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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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fire and fireworks, one of the most bizarre things in history of new year's celebrations in dubai tonight. it is incredible. melissa: bizarre. david: massive fire raging engulfing a luxury hotel while at the same time spectacular new year's eve fireworks display goes on for attention ever a million on lookers. quickly we take you to the fire. we want to get a clue what is happening. was not looking good towards end of the session. dow looks down 180 points. [closing bell rings] only that is up is oil. this is one of rare days when oil is up, market is down. that is not good for stocks. as liz said we knew dow jones industrials will be down for the year. appears s&p will be down as well. melissa: we'll get back to markets in just a bit. first breaking news in dubai. a massive fire engulfing one side of a luxury hotel and apartment building. the address hotel just hours before the city's new year's eve
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fireworks celebration. the building very near the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa. there were no fatalities. 14 people were hurt. possibly more. we're not sure we know for sure. all the while city's planned fireworks celebration went on as planned. it was strangest thing i ever have seen. david: it was extraordinary. onlookers didn't know what to look at, what was more spectacular sight, a sight of a burning skyscraper or fireworks display. there are a lot of questions whether what we're hear from the dubai government is accurate. it is extraordinary if there are 16 minor injuries, excluding one heart attack from this massive fire. hard to believe the story we've been hearing about, it having been set on 20th floor by curtain fire. it is not only above the 20th floor but clearly fires are down on the bottom well
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below the 20th floor. joining us on the phone james mcmull lan, former state of california chief fire marshall and founder of the mcmull lan fire company. there are flames well below the 20th floor. can we discount the theory. >> a fire can go down if burning brands carry it down. a fire can go up like a chimney fire can go up. fire could have started on 20th floor and extended up and could be case. david: people in new york are particularly sensitive to this, we might see collapse of guilding engulfed in flames like
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we did on 9/11 with the world trade center. is that possible here. >> it is possible but not probable. probably not. the reason the other side of this build,ing a we can see from the news accounts is intact. we don't have a series of injuries or fatalities. so the fire has been mitigated from entering the building itself and running primarily the exterior of the building, making entry in a few place, but being held in check by effective fire sprinkler system. melissa: when you look at fire from outside and look at pictures, what does it look like to you? what do you think could have possibly happened? what is most likely scenario based on the physical evidence so far? >> two things. one is, we talk about how the fire started. the second is, why the fire progressed the way it did. the second one, fire progressing is what we call fire lapping, where the fire lapped up the exterior of the building and in
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this case the balconies apparently had what is known in the business as heavy combustible loading. different material you put out there to enjoy your balcony. those quite off the are flammable and burnable materials. as the fire causative factor could be anything from fireworks to cooking materials. you can't rule out terrorism either. so you got three possibilities at this point. david: marshall mcmullen thank you very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. good day. melissa: joining us walid phares, fox news middle east and terrorism analyst. walid, dubai carried on with fireworks display with flames engulfing the building so nearby if what do you make of that? >> experts are first one to determine the government experts in u.a.e. number one and private experts are looking into this multiple theories. one of which is that it just happened that there was an accident at one level and then
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because of the type of material it did go, the way it did. let's remember there are two other elements. this is new year's eve. this is symbolic. we're around the world monitoring attempts for terrorism. this is not a regular day for accident like this. second, u.a.e. big picture is in hold with activities in yemen, had problems with iran and al qaeda and muslim brotherhood. so we have to be waiting, 50/50 -- if it is accident, experts on technology will determine that. if it is not accident, then at least in the beginning stage we have plenty, plenty of things we'll be looking that, not now at this point. melissa: do you think part of the reason they go ahead and keep going has to do with idea we're thinking we'll not be bullied? or is it just, i don't know, some people were speculating
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this incredibly expensive area. they put zillions of dollars getting this fireworks display ready. they would go on with the show unless, you know, i don't know, something, even larger than this would happen? what do you think? >> i am assuming that the very short conversation between rulers and decisionmakers on ground and chief of police, we know how the u.a.e. makes their decision, that conversation should have been i think, i project was very short. high decisionmakers must have said we're going to go with it, no matter what. no matter -- if it is accident, we don't want to show we is accidents. if it is terrorism, we don't want to show terrorists we'll expect to destroy our event worldwide because of that that decision was made very quickly. david: walid, would dubai officials have any reason to cover up if they knew that it was a terror attack? >> no, they don't have any reason to cover up but they are
