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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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jeb bush running, you know, running against donald trump because trump, well, is afraid of him. we're not afraid of the markets so far dow up 215 points. neil, take it away. neil: all right, charles, we've had to get on top of this, reporting live from davose right now, the markets coming back here, and we wanted to get to the world's financial and political leaders trying to deal with this and the cross currents trying to deal with it. so -- well, we had to leave. a big business trip here. so welcome, everybody, from davos where we're trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. charlie gasparino with what's going on. also with me in davos. charlie. >> you look like frosty the snowman, but you are not in davos. charles: i most certainly am. >> here's how i know. you haven't picked up one tab since i've been here, and i would make you pick up all of our tabs for all the great scoop i give you. neil: really? >> you are not in davos. neil: i am.
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>> did they put lsd in your pumpkin spice latte? neil: maybe. >> i'm asking you. what kind of designer drug did they put in your pumpkin spice latte. you are not in davos. neil: i'm right next to you. >> well, you're right next to me. neil: turn to the side. >> i'm not the one on lsd, you're the one on lsd. neil: okay. all right. now, you're onto me. >> you are in new york. thank god. neil: well, i was just a little upset -- >> now, who -- neil: i've got to get this straight. i'm just upset that you get to go there, liz is there, maria's there, neil's back in new york. okay. whatever. >> and guess what? we are spending so much money here. we are having a blast. neil: yeah, all right. back in davos with me. doing a big speech on the -- hello. >> i went to mooch's wine party last night. i went to mooch's -- neil: i just missed you there.
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>> and your imaginary davos day. kevin spacey given a speech and doing a bill clinton imitation. it was at mooch's party. neil: who was? you or he? >> kevin spacey. neil: well, he does it very good. he does it very good. well, now, onto this. now -- people suspect i might not be in davos. what is going on there? how are they reacting to these crazy markets? now up 260 points, we were down 550 at this time yesterday. every other day we go through this. up, down, up, down, what the heck. what are they saying? >> well, i mean, you know, the -- there's no consensus here. i mean it's interesting if you go into the conference itself on these preplanned events, which are, you know, essentially propaganda, i believe they're propaganda vehicles for sort of status, government market intervention and economies. if you go there, china's going to be okay. you know, the
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euro zone despite all the issues economic and social facing with a refugee crisis, we'll get through because they know better than the markets. that's the underlying theme at this. that government bureaucrats whether it's in europe, here in the u.s., i passed -- treasury secretary jack lou here who i would put in that exact camp that they know better than markets either in managing economies and managing markets. and, you know, what they fail to realize in all of these places is what the bankers are saying behind the scenes. if you run into, you know, ceos of wall street firms, if you run -- neil: right? >> there's a lot of fairly prominent hedge fund people here. they're saying that's not true. china has big problems. it can't manage its economy. you can't manage your way out of this. the free market, you need to start getting corporate tax reforms so we can get through this as, you know, globally in the u.s. that's the -- it's a tail of two conferences. what's behind the scenes, what
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the bankers and hedge fund traders are talking about behind the scenes and what's in front of everybody. the leftist ideology showing how utterly stupid he is when he made those comments about greedy oil companies. so, by the way, oil is now trading very low as we know. neil: yeah. >> which is a fairly good tax break for poor people. neil: so i take it you're not a big fan of some of those on the left. >> well, -- neil: don't bashing them because it's a good thing you and i are safe in davos because there's a huge snow storm here. do you know about that? >> yes, i heard. that's why i moved up my return. i'll be returning to tomorrow. but the other thing here, the other underlying story. neil: hurry up. it's getting really cold. >> the hedge funds are not buying this. oh, no, this is a serious point. you would think hedge funds would be stepping into this market and buying, they're not. for the same reason they don't believe the bottom is there yet.
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we may be up today but hedge funds are not going in there and cherry picking stocks. listen. if you put it all together, i don't tell people how to invest or what to do, but it sounds like it's going to go lower. hedge funds aren't back in the game, meaningful way, they're still worried about china and other stuff, well, it's a nice rally today but don't hold your breath tomorrow. neil: it could be cool wind blowing right at this market; right? >> yeah. blow me off the chair here; right? neil: thank you very much. i'll get with you later. we'll have more from davos. but i think the two of us together loose in davos, whoa. but i digress. i want to go to blake burman who is an ocean way from me now in washington the latest political back and forth between donald trump and ted cruz. i guess it's heating up even though we're freezing here in davos, the steam behind me not withstanding.
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>> i wish i was there with you, neil, it looks like a blast. if you go, take me with you, by the way. so, yeah, bob dull believe it or not, neil, he's made a cameo into the 2016 presidential battle between donald trump and ted cruz. "the new york times" got a hold with them, did an interview, published a story today with the former presidential candidate, and he said that cruz would be -- and this is his quote, cataclysmic for republicans nationwide. here's what doll told the times quoting here. i question his allegiance to the party speaking of cruz. he says i don't know how often you hear him say the word republican. not very often. he goes on to say i don't know how he's going to deal with congress, nobody likes him. well, doll also said cruz would ensure hole sale losses for republican and congressional statewide races as well. trump, well, then he highlighted and double do you understand on it by posting the link to many of his social media accounts. this of course also comes as the governor of iowa said
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earlier this week that cruz needs to be defeated. well, cruz has since then tried to flip the criticism around by saying it's more proof the establishment fears a cruz presidency. listen here. >> let me encourage other members of the establishment keep supporting donald trump because every time you do it, what it is doing is telling conservatives all over the country where you stand and who stands with you. >> cruz not standing by quiet, neil. he also fired back today sharpening and really escalating his attack on trump when it comes to immigration. you probably remember cruz said earlier this week that trump wasn't a vocal critic in 2013 on the gang of amnesty bill now he put out this treat and you see it there in all caps trump supports amnesty. and goes onto a 2013 tweet where trump kept open the possibility back then of amnesty. back and forth continues. back to you. neil: well, it's all anyone is talking about here in davos.
