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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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year having the artistic freedom. >> white people do win b.e.t. award. so you need to be right about it. lou: i'll have kick your tail. thanks for being with us tonight. kennedy: welcome to one heck of a week. one week before iowa. i'm watching a nutty elect get an infusion of cashews as a new status billionaire thinks he has the brand of kool-aid you need. michael bloomberg is itching to bring his rash oppression into a race that doesn't need his mothering. he want to be the $40 million spoiler. >> the way i read what he said,
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if i don't get the nomination he will skirt. i'll relieve him of that and get the nomination so he does haven't to. >> i would love to have that competition. >> i don't think the american people want our nation to move toward an oligarchy. kennedy: in order to regather the focus, trump may have to shoot someone on fifth avenue just to get our attention back. >> they say i have the most loyal people. where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's incredible. kennedy: the bloomberg hasn't come off his rose. i think it's hillary who suffers fit' a three way between her and
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michael statusberg. if michael runs he could pull more votes from hillary than the donald. bloomberg's biggest problem, people outside of frustrated new york city have no idea who he is. he's the guy who want to kill fun and destroy your life under an infinite pile of ambitious executive orders. would he would ban guns and 307 and guns and expand the gun snooping and have a stop and frisk program. the point is this. he's not enough of a contrast to news rallize trump. he's too cozy with hillary and he despises freedom. michael bloomberg all but guarantees a bernie sanders
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presidency. if you are okay with that you love mass murder and you should deport yourself to north korea to be eaten by kim jong-un's hungry dogs. if you like freedom, don't take your eye off this election. danny difficul devito says thiss contractors racist. katie pal itch. joins me to explain why she is against the donald. let's get snugglely and warm, i'm kennedy. michael bloomberg is reportedly eyeing an independent
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presidential run. but should he? let me ask my party panel tonight. molly hemingway is here. she brings the snow and weather. she is the federalist senior editor. the author of "dear reader." welcome party panel. let's get it on. so molly i will start with you. is michael bloomberg the worst possible liberty candidate ever? >> yes and no. >> he hates the constitution and he wants to control everyone's lives from what they eat to civil terror. but i'm all for him getting into the race. our on hope is nobody gets 270 electoral votes, then it gets thrown to the house of
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representees. hello, president paul ryan. that beard would be amazing. >> i think he goes in third party. if bernie is the mom my he guarantees the sanders presidency. >> he won't run. kennedy: he loves himself. he has four times the money of the donald. >> i think he hates trump on a visceral level. but he's not stupid. kennedy: who does he like in because he hates freedom, too. i think people like him will only get in if they think they can win. culturally he's completely left wing. he hates guns and midwest values. it would be a democratic vote he would -- take away from trump. kennedy: how do you think he will do in the south? >> wouldn't you like to be at that first southern rally?
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our next guest is a jewish man who wants to take away your guns. please welcome. there is no waive he can run. kennedy: it would be entertaining. >> that is a boratz sketch. i would give him props if he would do that. but if the left nominates bernie and the right nominates trump isn't there room for him to run in between them? >> i'm a new york, he ruined the city. we have bike lanes in my apartment. there are bike lanes everywhere. kennedy: he's the reason deblasio is mayor. >> he banned soda. >> he is a total hypocrite. but iowa doesn't have to concern itself and its pretty head with michael bloomberg. a new fox poll has done there
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are lead followed by ted cruz marco rubio. cruz counters with endorsements from glenn beck and rick perry. yeah, that's going to work fought reel well. with perry, the get, the endorsement world. i don't know how he did it. but that's a huge one. are people punking pollsters? >> i think there is a question about how effect yes niece polls are. there was a poll whereabouts * was ahead by 30 points. they are changing their minds very quickly. i think we have to understand maybe the people we are contacting are people are lands lines and might not be representative of the population at large. oh maybe they follow my they method coming up with pretends answers.