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i'm sure, waiting for actual material evidence of either direction. if it is terrorism, it is much bigger problem. if it is accident, it could happen anywhere in the world. dubai is one of the most advanced places, has the best technology in the world. we know this, look at the skyscrapers. one indicator, believe me, that -- those in charge of terrorism in dubai are not sleeping. they have many enemies. they are very precarious. this reminds me of situation between north and south korea. it is very precarious. they're fighting in yemen against pro-iranian militia. -- they have not. they put muslim brotherhood on terror list last year. a lot of people who do not like them but we can only begin thinking in that direction only when officials tell us it is not an accident. melissa: walid phares, thanks so much for joining us. we always appreciate your input. the world is on edge on eve of the new year. this after the fbi arrested a man in upstate new york with
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plan to target a restaurant on new year's eve on behalf of isis. i spoke with howard safir, former new york police and fire commissioner said the big events are all key targets for terror group. >> this when i was a marine, we would call this a target-rich environment. we have some iconic events taking place, times square, the rose bowl, other bowls. ncaa playoffs. thighs are targets for isis. melissa: joining me now, fox news's laura engle is live from times square. talk to me about the scene there, laura, how is it? reporter: melissa, the crowds have been growing and growing all day long. times square is filling up. estimated crowd of one million people, more importantly for this year we'll see more police officers at this new year's eve celebration in times square than ever recorded here in the history of this event. 6,000 officers, 6 to 800 officers more than we've seen in
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previous years. our cameraman can show you, he will push in and show you what is happening with the pens being filled up. he will swing around to show you what is right in back of us. look at all the people cramming up against these fences and officers here to keep them safe. some of these officers will have radiation detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs and rifles, nypd response command which includes 500 officers trained for counterterrorism also in the mix. some positioned with long guns along tops of buildings here. of course there are thousands of cameras positioned throughout. the nypd says there is no credible threat to new york city. one of the things you spoke of there at the top was the arrest in rochester, new york. we have a picture, mug shot of the guy who was arrested. he is a 25-year-old. he was arrested for planning an attack tonight at local bar to
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prove to the islamic state that he was quote worthy to join isis in syria. his name is evennal all. was charged with providing material support to the islamic state. he was planning to kill innocent civilians on new year's eve. planning to get as many as he could. back here in times square, action is unfolding nypd is assuring everybody to come to the party. let them worry. they have been working on security plans when the ball dropped last year. a lot of things ramped up since last january but they are ready for anything. back to you. melissa: laura, thank you so much. have fun. david: we'll walk through that in couple minutes. melissa: couple minutes. david: new year's eve terror threats overseas. belgian police arresting six people who carried out terrorist attacks in brussels. benjamin hall is live with the
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latest. hi, benjamin? reporter: hi, david. they canceled major fireworks in paris an brussels because of threats to the events. around europe tens of thousands of police fanned out to prevent possible terrorist attacks. decision to cancel events after a raids were made in brussels. a 10th man connected with paris in the molenbeek. third was arrested on a plot to carry out attack tonight. earlier the authorities arrested men charged them with terrorist offenses. they found training uniforms, propaganda at that isis and computer material. in turkey, ice men were arrested, pictures released, suicide vest, bomb vest with ball bearings and bomb-making equipment, suggesting that numerous plots have been underway. response to canceling these events is twofold. some people say right thing to
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do, better safe than sorry, but other things that by canceling them you let terrorists win like this man in belgium said. >> backing down to the threat of terrorism. we should stand up and make everything happen. no point in running away from it. i think they should have gone ahead with it. reporter: mixed emotions in brussels and around europe. in paris, 11,000 additional police have been deployed, fireworks have been canceled but the champs-elysees where people gather will remain open. the mayor of paris says after what their city lived through the people of paris and france, need symbolic passage into new year. despite arrests seems like authorities are worried about an attack of the as midnight approaches people are feeling pretty intense over here, david. david: we have couple hours. thanks very much, benjamin hall. we're less than eight hours away from new year's here on the owes coast. it arrived already in moscow's red square. this is moments ago.