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thank you very much. blake burman as we continue our live coverage now from davos to get the pulse of what global leaders are thinking here. and for some reason some think i'm not in davos. as you can see behind me i clearly am in davos. all right. maybe i might not be in davos for the time being but on all the world's attention on these attacks. i mean if you look quite seriously at all the press coverage, our presidential election is getting out told on facebook it is the number one topic globally. and this tit for tat in cruz what's going on up there? >> in davos here also as you can see, you know, i do think that as this continues to heat up, neil, we're going to see more of this and of course the
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world's going to be paying attention because probably most people including most people in the world would love to see business continue as usual. we've had no leadership from the white house on pretty much anything except for some executive orders that flew in the states of our entire republic. so when you look at the fact that the two leaders are probably the most freedom-minded at the top of the heat, of course the whole world's going to be talking about it. they're going to unite with the establishment thinking these two men are probably somehow dangerous. neil: well, are they going to cancel themselves out, though? you always wonder when they go at each other, are they actually hurting their sort of outside the petary dish cause. >> you do get concern about that and a lot of conservatives are concerned about that. but i do think this is such an insurgent year, such the year of the antiestablishment voter. i think it really is less about the candidates and more about the voter being completely fed up with eight years almost of this
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imperialism. so i really don't think -- i think there's enough voter support out there, neil, to support these two candidates for quite some time. and i think as others start to fall off be we're going to see one of them to start to really rise -- neil: who's that going to be? >> that will have to -- we'll have to see. i think it's interesting that ted cruz has started hitting back. i've been impressed with his strategy to date. the fact that he didn't. he was the only one who really didn't ever attack trump with the exception of a couple of them like carson. but the other interesting thing is that he's hitting back now where carson when he was attacked by the establishment really didn't ever hit back. ted cruz chose to hit back, and i find that an interesting strategy as well. neil: yeah. before it was a bromance and now it's like a caged death match but who knows. it's hard to view it from here in davos obviously. >> yeah. it's so cold. our brains are -- neil: thank you very, very much. very much. all right. we have a lot more
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of this volatility. that's all anyone is talking about here in davos. that and the hot chocolate. but last day of trading up a lot a day, after you're down a lot which comes after a day you were up a lot. so i'm not meaning to update no more so than i was about yesterday's down day. but this is kind of a routine sort of high view of the markets. so we're just keeping track of that. and, again, given the diligence of my staff, we made sure that we had our green screens in just case. stick around. live from davos you both have a
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markets are getting crazy, so i had to get right back to new york. welcome, everybody. i thought it was original but apparently not everyone did. all right. well, we'll get back to davos in a moment's notice as required. this seems like the world's richest people who went there in private jets and all going to be coming back on jetblue are kicking themselves for being there in the middle of these volatile markets but we did not have time for that. we did not have time for that. let the gasparinos and the bartiromos and the clamans be sharing fondu. so welcome back from new york. now we have other developments, speaking of what's going on in europe, george said that, well, enjoy the fondu because the eu is on the verge of a collapse. he's blaming it on -- just the total disruption with all of these refugees and how europe has been inconsistent handling them. that's a view shared by a number here in u.s. including democratic senator joe who has
12:16 pm
been warning about a better way to deal with this. the one way that was -- always good to have you -- one way that was outer is to find a better policing mechanism to find out who is coming here. that failed. so i guess we take them in as we plan originally and then what? >> well, i heard for months that i heard all the refugees that we had that are basically being disbursed from syria and the whole world had a responsibility and then we heard that the united states, and i think the president said we needed to take at least 50,000. i sent a letter immediately and said, listen, please do not alter the vetting. please do not short-circuit the vetting process just to meet a quota. that's wrong. we have to make sure that the people are coming here are vetted properly and coming for the right reason. the bill that we just had -- i hope that we would have an open amendment process. we could have gotten on it. there would be tough votes, i understand that. i had some that used social media as one of the tools. we use social media in order
12:17 pm
to higher people, do background on highering people. why can't we at least use social media after we found out about san bernardino and how people would scan the system, neil, use all the tools we had, and we can be smarter, and we can do it much better. but we have to be committed as a country and basically as a united country and united congress. neil: let me ask you, though, senator in making the comments about the refugees and everything, also stepped back from europe's general and i quote here, senator. the greek crisis thought the european authorities going through one crisis after another. this practice is properly known as kicking the can down the road. although it would be more accurate to describe it as kicking a ball of pills so that it keeps rolling back done you. that seems to be something you can say about our own country as well. are you worried that this has been escalating into a global crisis? >> absolutely. i'm worried, and i've said this. you don't even have people talking on the campaign trail.
12:18 pm
many candidates are running for president right now, how many times have you heard the financial calamity, financial crisis that we could be facing? how can you continue to keep piling on debt after debt after debt over $19 trillion thinking that's acceptable and we can handle that? knowing that just servicing that debt could outstrip what we spend to defend our country. neil, i'm worried about that. the democrats, republicans, no one seems to be alarmed. and i think we need to get our priorities back. get your financial house in order. they worry about they worry about everything else. if we were on a budget pathway whether it took 10 or 15 years but just beyond that glide path and come together and not having democrats trying to hurt republicans and defend them. not having republicans trying to defeat democrats for their position and start saying okay. these are the things we need to fix in america, let's fix it. we'll play politics with everything else. but the finances, i am concerned about, and i'm
12:19 pm
concerned about if you have this enslaught of refugees. neil: yeah, a lot of these are fixable that you know but to your point drag it out. >> well, neil, they talk about -- they're talking about no fly zones, protections, the countries such as jordan being overrun with refugees. we're getting a tremendous amount of support there. but the bottom line is we have to make sure that we don't let our guard down in america. we are a target, and we have to make sure that we don't relax and don't feel guilty about it. but basically make sure that the people are coming here. coming here for the right reason and use every tool we have in our toolbox. neil: senator, always great talking with you, no matter the crisis, always great chatting with you. let's take a look at what's going on at the corner of wall and broad. the stocks particularly coming back, leading a lot of this as oil comes back a little bit. but i do stress -- as i stressed yesterday, it's hard a firm picture attraction
12:20 pm
either on the buying or selling side when this generally doesn't last very long. but oil now 29.82 and a lot of people saying see? oil's coming back. i don't know about that. i don't know about any of this. all i do know is it's volatile and you're seeing it in a number of issues that were up a lot yesterday -- down a lot yesterday, up a lot today. this is a jacqueline hide market and we will get to the bottom of it after this
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i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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neil: all right. we've got a big storm coming up in the northeast. but it's going to hit a lot of the east coast as well. sort of the cold weather part of it. but, you know, this always happens, folks, when a storm is approaching, stocks like home depot stores, lowe's stores and if you're handy like me, that's where you go. you want to get -- well, stuff -- what would you get?