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>> i think that's the case. hello, he seems like a nice young man, good-bye. why haven't senators endorsed ted. >> everyone who works with ted hates him. as i'm sure trump will point out. kennedy: he said no one likes him. >> you have got this big loser rick perry endorsing you. kennedy: i would like to endorse him right now. this week the video came out of ted cruz praising one of the best films ever made, "malibu bikini shot." kennedy: that's a great film. so you think -- this is very interesting. you think that donald trump is actually a natural progression from president obama. >> i absolutely believe that. obama made the presidency a celebrity position where he was
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only elected because he kinds of hot topicked the vote and made it cool to vote for him. donald trump is the pop quul tiewrl phenomenon in this year's election. that's why bloomberg would be wasting his time. the presidency has changed now. if there aren't 272 votes win the many actually a dance-off. >> obama kinds of tapped into social media but no one is using it like trump. >> we would miss him. if he went away as nutty as he is. >> he's not going anywhere. kennedy: bernie sanders, i have a my space page. it's working. >> poor bernie, he calls ited the twitter. kennedy: my party handle returns.
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bernie sanders is getting feisty calling hillary clinton's campaign desperate. could he actually defeat the ice cream. danny devito says we live in a racist country. i think danny devito is proclaiming his own racism. stay here.
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kennedy: bernie sanders has finally shine and is getting feisty. >> we were 15 points ahead of them nationally. in tossup states, battle grounds states we are even further ahead. i would have much look forward to a race against donald trump. kennedy: the bernie sanders campaign said the hillary clinton campaign is desperate. >> we have a big choice to make and it's exciting. i had a great couple of events yesterday. i'm pursuing the opportunity to reach every single snroart iowa. we'll see what happens. i feel good about where we are.
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kennedy: the and is back. sanders be damned. do you think she'll pill it out in iowa? >> the democratic establishment is behind hillary. i think sanders is a total fraud. if he doesn't have the nerve to be ruthless how is he going to take on wall street like he claims. he's a bit of a coward. she despite her flaws, she knows how to kill an enemy. >> unlike trump who says completely outlandish things to get attention. bernie sanders states obvious facts and gets mild media attention. she is a tool of the establishment and is a terrifically bad candidate. i know she'll probably win because of the way the democratic system is set up. but could he be signaling
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openness to hillary clinton more than he is. joe biden came out and said things about sanders. maybe they are trying to helping their bets in case an indictment comes forward. >> sanders isn't a hedge. >> it's too late for them. >> they will change the rules like they did in new jersey. there is no way they will let a non-democrat be the democratic nominee. kennedy: every week with more damning information from the f.b.i. leaks we are learning more about her ethical slipperiness. the important detail we learn about how she directed people to abstract and move that confidential information. >> people will walk off the cliff with her whether you like it or not.
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>> they are legallings. i don't want those people surrounding me every day in my village. >> bernie will get killed in a general election. he admits he has to raise taxes. if you go to a house party and they are smoking weed, you say that's a party. if they are smoking crack, you say we have to get out of her immediately. if you tell them you are going to raise taxes, it's crack. >> that's how you do it. that's how bernie sanders should do it. later on, the state department is delaying the release of hillary clinton's emails because of snow. that's so ridiculous. first danny devito says the youths america is racist.
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so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. kennedy: in a recent interview danny devito said americans are quote a bunch of racists, citing the absence of black no knees. >> the story of the first black supreme court justice they are good marshall playing the role of dave. >> if i want to make it as a lawyer i have to work twice as hard as these white folk. >> hey, guy, we close in five
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minutes. kennedy: here with his take on the controversy. it's charlemagne the god. the oscar voters are vastly white and male. >> and old. kennedy: they are old white dude. did you expect they were going to open up barber shops? >> i think everybody is giving the ors cars too much of a hard type. green lighting more black films. i guess maybe not even black stories. getting black talented people and putting them in great roles. not just the typical roles black people tend to play in hollywood. kennedy: when i hear about this controversy i think there is some truth to it, but i think boy together it is a stupid ray
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to go. charlotte rampling says if you boycott the oscars you are racist against whites. do you believe that? >> no, i think you are standing up to get black. that's privilege themselves for jada and will to have the privilege of saying i'm not going. they are one of the few black people invited. kennedy: if william shatner stand up. >> he's old. we don't care. if leonardo dicaprio we care. i think he will winter "revenant." kennedy: if he played the role of an african-american man we have the same chances? >> if leonardo dicaprio successfully played an
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african-american man and made us really look at that screen, oh, my god he played a black man so well we have gone the his oscar. kennedy: what does it mean to play a black american role? >> i don't know. putting black talented actors in roles. you don't have to be a drug dealer or rapper or some kid from the hood. let us be put in roles we can execute. kennedy: wouldn't you rather have $700 million versus an oscar? >> i i that all the type when it come to the radio. i'm not a man of the industry. i don't care if i get accolade or award. i care about rating and revenue and love from the people.
