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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> that is it for us. we hope you will join us tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: welcome to highlight of your day. like you i 4ed mysel forced myself to watch geriatric political porn last night, bernie sanders showed up for a debate. proving it thank you not make -- not take much for hillary clinton to sound shrill. all bernie wants is single paipayer healthcare and the
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det of goldman sachs. >> bernie sanders, who fought for universal healthcare my entire life, he wants to end medicare, and medicaid, that is nonsense. >> i don't think that money from big banks, i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sach sachs. i helped write it, but we're going to move on top of that to a -- for all. kennedy: all right, a nice fresh face, youtube winner snapper -- whipper snapper asking hillary why people hate her so much. >> getting my generation vote should be a priority, i know senator sanders is popular among my peers, how are all of you planning on engaging us. >> thank you for the question, and conbra congratulation on 5 million viewers, i have the
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greatest respect for senator sanders and his supporters, i will continue to try to reach people of all ages. kennedy: she should have said, young people hate me because i am a dishonest harpy that represents a establishment that lies to their face, promises everything and robs them blind, and i might go to jail but who cares. the lad lazy entitled millennials don't vote and way . on the other side issue ted cruz opened up a can of worms. >> he and donald went at over ted's canada implemenism, and how awesome new york is. >> he is a nasty guy, he was
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so nice to me, i knew it, i was watching, he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him, nobody in congress likes him. kennedy: nasty boy. don't mean a thing, fred responded in. >> in terms of commander this chief, we should have someone who is not springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic respond to the latest polls. kennedy: oh, no, ted, he is not tweeting 'polls, he is tweeting about you. trump written ted is u ultimate hip ca hypocrite. says one thing for money, and does another for votes. his wife's employer and his lender is located there, i get you, question now they have
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shown up to play ball, will they knock it out of the park in iowa and new hampshire? who has steroid injection to make it to the convention to emerge victorious? i think it will be donald trump. and bernie s, what happens if bernie sanders takes iowa and new hampshire. >> ted cruz was born to an american parent. but in canada is he ineligible too run for president? we dive feet first into a pool of constitutions. >> and i got a puppy! he is aboard able. -- adorable, i will bring him live on set in a few minutes, we're already negotiating a contract to make him my co-host, you are going to want to kiss him on the face, i'm kennedy. kennedy: bernie sanders looks to have won last night's democratic debate. who lost?
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hillary? o'malley? is he still in the race. did america lose? joining us jillian turner. parts of problem host, dave smith, and daily beast washington bureau chief, we coordinated outfits today. this is a great way to start the week with so much insanity in politics. bernie is building momentum but can he do something in it. >> if you mean like win iowa? maybe, new hampshire? maybe, but the now the of him winning the nomination is too far fetched. hillary clinton almost will be the democratic nominee. at the same time, he must be triggering real ptsd in her
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brain, there is an obama similarity. bernie sanders god love him does not look like a presidential. kennedy: as he moves southward. >> she has a fire wall starting in south carolina then southern states there. they are not going to cotton to what bernie sanders selling there. kennedy: don't you wish a libertarian candidate were doing this well. building momentum and energizing the base. >> we had one, in 2008, and 2012. kennedy: mitt romney you are right. >> no, we had ron paul, we have legacy he built but rand was missed in that debate. what will never come up. without a libertarian candidate, number one issue that is government spending. no one talks about how we spend more than any government
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. kennedy: but more dangerous on republican side, they are not tackling entitlement reform, they are talking about expanding the military, and infrastructure. >> how about that we're in longest war in american history. kennedy: right. >> that did not come up -- kennedy: war on drugs, thank you. let's talk about this. i don't know why hillary clinton is tying president obama's anchor around her neck, there is so much about his record that is flawed it seems so easy to run against, first time she, passionately, defended president's record as it was hers. >> and first time we have seen that and we saw her camp realize she is running against bernie sanders, his rapid rise has jerked them into that reality. we saw is two of them going back and forth trying to make
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it out as if the other is allied with what liberals consider evil forces. they go back and forth on the issues. kennedy: if i were caught between those two issues, capital cronyism and guaranteed consititutional right, i would go with the gun. let's move to donald trump. he is going birther all over ted cruz still, and senator is shooting back missiles. all right so, this is a typical trump attack against cruz. i said this afternoon, that i think trump has been waiting for this moment to dive all over ted cruz. they have that -- so far was a mi stake, will it work for
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trump. >> the detaunt? i think that trump is doing what he always does, when he did you not like someone it is name-calling, carly fiorina is ugly, jeb bush is boring. it is what he revered to. -- reverts to. i'm going to criticize them, saying that i don't like them, that is just what is happening here. kennedy: is he right about ted cruz, saying he is not a nice guy, no one likes him. >> it is interesting nobody seemed to have ted cruz's back in this. even against donald trump. the most hated guy in g.o.p. -- he goes after ted cruz, well, sorry, ted. you know that is what happens when you annoy everyone for years, he is famously unlikeable in washington, doing things, small talk is asking people their ir iq score is, when they say,
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they don't know he said whether ha is your s.a.t. score. kennedy: is this true. >> yes,. reporter: i believe that happened. >> i love the story, rehnquist played racket bail, and so ted cruz took racquetball lessons and hang outside the judge's office with racquetball sticking out of his bag, i don't know if that is true, but it has been around washington enough he is that guy, we all know "that" guy, and donald trump is picking up on it. kennedy: trump attacks are effective, but imtur imture but childish but they are entertaining. >> the people have you named it trump attacked. they have fallen apart in the polls, ted cruz is smart enough to wait until now to have the showdown.
