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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a few-minute warnings. we have the details on that one. >> david: try to convince the nfl not to move to teams to los angeles. we are going to speak to the man that knows the situation very well, wide receiver with the rams. >> melissa: dow nearly 120 points to close as the closing bound sound on wall street right now. s&p 500 and nasdaq are still in positive territory for the year, not for the day, for sure. >> david: we have another one to come. certainly today it was, we knew it was coming because of oil. oil was down even before the trading began today, down 3% and back brought the stocks with it. >> melissa: everything that you need to know right now. we have breaking news right now. terror alert canceling fireworks in brussels due to terrorist
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threats two people were arrested in belgium. city mayor made the decision following consultations with national authorities. >> david: another new year's eve terror plot, arresting two isis suspects targeting knew year's celebrations. benjamin hall is in london can details. benjamin. >> yesterday it was belgium, today it's turkey where police say they have arrested two people and have found suicide belts which were ready to use. the police in turkey released images claim to go show what they found, suicide vest and one backpack with bomb-making equipment. turkish police announced this morning that they had detained two isis suspects. two men have set to carried out surveylance, the other on the
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street packed with bars, turkey has been on high alert, 110 people were killed during a prokurdish peace rally. turkey has long been accused of playing double game with isis. but, of course, it's also allowing to attack isis. it's what isis thrives on. one said to be avenging the deaths of his brother and uncle. germany, uk, austria, belgium have all increased security
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surveillance and have ensured to tell civilians to stay in doors. a lot feeling the stress. >> melissa: many in the french capital are planning celebrations outside of the city, following the november terror attacks that left 130 people dead. caterers orders have fallen drastically from last year. state of emergency less than seven weeks after the deadly attacks. >> david: meanwhile back at home security beefed up as well. as busy as it looks people waiting till tomorrow morning. a million people are going to be swarming into the area to watch the new year's eve drop. new york's finest to keep city safe. hi, jo.
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>> we are completely prepared. it may not be ready just yet. the security cameras are being installed right now. barricades coming boo time square. they are preparing for a million people that have ter or on their mind. six thousand new york city police officers tomorrow night and will be joined by a thousand cameras, bomb sniffing dogs and counterterrorism units and other safety measures. what we are seeing here mail boxes have been removed and/or inspected. all bagged to be searched tomorrow. so it's a very intense situation here but, again, mayor de blasio saying that new york city is very well prepared, but the measures of security are extraordinary as the ball prepares to drop for 2016.
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>> we love our men in blue. i appreciate it. melissa. >> melissa: ceo of concerned veterans for america ceo and fox news contributor, thanks so much for joining us. we have two big plots that were foiled ahead of this. does that make you feel safe that they are out there and finding things or does it make you feel like if there's two there's a lot more than that? >> you try to disrupt the ability to even plot and plan and we need to be doing anything that we are doing to defeat caliphate in isis. if you don't know about the plot you can foil it beforehand and targets become last option. clearly we have enough to foil beforehand. that's what we want. then you have hard targets, which is what you talked about. we have seen it outside fox and elsewhere. it's a defense of time square
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that they are implementing right now. >> melissa: how do you think what we are doing compares to europe, they are doing raids in europe which seem to be yield in good results. we go from building and you go to subway, i've never seen anything like this. there's police everywhere, they are stopping people and see them swamming people, it seems aggressive. >> they've done an event like this before. the terror alert, what's happened recently puts it in intense context. they are taking extra security measures. the bubble is being pushed further, all the precautions. this is going to be one of the safest places on the planet. >> melissa: i was going to say that. a conversation to be here in new york which is seen as a target where you have the greatest professionals on high alert. some day that would be safer than to be in a city, you see what happened in san bernardino. they would hit a target where
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you you would still have the opportunity unfortunately to do a lot of damage and might be less prepared, less unguard. >> terrorists seek the path of least resistance and western europe hasn't had the same level in police force that is we have in new york city. new york city is ahead of the curve. they also have the threat on their doorstep. you have massive muslim populations in brussels, having to cancel. they really don't have their arms around the threat right now and they've had to react by massive raids shutting down mosques. we didn't done in the united states yet, that problem is much more front and center for western europe. >> david: already it is packed. that's going to be quite a job keeping everybody safe. look at that. that's sixth avenue. that's not the heart of time square. donald trump is doubling down on hillary clinton.
