities may seek prison time for the teen. $83 million, and look at this. stock is down 80% since 2010. several strippers arrested after drugging and robbing several
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wall street guys. and they are not sorry. they say these guys rob people all the time. peter, i think this class warfare will be front and center. and it will be stories like someone running a company into the ground and getting extraordinary serv severance pa. melissa mayer is running around in $10,000 dresses. bill beck says it's not the high cost of greatness that bothers me, but the cost of mediocrity. ceos get $20 million a year to stay and run their companies into the ground and then they get $60 million to leave. charles: i'm a wall street guy and testified this kind of
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thing. if jeff bezos got a billion dollars that would be one thing. but this guy to give him $83 million is nuts. >> that's one of the problems we have with wall street. we bailed wall street out so many times and there is so much money going there but it's not trickling down to the normal worker. the super rich are getting super rich even after they bust up the stock and drive a company to the ground. charles: the flip side is this, kristen, think about your favorite football player making $25 million a year. the average person goes to the game and root for him and cheer. and they never hear that he, making $25 million a year. but the ceo who does create economic opportunity for every one, he's the bad guy.
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that's a crazy dynamic. >> in this situation they have to create more wealth. so they want to recruit the best talent for ce oxs as they possibly can. but with football players that money is tied to performance. charles: we have breaking news. donald trump make comments from his plane as he heads from an iowa town hall meeting. >> we'll see how it come down. i feel confident it will come down well for us. the last person hillary wants to run against is me. you saw the polls today we are beating her. and we are doing very well in all of the polls. we are really doing well in iowa. you see the cnn poll come up about 13 points. we are 33 versus 20 and cruz this second. reporter: do you want to iran
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general campaign against hillary? >> at the democratic debate they mentioned my name nine times and didn't mention anybody else. so i felt i had to respond. all i did really was respond. reporter: you invited the clintons to your wedding. >> it's important to stand, donald trump is a world class businessman, and i am. i have made a tremendous amount of money and you need this kind of thinking when we have $19 trillion in debt and all the problems we have. but as a world class businessman and as a businessman, you have to get along with everybody. you want democrats, you want liberals, you want republicans and conservatives. i owed it to myself, my company, my employees, to get along with everybody and i always have gone the along with everybody.
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i want to get along with everybody as a businessman i want to get along with everybody. as a politician, frankly, in washington we have gridlock. it would be nice if obama could get the republicans together and get something done. it's total gridlock. they don't like each other and don't get along. the whole thing is ridiculous. it was my obligation as a businessman to get along with people, democrats, republicans and everybody. that's what i did. in many ways i'm very conservative but i had an obligation to my company, employees and family to get along. i was able to get along with clinton and virtually every politician you can manage. when i went to washington and i need something, i got it. reporter: on that topic you look at the past winners of iowa,
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huckabee, people say he would be the favorite. bill kristol says if you lose iowa your lead will disappear. >> i think we are doing really well, as a candidate we are doing really well with the evangelicals. if you look at the numbers i'm at the top or close to the top with evangelicals. i developed an amazing relationship 367 i'm a presbyterian. i have gone through the whole thing. my relationship with evangelicals and always has been outstanding. i just saw a poll where i'm leading with evangelicals. i'm doing well with the iowa. if you look at iowa and look at cnn, a recent poll and a big one. i'm 33 and cruz is 20. i think i'll do well in iowa.
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reporter: in the republican field if you have take the nomination, do you see anyone in that field that would be a vice presidential candidate for you? >> it's possible. i respect a number of them. i won't say every one of them and some more than others. but i have great respect for a number of the candidates i'm running against. reporter: you have been in the entertainment world and the political world. how much of it is entertainment in the political world. it's -- a lot of it -- whether it's business or entertainment or politics, lot of it can be applied. i enjoyed this. we have had incredible results. the relationships i developed in iowa have been incredible and new hampshire and south carolina and virginia and texas. meeting in the florida polls.