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saying nobody likes you is a great 7 grade line. nobody likes you. i was talking to all the cooed cool kids and nobody likes you. is there a constitutional issue with ted cruz running for president, yes. this may be first time sinc that anyone is concerned about the constitution. kennedy: it may not be that clear, i will be talking with a legal scholar, and panel is coming back, bernie sanders came out on top of the debate, but what happens to hillary clinton if i win new hampshire. up next, panel will talk about president obama making a prisoner swap with iran, getting back a few americans, bring them back alive, another
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bad iran deal? we'll discuss that next. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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kennedy: over the week several americans were released in iran. is there more than a simpl a simp prisoner swap? we will discuss this with our panel issue very well -- very well versed in foreign policy. >> this was an eve an uuneven
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swap, eran release 4 hostages, the u.s. pardoned 7 iranians three are serving prison sentences, then additionaly agree to drop charges again 14 others. who are already suspected of commit major crimes, maya angelou tally that -- by my tal that's i tally that is exchange for 4. kennedy: seems that president and his administration have the opportunity when they were crafting this international agreement to say we'll lift the sanctions, and just go ahead free those american prisoners, they did not do that, either they forgot about it or they are incompetent. >> i am glad you mentioned that, there seems to be an
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immediate blackout on what we're givingy our end. i am no fan of obama, no fan of the iranian government, this is a big blow to the neocons who have been wrong in every foreign policy issue, telling us that iran a threat, they caught a few of our sailors where they should not have been, they are willing to play ball with us now. maybe they are wrong about iran. kennedy: julian? >> fighting words, because, you know, other element here is that by sitting down at the table with iran, the united states made a huge concession not just on its own behalf but of the west to include eu, we stat down with them, without a precondition. kennedy: it should have been a precondition.
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>> american prisoners. >> maybe this is not for perfect, but neocons have made argument that iran is not a national actor. joo kennedy: will looks bored. i like him to be happy. >> this one i can't see there will be huge ramifications domestically, the stuff with sailors whether or not they were in iranian territory as a propaganda tooled so willingly by iranians is somewhat outrageous, our last big pri prisoner swap the bowe bergdahl deal. this one, this -- so my understanding these are people
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who violate violate sanctions, we're not violating terrorists. i'm glad they are home. kennedy: i still want to know where bob levinson is. >> we need him back. kennedy: or trade a bunch of talabanis for him. gitmo, empty it out, there is bob. bob part. panel returns later. 60 minutes talks to sean penn about as a "el chapo" interview, but first michael bay 's new film about benghazi. hillary clinton will not attend it, she is too busy, next.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: hello, welcome back. bernie sanders has taken over hillary clinton in iowa according to the latest "quinnipiac poll." hillary clinton cake walked toward a democratic nomination so far, but what happens if sanders snatches first two contests out from under her? we have chris stirewalt joining us now, what happens if bernie comes through in iowa and new hampshire? >> well, that is a substantial question issue his chances look good in new hampshire, his neighbors state, a state with a lot of penchant for
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sticking it to political establishments. bernie sanders is not as good as a match for the elot rat in iowa -- electorate in iowa but it is close, many on the democratic side have written that off, i would join them on ground that hillary clinton has a substantial lead nationalo, but not just nationally but has the lead in the states that come next, nevada, and south carolina, then across the south. hillary clinton has done a good job so far of recreating obama coalition, that is in the case of democratic party, primaries black
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>> i'm so glad you were here, coming up, it may be most worthy moment of donald trump's propaganda, bebe warned, what you hear you will not be able to unhear. topical storm is next. being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're
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kennedy: when sharks infest your jacuzzi and there are piranha in your bird bath come to me for support. >> donald trump supporters, spreading red, white and blue. >> the freedom kids. >> are you serious? ♪
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you can't handle this ♪ enemies, of freedom. come on boys, take them down ♪ ♪ president donald trump knows how to make america great. ♪ kennedy: amazing how they over dub korean, that is impressive. wow? the lyrics that the parent's wrote are nickelback. would write if they were kicked in the head by a donkey, creepy propaganda videos can be catching like the time north korea fell in love with r&b legend bo horn, remember? >> ♪ let's dance across the floor, ♪ let's do it, let's dance across the floor.
