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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 29, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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what he's trying sell. >> the career politicians who have run this country into the ground who have been divisive. >> donald trump is not the answer. charles: we'll see, guys. >> he's the wrong answer. charles: he's the overwhelming favorite. we spent 15 minutes listening to him. now, tom sullivan. tom: and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs tonight. donald trump bragging about how little he spends on his campaign, all this is about to change. trump says he is planning an ad blitz that could cost more than $2 million a week. >> starting around january 4th, we're spending a lot of money. going out and spending a lot. i love the concept of saying i spent the least and i'm best result because that's what it's all about. tom: and that has to be troubling for his rivals. today donald has spent $5.5
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million on his campaign but he's in first place nationally in the new hampshire as well. in south carolina as well, and in iowa, he's just behind ted cruz. i'll have a full report on the state of the race closer to the iowa caucuses. also tonight, the obama administration touting progress against the islamic state saying its airstrikes have killed, ten islamic state leaders over the past month. that development coming a day after the iraqi military said its forces recaptured the main government complex in ramadi from islamic state fighters, but is the administration being too optmifblg, and will the ramadi recapture hold? i'll discuss that with major general robert scales and house foreign affairs member lee zeldin among my guests tonight. and the texas teenager who famously invoked an affluenza defense for deadly drunk driving crash is back in custody. 18-year-old ethan couch and his
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mother both are detained in mexico but now there's concern that he could get off lightly again. we'll take that case up later in the broadcast. meantime, our top story tonight. the race for the white house breaking news according to multiple reports. former new york governor george pataki is dropping out of the presidential race. pataki is averages 0% in national polling according to real clear politics. so nobody is going to question where his votes go because there aren't any. meantime, senator marco rubio winning the support of a lawmaker with a lot of pull among conservatives and donald trump is plotting the big tv ad blitz that could change the tv landscape. ed henry has our report. >> reporter: the battle for the anti-trump establishment lane of the republican party intensified today as chris christie and jeb bush launched sharp attacks on senator marco
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rubio, who responded in iowa by rolling out the endorsement of a conservative rock star. house benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy. >> i found the candidate, marco rubio. >> reporter: with polls showing rubio in third place behind businessman donald trump and senator ted cruz, the florida senator was slammed for missing votes. with christie who's coming on strong in new hampshire ripping rubio by declaring, quote, dude, show up to work and vote no. if you don't want to, quit. while the super pac supporting bush went after his protege with an ad buy charging rubio with fund-raising instead of attending top secret briefings at the capitol after terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> he missed more total votes than any other senator. >> i have close to 90% attendance record. chris has been missing in new
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jersey half the time. >> reporter: the sparse frees up trump to focus on the general election as he challenged hillary clinton by doubling down on attacks against her husband. >> you look at whether it's monica lewinsky or paula jones or many of them, and that certainly will be fair game. >> reporter: while a liberal "washington post" columnist declared bill clinton's conduct toward women is far worse than trump's comments. ruth marcus writing, quote -- . >> reporter: hillary clinton was in new hampshire and avoided comment on trump. an aide said -- trump is planning his first tv ad buy, $2 million a week, which could swamp his competitors. >> we're going to spend a lot of money over the next four weeks. >> reporter: a far cry from the resources or support of democrat martin o'malley.