12:24 pm
you get salt, shovels, yeah. oh, he says the imitation of a shovel to get the point. anything else you get there? maybe some gloves. a hat. they have all of that there? well, anyway those stocks do well. just like in the summertime when you have, you know, all of a sudden it's a very big heat wave. you buy utilities because they're going to be doing well, cranking out, making money. but, again, ahead of the storm every single time this is what happens. that's just free, basically, little comments i pass along to you. basic cable. that's what i do here in new york or when i'm not in davos. meteorologist michael on all of that and, michael, you were ahead of this before a lot of people and you're saying that this is going to be big. potentially how big? >> well, if we take the big picture of the entire eastern united states, a very big story. maybe not so much the new york city metropolitan tin area with regard to the storms
12:25 pm
we've had in the past decade but north carolina all the up into southern england, huge story. neil: we're just showing a graphic here one to two feet and then it heads out to a nasty red l. i don't know what that means, but i know a lot of snow. no offense to your industry, they get it wrong, it ends up not being as bad. so what's your hunch as to whether this will live up to the dire expectations? >> well, i think we should focus on the areas that are most confident right now. so the western portions of north carolina, lots of ice. i think that's a big story. they're not used to frozen precipitation as we are. so huge damage to the roads and obviously trees and power lines. once you get to virginia, d, maryland, pennsylvania, southern new jersey, you're talking about a mostly pure snow event and that's where the historic totals, one feet, two feet, who knows what else more than that in the lift
12:26 pm
area of the mountainous areas. that's a pretty certain that this is going to be a pretty historic storm for them. once you get past northern new jersey, new york city, southern new england, that's where we're kind of in the middle. i don't think it's going to be completely ending like some graphics are saying where we only get a couple of inches and out to sea. nor don't think it's going to be a historic blizzard. but several inches, fierce winds and coastal flooding are the three main aspects for the northern regions of the storm. neil: all right, michael, thank you very, very much. we already told what kind of stores and companies benefit in in all of this. if you're trying to fly out in the middle of all of this, lauren simonetti on some of the airlines offering refunds. >> the airlines are being nice to us. i'm shocked, i'm so happy. if you are flying into, out of, or through an airport up and down the east coast, call your carrier. especially if you're flying tomorrow. you might want to fly out now ahead of the storm or fly out early next week when it's done.
12:27 pm
american airlines and delta airlines are waiving those change fees if you fly for the most part taking off january 20th or 21st going through the 24th. call them up, they'll change the fee to do so. and then you have united going a step further. they're refunding you if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed. thank you, united. and jetblue is doing the exact same thing. now, some of the carriers are also going to refund the difference if you're forced to be a more expensive ticket at a later date, they will refund the difference for you. it makes their job easier too. fewer people in the airport bothering them, handle this stuff ahead of time; right? anyway the airlines are putting in a nice day, stocks are up. neil: so they're trying to be a little bit more proactive than they used to be; right? >> exactly. i said they're being nice; right? it's rare. neil: i don't know. >> i'm going to take it. neil: yeah, i don't know. >> no. okay. neil: we'll watch it. like a twilight zone episode we come in peace.
12:28 pm
lauren, it was a -- all right. thank you, kiddo. very much. certainly blizzard corner of wall and broad. stocks are up, and i hate to add pretty much all the sectors are up. but i also hate to add this reminder -- although it's a mirror opposite of yesterday, that day would have been mirror opposite of the day of the trading day before that, which is the opposite of the trading day before that can, which is my way of saying gigi this, just don't expect this. volatility is something that's baked into the cake here. much more after this ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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neil: we are up in stocks and we are often audio. charlie brady likes to point out that is an uncanny joining ab the pip and unbroken. stocks go up. that has been pretty much of the ruled this year in the markets. the energy sector of north oh 3%. telecom up about 3%. the s&p 500 sort of a benchmark for this. 1.5%. all key sectors, the big one, are up.
12:33 pm
nicole. nicole: we definitely have that correlation. yesterday we saw oil selloff 7%. we just saw oil higher. back and forth over the last trading week or so. today we are seeing home depot up 5%. do not forget that we did hear from verizon with their quarterly numbers. for this year, the worst start to any year you have had. as of yesterday, the dow stock was down. these are the biggest losers on the dow jones industrials for 2016. jpmorgan, cisco systems, we sell goldman sachs, bank of america and intel. 16% and 20%.
12:34 pm
we have seen a steep selloff this year. we do have one name that is shining today. that is walmart. up over 2%. the only dow component out of the dow 30 that holds onto the green. we will see. i am bracing for it. neil: all 30 stocks, still under water for the year. we will see what happens. following up on what the goal pointed out. maybe, the federal reserve stands back on this so-called guaranteed rate hike. >> the federal reserve will pull back on that. waiting for the fed to do something. mario draghi talking about more qe in march. neil: interesting you mention that. that look at the markets is weird enough. it is essentially government to
12:35 pm
keep the markets of flow. you don't like it when it is taken away. >> no, not at all. you mentioned volatility. there are a few rallies that we had. this is kind of one of the first. only for being down 500 back up to 250 on the dow. it has been a scary year. i think that the fed is worried. i think oil will go down. at least for the next couple of months. neil: i was going yesterday. neil: the capitulation or like
12:36 pm
we have had it, i do not see that. a lot of people far smarter than i wait to see that before they judge whether a rally is about to ensue. >> you have a good point. on the other hand, something that kind of deserves that. opening up the year. we're not seeing that panic. it is interesting. it is almost like people do not want to talk about it. neil: thank you. always good. let's take a look at the numbers. walmart is the only stock that is positive. running up. closing better than 100 stores. this idea that they are tightening. there may be a response to that or a response to something we sold off.