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kennedy: the goose step never looked so funky. >> all right, topic two. how is your buffet game? you may think that key to a good buffet run is showing up with a empty stomach, pacing your, and eating three days of food in one sitting. you are wrong in it is about the size of the plate you use to transport your h orkerry he uses his noodle to gain the buffet system. just loading up my plate, loading supply plate, and platter, he actually attacks e that en -- ate that entire platter of noodles there he is
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leaving the restaurant. 92 topi. >> topic 3. you know you thought dumb and dumber was a slap stick 90 rump but it was ross oscar bait for a brief moment. watch this. >> i am sick of tired of having nobody. we're in a hole? we'll have to dig ours out. >> you could not possibly be any dumber. you go and do something like this. >> don't you ever say that again. >> she is the love of my life!
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kennedy: i think i'm going to cry a little bit. can someone light a fart so i can shake the tears. thanks jared. topic 4. >> ted cruz just secured himself one of the important endorsements, the bearded guy from duck dynasty. >> ted cruz is my fan, he fits the bill, he loves us, he is the man for the job, he will go duck hunting, because today we're going. >> we're going to vote for you. all of us. because you are one of us, my man. kennedy: don't tell that to willie, he came on the show and en dorred donald trump -- endorsed donald trump, now phil, shooting the duck is setting barl bar kind of low, remember dick cheney, he shot a lawyer in the face, and
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hillary clinton has been hunting, here she is in new hampshire. >> keep running ♪ nice shot. topic 5. i don't know if i have ever mentioned this on the show before, but i am a big fan of star wars. rarely do we consider what life is like for storm troopers, saturday night live did a undercover boss spoof. >> we lost our son in april, he was in the storm trooper program. and we're getting by. >> it struck a nerve with me, since i am the one that killed him.
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>> he told me to give you this. >> after the rain, comes the rainbow. i killed your son. >> a buddy of mine saw kilo take his shirt off in the shower, he said he had an 8 pack, he was shredded. >> your friend is a liar man, kilo can a punk [ bleep ] kennedy: oh, i love it. that is your lesson always be nice to the new guy on your team, because it could turn out he is an -- jedi. if you have weird stories, i haam happy to grab them from you. >> later on donald trump lobbying more birthy bomb at
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ted cruz, is trump on to something? is the senator actually ineligible to be president, and then sean penn went on 60 minutes flapping his gums about the "el chapo" review,ma next. uck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio.
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kennedy: welcome back after our show tonight. "strange inheritance" follows a family who inherits their dad's automobile collect, including orphan cared that are made by defunked companies, do they sell the cars or keep the rare assortment of wheels? >> the engine turns on with a flip of the switch. >> there you go. >> slow it down. >> pull this back. >> i am a great driver.
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this is like driver's ed, do you why your foot on the brake just in case? >> i not jump out yet. >> going straight is one thing but will real challenge is turning. >> turns are not so ease displeasy? >> you would do well back in the people period. >> woohoo! kennedy: there she is with her safety orange jacket, jamie colby is joining me, host of "strange inheritance." >> here i am ready to go. kennedy: i cannot imagine driving a car like that, it is expensive. their dad pass away left them the car collection, 4 kid. one big problem, what do they do with the cars? >> we're talking pierce arrows, and peerless limb seeps anseep -- limousines,
8:42 pm
some are one a kind, put me behind the wheel is brave, put them in an auction tough, they really' to do what their father would have wanted, keep, donate, set' a museum they find this footage where father said he would be okay if it was sold, so up for auction it goes. they get $750,000 for all but a few of the cars. they will get their million dollars, a great episode, it may be only chance that people have to see these cars, because some are the last ones. kennedy: you showed that there is an electric car from detroit from 1922. >> that surprised me, it was really popular with the ladies, because they were better drivers than i was in that car. but also they didn't have to crank them up like model t, a lot of people in season one of "strange inheritance" saw he
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try too crank the car. they got in, flipped a switch. it did not get in the way with their wardrobe and packages it was i hoot too drive that car. kennedy: i love about your show, more people see it, you get strairchle-- stranger, richer storyys as the series goes owatch "strange inheritance" with jamie colby, two new episodes tonight on fbn . >> thank you. kennedy: last week rollie sto roll -- "rolling stone" released sean penn's interview with "el chapo," penn went on
8:44 pm
"60 minutes" last night. >> you did not have any interest? >> you department have go interest in understanding how he justified, made decisions, organized? >> i have a fascination with all of that. kennedy: is he getting in character? the panel is back. you could feel charlie rose's contempt, he hate the sean penn so much in that moment for doing such a door job of journalism. >> i thought he would give a forehead lap a slap at one point. what you saw there of an actor without writers, he a very