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look how they're celebrating in russia right now. dow jones industrial average unable to end the year on a high note. melissa: to say the least. david: same with s&p actually. we have a recap on stocks in 2015. and what to look for in 2016. melissa: university withs in missouri and illinois are still on the rise as floods reach record levels, knocking out major interstates and threatening homes. david: bill clinton making big bucks on speeches in countries that weren't on the best terms with america. did his state department connections, we're talking about one in particular, help him out? ♪ you pay your car insurance
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nasdaq had healthy gain in the u.s. let's go down to lori rothman on the floor of the nyse for news on this year's biggest losers. >> i'm still working. people are pouring champagne. david: i hate what i'm not invited. >> dow is lower on the day and year. we're up 178 points. 17,425. that puts us 398 points on the dow, down from break even point for the year. the dow for the year is off 2.2%. 2008 was the last time the dow closed out the year with losses. we were coming in from the financial crisis. dow was off 33.8%. decline this year of 2% not as bad but not great either. nasdaq, what it is worth, posted gains for the year so there is that. in terms of performers, let's unpack the dow itself and 30 component members. winners this year, nike, mcdonald's, home depot up 20
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6%, ge, microsoft. technology real buoyed broader market. losers, biggest losers, walmart down 28%. caterpillar off 25%. weak global economy. american express off 25%. oil, we know suffering in sympathy and united technologies are the losers. david: cheers. >> melissa knows, i only need one sip and i'm toast. melissa: lori, don't do it. oil down 30%. gold down 10 1/2%. first time since 1984, where dow, oil and goldenedded all in the red. scott martin, united advisors, fox news contributor and james freeman of "wall street journal." james what do you make of this year? >> obviously not a great year, this past one but i think this coming year, 2016, this is going to be the beginning of the
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post-obama rebound. i know he is still in office for another year. people anticipate better times ahead. graphic on oil giving us a lot of cheap gasoline. i think this year we see impact of that. melissa: james is so optimistic. >> i am. melissa: scott martin, do you share that optimism. >> not really. melissa: no. >> since obama, unfortunately has been in the oval office, the s&p done pretty well. not that he has anything to do wit but it's a fact. melissa, this is tough year. as humans we think calendar turns over to 2016 and things will be different. market doesn't look like that. for me, as lori highlighted in her year summary, same kind of issues with industrials, energy, commodity related names and better news in things like technology and game changers like amazon and netflixs of the world. if you're at home investing thinking where you should go, i
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would think that this year's losers, today's losers all of sudden become next year's win years james, last hour i heard somebody saying oil will bottom, take advantage of energy, and by the way grab chipolte as well. that sounded like such a recipe for indigestion i can't even tell. >> you i didn't hear a word he said so i can't respond to it, but as far as you just said i think, i love picking upbeaten down stocks but chipolte i worry about as a long-term trend. what if people finally figure out that natural doesn't necessarily mean healthy? nature is very dangerous place. organic farming can be pretty dangerous in terms of the bacteria on the food. so, i'm not sure about that one. as far as oil goes, i mean this is love to say certainly due for repound. production is coming down. on the other hand mark mills of the manhattan institute says we have thousands unstimulated
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wells in the u.s. just waiting to be tapped. i think that price could stay low. melissa: scott, really quickly. there is reason we put pesticide everything. i love concrete. i hate nature. i hate environment, hey? where am i going wrong? >> james is partly right. i think going forward if you want to get back to natural stay stock bond allocations i think you will be disappointed because what happened in the last decade, stocks and bonds correlated to upside. i think 2016 could be year they both go down together. you have to be careful. melissa: i think organic means there is bugs in your food. >> see you later. melissa: david? david: nature is not always healthy. melissa: it is buggy. david: can be. san bernardino's neighbor and friend enrique marquez indicted for conspiring with syed farook and his wife. we have all the details coming right up. melissa: record floods raging through the midwest. leaving at least 20 dead in their wake. we'll update you on latest weather and rainfall after the
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break. stay tuned.