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i'm leading in the subject stlaings in florida. we are leading in ojai so against a sitting governor. we have had an amazing period of time. now we start the process. february 1. i think we are going to do really well in iowa. >> can you talk about your get out the vote campaign and how you will insure people supporting you at rallies will be out there on caucus day on primary? >> as you know, despite the bad weather, the place is packed. and we get by far the big jest crowds. the question isb will they high pressure caucus? i think the answer is yes. we have sam clovis and chuck, and they have some good people under them. people want to reour country become great again. we are a country that's sear yustlesly troubled. we don't win with isis, we don't
6:41 pm
win with healthcare. obamacare is a disaster with rates going up 35%, 45%. virtually every year is a catastrophy. we don't win at the border where people are flowing across into our country. i think friends of theirs who weren't at the ram liz or speeches will come out and caucus. and we'll have a good victory. but we'll have some to see. reporter: how are you work on that at the grounds? >> so i'll be spending a minimum of $2 million a week and perhaps substantially more than that. report very jeb spent $40 million. >> he has isn't spent $40 million, he wasted $40 million. there is a big difference. i'll be doing big ads and they
6:42 pm
will be substantial and very well done. i have seen the first two or three of them. we are very proud of them. we'll be talking about a lot of things including the border, including trade, including isis and security for the country. we'll be talking about a lot of things. i don't think i need to spend the money, if you look at the polls, as you probably just saw, reuters came out and i'm close to 40 and second i believe is 13, which is a big gap. i don't think i need to spend anything. i spent here -- you look at a guy like bush, he spend $59 million and he's nowhere. others likewise they spent millions of dollars and they are nowhere. that's what the country needs. that's the kinds of attitude and thought process the country needs. in education we spend more than any other country in the world
6:43 pm
for people by a lot. and we are 28. that's the opposite of my campaign. so i'm proud of the fact. but now i'll spend anyway. i don't know that i need to. when i see a 40 and a 12 or 13, there is no reason to spend. but if i feel i should spends. and i don't want to take any chances. we are doing so tbhel iowa and new hampshire. nevada the poll came out. it was beyond, it was 38 or 39. and everybody else -- but i feel i have an obligation even to myself and the country to spend. we'll ebb spending a minimum of $2 million, then we'll see what happens. if anybody goes after me, i'll spends a lot of money against the people who go after me. i'm just saying, if somebody attacks me i'll attack them very much and very hard. i'm $35 million under budget.
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i thought as of january 1 i would have spent $35 million on ads. i spent nothing. i'm $35 million under budget. when i build i like to build under budget. when we fix the infrastructure of our country, i want that to be under budget. we have people that don't know what they are doing. politicians, so we are going to fix the infrastructure and it will be done in a reasonable differentments not when they have 25 times overruns. prongs that start out at x. some of them cost 20 to 25 types what they are supposed to cost. that's gross incompetence or theft or dishonesty or something. i look at some of these prongs that end up being disaster -- i look at some of these projects that start out as little projects and end up being disasters. reporter: the shooter in san bernardino was a radicalized american. >> correct. reporter: you said keep the plus lim limes mow men tear -- keep
6:45 pm
the muslims momentarily from entering the united states. would you prevent gun ownership or anything like that? >> i would look very seriously at the people coming here becoming radicalized. they are using our internet systems better than we are and we are the ones who invented it. i'll get the geniuses from the silicon valley and put an end to this. these young impressible people, sometimes children are becoming radicalized. with that couple that killed 14 people and more to come because some may thought make it from what i understand. we need people to turn them in. people knew they had pipe bombs all over the apartment. why didn't they turn them? they should have turned them in. there is something wrong, something is going wrong and we
6:46 pm
are going to get to the bottom of it. people have to turn these people in. these are sick people and they have to turn them in. a lot of people knew what was going on with the man and wife if i can even say that. i think it's so horrible. i think they are such horrible people. they are scum as far as i'm concerned. but people have to turn them in. people knew what was going on. they had all sorts of weapons, they had bombs all over the apartment. and nobody turned them in. they better start turning them in. reporter: bernie sanders has taken the fear [inaudible] >> it's not true. actually it's the opposite. mine is a message of hope. make america great again. we are going to make america great again. we are going to make it strong militarily, strong economically, we are losing our trade so
6:47 pm
badly, we are going to stop that immediately. we are going to bring our jobs back. we are going to make our country great again. mine is a message of hope, not a message of fear. reporter: [inaudible] they are sort of [inaudible] david duke is saying you are more radical than him. how will this take away your message to republicans. >> i tell you what, i'm somebody that's extremely inclusive. i want people to get along. we have a president that's terribly dividing our country. you will see some wonderful thing happening with our country. reporter: is david duke wrong? >> he's certainly wrong about that. reporter: how are you going to
6:48 pm
get muslims to turn people in. >> if you have a muslim community and you have somebody in there making bombs and people have seen the bombs, you have got to turn them in. we don't want to have another one where 16 or 20 people get killed. we don't want to have what happened in paris. we don't want what hand in california. we don't want another world trade center. and believe me there is plenty throughout that want to see that happen again with the world trade center. we have to find out who those people are. people have to turn them in. people have to turn them in. their tone community have to turn them in. but people knew what was going on with those bombs with those two people. and she cape here and she was already radicalized. and he was radicalized by her or radicalized previously. it almost does matter. he was bad news. these two did tremendous destruction to people who gave them wedding parties.
6:49 pm
these are people that knew them that gave them a wedding party, and they killed them. there is bad stuff going on and we are going to get to the bottom of it. people that are smart and people with common sense understand that i'm right. reporter: [inaudible] third party -- >> bill kristol is a loser. he said i wouldn't run. if i ran i would just have a lot of fun. bill kristol is a major loser. he's too embarrassed to even walk down the street. he's a desperate man. his magazine is failing badly. he will be out of business probably very soon. he hurt his brand very badly. he's as negative as he can be because it's a loser. i don't see a third party.