12:37 pm
as many of you will know, i think they over did this. it was overdone. no reason why this market had to fall almost 2000 points from its high. even though we have fallen that much. a typical price presence. we are still a little rich. what are you holding? or selling? or buying? after this. ♪ the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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connell: we are back on cavuto coast-to-coast. a lot of talk about the market down thing. heading into a bear market. our major averages did not get there. the underlined components of it, or then have to s&p 500 has fallen 20% from a recent high.
12:41 pm
down 14%. these are all really well known companies that have been beaten up a lot. apple is one of them that is out today. many of these companies ucr up today. apple actually did fall 20% from a high. same thing for disney. first time in years we have heard of the missions. all the macro issues as well. the third one on our list should be the most obvious. that would be exxon mobil. another stop bouncing back today , bill talked about it before the last break. also on the list. bank of america. is this some sort of a sign? some people think that these stocks have fallen far enough. just as many, if not more people fall. who knows. >> it is confusing.
12:42 pm
i will tell you that. bullish and bearish arguments here. also stepping back. we do not pounce on every movement. we pounce when me think it is warranted. we also try to step back the perspective. a benefit of having the host of this. i remember the markets that 186. we got the political fallout of this. good markets for whatever party. bad markets, bad for the party. you know the drill. going beyond markets. we have those certain e-mails that everyone has been focusing on. what is the latest?
12:43 pm
>> the latest investigation is from the state department. hillary clinton's private server. several e-mails that contained classified information. this information was classified or was deemed classified retroactively. she did not do anything a responsible or to put our country at risk. she is on the campaign trail. they will be released on january 29. i will caucus on february 9. this issue continuing to play on her campaign. >> she has been arguing when you get caught in the weeds here, is this new hampshire, i will, i am sorry, this is all just a political theater.
12:44 pm
i wonder, too, regardless of what happens with these latest findings, drip, drip, drip on what it appears to be. she has effectively weathered it. what do you think? >> she has been weathering several scandals at the same time, neil. all of this response playing defense when it comes to her e-mails, benghazi. has not been able to drive the agenda. has not been able to set her talking points forward. one of the reasons why she is suffering when it comes to senator bernie sanders. she is really running to her left. part of the democratic hardy. offering something different when the voters see hillary clinton. she is struggling to really set the tone of her campaign and drive the issues that she wants to talk about. neil: it is going to be crazy. thank you.
12:45 pm
we have been telling you about this approaching snowstorm. particularly the northeast with heavy snow. a raging debate among meteorologists. already, the governor of pennsylvania has declared a state of emergency ahead of the winter storm. taking special precautions ahead of that. the governor of maryland has said the same. this, normally, what has happened is getting folks off the road and allow crews to come in and take over and handle things. this is, again, par for the course. what could be a major storm. they are taking no chances. declaring their emergencies now. more after this. ♪
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neil: we are not missing all the political stuff that is going on. it was coming from unusual sources. unusual targets. connell mcshane on the latest with that. they return on investment. they really are not seeing any investment or political spending so far. we show you how much people are spending. $91 million. marco rubio and jeb bush. ending on campaign ads. this super pack that represents them as well. two front runners. donald trump and ted cruz. combining to spend billion. way ahead of everybody else. crews and trump. trump gets a lot of attention for not having spent money.
12:50 pm
if you flip that finally and look at the poll numbers, that is where the story is best told. they go to the other side. some jeb bush numbers, it is 4%. when it is money, it is tens of millions of dollars. this can all change. the making of donald trump has not felt the need to spend any money yet. those that have have not been rewarded yet in the polls. neil: those that have, not the front runners who are spending it. >> that second lame that we talk about all the time, getting out of new hampshire higher. they are trying to be that the anti-trump or the anti-crews. i think that is where a lot of the money is being spent. neil: thank you very much, connell. we have genevieve woods. i do not -- not the main top lead candidates, i am trying to
12:51 pm
knock out my fellow candidates. i want to emerge from that as the winner of that division. >> yes. sure you do. it shows that money is not everything in politics. apparently, you cannot buy election, even though we hear that all the time. the one place that you may actually see money making a difference is a place like new hampshire higher. john kasich has come up number two in many of the polls there. that is where he has spent all his money. maybe it can make a difference. the message out of this election is people like ted burrows and people who have a very clear message, anti-washington, are the ones breaking through. neil: i have another theory on money.
12:52 pm
it will punctuate a point. it will not close a point. if you have a persuasive argument, but he behind it, that is a great one-to punch. do you think ted cruz, and donald trump, they have the ability. if they have to go back to their resources, they certainly have it. >> i think the numbers show that they certainly have it. the campaign structure. we do not exactly know what donald trump has. we do know that ted cruz has been building a ground game they are. i think that is what we kind of have as the unknown as far as turnout. that will be very important here. the funds, get them where they need to be. all of that. donald trump, obviously, has that. neil: i remember as a kid, the
12:53 pm
democratic nomination in 1972. i remember this distinctly. he had a lot of support among young people. overwhelming. his was off the charts. they get to the polls. it is going to be crazy. we do not have to respect richard nixon. some of those polls were much tighter. surprised to see that young people did not come out in nearly the way that they thought. it gets back to a donald trump question. a lot of people come out just to see him. i am wondering if similar numbers will come out to vote for him. >> i think, neil, you are not the only person wondering that. i do not think we know because we have not seen a campaign like trumps. people do show up to see donald trump. they may very well show up on caucus night. we do not know.
12:54 pm
even people like bernie sanders. he is bringing in a lot of money. not a major pack or donor. $27 average gift. one of those from young people. making a difference in the early states. neil: yes. it is interesting. historic developments. thank you. we have the dow at 10 points. still early. we will keep you on it. we are also here to remind you that just because we have two debates behind us, other business networks paid programming and have errors that should i -- have programs that air. the political confessions. we're there every step of the way. we first started with 2007.