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the billionaire businessman ramping up attacks on former president bill clinton as he prepares to campaign with his wife. with the details rich who is live. happy new year. you're doing work for other friends in fox news, right? >> that's right, david. following the campaign trail and it keeps my quite busy. daid david this has never been a campaign like this one. >> richard: nobody respects women more than he does. criticized clinton on that regard and opinion for an hour trump focused on democrats, obama and hillary clinton. >> i went to an ivy league school. i know words. i had the best words. but there's no better word than stupid. [laughter] , right?
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>> richard: to build a wall in the mexican border, taunting jeb bush, saying he's spent tens of billions of dollars to little effect. bush campaign released a video highlighting what it calls trumps unhinge of the year. that just came out now. meanwhile in iowa, chris christie slammed senator rubio for missing votes while campaigning. >> all due respect to the senate, it's like school, you know, you sit there and schedule you, here is when you have to show up and then they tell you what to do when you get there. here is when you vote and it's very complicated stuff, you just have to say yes, sir or no. >> richard: rubio points out much of the time rubio has been away he has been away from the state of new jersey which he governs.
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>> david: happy new year. great to see you, my friend. melissa. >> melissa: there are only 12,000. only 12. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house as i suspend my campaign for president. i'm confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us together and will understand that politicians including the president must be the people's servant and not their master. >> melissa: i like the music. making fair well announcement in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, equal time deal which they have reached the network. back in november host of saturday night live. >> david: at least you get a little bit. >> melissa: something. >> david: waters are reaching record level.
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>> melissa: iran launching missiles close to u.s. aircraft, more of what's being called a provocative act. >> david: bill cosby has been charged with sexual assault, surrendered passports. we have the latest details coming up. but at b ♪ ♪ enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> melissa: massive floods with mandatory evacuations, the national weather service is projecting projecting the river will reach record heights and that's where fox news matt flynn is right now. matt, what are you >> matt: where i am standing right now is water two hours
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ago. the water was inching closer and closer to that door. workers built that wall of sandbags and owners are sitting back and hoping for the best. i don't know if you can see the propane tank. we are not sure if it is, they obviously don't want that floating away for safety reasons and other businesses here you could see fast food restaurants in the area almost entirely under water. you may be able to hear the chopper monitoring the area and it is continue to go rise in many areas. the river may not crust around this area and near regions of st. louis until tomorrow. >> melissa: wow, matt, be careful.
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thank you for that report. david. >> david: st. louis rams fan hoping the proposal keeps them from moving to los angeles. former ram isaac bruce is standing with them and we will tell you why. they are trying a hoverboard, the story ends badly for one of them. it may not be what you think. stay tune whrnghckt
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new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. >> david: the end is near for one nfl team, the question is which one will leave their hometown for la. today is the deadline for proposals, three markets are fighting to keep the team from moving to los angeles. a man that knows the situation too well former wide receiver for the rams, rooky from the
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rams the year they moved to st. louis. >> from the moment i was drafted in 1994, there were rumors the team was leaving the los angeles area. we came in with a brief knowledge of there's possibility that the team may be leaving. >> david: now even though you were rooky of the year in la in 1994, you think the rams should stay in st. louis, why? >> well, as i told you earlier, i was drafted by the los angeles rams, so you know i was born into los angeles as a rooky but raised in st. louis os a prafciónal -- professional player. we have so many memories there. we started a foundation there starting in 1999 that i think should remain and build upon
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that. >> david: st. louis hasn't been all that good for the rams, st. louis had the worst record for attendance in the whole nfl. were that being said, we look at the stats, we haven't had the best product on the field to give the fans cheer about. every time since i've gone to a game, there's been about 50,000 games in the stands cheering the team on and the very product that's on the field. i think collectively as an organization we can do a lot better to put winning-football players and the fan that is come out, i've experienced it to the utter most in championship games in st. louis. when the eagles and bucks came in they couldn't hear each other
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speak. >> david: if not from st. louis perhaps from san diego, oakland, the raiders, san diego had -- seemed like sort of the last game they were going to play last sunday. what do you think? where do you think la is going to get a team from eventually? >> i would say it has to be come from what's already in california, oakland or the chargers. >> david: one of the two. one of the great wide receivers of all times, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much for coming in isaac. >> thanks for having me, sir. >> david: isaac's was my son i idol. he was only there one year. >> melissa: come on? more on the con trough controversial story coming up. iran streaming ties between middle eastern nation and the u.s. even more.
