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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> but very valuable piece of property. david: right in the middle of chicago. >> no, no. beverly hills. david: oh, beverly hills. thank you, melissa. that does it for us. just in time, "risk & reward" starts right now. [gunfire] [speaking spanish] deirdre: you're watching new video of the raid that brought down mexican drug lord "el chapo." this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. we'll share more video from his arrest momentarily. we're three weeks away from the iowa caucus. it is election year. this week's fox republican debate happen this is thursday. lou dobbs will announce which candidates in the first debate,
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which ones in the second. iowa, new hampshire all for your calendar. we'll get you to d.c. peter barnes is with me. peter what do latest polls from iowa show and new hampshire? reporter: deirdre, they show donald trump with a wide lead in new hampshire but running behind in iowa. in new hampshire the latest "fox news poll" has trump at 33%. marco rubio at 15% and ted cruz as 12%. but in iowa cruz trumps trump. cruz has 27% there in the latest "fox news poll," four points ahead of the real estate billionaire and as you mentioned the caucus is just he three weeks away. a new wrinkle today, quinnepiac university poll just out has iowa at a statistical dead heat between trump and cruz. nationally trump has support of 35% of republicans, is a points ahead of cruz who is in second, according to fox news. over on the democratic side, a new w --
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"wall street journal"/nbc news poll, shows a slim lead over vermont senator bernie sanders among caucus guyers in iowa. in new hampshire, he is ahead 50% to 40% in that new journal poll. deirdre? deirdre: thank you so much. peter barnes joining me from d.c. you heard peter say in iowa ted cruz is leading. donald trump is second in the hawkeye state. he went after cruz this weekend. >> does natural born means born on the land, in that case it is not. nobody knows what it means it. hasn't been adjudicated and hasn't gone to the supreme court. i only say this, i speak well of ted, ted has to get this problem solved, because if he is running against a emdid the consider and they bring a lawsuit he has a hell of a thing over his head. >> substance of the issue is
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clear ain't straightforward. three weeks ago, almost every republican candidate was attacking donald trump. today almost every republican candidate is attacking me. that kind of sugges maybe something has changed in the race. deirdre: my political power panel is with me now. republican strategist kaley machenie and democratic strategist don rolly. ted cruz said something is changed is the change he is leading? >> i like donald trump, like him a lot, but the attack is nonsense. in 1790 the first congress described as natural born citizen, being born to a u.s. citizen parent no matter where that is. ted cruz fits that definition. the only reason tecruzs beg atckedecau the is oth iss candatecan atta himn. hastell conrvate rerd.
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marco rubio tried to attack him on immigration. that failed. nowhere to attack ted cruz you have to attack him on this. deirdre: president obama would agree, it became such a discrack shun for him, oddly enough at the hand of donald trump, at some point he released his birth certificate after he said he wouldn't from hawaii. >> right. deirdre: how much of a distraction for cruz many campaign? >> huge issue. 50% of the republican primary electorate, birther caucus thinks president obama was not born in the united states. so, a republican primary voter will have to really look themselves in the mirror hard if they believe that about the president when they, and then dismiss a fact about cruz. i think kaley probably knows in her heart of hearts the end of this republicaafter quentin tear tan tino movie. it will be circular firing squad. everybody will get gunned down
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and seriously wounded and whoever is the democratic nominee will be standing. >> that is not true. because hillary clinton will be untested. republican nominee will emerge -- deirdre: kaley i want to bring in that point because right this second, if you look it does seem bernie sanders actually has a bigger following than hillary clinton in people under 35 years old. if you look right now, we'll show you clinton really only holding a very slim lead right this second over the vermont senator. john, i will come back to you. is this a closer race for hillary clinton than we think? >> well, if we're looking at numbers, not just listening to commentary the race for quite a while has been 8 to 13-point race. there is coverage of it that makes it feel like it is 30 or 40-point race. there also haven't been a lot of contrasts and attacks so far. both sides realized that bernie and hillary are both pretty popular with primary voters. some of those contrasts will