12:55 pm
2008 race. why are you doing this? i remember instantly answering, because we can. don't give a rats, and you know what. don't give a rats, and you know more after this. ♪ unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
neil: welcome back, everyone. back in davos. this will actually be safer. then it will be back in new york city. ashley webster. you are going to be in davos with me. i am sorry you can't join me. what is going on? talking about italy; right? ashley: sorry. there is a delay. you are going to have to excuse me. neil: you are international. i know. i love the ski resort right
12:59 pm
behind you there. neil: do not get me started. ashley: coming up in the next hour. talking about vitality and banks. it sounds awfully familiar to what u.s. banks were back in 2008. there is a mounting of that. quite frankly, they know they will not be able to pay them back. why don't we create a bad egg to take all of these bad loans and put them in there and give them some sort of guarantee. ashley: where have we heard that before. pretty strict laws as to when you can use state aid. it could be facing some pretty severe haircuts when it comes to rescuing these banks, neil. there is a meeting tomorrow in
1:00 pm
brussels. ten meetings every day. 365 in brussels. what do they do? they have a meeting tomorrow. what can we do with these i tell you banks. the italian prime minister, they said, nothing to see here, folks. move right along. neil: there it is. i was supposed to wait after your remarks. there was a delay. ashley: you have to work on that. >> we will work on it. thank you very much, but he. a lot of them are thinking, what goes on in italy could be a preview. some of the same issues. they do not have some of the protections that we do. even here, though so-called projections, we are due. would you do what we did back
1:01 pm
after the financial crisis? risk kristi was saying no. >> one of the things that has come up is they are on the ropes again. we are not going to let america bank of america or citigroup let go. what would you do? >> i have to tell you the truth. they have had their one rescue. they should have learned their lessons from what happened in 2008. as president, i would not be looking to rescue these banks. there are no penalties for that conduct. we have are old. we have seen them before. i do not think that we can let it happen again. neil: no, no, no. really, dagen?
1:02 pm
really? spew forth. dagen: they told me to dress for cold weather. i am up here sweating. what is going on? >> i am glad that you cannot see this. really. >> thomases. it is like 80 degrees appear. >> great. neil: malfunctioning. look, we will not do what they did then. i cannot imagine that a citigroup or bank of america and you are looking at some positives. a lot of money. they would let that happen. >> i think chris christie is right. we should not have capitalism from main street in socialism from wall street.
1:03 pm
it is an issue of whether or not they are bailing out shareholders and on holders. we should have done what we did back in 1989 and 1990. let the institutions go under. let the shareholders and bondholders get scouts. that is what the positive insurance is all about. we may not have deposited terrorists. let the institution go out of business. let their account simply transferred to a new institution. that way the big money people on wall street, that is what you should have been a free-market. >> i do not want to even lay out the possibility that they would have that. when in fact, we know it is more nuance when we get to that point. what do you think? >> i think that you are right.
1:04 pm
bailouts, in this day and age, come in all shapes and sizes. i do not know how you cannot look. they went to the states in the northeast after hurricane sandy. something that chris christie will be remembered for that. be very careful when you start to slice and dice what is a bailout and what is not. people who get flood insurance in this country, that insurance is subsidized by taxpayers. subsidized to the next. let's be very careful. this is a bailout nation. >> you make a good point about the unexpected consequences. an argument for the bailout. money was just locked out. governments had to do something to intervene.
1:05 pm
it sets a dangerous precedent. i will let bank of america go under. citigroup go under. isn't he a one term or? >> hack in 2007-2008. the first financial institution is to go under. the institutions were shut down. they got hit. then, he said we have to bail out the institutions rather than bailing out the depositors. i think that that is the giant mistake. >> we do not want to bailout banks. >> revisiting a crisis like that. who are best advice we do is don't.
1:06 pm
>> do not bailout the institutions themselves. only bailout the depositors. >> you will have calls for helping or bailing out. more and more of them start going bankrupt. what are you going to do? are you going to start buying oil? the questions could very well be faced with the next president. neil: gone a little bit. dagen: exactly. it is like president bush. she was still president when we bailed out the banks. it is very easy to say i am not owing to do it. >> the doorsteps of these republicans. just following from that. thank you both very, very much. the fears that grip a lot of
1:07 pm
people these days is whether market volatility leads to something worse. it is a recession. the operative word here. the two have not been too disconnected. this market is all about you motions. you will see some wild times. >> to market downdrafts lead to spookier things? we could see on paper. they do not spend as much money. it plays on its own fears. it is psychologically fulfilled.
1:08 pm
>> i would argue that it is the rivers. spooky events lead to how the markets are evolving. traders are not comfortable with that. you are faced with a prospect of not knowing what is ahead of you. you will be cautious. this is a mechanism that dates back a million years. >> the rest of the year for the market. a lot of people trying to cast. it is a recovery. the recoveries, it has been going on a while. >> this is the longest uninterrupted bull market we have seen since the end of world
1:09 pm
war ii. having a unique advantage here. institutions have to keep their money moving. just knocking the weather off. that company not going away. despite what is happening in davos. an individual investor. the advantage of buying into a dislocation like this. chances are, you are going to do just fine. >> exactly the moment that you get it. thank you very much. it is a good thing that i am here. that is exactly how i roll. >> good for you. severe weather.
1:10 pm
we have a tornado watch up across parts of the south. we could potentially see some significant tornadoes today across the south. all part of the same system that will eventually get going and bring us a big ice and snow storm and windstorm. a lot of icing we will see across parts of the carolinas here. that will very quickly cause all of the power lines to go down. we will get snow on top of this. take a look at this. we have winter storm warnings in effect for parts of arkansas and mississippi. that read there in d.c. and baltimore is a blizzard warning. blizzard conditions for friday night into saturday. potentially, saturday, where we have blizzard watches for parts of delaware and philadelphia. we will watch that. there will be a big wind
1:11 pm
component to this. it is coinciding with the full moon. a very long stretch of wind will be pummeling him. pummeling bout water across the coast. you will see a lot of beach erosion here. you have the coastal beach advisories going on. here you go. snowfall totals. the bull's-eye will be d.c. probably about 18-24 inches of snow in that city. neil: that is not good. time to hit the beach. thank you very much. now from honolulu. [laughter] i like the concept of this. be creative, neil. take a look at the world. i would rather be at a beach. more after this. ♪ you pay your car insurance
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1:15 pm
>> a third party has no chance because the odds of getting all 50 state bottles come firm did is an uphill fight. if you're the libertarian party nominee, you are already on all 50 state ballots. he was that candidate running once again. former new mexico governor and republican presidential candidate back with us. you broke the news on our show. thanks for that. >> you were kind of educating me. they have not been convinced. >> they'll elect delegates to go to the national convention.