8:45 pm
good actor, but that of painful. kennedy: it was painful, the description, excuse, it of bad, in the end, sean penn admitted hig high -- he failed, he failed as a writer because we're not talking about the drug war. >> you can be against the drug war, and like "el chapo" is a mobster, he are not mutualyi exclusive things he is a good actor, i don't know how he would reduce himself to sound like a kid. kennedy: he also thinks he is cool, and can do a story for vice. >> this is a 23-year-old, mentality he is like 60? kennedy: they should have 7 sent a 23-year-old, not sean
8:46 pm
penn to separate. he did gor glorify him. >> he was judging by article he was in awe of the guy, the whole time he was with him, i wrote to myself, jotted down, while i was reading article the adjectives, charismatic, successful man, you know it went on and on, i think that it really was not only the inability to separate those but separate the emotion from substance of what he was trying to accomplish. >> the article of one meaningless observation after another. >> wordy. kennedy: in terms of the drug wars, he failed not because we're not talking about it i think he exacerbated drug war,
8:47 pm
"el chapo" was chapture captured it reinvigorates. >> it makes you want to do drug that article. >> illegal more things. >> i think, there is almost a real important point there. that he was justin capable of making it is different to be a fang ster wit -- gangster in the mexican government, but sean penn did not make that point. kennedy: he was very inarticulate and quite a dud, thank you so much. fantastic. look at this. coming up, will ted cruz's mabel leaf burst? -- ted cruz's maple leaf birth
8:48 pm
keep him from the oval office. >> i will introduce you to the newest member of my family, he is part bulldog, part royalty. i am training him to solve crimes, state right here.
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kennedy: donald trump has dusted off his birther baton and whacking ted cruz with it. >> who the hell knows if you could even serve in office, you should let courts decide. >> why now? >> because now he is doing a little bit better. i didn't care before. true. >> i'm not taking legal advice from donald trump. kennedy: oh, so what is the truth? here to sort out
8:52 pm
constitutional goop. shapiro, at cato know state, welcome. >> good to be back, what is great about this issue, all of my fa facebook friends are constitutional experts and my twitter feed are historians, this is a piece of cake. kennedy: so this is a slamdunk, there is no question. you say that ted cruz is uneligible. what do you say? >> if i had to reply to every civil profes professor, natural born citizen cans from subject. way you become a natural born subject, is either by place of birth. if you are born winterer to or born by blood.
8:53 pm
the soldiers are. were traveling they had a kid, people that kid is a naturallal born subject, sam here, founders know understood that, ted cruz's mom was a u.s. citizen, here -- natural born. kennedy: there some gray area in british common law. law. >> saying that you have to be born within the square confines. when -- and how can we resolve this issue? how can ted cruz move forward. >> i think that jaip james madison on a blog on point, there are two keep are there are natural born, there are naturalized. i am a natural citizen. british parliament later first
8:54 pm
congress, legislated what it means through its powers under the constitution, to be the child of an american. who is abroad. under all of those rule, cruz fits. kennedy: all right we will see, there are already legal challenges, people make this much bigger issue than it needs to be. great stuff we're going to put your article on our facebook page. >> he is not the canadian surprise that we've been fearing. >> coming up. >> i got a puppy. everything changes now for the better. he is going to join me on set. meet the little guy. that is next.
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kennedy: we got a puppy.
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a new dog was used add bribery to ease the transition in our move to new york, my girls are 6 ask 10, all they wanted, other than stay up to midnight on school night of a puppy be we settled on a breed, we' something more come pack, but just as crazy. so we went on a search for french bulldog we found this guy. oh, my gosh, he is just -- look at him, hi i'm cute. we went through quite a gamut of names, possibility, indiana, bullet, rainbow cupcake sprinkles, we settle on lemmy. the girls thought it all fit, he is funny, and goofy, and smart, he sleeps in a create,
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less -- create, listens when he wants to, and does not walk much because my girls want to hole him, i am happy that i have seen enough episode of dog whispery to know that dogs need boundary, direct, and a strong alpha. we'll see how he does, for now, here is lemmy. look at him, in his argyle sweater, he can sleep with peace of baby angels knowing he was named after the lead singer of motor head who is looking down or up from this metal shop. if you have any suggests on dog rearring you can send them to our various communication channels, thank you for watching show, lemmy and i both thank you, you can follow us on twitter and instagram.
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we wish you a lovely good night. don't worry you are in a sweater, that is freigh great news, do you want to get down. of. >> he liked to buy unique cars -- kissels, grahams, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high spin mode up there. >> it's just money. can't take it with you.


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