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in part because of a snowstorm, only one voter showed up at o'malley event in iowa, and that voter would not commit to him. >> we actually had a whopping total of one person show up. they were glad to see me. >> reporter: trump responded to gowdy's endorsement tweeting -- which he called a disaster. trump critics note gowdy could make a good attorney general in a trump administration, tom. tom: ed henry, thank you very much. the obama administration touth gains against the islamic state saying the airstrikes they've been conduct having killed ten islamic state leaders, but many americans still skeptical that the president has the right strategy to fight the radical islamist terrorist group. kevin corke has this report. >> reporter: the u.s. state department proclaimed as one of its wins in 2015, quote, bringing peace and security to
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war-torn syria, something mark toner tried to explain. >> the operative word is bringing, not bought, we're bringing peace and security to syria. i think that is a truthful claim. >> reporter: it's in syria where a u.n. brokered deal to evacuate 2,000 syrian families. the controversial arrangement allowed militants to leave so international aid could reach the syrians left behind. while the fight continues in syria with no sheer resolution in sight. in iraq folks were battle weary and grateful including al-abadi who visited ramadi one day after it was reclaimed from isis by iraqi security forces with the help of the u.s.-led coalition. much of the success in the anbar provincial capital due to increase airstrikes who credited the campaign with
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helping to make appropriate headway in the fight against isis including the recent elimination with links to the deadly attacks in france. >> over the past month we killed ten isil leadership figures with targeted airstrikes, including several external attack planners, some linked to the paris attacks, others had designs on further attacking the west. >> reporter: while far from a singular solution, pentagon officials do believe the airstrikes were about 80% of the reason the iraqi were able to retake the strategic government sensor. since july, the u.s.-led coalition conducted more than 630 strikes in ramadi, including 150 in the past month alone. but experts say air campaigns by themselves won't be nearly enough to hang onto a few tactical gains. >> the force to hold it is considerably larger and constantly tying down more and more forces to hold on to reclaimed territory, and that
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becomes the achilles' heel in iraq. >> reporter: for all the rah-rah in ramadi, just as likely isis will retreat only to return, which could render some progress short lived. john kerry congratulated the iraqis for courage and perseverance in the battle for ramadi. if it does hold up, it's likely the next major operation will see from the coalition will take place in mosul, that will likely take place this coming spring, tom? tom: kevin corke with the president in hawaii. a more brutal weather in store for much of the country this week. the epic storm system that claimed more than 40 lives barreling east bringing ice and heavy snow to the midwest and northeast and torrential rain to the southeast, all thats as missouri and illinois struggle with deadly flooding. at least 18 deaths in those two states are blamed on flooding,
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mostly involving vehicles that drove onto swamped roadways. missouri governor jay nixon called in the national guard to assist in flood fighting efforts, and hundreds of residents of west alton have been told to leave as the mississippi river spilled over the top of the levee. water has reached the roofs of several businesses. for more on what we can expect across the country, we go to fox news senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center with the latest. >> hi, tom. the good news is the storm is almost out to sea, but the bad news is parts of the midwest are going to see flooding well into next week and the new year. they haven't seen historic flooding since 1993. the historic floods of st. louis at the mississippi where they surpassed flood stage and we are going to
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almost reach that as we get through the next couple of hours. so here's what we're dealing with. the crest will happen on thursday. 43.2 feet. the record set back in 1993 was close to 50 feet, but again during the springtime months with snowmelt. unprecedented to see this flooding in december. the good news is we have drier conditions for the foreseeable future for the next five days. but the river levels continue to rise, we have the state of emergency and so many people out of their homes affecting thousands across the mississippi river valley. we'll keep you up to date on that story. we're watching winter weather advisories, we have freezing rain watches in effect for parts of massachusetts, as well as connecticut and rhode island and winter storm warnings for maine, they will receive the jackpot of snow with upwards of 18" once the storm is all said and done. as we go through wednesday and thursday, the worst of it over.
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we'll see a little trailing moisture across the southeast and the mid-atlantic, but as we head into the new year, tom, the good news is we're going to be into a zonal pattern which means not many storms on the horizon and temperatures moderate over the next couple of days and that is good news for the folks that are obviously suffering from the tornadoes and the ice and the sleet and the flooding. if i could real quick, we, of course have a big celebration happening in new york city and across the country. new year's eve forecast looks good for many big cities. we could see rain across the gulf coast, but otherwise, pretty balmy relatively speaking for parts of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast and for new york city, looking pretty good. i can't do much better than that. 40 degrees at midnight and partly cloudy skies. tom: i've seen worse, a mix of spring and winter. >> it's historic, one for the record books. tom: it is. janice dean, thank you for keeping us up to date.