1:16 pm
>> they all gather. >> 25. they should be pointed out. 160. twenty-five libertarians running for president. >> i do not know. i do not know that number. >> 24 others interested. >> i am a supporter of that notion. it really is important to point out that the nominee will be on the ballot in all 50 states. for all the talk about independent candidates running, you know what, it is almost too late already. you run as an independent. >> many more that will follow. >> not like their chances with the republican.
1:17 pm
say michael bloomberg. let me try this libertarian thing. >> that is a possibility. that would bring attention to the libertarian party. it would be a really good thing. >> not if they are not true libertarians. >> fiscally concerned. >> you just cannot cave in to these guys. >> the biggest issue facing the country is the national debt. $20 trillion national debt. a real silver bullet in this whole process. >> let me ask you this. you and i chatted during the last go around. i think you are very effective at debating. yours is a voice that should be
1:18 pm
heard. >> exactly. how do you get into those debates? >> there are two routes. what is the other choice? the other choice is the libertarian. >> we may be able to do that. >> 5% or better. >> we are suing the presidential debate commission. if you are on the ballot, you should be included in the debate. >> a lot of people mathematically can get on. that does not mean they get invited to a debate. >> there are not many, in fact, libertarian would have mathematically qualified last go round. this go around, libertarians will qualify. you would allow those.
1:19 pm
as we were talking, i do not think that that is possible. a third third-party with a billion dollars entering tomorrow. there is a process and it is too late already. >> your central premise is the government is out of control. >> the government is out of control. >> the definition of a classical liberal. most people in this country fall in that category. neil: keep the government out of my bedroom. out of my personal stuff. >> i will be responsible for allowing you to allow me to do that. >> let me ask you about how that factors out. he or she would take away votes
1:20 pm
from republicans. in your case, a former presidential candidate. >> well, first of all, both parties are responsible for the national debt. >> is it obama's fault? has not helped at all. it is both parties. i do believe it is a silver bullet when it comes to spending. i think politicians would do the right thing as opposed to whatever it takes to get reelected. that is a big issue. it needs to be dealt with. it does not involve boots on the
1:21 pm
ground. you want to make that argument? >> we address the terror threat by cutting off the funding to the muslim brotherhood. we need to differentiate between religious freedom. it is not taking place. neil: free to accept or reject whatever was said. let him talk. you decide. more after this. ♪ thanks. ♪
1:22 pm
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neil: all right. we are following the direct or of national weather service. dealing with snow all the time.
1:25 pm
it is not just in new york. the eastern united states. citizens that are freaking out over what appears to be heavy snow and wind and what appears to be a mess over the next 72 hour. the airline industry transportation, if you are looking at 2 feet of snow and single-digit temperatures, well, probably that is exactly what would happen. the next step is more states taking emergency measures. pennsylvania party has. we will keep on top of it for you. keeping a look at apple. it is still down 7% this year. it is still down about 30% from
1:26 pm
its high. just going into today. the company reports its final december quarter earnings. expected to be pretty good. it is not good enough for apple. i do not know if that will happen. just, we are already hearing the ratcheting back. they have that god production. they could read into that anyway they want. what do you think of that? >> writing iphone sales will be tough to keep after. i think there are more problems with the organization we're seeing. they sold 9 million units. far more than anyone else was
1:27 pm
able to move ever. does anyone know what to do with their apple watch, really? i think that they have shown some weakness. as a shareholder, i would be concerned. neil: after 30%. >> yeah. you launch a product like watch and it does not peak, this systemic -- you know, that shows management that do not know the difference between a hit and a flop. neil: you are saying the watch was a flop. >> it was a business head. continuing to drive for revenue. 9 million is better than the 1 million. anybody knows that. i do not think that they know what to do with it really. i am concerned about that.
1:28 pm
neil: thank you very much. all right. we already told you a little bit earlier, a number of airlines trying to praise their customers for do plays that were canceled. they will try to save them for those efforts. bottom line is, they are making money hand over fist. ♪ in the regenerative medicine space. hart develops bio-engineered organs. it sounds like science fiction but it's becoming a science reality. we're focusing on restoring organ function for esophageal cancer, central lung cancer and
1:29 pm
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1:32 pm
neil: big freeze coming to the east coast and all the way up northeast expecting a couple feet of snow. i want to take the opportunity since mother nature reminded me what is going on to apologize to my colleague jeff flock. when he did a live report for us earlier, fuel prices in the cold, frigid conditions in the midwest, i mocked his out pit. i find it demeaning to appear on national tv to be dressed in an outfit like that. i'm wrong. he started something. look at all these global leaders gathering in davos, who had same said ridiculous coat. these guys are worth bazillions of dollars. some of the most influential people on planet, who are they? that was me too. who are they taking cues from? the walrus we call jeff flock. so jeff is with me. look at this guy trying to warm
1:33 pm
worm into the act here with his little scarf. phil flynn. jeffrey, my apologies. obviously i didn't appreciate the magnitude of what you clearly saw coming down the pike, update me. >> after what you said, i actually got rid of that coat and i am now, you remember the checkers speech? neil: yes. >> i have respectable republican cloth coat. >> this is what they wear in davos next year. jeff is style setter. neil: he is trendsetter. >> he is ahead. >> we're here in, in davos at the swiss -- >> futures exchanges. got off the ski hills with hans. >> noted owl analyst, phillipe von flynn. chocolate futures are booing here. >> they're, actually cocoa is getting crush ad little bit. they have to crush it to the make the chocolate. >> on the subject of oil, however -- >> yes.