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melissa: record floodwaters inundating the midwest and floodwaters leaving people with no place to go. the water is blamed for 20 deaths in missouri and illinois. fox news's matt finn is in missouri with latest. matt? reporter: melissa, i'm standing near the merrimack river which is at a record high. the damage has been done. out in river, there appears to be a home, rooftop of that home just peeking out of the surface of the water. that gives you idea of magnitude of flooding here. people tell us here in the town they used 145,000 sandbags to try to fight the floods but the mayor a few hours ago saying they lost the battle. all the sandbags are under water unfortunately. mayor is saying at least 100
4:26 pm
homes damaged or destroyed by the floods in small towns here. residential areas give you idea of flooding. too dangerous. too many road closures. may not look like much at home. this may be only major road left in the region allowing cars head north or south. interstate 55 and multiple freeways remain closed. this is only road which people get north or south in this entire area. seeing a lot of trucks and tractor-trailers coming through because they don't have access to the interstate. the chief of police says this is the worth natural disaster to it this small town. many neighbors we spoke to comparing to the flood of 1993. that flood was called a one in 500 year event, melissa. melissa: matt, thank you so much for that report. stay safe. be careful. david: i'll say. very busy news day but a couple of other stories on the radarwer want to talk about. enrique marquez, friend of
4:27 pm
san bernardino shooter syed farook was indicted by san bernardino grand jury. he is suspected of buying rifles used in the attack since november. the mother of the "affluenza" teen is back in the u.s. ethan couch and his mother tonya couch fled to mexico when a video surfaced showing the well to do teen violating terms of his parole. she is charged with aiding her son. there may be regulations to add to small scale gun sellers according to report from poe h powe lit coy. -- powe lit coy. white house not confirming on the report but president expected to react with gun control very soon. ben carson's top aides resigned today. we'll tell you who is in and who is out. coming up next. melissa: fire tears through a luxury hotel in dubai where the city carries on with its
4:28 pm
festivities. we'll keep you updated. e future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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david: big break being news story of the die, fire engulfing one side of a luxury apartment building while at same time the city went ahead with their new year's eve celebration. it was bizarre. the building is near the world's tallest building the burj khalifa.
4:32 pm
14 people were reported hurt but a possibility of many more. we don't know which story to believe. hear to weigh in, chuck nash, retired navy captain and judy miller, both fox news contributors. judy, you're familiar with these buildings, are you? >> i'm very familiar with the burj khalifa i was there for the opening five years ago of what was, and is still the tallest building in the world. david: now, judy, i'm told a lot of american architects were actually involved in constructing these buildings. presumably they would build up to u.s. standard fire controls which i assume are the best in the world. maybe it's a wrong assumption but -- >> no, absolutely. you're right, david. david: we haven't seen a collapse in this building which some people were concerned about. is it possible that because american engineers were involved in its construction it won't collapse, it could survive this. >> well the fire was in the
4:33 pm
hotel and the hotel is not actually in the burj. it is near it. it went on -- david: unstood. i understand, i'm just saying there were, they were both built by american contractors who were there supporting the activities. go ahead. >> yes. adrian smith was a lead architect for a major firm and they build -- i specifically asked about the fire problem because it always has been a concern of mine in new york because we also build tall. and i was told that this building was built, not only with materials that were fire resistant, but that also would contain a fire floor to floor, and would also keep a fire on the outside, contained to the outside, and that the best and safest place for emto be in event of a fire at or near the building was actually inside of the building. that is what i was told when we went up to the top for the first time. david: captain nash, i'm hoping
4:34 pm
and praying that the reports from dubai are true, only 16 people sustained a minor injuries have been hurt in this thing. there was apparently one person who had heart attack. we don't know his or her condition. but a lot of people are skeptical of those numbers right now. they suspect that perhaps the dubai officials don't want to cause a panic. what do you think? >> well, from my military experience nothing is as good or as bad as first reported. in this case i think everybody is hoping for better than average results from something like this but one thing that i can tell you from navy experience and looking at the united arab emirates, it is probably the most forward leaning of all of the arab countries over there. they're not relying totally on their gas and their oil. it is a business center. they dump ad lot of money into this. dubai is one of seven of the emirates that make up united arab emirates.
4:35 pm
in fact there are more navy port visits in the united arab emirates than anywhere else in the world except for the united states. so, they put a lot of money in there. they're forward-looking and so it doesn't sure price me they would -- surprise me they would put money in some. best construction in their show place buildings. david: judy, it is still earl and i don't want to conjecture terror but dubai is close to iran and worried about iranians getting nukes and perhaps attacking them or their allies in saudi arabia. that must be a concern of dubai that there must be some terror connection with this? >> it's a concern. that is why they traditionally worked extremely closely with u.s. intelligence and both private and government firms. and there are excellent, excellent coordination mechanisms between our two countries. and also between the neighbors.