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appreciate it. a white police officer charged with murder in the 2014 fatal shooting of a black teenager laquan mcdonald today pleaded not guilty in a chicago court. jason van dyke facing six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct in the 17-year-old's death. he pleaded not guilty in chicago. dashcam video shows the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times which caused the spark of protests we saw in chicago. anti-police sentiment has led to concern that violence against law enforcement would rise this year, but a new report shows that's not the case thankfully. new statistics show 42 officers were killed by gunfire this year. that is a 14% drop from last year. unfortunately, more officers died in the line of duty as a
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result of other causes such as traffic related accidents. 124 officers killed on the job this year. a 4% increase from the 119 who died in the line of duty last year. we're coming right back. stay with us. donald trump still dominates the polls as the year draws to a close. >> you know they always say, why do you go through the polls? because i'm winning. tom: trump is winning but rivals say they have plenty of time to catch up. do they really? we'll take it up with brad blakeman and francesqua chambers next. and a skier finishes a downhill world cup race as a party of two. we'll show you what happened in the video here next.
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republican who can keep her out of the white house. >> you know, she says, we'd love to run against trump, it's her worst nightmare. they said, well, the hillary campaign said they'd love to run. yeah, she wants to run against me instead of somebody else. i tried to explain to chuck todd and all the guys. when they say they want to run against trump, they don't want to run against trump. they don't understand. lou: joining us brad blakeman, former official in the bush 2 white house, now professor at georgetown and francesca chamber's white house daily correspondent. let me start about the business it's fair game to go after the clinton sexual escapades, and francesca start with you, it's a question -- is it smarter to go after bill clinton who's not on the ticket, or to go after hillary clinton and the way she
7:19 pm
dealt with all of those moments when she was the wife of this guy? and some women said she was great, she stood by her man, and others said that was terrible to stand by him. is that the way he should play it. >> some people say it doesn't make sense to go after the clintons on this issue at all. there are other things to focus on. instead, benghazi, the way she handle the situation, the way she handled herself as secretary of state. trump is trying to energize voters and i think if he were the republican nominee, he'd be a formidable opponent to hillary clinton and take her on strongly. tom: brad, listen, this will be interesting to see how he handles this. i don't know what you recommend. but you know that democrats moan every time a republican says anything about bill clinton's sex life, and they say that doesn't matter, doesn't matter.
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so if they go after that, it will -- because if trump's the nominee, he's going to have to get democrats. is this a bad idea? do you agree with francesca? >> an awful idea. it's fair game but do you it at your peril. bill clinton has higher approval rating than you, mr. trump. and higher rating than hillary clinton. and number two is, there are millions of voters who weren't alive when bill clinton was president. it's not a winning strategy. if you want to win, you have to be selected by the party which is the primary and elected by the people in the general. don't be presumptuous in going after hillary too early when you haven't won one primary or a caucus. lou: did you have to remind me there's a lot of people that were not alive then that are now voters, for heaven's sakes? [ laughter ]. tom: this business about every one of the candidates polling at 1% or 3% or 5% says don't you worry i'm going to do great
7:21 pm
in -- pick your state. and they're running out of time. are they whistling dixie? >> i think they're going to turn blue in the face if they are waiting for donald trump to implode or support to deflate. one thing that could happen in iowa or new hampshire is that trump's get out the vote operation might fail. he's a nontraditional politician, he has folks familiar with the iowa caucuses working for him. he himself is a nontraditional politician, going about this in unconventional way, and seeing ted cruz who has evangelical support, support of iowa conservatives who are familiar with the caucus process turn out the vote better than he does on february 1st. tom: but brad, you go to chris christie, who has, it looks like he's betting the farm on new hampshire. that reminds me of other candidates who bet the farm on one state and one of them comes to mind is rudy giuliani, later
7:22 pm
as florida. that seems like what happens even if he wins, what happens to the rest of the states? >> well, you know, if you win early, you get momentum and money starts coming in and people like to go with the winner. the two battleground states, iowa is the caucus and the secret ballot is in new hampshire. both are tests of grassroots. the ability to motivate people to get out the vote. people make up their minds in the last week of the caucus or primary, that's a real test for donald trump to have a good ground game. we haven't seen. that he's bragged he hasn't spent money, it's all on media. you can't motivate people and have a grassroots operation just on media. tom: the rnc said they're going to share voter data with trump's campaign, is that a sign of warming between the rnc and trump? >> it's expected. you can have the wealth of
7:23 pm
information, it's how you use it. what you need to do nord use it properly is have the mechanics and infrastructure to do that. what good is having a list that can be exploited if you can't exploit it having the right people to use it. tom: you need the troops to work it. brad and francesca, good to see you both. thank you. >> thanks. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll with trump leading the polls for months and the first voting now just weeks away, do the other gop candidates have plenty of time to beat him as they claim? cast your vote at and follow lou on twitter at -- and links to all of this can be found at easy to remember. a pro skier finished his race with an unlikely parting gift, check this out.