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>> they made it seep like i was ryan seacrest. i got my own award show? who knew. hashtag gold. kennedy: are you going to be on "empire" anymore? that was great. >> i'm in a couple movies this year. a couple tv shows. kennedy: anything i can be look out for? >> nothing i can talk about at the moment. but i thought them already. kennedy: i'm worried there is a giant cultural race war on. i'm also worried our love won't survive. >> i said that a coup years ago. a generation of kid weren't thinking about racism to begin with. you have got to follow the old teachings of someone like dr. martin luther king junior who says the on thing that can replace darkness is light and
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the on thing that can replace hate is love. just because i'm sitting up here in a wool cap with a t shirt that says "america is a business doesn't mean i'm a thug. kennedy: well, come back any time. i'm always happy to talk to you. >> i appreciate you kennedy. you had a great holiday party. >> thank you for the cognac. i would like to offer you some, but the bought is gone. coming up. when life gives you a blizzard, make a snow cone. or take up snowboarding. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type
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kennedy: neither rain nor snow or appointed hysteria will keep
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us from our appointed news round. this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. the snow that fell from jonas' lactating man bosom was as soft and light. and it was the perfect storm for impromptu snowboarding and zmight middle of manhattan. check this out. [♪] that's so fun. they have turned those piles of snow into impromptu kickers. look at that. he actually got all geared up with a go-pro and was doing
12:30 am
powder turns in central park. the sledding, it was fantastic. if you have a shovel and snowboard and you didn't build yourself a small kicker in a park or a hill, you have fate. topic number 2. this weekend's blizzard canceled event left and right. but this west virginia swim team practices despite the snow. sphwhipg snow drifts. you are doing it all wrong. the water is frozen. you can't swim in the water when it's millions of tiny crystals. not on is that wrong. it's the wrong way to swim.
12:31 am
i'm not talking about exposure to the element or frostbite. there is something more deadly and common than either of those. sadly the entire west virginia team was devoured by an abominable snow shark. they will be missed. topic number 3. perhaps you enjoyed tina fay's spot-on of sarah palin. her pros is every good deejay's gift.
12:32 am
[♪] kennedy: that morsel, it's from tronovitch. even if her palinisms represent the past. topic number 4. here is a pro tip. when you are transporting 20 pounds of marijuana over the state line. don't smoke enough of it beforehand that you get paranoid as in so paranoid you suspect every car is a disguised police car chasing you. and then you call 911 to turn yourself in for a crime no one knew you were committing. >> we have a huge [bleep] got
12:33 am
caught trying to bring some stuff to your border and all your cops drive around us like a bunch of jack wagons. i just would like you guys to end it. once your cops drive around dish don't know what's the deal. i was wondering you could help us out. >> okay. hmm ... >> they didn't pick you up because you are criminals. they didn't not pick you up because you are dumb. here is a mugshot of the two geniuses. they have been jailed and no they didn't hurt anyone. sadly not even themselves. sphch when you get munchies you go to mcdonald's and you know what's at mcdonald's.