4:36 pm
if you recall, even the israelis have lent a hand on dubai security because of their proximity to iran. and exactly what chuck nash was say something my recollection of how strongly they emphasize the american connection. the presence of the u.s. navy. and the coordination with u.s. intelligence. david: gotcha. judy miller, captain nash, thank you very much. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. melissa: more breaking news. state department releasing another round of hillary clinton emails. 3105 new emails have been released that totals 5500 pages of documents in this new batch. 275 have been retroactively designated containing classified information that should not have been released. and two have been upgraded to secret. meanwhile bill clinton getting ready to step it in his wife's presidential campaign. new questions are surfacing
4:37 pm
about past speaking fees during his presidency according to a new report from "the wall street journal" two dozen groups paid the former president a total of $8 million for speaking engagements. at same time they had policy matters before hillary clinton's state department. james freeman is back with us. jessica tarloff, shoen senior strategist is here as well. james, to bringing down one of them the airlines in abu dhabi, pushing really hard in the state department, department of homeland security to make it harder -- people could clear customs in abu dhabi, come here to the u.s., clear customs and head to the curb. this is huge advantage. people want to do this. it makes it go faster. other airlines you can do this, ireland, canada, three caribbean nations. they wanted to get this done. they were lobbying hard for it. at exact same moment hired bill clinton to do two speeches paid half a million of dollars for
4:38 pm
each speech, 20 minutes of talking. one week later. state department let them do this. unions were against it. airlines were against it because it gives the airline huge advantage. they thought it was not safe people clearing customs in abu dhabi. she signed on it, state department did, the flights are in the air. this is insane. looks like pay for play. >> it looks very bad. the story of the week prior to this thanks to donald trump to the mistreatment of women. this goes to damage they did to the reputation. state department and really our standing in the world. when you look at this, earlier in the year, the story was millions in donations that they never reported that didn't comply with the agreement she had made with the obama administration. this story is about stuff that the state department allowed that was allowed by the obama administration. melissa: yeah. >> yet, why is the husband, the spouse of the secretary of state running around collecting these huge donations when, from people
4:39 pm
who have business before her? melissa: they got money directly. the foundation got other money. before this hillary clinton sat down and said when she was being considered for secretary of state that she would go above and beyond to make sure specifically this did not happen and they would avoid even appearance of emproprity. how do you defend this? >> no, i understand completely and i think peter squeezer's book -- schweitzer's book also did this, going into the clinton cash world. "wall street journal" report, peter schweitzer, they were both inconclusive in the end. melissa: what is inconclusive. >> it is not pay for play. melissa: how do you figure. >> there was no evidence it was directly linked. melissa: what would be evidence to you? you looking for email, listen hillary if i give you a million dollars will you shove this through and approve it she says yes. >> would be nice. i would love to see that email. what i'm saying there is a murkiness about it. the clintons have for decades operated in the gray where
4:40 pm
things are not completely black and white. melissa: it is not gray. it is definite. i mean it is clear. got a million dollars in their own personal house from someone who was lobbying -- >> -- clintons are those type of people. those are very serious claim to be making. something that hillary clinton would change u.s. policy just so her husband could make $500,000 or a million dollars. that is really what you think? melissa: absolutely. 100%. >> that is not how i feel about it. melissa: the evidence says exactly that. what do you think james? >> whether you can prove that or not i think it is wrong for the spouse of the secretary of state to be running around taking big checks from the middle east -- >> should clinton foundation have closed then? melissa: this was personal money. this was personal mon into in their personal account had nothing to do with foundation. half million dollars each was to bill:to make speeches this was their own piggyback cash. that is what makes it amazing. we have to go. appreciate that. david.
4:41 pm
david: story with legs. that is for sure. fight for '15. businesses bracings for minimum wage hikes set to kick in when the clock strikes 12. how will that affect the economy? more coming up.
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david: well minimum wage hikes set to take enext in many states could leave folks without jobs. 14 states and washington, d.c. are set to increase minimum wages come midnight tonight. higher wages could hit retail and restaurant industries very hard, leaving them unable to hire new work is. here to weigh in, zane tankel has a lot of minimum wage workers as apple metro chairman. zane, great to see you. kicks off beginning of wage hikes. how will it affect your business? >> affect whole retail space dramatically. david: you specifically, though? >> me specifically, not a good thing. he hesitate to say how it will work, certainly we won't hire.