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a skier was skiing downhill during the world cup in santa katrina, italy, he was making a turn, arm got wrapped around the skiing gate which stuck to him. impressively, he eventually finished the race in fourth place. up, in congressman lee zeldin joins me, and hoverboards are the must have gift this year, but are they more dangerous than they're worth. mike tyson likely has an opinion. we'll show you why coming up.
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. tom: provocations are growing, iranian rocket passed within 1500 yards of the "u.s.s. harry truman" to launch missions
7:29 pm
against the islamic state, this latest provocation involves a second illegal ballistic missile test conducted by iran a month ago. joining me lee zeldin, member of house foreign affairs committee which is a lot to cover with just those two alone. you spent time at christmas with the troops in iraq. >> it was great. just to tell them on behalf of a very grateful nation back home, you'll hear from friends and family, let them know how much they appreciate their service, but they need to know that all of us have them in our thoughts and prayers, meet the soldier on their first deployment but the commander on the 82nd airborne on 11th deployment. tom: what are the stories like? those guys left and were gone and now back again. did they tell you a little deja vu about the whole thing? >> i was having deja vu. my last time in baghdad 2006 i
7:30 pm
was with the 82nd airborne division. tom: you were? >> to step down and have the division headquarters waiting there, i had deja vu and a lot invested in the fight autoall across the country. tom: how much was it different? were the iraqis -- here's the problem i have, a year ago, defense secretary ash carter said the iraqi army was basically worthless, they ran the minute they saw something and now take ramadi and say what a brave group of soldiers. which is it? which is your assessment of the iraqis? >> iraqi military has component of iraqi counterterrorism service, the iraqi counterterrorism service, they're the ones knocking on doors and winning the mission in ramadi. the rest of the military we have the problem of them not showing up to work, they're not fighting for love of country and good training and camaraderie and esprit decorps.
7:31 pm
they are in the midst of this. tom: are they the sunni division? they say sunnis have to win in order to win isis? . >> have you kurdish forces, sunnis and shias serving together. tom: working? >> working together. it is unfortunately it's not the entire military, we're talking about a fraction of the entire military. tom: what do you think of the rest of the military? are they rag tag? >> just like 91 where we show up and they drop weapons. 2003, we show up and they drop weapons. you can't count on the rest of the military to be able to secure that country. you're not going to be able to win back mosul with the rest of them. tom: congressman, if you were in the military, you know to take ramadi, we were talking to k.t. mcfarland last night, if you know you have a good but small group of iraqi defenders, if i was isis, i would come back around the other way and come back at them again?