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come into sharper focus next couple weeks. deirdre: kaley, what what is your take on that? do you still think hillary clinton basically has the nomination for democratic side? >> i think she does. she proven impervious to scandal, violating federal law, investigated by fbi for emails or whether quid pro quo corruption at clinton foundation she proved herself impervious to those things in democrat primary. hillary clinton is poor presidential candidate. she has all the scandals bernie sanders can sweep under the rug. let's forget about those beep emmails. if donald trump or ted cruz is nominee those will the be under the rug and she will be held accountable and prove she is the weak candidate that barack obama swooped in and beat as a no name senator from illinois. deirdre: there looks yet
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possibility of another wildcard. michael bloomberg, according to sources former new york city mayor has done some polling exploratory research on whether or not he should jump in at this moment. as i see it that would take votes from both sides. what is your take. >> this is mayor who endorsed barack obama. this is a mayor a democrat before he was republican. this is a mayor who, implemented orwellian type restrictions on how much we can drink and eat in the city of new york. so anyone who is conservative or even leans right is not going to look at mayor bloomberg as a viable candidate. hillary clinton however, is a huge threat. >> the john what is your take? because he is socially liberal, fiscally conservative, that is formula that appeals to large swath of people. >> when you're the out party you don't want to split up ant obama or anti-democratic vote. third party candidate getting in
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will split up anti-vote. that is huge party when you have the in party versus the out party. there have been a number of polls over time, even back to the last election that showed that about bloomberg. deirdre: john, thank you so much. kaley, glad to have you both here. we're just hours from finding out who is going to make the fox business republican debate this thursday night. lou dobbs, he is going to bring you that announcement, 7:00 p.m. eastern time sharp. you will find out which candidates will be featured at the 6:00 p.m. debate, which ones at 9:00 p.m. and of course it is being held in charleston, south carolina. powerball jackpot expected to be record-setting. already higher at 1.4 billion than ever. we asked viewers how they would spend the cash? >> put in for this wednesday. what would i do with the money? it will push up my retirement date so much sooner. >> if i win powerball not going to work. >> i would spend a little on myself.
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buy a good house and then all rest of good stuff to charity. i would say, send something back to my folks in india. >> probably take a huge trip and donate the rest. >> buy a lot of socks and shoes and a farm with a lot of puppies. >> socks, shoes and puppies. studies show most winners go broke in the first five years. we have experts here on board. they will help you just in case you win, they're going to help it play out. mexican drug lord "el chapo" in solitary confinement. lawyers are fighting extradition to the u.s. new video of of the takedown has been released. [gunfire] [speaking spanish] we will bring you more detail and more video. also going to talk about oil, it
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[shouting] [gunfire] deirdre: that is new video from "el chapo"'s arrest just released. fox legal analyst lis wiehl with me shortly. "el chapo"'s attorneys are fighting his extra extradition to the u.s.
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>> crude oil at 12-year low first time since 2003. crude oil is below $32 a barrel. morgan stanley says it will go to $20 a bar. former reagan advise sorry art laffer is with me. art, i want to know for you, cheaper energy, better for u.s. consumers, more they have to spend and better for economy, at what point, $20 may that be point, do energy companies start firing and this whole cycle comes back and hurts us?t of u.. manufacturing and u.s. consumption, lower price of oil and more plentiful oil and energy is better for all of us. i remember in 1983, 84, 85, the price of oil wept from $30 a barrel to $8 a barrel, you never seen a boom like we had. the only countries that willie
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suffer from -- really suffer from low oil is oil exporters and we're not one of them. deirdre: we're not one of them. saudi arabia is considering listing a part -- what do you think of that? aramco is one of the biggest oil companies in the world. the headline was surprisings. how could they be short on cash? >> they should have done it when the price of oil was 100 bucks a barrel. that's when they should have done it. no, they had to wait that is exactly what happened to the middle east with oil. do it every single time. deirdre: decades long winning ticket. i like the analogy. i want to ask you, it is a presidential election year. fox business of course hosting the first debate of the year thursday.
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candidates taking the main stage at 9:00 p.m. eastern. reminder to our viewers not to miss it, but, art, what do you think, i have to know, you know how these systems function, what do you think, who is in the best poll position right now? >> i'm going to be in charleston with all of you this week at debate so it will be fun but what i think the republicans are getting trained. i think the lady was completely correct.