4:45 pm
it becomes too costly to hire honestly in our space. we have 36, 3700 hourly workers in our space. david: you have how many restaurants? >> 38 and two others. david: when you add up all the minimum wage workers and pay hikes coming in, how much is that growing to cost you? >> it will been 8 1/2 million dollars but the biggest hit ironically, the biggest hit is in new york state, they changed the server minimum wage by 50%, 50. david: these are people who get most of their income from tips. >> exactly. david: when you're working as waiter you don't care that much about minimum wage. what you care about is your tips. >> exactly, exactly. david: tremendous cost to the bottom line of the company they're raising minimum wage of the tipped folks? >> they are. and you know, it is already started. a number of restaurants have closed. i know of a bunch of them that are going to close after tonight. this is a big night in the restaurant business, new year's eve. it is a car crash.
4:46 pm
we'll see where it goes. david: you actually planned to hire people you are not going to hire pause of the spike in the minimum wage? >> sure. it is always guy with the least skills who needs it the most that they claim they're helping who they hurt. at the end of the day all the studies, all the research and all the stuff that they want to say that it lifts the minimum wage people, it doesn't f you're out of work, it doesn't help you. david: i have to take a hard left turn here you stayed at the hotel right now burning in dubai. >> i did. david: i was curious when you were staying there did you notice where exits were? can you believe only 12 people have minor injuries? >> i used to be director of alice chalmers energy. i went there fair amount. we had pretty big office at dubai, iing there looked for exits, wherever i went and just across the river from iran. i'm always looking at exits whenever i'm in dubai, is answer. david: zane, thank you busy
4:47 pm
night. >> happy new year. david: happy new year. melissa. melissa: ben carson ace campaign announcing big end of the year change. three of the republican presidential candidates resign tag, causing a big shake-up in the campaign just one month from the nation's first voting in the iowa caucus. we are almost ready to usher in an amazing new year. amazing mentalist, not kreskin, he will join us. you need to check it out. , choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number.
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author of new book in real time, the amazing kreskin. he is amazing. kreskin you have thought projection effect you want to show us. >> let me saying is about this. david: told me not to take it out of my hands. >> put it down there. david: okay. >> gave this to david, but important thing to wrap this up real quick, i never touched the cards. you took them, in fact you dropped some on the floor. mixed them up. then i was concerned. tell you something, folks. look at this close-up. this is something i have never done in my life in public presentation and i'm dedicating to a man who played a tremendous influence for about 48, 52 years, mr. roger ailes. roger will appreciate this. i will tell you something, even though i'm a thought reader there is no telepathy involved. truth of matter, explain this now, you took this, you reversed card. i to the upset because you're not supposed to see it. did you -- david: i held all of these cards
4:52 pm
behind my back. i took one out and i turned it around and put them all back in the deck. >> you put them back yourself. david: you put the little label on which has my name on it. >> take it off right there. david: you wrapped it all up with rubberband. >> melissa, second deck of cards. this is not a card trick but there are some people who are so sensitive that they can cut a deck of cards and, that is actually 34 cards. i don't want to to into how i know. melissa, what you will do is this, listen to me folks, first of all this is a straight deck of cards. just showing them. they're mixed and you can see, melissa they are mixed. when you play cards, you cut the cards. without a table you just cut them in your hands like that. you lift cards from the top and put them on the bottom. david, can you not see it is regular deck. david: regular deck. >> hold face down in your hands melissa. melissa: what am i thinking right now? >> square them up. very important.
4:53 pm
so doing it again, anywhere you want to cut. melissa: okay. >> listen to me, melissa. close your eyes just a second. stop cutting now. >> melissa: okay. >> close your eyes for a second. listen to me. open your eyes melissa. cut deck anywhere you wish from top to bottom. that's all? melissa: uh-huh. >> hold the deck behind you. take whatever card is on top. camera can't show it. turn it over face up and stick it in the middle of the deck. you took card off top and stuck in the middle, right? melissa: uh-huh. >> bring it forward. melissa: yeah. >> turn the deck face up. >> if we thumb through the deck, don't thumb through it you have to agree no way on earth knowing what card. david, folks, without my being able to read her thoughts and by the way these cards are shuffles. i don't want anyone to think there is any monkey business there. it would be uncanny if she cut to the very same card.