7:32 pm
>> there aren't enough cts fighters right now. hopefully ranks continue to grow. they recruit out of the larger force, hopefully the recruiting will allow them to grow the ranks of people. tom: are they the green berets of the iraqi military? >> you could say. that they are more special ops and within cts, there is a unit that is more special ops than cts. tom: extra special ops. last question, you are a new york congressman, and george pataki hasn't made it official, but multiple reports say he's dropping out of the presidential race. you know governor pataki. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. in a lot of time spent in new hampshire, he wasn't getting the movement and the traction in the state, and i think now we've reached the point in the campaign where you go from 13-12 and hopefully gone down to 6 and less very soon. tom: i hope so, too. get clarification here. congressman lee zeldin, good to
7:33 pm
see you, thanks for your service. a scary scene for bystanders shopping during the holidays. video captured a hoverboard catching fire still in a box in texas. mall employees used fire extinguishers to put out the fire. they evacuated the entire mall. no injuries were reported. as federal safety officials are reporting 2200 explosions in 17 states. and former pro boxer mike tyson just got wiped out. the champ riding his daughter's hoverboard when, you guess it, he lost his balance, whoa! seems tyson finally met his match. yeah, that's something to beat mike tyson. we're coming back with much more, stay with us. >> a new intelligence report on russia warns of massive buildup of forces. what's vladimir putin up to and how big of a threat is this to
7:34 pm
the united states? we take it up with major general bob scales here next. and residents of this california city are up in arms over what's appearing under foot. "lou dobbs tonight" continues right after these messages. three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. some of these experimentse're notmay not but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient
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. tom: the obama administration growing increasingly concerned about the threat from russia, according to a new intelligence report which warns of a russian naval buildup. president vladimir putin
7:38 pm
looking to threaten nearby countries as well as restore soviet era power over the next five years by modernizing the country's fleet with advanced submarines and weapons systems. joining me now retired major general robert scales, former commandant of the u.s. navy war college and fox military analyst. good to see you. >> thank you, tom. tom: what about the russian buildup? he's got financial problems, economic problems, price of oil is lower. how is he able to do this? >> let's be clear, in spite of the economic problems putin kept his defense budget intact, he's growing his navy faster than we're growing our navy. let's be clear, a lot of the media is focused on putin's actions in the middle east. that's interesting. putin said himself his primary
7:39 pm
strategic objective is to fracture and break apart nato. he views natosa the greatest impediment to restore the glory of the russian empire and going to do it by intimidating nato allies, by fracturing those close to russia versus those farther away and increasing the size of navy and also army and missile forces and air-defense forces. all of it in an effort to break the back of nato which will allow him over the long-term perhaps to intervene in the baltic states, and to spread russian influence into areas that have been resistant to russian incursion in the past, tom. this is very, very serious, but the main thing is don't take your eye off the ball. putin is interested in europe and the middle east itself. tom: we've heard he wants to reestablish old mother soviet union.
7:40 pm
he wants to get them back? >> i wouldn't say get them back. the baltic states are part of nato, but what he's interested in is shifting the focus of the countries away from nato and closer to the east because they fear russian influence and russian domination. he uses generational warfare. a style unique to russia that uses propaganda, psychological warfare, electronic warfare, the use of the media as well as intimidation by military to sort of nudge his shoulder into these countries and induce them to turn east instead of west. he doesn't view this as something that's going to happen in 2016, a generational issue for the russians. but in spite of economic problems, tom, he's winning. tom: let's go to afghanistan. latest is that russian president is supplying weapons to afghan police. now they had the reference
7:41 pm
there, is he going to put one toe back in the water in afghanistan? >> no, no, i think that's a head fake. i think putin -- i think the russian people understand how well russia has done in afghanistan in the past. he's doing this to tweek nato, because remember the coalition in afghanistan that's fighting the taliban is not just the united states, it's nato. just another effort on his part to change the subject to make it look as if russia is intervening around the world. but as i said earlier, don't forget, the prize is in europe, not the middle east. tom: back to afghanistan about our announcement earlier about bagram air force base, we talked to k.t. mcfarland and she said this is president obama trying to work this, leave it alone so he can get out of office. are we ever going to leave, or is this a permanent base for
7:42 pm
the u.s. forces? >> i think it's damn near permanent. i tell you what scares me, i heard from a friend of mine is that the taliban takes leave during the wintertime, they go to pakistan to drink tea between october and april and start the war up when the mountain passes are cleared. what they're doing now is continuing the fight. they're attacking afghan forces through the winter. part of it is because they see us leaving and think they can gain dominance particularly in the south in helmand province and they have competition from isis. isis has a present in over 30 provinces in afghanistan and using money and weapons and propaganda in order to steal the game away from the taliban. you know, this was the good war, tom. and frankly it's not going very well. tom: glad you answered that. that was my question, i thought in the wintertime they went back to wherever they went. but anyway -- >> used to, not anymore.