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i guess i said something like between 45 and 48 states. i think -- deirdre: how did you come up with that? >> well i looked to reagan and looked at john anderson. we have a situation here without a republican coming in here as a spoiler, and with a very unpopular president and with people saying the wrong message on the opposite party we could easily win 45, 46, 4states. i think it is growing to happen. deirdre: art laffer, we love it. we love the insights.
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we love perspective. you've been there. which candidates will be in the first debates and which ones will be in the second one. powerball's jackpot estimated at $1.4 billion. that is a record purse. if you won, we're going to give you some ideas what to do with your money so you don't go broke like most winners in the first five years. we're also going to i have but more details of "el chapo"'s arrest including the full scene of the takedown after this. [gunfire] [speaking spanish]
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deirdre: it is an election year and hillary clinton's credibility is an area of concern even for her supporters. the fbi is expanding its investigation into her use of private email during her tenure as secretary of state. catherine herridge broke the story for us. she is with me now with her exclusive details. so, catherine what is the fbi telling you? reporter: well, deirdre the fbi investigation has expanded to two tracks, one focused on the classified information found on her personal server and the other whether commingling of clinton foundation work and state department business potentially violated public corruption laws. fox news is told agents are investigating possible intersection of donations to the clinton foundation, dispensation of state department contracts and whether regular processes were followed according to three intelligence sources who spoke to fox on the condition of anonymity. author peter schweitzer investigated the clinton foundation and discussed findings with "fox news sunday"
5:23 pm
last april. >> but the fundamental question is, with this deal and with the others that we cite in the book, is it coincidence, is it coincidence in a pattern that we see repeated, dozens of times, where large clinton supporters are, have business before the state department, they make large payments and favorable actions are taken? i don't think that coincidences occur that frequently. reporter: with the latest state department email dump the number of classified emails identified on mrs. clinton's private account has risen to 1340. she dissed that number in allegations over the weekend that she direct ad subordinate to send sensitive material to her home account. >> as the state department said there was no transmission of any classified information. so, it is another evident by people looking for something to throw against the wall, as you said in the beginning of the program to see what sticks but there is no there there.
5:24 pm
reporter: within the last few minutes mrs. clinton has responded to fox's reporting telling reporters in iowa that she believes it is unfounded because she has never been contacted by the fbi about a public corruption investigation. on its face, this statement does seem misleading because based on our contacts, former fbi agent and national security attorney, it is not typical for the fbi to tell the subject of an investigation that they are being, their activities are being reviewed. usually the first time someone knows they're the subject of an fbi investigation when their phone records are seized and they're notified by the phone company or whether they get a knock on the door by fbi, deirdre. deirdre: at very least this is break in the pattern. catherine herridge joining us there from fox news. reporter: you're welcome. deirdre: veteran journnapist bob woodward expressed concern about email scandal on fox news. >> you know, whether that's some
5:25 pm
sort of crime, i think it is not the issue. the issue is it shows she kind of feels immune. that she lives in a bubble and no one will ever find this out. well, now we have. deirdre: fox news legal analyst lis wiehl is with me now. so, lis, we heard bob woodward said she is acting if she is immune. what kind of charges could be brought against her? >> let's go through a few. bribery under usc code 18-2001. public official corruptly, demands, seeks or receives something of value. that would be money coming into the organization, the foundation, with the intent to corrupt. intent will be interesting here to prove. catherine was just saying. deirdre: i was going to ask you about that. >> that is fascinating to me. usually catherine is right. here you are target, subject of an investigation. when there is grand jury convened, guess what you get the nice letter would you please come to talk to the grand jury. you don't have to but you are