1:34 pm
>> i put up numbers on, inventory numbers from eia, which showed a huge run-up in inventories yet we're seeing run-up in prices which doesn't make sense to me. >> doesn't make sense but if you look at private forecasters, american petroleum institute it, is not as big as we saw last night. we saw a drawdown in distillate inventoriries first time in long time we saw weather demand for heating oil because it actually got coiled. we saw better demand numbers than expected. i think there is more to it, jeff, it wasn't about the numbers. it is about confidence. i keep telling you about the selloff in oil is about glut in supply. we've known that for months. >> gas inventorieses huge, what is it doing to prices? >> they really do. you expect gasoline inventories to go up because we're not drive as much as winter. not summer driving season,
1:35 pm
people are staying home. that is another reason we saw the supplies rise. >> we're down to 1.85 in regular gas, even here in davos. back to you, sir. neil: thank you, guys. both jeff and phil wanted me to remind you tomorrow at cme it is clothing optional day. i hope everyone in davos will be paying attention to that. >> we lost all viewers there. neil: lost all the viewers right there. guys, thank you very, very much. imagine just the scarf? it is that kind of day. stocks are well off their highs right now. but they're still up. we'll monitor this closely. another 2 1/2 hours to go. i have no idea where it ends up. sentiment can change, often does. up today. rule of thumb lately for the markets. sort of extreme volatility and almost manic market mayhem. gerri willis on why airlines in the middle of all of this are hiking fees, even as their
1:36 pm
profits are soaring. this is etch proking ridiculous, but touche miss willis. >> i can barely hear you, i doesn't know why. neil: there you go. >> let me tell but the airlines. neil: go ahead. >> so delta and southwest, these companies, airlines are having a great quarter, 980 million for delta. 536 million. these are record airline profits when you look at what happened in the fourth quarter, in those first three quarters for the industry, 17.9 billion. a blowout. and what's behind this? fuel costs as you say are fall. $2.03 from 2.62. don't forget, southwest said they expect their fuel costs to be 1.70 per gallon to 1.75 per gallon this year. think about it. meantime they're charging us baggage fees they got 2.8. for last year.
1:37 pm
cancellation fee, 2.3 billion. so what's up, i ask you, with the air fares which have been ratcheting higher? seems like all the advantages fall to the airlines. we're the ones footing the bill. just a quick note before i go, the swiss word for skiing is skedstrong. neil: that is important to know. thank you very, very much, gerri willis. gerri has been working quite a few hours, folks. comes with the territory. gerri willis, thank you very, very much. all right, we're following not only what is going on across the globe weatherwise but found out it will be warmer in davos the next few days than it is east coast of america. i pass that along. do with it what you will. hillary clinton doesn't like this not only trailing in the polls, that's one thing. that's been happening a lot but trailing in the money count to bernie sanders? why that could even be more alarming after this.
1:38 pm
the .
1:39 pm
>> it is time for our fox business brief and oil continues to drive the bus for markets although worth noting we're off the highs for the day for stocks, well off the highs, about 100 points or some oil under 30 bucks, our dynamic duo,
1:40 pm
flock and flynn were explaining why. some stocks maybe a little bit of short-covering going on after all the bets against oil have been going on, some of that coming off. let's look at some of the names moving today in the energy sector because wherever you look there are big moves in individual stocks. look at this consol energy, jeez, almost 20%. southwestern, devon, all big movers to the upside. more than a bounce? marathon same deal, noble. murphy up by 8%. almost all the energy names are up. those are just some big examples. neil will be back from somewhere in just a moment. more "coast to coast."
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
neil: in politics a lot of times they say follow the money and that will give you sort of a preview how campaigns are faring or thought to be faring. if they think you will do well they will give you money and keep giving you money if they think you will do well. hillary clinton is not hurts but she is one upped of late by one bernie sanders. charlie kirk on whether that is affecting the mood at camp clinton or a sign something is in the works. what do you think? >> this campaign cycle for hillary clinton will be known as things did not go according to plan. a year ago hillary was preparing for her run, if you told her and her team she would be nearly tied with fund-raising numbers
1:43 pm
by senator bernie sanders, would have two million, two million contributions at this point in the cycle you would have been laughed out in the room. here is really important part. if you look where hillary clinton's donations are coming from, 80% of her donations $500 and above, essentially big dollar contributors. bernie sanders, 99% of his contributions are $200 and less. they don't have to be itemized. look where chunk is coming from bernie sanders there is lot more room he could go. say hillary clinton defeats bernie sanders in elongated high dollar fight. she will need the small dollar contributors that bernie sanders has groomed and farmed out like barack obama in 2008. hillary clinton has a problem on her hands. even she wins primary she needs a small dollar base in the general election and has to find a way to engage the base as bernie sanders has. neil: even if we found out on the republican side, money doesn't necessarily mean magic,
1:44 pm
jeb bush found out hard way, scott walker early on found out hard way, it doesn't close the deal. it makes folks wonder especially if you're not faring well whether you are the deal, right? >> exactly. i could make an argument that bernie sanders's contributions mean a lot more than hillary clinton's do. hillary clinton is essentially going through the old networks she and her husband built out through her foundation or through his old presidential connections. bernie sanders is tapping into something completely different. i would argue someone giving $20 is lot more likely to knock on doors than someone who does max out contribution of $2700 because they were told to go to some political event. bernie sanders is tapping into grassroots network that will result in volunteer base, that will result in phone banks and really grassroots arena that hillary clinton is not triggering the same way. and i think you could say that the money race, especially republican side, seeing people who are spending most not doing
1:45 pm
the best on democratic side. bernie sanders is not just getting contributions but he is getting workers and activists and people that believe in him. if this become as nasty democratic primary and bernie sanders supporters really start to develop resentment for hillary clinton, that is going to be a big problem for her come june and july when she all of sudden is running out of those $2700 contributors maxed out and needs to build small dollar base. there is sanders base that says no, we will not get behind you. that was obama's secret weapon in '08 and 2012. neil: just reading my mind. that is what closed deal for barack obama early on, that passionate base of folks giving 5, 10, 25 bucks at a time. we'll watch it closely. charlie, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: charlie coming up, charles payne here to read what is going on markets. you're seeing this you know what, maybe the worst is over? charles payne says do not necessarily focus on the moment. step back, step, way, way back.