7:43 pm
tom: thank you, again, major general bob scales, good to talk with you. >> thanks, tom. tom: you bet. be sure to vote in tonight's poll with trump leading the polls for months and the first voting weeks away, do other gop candidates have plenty of time to beat him as they claim? cast your vote at on wall street today, stocks rallying, the dow big gain, up 193 points. s&p also up nicely up 22. the nasdaq up 67, and volume on the big board still pretty light. 2 1/2 billion shares. a reminder to listen to lou's financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. and the so-called affluenza teen serving probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident, now in custody in mexico weeks after
7:44 pm
he and his mother disappeared. correspondent jonathan hunt has the details on the short lived escape. >> reporter: ethan couch, his new mug shot showing his hair dyed black rather than usual blond will soon be back in texas having been arrested in puerto vallarta. couch was found with his mother tanya couch, the two disappeared december 10th after he failed to show up with appointment with probation officer. the decision by couch and his mother to leave the country was not spur of the moment. >> they had planned to disappear, they even had something that was akin to a going away party before they left town. our suspicion that his mother was assisting and helping him has proven true. >> reporter: in june 2013, ethan couch, who was then 16 years old was driving drunk and speeding outside fort worth, texas when he hit another car
7:45 pm
and killed four people. at his trial, his wealthy parents brought in a psychologist who testified that because couch was spoiled by his family, he did not know right from wrong or understand responsibility. the expert termed the condition affluenza. it was widely ridiculed but led to couch getting probation rather than a prison sentence. >> we have them back in custody, to be honest with you, we're going to breathe a lot easier when they are back in this country, we have them locked up. that's the ultimate goal. >> reporter: the sheriff and the district attorney made it clear they believe the original sentence in couch's case was far too light, and the victims were denied justice. but admitted this probation violation cannot change that original sentence. and they say even if they can switch the case to the adult court system, the longest koufrp could be held under texas law would be 120 days on
7:46 pm
the probation violation. after that, he would once again be a free man. tom? tom: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. appreciate the report from l.a. san francisco not happy with justin bieber and the sorry singer might have to offer up more than an apology if city officials have their way. city attorney in the city by the bay dennis herrera claims that sidewalk graffiti promoting the pop star's latest album has not washed away, despite recent rainstorms in a letter to universal music group he blasts the stunt as quote illegal and actionable staying created a visual distraction that poses a threat to pedestrians. how about that? for the first time in more than a century, licensed texans will be free to walk the streets openly wearing hole stered handguns.