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>> melissa: the obama administration has been caught spying on its friends again, according to wall street journal report nsa has been keeping tabs on israeli prime minister and interaction with lawmakers. >> the white house confirms that continue to spy on foreign leaders and won't comment
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whether that includes friendly ones such as the israeli prime minister. president obama pledged to stop eavesdropping, but it turns out now that there was a loophole in the snooping policy that allow it had national security agency to retain some taps on net net -- netanyahu, continued monitoring when a compelling security purpose. the president mentioned the exception in 2014 announcement. >> i've made clear to the intelligence community that unless there's a compelling national security purpose, we will not monitor the communications of heads of state and government of our close friends and allies. >> after the snowden disclosure,
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took merkel off the list but kept netanyahu and turkey's president on it. netanyahu on the list during pursuit of iran nuclear agreement. worried that netanyahu might sabotage it. as a general matter, we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activity unless there's a specific and validated national security purpose. there it is. this applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike. melissa. >> melissa: yeah, how about members of congress? >> david: senators respond to go spy operation here on fox news. >> people read the report and have a right to be concerned about it. people have the right to be concerned about the fact that while some leaders around the world are no longer being targeted, our strongest ally in the middle east israel is. >> if you're going to eavesdrop
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on congressmen and might stifle what they say or who do they communicate with. this is a big problem. >> david: watching all of this very closely from a distance, embassador to the un, so embassador, what do you think of this whole thing, you are being spied on even though the president giving the pledge that he wouldn't spy on his friends? >> well, i must say i'm very disappointed but i can't say we are very surprised. you know, when i came to new york to be israeli's embassador to the u nu i was told that i should take into account that i would be listened to and not necessarily by our enemies and we took that into account. i think after the obama administration was caught red-handed in listening to friends like angela merkel and others and the president's
4:30 pm
pledge not to do anymore unless there's a compelling national security reason for it, i cannot think for any compelling national security reason for them to listen to israel unless they really wanted to learn more about how israel fought against terrorism, how israel regarded the iranian threat. >> david: here is what they say, off the record are saying it was just hit for tap because you and your spies were sharing some of the secret information you got about the u.s./iran deal and therefore they had to do something to counter the effect of you and your spies, how do you respond? >> well, i sure you that israel did and will continue to do everything it can to prevent this vicious regime in iran from becoming nuclear. we think a very bad deal was
4:31 pm
reached and i think it was israel's responsibility that it knew as much as it could of what was going on specially in the united states did not discloses and hid facts from us. so i think that if israel shared information and did so with friends that are just add concerned as we are and it does share vital information with the united states and its security forces and, i think, that the united states knows and everybody will confirm that they have no better friend in israel and israel -- >> david: there's still spying on each other both israel on us and us on them. there's a cyber implant that they have -- or at least they had in prime minister netanyahu's office and yet, apparently the united states was caught flat footed or the administration with john boehner's invitation to prime
4:32 pm
minister netanyahu. how did that happen? >> i hope that there was no cyber implant because that would be total invasion of privacy and disgusting act not only from the u.s. but against such a close friend, but, you know, i can tell you that i don't know what embassador did and how that deal was struck but i know that when i had something really secret and delicate to convey to my prime minister when i was in new york i just got on a plane and did it in person. we did not trust any other form of communication. so i guess that's what the embassador did. everything israel did was out of real concern about the danger of iran and it's israel's responsibility to do it. i assure you that israel does
4:33 pm
not and will not spy on the united states, something we simply we do not do. >> david: all right, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. >> melissa: tensions between the united states and iran after the country fired test rockets less than a mile away from u.s. warships and u.s. central command is calling highly provocative. concerns veterans for ceo, let me start with you. i've been on warships, on aircraft carriers, it's a very small area where the iranians and americans get pretty close and check each other out. this is provocative, is it not? >> extremely provocative. they gave 23-minutes warning. that's highly unusual. they usually give each other hours or days of warning of military exercises.
4:34 pm
the shipping channel is less than 2 miles wide at that point and the cruiser was a couple hundred feet wide. at that point there's really not a lot of room of maneuverability if those were directed at the carrier that would have been major international incident. clearly the iranians are building up for something and it doesn't look like a new year's eve present. >> melissa: wh do you think was their message and what they are building up for? >> a message thatly continue to send during the life span of this administration. they have a moment to continue to push the envelope, flex the muscles under their nuclear program. this doesn't surprise me one bit. they don't fear from this administration because it has
4:35 pm
been desperate from day one to get a deal even a bad deal as we heard from the israeli prime minister. these are the types of things this regime is going to continue to do. >> melissa: i thought the president said we opened in dialogue with them, we engage them, we show them that we want to be friends and work together rather than isolating them and provoking them and we talk and build a relationship. is this evidence that that didn't work or is it just too soon that the deal hadn't impact? i don't know what the president would say in defense. >> iranians have looked at russians and chinese. russia submarines off the coast of texas and florida. so they've watched all the provocative acts by russia and china and watched them get away with this.