4:54 pm
don't go through the deck now. melissa: getting in so much trouble. keep doing wrong thing. >> reason is this. because i shudder as i do this and think to myself, could i make this happen? let me just thumb through the deck and let's find, by the way, i have a feeling that i have not succeeded. david: oh dear. that would be a first. >> because one card -- david: there is the one. that is the one i turned over. >> take it out. david: can i look at it? >> don't look at it. hold it face down. folks at this point nobody knows anyone else's cards. can i ask you, would you thumb through your deck and pull out card. don't show to anyone. pull it out and put rest of the cards down. take it in your hand the card. what is the card, david that you chose? what is it it? >> six of spades, ladies and gentlemen. >> what did you cut to. david: no. no. okay. everybody, round of applause.
4:55 pm
melissa: wait. >> i have never done that. melissa: wait, how did you do that? how did you do that? >> nobody knew the card. melissa: how did you do that? david: she is huge skeptic. >> i have never done that in my life. david: we have two minutes. melissa: how did he do it? david: it is extraordinary. 100 tricks. they're not tricks. what are -- >> illusions. dealing with the mind. david: biggest predictions. >> i decided i've been asked for 10 years to write a book in which i predicted how things would change around the world and next five, 10, 20, 100 years, 200 years. by the way since i last saw you airline industry figured i have flown a little over three million miles. david: wow. >> five 1/2 different years in saudi arabia. david: got 50 seconds. you got to give us your biggest predictions. >> tell you what everybody is asking me. everywhere i go. we're at war. full war but we're not only enemy to these people.
4:56 pm
it is anyone who thinks in freeway. they're attacking infidel. how long will the war last? i pray to god i'm wrong, deeply in me i know i'm right there is not single human being alive, i don't what their age will live to see end. world. david: end the war, not end of the world. >> the end of the war. people say, that is crazy thinking so farther. why do we study history. longest wars in history are religious wars. if we only look back and look what happened in the past we wouldn't be so surprised today. only few seconds left. david: yeah. >> say this for young people. the 15 minutes of fame and so forth will be think of past because you can not erase your past. never be able to erase your past again. david: by the way we're talking about end of the world and wars and everything. >> not end of the world. david: looking at cards. she doesn't know how you did it.
4:57 pm
melissa: how did you do that. >> his incredible his card was two from the top. nobody ever cuts. be the good lord willing see you folks again. maybe when books come out i can come on. david: now we have -- >> roger ailes, you're watching one thing i will not read his thoughts in public. david: we have been given extraordinary extension of two minutes, as you know in television. melissa: never happens. david: endless amount of time. >> wonderful. melissa: really important watching. david: tell us again what some of the other predictions are. one thing people talk about next presidents. you don't do next president. >> 15 minutes, $15 minimum wage and so forth. melissa: yes. >> my god people going
4:58 pm
showbusiness, don't think minimum wage. i started with a job tv crew of mike douglas show. don't think of minimum wage. prove yourself. rise to that. david: we're too late. politicians are overwelcoming. . >> i've been asked this of all the people in the senate, you can't have pictures with lobbyists of their homes in washington, d.c., why? because the extravagant living conditions are so great, the american public would say, where do they get this money from? >> that's right.
4:59 pm
>> 22,000 lobbyists in washington. 22,000 wonder where they got the money from? the bottom line is that this is not -- this is not what life is all about, and a oo who is going to -- who will all the candidates in congress and the senate, i will tell you who i believe will pull us out of the debt. not one single one of them. going to take someone that's never been in congress, that's not a lawyer, that's never been in the senate, to look at things from a different viewpoint. >> kreskin, if donald trump can do it, why can't you? talking about a showman. >> no way will i tell you what's in this. >> can you tell us how you did the trick? give me a hint. come on. >> i control your mind so subconsciously you cut to where the card was. you have to cut two at a time. >> can we try it again? >> kreskin, you have done this before, apparently. great to see you, thank you very much. how many years you been doing this? >> i am 80 years old. it's now about 67, 68.
5:00 pm
>> plans for tonight? what are you doing for the new year? >> i like to go out on broadway and do something dramatic with 30 or 40 people that is so off the wall. >> we've got the weather for it. >> i'm completely amazed. >> happy new year to you, happy new year to all of you.ns and k mcfarland. good night. >> 129 innocent people dead. [ sirens ] . john: how can government protect us? when politicians spend so much time obsessing about other things. >> drugs are menacing our society. john: government orders colleges, make sure students feel safe. >> just want to be together. john: some politicians are obsessed with gambling. new york's attorney general issuing a cease-and-desist order. >> let people play, who cares! >> if you're a rich businessman you may get your cronies in government to forcibly take people's property.


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