6:50 pm
reporter: [inaudible] >> somebody says something negative about me, yeah. it started out at 17 people now it's down to 14. i guess pataki is dropping out it's still a lot of people. i'm running against and lot of people. and i want to win for one reason. i want to win for myself. i want to win to make our country great again. that's why i want to win. i have a great relationship with kids. really good. thank you all very much. have a good time. charles: gop frontrunner donald trump on his plane giving a press conference. he took a tone and tried to emphasize a more conciliatory tone. he talked about the necessity to get along it's a term he used to
6:51 pm
get along with people to become the successful businessman that he is. he also used the word obligation a lot. that he would be obligated to all voters and all americans and he would be obligated to spend money. he did threaten to spend a whole lot more money if people come after him emphasizing he's $35 million under budget. but it doesn't hurt when you have get this kind of press. he became very serious about the notion, i'm not shierd heard the question right. the other pearpts of the constitution you would suspend? i think trump overlooked that part. but he did talk about the idea of look at people here in america who will fall in the footsteps of the san bernardino couple who committed the heinous act. he implored the community around them to turn them in. there would be some sort of obligation to turn them in. with respect to voters showing up, he said i think they will show up, i hope they will show
6:52 pm
up. that's what he will be spending the $2 million on. he talked about inclusion. that was the main theme. we'll bring in the panel. we have andrew pete. andrew, jail start with you. it appears to me he brought up how many times his name was brought up at the democratic presidential debate. >> he has seen the polls that put him even with hillary clinton nationally. this is his sales pitch to the republican elite and the establishment. he's saying that i can win this. i can win this for you. if i get this election, if i get this nomination you can put me up on the stage with hillary clinton and we won't be embarrasses. charles: the key is inclusive. and lot of people saying he can win without blacks, hispanics,
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women, young women. he sounds like a guy who wants to win everybody.
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. charles: breaking news, donald trump wrapping up a spontaneous press conference. joining me, the panel is back with us. christopher, i want to talk with you because donald trump would be commander in chief, that was the focus of a lot of the conversation he had on the plane with potential domestic terrorism. what do you feel with respect to very high in the polls, a lot of people believe he's the guy that can keep us safe? >> the institute for the study of war is strictly nonpartisan. i spent 20 years as officer of
6:57 pm
the navy, i was enlisted in the marine corps, nothing that prepared me for the concept of donald trump as commander in chief of the united states military. he gratuitously insults people who are far his superior and understanding of the issues. calling bill crystal an idiot is -- they can't find out most cursory details of, and this man pretends to ready for the office of the presidency. i get the fact he's a showman iget the fact he's governor good at what he does but i hope the american people understand is our future as a nation, and this man clearly is not prepared to be commander in chief of armed forces. charles: chris, mark you down as a no on this. [ laughter ] >> make note of that. >> who knows? this may be my last appearance if i keep going like this. there is nothing that's
6:58 pm
prepared me for the concept of donald trump as commander in chief. charles: steve, you've been involved in law enforcement, the private sector,un a lot of people. >> and the military. charles: you disagree, though? >> i absolutely disagree. look, donald trump is well prepared. look, i spend 25 years in the office of naval intelligence, retired lieutenant commander. he has the ability and he has the respect which is so important, of foreign leaders and i'll mention vladimir putin for example. there was a lot of talk and controversy. charles: but does vladimir putin respect him or he's boisterous? >> he respects him because donald trump is putting the fear of god into enemies and potential enemies. it's called peace through strength, that's what donald trump is epitomizing to our allies and foes. >> i don't know if that's true or if that's not true. what i think is important is donald trump is successfully selling a message he can be the guy and this is american politics. the underlying truth of, that
6:59 pm
we don't know until if and when he takes the first day in the white house, but ability to hold command, charles. we saw on the interview, we watched it. he had the reporters eating out of the palm of his hand. i have rarely seen a candidate on either side of the aisle have that temperament and control. charles: he talked about obligations to get along with people, to bring people together. he made a great point talking about president obama has been divisive the last seven years, and people want change. >> there is no one more divisive than donald trump. he insulted muslims, insulted black people, insulted women. he's the most divisive candidate in the last 10, 20 years i have seen, for him to say we want to include everyone, i doubt that. i don't take it seriously. >> you're not going to win, he's take a page out of the obama campaign. he's got to have a broad coalition. >> and did use obama's word, hope and change, and that's
7:00 pm
what he's trying sell. >> the career politicians who have run this country into the ground who have been divisive. >> donald trump is not the answer. charles: we'll see, guys. >> he's the wrong answer. charles: he's the overwhelming favorite. we spent 15 minutes listening to him. now, tom sullivan. tom: and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs tonight. donald trump bragging about how little he spends on his campaign, all this is about to change. trump says he is planning an ad blitz that could cost more than $2 million a week. >> starting around january 4th, we're spending a lot of money. going out and spending a lot. i love the concept of saying i spent the least and i'm best result because that's what it's all about. tom: and that has to be troubling for his rivals. today donald has spent $5.5


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