4:36 pm
obama seems desperate for a deal and agreed in what the state department regards, iran is going to receive potential billions of dollars in frozen assets, so the fact that they see all that, means they can get away with it and they continue to provoke and belittle america and illustrate to the world how little they fear america and maybe they think this will lead from further concessions of the obama administration. the obama administration has been saying they need more time. they've been saying that for two years. >> melissa: absolutely. >> david: other big stories on our radar, bill cosby has been reined on federal assault cases where a woman told police the comedian drugged and assaulted her in his home. only 10% of million dollar bail and surrendered passport. rob emmanuel prying -- trying to
4:37 pm
overhaul. all will now be equipped with taisers in the wake of a video killing laquan mcdonald. ethan couch was granted a three-day delay, a phone call for pizza that led to capture in the mexican resort in puerto vallarta. >> melissa: donald daughter defending her dad. >> david: strong woman. new year's eve ball is ready to go. one day until the ball drops. you don't want to miss it. you don't want to miss it. ♪
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>> david: faa is in hot water again over what critics claim reverse discrimination. 2013 change in faa hiring practices lead to charge that is were helping unqualified students into air traffic controller jobs while other unqualified clanked dates were blocked. result is unfairness but also potentially dangerous situation in the skies. andrew and his attorney william perry penally, good to see you both. andrew, as i understand it you spend about $40,000 to become air traffic control and you did pretty good on test scores as well, what did they tell you when you didn't pass? i received an e-mail before the hiring process happened saying
4:42 pm
that my score was 100% on the aircraft standardized test and was no longer valid and would be thrown into the pool with i have been else on the street. >> david: no longer valid because some fox business reporting was tainted, where you were not? >> i heard from other people that have heard from it. >> david: those people, i assume, are going to be called as witnesses, are they not, counselor? >> people we want to here are faa that made the decision. the faa had a great system in place from 1995 until they changed in 2014 and it ensured we'd have safe skies, instead what the faa did and the obama administration said, hey, andrew
4:43 pm
are less important than race and the safety is more important than the obama administration's racial agenda. no, absolutely not. the only question right now is why did the faa abandon a racial-neutral system, no, no, we want to diverse hiring so we have to go with the race-base system. not only did they have a strong basis, all the evidence the faa had, went the other way. >> david: guys, we have to go. all the money, all the time you spent, are you going to give it up or do you want to become an air traffic controller?
4:44 pm
>> that's what i went to school for it. >> david: i appreciate you being here. happy new year. >> melissa: new tech gadgets. this is according to wall street, just out with his list and joins us now, so we can't get to all 12 on your list although we loved them, you selected some of the ones that are the best, first up you say that virtual reality gets real, what do you mean by that? after years of hearing about it we are going to have sets that we can use at home and have experiences with. you can go on a virtual vacation using the rift which has been promised for years and as well as systems coming from sony. it's actually interesting content developed by fox and others. >> melissa: okay. i like that. what would make them wiser?
4:45 pm
>> this is a trend that we first saw in china where on smart phones the messages apps themselves are the whole operating system. instead of sending omg's or pictures back and forth to friend, they let you do a lot of different things. you can pay for dinner at a restaurant or book -- book a car ride. already we see facebook excerpting this with its messenger in san francisco. >> melissa: safer, smarter drones, i don't know, they seem pretty smart already, what makes them smarter and safer? >> have you ever flown a drone? they are popular for taking great pictures or video but requires piloting skills. you have to learn to adjust to controls, plot out coordinates with an app. next year we are going to see the arrival of drone that you don't have to spend a lot of
4:46 pm
time to becoming a pilot, you throw it out of your hand and follows you around while walk the beach or go skiing or what not. it's kind of dragons on game of thrones. [laughter] >> melissa: cameras that see more. what do you mean by see more? >> we have been accost -- accost --accustomed, well, if you need a bigger picture you need a bigger lenses. the new idea is what happens actually if you take a whole bunch of smaller sensors and put them on the same space, what kind of image can you get there. could the computer combined together all the different images, in the year ahead i think we are going to start seeing phones and point cameras.