5:26 pm
subject of investigation. very odd to me that is not happening. >> so very odd. what does that say. >> tells me they're really going into this and got something more -- deirdre: we'll certainly hear more about this. >> public corruption. look at this, and look at, go back to the fbi and petraeus. that is real coral larry there. this man was charged pledged -- deirdre: for leaving agenda on nightstand. >> exactly. here we have, what, that was a couple emails. this is 1340 at very least. so if you look commensurate to commensurate, apples and apples, why isn't she being charged. deirdre: could she go to jail in theory? >> in theory, yes. i'm not saying that will happen. we don't have a grand jury. in theory, yes of course, look at charges absolutely. deirdre: i want to ask you about another high-profile event that happened. this weekend drug lord
5:27 pm
"el chapo" brought down and arrested. mexican officials release this very dramatic footage. hold on. [shouting] [gunfire] deirdre: so he was arrested, "el chapo," but you see him there, lis, right alongside sean penn who published an article in "rolling stone" revealing that he took a secret meeting in e jingle with "el chapo." >> correct. deirdre: what i have understood, "el chapo" wanted to do a biopic -- >> a movie. legal question, is penn aiding and abetting a felon here? now journalists have right to do that. we have the right to go in, talk to people, not reveal sources exactly. but we're paid to be journalists. what "rolling stone," sean admits, penn admits he never paid by "rolling stone." he went back and forth to mexico on his own dime, i would argue
5:28 pm
if i'm prosecutor, hey, penn you're not journalist. you're not allowed to have what we journalists have as cover. deirdre: he, sean penn may be in kind of legal gray area. >> absolutely. deirdre: we have clip of interview we'll play for our viewers. jo i mean, seems as if sean penn in that interview helping to humanize "el chapo," i don't
5:29 pm
have any other way to make a living become a drug kingpin who is billionaire and responsible for 25% of drugs in u.s. >> we don't have good samaritan laws in this country. i don't have to help you if i see you fall down in ditch. we do have a law if i know you're a felon, i can not aid or abet you, i have to turn information over unless i'm journalist. i don't think sean penn can argue he is journalist in this case. deirdre: i wonder if "el chapo," sunpenn thinks he had something to do with his arrest. >> oh, the other way. deirdre: lis wiehl, thank you on that high note. fox news legal analyst. speaking of all issues legal, two guantanamo detainees released last week. white house announcing another one today. we'll have details where theçç weç will har detailsbjz where the prisoner was relocatef also, the number of criminal charges arising.ççç
5:30 pm
 refugee challengeçççççççg !q he is worried the us will become unsafe.ççççç >> i don'tçççççççç wante ççç marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill.
5:31 pm
he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> he feels an obligation to his successor and that is why we're going to do it. >> of congress as yes or not >> the president just said he will present a plan to congress and work with them. >> and if they say no which they almost certainly will. >> i'm not an if then guy. you and i may have watched a different clip. >> what they what they do before they say anything about my executive authority. >> you're saying their going to close it one way or the other. >> planning to shut down guantánamo bay by the end of the president's term. in the past two weeks three detainees have been released. a citizen of saudi arabia. at one point he was deemed too dangerous to release. retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney with me.
5:35 pm
glad you're here. what do you make of the timing and the fact that this particular detainee was deemed too dangerous to let go? >> i will tell you, and does not pass the sniff test. as anyone realized terrorism is increasing in the world, not decreasing and president obama is releasing them for political reasons, not for real world situational. he is aiding and abetting the enemy. 30 percent. there were 680 detainees. about 13102. we have released 500 plus detainees and 30 percent go back. deirdre: you told us at one point they go home heroes,
5:36 pm
extra credibility of having survived in guantánamo bay and have even more of the following and they did before. >> absolutely. they are now enshrined as having defeated the infidels they assume even more positions to attack us. >> speaking of attacks, germany has taken in more refugees than any other nation, but in cologne something like 516 attacks, almost half of which were sexual toward local women. we will play a short clip for our viewers.