7:47 pm
not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> we have to remember texas is a very diverse state, and one size doesn't necessarily fit all. we need to make sure we don't panic the first time we see somebody with a gun inside of a bank. tom: we take it up with one of the best attorneys in the business here next. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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. tom: your driver's license may not be enough to get you through airport security anymore. kind of get used to the system but beware because the transportation security administration, tsa, the blue shirts are debating whether to stop accepting certain driver's licenses as id when clearing security. the problem goes back a couple of years. certain states do not comply with the federal law imposing tougher standards when issuing driver's licenses. for those of you in illinois, missouri, washington, minnesota or california, may need to bring additional forms of id to the airport starting next year. joining me now fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin and attorney kiesha hebbon. let's tart with you, kiesha, what's this about? >> the federal government
7:52 pm
saying listen, we need to crack down on possible terrorists getting through the airports, and i don't think it's a bad thing that they are requiring the states to comply. and it's also not that bad because if you don't have the driver's license that the feds require, you can show a passport or some other form of id. not that big of inconvenience. tom: i don't know how many people have passports, mercedes. this could surprise a lot of people. i think this is going to be a mess? >> going to surprise a lot of people. lot more lines certainly because folks say wait a minute, i know i have to get a passport? this is not international travel. we're in the united states. why is it in i'm in new york and travel to california, i have to have a passport handy? very problematic. many of us who got a passport, it's not speedy, it could take a month, two months, three months, could cause issues for individuals if they don't have a passport in hand. tom: and goes back to the real id law i think is what they
7:53 pm
called it, they want to make sure that the -- i guess in states it's easy to walk in and say i'm bill smith and give me a driver's license, so hence the problem. but let me move on. we've got another traveler down in mexico, ethan couch and mommy, they got caught up. this is -- it's not funny. look at that photo. i'm sorry, this guy looks like when you look up loser in the dictionary, there is the photo, kiesha. this guy, his mommy is protecting him from facing the music. >> i agree, i agree 100%, and i feel that what the judge -- the sentence the judge imposed, extremely lenient. i'm not buying the affluenza condition. it's now turning around and the judge is regretting it. he fled, he violated probation and that's a crime in of and itself, the fact he's fleeing from the prosecution. tom: mercedes, why is he
7:54 pm
getting such a soft hand? is it the old complaint about the fact if you got money, you can hire high-powered legal power, and you guys come into court and everybody gets a little pat on the hand? >> this is unbelievable. shame on the judge. that's who is to blame here. how is the judge looking at this individual and say let's buy the affluenza issue. come on! it's complete bunk. kiesha and i are both defense attorneys, if we walked into the courtroom, by the way, our clients are too wealthy, that why they can't help themselves. forgive them. we would be laughed out of court. the jury would look at us like we had three heads. simply corruption in the justice system in that courtroom, not around the country. that judge, shame on the judge. tom: well, look, the whole business about drunk driving has never been taken as serious as i think it should be because of the fact you've got four
7:55 pm
people and loved ones and families, they're dead, they're dead because of this kid and he gets next to nothing. >> it's terrible, i think his affluent life made him not care about consequences as shown about him drinking while on probation, and trying to avoid further prosecution. so i feel very bad for the family members of the victims, and i think that drunk driving should be taken more serious. tom: mercedes, the mom have a legal problem on her hands if she was hiding her child? >> great question. undoubtedly. she's an accessory. she's an aider and abettor. she knew her son was in trouble and hid him in another country. she's definitely going to face charges, and maybe now there's going to be justice to the four individuals that died at the hands of this young man. it's enough is enough. now he's going to have to face the music. tom: i hope so. it's one of those when you look
7:56 pm
and say it looks like in a way, i kind of give the kid a little slack only because of the fact that somewhere along the line he's never received any real discipline and somebody needs to somewhere wake up and say you got to live with the rules, you can't be -- you're not something special. listen, thank you. mercedes colwin and kiesha thank you for joining us. >> thank you. tom: in our online poll, the results, there it is, 70% of you don't think american troops will ever leave iraq and afghanistan. we'll see. it's looking like we're more entrenched. that's it for us tonight. i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. ambassador john bolton among my guests tomorrow.
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charles: he's the overwhelming favorite. we spent 15 minutes listening to him. now, tom sullivan. tom: and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs tonight. donald trump bragging about how little he spends on his campaign, all this is about to change. trump says he is planning an ad blitz that could cost more than $2 million a week. >> starting around january 4th, we're spending a lot of money. going out and spending a lot. i love the concept of saying i spent the least and i'm best result because that's what it's all about. tom: and that has to be troubling for his rivals. today donald has spent $5.5


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