4:47 pm
one example i've already seen has 16 sensors and lenses on it and combines all together into a 50 mega pixel image. they can see more. they can see dimension, they can see that it's a real person in front of them. >> melissa: wow. >> see the whole room. >> melissa: hopefully a fewer wrinkles. >> can't help with that. [laughter] >> melissa: thank you so much. >> david: the wily drone is cool too. >> melissa: that's good in your mind? that sounded horrible to me. >> david: gives everybody the willies. >> melissa: media mogul can save the struggling company. >> every time i try and fail,
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every time i try has brought me to this most powerful moment to say if not now, when. you both have a
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>> david: whether it's an wall street or main street, here is who is making money today, joe montana, friend of melissa is in the process of closing investment fund. the fund is going to start with $25 million and the box office can send a thank you card to star wars and jurrasic world fans, $11 billion the first time ever to reach the market-record setting year. check this out. a group of u.s. eight postal
4:52 pm
workers who have been played the lottery for 13 years finally won the power ball. each receiving a cool $125,000 before taxes. melissa. >> melissa: all right, oprah sending fans on an emotional roller coaster with the release of her first weight watchers' commercial. >> inside every overweight woman there's a woman she knows he can be. many times you look in the mirror and you don't recognize your own self-because you've got lost, buried in the weight that you carry. >> melissa: stock ending the day nearly 20% following the ad release, baded on the ad. i watch it had whole ad. i had to say it is very emotional. you listen to her there, her
4:53 pm
voice is cracking, she hears a woman who has achieved everything, owns the world, has so much power and is generally so joyful and talked about how she has failed again and again at this and she's going to take this your journey with you, how can you not sign up. i doubt everything. i'm just -- i'm always throwing tomatoes at the television. i feel like she can change millions of lives with this? am i insane? >> i'm the first. that spot was so good it made me want to join weight watchers. it's like getting the pope being your spokesperson for holy water, put her arm around you and said, i understand, we can do this together. i think we should have an
4:54 pm
oprameter. >> melissa: some people are saying, you know, she's going to make all this money off of it. she doesn't need any money. she has more money than god, probably, literally. that was confidence that she's in it. a lot of people are focusing on this. a lot of pressure to succeed. talk about setting yourself up. she really has to lose weight doing this. >> they say you can never be too thin and have too much money. here is what she did. he transformed the company into a movement. yes, some cynical people say she owns 10%. that's fine. she deserves it. she deserves every penny she makes. she's changed it. it's no longer about give me
4:55 pm
money, we will give you a product. it's about join me on this journey. >> melissa: i feel sorry for them. let me take you to another powerful woman that i want your opinion on, ivanka trump, she is standing by the donald right now. the businesswoman is defending her father, he has been a great example to me my whole life and has confidence in woman to do any job that a man can do. my whole life has been proof of that. i would say that, ivanka trump is pretty amazing. she has an enormous company. she works incredibly hard and she's a smart brilliant wonderful women and she has a husband and three beautiful children. he can't be all bad if he's produced this woman, go ahead, bruce. >> you're actually following for it. my dad was the greatest dad in the world. i respect ivanka coming to the
4:56 pm
defense of her dad. let's be honest, we are not going to see this man on miss magazine. this is marketing. >> melissa: bruce, here is where you go wrong. people say he's antimuslim, antihispanic, all of these things. he just believes that trump is better than everyone of every race and every gender and every creed in every religion, there's just the trump and everyone else. he doesn't particularly look down on woman and anything else. >> that's nice again for you to say. if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. you can't say this stuff and defend this stuff, no, no i support women. >> melissa: bruce, wow. they are going to cut us off.
4:57 pm
thank you so much. [laughter] >> david: mike tyson took on a new fight, a hoverboard, we will show you who the winner is coming up. :
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>> what did mike tyson and a priest have in common? we'll have to tell you tomorrow. deirdre: celebrations around the world are called off due to terror alerts. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. belgium cancelling new year's eve fireworks display in brussels. in turkey, authorities arresting two suspected isis terrorists. saying the nation's capital of ankara was the target as people rang in the new year. those celebrations canceled as well. retired gunnery sergeant jessie jane duff is with me now. sergeant, great to have you here, i want to talk about brussels and ankara, but i want to ask you first, how safe are


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