5:37 pm
that is reaction , demonstrators taking to the cities. the german chancellor is trying to make it easier to deport refugees who have committed crimes and assaulted german cities. do you believe or worried. >> i must tell you, what i see developing over there is starting to develop year in the united states. in the case of philadelphia over the weekend when the policeman last week was shot in the person who was captured said he did in the name of allah only tells me that when you look at san bernardino, chattanooga, new york city, we have a building problem here. and if we don't get our hands on it, if we don't
5:38 pm
make the muslims accountable we're going to be in as much trouble as europe is in today. >> making certain communities feel responsible is about tax dollars. we had the governor of kansas on. >> at the present time this is a cooperative program command we are not going to cooperate. this is importing disaster. it is a taxpayer expense. i don't know why we would continue to do such a thing and i call oni call on the obama administration to back up and rethink this policy. deirdre: part of that conversation was the governor of kansas saying we can help the united states get more money than any other nation, but it makes more sense to help near to
5:39 pm
their home. >> absolutely. he is spot on and it is one of the reasons i believe mr. trg popularity with blue-collar workers. we have a commander-in-chief that is aiding and abetting the enemy. and we are not challenging. the american people are getting frustrated. the potential neo-nazi parties will rise up to protect themselves vigilante style and their wives and daughters and the females in germany if they are not careful. deirdre: we thank you so much. in the meantime thank you. predicting crime, no longer science fiction.
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♪ >> broken no law. >> but they will. >> the fact the prevented from happening doesn't change that it was going to happen. deirdre: if you saw the movie minority report, you may be up-to-date. using personal data to predict whether you can be a threat to the state. public records, deep web searches, social media searches. matt welsh with me now. great to see you. we all essentially have a color code based on how much of a threat we are perceived to be. the aclu says this is overreach, an infringement on civil liberties. >> we absolutely care. there is no part of the constitution that says you can have this except if we think we're going to get the bad guy if you give it up. where and how are they getting information? deirdre: i know you just came back from france command that is essentially what they have done. they suspended civil liberties for three months and say we don't care if you are concerned about your privacy. until the end of february you don't have any rights. >> which is why we revere and treasure the constitution that we have. even in the aftermath of september 11, there is only so far you can push the system because we have the backstop of the courts that france does not. local law enforcement has been using cell phone stingray towers and who
5:45 pm
bring up our information without a search warrant. if they will be using that information without one that is a problem. deirdre: arrest records, property records. what else is being sucked up? >> that stuff is fine. every time you cross a bridge here people are taking pictures of your license plate. that information is all not just by law enforcement but a lot of private investigator databases. they are tracking where your going and taking pictures of you. don't drive if you have a secret thing going on out there. there using it in law enforcement. there is no reason to have easy access. deirdre: all right. thank you for coming. reason magazine editor in chief.
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dierdre: powerball fever is
5:57 pm
gripping the nation. a record $1.4 billion. some florida lottery winners go bankrupt within five years of winning a million dollars or more. joining me is the editor of "the business types. so you here a lot of tragic stories. what would you say. how do you keep the money if you win. >> one option is to choose annuity which a lot of people would disagree with. but when you are coming into this kind of money so quickly, it helps you learn over time what you are doing with your money. dierdre: do people not do that because they want to feel super rich? >> the main reason is if you
5:58 pm
happen to pass away before the end of the 30-year payout you lose the money. but if you take the lump sum you can set up a trust and use it in the say sense with your financial advisor and estate lawyers. dierdre: lots of shoes, lots of socks and a farm with lots of puppies. >> i like the idea of lots of puppies. the odds are whoever is going to win the lottery isn't watching us. the lottery is a dream and dreams don't com don't come trus come true. whether you win the lottery or not you need to get a plan on how you are going to spend your money and save your money which is way i head of what most people are doing.
5:59 pm
dierdre: having a plan no mat wear your budget is is very important. michael lee, would would -- what would you do? >> i would call me first. then form a team of advisors. dierdre: how do you know if they are not ripping you off. >> you set up a team to keep checks and balances. i would ask for references and use these people as your support structure financially. all your new friend who start coming out of the woodwork have a filter to go through. anybody who comes into this type of wealth, it will be a huge life adjustment. i would focus on it to make sure it didn't ruin my life. 5, 10 years later they have a
6:00 pm
drug problem or drinking problem. dierdre: it's a big change. even positive changing sometimes cause distress. thank you all. i wish you luck if you are picking numbers. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." make money with charles payne starts now. charles: stock market averages bounce back but beneath the surface the cas -- the cash cars worse than you know. donald trump continues to power ahead in the polls. one issue not helping as much as he thought. 237. surprising results on who women respect more.


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