1:46 pm
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neil: i don't know whether markets would have sold off on the news yesterday given tepid environment. today verizon has a million new monthly use is. you know the drill. the stock is up. it is a up almost, what is that, close 3.1%. you have a success stories within the dow. you have walmart turning positive for the year today, one of the few dow stocks to do that. you have charles payne saying up or down, everyone take a chill pill, right? >> take a chill pill. yesterday was the first time i think maybe since this whole bull market started where my phone started to flood. people were sending emails and
1:50 pm
calling in, should i just sell everything. neil: really? >> first time, down over 500 points. neil: prior swings, what were they doing? >> most people saying what should i buy. because the so long a lot of people were getting used to it. after we started taking out all the key support points, it was pretty obviously buying the dip thing crush ad few people. got to the point where a lot of folks were saying should i sell? neil: what were you telling them? >> absolutely not. here's the thing you want to sell your losers. john stossel gave me a hard time, pounding table on avon. two days later, bad news, took 34% loss. sold it at $16.77. today it is $2.57. sometimes you have to cut your losers. many people don't want to take a 34% loss. i would have 99% loss. you never know. neil: but you do know. >> the news is so bad the fundamentals are broken, you
1:51 pm
know that. neil: apple, for example. a lot of people that alarmed a lot of people because so many people own it or buy stuff from it. sound 30% from the highs. what do you think? >> 35, 40, 55, 60, i don't care how old you are, to sell apple at loss is absolutely nuts, it really is. netflix's stocks stock, wedbush, people liked it yesterday, are afraid to hold it today. you have to understand why you own these stocks. that is where the core problem is. a lot of people never get to know or understand what they own. neil: what do you do? obviously you have picks here, but general rule of thumb is? >> we have 20% cash. i bought one play on 10-year bond. that is my cushion coming into the year. and for the most part, trying to pick and choose. we did a couple trading ideas. neil: give me a couple right now. >> burlington i love, burlington coat factory. a name a like a lot.
1:52 pm
neil: jeff flock making it famous. >> well, my mom hit me, that, between tj maxx and burlington, my mother blown away every analyst on wall street. autozone. used cars are expensive as they ever been. our cars are still 10 to 11 years old. people start to tinker with their cars. those are two names i like a lot. neil: when it comes to anxiety, you obviously look at each one of your customers time frame, right? going to college next year, would be little more conservative. someone 10 years out a little more risk-taking, right? >> comes to individual temperment. that is the hardest thing. neil: right. >> even with the kid going to school 10 years from now they may want to sell something at loss. people with 529 plans wanted to sell last couple days. their kid is in single digits, five, 6 years old. neil: my gosh. tell them to shut up. quit annoying me? no. sound like a nice guy. >> i'm tempted to. it is real.
1:53 pm
that is the hardest part of investing, taking a loss. neil: he made great points. don't lit the avon thing fool you. i gotten a lot of people rich. ben stein chose to ignore him. now ben is opening upchuck e cheese's for speeches i'm kidding. more on the race quickly approaching. days away from iowa. got new hampshire. ever wonder how it will all play out? we already know. let es tell you after this.
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. neil: might not be at the top of the polls but chris christie says he will win the fight of his life, betting nasty. take a look. looking at poll numbers in new hampshire. they vary all over the map. you are up from where you were. out of the blue comes john kasich, tells people my opponents are like satan. i'm the prince of light. >> i known john a long time. i heard colleagues called a lot of things.
1:57 pm
the prince of light and hope has never been one of them. neil: gop strategist evan siegfried on all of this. i think it will be battle, i don't mean to insult the governor or governor kasich i think is will be like candidates on college bowl. do you think strategy for other candidates explains their ad campaigns. they're going after each other. they're not going after donald trumps and ted cruzs? >> well, going after donald trump and ted cruz hasn't proved to be a winner for jeb bush or many other candidates. but you have john kasich who has gone out and since day one he invested from the ground up in new hampshire. and he has gotten hundreds upon thousands of volunteers to come out for him. he has five regional offices. sons of three former new hampshire governors. he have and his team recognized importance of new hampshire, especially as narrative changer where you have iowa where it is ted cruz and donald trump.
1:58 pm
and that it becomes the story coming out of new hampshire. john kasich can come out of there to be that surprise and sort of in 1992 a la bill clinton the comeback kid. kasich has momentum. you will see the field winnow as well, jeb bush probably would have no cause to continue. neil: you know, iowa polls are all over the map, i know as well, you far better than i, always wrong with iowa on left and right. over last few presidential cycles they totally missed. no one saw barack obama winning iowa. no one saw mike huckabee in 2008 or rick santorum in 2012 or going back to jimmy carter in 1976. so iowa could be for me a surprise. who is the surprise winner? >> i actually think this is the one year where iowa will not play true to form of being surprise state. i think ted cruz will come out. he has such a vast around him. neil: trump attack you don't think will hit him? >> no, i don't think it will hurt ted cruz.
1:59 pm
if anything new york values attack helps ted cruz. neil: interesting. >> i think new york values, a lot of people from iowa and new hampshire, south carolina like to come to new york city and know it is part of the united states it is still a little fun to kick the, it is fun to kick them. it is a pastime. i think ted cruz relates more one of us where donald trump, he is definitely a creature of new york. neil: now, then it would matter who comes in second or third? >> absolutely. i think trump's going to come in probably third. we'll see a surprise in second with maybe rubio. neil: wow. all right. we'll see what happens. evan, thank you very much. evan siegfried. one last peek at the dow. we're up 156 points. i do want to remind as well, all things politics and all things business we mean business. fox business is in des moines for caucus coverage as well as every primary state as well as new hampshire.
2:00 pm
it begins on 8:00 p.m. on fbn. we told you with the debates that since network first went on the air, if it is your money and you your life it matters to us. let other networks go into reruns of shows that were stupid when they were first run. trish regan, to you. trish: you see where i am? i made it all the way to davos too. neil: you, you -- very good. trish: it is snowing. neil: i knew it! not anything i did. trish: i waned to make sure you did not have to pay for all of charlie's tabs yourself. neil: i don't know. looking scary. that is the guy that doesn't go to burger king. trish: neil, thanks so much. bond king, bill gross weighs in on these markets. chaos in the hillary clinton campaign as bernie sanders closes in on new hampshire and iowa. breaking right now, we're watching dramatic comeback on wall street with traders bypassing warning signs from global economy and oil markets all in hope we get more free money from central banks.


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