12:34 am
jaws. and sadly those twoer. s were eaten alive by a great white fast food shark and they were delicious. topic number 5. a lot of people don't realize when you are in the stands much a basketball game you are not just a spectator, you are a potential strategic distraction like these students at he -- ase sheridan high school in thornville. it was a baby boy. he was healthy and fully grown. he had on jeans. well done, team. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" you know i'm desperate to see them. you can find me on instagram and use that #topicalstorm, the one
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tbling neon blue. coming up my party panel returns. a lot of people used the blizzard to get out of work. the most creative one we heard involves hillary clinton's email scandal. katie pavlich joins ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives,
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kennedy: welcome back. the state department is falling behind in releasing hillary clinton's private server emails citing this weekend's blizzard. an intelligence official says some of the emails are above top secret. the federal government still shut down. because of the storm, congress
12:39 am
is take the next six months off. what's the most embarrassing thing we'll learn about hillary in these emails? >> she is a grandma and she typed the entirety of the email in the subject line. an 8,000 word message with no body. kennedy: i think the state department is cliewgd with hillary clinton to protect her. >> here is what i would imagine happening. releases which are the most sensitive are going to get hit right before south carolina and that might mess up her ground game there. but there is no way they are cliewg -- no waythey are collud. >> the south carolina primary is the 27th and the amendments
12:40 am
the 29th. this writes she worked. now they are helping her get through the south carolina primary. it makes no sense that a one-day blizzard would cause a month delay. kennedy: worse case scenario. three days is fine. give her five days. but 30? a 30-day extension because of the blizzard? you tell me that's not somehow colluding? >> we know she is corrupt and she might get indicted. when todd aiken made those horrible comment in the senate race the republicans wanted him off the ticket and he said no. >> bill clinton was actually likeable. he was someone who was charismatic.
12:41 am
>> they like power and she is their path to power and that's all that matters to the left. kennedy: it won't be powrnful when she is tied up in court. he hates her so much. he went from a shell to be the first first lady who becomes president. peyton manning has another shot at winning the superrest bowl after the broncos beat the patriots it was a nail biter that denver pulled off with 12 seconds left in the game. they will face the carolina panthers in the super bowl. but tom brady won't be there because tom brady lost and he got hit 23 types. >> i didn't expect it would be the patriots. but that was a beautiful display. >> i lot of broncos. they will win the super bowl.
12:42 am
i was trying to tell you this earlier. he metric, everybody saw carolina play. none of that matters now. kennedy: it does matter because they are a better team. >> this is the on stat i care about. but the week before, it doesn't matter. 75% of the money in the gape is on carolina winning the game. which means the casino, you know the house always wins. the house need the broncos to win this game. i'm telling you they will cover the spread and win the game. are you take the broncos? plus 4 1/2? >> my wife is setting up a webcam at 9:00 on super bowl. they will win the game. their defense is that good and that physical. there is a reason cam newton looked so good yesterday because he was playing against the arizona cardinals defense.
12:43 am
kennedy: carson daily could have had a better game. >> peyton manning, all he wants to do is stop playing football. >> he need to win the afc championship to get to the super bowl. i don't think he cares about winning the shoer bowl. >> i love bill belichik. the kicker missed that big kick. the offense, the defense, the guy who spies on the other team. the people who destroy evidence and intip date witnesses. >> take a moat to say taupe brady who is literally hitler. he's about to drink himself to death with his attractive wife. she is not attractive. >> overrated.
12:44 am
>> they are too skinny. >> she got pregnant -- >> she is too pretty to be attractive. >> when she got pretty she started eating for one. kennedy: they not drink alcohol, they don't eat olive oil. 90% of their food is vegetables. but you think he's throwing that all away this morning? >> i'm having carbs. don't do it, tom. taupe, you are better than this. we'll have a night out, taupe. i'll get a sitter. >> she is a nazi. i mean that as a compliment. a pretty nazi.
12:45 am
a team has been kicked out of their league because they are too good. they are 3-0 and has been ejected from their league because other teams don't want to compete with their skill level. >> isn't that like the olympics, when you get too good they don't let you perform anymore? >> the point about a lesson is to learn to deal with crushing humiliation. kennedy: you need to know what it' like to be whooped so you want to be somebody. >> i used to coach youth sport. back when i was allowed within 500 feet of the school i coached youth sports. it could be loser parent who stacked the team. kennedy: it gives the hung tore win. molly is right on this one,
12:46 am
jimmy. thank you so much, michael. molly and jimmy. she braved the blizzard in d.c. but she is here and i'm here for you. coming up, the weekend blizzard shut down washington, d.c. i visited the nation's capital and lived to talk about it. katie pavlich joins me to say katie pavlich joins me to say why she joined 21 conservative if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, katie pavlich joins me to say why she joined 21 conservative you'd have like a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um..." or "no comment". then there's esurance - born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save: hassle, time, paper work, hair tearing out and,
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kennedy: "national review" devoted an entire issue to trying to topple trump's candidacy.
12:50 am
katie pavlich, town news editor contribute her own he trump jabs to the magazine. and my o'reilly factor in crime joins me now. it's crazy, i don't know how you people in d.c. do it it was nuts. how did this come about and how were you asked to joint anti-trump issue? >> i got a phone call from the editor-in-chief over at national revue and i was happy to be part of the issue. i think it' interesting to see ought outrage over what "national review" has done when there are newspapers that issue endorsements, and there is never as much controversy. i think that's the issue it was against donald trump. as we know his supporters are vocal in their response to people saying anything negative about the donald. kennedy: i are was enamored with
12:51 am
mark hall pemark halperin's quo. considering that's ordinary americans are going to be voting in iowa in one week, do you worry there's going to be a backlash against the magazine? >> i'm not. i think people are overblowing the idea the backlash there benefit donald trump to some extreme level in terms of changing people's minds and going out to support trump more. i think he has his supporters and we'll see if they show up at the polls. though they have been loud and there is talk about backlash. there is also a lot of support for what national review did. those people are being civil and more quite in their support. >> this is quite a loud
12:52 am
proclamation and it wasn't just conservatives. there are also liberty-minded libertarians who added to the issue. of course, donald trump took issue with it saying william buckley would be ashamed. what do you think -- what do you think the fallout will be in iowa. are there enough people who still read the magazine who subscribe to it or go to "national review" online to sit up and rethink their fervor? >> i think people who thoroughly read the piece, there are 22 people who contributed a portion to it, so it's long. people have haven't read it have been opining on it in significant ways. they can see and decide for themselves based on the evidence offered. a thorough prosecutorial piece showing people exactly why we believe donald trump is not a conservative and why he would be
12:53 am
bad for conservatism moving forward. from conservatives to libertarians if they decide he will be good for the movement going forward, that's fine. but we wanted to be on the record stating our case and letting people know donald trump doesn't talk about the constitution or liberty. he talks about managing a federal government, not making it smaller. kennedy: one more quote, the case for constitutional limited government is the case against donald trump. is this the establishment making a last stand? >> i would not say that the 22 conservatives that contributed to this piece are anything establishment like. i would like to one to define what establishment means these days. it seem that term is thrown out against people who disagree with you rather than being based in meaning. >> i'm glad you were here
12:54 am
tonight to talk about it. thank you so much. thank you so much. i was in washington during the
12:55 am
12:56 am
♪ ♪ thank you so much. i was in washington during the it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ kennedy: you better believe i threw myself into the belly of the storm and i'm lucky i made it out alive. it was an insane odyssey. some friends and i planned a healing friday night, a night weeks in the making. but people started dropping out. but not me. i knew if my train was leaving penn station, some of you could argue that happened years ago. i was going to rumble in the d.c. judge. the snow was as thicking a
12:58 am
chunks of peanut butter fudge. i stumbled to fox news bureau 7 blocks away. james rosen was my guide. he introduced me to gretta and mike emanuel, and bret baier. we were shuttled to a safe house in alexandria, virginia where gluten-free food was served. snow sane gels were made. lives were changed. and then the white fudge punished the region for its fast and loose spending and it seemed there was no way to escape the snow. neighbors refused to take me back to the train station. local trains and bus stations were shut down. but free interest prize saved me as a courageous uber driver
12:59 am
braved the words to shuttle me back to union station where i encountered temperature a homeless apocalypse. it was nasty. we were nearly stranded in newark where the train made an ungodly protracted delay. but the conductor gave us the go and i made it back to go d backo gotham. i almost froze to death under a pile of hobo car kansas. but i made the two-block walk back to my casa for a reunion. you were my guiding light. and i'm back here in your bulging biceps where i belong.
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